Sep 08 17:13

Irish Health Minister Doubles Down On ?HPV Vaccine Racket As Narrative Crumbles

By Jefferey Jaxen

Shortly after taking his position as the Irish Health Minister, Simon Harris wasted no time attempting to revive a failed narrative. Picking up where his pro-big pharma, unempathetic predecessor Leo Varadkar left off, Harris started the medical double speak machine pushing an agenda while simultaneously covering his ass.

Here are some direct quotes from Harris...

Sep 08 17:09

British Troop Surge In South Sudan Ahead Of Major Peacekeeping Conference

Britain has decided to send 100 more UK troops to South Sudan as part of a UN initiative to stabilize the region. The move comes ahead of a London conference on the future of peacekeeping.

In his final year as prime minister, David Cameron pledged 300 troops to the newly forged country.

Sep 08 12:25

Massive Concrete Wall Planned For Calais To Keep Migrants Out Of Britain

Britain will soon begin building a “big, new wall” at a cost of £2 million ($2.6 million) in an attempt to halt the flow of migrants and refugees crossing the English Channel, Britain’s new immigration minister has confirmed.

The 13-foot-tall (four-meter-tall) concrete barrier will replace fencing that has so far failed to prevent migrants from jumping aboard trucks headed for the port. Construction on the wall, which will stretch over the half mile (one kilometer) approaching the ferry port, is set to begin this month.

Sep 08 12:19

Israeli Minister Says Brits Will ‘Pay The Price’ For ‘Anti-Semitic’ Boycotts

Israel’s Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan is in London this week meeting British officials hoping to agree on a joint plan to tackle Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) activism in the UK.

The Likud politician has recently been made responsible for a new task force launched to tackle the movement, which calls for the boycott of Israeli goods in protest against the illegal settlement of Palestinian land.

Sep 08 09:32

Police left red-faced after creating a crime map which looks like a giant pink PENIS

Police made an unfortunate mistake when they highlighted the area around a crime - and made it look like a man's genitals.

Avon and Somerset officers issued an online request for information after a 26-year-old man was stabbed in the Shirehampton area of Bristol.

But despite the serious nature of the incident, things took a numerous turn when investigating officers produced a map marking out an erect penis with testicles to show the crime area.


Sep 08 09:29

Number of workers on zero-hours contracts rockets by 20% in one year to hit nearly a million as pressure grows on Theresa May to tackle job insecurity

A record 903,000 people reported they are now working on the controversial contracts - which do not guarantee a minimum number of hours - an increase of 156,000 since last year.

Sep 08 09:25

Britain Bankrolling Syrian Opposition’s Lobbying Efforts In US – Report

Britain has spent more than £1 million ($1.4 million) funding the Syrian opposition’s lobbying efforts in Washington DC and at the United Nations in a bid to influence American policy, US Department of Justice records reveal.

The British government has used a fund known as the Conflict, Stability and Security Fund to bankroll lobbyists in the US – some of whom are former British diplomats – on behalf of Syrian rebels.

Sep 08 09:17

Record numbers call Childline over suicidal thoughts

Childline received an average of one call every 30 minutes from UK children with suicidal thoughts last year, the NSPCC has said.

Youngsters plagued by suicidal thoughts contacted Childline 19,481 times - more than double the number five years ago.

Sep 08 08:45

London City Airport Flights Disrupted By Protesters Blocking Runway

London City Airport was brought to a standstill for more than five hours after nine protesters from the Black Lives Matter campaign gained access to the runway.

Sep 08 08:05

Chilcot Special: Looking beneath the whitewash of the Iraq inquiry

Afshin Rattansi goes underground on the Chilcot Report. We speak to Former First Minster of Scotland Alex Salmond. In 'I will be with you, whatever' we dismantle the reasons for Tony Blair's war in Iraq with his former attorney general. And the vice president of the Geneva International Centre for Justice tells us what Bush and Blair's shock and awe did to his country.

Sep 08 08:03

Banks CANCEL recession forecasts: Backtracking 'Remain' banks now BACK Brexit Britain

LEADING investment banks have revised their predictions as good results for August shows the manufacturing and construction sectors are showing signs of recovery after Brexit slowdown.

Sep 08 07:44

Germany to UK: don't enter trade talks before Brexit

Germany on Wednesday warned Britain against negotiating free trade deals with non-EU member states before it quits the bloc, after Prime Minister Theresa May sought to drum up commerce agreements during a G20 summit in China.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That is a ridiculous idea ... unless Germany knows that BREXIT will not actually happen.

Sep 08 07:19

Theresa May Bans Ministers Talking To The Media

The BBC’s rather charming piece entitled “Who is Theresa May: A profile” sets out a life reminiscent of Margaret Thatcher, from her early days as a schoolchild to the ascension to the most powerful job in Britain. It’s a piece littered with affection and sentiment, typical of a state broadcaster.

Sep 08 06:44

Southern Health boss Katrina Percy had new job 'created for her'

The chief executive who resigned as the head of a troubled mental health trust had a new £240,000-a-year job created for her, the BBC has learned.

Katrina Percy faced sustained calls to resign over Southern Health's failure to investigate hundreds of deaths.

The BBC has discovered her new 12-month contract did not exist previously and she was the only candidate for it.

Ms Percy faced months of criticism for the way her trust failed to investigate patient deaths.

In June, the trust accepted responsibility for the death of 18-year-old Connor Sparrowhawk, who drowned in a bath at Slade House in Oxford.

Ms Percy resigned last week but went straight into a new role at the trust on the same salary of £240,000 a year, including pension benefits.

Sep 07 22:30

Pentagon And CIA at War in Syria

What a mess! In the crazy Syrian war, US-backed and armed groups are fighting other US-backed rebel groups. How can this be?

It is so because the Obama White House had stirred up war in Syria but then lost control of the process. When the US has a strong president, he can usually keep the military and intelligence agencies on a tight leash.
But the Obama administration has had a weak secretary of defense and a bunch of lady strategists who are the worst military commanders since Louis XV, who put his mistress, Madame de Pompadour, in charge of French military forces during the Seven Year’s War.

As a result, the two arms of offensive US strategic power, the Pentagon and CIA, went separate ways in Syria. Growing competition between the US military and militarized CIA broke into the open in Syria.

Fed up with the astounding incompetence of the White House, the US military launched and supported its own rebel groups in Syria, while CIA did the same.

Sep 07 22:25

It’s All About Russia

In the real world both Hillary and Wolfie sometimes visit, there is renewed enthusiasm for jumping on the hate Russia bandwagon.

Many issues characteristically beloved by Democrats are being raised to disparage Donald Trump.

Hillary, who has held nearly every senior government office that a human being can reasonably aspire to but the one she is currently lusting after, is unlike Trump only sufficiently deranged to kill people if they live somewhere in the third world and can’t do anything about it.

Sep 07 22:20

The Tide is Turning: The Official Story Is Now The Conspiracy Theory — Paul Craig Roberts

The question is: who are the real conspiracy kooks, the majority who disbelieve the official lies or the minority who believe the official lies?

In a few days it will be the 15th anniversary of 9/11, and this November 13 will be the 53rd anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas. These two state crimes against democracy destroyed American democracy, accountable government, and the Constitution’s protections of civil liberty.

Years after the damage done by these events the American people no longer believe the official stories. Neither does the government, but the government will never validate the distrust that Americans now share of “their” government by acknowledging the truth.

Sep 07 16:15

4mn-Strong Petition Forces MPs To Debate 2nd Brexit Referendum

MPs will debate calls for a second referendum on EU membership after a petition calling for a rerun of the vote amassed more than 4 million signatures—more than any other e-petition in the last five years.

The document calls on the government to hold a re-vote, citing the Leave campaign’s failure to win more than 60 percent of the ballots and noting that turnout was below 75 percent.

Webmaster addition: e-petitions are easy to rig.

Sep 07 15:05

Saudi FM To Meet British MPs, Make Case For Continued Arms Exports Despite War Crime Claims

Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir will meet with British MPs on Wednesday in a bid to convince them not to ban UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia over concerns the Gulf kingdom is committing war crimes in Yemen.

Al-Jubeir’s decision to take the unusual step of briefing MPs in person comes days after Prime Minister Theresa May discussed human rights concerns with Saudi diplomats at the G20 summit in China.

Sep 07 14:43

UK Police Will Soon Start Bagging People’s Heads During Arrests

Metropolitan Police officers will soon be able to use specially designed bags, known as spit hoods, to cover suspects’ heads during arrests and in police stations.
The mesh bags are used to restrain suspects and protect the police from those who might try to bite or spit at them. The Met insists the hoods prevents exposure to diseases and serious infection.

Sep 07 14:19

New Snowden Leaks Reveal Mystery Behind NSA's UK Base

Newly leaked documents show that a US spying agency has used a British military base to carry out “capture-kill operations” across the Middle East.

Former US intelligence contractor and whistle-blower Edward Snowden made the revelation on Tuesday, as cited in a report by online publication The Intercept that America’s National Security Agency (NSA) is using a UK base to conduct missions.

Sep 07 11:14

Radical UK Cleric Anjem Choudary Jailed For 5.5yrs For Supporting ISIS

The 49-year-old British-born leader of outlawed group al-Muhajiroun posted a series of YouTube videos recognizing the “caliphate” created by IS in the territories of Iraq and Syria.

At sentencing at the Old Bailey, Choudary and his co-defendant Mohammed Mizanur Rahman, who received the same sentence, were found guilty of inviting support for IS between June 29, 2014 and March 6, 2015 and remanded into custody.

Sep 07 10:30

ISIS Upping Efforts To Smuggle Terrorists Into Britain – Reports

Islamic State is increasing its efforts to smuggle terrorists into Britain to launch attacks on civilians, according to new intelligence gathered following last year’s Paris massacre.

The 900,000 pages of intelligence from European investigations into the November attacks, in which 130 people were killed, has reportedly revealed the scale of the slaughter could have been much worse.

Sep 07 07:42

Theresa May Bans Ministers Talking To The Media

The BBC’s rather charming piece entitled “Who is Theresa May: A profile” sets out a life reminiscent of Margaret Thatcher, from her early days as a schoolchild to the ascension to the most powerful job in Britain. It’s a piece littered with affection and sentiment, typical of a state broadcaster.

“An early advocate of Conservative “modernisation” in the wilderness years that followed, Mrs May quickly joined the shadow cabinet in 1999 under William Hague as shadow education secretary and in 2002 she became the party’s first female chairman under Iain Duncan Smith. She then held a range of senior posts under Michael Howard but was conspicuously not part of the “Notting Hill set” which grabbed control of the party after its third successive defeat in 2005 and laid David Cameron and George Osborne’s path to power.”

Sep 07 04:24

Britain to Build Giant Concrete 'Trump Wall' to Keep Migrants Out

The British government is going to build a Trump wall to keep Calais migrants out, showing once again Trump is the man with the plan.

Sep 06 20:12

Sellafield safety concerns over staff shortages and nuclear waste stored in plastic bottles

BGritain’s biggest and most toxic nuclear waste site is facing fresh questions over its safety after allegations that staffing levels are frequently too low and that radioactive waste is being stored in degrading plastic bottles.

If a fire were to break out at the Sellafield site in Cumbria, it could “generate a plume of radiological waste that will go across Western Europe”, one whistleblower claims in a BBC Panorama documentary.

Staffing at Sellafield fell below the “minimum safety manning level” on average once a week in the six months to May this year, according to figures obtained by the BBC. In the year to July 2013, there were 97 incidents with too few workers, it said.

The Cumbrian site is also still storing radioactive plutonium and uranium in plastic bottles originally intended for temporary storage, some of which are now degrading, it claimed.

Sep 06 18:29

Wall Street banks eat their words on Brexit: Humiliating U-turn as they admit recession forecasts were wrong

The Wall Street banking giants that helped fund the Remain campaign have torn up their forecasts for a UK recession in the wake of the Brexit vote.

Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley warned of an economic slump after the EU referendum in June, but the powerful US investment banks, which donated a total of £1.25million to Remain, now believe the UK will avoid recession.

Sep 06 15:31

London City Airport Flights Disrupted By Black Lives Matter Protesters Blocking Runway

London City Airport has closed its runway due to protesters on the premises. The Black Lives Matter campaign has claimed responsibility. Police are currently at the scene.

A photo taken from the runway shows a Black Lives Matter banner on the tarmac and a group of protesters huddled beside it.

Sep 06 13:58

Imperial Britain Or Metric EU? British Shop Owners Want Pounds And Ounces

Some shop owners in the UK are keen to ditch the EU-imposed metric system.

Sep 06 13:31

Imperial Britain Or Metric EU? British Shop Owners Want Pounds And Ounces

Some shop owners in the UK are keen to ditch the EU-imposed metric system.

Sep 06 10:25

Landmark Study Shows Some British Hospitals Where Half of Cancer Patients are Killed by Chemo -- not by Cancer

Patients should be warned about the dangers of chemotherapy after research showed that cancer drugs are killing up to 50 per cent of patients in some hospitals.
For the first time researchers looked at the numbers of cancer patients who died within 30 days of starting chemotherapy, which indicates that the medication is the cause of death, rather than the cancer.

Sep 06 09:26

Drone Speedboats to be Tested in Massive Military Drill “Unmanned Warrior 2016”

By Nicholas West

Now that the air is filled with automated weapons of war, the next part of the drone matrix is being built in earnest...

Sep 06 08:33

NHS pays nearly £2bn on payoffs to senior staff

Almost £2bn has been paid in redundancy settlements to NHS managers since the government began its health service reforms, The Times reported.

Department of Health accounts reveal that £141m was spent on exit packages by NHS and other health bodies in 2015-16. This raises the total spent to £1.95bn since 2010.

Despite a government pledge to cap payoffs at £95,000, the figures show that 2,108 staff received exit packages worth £100,000-£150,000. A total of 780 took home between £150,000 and £200,000 and 495 received more than £200,000.

Sep 05 21:23

Fact-Check — Top 20 Lies in Hillary’s ‘Alt-Right’ Speech

In his book, Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me While I Save the World!, Andrew recalled how he warned the Tea Party what lay ahead for them: “I said that they’d be labeled racists and hate mongers and violent criminals, that they’d be depicted as the dregs of society, people to be excluded from dinner parties because of their made-up closet KKK status. They were about to be targeted.”

Andrew added:

“They need to marginalize and demonize those that would stand up to their hardball, toxic, and antidemocratic tactics … But it won’t work. Given a fair hearing, given just the slightest exposure — and the American people will rise to the occasion. They see these tactics for what they are.”

Sep 05 15:50

UK Becomes World’s Second Biggest Arms Dealer

The UK government has become the world’s second biggest arms dealer, with bulk its weapons fueling deadly conflicts in the Middle East, according to official data.

According to latest data by the UK Trade and Investment, a government body that promotes British exports overseas, over the last 10 years the UK’s average arms sales exceeds that of Russia, China, or France and is only second to the United States.

Sep 05 14:19

No second referendum on Brexit, says newly-appointed minister

UK Brexit secretary David Davis says there will be no second referendum and that Britain will leave the European Union as planned.

“There will be no attempt to stay in the EU by the back door. No attempt to delay, frustrate or thwart the will of the British people. No attempt to engineer a second referendum because some people didn’t like the first answer,” he told UK MPs on Monday.

“Both sides of the argument must respect the result,” said Davis, who was addressing the parliament for the first time since he was appointed on July 13.

Sep 05 10:07

Sellafield safety concerns uncovered by BBC Panorama

A BBC investigation has uncovered a catalogue of safety concerns at the UK's most hazardous nuclear site.

Panorama found parts of Sellafield regularly have too few staff to operate safely and that radioactive materials have been stored in degrading plastic bottles.

The programme was told that parts of the facility are dangerously rundown.

Sep 05 08:01

UK G20 Delegation Warned Against Being Seduced By Chinese Female Spies

UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s officials are being warned to avoid “honey traps” in Hangzhou, China, where global leaders are convening for the G20 summit.

The British paper the Daily Telegraph reported that the prime minister’s team will be targeted by Chinese spies who will offer sex during the international summit.

Sep 04 17:55

Brexit: MPs to debate calls for second EU referendum

MPs are to debate a public petition calling for a re-run of the EU referendum which has attracted more than four million signatures.

The petition calls for June's Leave vote to be restaged since neither side won more than 60% of the vote in the poll and turnout was below 75%.

Sep 04 16:36

May Warns Of 'Difficult Times Ahead' As Britain Leaves EU

Prime Minister Theresa May warns that there will be “difficult times ahead” for the UK economy as Britain moves to leave the European Union.

“We have seen figures giving some different messages in relation to the economy at the moment. I think the reaction of the economy has been better than some had predicted, post the referendum,” May told reporters Saturday as she traveled to the G20 summit in China.

Sep 04 16:20

Giant house spiders set to invade our homes this month, here is how to stop them

This should do the trick...

Sep 04 12:01

The Importance for the USA to Join Hands with the World

If America truly believes in its “exceptionalism,” then it should, with supreme confidence, enter the world as an active participant, and not as a spoiled “bully in the school yard.”

Now that former National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski has openly declared that the United States of America should abandon their quest for global hegemony, American leadership should take heed and amend their foreign policy objectives accordingly.

Sep 04 11:50

Muslim Press interviews American poet, writer, and columnist Gary Corseri

We live in an Age of Distractions--false premises, false promises.
‘Not only neocons but “neo-liberals” see no space between the interests of the US and Israel!’

Was the human race fated to make the same stupid mistakes over and over? War after war after war?

Sep 04 11:47

Uncle “Sham” Says Dance, And the Band Played On

As usual, I have much to absorb and learn….

Those political, Republicratic “Conventions” clarified nothing and–despite the glitter, sparkle, balloons and flags, the pledges of allegiance, hands over the Constitution &/or one’s heart, the pretty words and gruff challenges—they succeeded in confounding and bewildering.

And this is the US political scene now! A barrage of imagery and fantasies—onrushing and nearly exploding our heads… and the band plays on!

Look for substance, and you will not find it. It’s a mirage. A chimera. It’s smoke in your hands.

Sep 04 11:16

‘Private Hell’: Dozens Of Students Sexually Assaulted At RI Boarding School – Report

A dense and disturbing report found widespread sexual abuse at St. George’s boarding school in Rhode Island in the 1970s and 1980s. Sixty-one witness accounts led investigators to conclude that both faculty and students had committed crimes.

“The picture that emerges from this investigation is profoundly disturbing,” attorney Martin F. Murphy wrote in the preface to the 390-page report documenting the abuse which was released on Thursday.

Sep 04 11:07

The Neocon in the Oval Office

Neoconservatives are wedded to war, death and destruction. It is the foundation of their policy and it dominates the culture that they have created.

If Hillary Rodham Clinton becomes US President, she will be the first neoconservative to actually occupy that office.

Israel and its supporters were inseparable from the neoconservative movement from the beginning.

Many neocons were already Zionist or pro-Zionist, and their support for aggressive militarism was largely indistinguishable from Israel’s own strategic plans.

To the extent that the neocon movement could sell Israel’s views as solidly American, it could bend the resources of the most powerful military on earth for Israel’s own ends.

Sep 04 09:39

Carnage in Calais: Horrific crash as jungle migrant gangs target tourists in cars in terrifying new AMBUSH technique that left our journalists covered in blood after narrowly escaping death 

Migrants from the Calais Jungle camp are using a deadly new tactic in their attempts to get to Britain.

Ruthless gangs are deliberately causing crashes on the roads to the French port by hurling large objects at cars – then sneaking on to lorries caught up in the resulting tailbacks.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd has spoken out after a team of Mail on Sunday journalists narrowly escaped death last week when three migrants threw a log at their car, forcing it into the path of a 38-ton juggernaut.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sep 04 09:38

Truckers vow to blockade Calais until Jungle is shut bringing roads to standstill

Thousands of British holidaymakers will be caught up in the chaos with queues expected to back up for at least 10 miles, providing rich pickings for migrants increasingly desperate to enter lorries and other vehicles.

Sep 04 08:31

Defiant Obama tells Britain it WILL be at the back of the queue for a US trade deal after Brexit as world leaders gather at G20 

Barack Obama has insisted the UK will have to wait for a trade deal with the US as he warned action is needed to stop the Brexit process 'unravelling' the special relationship.

The America president sparked fury during the EU referendum campaign by cautioning that the UK would go to the 'back of the queue' for a transatlantic deal if it voted to leave.

The comments, at a press conference alongside David Cameron in April, were roundly condemned as an intrusion into domestic politics.

Sep 04 08:01

Top UK General Admits He Knew Psychotic Effects Of Malaria Drug… But Still Let Soldiers Take It

General Sir Richard Dannatt, former head of the British military, concedes he knew first-hand the psychological risks attached to Lariam and refused to take it himself, all the while allowing his troops to take the controversial anti-malarial drug.

Sep 04 02:48

UK 2016: Mohammed Most Popular Boys Name Once Again

Once again, Mohammed is the most popular boys name in the United Kingdom for 2016.

This has been the case almost every year since 2009.

Sep 03 18:56

Scotland Needs Independence Says Sturgeon, Despite Falling Support For 2nd Referendum

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has launched a fresh bid to convince Scots to back independence from the UK, slamming the Tories as “reckless, irresponsible” and “absolutely disgraceful” for having no Brexit plan.

The Scottish National Party (SNP) leader launched what she called the “biggest ever political listening exercise” on Friday to convince voters an independence referendum is needed to protect Scotland’s place in the EU following the June 23 vote to leave the bloc.

Sep 03 07:27


Sep 03 07:08

Brexit-bashing Baroness Wheatcroft sparks cruise ship mutiny 

Baroness Wheatcroft must have expected it to be plain sailing after being invited by Cunard to be a guest speaker on the ship’s swanky 14-day cruise from Rome to Athens last month. On the menu was ballroom dancing, bridge and white-gloved waiters serving scones for tea.
However, she hadn’t counted on the swell of public opinion and the waters turned distinctly choppy after Wheatcroft, below, regally set out her campaign for a second referendum to overturn the June vote, saying she would do everything in her power to stop Britain leaving Europe.

Cue maritime mayhem. According to one Brexiteer on board, the Tory peer was ‘nearly lynched’ after several audience members walked out in protest.

Sep 03 06:41

British volunteers in Syrian Kurd forces are 'terrorists', Turkey says

Senior Turkish officials say they see no difference between Kurdish 'terrorists' of YPG and foreigners who joined group to fight IS

Sep 02 15:53

Muslim Family ‘Treated Like Aliens, Branded Terrorists’ On Trip To English Seaside Town

A Muslim family say they were accused of being terrorists and stared at as if they were “some kind of aliens” while on holiday at the Lincolnshire seaside town of Skegness.

Sep 02 13:16

Death In Yemen: UK Arms Sales To Saudi And The “Proper Use” Of Illegal Weapons



The death toll in Yemen is now so high that the International Committee of the Red Cross is donating “entire morgue units” to hospitals still standing, having so far escaped the illegal Saudi assault, backed, advised and armed by the US and UK.

Sep 02 09:58

Polish migrants will flee UK after Brexit, says Poland’s deputy PM

Poland’s deputy prime minister predicts thousands of Poles living in Britain will leave after Brexit. The forecast comes amid rising anti-immigrant sentiment in the UK.

Mateusz Morawiecki estimates almost a quarter of all Polish citizens living in the UK will return to their home country when Britain leaves the EU.

He cited a growing economy and low levels of unemployment in Poland as draws for reverse migration.

Sep 02 09:36

Farage: Clinton Has ‘Lost The Plot’ By Claiming UKIP Funded By Russia

Nigel Farage hit back at accusations by a Clinton crony that the Russian government “openly fund[s]” “far-right” UKIP. Mr. Farage observed that the negative campaigning from the Clinton camp is “almost the mirror image” of Remain’s ‘Project Fear’ in the lead up to the European Union (EU) referendum.

Sep 02 09:19

Revealed: The £12million taxpayer bill for David Cameron's golden goodbyes

He handed civil gongs to 46 close allies, aides and party donors in his highly-criticised resignation honours list last month.

But the biggest cost of Mr Cameron's cronyism is the 16 peers he handed out - 13 of whom are Conservatives.

The peers are predicted to cost the taxpayer around £450,000 each year, according to Electoral Reform Society research, which based its calculations on the attendance and travel costs of Mr Cameron's previous appointments to the House of Lords.

Sep 02 08:58

British Royal Family complicit in UK child abuse cover-ups. Former Jersey Senator Stuart Syvret

Sep 02 08:56

London ‘Old Money’ Elite Priced Out By World’s ‘Super Rich’

London’s housing problem is well known to all who pay its sky-high rents, but now even the elites are finding it hard to find a home as the world’s super-rich take over the city’s poshest neighborhoods.

Lawyers, financiers and even ‘old money’ families are being priced out of Mayfair and Chelsea by foreign buyers, forcing them to move to areas they would have previously scorned. As a result, “both overt and covert racism” has emerged in these privileged demographics due to the displacement by non-British investors.

Sep 02 07:25

Problem, Reaction, Solution: How Will MP ‘Death Threats’ Be Used To Manipulate Your Freedom Or Privacy?

At least 25 British MPs have been sent identical messages threatening to kill them and their families, alongside a picture of a severed head.

The death threats sent over the weekend come two months after the murder of Labour MP Jo Cox, who was shot and stabbed in her Batley and Spen constituency in June.

Sep 02 05:45

HMS Daring: Royal Navy sends destroyer to fight Isis despite concerns over warship’s reliability

HMS Daring, which has a crew of 190, has had a troubled past with technical issues. Built by BAE Systems, it broke down in the mid-Atlantic in 2010 and again in Bahrain in 2012.

The Royal Navy has since admitted that the Type 45 destroyers’ innovative gas turbine engines, which are supposed to provide propulsion and electricity for on-board systems at the same time, are prone to breaking down in warm conditions.

Instead of some systems shutting down gradually as the waters around the ship got hotter, the engines “degraded catastrophically” in very warm seas, First Sea Lord Admiral Sir Philip Jones told the House of Commons Defence Committee in July, leading to a total electric failure.

Sep 01 17:50

Nobel Winner Stiglitz: Independent Scotland Should Have Its Own Currency, Avoid Euro

Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz has advised the Scottish National Party (SNP) to abandon the British pound and avoid joining the euro if Scotland wins independence.

Stiglitz, who sits on Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s Council of Economic Advisers, has suggested Scotland create its own free-floating currency if it leaves the United Kingdom.

Sep 01 15:27

Problem, Reaction, Solution: How Will MP ‘Death Threats’ Be Used To Manipulate Your Freedom Or Privacy?

At least 25 British MPs have been sent identical messages threatening to kill them and their families, alongside a picture of a severed head.

The death threats sent over the weekend come two months after the murder of Labour MP Jo Cox, who was shot and stabbed in her Batley and Spen constituency in June.

Sep 01 14:55

Japan Wants British Weaponry For South China Sea Standoff

Tensions in the South China Sea have led Japan to splurge on British-made hardware to prepare for a confrontation with China. Recent saber-rattling by North Korea has also given Japan cause to restock its armory.

Antagonism between China and Japan over a contested island archipelago has the Japanese Defense Ministry chasing an injection of cash to buy a range of new kit.

Sep 01 10:06

‘Open fire if the Germans approach our trenches’: Newly-released pencil-written military order reveals how Army top-brass tried to prevent the famous Christmas truce of 1914

Opposing troops singing carols as they clambered over the top for a game of football has long been seen as a hallmark of humanity during the horror and bloodshed of the First World War.

However, after more than a century an order has come to light from Britain's military chiefs ordering that any Germans wandering over for a friendly kickabout on Christmas 1914 should have instead be gunned down.

The signal message, sent to troops at 11.15pm on December 24, 1914, has never been seen in public and tells a completely different side of the story.

Battle commanders had become frustrated with soldiers fraternising with the enemy and, fearing it could lead to mutiny, warned that anyone caught would be shot.

Sep 01 10:00

Death in Yemen: British Weapons Sales to Saudi Arabia, and the “Proper Use” of Illegal Arms

The death toll in Yemen is now so high that the International Committee of the Red Cross is donating “entire morgue units” (1) to hospitals still standing, having so far escaped the illegal Saudi assault, backed, advised and armed by the US and UK.

“The hospitals were not able to cope,” said Rima Kamal, a Yemen-based spokesperson for the Red Cross. “You could have more than 20 dead people brought into one hospital on one single day. The morgue capacity at a regular hospital is not equipped to handle this influx of dead bodies.”

“It is not that common for the ICRC to donate morgues,” she observed. “The fact that we now do is telling of the size of the human tragedy in Yemen.” The ICRC has donated body bags and refrigerated storage facilities to three hospitals with: “More in the pipeline.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The leadership in the UK should be ashamed of this trade in weapons, and the war crimes committed by the Saudi military against the people of Yemen; of course, that "being ashamed" reaction only happens when one has not had one's moral conscience surgically removed.

Sep 01 09:49

Now manufacturing defies gloomy post-Brexit forecasts with figures for August showing the biggest rise in activity for 25 YEARS

He said the sharp improvement in sentiment calls into question the Bank of England's decision to cut interest rates from 0.5 per cent to 0.25 per cent at the beginning of August.

Sep 01 09:36

Eton boys given private audience with Vladimir Putin

A group of boys from Britain's prestigious Eton College have met Russia's President Vladimir Putin during a visit to the Kremlin.

The rare meeting, held in a state room, apparently lasted at least an hour, during which Mr Putin discussed world affairs with the 11 boys.

One of the boys present, David Wei, said on Facebook he had sent more than 1,000 emails to set up the meeting.

He said Mr Putin, renowned as a tough leader, had shown "his human face".

Sep 01 09:07

NHS Junior Doctors Vow To Take Worst Industrial Action In UK’s Healthcare History

British junior doctors plan strike action for five consecutive days over the government’s plans to impose a new controversial contract on them.

The British Medical Association (BMA) announced on Wednesday a new series of strikes by junior doctors between September 12 and 16, with more dates to follow. The BMA’s latest move comes after members rejected the government’s final offer on the contract earlier this year.

Sep 01 07:57

'Propagandising for War' - Gareth Porter Responds to BBC Today Programme On Syria

A report published by the London School of Economics last month found extreme levels of bias in BBC reporting. The 'impartial' BBC's early evening news was almost five times more likely to depict Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in a negative light. In the time period studied (September 1 - November 1, 2015), no headlines on this key news programme presented Corbyn in a positive light.

Sep 01 07:35

Pound jumps as UK manufacturing activity rebounds

The value of the pound has jumped after a survey indicated the UK's manufacturing sector rebounded sharply in August.

The Markit/CIPS purchasing managers' index (PMI) for the sector rose to 53.3 in August from July's figure of 48.3. A figure above 50 indicates expansion.

The weakening of the pound following the Brexit vote boosted exports, the survey found.

Sep 01 07:25

British Airways to resume direct flights from London to Iran

BRITISH Airways has announced it will resume direct flights to Iran after the lifting of sanctions.

Aug 31 14:59

Britain Says ‘Non!’ To French Plans To Bring Calais ‘Jungle’ To Dover

British Home Secretary Amber Rudd has rejected French plans to scrap border control deals in Calais and allow thousands of refugees to move from the ‘Jungle’ camp to the English port town of Dover.

The disagreement comes as it emerges more than 27,000 people were arrested by UK police in the last three years for suspected illegal migration to Britain.

Aug 31 09:30

Putin to meet Turkish, Saudi, UK leaders at G20 summit

Russian President Vladimir Putin is to hold a series of high-profile meetings with Turkish, British and Saudi leaders, among others, as part of his schedule for attending a summit in China in early September.

Aug 31 08:32

David Cameron's final shameless scam: Political allies get 25% pay rise

Former prime minister David Cameron offered inexplicable pay rises to his special advisers mere months before they were given post-Brexit ‘golden handshakes.’

According to figures from Civil Service World, Cameron lifted seven of his staff’s incomes by as much as £18,000 (US$23,600) – a 24 percent rise.

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron said the ex-PM should be “ashamed” of hiking the pay of his workers, also known as ‘Spads,’ when public sector pay increases have been capped at 1 percent.

Aug 31 08:29

Ex-head of the Army apologises to troops given anti-malaria drug Larium which left his son 'extremely depressed' but it is STILL being given to soldiers

Lord Dannatt, who was chief of the general staff between 2006 and 2009, apologised on the BBC to troops who took Lariam while under his command.

It has been associated with depression, hallucinations and panic attacks in some users - and Lord Dannatt admitted the side-effects could be ‘pretty catastrophic’.

But the Ministry of Defence confirmed that Lariam is still being prescribed to some troops because officials ‘have a duty to protect our personnel from malaria’.

Aug 31 08:27

Hundreds of NHS cancer patients have been 'killed by chemotherapy': 19 hospital trusts with high death rates are told to improve

Cancer drugs are behind the deaths of up to half of patients with the disease in some hospitals, a damning report has found.

Researchers looked at the numbers of cancer patients who died within 30 days of starting the treatment, indicating the medication is responsible, rather than the disease itself.

Aug 31 08:01

Six Teenage Boys Arrested After Death Of Immigrant Worker In UK

Six teenage boys have been arrested in England following the death of an immigrant factory worker in an incident the police says could be a hate crime.

On Tuesday, Radek Jozwik visited the site of the incident in Harlow, Essex, where he lost his brother, Arkadiusz.

Aug 30 14:57

New Britain: 1 in 20 Adults Have Reading Level of a 5-Yr-Old

"A quarter of British adults have literacy levels so low they would struggle to read a bus timetable, new research has found."

Here's one of those articles which makes no sense unless you understand the implications of mass immigration from the Third World.

Aug 30 14:27

The Muslim Brotherhood's divisive dress code for women

Nureddin Sabir says the proliferation of the Muslim veil, including the controversial swimwear, the “burkini”, is an indicator of the spread of a pernicious ideology propagated by the Muslim Brotherhood and should concern everyone of us.

Aug 30 13:39

UK Police Spark Fury After Dodging Questions About Bahrain

The UK police have come under heavy fire for refusing to shed more light on their ties with the Bahraini regime, which is accused of massive violations of human rights.

The British College of Policing (CoP), which sets standards for the UK police and offers international training deals, has recently tried to dodge a freedom of information request to elaborate on a deal to train Bahraini officers, The Guardian reported Monday.

Aug 30 11:51

UK Shadow Foreign Secretary Censures NEC In Defense Of Corbyn

The British shadow foreign secretary has accused the Labour Party figures of attempts to “quash” Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, and put “members back in their box.”

In a Facebook post on Monday, Emily Thornberry denounced the party’s national executive committee (NEC), voicing support for Corbyn despite scores of resignations in his shadow cabinet.

Aug 30 10:15

Cameron 'gave pay rise of 24% to some special advisers' before resignation | Former PM bumped up salaries of some advisors by £18,000 at a time when public pay sector pay rises were capped at 1%

David Cameron gave some of his special advisers bumper pay rises just months before they were given generous severance packages, it has been reported.
Unions angered by 'miserly' 1% pay rise for public sector workers
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The former prime minister upped the salary of some of his advisers by as much as £18,000 – or up to 24%, according to an analysis by Civil Service World.

Aug 29 15:47

Over 10,000 Migrants ‘Smuggled’ Into Britain Annually: Report

More than 10,000 migrants are being smuggled into the UK every year, security officials say, underlining the British government’s lack of control over the country’s borders.

Security officials in the French city of Calais told British media on Sunday that each week nearly 200 migrants from the city enter the UK undetected, while hiding in trucks.

Aug 29 15:14

Notting Hill Carnival: 4 Stabbed, 105 Arrested As Twerking Cop Parties With Women

London’s Notting Hill Carnival is celebrating its 50th anniversary, but among the colorful costumes and vibrant music have been four stabbings – one of which left a 15-year-old fighting for his life in hospital. Over 400 people have sought medical help.

Aug 29 13:48

UK Chancellor Philip Hammond Works Against May To Slow Brexit

UK Chancellor Philip Hammond is trying to put a halt to the British Prime Minister Theresa May’s plan for the country to leave the European Union as quickly as possible.

Despite her wishes, Hammond is resisting attempts to speed up Brexit, arguing he wants to ensure that the UK’s financial services sector is protected in advance of quitting the EU.

Aug 29 07:25

90pc of bank customers unaware their income details are tracked and shared - and it's legal

In a poll of more than 4,000 readers, nine out of ten said they "had no idea" their monthly incomes were being recorded by their bank and then shared with other companies, analysed and traded.

The poll was conducted within an article highlighting the rapid growth of banks' and other firms' use of individuals' income data, which can include payments between spouses and friends, as well as wages and investment income.

Almost all of Britain's banks now record most current account customers' monthly incoming payments. This is distributed monthly to credit reference agencies who then sell the data on.

Aug 29 07:14

Britain to deploy £1billion Royal Navy destroyer to support the military campaign against Isil

Britain is sending a £1billion Royal Navy destroyer to the Persian Gulf to support the military campaign against Isil.

Michael Fallon, the Defence Secretary, will this week send HMS Daring to protect US carriers being used to mount bombing campaigns in Syria and Iraq.

It comes after a US destroyer last week fired warning shots after an Iranian fast-attack patrol ship sailed too close.

Aug 28 19:54

Brexit may send EU 'down the drain' - German vice chancellor

Germany's vice-chancellor has warned the future of the EU could be in doubt if the UK's exit is handled badly.

Sigmar Gabriel said the EU would go "down the drain" if other states followed Britain's lead and that the UK could not keep the "nice things" about Europe while taking no responsibility.

It comes as Theresa May summoned ministers for a meeting on Wednesday to discuss ideas for the UK's withdrawal.

Downing Street said Brexit was "top" of the prime minister's agenda.

Aug 27 16:51

British Boy Among Five Children Executing Prisoners In Syria

A shocking new video released by the Daesh (ISIL) terrorist group reportedly shows a British boy executing a prisoner with a handgun in Syria.

The blue-eyed white boy, identified in the video as Abu Abdullah al-Britani, is one of five children carrying out executions of Kurds in the city of Raqqah.

Aug 27 15:37

French Burkini Ban Sparks Beach-Themed Protest In London

Dozens of female activists turned the area in front of the French Embassy in London into a makeshift beach in an effort to express their indignation with the recent ban on burkinis in France.

A beach party with sand, swimming suits and a lobster-shaped air mattress has been thrown outside the French Embassy in London to show solidarity with Muslim women in France who have been banned from wearing the so-called burkinis, swimsuits that cover the whole body except the face.

Aug 27 14:28

War Criminal Tony Blair Reveals Self-Doubt After Public Shaming

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair has reappeared since his public shaming at the hands of Sir John Chilcot’s Iraq Inquiry last month to defend his record on mass immigration and ponder whether his own views on politics have hit the rocks.

Speaking ahead of the publication of the latest UK immigration figures, Blair told Politico magazine that although there is a need for “rules and not prejudices,” immigration could be “good for a country.”

Aug 27 12:19

UK Defense Contractor BAE Selling Surveillance Gear To Emirates – Report

The Danish subsidiary of a British defense contractor is selling surveillance gear to the United Arab Emirates, according to documents obtained by a Danish newspaper. The deal has sparked fears that the system will be used to repress political opponents.

The papers from the Danish Business Authority show that it issued an export permit last month to BAE Systems Applied Intelligence A/S, which gives the company the right to sell an “IP monitoring and data analysis system relating to national security and the investigation of serious crimes” to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Dagbladet Information reported.

Aug 27 12:08

Five Suspected Terrorists Arrested By UK Police

Britain’s anti-terror police have arrested five men on suspicion of plotting acts of terrorism in the country.

Two of the suspects, aged 32 and 37, were arrested Friday and were taken into custody in the Stoke area of Staffordshire, a landlocked county in the West Midlands.

Aug 27 09:28

Shroud of secrecy as Sturgeon rejects request to publish costs of taxpayer funded EU trips

NICOLA Sturgeon's government has rejected a request to publish details of how much her taxpayer funded EU junkets are costing the UK taxpayer.

And the Scottish Government is six months behind publishing up to date information on how they are spending their devolved £33billion budget.

Ms Sturgeon, 46, has been travelling across Europe without a mandate to negotiate since the results of the EU referendum in June.

She has travelled to Germany and Brussels to hold talks with EU leaders at the expense of the British public.

Aug 26 20:09

Theresa May will trigger Brexit negotiations without Commons vote

Theresa May will not hold a parliamentary vote on Brexit before opening negotiations to formally trigger Britain's withdrawal from the European Union, The Telegraph has learned.

Opponents of Brexit claim that because the EU referendum result is advisory it must be approved by a vote in the Commons before Article 50 - the formal mechanism to leave the EU - is triggered.

However, in a move which will cheer Eurosceptics, The Telegraph has learned that Mrs May will invoke Article 50 without a vote in Parliament

Aug 26 09:35

Axing CCTV In London A ‘Crazy Idea,’ Counter-Terrorism Expert

Former counter-terrorism detective David Videcette has blasted a central London council’s plans to scrap CCTV cameras at a time when the British capital faces a ‘severe’ terrorist threat.

The former Metropolitan Police detective, who worked on the 7/7 London bombings investigation, told RT’s Anastasia Churkina that CCTV cameras are useful in the event of a terrorist attack and that losing them would be “devastating for the police.”

Aug 26 09:11

‘UK Press In No Position To Lecture France About Islamaphobia’

There is something strangely odd about the British press lecturing the French about discrimination and Islamophobia, an international lawyer and political analyst says.

Aug 25 14:13

Thatcher’s Secret Arms Deal Talks With Saudi Arabia Exposed In Declassified Documents

Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher held secret talks with Saudi rulers to persuade them to spend billions on UK-made fighter jets in what would later become Britain’s largest and most controversial arms deal, newly released documents show.

Aug 25 13:25

Labour Will Block Brexit, Says Leadership Rival Owen Smith

Labour leadership candidate Owen Smith has vowed to stop the government triggering Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, the official process to bring Britain out of the EU, unless a second referendum is held on the final Brexit deal.

The leadership challenger said on Wednesday the party wants to stay in the EU and that he will hold a second referendum if he becomes prime minister.

Aug 25 11:04

Net migration is still more than TRIPLE government target at 327,000 as Theresa May orders ministers to come up with ways of curbing numbers

Net migration in the year to March was 327,000, according to the latest data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) - the third highest level on record.

Some 180,000 of the total came from the EU. The numbers arriving from Romania and Bulgaria - the newest EU states - hit a new high of 69,000.

Around 127,000 of the incomers had no set job to go to - including 77,000 from the EU.

Aug 25 09:18

George Galloway To RT: Jeremy Corbyn Is Telling Truth About #Traingate

George Galloway has defended Jeremy Corbyn from an “absurd” scandal in which the Labour leader was accused of fabricating claims that he couldn’t find a free seat on a busy Virgin train.

The former Labour MP told RT that he had heard the true story “from the horse’s mouth,” and that Corbyn was telling the truth when he said the train was “ram-packed.”

Aug 25 08:22

British Muslim Recounts How He Stood Up For His Scarf-Wearing Sisters

As a Muslim man, it is less likely for you to fall victim to Islamophobia in the West than a Muslim woman, whose hijab makes her a more noticeable target, says Ali Dharas who was recently forced off a plane in Britain along with his two scarf-wearing sisters, amid heightened tensions in Europe in the wake of several terror attacks.

Aug 24 16:14

False Northern Lights alert issued to entire UK because of a lawnmower

An alert that the Northern Lights would be visible across all of Great Britain last night was wrongly issued because a sit-on lawnmower disturbed scientific instruments.

Subscribers to the AuroraWatch UK mailing list were sent a “Red Alert” yesterday; informing them that it would be possible to view the aurora borealis from anywhere in the UK.

Unfortunately, this extraordinary alert was withdrawn just four hours later when it was discovered that a groundskeeper driving a sit-on lawnmower had disturbed the readings of a local magnetometer.

Aug 24 15:57

British Siblings Removed From EasyJet Flight After False Claims They Support ISIS

Three British siblings were removed from an easyJet flight from London to Naples after other passengers reported them as suspicious.

The Dharas family was then interviewed by police for an hour in view of other passengers who asked them if they spoke English. The incident reportedly occurred at around 7am local time on August 18.

Aug 24 15:37

Member Of British Armed Forces Arrested In Northern Ireland Terrorism Investigation – Police

Police have arrested a serving member of the British Armed Forces on suspicion of Northern Ireland-related terrorist activities.

Aug 24 15:21

Israel sold weapons to Argentina at height of Falklands War, reveal declassified Foreign Office files

Israel sold weapons to Argentina at the height of the Falklands War in 1982, according to newly declassified Foreign Office files.

British diplomats cited evidence that Israel had supplied the Argentine military junta with arms that were used against the Task Force during the campaign to liberate the islands.

Israeli military exports before the war included the Skyhawk jets that would later be used to bomb British warships, killing dozens of soldiers, sailors and marines.

Aug 24 15:06

Owen Smith Vows To Block Brexit Unless New Vote Held

UK Labour Party politician Owen Smith says he will block the triggering of formal negotiations to leave the European Union (EU) unless the government holds a second referendum or a general election to approve its final Brexit deal.

In a historic referendum on June 23, some 52 percent of Britons voted to leave the EU after 43 years of membership, while roughly 48 voted to stay in the union.

Aug 24 13:54

Britain ‘One Of The Most Significant Violators’ Of The Arms Trade Treaty, Says Oxfam

Oxfam has accused British MPs of being in “denial and disarray” over an agreement to sell arms to Saudi Arabia, saying the UK has become one of the most significant violators of the international Arms Trade Treaty.

Aug 24 08:21

University hit 21 times in one year by ransomware

Universities and NHS trusts in England have been hit hard by ransomware in the last year, according to Freedom of Information requests carried out by two cybersecurity firms.

Bournemouth University, which boasts a cybersecurity centre, has been hit 21 times in the last 12 months.

Twenty-eight NHS Trusts said they had been affected.

Aug 24 06:49

Israel armed Argentina to deadly effect during Falklands War, secret files show

Britain’s supposedly close ally, Israel, armed Argentina as the South American nation was bombing Royal Navy ships and killing UK troops in the vicious 1982 war to reclaim the Falkland Islands, secret files indicate.

The supply of arms and military equipment may have been fuelled by an old hatred of the British harbored by then Israeli Prime Minister Menachim Begin – himself a former Irgun terrorist who fought against British troops in Palestine.

Aug 23 13:04

Prisons Within Prisons: Plans To Segregate & Isolate Jailed Extremists

Radical Muslim prisoners must be isolated and removed from communal prayers to prevent the spread of extremism, sweeping new proposals argue.

This comes just days after one of Britain’s most notorious Islamists, Anjem Choudary , was convicted of supporting Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL). He will be sentenced in September.

Aug 23 09:19

'Public are the enemy’ of British foreign policy – expert

UK foreign policy strategists consider the British public to be their enemy and, thus, bombard it with lie upon lie about the UK’s secretive antics around the world, a renowned author and scholar has claimed.

Writing for the Huffington Post on Monday, historian and foreign policy expert Mark Curtis laid out what he claims is the truth behind British foreign policy in the Middle East.

“British wars abroad have two enemies. First, the official enemy, portrayed as a monster whom we always battle with noble intentions. But second is the enemy within – us, the public,” he argues in an article titled “We Know about the Lies over Iraq but What about Syria?”

The public, he claims, present a serious risk to continued British tinkering in the Middle East and so it is “subject to state ‘information operations’ to convey messages and obscure facts, usually via compliant media organisations.”

Aug 23 08:52

Veterans rage at war trauma scheme they say aims to deny them compensation

British military veterans are incensed at a government mental injury compensation scheme they say is trying to deny them proper benefits.

Aug 23 08:31

Assange 'assassination' mystery as embassy and police at odds over 'TWO HOUR' response

The person, named a "cat burglar" in early reports, sought to get into the London based embassy at around 2.50am.

But the response by the Met Police has been slammed by the country's officials after they revealed officers did not show up to support them for hours.

A statement said: "According to the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations (1961), the host country has the special duty to take all steps to protect the Appropriate premises of any diplomatic mission Against any form of intrusion or harm.

"In this case, the security of the Ecuadorian Embassy in the UK is the responsibility of the British Authorities.

"The Ecuadorian Government therefore it expresses concern about the inadequate response by the British Authorities, who only arrived at the embassy more than two hours after the incident took place.

Aug 23 07:31

Home Office Backed Secret Drug Trials On ‘Irritable & Restless’ Children

Home Office employees approved plans to carry out experimental drug trials on children at two schools for disruptive teenagers in the 1960s, newly-declassified documents reveal.

Government psychiatrists gave the green light to testing new behavior-modifying drugs on boys at Richmond Hill Approved School in North Yorkshire and girls at Springhead Park Approved School in Rothwell, near Leeds.

Aug 22 17:00

Voting Starts For UK Labour Leadership Contest

Britain’s Labour Party has started voting to decide if Jeremy Corbyn will remain the leader of the country’s main opposition party or if Owen Smith should take over.

Voting will begin on Monday to decide the fate of the Labour Party’s next leader, who is expected to run for Prime Minister in the next general election in 2020.

Aug 22 16:43

U.S. Renews Calls For Attack On Syria Air Force, U.K. Calls For Safe Zones, Military Action

By Brandon Turbeville

As tension between the West and Russia over the Syrian crisis heats up yet again, a combination effort on the part of elements within the United States and the UK are pushing for direct military confrontation with the Syrian military as well as the Russians. Indeed, after a period of time suggesting a major improvement on the ground, it appears that there is now the possibility of renewed vigor on the part of the imperialist Western powers in their goal to destroy Syria, even at the cost of igniting World War 3...

Aug 22 16:02

'Last resort' power plan scrapped as businesses decline to cut their usage

But National Grid has now announced it will not proceed with the plans for this winter after the tender showed that “minimal volume would be available”.

The company was seeking to recruit businesses that could reduce their demand by 177 megawatts (MW), but only had offers totalling about 30 MW from firms willing to take part in the scheme between 5pm and 6pm, the hour when UK demand typically hits the absolute peak and the last resort measures are most likely to be needed.

A spokesman insisted the failure of the scheme would not affect National Grid’s ability to keep the lights on this winter, as it has already procured extra generation capacity through a separate last-resort scheme that pays old power plants to stay open on standby.

However, it raises the prospect that keeping the lights on this winter will be more expensive than hoped, since demand-reduction measures were expected to be cheaper than calling on the old power plants to generate.

Aug 22 15:17

Fivefold Increase In Reported Slavery In Britain Is Sign Of Progress, Says Government

There has been a fivefold rise in the number of slavery victims in England and Wales since 2012, according to the Salvation Army.

Aug 22 14:17

MI5 ‘Blocked’ Arrest Of ISIS-Supporting Radical Preacher Choudary ‘For Years’

Counterterrorism officers were repeatedly blocked by British security service MI5 from pursuing criminal investigations against Britain’s highest-profile radical preacher, Anjem Choudary, it has been claimed.

Last week, Choudary was found guilty of supporting Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS, ISIL), which seized territory in Iraq and Syria and inspired terrorist attacks across Europe.

Aug 22 11:40

UK Military Not Ready For War With Russia, China: Admiral

The UK military is not adequately equipped to deal with the growing threat of a world war, a top British military commander has warned, renewing calls for more funding.

Admiral Alan William John West, who once led Britain’s Royal Navy, told the Daily Star on Sunday that the world “is more dangerous and chaotic” than at any time and major international conflicts are looming.

Aug 22 11:30

Ex-BBC DJ admits to 21 counts of child sex abuse

A former BBC DJ and radio presenter in the UK, Chris Denning, has admitted abusing 11 children, some as young as eight, with one victim being abused at Jimmy Savile’s house.

Denning, 75, will be sentenced on 6 October, but is already in jail serving a 13-year sentence for sexual assaults on 24 different victims aged 9 - 16 carried out between the 1960s and 1980s.