Mar 05 08:23

Former Minister: Italy Must Be Guided in Its ‘Change of Population’ Due to Immigration

Prior to Italian national elections, the country’s first black cabinet minister told Swiss radio that due to massive immigration, Italy needs to be guided in “the change in the composition of the population” that is the fruit of immigration.

An immigrant herself from the African nation of Congo and Italy’s former minister for integration, Cécile Kyenge said the present situation in Italy is “surreal” because of the level of hostility toward immigration found among several political parties.

Immigration has become “the sole rallying point” of right-wing Italian parties, she said, which stoke a “climate of fear” by focusing on the lack of stability and security in the country.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The fault lies with the immigrants themselves (and the globalists who encourage them) because of the wave of crime, rapes, illnesses, etc. the immigrants have brought with them.

Mar 05 08:22

EU has a ‘MASSIVE ISSUE’ - Italian election results fuel uprising against eurozone rules

THE European Union has a “massive issue” after the surge in support for highly Eurosceptic parties at the Italian election, experts claim, with Brussels likely to face an uprising and demands to tear up its rulebook.

Mar 05 08:21

Italian election 2018: Nigel Farage CONGRATULATES Five Star Movement amid anti-EU SURGE

NIGEL Farage has offered his congratulations to Italy’s Five Star Movement for their polling results as eurosceptic parties are expected to make massive gains in the 2018 Italian election today.

Mar 05 08:21

Appeaser Theresa Goes to Bat FOR EU Against Trump Tariffs

Prime Minister Theresa May has taken the bizarre step of coming out to bat for the EU against U.S. President Donald Trump, after the bloc threatened to trigger a damaging “trade war” by levying tariffs on several iconic American brands.

The European Union and its predecessor organisations — the European Community and the European Economic Community — have consistently failed to negotiate a trade agreement with the United States, so its member-states will likely be hit when planned tariffs on steel and aluminium, designed to protect American workers from competitors in low-wage economies, come into force.

Mar 05 08:08

Warm Feelings: Russian LNG Gas Reportedly Heads to UK Amid Record Cold Snap

When cold weather strikes, Europe seems to come to an understanding that Russian energy deliveries to the continent carry a purely economic significance, not a political one.

Deliveries of Russian liquefied natural gas (LNG) from Yamal in Siberia are set to arrive in the UK this week as the island nation struggles to dig out from Storm Emma, the Financial Times reported.

The LNG will be delivered to the UK by Royal Dutch Shell, two sources familiar with the shipment have said. The gas will be picked up this weekend, and delivered to an LNG terminal in Milford Haven, Wales, where it will be regasified and pumped into the UK network by March 6.

Mar 05 08:05


For a few years, as the crisis that is the European Union and its disastrous immigration policies have been unfolding, I've been urging people to watch Italy. Indeed, during last week's News and Views I implicitly suggested that the center of the European stage has shifted from Berlin - where a workable coalition government has yet to take shape in any recognizable fashion and where Mad Madam Merkel is under increasing pressure to go - and from Paris, where M. Macron, if his performance in the recent Munich security conference is any measure, has yet to muster enough pluck to stand up to the paper tigress in Berlin, to Rome. Why is Italy so crucial? For one thing, it's in the top ten economies of the world, and depending on who one consults, comes in at about number 8, making its economy about as large as Russia's.

Mar 04 08:16

Trump Threatens Europe: "We Will Tax Your Cars"

This is how trade wars escalate: Trump hasn't even officially announced the steel and aluminum import tariffs, expected to be formally unveiled this coming week, and the rhetoric is already one of World Trade War I doom and gloom.

Hours after Trump tweeted on Friday morning that “trade wars are good, and easy to win,” European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said the bloc is prepared to respond quickly and forcefully by targeting imports of Harley-Davidson motorbikes, Levi Strauss & Co. jeans and bourbon whiskey from the U.S.

According to some, the preliminary EU retaliation was targeted in a way that would maximize political pressure on American leaders: Harley-Davidson is based in House Speaker Paul Ryan’s home state of Wisconsin, while bourbon whiskey hails from the state of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. San Francisco-based Levi Strauss is headquartered in House Minority Leader’s Nancy Pelosi’s district.

Mar 04 08:14

Ukraine Freezes After Russia Halts Gas Deliveries

Last week, Russia's state-run gas giant and quasi-monopolist when it comes to European natgas supplies, Gazprom, announced it would not restart shipments of natural gas to Ukraine's Naftogaz starting March 1 after the two sides failed to reach an agreement, Gazprom deputy chairman, Alexander Medvedev, told journalists.

Russian gas deliveries to Ukraine were supposed to restart on Thursday following a foreign court ruling aimed at ending years of disputes between Kiev and Moscow, including two halts to Russian gas supplies to Europe through Ukraine. But Gazprom unexpectedly refused to resume deliveries, returning the prepayment for supplies made by Kiev, claiming amendments to a contract had not been completed.

Mar 04 07:37

EU BOMBSHELL: Dutch PM rants against 'ever closer union' clause as 'HORRIBLE AND WRONG'

THE Dutch Prime Minister has revealed his loathing of the enshrined aim of the European Union to pursue an "ever closer union" - which he attacked as a colossal mistake behind much of the political headache currently on display in Europe.

Mar 04 07:37

‘Do you want war with Russia?’: Backlash at German newspaper over ‘NATO’s Eastern Front’ piece

An article mentioning “NATO’s Eastern Front” in a headline got Germany’s Die Welt newspaper in hot water, with furious readers accusing it of warmongering. The term Eastern Front is associated with the 1941 Nazi invasion of USSR.

Entitled ‘The Bundeswehr lacks winter clothing for NATO’s Eastern Front’, the article was first published by the German dpa news agency and then reprinted by other German media outlets, including Die Welt, which eventually bore the brunt of the headline wording. The piece tells of shortages of winter uniforms and basic equipment required by Germany’s military to lead the bloc’s rapid deployment force known as the Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF).

Mar 04 07:36

Endgame Russia: NATO Sprawl Invades Eastern Europe, No More Illusions

In the past, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) justified its militarization of large swaths of Eastern Europe by pointing to the omnipresent threat of terrorism, or some 'rogue' foreign state, inherently understood to be Iran.

Today the mask has slipped and it is no longer denied that NATO's primary target is Russia.

Mar 04 07:11

Swedish Public Broadcaster Journalist Harassed Called ‘Whore’, Told Not To Film In Stockholm No-Go Zone

Swedish broadcast journalist Anna-Klara Bankel was called a “damn whore” and told not to film in the notorious Stockholm no-go suburb of Rinkeby by locals whilst recording video footage for a documentary.

Anna-Klara Bankel, who works for the Swedish public broadcaster SVT, was called a “damn whore” while attempting to interview locals on the effectiveness of recently introduced CCTV cameras in the area to combat drug dealing and other crimes.

While trying to talk to locals in the main square of Rinkeby, a man shouted: “Go away! You cannot film here. Damn it!”

Mar 04 07:10

Three Times The Mainstream Media Has Denied The Existence of No-Go Zones In Europe

For many years, the mainstream media has denied the existence of No Go Zones across various European countries. This is despite heavily migrant populated neighbourhoods turning into areas of high crime and danger for police and public alike.

This week, German Chancellor Angela Merkel shocked the world by admitting that even Germany, which has taken in well over a million migrants since the 2015 migrant crisis, has no-go zones.

Merkel, who was described as the “leader of the free world” by left-wing publication the Independent after the election of U.S. President Donald Trump, is only the latest European leader to recognize the problems within migrant enclaves.

Mar 03 08:32

Trump’s Trashing of Iran Deal ‘Actually Threatening Europe’ As Well As Tehran

"I think it remains to be seen whether the Europeans are going to kowtow to Washington or not," said Porter. "It certainly could happen and the reason of course is that the United States is going to use every bit of power that is available to it to muscle the EU signatories of the JCPOA, that being Britain, France and Germany, to knuckle under to the US demand that they come up with something."

"That power, of course, is that if the Europeans don't go along with this and they do business with Iran, as it's required by the JCPOA, then the United States will cut off their financial access to US national institutions. That is a very sizable leverage that the US has."

Mar 03 08:24

Top Muslim Imam Says Migrants Should Breed With Europeans, Conquer Europe and Destroy Christianity

Mar 03 08:14

Who is Antonio Tajani? The man Berlusconi wants to be Italy's next prime minister

European Parliament President Antonio Tajani, the man picked by Silvio Berlusconi as his choice to be Italy's next prime minister, is an affable networker and long-time ally of the billionaire media tycoon.

"He is someone who knows all of Europe," Berlusconi said as he announced his one-time protege as his favoured nominee if the rightwing coalition he heads wins a majority in Sunday's general election.

Tajani, who helped Berlusconi enter politics in the early 1990s and then served as his spokesman, is seen as someone whose loyalty Berlusconi can count on.

Mar 03 08:00

Milan Mosque Urges Muslims to Vote for Italian Left-Wing Parties in Favour of ‘Birthplace Citizenship’

The Mosque of Segrate located on the outskirts of Milan has called on Muslims to vote for the centre-left coalition and parties favourable to granting birthplace citizenship.

The Segrate mosque, also known as Masjid al-Rahmàn or Mosque of the Merciful, released a bulletin to followers urging them to vote for parties which support granting citizenship to anyone born within the borders of Italy, known as Jus Soli, Italian newspaper Il Giornale reports.

The mosque told believers “they have a fundamental interest in going to the polls and in the secrecy of the voting booth, where nobody, except Allah, shines the splendour of his light, sees them express carefully on the valid ballot, putting the X on the symbol of parties favourable to Jus Soli.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This illustrates the dangers of open borders. If enough refugees (or illegal immigrants) flood into a country, they can literally vote to take the country away from the population who built it.

Mar 03 07:58

Brussels Prepares to Drag Britain into ‘Trade War’ with America

The European Union is poised to drag Britain into a damaging trade war with the United States, as Brussels prepares to retaliate against measures designed to protect American metalworkers.

Mar 03 07:58

Hysterical CNN Pushes ‘Italy Returns to Fascism’ Narrative, Fails to Declare Author Campaigned Against Article Subjects

U.S. broadcaster CNN published an article this week by historian Andrea Mammone claiming that the return of conservative former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi to Italian politics, along with the popularity of anti-mass migration parties, is heralding a return to fascism.

According to Mammone, the policies and rhetoric of Mr Berlsuconi during the Italian national election campaign have “led to the legitimization of the far right” and cites the rise of the far-right Casapound movement and the far-right Forza Nuova.

Recent polls suggest that much of the rhetoric used by Silvio Berlusconi, such as promising to deport 600,000 illegal migrants, has resonated with voters as his party along with the populist La Lega, are favourites to win Sunday’s vote.

Mar 03 07:54

‘EU serves Europe, not the other way round!' Dutch PM in extraordinary attack on Brussels

DUTCH prime minister Mark Rutte has launched an extraordinary tirade against Brussels bureaucrats and demanded more control over the future direction of Europe for European leaders, rather than unelected officials.

Mar 03 07:53

EXCLUSIVE: Italy PM candidate tells Italexit ON CARDS as he HERALDS Brexit

ITALIAN election candidate Matteo Salvini sent a stern warning to Brussels over Brexit claiming Italy could be the next EU member state to follow the UK out of the bloc.

Mar 03 07:52

Migrant ‘Ikea Murderer’ Explains Away Murder Motive Claiming ‘Sh*t Happens’

Eritrean failed asylum seeker turned murderer Abraham Ukbagabir claim in an interview that he wants to “forget” his killing of a 55-year-old woman and her 28-year-old son in an Ikea in 2015 and said, “shit happens”.

The 37-year-old, who was convicted of murdering a woman and her son in an Ikea in the city of Västerås, opened up about his past in Eritrea and brushed off the murder in a new interview with Swedish newspaper Expressen.

Mar 03 07:49

The Conservative Visegrád Countries Are Rising

"These countries are some of the only nations on the continent who’ve remained steadfast in their desire to hold on to their native Christian, European identities."

Mar 02 08:52

Putin: The Man Who Stopped Washington’s Regime Change Rampage

Putin has become an obstacle to Washington’s imperial ambitions which is why he has been elevated to Public Enemy Number 1. It has nothing to do with the fictitious meddling in the 2016 elections or the nonsensical “rolling back democracy” in Russia. It’s all about power.

American liberals would be surprised to know that Putin actually supports many of the same social issues that they support.

Putin is not the ghoulish caricature the media makes him out to be nor does he hate America, that’s just more propaganda from the corporate echo-chamber. The truth is Putin has been good for Russia, good for regional stability, and good for global security.

Mar 02 08:11

Czech PM: By No Means Will We Accept Any Migrants Within EU Quotas

The European Union adopted a migration quota plan back in 2015, following massive migrant inflows into the region. However, a number of countries, including the so-called the Visegrad Group, with the Czech Republic being one member of the group, have clashed with the European Commission on the issue of quotas.

"By no means, will we accept any migrants within any quotas. Not a single one. We are against, on principle, of being dictated to on who has the right to live and work in our country. Compulsory quotas are ineffective and only divide Europe," Prime Minister Andrej Babiš said, while delivering a speech in the parliament.

Mar 02 07:21


In 2014, the data collection at the base was central to a behind-closed-doors dispute between the Norwegian Intelligence Service and the oversight committee that monitors the conduct of the country’s spy agencies, according to sources with knowledge of the incident. The intelligence service argued that the surveillance was lawful and necessary. But the committee disagreed and claimed that the storing and searching of Norwegians’ communication records was legally dubious. The disagreement remains unresolved; meanwhile, the surveillance appears to have continued unabated.

Mar 01 13:16

Why Turkey Wants To Invade The Greek Islands

There is one issue on which Turkey's ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) and its main opposition, the Republican People's Party (CHP), are in complete agreement: The conviction that the Greek islands are occupied Turkish territory and must be reconquered.

So strong is this determination that the leaders of both parties have openly threatened to invade the Aegean.

The only conflict on this issue between the two parties is in competing to prove which is more powerful and patriotic, and which possesses the courage to carry out the threat against Greece. While the CHP is accusing President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an's AKP party of enabling Greece to occupy Turkish lands, the AKP is attacking the CHP, Turkey's founding party, for allowing Greece to take the islands through the 1924 Treaty of Lausanne, the 1932 Turkish-Italian Agreements, and the 1947 Paris Treaty, which recognized the islands of the Aegean as Greek territory.

Feb 28 15:31

US training EU armies to nuke Russia: Lavrov

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has accused the United States of hurdling international nuclear disarmament efforts by training European armies to use tactical nuclear weapons against Russia.

Addressing the United Nations Conference on Disarmament on Wednesday, Lavrov said the US military had deployed strategic and non-strategic weapons across Europe and was using them in joint military exercises with other European countries, including the NATO military alliance’s non-nuclear members.

"As we all know, these nuclear missions violate the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), and non-nuclear states plan and take part in the US exercises and learn how to use the nuclear weapons," he said.

Feb 28 11:06

What is going on with the banks of Italy?

Feb 27 10:22

Italy Should Revise Treaties in Favor of Alliance With Russia – Candidate

Roberto Lavarini, the right-wing Brothers of Italy party's candidate for the upcoming general elections, told Sputnik that in the event his party is elected to the parliament, it would continue to work on securing a Eurasian alliance with Russia instead of focusing on EU cooperation.

Feb 27 10:10

Stop Soros! - Hungary's New Law Seeks To Do Just That

Hungary is doing what every country should do - stopping this man's massive program to meddle in every country's internal affairs.

Feb 27 10:09

EU: Albania, Bosnia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia to join by 2025

The countries of the Western Balkans should be oriented towards 2025 as the date when they can join the European Union, provided that they work to meet the membership criteria, said EC head Jean-Claude Juncker.

"To the extent that the candidate country by that time, or later or earlier, will meet all the criteria for membership, we will act in such a way that its efforts are recognized by the European Union," he said at a press conference.

Prime Minister of Albania Edi Rama noted that as assessment of judges and prosecutors, which is the first step for judicial reform in the country, has become a key measure for the start of negotiations.

Feb 27 10:08

Estonian soldiers train to songs about "killing Russians"

The human rights group "Kitezh" has sent a request to the Estonian Ministry of Defense about the content of a drill song that their military is using, which refers to the killing of Russians.

Human rights activists received information that the so-called "Song of the Forest Brothers" is being utilised as a song during training.

In the letter, the staff of the center asked if the Ministry of Defense "consider it okay to use drill songs that call to kill Russians." There has not yet been a reposnse.

Feb 27 09:55

'Germany changed the rules' Why Eastern Europeans are FURIOUS at Angela Merkel

THE European Union’s newest members in Eastern Europe are furious with German leader Angela Merkel over her handling of the refugee crisis, a political scientist has revealed.

Feb 27 09:54

From drug tolerance to ‘narco state’: Migrant gangs & hands-off policing threaten Dutch liberalism

The Netherlands’ permissive drugs policy has been hailed worldwide, but immigrant-dominated crime gangs are taking advantage to create a “parallel mafia society.” Yet they are not the only ones who created this crisis.
A report by the Dutch police union based on interviews with 400 detectives, released last week, read less like a blueprint for tackling crime, but rather a concession of defeat.

A sample of quotes from interviewees: “In 25 years, I’ve seen small dealers grow to large businessmen with respected investors [and] political connections.” “Five years ago a contract killer would cost €50,000 [US$61,000] now one can be found for €5,000. It’s supply and demand.” “The Netherlands has become a narco state in the past three decades. We do not see what remains invisible, but underground it has been growing.”

Feb 26 10:31


The Netherlands’ permissive drugs policy has been hailed worldwide, but immigrant-dominated crime gangs are taking advantage to create a “parallel mafia society.” Yet they are not the only ones who created this crisis.
A report by the Dutch police union based on interviews with 400 detectives, released last week, read less like a blueprint for tackling crime, but rather a concession of defeat.

A sample of quotes from interviewees: “In 25 years, I’ve seen small dealers grow to large businessmen with respected investors [and] political connections.” “Five years ago a contract killer would cost €50,000 [US$61,000] now one can be found for €5,000. It’s supply and demand.” “The Netherlands has become a narco state in the past three decades. We do not see what remains invisible, but underground it has been growing.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is a shame, happening in what used to be one of the gems of Europe.

The Dutch people have to take the initiative, and move beyond the status quo right now in order to get these problems under control.

Feb 26 09:22

Italian election: Activists turn to disturbing violence to SHUT DOWN anti-EU Salvini rally

PROTESTERS threw glass bottles and knocked over police officers yesterday as violence broke out in Italy during a terrifying attempt to silence a leading anti-EU political figure, ahead of the Italian elections next week.

Feb 26 09:21

'We demand a refund!' EU in turmoil as Hungary SHOCKS Brussels with €1BILLION bill

HUNGARY'S Prime Minister Viktor Orban has set up a tense showdown with the EU elite, after he delivered a fiery speech which included shock demands for a massive refund from the bloc's coffers.

Feb 25 09:42

The holocaust industry strikes again

This time demanding $65 billion from ... Poland!!!

Feb 25 09:01

The Black Panther - A Mediocre Film with Anti-White Narratives (Video)

Introducing his movie review, British political activist Mark Collett writes, in part: "The Black Panther has been given glowing reviews by almost every mainstream critic - but why? Well it certainly isn't for the story or the bizarre and poorly thought out setting. The reason this film has been held up as a masterpiece is because it pushes narratives of African superiority and white guilt which both play right into the anti-white narrative that is embraced by the liberal establishment."

Feb 24 11:17

How Italy could QUIT the Euro: ‘Election winners will CONFRONT EU’ MEP warns

European leaders are anxiously watching the polls as Italians gear up to cast their votes on March 4, amid fears eurosceptic parties will seize power.

Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia party and the Five Star Movement look to be in the ascendency and both have huge reservations about the Eurozone project.

And German MEP Bernd Kölmel said the single currency was now under severe threat.

He said: "The election winners will confront the EU with the fact that they no longer want the existing euro.

Feb 24 11:16

Italian election: How Brexit-fan Matteo Salvini is on course to be EU’s next NIGHTMARE

The leader of the right-wing League said he will fight Brussels to make sure “Italians come first” should he become Italy’s next Prime Minister in the March 4 Italian general election.

The party leader, dubbed the “Italian Farage” could become one of the most dangerous politicians within the Union, as he has threatened the bloc to withdraw Italy’s funds and even trigger an “Italexit” if his demands for Italy aren't greeted.

Focusing his electoral campaign on fighting illegal immigration and protecting Italy from the EU’s “unfair” financial laws, he has often criticised both Eurocrats’ calls for greater integration and the euro, which he renamed “a German currency”.

He has often claimed that the regulations imposed by the European Union are damaging Italian industries and the Italian economy

Feb 24 11:16

ECB accuses Trump of sending euro soaring to squeeze stock exchanges

Minutes from a policy meeting in January revealed the situation “required monitoring”, as it tries to ease an anti-euro uprising in Italy ahead of its crucial election next month.

The euro has been consistently rising against the dollar since Donald Trump became President, squeezing stock exchanges in Europe while Wall Street soars.

In its minutes, the ECB cited a joint pledge at the International Monetary Fund’s October meeting that all parties “will refrain from competitive devaluations, and will not target our exchange rates for competitive purposes”.

The minute could be seen as an accuse to US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, who hinted at the possibility of the end of the “strong dollar” policy in Davos last month.

Feb 24 11:15

EU split: Just 12 leaders invited to swanky pre-summit dinner, and here's who was snubbed

THE Belgian prime minister hosted a fancy dinner for his European colleagues last night ahead of today’s EU Summit - but while Brussels heavyweights Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron got an invite - others were snubbed.

Feb 24 11:14

‘FRANKLY SICKENING' Tony Blair in astonishing attack over May's Brexit

In a wide-ranging and blistering attack, the former Labour leader took aim at the PM and other politicians who he accused of being in “cake and eat it” mode over the nature of the relationship between Britan and the EU once the UK leaves the bloc next year.

Writing on the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change website, Mr Blair said: “Each speech in this bizarre parade of Government Ministers designed to show unity only further exposes the division.

“They all try to pull the sword out of the stone, huffing and puffing away, and all fail.

Feb 24 08:34

Russian Presidential Elections: Boring, Useless and Necessary?

The sad reality is that these elections will change nothing and they are not only boring (no real, credible, opposition) but also useless. A grand waste of time and money. And yet, they are also necessary.

They are necessary because in the “Empire of Illusions”, to borrow Chris Hedges’ excellent expression, everybody simply has to play by the AngloZionist rules: elections are an absolute “must” even if they are self-evidently farcical.

Feb 23 12:07

Begging for bread: A Greek family under austerity

Like 20 percent of Greeks, Iliodoros and Ioanna Filios cannot find work in the country's austerity-ravaged economy.

Feb 23 10:06

Two People Shot Dead Outside UBS Bank In Zurich

Two people have been shot dead outside a branch of the UBS bank in the otherwise boring and extremely quiet Swiss financial capital of Zurich, the local police said according to BBC. Images distributed by the Swiss press showed two bodies lying motionless, close together on a pavement, with eyewitnesses reporting four or five shots being fired.

The media images showed what appeared to be a pistol close to the hand of one of the bodies on the pavement.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Feb 23 07:28

EU must prepare for 'non-operational government' after Italy election, Juncker warns

European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker warned Thursday that financial markets could face turbulence after Italian elections next month, saying Brussels was prepared for a worst-case scenario.

Italians vote on March 4th amid uncertainty, with polls indicating a coalition between the centre-right opposition Forza Italia party and far-right, anti-immigrant groups could end up in government.

Juncker said it would be a "very important week in the European Union" because the result of a membership ballot of Germany's Social Democrats on whether to join a coalition led by Chancellor Angela Merkel's is due on the same day."

Feb 23 07:26

Hungary's 'Stop Soros Act' a 'Matter of Sovereignty ' - Political Analyst

The Hungarian prime minister has accused George Soros of using his funds to buy influence in Brussels and the UN. His accusation comes after the so-called Stop Soros bill was submitted to the Hungarian Parliament. The proposed bill would enable banning non-government organizations that encourage migration and pose a risk to national security.

Sputnik discussed the bill with Levente Bánk Boros, a political analyst and CEO of Medianezo Ltd.

Feb 23 07:17

Despite sanctions there are reasons of sovereignty and modernization for Germany and Europe to resort to Russian armaments

Germany's cooperation with Russia in the defense and industrial sphere is likely to develop - Germany and other European countries understand that it is not possible to organize their projects within the framework of NATO, since the Alliance pursues exclusively US interests. This opinion was expressed by the analyst Alexander Asafov. ...

And this: Russia is strengthening cooperation with Germany and other European countries in the sphere of the military-industrial complex (MIC), said the head of the parliamentary defense committee, Vladimir Shamanov.

Feb 23 07:14

Juncker accused of snub to MILLIONS as he prepares to unveil statue of communist Karl Marx

JEAN Claude Juncker has been accused of ignoring more than 100 million victims of communism after it emerged that he is to unveil a statue of Karl Marx.

Feb 22 13:27

German Brexit-hating Juncker ally dubbed ‘Brussels MONSTER’ given top EU role

EU CHIEFS have been accused of nepotism after a Brexit-hating Eurocrat dubbed the 'Brussels monster' was handed a plum new role at the European Commission after being nominated by his pal Jean-Claude Juncker.

Feb 22 13:27

Germany RULING the EU: Now THREE of EU's most powerful institutions are run by GERMANS

GERMAN influence is rising within the EU after Martin Selmayr was appointed to the post of secretary-general of the European Commission, meaning the country now holds the position in three of the bloc’s most powerful institutions.

Feb 22 13:24

Jewish Foundation Says US Should Cut Ties With Poland Over Holocaust Speech Law

The Ruderman Family Foundation, an American Jewish philanthropic organization, recently initiated a campaign calling for the US to dissolve its ties with Poland over the country’s controversial new law that makes it illegal to accuse the Polish nation of complicity in Nazi crimes during World War II.

The campaign includes a petition for the US to suspend its ties to Poland on the website. The site also reportedly included a video message showing men, women and children saying "Polish Holocaust," according to Times of Israel. Other footage showed people asking about time spent in a "Polish prison." However, the footage is currently unavailable on the website or YouTube.

The contentious law, recently signed by President Andrzej Duda this month, is due to take effect February 28. However, the law is to be reviewed by Poland's constitutional court since it has generated much criticism.

Feb 22 13:23

NATO head says Russia is not a threat to any of its members

NATO does not see Russia as a threat to any of its members, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said in an interview published by the Foreign Policy magazine on Tuesday and reported by TASS.

"We don’t see any threat [from Russia] against any NATO ally and therefore, I’m always careful speculating too much about hypothetical situations," he said when asked what the alliance would do "if Russia did in the Baltics what it did in Ukraine."

"What I can say is that anything like what happened in Crimea and Ukraine would, of course, trigger a response from the whole alliance, because NATO is there to defend and protect all allies against any threat," he went onto say.

Feb 22 13:20

Italy's Lega Nord Leader Slams Merkel for 'Causing Damage' to the Country

Matteo Salvini has accused Angela Merkel of following only the German agenda and ignoring the fact that her strategy is no good for other EU states, including Italy.

"Angela Merkel has been criticized abroad, since she puts the interests of German citizens and the German economy above the interests of the whole [European] Union. This strategy, that is probably good for Germany, has caused damage to Italy," Matteo Salvini, the leader of the right-wing Italian party Lega Nord, told DPA.

In his opinion, Italy had to agree with EU-related decisions without any chance of influencing them, which is completely wrong, the politician argued.

"We often have an impression that we are only being consulted about accomplished facts and have no chance to influence the decisions that set the direction for Europe," Salvini stated.

Feb 22 13:00

Major Police Operation In Brussels To Block Off Building With Gunman Inside

Armed police, snipers and a helicopter have been deployed in a large scale operation to block off a building in the Brussels commune of Fora where one or more gunmen are allegedly inside, according to local media. Authorities report that at least two men are holed up in the apartment.

Feb 22 09:46

Jim Mattis refutes the “Fake News” of Israel and NATO

For the first time, a practicing Secretary of Defense has denounced the ongoing lies of Israel, its own administration and NATO.

This should have been the “front page” of all Western newspapers. But only Newsweek reported it [ 1 ].

Feb 22 09:44

Mike Whitney: Did Trump Cut a Deal on the “Collusion” Charge?

Are the Intel agencies and the FBI looking for a way to end this political cage-match before a second Special Counsel is appointed and he starts digging up embarrassing information about the involvement of other agencies (and perhaps, the White House) in the Russiagate fiasco?

All of these questions need to be answered in order to clear the air, hold the guilty parties accountable and restore confidence in the government.

Feb 21 16:52

Theresa May calls for the Brexit transition to be extended indefinitely beyond December 2020

The UK government has called for the EU to discuss extending the Brexit transition period indefinitely beyond December 2020, in a move that is likely to enrage Conservative Brexiteers.

The EU has previously insisted that Britain must be fully out of the EU by December 31, 2020, meaning a transition period would not be able to go beyond 20 months.

However, the UK's Brexit transition guidelines leaked to Business Insider, calls on the EU to discuss leaving this end date open indefinitely.