Aug 04 11:59

Female police officer, 28, who 'carried out sex acts on married foot fetish sergeant at their station during ten month fling' faces the sack

A female police officer could be sacked after being accused of carrying out sex acts on a married sergeant at their workplace during a ten-month fling.

Aug 04 11:48

Instagram model rants against the Tube 'mask police' and shares a video of her confrontation with aggressive foul-mouthed man who accosted her for failing to cover her face - but critics point out SHE is in the wrong

An Instagram model who was breaking the law requiring Tube passengers to wear a mask is under fire for complaining about the 'mask police' while filming a man who accosted her for going without a face covering.

Aug 04 11:47

Amir Khan breaks Manchester lockdown restrictions as he celebrates Eid at his £1.3million Bolton mansion with his family and friends

The localised lockdown in Manchester was imposed late on Friday night
Current rules state you should not meet people you do not live with inside a private home or garden

Aug 04 11:46

Thrifty bride who wants to spend $100 on her big day infuriates Facebook users by asking a local swapping group to donate everything from cake toppers to decor to a champagne fountain

A thrifty bride-to-be who took to Facebook in the hope of bagging freebies for her big day got a short shrift from unimpressed social media users.
The bride, believed to be from Michigan, posted in the Facebook group Buy No Things, Ann Arbor, a group where neighbors can swap unwanted items, asking for decor and accessories for free.

Aug 04 11:32

Are Covid-19 cases rising in YOUR area? Interactive map reveals neighbourhood near a university in Bradford was the worst-hit part of England last week

Shearbridge in Bradford was worst-hit place in England in the week ending July 26, recording 32 new cases
Public Health England data revealed the top five worst-hit places that week were all in the north of the country

Aug 04 11:32

Amazon UK removes listing for shoes described as 'N-word brown' after MP David Lammy discovers the offensive listing while browsing for brogues

Amazon UK has removed a pair of shoes that were advertised using the N-word.
The listing was posted by Florence Shakespeare, a company thought to be based in China, and included the description 'colour: N-word brown'.

Aug 04 11:31

Pictured: Female primary school teacher, 42, sacked over affair with pupil's father and string of 'inappropriate' relationships with other parents

A primary school teacher has been sacked over an affair with a pupil's father and a string of 'inappropriate' relationships with other parents.

Aug 04 11:23

After previously banning it, Ohio now says coronavirus patients can use hydroxychloroquine

In response to the now-banned America’s Frontline Doctors “White Coat Summit” event, the state of Ohio tried to ban the use of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), the generic anti-malaria drug that is helping to cure patients from the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19). But this ban has since been reversed, allowing sanity to be restored.

In the initial ban, the Ohio Board of Pharmacy (OBP) had actually tried to make it illegal for doctors to prescribe either chloroquine (CQ) or HCQ except for animals. No humans were to be allowed to take it, under the fascist directive, which has since been revoked at the order of Governor Mike DeWine.

Aug 04 11:21

Dr. Fauci warns against dining out, playing sports, going to school and church but refuses to condemn protestors’ violent mass gatherings

The head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NSAID) and the former face of the federal coronavirus task force, Dr. Anthony Fauci has not only become a media darling, posing for magazines and interviews of self-congratulation, but he has also made some detailed suggestions that have convinced people to live in perpetual fear and paranoia, succumbing to hypochondriac living and germaphobia. But when it comes to thousands of people gathering in protest for left-wing causes– rioting, looting, and mass destructive demonstrations – Dr. Fauci won’t comment. In fact, when Fauci was asked about the millions who gather for destructive left-wing causes, Fauci refused to condemn the mass gatherings, dodging the most important question of all.

Aug 04 11:20

Massive Explosion Reported In Beirut, Lebanon

The capital city of Lebanon experienced a massive explosion Tuesday afternoon, according to preliminary media reports.

Aug 04 11:19

NFL legend Herschel Walker blasts athletes supporting Black Lives Matter movement: 'I'm for American Lives Matter because I'm an American'

NFL legend Herschel Walker says he fully supports "American lives matter" — because he is an American first and foremost.

Aug 04 11:19

Prison employee, highway patrol officer among 15 arrested, accused of soliciting minors

Authorities in California arrested 15 people, including a California Highway Patrol officer and a prison employee, as part of an undercover operation targeting online child predators, officials with the Kern County Sheriff’s Office said Monday in a news release.

Aug 04 11:18

Thomson recalls all onions from the entire U.S. because of link to Salmonella Newport outbreak

Thomson International Inc. is recalling all of its onions, regardless of color, from all 50 states. Similar to a recall in Canada, the U.S. recall is because of links to a Salmonella Newport outbreak that has sickened a total of 510 people across both countries.

Aug 04 11:14

Can Israelis broaden their protests beyond Netanyahu?

Jonathan Cook argues that anti-Netanyahu demonstrations in Israel have yet to draw a connection between Netanyahu’s personal abuses of office and the systemic corruption of Israeli politics, with the occupation its beating heart.>>

Aug 04 11:12

Rubio Unloads On Potential Biden VP Karen Bass: Would Be ‘Highest-Ranking Castro Sympathizer In The History Of The United States Government’

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) blasted Rep. Karen Bass (D-CA) after numerous comments and actions from the past surfaced in recent days amid talk she is being considered as Joe Biden’s running mate. The controversy centers on her praise of tyrannical communist dictator Fidel Castro.

Aug 04 11:11

New York Times report: Coronavirus lockdowns may cause over 1 million deaths due to tuberculosis, other diseases?

A Monday report from the New York Times is finally saying what we have been saying at TheBlaze since the very beginning of the coronavirus pandemic: The lockdown measures we have instituted to save lives are inevitably going to end up costing a lot of lives. Perhaps many more than they saved.

Aug 04 11:10

Massive explosion in Beirut rocks buildings for hundreds of feet; 'very high number of casualties' — source remains unclear

A major explosion in Lebanon's capital of Beirut shattered windows and rocked buildings for hundreds of feet, according to reports.

Aug 04 11:05

Beirut explosion: footage shows massive blast shaking Lebanon's capital

The second clip appears to show fireworks.

Aug 04 11:03

Caught On Camera: Colorado Police Handcuff Kids

Colorado’s Aurora Police Department has opened an internal investigation after several children were handcuffed at gunpoint during a weekend traffic stop.

Aug 04 11:03

Portland police smash window, slash tires of woman’s Prius during protest dustup (video)

A woman driving a Prius with “press” written on the side had her car tires slashed and rear window shattered by Portland police as she tried to leave the scene of a heated weekend demonstration on the city’s east side, according to the woman and videos of the encounter.

Aug 04 10:55

Someone Tries Insulting Schwarzenegger, Receives A Calm, Well-Constructed Answer That Shuts Them Down

It’s no secret that the internet loves the Terminator-turned-Governator, and he loves us back. Big bro Arnie is known for his notoriously wholesome pieces of advice on Reddit. And no one would forget this time he responded to a guy who was depressed for months with heartwarming advice and much-needed motivation.

Aug 04 10:54

Nike Comes Out With A Powerful Covid-Themed Split-Screen Ad Showing How Much People Are United During The Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has disturbed our health care system, education, economy, leisure, and many other institutions that impact our daily lives, and the sports industry is no exception. The pandemic has caused the most significant disruptions of worldwide sporting events since World War II. The majority of both local and global events have been either canceled or postponed, leaving people involved in the industry unemployed and fans without their favorite entertainment.

Aug 04 10:52

A Woman's Obituary For Her Husband Who Died From The Coronavirus Is Going Viral

David W. Nagy didn't usually like it when his wife talked politics, but when he died last month from COVID-19 she channeled her devastation and anger into his short obituary, blaming his death on President Trump, the governor of Texas, and "the many ignorant, self-centered and selfish people" who refuse to wear a mask.

Aug 04 10:52

Once Again Obama Sticks His Nose Into The 2020 Election, But Not For Biden, Endorses Down Ballot Candidates

Former President Obama has stuck his nose into the 2020 presidential race as the full court press is on to elevate Joe Biden.

Aug 04 10:50

Joe Biden Has His Fellow Democrats Furious As The Competition To Be His Running Mate Continues

Former Vice President Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, is again delaying his decision for who his running mate will be.

Aug 04 10:39

Shopper who coughed on a cancer patient at Florida Pier 1 arrested on assault charge

A cancer patient had a scary shopping trip in Jacksonville in June. In a widely shared video, Heather Sprague shot video of a fellow Pier 1 shopper deliberately coughing on her without a mask.

Aug 04 10:38

SpaceX just won an epic, high-stakes game of capture the flag that Barack Obama started 9 years ago

When NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley returned to Earth on SpaceX's Crew Dragon spaceship on Sunday, they carried an American flag with even more symbolism than usual.

Aug 04 10:35

Wife blames Trump, lack of masks for husband's coronavirus death in obit: 'May Karma find you all'

The wife of a man who died from COVID-19 blamed President Trump, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) and a lack of mask-wearing for her husband’s death in his obituary published last week.

Aug 04 10:35

Illinois officials call to abolish history classes in the state until an 'alternative' is set up to highlight underrepresented groups

Local officials and community leaders in Illinois called to cease history classes in state schools until new methods are developed to highlight marginalized groups.

Aug 04 10:32

These ‘Inconvenient’ Data Patterns Destroy the Established Coronavirus Narrative

All of the above, along with plenty of other data patterns I didn’t have room to mention, raise the following questions: If lockdowns are the answer, why did Georgia cases rise two months after theirs ended? Why did Sweden never get overwhelmed? If they just work while they’re being implemented, what is to stop the virus when people do come out? If masks work, why is the virus surging in places that implement and strictly enforce their use? Why are places that never masked doing fine?

These data patterns don’t suggest that COVID-19 isn’t dangerous or deadly to some people, but they do suggest that viruses are pretty good at doing what they do and there’s not a lot that humans can do – especially through lockdowns or face coverings – to stop them.

Aug 04 10:31

Neuroscientist explains why Christian evangelicals are wired to believe Donald Trump's lies | Being taught to suppress critical thinking begins at a very early age. It is the combination of the brain's vulnerability to believing unsupported facts and agg

President Donald Trump lies so often that it is no longer shocking when it happens, no matter how blatant or absurd the falsehood may be. Not only does Trump regularly exaggerate the truth, he frequently denies facts that can be observed directly from video or audio tapes. This has led some professionals to diagnose his lying as compulsive or pathological, and many psychologists have pointed out that he is constantly gaslighting his base—a term that refers to a strategic attempt to get others to question their direct experience of reality.

Aug 04 10:30

Trump signs order banning federal agencies from firing U.S. citizens to replace them with foreigners

President Trump on Monday signed an executive order banning federal agencies — with particular attention on the technology sector — from firing U.S. citizens or green card holders only to replace them with foreigners.

Aug 04 10:28

Mike Weinberger: Was Today's Criminal Justice System Designed by the Three Stooges?

Government employees who work in criminal courts or in prosecutors’ offices — or in any other bureaucracy that deals with crime — like to say they work in the “criminal justice system.”

Aug 04 10:27

Three Inmates Help Save Prison Guard's Life During Heart Attack

A jail might not seem like the safest place to be when you experience a life-threatening emergency, but for Deputy Warren Hobbs, it was a bit of a miracle that he happened to suffer a heart attack while on duty.

Aug 04 10:20

American Revolution 2.0 2020: PATRIOTS vs. LOYALISTS = ‘We the People’ vs. murderous War Criminals, bankster looters, Big Pharma ‘health’ ‘care’ ‘experts’, corporate media liars + useful idiots (1 of 9)

Introduction: I’m a professional historian with degrees from Berkeley and Harvard, helped craft and deliver ~300 policy briefs for Members of Congress on ending poverty that led to two UN Summits for heads of state, have written ~1,000 articles since 2009 with ~50 million page views that include published research, and was recognized by two Los Angeles Mayors as among the very best high school teachers among ~20,000 teachers in Central L.A.

I also wrote a 2005 50-page White Paper circulated among Members of Congress to impeach President Bush and Vice President Cheney for those lie-started Orwellian-illegal Wars of Aggression (200+ footnotes using our own government’s most authoritative official documents as slam-dunk proof of lies known to be lies as they were told, and the opposite of lawful military attack).

Aug 04 09:11

Report: Iran Engaged in a Massive Coronavirus Cover-Up

Iran’s embattled government, which has been working to quell protests that refuse to cease, has been underestimating its published reports about the coronavirus within the Islamic nation, according to a news report.

Aug 04 09:10

NFL Coach Tests Positive for COVID, Still 'Confident We're Going To Play'

Philadelphia Eagles coach Doug Pederson says he feels great and has no symptoms after testing positive for the coronavirus.

Aug 04 09:09

Liar? Joe Biden Has a Long History of Making Up Stories About Being Arrested

Joe Biden admittedly has trouble remembering things these days.

Aug 04 09:09

Biden Mixes Declaration of Independence and Constitution Into a Blender and It Comes Out Incomprehensible

Democrats just got another chance to see why Joe Biden is spending so much time in his basement — and even they should be getting worried.

Aug 04 09:06

Former Clinton Press Secretary Begs Biden: 'Whatever You Do, Don't Debate Trump'

A former Clinton administration official is calling for presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden to refuse to debate President Donald Trump ahead of the November election.

Aug 04 09:06

Country Agrees To Pay Reparations to White Citizens Discriminated Against Under Former Policy

It was one of the most misguided attempts at racial justice in what was one of the most systematically racist countries on Earth.

Aug 04 09:04

New York Vote-by-Mail Primary Spells Major Disaster for November as Ballots Still Aren't Counted, Races Undecided

There’s a consistently repeated theory — I won’t go so far as to call it a conspiracy theory because it gets play in places like The New York Times — that President Donald Trump is undermining the United States Postal Service because slow delivery undermines mail-in balloting and an election conducted mostly via mailed-in ballots.

Aug 04 09:03

Democratic Leaders Call for Canceling History Classes Because of Racism

Chicago-area leaders urged the Illinois State Board of Education on Sunday to halt history classes that “unfairly” communicate history until an “alternative” can be found.

Aug 04 08:55

Maxwell Court Documents: Who is Going Down? Clinton, Dershowitz, More Names.. w/ Ryan Dawson (1of2) - Sarah Westall

Independent film maker and investigative journalist, Ryan Dawson, joins the program to discuss the recently released court documents from the Ghislaine Maxwell case. We discuss the details outlined in those documents as well as many more facts from the other cases that have been filed against Epstein. Lastly, we discuss what the new wave of over 100 witnesses will bring forward and how this blackmail pedophile ring was used for intelligence agencies. You can see more of Ryan Dawson's work at - Consider joining as a member to learn even more.

Support my show by joining Patreon and receive exclusive interviews, eBooks, discount coupons and more at

Part 2:

Aug 04 08:02

Trump: Election Results Could Be Delayed By Months

President Trump says it could take months to determine the November election outcome.

Aug 04 08:01

Former Clinton Press Secretary Begs Biden: 'Whatever You Do, Don't Debate Trump'

A former Clinton administration official is calling for presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden to refuse to debate President Donald Trump ahead of the November election.

Aug 04 08:01

Is Herd Immunity An Effective Strategy? Here’s What The Latest Studies Found.

Recent published studies from England, Spain, and Sweden suggest the infeasibility of herd immunity to Covid-19 in the short term.

Aug 04 08:01

Country Agrees To Pay Reparations to White Citizens Discriminated Against Under Former Policy

It was one of the most misguided attempts at racial justice in what was one of the most systematically racist countries on Earth.

Aug 04 07:58

Rubio Unloads On Potential Biden VP Karen Bass: Would Be ‘Highest-Ranking Castro Sympathizer In The History Of The United States Government’

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) blasted Rep. Karen Bass (D-CA) after numerous comments and actions from the past surfaced in recent days amid talk she is being considered as Joe Biden’s running mate. The controversy centers on her praise of tyrannical communist dictator Fidel Castro.

Aug 04 07:57

CNN Doctor Claims ‘Deliberate’ Attempt By Trump To Minimize Pandemic ‘By Not Testing.’ U.S. Has Conducted Most Tests, John Hopkins Says.

CNN contributor Dr. Sanjay Gupta claimed without evidence on Monday night that the Trump administration deliberately minimized the COVID-19 pandemic “by not testing,” despite the fact that Johns Hopkins University & Medicine says the “U.S. has conducted more COVID-19 tests than any other country.”

Aug 04 07:57

COVID-19 Vaccine Messaging, Part 1

Brief Summary:
This study tests different messages about vaccinating against COVID-19 once the vaccine becomes available. Participants are randomized to 1 of 12 arms, with one control arm and one baseline arm. We will compare the reported willingness to get a COVID-19 vaccine at 3 and 6 months of it becoming available between the 10 intervention arms to the 2 control arms.

Study participants are recruited online by Lucid, which matches census based sampling in online recruitment.

Aug 04 07:56

George Floyd Body Cam Footage Is Out. The Story Is Far More Complicated Than Media Led Us To Believe.

Two months after footage of George Floyd’s death went viral, sparking an epidemic of rioting and violence that killed dozens of people and caused untold damage to countless communities across the country,

Aug 04 07:45

Trump Outraged as State Institutes Widespread Mail-In Voting: 'See You in Court'

President Donald Trump threatened Nevada lawmakers with legal action Monday after the state moved to hold the upcoming election largely by mail.

Aug 04 07:44

Pandora's Box (Cartoon)

Aug 04 07:26

Actor who voices The Simpsons' Mr Burns, Ned Flanders and Dr Hibbert speaks out about the show's decision to stop having white actors play POC characters

The Simpsons announced it will no longer have white actors voice nonwhite characters in June
Apu, Dr. Hibbert, and Carl Carlson will no longer be voiced by white actors
Harry Shearer, 76, who voices African American Hibbert, has criticized the decision, saying actors should be able to play outside their own experience

Aug 04 07:25

Remains of a 10ft tall woolly mammoth so well preserved it had pieces of soft tissue and skin attached to its bones is discovered in the silt of a Siberian lake 10,000 years after it died

Experts uncovered the giant woolly mammoth remains in Lake Pechenelava-To on the Yamal peninsula
A rear and front foot from the woolly mammoth had skin and flesh still attached and they've been stored

Aug 04 07:24

Microsoft adds $95BILLION to its value fueled by TikTok acquisition talks as Trump gives the tech firm a September 15th deadline to buy the US arm of Chinese app

President Donald Trump said Monday he does not oppose Microsoft Corp acquiring the U.S. operations of TikTok and said he will ban the service in the United States on September 15 unless a sale is agreed upon.

Aug 04 07:20

NFL Coach Tests Positive for COVID, Still 'Confident We're Going To Play'

Philadelphia Eagles coach Doug Pederson says he feels great and has no symptoms after testing positive for the coronavirus.

Aug 04 07:19

Trump-Loving Grandma Identifies Her Own Grandson After Portland Arson: 'He Chose His Poison'

An 18-year-old Portland, Oregon, protester who now faces arson charges was tracked down in part because his Trump-supporting grandmother identified him online.

Aug 04 07:17

Dr. Fauci Now Suggesting People Wear Eye Goggles, Face Shields To Ward Off Coronavirus

Remember when face masks weren’t necessary? Then they were, but you could potentially spread the coronavirus to other people?

Aug 04 07:17

CDC Director Reveals 'Substantial' Cost of Closed Schools as Suicides Eclipse COVID Deaths

For those who took anything away from the testimony of Centers for Disease Control and Protection head Dr. Robert Redfield before the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis last week, it was that he wanted schools to reopen.

Aug 04 07:14

Obama Looks To Make His Mark on 2020 Elections with 118 Endorsements - But Skips a Notable Name

Former President Barack Obama made his first round of endorsements on Monday and progressive Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York did not make the list.

Aug 04 07:14

Ireland’s National Health Service urges “phone sex only” during pandemic

In yet more coronavirus lockdown absurdity, the Republic of Ireland is telling young people to stop having sex in order to stop the spread of the pandemic.

Instead, health officials with Ireland’s Health Service Executive (HSE) are urging that people should only have phone sex while foregoing the real deal. This is not The Onion, but words from a newly distributed HSE leaflet on coronavirus safety measures:

“If you decide to be sexually active with someone living outside of your household, limit it to as few partners as possible, preferably one regular partner. Consider masturbation or remote sexual activity (eg, online) as alternative to physical sexual activity with others.”

Aug 04 07:14

Portland Antifa Cries Out For Police Assistance After Woman They Appeared to Be Harassing Stabs One of Them

A highly ironic video has surfaced of a stabbing that took place in Portland on Monday.

Aug 04 07:12

New NV Law Allows Democrats to Enter Nursing Homes, Vote for Dementia Patients without Their Signature (VIDEO)

Radical Democrat Governor Sisolak and Nevada Democrats called a special session this past weekend with no public present and inside of 24 hours they rammed through mail-in voting and ballot harvesting.

Aug 04 07:11

UNBELIEVABLE: In New Interview Bobby Kennedy Jr. Claims Dr. Fauci will Make Millions on Coronavirus Vaccine and Owns Half the Patent

Robert Kennedy Jr. and Harvard Attorney Alan Dershowitz debated on the topic of the coronavirus vaccine back in July.

Aug 04 07:10

People have been so spooked by the state-sanctioned Project Fear that they believe TENS OF MILLIONS have died from Covid-19

Two questions were posed which required people filling in percentages: How many people in your country have had coronavirus? How many people in your country have died from coronavirus?

The results are astonishing: to the first question relating to the numbers who have contracted C-19; people in the UK answered 22 per cent (4 times higher than official figures); in the USA, the answer was 20 per cent (20 times greater than confirmed cases); in Germany, the answer was 11 per cent (46 times greater than confirmed cases); in Sweden, the answer was 16 per cent (20 times confirmed cases) and in France, the answers was 12 per cent (46 times confirmed cases).

On the numbers of deaths, the figures are even more exaggerated: in the UK, the response was 7 per cent (100 times greater than confirmed deaths); in the US, the answer was 9 per cent (225 times greater than the confirmed deaths)...

Aug 04 07:03

Llama figurine and a gold bracelet found inside a stone box at the bottom of a lake are believed to be Incan offerings to the gods

The 'offerings' were discovered in a stone box in an area of silt in Lake Titicaca
Similar findings have been found in other parts of the large South American lake
The findings were retrieved intact by professional divers off one side of the lake

Aug 04 07:02

World's 'smallest dinosaur' is actually a LIZARD: Scientists retract their paper after admitting they misclassified the 99-million-year-old specimen

The big-eyed, many-toothed skull was found in amber from northern Myanmar
Experts originally said it came from a hummingbird-sized dino, 'O. khaungraae'
However, the palaeontological community had questioned this assertion

Aug 04 07:01

'It's a double nightmare': Linda Nolan reveals she learned of her devastating cancer diagnosis just half an hour after sister Anne in moving GMB interview... after her sibling was too ill to appear

In her first TV interview since publicly revealing her diagnosis, Linda, 61, described her health battle as 'a double nightmare'

Aug 04 06:57

If you’re white, female, and conservative, then you are a “white nationalist racist gender traitor,” according to fully woketarded Vanity Fair

According to Sonia Saraiya, a writer for Vanity Fair, conservative women are not being punished enough by Hollywood for their political viewpoints. If it were up to her, conservative women would always be portrayed in the media as “white nationalist racist gender traitor[s].”

Aug 04 06:48

Crazy Mask Karen Goes Berserk In Walmart – Screams At And Punches Teen Boy For Not Wearing Face Mask (VIDEO)

A crazy mask Karen went berserk in a Post Falls, Idaho Walmart over the weekend when she spotted customers without their faces covered.

Aug 04 06:48

“Why Are You Going Out Of State? I Can See It At The Airports!” -Ugh- Watch NM Governor Grisham Lecture Her Constituents (VIDEO)

New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham demonstrated once again that voting blue has serious consequences.

Aug 04 06:46

Gambler Removed in Cuffs From Las Vegas Casino For Not Wearing Face Mask

A Las Vegas gambler was cuffed and removed from 4 Queens casino Saturday night for not wearing a face mask.

Aug 04 06:46

St. Louis Woman Pepper-Sprays Pizza Restaurant Employees After She Was Told to Leave for Not Wearing a Mask

Police were called on Sunday after a St. Louis woman sprayed employees at the Incredible Pizza Company after they asked her to leave for not wearing a face mask.

Aug 04 06:44

WATCH: Judge Who Presided Over Deutsche Bank Case Related To Epstein, Tells Emotional Story About Her Son (VIDEO)

A gunman killed the son of Federal Judge Esther Salas and the suspect who was dressed in a FedEx uniform during the attack; has prompted Judge Salas to call for increased security for judges and their families.

Aug 04 06:43

More Children Die from Car Crashes and Drowning Each Year than Coronavirus — But Teachers Want to Keep Schools Closed

The Teachers Union in several cities want to keep schools closed this fall due to the coronavirus.

Aug 04 06:42

It’s All Political – New Mexico Dem Governor Says Protests Are OK but Knocking on Doors and Registering Voters is Not (VIDEO)

New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham (D) lectured her constituents on Monday.

Aug 04 06:41

Joe Biden’s foreign policy is a disaster for America. No doubt it will enrich the Biden family and their accomplices around the world but not the average American.

Holland’s top scientists have examined data and research about COVID-19 and declared there is no clear evidence that wearing face masks protects — anyone.

Aug 04 06:31

Worried about staying safe? Here's how an army of health professionals is working behind the scenes to help protect us from coronavirus and get us back to normal

NHS Test and Trace is using an army of healthcare professionals to track Covid-19 and prevent its spread

Aug 04 06:29

REVEALED: How to remove stubborn sauce stains from plastic containers in just one minute without any scrubbing

A woman shared her simple hack to remove oily stains from plastic containers
Adi Kempler uses washing up liquid, warm water and ripped-up paper towel
Add all of the ingredients to the container, put the lid on and shake vigorously
Once you have shaken for 45-60 seconds, simply remove the towel and rinse

Aug 04 06:28

Top writer's hasty Google search ends in recipe for embarrassment: Irish novelist John Boyne features fictional ingredients from Legend of Zelda video game in his book

A best -selling author searching for authenticity for his new book has been caught out after relying a little too much on a hasty Google search.

Aug 04 06:15

AP Article On Biden Foreign Policy Reads Like A Biden Campaign Ad But Realistically Under Biden America Will Be Again For Sale

Joe Biden’s foreign policy is a disaster for America. No doubt it will enrich the Biden family and their accomplices around the world but not the average American.