Feb 09 08:38

Travellers who lie about whether they have been to mutant Covid hotspots face up to TEN YEARS in prison as Hancock unveils brutal border curbs with all arrivals needing to take THREE tests - and thousands of hotel rooms ready for quarantine from Monday

Mr Hancock also declared that 4,600 rooms have now been secured by the government from 16 hotels so the 'quarantine hotel' system can get up and running as planned on Monday, although the Department of Health refused to name them.

All incomers from 'red list' countries must stay in the rooms for 10 days, costing £1,750 each.

Arrivals from dozens of high-risk countries on the 'red list' will have to test negative 72 hours before travelling, and then be screened again twice, on day two and day eight.

Failure to stick to the hotel quarantine will be punishable with a fine of up to £10,000, Mr Hancock said.

Feb 09 08:36


BILL GATES is always crying about those who are critical of him. He actually wanted criticism of him to be declared illegal. There are a lot of very powerful forces behind him and everything that he is doing. They are doing a great job of censoring everyone who speaks the TRUTH about Bill Gates. The thing is, most of us only post what we find in his own press releases, product documentation or patents. Or, we quote his OWN WORDS from his interviews, Ted Talks or other conversations he makes public. We don’t make stuff up… WE don’t have to. Speaking the TRUTH is all it takes to show HIM for who HE IS. Nobody is attacking him without cause. No groups are conspiring against him. Just individuals, spreading the TRUTH.

Feb 09 08:22

The (New Normal) War On Domestic Terror

If you enjoyed the Global War on Terror, you’re going to love the new War on Domestic Terror! It’s just like the original Global War on Terror, except that this time the “Terrorists” are all “Domestic Violent Extremists” (“DVEs”), “Homegrown Violent Extremists” (“HVEs”), “Violent Conspiracy-Theorist Extremists” (“VCTEs”), “Violent Reality Denialist Extremists” (VRDEs”), “Insurrectionary Micro-Aggressionist Extremists” (“IMAEs”), “People Who Make Liberals Feel Uncomfortable” (“PWMLFUs”), and anyone else the Department of Homeland Security wants to label an “extremist” and slap a ridiculous acronym on.

Feb 09 08:00

Our Children Have a Right to a Decent Future

George Orwell’s famous quote “If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear” comes from the preface of his dystopian fable “Animal Farm: A Fairy Story” published in August 1945.

The silent majority of citizens worldwide will agree with the author that our children have a right to a decent future. However, they will not want to hear that by their silence they are denying our youth today a future worth living. The cause is their belief in and allegiance to authority, which leads to total spiritual obedience, paralysis of the mind and doing nothing.

What the rebellious generation of 68 reproached their fathers for, that they had willingly submitted to a dictator and a tyranny, is happening again three generations later. And again, only a small group of courageous and awakened citizens is resisting – and the vast majority is asleep and silent.

Feb 09 07:58

House impeachment managers really are coming after you

Democratic House impeachment managers continued their preposterous and dangerous assault on former President Trump, his supporters and the American Republic in their unconstitutional attempt to impeach Trump for the second time… even though he is now a private citizen. They averred that “every allegation” made against Trump is true, and pre-emptively stated that “any affirmative defenses and legal defenses set forth” by his defense team “are wholly without merit.” They added, “The evidence of President Trump’s conduct is overwhelming. He has no valid excuse or defense for his actions.” Well, who needs a trial? Burn him at the stake, already.

And then they went completely off the rails, insanely stating that Trump’s “incitement of insurrection against the United States government… is the most grievous constitutional crime ever committed by a President.”

Feb 09 07:52

'Democrats have declared war on the presidency itself and will destroy it': Lindsey Graham says impeachment will damage the country on eve of trial while Trump remains fixated on 'accountability' for Republicans who voted against him

Donald Trump's closest confidante in the Senate has accused Democrats on the eve of Trump's second impeachment trial of having 'declared war on the presidency itself', as reports suggested the former president is confident of being acquitted and focused instead on seeking revenge against Republicans who he believes betrayed him.

Lindsey Graham, the South Carolina senator who is in regular contact with Trump, insisted that Tuesday's trial was damaging to the country.

He said that Trump's January 13 conviction in the House was unfair because the 74-year-old was not given time to defend himself. 'What Democrats have done is basically declared war on the presidency itself,' said Graham, speaking on Sean Hannity's Fox News show.

Feb 09 07:41

76-minute video: Need to Know news for lucid analysis and commentary on current events (February 8, 2021)

Professor Emeritus Jim Fetzer, Chris Weinert, and I discuss current events here on BitChute and here on YouTube:


Context: American Revolution 2.2 2020: PATRIOTS vs. LOYALISTS

I’m a professional historian with degrees from Berkeley and Harvard, helped craft and deliver ~300 policy briefs for Members of Congress on ending poverty that led to two UN Summits for heads of state, have written ~1,000 articles since 2009 with ~50 million page views that include published research, and was recognized by two Los Angeles Mayors as among the very best high school teachers among ~20,000 teachers in Central L.A.

Feb 09 07:40

How PRIVATE Are Your Financial Records? BofA Helped Feds Investigate D.C. Riots

A recent Tucker Carlson report should be reminding American citizens just how far down the rabbit hole of tyranny and surveillance their government has gone. It should also be reminding Americans how Big Tech and Big Banking work “hand in glove” toward the destruction of freedom.

(And if you think this is bad, imagine how much worse a cashless society would be.)

Bank of America gives unknowing customer’s information to the authorities
According to Carlson’s report on FOX News, Bank of America searched through customer transactions to target people who may have been involved in the “riot” at the Capitol. BOA then handed over information to federal authorities at the request of those authorities.

The bank said it identified 211 customers who “fit the profile.” Some deciding factors used to identify these people were making purchases in the D.C. area or buying airline tickets or other accommodations in the days surrounding the event.

Feb 09 07:37


In a high-quality dementia care facility, confused residents who are at risk of unsafe wandering are skillfully redirected away from exit doors by staff members who are trained to provide them with the illusion of freedom while still keeping them in the safety of the care home. A propaganda-addled populace wandering around trying to find an escape from its oppressors is redirected in very much the same way.

If you’ve ever visited a loved one in a locked dementia care facility, especially near sunset, you know how agitated the people who live there can become. The impulse to wander and pace is very common, and depending on where they’re at cognitively they’ll often demand to leave the facility at once so they can go “home”.

Feb 09 07:32

Calls for Bank of America boycott grow after data given to FBI

Customers are calling for a boycott of Bank of America, after a report that the bank handed over the account information of hundreds of innocent people in connection with the Jan. 6 deadly riots at the Capitol.

At the request of the FBI, the country’s second-largest bank allegedly snooped through information of anyone making certain purchases in and around Washington before and after the riots, and handed over the information of 211 people, according to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson.

Only one of those 211 people was brought in for questioning, and none of them were arrested, according to Fox’s report.

Feb 09 07:19

Bill Gates and Neo-Feudalism: A Closer Look at Farmer Bill

“Gates has a Napoleonic concept of himself, an appetite that derives from power and unalloyed success, with no leavening hard experience, no reverses.” — Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson, presiding judge in the Gates/Microsoft antitrust-fraud case

The global lockdowns that Bill Gates helped orchestrate and cheerlead have bankrupted more than 100,000 businesses in the U.S. alone and plunged a billion people into poverty and deadly food insecurity that, among other devastating harms, kill 10,000 African children monthly — while increasing Gates’ wealth by $20 billion. His $133 billion fortune makes him the world’s fourth wealthiest man.

Feb 09 07:14

Back to the 1640s: Witch-hunt against 'Covid denialists' in UK is just a continuation of previous campaigns against dissenters

The targeting of public figures who speak out against lockdowns and other Covid-orthodoxies has intensified in Britain, and there are clear connections with previous power-structure-protecting campaigns used to silence heretics.

The 1968 historical horror film ‘Witchfinder General’, which tells the story of 17th century witch-hunter Matthew Hopkins, who terrorised the countryside of Parliament-held eastern England during the English Civil War, is a harrowing watch. Its brilliant young director Michael Reeves, unable to sleep, died from an overdose of barbiturates (thought to be accidental) just a few months after its release.

Feb 09 07:02

Climate Change Crazy: Progressives Want People To Stop Heating Their Homes In Winter

A Massachusetts climate official has announced that people who heat their homes and fuel their cars will need to have their “will” broken in order to combat emissions and climate change.

“I know one thing that we found in our analysis is that 60% of our emissions come from … residential heating and passenger vehicles,” claimed David Ismay, Massachusetts, undersecretary for climate change, during a virtual meeting with the Vermont Climate Council. “Let me say that again: 60% of our emissions that need to be reduced come from you, the person on your street, the senior on fixed-income. Right now, there is no bad guy left, at least in Massachusetts, to point the finger at and turn the screws on and now break their will, so they stop emitting. That’s you. We have to break your will.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Feb 09 07:01

Get Ready! Events Are In Motion to Remove US Dollar As Reserve Currency

Feb 08 16:15

Pentagon Goes Rooting for ‘Extremists’ Among Its 3.6mn Trained Killers

The US military is making a big show of cleansing its ranks of ‘extremism’ – because nothing says tolerance like raining fiery death on innocent strangers at the command of a guy who just stepped down from Raytheon’s board. -- With “domestic extremists” now officially the enemy du jour in Washington, the top order of business has become finding some. On Wednesday, newly-anointed secretary of defense (and former Raytheon board member) Lloyd Austin ordered a two-month stand-down so that commanders could engage in “needed discussions” with their subordinates on the issue.

Feb 08 16:07

Enemies of the Deep State: The Government’s War on Domestic Terrorism Is a Trap

This is the power grab hiding in plain sight, obscured by the political machinations of the self-righteous elite. This is how the government continues to exploit crises and use them as opportunities for power grabs under the guise of national security. Indeed, this is exactly how the government added red flag gun laws, precrime surveillance, fusion centers, threat assessments, mental health assessments, involuntary confinement to its arsenal of weaponized powers. -- The objective is not to make America safe again. That has never been the government’s aim.

Feb 08 15:58

All Hail the Conquering Central Bankers – Or Else

If you are unclear what’s happening, frankly, you aren’t paying attention. The central banks, at the urging of the World Economic Forum, have come from behind the shadows to assert their will over the world.

Feb 08 15:45

Big Brother Is Spying On You In Thousands Of Ways, And All Of That Info Now Goes Into Centralized “Fusion Systems”

They really do want to control what all of us do, say and think, and the Big Brother surveillance grid is becoming more suffocating with each passing year. -- If we do not put limits on this technology while we still can, it is just a matter of time before our society becomes a dystopian nightmare far more horrible than anything than George Orwell ever dared to imagine.

Feb 08 15:24

Las Vegas Sun Finally Releases Biden’s Anti-Gun Interview

Those who stay involved in the efforts to defend the Second Amendment have always known President Joe Biden is, to put it lightly, no friend to gun owners. During his campaign for the White House last year, the legacy media did everything they could to conceal that fact. The Las Vegas Sun recently revealed that it went so far as to bury an interview with candidate Biden that showed not just his disdain for our right to keep and bear arms, but his utter lack of comprehension of reality.

Feb 08 15:19

New York’s Latest Gun Law Would Put Women at Risk

Gun restrictions give killers the upper hand. Background check waiting periods keep good people unarmed for extended periods of time. So, while the anti-gun crowd is pushing for universal background checks and a lengthy and expensive licensing process, (that the bad guys will pay no attention to) good people are left defenseless because they’re subjected to unnecessary costs, waiting periods, and often avoidable delays.

Feb 08 11:25

Food Is Being Weaponized for Use Against 0ver 100 Million Americans

Food wars are coming. Food deprivation will be used, in the near future, to bring America to her knees and force compliance from a population that largely rejects the communist takeover of our government that has just taken place.

In the first installment of this series, the following facts were established:

1. Bill Gates has become the largest owner of American farmland.

2. Biden's new 45% capital gains tax, with no offsets, will make it impossible for the vast majority of family farms to survive.

3. The food supply chain is permanently broken.

4. The meat packing plants are still closed. They will likely open under Biden's control.

Feb 08 09:16


The takeover of the country by an amalgamation of bad characters representing fascist corporatism, collectivism, billionaire oligarchs, social media tyrants, pandemic peddlers, and Deep State snake oil surveillance state salesmen has marked a turning point for the country. Battle lines are being drawn, a propaganda war is already being waged, enemies are preparing for conflict, rage is rising, and the country is headed towards some level of dissolution.

Events since the inception of the release of the China virus from the Wuhan bio-weapon lab, have been accelerating towards an epic struggle between those constituting the true power in the country and those they consider deplorable and undeserving of respect or a voice in how the country is governed. The shadowy figures behind the curtain of Bernays’ invisible government have revealed themselves and no longer fear the plebs they rule over, as their sociopathic hubris has convinced themselves they are invincible.

Feb 08 07:56

Lights, Camera, Cancelled! 10 Movies that were never made because the US government didn't like them

Hundreds of movies are never made but not all of them are nixed by the US government because it disapproves of their message. Here are 10 films that the 'land of the free' never let see the light of day.

Feb 08 07:34

With Trump Gone, You Are the Enemy

For over four years, the left has fueled its media headlines and party donations on hatred for President Trump, but now Trump is gone. Who is the enemy who can take his place and keep Americans from asking uncomfortable questions about Biden’s race to socialism? The answer is unsettling—the enemy is YOU, the 74 million dangerous “extremists” who voted for the “evil” Donald Trump.

To ensure media cover from close scrutiny during the first one-hundred days of the Biden administration, they’ve embraced a second impeachment attempt after President Trump has already left office. They don’t care that it will go nowhere. The questionable constitutionality of attempting to remove a president who already removed himself doesn’t stop them. They know that a contentious senate trial will please the angry “Hate Trump” left. It will keep the headlines on Trump and the “pending insurrection” by his supporters instead of exploring the danger of the myriad of Biden initiatives.

Feb 08 07:08

Bipartisan Majority Endorses New Domestic Terrorism Laws

An apparent bipartisan majority of the House Homeland Security Committee on Thursday endorsed the idea of new laws to address domestic terrorism in the wake of last month’s riot at the U.S. Capitol, as experts warned such internal threats would plague the country for decades to come, reports the Washington Post.

But although both Democrats and Republicans on the panel showed enthusiasm for select ventures, it is not yet clear where leaders might prioritize their efforts — or if, in the end, they will be able to find enough common ground to avoid political stalemate.

Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX), the committee’s former chairman, joined a bipartisan group of lawmakers calling for legislation to set specific federal penalties for domestic terrorism cases.

Feb 08 07:08

Breaking: Twitter Indefinitely Suspends Gateway Pundit Account After We Announce More Video of TCF Center Fraud Will Be Released in Coming Days

Earlier today we tweeted out an update on our ongoing investigation of the Detroit TCF Center on November 4, 2020.

On Friday The Gateway Pundit released exclusive video from the TCF Center showing late-night deliveries of tens of thousands of votes to the TCF Center HOURS AFTER the deadline to turn in absentee ballots. The absentee ballots were counted before election day. The only absentee ballots they had left to count came in from the Zuckerberg boxes that were checked hourly.

We have much more on this incident to report on in the coming days.

Feb 08 06:37

Twilight of the Archons - A deep dive into the manipulation of money and consciousness by the powers that control our daily lives

Feb 07 15:04

Americans Have Never Been More Dissatisfied With How The Country Is Functioning Than They Are Right Now

Are you satisfied with life in America right now?  Before you answer that question, consider more than just politics.  Taking an overall view that encompasses every aspect of our society, are you generally satisfied with how our society is functioning at this moment or not?  Needless to say, we are coming off a very tough year, and 2021 has not started smoothly either.  The COVID pandemic continues to drag on, we are mired in the worst economic downturn in more than 70 years, and there is civil unrest in our streets on an almost nightly basis.  All of these trials and tribulations have taken a great toll on us emotionally, and so perhaps it shouldn’t be a surprise that a new Gallup survey has found that the American people are less satisfied with how our nation is functioning than they ever have been before…

Feb 07 13:01

Pro-Gun and Pro-Responsibility: Not “Only Ones” Elitism ~ Video

It’s easy to fall into the trap of elitism, but really, what makes you any better or more qualified than the next person, and what gives you the right to make such a critical and personal decision for them? Sure there are people that are less responsible, less thoughtful, less scrupulous, and potentially more dangerous than others, but laws about when and where you can carry a gun, generally have little to no impact on the few of those people who might actually pose a risk.

Feb 07 11:57

Capitol protest organizer outed as “prolific” FBI informant?

It is now believed that Nazarro’s arrest was a ploy by the FBI to protect one of its assets. This would make sense, seeing as how the FBI has done this type of thing many times before and gotten away with it.

Feb 07 08:18

My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell’s Election Conspiracy Film Pulled Off YouTube

“Absolute Proof,” the so-called “documentary” about election fraud from My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell, has been yanked by YouTube.

The two-hour film sees the avid Donald Trump supporter falsely claim that the former president won the 2020 presidential election, repeating a number of debunked election fraud claims in the process. The film was uploaded to multiple platforms, with several sites since YouTube removed it. YouTube said in a statement on Friday that all versions of the film would be taken down.

“Per our presidential election integrity policy, we remove content uploaded after the safe harbor deadline that advances false claims that widespread fraud, errors, or glitches changed the outcome of the 2020 U.S. presidential election,” a rep for the company told Fast Company. “We removed this video and its reuploads in accordance with this policy.”

Feb 07 08:16

Twitter suspends ‘Gateway Pundit’ Jim Hoft

Jim Hoft, founder and editor of the far-right publication The Gateway Pundit, was suspended from Twitter Saturday evening for violating the platform’s rules. The account, @gatewaypundit, no longer has a presence on Twitter, save for a message that indicates the account has been suspended. Prior to the suspension, the @gatewaypundit account had more than 375,000 followers.

A spokesperson for Twitter said, “The account was permanently suspended for repeated violations of our civic integrity policy.” The policy restricts users on the platform from sharing information that undermines elections and other civic processes, including sharing misinformation regarding the outcome of elections.

Feb 07 07:39

Joe Biden And The Revenge Of The Behaviorists (Why Statistical Thinking Can Get You Killed)

Ninety years ago, Bertrand Russell wrote a book entitled The Scientific Outlook.

In it, the philosopher and sometimes imperial grand strategist made the point that society has become far too complex to be left to democratic institutions. In the modern age of advanced warfare, only a scientific dictatorship could be trusted to lead society, while the thoughtless masses of human cattle should be given the illusion of democracy and freedom. Sovereign nation states must be superseded by world government and thus two parallel cultures, two educations and two moralities must be shaped.

Russell laid out his grim worldview of a master/slave dominated order in the following terms:

Feb 07 07:31

Lockdowns Have Depleted Capital in All Forms

Lockdowns seem focused on expenditures and consumption but fundamentally they attack capital. The restaurant, the theater, the stadium, the school, the means of transport, all are forced into idleness. They cannot return a profit to the owners. It’s a form of theft. All that you have done to save and work and invest is voided.

Feb 07 06:53

Independent Media Under Fire : “Disinformation” for speaking up about the abuse

Big Tech is running scared now because Conservatives and other censored voices are beginning to unite and see their common enemy in broad daylight. Florida is one of the first states to give conservatives the power to sue Big Tech when they censor conservative’s political speech and impede their ability to participate in democracy. Right now, the authoritarian Democrats and the Big Tech elite look desperate and weak as they do everything in their power to manipulate their victims into thinking the censorship never actually happened to them, that they are going crazy, that the abuse is somehow justified.

Feb 07 06:30

Joe Biden : #1 Gun Salesman? :)

The record-setting month also follows a record-setting year for gun sales in the U.S. An estimated 39.7 million gun-related instant background checks were conducted by the FBI in 2020. This shattered the previous record of more than 27 million gun background checks set in 2016.

Feb 07 05:32

Travellers won't be allowed into Australia without a vaccination certificate, minister signals

*Just the beginning*

It's "highly likely" vaccination certificates will be required for international travel, Australia's Federal Minister for Government Services said today.

"There is still a range of decisions for governments to make, it's highly likely that a certificate will be required for international visitors to Australia and we will continue to work with our international counterparts on our framework for vaccination certificates," Stuart Robert said.

"Australians can have assurance the certificate they will have will be robust, it will be anchored to them, so they will know it's their certificate, and it will be widely accepted."

He didn't confirm, however, whether they'll lead to a faster opening of international borders, saying he'd leave "any commentary" up to Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Feb 06 14:47

'See Something, Say Something Online Act' Punishes Big Tech for Not Snitching

A new bill revitalizes the war on terror's favorite slogan in service of forcing tech companies to turn over more user data to the government. The "See Something, Say Something Online Act," introduced by Sen. Joe Manchin (D–W.Va.) and co-sponsored by Sen. John Cornyn (R–Texas), is the latest attack on the federal communications law known as Section 230 as well as freedom of speech and online privacy.

The legislation says any interactive computer service provider—that means social media giants, small blogs, podcast hosting services, app stores, consumer review platforms, independent political forums, crowdfunding and Patreon-style sites, dating apps, newsletter services, and much more—will lose Section 230 protections if they fail to report any known user activity that might be deemed "suspicious."

Webmaster's Commentary: 
Feb 06 13:11

“Reality Czar” to Imprison/Silence Anyone they Claim is Stating Fake News? (New Thoughts)

Fake news is not limited to the United States. The press has joined the governments 100% around the world.  Journalism is dead. It is now all about just indoctrination. The New York Times wants a “Reality Czar” to imprison and fine anyone who dares to argue an opposite view? Welcome to Communism 3.0. They are destroying everything for their fictional Utopia.

Feb 06 13:04

…The Fire This Time

How do you think the value of shares manages to go up, up, up, and away, day-after-day, while the value of the economic activity goes down, down, down day-after-day? Must be Modern Monetary Magic, like the Federal Reserve purchasing $80-billion a month in US Treasury bond issues and another $40-billion in mortgage-backed securities for a grand total of $140-billion a month. The real monetary magic, of course, is that it’s possible to have a Wall Street boom while the economy collapses. The nation’s assets have already been stripped, so where is all this “value” actually coming from? Answer: from the false expectation of enormous future American productivity. It’s false because it’s based on the creation of debt that can’t possibly be paid back…ever. It’s not based on investment in future productive enterprise.

Feb 06 11:47

WOW : Deep state boasts of “conspiracy” against Trump in 2020 election

Now that they think their anointed is safely enthroned at the White House, the Deep State, through its propaganda mouthpiece Time magazine, is gloating over a “conspiracy” of Big Business, Big Tech, Big Government, Big Labor, and other powerful forces to oust President Trump from office. The behind-the-scenes operation has eerie parallels with “Color Revolutions” staged in foreign lands by the very same operatives who took down Trump.

Feb 06 11:13

OBEY : TSA to fine mask violators up to $1,500

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has recommended a fine of $250, increasing to up to $1,500, for repeated violations of its recently released federal transportation face mask requirement. Talk about a strong-arm move to crush people into obedience...

Feb 06 10:17

COVID’s Deadly Toll on Youth: A Sharp Rise in Suicides

Almost one year after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the worst consequences may not be directly caused by the virus, but rather by school closures, isolation and lockdown measures that have sent the suicide rate among children in the U.S. and other countries surging.

Feb 06 10:06

The State Is Destroying Freedom, Life, and History By Censoring and Eliminating Information and Speech

We are experiencing a time when information should be the most abundant in the history of mankind, but it is being censored and eliminated to the point of closing the door to any information that is not approved by the controlling class and their political accomplices. This is unbelievably dangerous, because when the people allow speech to be manipulated or restricted in any way, truth is effectively erased, and all that is left is state propaganda. With speech censored and effectively disappeared, only the state narrative will be reported. In this environment, the masses will normally accept the lies as truth and the truth as lies. This can only lead to a slave society.

Feb 06 09:53

H.R.127: Unconstitutional overreach from authoritarian socialists bent on gun confiscation

Authoritarian leftists always love to foster their little freedom fantasies. Not quite setting fire to the Bill of Rights, just dangling it over a dumpster fire by a thread so they can at least feign support for basic human rights, ‘we support the second amendment but.’ That’s a pretty hard sell with this monstrosity that essentially ties up every gun in a virtual confiscation scheme while forcing gun owners to pay for the privilege.

Feb 06 09:00

YouTube and Vimeo pull MyPillow Mike Lindell's election fraud 'documentary' as he pays OAN to air it 13 times in one weekend - but the right-wing network airs disclaimer that it has no 'established facts' and is 'opinion only'

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell on Friday released his two-hour film 'Absolute Proof' which pushes his voter fraud conspiracy theories and falsely claims a Chinese cyberattack 'flipped' the 2020 election.

The Donald Trump supporter released the movie, which he described as a documentary despite the lack of proof of any voter fraud, after describing the Republican's presidential defeat as a 'communist coup'.

It was scheduled to air on One America News (OAN) four times throughout the day and several other times through the weekend - on 13 occassions in total - after being paid for by Lindell.

Feb 06 08:54

'Bye bye, Bank of America': Outraged customers boycott firm as it's revealed the bank snooped through HUNDREDS of innocent people's accounts looking for Capitol rioters for the feds - so who else is doing it?

Outraged Bank of America customers are boycotting the bank after learning it snooped through hundreds of innocent people's accounts at the request of the government as part of its investigation into the Capitol riot, using a broad criteria that meant anyone who made a transaction in DC that day came under a federal microscope.

Tucker Carlson revealed the bank's involvement in the investigation on his FOX News show on Thursday night. After being contacted by the government, Bank of America handed over the information of 211 people.

The feds asked for information including:

Customers confirmed as transacting, either through bank account debit card or credit card purchases, in Washington, D.C., between January 5 and January 6

Purchases made for hotel and Airbnb RSVPs in DC, VA, and MD after January 6

Any purchase of weapons or at a weapons-related merchant between January 7 and their upcoming suspected stay in D.C. area around Inauguration Day

Feb 06 08:50

COVID Detainment Facilities Go From ‘Conspiracy Theory’ To Official Govt Policy In 3 Months

“I ask this government if people should prepare for internment camps,” Ontario provincial member of parliament (MPP) Randy Hillier asked the central Canadian province’s legislature during Question Period on October 7, 2020.

Covid Detainment Facilities Go From 'conspiracy Theory' To Official Govt Policy In 3 Months
During his inquiry over the country’s policy to detain citizens, Hillier’s microphone was cut and he was silenced and told to sit down.

His words would not go unnoticed, however, and the internet picked up on it and the memes began to flow on how Canada was about to start involuntarily detaining COVID-19 patients in government facilities.

It is important to note that Hillier’s claims were blown out of proportion online with disinformation flowing freely about children being taken from parents to people being held in these facilities “for the rest of their lives.” None of this is true.

Feb 06 08:09

ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt: The Masters of the Universe Aren’t Censoring Enough Conservatives

CEO of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) Jonathan Greenblatt told Rep. Yvette Clarke (D-NY) that a term like “globalists” is “white supremacist” language, and that the Silicon Valley Masters of the Universe have not done enough to stifle free speech on the internet.

“Fighting hate previously was not a Republican issue or Democratic issue, it was a bipartisan issue. That changed in the last four years,” said Greenblatt in response to Clarke’s question about the alleged role that “presidential rhetoric” played in fostering “hate” over the last four years.

“The prior president, indeed — from the rhetoric he used on the campaign in 2015 and 2016 — when he would retweet white supremacists, and he would use their language, terms like ‘globalists,’ and whatnot, and ‘George Soros,'” continued the ADL CEO.

“That created the conditions in which they felt encouraged,” he added,

Feb 06 08:07

Joe Biden Tells Prayer Breakfast the Country Must ‘Defeat Political Extremism’

President Joe Biden addressed the National Prayer Breakfast on Thursday, calling for the defeat of “political extremism, white supremacy and domestic terrorism.”

“We’ve just witnessed images we’ve never imagined, images that now we’ll never forget,” Biden said. “A violent assault of the U.S. Capitol, an assault on our democracy, and a violent threat that threatens lives and took lives.”

“We know now that we must defeat political extremism, white supremacy and domestic terrorism,” he said. “For so many in our nation, this is a dark, dark time.”

Curiously, Biden did not mention the ongoing violence over the past summer, with entire city blocks taken captive by armed mobs. According to a report last October in the Guardian newspaper, at least 25 Americans lost their lives during the riots and violent protests organized by Black Lives Matter and antifa militants over the summer, riots that most Democrats refused to condemn.

Feb 06 08:00

'1984' Coming to a Neighborhood Government Center Near You

A Tech columnist for The New York Times urged the Biden administration Tuesday to tackle the avalanche of misinformation flooding the internet, cable and broadcast news.

And the columnist, Kevin Roose, even suggested how to do it (and no, it wasn't by banning CNN and MSNBC).

He proposed that the president appoint a "reality czar" to lead a task force that would separate fact from fiction.

"This task force could also meet regularly with tech platforms and push for structural changes that could help those companies tackle their own extremism and misinformation problems," Roose wrote.

"For example, it could formulate 'safe harbor' exemptions that would allow platforms to share data about QAnon and other conspiracy theory communities with researchers and government agencies without running afoul of privacy laws. And it could become the tip of the spear for the federal government's response to the reality crisis."

Feb 05 16:46

READ THE SCRIPT : Biden’s press secretary gets all questions in advance so she can give canned answers

The next four years, should the country last that long, are going to be completely scripted. White House press secretary and Bride of Chucky lookalike Jen Psaki is planning to only field questions from the press that she receives in advance of the daily briefings, we have learned, and China Joe will be somewhere in the back eating pudding and mumbling about dog-faced pony soldiers.

Feb 05 15:57

Pentagon blog warns that freedom leads to populism, which “undermines national security”

The military-industrial complex is doubling down on its crusade against free expression, warning that the First Amendment should no longer be tolerated because it threatens “national security.” -- Citing the Jan. 6 “insurrection” against the United States Capitol as proof, Divya Ramjee and Elsa B. Kania, writing for the Pentagon’s Defense One blog, contend that all online free speech needs to be filtered by a Ministry of Truth in order to prevent the type of “disinformation and incitements to violence” that led to the Capitol false flag attack.

Feb 05 15:47

All American travelers are THREATENED to wear masks, and can be ordered to remove them if the government needs to scan your face

Government violating its own U.S. Code by treating everyone as a source of infection, with no probable cause or evidence...

Feb 05 13:12


YouTube has age-restricted Part 2 and Part 3 of The WWI Conspiracy. A listener writes in to ask whether he has to sign in to YouTube to watch the rest of the documentary. The answer (in case you didn’t know) is: NO! STOP WATCHING THINGS ON YOUTUBE!!!

Watch the documentary for free, read the transcript, download the video and audio files here:


Feb 05 11:53

EXCLUSIVE: FBI Visited Home of Trump Supporter Who Was Working in DC, But Did Not Even Attend the Rally

The FBI visited the home of Trump supporter Noel Fritsch, formerly of Big League Politics, for being in DC on January 6 — even though he was nowhere near the rally or subsequent takeover of the Capitol Building.

Fritsch says that the agents harassed his pregnant wife and attempted to intimidate her, while she was home alone with their four young children.

Speaking to the Gateway Pundit, Fritsch said that while he was in DC, he was miles away from the action. “I was at my laptop working. I work in conservative politics against Mitch and McCarthy trying to elect Tea Party and MAGA candidates to help the Trump Agenda,” he explained.

Feb 05 11:44


Feb 05 11:34

The Great Reset Wall of America

Sometimes, especially these days when the average American is completely asleep and indifferent to the totalitarian takeover of this country, reality is so obvious as to border on the insane. I am not discussing the idiotic Trump or Biden argument, as believing in a master is simply a way to remain a slave. The political system in this country is an atrocity, no different than it has been over at least the last century. We are staring at total tyranny that has been incrementally established by this evil governing system over the past 240 years. This was by design, but it has been fast-tracked at lightening speed over this past year, and now the final push toward global technocratic rule is firmly in place.

Feb 05 08:05

Tucker: Bank of America secretly turned over customer data to FBI

Feb 05 07:50

South Sudan worked with Israeli surveillance company to monitor citizens, Amnesty finds

The South Sudanese government obtained surveillance capabilities from an Israeli company between at least 2015 and 2017 in order to wiretap citizens’ phones, according to an Amnesty International investigation published Tuesday.

The company, Verint Systems Ltd., a subsidiary of U.S.-based Verint Systems Inc., worked with the government of South Sudan to provide “communications interception equipment and annual support services,” according to documents reviewed by Amnesty International.

As part of the arrangement, South Sudan required Vivacell, a telecommunications company, to pay Verint at least $762,236 in order to intercept citizens’ communications, according to Amnesty’s assessment.

Feb 05 07:44

The ‘Democratic’ Transformation of America

While Americans sang songs like “Pennies from Heaven” in the 1930s, John Dewey, founder of Progressive Education, was humming a tune he composed many years before: “The political and governmental phase of democracy,” his “song” went, “is a means, the best means so far found, for realizing ends that lie in the wide domain of human relationships and the development of human personality.”[i]

In a convoluted way, Dewey was implying that the democratic process serves the state, not the people. The fact that America is a constitutional republic was irrelevant to this educational innovator. For Dewey and fellow Marxian reformers, America was fair game for major alteration.

Feb 05 07:15

'Domestic Terror' Is A Government Without Constraints

A friend I’ve referenced in my writings before as “an unemployed tech CEO” (he’s been unemployed since one of his exits about 10 years ago) sent me that link that was making the rounds back in October...

It was purportedly from an anonymous Liberal Party “Strategic Committee” leaker that laid out a plan where the Canadian federal government, in collusion with world governments everywhere, were going to use the Coronavirus pandemic to impose a New World Order, distinctly communist in nature, replacing private property with Universal Basic Income and immunity passports.

I wrote it up at the time pointing out the various holes in the narrative, not the least of which was that it was completely unsourced. You had to decide to believe something like that.

Feb 05 07:01

Wikipedia launches new code of conduct that bans “false” info and “trolling,” encourages preferred pronoun use

If you're tired of cancel culture and censorship subscribe to Reclaim The Net.
The Wikimedia Foundation, the non-profit behind the world’s biggest online encyclopedia, Wikipedia, has announced a new code of content for Wikipedia that prohibits “hate speech” and “false” information on the site and also heavily promotes identity politics.

Under the new code of conduct, Wikipedia contributors are expected to “respect the way that contributors name and describe themselves” and this includes “the use of people’s preferred gender identity using distinct names or pronouns.”

Feb 05 06:51

70-minute video: Need to Know news for lucid analysis and commentary on current events (February 4, 2021)

Professor Emeritus Jim Fetzer, David Scorpio, and I discuss current events here on BitChute (censored on YouTube).

Context: American Revolution 2.2 2020: PATRIOTS vs. LOYALISTS

I’m a professional historian with degrees from Berkeley and Harvard, helped craft and deliver ~300 policy briefs for Members of Congress on ending poverty that led to two UN Summits for heads of state, have written ~1,000 articles since 2009 with ~50 million page views that include published research, and was recognized by two Los Angeles Mayors as among the very best high school teachers among ~20,000 teachers in Central L.A.

I also wrote a 2005 ~40-page White Paper circulated among Members of Congress to impeach President Bush and Vice President Cheney for those lie-started Orwellian-illegal Wars of Aggression (200+ footnotes using our own government’s most authoritative official documents as slam-dunk proof of lies known to be lies as they were told, and the opposite of lawful military attack).

Feb 05 06:47

Meet the people at AT&T, owner of CNN, who think it’s OK to silence Americans

Feb 05 06:21

FBI Raids Trump Supporters Who Spoke At Rally The DAY BEFORE The Capitol 'Storming'; Interrogates Random Trump Supporters Who Never Even Went

The FBI reportedly raided the homes of two Trump supporters who spoke at rallies the day before the Capitol protest and is now contacting random Trump supporters who didn't attend any Capitol protest-related events for questioning.

Feb 04 17:45

Surveillance Kills Freedom

A watched person hesitates to exercise freedom. The more the government gets away with surveillance without warrants, the more people will accept the servitude it brings.

Feb 04 16:19

It’s time to take seriously teachers’ refusal to teach

Before I go any farther, I'd better apologize to those readers who are intelligent, dedicated teachers who do not think theirs is the hardest job in the world, that they receive the lowest salary of any employee ever, or that they are uniquely vulnerable to the Wuhan virus despite evidence that classrooms are not dangerous virus spreaders.  This post is not about you.  This post is about teachers who use their classrooms to indoctrinate the captive young people in their charge with leftist values.

Feb 04 16:11

The Federal Mask Police Are Coming For You

Even though the number of new COVID cases in the United States has been dropping precipitously, a strict new federal mask mandate is being implemented from coast to coast, and it will be enforced by the TSA and other law enforcement authorities.  If you use public transportation without wearing a mask, the “mask police” will find you, and there is a very good chance that you could end up behind bars.  If you find this to be offensive, that is too bad, because in “Amerika” you are not permitted to have dissenting views.  You will either obey or the cold, hard boot of the government will come down on your neck.

Feb 04 15:56

These are the words colleges don’t want you to say

Amid a nationwide movement to remove statues, symbols, and words in the name of inclusion, Campus Reform rounded up recent examples of words that have been banned on college campuses.

Feb 04 15:46

The Biden coronavirus spending bill is nothing but a financial payoff to the Democrat-controlled cities and states that RIGGED the election

The Democratic Party has long used American taxpayers as a bank to finance schemes rewarding allies and favored groups. -- In fact, truth be told, there is probably a course on political patronage that every Democrat must secretly take and pass before becoming a party member in good standing. -- That has to be true because that is literally all the party does: Pay off allies and friends and provide political cover while doing so.

Feb 04 15:41

Harold Meyerson wants all Republicans to be put on a domestic terrorism watch list

In a piece he wrote for the far-left publication American Prospect, columnist Harold Meyerson made the suggestion that all Republicans need to be put on a domestic terrorism watch list because some of them have said mean things about Democrats.

Feb 04 15:35

Gun Bans and Prior Restraints Being Sold as “Progress”

The Center for American Progress presented “6 Policies to Reduce Gun Violence in Nevada” on Wednesday. Replete with footnotes to make it appear to be a serious study, it unsurprisingly shows itself to be another piece of Astroturf propaganda commissioned by connected and powerful elites. It has been designed to smear gun owners and advance citizen disarmament by swindling the ignorant into surrendering their rights.

Feb 04 12:03

The Digital Police State Is Being Institutionalized Throughout the Western World

Alarming News. In Germany the Parliament (Bundestag) ratified on 29 January 2021, the implementation of Agenda ID2020.

This is a centralized general electronic data collection of every citizen to which every government agency, police – and possibly also the private sector would have access.

It covers all that is known about an individual citizen, now up to 200 points of in formation and possibly more as time goes on, from your bank account to your shopping habits, health records (vaccination records, of course), your political inclinations, and probably even your dating habits and other entries into your private sphere.

Agenda ID2020 was designed by Bill Gates as part of the “vaccination package”. It is backed by the Rockefeller Foundation, Accenture, the WEF and GAVI (Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization, now simply called the Vaccine Alliance), also a Gates creation (2001), with HQ in Geneva, Switzerland.

Feb 04 11:59

Surveillance Kills Freedom

"The makers of our Constitution undertook to secure conditions favorable to the pursuit of happiness. They recognized the significance of man’s spiritual nature, of his feelings, and of his intellect. They knew that only a part of the pain, pleasure and satisfactions of life are to be found in material things. They sought to protect Americans in their beliefs, their thoughts, their emotions and their sensations. They conferred, as against the Government, the right to be let alone – the most comprehensive of rights, and the right most valued by civilized men." – Justice Louis D. Brandeis (1856-1941)

Feb 04 11:37

CIA Counterterror Chief Suggests Going To War Against ‘Domestic Insurgents’

The former head of the CIA Counterterrorism Center has suggested that counterinsurgency tactics used by the military in Iraq and Afghanistan should be applied to ‘domestic extremists’ inside the US.

NPR reports that Robert Grenier, who directed the CIA’s Counterterrorism program from 2004 to 2006, declared “We may be witnessing the dawn of a sustained wave of violent insurgency within our own country, perpetrated by our own countrymen.”

In an op-ed for The New York Times last week, Grenier suggested that “extremists who seek a social apocalypse … are capable of producing endemic political violence of a sort not seen in this country since Reconstruction.”

Feb 04 06:59

TUCKER: DeSantis’s Big Tech Crackdown Will Set the Standard for the Rest of the Country

Fox News host Tucker Carlson said on Tuesday night that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s Big Tech crackdown will likely set the standard for the rest of the country.

Governor DeSantis announced on Tuesday sweeping action against Big Tech companies, designed to tackle rampant censorship from them, which has mostly been targeted against conservatives and supporters of President Trump. As National File reported:

Some of the new regulations include a mandatory opt-out from content filters created by Big Tech companies, which can leave users “shadowbanned” without the need for full platform removal, a right of action for all Floridians against Big Tech companies who violated this, and a number of daily fines related to interference in elections, including a $100,000 daily fine levied for any company that suspends political candidates.

Feb 04 06:55

Ultimate Proof: Covid-19 Was Planned To Usher In The New World Order

Medical Doctors Declare That The Pandemic Was Planned

A group of over 500 medical doctors in Germany called ‘Doctors for Information’ made a shocking statement during a national press conference: (1)

‘The Corona panic is a play. It’s a scam. A swindle. It’s high time we understood that we’re in the midst of a global crime.’

Feb 04 06:50

United Airlines CEO: MANDATORY Vaccines “Will Become What Most Companies Do”

In a speech to business leaders in Chicago, United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby said that he expects business to demand employees be vaccinated, and that people will accept it just as they have accepted wearing masks.

Feb 04 06:45

Here's how the Left tricks Americans into accepting socialism

Feb 03 16:32

The COVID Anal Swab: Another Instrument of State Terror

Governments’ obvious objective of inflicting this abuse and humiliation upon their people is to make the populations completely docile and submissive. -- This is what dystopia looks like.

Feb 03 16:21

Oxford study: If you survive coronavirus, you’re mentally ill

People who test “positive” for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) and do not end up dying while “infected” have a one in three chance of developing either a mental or neurological illness following their “recovery,” a hilarious new “study” claims. -- The University of Oxford, naturally, put out the paper, which claims that 33.6 percent of people who “survive” the Chinese virus are subsequently diagnosed with their first psychiatric or neurological disease within six months.

Feb 03 16:13

Ah, the Ministry of Truth. I’ve been waiting for this one! NY Times calls for biden to appoint “Reality Czar” to fight “misinformation”

The New York Times has amplified claims by “experts” who are calling for Joe Biden to appoint a “reality czar,” prompting critics to compare the idea to the Ministry of Truth in George Orwell’s 1984.

Feb 03 15:43

Where’s the Flu? In the age of COVID, “the flu” has been reclassified as coronavirus, says epidemiologist

Weekly comparisons of data from last year and this year show an even starker difference: A year ago this week, the positive flu rate was 22 percent, but this year it’s just 0.1 percent.

Feb 03 15:29

Anti-Gunner Admits ‘Biden Presidency is Dream Come True’

A top official with the billionaire-backed Everytown for Gun Safety lobbying group admitted to The Hill that Joe Biden’s presidency is a “dream come true” for gun prohibitionists while it will be “the worst nightmare” for gun owners and organizations representing their interests.

Feb 03 10:56


Feb 03 10:51

Biden Regime Moves Swiftly to Impose Communist Agenda

Having brought down the American Republic by unlawfully seizing Executive and Legislative power, the communists and their jihadi/globalist cabal now control the U.S. federal government.

This regime is placing communists, jihadis, and anti-American atheists in the Cabinet, and in key positions throughout the regime.

The current regime is wasting no time in moving to ensure liberty is snuffed out before Patriots can rally to the cause.

In the first five (5) business days in office, the Biden/Harris regime has already moved to do the following:

Feb 03 09:29

The Biden Regime Will be America’s First Totalitarian Government

It is unavoidable. The presstitutes have white conservative American Trump supporters set up as “systemic racists,” “MEGA terrorists,” “enemies of democracy,” and “white supremacist oppressors.”

As Biden’s staffing reveals, the regime is staffed with people hostile to white gentiles. The regime’s “anti-domestic terrorism bill” voids the First Amendment by criminalizing dissent from controlled explanations.

I am not the only one who sees this. Here is Tulsi Gabbard, the last honest Democrat. She tells us that the Domestic-Terrorism Bill Is “a Targeting of Almost Half of the Country”:

Feb 03 09:18

Young Free Speech Advocates In UK Launch New Movement To Re-Imagine The "Public Square"

A new free speech movement set on “reimagining the public square” was launched in the UK on Sunday following recent concerns over freedom of expression in the country.

Launched by a group of university students and recent graduates, the Free Speech Champions initiative “aims to inspire the next generation about the importance of free speech,” the group’s founding director, Inaya Folarin Iman wrote on Twitter.

“Without being exposed to disagreement, how would we be able to work out if we’re right or wrong?” Iman asked in one of four video messages from group members on the movement’s new website.

Highlighting the function of free speech in a democracy, group member Oliver Cray said, “Freedom of expression and democracy are inseparable.”

“I think in a system where one man gets one vote, we know that each man is endowed with reason, the capacity to think, and the capacity to make decisions for themselves,” Cray said.

Feb 03 08:43

Lincoln High School And The Latest Fact-Checking Pitfalls

As Internet fact-checkers have evolved from niche websites into the absolute arbitrators of “truth” on the modern web, they have gone from debunking simple urban myths to tackling far more complex and nuanced topics. One area of particular concern is a growing focus on humor websites and even fact-checking future events.

Feb 03 08:25

Americans Abandoning Free Speech Better Brace for the Consequences

In the panicked aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the powers-that-be dusted off wish lists of surveillance-state powers and began monitoring and tracking us in ways that affect our lives two decades later. The political turbulence of recent years, culminating in the Capitol riot on January 6, may similarly liberate the political class to do its worst—this time with free speech as the target. The effort will likely again enjoy support from members of the public eager to surrender their freedom.

Feb 03 07:51

Libertarian “Domestic Terrorists”?

The Department of Homeland Security issued on Wednesday a nationwide terror alert lasting until April 30. The alert warns of potential terrorist attacks from Americans who are “ideologically motivated” and have “objections to the exercise of government authority and the presidential transition, as well as other perceived grievances fueled by false narratives.”

Feb 03 07:16

Regime Journalists Mobilize to Ban Competition. And Your Free Speech

“Like many of the other proponents of controlled speech mentioned here, Bazelon’s writing has a detectable winking quality to it: Don’t worry, dear reader, YOU’RE not the one who’s going to be censored. THEY are. In fact, the censorship, so-called, won’t even be that bad. You’ll hardly notice it.”

“One thing that people might not immediately recognize when they hear scary-sounding words like “censorship” is that the act of controlling other people’s speech can be gratifying, a psychic net-positive for those who dream of a purified information space.”

The new enemy is no longer “disinformation” but “misinformation,” or information that somebody, somewhere—perhaps a presidential commission, perhaps an FCC bureaucrat, perhaps a faceless content moderator, perhaps a college professor with a website—deems punishable by virtue of its allegedly being untrue, or not true enough.

Feb 03 06:51

Humans of the GREAT RESET: What the future MIGHT look like in 2021 – if the controlling elites have their way

As lockdowns and mask mandates became a part of daily life over the last year, politicians the world over asked their citizenry to accept “The New Normal.” The phrase became ubiquitous, but as vaccines inched closer to deployment, that phrase was replaced with a new one, “The Great Reset,” used to describe the monumental changes to human society needed in a post-coronavirus world.

Unveiled in May by Britain’s Prince Charles and the World Economic Forum’s Klaus Schwab, the ‘Great Reset’ is an ambitious plan to create a more equal, cashless, integrated and sustainable global society. World leaders have seemingly signed up to the plan, with its catchphrase, “Build Back Better” featured prominently in incoming US President Joe Biden’s campaign messaging.

Feb 03 06:47

Big Tech behaves as if they’re the new rulers of the world, and they need to be stopped. At last, the pushback has begun

Facebook & Twitter etc. think they can decide which politicians win and which lose. Florida governor Ron DeSantis’ new plan to fine these companies if they censor candidates is good, but the policies need to go further.

The growing trend of Big Tech tyranny by companies like Facebook and Twitter has made one thing clear: These companies, thanks to their wealth, and the enormous influence they wield regarding the flow of information and global communication, are now more powerful than most countries. In fact, Facebook is now more powerful than any elected body or representative – including the president of the United States.

Although Facebook has been practicing forms of political censorship for years, its monopolistic power and threat to election integrity means the very concept and existence of sovereign democratic nations whose leaders are elected by the people has been completely undermined following the contentious 2020 US presidential election.

Feb 03 06:33

Joe Biden to Divert $30 Billion in Aid Trump Left For Farmers to Climate Change without Waiting For Congress

Joe Biden is now waging war on farmers.

Biden killed tens of thousands of jobs his first day in office when he canceled the Keystone XL pipeline and now he’s targeting farmers.

The Trump Administration left $30 billion to help farmers suffering from the trade wars but Biden is going to divert the money to climate change pet projects.

Biden’s plan is to create a “carbon bank” to pay farmers for using “sustainable farming practices” to “capture carbon in soil.”

Feb 02 16:38

Gunpoint medicine: FEMA asks Pentagon to enforce coronavirus vaccination efforts, with soldiers being armed with needles

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has asked the Department of Defense (DoD) to help enforce Wuhan coronavirus vaccination efforts. The top Pentagon spokesman announced Jan. 24 that it had received a request from FEMA to assist in administering COVID-19 vaccine doses. FEMA’s request for backup came in line with President Joe Biden’s goal to administer 1.5 million coronavirus vaccine shots daily.

Feb 02 15:29

EXCLUSIVE: Trump supporter flagged with facial recognition technology at airport, interrogated by DHS, FBI

A Trump supporter who attended the peaceful rally that preceded the Capitol Hill riot revealed to The Post Millennial that she was flagged with facial recognition technology and interrogated by Homeland Security while flying home from vacation last week. Then FBI agents appeared at her house.

When 54-year-old Dana Kurtbek of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, travelled to Mexico with her daughter, the conservative woman was held at Philadelphia Airport for intensive screening conducted by the Transportation Security Administration—even though she is enrolled in the expedited TSA PreCheck program—and missed her American Airlines flight.

"I thought it was just random bad luck," she told The Post Millennial, emphasizing that she's a taxpaying, law-abiding American citizen with no criminal record. Fortunately, she was placed on a later flight.