Mar 19 09:49

Illinois College Will Stop Arresting Students For Passing Out Constitution

An Illinois college has reversed its position and will allow students to pass out copies of the U.S Constitution on campus.

It’s a good move, since the Alliance Defending Freedom threatened to sue them if they didn’t.

Under the old policies, students were threatened with arrest if they passed out the founding documents on the campus of the College of DuPage.

Mar 18 13:44

The FBI Wants Teachers To Go Stasi On American Kids

Finally, here’s the heart of the thing. The report continues to be carefully nonspecific and suggesting that most would-be violent people are not to be found by establishing a pattern. However, “students and educators are encouraged to convey their concerns and observations to trusted community partners, school resource officers, or a local law enforcement entity.” And “acting decisively” is important if a teacher sees that a student has turned terrorist.

Fundamentally, the FBI wants people not to profile, but as soon as someone fits the profile, they should call law enforcement. And that profile, fittingly, can include such asinine checkpoints as “feeling lost” or having some kind of mental health problem (welcome to America and its neurosis and depression). The FBI’s new teen website details more of the warning signs, which are predictably meaningless, yet menacing.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And remember: school records now follow kids through their entire school lives, at this point in this creeping dystopia which has become the United States of America.

As reported at

Most of us remember hearing one of our grade school or high school teachers say something like, "This is going on your permanent record!" You may have thought about it back then, but it's something easily forgotten about. Now that you're a parent, you may be wondering if your child has a "permanent" school record. Have a school law question? Get answers from local attorneys. It's free and easy. Ask a Lawyer Yes, she does. And odds are, yours is still around, too. What Is It? Practically everything about permanent student records is controlled by the laws of the state where the school is located. These laws are probably different in some ways from state to state, so be certain to check the laws in your area for specific details. Nonetheless, there are some things in common for most permanent school records. What's in the Record? You can expect to see some or all of these things in a permanent record: Basic information for identifying the student, such as her name, address and birth date, and also the names and addresses of her parents or legal guardians Academic records or "transcripts," including grades, classes or courses taken and completed, class rank, date and age the student advanced to the next grade or graduated, and scores on standardized tests, such as placement tests, ACT/SAT scores, and college entrance exams Attendance record Any accident reports or incidents or any health-related information on record, such as medication administered at school and/or with the help of a school nurse, like insulin or other long-term medications Results of any intelligence, aptitude, and psychological and personality tests the student took while at the school Teacher evaluations of the student's performance or abilities Disciplinary actions taken against the student, such as suspensions or expulsions, and the reasons for the actions taken, such as cheating, destroying school property and fighting with students or staff Awards and honors earned by the student The student's participation in school activities, such as sports, student government, etc. A record of who was given access to the permanent record and when As you can see, your permanent record is a lot like a resume; it gives quick and easy access to your highlights (and any lowlights) of the time spent at the school.

Mar 18 09:09

Parents To Pull Primary Kids From School Over ‘Transgender Day’

Angry parents have withdrawn their children from an East Sussex primary school over the headteacher’s plans to hold a ‘transgender day.’

A number of families are reportedly unhappy with plans by Emma Maltby, head of the St Mary the Virgin Primary School, to hold a transgender awareness day.

Mar 17 12:37

McGraw-Hill destroys textbook to placate pro-Israel bloggers

The publisher McGraw-Hill Education is destroying all copies of a political science textbook after receiving complaints from hardline supporters of Israel that it features a series of “anti-Israel” maps.

The college textbook, titled Global Politics: Engaging a Complex World, was published in 2012. But it wasn’t until early this month that the maps generated criticism from a pro-Israel blogger known as Elder of Ziyon.

Within a week of the initial outcry, McGraw-Hill began destroying all copies of the book, scrubbed the book from its website, promised to reimburse anyone who bought the book and apologized to the offended right-wing bigots behind the manufactured controversy.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The maps illustrate how Israel has continued to displace the Palestinians since Israel's creation. They are factual and accurate, but the truth is hate speech to those with something to hide.

Mar 17 12:35

UC Regents Conclude: "Anti-Zionism and other forms of discrimination have no place at the University of California."

The 'Office of the Secretary and Chief of Staff' for the University of California system recommended that the UC Regents adopt the recently released 'Working Group on Principles Against Intolerance.' This is to occur at the upcoming March 23, 2016 meeting. While much of it is mind-numbingly boring and droning gobble-dee-gook, below are the relevant paragraphs. They begin with a little background, give platitudes to freedom of speech, and then begin with their squirrely language which can be interpreted basically however the regime in power at any given time wants it to be interpreted. Their first paragraph, however, states very clearly that anti-Zionism is 'discrimination' and will not be tolerated.

Mar 16 10:29

The American classroom: Main protagonist in war on working poor

Social engineering with a theme of class warfare has been a cornerstone of early American education from its beginning as a system of the modern state. For example, the US Bureau of Education Circulars of Information of April 1872 stated: "Inculcating knowledge teaches workers to perceive and calculate their grievances thus making them more redoubtable foes in labor struggles. Such an enabling is bound to retard the growth of industry."

Later, an 1888 report by the Senate Committee on Education stated: "We believe that education is one of the principal causes of discontent of late years manifesting itself among the laboring classes."

Mar 15 17:20

FBI Has New Plan To Spy On High School Students

The FBI is instructing high schools across the country to report students who criticize government policies as potential future terrorists, warning that such “extremists” are in the same category as ISIS.

Mar 15 10:47

School may expel Muslim teens for standing up to bullies — after ignoring their pleas for years

o Muslim teens say their New York school has ignored about bullying for years — and now they may be expelled for fighting back.

Adam and Jameel Siam said they have suffered anti-Muslim harassment for at least two years at Williamsville East High School, but they said administrators have done nothing to address their complaints, reported WIVB-TV.

“I was bullied for Osama bin Laden, I’ve been called a terrorist,” said Jameel, a junior. “We’ve been called terrorists, go back home and make bombs in your basement or you’re going to come back and shoot up the school — and it’s just like, people kept pushing our buttons.”

The boys have attended schools in the western New York village since preschool, but they said the bullying has recently grown worse.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The school administrators should have put a stop to this years ago; the only reason these kids wound up in a fight was that the administration did nothing to prevent this bullying, and that is a damned shame.

Bullying is a lousy thing, but when it is premised on ethnicity and religion, it is just so vilely immoral, that I hardly know where to begin.

I would like to hope that ALL faith communities in the areas where this family is living rally around them, and offer some protection against this harassment.

When Mike and I were living in Greater Los Angeles, I met some Muslim businessmen who moved here for the same reasons my ancestors did; to live away from the evil of prejudice, and practice their religion freely; to have the opportunity to work hard, and succeed in your chosen profession, and to create a better life for their kids.

Unfortunately for these young men, and their families, that "American dream" is being warped into a nightmare, so faith communities Amherst, PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!!

No innocent kid should ever be blamed for the evil other people might have done, just because they are Arab and Muslim, period, end of discussion!!

Mar 14 15:43

Union Denies Students Demanded Removal Of 'Colonial' Queen Victoria Statue

Queen Victoria could be given the boot after students at a British university launched a campaign for a statue of the monarch to be taken down, citing her reign of rampant colonialism around the world.

Mar 14 10:47

Detroit Teacher: “Children Are Made Into Dollar Signs”

Teachers in Detroit Public Schools spoke to the World Socialist Web Site at the Detroit Federation of Teachers (DFT) emergency meeting on Thursday. They expressed a deep concern for the future of the Detroit Public Schools (DPS) and frustration with the union, which has collaborated in the attacks on teachers and public education. A number of teachers emphasized that they felt the sickouts had represented a step forward, but have been stymied ever since.

Mar 14 10:25


The Ministry of Education in Israel has banned schools from educating students about a love story that centers around an Israeli girl and a Palestinian guy, because it will inspire ‘hate’ and will result in cultural assimilation. Educators had chosen to ban Borderlife – ?? ???? – ?????? ?????? by Dorit Rabinyan, who is from the same country that banned her book, so it could not enter the nation’s educational program. The banning of the book has sparked a debate within the country. Rabinyan has criticized the decision, and has said that the ban has labeled her book as something that is disgraceful to the Jewish state.

Mar 13 09:42

American graduates dumber than other countries' high school dropouts

In spite of being only one quarter the size of them, the United States spends nearly the same amount of money on video games as China. One would think since Americans spend tens of billions annually on video games, they would naturally be technologically savvy. However, the results of the PIAAC study show that is simply not the case. In fact, the average American citizen comes in dead last for being able to perform simple technological procedures.

"Clearly, we have some work to do in this country," says Peggy Carr, the acting commissioner of the government's National Center for Education Statistics.

When it comes to basic technological skills like using email, buying and returning items online, using a drop-down menu, naming a file on a computer or sending a text message — Americans rank dead last.

But it's not just daily technology tasks that Americans fail at accomplishing, they also scored terribly in math and literacy.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Thank you, Common Core!

Mar 12 12:49

Renowned Scholar Warns Common Core Education Dumbing Down Kids

Waking Times

The US federal Government has stated that their goal with Common Core was to make all students “college-and-career-ready”. Sounds great in theory, but Peter Wood, president of the National Association of Scholars, thinks that the Common Core program is actually resulting in colleges being flooded with students unprepared to do college level work.

Mar 12 10:06

Renowned Scholar Warns Common Core Education Dumbing Down Kids

Educators and parents in the United States are becoming increasingly frustrated by the Common Core States Initiative program, which was deployed in June 2010 as part of President Obama’s Race-To-The-Top (RTTT) program. During the following four years, public schools throughout the states were enticed to integrate the Common Core program as the Federal Government dangled $4.3 billion in funds to reward schools for satisfying certain federally determined performance on standardized tests, with the funds only going to schools which implemented Common Core.

The US federal Government has stated that their goal with Common Core was to make all students “college-and-career-ready”. Sounds great in theory, but Peter Wood, president of the National Association of Scholars, thinks that the Common Core program is actually resulting in colleges being flooded with students unprepared to do college level work.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"But those kids will believe what we want them to believe and they will do what we tell them to do, and THAT is the goal!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Mar 12 08:25

Shocker: After Caving To Protests, Mizzou Has HUGE Budget Gap

Who wants to send their children to a place that is unsafe and has a poor learning environment! And is and incompetently run to boot!

The University of Missouri (MU) is losing about 1500 students and is facing a huge $32 million budget shortfall four months after it attracted national attention as the site of massive race-based campus protests.

According to Foley’s letter, MU will have about 1500 fewer students in fall 2016 compared to last year, an unexpected drop that is in turn causing a big dip in the school’s tuition income.

Because of the abrupt and unexpected nature of the shortfall, Foley is taking immediate and severe steps to fix the situation: The school budget is being cut 5 percent across the board, all hiring is being frozen (barring exceptional circumstances), and annual raises have been canceled.

Mar 11 20:28

A Flashbang Video Production

Exploring the effectiveness of protesting.

Mar 11 17:55

Dept of Education Study: Graduates in the US Look Like Other Countries’ High School Dropouts

By Matt Agorist

The US Department of Education just released the results from the Program for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies (PIAAC), and they are perilously disappointing...

Mar 11 11:23


The University of California Davis Women’s Resource and Research Center (WRRC) recruited student volunteers to distribute bias incident report forms during a pro-life demonstration last week.

“We are calling for volunteers to help make signs, hold content warning information signs, [and] hand out Report Hate and Bias information cards,” the group wrote in an email later posted to Facebook.

In addition, WRRC volunteers were recruited to “provide umbrella escorts for community members” who did not want to stand in the sun while protesting.

According to the group’s Facebook page, the event was organized in collaboration “with the CRRC’s, including the LGBTQIARC and Center for Student Involvement.” Even though the Center for Student Involvement claims to “help groups operate successfully on campus and to support the education experience which organizations provide for student members,” it allegedly partnered exclusively with a pro-choice group rather than a pro-life group.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

To not be able to have an intelligent, low-key conversation about pro-life/pro-choice issues, which doesn't conclude with throwing pro-life literature to the ground, makes these women very ill-equipped to go out and deal with other hard, real-life choices.

These women may be also very emotionally swayed to make what are ultimately lousy life choices without thinking things through to their logical conclusions; for example, many of these students probably think that Hillary Clinton is an excellent choice for President in 2016, without knowing - or wanting to know - the gruelingly sordid reality of her professional record.

This is truly scary, in a society where logic critically needs to matter in our decision-making, for our personal futures, and the national future.

The First Amendment means everyone gets to express their opinion, in a fair and open marketplace of ideas.

Mar 11 08:08

Colleges Are All For Diversity — Except When It Comes To Ideas

Universities used to believe in the philosophy expressed by Voltaire that even the most offensive ideas deserve a hearing. Now, if ideas are unpopular, they are unwelcome.

Mar 10 19:23

Detroit Public Schools Emergency Managers Cash In

With Detroit Public Schools (DPS) facing insolvency as early as April and teachers fearing “payless” paydays, Michigan governor Rick Snyder agreed to a lucrative severance package for disgraced emergency manager Darnell Earley, it was revealed last Friday.

Mar 10 15:53

FBI tells teachers to inform on students who express 'anti-government' and 'anarchist' political beliefs as high schools are 'ideal targets' for extremist recruiters

The FBI wants teachers to inform on 'anti-government' or 'anarchist' students.

In a document titled 'Preventing Violence and Extremism in Schools', the bureau urges faculty members to assess concerning behavior of schoolchildren as they may be 'embracing extremist ideologies'.

Mar 10 09:18

ECB cuts interest rate to 0% and offers banks free money to try and revive the European economy

The European Central Bank has cut the benchmark interest rate to 0 per cent, from 0.05 per cent, in a bid to revive the slow European economy.

The bank also cut the deposit rate facility to -0.4 per cent, which means it will cost banks more to hold cash rather than to lend it out to customers.

The ECB has decided to boost its quantitative easting programme by €20bn, to €80bn per month starting in April.

Mar 10 08:23

Berkeley Law dean takes leave of absence amid allegations of sexual harassment

The dean of the UC Berkeley School of Law will take an indefinite leave of absence from his position as dean — but will remain a faculty member of the school — amid allegations of sexual harassment.

A confidential campus investigation’s findings in July led the campus to determine that Sujit Choudhry’s behavior violated the university’s sexual harassment policies, according to a statement issued Wednesday by Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Claude Steele.

Mar 09 09:43

Homework Is Wrecking Our Kids: The Research Is Clear, Let’s Ban Elementary Homework

“There is no evidence that any amount of homework improves the academic performance of elementary students.”

This statement, by homework research guru Harris Cooper, of Duke University, is startling to hear, no matter which side of the homework debate you’re on.

Mar 08 17:34

French Students Encouraged To Smoke At School Because Of Terrorism

France has been curbing civil liberties and right since the ISIS-inspired atrocities that killed 130 people last November. However, there’s one freedom that’s been expanded in the name of guarding against terrorism: the right of high school-aged kids to smoke cigarettes on school grounds.

Mar 07 16:44

Exclusive: an interview with fired Professor James Tracy

“Why was he fired? I mean, why was he really fired? What did he do? What did he do to bring this down on himself? He must have done something wrong…Wait. Are you saying he was fired because he exercised his natural right to free speech? He spoke freely? That’s it? That’s all? No, I can’t believe that. He must have said something that I would disagree with—in which case, he should have been fired. I feel better. He said something I disagree with. He should be fired. What right does he have to say something that makes me feel uncomfortable? That crosses the line. I have a right not to feel uncomfortable. Isn’t that the most basic of all rights? Isn’t that written in the Constitution?”

Mar 07 16:16

Pre-Crime Prevention Program: Kids Beware and Watch Your Thoughts!

Mar 07 15:22

The FBI Has Quietly Started Spying on U.S. School Children to Quash Dissent at an Early Age

By Claire Bernish

McCarthyism quietly returned in January — repackaged, rebranded, and updated to fit a modern narrative — in an official policy set forth by the FBI that asks high schools to target their students.

“Preventing Violent Extremism in Schools,” an unclassified 28-page manifesto for the ostensible purpose of waging the War on Terror in U.S. schools, opens with a brief summary of what we can expect from the latest in governmental indoctrination...

Mar 07 14:50

Moldy, rat-infested, and damaged by bullets: A furious mother grills Bernie and Hillary on how they would fix the problems facing Detroit public schools if elected 

Nearly every public school in Detroit had to close back in January after teachers called out sick in protest of deplorable conditions at the schools.

And on Sunday, Shaniqua Kent, who is suing Detroit Public Schools for a better education, asked Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders at the Democratic presidential debate in Flint, Michigan what they would do to improve conditions for students and teachers at impoverished schools nationwide.

The teachers' union in Detroit has repeatedly complained about mold, rodent infestations, too-large class sizes and other issues. Photos that surfaced on social media starting in early January show black mold growing on the ceiling of schools, old food, unfixed bullet holes, and rodent droppings on the floor, according to Business Insider.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"That is part of the educational process, since these kids will spend the rest of their lives living with old food, unfixed bullet holes, and rodent droppings on the floor. We may as well get them used to that lifestyle now!" -- Hitlery

Mar 07 10:51

Minority Report: FBI Asks High Schoolers, Teachers To Watch For Signs Of Student Terrorism

High school students and teachers across the US are being encouraged to watch their peers for any telltale signs that might indicate they are about to commit an act of terror.

In an advice booklet entitled ‘Preventing Violent Extremism in Schools’, the FBI says students are “ideal targets” for terrorist recruiters aiming to carry out violent attacks on US soil.

Mar 07 10:49


To avoid the appearance of discrimination, the FBI identifies risk factors that are so broad and vague that virtually any young person could be deemed dangerous and worthy of surveillance, especially if she is socio-economically marginalized or politically outspoken. (Photo: Security array via Shutterstock)

Under new guidelines, the FBI is instructing high schools across the country to report students who criticize government policies and "western corruption" as potential future terrorists, warning that "anarchist extremists" are in the same category as ISIS and young people who are poor, immigrants or travel to "suspicious" countries are more likely to commit horrific violence.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

How "Old Soviet Union" of the FBI! And it has become "official Federal policy>"?!?!?!?

For years, I have been counseling families with skills and kids to get out of this country while they still can.

However, the necessity of doing this, now that this surveillance program is in place, has hit critical mass.

Democratic republics to not engage in this kind of behaviour against students, who are just getting their heads around the way the world works; only dictatorships do this.

Mar 06 13:17

Trigger warning: Milo Yiannopoulos upsets the delicate flowers at the University of Pittsburgh

Milo Yiannopoulos is a conservative writer and free-speech activist who is currently on a speaking tour of US universities. He spoke at the University of Pittsburgh on 4th March last, drawing a crowd of approximately 350 students, including a small number of protesters who were very upset that anyone should be allowed a platform to voice opinions they even remotely disagree with.

Mar 05 10:41

New FBI Program Instructs High School Teachers to Report 'Radical' Students

As part of its ongoing war on terror, the FBI has launched a new program in which it instructs high school staff across the United States to report students who show signs of being future terrorists.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If I were still a teacher I would feel compelled to resign.

Mar 05 10:10

Disturbing Video Shows What Public School Looks Like in a Police State as a Cop Beats a Student

An extremely disturbing video was posted to social media this week showing a Baltimore school cop, whose identity is being protected, treating a student like a punching bag.
In the brief video, the officer is seen throwing punches and kicking the student.

The assault happened Tuesday at the Reach! Partnership School in Baltimore and both officers in the video have been placed on administrative leave, said Karen Parks, spokeswoman for the Baltimore public school system.

“As a parent of a Baltimore city school student, I was appalled by what I saw,” Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake said of the video. “The behavior that was demonstrated … is certainly something you never want to see. … Certainly not a school officer acting in this way, particularly with a young person.”

Mar 04 13:55

Officials Track Child Social Media To “Punish” Students For Inappropriate Posts Made Out Of School

In a move that is sure to warm the hearts of police state cheerleaders across the nation, school officials in Huntsville announced that they are now spying on students’ social media accounts and, regardless of whether they are public or private, will dole out punishments accordingly.

This new and Orwellian system of state-sponsored spying on children will give administrators the ability to punish students for their posts.

The system is designed to ostensibly track violent students to prevent their violent behavior. However, some feel that this move is a direct attempt to cover for the district’s failure to provide a safe learning environment.

According to;

The new social media procedure could be used to deter students who post videos of school fights, said Anson Knowles, former Huntsville city school board candidate.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

IF you have a kid in the Huntsville public school system, take them out now, and home school them, or - if that is impossible - find a decent charter school for them.

And remember: the school to prison-for-profit pipeline is always hungry for more victims.

Please don't allow your kids to be those victims.

Mar 04 09:32

Dancing Israeli's Lawyer Insists that Ohio Professor Who Says Israel Did 9/11 "needs to be thrown off campus immediately"

A black female college professor at Oberlin College in Ohio, Dr. Joy Karega, recently came under fire for some of her social media posts, in which she claimed that the 9/11 attacks were carried out by the Israeli Mossad. You'll never believe who came out of the woodwork to condemn this 'hateful anti-Semitic conspiracy theory' about Jews being involved in 9/11!

Mar 03 18:08

12-Year-Old Arrested Over Instagram Post Showing Guns, Bombs

terrorist emoji's, terrifying pop-tart guns, and threatening pointing fingers! Oh My! sheer stupidity in no-tolerance public schools

Mar 03 10:30

Officials Track Child Social Media to “Punish” Students for Inappropriate Posts Made Out of School

By Matt Agorist

In a move that is sure to warm the hearts of police state cheerleaders across the nation, school officials in Huntsville announced that they are now spying on students’ social media accounts and, regardless of whether they are public or private, will dole out punishments accordingly.

“We’re going to implement a procedure that directly addresses an area that’s become a real concern again,” Huntsville City Schools Superintendent Casey Wardynski said in a video on the district’s website. “Which is how violence in our schools – how threats to our schools – interact with social media, and how social media can play a role, if we pay attention to it, in heading off problems.”...

Mar 02 16:34

Here’s One Big Reason Voters Are Angry and Turning to Trump

Americans today worry that income inequality is becoming more pronounced, and that upward mobility is on the decline. Democrats have made this a centerpiece of their campaign, but they are in fact the architects and defenders of one of the pillars of those troubling trends. Democrats, and their allies in the teachers unions, ignore the collapse of our public education system, which no longer prepares kids for success in today’s workplace. As our economy becomes more dependent on technology and more stratified by academic achievement, our schools have not kept pace. Entire communities unable to read and to perform basic math are being left behind. That is what the educational establishment is doing through its defense of its indefensible failures.

Mar 01 15:08

95 Survival Tips For When the SHTF: “Carry These. Do This. And Don’t Ever…”

Here is a quick barrage of sometimes unconventional survival tips for when the worst happens in just a few fast minutes of video.

Some are useful supplies to bring along, others are simple tips you need to learn and practice before the situation gets real.


Mar 01 10:30

New Preschool Teaches Gardening And Urban Farming

By John Vibes

A new preschool is teaching children gardening and urban farming, and many of their classes are hands-on, working on an actual farm...

Mar 01 09:16

State-sponsored media and Department of Education attempting to spawn obedient asexual worker race?

Schools across America are now, more often than not, imposing stringent and unwanted dress codes upon students.

Feb 29 09:44

Violence as thousands turn out for ‘family values’ rally in Stuttgart, Germany

Thousands of people took to the streets of Stuttgart, Germany to protest a new curriculum set to emphasize sexual diversity. Several groups clashed with police resulting in at least 18 people sustaining injuries.

A mass rally called “Demo für alle” (Demonstration for everyone) was held on Stuttgart’s central Schillerplatz square on Sunday. According to police, about 4,500 people took part in the demonstration, which was organized by the conservative civic association “For Marriage and Family,” whose motto is “Stop gender ideology and sexualization of our children,” local media report.

Feb 25 13:12

What are these Michigan legislators thinking?

The biggest news in Michigan in recent months has been the severe crisis over the lead-contaminated water in Flint that has poisoned residents, but the Detroit public school district has generated some of its own.

Detroit teachers have been staging a series of sickouts to call attention to the appalling conditions of the public schools, and the teachers union recently filed a lawsuit which says that conditions inside the schools are so unhealthy that the rights of students — who are predominately African American and poor — are being violated.

Feb 25 09:14

Detroit Teachers Face "Payless Paydays" As Dilapidated School District Faces Financial Reckoning

When last we looked at the effect America’s multiple state and local government fiscal crises are having on the country’s school systems, we noted that budget drama across both Illinois and Pennsylvania threatened to force layoffs and class cancellations.

In Chicago, for instance, the Board of Education has variously been described as “a gambler at the end of his run,” a reference to officials’ bad habits when it comes to skipping pension payments and borrowing heavily to stay afloat. “Let’s be clear Chicago Public Schools are in dramatic trouble,” Governor Bruce Rauner said in December. “They’re looking at a disaster somewhere in the next nine months.”

Just this month, the Board sold another $725 million in bonds at punishing interest rates of up to 8.5%.

Feb 24 22:04

School Districts Are Spending Millions on Marxist/White Privilege Training for Staff

If you’ve ever wondered what your tax dollars really go towards when your state funds public education, then look no further. There’s a good chance that the schools in your community are spending big bucks on the Pacific Educational Group. This little known San Francisco based consulting firm specializes in improving education opportunities for minority students and “is committed to achieving racial equity in education” according their mission statement.

In reality, the organization peddles white privilege based ideologies to public school districts across America. They believe that our schools unfairly favor white students by promoting a white culture, and their business model involves training teachers to cater to minorities. They believe that this white curriculum promotes “individualism” and “hard work” at the expense of minority students who supposedly have a culture of collectivism.

Feb 23 08:23

Never take a student loan — failure to pay may result with arrest

After being raided by 7 U.S. Marshalls, arrested, placed in chains, and read no rights, a local man named Paul Aker found out the police state style fiasco was all over a $1500 student loan he took back in 1987.

Feb 23 00:27

Americans Mindless About the Grave Dangers They Face

Never before in history has the danger of possible humanity destroying nuclear war been greater. Fundamental rights Americans think they have don’t exist.

They’re deplorably out-of-touch, the most over-entertained, uninformed people anywhere, controlled by neocon infested bipartisan governance, lunatics threatening their welfare, security and world peace.

Public ignorance is shocking, why America gets away with high crimes at home and abroad. Lawless interventionism is longstanding policy.

Endless US wars on humanity rage. Human and civil rights are fast eroding en route toward disappearing altogether. Police state injustice rules, tyranny by any standard, heading toward becoming full-blown.

Feb 22 23:20

Guess What Americans Are Most Afraid Of

mostly rational fears - government corruption, privacy violations, big brother, etc.

Feb 22 11:41

Instead of Providing “Safe Spaces” This University Teaches Survival Skills

Once upon a time, the goal of higher education was to prepare kids for life, but in past decades they’ve gotten further and further from that path. Now, in an era of crybabies and safe spaces, one university teaches survival skills and is completely bucking the status quo.

Frostburg State University has a freshman-level interdisciplinary course called Doomsday Preppers and Surviving the Unexpected Emergency, playing off the popularity of the National Geographic Channel’s show of the same name. In the class, Recreation and Parks Management Professor Robert Kauffman teaches disaster preparedness to help the kids get ready for a variety of scenarios.

Feb 21 18:44

BLM visits Mizzou, says supporting Constitution is white supremacist

During an event at Thursday evening #BlackLivesMatter founders Alicia Garza and Opal Tometi told Mizzou students that the goal of the Constitution was to make an agreement between factions known as states, which were built on the backs of black slaves. Garza and Tometi told students at the University of Missouri that the Black Lives Matter movement arose after what they called, “the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the murder of Trayvon Martin.”

Feb 21 16:34

Russian 5th Generation Fighter Jet T-50 PAK FA Sets World Record in Rate of Climb

The Russians are showin off!

Russian fifth generation fighter T-50 (PAK FA) has set the world record in rate of climb, reports the Russian newspaper.
The Russian aircraft was climbing at a speed of 384 meters per second. With such speed it would have been on top of Everest in 23 seconds, said the portal.

Feb 21 13:38

Operation Disclosure: Everything you need to know about the current world today

Operation Disclosure is dedicated to being the #1 source of top secret and classified information regarding world events, politics, secret organizations, extraterrestrials and more. Officially started on the 16th of May, 2015. Everything you need to know about the current world today can be found here. But be warned, the information you may find here is not for the faint of heart.

Feb 20 09:12

Does George Mason University support violence against women? GMU is harboring a violent wife abuser and discredited journalist Jon Entine as a biotech research fellow

In an explosive investigative article series published last year, Natural News revealed that Jon Entine, who violently attacked his wife and traumatized his daughter according to shocking court documents, is a "senior research fellow" at George Mason University and a visiting research fellow at the University of California, Davis (UC Davis).

Now, thanks to a Freedom of Information effort spearheaded by U.S. Right to Know and covered by The New York Times, Jon Entine once again emerges as a key player in a massive academic prostitution ring run by the biotech industry that pays "scientists" to parrot scripted propaganda touting the "safety" of GMOs.

Feb 19 16:23

Targeting Transgender Children, South Dakota Passes Transphobic School Bathroom Bill

South Dakota could soon become the first state in the country to ban transgender students from using the bathroom that corresponds to their gender identity.

Feb 19 12:17

Homework Assignment: Tell Your Parents You’re Converting to Islam

A homework assignment given to school children on the island of Guernsey asks 13-year-olds to write a letter to their parents explaining why they are converting to Islam.

The assignment, created by Religious Education teacher Miss Amber Stables at the Les Beaucamp High School, asks kids to, “Complete the letter you started or started planning in class to your family on how you are converting to Islam.”

“Include: How you’re feeling, how becoming a Muslim has changed your life, how much you love your family and hope they can accept your choice,” states the assignment.

“Focus: How would it make you feel having to tell your parents this?? How would/could they react?”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The obvious propaganda aside, just what kind of employment is this kind of "education" preparing these children for?

Feb 19 11:30


Feb 18 17:41

School Kids Under Police Investigation for Posting an “Unpatriotic” Photo to Facebook

By Matt Agorist

In the famous Supreme Court case of Texas v. Johnson in 1989, a five-justice majority ruled that desecrating the American flag was protected speech under the First Amendment to the US Constitution.

Despite this ruling, Americans from sea to shining sea continue to call for the arrest, or even death, of those who’d dare express their opinion through the use of the Old Glory...

Feb 18 11:57

Helium Beer Test | Short Version with English Subtitles

The news is depressing! Anybody need a laugh!

We tested Helium-Beer.
This test was originally published on 1st of April (April Fool's Day). ;-)

This Video is the Short-Version of the Original located here:

Feb 18 09:19

Eulogy For a Civilization

we are NOT borg

snip: As social systems become more institutionalized, human life becomes less significant; more brutal and degraded. People pledge their lives to flags and other lifeless abstractions; their wealth is taken to sustain the interests of entities to which they have subjugated themselves; their bodies and energies shipped to foreign lands to kill and be killed in contrived conflicts that serve no purposes of their own; their children – and, thus, the fate of mankind itself – consumed in the well-organized commitment to death in its varied forms.

Feb 18 09:03

You decide: the risks and benefits of the MMR vaccination

This is a must read message from Jeff, the editor of, whose son was damaged from vaccines. I always recommend this site especially to pregnant women.


Feb 17 15:34

Covertly, Israel prepares to fight boycott activists online

Israel says the movement is rooted in anti-Semitism and seeks not to change Israeli policies, but ultimately to put an end to the Jewish state.
Note: We should have know anti-Semitism again, and again, and again!

Feb 17 15:16

Labour opens inquiry into antisemitism allegations at Oxford student club

Decision by university’s Labour society to support Israeli Apartheid Week prompts MPs to call for party to sever ties with club

Feb 17 14:37

The FBI Just Released an Orwellian Video Game to Propagandize Children

By Justin Gardner

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is expanding its counter-terrorism efforts by launching a propaganda site for children, complete with a comically primitive video game that no kid would want to play.

The stated purpose of the FBI’s new program, called “Don’t Be A Puppet: Pull Back the Curtain on Violent Extremism,” is to “keep young people…from embracing violent extremist ideologies in the first place.”...

Feb 17 12:42

Prof. says he won't be labeled as something 'violent,' so don't call him white

During the Q&A of a book talk at the University of Virginia, when explaining why he won’t be called white, an American University professor said he won’t be labeled something “violent.” Professor Salvador Vidal-Ortiz was describing a situation in which an African American student called him white, and said “I may be light-skinned and we can have a conversation about that...but I will not be labeled as something that I know is violent, um, while I recognize that for someone who's African American, that's their experience.”

Feb 17 11:54

FIRE Unveils This Year's List of Worst Colleges for Free Speech

As high school juniors across the country begin the college search process, there’s no doubt school ranking, academic programs, and cost are all important factors in the decision-making process. But students (and their parents who likely foot most of the bill) ought to be mindful of one other aspect when considering which college or university is the best fit for them: free speech on campus.

Feb 16 14:08

Australian government-union conspiracy to sack “underperforming” teachers

Teachers’ unions in New South Wales and Victoria have been actively working with education authorities and school principals over the past 18 months to fast-track the sacking of teachers accused of “inefficiency” or “underperformance.”