Jan 19 09:47

WATCH: London’s Khan Doubles Down: ‘Trump Amplifies Racism and Fascism’

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has “refus[ed] to apologise” for his attacks on Donald J. Trump, doubling down and accusing the U.S. president of “amplifying” racism and fascism.

Jan 19 09:45

‘Branson bailout’ protests erupt as anger grows with East Coast rail

Angry protestors have descended upon London’s Kings Cross Station to share their rage over the proposed £2 billion bailout for Virgin Trains East Coast rail service, owned by one of the world’s richest men, Richard Branson.
The train service, which is a joint venture between Stagecoach and Branson’s Virgin Group, pledged to pay more than £3 billion (US$4.1 billion) to run the rail service until 2023. In November, the rail line announced that the deal will be terminated with the government three years early.

Simultaneous protests kicked off on Thursday morning, with campaigners shaking money tins at commuters in London, Edinburgh, Manchester, Surrey, and Bristol to demonstrate their anger over the botched rail re-privatization.

Jan 19 09:14

British Police Celebrate Taking Cutlery Off The Streets

There was a time not so long ago when the British ruled the world.

Jan 19 08:40

“You Are Now Entering the American Sector” (Will Syria Be Partitioned?)

Do not take your eyes off the ball, remember that all this delicate pussyfooting is about power.

Russia avoided the Syrian quagmire despite dire predictions. Putin minimised his footprint, his war is almost over, ISIL has been defeated. Trump could also exclaim “Mission is completed!” – and fly home.

But, it seems he is eager to rush in where angels fear to tread. Trump does not mind doing for the Israeli Prime Minister what his predecessors, whether Democrats or Republicans, refused, namely, fighting Israel’s war by indefinitely extending the hostile and illegal occupation of Syria.

Jan 19 08:30

Why Is Putin “Allowing” Israel to Bomb Syria? The Saker

The truth is that “the Russians are *not* coming”. The key for Putin is to do what needs to be done to advance Russian interests but without triggering an internal or external political crisis.

Trying to reason with the Israelis or get them to listen to the UN has been tried by many countries for decades and if there is one thing which is beyond doubt is that the Israelis don’t give a damn about what anybody has to say. So talking to them is just a waste of oxygen. What about threatening them? Actually, I think that this could work, but at what risk and price?

Jan 17 16:19

Breitbart Editor Raheem Kassam Defends Trump Brilliantly, Blasts Sadiq Khan Over ‘Shithole London’

If you've never seen Raheem in action before, it's worth the click. He is on fire here.


Jan 17 15:16

Quit lying to us about Israeli-Palestinian “peace process”

Stuart Littlewood says Israel “won't willingly return the lands and resources it has stolen unless slapped with tough, sustained sanctions”, and “Civil society in the US and UK must end the conspiracy among their warped government “élites” that makes a mockery of international law”.>>

Jan 17 11:52

Welcome to 'Big A***hole', 'Death-Murder' and 'I masturbate': The British towns that translate as something entirely different to foreign visitors

Orton in Cambridgeshire.

It's an innocent-enough sounding place name, but one of many in Britain that sounds positively rude or alarming to foreign visitors.

Orton, to an Argentinian, is slang for 'big a***hole'.

Then there's Lorton in Cumbria, which may well raise eyebrows among Danes, to whom it means 'the s***'.

Do you live in Todmorden, West Yorkshire? If you do and you see any alarmed Germans in the vicinity, it could be because the name of your place of residence translates to 'death-murder'.

Germans in Wix, Essex, meanwhile, are more likely to be found giggling than looking shocked, because the word 'wix' is pronounced identically to 'wichs' – a slang term meaning 'I masturbate'.

Jan 17 11:27

Facebook expands its investigation into whether Russian agents tried to influence Brexit vote

Facebook has told the Government's fake news inquiry it will expand its investigation into whether Russian agents attempted to influence the Brexit vote.

The social media giant previously said it found just three Brexit-related ads linked to the Russia-based Internet Research Agency (IRA), and they were viewed by just 200 people.

But MP Damian Collins, chairman of the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee, responded by accusing Facebook of not properly investigating alleged Russian meddling.

Today, he revealed the company is now expanding its probe to look for other 'coordinated activity around the Brexit referendum'.

Jan 14 08:51

Anti-monarchy protesters set to dress up as the homeless and protest in Windsor on the Prince Harry's wedding day - after council boss wanted police to remove rough-sleepers from the town

Hard-left activists are plotting to disrupt the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle by posing as homeless people and staging a mass demonstration.

Thousands of people could take part in co-ordinated protests in Windsor, organised on Facebook by activists who spew out obscenities attacking the Royal Family.

Some are planning to disguise themselves as beggars, turning up with sleeping bags the night before the wedding.

Jan 14 08:22

PETER HITCHENS: Face it: sometimes those stale, male MPs are the best choice

The Blair and Cameron governments, among the worst in living memory (and in my view longer than that), were crammed with youthful idiots who looked reasonably good on TV, and great fusses were made of the numbers of women MPs (regardless of whether they were any good).

Yet here we go again.

We have just had a reshuffle openly based on the fatuous idea that the way the Government looks is what matters.

Jan 14 08:10

Brexit shock: No deal will cost EU £500billion

PRESSURE was last night mounting on the EU to sign a free-trade agreement with Britain after a report revealed that a “no deal” scenario could cost the bloc more than £500billion.

Jan 14 08:08

‘Arrest him’: Pro-Trump protesters storm London Mayor’s speech (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Pro-Trump protesters stormed a speech being made by Sadiq Khan, shouting pro-Brexit slogans and calling for the London Mayor’s arrest. The disruption led to the temporary suspension of the speech.

Jan 14 08:02

Our historic Brexit vote could now be reversed, admits Nigel Farage

Remainers ‘are making all the running’ and could swing a vote in parliament, former Ukip leader warns

Jan 14 04:34

Trump Supporters Attempt to Arrest London’s Muslim Mayor

Far-right supporters holding aloft American flags and shouting pro-Donald Trump slogans have attempted to perform a “citizen’s arrest” of London’s Muslim mayor, Sadiq Khan.

Khan was delivering a speech at a Fabian Society conference in London on Saturday when protesters disrupted his talk, presstv reported.

The protesters were from a group called the White Pendragons. They were hiding in the audience and started holding up American flags when the mayor started speaking. They called for Khan to be arrested, reportedly referencing his religion, Muslim

Khan’s address had to be suspended briefly as a result of the incident.

(*Oddly enough , there's a rock&roll song , for that , too !)

Jan 13 13:27

How Will President Trump Deal With A Rogue California Government Making the State a Third World S-hole?

The state of California government has gone rogue and out of control. What happens in California can have some major ramifications nationwide if something is not done to put the state government in check. The state Legislator has passed laws that go far beyond infringing on people’s personal liberties. What is going on in the state is a major train wreck getting ready to happen that could have been preventable.

Jan 13 11:32

Who or What Is Feeding the Unrest in Iran? Philip Giraldi

Given the history of foreign interventions in the Middle East, is the United States or Israel plausibly involved in the demonstrations?
The answer to that is both yes and no. There is considerable evidence that the United States and possibly Israel, joined by Saudi Arabia, have set up several command centers in Iraq and Afghanistan to support the protests. They have been using social networking as well as radio broadcasts to encourage the people to get out and demonstrate. One such station called AmadNews, broadcasting from outside Iran, called on demonstrators to attack police stations and government buildings. It appears to be a US government front manned by Persian speaking Israelis.

Jan 13 09:09

Nigel Farage has MEP salary docked to £35k amid claims of EU funds misuse

Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage will have his MEP’s salary slashed by 50 percent to £35,000 (US$48,000) after a European Parliament investigation found he had misused EU funds.

Farage, who has recently described himself as “skint,” was being investigated by the European Parliament after allegations were made last February that he, as well as seven other UKIP MEPs, used European funds to finance his party office.

Jan 12 15:05

Boxer Bilal Fawaz represented England six times but now has nowhere to live and cannot work while on bail pending deportation

Boxer Bilal Fawaz has fought for England six times but spent more than a month locked away in an immigration detention centre pending deportation to Nigeria.


The current London middleweight boxing title holder was sent to London from Nigeria by his parents the age of 14 and has lived here ever since.


The Nigerian High Commision has reportedly rejected the Home Office's application to secure Fawaz's travel documents three times, because it claims while he was born there he is not a citizen - his father was a Lebanese immigrant and his mother from the Benin Republic.

A spokesman for the Home Office said: "Mr Fawaz was granted bail on January 2 by an independent immigration judge.

"His bail conditions state that he must report regularly to the Home Office.

"His case is ongoing."

Jan 12 07:56

Donald Trump cancels London visit amid protest fears

Donald Trump has cancelled a visit to Britain next month to open the new US embassy in London, amid fears of mass protests.

The president claimed on Twitter that the reason for calling off the trip was his displeasure at Barack Obama having sold the current embassy for “peanuts” and built a replacement for $1bn (£750m). “Bad deal,” he wrote.

But the embassy’s plan to move from Mayfair to Nine Elms in London was first reported in October 2008, when George W Bush was still president.

Jan 12 07:13

London Mayor Sadiq Khan says ONE WORD on Brexit that will make Leave voters RAGE

Sadiq Khan said that while he was "heartbroken" about Brexit he had come to accept the results of the 2016 EU Referendum but his use of the word 'probably' is likely to rile many of the 17.4million Brits who voted for freedom from the Brussels bloc.

Discussing the newly published Brexit impact reports he commissioned, Mr Khan said: "I’m not in a state of denial, I accept we are probably leaving the European Union.

Jan 12 07:12

'Unbelievable ineptitude' Angry Brexiteers attack Sadiq Khan over anti-Brexit report

SADIQ Khan has been accused of “scaremongering” and incompetence after he released an anti-Brexit report written by ardent Remainers.

Jan 11 13:51

Classical Liberalism Strikes Out

Is the Trump presidency an example of liberalism’s decay, or a last gasp to save the system?

We can see how the attraction for a strong, blustering, iconoclastic leader would arise in this context. The appeal of Trump arose from the pervasive sense of helplessness by a broad swath of Americans, especially those who have suffered most from the dissolution of families, churches, communities, and a range of constitutive bonds. On the one hand, I see the effort to exert some control over our destiny – by demanding an economy that works for average citizens, by insisting that a national culture amount to more than borderless non-judgmentalism, and rejecting the “political correctness” accompanying a sexual revolution whose wreckage is accumulating exponentially – as a “last gasp,” as you put it, and even an admirable one.

Jan 11 12:01

Nigel Farage warming to second EU referendum

Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage says he is close to backing a second EU referendum to end the "whinging and whining" of anti-Brexit campaigners.

Mr Farage told Channel 5's The Wright Stuff a fresh vote could "kill off" the Remain campaign for a generation.

He said "the percentage that would vote to leave next time would be very much bigger than it was last time round".

Pro-EU campaigners welcomed his comment, claiming "support is growing" for another referendum.

Jan 11 09:52

Nigel Farage gives BRILLIANT reason why EU reform plans would NEVER work

Jan 11 09:44

Tony Blair and his pals are spitting in the wind if they think nonsensical bids to overturn Brexit will bear fruit

A bid to wreck the 2016 referendum will be launched by sleek, well-heeled Europhiles including ex-EU Commissioner Peter Mandelson

Jan 11 09:40

Revealed: British Premier Gordon Brown Is A Paedophile

In the early months of 2003, just prior to the illegal invasion of Iraq, and working in conjunction with a London-based freelance journalist who had thoroughly double-checked exposures published by the Scottish ‘Sunday Herald’ newspaper, I publicised details of a child-sex ring linked to senior ministers within the Blair government.

I initially published my findings, stemming from discreet leaks from a secret list provided by the American FBI to the ‘Sunday Times’ newspaper, and concomitantly discovered that Tony Blair had issued a gagging order to suppress all further discussion of a scandal that would most certainly have brought a swift end to his administration and made Britain’s collusion in the destruction of Iraq impossible.

The articles I wrote concerning the “Operation Ore” cover-up and the 100-year blackout order imposed upon the report concerning the Dunblane massacre of children used and abused by senior Scottish Labour government ministers can still be found here:

Jan 11 09:39

Gordon Brown stuns by claiming UK can only control immigration by staying IN EU

The former Prime Minister claimed immigration to Britain when Romania and Bulgaria joined the EU was "not huge".

One of the Leave camp’s main arguments to cut ties with Brussels is to gain control of Britain’s borders as EU chiefs have spectacularly failed to stop the migrant crisis.

Jan 11 09:38

Brexit petition calling for UK to quit EU IMMEDIATELY gets support for Commons debate

More than 132,000 people have backed the online petition on the official Parliament website urging the Prime Minister to abandon the Brexit negotiations and begin the withdrawal from the bloc.

MPs are now scheduled to debate the issue in Parliament's Westminster Hall annexe on January 22.

Jan 11 09:22

REVEALED: What David Cameron really thought of 'narcissistic, self-absorbed' Barack Obama

Steve Hilton, who was a senior adviser to Mr Cameron during the 2010 General Election campaign, made the unexpected claim on his new TV show on the American network Fox News.

The revelation comes as a shock after it was previously believed the pair had a good personal relationship.

However, giving his insight into the former Prime Minister’s thoughts, Mr Hilton said: “As for Obama, all I can tell you is my old boss, former British prime minister David Cameron, thought Obama was one of the most narcissistic, self-absorbed people he'd ever dealt with.”

Jan 09 10:03

Theresa May's reshuffle in disarray as Justine Greening quits

Prime minister accused of ‘giving in to the boys’ as Jeremy Hunt refuses to change roles – and Putney MP quits government rather than move

Jan 08 15:02

24,000 Attempts To View Pornography At The UK Parliament In Just Five Months

There were roughly 24,000 attempts to access pornography on the House of Parliament’s computer network between June and October 2017, according to a Freedom of Information request by Britain’s Press Association.

Jan 08 08:15

May to move or sack quarter of cabinet in wide-ranging reshuffle

Prime minister to assert authority, though Boris Johnson, David Davis, Amber Rudd and Philip Hammond likely to keep jobs

Jan 07 14:11

Nothing like a wacky fatwa to begin the New Year

Stuart Littlewood shows with examples how the worlds of Jewish and Christian Zionists, extortionists and the deranged meld into one murky sphere inhabited by sad and deluded individuals with no life, principle or morality. >>

Jan 07 09:53

‘They will FAIL’ Guy Verhofstadt sparks fresh fury with SWIPE at Brexit

The EU’s chief Brexit negotiator had already caused outrage after sneering at Theresa May’s blue passport victory.

And yesterday, he was at it again, warning that nations which decided to go it alone “will fail”.

He tweeted: “Individual countries can't solve the challenges we face.

“From climate change to human trafficking, nationalists and populists are unable to provide the answers and that's why they will fail #WeAreEurope”

Jan 07 09:50

Trump WILL STOP US-UK Brexit deal if he is not invited to Royal Wedding in shock claim

Michael Wolff, the author of Fire And Fury: Inside The Trump White House, suggested that the UK could jeopardise a Brexit trade deal with the US if Donald Trump is not invited to the Royal Wedding on May 19.

Prince Harry and Meghan reportedly want former president Barack Obama and his wife Michelle to attend their wedding.

Government officials are worried, however, that President Trump will take great offence if he is not invited as well.

Jan 07 09:29

May drops manifesto promise to allow foxhunting vote

U-turn over plan to allow parliament chance to reverse ban on bloodsport could trigger backlash by rural Tories

Jan 06 08:52

Step aside Remoaners – It's time for a real Brexiteer! Farage ready for Barnier SHOWDOWN

BREXITEER Nigel Farage is set to meet with EU negotiator Michel Barnier to defend the decision of British voters to leave the European Union.

Jan 05 16:30

Shocking claims Tony Blair led a mass migration conspiracy to ensure Labour's rule

TONY Blair betrayed Britain for his own political ends by overseeing a massive conspiracy to flood the country with millions of migrants, an explosive book has claimed.

Jan 05 12:14

Why there won’t be a revolution in Iran – Pepe Escobar

Regime change is unlikely but what is in play is setting the scene for a further renewal of economic sanctions

What Rouhani should have explained to Iranians in detail is the direct consequences of hard economic times and United States sanctions, which are affecting the country.

These were coupled with financial threats against western firms now back in business, or at least contemplating opening up operations, in Iran.

Jan 05 09:10

We will have REMAIN majority by 2020 – 450,000 Brexiteers die yearly SLAMS Newsnight guest

“As it happens the pollster Peter Kellner was listening in and he shared some calculations he’d made about when, other things being equal, the Brexit majority would be reduced to zero by that most natural of wastage.

“It went something like this: 600,000 voters die every year, given the age profile of Brexit voters, 450,000 of them would be among the deceased, as against about 150,000 Remainers.

“In addition, new voters are added and if they voted in the same way as their slightly older brothers and sisters, then by the time we leave in 2020, we would have a remain majority.

Jan 05 08:55

EXCLUSIVE — Sadiq’s Response to Knife Crime Epidemic: £10,000 on ‘Knife Wands’ for Schools, But City Hall WON’T Track Uses or Knives Captured

London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s response to the knife crime epidemic overtaking his city has been to issue metal-detecting ‘knife wands’ to schools — but City Hall is not tracking how many times they are being used, or how many knives are being confiscated, if any.

Jan 05 08:52

‘Wrong on ERM. Wrong on Euro. WRONG ON BREXIT!’ Nigel Farage destroys Blair with one tweet

TONY Blair has sparked a furious backlash after telling Britons its not too late to reverse Brexit and calling for a second referendum.

Jan 04 18:19

Cool multi-use invention: Street lamp powered by dog poop has proven to be a successful green energy and waste management combo in the U.K.

The brainchild of Brian Harper, a member of the environmental group Transition Malvern Hills, the device is simple yet effective in execution. First, dog walkers deposit stool into the hatch of a washing machine-like device attached to the lamp. Dog walkers then turn a handle to activate a mechanism inside the device which heats up and stirs the poop. Microorganisms break down the stool to produce methane. A containment box collects and stores the methane until dusk, whereupon a timer releases the gas to light up the lamp.

Harper, who conceptualized the idea three years ago, has stated that ten bags of dog poop are enough to power the lamp for two hours.


Jan 04 15:34

British anti-witch-hunt group expels half of its supporters!

"Just when you thought the British “left” had reached rock bottom, you wake up to learn that its political comedy act has no limits.

"We learned on 3 January that the “anti-witch-hunt” Labour Party group Labour Against the Witch-Hunt (LAW) has expelled half of its members over 'anti-Semitism'." >>

Jan 04 08:28

London’s Police Commissioner says rape gangs have “been part of our society for centuries”

Cressida Dick is the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police in London. And she is, of course, lying outright. If “grooming gangs” had been part of British society for centuries, we might have heard about it from the British writers going back to Chaucer who wrote about conditions on the ground in the country, or from political controversies of bygone ages. But there is not one mention, not one hint, of massive numbers of British girls being raped and forced into prostitution by organized gangs until quite recently.

And the perpetrators are Muslims. The victims are non-Muslims.

Jan 04 08:22

Remoaner Tony Blair urges Jeremy Corbyn to hold SECRET meetings with EU to STOP BREXIT

The former Prime Minister’s latest intervention on the Brussels divorce proceedings comes in the form of an article posted online.

Writing on his own website Blair said 2018 was the year that “the fate of Brexit and thus of Britain will be decided”.

He said: “Open up the dialogue with European leaders about reforming Europe, a dialogue they're more than willing to have now because they realise Brexit also damages Europe economically and politically.”

Jan 04 08:04

Remove homeless people before royal wedding, Windsor council leader tells police

“Homelessness is completely unacceptable in a compassionate community such as ours,” the councilor wrote, which was also sent to Prime Minister Theresa May and Home Secretary Amber Rudd.

But he adds that a “large number of adults that are begging in Windsor are not in fact homeless, and if they are homeless they are choosing to reject all support services ...

“In the case of homelessness amongst this group, it is therefore a voluntary choice.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Suuure it is...

Jan 04 08:02

The UK Has Just Cancelled All Routine Operations!!

Hannity reported: The United Kingdom’s National Health Service announced this week that it was canceling all “routine operations” until February, saying all “non-emergency” procedures will be delayed after a flu-outbreak left hospitals overcrowded and under-funded.

Jan 03 16:00

Proposed Brit law to ban b**tards brandishing bots to bulk-buy tickets

The British government is to ban ticket touts from using automated software to snap up more tickets than allowed by event organisers.

The new criminal offence will be brought forward under a provision in the Digital Economy Act. Those who break the law will face an unlimited fine.

Jan 03 14:50

What do you call somebody who supports Israel?

Stuart Littlewood reminds us of what it really means to be a “Friend of Israel”, and asks: Why is supporting a racist regime like Israel not only tolerated but actively encouraged in the West's corridors of power and often rewarded with high office? >>

Jan 03 10:01

Barclays apologises for charging customers DOUBLE when they use their bank cards

Barclays has apologised for charging customers double when they used their bank cards.

The bank said the duplication payments across an undisclosed number of accounts had been caused by a 'small technical glitch'.

It said the problem had now been fixed and insisted no customer had been left out of pocket.

However frustrated customers said they were 'worried' the duplication of deducted payments had happened again.

A similar problem hit the bank in October 2015 and 2016.

Jan 03 08:40

Sadiq’s London: Knife Crime, Gun Crime, Theft, Burglary, Rape, Homicide all MASSIVELY Up

Britain’s media celebrated in droves when London elected its first Muslim mayor, Sadiq Khan, in May 2016.

Now the cacophony caused by the “we’re not racist” backslapping has ended, the true implications of a Khan mayoralty are being realised.

In Britain’s capital over the past year, Khan presided over rises in knife crime, gun crime, theft, burglary, rape, homicide, and more. And not just by a little bit, either.

Jan 03 08:31

The final insult after soaring rail fares? Now you'll pick up the bill for bailing out Richard Branson!

Here was the bearded showman with his family under a towering Christmas tree. And here he was flat on his back in deep snow and designer goggles with one languid ski in the air. What fun it must have been to relax up in the mountains, where he just happens to own a luxurious chalet complete with indoor swimming pool.

But if you’d mentioned such indulgence to the thousands of rail passengers shivering on platforms up and down Britain yesterday, you might have heard the blunt suggestion that Branson should take a very long ski off a very short mountain.

Jan 02 12:32

East Coast rail 'bailout' could cost taxpayers hundreds of millions

The East Coast rail franchise will be terminated three years early, avoiding the embarrassment of another private firm handing back the keys to the government but potentially forfeiting hundreds of millions in premiums due to the Treasury.

Under a rail strategy announced by the transport secretary, Chris Grayling, a new partnership model will replace the franchise contract of Virgin Trains East Coast (Vtec).

The train operator, a joint venture led by Stagecoach with Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Group, had pledged to pay £3.3bn to run the service until 2023 when it was reprivatised in 2015 after six years in public hands.

Instead, Vtec is likely to pay a fraction of that sum, with the bulk of payments due in the final years of the franchise.

Jan 02 10:18

Theresa May's popularity PLUMMETING as public lose confidence and anger rises over Brexit

THERESA May is losing the confidence of the British public over her handling of Brexit, according to social media analysis.

Jan 02 09:05

President Trump’s Jerusalem Decision: the End of Hegemony?

Washington’s support for Israel’s perpetual and overt violation of international law and its bombing of humanitarian missions makes Israel a very costly ally.

The US suffered an overwhelming and humiliating defeat, one that kept Ambassador Haley dexterous fingers busy ‘taking notes’: 128 nations demanded that the Trump regime withdraw its declaration that Jerusalem was Israel’s undivided capital for Jews. Only 9 micro-nations (some mere postage stamps and a few death-squad banana-stans) voted with the Trump-Haley decision, 35 mendicant-states put their heads down and abstained while 21 timorous ambassadors chose to hide their shamelessness in the toilet stalls rather than show up for this important vote.

Jan 02 08:52

Liberals Getting Back in Touch With Their Authoritarian Roots - Justin Raimondo

The left and the art of political witch-hunting.

“One of the unfortunate ironies of the manufactured ‘Russiagate’ controversy,” my colleague Sheldon Richman writes in his most recent column, is the perception of the FBI as a friend of liberty and justice.” He’s dead right about that, but just whom is he addressing?

Dec 31 06:59

Re-reading the Greats: Jean Paul Sartre, Pepe Escobar, et. al.

For our bi-polar world....

I’ve been reading Pepe Escobar’s articles for over 30 years–since the time I would read re-prints of his “Asia Times” articles in The Japan Times–my daily reading when I lived in Japan. These days, I mostly catch his work at a number of excellent global websites.

Dec 30 11:00

'Brexit frees UK from German occupation!' EFTA campaigner SLAMS Germany's control over EU

BREXIT will deliver the final blow to the "failing" European Union concept and spur other EU member states to seek alternatives to the German-led institution, campaigner Hugo van Randwyck said.

Dec 30 10:28

First tanker of Russian gas arrives in UK to keep Britons from freezing this winter

Russian tanker Christophe de Margerie has brought the first batch of liquefied natural gas (LNG) from Yamal to the United Kingdom. London had to urgently turn to Russian gas targeted by US sanctions due to supply outages.

Dec 29 09:30

Jeremy Corbyn fails to rule out second EU referendum if Labour gains power

The Labour leader said his party was “not advocating” another vote on EU membership, but stopped short of ruling it out altogether.

It came as the SNP invited Labour to join forces with other opposition parties to keep Britain in the single market and customs union.

Dec 29 07:06

Files on Britain's 1990s European policy will stay secret (along with records on Prince Charles and Diana, Lockerbie bombing and arms to Iraq)

More than a dozen confidential government files covering Britain's European policy in the early 1990s have been held back from public release.

Of the 45 European files due to be released to the National Archives at Kew, west London, 13 have been retained by the Cabinet Office.

Among those held back is one file covering the creation of the euro.

In all, around 100 of the 490 files scheduled for release from the Prime Minister's office have been retained by the Government.

Dec 29 07:01

Theresa May warned House of Lords will force through HUGE changes to Brexit Bill

MINISTERS have been warned the House of Lords could force through huge changes to the Brexit Bill over “Henry VIII power” fears as Theresa May braces herself for a showdown.

Dec 29 07:00

Macron to insist Britain must pay for Calais border controls even after Brexit

France is set to make demands on Theresa May over the British border in Calais after Brexit. Hundreds of migrants and refugees remain stranded on the French side of the English Channel.

As Britain prepares to leave the EU, French President Emmanuel Macron will insist the UK must contribute millions for the improvement of border controls in northern France. Denying the request could see the collapse of the Le Touquet treaty, which allows the two states to manage border posts in each other’s territory.

Macron wants new customs posts, which the UK will be expected to fund.

Dec 29 06:59

Meghan Markle must not get royal title – petition

Meghan Markle is “unsuitable” for royalty, according to angry petitioners. They insist she must not get an official title when she marries Prince Harry.

Furious royalists say Markle would bring shame on the royal family as a divorcee who has been outspoken on issues like Trump and Brexit, as well as appearing on TV with little clothing on.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That did not harm Melania Trump, who is the hottest First Lady this nation has ever had!