Dec 27 09:03

Cop Accidentally Shoots Pistol Inside Airport While “Practicing his Quick Draw Skills”

Imagine for a moment that you were open carrying a pistol in a public space and all of the sudden, you accidentally squeeze off a round.

There are two possible scenarios that would take place; the first one being that police return fire and you are killed. The second, less lethal result would be your inevitable arrest and charges of public endangerment, unlawful discharge, illegal use of a firearm, assault with a deadly weapon, terrorism, or a myriad of other charges associated with sending a deadly projectile hurling through walls and near the heads of innocent people. You would immediately be facing fines, jail time, probation, and firearms restrictions.

However, if you are a government agent who’s trusted with carrying a deadly weapon into places others cannot, you needn’t worry about any of those repercussions.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I wondered what Barney Fife was doing these days.

Dec 27 08:55

The Bush/Obama U.S. Dark Age

Dec 27 08:54

Tarantino: I 'Utterly Reject' Argument That Only Some Cops Are Bad

uentin Tarantino continues to stand by anti-police comments he made earlier this fall in a new interview, saying he “completely rejects” the “bad apples” argument that only a small number of police officers behave inappropriately on the job.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly on Monday (and in an interview with Howard Stern last week), the Hateful Eight director put the blame for some instances of police brutality on the “institutional racism” of the profession.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I have to disagree with Tarantino. The problem is not institutional racism but training by the Israelis, who teach the US police to treat American citizens the way the IDF treats the Palestinians. As I mentioned before, here in Hawaii we are not seeing the types of abuses seen on the mainland. My contacts with HPD have been polite and respectful and I have some good friends in the HPD, some of whom read this website and share my concerns about the direction the nation is going. Yes, there are bad apples in the basket. There are way too many of them because it is being encouraged by government, to turn the police into a tool of political repression and confiscation. But there are a few good cops still out there.

Dec 27 08:44

Undercover Cops Pull Gun On Protester and Attack Woman When Exposed As Agent Provocateurs

At least four undercover police officers were caught attempting to infiltrate a protest this week, and one of them reportedly pulled a gun on protesters when he was confronted about his identity. According to The Link Newspaper, one Concordia student, Katie Nelson approached an undercover officer suspiciously and asked him about his identity, and he reacted by slamming her to the ground. The young girl ended up being hospitalized as a result of the attack.

Nelson and another protester by the name of Zachary Savard told The Link that one of the officers pulled a gun on them when he was confronted about being an agent.

“As we came to them, they just took a gun out, and said move,” Savard said.

Meanwhile, other undercover agents on the scene grabbed a random protester from the crowd and drug him to a parking lot where they arrested him.

Dec 27 08:39

Republicans and Democrats have MERGED: It's all one big, police state party of insanity now!

In recent days the House, thanks to House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, adopted a $1 trillion-plus budget bill that adds hundreds of billions to the federal debt and decreases further the opportunity for our progeny to have a good life.

With its passage, this latest budget represents the complete political sell-out of the American people.

Dec 27 08:38

The big lie: Anti-Semitism at Concordia

... the Montreal Gazette recently published a front page article claiming Jewish students at Concordia University were "feeling like the target of a hate campaign." The reason cited, as far as this writer can tell, was simply that many students were standing in solidarity with Palestinians. At the end of November, the student group Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights organized BDS Week. Without citing a single incident of actual racism, the Gazette painted a picture of the discussion series as hateful.

Reporter Karen Seidman simply quoted an individual decrying "a hostile environment on campus" and another who denounced "speakers slandering Israeli tactics and spewing hate."

Dec 27 07:53

The Plutocrats Are Winning. Don’t Let Them!

The vast inequality they are creating is a death sentence for government by consent of the people. This is the fight of our lives and how it ends is up to us.

Dec 27 07:52

On Medicare-for-All, Clinton Reminds Us That She's Part of the Problem

If the Hillary Clinton campaign had its way, supporters of Bernie Sanders – whose backing she will obviously want in November should she win the Democratic nomination – would feel that, while Clinton might not be all that they want in a president, she would at least go part of the way there. But if you followed the third debate deep enough into the night, you witnessed, in what stands as the most disingenuous moment of the Democratic race thus far, Clinton not simply disagreeing with Sanders on his Medicare For All, single payer health insurance plan, but knowingly distorting it. This was not Hillary Clinton offering a more moderate version of a solution, this was Hillary Clinton acting as part of the problem.

Dec 27 07:48

'Boycott and sanction' power to be stripped from UK councils

Campaign Against Arms Trade condemns ‘attack on local democracy’ as new guidelines affirm that councils cannot wage their own foreign policy campaigns

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The one thing they cannot do is stop individuals from making their own choices as to what they will and will not buy. BDS can succeed as a grass-roots movement!

Dec 27 07:31

The 10 ways Obama has actively sought to destroy America

Most Americans don't want to believe they could elect a president who would actively seek to undermine the country and destroy many of our fundamental institutions, but after nearly seven years of onetime community organizer Barack Hussein Obama as president, millions of voters are convinced that he came to office specifically with an agenda to take the United States down several notches.

In fact, many Americans believe that Obama even admitted as much, albeit in a cryptic sort of way, when he declared just five days before the November 2008 election that he wanted to "fundamentally transform" the country (see here).

Was that just "in the moment" electioneering? Let's take a closer look at Obama and his record, and see if he has pursued policies and legislation that have made America stronger or weaker.

Dec 27 07:29

Heroic Judge Tosses Out "Criminal Defamation of Jews" Charge In Montana

28-year-old David Joseph Lenio had faced up to ten years in prison if convicted of "Criminal Defamation" of Jews under Montana's oppressive statute. Montana Prosecutor Stacy Bowman had aggressively argued Lenio's prosecution for statements he allegedly posted to Twitter earlier this year. But Flathead County, Montana District Judge Heidi J. Ulbricht ruled that Montana's criminal defamation law was overbroad and tossed the charge out. Lenio still faces a separate charge of intimidation, for which he reportedly will stand trail in January, although it's rumored that a plea deal will be reached. In her ruling tossing out the criminal defamation of Jews charge, Judge Ulbricht began "it appears that the charge is based on allegations that defendant posted violent messages on twitter asserting that Jewish people have harmed U.S. politics, degraded the national economy, hate free speech, and "are known bullsh-ters."

Dec 26 14:40


As the Red Scare spread, about 300 workers in the entertainment industry were blacklisted.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Take it from me, the blacklisting still goes on! /font

Dec 26 14:10

Killed ISIS Commander’s Cell Phone Shows Direct Ties to Turkish Intelligence

Baghdad, Iraq – An Islamic State commander was killed in Salahuddin province and his body was searched. A cell phone retrieved from the corpse revealed messages from Turkish intelligence services proving the NATO country was providing security for ISIS militants when they traveled between Turkey and Iraq. This is the second NATO country implicated in assisting the Islamic State’s troops. The first was Canada.

Dec 26 09:46

Year Ends in Economic Slump: “More Americans Than Ever Living in Poverty”

The only lesson a sane person could learn from the financial disaster that has befallen the United States, is that crime pays for those at the top of the system, who have rigged the economy and stunted the development of millions upon millions of Americans. Such a person would understand that a vibrant Middle Class just isn’t wanted today, that the value of human labor has declined exponentially, and that the future belongs to a tiny class of rulers and exploiters. The situation is bleak, indeed.

Dec 26 09:31

Americans Will Be Locked Up in FEMA Concentration Camps Admits Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia

Justice Antonin Scalia predicts that the Supreme Court will eventually authorize another wartime abuse of civil rights such as the internment camps for Japanese-Americans during World War II.

“You are kidding yourself if you think the same thing will not happen again,” Scalia told the University of Hawaii law school while discussing Korematsu v. United States, the ruling in which the court gave its imprimatur to the internment camps.

Dec 26 09:20


The Christmas narrative of a baby born in a manger is a familiar one.

Consider the following if you will.

Had Jesus been born in the year 2015…

Rather than traveling to Bethlehem for a census, Jesus’ parents would have been mailed a 28-page American Community Survey, a mandatory government questionnaire documenting their habits, household inhabitants, work schedule, and even how many toilets were in their home, etc. The penalty for not responding to this invasive survey would have resulted in a fine of $5,000.

Instead of being born in a manger, Jesus might have been born at home. Rather than wise men and shepherds bringing gifts, however, the baby’s parents might have been forced to ward off visits from state social workers intent on prosecuting them for the home birth. One couple in Washington had all three of their children removed after social services objected to the two youngest being birthed in an unassisted home delivery.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This government used the events of 9/11 to turn this country into a police state, and the refinements on this continue apace.

But the problem here, after all the lies the American people have been fed to justify this, and the endless wars which followed, the American people can no longer believe a word the US government tells them.

Compliance can be, more or less, coersively and punitively enforced; but not trust, belief, or loyalty.

Dec 26 09:18

Bank of America gets Twitter to delete journalist’s joke, says he violated copyright

"Investment banks apparently have the power to censor journalists on Twitter, simply by asking," Edwards wrote in a short post on Business Insider describing the situation. "That is depressing."

Edwards had quoted a research document produced by analysts. He says the tweets were "probably trivial," but can't really be more specific—in part because the frequent Twitter user can't even remember exactly what they were about.

Dec 26 09:10


A TOP-SECRET document dated February 2011 reveals that British spy agency GCHQ, with the knowledge and apparent cooperation of the NSA, acquired the capability to covertly exploit security vulnerabilities in 13 different models of firewalls made by Juniper Networks, a leading provider of networking and Internet security gear.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is insane.

The drug kingpins, the gangs, and the highly placed criminals already have nearly bullet-proof encryption; so why, please should the rest of us, trying to make a living, be punished with the various US alphabet-soup agencies examining everything we do on line?

Well, whatever poor sod has the dubious distinction of having to follow me on line knows I love my husband; love to create music; am a Christian pacifist who never advocates for violence; love staying in touch with my friends, and love to look at jewelry ( but rarely buys). In a word: boring!! :-)

Dec 26 09:05

Unclassified DHS Documents Prove Local Law Enforcement is Being Propagandized against Innocent American Patriots

Homeland Security documents, which have been marked as "Unclassified/Law Enforcement Sensitive," appear to demonstrate just how local law enforcement is being propagandized against Patriots in the united States by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) under Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah. And who did the document target? The Constitutional militia, specifically those who engaged the Department of Interior's Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in Nevada of April last year at the Bundy Ranch siege.

First and foremost understand that the "intelligence assessment," dated July 2014, claims that DHS has "seen a spike within the past year in violence committed by militia extremists and lone offenders who hold violent anti-government beliefs."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Apparently Washington DC thinks we should all love the government no matter how much they shit all over us!

"But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security." -- The Declaration of Independence

Dec 26 08:55

Cop Accidentally Shoots Pistol Inside Airport While “Practicing his Quick Draw Skills”

Imagine for a moment that you were open carrying a pistol in a public space and all of the sudden, you accidentally squeeze off a round. There are two possible scenarios that would take place; the first one being that police return fire and you are killed. The second, less lethal result would be your inevitable arrest and charges of public endangerment, unlawful discharge, illegal use of a firearm, assault with a deadly weapon, terrorism, or a myriad of other charges associated with sending a deadly projectile hurling through walls and near the heads of innocent people. You would immediately be facing fines, jail time, probation, and firearms restrictions.

Dec 26 08:39


Webmaster's Commentary: 

The actual text of this bill is HERE. Read it carefully. The bill defines virtually every kind of auto-loading gun as an "assault weapon" The goal is not to stop crime, as most of these weapons are not used to commit crimes, but to hand a military advantage to the government in advance of a population angered to the point of rebellion by further confiscation of our wealth and our children for more wars of conquest.

This bill is a complete violation of the Second Amendment. The United States Supreme Court ruled in Marbury vs Madison that laws repugnant to the Constitution are automatically null and void. The United States Supreme Court reaffirmed that principle in Norton vs Shelby County! The United States Supreme Court also ruled in United States vs Miller that the Second Amendment reserves to the people arms equal to those carried by the uniformed government forces, given that the purpose of the Second Amendment is not hunting or target shooting but arming the people against the rise of tyranny.

This bill proves that tyranny is alive and well in Sodom on the Potomac. This bill proves that Congress has gone off the Constitutional reservation they are supposed to confine themselves to, and by that act have proven that they are no longer the legal and legitimate government of this nation. As a result, the American people are under no legal or moral obligation to obey such a government, pay its bills, or sacrifice the lives of their children in the government's wars of conquest!

"The Constitution preserves "the advantage of being armed which Americans possess over the people of almost every other nation. . . (where) the governments are afraid to trust the people with arms." -- The Federalist, No. 46 - James Madison

"[I]f circumstances should at any time oblige the government to form an army of any magnitude, that army can never be formidable to the liberties of the people while there is a large body of citizens, little if at all inferior to them in discipline and the use of arms, who stand ready to defend their rights and those of their fellow citizens." -- The Federalist, No. 29 - Alexander Hamilton

"[A]rms discourage and keep the invader and plunderer in awe, and preserve order in the world as well as property. . . Horrid mischief would ensue were the law-abiding deprived of the use of them." -- Thoughts On Defensive War, 1775 - Thomas Paine

"What, sir, is the use of militia? It is to prevent the establishment of a standing army, the bane of liberty. . . Whenever Government means to invade the rights and liberties of the people, they always attempt to destroy the militia, in order to raise a standing army upon its ruins." -- Debate, U.S. House of representatives, August 17, 1789 - Elbridge Gerry

"The great object is, that every man be armed." - Patrick Henry

"That the people have a Right to mass and to bear arms; that a well regulated militia composed of the Body of the people, trained to arms, is the proper natural and safe defense of a free State..." - George Mason

"Are we at last brought to such an humiliating and debasing degradation that we cannot be trusted with arms for our own defense? Where is the difference between having our arms under our own possesion and under our own direction, and having them under the management of Congress? If our defense be the real object of having those arms, in whose hands can they be trusted with more propriety, or equal safety to us, as in our own hands?" - Patrick Henry

"Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect every one who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are ruined.... O sir, we should have fine times, indeed, if to punish tyrants, it were only sufficient to assemble the people!" - Patrick Henry

"No free government was ever founded or ever preserved its liberty, without uniting the characters of the citizen and soldier in those destined for the defense of the state.... Such are a well regulated militia, composed of the freeholders, citizen and husbandman, who take up arms to preserve their property, as individuals, and their rights as freemen." - State Gazette (Charleston), September 8, 1788

"While the people have property, arms in their hands, and only a spark of noble spirit, the most corrupt Congress must be mad to form any project of tyranny." - Rev. Nicholas Collin, Fayetteville Gazette (N.C.), October 12, 1789

"And that the said Constitution be never construed to authorize Congress to infringe the just liberty of the press, or the rights of conscience; or to prevent the people of the United States, who are peacable citizens, from keeping their own arms; or to raise standing armies, unless necessary for the defense of the United States, or of some one or more of them; or to prevent teh people from petitioning, in a peacable and orderly manner, the federal legislature, for a redress of grievances; or to subject the people to unreasonable searches and seizures of their persons, papers or possesions." - Samuel Adams, Debates of the Massachusetts Convention of 1788

"A militia when properly formed are in fact the people themselves . . . and include all men capable of bearing arms. . . To preserve liberty it is essential that the whole body of people always possess arms... The mind that aims at a select militia, must be influenced by a truly anti-republican principle." -- "... whereas, to preserve liberty, it is essential that the whole body of the people always possess arms, and be taught alike, especially when young, how to use them..." - Richard H. Lee, Additional Letters from the Federal Farmer 53, 1788

"... of the liberty of conscience in matters of religious faith, of speech and of the press; of the trail by jury of the vicinage in civil and criminal cases; of the benefit of the writ of habeas corpus; of the right to keep and bear arms.... If these rights are well defined, and secured against encroachment, it is impossible that government should ever degenerate into tyranny." - James Monroe

"The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government." (Thomas Jefferson Papers p. 334, 1950)

Dec 26 08:08

DOJ suspends asset forfeiture profit-sharing with local police, cites budget cuts

The Department of Justice has announced a moratorium on splitting gains made from its civil asset forfeiture program with local law enforcement. Budget cuts of $1.2 billion made keeping the practice “impossible,” the DOJ said, upsetting police groups. While federal agencies such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Drug Enforcement Administration, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, and the US Marshals will continue using the legal tool, the“equitable sharing payments” will not return until “a later date should the budget picture improve,” according to the DOJ.

Dec 26 08:07

If We Don't Change the Way Money Is Created and Distributed, We Change Nothing

The only real solution in my view is to create and distribute money at the base of the pyramid rather than to those in the top of the pyramid. Many well-intended people want to reform the status quo for all sorts of worthy reasons: to reduce wealth inequality, restore democracy, create good-paying jobs, and so on. All these goals are laudable, but if we don't change the way money is created and distributed, nothing really changes: wealth inequality will keep rising, governance will remain a bidding process of the wealthy, wages will continue stagnating, etc.

Dec 26 08:00

France Changes Constitution To Protect "Emergency" Police Powers From Court Challenges

Europe's Patriot Act has finally taken shape: according to a proposed amendment, the French state-of-emergency police powers, such as to conduct warrantless searches and order house arrests, will be unconditionally shieleded from court challenges.

Dec 25 08:51


The founding editor of Business Insider UK, Jim Edwards, has had two tweets removed by Twitter at the request of Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BAML). Jim claims that in an e-mail from Bank of America, the bank threatened to remove the editor’s Twitter if he “kept it up.”

While this is only two tweets, there is a principle at stake. Investment banks apparently have the power to censor journalists on Twitter, simply by asking.

In the tweets Edwards had quoted a research document produced by analyst Teo Lasarte at Bank of America. One of the tweets was recoverable – which reads: “BAML’s Teo Lasarte is developing a pun-based method for analyzing auto stocks.” On Business Insider Jim Edwards continues:

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This does not bode well for the future of honest communication by journalists.

Dec 25 08:44


“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

An interesting topic was posted over at AboveTopSecret.com (ATS) discussing the origins of an infamous quote attributed to a CIA Director.

William Casey was the 13th CIA Director appointed by President Reagan from 1981 until he left in January 1987. Not long after his retirement he died of a brain tumor in May 1987.

During his tenure at the CIA, Casey played a large role shaping Reagan’s foreign policy – particular Reagan’s approach to the Soviet Union. Casey strongly believed that the Soviet Union was the source of most of the terrorist activity in the world.

But did former CIA Director William Casey really say these words? ATS member Sublimecraft points us to this Quora posting.

Barbara Honegger

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And now, the US government has so utterly blown its credibility that absolutely nothing it says can be mistaken for the truth in any situation.

Dec 25 08:39


The TSA has been hit with a lawsuit just days after it quietly introduced new rules that banned the ability of travelers to opt out of the agency’s controversial naked body scanners.

“In a document published earlier this month, the Department of Homeland Security outlined an update to the Advanced Imagery Technology protocols used by the TSA at US airports, adding a clause which allows officers to insist travelers go through the controversial machines,”reported SlashGear.

The federal agency now insists it has the right to “direct mandatory AIT screening for some passengers,” even if they refuse.

Activist Jonathan Corbett, who famously exposed TSA body scanners to becompletely uselessin detecting items concealed in hidden pockets, wasted no time infiling a lawsuitin an attempt to restore a traveler’s right to opt out of the scanner.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Good. This almost could not happen to a more corrupt, totally useless Federal agency, and I hope the lawsuit's outcome will be favorable to Corbett.

Dec 25 08:03

A Stealth Default on Social Security

Wow, that’s brazen. They took “file and suspend” out back and shot it dead. No warning at all.

We figured this technique to maximize Social Security benefits would be safe at least until the next president took office and Social Security’s looming bankruptcy would be too big to ignore.

Instead, it wound up in the fine print of the “zombie budget” Congress and the White House agreed on last week.

So how did we get here?





Dec 24 16:12

TSA Doesn’t Care That Its Luggage Locks Have Been Hacked

In a spectacular failure of a “back door” designed to give law enforcement exclusive access to private places, hackers have made the “master keys” for Transportation Security Administration-recognized luggage locks available to anyone with a 3D printer.

The TSA-recognized luggage locks were a much-vaunted solution to a post-9/11 conundrum: how to let people lock their luggage, on the one hand, but let the TSA inspect it without resorting to bolt cutters, on the other.

When the locks were first introduced in 2003, TSA official Ken Lauterstein described them as part of the agency’s efforts to develop “practical solutions that contribute toward our goal of providing world-class security and world-class customer service.”

Now that they’ve been hacked, however, TSA says it doesn’t really care one way or another.

Dec 24 13:13

Is America On the Brink of a Civil War? “If We Defend It Together, We Can Avoid Bloodshed”

Will Americans still defend their rights today? How many more abuses will the people take before they fight back?

Read more at SHTFplan.com

Dec 24 11:51

FLASHBACK - VIRTUAL 9-11: Will the US & Israel Hack The US Banking System Computers and Falsely Blame It On Iran (or Syria or Russia or China)?

Something new is needed; something the public may not be expecting. Something unprecedented in history. Something that will directly impact every single living American directly, to make them all directly feel the threat, to fan the flames of war and conquest against the designated enemies, including Iran, against Russia and China to protect the weakening US dollar's role as the global banking and trade currency against the rising Ruble and Yuan.

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WRH Exclusive
Dec 24 11:06

US prisoners released early by software bug

More than 3,200 US prisoners have been released early because of a software glitch.

The bug miscalculated the sentence reductions prisoners in Washington state had received for good behaviour.

It was introduced in 2002 as part of an update that followed a court ruling about applying good behaviour credits.

State officials said that many early-release prisoners would have to return to jail to finish their sentences.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I would argue that this constitutes cruel and unusual punishment to tell these prisoners they are free, then say "Oops" and drag them back in.

Dec 24 10:12

Spain May Need Second Election After Anti-Austerity Party Scores Big At Ballot Box

“Today sees the start of a new political era,” Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias told supporters gathered in Madrid after Sunday’s largely inconclusive elections in Spain. “The forces of change are making a historic advance.”

Iglesias is certainly correct that things have changed. Spain’s three-decade old political duopoly was toppled over the weekend with PP and PSOE garnering their lowest combined share of the vote since the eighties.

Dec 24 10:10

EU Places The Interests Of Jews Ahead Of Europeans

In an astoundingly revealing article published by The Times of Israel, it was recently reported that the European Union is acceding to Israel’s demands that it redefine and clarify the specific meaning of “anti-Semitism,” i.e., making basic, factual observations about Jews, the Jewish state of Israel, Jewish criminality and treachery, the Jewish agenda to undermine, pervert, and destroy traditional Western civilization, Jewish supremacy and control over critical aspects of (formerly) White nations, etc., “in a bid to better fight the phenomenon,” according to the article.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize." -- Voltaire

Dec 24 09:55

Proposed change to French constitution likened to Nazi-era policy

France is to push ahead with constitutional changes that Amnesty International is warning “would put many people at even greater risk of human rights violations” by giving authorities a free hand to close down organizations, conduct unwarranted house raids, shut mosques and restrict people’s freedom of movement.

A lawmaker from the ruling Socialist Party has likened one proposed change to a Nazi-era policy used against Jews.

If the amendments are approved, Amnesty says, they would “allow authorities to continue using state of emergency measures for a further six months after the end of a state of emergency.”

Dec 24 09:44

UK Muslims with Disneyland plans: We were barred from plane due to religion

A Muslim man in London says his family was barred because of their religion from boarding a plane bound for Los Angeles, where they planned to visit Disneyland with their children.

On December 15, the extended family waited at the gate. Their bags were on the plane. The family included Mohammad Tariq Mahmood with two of his children; his brother Zahid and sister-in-law Sadaf, with five of their children; and two nieces who were accompanying them.

While they waited to board the plane, Mohammad Mahmood was called on the intercom and told that at least some of the family would not be allowed to board. They were not given a reason for the ban, according to Mahmood. Their bags were removed from the plane, and they were ordered to return all the duty-free goods they had purchased, and then escorted from the airport.

A U.S. official on Wednesday told CNN that not all family members were prevented from traveling, but did not specify who would have been permitted to travel.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

On reading the story, it does not appear that religion was the issue, but a botched entry in the no-fly list that confused a member of the family with another individual. The US Government screwed up. Not surprising when you recall the history of Obamacare, the NSA's inability to find real criminals and terrorists, not to mention human-caused global warming and being mired in mideast wars 7 years after the original plan was supposed to be completed!

If the US Government were honorable, they would provide first-class travel for that family to visit Disneyland, all costs covered. But they aren't, so they won't. They will go on saying that blocking these kids from visiting Disneyland is in "accordance with policy and procedure" and act like they did nothing wrong at all. And that too is a hallmark of fascism.

Dec 24 09:27

Empire of Chaos preparing for more fireworks in 2016

In his seminal 'Fall of Rome: And the End of Civilization,' Bryan Ward-Perkins writes, "Romans before the fall were as certain as we are today that their world would continue forever... They were wrong. We would be wise not to repeat their complacency.”

The Empire of Chaos, today, is not about complacency. It’s about hubris – and fear. Ever since the start of the Cold War the crucial question has been who would control the great trading networks of Eurasia - or the “heartland”, according to Sir Halford John Mackinder (1861–1947), the father of geopolitics.

We could say that for the Empire of Chaos, the game really started with the CIA-backed coup in Iran in 1953, when the US finally encountered, face to face, that famed Eurasia crisscrossed for centuries by the Silk Road(s), and set out to conquer them all.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Putin is a master chess player, and at this moment in world history, appears to be at least 1,000 moves ahead of DC.

Dec 24 07:10

The Coming Saudi Crack-up?

President Obama, like generations of Western leaders, has coddled the oil-rich Saudi monarchy by tolerating its reactionary politics, its financing of radical Islam and its military support for Sunni jihadist terrorism. But the spoiled Saudi leaders may finally be going too far, as Daniel Lazare describes.

After meeting with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, he promised to intensify efforts to topple Syrian President Bashar al-Assad by increasing aid to Al Nusra, Al Qaeda’s official Syrian affiliate. A few weeks later, he assembled a coalition of nine Sunni Arab states to launch nightly bombing raids on Yemen, quickly reducing one of the poorest countries in the Middle East to ruin.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In geopolitics, one is definitely known by the company one keeps.

I have a very smart cousin, a professor emeritus of Constitutional Law, who has frequently remarked that if the US government spent just a fraction of what we have spent on these endless wars on workable, renewable energy, that we wouldn't be in the pickle we're in regarding our "friends" in the Middle East, including the Al-Khalifa Sunni monarchy in Bahrain.

At this point, Saudi Arabia has really morphed into a "frenemy", and the myopic US State Department is certainly culpable here, for enabling that to happen.

Dec 24 07:02

Republican Candidates Defend Killing Civilians To Fight Terrorism – and So Do Democrats

There's a bipartisan effort to justify the killing of civilians in the "war on terrorism."

There has been a lot of consternation expressed in the media at a series of statements by Republican presidential candidates during their most recent debate and elsewhere in which a number of them appeared to be advocating the large-scale killing of civilians through aerial bombardment as a legitimate means of defeating the so-called “Islamic State.” (ISIS or IS)

These statements did not simply rationalize military operations that result in large numbers of civilian deaths, which politicians in both parties have supported for decades, but actually advocate the killing of civilians as a legitimate tactic in counter-terrorism warfare.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Whether Democrats or Republicans, both parties are owned by the death machine of the military industrial complex; unfortunately, without other candidates as alternatives, no matter who Americans vote for next year, they will be voting for more wars, more deaths, and more maimings of Americans to ultimately enhance the bottom line of American and multinational corporations.

Dec 24 06:28

Michigan Leftist Kicked out of Trump Rally Also Mentioned Muslims, New Jersey and 9/11, But Insists That The Dancing Israelis Story Is An "Anti-Semitic, Racist, Urban Legend"

Believe it or not, I was not the only person who confronted Donald Trump about his alleged "thousands of Muslims cheering on 9/11." Early in Trump's speech, a soft-spoken man in his 20's had stood up from the bleachers and told Trump that it's not true that thousands of Muslims were cheering on 9/11 in New Jersey. He was quickly ejected without incident, but I found him afterwards and interviewed him. He said that he would not use the term 'Jew,' that that is 'anti-Semitic,' and that it is "our duty as white people to fight white racism." He told me that he doesn't support Israel, and has a lot of anti-Zionist Jewish friends. He had never heard of the Jews arrested on 9/11, insisting that sounds like another "anti-Semitic, racist urban legend." You just CAN'T make this stuff up!

Dec 24 05:02

Why Jeb Bush's Attacks on Donald Trump Miss Their Mark

After first trying to ignore the billionaire bigot, and then getting humiliated by him, Jeb is now making his willingness to stand up to Trump the centerpiece of his campaign. He’s just released an ad entitled “The Only One,” in which he slams Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Chris Christie (a sure sign that Christie’s surge in New Hampshire is real) for not attacking Trump. By contrast, the ad shows Jeb lustily going after the GOP frontrunner, while words like “chaos candidate,” “unhinged,” and “liberal” flash onto the screen.

At first glance, this seems laudable. But there are a couple of problems. For starters, >>>


Dec 23 16:34

Adding Up the Broken Souls

the prison industrial complex destroying the lives of prisoners and prison guards

Dec 23 16:25

Rackets Science: the Influence Peddlers Protection Act of 2015 (H.R. 2029)

snip: Made simple, what Obama failed to mention is that plutocrats took more than half the amount of the whole federal budget as their price, payable in future tax expenditures, for allowing the government that they own to continue functioning. What Bernie Sanders calls the “billionaire class” has taken over a formerly public bridge by force of bribery and is now charging tolls worth half its value to keep the non-military level of it functioning for civilians another year.

Dec 23 16:09

Charles Hugh Smith: Radical Changes in Jobs Market Now & in Future

labor overhead (AKA cost of government regulation and labor overhead) rises far faster than paychecks and business profits - the parasite is killing the hosts







Dec 23 12:46

Trump's Response To "Israel Did 9/11" Front Row Anti-Zionist Heckler (WRH Member) Is Almost More Interesting Than The Heckle Itself


And he stops his speech, listens to me, and replies "He's all right. He's okay... He's very committed, He's got a lot of energy. He's on our side." The news footage video shows the whole speech, and all of the remarks that Trump is making about me as I am shouting. I find Trump's remarks VERY interesting. Keep in mind, to several of the other protesters who disrupted his speech that very same night, Trump called them 'Losers,' 'weak,' and 'get them out of here.' But me, he said I could stay. WHY?

Dec 23 10:43

1-minute video: Time to choose: Light or Dark side of the Force? Choose wisely.

*hyperlinks/videos live at source*

1-minute Google video:


Star Wars artistically portrays Life as having a Light and Dark side. We in the real world factually prove Life as having a Light side of love, cooperation, and will for progress, with a thinly-veiled .01% empire engaged in Emperor’s New Clothes obvious crimes of:

Unlawful and lie-began wars.
So-called “money” that is actually debt to create accelerating and unpayable total debt.
Destruction of nearly all rights lawfully guaranteed in the US Bill of Rights within the US Constitution, and in Orwellian inversion of limited government.
Crimes Against Humanity for ongoing intentional policy that has poverty-murdered over 400 million human beings just since 1995; more than killed from all wars in Earth’s recorded history.

Dec 23 10:08

5 Creepy Changes The Government Forced On Movies & TV Shows

Some shows and movies put their agenda right in your face: Transformers was made to sell toys and Camaros, Battlefield Earth was made to placate the space aliens that live inside John Travolta, and Alvin And The Chipmunks 3: Chipwrecked was blatantly advocating for the total genocide of the Danish people. But sometimes a TV show or movie's agenda isn't so clear, because it has been influenced at the highest levels by people you wouldn't expect ...

Dec 23 08:03

Former Pastor Charged With Felony For Informing People About Their Rights

In the United States, politicians and their corporate masters get away with murder. They may bomb children to pieces and poison Americans with chemical agents, but they will likely never be charged for their crimes. Rather, stringent punishments in America are often reserved for the truly ‘dangerous’ criminals: the whistleblowers, the nonviolent drug addicts, and one man in Michigan who was recently arrested and charged with a felony for attempting to educate jurors about their rights. His experience is not the first of its kind.

Dec 23 07:38

Obama meets Bloomberg as he prepares order on guns

As his administration prepares an executive order tightening access to guns, President Barack Obama met Wednesday with former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a proponent of new gun laws who has become the chief enemy of the National Rifle Association.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The United States Supreme Court ruled in Marbury vs Madison that laws (and presumably executive orders) repugnant to the Constitution are automatically null and void.

If Obama does not wish to be bound by the rules and requirements of the US Constitution, I respectfully suggest that he abdicate ... I mean resign.

Dec 23 07:19

ANALYSIS: Chipotle is a victim of corporate sabotage... biotech industry food terrorists are planting e.coli in retaliation for restaurant's anti-GMO menu

After observing recent events involving Chipotle and e.coli, here's my analysis of the situation: Chipotle's e.coli outbreaks are not random chance. They are the result of the biotech industry unleashing bioterrorism attacks against the only fast food company that has publicly denounced GMOs.

How do we know? The CDC has already admitted that some of these e.coli outbreaks involve a "rare genetic strain" of e.coli not normally seen in foods. Furthermore, we also know the track record of the biotech industry engaging in the most criminal, dirty, sleazebag tactics imaginable against any person or company that speaks out against GMOs.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I agree. Prior to the non-GMO announcement by Chipotle, they never had any problems. Now it's happening to their restaurants all across America and the media gives it non-stop coverage. It is obvious this is a deliberate attack by the GMO industry desperate to make the public think that non-GMO is more dangerous than GMO, and send a warning to other restaurants and supermarkets to ignore consumer demand for non-GMO safe food and peddle the frankenfood without complaint!

Dec 22 17:47


Seymour Hersh appears not to know that ISIS has always worked for the USA and its allies. Seymour Hersh appears not to realise that the attempt by certain US generals to give Assad certain 'intelligence' was always a trick. Hersh is doing the work of Mossad.



Dec 22 16:45

Civil Libertarians Are in Love with Big Brother’s Body Cameras

what good are cop cams when cops control access to the footage?

Dec 22 16:35

Families of Sandy Hook victims to split $1.5m in lawsuit settlement

(*I can hear the Sleigh Bells and The Ho-Ho-Ho-ing from here !)





Dec 22 15:36

Man Who Loaned Marathon Bomber Gun That Killed MIT Officer Sean Collier Gets Time Served

A man who loaned a gun used by the Boston Marathon bombers to kill a police officer has been sentenced to the 17 months he has already served and apologized, saying his actions were "dumb."

Stephen Silva told a judge Tuesday in U.S. District Court that he was "young, dumb, and thought I could outsmart everyone." He had pleaded guilty to gun and drug charges.

(*How convenient is that ?)

Dec 22 15:34

Home schooling of 20,000 children across the country will be reviewed amid fears they are being 'radicalised by parents' 

Education Secretary Nicky Morgan has called for a review of home schooling amid concerns that thousands of children are being radicalised by their own parents.

It is unclear how many children and young adults are being home schooled but it is thought to be in the region of 20,000 to 50,000.

Parents do not have to inform their council that they are educating their children at home, leaving the government in the dark about the number of kids at risk of radicalisation through education at home.



Dec 22 14:25

More Blood on Ankara's Hands as Kurdish Civilian Death Toll Mounts

More than 100 civilians have been killed and many more injured in Kurdish areas in Turkey's southeast since July, Human Rights Watch said, warning that civilian casualties are likely to rise in the coming days.

The region has been the scene of clashes between Turkish security forces and fighters from the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) following the collapse of a ceasefire between the two groups in July.

A report by the Human Rights Watch on Tuesday urged Turkish authorities to scale back security operations in the southeast.

"The Turkish government should rein in its security forces, immediately stop abusive and disproportionate use of force, and investigate the deaths and injuries caused by its operations," HRW senior Turkey researcher Emma Sinclair-Webb said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A memo to Prime Minister Erdogan: it is high time for both the Kurdish leadership and you to sit down, negotiate, and stop this murderous war.

This is a no-win situation, and both sides must understand, for the sake of their people, and the sake of this world, that there has to be some kind of rapprochement between them. 30 years of war have produced nothing but...more war.

Isn't it time to try something new?!?

Dec 22 13:35

Seymour Hersh Bombshell: US Military Shared Intelligence With Assad In Defiance Of Obama, CIA

Back in May, Seymour Hersh upended the “official” narrative surrounding the death of Osama bin Laden and in the process created a media firestorm prompting a response from the White House.

The explosive revelations about the events that ultimately led to bin Laden’s demise came a year-and-a-half after Hersh accused the Obama administration of not telling the whole story with regard to an infamous sarin gas attack that nearly served as an excuse for airstrikes against the Assad regime in 2013.

In the six months since Hersh’s bin Laden story made international headlines, the war in Syria has escalated meaningfully. Indeed, the country is now the theatre for what amounts to World War III with the US, France, Britain, Russia, Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Iraq all involved either directly or indirectly.

Dec 22 13:24

Vulnerable homeless men and women in Los Angeles could die in El Nino rainstorms

Los Angeles is grappling with a huge homelessness problem; the number of people living on the streets is estimated at about 44,000. Many of them are concentrated in Skid Row – a 54-block area of downtown LA that has become synonymous with homelessness and poverty. More and more can be seen across the sprawling metropolis of some 10 million people, sheltering under highway overpasses, or in ragged tent encampments, or in cars and motorhomes lining the streets.

The outlook for the next few months is bleak, as El Nino weather patterns are likely to bring torrential downpours, adding to the misery of the thousands of people sleeping in flimsy tents and rusty old vehicles.

Dec 22 12:13

Israeli attacks on a dissident soldiers’ group could backfire

Yehuda Shaul was an infantryman in the Israeli army in Hebron during the second intifada. But in recent weeks, he and his group of veterans have been vilified by right-wing organizations and mainstream politicians in a public campaign against Israeli groups critical of their country’s occupation of Palestinian territories.

Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon forbade serving Israeli military personnel from cooperating or meeting with representatives of Shaul’s group, Breaking the Silence (BTS). Education Minister Naftali Bennet issued a similar order to all public schools. And right-wing advocacy group Im Tirzu published a report accusing most Israeli human rights groups of being “foreign agents” because of the funding they receive from friendly states. That report was accompanied by a video and an advertising campaign accusing specific human rights activists of “defending terrorists” and “representing foreign interests.” Those named all received death threats after the ads.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Yehuda Shaul and BTS are to be commended for their nothing less than heroic efforts to get the truth to be told to Israeli civilians.

Well done, Mr. Shaul, and all the members of BTS: please continue to stand your ground, because both Israel and the world desperately need you to continue this work.

Dec 22 11:47


Webmaster's Commentary: 

Tired of drones peeking in your windows? This may be the answer! JAM THEM! :)

Dec 22 10:37

Obama Accuses Trump of Exploiting Working-Class Fears

President Obama said in a radio interview that began airing on Monday that Donald J. Trump, a leading contender for the Republican presidential nomination, was exploiting the resentment and anxieties of working-class men to boost his campaign. Mr. Obama also argued that some of the scorn directed at him personally stemmed from the fact that he is the first African-American to hold the White House.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Is this President Obama's, "NEVER take responsibility for anything negative on my watch" 'let them eat cake' moment?!?

And Mr. President, I would strongly suggest that it is not the color of your skin, but the content of your character which has created many of those fears, and real concerns, with which working people are living, IF they are even lucky enough to still have a job.

I have personally been very lucky in my life; I have found a market niche where I cannot be outsourced or offshored; and under your watch, offshoring/outsourcing of jobs continues apace, with no respite in sight.

The increase in the number of children slipping into poverty under your watch,sir, has been nothing less than staggering. As reported at the washingtonexaminer.com on July 21, 2015:

Ever since President Obama took office, the poverty rate among children has soared to 22 percent, with three million more children living in poor conditions, according to an authoritative new report released Tuesday. The 2015 "KIDS COUNT" report from the Annie E. Casey Foundation said that the percentage of children living in poverty jumped from 18 percent in 2008, the year Obama was elected, to 22 percent in 2013. It added that the rate dropped from 2012 to 2013, in line with the improving economy.

These are numbers one cannot wish away, sir.

More families are dependent on food stamps than ever before; as reported at iwb.com on 22 September, 2015:

Now, first and foremost, understand that the notion the economy “is improving” is just nonsensical. Consider: — More Americans are now on food stamps as a percentage of the population than at any time in U.S. history, according to data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. In all, 20 percent of U.S. households, or one in five, are on some level of taxpayer-supported food assistance. — The poverty level in America under Obama broke a 50-year record in January 2014. “Fifty years after President Johnson started a $20 trillion taxpayer-funded war on poverty, the overall percentage of impoverished people in the U.S. has declined only slightly and the poor have lost ground under President Obama,” wrote Dave Boyer for The Washington Times. The poverty rate has stood at 15 percent for three consecutive years, the first time that has happened since the mid-1960s. — The real unemployment rate, influential Wall Street analyst David John Marotta said in a memo to clients in January 2014, was not the 5-6 percent that the Obama Administration claims, but more like an astounding 37.2 percent, according to his calculations. “The unemployment rate only describes people who are currently working or looking for work,” he and colleague Megan Russell reveal in their client report, which was leaked to the Washington Examiner.

Again, Mr. President, one cannot wish these numbers away.

And in terms of middle class job declines due to outsourcing/offshoring under Obama's watch, what can we expect with TTP?!?

As reported on December 7th, 2015, at economyincrisis.org:

Those in favor of TPP are in it for the money. The true people in favor of the TPP are hiding behind names that sound harmless. Names such as: The U.S. Business Coalition for TPP Trade Benefits America Coalition The Progressive Coalition for American Jobs The TPP Apparel Coalition But if we take a closer look at the “members” of these coalitions, we don’t see anyone else except for the 1 percent of America. Huge multinational corporations such as: Aflac McGraw Hill MetLife, Inc. Motorola Solutions, Inc. Apple Inc The Clorox Company Siemens Corporation Sony Exxon Mobil Corporation Gap Inc. General Mills, Inc. Hewlett-Packard The Home Depot Honda North America, Inc Johnson & Johnson JPMorgan Chase & Co. Kraft Foods Group, Inc. Liberty Mutual Group Whirlpool Corporation The Walt Disney Company Verizon Communications Tyson Food Inc. Toyota Target Corporation The truth of the matter is that this these multinationals are are pushing the TPP in order to save a buck. They will outsource their jobs in order to save on production and labor costs. The federal minimum wage in America is $7.25 per hour which is roughly $267.80 a week. Compare that to Malaysia’s minimum wage at $297 a month. The average wage for an an engineer in the U.S. is $87,140 but in Malaysia it’s $23,484. The average wage for an accountant in the U.S. is $73,670, in Malaysia it’s $16,263. The average factory worker salary in the U.S. is $36,000, in Malaysia it’s $19,308. We can clearly see the huge difference is labor costs between the U.S. and one of the trading partners in the TPP. That isn’t mentioning Vietnam, Brunei, Singapore, Peru and Chile who also have low wages in comparison to the U.S. So how exactly is this going to be “good” for America and American jobs? It’s not.

In conclusion, Mr. President, your faux populism act not withstanding, you stand against the very people you promised to help and, at the end of the day, are no less beholden to the corporate interests which got you elected than are your Republican colleagues; that is simply the honest, unvarnished truth.

All the above, coupled with your international aggression against countries like Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan; the potential and current provocations against Russia and China; the fact that a bill to re- institute the draft (which will include women), has been introduced in the house and is still sitting in committee, makes working class Americans legitimately very nervous about the future of this country.

Leaders who break nearly every promise they have made to the American people, and lie so consistently that one cannot believe anything they say anymore, makes the working class Americans legitimately very nervous about the future of this country.

This has nothing to do with racism, and everything to do with a completely failed presidency, sir; we had all hoped for far better from you when you won your first term in office.

Dec 22 09:47

Caught On Tape: U.S. Senator Issues Dire Warning On Unchecked Executive Power

To hear a U.S. Senator sound more like a statesman than a corrupt hack politician for sale to the highest bidder, is such a breath of fresh air I almost can’t believe it’s real. Rather than talking down to voters, he challenges them to become more enlightened, nonpartisan-thinkers with a sense of history. He challenges all of us to shake ourselves from an ignorant, fear-based stupor and reclaim the true genius and beauty at the heart of the American experiment.

Dec 22 09:43

Coincidence? Assassin shoots witness, others in danger after agreeing to testify against Detroit cops

Would-be assassin attempted to gun down a witness who agreed to testify against police officers in Detroit, a report revealed this week.

The Detroit News obtained court records on Monday that indicated the lives of several witnesses had been threatened days after they agreed to testify against Detroit narcotics officers Lt. David “Hater” Hansberry and Bryan “Bullet” Watson.

Hansberry and Watson have been accused of using fake traffic stops to steal drugs, money and other property. Prosecutors said that the officers distributed stolen cocaine to known drug dealers who then agreed to split the profits with them.

A court transcript indicated that U.S. Attorney Louis Gabel objected to repeated efforts to delay the trial because of “legitimate witness safety concerns.”

Gabel explained to U.S. District Judge Stephen Murphy during a sidebar that one of the witnesses had already been shot and others were in danger.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Welcome to the "new normal" in Detroit!!

And to those who can, please vote with your feet, and move out of that wretched place just as quickly as possible

Any city and police department which operates in this corrupt way do not deserve your residence or support in any way.

Dec 22 09:39

Green Gestapo: TV programs that mock global warming being memory holed by governments to erase any trace of their existence

The only way the cabal of global warming/climate change hoaxers can be heard, is by silencing anyone with countermanding evidence that the hoaxers are lying to the entire planet. One of the cultist cabal's latest victims of the "green Gestapo" is Britain's Quentin Letts.

As he explains in a story at The Daily Mail, what happened to him was a bit like what happened to a member of the Soviet-era Politburo who had fallen out of favor with then-Premier Josef Stalin in 1940, shortly before World War II began in earnest in Europe.

Using a concept that George Orwell – author of the forward-looking 1984 – created, namely the "unperson," described as "someone who had so offended official thought, he or she was vaporised — not just liquidated but wiped from the record for eternity," Letts wrote that he had been treated similarly by a British media icon for questioning global warming orthodoxy.

Dec 22 08:12

Tired of the ‘good fight’ for .01% arrests? I empathize, but prefer surrendering Earth to criminal psychopaths?

*hyperlinks/videos live at source*

Kaoru Yamamoto, from Reflections from the desert:

Change is a slow process, at least until all the spadework has been done. While attention is typically arrested by the swift, sometimes spectacular, final phase of the process, little note is taken of the long, hard preparatory work.

'Time moved on. Changes came into being slowly-almost imperceptibly. Like the shift of the seasons. Barely noticeable, the changing, till the change was there.' -Dorothy W. Baruch, One Little Boy

Dec 22 07:40

Ron Paul - Do We Need the Fed?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Is this a trick question?!?

Dec 22 07:39


Retired municipal court judge David Viscarde has recently come forward to expose the use of quotas on speeding tickets. In an exclusive interview this week, Viscarde told WFAA that the police department and the local courts were involved in a revenue collection scheme where officers had quotas for speeding tickets, and judges were pressured to rush the cases through the courts.

Dec 22 06:56

Not your ‘back door man’: Apple CEO rankles authorities who target encryption

Granting the feds a “back door” to encrypted software will give away access to “everybody,” including terrorists, Apple CEO Tim Cook said on 60 Minutes. The backlash from national security hawks has been unforgiving.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

All back doors will do is allow the government to spy on law abiding citizens. As we proved with our encryption challenges, it is trivial for criminals and terrorists to create new methods of encryption the NSA cannot break. And the Paris Attackers were not even using encryption at all!

Dec 22 06:52

Could You Pass Harvard's Entrance Exam From 1869?

Could you pass Harvard's entrance exam from 1869? Could the special snowflakes who have been told they are great for showing up do it? I think you know the answer. You better know Greek, Latin, Math (no calculator for you!) and much more. We are pretty sure that the hacks who have tenure in the oppression studies departments can't pass this exam. Anyway, this 8 page PDF exam proves: the Department of Education hasn't made education better. Look how high education standards were before federal government involvement in education.

Dec 21 14:43

I was offended - steve hughes