Dec 05 09:02

Killer Who Didn’t ‘Give A F–K’ Doesn’t Want To Be Seen In Prison Garb

?A Brooklyn man who said he didn’t “give a f–k” after he was arrested for the cold-blooded fatal shooting of three men cowered in a cell ?refusing to come out ?Monday as he was sentenced to 90 years to life in prison.

Dec 05 09:02

A Dunkin' Donuts Employee Held A Baby At Work, And A Customer Internet-Shamed Her

In not-so-cool news, a woman who works at Dunkin’ Donuts is being shamed online for holding a baby at work.

Dec 05 08:59

The 15 Worst States for Income Taxes in 2017

“Death, taxes and childbirth! There’s never any convenient time for any of them,” lamented Gone with the Windauthor Margaret Mitchell. Uncle Sam’s arm is extended, palm up, and he’s looking directly at you. The average American household pays more than $5,700 in federal income taxes each year. In fact, the nation doesn’t earn enough money to pay its total tax bill for the year until April.

Dec 05 08:59

These Are the Smartest and Dumbest U.S. Presidents and How Donald Trump Compares

Because many presidents died before the advent of IQ testing, we don’t have real IQ scores for most of them. But in a 2006 study, University of California psychologist Dean Keith Simonton attempted to estimate an IQ for every president. Simonton used variables that correlate with IQ. This historiometric approach looked at factors including each president’s academic performance, writings, and other evidence.

Dec 05 08:59

Apple CEO Tim Cook says he 'shares China's cyberspace vision' at an event promoting the country's internet censorship

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, has revealed that he shares China's cyberspace vision of 'developing a digital economy for openness and shared benefits.'
Speaking at a conference in China this week, Cook said that Apple was 'proud to have worked alongside many of our partners in China to help build a community that will join a common future in cyberspace.'
The news comes as Apple faces criticism from rights groups for bowing to pressure from cyber regulators after it removed hundreds of apps from its Chinese store this year.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

After this revelation, it appears that Tim Cook would sell his own mother for medical experiments to positively enhance Apple's bottom line in China.

But of course, an independent internet, bringing the truth to ordinary citizens, no matter where they reside, has always been an anathema to Big Government; the military industrial complex; the medical industrial complex; and the food industrial complex.

Dec 05 08:53


In a major victory for President Trump, the Supreme Court allowed his controversial travel ban to take full effect while legal challenges go forward, suggesting the court ultimately will uphold the restrictions, Bloomberg reports.

Previously, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and a federal district court in Maryland had said the president could only block nationals from the six majority Muslim countries - Iran, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia and Chad - if they lacked a bona fide relationship with a person or entity in the United States. The high court’s decision now puts those rulings on hold. As a result, Trump will now be allowed to bar entry by people from six mostly Muslim countries - even if they have a relationship with a U.S.-based person or institution, but more importantly, and the reason why Trump is about to gloat on Twitter, this marks the first time the Supreme Court has let his entry restrictions take full effect.

Dec 05 08:49


Despite Customs and Border Protection admitting to ongoing privacy concerns over data retention (currently planned for a 2-week maximum), an article in The Business of Federal Technology highlights that a rapid expansion of biometric airport security is imminent.

Until now, biometric ID has been used or tested at 5 international airports. Although there was a clear assumption of a wider roll-out, it was unclear what the timetable was for implementation and how pervasive the program would become. Apparently, if all goes well for CBP, it will be in ALL U.S. airports within just 4 years, according to statements given to senators by Commissioner Kevin McAleenan:

McAleenan, who is facing confirmation to hold the top CBP job on a permanent basis, told members of the Senate Finance Committee that the agency planned to expand current trials at five international airports to all major airports in the U.S. in four years.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

For national travel, this is simply going to push people back into their cars on to already overloaded, packed, and in many cases, crumbling US highways.

IF this is the outcome CBP wants this technology to have, then bravo, well done!!

And BTW, CBP: the fastest way to eliminate terror in this country, is to stop mucking about with other countries' resources, expropriating them to the corporations which own this country, and to which they have utterly no moral right, and insuring that those resources are only sold for the US dollar.

You're welcome!! :-)

Dec 05 08:44

Irish villagers complain Viagra plant fumes have men and dogs walking around with ‘hard-ons’

RESIDENTS of a tiny Irish village where Viagra is manufactured have complained that fumes from a nearby factory have been giving them a hard time.

Pharmaceutical firm Pfizer have produced the erectile dysfunction drug in Ringaskiddy, Co. Cork for the last two decades.

Villagers claim that Ringaskiddy’s proximity to the plant and its “love fumes” has been giving local men – and even their canine friends – enormous sexual powers.

Barmaid Debbie O’Grady told the Sunday Times: “One whiff and you’re stiff. We’ve been getting the love fumes for years now for free.”

Dec 05 08:42

Two Young Girls Taken by Leader of Utah Cult Found in Storage Receptacle

Two sisters thought to have been in the care of the leader of polygamous sect have been recovered safely from a storage receptacle—although law enforcement said given freezing temperatures overnight it was unlikely the pair would have survived were it not for their timely rescue.

Dec 05 08:42

Google sued on behalf of 5 million iPhone users for privacy violation

Google has been sued by a group of privacy advocates in the UK over improper collection of data from iPhone users. The search giant was sued by a group called Google You Owe Us for alleged misuse of personal data. The group says Google parent Alphabet Inc unlawfully collected personal information of iPhone users by bypassing the default privacy settings.

Dec 05 08:41

White House briefed on ‘microwave weapons’ during meeting on North Korea

The White House was briefed on the use of microwave weapons during a meeting earlier this year on North Korea’s missile and nuclear weapons programs.

Dec 05 08:38

US military agency invests $100m in genetic extinction technologies

Technology could be used to wipe out malaria carrying mosquitos or other pests but UN experts say fears over possible military uses and unintended consequences strengthen case for a ban.

A US military agency is investing $100m in genetic extinction technologies that could wipe out malarial mosquitoes, invasive rodents or other species, emails released under freedom of information rules show.

The documents suggest that the US’s secretive Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (Darpa) has become the world’s largest funder of “gene drive” research and will raise tensions ahead of a UN expert committee meeting in Montreal beginning on Tuesday.

The UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) is debating whether to impose a moratorium on the gene research next year and several southern countries fear a possible military application.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Guardian, I am absolutely calling you out on this, because that last statement is fundamentally, stupidly incorrect, and you know it.

As reported in on 7 November of this year:

US military says collecting Russian DNA for ‘research purposes’ The article goes on to say:

"US, Israel worked on biogenetic weapons

Biogenetic weapons are defined as biological agents designed to inflict debilitating diseases or other internal bodily afflictions on a specific group of people who share a genetic code.

While it remains unclear if such weapons have ever been successfully developed, the US and Israel are known to have given it a try.

In 1998, the popular US-based technology magazine Wired reported that Israel was working on a biological agent “that would harm Arabs while leaving Jews unaffected.”

Reuters later reported that, according to British scientists, it was possible to develop such weapons given the advances in genetic mapping".

Are you so collectively naive that you don't understand that these genetic extinction technologies are about killing off far more than mosquitos?!?!

Dec 05 08:29

Research shows that a shortage of oxygen in the cells is how many cancer tumors grow

Normalizing the oxygen supply in tumors may inhibit the progression of cancer, according to a study published in the journal Nature. The scientific community has well established the mechanism behind cancer onset. Experts note that the disease stems from a single cell’s DNA mutation, either by chance or due to carcinogenic factors, which is then followed by the rapid expansion of the abnormal cell.

Dec 05 08:27

College Paper Fires Writer Who Called White DNA ‘An Abomination’

A college paper fired a writer who called the DNA of white people “an abomination,” according to a Monday report.

Texas State University student journalist Rudy Martinez said that “white death will mean liberation for all” in the November column and The University Star fired him after previously retracting and apologizing for the column, reported The College Fix.

“The author of this column has jeopardized the atmosphere of inclusivity at this university and will no longer be published in The University Star,” read a correction from the paper’s editorial board.

Along with constructive criticism, the editorial board said that the paper has received death threats and “hate mail,” as well as threats to defund The University Star.

Dec 05 08:27


Special Counsel Robert Mueller has subpoenaed Deutsche Bank, demanding that it disclose details of transactions and documents on accounts help by President Trump and members of his family as the "Russian collusion" probe now turns its attention to Trump's bank accounts. According to Handelsblatt, which first reported the news, the bank received the subpoena several weeks ago. Trump has had a banking relationship with Deutsche Bank dating back nearly two decades and the German lender's $300 million loan accounts for nearly half of his outstanding debt (based on a July 2016 analysis by Bloomberg). Trump's debt to Deutsche includes $170m relating to a Washington hotel.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Having found nothing actionable regarding the "Russian Election Collusion", Meuller's alleged "investigation" has simply morphed into a classic "fishing expedition."

I would, therefore, like to politely suggest that Trey Gowdy, who sits on the Committee on Ethics; Committee on the Judiciary. Subcommittee on Constitution and Civil Justice; the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform (Chairman) Subcommittee on Health Care, Benefits and Administrative Rules;
and Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, launch a broad-based investigation of Meuller's financial affairs for at least the last 20 years, to see just how financially "squeaky clean" he has been.

There would be absolute "poetic justice" in such a move, as it would be at least as distracting for Meuller as it is for President Trump, in navigating the leadership of this country.

Dec 05 08:23

Eating Meat Perpetuates "Hegemonic Masculinity", Professor Says

A Pennsylvania State University sociology professor recently argued that eating meat perpetuates “hegemonic masculinity” and “gender hegemony.”

In the most recent issue of the Journal of Feminist Geography, professor Anne DeLessio-Parson argues that “hegemonic masculinity implies an imperative to eat meat” and that this helps reify other power hierarchies as well.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is just getting silly!

Dec 05 08:22

More anti-Trump messages reportedly sent by members of Mueller’s team

Days after it emerged that former Special Counsel investigator Peter Strzok was fired from Robert Mueller’s Trump-Russia probe in August for sending anti-Trump text messages to his mistress while the two were working together on the Clinton email investigation, Sara Carter of Circa told a Fox News panel that there are more anti-Trump messages sent by Mueller’s team floating around.

Dec 05 08:17

FBI Wants to Seize 4,000 Guns from Buyers Who Failed Background Checks

Federal authorities sought to take back guns from thousands of people the background check system should have blocked from buying weapons because they had criminal records, mental health issues or other problems that would disqualify them.

Dec 05 08:16

Apple agrees to pay over $15 billion to Ireland in back taxes

According to a top Irish official, Apple has agreed to pay Ireland around $15.4 billion in back taxes.
“We have now reached agreement with Apple in relation to the principles and operation of the escrow fund,” Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe told reporters before a meeting with European Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager, per Reuters.

Dec 05 08:06

Jewish community in Iran: all you need to know

Iran, a home for Jews for more than 3000 years, has the Middle East’s largest Jewish population outside of Israel.

Most Iranian Jews live in the capital. In Tehran, there are 13 active synagogues that hold weekly services, five Jewish schools, two Jewish kindergartens, and a 100-bed capacity Jewish hospital. Although there are active Jewish communities all around the country, Tehran’s community is the most significant.

Link fixed

Dec 05 08:06


I often joke that I’d be happy if we actually had a second party, as when it comes to the big issues – war, monetary policy, civil liberties – the Republicans and Democrats are more alike than different.

Perhaps that’s why a recent NBC News poll has found that nearly two-thirds of young people surveyed do not believe either the Republicans or Democrats are doing a good job and that a third major political party is needed.

I think this is an encouraging sign. I suspect the NBC News poll result reflects the fact that young people are not as easily hoodwinked by the mainstream media and by the two-party duopoly charade in Washington. This generation has grown up with the Internet and the abundance of alternative media that challenges what really is a one-party system in the United States.They have been exposed to many new ideas, including good ones like libertarianism and non-interventionism.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Right now, being in Congress is only about money and power, and doing the bidding of the large corporations which own our "alleged" Congressional representatives.

Dec 05 07:56

Michael Rivero – FBI Politics, Sessions, Bitcoin, and Censorship

Dec 05 07:49

Jewellery brand Pandora removes 'sexist' advert that asked if women would prefer an iron, an apron or a bracelet under the Christmas tree

Jewellery brand Pandora has removed a controversial advert which asks whether women would rather be given an apron or a bracelet for Christmas.

The Danish company was accused of sexism after the campaign was unveiled on billboards at Milan's metro stations over the weekend.

Targeting shoppers buying for the woman in their lives, the advert asks: 'An iron, pyjamas, an apron, a Pandora bracelet. What do you think would make her happy?'

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I don't think that is sexist at all. And any man who doesn't already know the answer to that question does not understand his ladylove! I have, over the years, given Claire an iron, an apron (from Warner brothers) , and jewelry. The latter was the most gratefully received! :)

Dec 05 07:37

Dozens of Disney workers arrested in 'To Catch A Predator'-style child sex stings

At least 35 Disney World employees have been arrested since 2006 over alleged child sex offences, an investigation has revealed.

The suspects included a ticket seller, a concierge and a trainee tour guide at the Florida resort - and even a night shift manager accused of watching child porn at work while he wrote a church sermon.

Police caught many in stings modelled on the TV show To Catch a Predator, with undercover officers receiving explicit messages before the suspects agreed to meet at a home rigged with cameras.

Dec 05 07:30

Employer who stole nearly $3M in wages from 157 workers fined $500

A Vancouver-based employer who stole nearly $3 million in wages from 157 employees have been fined $500 by British Columbia’s employment watchdog.

Dec 05 07:29

Mass shooting targeting Islamic Center foiled by Jacksonville Police

Authorities say a Florida resident was planning to "shoot up" a Jacksonville mosque before his arrest on Friday.

Dec 05 07:21

Spraypainting, Window-Smashing Vandal Targets Boston-Area Trump Supporter Twice in Same Weekend

A vandal targeted the home and vehicle of a Donald Trump supporter with spray paint and a blunt object twice this past weekend in Somerville, Massachusetts.
The man sported a “Make America Great Again” sign in a window at his home and a bumpersticker supporting the president, along with a National Rifle Association decal, on a rear window of his truck.

The vandal smashed the front windshield of the Chevrolet truck and spraypainted “BLM,” an acronym for Black Lives Matter, on the hood. Paint on one side of the vehicle petitioned its owner to “F— My A– Trump F—er.” The front windshield displayed a common compound-word curse spelled incorrectly. The name “Bernie” appears on the front bumper.

On the man’s home, the vandal obscured the Trump “Make America Great Again” 2016 campaign sign with spraypaint. He also wrote the words, “Trump Is Next” on the house.

Dec 05 06:48

Trump calls Flynn indictment ‘very unfair’

President Trump told members of the press Monday that he feels badly for General Michael Flynn and said that the general’s indictment is unfair because Hillary Clinton had lied to the FBI last Fourth of July weekend and nothing happened.

Dec 05 00:29

Kaia Gerber, 16, reveals her very slender waist in aqua blue frill dress as she attends the Fashion Awards 2017

She is the daughter of legendary supermodel Cindy Crawford, and has proven to stamp her own mark on the industry.
And Kaia Gerber made a stylish appearance at the Fashion Awards 2017 as she rocked up to the event in an aqua halterneck dress.
Matching the glamour with her fellow attendees, the 16-year-old was joined by pop sensation Selena Gomez, television presenter Caroline Flack and model Poppy Delevingne.

Dec 05 00:02

Renovations Begin on Jesus’ Tomb in Jerusalem

Located within the walls of Jerusalem’s Old City, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre contains two of the holiest sites in Christianity: the spot where Jesus of Nazareth was crucified, and the tomb where his body was laid to rest after his death and before his resurrection. This week, thanks to a rare agreement between the Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox and Armenian churches who share responsibility and control over the Holy Sepulchre, a team of experts began much-needed renovations at the site. The church, a destination for Christian pilgrims since its creation in the fourth century A.D., was last renovated more than 200 years ago, after a fire nearly destroyed the ornate chamber housing Jesus’ tomb.

Dec 04 16:50

US military agency invests $100m in genetic extinction technologies

A US military agency is investing $100m in genetic extinction technologies that could wipe out malarial mosquitoes, invasive rodents or other species, emails released under freedom of information rules show. The documents suggest that the US’s secretive Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (Darpa) has become the world’s largest funder of “gene drive” research and will raise tensions ahead of a UN expert committee meeting in Montreal beginning on Tuesday.

Dec 04 16:29

EXCELLENT VIDEO | Gregg Jarrett WRECKS Mueller, Comey And Peter Strzok: ‘The Entire Cabal Is Corrupt’

Jarrett really REALLY trashes James Comey as he lays out the crimes he's committed.


Dec 04 16:13

Feds issue 4,000 orders to seize guns from people who failed background checks

Federal authorities sought to take back guns from thousands of people the background check system should have blocked from buying weapons because they had criminal records, mental health issues or other problems that would disqualify them.

Dec 04 15:52

John Anderson, Former Independent Candidate, DEAD At 95...

Sad news. Here's some old footage of Anderson on C-SPAN and a few photos.


Dec 04 15:34

BREAKING BOOM | Supreme Court Allows FULL ENFORCEMENT Of Trump’s Travel Ban…

Just hit the wires. Decision was 7-2 in favor of Trump.


Dec 04 14:56

3 Facts Kamala Harris Doesn’t Want 2020 Voters To Know…

A blistering new report about Democrat rising star Kamala Harris.


Dec 04 13:55

REPORT | Scathing City Review Faults Police Action For What Happened In Charlottesville…

A female officer who had been blocking the intersection where Heyer was killed, said she was scared and got permission to leave her spot a few minutes before the vehicle attack. And there are more blunders...


Dec 04 13:39

MARK DICE | Libtard Blows $20 Million Whining About Trump…

Hilarious stuff from Dice on hedge fund snowflake Tom Steyer.


Dec 04 12:40


A must-read synopsis of how corrupt FBI agent Peter Strzok controlled everything.


Dec 04 12:21

"Wreaking Havoc" - HP Installs System-Slowing Spyware On Its PCs Without Consent

On the heels of Lenovo’s massive $3.5 million fine for preinstalling adware on laptops without users‘ consent, Hewlett-Packard is jumping in with both feet when it comes to installing spyware on its PCs without the consumer’s permission.

According to numerous reports gathered by Computer World, the brand is deploying a telemetry client (a system data that is uploaded by the Connected User Experience and Telemetry component), on customer computers without asking permission.

The software, which was first identified on November 15 of this year, is called “HP Touchpoint Analytics Service” and appears to replace the self-managed HP Touchpoint Manager solution. According to the official productivity description, it features “the tools you need to ensure all your managed devices’ security — and brings you greater peace of mind”. The problem is, it’s installing itself without permission and is wreaking havoc on customers’ systems.

And the consumers are noticing:

Webmaster's Commentary: 

As we move further into the 21st century, the companies which create our computers, and this government, will be more and more in control of them, and the data on them, than we will be allowed to be.

Dec 04 12:12

BOOM! | Justice Dept Offers Up FBI Agent Peter Strzok After Nunes Threatens To Hold Rosenstein In Contempt Of Congress...

Looks like Rosenstein is starting to cave to Nunes threats as he agreed late last night to allow Dirty FBI agent Peter Strzok to testify before Congress. This is starting to break wide open.


Dec 04 11:49

The Philippines: when the police kill children

After school, Kulot would earn less than a cent and a free meal for hauling buckets of fish for sale around the neighbourhood.

On the weekends, he mixed cement or loaded sand and gravel at nearby building sites, handing over almost all his earnings to his mother.

Neighbours remember him as everyone's favourite errand boy.

Then, in mid-August, Kulot went missing. He was 14 years old.

WATCH: Another child dies in Duterte's war on drugs
Eighteen days later, his body was found 100km from his home, in a creek called Kinamatayang Kabayo (A Horse's Deathplace).

His face was wrapped in plastic and bound with tape.

Police say his body bore signs of torture and at least 26 stab wounds, many inflicted after he died, some so deep they pierced his heart and lungs.

At the time of his death, the Philippines was already reeling from the murders of several teenagers suspected to have been killed as part of the government's war on drugs.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

My prediction that all the tortures and murders, particularly of children, are going to turn the Philippine people against Duterte, and his anti-drug war is going to simply leave the drug situation worse than it was before.

There is one European country which has had a successful anti-drug program, and that is Portugal.

What happened after Portugal decriminalized drugs, from weed to heroin

The results were stellar, in the general wratcheting down of drug use by Portugal's citizens.

Of course, because it actually worked, other countries, like the US government, are loathe to try it, because too much money, filtering into too many pockets, makes it too lucrative a trade to decriminalize.

Dec 04 11:44

RAW VIDEO | ACLU Honors Commie Kaepernick For Opposing Anthem, Flag And Country…

I support free speech, but the ACLU went too far with this award.


Dec 04 11:35

Jared Kushner at Saban Forum: Israel needs peace with Palestinians before it can form alliance with Arab states – U.S. News –

Jared Kushner, U.S. President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser on Middle East peace, said Sunday that Israel needs to reach a peace deal with the Palestinians before it can form an alliance with the greater Arab world.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Mr. Kutchner may be well-intentioned, but it is inexplicable to me that this gentleman is pathologically incapable of reading the facts on the ground, as Israel has manipulated them, to make it impossible for a contiguous, whole, state of Palestine, to exist.

And he needs to start by fully comprehending the realisation that Israel does not want peace but territory, and territory by any means necessary.

Has no one ever shown him, or does he not have the intellectual curiosity, to understand what the very notion of "Eretz Israel means, in terms of territorial expansion, and this is what the Zionists have been pushing for ever since the founding of Israel?

Let's take a look at what that territorial expansion, if realized, would mean for other countries around it, shall we?!?

Map: Eretz Israel, or greater Israel

Notice how many bits and pieces of surrounding territory get "gobbled up" by such an expansion?!?

Israeli Settlements Make 2-State Solution Impossible

Israel: 50 Years of Occupation abuse

The Israelis also make critically needed medical care for most ill Palstinians impossible:

Israel's Deadly Restrictions on Palestinian Patients

Israel routinely imprisons and tortures children, in order to "extract" confessions from them on what their older relatives may be doing or thinking, and have them sign those confessions in a language they cannot speak, Hebrew.

Military detention and torture routine for Palestinian children

Israel tortures Palestinian children and keeps them in outdoor cages in winter

It is threatening war against Lebanon, because of the presence of Hezbollah there:

A new ware could erupt as tensions rise between Israel and Lebanon

IF Mr. Kuchner cannot see that all of the above is not the behaviour of a civilized country, truly wanting peace with the Palestinians and its neighbors around them, but the behaviour of a country only wanting territorial expansion, at the cost of robust displacement and genocide of the Palestinian people, President Trump is getting some very lousy advice from him, and Kutchner should be sacked, and as immediately as possible.

Dec 04 11:29

BREAKING | Trump Throws Full Support Behind Roy Moore…

Story just hit the wires. Trump is now solidly in Roy Moore's corner.


Dec 04 11:07

ALAN DERSHOWITZ | Arrest Of Flynn Shows ‘True Weakness’ Of Mueller’s Case Against Trump...

Great clip. Dershowitz makes a very good case on Mueller.