Mar 03 15:54

Now Mitt Romney Might Run for President? Says "Phony" Trump Is "Very, Very Not Smart," Leading America into the "Abyss"

Are the pathetic losing pile of whiners left at the GOP actually going to attempt to run Mitt Romney now to try and counter Donald Trump?

Milktoast doesn't even begin to describe what the average American conservative thinks of Mitt, but here we see him giving grand speeches lately (video below) as if he's actually going to step in and run now. Others have brought up the point that there might be a brokered Republican convention during which all of the other losing candidates' votes could be put together in a basket and handed merrily to the candidate of the establishment GOP's choosing if they don't like who the people pick (and who is, quite obviously at this time, Trump)...

But could they really stoop to such a desperate, toilet bowl-level low as to run back to lukewarm magic Mormon underwear Mitt?

(read more)

Mar 03 15:48


Mar 03 15:47

Assemblyman demands college fire professor who blames Jews for 9/11

US presidential hopefuls must demand that ultra-liberal Oberlin College axe its professor who’s posted hateful screeds to social media, including that “Israeli and Zionist Jews” were behind 9/11, a New York state lawmaker urged Wednesday.
Responding to The Post’s story about associate professor Joy Karega, Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) said both Republican and Democratic candidates must “stand up against this kind of hatred”
Note: Dov Israelis were arrested and failed a lie detector! Other Israelis fled to Israel.

Mar 03 15:40

Professor Says Jews Are Behind 9/11 Attacks and She's Keeping Her Job

The president of ultra-liberal Oberlin College is standing by the professor who has been posting a slew of anti-Semitic rants and bizarre 9/11 conspiracy theories on social media.
Note: It is not anti-Semitic to state that Israelis were arrested on 911. The anti-Semitic card is getting as worn out as the holocau$t!

Mar 03 15:25

Texas GOP Head Twitter Rant Goes Viral: Barbara Bush Should Be in Porn, Hillary Made Bill Abandon His Love Child with Black Hooker, and WORSE

The palpable outrage within the Texas Republican establishment has gone nationwide as the man who has been called a "human dumpster fire" has just been voted as the new head of the Travis County GOP and is set to take office in June.

Libertarian Robert Morrow, the newly elected chairman of the Travis County Republican Party (Travis County being the home of Austin, the Texas state capitol) is shocking people with his often vulgar comments about the Bushes, the Clintons, and even his own party, spurning calls for his removal by multiple Texas officials including Governor Greg Abbott who said Morrow “cannot adequately represent the Travis County GOP” or speak for its values.

Morrow won the position fair and square with 54% of the vote, but now even Morrow's vice chair, GOP strategist Matt Mackowiak, is claiming he will "not rest" until he finds a way to unseat Morrow who is an "absolute embarrassment to the party".

Mar 03 15:18

BEX Alert!!! - "US House panel wants to try Assad, Russia, Iran for ‘war crimes’ in Syria"

The US House Foreign Affairs Committee has passed a resolution accusing the Syrian government, Russia and Iran of war crimes and calling for an international tribunal on Syria. The move comes amid a breakthrough US-Russia deal on a Syrian ceasefire.

The document passed on Wednesday claims that the government of Syrian President Bashar Assad is guilty of “widespread torture and rape,” and its forces “massacred civilians, including through the use of chemical weapons, cluster munitions, and barrel bombs.”

Moscow is accused of “violations of international law by leading deliberate bombing campaigns on civilian targets including bakeries, hospitals, markets and schools."

Mar 03 13:22

Nationwide Blackout: All the Power in Syria Just Went Out

In addition to the power being out, many mobile Internet connections were also reportedly not working across the nation, with Syria's mobile provider claiming this was "partially due to 'part of the network unexpectedly malfunctioning'."

And that's how easy it is to cut off an entire country's electricity and Internet.

Gee... what are the odds of this timing? Hollande, Merkel, and David Cameron are all set to meeting with Putin tomorrow ahead of Geneva peace talks March 9th.

(read more)

Mar 03 13:04

Call It What It Is: America Is a Police State

snip: The relatively recent concept of “pain compliance,” “rough interrogation,” and “rough rides” coupled with the long held tradition but fast increasing commonality of direct beatings, shootings, murders, and “on-site executions” by police in America have had the final say. Since 2003, police have killed more American citizens than were killed by “insurgents” in Iraq, a country whom the US invaded illegally and subsequently imposed a reign of terror upon.

The United States is now a country where millions of people are locked away in inhuman conditions of confinement, the overwhelming majority of them for crimes in which there was no victim.

Mar 03 12:58

Mitt Romney illegal-Alien Gardeners

flashback December 1, 2006 Illegal immigrants toiled for governor
As Governor Mitt Romney explores a presidential bid, he has grown outspoken in his criticism of illegal immigration. But, for a decade, the governor has used a landscaping company that relies heavily on workers like these, illegal Guatemalan immigrants, to maintain the grounds surrounding his pink Colonial house on Marsh Street in Belmont.

Mar 03 11:44

Charges Finally Coming for Hillary? Staffer Who Set up Her Server Just Given Immunity

The question has always been, will the system somehow find a way to allow Hillary to get away with it like an elite magical fairy princess, or will she actually have to face charges for her crimes the way the majority of the rest of us would if we had done the same thing (or way, way, way, way less).

Well now the Justice Department has granted immunity to a former State Department staffer named Bryan Pagliano who set up Hillary's private email server in 2009. After he set it up, Hillary then paid him personally to maintain it for her.

Pagliano had previously invoked his Fifth Amendment rights before a Congressional committee last fall; now he has immunity and will testify.

The Clinton camp released a statement saying Hillary is cooperating and they're all "pleased" with this new development, again referring to the whole thing as an "inquiry" and not an "investigation". They've also called it a "security review". Ah, semantics.

Mar 03 11:42

New York City Transit Upgrade Aids Developers

In early January, amid media fanfare, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced plans to rebuild vital transportation infrastructure in the New York City area, in what he billed as “the biggest construction program in our state’s history.” The centerpiece of this project is renovation of Manhattan’s Penn Station, through which hundreds of thousands of rail riders travel on a typical workday.

Mar 03 11:12

Cops Woke Up Naked Woman, Ordered Her to Show Them a Gun, Then Killed Her

Deanne Choate was sleeping naked under the covers when a trio of cops flicked on the lights and came barreling into her bedroom with guns drawn, believing she posed a lethal threat.
The police officers from Gardner, Kansas roused her awake and ordered her to show the gun her boyfriend told them she had fired. When she did that after throwing on a hoodie, police opened fire anyway, putting her to sleep for good.

Mar 03 11:11

Comcast gets big tax break that was designed for Google Fiber

When the Oregon legislature changed the state's tax rules last year, it was trying to convince Google Fiber to bring its high-speed Internet to Oregonians.

Mar 03 11:06

Fido vs Spot — Animal vs Robot

The robot's lifelike movement catches the attention of a real dog. The uncanny uncanine valley. This is the latest quadruped robot from Google's Boston Dynamics group, and the only one in civilian hands. Another Video: Photos: And I revisited my post on the Google Master Plan, and sure enough, we see Robots ? Skynet ? Terminator ? Google Security ? User Happiness

Mar 03 10:43

US Missile Defense Outdated, Unable to Withstand New Challenges

The global geopolitical environment has changed, but the US missile defense strategy has stayed the same, making Washington vulnerable to new nuclear challenges, a US analyst wrote. The US has invested billions in missile defense technology because it believes that the capability to defend against ballistic missiles will help mitigate nuclear risks to Washington and its allies in the 21st century, Sputnik reported. The approach is based on the 2010 Ballistic Missile Defense Review (BMDR) which may now prove to be ineffective, Ivanka Barzashka, a nuclear security specialist at Stanford University, wrote in an article for The National Interest. The author pointed out that the three basic premises of the posture are now being challenged by a new strategic environment...

Mar 03 10:41

Congressman: Army must immediately reinstate Green Beret who hit admitted Afghan rapist

A Green Beret selected last year for involuntary separation from the Army because he hit an admitted child rapist in Afghanistan will remain with the service at least two more months.

Mar 03 10:41

Disney is now flying in cheap foreign workers to replace American employees.

A former Disney (DIS) employee is speaking out about U.S. companies hiring foreign workers with H1-B visas, at lower wages, to replace U.S. workers.

Mar 03 10:21


In the classic science fiction movie The Matrix, which was released in 1999, martial arts was uploaded into Keanu Reeves’ (Neo) brain through a cable connected from a computer to Neo’s skull. He received the skills of the art instantly, and was able to use it to perfection. This happened in a science fiction movie. But what you were about to hear that this isn’t science fiction any longer? The reality is, that a team of researchers in the United States of America are currently developing this technology.

Mar 03 09:50

Google Searches for "How to Move to Canada" Spike Following Super Tuesday Results

Following the results of the Super Tuesday presidential primary elections, many Americans are apparently distraught over the results and are looking to leave the country. According to Google Trends, searches for "How to move to Canada" have increased dramatically following the results of the el

Mar 03 09:49

"58% say they'd like to see the President nominate someone to the Court rather than leave the seat vacant until a new president takes office next year"

Most Americans want to see President Barack Obama nominate someone to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court created by the death of Justice Antonin Scalia, but the public is divided on what ideological tilt they'd prefer to see in a nominee, according to a new CNN/ORC poll published Thursday.

Mar 03 09:32

Hillary Clinton private email server probe winding up – reports

A former staffer to Hillary Clinton has reportedly been granted immunity from prosecution, to get answers about her private email server.

The Washington Post has reported that the FBI has “secured the cooperation” of Bryan Pagliano, who set up the server in her home in New York in 2009.

The Washington Post says the information suggests that the FBI is close to winding up its investigation, prior to giving its recommendations in May.

Mar 03 09:20

Extreme Measures: Wheelchair Users Suspended From Bridge, Called For Subsidies In Bolivia

A group of Bolivians in wheelchairs suspended themselves from a bridge in Cochabamba in an effort to call for an increase in subsidies for the disabled.

Mar 03 09:07

Man shouting "f--- the n-----s" fires shot at Texas campaign headquarters

Webmaster addition: PR stunt,. How many of you had even heard of Zena Stephens before this?

Mar 03 09:07

Lab tech allegedly faked result in drug case; 7,827 criminal cases now in question

A lab technician for the State Police allegedly faked results in a drug case, and has drawn into question 7,827 criminal cases on which he worked, according to state officials.

Mar 03 09:06

DOJ grants immunity to ex-Clinton staffer who set up email server

Bryan Pagliano, a former Clinton staffer who helped set up her private email server, has accepted an immunity offer from the FBI and the Justice Department to provide an interview to investigators, a U.S. law enforcement official told CNN Wednesday.

Mar 03 08:54

Neo-Nazis at Trump rally caught on video roughing up black woman: ‘You’re scum, your time will come!’

Webmaster addition: Like the phony KKK klansmen with the Trump signs (one of whom turned out to actually be black) these neo-Nazis are more planted phonies trying to tarnish Trump. But We The People have seen these dirty tricks too many times not to recognize them.


Mar 03 06:40

The Shoplifting Problem in the Nation

Shoplifting is our nation’s “silent crime”. Parents don’t want to believe it, schools don’t address it, retailers don’t want to talk about it, police don’t respond to it, courts don’t want to deal with it and the people who do the shoplifting either rationalize it as “no big deal” or are too ashamed or too afraid to admit it.

(*Or just can't afford things they need in this sorrowful economy .
When my son was really young , my wife would give me a twenty dollar bill , and a fifty dollar list to fill . I'd consider baby aspirin 'into pocket' , box of disposable diapers 'into shopping cart' , etc.
I'd get it done , and the wife would never ask how I did it , but she knew I'd get it done . YES! it is shameful )

Mar 03 06:16

Breaking News - Syria plunges into dark as nationwide blackout strikes

Syria plunges into dark as country's electricity network is down for unknown reasons.

"The electricity network has been cut in all governorates," state news agency SANA said, quoting a source in the Ministry for Electricity.

Mar 03 05:23

Trump Releases Health Care Proposals

U.S. Republican presidential front-runner candidate Donald Trump on Wednesday unveiled proposals for reforming U.S. healthcare that included repealing Obamacare, allowing prescription drugs to be imported, and turning the Medicaid program for the poor into block grants to states.

The plan also calls for the sale of health insurance plans across state lines, full deduction of health insurance premiums from income tax and adds: "We must also make sure that no one slips through the cracks simply because they cannot afford insurance."
The proposals include requiring "...price transparency from all healthcare providers, especially doctors and healthcare organizations like clinics and hospitals.>>>

Mar 03 05:03

Wall Street Readies Big Trump Assault

,strong>Anti-Trump super PAC source says billionaire Paul Singer will make sure it has all the money it needs.

NEW YORK — Wall Street is getting ready to go nuclear on Donald Trump.

Terrified that the reality TV star could run away with the Republican nomination and bring his brand of anti-immigrant, protectionist populism to the White House, some top financiers are writing big checks to fund an effort to deny Trump a majority of delegates to the GOP convention.

The effort is centered on the recently formed Our Principles PAC, the latest big-money group airing anti-Trump ads, which is run by GOP strategist Katie Packer, deputy campaign manager for Mitt Romney in 2012.

(*The "Latest" New Idea sounds like the same plan that has gotten The GOP This Far Along The 2016 Campaign Trail ! I Can't wait to see the Grand Total Bottom Line !)

Mar 03 04:50

Former Clinton Staffer Who Built Email Server Strikes Immunity Deal With FBI

The Justice Department has granted immunity to a State Department employee that helped build former secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private email server, according to the Washington Post.
A law enforcement official told the Post that Bryan Pagliano has agreed to work with the FBI in exchange for not facing any possible criminal charges.

The new development is not a good sign for the Democratic presidential front-runner, though there is still no indication that any criminal charges will be brought against Clinton.

Mar 03 04:32

Hiding Behind Cruz NATIONAL REVIEW Calls on Rubio to Leave the Race

Cruz Calls on Rubio to Leave the Race
It didn’t shake out exactly how Cruz and his inner circle had envisioned. Yes, he won his home state of Texas, sweeping all of its 36 congressional districts and all but six of its 254 counties, he won Oklahoma, and, in the wee hours of the morning, he narrowly defeated Trump in the Alaska caucuses. But for a candidate who’d hoped to coast to the nomination on a wave of momentum from Southern Evangelicals, it was a disappointing finish, relatively speaking.>>>
“Tonight, this campaign enters a new phase,” Cruz told his supporters. It was more wish than fact. He made the case for his wish, for the field to winnow to two candidates: “Tonight was another decision and the voters have spoken,” he said. He asked his non-Trump challengers to “prayerfully consider” uniting behind him for the good of the GOP.

(*In this article , that's all I found that Cruz actually said . The NATIONAL REVIEW took the liberty to take aim at Rubio , and perhaps , send him a message ?)

Mar 03 04:17

Baltimore School Officer Slaps, Kicks High School Student

Video footage of a Baltimore school police officer kicking a student and slapping him repeatedly has sparked outrage among parents and administrators.

In the video, the officer swears at a Reach Partnership high school student while slapping the teen’s face three times. Then he kicks the teen against a wall. A second officer makes no effort to stop him.

Mar 03 04:07

Entitlement Has No Boundaries

No Shame for Bill and Hillary: Entitlement Has No Boundaries
From Lewinsky to Benghazi, the Clinton political playbook bursts with unapologetic contradictions





Mar 02 17:56

Call It What It Is: America Is A Police State

Op-Ed by Brandon Turbeville

Over the years in my own articles, I have used the terms “creeping fascism,” “growing police state,” and “descent into totalitarianism” among others to describe the domestic situation in which we find ourselves. I have often written that, if Americans do not stand up to the myriad of laws being passed by federal, state, and local governments we will soon wake up to find ourselves in an Orwellian police state nightmare.

Now, however, I cringe whenever I read those words in contemporary articles. This is because such warnings are so far past their time they are utterly useless...




Mar 02 17:15

America's Little Fukushima: Nuclear Plant Leaking 'Uncontrollable' Amounts of Radioactive Waste Into Drinking Water of 23 Million New Yorkers

An investigation recently called upon by New York governor Andrew Cuomo after the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant reported nuclear material leaking into the areas groundwater reveals a staggering 80% increase in contamination over previous samples. Reported as a "disaster waiting to happen" experts suggest the immediate deactivation of the facility located just 25 miles north of New York City to halt the further contamination of 23 million people's drinking water.






Mar 02 15:42

Poor Evicted Under Nuisance Laws By New York City Police

The New York City Police Department (NYPD) is locking residents out of their homes, some permanently, using secret court orders before residents have a chance to defend themselves and without warning, according to an investigation by Pro Publica and the Daily News published earlier this month.

Mar 02 15:34

Here’s One Big Reason Voters Are Angry and Turning to Trump

Americans today worry that income inequality is becoming more pronounced, and that upward mobility is on the decline. Democrats have made this a centerpiece of their campaign, but they are in fact the architects and defenders of one of the pillars of those troubling trends. Democrats, and their allies in the teachers unions, ignore the collapse of our public education system, which no longer prepares kids for success in today’s workplace. As our economy becomes more dependent on technology and more stratified by academic achievement, our schools have not kept pace. Entire communities unable to read and to perform basic math are being left behind. That is what the educational establishment is doing through its defense of its indefensible failures.

Mar 02 15:21

Congressman Suggests FBI Is Taking Advantage of San Bernardino Tragedy to Push Agenda

A leading House Democrat expressed serious concern on Tuesday that the FBI is exploiting the ISIS-inspired massacre of 14 people in San Bernardino to sidestep Congress on the encryption debate.

How astute

Mar 02 15:12

7 reasons why Trump is dominating

Mar 02 14:49

US Bishops Hide Sex Abuse Of Hundreds Of Children

Two Roman Catholic bishops, at the helm of a church in the US state of Pennsylvania, have helped cover up the sexual abuse of hundreds of children, molested by some 50 priests over a span of four decades, an official report says.

Mar 02 14:19


According to In Touch Weekly, in less than one year, former Subway pitchman Jared Fogle has gone from hanging with Michael Phelps and Mike Trout to devouring boxes of Honey Buns and getting taunted and threatened by other inmates inside FCI Englewood.

One "prison insider" told the magazine Fogle's fellow inmates have even given the convicted child sex offender the prison nickname of "Chomo," which is short for child molester. Another prisoner called him a "dirty child rapist" and told him to "get the f--k out."

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Mar 02 13:41

Washed-up debris from same type of plane as missing MH370, official says

Fragments found off Mozambique tentatively matched with Malaysia Airlines' mysterious Boeing 777

Mar 02 11:07

The Kiss-Ass Emails to Hillary Clinton From a Former Goldman Sachs Bankster

Oh Hillary, I heard you had a concussion. Take some chicken noodle soup.

Mar 02 11:03

Cops Shoot and Kill Naked Woman in Her Bed After They Order Her to Show Them Where She Keeps Her Gun

The only threat, again, comes from people calling 911 for "help". The only "help" increasingly offered by these officers in the modern American police state is into an untimely grave.

(read more)

Mar 02 10:32

'Supreme Leader’ Trump and the Wall Street Mullahs

If reality-TV supremo Donald Trump ever makes into the White House, he says that torture of terror suspects and shoot-to-kill of their family members will be turbo-charged under this command. The capriciousness demagoguery of this guy is truly sinister. And all the other gung-ho contenders are hardly any different.

Mar 02 09:18

Congressman Suggests FBI Is Taking Advantage of San Bernardino Tragedy to Push Agenda

A leading House Democrat expressed serious concern on Tuesday that the FBI is exploiting the ISIS-inspired massacre of 14 people in San Bernardino to sidestep Congress on the encryption debate.

Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., said it was troubling “that in the middle of an ongoing congressional debate on this subject, the FBI would ask a federal magistrate to give them the special access to secure products that this committee, this Congress, and the administration have so far refused to provide.” He spoke at a hearing of the House Judiciary Committee, of which he is the ranking Democratic member.

“Why has the government taken this step and forced this issue?” he asked.

It was a rhetorical question.

Mar 02 08:31

British Troops Headed to Tunisia to Keep ISIS Off Libya Border

British Defense Minister Michael Fallon today announced that his nation will be sending a team of ground troops to Tunisia to join that nation’s Libyan border defense operations, aiming to keep ISIS from infiltrating across the border.

The first deployment will be only 20 troops, nominally “trainers,” but Fallon talked up the need to keep ISIS out of Tunisia and hinted that this might just be the first step, adding that Britain is also “urgently” helping to try to form a new unity government in Libya.

Fallon also suggested that once there was a new government in place in Libya, Britain would be open to more expansive military action there, at the invitation of this new faction they are working to install.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Oh, terrific: after the US epic fail in Libya, now the UK's military wants to have a "go" at installing a western-centric government there, a "reconquista", if you will.

Good luck with that!!

And a small memo to British Defense Minister Michael Fallon: those who do not understand history are doomed to repeat it, and it appears, sir, that you are moving quite rapidly in that direction right now.

Remember how the American military involvement with Vietnam started?!? By the embedding of US "advisors" with South Vietnamese troops.

And you do recall just how that war ended for the US?!? The word "horrifically" just doesn't even begin cover it.

I know this announcement calls for just a handful of troops, so that you can "sell" this successfully back home in the UK. But trust me; ultimately, this war for the resources of Africa, which the US and UK both covet, will involve thousands of UK (and probably US) troops, with much blood and money spent.

But at the end of the day, as happened in Vietnam, you may well be no less able to control the geopolitical outcome here that was the US able to do in Vietnam.

I would strongly urge you and caution you, please, to reconsider this deployment; because when a country is fighting a war, in order to win, it has to be on the right side of history.

This is something no military or civilian leader of any country should ever, ever forget.

Mar 02 08:09

Pentagon OKs $683 Million Smart Bomb Deal for Turkey

Last December, the Turkish government deployed a battalion of 25 tanks and roughly 1560 troops into northern Iraq. Acting without Baghdad’s permission, the move was roundly condemned as a breach of sovereignty. Ankara has also been engaged its own internal war against Kurdish communities in the country’s southeast, with the death toll reaching some 5,000 people.
Turkish troops
Russia Backs Baghdad's Demands for Turkish Troops Removal From Iraq's North
Now, with all parties honoring the Syrian ceasefire, Turkey is threatening to plunge its neighbor back into the five-year civil war.
"[The Turkish government] view themselves as victims and losing parties in the Syrian war," Germany’s Telepolis magazine noted. "For this reason they will resort to provocations until the ceasefire is shattered."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

As reported by

This is the first such sale to Turkey by US defense contractors, and Ankara expects the transaction to be completed by 2020. Despite its continuing aggression, Turkey is a key NATO ally, so Washington’s complicity in Ankara’s actions do not come as a surprise.

As indicated, although the delivery of these weapons will not happen for another 4 years, the message it sends is, "Erdogan, please just continue to attempt to destabilize Syria, and we will reward you for it."

And Turkey's Prime Minister Davutoglu has stated very clearly that Turkey will not observe the cease-fire. As reported at

Turkey is declaring they will not honor the upcoming Syrian ceasefire, claiming dissatisfaction the agreement does not acknowledge the Syrian Kurdish YPG militia as a terrorist group. Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu threatened that Ankara will take action against the Kurds if they deem it necessary, as reported by TRUNEWS. “The ceasefire is not binding for us when there is a situation that threatens Turkey’s security, we will take necessary measures against both the YPG [People’s Protection Units] and Daesh [Arabic acronym for Islamic State] when we feel the need to,” Davutoglu said to CNN Turk. The U.S., an ally of Turkey, considers the YPG to be an important key to winning the Syrian civil war, which has complicated the crisis. Turkey has been shelling the YPG, which operates near its border, fearing the Turkish Kurds (PKK) could get involved as they have sought autonomy for decades. The Russians believe Turkey is making things worse and accuses Ankara of having “imperial ambitions”, according to RT

Mar 02 07:04

Chemical Safety Bill Could Help Protect Monsanto Against Legal Claims

Facing hundreds of millions of dollars in lawsuits, the giant biotechnology company Monsanto last year received a legislative gift from the House of Representatives, a one-paragraph addition to a sweeping chemical safety bill that could help shield it from legal liability for a toxic chemical only it made.

Monsanto insists it did not ask for the addition. House aides deny it is a gift at all. But the provision would benefit the only manufacturer in the United States of now-banned polychlorinated biphenyls, chemicals known as PCBs, a mainstay of Monsanto sales for decades. The PCB provision is one of several sticking points that negotiators must finesse before Congress can pass a law to revamp the way thousands of chemicals are regulated in the United States.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


If you are a US corporation, it must be great to be able to buy US legislators, and get them to protect you from the huge, vast evil it has done, and is still doing, with chemicals which are known carcinogens!!

Mar 02 06:21

2 California sheriff's deputies charged with organizing inmate fight club

SAN FRANCISCO – Two Northern California sheriff's deputies and a former colleague were charged Tuesday with involvement in setting up jail inmates fights to gamble on them.

Former San Francisco Sheriff's deputy Scott Neu was charged with eight felonies and nine misdemeanors, including assault by an officer and criminal threats. Deputy Eugene Jones, 45, was charged with two felony counts of assault by an officer and three related misdemeanor counts.

Mar 02 06:21

SUV crashes into Restaurant in Newton (*MA)

2 killed, 7 injured when SUV crashes into Sweet Tomatoes in Newton
Four people taken to Newton-Wellesley Hospital after the crash

Just after 6 p.m., an SUV traveling at a high rate of speed was headed north on Chestnut Street when, for unknown reasons, it crossed Washington Street and crashed into Sweet Tomatoes Pizza.
"It sounded like a bomb went off," a witness, who didn't want to be identified, said. "The building shook, and alarms started going off."
The force of the crash pushed the pizza counter back into the ovens, witnesses said.

(*Obumer to announce: "We will grab up everybody's SUV keys !"
whitehorse souce )

Mar 02 05:51

Pennsylvania Bishops Covered Up Abuse of 'Hundreds of Children': AG

A scathing grand jury report released Tuesday details how two Catholic bishops of a small Pennsylvania diocese covered up cases of priests who preyed upon hundreds of young children — allowing sexual abuse to go unchecked or the offenders to return to work.

And the 147-page report, overseen by Pennsylvania's attorney general, blasted roughly 50 predator priests who acted as "wolves disguised as shepherds" over four decades.

Mar 02 05:40

Pensions In The Netherlands: Sailing into rough waters

Seafaring sayings seem particularly apt, as after a year of lacklustre returns Dutch pension funds once again find themselves in troubled waters. In just the first six weeks of 2016, many of the country’s largest schemes saw their funding rates plunge by as much as 10 percentage points to around 90% – dangerously close to the critical level where benefit cuts can no longer be avoided. The combined effects of sinking markets and falling interest rates are putting pressure on a defined benefit (DB)-based system already facing strong headwinds.

Mar 02 05:27

Donald Trump drives GOP’s record turnout; Democrats lack enthusiasm

Republicans continued to shatter turnout records in their presidential primaries and caucuses Tuesday, while Democrats lagged behind in what analysts said was a clear indication of an enthusiasm gap heading into the general election.

(*And here's why . I never recall seeing a separate ballot for Democrats and another for Republicans , but then , maybe it always has been that way , I changed my affiliation to independent , once I became disillusioned with the present administration . I used to be a registered Democrat .
I know many who support Trump , but didn't switch their affiliation , so they were handed a Democrat ballot . What did they do ? They Voted For Bernie , or so they thought . I think the inability to be A Democrat For Trump could explain The Lack Of Enthusiasm on the Democratic end of the rink .
If you're a victim of this form of fascism , you need to get to your town hall , or wherever it is you register to vote , and switch to INDEPENDENT , as soon as you're able to .)

Mar 02 05:00

Clinton can’t count on Sanders’ supporters in November

‘Bernie or Bust’
More than 50,000 people already have signed up at the Revolt Against Plutocracy, pledging to vote for the Green Party candidate in the general election or write in Mr. Sanders’ name if Mrs. Clinton wins the Democratic nomination. Other groups, such as Grassroots Action for Bernie, are taking to social media, using Facebook and Twitter to try to get the “Bernieorbust” hashtag trending.

Even Sanders supporters not tied to the movement, or unaware of its existence, seem to agree with its principles, making one thing clear: The Democratic National Committee and Mrs. Clinton will have a hard time attracting many of Mr. Sanders’ voters.

“I will not be voting for Clinton if Sanders does not win the nomination,”>>>

Mar 02 04:48

Trump’s winning streak baffles GOP

Trump’s winning streak baffles GOP Losing Club for Losers
Republicans insisted that real estate developer Donald Trump sign their silly little pledge before they let them into their Losing Club for Losers. They said that unless he signed their pledge, he would run as a third party candidate if he did not win the nomination. He would hurt the party. He would fracture the vote and ensure whoever did win the nomination could never win the general election.

Being the bigger man, the adult in the room, the serious one among them, Mr. Trump signed their silly little pledge and officially joined the Losing Club for Losers.

Ever since, he has put on an clinic on how to win. How to win debates, how to win shouting matches, how to win news cycles, how to win insult face-offs. And how to win in polls and how to win in primaries.

He wins among rich and poor, whites and Hispanics, educated and uneducated. He is just winning so much that we are almost tired of winning already.


Mar 02 04:26

Facebook Latin America’s Boss Arrested In Brazil

Police in Sao Paulo have arrested Facebook’s most senior executive in Latin America in the latest clash between Brazilian authorities and the social media company its refusal to provide private information about its users to law enforcement.

A Tuesday news release says that Facebook’s vice president for Latin America, Diego Dzodan, was arrested on an order from a judge in the northeastern state of Sergipe. Dzodan is accused of ignoring a judicial order in a secret investigation involving organized crime and drug trafficking.

The decision by Judge Marcel Montalvao follows the company’s refusal to surrender user information from the WhatsApp messaging service, an application Facebook bought in 2014.


Mar 02 03:42

Super Tuesday Results: The Trump Nightmare Continues

Mathematically, it should be pointed out, Trump can still be denied. If Cruz or Rubio dropped out today and the non-Trump forces united behind the remaining one of those two candidates, there are enough delegates left in Florida, Ohio, New York, and California for someone else to win the Republican nomination—or, at least, to force a floor fight at the Party convention, in Cleveland. But given the scale of Trump’s victories during the past few weeks, and given the fact that Cruz and Rubio both seem certain to keep going for a while, he is close to becoming the presumptive nominee. A win over Rubio in Florida, on March 15th, would give him that status.

After yesterday’s votes, only Trump has won primaries (or caucuses) in three regions of the country: the South, the West, and the Northeast. He combines an outsider’s aura with the ability to draw support from several different parts of the Republican coalition and to bring in new voters.

(*Nightmare ? What kept me tossing and turning all night was the idea of Punk @$$ Rubio 'winning' through vote fraud )

Mar 01 22:37

More than a third of people shot by LAPD in 2015 mentally ill: report

Over the next year, he said 1,100 officers will undergo extensive training on dealing with people who are mentally ill, including working with mental health professionals to learn to de-escalate situations, Moore said...Of 38 people actually struck by bullets, 14, or 37 percent showed signs of mental illness, the report said. By comparison, just 19 percent of those shot by police had indications of mental illness in 2014, the report said.

Mar 01 22:32

How much did Barack Obama rip-off while President?

he'll definitely not go back to his 'volunteer community organizer' job

Mar 01 19:52

Medical Marijuana Legalized on Entire Continent of Australia

Waking Times

Australia’s population is roughly 23 million – while the US has approximately 318 million potential medical marijuana patients. All the same – lawmakers in the country have just legalized medical marijuana for the entire country, with a vote made by the Australian Parliament last Wednesday.

Mar 01 18:40

NY judge: US cannot make Apple provide iPhone data

The U.S. Justice Department cannot force Apple to provide the FBI with access to locked iPhone data in a routine Brooklyn drug case, a federal judge ruled Monday.

Mar 01 18:40

Fox News host Bill O’Reilly loses custody of his children after alleged domestic violence incident

Fox News host Bill O’Reilly has lost custody of his two teenage children after they reportedly said they would prefer to live with their mother following an alleged domestic violence incident, according to court documents.

Mar 01 18:33


Former U.S. Attorney Joseph diGenova is confident Department of Justice prosecutors have convened a grand jury in the Hillary Clinton email case, based on comments from Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

Lynch was interviewed Monday on Fox News’ “Special Report with Brett Baier.”

DiGenova, who was U.S. attorney for Washington, D.C., for four years, during which time he handled cases involving international drug smuggling, espionage, insider trading, public corruption, the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act and more, also told WND he was confident the FBI is in the process of developing a solid criminal case against Hillary Clinton.

If there’s no prosecution, said diGenova, who served as chief counsel for the Senate Rules Committee as well as counsel to the Senate Judiciary, Government Affairs and Select Intelligence committees, there will be “an eruption you cannot believe” within the intelligence community.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Forget the intelligence community. If there is no prosecution of Hillary the entire populace will erupt!