Apr 28 05:52

MUSLIM RIOTS ARE BREAKING OUT IN THE UK: Muslims start attacking CHRISTIANS, shouting "Allah Akbar" and telling ALL WHITES to get out of UK because it's now "their country!". Police idly stand by and do nothing.

Rioting Muslims attacked Christian protesters in Londons East End screaming "get out of OUR country". Sickenly the Pakistani, Bangladeshi and African Muslims were encouraged by a passing Vicar.

Apr 27 15:29

Twitter Turns Tables On UK Govt & MI5, Blocking Access To Thwart Online Spying

Twitter has blocked the British government and its domestic spy agency MI5 from accessing data on potential terrorist threats in a bid to tackle its “surveillance” plans, according to the Telegraph.

Apr 27 14:22

Labour Leads Among Voters Under 40, Despite Trailing Massively Overall – Yougov Poll

Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour is the most popular party for younger British voters, with nearly half of all women under 40 and a third of men in the same age bracket coming out for the socialist, new polling suggests.

Apr 27 14:21

UK Parliament Demands Facebook Fight ‘Fake News’ Ahead Of General Election

A Parliamentary select committee has cited an analysis by the far left site Buzzfeed to imply so-called “fake news” influenced the U.S. election and demanded Facebook censors online content in the lead-up to the general election.

Apr 27 14:01

Teenage Cyberhacker-For-Hire Jailed For Masterminding Global Attacks On Sony, Microsoft

A British teenager has been jailed for masterminding a cyber-hacking business that carried out more than 1.7 million attacks on websites including Sony and Microsoft, wreaking havoc worldwide.

Apr 27 12:37

East London Is One Big No-Go Zone For Whites

Yet another day and yet another vibrant attack. Blacks don’t need bombs or Allah to ruin a city.

This video shows what happens when a vibrant force meets a soft White object.

Apr 27 11:50

Evidence Withheld From Inquiry Into RAF Drone Strike That Killed British Jihadist – MPs

Evidence of ministerial decision-making that led to a Royal Air Force (RAF) drone strike targeting a British citizen fighting with jihadists in Syria has been hidden from an inquiry into the attack, possibly skewing its findings.

Apr 27 11:39

Did The British Government Just Ask Facebook to “Influence” the Election?

In possibly the most bizarre behavior that many of us are likely to see from a supposed Democratic government, a Government official has asked Facebook to begin taking down “Fake News” faster and faster because people who use it as a news source “might be misled”.

Apr 27 11:00

Boris Johnson Says It Would Be Hard To Say No To War In Syria If U.S. Asks

By Brandon Turbeville

Is there something about terribly bad hair that causes national leaders to be stricken with an incurable case of war psychosis? Is there some crinicultural reason for the lack of all sanity and even diplomatic décor when it comes to the possibility of launching a new military conflict or inflaming one already ongoing? Personally, I miss the days when world leaders would at least pretend that war was always the last choice before launching missiles, airstrikes and ground invasions that had been in the works years prior. But, alas, our current times are not so big on subtlety...

Apr 27 10:57

Anti-Brexit Champion Raises £300,000 To Unseat Anti-Europe Tories At Election

Gina Miller, the campaigner behind a successful supreme court Brexit challenge, has now raised £300,000 ($385,000) in a bid to unseat anti-Europe Tory MPs in the June 8 general election.

Apr 27 09:14

Armed police swoop on 'knifeman' close to Houses of Parliament in suspected terror attack

A man armed with a "backpack of knives" has been arrested close to the Houses of Parliament.

Metropolitan Police confirm one suspect has been detained following an incident in Whitehall in central London, but no injuries have been reported. The suspect was detained following a stop and search as part of an "ongoing operation".

Apr 26 17:15

True Extent Of Foreign Aid Fraud Must Be Revealed, MPs Demand

Ministers have been told to admit the true extent of fraud in the foreign aid budget after MPs published a damning report questioning the credibility of official figures.

Apr 26 14:49

Theresa May Hits 50% Support In Polls As Opponents Vow ‘To Stand Up Against Her Government’

Around half of the UK public would prefer to keep Theresa May on as Prime Minister, while opposition Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn trails behind.

Apr 26 14:09

Law Firm Paid Iraqi Fixer £2mn To Dig Up Allegations Of British Army Abuse

A top law firm paid millions to an Iraqi fixer to find people willing to make allegations of abuse against UK troops carried out during the 2003 war and subsequent occupation.

Apr 26 13:10

Sharia Law, FGM, the Burka and Voter Fraud are all on the Ballot for the UK’s Insurgency Party

Nigel Farage’s party, UKIP, are going into the UK General Election on June 8th focusing on an “Integration Strategy”. The third party of British politics will be asking voters to back policies that even just a few years ago would have been dismissed out of hand.

Apr 26 07:33

Tax the DEAD! Former Cameron advisor turns heads with SHOCKING new policy suggestion

BRITAIN must introduce a death tax in order to reduce the strain on the NHS and fund social care, a former Number 10 adviser suggested.

Camilla Cavendish, who worked as David Cameron’s director of policy, said hospitals were being “crippled” with pensioners suffering from dementia.

She now wants Inheritance Tax upped in a bid to cover the escalating costs of old age care.

Such shock proposals were laughed off by the Conservatives in 2009 when a similar idea was suggested by the Labour party.

Apr 26 07:28

UK is NOT ready for war because it cannot AFFORD weapons, warns MPs

BRITAIN may not be ready for a war due to the cost of weapons, MPs have warned. The Government’s Public Accounts Committee made the shocking claim during a defence spending review.

They said arms and equipment was quickly becoming unaffordable, putting Britain at risk if it needs to quickly prepare for war.

As well as this they said the Ministry of Defence was underestimating the cost of arms and equipment - despite warnings in the past they were doing so.

Finally they said Brexit was having an effect on huge spending projects due to the fluctuation of the value of the pound.

Apr 26 07:00

British children go hungry on vacation without free school meals

Millions of pupils who qualify for free school meals during term time are going hungry while on vacation because their families are struggling to cope with the rising cost of food, MPs and peers have warned.

The All Party Parliamentary Group on Hunger says children are regularly living on crisps (potato chips) and energy drinks when school canteens close at holiday time.

Apr 26 06:40

Don’t believe Theresa May. The election won’t change Brexit one bit

Having informed European leaders that Britain is leaving the European Union and, after laying out the UK’s negotiating position in a detailed notification letter, the prime minister is now asking the British people how they would like their full English Brexit served. In Brussels, we now wonder who will be joining us at the breakfast table after all.

Apr 26 06:38

Palestine to Sue Britain for Balfour Declaration

Palestine's ambassador to Britain, Manuel Hassassian, said that the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas might soon go to the International Court to file a lawsuit against Britain, should the latter not apologize for Balfour Declaration.

"We have asked the British government to give us an answer on this subject and after 3 days of waiting we received a response from the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office, stating that an apology is unacceptable", Hassassian was heard saying in an interview with the Radio station "Voice of Palestine", on Tuesday.

Apr 26 06:35

After Its Nuclear Attack, the UK Would be 'Wiped Off the Face of the Earth'

British Defense Secretary Michael Fallon recently confirmed that his Prime Minister Theresa May is prepared to use nuclear weapons in a first strike attack in "the most extreme circumstances." Commenting on the remark, Russian parliamentarian Frants Klintsevich warned of the devastating consequences of such an action.

Apr 25 20:09

UK will be 'wiped off the face off the earth' threatens top Russian official

Frants Klintsevich, deputy head of the Federation Council’s Committee for Defence and Security, said Britain was so small that it could be obliterated in one nuclear strike.

He was responding to comments made by Michael Fallon in which the Defence Secretary said Britain would consider launching a preemptive strike on a nation if pushed.

Apr 25 18:45

ARE EU JOKING?! UK 'must contribute to Brussels budget until 2020 for good Brexit deal'

Britain’s EU exit will leave the bloc’s budget around £8.5billion (€10billion) lighter, leaving European leaders fearful they may have to significantly boost their contributions after Brexit.

EU officials are trying to find a way of softening the financial blow to the bloc after Brexit, particularly between Britain’s departure in March 2019 and the end of the current seven-year budget framework which ends in 2020.

Now, British officials are debating whether to maintain payments until the end of the seven-year economic plan in 2020, in order to improve relations between Britain and the bloc in the hope of getting a good trade deal.

Apr 25 16:22

Fylde visit for Australian fracking film trio

The Anti-fracking Nanas of Lancashire will host the filmmakers from The Bentley Effect; a feature-length documentary that tells the story of how an Australian community took on the gas industry and won.

The film will be shown during May, in two venues on the Fylde coast, which itself is a site for the unconventional gas industry with a drill site under construction at Little Plumpton and a re-opened public inquiry into a second site at Roaseacre Wood.

A question and answer session with the filmmakers and a workshop about peaceful opposition will follow the screening.


The documentary will be screened at The Island Cinema at St Anne’s on May 24 from 7pm and at Ribby Hall Village, Wrea Green on May 26 (from 6pm. Tickets are free, but donations will be taken on the evening of the screenings.

Apr 25 16:15

HOSEPIPE BAN 2017: Britain braced for shock new rules to deal with 'water shortage'

...but plenty of water is available for fracking...


Apr 25 15:47

UK’s Labour To Guarantee EU Citizens' Rights If Wins Election

The United Kingdom’s opposition Labour Party says it will scrap the negotiating plan for Britain’s exit from the European Union that has been outlined by the Conservative government of Prime Minster Theresa May.

Apr 25 15:30

Labour Trashes Tory ‘Hard Brexit’, Pledges Right To Stay For EU Residents

European citizens living in Britain would automatically have the right to remain under a Labour government, Shadow Brexit Secretary Sir Keir Starmer has announced.

Starmer laid out Labour’s Brexit plan to retain “the benefits of the single market,” focus on the economy, and “fresh negotiating priorities that reflect Labour values.”

Apr 25 15:29

ELECTIONS TODAY: the predictable rigging suspects in pursuit of the unpredictable electorates

Establishment change is occurring on a grand scale. Some of it is being manipulated into existence by loosely-allied élites, and some of it by previously accepting citizens led to doubt the ongoing cultural narrative. As this process unfolds, infuriating predictability exists alongside disturbingly unexpected policy reversal. What are we to make of it?

Apr 25 13:31

Corbyn Makes Election Pledge To End Syria Airstrikes And Push For Peace Process

Airstrikes should be suspended and all parties should get back to the negotiating table in a bid to end the Syrian war, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has said.

Apr 25 10:49

A Look In To The London’s Housing Market; Is The Biggest Annual Decline In Almost Eight Years Pointing Towards A House Price Crash In London

The Brexit vote, unaffordable valuations, and tax increases on investors are all taking its toll on the London’s housing market. All these factors cumulatively have shunned demand and has caused the biggest annual decline in eight years in the London’s housing market.

Apr 25 10:20

Scottish National Party Could ‘Lose 10 Seats’ To Tories

Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson is urging her party to “work, work, and work some more,” as polls show they are on course for an election breakthrough that would be a major blow to the SNP and its quest for a 2nd independence referendum.

Apr 25 08:21

Tory Government Would Launch Preemptive Nuclear Strike, Defense Secretary Says

Prime Minister Theresa May would be prepared to launch a preemptive nuclear strike against any enemies, even if Britain was not under attack, Defence Secretary Michael Fallon has claimed.

Apr 25 08:01

May Ready To Launch Nuclear Weapons As A First Strike: Fallon

British Prime Minister Theresa May will use nuclear weapons “as a first strike” against UK’s enemies, even if the country is not directly attacked, says Defense Secretary Michael Fallon.

Apr 25 07:35

UK threat of nuclear strike deserves harsh response: Russia MP

A Russian lawmaker has reacted sharply to remarks by British Defense Secretary Michael Fallon about the UK’s readiness to launch a preemptive nuclear strike against “enemies,” stressing that the comments deserve a “tough response.”

Apr 24 19:10

There Are No Sharia Courts In UK: International Lawyer

There are no sharia courts (Islamic religious courts) in the United Kingdom or in the wider Atlantic World, says Barry Grossman, an international lawyer and political analyst.

Apr 24 16:19

BREXIT SHOCKER: Irish High Court may declare Article 50 REVERSIBLE in landmark court case

IRELAND’S High Court is to consider if it has the legal authority to hear a case brought by campaigners who want Brexit declared legally reversible.

Apr 24 14:38

UK Wage Growth Almost Disappears As Higher Inflation Bites

Rising levels of inflation coupled with lackluster wage growth have led UK consumer confidence to fall, according to a new survey, nearly a year after 52 percent of Britons voted to leave the European Union.

Apr 24 14:30

‘Hard To Say No’: UK May Conduct Strikes In Syria If US Asks For Assistance – Johnson

It will be “very difficult” for the UK government to refuse military assistance to the US in Syria if they expressly ask for it, British FM Boris Johnson has said, responding to an MP’s question on if he intends to heed parliament’s vote against the incursion.

Apr 24 12:54

Blair Asks Labour Voters To Switch To Other Parties In June Vote

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has called on registered Labour Party voters to break ranks and vote Tory or Liberal Democrat in the upcoming general election, further challenging Jeremy Corbyn’s troubled leadership over the main opposition party.

Apr 24 10:49

Nigel Farage ‘Weighing Up’ Running In General Election

Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage has not ruled out standing in the general election on June 8, saying he needs to “weigh up” where he is best placed to have an impact on Brexit.

Apr 24 10:07

British Police Get ‘Aggressive’ New Orders To Shoot Terrorists Using Vehicles As Weapons

British police are being ordered to shoot terrorist drivers using vehicles as weapons, under new “more aggressive tactics.”

Deputy Chief Constable Simon Chesterman, who is in charge of armed policing, says armed units have been given new orders to shoot through the windscreens of vehicles driven by terrorists.

Apr 24 08:27

Is Zionism Antisemitic?

In the current furore over supposed antisemitism in the Labour Party and the suspension of Ken Livingstone for asserting that Hitler supported Zionism, the crux of the problem seems to have been somewhat obscured. Livingstone’s intervention was untimely, uncalled for and clumsily expressed (it’s never a good idea to bring Hitler into the discussion) but the collaboration in the 1930s between Zionist leaders and Nazi apparatchiks, like Eichmann, is a historical fact.

Apr 24 06:49

No wonder they wanted us to stay! UK leaving EU without deal 'would cost Germany BILLIONS'

BRITAIN leaving the EU without a deal would end up costing the remaining eurozone countries more, especially Germany, a Bundestag committee has been warned.

A hearing of the Bundestag’s European Committee was told by experts that Germany would incur extra costs because it is the largest net contributor to the EU’s kitty.

If Britain were to leave the bloc without a deal, then it would no longer be obliged to transfer any money to Brussels from April 2019 onwards and would not need to contribute to the future pension costs of EU officials, which stands at a sizeable £54.1billion (€63.8bn)

Dr Peter Becker, 58, at Germany’s Institute for International Policy and Security, told the committee: "The EU would then have no legal means to demand outstanding payments from London.”

Apr 23 16:44

George Osborne 'knew about poll plan', Tory insiders claim

GEORGE OSBORNE took the job as editor of the London Evening Standard because he knew there was going to be a snap general election, Tory insiders have claimed.

Apr 23 16:41

OPERATION TOXIC DAGGER: Police and Marines secretly prepare for deadly ISIS attack in UK

More than 100 marines wearing state-of-the-art equipment joined RAF and MOD experts on the two-week training mission, codenamed Operation Toxic Dagger.

And the extensive drills culminated in an attack on a stimulated storage unit for sarin - the nerve gas allegedly used by Syria earlier this month.

Police and security chiefs warned London must be prepared if terrorists carry out a string of simultaneous attacks, similar to those which killed 130 people in Paris in December 2015.

Apr 23 07:41

‘Role model’? Fallon hails arms manufacturer who sold missiles to Yemen-bombing Saudis & Gaddafi

UK Defense Secretary Michael Fallon has called missiles producer MBDA, known for controversial arms sales to Saudi Arabia and Libya’s Gaddafi government, a “role model” of cooperation, while unveiling multimillion deals between the firm and the UK government.

Apr 22 08:52

Second parchment manuscript copy of Declaration of Independence found — in England

Two Harvard University researchers announced Friday that they have found a second parchment manuscript copy of the Declaration of Independence in a tiny records office in southern England.

The only other parchment copy is maintained by the National Archives in Washington, D.C., researchers Emily Sneff and Danielle Allen said in a statement.

Apr 22 08:44


The US and European countries should attack Syria, but Israel should not be involved in the assault, two polls in weekend Hebrew newspapers found.

Apr 22 08:01

Blair scrambles to 'mobilise' voters AGAINST a hard Brexit as he predicts May VICTORY

FORMER Prime Minister Tony Blair has claimed Theresa May will win the General Election – but called on voters to “mobilise” against a hard Brexit.

Apr 22 07:58

Proposed US-UK Trade Deal Slammed as 'TTIP On Steroids'

A new report says the proposed US-UK trade deal promised by Trump will be "TTIP on steroids," bringing in "corporate courts," privatization of health services and a threat to climate change, Sputnik has been told.

Apr 22 07:54

Trump ‘set to put Brussels AHEAD of Britain in trade talks queue after Merkel meeting’

Backtracking on his previous opposition to negotiating with the crumbling Brussels bloc, the President softened his stance after individual EU member states rejected attempts by his officials to start talks on separate trade agreements.

According to the Times, German chancellor Angela Merkel managed to convince Trump at a private dinner last month that striking a deal between the US and EU would be simpler than he thought.

Apr 21 12:25

Arms Giant BAE Seals Deal For £1.4bn Nuclear Attack Submarine

Global arms firm BAE Systems has secured a £1.4 billion ($1.8bn) deal to build the latest Astute class nuclear-powered attack submarine, which will be the sixth and most advanced warship in its class yet built.

Apr 21 08:46

Corbyn Son Running For Parliament Story ‘Completely Untrue,’ Labour Sources Tell RT

Sources close to Jeremy Corbyn have told RT that the Labour leader’s son is not running for election on June 8, as was reported by the Telegraph on Thursday.

Apr 21 08:45

UK weather: Snow and storms to strike Britain with low temperatures lasting for weeks

A wintry blast of snow, hail and gales is set to hit the UK in the run-up to the May bank holiday weekend, according to forecasters.

Temperatures will plummet tomorrow and are expected to remain unseasonably low until the middle of next month.

The Met Office is predicting “heavy and wintry” showers and widespread overnight frosts from Tuesday next week, with Northern parts of the UK the worst hit.

Apr 21 08:30

Corbyn Rules Out 2nd Vote On Final EU Deal

The UK Labour Party will not support a second referendum on the terms of Prime Minster Theresa May’s Brexit deal, a party spokesman has said.

UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was considering including a pledge to hold a second referendum in the Labour manifesto for the upcoming general election, reports on Wednesday suggested.

Apr 21 08:09

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her 91st birthday

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, the world's oldest and longest-reigning monarch who turned 91 today, will celebrate her birthday in a low-key fashion privately at her Windsor Castle home near here.

Apr 21 08:08

Stay out of Syria: Why warmongering is BAD for Britain, writes Ben Harris-Quinney

At the same time the White House was briefing there was no shift in Syria policy, and the US missile strike was a one-off reaction to Assad's reported use of chemical weapons. In truth, it was as much a show of strength to China and North Korea.

It was obvious to any observer that the UK Government's continuous support for foreign intervention was not chiming with the new global order, or even the US. It has not been chiming with the British public for 15 years.

The Foreign Office proposals were swiftly and embarrassingly further dismissed at the G7 meeting just two days later. Much of this will be papered over as focus shifts to the General Election, but an outdated and ill-conceived foreign policy could at any time blow up and derail both a government and the Brexit process.

Apr 21 06:38

Now growing Uber scandal engulfs another minister: Former Business Secretary Sajid Javid has deeply worrying questions to answer regarding his relationship with the tax-dodging taxi firm

London black cabbies' incomes have declined by 25 per cent because of Uber

Last month, we revealed Cameron's cabinet's close relationship with the firm

No.10 staff are being investigated for trying to cover up lobbying Boris Johnson

Taxi drivers have revealed a similar cover-up by the staff of minister Sajid Javid

Apr 21 06:20

Eternal Immunity for Tony Blair?

The case for the prosecution of previous UK Prime Minister Tony Blair has come up time and time again, but each time the prosecution’s case is turned down by the powers to be. This month, Tony Blair is once again in the firing line, however as guests in this program discuss, he is unlikely to ever be tried.

Apr 20 18:46

US Preparing Charges Against Julian Assange

Sessions: Assange Arrest Is 'a Priority'

Attorney General Jefferson Sessions insists that even though there haven’t been charges laid against Assange yet that arresting him is “a priority” for the Justice Department, citing the number of “quite serious” leaks WikiLeaks has been responsible for.

US officials have repeatedly vilified WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange over the past several years, and intermittently called for his assassination, but just now appear to be nearing a decision to file charges against him, accusing him of crimes for involvement in the whistleblower organization.

Interestingly, President Trump publicly praised WikiLeaks during the campaign for releasing information about Hillary Clinton, even joking that WikiLeaks might be able to find Clinton’s “lost” emails. Having since turned against Russia in large part as a political effort to distance himself from allegations of election manipulation, Trump’s cabinet is also turning against WikiLeaks.

Apr 20 12:29

SNAP ELECTION: New shocker as England & Scotland on verge of becoming One-Party States.

Theresa May broke her word to call this election. After it, she will break her word on Brexit. But there is no Opposition to stop her. Whose fault is it?

Apr 20 09:42

Bill Gates Is Trying To Influence The UK Election: He Is Blind To reality And Out Of His Depth

Microsoft magnate Bill Gates has said that the UK needs to stick to its Foreign Aid budget and nor scale it back. This coincides exactly with Prime Minister May refusing to rule out such cuts after the June 8th General Election.

Apr 20 09:36

‘Hard to say no’: Johnson hints parliament vote against Syria invasion may be ignored at US request

British Foreign Secretary Johnson was on Tuesday briefing MPs on the situation in Syria and North Korea, when he was posed with a question by former Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Conservative MP, Alistair Burt. Burt asked what the UK government’s reaction would have been if, instead of just hitting Syria’s Shayrat airfield on April 7, Washington decided to first enlist military help from Britain.

When asked if he and the British government consider themselves to be “bound” by the past decision not to intervene in Syria and plan to reinvigorate the parliamentary debate or “if not, what might the United Kingdom be able to do to demonstrate its force and resolve,” Johnson hinted that the UK is ready to back Washington not only politically but also militarily.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So Foreign Secretary Johnson would be willing to ignore the stated will of Parliament on Syria, to please his American counterparts, who will most probably want, and ask for, British military help in Syria?!?

This is hubris, writ large.

So what happens when British troops wind up in direct military conflict with the Russian troops, which have been invited by the Syrian government to deal with the jihadists?!?

War with Russia?!?!?

Or have you actually thought it through to that point, just where military aid to the US in Syria was ultimately leading, Secretary Johnson?!?

If I could, I would want to make it a universal law that those opting for wars should consistently have their kids in the front lines, catching flack.

I honestly think that this would be a way to diminish the lust for war as "the only way" through which countries could settle their geopolitical differences.

Apr 20 08:37

BREXIT BILL BOMBSHELL: Now Brussels demands annual HIKE in UK's divorce payment

Officials in Brussels want the power to make “annual technical adjustments” to the gargantuan tab even after it has been agreed with Britain, adding on extra demands for cash every year.

The jaw-dropping move means the mooted £52bn bill could continue to grow in size years into the future, with the UK still being asked to cough up more money even after it has left the bloc.

Apr 19 18:57

Is Theresa May An EU Operative?

Theresa May has called for a general election, this looks like it could be a tactic to consolidate power and shift England toward a soft Brexit.

Apr 19 17:24

Tories SURGE ahead in General Election poll with best support in NINE years, survey shows

The Tories currently lead the way with 48 per cent - twice as much support as the Labour party, according to a YouGov poll for the Times.

The anti-Brexit Lib Dems sit in third with 12 per cent, while Ukip, who do not currently have any representatives in the Commons, trail with seven per cent.

Apr 19 16:52

Snap General Election Aimed At Pushing Britain To The Right, Says Angry Scottish Leader Sturgeon

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has accused UK Prime Minister Theresa May of using the snap general election to try to push through a ‘hard Brexit,’ deeper spending cuts, and move Britain further to the right.

Apr 19 13:52

Brexit Fish Wars: Denmark Claims ‘Ancient Rights’ In British Waters

As Britain attempts to assert itself over territorial waters, the Danes look set to invoke what they say are fishing rights dating back centuries.

Apr 19 11:52

Britain Would Join US In Syria Air Strikes: Johnson

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson says London will most probably support Washington in the event of further missile strikes on Syria.

Apr 19 09:41

‘Hard to say no’: Johnson hints parliament vote against Syria invasion may be ignored at US request

It will be “very difficult” for the UK government to refuse military assistance to the US in Syria if they expressly ask for it, British FM Boris Johnson has said, responding to an MP’s question on if he intends to heed parliament’s vote against the incursion.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Here's your rifle, Boris....

Apr 19 09:07

Tony Blair to team-up with Farron? Ex-PM 'could join forces with Lib Dems to HALT Brexit'

TONY Blair could be about to begin campaigning with Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron as he urges voters to back any candidate that opposes Brexit.

Apr 19 08:58

Britain Will Hold a General Election on June 8th: Is This the EU’s Weapon to Defeat Brexit?

UK Prime Minister, Theresa May has decided to call for a General Election on June the 8th. Her stated reasoning is that she will then have a proper mandate to carry out the policies she “will” be elected on. But there is much more to this than meets the eye.

Apr 19 08:48

Consequences Of ‘Barbaric’ Vaginal Implants See 800 British Women Take Court Action

Over 800 women are taking the makers of a vaginal mesh implant and the National Health Service (NHS) to court after the contraption left them with chronic pain, as well as being unable to walk or have sex.

Apr 19 08:29

UK Call For Snap General Election Not A Surprise: Analyst

The UK call for a snap general election on June 8 is not a surprise as Prime Minister Theresa May was expected to resort to a “political” move against the opposition.

The premier made the announcement outside 10 Downing Street on Tuesday, arguing that she was stopping the opposition from “jeopardizing” her work on Brexit.

Apr 19 08:21

Merkel's Dossier on Putin Unlikely to Offer UK Intelligence Any Juicy Info

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is under fire for taking briefings from UK intelligence rather than her own security services. Merkel also shared the results of German intelligence investigations with the UK, without telling her German colleagues.

Apr 18 09:46

The Communist Party are On the Ballots Once Again in the UK: The Hammer and Sickle Flying Proudly

When voters in Birmingham received their ballots through the door for the upcoming “Metro” Mayoral Elections taking place on next month, many were surprised to see the “Hammer and Sickle” logo and a Communist party candidate. Apparently the deaths of 150,000,000 odd people has not been quite enough to shame activists into silence. And what may be even more surprising, is that the “Communist Party of Great Britain” never actually went away. It has been operating openly and working on the sidelines of British politics for almost 100 years.

Apr 18 07:27

The Post Political Condition: Trump, Brexit, The Middle East… What Next? - New York City, Sunday, April 30 at 5:00pm

On 30 April human rights lawyer Stanley Cohen, history professor Norton Mezvinsky, whistleblower Michael Lesher and author Gilad Atzmon will gather in Theatre 80, Manhattan to elaborate on the collapse of Identity politics, the crisis within new Left thinking and the future of liberal and progressive thought.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A jazz concert featuring Gilad Atzmon will follow the panel discussion. Needless to say, there has been considerable pressure for this event to be canceled, but the ownner of the venue is standing firm. Share this with your friends in New York City!

Apr 18 07:16

Theresa May calls for UK general election on 8 June

Theresa May has said she wants to hold a snap general election on 8 June, despite repeatedly claiming that she was against the idea of an early vote.

In a surprise statement outside Downing Street on Tuesday morning, the prime minister claimed that opposition parties were jeopardising her government’s preparations for Brexit.

“We need a general election and we need one now,” she said. “I have only recently and reluctantly come to this conclusion but now I have concluded it is the only way to guarantee certainty for the years ahead.”

Apr 18 06:47

Russia blows a fuse - UN, NBC, Sean Spicer get told

Apr 18 06:37

Toddler traumatised after pony killed by low flying US fighter jets in Cornwall

Witnesses reported being terrified by the sight and sound of two low-flying USAF F15 jets last week, which are being blamed for spooking and causing the death of many horses.

The jets are believed to have originated from RAF Lakenheath in Suffolk and a probe is underway after the pilots were accused of going on a dangerous 'joyride.'.

But the family of little Amelia Brown have demanded answers after the tot was left heartbroken at the loss of her beloved 10-year-old pet Monty.

Initial reports suggested at least three horses had to be shot as a result - but further victims have now come forward and the scale of the devastation is still being evaluated.

Apr 17 08:49

Theresa May warns Trump: 'Don't get over excited about North Korea'

THERESA May has warned Donald Trump not to get "overly excited" about attacking North Korea, fearing air strikes would almost certainly spark World War 3.

Apr 17 08:30

Attorney General tries to block bid to prosecute Tony Blair over Iraq War

Britain's top law officer has intervened to try to stop an attempt to haul Tony Blair to court over the Iraq War.

Attorney General Jeremy Wright has formally asked for the bid to prosecute Mr Blair to be rejected.

The private case is being brought by General Abdul-Wahid Shannan ar-Ribat, former chief of staff of the Iraqi army.

He wants the former Labour prime minister to be convicted of the crime of 'aggression' for taking part, alongside the US, in the invasion of his country under the false pretext that Saddam Hussein's regime harboured weapons of mass destruction.

Apr 16 09:10

BREXIT PUNISHMENT: Brussels to strip UK of banking and medicine agencies

BRUSSELS bigwigs are poised to strip the UK of two important European Union agencies within the next few weeks and have also dismissed her calls for early Brexit trade talks.

The loss of the London-based European Medicines Agency (EMA) and European Banking Authority (EBA) became inevitable after Britain voted to leave the EU because both are intrinsically linked to the single market.

But the decision to move so quickly after Theresa May began divorce proceeding by invoking Article 50 is seen by many as a sign of the uncompromising position being taken by EU diplomats.

Apr 16 07:09

WTF? Mossad Expert Accidentally Tells Truth in 'Freudian Slip'? [Unslave Humanity]

Apr 16 07:04

Donald Trump desperate to ride in the Queen's GOLDEN CARRIAGE on state visit to Britain

DONALD Trump wants to use the Queen’s royal carriage during his official state visit to Britain later this year – despite experts claiming the President would be at greater risk from an attack, according to reports.

Apr 16 06:31

UK & Germans Did Intercept Trump’s Phone Calls with Russia

After denying that British and other European intelligence agencies have intercepted communications between Donald Trump’s staff and Russian citizens and other Russian citizens during the campaign, the truth has come out that they did exactly that.

Apr 15 20:45

How many bombs has Britain dropped in 2017?

The UK has been bombing so-called Islamic State targets in Iraq since 2014 and in Syria since the year after.

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) does not release statistics on the number of bombs dropped, but does release weekly updates of operations in the region.

BBC analysis shows UK forces have dropped bombs on 69 of the 99 days of 2017 to 9 April.

In that time, at least 216 bombs and missiles have been dropped by the Royal Air Force.

The total number is likely to be higher as MoD updates sometimes do not specify the number of bombs or missiles used in a strike.

Apr 15 17:36

Prince of Transylvania: Charles honoured as the kin of Vlad the Impaler

A Romanian city has offered to bestow the honour on the future king in recognition of his kinship with Vlad the Impailer, the 15th-century ruler who inspired the legend of Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

Charles has made no secret of his eastern European lineage, with his genealogy showing that he is a great grandson 16 times removed to Vlad III, through his great grandmother Queen Mary, George V’s consort.

Apr 15 17:34

Brexit bonus! Return of wonky fruit & vegetables

BENT bananas, imperfect pears and misshapen apples could be back on the menu after a Tory minister pledged to get rid of “unnecessarily burdensome” EU laws affecting British produce.

The size, shape and appearance of fresh fruit and vegetables is governed by Brussels diktats stipulating everything from how red apples should be to how much russetting is allowed on a pear.

Altogether there are 367 pages of rules, totalling 175,000 words on the subject.

Despite campaigning by chefs such as Jamie Oliver and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, supermarkets still feel the need to reject wonky carrots and knobbly potatoes fearing customers will not buy anything other than “perfect” produce.

Now Environment Minister George Eustice has refused to rule out repealing the EU legislation on fruit and salad too.

Apr 15 10:53

'It's distorting the whole energy market' Britain to scrap EU's green targets post-Brexit

BRITAIN will scrap 'burdensome' EU green energy targets once it leaves the bloc in two years' time, it has been claimed.

The Renewable Energy Directive is thought to be among of raft of EU policies set for the post-Brexit bonfire of Brussels diktats, Government insiders have suggested.

Apr 15 09:13

'Does she not trust her people?' Fury as Angela Merkel asks BRITAIN to stop German terror

GERMAN Chancellor Angela Merkel has infuriated the heads of her intelligence services by turning to the UK for advice on how to combat her country's escalating Islamic terror threat.

Apr 14 13:50

Duke Of Westminster Wants To Turn Soldiers Out Of Plush Mayfair Base To Turn It Into Fancy Hotel

A reservist infantry unit faces losing its London headquarters as the new Duke of Westminster wants to develop it into a posh hotel.

The unit’s traditional home at Mayfair’s Rifles Club is under threat after the new Duke, who took over the title after his father’s death in August of 2016, decided to convert the building into a hotel, the Telegraph reports.

Apr 14 10:50

CNN Confirms Fox's Napolitano - British Intelligence Passed On Trump Surveillance To US Spy Agency

Roughly a month ago, during the height of the mainstream media mania over Trump's alleged collusion with Russia, Judge Andrew Napolitano appeared on Fox and Friends with a startling new revelation, namely that President Obama circumvented U.S. law and employed a British intelligence agency to conduct surveillance of the Trump campaign. Despite Napolitano's assertion that the information had been confirmed by 3 separate sources, the Obama administration and foreign intelligence agencies issued immediate denials and the mainstream media was all too happy to trash the latest 'conspiracy theory' of their competitor network.

Apr 14 10:09

"Don't you dare insult Russia again!" Moscow's UN Rep screams at UN – media

Vladimir Safronkov, Russia's deputy ambassador to the United Nations, launched into a tirade at a UN Security Council meeting in New York on Wednesday evening, nearly yelling at British UN Ambassador Matthew Rycroft, who accused the Kremlin of supporting "the murderous, barbaric, criminal" Assad regime, and said Russia is "on the wrong side of history," according to The Moscow Times.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Time to bring back dueling! :)

Apr 14 07:48

Judge Napolitano Vindicated. Obama Used British Intelligence To Spy On Trump. I Am Outraged: Susan Rice Cleared!

Judge Napolitano spoke out about a secret truth he knew, but FOX NEWS fired him anyway! Instead of taking his word for it, they walked him out the door. That was a sad picture, and I am so happy he is back. Most of us know the Judge is one of the most honorable and most trustworthy people in the world. I hope FOX learned a lesson and will respect Napolitano for his honesty and legal expertise.

Apr 13 13:39

Not Just Spicer! Back In 2013, Boris Johnson Also Said ‘Not Even Hitler Used Chemical Weapons’

While Donald Trump’s press secretary Sean Spicer was being drubbed for his Hitler chemical weapons gaffe, Boris Johnson was probably praying that the almost identical comments he made in 2013 wouldn’t resurface.

Apr 13 12:30

Labour Wins Local Election After UKIP Rival Gets Party Name Wrong On Registration Form

Labour won a local council seat in Suffolk unchallenged because a UK Independence Party (UKIP) candidate wrote the name of their party incorrectly on a registration form.

Liz Smith snatched the seat in Haverhill Town Council without facing an opponent because her UKIP rival spectacularly messed up the registration document.

Apr 13 12:29

German Politician Wants UK To Hold 2nd Referendum As ‘Brits Didn’t Understand Brexit’

Katarina Barley, leader of the German Social Democrats (SPD), called for a second Brexit referendum this week, arguing British voters were misinformed about the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union.

Apr 13 11:32

Labour Slams UK’s Push For More Russia Sanctions

The government of British Prime Minister Theresa May has taken a “bad decision” by dropping dialogue in favor of more sanctions against Russia, says Labour Party’s shadow chancellor John McDonnell.

Apr 13 09:40

MPs Hint Russian Hack Was Behind Brexit Vote Website Crash… Despite No Evidence

A voter registration website that crashed in the lead-up to last year’s EU referendum may have been taken offline by foreign hackers, a group of MPs claimed in a report published on Wednesday, despite lacking evidence to back the claim.

Apr 13 08:20

Selfridges Ad Featuring ‘Unhealthily Thin’ Model Not ‘Irresponsible’– Advertising Watchdog

A Selfridges department store promotion, slammed by critics for featuring what they call an “unhealthily thin” model, is not “socially irresponsible” according to the advertising standards watchdog.

Apr 12 12:25

G7 Rejects Boris Johnson’s Call For More Anti-Russian Sanctions Over Syria

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson’s mission to introduce fresh sanctions against Russia over Syria looks dead in the water after the G7 group of nations blocked the idea.

Apr 12 07:46

Boris Johnson under pressure at home & abroad over failed Russia sanctions push

A government source told the Telegraph that the failure to secure an agreement on sanctions, which came on top of Johnson cancelling a trip to Moscow, had been a “total let down.”

“He is now persona non grata with Russia, they won’t take him seriously,” the source said.

Apr 12 07:10

MAPPED: The EU members who want Britain HAMMERED by staggering divorce bill

The majority of EU states believe the UK should be punished for its decision to leave and, in turn, say the exit deal must be costly.

The nations most against Britain paying a low charge were Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Netherlands, Romania, Slovakia, Spain and Sweden.

The hardline stance comes after Brussels chief negotiator Michel Barnier hinted the EU would decide to punish Theresa May with a £50billion divorce bill in upcoming exit talks.

Apr 11 16:04

‘Top Cop’: Thousands Attend Funeral Of Police Officer Killed In Westminster Attack

The funeral of PC Keith Palmer, the police officer who was killed in the line of duty during the Westminster attack, takes place on Monday at London’s Southwark Cathedral.

The 48-year-old officer was stabbed by Khalid Masood on March 22 while on guard at the forecourt of the Palace of Westminster.

Apr 11 14:35

Russia Must Choose Between ‘Toxic’ Assad & G7 Nations, Boris Johnson Says

Russia must decide whether it will stick with the “toxic” Assad government or work with the rest of G7 on a political solution in Syria, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has said, adding that G7 nations on Monday will discuss the possibility of further sanctions against Syrian and Russian figures.

Apr 11 10:33

May, Trump Agree To Convince Moscow To Halt Assad Support

US President Donald Trump and British Prime Minister Theresa May say a “window of opportunity” exists to convince Russia to stop backing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

According to a Downing Street spokeswoman, the agreement was made following a phone conversation between May and Trump in relation to a chemical attack in Syria.

Apr 11 08:17

Savings rates turn NEGATIVE amid biting inflation with just ONE account beating rate

SAVERS are effectively suffering negative interest rates with inflation at its highest level in more than three years, experts have warned.

The cost of living remains at 2.3 per cent, data showed today, and just one saving account offers a rate above this level, according to

It means cash kept in almost all available saving accounts is in effect losing value.

Apr 10 15:52

UK Schools Can’t Afford Chairs Or Gym Class Because Of Cuts

Budget cuts have meant some schools in Britain are now making children carry their chairs around, holding classes of 64 and selling advertising space on the school yard, a study revealed this week.

Apr 10 15:46

European Lawmakers Say Independent Scotland Can Join EU

A group of 50 European lawmakers have signed a letter to express their support for Scotland joining the European Union if the Scottish people vote for independence from the UK, in the wake of Britain’s exit from the bloc.

Apr 10 14:44

Britain’s Post-Brexit Financial Prospects Have Improved – City Of London Policy Chief

The UK will still be a global financial hub post-Brexit, with its financial prospects actually improving since Article 50 was triggered, the policy chief of City of London Corporation claims.

Apr 10 13:24

UK Pressing G7 Nations To Impose Tough New Sanctions On Russia

The UK is in talks with international partners to collectively impose new sanctions on Russia if it does not withdraw support for Syrian President Bahsar al-Assad, a government spokesman said.

Apr 10 10:57

UK Cutting Benefits For People With Incurable Disease

The UK government’s economic policies have put the strain on disabled people with progressively worsening diseases by cutting their benefits.

Between April and October 2016, the government invited about 3,500 people with incurable conditions such as multiple sclerosis (MS) or Parkinson’s disease to reassess their eligibility for Personal Independence Allowance, or PIP, which provides help with daily activities and mobility.

Apr 10 09:48

PETER OBORNE: Theresa May is at risk of copying Blair's poodle-like subservience to America and I don't share the Foreign Office hawks' joy over the US missile attack

Ever since the start of the terrible Syrian conflict six years ago, the British Government has wanted Western military intervention to help get rid of President Bashar al Assad.

But this policy seemed to have failed. Assad appeared close to winning the war, as Trump acknowledged last week when his Press secretary said that Assad staying was a ‘political reality that we have to accept’.

But then came Tuesday’s dreadful chemical attack on the village of Khan Sheikhoun in north-west Syria.

Instantly, the British and American governments blamed Assad for the horror, and within 72 hours the U.S. launched a revenge missile assault on the airbase from which the chemical attack was believed to have been launched.

The exultation in Whitehall at this turnaround of events is all the greater because it marks such an extraordinary volte-face by Donald Trump. For it is less than three months since he took office and pledged non-intervention in Syria.

Apr 10 08:57

If They Don’t Hand In Passwords, Britons, Germans, Frenchmen Could Be Denied Entry To US

As US President Donald Trump is mulling a tougher border action, reports say that his new “extreme vetting” policy could make agents ask Britons, Germans and the French entering the country to hand in passwords for their digital devices and social media pages or risk being denied entry.

Apr 10 01:48

Russia Accuses UK Of “Colonial Hypocrisy” For Supporting US Strikes In Syria

During a heated emergency meeting of the UN Security Council, Russia accused Britain of “colonial hypocrisy” after the UK voiced support for US air strikes in Syria.

Apr 09 09:44

Syrian refugee 'felt oppressed' by Stop the War protest

A Syrian refugee who was shouted down at a Stop the War demonstration says he "felt oppressed" by the group.

The protest in Downing Street on Friday evening was against the American attack on a Syrian airbase.

Hassan Akkad, from Damascus, asked why the group was not protesting against President Assad instead, but was drowned out.

He said: "British people not letting a Syrian say something about Syria in a protest about Syria. It's mad."

Apr 09 09:10

Russia, Iran Warn U.S. They Will "Respond With Force" If Syria "Red Lines" Crossed Again

A statement issued on Sunday by a joint command centre consisting of forces of Russian, Iran and allied militia alliance supporting Syrian President Bashar al Assad said that Friday's US strike on the Syrian air base crossed “red lines” and it would "respond with force" to any new aggression while increasing their level of support to their ally.

In the statement published by the group on media outlet Ilam al Harbi, the pro-Assad alliances says that “what America waged in an aggression on Syria is a crossing of red lines. From now on we will respond with force to any aggressor or any breach of red lines from whoever it is and America knows our ability to respond well."

Earlier on Sunday the UK's Defence Secretary, Sir Michael Fallon, demanded Russia rein in Mr Assad (by which he really meant be willing to accept a new Syrian regime with a pro-western puppet leader, and one who is willing to allow the Qatar gas pipeline to cross the country on its way to Europe.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It appears that in the UK, being delusional and fact-free are prerequisites for becoming that country's Sec-Def.

Folks, this is about as serious as is a heart attack.

We are looking at war with Russia and Iran, unless cooler heads prevail here, and I do not see many adults in the bowels of power either here in the US, or in the UK.

Apr 08 10:34

British Foreign Secretary Cancels Moscow Trip; Russia Responds "No Big Loss"

Johnson had planned to travel to Russia Monday on a trip intended to start fresh dialogue with the Russian government (which would have been the first visit by a UK foreign secretary in more than five years), but following this week's actions he said in a statement.

"Developments in Syria have changed the situation fundamentally,"

"We deplore Russia's continued defence of the Assad regime even after the chemical weapons attack on innocent civilians,"

"We call on Russia to do everything possible to bring about a political settlement in Syria and work with the rest of the international community to ensure that the shocking events of the last week are never repeated."

"My priority is now to continue contact with the U.S. and others in the run-up to the G7 meeting on 10-11 April - to build coordinated international support for a ceasefire on the ground and an intensified political process."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

These moves do NOT augur well for peace in Syria.

Apr 07 15:21


Sir Michael Caine delivered an interview to Sky News in which he sung the praises of Brexit and said he voted for “freedom” alongside his fellow Englishmen who support leaving the totalitarian European Union and a return to national sovereignty.

“I voted for Brexit,” he said. “I look at it in the final thing, and I’ll tell you what it is with me – I would rather be a poor master than a rich servant.”

“It wasn’t about the racism, immigrants or anything, it was about freedom.”

Apr 07 15:07

No UK single market access WITHOUT accepting EU court, MEP says ahead of Brexit talks

IF THE UK wants to have access to the single market after Brexit it will have to accept the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice, a Polish MEP has claimed.

Apr 07 14:13

Remove ‘Offensive’ Union Jack Charity Badges, Hospital Security Guards Told

Hospital security guards who fastened Union Jack badges to their stab-proof vests were told by management to remove the symbols following a complaint.

The badges were from a charity that supports the families of police officers killed in the line of duty.

Apr 07 10:53

Could Joint UK-Spanish Sovereignty Deal Solve Gibraltar Impasse?

Former Labour Cabinet Minister Peter Hain has called for the sovereignty of Gibraltar to be split between Spain and Britain, as Brexit negotiations reignite a centuries-old dispute.

Hain, who tried to reach such a deal in 2002, said much has changed for Gibraltar after Britain voted to leave the EU, and that now is the “surely” the right time “to dust down the files” and revive the agreement.

Apr 07 10:04

Breakaway Catholic Order ‘Hides Priests Accused Of Sexual Crimes’ In British Coastal Town

A renegade Catholic bishop who has been excommunicated twice is being accused of harboring clergy accused of sexual abuse.

Two priests were found taking refuge in Broadstairs, Kent, where Society of St Pius X (SSPX) clergyman Richard Williamson leads the ‘SSPX Resistance’ movement.

Apr 07 09:56

UK Will Cease To Exist After Brexit: Scottish MEP

The UK will cease to exist if it fails to address the concerns of Scotland and other devolved nations before withdrawing from the European Union, a Scottish member of the European Parliament has warned.

Apr 06 15:45

May Trying To Base Britain’s Future On Saudi War Crimes: Analyst

British Prime Minster Theresa May is “positioning herself in defense of grand war criminals” in order to boost her country’s economy, according to a political commentator in London, but “you can’t base growth or even the future of the country on war crimes.”

Apr 06 15:08

Theresa May Says EU Migrants Could Still Freely Come To UK During Post-Brexit ‘Adjustment’ Period

Prime Minister Theresa May has indicated that EU migrants could continue flowing into the UK for years – even after Britain leaves the European Union in 2019.

May said free movement may linger in the first couple of years after Brexit, as businesses and governments will need time to adjust while the final deal with the EU is implemented.

Apr 06 13:49

LGBT Rights Group Wants UK Passports To Include Gender Neutral ‘X’

British passports should allow people who do not identify as male or female to define themselves as gender neutral ‘X,’ an LGBT rights group says.

Apr 06 12:51

Farage Backtracks After Branding MEPs ‘Mafia’… Says They’re Actually ‘Gangsters’

Nigel Farage has been scolded for likening members of the European Parliament to the “mafia” holding the UK “hostage.” The former-UKIP leader made the scandalous remarks while the legislators were meeting to draft guidelines for Brexit negotiations.

European Parliament President Antonio Tajani, an Italian MEP, demanded that Farage retract his “unacceptable” comments.

Apr 06 12:48

BREXITEERS TAKE NOTE: the man now leading Brussels’ EU negotiating team is a 24-carat crook.

Novel-writing duties (and the garden) keeping me somewhat behind the music for the time being, I have only this afternoon realised that the inestimably ghastly Guy Verhofstadt is officially the lead member of the EU’s Brexit negotiating team.