Apr 06 11:30

Parents complain after teacher hands out 'privilege' survey

A Florida principal launched an investigation into a survey handed out to middle school students in Spanish class.

Some parents complained after their children were asked to complete a form titled, "How much privilege do you have?'

Students routinely fill out forms every year that ask their race and sex, but the form handed out at Monroe Middle School also asked about gender, sexual orientation and religion.

Regina Stile is the mother of one of the students who received the form.

"Her sexuality and all that has nothing to do with school," Stile said.

The form was handed out in a Spanish class to 7th and 8th graders

Apr 06 11:29

Virginia governor vetoes bill to label books 'sexually explicit' in schools

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe on Monday vetoed a bill that would force schools to identify materials as "sexually explicit," a measure prompted by objections to Toni Morrison's novel "Beloved."

The measure passed by the Republican-controlled legislature would have mandated that schools notify parents if teachers planned to use the labeled materials.

"This requirement lacks flexibility and would require the label of 'sexually explicit' to apply to an artistic work based on a single scene, without further context," McAuliffe, a Democrat, said in a statement.

Apr 06 07:42

1 In 4 American College Students Wants To Crush First Amendment Rights If Someone Is Offended

A newly-released Gallup survey indicates that a solid majority of students at America’s colleges and universities supports free speech on campus. However, a strong contingent of students wants to limit “hate speech” and speech that intentionally offend people based on some aspect of their identities.



Apr 04 08:10


Recently, a student at American University Washington College of Law put a note on the door of a law professor stating “All Lives Matter.” This expression of what ought to be truism caused the AU law faculty to freak out.

Nearly sixty faculty members and staff signed a letter calling this an “incidence of intolerance.” A sounder position would hold that objecting to the statement “All Lives Matter” as a response to the statement “Black Lives Matter” smacks of intolerance because it places one racial group on a higher level than others.

Apr 04 07:30

"Trump" Sidewalk Chalk: #TheChalkening Students from 100s of colleges across the US, standing up

Apr 04 07:24

The Day Free Speech Died at Harvard Law School

There is a perception that being liberal is synonymous with tolerance. As youth tends to spawn idealism, it would follow that the most liberal campuses are home to the most tolerant student body.

However, after nearly three years of study at Harvard Law School, I have found that a significant number of the most liberal students tend to be the least tolerant of opposing viewpoints.

In late 2014, during my second year at Harvard Law School, a student group called Students For Inclusion created a blog entitled Socratic Shortcomings. Its commitment, we are told, is to “[foster] productive and contextualized conversations on matters related to race, gender and class.” The site allows students—and anyone really—to post anonymously about events at Harvard Law School.

Apr 04 06:46

Student: ‘Harvard University, other schools, having problems with students and staff silencing free speech’

(INTELLIHUB) — As if a massive new PSYOP campaign is now running in full force, more and more college students are reporting that their rights, while on campus, are at jeopardy as offended students and teachers alike push to limit free speech.

Apr 03 10:35

America's teachers are being trained in a harsh interrogation technique that produces false confessions

The Reid Technique is the go-to method for coercing false confessions in America's police interrogation rooms, and now it's being taught to America's schoolteachers, just as schools are using "zero-tolerance" policies and on-site cops to re-characterize school discipline problems as criminal matters, creating a school-to-prison pipeline. John E. Reid and Associates originated the technique, which involves "minimization" (the interrogator downplays the seriousness of the offense) and "maximization" (the interrogator threatens the accused with terrible, lasting punishment for failing to confess).

Apr 02 14:20

Mother Charged with Child Neglect, Could Lose Her Children for Having them Walk to School

By Matt Agorist

Last month, Lisa Marie Palmer, upset that her children had missed the bus, again, decided that it would be a good learning experience for them if they walked to school.

Palmer then got in her car and drove in front of her two daughters as they walked the 3-mile route to school.

While some may think that having kids walk to school is a harsh punishment, it is far better than beating them. That being said, when Marion County sheriff’s deputy Chris Ladd spotted the two girls walking behind their mother’s car, he just had to stop it...

Apr 01 18:41

8 awesome liberty quotes that will motivate you to want to live free

Here are 8 liberty quotes that will surely get you in the spirit to live free . . .

Apr 01 14:48

The Battle Over What To Pay Teachers In The US May Come Down To One Painful Decision

Teachers think they deserve special treatment.

That will be the response of many Americans to the Chicago Teachers Union April 1 strike, which is motivated in part by the state of Illinois and city of Chicago suggesting that the teachers should contribute more to their retirement pensions.

Apr 01 13:57

How to spot a liar

Michelle Fields and 'duping delight.'

Apr 01 13:29

FLASHBACK - Ben Carson Says Government Should Silence People with “Extreme Political Bias”

At around 3:30 in the video Beck asks Carson if he would “shut down the Department of Education?” Carson responds, “I actually have something I would use the Department of Education to do.” Then, “It would be to monitor our institutions of higher education for extreme political bias and deny federal funding if it exists.”

Apr 01 10:18

Not April Fools: CIA Admittedly Leaves C-4 Explosives on School Bus Transporting Kids

By Andrew Emett

Infamous for committing torture, orchestrating political assassinations, and overthrowing governments, the CIA recently admitted leaving C-4 on a school bus transporting elementary and high school students before the explosive material was eventually discovered by a technician conducting vehicle maintenance...

Apr 01 10:15

Why Are K-12 School Leaders Being Trained in Coercive Interrogation Techniques?

One of America’s great paradoxes (or perhaps hypocrisies) is its claim to be a global beacon of freedom, even as it jails more of its citizens—by population percentage and in raw numbers—than any other country in the world. This tendency toward suspicion, hyper-enforcement and punishment is so pervasive it even trickles down to our kids.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

As was the case in Nazi Germany.

Mar 31 12:54

Police called to University of Michigan over chalk supporting Trump

Several political and religious statements chalked on the Diag this week, including “Stop Islam,” “Trump 2016” and “Build the Wall,” prompted students to call University of Michigan police Wednesday and group together to wash some of the chalkings off.
Though the phrases were written in chalk, students gathered on the Diag said they thought the effects of them were more permanent on campus climate.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What a bunch of thin-skinned sissies the current generation is!

Mar 31 07:24

Britain 'invaded' Australia? New South Wales University accused of 'rewriting history'

A university in Australia has been accused of “rewriting history” after it was revealed that it encourages students to use the terms "invaded, occupied, and colonized" when referring to the role of British settlers in the 18th century.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Colonized" is accurate, but the others are not. Invasion implies a military incursion. Britain sailed some ships up to an empty stretch of coast and dropped off a bunch of prisoners.

Mar 30 15:20

PC gone mad on campus: The places where ‘sportsmanlike’ is a dirty rude

POLITICAL correctness is stifling free speech on Australian university campuses, a policy think tank has warned.

And student’s hurt feelings are being prioritised over academic debate, says the Institute of Public Affairs.

Sarcasm and ridicule have been banned at several campuses — including Western Sydney University, while terms like “sportsmanlike” or “the disabled” are deemed inappropriate at Newcastle University.

Students are being persecuted over their political views, while growing policy guidelines on “acceptable” speech are curtailing academic freedoms, research fellow Matthew Lesh says.

Mar 30 15:03


As part of a “cultural competency workshop,” students at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill are being assigned a score based on the amount of “white privilege” they may have.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And for this the kids accepted $100,000 in student loan debt?


Mar 30 09:39

Campbell Brown: The New Leader of the Propaganda Arm of School Privatization

Perhaps guided by the old adage that you have to spend money to make money, the champions of education "reform" have poured billions into the effort to privatize and profit from America’s schools. Those funds are used on multiple fronts: launching charter schools, underwriting the political campaigns of politicians, and of course, investing in media to propagate the free-market privatization vision. Among the most visible properties in this effort is the Seventy Four, the well-funded, power broker-backed education news website run by former journalist-turned-school privatization activist Campbell Brown. Launched last year, the site’s reported $4 million annual budget comes from a collective of school privatization’s big hitters: The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, Bloomberg Philanthropies, Jonathan Sackler (of OxyContin producer Purdue Pharma) and the Walton Family Foundation.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The goal of government schools is to make children more useful to the government. Hence we may conclude that the goal of corporate owned schools will be to make children more useful to corporations. They will be taught that vaccines are safe, GMO's healthy, massive debt the norm, and the importance of always wearing this year's fashions!

Mar 30 09:30

Israel - Map Censorship

"Information Clearing House" - What is the difference between a textbook publisher giving into pressure from Christian fundamentalists seeking to censor the teaching of evolution, and a publisher giving in to Zionists seeking to censor awareness of the ethnic cleansing of Palestine? Neither phenomenon is a matter of opinion or perspective. One act of censorship denies facts established by scientific research. The other denies the documented violation of international law (for instance, the Fourth Geneva Convention) and multiple UN resolutions. So the answer to the question just asked is – there is no difference.

Mar 29 17:44

Terminally ill mother tearfully thanks Trump live in Wisconsin rally for his fight and bravery

A terminally ill former Miss Wisconsin (2005) pageant winner thanked Donald Trump in a tearful message at his Janesville town hall tonight.

Miss Wisconsin 2005 says Donald Trump gave her money at pageant that she'll use to pay for her Mexican American son to go to college.

Trump left the platform and hugged the woman, and not a dry eye was in the audience of tough bikers.

Mar 29 11:13

Public Education Is A Right! Voices Of CUNY Students, Faculty And Staff From Die-In Protest

Students, faculty and staff staged a die-in Thursday in New York City to demand the state fully fund the City University of New York.

Mar 29 10:38


It is common for parents to feel that their children are spending too much time in front of the television set. According to a Canadian study, children who watch an excessive amount of television exhibit a multitude of negative side effects including poor language and social skills, and increased bullying. The 2013 study was set out to determine whether or not viewing television at 29 months (about 2.5 years) was associated with school performance at 65 months (about 5.5 years).

Mar 29 09:27

Why Are Educators Learning How to Interrogate Their Students?

The training was led by Joseph Buckley, the president of John E. Reid and Associates, which is based in Chicago. Like the adult version of the Reid Technique, the school version involves three basic parts: an investigative component, in which you gather evidence; a behavioral analysis, in which you interview a suspect to determine whether he or she is lying; and a nine-step interrogation, a nonviolent but psychologically rigorous process that is designed, according to Reid’s workbook, “to obtain an admission of guilt.” Most of the I.P.A. session, Schneider told me, focused on behavioral analysis. Buckley described to trainees how patterns of body language—including slumping, failing to look directly at the interviewer, offering “evasive” responses, and showing generally “guarded” behaviors—could supposedly reveal whether a suspect was lying.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This interrogation of kids criminalises their behaviour, rather than look for the reasons the bad behaviour happened, and developing a practical plan, involving the kids' parents, from preventing it from happening again.

But this generates the kind of non-thinking, ever-compliant behavior corporations seem to want in what they would characterise as "model employees"...until those jobs can be outsourced/offshored, or those employees replaced by robots, if at all possible.

Were I a parent whose kid was in an educational institution which employed the "Reid Method", I would take that kid out of school, and either home school them, or put them into a private school so quickly that the principal's head would be turning around faster than that of Linda Blair in "The Exorcist"!!

Mar 29 05:36

Is algebra an unnecessary stumbling block in US schools?

First they came for cursive; then, they came for algebra . . . .

Mar 28 12:57

French unemployment hits new record

Mar 28 09:38

Teachers warn extremism policy prevents open debate

Teachers have warned that the government's anti-extremism strategy is "shutting down" open debate in school.

The National Union of Teachers conference voted for the government's Prevent strategy to be withdrawn from schools and colleges.

Delegates said it created "suspicion and confusion" rather than safety in schools.


There were warnings that it encouraged a climate of "over-reaction" in which pupils were mistakenly reported and the police called.

Among the cases mentioned were a child writing about a "cucumber" which was misinterpreted as "cooker bomb" and a child who wrote about living in a "terraced" house which was misunderstood as a "terrorist" house.

Mar 27 20:11

KC residents wake up to Easter snowfall

ROELAND PARK, Kan. -- The first week of spring brought snow to many parts of the metro. The snow arrived as families were traveling to Easter morning church services.

Mar 26 09:23

AE911TRUTH 13-City Pacific Northwest Film Tour Firefighters, Architects & Engineers: Expose 9/11 Myths

Please join Richard Gage, AIA, of AE911Truth on our thirteen-city tour through the great Pacific Northwest. We will be screening our latest film, Firefighters, Architects & Engineers: Expose 9/11 Myths, and we’ll be presenting our landmark Beyond Misinformation booklet.

Begins April 1st in Seattle

Mar 25 10:44

Why White Males Are High Achievers

Race, Gender, and Intelligence. Science sheds light on why feminists aren't the brightest of the bright.

Mar 25 08:50

Corinthian Colleges must pay nearly $1.2 billion for false advertising and lending practices

California Atty. Gen. Kamala D. Harris won a more than $1.1-billion judgment Wednesday against the now-defunct Corinthian Colleges, after a San Francisco judge ruled that the company’s advertising practices misled students and violated the law.

Mar 25 07:29

It Cometh from the Pit:And Hath a Knout

Once upon a time there was a fairy kingdom that lived inside a place called The Beltway, and was surrounded on all four sides by a land called America. The Beltway was aligned with another kingdom called Manhattan, inhabited by disembodied heads that spoke from the walls of bars, and with with yet another closed kingdom called Hollywood, the abode of half-educated narcissists.

Mar 24 17:36

12-Year-Old Girl Arrested for Pinching Boy's Butt: "Kids Can’t Even Be Kids"

Public school is already a terrible place of fear, conditioning and over-reactions to prepare you for the real world of utter B.S.

But this pushes even the insane limits of a politically-correct world that gets offended at every thing, arrests children for bubble guns and toy weapons, among other petty controversies that demonstrate how your children are being raised to believe all guns are illegal and that just about everything is against the rules.

(read more)

Mar 24 12:32

Western Washington students want to form college focused on defeating white supremacy

Webmaster addition: Given that we have a black President, I wonder what the media reaction would be if some students wanted to form a college to defeat black supremacy.

Mar 24 12:11

Race, IQ, Genetics, and Denial

How ideology drives social activists to reject the methods of science and deny the realities of human biology.

Mar 24 11:49

UC links anti-Zionism, anti-Semitism

The principles state that in certain circumstances, anti-Israel expressions constitute anti-Semitism. Critics of Israel deny this linkage, and warn that the decision stifles freedom of speech.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I hereby demand that UC ban all criticism of the Nazis as being "anti-Germanism!"

Mar 24 10:29

Liberals ‘traumatized’ by harmless pro-Trump chalk markings on Georgia campus

Liberal college students at Emory University demanded to speak to the school president James Wagner Monday, who later “legitimized the students claims” that pro-Trump chalk markings actually ‘traumatized’ students who were mostly Bernie Sanders supporters.

Mar 24 09:12

UC regents’ committee OKs ‘anti-Zionism’ as discrimination

With the deft addition of three words, a University of California regent defused rising tensions Wednesday over whether UC would declare “anti-Zionism” — opposition to the state of Israel — an official form of discrimination at the famously free-thinking school.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If I still lived in California, and were fortunate enough to have had a child, UC is the very LAST place I would allow them to go to school. Someone needs to take these regents to court for violations of the First Amendment right to freedom of speech. And Israel is in need of a good dose of humble.

Mar 23 13:52

Teacher who got fired after student stole her nude pics sues school district

A South Carolina high school teacher has sued (PDF) the school district that employed her after she was pushed to resign when a student grabbed racy pictures off her smartphone.

Leigh Anne Arthur resigned from her job earlier last month when she was told she would face disciplinary proceedings because a student grabbed photos off her phone while she was on a routine hall patrol.

At the time, Arthur complained that she, rather than the student, was the one being punished. The student shared the racy pictures of Arthur with his friends as well. Arthur said the pictures were a Valentine's Day gift for her husband, and she forgot to erase them from her phone.

"He knows right from wrong," she said of the student in a TV interview shortly after the incident. "Where are you putting the moral of the student?"

Webmaster's Commentary: 

You're not allowed to encrypt anything but when (and it's just a question of when if you're not allowed to secure it) someone steals your personal info YOU get fired.

Mar 23 12:30

‘Kid Can't Even Be A Kid’: 12yo Girl Charged For Pinching Classmate’s Butt

A Florida pre-teen faces battery charges for pinching the wrong classmate’s butt, because while the alleged victim did not wish to press charges, his mother did. Now the 12-year-old girl must complete a special program to keep her public record clean.

Mar 23 12:23

Feds accuse private Michigan Jewish Institute college of grant fraud

A private Jewish Michigan college committed fraud over the past decade, leading to millions of federal dollars being sent to the West Bloomfield school to pay for the education of students who weren’t enrolled there, according to the federal Department of Education.

The school remains open. It’s unclear whether criminal charges will be pursued.

Mar 23 09:47

Baltimore Students Say Police Beatings Not Unusual

School police officers and students square off in a TRNN debate over the role of cops in education in the wake of a beating of a student caught on video.

Mar 23 08:53

The most important fact about student debt, explained in 2 maps

The student debt problem in the US is really two problems. The first is that a college degree is more expensive than it used to be, and students are graduating with higher debt loads than ever. The second is that some students are struggling to pay back their debt.

Mar 23 08:27

Modern Educayshun

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This would be funny if it were not so close to being true!

Mar 21 16:49

The Zionists censor a textbook

Lawrence Davidson examines the decision by the publisher McGraw-Hill to surrender to Zionist lobbyists and destroy the entire inventory of a textbook because it contained a series of four maps showing “Palestinian loss of land from 1946 to 2000”.

Mar 21 13:57

California City 1st To Mark Armenian Genocide With School Holiday

The California city of Glendale will become the first US school district to officially observe Armenian Genocide Commemoration Day after a unanimous vote by its board members this week.

Mar 21 12:58

Investigation Finds 350 Schools Across The Country Tainted With Lead Laced Water

USA Today investigation finds 350 schools and day-care centers failed lead tests a total of about 470 times from 2012 through 2015 While a congressional hearing Thursday focused attention on the drinking water crisis in Flint, Michigan, news reporting from around the country reveals that the problem of lead-contamination

Mar 21 12:03


Doug Short quantifies the amount owed to the government for student loans, but he doesn’t discuss the absolute fact that hundreds of billions will never be repaid. The Obama administration is solely responsible for this disaster and they don’t give a shit. Keeping millions of morons in school artificially lowers the already fake unemployment figures. Doling out billions in loans to functionally illiterate dumbasses is a perfectly acceptable liberal solution.

Mar 20 14:33

UK Teacher Shortages On The Rise

The failure of the Conservative-led UK government to achieve its target for teacher recruitment for the fourth year in a row is symptomatic of the crisis arising from dictatorial conditions and extreme governmental pressure.

Research by the National Audit Office found that over a 10-year period approximately 12 percent of newly qualified teachers left state-funded schools within one year of joining while 28 percent had left within five years.

Mar 20 11:58

The Zionists Censor a Textbook – An Analysis by Lawrence Davidson

In early March 2016 executives at McGraw-Hill took the extreme step of withdrawing from the market a published text, Global Politics: Engaging a Complex World, and then proceeded to destroy all the remaining books held in inventory. (Did they burn them?)

Mar 19 12:32

Illinois College Will Stop Arresting Students For Passing Out Constitution

An Illinois college has reversed its position and will allow students to pass out copies of the U.S Constitution on campus.

It’s a good move, since the Alliance Defending Freedom threatened to sue them if they didn’t.

Under the old policies, students were threatened with arrest if they passed out the founding documents on the campus of the College of DuPage.

The exchange between a police officer and student Joseph Enders, captured on video, shows the officer telling Enders that, under campus policies, he needs a permit to offer the Constitution to passing students.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Mar 19 10:46

The Astonishingly Crap Science of ‘Counter-Extremism’

A new United Nations report published this February has criticised prevalent approaches to countering ‘radicalisation’ as ineffective, conceptually flawed, and more likely to reinforce extremist narratives than prevent them. The report to the UN Human Rights Council is authored by Ben Emmerson QC, the UN Special Rapporteur on Counter Terrorism and Human Rights. Emmerson is a leading British lawyer, deputy High Court Judge, and British judge on the Residual Mechanism of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda and the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia.

Mar 19 09:49

Illinois College Will Stop Arresting Students For Passing Out Constitution

An Illinois college has reversed its position and will allow students to pass out copies of the U.S Constitution on campus.

It’s a good move, since the Alliance Defending Freedom threatened to sue them if they didn’t.

Under the old policies, students were threatened with arrest if they passed out the founding documents on the campus of the College of DuPage.

Mar 18 13:44

The FBI Wants Teachers To Go Stasi On American Kids

Finally, here’s the heart of the thing. The report continues to be carefully nonspecific and suggesting that most would-be violent people are not to be found by establishing a pattern. However, “students and educators are encouraged to convey their concerns and observations to trusted community partners, school resource officers, or a local law enforcement entity.” And “acting decisively” is important if a teacher sees that a student has turned terrorist.

Fundamentally, the FBI wants people not to profile, but as soon as someone fits the profile, they should call law enforcement. And that profile, fittingly, can include such asinine checkpoints as “feeling lost” or having some kind of mental health problem (welcome to America and its neurosis and depression). The FBI’s new teen website details more of the warning signs, which are predictably meaningless, yet menacing.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And remember: school records now follow kids through their entire school lives, at this point in this creeping dystopia which has become the United States of America.

As reported at

Most of us remember hearing one of our grade school or high school teachers say something like, "This is going on your permanent record!" You may have thought about it back then, but it's something easily forgotten about. Now that you're a parent, you may be wondering if your child has a "permanent" school record. Have a school law question? Get answers from local attorneys. It's free and easy. Ask a Lawyer Yes, she does. And odds are, yours is still around, too. What Is It? Practically everything about permanent student records is controlled by the laws of the state where the school is located. These laws are probably different in some ways from state to state, so be certain to check the laws in your area for specific details. Nonetheless, there are some things in common for most permanent school records. What's in the Record? You can expect to see some or all of these things in a permanent record: Basic information for identifying the student, such as her name, address and birth date, and also the names and addresses of her parents or legal guardians Academic records or "transcripts," including grades, classes or courses taken and completed, class rank, date and age the student advanced to the next grade or graduated, and scores on standardized tests, such as placement tests, ACT/SAT scores, and college entrance exams Attendance record Any accident reports or incidents or any health-related information on record, such as medication administered at school and/or with the help of a school nurse, like insulin or other long-term medications Results of any intelligence, aptitude, and psychological and personality tests the student took while at the school Teacher evaluations of the student's performance or abilities Disciplinary actions taken against the student, such as suspensions or expulsions, and the reasons for the actions taken, such as cheating, destroying school property and fighting with students or staff Awards and honors earned by the student The student's participation in school activities, such as sports, student government, etc. A record of who was given access to the permanent record and when As you can see, your permanent record is a lot like a resume; it gives quick and easy access to your highlights (and any lowlights) of the time spent at the school.

Mar 18 09:09

Parents To Pull Primary Kids From School Over ‘Transgender Day’

Angry parents have withdrawn their children from an East Sussex primary school over the headteacher’s plans to hold a ‘transgender day.’

A number of families are reportedly unhappy with plans by Emma Maltby, head of the St Mary the Virgin Primary School, to hold a transgender awareness day.

Mar 17 12:37

McGraw-Hill destroys textbook to placate pro-Israel bloggers

The publisher McGraw-Hill Education is destroying all copies of a political science textbook after receiving complaints from hardline supporters of Israel that it features a series of “anti-Israel” maps.

The college textbook, titled Global Politics: Engaging a Complex World, was published in 2012. But it wasn’t until early this month that the maps generated criticism from a pro-Israel blogger known as Elder of Ziyon.

Within a week of the initial outcry, McGraw-Hill began destroying all copies of the book, scrubbed the book from its website, promised to reimburse anyone who bought the book and apologized to the offended right-wing bigots behind the manufactured controversy.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The maps illustrate how Israel has continued to displace the Palestinians since Israel's creation. They are factual and accurate, but the truth is hate speech to those with something to hide.

Mar 17 12:35

UC Regents Conclude: "Anti-Zionism and other forms of discrimination have no place at the University of California."

The 'Office of the Secretary and Chief of Staff' for the University of California system recommended that the UC Regents adopt the recently released 'Working Group on Principles Against Intolerance.' This is to occur at the upcoming March 23, 2016 meeting. While much of it is mind-numbingly boring and droning gobble-dee-gook, below are the relevant paragraphs. They begin with a little background, give platitudes to freedom of speech, and then begin with their squirrely language which can be interpreted basically however the regime in power at any given time wants it to be interpreted. Their first paragraph, however, states very clearly that anti-Zionism is 'discrimination' and will not be tolerated.

Mar 16 10:29

The American classroom: Main protagonist in war on working poor

Social engineering with a theme of class warfare has been a cornerstone of early American education from its beginning as a system of the modern state. For example, the US Bureau of Education Circulars of Information of April 1872 stated: "Inculcating knowledge teaches workers to perceive and calculate their grievances thus making them more redoubtable foes in labor struggles. Such an enabling is bound to retard the growth of industry."

Later, an 1888 report by the Senate Committee on Education stated: "We believe that education is one of the principal causes of discontent of late years manifesting itself among the laboring classes."

Mar 15 17:20

FBI Has New Plan To Spy On High School Students

The FBI is instructing high schools across the country to report students who criticize government policies as potential future terrorists, warning that such “extremists” are in the same category as ISIS.

Mar 15 10:47

School may expel Muslim teens for standing up to bullies — after ignoring their pleas for years

o Muslim teens say their New York school has ignored about bullying for years — and now they may be expelled for fighting back.

Adam and Jameel Siam said they have suffered anti-Muslim harassment for at least two years at Williamsville East High School, but they said administrators have done nothing to address their complaints, reported WIVB-TV.

“I was bullied for Osama bin Laden, I’ve been called a terrorist,” said Jameel, a junior. “We’ve been called terrorists, go back home and make bombs in your basement or you’re going to come back and shoot up the school — and it’s just like, people kept pushing our buttons.”

The boys have attended schools in the western New York village since preschool, but they said the bullying has recently grown worse.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The school administrators should have put a stop to this years ago; the only reason these kids wound up in a fight was that the administration did nothing to prevent this bullying, and that is a damned shame.

Bullying is a lousy thing, but when it is premised on ethnicity and religion, it is just so vilely immoral, that I hardly know where to begin.

I would like to hope that ALL faith communities in the areas where this family is living rally around them, and offer some protection against this harassment.

When Mike and I were living in Greater Los Angeles, I met some Muslim businessmen who moved here for the same reasons my ancestors did; to live away from the evil of prejudice, and practice their religion freely; to have the opportunity to work hard, and succeed in your chosen profession, and to create a better life for their kids.

Unfortunately for these young men, and their families, that "American dream" is being warped into a nightmare, so faith communities Amherst, PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!!

No innocent kid should ever be blamed for the evil other people might have done, just because they are Arab and Muslim, period, end of discussion!!