Jan 06 10:10

Mitt Romney's wife had blind trust invested in Goldman Sachs' sex trafficking fund

Reuters reported that while there is no suggestion the Romneys knew about the investment, the disclosure highlights the difficulty for politicians and their families when they invest in blind trusts that are supposed to protect them from conflicts of interest and ethical questions.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Democrats in Congress are pushing a bill to demand the last ten years of Trump's tax returns. But Trump does not do his own taxes, so even if the Congress is able to get those returns, it will be impossible to link anything found in them directly to Trump. It's just another fishing expedition.

Jan 06 09:56

No Sleeves, No Bible, No Problem: This Is How You Take The Oath Of Office In 2019

t was quite a Moment when the anti-LGBTQ+ Mike Pence swore in Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona as the country's first bisexual senator on Thursday.

Jan 06 09:53

Hapag-Lloyd Containership On Fire Off the East Coast of Canada

A fire has broke out aboard a Hapag-Lloyd containership in the North Atlantic off the east coast of Canada.

In a statement posted to its website, Hapag-Lloyd said the fire started January 3 in one container on the deck of the Yantian Express and has spread to additional containers.

Jan 06 09:36

Stunning Philippine Beauty Crowned Miss Universe 2018

Catriona Gray from the Philippines was crowned Miss Universe 2018 on Monday after the final stage of the contest, which took place in Bangkok, Thailand.

The 24-year-old beauty queen, who managed to stand out from the rest and win the hearts and minds of strict judges, became the fourth Filipina to bring home the crown. A singer and a model, Catriona Gray, has also worked as a television host and actress.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Normally I do not cover events like this, but I felt it needed pointing out that the Miss Universe pageant still has the bathing suit competition, unlike the Miss America pageant.

Jan 06 09:20

NAACP links earthquake signs in Oregon to white supremacy

A new city policy requiring public signs on brick buildings warning they might collapse in an earthquake is part of a long history of white supremacy aimed at forcing black people to move out of neighborhoods, the NAACP of Portland, Oregon, says.

The group on Thursday decried the policy affecting some 1,600 unreinforced masonry buildings that are on average 90 years old, many in areas with a predominantly black population, The Oregonian/OregonLive reports .

The policy “exacerbates a long history of systemic and structural betrayals of trust and policies of displacement, demolition, and dispossession predicated on classism, racism, and white supremacy,” the group said.

Jan 06 09:02

Record-Breaking Number Of Americans Want To Get Out Of U.S. Forever

President Donald Trump may have staked his campaign on making America great again, but more citizens than ever before want to get out permanently.

Jan 06 09:02

TSA officers at Sea-Tac on verge of quitting over lack of pay

At Sea-Tac Airport, Transportation Security Administration officers are showing the strains of working without a paycheck and some are threatening to quit. That could end up hurting air travelers if security checkpoints turn into "chokepoints."

Jan 06 08:34

Spy sisterhood: All three of the top positions at the CIA are filled by women for the first time ever after Cynthia Rapp is named as the agency's top analyst

All three of the top positions at the CIA will now be filled by women for the first time ever after Cynthia 'Didi' Rapp was named as the agency's top analyst.

CIA director Gina Haspel has already appointed Elizabeth Kimber as the first female deputy director for operations and Dawn Meyerriecks as the deputy director for science and technology.

Haspel herself is the first woman to ever head the intelligence agency and an official said its entire workforce is now almost 50 per cent women.

Jan 06 08:25

The Rise of the Great American Folk Hero

Without radio and television to keep them entertained, people of the 1800s told stories. And like the telephone game we all played as kids, each person retelling a story added their own embellishments to it. Most of these stories had to do with brave, independent men and women – some real, some fictional -- who were able to conquer their unknown and dangerous surroundings using only their wit and brawn. Over time, some of the better-loved folk characters became part of our culture and stories and tales about them grew. Let’s take a look at a few of our favorite American folk heroes.

Jan 06 08:16

La Noche Triste: When The Aztecs Almost Thwarted A Spanish Takeover

Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés wanted it all: glory for Spain, personal recognition from the king and queen, fame, and fortune. Instead, he almost lost everything in one dramatic night on June 30, 1520known as La Noche Triste or “Night of Sadness.”

Jan 06 08:04

Ancient Bronze-Age Prosthetic Hand Discovered In Switzerland

The notion of a cyborg has been alive in well in human history for millennia, or at least the discovery of a nearly-lifesized bronze cast prosthetic hand suggests.

Originally uncovered in 2017 near Lake Biel in Bern, Switzerland by treasure hunters using metal detectors, the bronze-cast hand was brought to the Bern Archaeological Service for review along with a bronze dagger and rib bone also uncovered at the site of the metal hand.

Jan 06 07:52

Leader of international child porn ring killed in prison fight

A man serving 40 years for running an online child-porn ring that ensnared over 100 young girls has died after what authorities believe to be a targeted stabbing attack by inmates at a Michigan prison.

Christian Maire, who led a group that enticed and blackmailed young girls to film themselves performing X-rated webcam shows, was fatally attacked by seven other inmates in the prison housing unit at Milan Federal Correctional Institution this week, Detroit News reports. He died several hours later after being taken to hospital. At least one of the inmates was armed with a makeshift “shiv.”

Jan 06 07:07

Woman in vegetative state for 14 years gives birth after being raped at Phoenix nursing home

Phoenix police are investigating possible sex abuse at a nursing facility after a female patient recently became pregnant and gave birth.

Jan 06 07:06

N.Y. Police Official Who Took Las Vegas Trip and Gifts Is Acquitted of Corruption Charges

A former police commander was acquitted of federal corruption charges on Wednesday after a seven-week trial in which prosecutors contended he had done favors for two businessmen in return for lavish gifts, including a junket to Las Vegas with a prostitute.

Jan 06 04:47

When Self-Electrocution Was Used To Cure What Ails You

The hydro-electric belt first appeared at the World’s Fair in London in 1851. It was comprised of several batteries and electrodes and was used to “cure” everything by sending an electric current through its wearer’s body. Ailments it's targeting include migraines, anxiety, depression, poor digestion, constipation, gout, and even a lack of confidence.

Jan 06 04:39

Did You Know: One Woman, In Her Lifetime, Gave Birth to 69 Babies

Her name was Valentina Vassilyev and she was a Russian peasant who lived from 1707 to 1782 and gave birth to 69 children during her lifetime, comprising 16 pairs of twins, seven sets of triplets, and four sets of quadruplets. Only two of the children born to Vassilyeva in the period c. 1725-65 died in infancy.

Jan 06 04:37

The Story Behind the Miranda Rights

Most people have heard some version of this phrase, even if it was just on one of the many procedural dramas on television, though some may have more hands-on experience with it. Some of those people will recognize this phrase as the “Miranda Rights” which police officers must “read” to suspects before being allowed to interrogate them. What most people don’t know is that the person to thank for this requirement was a career criminal and convicted rapist.

Jan 05 21:03

Pack Mentality: Tool of Tyrants

If you're not one of US...
There's a thin line between...
All that stands between you and the scary ... is my pack

Jan 05 15:41

open border imperialists

competing economies vs racing to the bottom via suicidal altruism/globalism

Jan 05 14:10

Scott Adams: AOC Derangement Syndrome, Shutdown Persuasion, Wall Funding, and Karate

Would-be kidnapper chases victim into karate studio
Master Persuader AOC is using Trump’s 2015 play EXACTLY
She’s controlling the conversation, attention, energy
Wall negotiations, setting persuasion “anchors”
Pelosi anchors at zero, down from older offer
President Trump re-anchors at 5.6 billion, up from 5
Pelosi says “walls are immoral”
Shouldn’t we therefore remove ALL border barriers?
Building the wall by declaring a national emergency
President Trump is branding himself as the reasonable one
Some climate change claims are easily debunked
Is the Michael Mann hockey stick graph accurate?
Is Tony Heller wrong about temperature adjustments?
Climate change believers say adjustments went both ways
Tony says ALL adjustments went one direction
Who is correct?
Claim: Multiple ways to measure temps, and they ALL agree
Skeptic says Michael Mann’s methodology is flawed

Jan 05 14:06

Former Mexican State Attorney General Pleads Guilty to International Narcotics Distribution Conspiracy

Veytia pleaded guilty to Count One of the Indictment, charging him with an international drug trafficking conspiracy to distribute heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine and marijuana from Mexico into the United States. According to court filings and facts presented during the plea proceeding, from January 2013 until February 2017, Veytia used his official position as State Attorney General to assist and abet drug trafficking organizations operating in the Mexican State of Nayarit in exchange for bribes.

Jan 05 14:04

Doctor takes on FBI, ATF after being denied second amendment rights over his legal medical cannabis use

A Pennsylvania doctor with no criminal record was denied his right to own a firearm only because he possesses a legal medical cannabis card. Unable to properly defend himself, the 33-year-old doctor has filed a lawsuit against the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF). The case will impact millions of medical marijuana users and gun owners across the United States.

Jan 05 13:55

Girl Power To Kill (Women now control America’s military-industrial complex)

No matter the gender of the person at the reins, the US maintains a military presence in some 177 countries worldwide, and the Department of Defense has an annual budget of almost $700 billion. War is big business for America’s defense manufacturers too. Lockheed Martin, Boeing Defense, Northrop Grumman and General Dynamics made a combined $56 billion in the third quarter of 2018 alone.

Jan 05 13:41

…And the Circus Came to Town

So, let the circus begin on Capital Hill. Let them kick out the jams, as we used to say back in Woodstock era. Let Nancy Pelosi finish the work that the Democratic Party started with the election of 2016 — its own destruction as a viable political force. Let all the darkness and malice be wrung out of it so the country can return to its senses and start paying attention to things that really matter, backed by institutions that people of good faith can believe in.

Jan 05 12:36


This is Sedition and Treason pure and simple. The Deepstate is in full revolt against the American people,The US Constitution and The Billof Rights! This is getting uglier by the minute.

President Donald Trump has suffered a setback after the Senate knocked hundreds of nominations back to the White House. As the 116th Congress began on Thursday, the Senate sent back over 270 nominations from the previous session, as well as a host of foreign service nominees.

The development is an unexpected and unwanted headache for the Trump administration, which has previously been critical of the perceived lack of speed in approving nominations.

Jan 05 12:05

These chefs are transforming Hawaii's food scene

The casual visitor to Hawaii may be surprised to learn that a number of French chefs have been reimagining the islands' cuisine by incorporating a variety of ingredients and culinary techniques that are traditionally associated with France.

This blending of distinct cooking styles has resulted in the creation of some delectable specialties that speak "aloha" with a French accent, ranging from fresh seafood dishes to inventive and delectable pastries.

Jan 05 11:52

6 of History’s Nastiest Jobs

Living in a world where the lack of indoor plumbing, disease-bearing vermin, and misguided medical practices makes the present day feel like a sterile utopia in comparison, meant some people get to work on history's nastiest jobs.

Jan 05 11:44

The Men Who Felled California’s Giant Redwoods

In the 1800s, when Euro-Americans came to the west, they needed raw materials to setup their homes. As companies struggled to keep up with the furious pace of progress, commercial logging quickly became the top manufacturing in the west.

Jan 05 11:38

The Iconic Jacqueline Kennedy in 25 Photos

Jacqueline Kennedy was undeniably a role model to many women in the 1960s. Contrary to the belief of others, she was not an heiress, nor was she unfamiliar to hard work --- but she was a style icon for sure. What women of that era could relate most to was the strength she displayed during the wake when her husband, President John F. Kennedy, was assassinated. The whole country was in need of reassurance and looked to her for it.

Jan 05 11:12

Trump Instructs Pentagon to Curb Watchdogs’ Access to Secret Military Reports

Transparency groups decry move as hindering the work of inspectors general.

President Trump, in a nationally televised Cabinet meeting on Wednesday, instructed acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan to withhold classified battlefield reports from inspectors general, a move that brought objections from transparency advocates.

“I can tell you [a] story when I got here about our military that I don’t even want to talk about,” Trump said. “We do these reports on our military. Some IG goes over there, and he goes over there and they do a report on every single thing. We’re fighting wars and they’re doing [a] report and releasing it to the public. The public means the enemy. Those reports should be private reports.”

The president continued: “Let them do a report, but they should be private reports and be locked up … [Giving the reports] out to the enemy is insane. And I don’t want it to happen anymore, Mr. Secretary. You understand that?”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has to wonder; if these reports were absolutely glowing, in terms the accomplishments of US troops, fighting on the ground in Afghanistan and elsewhere, would President Trump be as agitated as he appeared to be, Wednesday, on this issue?!?

I would suspect... probably not.

Jan 05 11:05


The German government has mounted an aggressive campaign to encourage illegal migrants to leave - bribing them with free rent for a year in their home countries.

"Your country. Your future. Now!” read billboards in seven languages, plastered in nearly 2,500 locations across 80 German cities, reports the National Post.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I'd laugh myself silly, looking at this "plan" to get immigrants to go home from Germany; the problem, after all the assurances from German officials that these immigrants would, in no way affect the lives of born Germans, will be stopping.

Jan 05 11:01


The Department of Homeland Security will be releasing over 2000 migrants over the course of the next few weeks after facilities became packed full with border-crossing men, women, and children who seek refuge in the United States.

From Breitbart:

A DHS official confirmed to Breitbart News that the U.S. Border Patrol and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency is releasing more than 2,000 family units caught at the U.S.-Mexico border, citing a lack of detention space.

The border-crossing adults and the children they arrived at the border with will be released and given a court date for an immigration hearing. The adults will be given ankle monitors, though the DHS official says the process of keeping track of border-crossers via ankle monitors is not effective.

According to the report at least four major border crossing locations have been inundated with migrants.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

OK, let me get this straight; the DHS, rather than deporting illegal families to their countries of origin, are allowing these illegal immigrants to stay in the US until they have their court date, for which they most probably will never appear?!? And it is known that the ankle monitors can be broken rather easily, or taken off by someone who knows how?!?



Jan 05 10:51


One of the masterminds behind a deadly attack on a US warship in Yemen more than 18 years ago was killed in that country earlier this week, according to a report published Friday, Anadolu Agency reports.

Jamel Ahmed Mohammed Ali al-Badawi, an al-Qaeda operative, is believed to have played a central role in the Oct. 12, 2000 bombing of the USS Cole in which 17 American sailors were killed.

US intelligence indicates al-Badawi was killed Tuesday in an airstrike in Ma’rib Governorate, CNN reported, citing an anonymous Trump administration official.

The strike took place when al-Badawi was reportedly driving alone. No collateral damage is currently known.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I would like to remind our readers and listeners, during the Obama presidency, that the US and the world were told that military operatives in Pakistan killed a guy who might have somewhat looked like Bin Laden, but was not Bin Laden.

President obama announces Osama Bin Laden's death

Or if you crave a truly fact-centric version of Osama's death, try what appeared at WRH:

Osama Bin Laden: A Dead Nemesis perpetuated by the US government.

Now, this person, who allegedly put together the horror attack on the USS Cole MAY, or may not - be alive. Just please remember that, when you read stories like this. is that they need to be read with more than a grain of salt.

Jan 05 10:48

Murders In Washington, D.C. Jump 40% In 2018

As of December 2018, 160 people had been murdered across the Washington metropolitan area, up from 116 in 2017, a spike of about 40%, according to new data from the Metropolitan Police Department.

In total, of the 534 people shot in the nation's capital through mid-December, 23% died, reported The Washington Post.

Jan 05 10:35


Plants are not as productive as they could be, and in a bid to help boost global food production, a team of scientists with backing from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and others are hacking photosynthesis.

If you remember way back to fifth grade when you learned the photosynthesis cycle, plants convert sunlight into energy and use that energy to collect carbon dioxide and water and turn it into sugar. However, there’s a glitch in the system, and plants end up spending a lot of energy getting rid of a toxic compound made when an enzyme called rubisco inadvertently collects oxygen. That process is called photorespiration, and it makes plants produce way less food than they otherwise could.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I would like to politely suggest that the researchers, and scientists who came up with this process, and their families, should be forced to eat this biohacked food every day for at least a minimum of 2 years, with medical checks every 4 months, to insure that something in the process doesn't contribute to aggressive cancers, heart disease, diabetes, loss of sperm counts, etc., before they are EVER foisted off on to third world citizens.

I mean, come on, if the process is safe, and there is no harm in ingesting these products, shouldn't it be the developers of such a product who need to test it first?!

Jan 05 10:24


Ending his first week in office by quickly putting into action the far-right agenda he promoted during his campaign, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro on Thursday unveiled economic proposals that critics says will worsen inequality across Brazil, putting corporate profits above the well-being of middle- and lower-class families.

Privatization of airports and seaports, tax cuts for the rich, pension cuts, and a minimum wage set lower than Bolsonaro's predecessor had planned were among the economic reforms the new president has in store for the country, as it moves toward what the new right-wing government calls a "minimal state."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sounds like he'll be good for the folks who hired this guy as President (the One Percenters), but pretty lousy for darned near everyone else in Brazil.

Jan 05 10:20


A 39-year-old Russian citizen has been arrested in Saipan for attempting to export military-grade equipment, such as night-vision rifle scopes and ammunition primers, to Russia without obtaining a proper permit.
Dmitrii Makarenko was arrested by an FBI agent on Saturday, December 29 in the Northern Mariana Islands, a US territory in the northwestern Pacific Ocean. The Russian national was taken into custody on an indictment filed in the Southern District of Florida Court back in June 2017.

The indictment alleges that Makarenko, reportedly a resident of the Russian Far East city of Vladivostok, and his 'co-conspirator' Vladimir Nevidomy, a resident of Florida, acted in concert to transfer military-grade equipment to Russia between April and November 2013.

Overall, Makarenko has been indicted on eight counts and is facing 45 years behind bars if found guilty.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has to wonder if these guys were "bargaining chips", to be used by the US government when the time was right, to catch up with a "higher grade" Russian operatives.

Jan 05 10:13

Before Germany’s Massive Hack, We Learned What Not to Do With Sensitive Stolen Information

Someone has been publishing a massive trove of sensitive personal information—including phone numbers, private chats, family photos, and documents—of dozens of German politicians in what some are calling “the biggest hacker attack” in the country’s history.

On Friday, the leak was the biggest news in Germany, and perhaps in all Europe. German authorities are investigating the incident, and victims are already speaking out about how it’s affecting them.

The leaks first attracted widespread attention in Germany, and subsequently around the world after news outlet RBB first reported on a Twitter account that spread the data. (Twitter has since suspended the account.) The person or people behind it had been posting links to the stolen data since early December, but apparently very few noticed until Thursday, after YouTube celebrity Simon Unge revealed he had been hacked too.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The goals here may have been both hush money, and embarrassment for those whose systems got hacked.

But this action did remind the world to please, never, EVER store something on a computer which could be hacked, as it is very private data, and Keep communication vanilla.

Jan 05 10:11

Woman Tired Of Her Loud Neighbor Writes A Hilarious Letter To Him And Leaves Him A Cake At 4 AM

As much as many of us wish to have a peaceful place we can call our home, in the 21st century it’s not that easy to find a beautiful, peaceful and comfortable place to stay that is within your budget. So, just like the most of us, people get used to living in loud neighborhoods and buildings with paper thin walls. And even though you might think you got used to it, there are some neighbors that just don’t understand that blasting music at 3 am is not okay. Telling them to turn it down a notch is not an easy task so one woman found the best way to kindly ask her neighbor to turn the music down.

Jan 05 10:10

New York high schooler targeted by racist Snapchat: 'We must lynch her'

A New York high school student gave an emotional press conference on Thursday calling on her school to take action after a fellow student posted a racist Snapchat photo threatening her.

Jan 05 10:03


On Friday China unveiled video from a successful test of its most powerful non-nuclear weapon, dubbed the "Mother of All Bombs" in reference to a weapon previously used by US forces in Afghanistan. The official Xinhua news agency published details of the weapon for the first time while calling it the "Chinese version of the 'Mother of all Bombs'".

It is reportedly 5-6 meters long and its massive weight means the delivery vehicle, in this case China's H-6K long range nuclear capable bomber, can only carry one at a time.

While China has denied that it is a thermobaric bomb — an explosive that uses oxygen in the surrounding air to generate a high-temperature explosion — its incredible size mimics the 22,000-pound GBU-43 Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB) bomb that US forces dropped in Afghanistan’s Nangarhar province targeting a jihadist hideout tunnel complex in April of 2017.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The timing of this demonstration, right before trade talks are supposed to start next week, was absolutely not accidental; this test was done now, so that people in the American government and military, understand that they have this weapon, and will not be afraid to use it, if the Chinese military sees the timing as right.

Jan 05 09:51

32-year-old woman accused of posing as a homeless teen to enroll in high school

Investigators are stumped as to why a 32-year-old woman allegedly pretended to be a homeless teenager to enroll in an upstate New York high school.

Jan 05 09:51

Taco Bell employee loses his job for calling the police on a deaf customer

A Taco Bell employee lost his job for calling the police on a deaf man at the drive-thru and refusing him service.

Jan 05 09:48

Watch: Rashida Tlaib Flees from Reporters When Pressed on Calling Trump ‘Motherf**ker’

Freshman Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) bolted from reporters Friday when asked to comment on her vow to impeach President Donald Trump, despite doubling down on the controversial remark in a pair of statements issued hours earlier.

Jan 05 09:34

Nikki Haley Just Had 1.67 Million Twitter Followers Taken Away. Where Are Outraged Feminists?

Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley is one of the most influential women in the world, but now she’s required to start anew on Twitter.

Jan 05 09:34

James Woods Digs Up Devastating Bloomberg Photo, Buries ‘Fuel Conservation’ Outcry

It’s a new year, and a new Twitter post from actor James Woods is getting attention for taking decisive aim at the establishment media.

Jan 05 09:27

Oregon man demands Whoppers for life after getting locked inside Burger King restroom

An Oregon man says he deserves a free Whopper meal every week for the rest of his life because he was trapped inside a restroom at a Portland-area Burger King restaurant for more than an hour.

Jan 05 09:27

College writing seminar will tell profs to not grade based on quality of writing in order to fight 'white language supremacy'

American University in Washington, D.C., is sponsoring a multisession seminar next month aimed at getting faculty to battle against "white language supremacy" and consider "alternative" grading standards for students' writing — such as "labor-based grading contracts."

Jan 05 09:21

The Democratic Governor Who Sees A 2020 Presidential Opportunity With Weed

“In my day, I tried marijuana a couple times, but it didn’t have any beneficial impact,” said the Democratic Washington state governor, who recently created an organization to “test the waters” for a 2020 presidential run.

Jan 05 09:21

Google Drive Has A Loophole That Allows Harassment

Google Drive isn’t a part of the web where you’d expect to be vulnerable to harassment, but due to a quirk in the way shared files and folders remain in your account — even after you’ve removed them — it offers harassers a way to digitally seek out victims. This is because Google doesn’t offer a way to block someone from sharing content with you over Drive.

Jan 05 08:55

VIDEO:New Year's Day parade sparks outrage with float depicting child in cage at 'border detention center'

An annual New Year's Day parade in Delaware has sparked outrage after one of the floats depicted a "border detention center" and featured a child in a cage.

Jan 05 08:54

'TransKids' Site Sells Fake Penises for Girls who identify as Boys — and they're called 'Packers' (5 Pics)

The website is called "TransKids," and it's "dedicated to providing young folks with gender expression gear and resources," according to its homepage.

Jan 05 08:35

Trump says new congresswoman Rashida Tlaib 'dishonored her family' with vulgar vow to young son that Democrats will 'impeach the motherf***er'

President Donald Trump lashed out at a freshman Democratic congresswoman on Friday, saying she 'dishonored herself' and 'dishonored her family' by making a foul-mouthed vow to impeach him.

Jan 05 08:35

'That is not the position of the House Democratic caucus': Nancy Pelosi calls impeachment 'divisive' and steers away from freshman Rep Tlaib's extraordinary 'We're going to impeach that motherf****r' remark about Trump

Newly-elected Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi stated that the Democratic caucus has no current plans to impeach Donald Trump while defending her colleagues who have said otherwise and warning that the Russia investigation could change that.

Jan 05 08:28

DC circus of sociopaths

don't step in the politics! it takes forever to scrape it off the bottom of shoes...

Jan 05 08:26

20 Photos Of The Patty Hearst Kidnapping circa 1970

On February 4, 1974, 19-year-old Patty Hearst was kidnapped by a radical group who called themselves the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA). News of her kidnapping — and Patty's announcement later that she joined forces with her kidnappers — spread like wildfire and became one of the most notorious crimes of the 20th century.

Jan 05 08:20

Beautiful Miss Universe Winners From 1952 to Present (65 Pics)

This 60-year-old beauty competition brings together the most gorgeous women of the world. Let's take a look through the annals of history at all the past beauty queens...

Jan 05 08:13

'This is the only thing I could do': Mother who has been on the run with her three-year-old son for six months pens emotional letter explaining why she had 'no choice' but to go into hiding

A woman who went missing with her three-year-old son has insisted she had 'no other choice' to give him a 'semblance of a childhood with his mum'.

Jan 05 08:13

'If that's what radical means call me a radical!': Socialist Democrat Ocasio-Cortez backs taxes as high as 70 per cent on multi-millionaires as she claims she's the successor to Lincoln and FDR

New left-wing Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is calling for a top tax rate of as high as 60 or 70 per cent on those earning double-digit million dollar incomes – and says she'll accept the 'radical' label.

Jan 05 08:11

Suspect breaks into crowded liquor store, starts shooting. He apparently doesn’t expect off-duty cop — or death.

A robbery suspect broke into a Stone Mountain, Georgia, liquor store on New Year's Eve — and he didn't leave alive, courtesy of an off-duty police officer acting as a security guard.

Jan 05 08:11

College Offers Gender Pronoun Stickers 'so each individual feels safe Navigating' Campus

The University of California, San Francisco, offers gender pronoun "stickers" that can be affixed to school identification cards in order to "reduce instances of misgendering" and to ensure "each individual feels safe navigating UCSF."

Jan 05 08:05

Latest Job Report Is Another Fiction

where the jobs weren't: in any sector that required grossly-overpriced college educations