Oct 05 15:52

Harvey Weinstein's Lawyer Gave $10,000 To Manhattan DA After He Declined To File Sexual Assault Charges

Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein’s lawyer delivered $10,000 to Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance, Jr. in 2015, in the months after Vance’s office decided not to prosecute Weinstein over sexual assault allegations, according to an International Business Times review of campaign finance documents. That contribution from attorney David Boies — who previously headlined a fundraiser for Vance — was a fraction of the $116,000 that Boies, his son and his law partner have delivered to the Democrat during his political career.

Oct 04 08:54

Celebrities Ramp Up Attacks on Gun Owners Following Vegas Shooting: ‘Gun Control Now’

Hollywood stars continued to vilify and attack gun owners and the NRA following the horrific mass shooting at the Route 91 Harvest country music festival in Las Vegas Sunday night that left at least 59 people dead and more than 500 injured.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What is interesting is how many of those celebrities found fame and fortune in movies showing huge amounts of gun violence.

And again, when a Muslim commits an act of terror, the government and corporate media insist we not blame all Muslims, but when a shooter commits an act of violence that same government blames all gun owners for it!

Oct 04 07:51

Jay Onrait is a Canadian sports broadcasting legend (22 Pics)

Jay Onrait is a Canadian sports broadcasting legend (22 Pics)

Oct 04 03:30

Flags, Football, and Begged Questions


(*The Only Commentary That Matters Was Written In 1969 , By John Fogerty and Creedence Cleatwater Revival
Some Folks Were Born
Made To Raise The Flag
Prove They're Red White And Blue
And When The Band Plays Hail To The Chief
They Point The Cannon At You

and it's probably been played , over the air , in America a million times since then , and has never been banned .
Today it reads like prophecy .)

Oct 03 08:26

Who's afraid of Barry Seal? 

I became one of many reporters who tried to untangle Seal's story and, though that task ultimately proved impossible, I did learn a lot about him. But now, the bits and pieces collected about Seal have provided enough material — enough "true lies" — for Hollywood to weave into films that enlarge his legend.

But his actual story is littered with dead ends — secrets that are still being carefully kept — especially in Arkansas. And here, I'm sorry to say, some police records that were open to the public 20 years ago are apparently no longer available.

Oct 02 10:26

Sports on the Decline

Oct 01 10:51

Dolphins falter offensively in shutout loss to Saints in London

(*NO! , I'm not trying to sneak a sports article onto WRH . I'm just wondering how it works when The NFL plays in London . Do they play The National Anthem ?
this is how The Duck quacked back when I searched http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xwrX-LN9-L0

Oct 01 09:19

FLASHBACK 2015 - Report: At least 50 teams were paid by Department of Defense for patriotic displays

A government oversight report released Wednesday by Sens. John McCain and Jeff Flake offers new details about how the Department of Defense paid professional sports teams and leagues for patriotic displays honoring American soldiers.

The report expands on one that became public last May and resulted in changes to the National Defense Authorization Act for 2016, prohibiting the expenditures and calling on leagues and teams to donate the money to organizations that support the military, veterans and their families.

“What we take issue with,” wrote Flake, who, like McCain, is a Republican from Arizona, “is the average fan thinking teams are doing this on behalf of the military.”

Sep 30 11:36

Pentagon paid for patriotism at NFL games

Pentagon paid for patriotism at NFL games

(*and a third time for the usual reason you say thing three times Pentagon paid for patriotism at NFL games
Essentially that means The Pentagon In Partnership With the NFL , paid for patriotism at games .
A review of each parties roll in the partnership could possibly show that the NFL bears sole responsibility for providing fans of the game with one (1) nfl game , per stadium , in each NFL facility more commonly known as a football stadium and at times refered to as a football field , in which so ever market , or venue , or city which may , in the event of it being game day , be hosting a league home game
The party calling itself The United States Pentagon is responcible for all sideline shows of Patriotism .

Sep 30 06:43

Record $274 Million Verdict Awarded Against Talk Show Host After Radio Rants

New Hampshire jury has awarded a record-breaking $274 million verdict – which attorneys say is at least ten times greater than the previous state record for a personal injury claim – against a radio talk show host and businessman who accused three other businessmen of dealing “heroin” and “machine guns” in a warehouse. Those allegations came through a series of politically-charged billboards, online broadcasts, radio shows, and Web postings.
The lawsuit was filed by Dick Anagnost, who runs his own investment company; Andrew Crews, the CEO of a series of car dealerships; and William Greiner, a bank chairman


Sep 30 05:53

National Anthem Singer Kneels During Titans Game in Support of NFL Protests

The singer took a knee as she sang the national anthem. Meghan Linsey is a former contestant on ‘The Voice’ who suddenly found herself in the middle of the controversy dividing America. She took a knee in Nashville as the Tennessee Titans and Seattle Seahawks stayed in the locker room>>>

Sep 28 18:11

Spotify Is Worth $16 Billion And I’m Getting Scared

Spotify first launched on October 7, 2008. Since then, the company has yet to post a profit. Losses have also continued to increase. Net losses doubled in 2016 to $600 million.

Like SoundCloud, instead of focusing on building a sustainable business model, Spotify has spent the money it has yet to make. According to details shared with Digital Music News, Spotify has sunk massive amounts into its World Trade Center lease.

How much? The company has spent more than $566 million on a 17-year lease, with almost $31 million in upfront payments required. The contract works out to $33.29 million a year on base rent alone, or $2.77 million a month.

Spotify’s opulent spending has caused more than a few investors to become anxious. While a lot of hype surrounds the company’s IPO, some have compared the platform to Twitter and Snapchat. Both companies have disappointed investors following their public listings.

Sep 28 14:18


The four major professional sports leagues – the NFL, NBA, Major League Baseball and the NHL – along with the behemoth NCAA, have been the biggest obstacles to sports betting expansion, all often working in concert to wield PASPA as the weapon against such expansion. As Wallach smartly points out, though, the law itself notes that a sports organization can only seek injunctive relief for PASPA violations when that specific organization’s games are the basis of the violation.

In other words, the NFL does not have standing under PASPA to say, “Hey, New Jersey can’t bet on the NBA.” That’s up to the discretion of the NBA, though again, so far, the major sports organizations have played ball together to stifle legalized sports betting –>>>

Sep 28 11:21

NYC's Rivieria Café & Sports Bar Will Close

(*Sports bar closures could be the next big thing . the article enclosed is not related to The President's NFL Boycott , rather a vehicle to 'try' to get this thought out .
A lot of SBs are like private business ventures . Trump pandered to small business guys for votes . One would want to avoid the sports bar , if the game isn't being shown in there on the big screen , that the owner just finished paying off .
Too bad The Media is Fake , because what we now need is an investigative report on how sports bar personal , and patrons behave when The Anthem is broadcast . I doubt any body gets off the bar stool if he's already drunk off his [EXPLICIT]
They'd probably catch a lot of really bad people taking a swig , or wolfing down a handful of peanuts .
Do you think the waitreses stop taking orders , or the bartender stops mixing drinks ?

Sep 28 10:18

Trump-supporting Tim Allen claims his Last Man Standing show was cancelled because it featured a funny and likable conservative

Tim Allen has come out to say he believes his television show - Last Man Standing - was cancelled after six seasons because it featured a likable conservative man as the main character.

Last Man Standing was cancelled in May by ABC after six seasons - a decision which came as a shock to both fans and cast-members alike.

And Allen, who has been open about his support for President Donald Trump, says that the cancellation ultimately came down to politics.

Sep 28 09:30


Hilarious! Don't miss the comments below video :-)


Sep 28 05:36

The Militarization of the NFL

Professional sports should stop shilling for the warfare state.

Before 2009, Colin Kaepernick would have had to find some other way to protest racism against African Americans. That’s because until the height of the Iraq War, NFL football players weren’t even required to leave the locker room for the national anthem, much less stand for it.

(*Everybody's Mad As Hell at The Pitsburgh Steelers for reverting to that old NFL policy
That seems like the simplest solution .
Before the knee protests players didn't exactly stand at attention while the anthem was performed
. you'd see them doing stand in place Calisthenics , toe raises , trunk twists , bouncing from one foot to the other , grasping a towel that's hanging around the neck , etc.
They're there to play football , not to praise ceaser I MEAN TRUMP , and they're not members of the armed forces . )

Sep 27 08:06

Ravens National Anthem Singer Announces Resignation: ‘I Do Not Belong There’

The tone/actions of a large number of NFL fans in the midst of our country’s cultural crisis, have convinced me that I do not belong there

(*Knee Protest 01
National Anthem 00
Kappernick protests Police Violence , which the experts took the liberty to morph into he supports Black Lives Matter , which time and time again we hear is sponsored by George Soros . Who wants to argue that this is not a victory for the knee protest , and a shame for The National Anthem of The United States of America ?
She's blaming the boisterous fans folks , not the silent knee protest)

Sep 27 07:49

American sniper's wife Taya Kyle: An open letter to the NFL

Your desire to focus on division and anger has shattered what many people loved most about the sport. Football was really a metaphor for our ideal world -- different backgrounds, talents, political beliefs and histories as one big team with one big goal -- to do well, to win, TOGETHER.

Sep 26 18:05

For the Sake of Art: ‘Biblical’ Film ‘Mother!’ Depicts Mob Eating A Baby

Its ironic, and makes sense, that somehow, the writer and director of this film managed to work climate change (allegorically, of course) into the plot. Is it art? Doubtful.

Let the viewer beware. It’s also spattered in blood. In the end, the God character is carrying the “charred body” of the mother, and when she rips out her heart, well. It looks almost exactly like what would happen if someone did rip out their heart. Oh, and the poster displays all you need to know about the gore.

Sep 26 18:04

Director of Hollywood Bomb Blames Americans Rejecting ‘Science’ for Flop

The director of a film reviled by the American people highlighted rejecting science as an explanation for why the movie bombed. In an interview with The Frame on Thursday, Mother! Director Darren Aronofsky responded to the movie’s highly unusual F-grade Cinemascore this way: “... You have other people who basically believe in the power of a iPhone that they can communicate to 35 million people in a blink of an eye, yet they don't believe in science in other ways.”

According to Box Office Mojo, the film has grossed $10.1 million as of September 21 and had a budget of $30 million.

Sep 26 12:43

The NFL: Big Business With Big Tax Breaks

If You Build It ...

Besides the tax exemption, the NFL can also get a break through big stadium deals. Take, for example, the Dallas Cowboys.

In the late 1990s, the Dallas Cowboys and the team's owner, Jerry Jones, began plans to expand their stadium or build a new one. Jones shopped in and around Dallas for years, asking for public assistance to fund the stadium.

He found an audience in Arlington, a city just outside of Dallas. The price tag for the public was $325 million. (Jones was responsible for the balance of the money for the $1.2 billion stadium. Dallas News says Jones' contribution "was paid with commercial loans, league funding and proceeds from a ticket and parking tax.")

Sep 26 12:39

Paid Patriotism: Six Ways The NFL Is Directly Connected To The Government

There's a reason why football is called America's pastime. Americans —if they watch the sport or not— are unconsciously paying for it. Controversy brought on by NFL star Colin Kaepernick taking a knee during the National Anthem last season, and subsequently looking for employment this season, has put the organization founded in 1920 under a microscope.

Non-Profit Status.
Believe it or not, the NFL is non-profit. The IRS expanded Section 501(c)6 of the Internal Revenue Code, which "provides for the exemption of business leagues, chambers of commerce, real estate boards, boards of trade and professional football leagues, which are not organization." As noted by The Washington Post, this exception means the NFL’s headquarters in New York led by Goodell is spared tax payments that some estimate to be $10 million annually— because the teams and not the NFL make money.

Sep 26 12:35

How the NFL Fleeces Taxpayers

Taxpayers fund the stadiums, antitrust law doesn't apply to broadcast deals, the league enjoys nonprofit status, and Commissioner Roger Goodell makes $30 million a year. It's time to stop the public giveaways to America's richest sports league—and to the feudal lords who own its teams.
Last year was a busy one for public giveaways to the National Football League. In Virginia, Republican Governor Bob McDonnell, who styles himself as a budget-slashing conservative crusader, took $4 million from taxpayers’ pockets and handed the money to the Washington Redskins, for the team to upgrade a workout facility. Hoping to avoid scrutiny, McDonnell approved the gift while the state legislature was out of session. The Redskins’ owner, Dan Snyder, has a net worth estimated by Forbes at $1 billion. But even billionaires like to receive expensive gifts.
And on and on........

Sep 26 08:48

Revoke the NFL's Antitrust Exemption

Indeed, were the NFL not subject to an antitrust exemption granted to it by our compromised Congress, thanks to the sport’s lobbyists having spread “beaucoup” money all over Capitol Hill, the club of uber rich owners who make their own rules with impunity could be charged under RICO, the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, for price fixing, market division and other illegal anti-competitive acts. As a former Justice Department Antitrust Division prosecutor who was on the trial team that broke up AT&T during the Reagan administration for price fixing and market division, take it from me!

Sep 26 04:53

The Conservative Mammoth THE NATIONAL REVIEW: I Understand Why They Knelt

Americans do not and should not worship idols. We do not and should not worship the flag.

(RELAX; it's The National Review . It morphs into yet another explanation how the first ammendment doesn't mention taking a knee as proper protesting etiquette .
And it doesn't even go near how Trump's UN Bomb Threat needed a distraction , and fast !)

Sep 25 12:17

Patriots fans rain boos on own players for anthem protest ...

Before Sunday’s Texans-Patriots matchup in Foxborough, Mass., about 20 Patriots players, according to ESPN, took a knee during the national anthem, the first time anyone on the team had joined the growing protest.

In return, a loud chorus of boos was heard sandwiching the singing of “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

(*for the "Experts": So Which Is Worse Taking The Knee or Booing during The Anthem ?)

Sep 24 12:08

Is the Anti-American NFL Self Destructing?

The first amendment does not make anyone immune from the consequences of their actions when their speech is repulsive to the people or if the President disagrees. It is just words he said, if he had them arrested for their speech or sent troops to bully the players to stand for the national anthem against their will. Then I would oppose the President if he did that. The POTUS did not infringe on the player’s right to free speech. He was just showing his passion opposing what the players were doing,

Sep 24 11:53

Grateful Dead Rocking the National Anthem

My how times have changed!

A stirring rendition of the National Anthem by Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir, and Vince Welnick at Candlestick Park on April 12, 1993. Even in the later years, they could still belt it out.

Sep 22 09:13

EPIC! Tucker Carlson Destroys Leftie Hollywood Hack Rob Reiner Over Crazy Russia War Ad

Sep 22 08:53


His irreverent comedies, with frequent use of the dreaded N-word, and racial stereotypes such as in his 1974 film Blazing Saddles, are unstoppable classics. But Brooks believes there’s no way Hollywood would ever green-light another comedy like his western parody. The legendary producer/filmmaker predicts a bleak future for the genre.
Brooks said our “stupidly politically correct society is the death of comedy,” according to the British paper The Telegraph,

Sep 22 08:37

James Woods Defends Dolly Parton Over Anti-Trump Emmys Rant

Country legend Dolly Parton has been on the receiving end of harsh criticism from fans, after she appeared alongside Hollywood moonbats Lily Tomlin and “Hanoi Jane” Fonda during an anti-Trump screed at this past weekend’s Emmy Awards.

But it was conservative actor James Woods who rushed to her defense, saying the singer had been “sandbagged.”

Parton, Tomlin, and Fonda all gathered on stage for a mini-reunion of the film “9 to 5,” a 1980 effort that ranks as the 20th highest-grossing comedy film.

Fonda and Tomlin, rather than celebrate their past success, took the opportunity to trash Trump.

Sep 21 20:15

Verizon Kicking People Off Network

Verizon kicking people off network for using just a few gigabytes a month

(*They're Doing Them A Favor !)

Sep 21 17:21

The Dark Side Of Hosting The Olympics

This summer, Los Angeles officials reached a deal with the International Olympic Committee to host the 2028 Olympic Summer Games.

For its trouble, the city hopes to generate hundreds of millions in savings and additional revenues. However, over the past few decades, world sporting events have come with a huge price tag for their host cities’ residents — especially the poorest ones.

Sep 21 10:22


Rednecks have never gotten enough credit for their inventions and contributions to the engineering world. Their prototypes may be crude at first glance, but there’s a nugget of moonshine soaked genius in there somewhere.

Get ready, ya’ll, the greatest examples of redneck engineering are coming at ya.

Sep 21 07:37

Oh my God, Morgan Freeman declares war on Russia!

If I’d said the words ‘Morgan Freeman’ to you earlier this week, and asked what they meant to you, I’m sure you’d have replied along the lines of: ‘Kind and friendly looking elderly actor with a rich speaking voice who specializes in playing benign roles- including God.

I’m sure you would not have said: ‘Idiotic front man for a hard-right neocon operation backed by Bush-era warmongers and a former Director of National Intelligence to demonize Russia and make the new Cold War even colder.’

Sadly, that’s what The Morg has become.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I wouldn't worry about it. Back in 2005 Morgan Freeman said we were at war with the Martians!

Sep 20 14:06

Floyd Mayweather defends Trump: No one was calling him racist before he became President

Arguably one of the greatest boxers of all time, Floyd Mayweather, appeared on a broadcast recently where he talked about how people “shy away” from the fact that no one was calling Donald Trump a racist before he became the President.

Sep 20 07:37

Rob Reiner and Morgan Freeman Declare ‘War’ on Russia

“People always joke that he’s the voice of God,” Rob Reiner says of Morgan Freeman. And while that is a role Freeman has portrayed in multiple films, he also has some experience playing the president of the United States.

The first time the Oscar-winning actor took on the role of president, in 1998’s Deep Impact, he was charged with protecting the human race from a giant comet. In a video released Tuesday for Reiner’s newly formed Committee to Investigate Russia, Freeman addresses a different type of existential threat.

“We have been attacked,” Freeman says into the camera. “We are at war.”

The actor is talking about the coordinated cyber attacks that intelligence agencies believe Russia executed against the U.S. in an effort to elect Donald Trump. “We need our president to speak directly to us and tell us the truth,” Freeman says, as he sits behind a desk and delivers the message he and Reiner want to hear from Trump.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I just lost all respect for Morgan Freeman.

Sep 19 19:32

Star Trek: TOS Errand of Mercy

We need some of these guys.

The Organians: "super-evolved" and completely pacifistic.

Sep 19 09:22

'Mother!' Slammed as Grotesque Attack on Christians, Bombs at the Box Office

Darren Aronofsky, one of America's most-celebrated filmakers has officially bombed at the U.S. box office as critics and viewers alike are blasting his new film, "mother!" Christian audiences are particularly enraged as they see the film, which is steeped in biblical imagery, as a blatant attack on their values from secular Hollywood. 

National Review film critic Kyle Smith called the film “the vilest movie ever released by a major Hollywood studio" and a “stain on the reputation” of Paramount Pictures. He slammed the film "as a macabre pastiche of people’s most cherished and deeply held beliefs" – a "grotesque spoof of the Nativity."

Sep 19 09:20

Hollywood’s summer box office flopped.

Hollywood continues to spew out the same politically correct kitsch. Their movies have become too formulaic and repetitive. There are too many comic book movies chalk full of computer graphics showing crass, physics-defying violence. And of course, political correctness is always the number one priority. Then we’re expected to endure condescending lectures about climate change and social justice from the overpaid actors who show up at the Oscars.

The latest Emmy award show hit a new low when they devolved into a Trump hate fest. No matter what size screen, the lefty actors seem to think we’re fascinated by their Trump bashing. It has become both tiresome and predictable.

Sep 18 16:20

ABBA Are Planning To Tour Australia In 2019, But As Holograms

The pop icons will tour the country as holograms (or ABBA-tars), as part of a 2019 virtual reality world tour, News Corp Australia reports.

The ‘ABBA DIGITAL’ tour is soon to be a reality — despite all four members of the band still being alive and well — and will supposedly feature the band being projected in front of a real live band.

The group’s vocals will be taken from recordings, possibly even some taken from their 1977 Australian tour. The holograms will also be based on how the band members looked back in 1979.

“It’s perfect. We can be on stage while I’m home walking the dogs,” ABBA’s Benny Andersson tells News Corp.

“I don’t have to leave my house. If this really works there’ll be a lot of artists wanting to do the same thing, even artists who are still young and still touring. It’s a very interesting project.”

Sep 18 16:02

Mother!: Jennifer Lawrence horror is a box office FLOP - and audiences slam new movie

The movie, directed by Darren Aronofsky, is crashing well below its expectations - expected to earn just $8 million in the US, taking third place.

For comparison, this time last week It was heading for an opening haul of well over $100 million.

Additionally, those who have turned out to see the film are hating it: Deadline reports that the CinemaScore audiences have given it that dreaded, rare ‘F’ grade.

So essentially it seems that studio execs should brace themselves for a big loss: Lawrence’s salary alone is thought to have come $15 million, with a huge press and marketing budget.

Sep 18 13:57

7 Best Video Sites, YouTube Alternatives

YouTube is the biggest video sharing website in the world, no doubt about that, but It isn’t the only place to upload and watch videos online, there are other good options too which often gets ignored because YouTube takes a huge chunk of share when it comes to online publishing and broadcasting of videos.

Looking at the options, here are some of the best video sites like YouTube, where you can either upload or watch videos, check them out.

Sep 16 10:53

The Whistleblower, A Must see movie exposing United Nations Cover-Up and Involvement of Sex Trafficking

A little late to write a review since the movie came out in 2010. Still reflects what is going on today with human trafficking.

Sep 15 12:13

Don't let the door hit you -- Jennifer Lawrence announces two-year break from movies

after ignorant comment linking hurricanes to Trump victory.

Sep 15 07:00

Michael Moore: We Are Obstructing Trump Because He Is ‘Not Well’

Moore said, “Impeachment is not around the corner. People are hoping Bob Mueller can somehow indict him, but there’s a lot of constitutional questions about that. And he can indict him after he’s a civilian — after Trump’s a civilian, then we can indict him? Then I think our only question is going to be, do we try him as an adult? That will be the only thing yet to be determined.”

Sep 14 10:48

The Very Real Connection Between Hollywood and Washington

Hollywood has long been respected as a centre of excellence – the world’s premier film making centre. And perhaps quite rightly so. But there is a mostly unknown aspect to Hollywood – the influence of Washington on scripts and production. The two authors of the new book ‘American Security Cinema’ reveal the extent of this involvement.

Sep 14 10:11

Rapper XXXTentacion Lynches White Child in Racially Charged Music Video

Elsewhere in the video, XXXtentacion is seen walking a young black boy and a young white boy up to a noose hanging above a concert stage. The rapper says something to each before slipping the noose over the white child’s head. Moments later, XXXtentacion pulls on the rope and the child’s body is raised into the air. As the camera pulls back, the boy’s legs can be seen twitching as he hangs in the air in front of a crowd of onlookers.

Sep 13 11:31

Remember when Wikileaks Exposed Clinton/Podesta As Occultists?

Spirit Cooking

Let’s just say it out loud…

The most powerful people in our country are either outright occultists, are comfortable with witchcraft and Satanism, or are moving and shaking among those who are.

Sep 11 08:22

Washington DC’s Role Behind the Scenes in Hollywood Goes Deeper Than You Think

It is a matter of public record that the Pentagon has had an Entertainment Liaison Office since 1948. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) established a similar position in 1996. Although it was known that they sometimes request script changes in exchange for advice, permission to use locations, and equipment like aircraft carriers, each appeared to have passive, and largely apolitical roles.

Files we obtained, mainly through the US Freedom of Information Act, show that between 1911 and 2017, more than 800 feature films received support from the US government’s Department of Defence (DoD), a significantly higher figure than previous estimates indicate. These included blockbuster franchises like Transformers, Iron Man, and The Terminator.

On television, we found over 1,100 titles received Pentagon backing – 900 of them since 2005, from Flight 93 to Ice Road Truckers to Army Wives.

Sep 10 10:56


When President Donald Trump’s designated National Day of Prayer arrived Sunday, Hollywood actress Alyssa Milano, a frequent critic of the president, used it to lampoon him as an “a–hole.”

Sep 10 08:26

Triggered: George Clooney has Full Blown Meltdown Over Steve Bannon — ‘Licking My Ass’

Actor-director George Clooney attacked Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon Friday at the Toronto International Film Festival, saying the former White House chief strategist would be “licking my ass” to gain success in Hollywood.

“I like picking fights. I like that Breitbart News wants to have my head. I’d be ashamed 10 years from now if those weaselly little putzes, whose voices are getting a lot higher every week as this presidency starts to look worse and worse weren’t still [after me],” Clooney told reporters while promoting his new race thriller Suburbicon.

The actor didn’t offer examples to support his claim that Breitbart News “wants his head.” We have, however, reported how Clooney — well-known for his open borders immigration activism — is reportedly mulling the decision to move to Los Angeles with his wife Amal and newborn twins Ella and Alexander over security concerns at his England estate.

Sep 10 08:25

Maher: ‘Socialism Is Not Such a Bad Idea When You’re Standing in Toxic Floodwater’

Maher said, “[T]hese places that got flooded, like Texas, okay, they have a low tax base. So, the federal government bails them out. Their governors, their legislators they don’t believe in climate science. It seems like the responsible folks in this country, the people who pay a little more taxes and the people who believe in climate change are bailing out the people who hate government, except when they need government when they’re in trouble. That seems a little unfair.”

Sep 09 07:25

Star Trek: Discovery to tackle Trump-era political divide

If you are a Trump supporter you are now a big mean ugly Klingon. Hollyweird has totally lost it. They just killed the Star Trek franchise

“The Klingons are going to help us really look at certain sides of ourselves and our country. Isolationism is a big theme. Racial purity is a big theme.......

Sep 09 05:28

Jennifer Lawrence is a Complete Idiot

She thinks Mother Nature sent the hurricanes to punish America for voting Trump.

Sep 08 08:10

How Kim Jong-un would escape in caves if a nuclear war occurs

This is a really cheesy story focusing on how Kim Jong-un and his favorite stash of Swiss Cheese will be very difficult for the US to take out.

NORTH Korean dictator Kim Jong-un will escape to a vast complex of underground tunnels if a nuclear war breaks out — with a huge supply of his favourite cheese.

Aiden Foster-Carter, an expert on North Korea and honorary senior research fellow in Sociology and Modern Korea at Leeds University, said that Kim Jong un is unlikely to go without his favourite treats in the event of war.

He added that the dictator had to retreat from public life after eating too much Emmental cheese after receiving a huge shipment of it from Switzerland.

When asked about whether Kim will stockpile his favourite cheese, he added: “I’m sure that wherever he goes he’ll be provided for.”

Sep 06 13:12

Cher Declares "Keep Your Eyes Open Bitch!" I'm Ready To Take A Dreamer Into My Home

In the wake of President Trump's latest move on immigration, singer Cher has boldly announced on Twitter that she is personally taking a dreamer into her home.

Sep 06 08:20

Cher: House and Protect DACA Dreamers in Your Homes

Pop icon Cher urged her three million-plus Twitter followers on Tuesday to provide shelter for illegal immigrants who are currently being shielded from deportation, thanks to the controversial Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) amnesty program.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And, ummmmm ... how many do you have in YOUR house, Cher?

Sep 06 08:17

‘Suburbicon’: As the Box Office Craters, Clooney and Damon Attack Suburban Americans… Again

With the 2017 box office coming off its worst summer in 25 years, could the timing be worse to hand a mediocre director like Clooney tens of millions of dollars to once again insult millions and millions of customers with yet another attack on suburbia? Yet another tired, elitist attack from our Hollywood Overlords, from snobs who have probably never even driven through a suburb, much less spent any real time in one?

Sep 06 07:48

Beyonce, Streisand, Clooney to Lead Harvey Relief Telethon

Beyonce, Blake Shelton, Barbra Streisand and Oprah Winfrey will headline a one-hour benefit telethon to benefit Hurricane Harvey victims that will be simulcast next week on ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and CMT.

The event will be telecast live at 8 p.m. Eastern on Sept. 12, and on tape delay at 8 p.m. on the West Coast. It is being organized by Houston rap artist Bun B and Scooter Braun, founder of SB Projects. The show will also be streamed live on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Sep 06 07:39

Hollywood producer questioned over claims he bribed Israeli PM

Arnon Milchan, the media mogul and Hollywood producer behind the 1990 hit film Pretty Woman, has been interviewed by Israeli detectives in London over allegations he bribed the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Sep 04 20:35

Anti Gun Propaganda in 1970s show Chips in Routine Traffic Stop.

Here we see an infringement on the right to keep and bear arms in 1970s TV show Chips. Anti gun propganda through the entainment of TV shows. People 100 years ago did not need a permite to carry his rifle and pistol riding his horse.

Sep 04 08:37

Worst Box Office In 25 Years: Hollywood’s Problems Are Permanent & Deep

Even before this catastrophic Labor Day weekend is factored in (more on this below), the domestic 2017 box office is in hideous shape. This year is –6.3% behind 2016 and continues to fall behind 2015, 2013, and 2012.
If you figure in inflation, those numbers are even worse. For example, in 2012 the average ticket cost $7.96. Today it is almost a full dollar more at $8.89. Yeah, things are that bad and will look even worse on Tuesday.

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While studio executives will likely scream that content piracy is killing their business, the fact is that people do not have money to go to movies, and modern "value-engineered" theaters are not the pleasant experience they once were.

Add to that the fact that the "political correcting" of Hollywood has resulted in the most creative and independent thinkers being driven out of the industry, with Hollywood falling back on endless remakes and sequels, with very few truly original films being made these days.

One needs to remember the lesson of the original Star Trek (currently being re-run with new CGI on BBC). Compared to today's spin-offs, the production quality of the original series is quite primitive. But what made that show a huge success among young people were the scripts that openly challenged the social conventions of the day. This was a show that made people think about the society they lived in. Roddenberry understood that moving the setting for controversial stories to outer space made them politically "safe" (for at least the three years the original series ran).

Today's much of Hollywood is cowed by our government and Israel's government and corporate interest, and as a result dares not step out of line with the establishment. Hence the endless "video game" fare now being produced.

Oddly enough, Hollywood's lack of spine has allowed television to actually take the lead in producing original thought-provoking shows that keep people in their homes and out of theaters; shows such as "Game of Thrones", "The Borgias", and "Westworld."

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Washington DC’s role behind the scenes in Hollywood goes deeper than you think

On television, we found more than 1,100 titles received Pentagon backing – 900 of them since 2005, from ‘Flight 93’ to ‘Ice Road Truckers’ and ‘Army Wives’ The US government and Hollywood have always been close. Washington DC has long been a source of intriguing plots for filmmakers and LA has been a generous provider of glamour and glitz to the political class.

Aug 28 11:58

Intellihub’s Shepard Ambellas was in an ultra secret garage band project

Intellihub’s editor-in-chief Shepard Ambellas was in an ultra-secret garage band project with his five other band-mates in 2004-2005 which never fully came to fruition due to a series of shocking and unfortunate events.

Shepard told Intellihub staff that the band practiced for 6-hours a day 7-days a week for several years before the band reached it’s peak in 2005.

The following track was recorded from a live practice session before the bands pre-production phase started in which they worked with an acclaimed producer from the industry.

Aug 28 10:10

Musician Taryn Southern on composing her new album entirely with AI

If you heard Taryn Southern’s new single “Break Free” on the radio, you’d probably just keep driving or grocery shopping, or doing whatever you do in places that still have radios playing. The song is a big, moody ballad — the kind that might play during the climax of a Steven Spielberg movie. “Break Free” wasn’t composed by a John Williams copycat, but by artificial intelligence. The song is not a fluke or a novelty for Southern either; she’s using artificial intelligence platforms to create an entire album, called I AM AI. It’s the first LP to be entirely composed and produced with AI.

Aug 28 09:30

Beer production returns to Syria with opening of $16mn brewery (VIDEO)

This is for all you beer drinkers (Me Included). Our government supports the guys who blow up Breweries. BAD! BAD! BAD! The Russians and Iranians support the guys who like to make Beer! GOOD! And they are going to make Pilsner lager! Triple GOOD!

Syria’s beer production industry is being resurrected with the opening of a $16 million brewery which plans to produce an impressive 15 million litres the product each year

The Aradoz Beer Factory opened in Syria’s north west coastal city of Safita and is the work of two Syrian expats living in the Czech Republic. It represents the first mass-produced domestic beer since the civil war halted production of the country’s only two brands.

Aug 28 08:58

Stop Subsidizing Sports!

Aug 28 08:26

'Insensitive': Memphis theater cancels 'Gone with the Wind' after complaints

A Memphis theater will not continue with its annual screening of 'Gone with the Wind' after critics accused the iconic film of being racist.

Aug 28 07:03

Actor Samuel Jackson explains how he played with toy guns and shot real guns as a kid, no problem

the actor explains that no one went on shooting rampages, that kids were taught responsible gun safety and were very familiar with guns, how to use them, and the damage that they could cause.

Aug 27 16:39

Hawk takes shelter from Hurricane Harvey and refuses to leave taxi

Published on Aug 27, 2017

A man filmed the moment a hawk wouldn't budge from his taxi cab as Hurricane Harvey barreled towards Texas.

Aug 24 10:54

Joe Rogan explains to a CIA agent just how easy it would have been to make the Kennedy shot in 63?

While talking to CIA agent Mike Baker on a recent episode of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Rogan pointed out how the shot that Lee Harvey Oswald allegedly made striking President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963, was not that difficult.

“Two-hundred and sixty-five feet, eight-one meters, that ain’t shit,” Rogan said. “That’s a bow shot.”

Aug 23 08:45


Billy Joel wears yellow Star of David during New York concert

As singer plays encore of ‘Goodbye to You,’ screen behind him flashes pictures of fired White House staffers Bannon, Spicer and Scaramucci