Dec 21 09:43

EXCLUSIVE: Two bedrooms for 14 kids and living paycheck to paycheck - but Octomom tells how she is FINALLY 'at peace' with her octuplets after giving up stripping and searching for a man.

Nadya Suleman, who now goes by Natalie, says she wants to share her story with other women after admitting her controversial pregnancy led her to the brink of suicide
Speaking to the mom of 14 revealed: 'Every day I would wake up with the ugliest, dead, visceral feeling inside of me'

Dec 21 09:31

San bernardion women,detained by ICE despite being U.S citizen sues.

The American Civil Liberties Union and a law firm have filed a lawsuit on behalf of a San Bernardino woman who spent a day in immigration custody despite repeatedly saying that she was an American citizen.

Dec 21 09:23

Another (passive ) Call For Troops on US Streets - Cleveland Councilman Calls For Aid For Police Force

wants the mayor to ask for "outside help" to deal with violent crime.

Dec 21 09:21

Woman files police report against Sylvester Stallone, 71, accusing the actor of raping her in 1990.

The unnamed woman filed a report with Santa Monica police, reported TMZ
She claims the incident occurred in 1990 during a meeting at his office
Her allegations are separate to those of another woman who said Stallone raped her in Las Vegas in 1986 when she was 16 and he was 40
That woman reported her allegations to police in Las Vegas in the 1980s but chose not to press charges

Dec 21 09:17

“Don’t name them” – Criminologist asks journalists to help stop mass shootings

In an article this year for the journal American Behavioral Scientist, Adam Lankford, a criminal justice professor at the University of Alabama, and a colleague argue that journalists should not report the names or picture the faces of mass shooting suspects. Journalists should, however, continue to report every other detail so the public gains a better understanding about these tragedies.

Dec 21 09:07

Crackdown on fraudulent emotional support animals

The state wants to crack down on people faking a need for emotional support animals. Anyone can purchase a support animal vest for about $22.
Professional dog trainers see this as a huge problem because people have already been abusing the system.

Dec 21 08:45

Texas elementary school flooded with blankets after girl's plaintive letter to Santa asks only for food, a blanket and a ball for her brothers to play with.

When teacher Ruth Espiricueta asked her first-grade class to write letters to Santa Claus, she wasn't expecting what would happen next.
One girl, Crystal Pachecho, 7, asked Santa only for food, a blanket and a ball for her brothers to play with.

Dec 21 08:45

2 million kids will lose CHIP coverage right away, report finds

Nearly 2 million children will lose health coverage starting next month if Congress doesn’t renew funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) by Friday, a new report projects.

Dec 21 08:32

The New Santa Clause Effect

U..S., Israel, Jerusalem, Palestine and the New Santa Claus Effect
You see, growing up during the Cold War as I did, the media narrative and group talk about Russia and their people went something like this. The Russians are Communists, amoral people, don’t believe in God, don’t value human life the way we do, their military and nuclear weapons are poised to preemptively destroy America because they hate our freedom, capitalism and everything we stand for. This was the ever-present drumbeat of the American media machine. This propaganda narrative, as I now know, was designed to keep Americans in fear and never to question the billions upon billions of hard earned taxpayers dollars going into our Nation’s military buildup and ever growing arsenal of nuclear weapons. We had to be superior in order to win if a war was to ever occur with Russia. And, according to the media, this was just around the corner and was just a matter of time. Are you beginning to hear a familiar drum beat?

“If tyranny and oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.” – James Madison (1751 -1836)


Dec 21 08:25

Looks Like It's A Go, Be Prepared, Something Big Is About To Happen

Ajit Pai was censored by YouTube while talking about repealing Net Neutrality. Twitter and other Social Media sites say they cannot guarantee freedom of speech which means they have lost control over censoring everyone.

Dec 21 08:21

Russia Rises—New World Order Morally and Intellectually Falls

"Russia is an incomparably fascinating, deep, wonderful civilization, one of the great world civilizations, with a fantastic wealth of ideas, culture, and Christian spirituality. The truth is that it is, and was, routinely smeared by its enemies, and its true nature is barely understood in the West.”


(*article is in Interview format)

Dec 21 07:49

Teens who face rejection by their fathers tend to experience more social anxiety—and more loneliness—later on, research shows.

Healthy relationships with their parents are vital for adolescents’ development and well-being, according to Penn State researchers who say rejection from fathers may lead to increases in social anxiety and loneliness.

Dec 21 07:49

Alcohol level in air at fraternity party registers on Breathalyzer

There was so much booze being consumed at a college fraternity party, Montgomery County Police say the air inside of the building tested positive for alcohol.

Dec 21 07:46

UN Approves Measure Condemning Rights Violations In Russian-Annexed Crimea

The resolution,put forward by USkraine and 30 other countries, was approved by 70 states. Twenty-six, including Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and China, voted against. Seventy-six countries abstained from voting.

Dec 21 07:45

African swine fever hits annexed Crimea

(*something stinks in Crimea !)

Dec 21 07:40

New Brunswick couple sent to different care homes after 73 years

Officials decided the husband needs a higher level of care due to his dementia, therefore separating the elderly couple after 69 years of marriage and 73 years together.

Dec 21 07:19


Dec 21 06:42

Paul Craig Robberts: Trump Claims Credit For The Russian/Syrian Defeat Of ISIS

What do we make of Trump’s national security speech? First of all, it is the military/security complex’s speech, and it is inconsistent with Trump’s intention of normalizing relations with Russia.

The military/security complex, using Trump’s position as President, has defined Russia and China as “revisionist powers,” Washington’s rivals who seek to put their own national interests ahead of Washington’s unilateralism. Russia and China are “revisionist powers” because their assertion of their national interests limits Washington’s hegemony.

In other words, Washington does not accept the validity of other countries’ interests if those interests are contrary to Washington’s interests.>>>

Dec 21 06:27

Trump’s New National Security Strategy Should Alarm His Arab Allies

Donald Trump has been giving his Gulf Arab allies a hard time in recent days. His vetoing of the draft UN Security Council resolution that would have compelled him to rescind his recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital was an act of political thuggery that dealt them a serious blow.>>>

Dec 21 06:21

A Good Year for Israel and Its Friends

The unfortunate Donald Trump Administration decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel serves no visible American interest, in spite of what some of the always-loyal-to-Israel punditry has been suggesting.>>>

Dec 21 06:12


Police in Redding, California are set to be equipped with drones after a $25,000 donation from a local church. With a population of about 89,000, Redding is a small town when it comes to California. It’s the largest city near Mt. Shasta, but its crime is absolutely nothing compared to the closest major city, Sacramento.

Dec 21 06:09

Rosie O’Donnell Offers Republican Senators Million$ To Vote Against Tax Cut Bill, Jeff Sessions Still Sleeping on the Job!

Political discourse just reached a new high in the Trump era, courtesy of social media and the interwebz.

Dec 21 06:04

Russian lawmaker blasts fresh UN resolution on Crimea as political provocation

A senior representative of the Russian parliamentary majority party has called the UN resolution on human rights in Crimea a provocation aimed at justifying the growing expenses of supporting Ukraine and countering Russia.

MP Sergey Zheleznyak (United Russia) said on Wednesday that the resolution was prepared by anti-Russia politicians from Ukraine, the EU, and the US, adding that he personally was outraged by the fact that the Human Rights Monitoring Mission had prepared the document on the basis of statements made by Ukrainian politicians, without actually visiting the peninsula and looking into these claims.


Dec 21 06:01

House passes tax bill, again and with fixes, sending final $1.5 trillion package to Trump

WASHINGTON — In an unusual do-over vote, the House on Wednesday passed a sweeping Republican tax overhaul for the second time in two days — giving final approval to the $1.5 trillion measure and sending it to President Trump for his signature.

Dec 21 05:46

Netanyahu Scolds UN, Calling It a 'House of Lies' Ahead of Jerusalem Vote

With time ticking until the beginning of a UN General Assembly vote on a proposal to urge Washington to scrap its Jerusalem declaration, Tel Aviv has stepped up its rhetoric.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu slammed the United Nations as a "house of lies," saying that "the State of Israel totally rejects this vote, even before [the resolution's] approval."

"Jerusalem is our capital and we will continue to build there, and foreign embassies, led by the United States, will move to Jerusalem. It will happen," Netanyahu pointed out.


Dec 21 05:32

Apple admits slowing older iPhones, says it's to prevent battery issues

The company says the practice deals with problems -- like unexpected shutdowns -- caused by aging batteries or cold conditions.
If you think your older iPhone seems to run slower, you're not crazy.

Dec 21 05:16

Trump Approves Lethal Arms Sales to Ukraine

For the first time ever, the Trump Administration has approved the direct sale of lethal weapons to the Ukrainian government, expanding on previous sales which had long been restricted purely to non-lethal and defensive systems.

Congress has been pushing for such sales since 2014, as part of a general trend to pick fights with Russia. The Obama Administration resisted such a move, however, because such arms sales would see the US as directly in opposition to the EU-backed Minsk ceasefire for Eastern Ukraine.

Officials say that President Trump didn’t approve everything which was requested by the Ukrainian government, though Congressional officials still warn this is a major step toward confrontation in Ukraine, and predict that more sales will be coming in the future.


Dec 21 05:11

2017 Was a Banner Year for the Arms Industry

(*And , let's be fair , The Stock Market too !)

Dec 21 05:06

Co-Opted: Trump's 'New' Security Strategy Is Old Warmongering

So how did such a dangerous document emerge from the White House?

President Trump’s 2017 National Security Strategy, or NSS, is a dangerous document. If followed by the administration over the next three years, it will almost surely continue America’s arrogant ways of the past 30 years, destabilize major regions of the world, create hostilities where none need exist, and increase the chances of unnecessary U.S. wars, particularly against Iran.

The most striking characteristic of the document is the extent to which it merely nibbles around the edges of the foreign policies of George W. Bush and Barack Obama. So much for Trump’s grandiose rhetoric heralding a new era in American foreign policy.>>>

Dec 21 04:57

Muslim leaders call on world to recognize East Jerusalem as Palestinian capital

Muslim leaders on Wednesday condemned U.S. President Donald Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and called on the world to respond by recognizing East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine. Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan, who hosted the summit of more than 50 Muslim countries in Istanbul, said the U.S. move meant Washington had forfeited its role as broker in efforts to end Israeli-Palestinian conflict. "From now on, it is out of the question for a biased United States to be a mediator between Israel and Palestine, that period is over," Erdogan said at the end of the meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation member states.

Dec 21 04:55

Trump plan to move U.S. embassy to Jerusalem angers Middle East Christians

The Trump administration's decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital and move the U.S. Embassy there has provoked widespread opposition among Christians across the Middle East ... The pope of the Egyptian Coptic Church, who leads the largest Christian denomination in the Middle East, has called off a scheduled meeting with Pence in Cairo. The Chaldean Church in Iraq warned this week that the White House move on Jerusalem risks sparking regional violence and extremism and demanded that the Trump administration respect U.N. resolutions on the city. In the West Bank city of Bethlehem, which is about 12 percent Christian and is a scheduled stop on Pence's tour, religious leaders turned off the city's Christmas tree lights last week to protest the White House announcement.

Dec 21 04:52


The US has maintained the fiction for decades of being an even-handed mediator between Israel and the Palestinians. This week, President Donald Trump finally junked this tired, old canard by agreeing to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem from its current headquarters in Tel Aviv. There was huge symbolism in this move that met with universal condemnation. It means the US is abandoning any chance of a two-state solution, which was the original UN plan for Palestine. Henceforth, Palestinians will subsist in a Jewish unitary state as a powerless, restive underclass. Washington is violating international law, the 1993 Oslo Accords, and countless UN resolutions ... Trump is surrounded by ardent Greater Israel supporters in Washington and New York that include his immediate family, and so-called 'advisors' from the extreme far right.
Note: Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu received 29 standing ovations from the U.S. congress. I think we have found the problem!

Dec 21 04:49

IHR Director Mark Weber Banned From Britain

Mark Weber, an American historian and director of the Institute for Historical Review, has been banned from Britain. British authorities decline to provide any explanation for or details about the ban. Weber, who has violated no British (or American) law, apparently is forbidden to enter the UK solely because authorities do not approve of views he has expressed ... The UK government routinely bans visitors "if their presence would not be conducive to the public good." ... UK officials almost certainly banned Weber to comply with the wishes of Jewish-Zionist groups, which openly expressed their unhappiness with him after he gave a talk on April 11, 2015, to a meeting in London titled "The Danger and Challenge of Jewish-Zionist Power."

Dec 21 04:46

The Danger and Challenge of Jewish-Zionist Power

As long as the power of what Desmond Tutu calls "the very powerful" Jewish lobby remains entrenched, there will be no end to the systematic Jewish distortion of history and current affairs, the Jewish-Zionist domination of the US political system and the American media, Zionist oppression of Palestinians, the bloody conflict between Jews and non-Jews in the Middle East, and the Israeli threat to peace. That's why no task is more important or pressing than to identify, counter and break this power.

Dec 21 04:43

Trump commutes sentence of kosher meatpacking executive

The action was "encouraged by bipartisan leaders from across the political spectrum, from Nancy Pelosi to Orrin Hatch," the White House said.
Rubashki was convicted in 2009 for submitting fake invoices to a bank that made Agriprocessors' finances appear healthier than they were so that it could borrow more. His prosecution came after federal authorities raided the plant and arrested 389 illegal immigrants in 2008.
Teig said that every court that looked at Rubashkin's sentence had concluded it was fair, and suggested that former Justice Department officials and lawmakers who supported leniency were unaware of the facts of the case.
Note: Big time payoffs to many!

Dec 21 00:56

Escambia County man gets 3 life sentences, plus 495 years for toddler rape

An Escambia County man has been sentenced to three consecutive life sentences — followed by 495 years in prison — after a jury found him guilty of repeatedly raping a 3-year-old boy and sharing images of the abuse.

Dec 20 15:56

RAW VIDEO | Black passenger kicked off Delta flight for using restroom sues for racial discrimination

Here's the original video taken by a passenger. Decide for yourself.


Dec 20 15:54

Trump, Jerusalem and international law

Lawrence Davidson debunks the warped “reasoning” used by Trump to justify his decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, and warns of the consequences of his disregard of international law and his inability to tell the difference between his own opinion and hard facts. >>

Dec 20 15:54


Pretty cool video...


Dec 20 14:04


Hey, Paul Ryan finally got a win for the President and American people...


Dec 20 13:47

AT&T Will Give Workers $1,000 Bonuses to Celebrate the Tax Bill

AT&T Inc., the phone carrier locked in a battle with the U.S. government over its Time Warner Inc. acquisition, lauded President Donald Trump and Congress for their tax-cut bill and said 200,000 U.S. workers will get a special $1,000 bonus to celebrate.

"Your move, other corporations. Are you Santa or Scrooge?". ~ Scott Adams

Dec 20 11:58

BUILT THAT WALL! And End Chain Migration for All

Over the weekend, godless liberals and anarchist Antifa members showed up in San Francisco to counter protest a contingent of America-lovers mourning the death of Kate Steinle at the hands of a five-time deported illegal alien.

Dec 20 10:58

Jamie Oliver reveals the secret to the PERFECT roast potatoes (and you will need a masher and a spray bottle).

TV chef, 42, says you should lightly squash the potatoes once they are cooked
He then suggests adding sage leaves before roasting for another 10 minutes
This will make the potatoes crispier on the outside and fluffier in the middle
He also advises filling a spritz bottle with vinegar and spraying the spuds

Dec 20 10:52

Man Gets 28 Years In Plot To Behead Conservative Blogger

BOSTON (AP) — A man convicted of leading an Islamic State-inspired plot to behead a conservative blogger who upset Muslims when she organized a Prophet Muhammad cartoon contest was sentenced on Tuesday to 28 years in prison.

Dec 20 10:42

Get To Know This FBI Name - Bill Priestap

Priestap is Peter Strzok's boss and he is involved in everything. Top-level analysis here.

Dec 20 10:36

Massive leak exposes data on 123 million US households

An unsecured database contained a wide range of personal details about virtually every American household, researchers say.

Dec 20 10:07

California, New Jersey and New York Republicans vote AGAINST tax bill over deductions for state and local taxes – and Trump fails to convince a single Democrat to back it.

Twelve Republican House members bucked their party on Tuesday and opposed a landmark tax reform bill
Eleven of them hail from California, New Jersey and New York
Voters in those three states stand to lose the most from limits in the deductibility of state and local property and income taxes
No Democrats were willing to support the bill they dubbed a 'GOP Tax Scam'

Dec 20 09:58

Meryl Streep #SheKnew posters pop up in Los Angeles amid backlash over Harvey Weinstein comments

A street artist is calling Meryl Streep on her bluff.

Posters showing the "The Post" actress standing with disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein have been popping up across Los Angeles, Twitter posts indicate. The artist, who has yet to be identified, placed a red banner with the words, "She knew," over Streep's eyes.

Dec 20 09:43

Mother is arrested on suspicion of murder after police find the remains of her disabled son, 5, buried in her back yard.

Police began their search after receiving a tip from Pakistan that five-year-old Jordan Rodriguez was buried in the backyard
Larissa Rodriguez, 34, has been arrested on suspicion of murder but has not been formally charged with a crime
The caller said the boy had been buried by the boy's mother after discovering him unresponsive two moths earlier
Larissa Rodriguez has a long history with Job and Family Services, who removed her two oldest children from her custody several years ago

Dec 20 09:23

All I Want for Christmas... Is Info About US Military Deployments

2017 has been a year of massive expansion for the Global War on Terror, but you could be forgiven for not noticing. In addition to the media focus on the ongoing chaos in the Trump White House, the Pentagon has consistently avoided disclosing where and who America’s armed forces are engaged in fighting until forced to do so.


Dec 20 09:22

VIDEO: What Everyday Life Is Like in Puerto Rico Now

In Puerto Rico, everything has changed since Hurricane Maria struck nearly 3 months ago.

Many people have no running water. And if they do, it can't be consumed without boiling.

There's no electricity in many regions.

Supplies are scarce.

There is a lot of good information in all those articles about the situation, but it's just words on a page.

The video below brings it to life. This is what life looks like for people who have just watched everything be turned upside down by Mother Nature.

Dec 20 09:22


Interesting stuff, as Putin thanks Trump for a tip from the CIA.


Dec 20 09:13

California Issues Warning On Cellphone Radiation

California health officials sound the alarm. This is the first time a state has done this.


Dec 20 09:12

Trump’s National Security Speech

Paul Craig Roberts

What do we make of Trump’s national security speech? First of all, it is the military/security complex’s speech, and it is inconsistent with Trump’s intention of normalizing relations with Russia.

My conclusion is that Trump has surrendered to the real rulers of America—the powerful interest groups such as the military/security complex, the Israel Lobby, the environmental polluters, Wall Street and the banks “too big to fail.”

America is a country in which despite the hopes flyover America had in Trump, an oligarchy rules. The American people, regardless of who they elect, have no voice, no input, no representation.

Dec 20 09:09

North Korean defector who was shot while running across the border 'will receive a life supply of chocolate pies after asking for one when he woke up from surgery'

Oh Chong Song was shot in his knee, arm, back, chest and through shoulder
His life was saved by a team at a South Korean hospital after his daring escape
When he woke up he asked for a Choco Pie, a snack popular in both countries
Black market for the snacks exists in North Korea after they were smuggled in

Dec 20 09:08

Radio station jammed after it was reported U.N. vehicles have entered the city of Chicago, say operator

WCKG 1530 AM radio station operator Matt Dubiel claims that The Alex Jones Show radio feed was cut off, “faded,” as Jones started speaking about the U.N. vehicles which have already entered Chicago.

Dec 20 09:01

DIRTY Bruce Ohr Didn't Show Up For Senate Hearing

Dirty DOJ official Bruce Ohr, who met with Glenn Simpson and Fusion GPS secretly during the election, failed to show up for his scheduled Senate testimony. No explanation, he just chickened out.


Dec 20 08:59

Panicked Antifa Website Deletes Article About Sabotaging Train Tracks in Olympia After Derailment — Read it Here

On Monday morning, an Amtrak train derailed while crossing an overpass in Dupont, Washington. Law enforcement say at least six people are dead and 78 others were injured. Independent journalist Mike Cernovich tweeted an archived link to a now deleted article from “prominent,” far-left website It’s Going Down, on an ANTIFA group bragging about pouring concrete on train tracks in Olympia, WA.

Dec 20 08:38

Metropolitan Police review of rape cases evidence

A computer disk containing 40,000 messages revealed the alleged victim had pestered him for "casual sex".

Mr Allan, who spent almost two years on bail, has said he intends to sue the Met.

Jerry Hayes, the barrister prosecuting the case against Mr Allan, agreed with Mr Evans' assertion that the problem was "systemic" within the police, telling BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "You speak to any barrister they will tell you stories that this happens every single day and it has got to stop."

He said anyone about to go to trial should seek a letter from the police force to say all evidence has been disclosed, and for those convicted, "they will have to be looked at again".

Dec 20 08:29

A German Holocaust Survivor’s Christmas Memory

Michael Hoffman’s Note: Ingrid Rimland, the wife of the late German revisionist Ernst Zündel, died at the age of 81 in October, after a brief illness. Though no one is permitted by the mass media to be termed a Holocaust Survivor™ unless they were a Judaic victim of the Third Reich, Ingrid was indeed a person who had survived a holocaust, having only barely escaped Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin’s attempt to enslave, extrude and exterminate ethnic Germans in the territory of the USSR.

Dec 20 08:23

Trump Signals: US Could Broaden Its Use Of Nuclear Weapons

The Trump administration signaled that it could broaden the use of nuclear weapons as part of a new security strategy, unveiled by the president on Monday.


Dec 20 08:19

Under Trump Military Deaths Are Climbing At Alarming Rate

(*The flip side; The Stock Market Is Soaring !)

Dec 20 08:18

BREAKING: Sen. Goodlatte and Rep. Gowdy have asked AG Sessions to make available McCabe, FBI chief of staff Jim Rybicki and FBI counsel

Moments after Andrew McCabe spent 8 hours testifying behind closed doors

The House Judiciary and Oversight Committees are seeking to interview FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and two other agents as part of a joint investigation into bureau's actions during the 2016 election.

In particular, the investigation is looking into the FBI and the Justice Department's handling of two investigations: the probe into Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server during her tenure as secretary of State and the investigation into possible ties between Trump campaign associates and Russia.

Dec 20 08:13

Rail experts ask why new track in Washington state Amtrak crash did not have speed control system

After a speeding Amtrak train derailed during its first trip on a new rail line — on the heels of two deadly passenger rail crashes blamed on high speed since 2015 — safety experts on Tuesday asked why the train did not have the latest automated control system.

The train was traveling 80 mph in a 30-mph zone on a newly opened $181-million segment of track south of Seattle, according to the National Transportation Safety Board. Train cars spilled onto busy Interstate 5 and killed three train passengers.

The new 14.5-mile bypass, developed by the local government agency Sound Transit, was designed to allow the train to travel at faster speeds by avoiding cargo traffic.

But the passage was not yet equipped with what is known as a “positive train control system.” Such systems automatically slow down trains when they are approaching curves too quickly or headed toward a collision with another train.

Dec 20 08:08

Jerusalem – The Straw that Breaks the Empire’s Back?

But the propaganda mantra must go on – the lie that declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel was good for the Middle East, was good for peace, was and still is repeated over and over again, like a mantra, tras-mantra, tras-mantra – by Trump and his mannequins, his foreign affair puppets, Rex Tillerson and Nikki Haley, who is masquerading as Washington’s UN Ambassador, repeating over and over again, the same lie, the same lie, the same lie, in the hope, as the common saying goes after Goebbels, Hitler’s Propaganda Minister, if repeated enough, the lie becomes the truth. Do these clowns really believe that if a world renown repeat-liar keeps repeat-lying the globes populace believes that the repeat-lie becomes the truth?


Dec 20 08:01

Jared Kushner HUMILIATED on Live Television

(*video at the source)