Feb 02 11:09

How Treason And Thought crime Are Easier Than Ever In Biden’s America

Power-hungry presidents have perennially portrayed their critics as public nuisances, but the Biden administration seems hellbent on doing far more than finger-wagging. Perhaps the feds will overreach and finally awaken more Americans to the peril of letting their rulers judge their thoughts.

Feb 02 09:31

Enemies Of The State Vs. Enemies Of The People

I didn’t declare war on the establishment; it declared war on me.

It declared war on me when it supported energy policies that could enrich Saudi Arabia and Russia and would cost me more money at the gas pump or on my power bill.

It declared war on me when it told me my ideas weren’t worthy of debate and discussion or that they were even so dangerous they couldn’t be shared publicly.

It declared war on me when it used the police powers of the FBI and CIA to first spy on a presidential candidate and then worked to undermine the administration of that candidate after he was elected.

It declared war on me when it told me my religious beliefs did not deserve the protection of the First Amendment.

It declared war on me when it told me boys could compete against girls in high school sports and that they could shower together afterwards.

It declared war on me when it offered citizenship to illegal aliens and shipped American jobs to China.

Feb 02 08:47

CNN proves the left doesn’t believe in freedom of speech, only ‘freedom of reach’ as media targeted in wake of Capitol riot

Numerous lawmakers and media talking heads have called for more control over speech under the facade of combating “misinformation” since the US Capitol riot on January 6, and a new CNN segment has taken things even further.

After noting that words like “censorship” were spewed on right-wing news networks like Fox News and Newsmax hundreds of times during the month of January, CNN’s Brian Stelter – ironically the host of a show called ‘Reliable Sources’ – launched into one of the most offensive, unintelligent, and blatantly anti-free speech diatribes ever aired on the network.

“While some cry, ‘cancel culture,’ let me suggest a different way to think about this: a harm reduction model,” he told his audience.

He went on to note that “most people” want “accurate news” and “rational views.”

Feb 02 08:37

Guess Which Side The Corporate Media Is Taking In The GameStop Story…

You would think that a plucky group of Internet rebels standing up to a bunch of notorious hedge funds and short sellers would be a story that even the mainstream media should be able to get right, but apparently that is not the case.  As you will see below, the corporate-controlled media is attempting to convince all of us that the hedge funds and the short sellers are actually “the good guys” and that the “Reddit army” that is taking them on is a bunch of dangerous insurrectionists that are a threat to the entire system.  Of course I suppose that it shouldn’t be a surprise that the corporate-controlled media is standing up for the establishment, because the establishment showers them with millions of advertising dollars.  But it really has been disgusting to watch them totally sell out like this.  If you listen to the mainstream media long enough, you would be tempted to believe that we now live in a “Bizarro World” in which everything that was once evil is now good and everything th

Feb 02 08:32

When Pathology Becomes the Norm. The Ruling Elites

When scientists a thousand years from now will be studying our time, much about it will strike them as strange. They will be puzzled by how technically advanced we were, but how little we were able to understand each other. It will be hard for them to comprehend why, with such rare, once in thousands of years, scientific and technical ability to create a true paradise on earth, we continued to choose the path of wars, violence, and destruction.

They will be mystified by our persistent failure to heed our scientists’ dire warnings that the Doomsday Clock was seconds away from midnight, abandoning ourselves to unbridled consumption and greed. Why we believed tenaciously that truth is always on our side, even as it deprives others of life and justice?

Feb 02 08:20

The Senate takes the ‘Star Chamber’ route

One of the infamous tools of British law was the Star Chamber. It was created in the late 15th century as a court of equity and one that could deal with wrongdoing amongst the highest in the land and initially functioned efficiently and openly. By the early years 16th century, though, it had turned into a purely political tool advancing the crown’s interests and breaking those who threatened the king’s power. That perfectly describes the Senate Ethics Committee’s announcement that it will engage in a secretive proceeding to review Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley because they argued that the 2020 presidential election had significant fraud that needed to be investigated.

Feb 02 08:15

H.R. 127: A New Bill In Congress Would Literally End Your 2nd Amendment Rights Permanently

Within three months, you would have to report to the government where you bought all of your guns, when they were purchased, and where they are currently being stored. -- Needless to say, if the government knows where all of your guns are being stored, it would make it that much easier to grab them from you at some future date. -- H.R. 127 would also require all gun owners to be federally licensed. -- That would mean that owning a gun would no longer be a right. Instead, it would be reduced to a “privilege” that the government could take away at any time.

Feb 02 08:11

Police Take Traveling Woman Into Mandatory COVID Isolation In Canada – Won’t Tell Family Where They Are Holding Her

A pastor in Calgary says his wife was put in mandatory quarantine in Canada after her flight arrived in Calgary. Officials told Nikki Mathis she would be required to quarantine for two weeks. And authorities will not disclose where they took the woman.

Shortly after the story broke that Nikki Mathis was transported under police surveillance to an undisclosed location for quarantine from Calgary Airport (despite having tested negative prior to her flight), the Justice Centre announced its intent to submit a letter to the federal government, calling this line of action unconstitutional and demanding her immediate release.

Feb 02 08:00


It’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s a fact. The ruling classes of the globe are promising that they will follow through with the Great Reset. If you think this is going to be done in your favor, then you are delusional.

The goal is for humans to become a slave race to the very few, we will “own nothing” and be “happy” to serve the ruling class. At least people are finally realizing what these totalitarian control freaks want in the very near future.

Through its digital platform, the virtual Davos forum’s organizers set out an agenda that’s more ambitious than ever before, according to a report by The Washington Post. Slavemaster Klaus Schwab, WEF’s founder and executive chairman, invoked the need to help provoke a “great reset” around the world in the wake of the plandemic. “The covid-19 crisis has shown us that our old systems are not fit anymore for the 21st century,” he said in a podcast ahead of events this week.

Feb 02 07:59

Libertarian Terrorists? (Ron Paul Chimes In)

The language used in this alert suggests that millions of Americans are potential terrorists. Second Amendment supporting, antiwar, anti-tax, anti-politics, anti-militarization, pro-life, and anti-Federal Reserve activists certainly have “objections to the exercise of government authority.” They are certainly viewed by the political class and its handmaidens in big tech and the mainstream media as ideological extremists. Anyone who gets his news from sources other than mainstream media or big tech, or who uses certain “unapproved” social media platforms, is considered to have had his grievances “fueled by false narratives.” For something to be considered a false narrative, it need only contradict the “official” narrative.

Feb 02 07:31

Democrat is the best synonym for “insurrectionist”

How long will loyal Americans have to watch the quickly aging dog-face of John Brennan speak utter lies about them, and heap his vile hatred on those who want the republic to survive and flourish? Who knows, but one would think it can be inexpensively stopped.

Anyway, about a year ago I did an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ThUvCXivGds) and explained that the Democrats have long been waging an expanding and lethal insurrection against the republic and its supporters. But, let us first explain what is not an insurrection.

Feb 02 07:15

FLASHBACK - 'US citizen has no right to free speech?' State Dept spokesperson grilled over Snowden

Feb 02 07:13

WEF’s Creepy NWO Website & WallstreetBets Used as a Pawn in a Bigger Game?

Feb 02 07:09

Claims of Silicon Valley bias are ‘disinformation’, say researchers relying on disgraced partisan ‘experts’ and Big Tech itself

Silicon Valley wants you to know that even thinking they might be biased against conservatives is ‘disinformation,’ and cite a paper informed by censorious busybodies, partisan hacks and their own executives to prove it.

Twitter spokesman Nick Pacilio approvingly quoted the Washington Post story about a report arguing that the “claim of anti-conservative animus on the part of social media companies is itself a form of disinformation: a falsehood with no reliable evidence to support it.”

Nothing to see here, folks, just a former press secretary for Democrat Kamala Harris (it’s in his bio) retweeting a newspaper that openly endorsed the Biden-Harris ticket saying that Democrats are right and Republicans are wrong, right?

Feb 02 05:42

Washington Examiner: Capitol Protesters Are 'Terrorists' Like Al Qaeda Who Must Be 'Ruthlessly Hunted Down'

The Washington Examiner ran a hysterical column on Monday from "former" CIA officer Kevin Carroll calling for Americans who took part in the mostly peaceful protests at the Capitol to be "ruthlessly hunted down" and treated like Al Qaeda terrorists.

Feb 01 22:29

86-minute video: Need to Know news for lucid analysis and commentary on current events (February 1, 2021)

Professor Emeritus Jim Fetzer, Chris Weinert, and I discuss current events here on BitChute (and to be added here on YouTube).

Context: American Revolution 2.2 2020: PATRIOTS vs. LOYALISTS

I’m a professional historian with degrees from Berkeley and Harvard, helped craft and deliver ~300 policy briefs for Members of Congress on ending poverty that led to two UN Summits for heads of state, have written ~1,000 articles since 2009 with ~50 million page views that include published research, and was recognized by two Los Angeles Mayors as among the very best high school teachers among ~20,000 teachers in Central L.A.

Feb 01 16:00

Here it is – The Bill To Destroy Gun Ownership

Here we have it. They are going after EVERYONE who has a gun or ammunition. They are deeply concerned about a revolution and they want to know every person who has a gun or ammunition. The object of this bill will be to identify every person who has a gun. They will be able to revoke a license and confiscate the gun under rules to be created by the Attorney General. Biden swore he would end the NRA. He was not joking. Like a diverse license, once they create this federal license, they effectively limit the Second Amendment claiming if you obey all their regulations which they can change at any time, then you have that right. But all such rights are eliminated whenever they say so.

Feb 01 15:51

Insurance companies begin dropping policies for conservatives as blatant discrimination takes hold across corporate America

Targeting political dissidents with persecution as corporations and government officials are now doing, with cheers from the left, is the very definition of fascism. It is everything that these “progressive” hypocrites claim to be against, revealing their total lack of self-awareness about the fact that they are the totalitarians they pretend to hate.

Feb 01 15:30

Ocasio-Cortez‘s Stunning Ignorance of Federal Gun Laws on Display

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez’s comments in which she bungled gun laws and Constitutional rights started with her saying that she didn’t feel safe and claimed many other Members of Congress agreed with her. She didn’t offer any other names or even attempt at putting a number on it. She did willingly ignore that a concern for safety is exactly why more than 8.4 million people purchased a firearm for the first time last year, among the 21 million background checks for a gun sale. -- Rep. Ocasio-Cortez has sponsored 29 bills and amendments. None of her bills passed the House of Representatives controlled by her fellow Democrats. Only two of her amendments passed, one by voice vote and one by recorded vote. A courtesy she might want to consider on behalf of the People she’s elected to represent would be to understand the laws before she attempts to destroy them.

Feb 01 10:35

FACEBOOK INSIDER LEAKS: Zuckerberg & Execs Admit Excessive Power

Feb 01 10:31

This Is How It Happens

Shortly after the Second World War ended, American journalist Milton Mayer set out to investigate how Germany had become a totalitarian state. Mayer wanted to know why, as Adolf Hitler’s Nationalist Socialist Party slowly amassed power and drove the country to war, Germans didn’t stand up for their rights. He’d long earlier realized that the answer to this question would be better found by speaking frankly to Germans, rather than examining or interviewing former Nazi officials. So Mayer decided to focus on Germany’s “little men.”

These “little men,” Mayer wrote, weren’t only “the men for whom the mass media and the campaign speeches are everywhere designed but, specifically in sharply stratified societies like Germany, the men who think of themselves in that way.” Mayer found 10 of them in the town of Marburg (which Mayer called “Kronenberg”), near Frankfurt. He became friendly with them. He interviewed them many times over several months. He didn’t tell them he was Jewish.

Feb 01 10:01


Newly unearthed documents have shed new light on the FBI’s role in the murder of the 21-year-old Black Panther leader Fred Hampton on December 4, 1969, when Chicago police raided Hampton’s apartment and shot and killed him in his bed, along with fellow Black Panther leader Mark Clark

Feb 01 09:32

'Scope Of Censorship' Revealed: Big Tech Now Being Targeted By Legitimate News Outlets

A media company that operates several West Virginia newspapers is accusing Google and Facebook of threatening the abolition of local newspapers across the country by their alleged anti-competitive business practices.

HD Media Company this week filed a claim requesting a federal court to resolve whether the two Silicon Valley firms had violated antitrust laws.

The case claims Google had illegally exercised monopoly power of the digital advertising market, which has stopped newspapers from playing in the market and losing their primary source of revenue.

It also claims that Google and Facebook had “unlawfully conspired to engage in anticompetitive conduct,” through an alleged secret deal aliased “Jedi Blue.” Details of the alleged contract were first reported when 10 state attorneys general

accused Google of multiple violations of federal and state antitrust and consumer protection laws.

Feb 01 09:04


It’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s a fact. The ruling classes of the globe are promising that they will follow through with the Great Reset. If you think this is going to be done in your favor, then you are delusional.

The goal is for humans to become a slave race to the very few, we will “own nothing” and be “happy” to serve the ruling class. At least people are finally realizing what these totalitarian control freaks want in the very near future.

Through its digital platform, the virtual Davos forum’s organizers set out an agenda that’s more ambitious than ever before, according to a report by The Washington Post. Slavemaster Klaus Schwab, WEF’s founder and executive chairman, invoked the need to help provoke a “great reset” around the world in the wake of the plandemic. “The covid-19 crisis has shown us that our old systems are not fit anymore for the 21st century,” he said in a podcast ahead of events this week.

Feb 01 08:59

Journalists Mobilize Against Free Speech

American journalism once thought of itself as being inherently and institutionally pro free speech. Visitors to the Newseum, the media industry’s temple of self-glorification on Constitution Avenue in Washington, were once greeted with the First Amendment inscribed across 74 vertical feet of lofty marble. The Newseum has been closed since late 2019, its operators having discovered the hard way that the public doesn’t share the media’s heroic level of regard for itself.

The museum was an anachronism in more ways than one: The idea that journalists themselves look upon the constitutional right to free expression with quasi-religious awe is nearly as quaint as the idea the media could be the basis for a major D.C. tourist attraction. A publicly beloved press that earnestly believes in free speech now feels like it belongs to some fictive era of good feelings. These days, the American public distrusts the media more than it ever has.

Feb 01 08:46


The United States Justice Department is attempting to foil former CIA engineer Joshua Schulte’s challenge to his harsh confinement conditions at the Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC) in New York.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Charles Jacob argued in a letter [PDF] to a federal judge, “The court lacks jurisdiction to resolve this petition in the context of this criminal case.”

Prosecutors maintain MCC Warden Marti Licon-Vitale should be the target of any habeas petition, or complaint, but Licon-Vitale cannot be named as a defendant.

Effectively, if accepted by the court, this means Schulte would have to pursue a civil lawsuit against prison administrators while at the same time preparing for the Justice Department to try him on Espionage Act charges that a jury deadlocked on last March. He already has public defenders and definitely could not afford to hire an attorney to argue his constitutional rights are being violated.

Feb 01 08:36


Putin is the first national leader of prominence to verbalize the idea that Big Tech companies are in direct competition with national governments to control societies. In America, the government still thinks it exercises control over Big Tech as part of society. ? TN Editor

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday warned against the increasing influence of large technology companies, which he said are “competing” with states.

His comments came as Russia ramps up pressure on the activities of foreign internet companies, which are not subject to state censorship unlike the majority of the country’s media outlets.

“These are not just economic giants. In some areas they are already de facto competing with the state,” Putin said during his address to the Davos virtual economic summit.

The Russian leader said it is unclear where the line is between a “successful global business” and “attempts to crudely, at their own discretion, control society”.

Feb 01 07:33

Regime Takes Aim at White Advocates

The Regime on the Potomac has begun its campaign of repression. Media hysterics about “insurrectionists” and a vague Department of Homeland security bulletin about terrorism created an artificial crisis. Figures in the new Administration are eager to use state power against “racists,” even while they tolerate real crime. Add to this the concepts of “restorative justice” and “transitive justice” and we get the perfect recipe for anarcho-tyranny.

The “Ricky Vaughn” case is a warning. Douglass Mackey (his real name), now 31, was one of the 2016 campaign’s most effective pro-Trump Twitter accounts. On January 27, the Justice Department announced it arrested him for “conspiring with others in advance of the 2016 Presidential Election to use various social media platforms to disseminate misinformation designed to deprive individuals of their constitutional right to vote.” The Department of Justice arrested Ricky Vaughn for posting memes five years ago.

Jan 31 13:36

Biden to flood America with illegal aliens, aka new Democrat voters

At least six of the EOs that Biden has signed thus far deal with immigration. All of them aim to expand the number of foreigners that are allowed to come to or stay living on American soil, even if they are living here illegally.

Jan 31 13:04

Virginia upholds election integrity for FUTURE elections as state judge outlaws counting late mail-in ballots without postmarks

Clements said that he is in possession of more than 500 pages of sworn affidavits and forensic reports that would be considered valid under the rules of evidence. But the courts refuse to proceed with election cases. The problem, according to Clements, was that “we have a bunch of cowards. We have judges who are cowards, we have politicians that are cowards, and that’s the reality.”

Jan 31 12:32

When resistance became sedition and sedition became resistance

The difference between resistance and sedition, between protests and insurrections, is who’s in charge. Democrats resist Republican elected officials. Republicans however commit sedition against Democrat elected officials. Democrats protest, Republicans riot. These aren’t distinctions in law. The only real distinction is who’s in power and who’s on the barricades. -- Political hypocrisy isn’t a new phenomenon, but Democrats weaponizing the national security state to suppress the political opposition over the same behavior they engage in is a serious threat to the survival of the United States as anything other than a banana republic in a civil war.

Jan 31 09:58

Joe Biden’s Treasury Secretary has extensive financial ties with CCP and Wall Street

Janet Yellen, President Joe Biden’s pick to be secretary of the treasury, has extensive financial ties with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and to the Wall Street banks that she is supposed to regulate. (No conflict of interest there.)

Jan 31 09:41

Pro Gun Group Says H.R. 127 Gun Control Bill Is ‘Insanity on Steroids’

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee’s H.R. 127, a gun control measure requiring gun owner licensing, psychological evaluations, retroactive gun registration, and separate licensing for modern sporting rifles is “insanity on steroids,” the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms said today.

Jan 31 09:13

Being indoctrinated at public school is “safe” for children, but doing anything else will spread coronavirus

According to the CDC, the only safe thing for children to do anymore is sit in a public school classroom and have their heads filled with whatever their teachers are telling them. Everything else is simply too dangerous because it could lead to more “positive” test results, and that would be really scary.

Jan 31 09:08

The World’s Rulers Are PROMISING A “Great Reset”

It’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s a fact. The ruling classes of the globe are promising that they will follow through with the Great Reset.  If you think this is going to be done in your favor, then you are delusional.

Jan 30 17:39

The UK government admits that covid vaccines are pointless and offer zero protection

The scientific consensus in early 2020 was one of coercion and fear, instructing humans everywhere to separate, lock down, mask up, follow lines on a floor, and contact trace until a vaccine was produced and plunged into everyone’s arms.

Now that experimental vaccines are being rolled out and offered to the world population, public health authorities can’t seem to let go the control. Britain’s Health Secretary, Matt Hancock reprimanded everyone in the country to continue masking up and continue following lock down restrictions and contact tracing false imprisonment, even after vaccination.

“I want to reiterate an important point made by the Chief Medical Officers and the clinical advice that they have been giving: even if you’ve had the jab, the rules still apply,” Matt Hancock scolded a press conference in London.

Jan 30 13:04

Is the Establishment Still Terrified of Trump?

This effort to convict and disqualify Trump from running again tells us more about the people behind it than it does about Trump. -- For the odds are slim at best that Trump would or could, at 78, win the nomination and the presidency a second time, as Grover Cleveland did in 1892. -- Yet, a fearful establishment does not want to take the chance. -- For all the babbling about “democracy” we have heard in recent days, the establishment wants to eliminate the possibility that the people could rise up, and, horror of horrors, elect Trump once more. -- You can smell the fear.

Jan 30 11:24

Ideological alignment pushing America toward totalitarianism, experts warn

The formation of a totalitarian state is just about complete in America as the most powerful public and private sector actors unify behind the idea that actions to stamp out dissent can be justified, according to several experts on modern totalitarian ideologies.

Jan 30 11:00

WHAT?? YouTube REMOVES actual Senate videos of doctors testifying about early treatments of COVID

Senator Ron Johnson tweeted last night that YouTube, which is owned by Google, removed two official videos from his Senate hearing last year with doctors testifying about early treatments of COVID:

Social media censorship just ratcheted up to a new level. Google’s YouTube removed two videos of doctors testifying under oath at my US Senate hearing on early treatment of COVID. Another body blow to freedom of speech and expression. Very sad and scary. Where does this end?

Jan 30 10:59

Twitter suspends Christian magazine for saying Biden’s trans nominee is a man, not a woman

Twitter has suspended a Christian magazine's account for reporting that one of President Joe Biden's nominees is a man who believes he's a woman.

The Daily Citizen, a publication of the Colorado Springs-based Focus on the Family, tweeted on Jan. 19 that Biden's nominee for assistant secretary of health, Rachel Levine, "is a transgender woman, that is, a man who believes he is a woman," along with a link to an article about the nomination.

As a result, the social media giant locked the magazine out of its account, informing the publication that the tweet violated Twitter's user rules forbidding "hateful conduct."

The Daily Citizen appealed the suspension but was informed that its account will remain locked until it deletes the tweet.

Jan 30 10:45

Get the Troops Out of DC

The militarization of the Capitol comes complete with tall fences, razor wire and gun-toting troops, and has been given the name ‘Green Zone’, harkening back to the Iraq War. Along with publishing terror warnings, this is more of a propaganda exercise than it is about providing security protection. Even if right-wing extremists set off attacks in the future (which, of course, cannot be ruled out), the current military mobilization – which is the kind you would undertake if you were engaged in warfare – is simply overkill and not reasonable for the scale of threat. This show of force is more about Biden and his allies sending a message, especially during the impeachment proceedings: do not forget how violent and uniquely bad Trump supporters are.

Jan 30 09:42

Twitter rolls out Stasi-like “snitch” feature that mirrors what tyrannical bootlickers want for all of society: SECRET POLICE everywhere

People who still use Twitter and believe that elections should be fair and free; that vaccines are unsafe and ineffective; and that the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “pandemic” has been blown way out of proportion will now have to face a new “feature” known as “Birdwatch” that allows leftists to flag content deemed as “misinformation.”

Jan 30 08:43

China Is Now Sending Twitter Users to Prison for Posts Most Chinese Can’t See

China’s Communist Party is amping up efforts to control its image around the world by jailing Chinese citizens, many of them ordinary people with little influence, who use foreign social media to criticize Chinese leader Xi Jinping and his government.

Chinese authorities have sentenced more than 50 people to prison in the past three years for using Twitter and other foreign platforms—all blocked in China—allegedly to disrupt public order and attack party rule, according to a Wall Street Journal examination of court records and a database maintained by a free-speech activist.

The growing use of prison sentences marks an escalation of China’s efforts to control narratives and strangle criticism outside China’s cloistered internet. In the past, the suppression of views on foreign social media was enforced mostly through detentions and harassment, rarely by imprisoning people, human-rights activists say.

Jan 30 08:41

France’s Macron Calls for Regulation of Social Media to Stem ‘Threat to Democracy’

French President Emmanuel Macron called for international regulation to curb the spread of ideological extremism in Western democracies, chiding tech companies and political correctness for allowing it to flourish.

Speaking to a group of reporters inside the Élysée Palace, Mr. Macron said the storming of the U.S. Capitol was a sign of the West’s failure to rein in social media platforms, allowing them to become incubators of hate, moral relativism and conspiracy theories.

The French leader chided tech companies—without naming them—for giving former President Donald Trump a platform to “spread hate” for years before taking action. Twitter Inc. banned Mr. Trump’s personal account in the aftermath of the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, citing the risk of further incitement of violence. Facebook Inc. announced a temporary suspension of Mr. Trump after the riot before extending that action indefinitely.

Jan 30 08:24

Our democracy is under threat… by too much democracy, say lawmakers calling for removal of ‘conspiracy theorist’ rep

Republican congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has triggered a meltdown among her Democrat peers, who believe her embrace of ‘conspiracy theories’ is grounds for ejecting her from Congress. But it’s not up to them.

While Democrats and the media establishment have been disparaging Greene since before she won her primary, mocking her as the “QAnon candidate” and insisting she’s dangerous for spreading “misinformation,” California Democratic rep Jimmy Gomez has gone one step further, demanding she be removed from office altogether – a rare measure that has been used fewer than two dozen times in US history.

Jan 30 08:20

As the ‘most banned woman in the world’, I know conservatives are being censored by Big Tech. It’s blatant election interference

Twitter’s ‘Loomer Policy’ would prevent MyPillow’s CEO from having a campaign account in any run for Minnesota Governor. The social-media giants are deliberately targeting Republicans they don’t like.
MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell has been permanently banned from Twitter for what the company is calling “repeated violations” of its civic integrity policy, which was implemented last September for the purpose of combating online disinformation.

Lindell’s Twitter ban comes just three days after, during an interview with Axios, he discussed how voter fraud could potentially impact his rumored run for Minnesota Governor. “Why would anybody want to run if they had the same machines with the election fraud?” Lindell said. “It will all get out there, and when it does, we’ll see what elections are going to have to be done with paper ballots and no machines. Otherwise, it doesn’t make sense to put in everybody’s resources and time.”

Jan 29 16:39

In America, Truth Is the Hardest Thing to Find…

Isn’t it a conspiracy that the media speak with one voice–the voice of The Establishment?  Why are explanations controlled and alternative explanations censored?  Clearly, this is conspiracy.

Jan 29 16:11

Now Reddit Investors Are Talking About Targeting Silver, And That Could Change EVERYTHING

For decades, the big fish on Wall Street have been able to do virtually anything that they want, but now the small fish are fighting back and it has been a beautiful thing to watch.  Finally it is payback time, and the losses have been absolutely staggering.  In fact, Reuters is reporting that short sellers have lost more than 70 BILLION dollars so far this year.  But nobody should be crying for the short sellers.  As Charles Payne pointed out during an epic rant on Fox Business, the short sellers have ruthlessly crushed countless businesses over the years, and they did so without showing any mercy whatsoever.

Jan 29 16:06

Criminal Wall Street oligarchs stifle populist trading movement that sent GameStop stocks soaring

What is normally a Ponzi scheme that always favors the ultra-wealthy quickly became something that middle class folks could benefit from financially, so naturally it had to be stopped.

Jan 29 16:00

“Dark money” is what led to Biden’s installation as “president”

Despite previously criticizing the acceptance of dark money by politicians, China Joe and his cohorts had no problem accepting a whopping $145 million from shady donors. This is the largest sum ever on record for a candidate, exceeding the previous one of $113 million that was funneled to Mormon Mitt Romney back in 2012. -- President Donald Trump, by comparison, took in just $28.4 million in dark money during his run for the presidency. This is about one-fifth of what Beijing Biden was given to execute his regime.

Jan 29 15:47

Democrats introduce legislation to make it “legal” to steal elections in perpetuity like they did in 2020

Now, though Article 1, Sect. 4 grants Congress some authority to set voting rules, there is no way states would have ratified the Constitution in the 1780s if the central government were given this kind of authority to run federal elections. -- But this isn’t about the Constitution, obviously, because the theft of the 2020 election was purely unconstitutional. This is about perpetuating Democratic control of government until the end of time.

Jan 29 12:29

H.R.127 - Sabika Sheikh Firearm Licensing and Registration Act

1. $800 insurance per year to own guns.
2. Psych eval once every 3 years to own guns, including 24 hours training
3. Can't loan guns to anyone without explicit government permission
4. 21 year old minimum to own a gun
5. No magazines above 11 rounds.

Jan 29 11:46

6 State Attorneys General Warn Biden Over Potential Presidential Overreach

A coalition of state attorneys general on Wednesday sent a letter to President Joe Biden reminding him that any potentially unconstitutional executive actions or federal overreach will not go unchallenged.

The letter, signed by six attorneys general (AGs), puts the Biden administration on notice that any actions that might exceed their statutory authority, are inconsistent with constitutional tenets, or place civil liberties at risk could trigger legal action by the states.

“We stand ready to meet with your administration to discuss more how the issues below affect our States; litigation is never first option, and we would like to help your team in its important job on behalf of all Americans, consistent with the Constitution and the rule of law,” West Virginia AG Patrick Morrisey, who is leading the group, wrote in the letter addressed to the White House (pdf).

Jan 29 11:44


During a town hall broadcast by ABC News just over a fortnight before the election, Joe Biden was discussing his tax proposals when he declared that in order to see them implemented he would need votes and approval from Congress.

“I have this strange notion. We are a democracy,” Biden sardonically declared, pointing out that “Some of my Republican friends, and some of my Democratic friends occasionally say ‘well if you can’t get the votes, by executive order you’re going to do something'”.

“You can’t do it by executive order, unless you’re a dictator,” Biden declared, adding “We’re a democracy, we need consensus.”

Jan 29 11:03

Twitter Suspends Founder of Internet Accountability Project for “Hate Speech”

When you’re on a roll, you’re on a roll.

Twitter suspended the founder of the Internet Accountability Project on Thursday from their platform.

The Internet Accountability Project (IAP) is a leading voice in the conservative grassroots movement to hold Big Tech accountable and defend free and open political debate online. So it only makes sense that Twitter would suspend the founder from its platform.

Jan 29 10:52

Peace Through Strength Is for the State, Not the Sovereign Individual

When Uncle Sam threatens some blighted and benighted region of the world—ostensibly on behalf of the American People and for their own good—our representatives call it peace through strength.

It is then that ordinary Americans are encouraged to pipe up in praise of the State’s invariably Orwellian peace-through-strength strategies.

Peace through strength on our front porches, while being menaced by lowbrow looters and assorted louts? For that you can be incarcerated in the land where the criminal roams free.

And when practiced by pale faces, our Second Amendment rights, exercised on the perimeter of our properties, as we stand vigil against the vilest of human beings—that’s tantamount to white supremacy and privilege.

Jan 29 10:31

A Domestic Terrorism Law? War on Dissent Will Proceed Full Speed Ahead

President Joe Biden has already made it clear that legislation that will be used to combat what he refers to as “domestic terrorism” will be a top priority. That means that his inaugural speech pledge to be the president for “all Americans” appears to apply except for those who don’t agree with him. Former Barack Obama CIA Chief John Brennan, who is clearly in the loop on developments, puts it this way in a tweet where he describes how the new Administration’s spooks “are moving in laser-like fashion to try to uncover as much as they can about [the] insurgency” [that includes] “religious extremists, authoritarians, fascists, bigots, racists, nativists, even libertarians.”

Jan 29 10:19

News Crew Kicked Out Of Town Hall After Asking Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene A Question

A local Georgia news crew was removed from a town hall hosted by Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene on Jan. 27.

Greene originally said local NBC affiliate WRCB was not allowed to ask questions, according to WRCB reporter Meredith Aldis, who attended the event.

After Greene answered an audience question about her experience with cancel culture, the WRCB reporter tried to follow up.

“I’m talking to my constituents. This isn’t a press conference,” Greene responded.

Jan 29 08:48

Acting Capitol Police chief wants 'Green Zone' fencing around Congress to be PERMANENT and to keep 'back-up forces' on standby - two days after she admitted her agency bungled response to MAGA riots

The acting Capitol Police Chief has recommended that the fencing erected around the Capitol after the January 6 MAGA riots should be left up permanently.

Acting Chief Yogananda D Pittman made the recommendation in a statement on Thursday regarding her department's efforts to 'harden' security around the Capitol to prevent another insurrection in the future.

Pittman, who was promoted to lead the force after former chief Steven Sund stepped down in the wake of the riots, also voiced support for permanently keeping 'ready, back up forces in close proximity to the Capitol'.

Following the insurrection, more than 25,000 National Guard troops were drafted in from all 50 states and a Baghdad-style 'Green Zone' perimeter was set up in the heart of DC to prevent a repeat attack on Inauguration Day.

Jan 29 08:35

YouTube Deletes Videos of Senate Hearing from Sen. Ron Johnson’s Channel

Google-owned YouTube took down several videos from the channel of Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI). The videos were from a Senate hearing on coronavirus treatments, featuring a doctor testifying about the use of the medicine Ivermectin in cases of the Chinese virus.

In public comments, Sen. Johnson said YouTube’s decision to take down videos of the hearing was an attack on freedom of speech.

“Google’s YouTube removed two videos of doctors testifying under oath at my US Senate hearing on early treatment of COVID,” reported the Senator on Twitter.

“Another body blow to freedom of speech and expression. Very sad and scary. Where does this end?”

Jan 29 08:34

YouTube Demonetizes the Epoch Times

Google-owned YouTube has stripped the Epoch Times of its ability to monetize content on the platform, giving only vague reasons as to why.

“YouTube demonetized the Epoch Times and related accounts last week,” said Stephen Gregory, publisher of the Epoch Times. “This is the latest example of big tech suppression of free speech, a step on the road to communist-style censorship.”

A YouTube spokeswoman told Breitbart News the following:

We have demonetized The Epoch Times’ YouTube channel and affiliated channels and suspended them from the YouTube Partner Program. All channels on YouTube need to comply with our Community Guidelines and in order to monetize, channels must comply with the YouTube Partner Program policies, which include our Advertiser-Friendly Guidelines. Channels that repeatedly violate these policies are suspended from our partner program.

But YouTube did not identify which video(s) from the Epoch Times violated the platform’s policies.

Jan 29 08:12

Lindell speaks out after being canceled: "This has to stop"

Jan 29 07:32

Davos Great Reset: French Prez Macron Declares Modern Capitalism ‘Can No Longer Work’

At the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) virtual Davos Agenda summit on Tuesday, French President Emmanuel Macron declared that in the wake of the Chinese coronavirus modern capitalism “can no longer work”.

Appearing before a question and answer session conducted with ‘Great Reset’ architect and founder-chairman of the WEF, Klaus Schwab, Mr Macron said that while capitalism has historically driven down poverty globally, he claimed that it came with the cost of furthering inequality.

“We will get out of this pandemic only with an economy that thinks more about fighting inequalities,” Macron said.

“The capitalist model together with this open economy can no longer work in this environment,” he added.

The French president pronounced that capitalism has resulted in a “deep moral and economic crisis” in which “hundreds and thousands of people throughout the world had this feeling of losing their usefulness.”

Jan 28 16:18

The Constitution Is Not For Sale (Admission Of Violating The Constitution)

Last week, Joseph R. Biden was inaugurated as the 46th president of the United States. The federal government began arresting those it claims attempted to interfere violently with Congress’ constitutional duties to authenticate Electoral College votes on Jan. 6. The Senate announced it would go forward with a second impeachment trial of Donald J. Trump, even though he is no longer in office. And the Defense Intelligence Agency sent a two-page memo to Senator Ron Wyden, D-Ore. -- Guess which of these events never made it to the front pages? If you guessed the DIA memo, then you’d be correct. In that memo, the government acknowledged for the first time that it willingly and knowingly has violated the Constitution by using commercially available software to track the movements of innocent people in America without search warrants.

Jan 28 16:08

“If You Are Not Wearing At Least Five Masks, You Are A Killing Machine”

Wearing five very tight fitting masks will make it very unlikely that you will spread COVID to anyone else by what comes out of your mouth, and it will also make it very unlikely that the virus will enter your body through that passage. -- Of course your hands are another “danger zone”, and so you will want to be wearing gloves at all times when you are in public too. -- And the rest of your face is a potential danger as well.  So in addition to the five masks covering your mouth you will want to be using a clear plastic face shield at all times as well. -- If you still don’t feel protected after all of that, you may want to consider walking around in a clear plastic bubble that will cover your entire body.

Jan 28 15:56

At least 30 election fraud cases are still active, but so far not a single court will allow evidence to be presented

The mainstream media did a great disservice by repeatedly calling Trump’s allegations of voter fraud “baseless assertions” and “conspiracy theories.” How could they have known this without ever seeing any of the evidence?

Jan 28 15:50

Conservatives Must Now Draw A Line In The Sand And Stop The “Great Reset”

My guess is that in about two months the CDC and WHO will announce a new global outbreak of a more deadly strain of Covid. They will say the current vaccines are ineffective, and that lockdowns must continue. Hundreds of millions of people around the world are savvy to the old covid-19 scheme, so the elites are going to introduce covid-20, and covid-21, and covid-22, etc. -- Biden will call for Level 4 lockdowns similar to those implemented in Europe and Australia, and this is where conservatives must draw a line in the sand and announce that we are not subject to unconstitutional restrictions, that we are breaking free. This will be our first major test.

Jan 28 13:49

Democratic Fascists Prepare to Drop the Hammer

Democrats are determined to snuff out freedom of speech and assembly to protect the corporate ruling order – while pretending it’s to safeguard Black people.

“The militants seeking social transformation and peace under the Black Lives Matter umbrella must weigh the full implications of the Black Democratic Misleaders’ deal with the devil.”

Jan 28 12:07

Author blasts 'absurd' decision by Facebook to reject ads promoting his Abraham Lincoln book

"Old Abe" author John Cribb told "Fox & Friends" on Thursday that ads promoting his historical novel about Abraham Lincoln have been rejected by Facebook, calling the decision "absurd."

Cribb noted that the social media giant rejected the request by his publisher, Republic Book Publishers, to advertise the book "Old Abe" on Facebook and also rejected their appeal.

He said that in December Republic Book Publishers "decided to do a couple of social media ads and they made some very nice ads and submitted them to Facebook and Facebook turned them down and we appealed and Facebook said no."

Cribb said he was told Facebook’s reasoning is, "that this ad apparently, according to Facebook, violates this ban on social issues and politics and the election, which they put into place right before the presidential election."

Facebook did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment.

Jan 28 06:57

Oops! The World Tells the WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM What it Thinks About the GREAT RESET!

Jan 28 06:45

A Waco Survivor Describes What Really Happened (1999)

Jan 28 06:16

Democrat NGO’s To Direct Military / CIA & FBI In Purge of Conservatives

Biden administration openly confirms former CIA John Brennan's claim that "Christians" and "Libertarians" are being targeted by government agencies

Jan 28 06:14

Delingpole: ‘Trussst Usss! We’re Not Evil’ Claims Davos WEF Great Reset Promo Video

The World Economic Forum wants you to know that there is nothing sinister about its globalist masterplan — aka The Great Reset — for a New World Order. It says so in a promo video, released to coincide with its annual Davos summit (which is taking place online all this week).

In the video, the WEF admits that some people think that the Great Reset sounds like ‘some nefarious plan for world domination.’

But nothing could be further from the truth, the video goes on to insist. The Great Reset is simply “an opportunity to build a better world.”

If people think otherwise, it claims, it’s all the fault of the ‘broken system’ and the ‘pandemic.’

It’s not surprising that people who’ve been disenfranchised by a broken system and pushed even further by the pandemic will suspect global leaders of conspiracy.

Jan 28 05:52

Man arrested and handcuffed for running a soup kitchen in a park by patronising moronic Johnson Blackshirts looking like bank-robbers for ‘breaking lockdown rules’.

How long are we taking it, people?

Jan 27 16:23

Enemies of the Deep State: The Government’s War on Domestic Terrorism Is a Trap

In a déjà vu mirroring of the legislative fall-out from 9/11, and the ensuing build-up of the security state, there is a growing demand in certain sectors for the government to be given expanded powers to root out “domestic” terrorism, the Constitution be damned. -- If this is a test of Joe Biden’s worthiness to head up the American police state, he seems ready.

Jan 27 15:59

In a Paranoid Nation, “Treason” Is Everywhere

In a free society, peaceful citizens deserve the legal benefit of the doubt. In an age where government agents have endlessly intruded onto people’s land and into their emails, citizens should not be scourged for transgressing unknown or unmarked federal boundaries. There are enough real criminals in this nation that federal prosecutors don’t need to seek publicity by destroying people who may have unknowingly illicitly violated politicians’ sacred turf.

Jan 27 15:49

The Domestic Terrorism Act Boils Down to State Prosecution of White People for False Sedition

This legislation is a travesty, and can only lead to extreme totalitarian political policing of all that believe in freedom and that stand against the state.

Jan 27 13:31

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: Individual Rights and Freedoms Under Siege in Era of COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic has proven an opportunity of convenience for totalitarian elements who have put individual rights and freedoms globally under siege. A medical cartel composed of pharmaceutical industry, government regulators, financial houses, and telecom and internet billionaires are systematically obliterating freedom of speech and assembly, religious worship, property rights, jury trial, due process, and — ultimately — America’s exemplary democracy.

That’s why I am sending you this new Special Report, “Protecting Individual Rights in the Era of COVID-19.”

Jan 27 11:59


Jan 27 11:58

Would YOU Be Considered a Domestic Terrorist Under This New Bill?

After 9/11, the entire country collectively lost its mind in the throes of fear. During that time, all civil and Constitutional rights were shredded and replaced with the pages of The USA PATRIOT Act.

Almost 20 years later, the U.S. has again lost its collective mind, this time in fear of a “virus” and it’s “super mutations” and a “riot” at the capitol. A lot of people called this and to the surprise of very few, much like after 9/11, Americans are watching what remains of their civil liberties be replaced with a new bill.

The Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act of 2021

The DTPA is essentially the criminalization of speech, expression, and thought. It takes cancel culture a step further and all but outlaws unpopular opinions. This act will empower intelligence, law enforcement, and even military wings of the American ruling class to crack down on individuals adhering to certain belief systems and ideologies.

Jan 27 11:50

WTF! They're FLAUNTING What They're Going to Do to Us in Their New Video!

Jan 27 10:43

Whoa…Biden basically admits he’s a dictator

Joe Biden has passed 33 executive orders or executive actions so far to mandate our nation’s fundamental transformation in under a week in office. Today, he declared that we follow the Marxist concept of equity. As a result, taxpayers will pay through the nose to manufacture equal outcomes for all the alleged victims of America’s sinful past.

Biden’s also destroying our energy sector and our borders with executive orders. There will be a loss of tens of thousands of jobs thanks to his executive orders.

However, he told ABC News’s George Stephanopoulos in October that “you can’t [legislate] by executive order unless you’re a dictator. We’re a democracy. We need consensus.”

Therefore, he’s a dictator by his own definition.

Jan 27 08:32

Cloward-Piven Strategy | American Corruption

The Cloward-Piven strategy uses issues like the CCP virus, mail-in ballots, ballot harvesting, and voting machine fraud software. These issues are all intentionally designed items to overwhelm the government to expand Socialism in America.

The Cloward-Piven strategy is a Socialistic strategy to overwhelm our country. These crises are totally preventable. But are used by Socialist Democrats to win over support and then fix to further corrupt the system.

How and why was the Cloward-Piven strategy formed?
Frances Fox Piven was a professor of political science and sociology at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. Richard Cloward was a sociologist / liberal activist and husband of Frances Piven.

The Cloward-Piven strategy was to implement a political crisis and then achieve a change in the law with a corrupt solution to the problem.

Jan 27 08:16

Are you awake yet? Bill currently proposed in Congress would fundamentally change elections in this country forever

Are you familiar with H.R.1: For the People Act of 2021? If you’re not you should be. The act would be better named “H.R.1: For Making Sure Republicans Never Win Another National Election Act of 2021.”

This bill, if passed will fundamentally change how America conducts elections. Actually what it will do in part is codify the apparent massive irregularities that occurred in the 2020 election.

Before getting into the sordid details of this abomination, let’s take a look at Article II, Section I, Clause II of the United States Constitution:

Jan 27 08:07

Pamela Anderson quits social media, warns Big Tech companies are seeking 'control over your brain'

Pamela Anderson revealed she's quitting social media.

The former Playboy model announced on Tuesday that she will no longer post to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

"This will be my last post on Instagram Twitter or Facebook," the star's caption on Instagram begins.

Jan 27 08:02

‘Where is the line between global business & attempts to control society?’ Putin calls out Big Tech in Davos

Big Tech companies have become rivals to governments, but there are doubts over the benefits of their monopoly for society, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin said, during a virtual meeting of the annual World Economic Forum.

“Where is the line between a successful global business, in-demand services and consolidation of big data – and attempts to harshly and unilaterally govern society, replace legitimate democratic institutions, restrict one’s natural right to decide for themselves how to live, what to choose, what stance to express freely?” Putin wondered.

“We’ve all seen this just now in the US. And everybody understands what I’m talking about,” he added.

Jan 27 08:01

Putin tells Davos that divided modern world facing ‘real breakdown’, with demographic struggles & echoes of 1930s pre-WW2 tensions

Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned against the danger of repeating the mistakes leading up to World War II, noting that the modern world might break down as it struggles with the battle of “everyone against everyone.”
Putin was speaking at the Davos World Economic Forum, held remotely this year, in his first appearance at the prestigious meeting since 2009.

Putin also warned against the "destruction" of traditional values, as well as the right to choose and the right to a private life.

"The social and values crisis is already having negative demographic consequences, from which mankind is at risk of losing entire civilizational and cultural continents," he said, stressing that it is a global responsibility to avoid this "gloomy dystopia."

Jan 27 07:48

Enemies of the Deep State: The Government’s War on Domestic Terrorism Is a Trap

This is how it begins.

We are moving fast down that slippery slope to an authoritarian society in which the only opinions, ideas and speech expressed are the ones permitted by the government and its corporate cohorts.

In the wake of the Jan. 6 riots at the Capitol, “domestic terrorism” has become the new poster child for expanding the government’s powers at the expense of civil liberties.

Of course, “domestic terrorist” is just the latest bull’s eye phrase, to be used interchangeably with “anti-government,” “extremist” and “terrorist,” to describe anyone who might fall somewhere on a very broad spectrum of viewpoints that could be considered “dangerous.”

Watch and see: we are all about to become enemies of the state.

Jan 27 07:17

Protecting My "Extremist" Content From Censorship

Jan 27 06:47


I picked up the book by David Icke, "Alice in Wonderland and the World Trade Center" published in 2002. When I read on page 23 that the United States had gone bankrupt in 1930, I didn't want to believe it. Even more unbelievable, he states that we don't live in a country anymore, but have a company. A corporation.

There was a Geneva Convention in Switzerland between 1928 and 1932. Since the documents detailing this are non-existant or missing, he states that the bankers said that either the countries declared bankruptcy to the Illuminati banks or there would be no loans to get them out of the deep global depression at that time. So they accepted official bankruptcy to the global banking system.

He states we do no longer have a country since we declared bankruptcy. This bankruptcy is actually in the Congressional Record of March 17th, 1993 (Vol. 33, page H-1303) James Traficant Jr. of Ohio told the House:

Jan 27 06:27

America Descends Into Virtual Night

At 78, after a prolonged illness and without recovering consciousness, Joe Biden succumbed to the Presidency. The last hopes of the last QAnon believers vanished like smoke in the night, with Biden assuming the mighty US throne. This is truly a dark day for America and for the world, as the US example will be followed by many. It is also a farewell to the real world we were brought up in. The new world is virtual, like most of the inauguration. It is virtual and dark, ruled by digital companies fronted by old and tired politicians.

Jan 26 16:40

Democrats Exploiting Limited Capitol Disturbance to Crack Down on All Opposition

You never want a serious crisis to go to waste,” then-Congressman and soon to be Obama’s Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel told assembled head honchos at a Wall Street Journal corporate CEO conference in 2008. Politicians have learned that lesson well, and the brains behind the Biden administration are proving no different in exploiting the so-called Capitol “riots.”

Jan 26 16:19

Leftist media already committed to hiding Joe Biden’s lying just like they hid Barack Obama’s untruths

Authoritarian countries control the media with an iron fist. There is no ‘free press’ in China, Cuba, North Korea, Iran, Vietnam, and other countries run by dictators. But in America, where there is a ‘free press’ guarantee, we have a situation where the media is independently owned and voluntarily sides with authoritarians in government.

Jan 26 16:06

Just in time for Biden, WHO finally admits PCR tests produce false coronavirus positives

This was clearly done on purpose to make Trump look bad, and to justify locking down the country in order that Trump’s high-performing economy was shot to dust. Now that the Biden regime is occupying the White House, however, everything is magically changing for the better.

Jan 26 15:50

It’s Like Magic! Lockdowns Are Ending All Over America Just Days After Biden’s Inauguration…

Of course the economic devastation that was caused by all of the lockdowns is going to be with us for a while.  The lockdowns permanently destroyed more than 100,000 small businesses, they plunged us into the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression of the 1930s, and they sent suicide rates skyrocketing all over the globe. -- But at least our rightful rulers are now back in control, and so it was a small sacrifice to make.

Jan 26 15:46

Gun Control Groups Push Hollywood for More Anti-gun Propaganda

It’s not quite clear how pampered Hollywood elites belittling the lifestyle choices and attacking the fundamental rights of America’s 100 million gun owners would help to resolve the nation’s “bitterness and divisiveness.”

Jan 26 12:17


My recent interview with The Epoch Times’ Joshua Phillip has sparked a rash of research and investigative journalism in order to see if what I revealed was true. Journalist Leo Hohmann, for one, is fearlessly reporting on the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset and calling it out for what it is: a “blatant, in-your-face assault.” ? TN Editor

The blatant, in-your-face assault on free speech by America’s largest tech companies is about more than just stifling political dissent – it’s about advancing the agenda of globalist technocrats with designs on seizing the world economy, says Patrick Wood, founder and director of Citizens for Free Speech.

In an interview with Joshua Phillip of the Epoch Times, Wood connected the dots between the Big Tech takeover of society, the “Great Reset” being launched this week in Davos by the World Economic Forum, and the ongoing attempt to crush free speech.