Dec 17 02:05

U.S. arms sold to Saudis are killing civilians in Yemen

U.S. arms sold to Saudis are killing civilians in Yemen. Now the Trump administration is set to sell them more
The attack, one of the deadliest for civilians in the coalition’s relentless air war against Iranian-backed rebels in Yemen, helped persuade the Obama administration in December to block the sale of precision-guided munitions to the Saudi military until it addresses problems with its targeting.

But the hold was lifted last month, when President Trump announced a $110-billion package of proposed military sales to the kingdom, part of an effort to shore up a regional alliance against a resurgent Iran. The decision has left many among Yemen’s increasingly desperate population feeling abandoned and betrayed.

(*even though the logic fits , it comes from The LA Times )

Dec 17 01:53

UNSC to Consider Palestine-Drafted Resolution Monday on US Decision on Jerusalem

The UN Security Council will on Monday consider a Palestine-drafted resolution over the recent US decision to recognize the city as the Israeli capital.
According to the source, the document drafted by Palestine was submitted to the UNSC by an Egyptian delegation. The draft renounces legal force and validity of any decisions that change the status and demographic composition of Jerusalem. It also urges other states to ignore the actions that violate the relevant resolutions.


Dec 17 01:19

Haley slammed for attacking Iran's 'lawless behavior' while ignoring plight of Yemeni civilians

The US envoy to the UN was slammed on social media over a speech blaming Iran for a missile launched at a Saudi airport last month. Some accuse Nikki Haley of lying, while others say she's ignoring Yemeni civilians' struggles.


Dec 16 22:58

Mystery as four ancient child graves are uncovered in Egypt - with one having suffered 'severe injuries'

Archaeologists discovered four child burials at the ancient quarry site in Egypt
The children are all estimated to be under 10 years old at the time of death
While some were buried with artifacts and carefully wrapped, one was not
The fourth burial indicates the child, 5-8 years old, was buried 'without care'

Dec 16 21:53

Animal lover, 22, is mauled to death by her OWN pit bulls after taking them out for a walk: Father finds killer dogs guarding his daughter's remains two days after she went missing in woods,

Virginian Bethany Lynn Stephens, 22, was found dead in a wooded area
Her father found her body being aggressively guarded by her two pit bulls
Her body showed signs consistent with being mauled by animals

Dec 16 21:23


A five-year investigation of thousands of child abuse victims in Australia has led to one stunning recommendation: that the Catholic Church should allow priests to have sex in order to curb child abuse.

Dec 16 17:16

Trudeau government gag order in CIA brainwashing case silences victims, lawyer says

Daughter of survivor of brutal experiments ‘nervous’ to speak out after non-disclosure demand

PLUS WATCH - Brainwashed :

MK Ultra & The Secret CIA Experiments in Canada

Dec 16 14:10

Federal agent alleges U.S. misconduct, cover-up in Bundy Ranch trial

A federal investigator is alleging prosecutors in the Bundy Ranch standoff trial covered up misconduct by law enforcement agents who engaged in "likely policy, ethical and legal violations."

In an 18-page memo to the Assistant U.S. Attorney General, Special Agent Larry Wooten said he "routinely observed ... a widespread pattern of bad judgment, lack of discipline, incredible bias, unprofessionalism and misconduct" among agents involved in the 2014 armed standoff.

He said his investigation indicated federal agents engaged in excessive force, civil rights and policy violations.

Dec 16 13:23

Ajit Pai Probably Shouldn’t Have Done This Video

This borders on cringeworthy from the FCC Chairman.


Dec 16 11:57

'Islamic State' is fighting with weapons made in the EU: study

A significant proportion of the guns and ammunition in "Islamic State's" (IS) cache were manufactured in the European Union, according to the study published Thursday by Conflict Armament Research (CAR).

In its 200-page investigation, the weapons tracking organization claimed that more than 30 percent of the arms used by IS extremists on battlefields in Syria and Iraq originally came from factories in Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Germany.

Russia and China produced more than half of the weapons held by the terror group, the report added.

Dec 16 11:36

UPS loses inheritance of nearly $1M -- then offers $32 refund

UPS lost a bank draft containing a Canadian family's $846,000 inheritance, and then initially tried making things right by offering to refund a mere $32 shipping fee.

Dec 16 11:08

Former US Attorney: 'James Comey Sold His Soul to the Devil'

Joe DiGenova, a former U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia, said he believes former FBI Director James Comey, along with senior Justice officials in the Obama administration, "threw the case" against Hillary Clinton over her private email server.

On "Tucker Carlson Tonight," DiGenova pointed out that not only was Comey’s draft statement on the Clinton email probe highly edited to play down the bureau's findings, but that statement was drafted two months before Clinton and some of her top aides were even interviewed.

"Comey sold his soul to the devil," DiGenova said, claiming that he has heard from current FBI agents who can't believe what's happened at the bureau in recent months.

Dec 16 11:06

At this point, it is easier to find someone on Mueller’s team that doesn’t have a conflict of interest

Let this article be Rod Rosenstein’s wakeup call...

Another day, another hearing and the America public learn more about the mountain of evidence pointing towards the entire Mueller special counsel team being filled with conflicts of interest.

Dec 16 11:02

Time for the GOP to rally to President Trump and the agenda that won 2016

As evidenced by the outcomes of both the Virginia gubernatorial race and the Alabama Senate special election, no matter what, Democrat voters are going to be extremely motivated in 2018 to take back Congress.

For, this is no time to panic.

Instead, it is time for Republicans to rally to President Trump and the agenda that won the election in 2016. That is, cut taxes, repeal Obamacare, appoint conservative judges, get better trade deals, slash regulations, curb illegal immigration and build the southern border wall. Also, no bad deals on DACA amnesty. The wall is not enough; chain migration has to be ended.

Dec 16 10:59

Full-fledged martial law may be coming to Chicago in the near future, county commissioner requests the United Nations to police city streets

Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin and his team meet with the Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations on Friday to request the organization deploy armed troops into the streets in an effort to curb violent crime and sidestep Posse comitatus which bars the U.S. military to be deployed on domestic soil.

Dec 16 10:58

The Enemy Within – Justin Raimondo

It’s called the “intelligence community”

Of course it was the purest coincidence that no less than three major media outlets got the Trump email story wrong. Yes, those “multiple sources” sure were busy.

It’s absurd to think that this episode is a case of simply getting it wrong: this was undoubtedly a deliberate lie, planted in the media by the same rogue “intelligence community” that invented Russia-gate. It didn’t matter that the truth would eventually come out: look at how many times the original story was tweeted and retweeted over social media, and then consider how many people don’t know it’s been debunked.

Dec 16 10:42

President Trump Claims The FBI Is Tainted And Its Reputation In Tatters. This Graph Shows He’s Wrong.

“It’s a shame what’s happened with the FBI,” President Trump told reporters yesterday, calling the bureau’s conduct “really, really disgraceful.” He was building on criticisms he’d levied earlier this month, when he labeled the Federal Bureau of Investigation “tainted” and said its reputation was “in tatters.” The president claimed that ideological bias was behind the FBI’s decisions about criminal investigations involving Hillary Clinton and Robert S. Mueller III’s ongoing special counsel investigation.

Dec 16 10:42

U.S. Vs. North Korea: How Much Money Would A War With Kim Jong Un Cost?

The rhetoric between President Donald Trump’s administration and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is continuing to ramp up, and a Korean War feels closer than it has since, well, the first one.

Dec 16 10:40

Miss Iraq forced to flee country over Instagram photo alongside Miss Israel

So much for diplomacy by selfie.
Miss Iraq, Sarah Idan, and her family had to flee their homeland after receiving death threats over a photo she posted online last month.Why? Because Idan posed with Miss Israel, Adar Gandelsman, at a Miss Universe International Beauty Pageant, the Times of Israel reported.

Dec 16 10:20

Gowdy Eviscerates Andrew McCabe: "I'll Be Surprised If He's Still An Employee Of The FBI By This Time Next Week"

Once again echoing the dinner conversations of a growing number of American households around the country, Representative Trey Gowdy (R-SC) ripped into FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe on Fox News regarding text messages released earlier this week between Agent Peter Strzok and lawyer Lisa Page that revealed an FBI plot, allegedly hatched in McCabe's office, to prevent a Trump presidency at all costs. Among other things, Gowdy said he would be somewhat shocked if McCabe was still an employee of the FBI "by this time next week."

"I'm still trying to figure out why 3 FBI agents are discussing politics in the Deputy Director's office because you're not supposed to discuss politics on Federal ground. And FBI agents aren't supposed to engage in politics for Hatch Act reasons."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Mc Cabe is about to get crucified publicly in these hearings next week; and were I Hillary Clinton, I would be ordering my minions to research the best place to live, and immediately, with which the US has no extradition treaty right now.

Dec 16 10:18

He's a Christmas corker! 12lb baby is the biggest to be born at a hospital in a decade (but he doesn't seem too chuffed. with the honour) .

Brodey Young was born on Tuesday in hospital in Grimsby weighing 12lb 13oz
He is the heaviest baby delivered at the Princess of Wales Hospital in 10 years
Parents Sheralyn and Robert say there were no abnormalities during pregnancy

Dec 16 10:13


While the mainstream media opted to protect the United States government by treating anyone who dared to question the government’s role in the rise of ISIS as crazy conspiracy theorists, a new report is forcing the MSM to admit that those “conspiracies” were true all along.

Now, mainstream media outlets such as Reuters and USA Today are suddenly reporting that the United States and its close ally, Saudi Arabia, were instrumental in supplying weapons and ammunition to ISIS. Both reports cite an investigation conducted by Conflict Armament Research (CAR), which looked at 40,000 items recovered from Islamic State militants between July 2014 and November 2017.

A final report from CAR titled “Weapons of the Islamic State,” concluded that the vast majority of the weapons used by ISIS were supplied in the thousands, given their origin and the fact that they were found “in numbers far beyond those that would have been available to the group through battlefield capture alone.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There you have it; the US government resorted to any and all means, including hired mercs, to bring down Bashar al Assad...and failed miserably, as Putin's military out-thought, out-maneuvered, and outdid ISIS on the battlefield.

Dec 16 10:00

EXCLUSIVE: Audrey Hepburn's will revealed! Breakfast at Tiffany's star bequeathed two Russian icons to favorite designer Givenchy and diamond brooch to Yul Brynner's daughter - but only two silver candlesticks for lover Robert Wolders.

The actress' son Sean Hepburn Ferrer, 57, has sued Audrey Hepburn Children's fund over trademark infringement and improper use of his mother's likeness

Dec 16 10:00

Protester with no legs is shot dead by Israeli troops along with two other Palestinians, as riots sparked by Trump's Jerusalem declaration continue in Gaza

Pictures and video of the man,including him making his living washing cars before the Israelis murdered him.
Trump just loves Israhell!

Israeli troops shot dead a wheelchair-bound man with no legs in Gaza today as three other Palestinians were killed during protests, medical officials said.

Another 150 were hurt as protests over US President Donald Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital enter their second week.

Disabled Ibrahim Abu Thurayeh, 29, was taken to al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City after being shot by troops but was later pronounced dead.

Dec 16 09:25

Mother 'Poisoned Son To Avoid Trip To Syria With Jihadi Husband'

A mother repeatedly gave her son anti-psychotic drugs and poison in a desperate attempt to avoid being forced to travel to Syria by her jihadi husband, a court has heard.

Dec 16 09:25

‘This Is America. Use English Only.’ Woman Rants At Korean Student In Starbucks Video

For South Korean international student Annie An, a tutoring session at a Walnut Creek Starbucks last weekend turned into a nightmare.

Dec 16 09:25

Facebook admits it poses mental health risk – but says using site more can help

Company acknowledges ‘passive’ consumption of material can make people ‘feel worse’ but argues more engagement could improve wellbeing

Dec 16 08:46

To Fix The Tax Plan’s $1.4 Trillion Hole, Republicans Will Target Medicare and Social Security

Congressional Republicans are on the cusp of achieving their biggest goal: Passing a tax reform bill. While the bill itself is, in no way, tax “reform”, it does offer tax cuts for certain individuals and businesses. This has been the dream of Republicans in both the House and Senate for years, and it’s an issue on which they’ve used to separate themselves from Democrats who they claim to want higher taxes and bigger government.

Dec 16 08:46

The 1 State You Don’t Want to Raise Kids In, According to Experts

More than 700 million kids — 1 out of every 4 around the world — are being robbed of their childhood, according to a report by nonprofit Save the Children. Child labor, child marriage, malnutrition, extreme violence, and a lack of education are among the “childhood enders” that deprive kids of the chance to be safe, happy, and healthy, according to the organization.

Dec 16 08:45

'Enough chit-chat, Santa, let's get down to business': Pushy children's hilarious letters to Father Christmas are enough to get them put straight on the naughty list.

Strange requests include a 'nicer brother', a new McDonalds and an assault rifle
Some kids offer cookies to keep Santa happy while others threaten him
Reddit users have been sharing the funniest Christmas letters online

Dec 16 08:43

Swedish Brothers Rape Children Over 1,000 Times. The Sentence They Get is Shocking.

Two brothers in northern Sweden in their mid-thirties have been convicted of sexually abusing five children between the ages of three and 14 over 1,000 times — and the harshest sentence they got was 14 years in prison.
The victims were apparently children who had been bullied in school or whose lives at home were difficult; the brothers plied them with drugs, alcohol and money, as testimony was given in Ångermanland District Court.

Dec 16 08:42

Feminist lawyer reportedly promised cash to Trump sexual harassment accusers

Lisa Bloom, who represented four Trump accusers – two of whom came forward – told the women she could arrange paid media appearances and secure cash from donors in exchange for their public accusations, two of her clients told The Hill.
The California attorney told one woman, who ultimately decided against coming forward, that a donor was willing to shell out as much as $750,000 for the accusation and promised another woman a donor agreed to pay off her mortgage, according to contractual documents, emails and text messages reviewed by The Hill.

Dec 16 08:27

Troops Won’t Have Christmas Trees this Year Thanks to Trump Administration Regulations

Local groups are trying to send Christmas trees, stacked with handmade ornaments, gifts and letters to U.S. soldiers overseas—but the federal government won’t let them.

Dec 16 08:27

California Drivers Ranked The Worst in the United States in Annual Study

California drivers are the worst in the United States, thanks to gridlocked freeways, smartphone use and an increase in drunk driving, according to an annual study by an insurance marketplace.

Dec 16 08:10

Tax cut bill goes public as GOP slashes rates for the wealthy, nixes Obamacare penalty, expands child tax credits, dramatically lowers corporate taxes and opens up new Alaska oil drilling.

Lawmakers released the full text of the Republican leadership-backed tax cut Friday evening
The Senate is expected to vote Monday and House is expected to vote Tuesday
Top income tax rate drops to 37 per cent from 39.6
Corporate tax rate slashed to 21 per cent from 35 per cent

Dec 16 08:04

Police open fire in room full of people at swingers costume party — despite being told ‘The Joker’ wasn’t a threat

Two revelers at a swingers’ costume party who were shot by police while engaged in an “intimate act” are speaking out about the ordeal for the first time, the Herald Sun reports.
Dale Ewins, 35, was dressed as comic book villain The Joker while his date, Zita Sukys, 37, was dressed as Suicide Squad character Harley Quinn when they were shot by police in Victoria, Australia in July. Ten officers dressed in tactical gear stormed the nightclub and opened fire 32 seconds later.

Dec 16 07:57

Torture used by U.S. military at Guantanamo Bay despite being banned, UN says

The use of torture has persisted at the U.S. military-run Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba despite it being banned by both U.S. and international law, according to information obtained by a top United Nations human rights investigator.

Dec 16 07:57

CDC gets list of forbidden words: fetus, transgender, diversity

The Trump administration is prohibiting officials at the nation’s top public health agency from using a list of seven words or phrases — including “fetus” and “transgender” — in any official documents being prepared for next year’s budget.

Dec 16 07:50

Since Feeding the Homeless is Now Illegal, A Group Carried AR15s to Give Out Food—It Worked

Feeding and clothing the homeless in the land of the free has now become a revolutionary act. Luckily, however, there are still good people willing to carry out that act. A large group of well-armed good samaritans took to the streets this week to openly break a bad law to help the homeless and those less fortunate.

Dec 16 07:24

The FCC's 'Harlem Shake' video may violate copyright law -- The agency apparently didn't get permission to use the song

This is a bit ironic. When FCC chairman and former Verizon lawyer Ajit Paiuploaded a video this week detailing all the things we'll still be able to do after he killed net neutrality, he apparently forgot one key step: asking permission.

Dec 16 07:24

Scholars Find $21 Trillion in Unauthorized Government Spending

Earlier this year, a Michigan State University economist, working with graduate students and a former government official, found $21 trillion in unauthorized spending in the departments of Defense and Housing and Urban Development for the years 1998-2015.

Dec 16 06:27

'I'm going to die': Stabbed father was told to 'hold the line' for 40 MINUTES after dialling 999 as he lay bleeding to death in the street

A father-of-two stabbed in the street was forced to wait 40 minutes after dialling 999 and listen to a pre-recorded message as he lay dying.
Paul Millea, 36, was repeatedly knifed by Philip Daniels because he suspected he was having affair with his pregnant girlfriend Kayleigh Maylor.

Dec 16 05:33

'A bubble almost guaranteed to burst': Wolf of Wall Street Jordan Belfort says Bitcoin is a 'huge scam' as virtual currency hits all-time high

The man who was the real-life inspiration for the Wolf of Wall Street said on Friday that the cryptocurrency Bitcoin is a 'huge scam'
'Promoters are perpetuating a massive scam of the highest order on everyone,' Jordan Belfort said on Friday...

Dec 16 01:13

Men with longer ring fingers are four times more likely to land curvier lovers, say scientists.

Extra millimetres on digit are caused by a burst of male hormone testosterone
Men with long ring fingers are four times more likely to end up with curvy lover
Research is from Jagiellonian University Medical College in Krakow, Poland

Dec 16 00:41

The man who stole my childhood: Dylan Farrow shares her grief at the release of Woody Allen's new movie being celebrated by stars Kate Winslet and Justin Timberlake .

Dylan Farrow, 32, complained on Twitter on Friday about her adoptive father's new film Wonder Wheel
She tagged its stars Justin Timberlake and Kate Winslet in her comments
Neither has spoken out against Allen despite her claims he sexually abused her when she was a child
Allen, now 82, adopted Dylan with his then partner Mia Farrow in 1985

Dec 15 16:52

Jingle Bells is Racist - Boston University proffessor

Kyna Hamill claims, calling it a: Boastful display of the unbridled behavior of the male body.

Dec 15 16:46

Catherine Herridge | New Documents Show FBI Made Multiple Efforts To Diminish Hillary’s Guilt...

Latest report from the great Catherine Herridge. This scandal just keeps growing.


Dec 15 16:34

Female Kansas Democrat Drops Out House Race Over Harassment Allegations Against Male Employee...

Democrat Andrea Ramsey drops out of House race

Dec 15 16:33

The Great Twitter exodus of 2017 begins December 18th

Twitter’s strict new enforcement rules will be going live on December 18th. Twitter will be judging user behavior both on and OFF of their website. This means that if you visit another website that they don’t like or show “support” for groups they don’t like, you can get banned.

"This unprecedented level of censorship and blacklisting of groups from the public square is unlike anything in history and will be a huge opportunity for Gab."

Dec 15 16:22

New York City Wants to Audit the Powerful Algorithms That Control Our Lives

New York City will be among the first cities in the US to earnestly tackle black box algorithms, the automated decision-making systems that are rarely made public, but have greater and greater influence over lives.

Dec 15 16:21

Build The Wall! Illegal Immigration on Mexico Border Surges Back to Obama-era Levels!

According to the latest data released on Friday, illegal immigration on Mexico border has surged unexpectedly, and it’s now back to Obama-era levels

Dec 15 16:14

BREAKING: The FBI Has Released New Info About Loretta Lynch's Tarmac Meeting With Bill Clinton

A series of emails show one FBI official, whose name and email are redacted, fuming over leaks

Dec 15 15:41

Ann Coulter Sets Liberal Twitter On Fire With One Sarcastic Tweet

Is she joking? Is she serious? How dare she express some sarcastic vulnerability.


Dec 15 15:09

2 Minutes Of Jim Jordan KILLING Peter Strzok…

I found another highlight clip from Jim Jordan grilling Rosenstein. This might be better than yesterday's shellacking.


Dec 15 14:44


Just hit the wires. It's so fun watching snowflakes eat their own. Even Minnie Driver piles on, and what Damon said actually makes sense. I guess that's the problem for feminists.


Dec 15 13:59

Robin Roberts Throws Shade At Omarosa After GMA Interview – Calls Her ‘Felicia’ In Mocking Tone…

I've never completely understood why Trump kept crazy Omarosa around. Here's the very short video clip of Roberts turning to the camera and dissing Omarosa.


Dec 15 13:45

Firefighter dies, thousands more take on California blaze

One of the thousands of firefighters battling a series of wildfires across Southern California has died, but authorities gave no hint of how.

San Diego-based Cory Iverson was assigned to the blaze northwest of Los Angeles, which has become the fourth largest in California history. Iverson, 32, was an engineer with a state fire engine strike team. He died Thursday.

Dozens of police and fire vehicles escorted a hearse carrying Iverson's flag-draped body to the county medical examiner's office in Ventura.

Dec 15 13:31

RAW VIDEO | Sarah Sanders says President Trump would be ‘very unhappy’ if Paul Ryan leaves Congress…

This is a strange response, but it makes sense given how Ryan will do pretty much whatever Trump asks. The REAL, and much bigger problem is McConnell in the Senate.