Jul 05 10:05

The Skripal Incident Big Lie Won’t Die

Father and daughter Skripal “miraculously” recovered from whatever caused their illness – kept virtual prisoners by Britain so they’re not free to tell tales, Russia all along denied access to its own citizens.

Five months after the incident, the Big Lie persists. On Monday, the Sun published the latest twist to the deception, its report clearly planted by UK authorities, claiming two Kremlin-connected hit men poisoned the Skripals, attempting to assassinate them, according to Scotland Yard.

Jul 05 10:01

Wheel Out the Skripal Story Again

Just as the World Cup had forced the British media to grudgingly acknowledge the obvious truth that Russia is an extremely interesting country inhabited, like everywhere else, by mostly pleasant and attractive people, we have a screaming reprise of the “Salisbury incident” dominating the British media. Two people have been taken ill in Amesbury from an unknown substance, which might yet be a contaminated recreational drug, but could conceivably be from contact with the substance allegedly used on the Skripals, presumably some of which was somewhere indoors all this time as we were told it could be washed away and neutralised by water.

Jul 05 09:48


Update: And here come the 'Russians did it' allegations...

Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu said the substance which has left two people critically ill in Amesbury was nerve agent Novichok.

The same agent that was allegedly used to poison former Russian spy Sergei Skripal just a few miles away (who miraculously survived the 'deadly' nerve agent along with his daughter).

So why are "the Russians" now poisoning some random - non-former-Russian spies - British people?

One can only wonder at the timing of this second seemingly random poisoning with a deadly nerve agent coming so close to President Trump's scheduled summit with President Putin.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

IF the same lab at Porton Down which is now testing the substance which made the people ill, and cannot state that it is definitively NOVICHOK (which they were unable to do with the sample from the Skribal case), then the headline is absolutely skewed when it screams "UK POLICE CONFIRM 2ND CRITICALLY ILL COUPLE POISONED WITH NOVICHOK NERVE AGENT". Because unless the UK chemical lab can logically confirm this, the UK police have no business making that statement.

But I will tell you what the timing of this incident has been most likely engineered to poison; the atmosphere of the meeting between Trump and Putin in Helsinki in a couple of weeks.

This has the very embarrassingly juvenile fingerprints MI5, MI6, and those of Teresa May, fighting to not lose power by her very awkward handling of the Brexit, all over it.

Jul 05 08:51

A Look Inside Britain's Muslim Sex Grooming Gang Scandal

These laws have victimized a number of Britons. Hoteliers Ben and Sharon Vogelenzang were prosecuted for “insulting” a Muslim guest. Liberty Great Britain party chairman Paul Weston was arrested on suspicion of racial harassment after publicly reading a passage critical of Muslims from Winston Churchill’s The River War. Dr. Vladislav Rogozov, a Czech-born, UK cardiac anesthesiologist, is being investigated by Sheffield's Royal Hallamshire Hospital for giving an online interview about his 2013 confrontation with a Muslim surgeon who refused to replace her blood-specked hijab with the prescribed, operating-theater headgear.

Jul 05 08:48

Who’s ‘dumb’? Reuters got lost in Russian embassy tweet on new Novichok claims

Reuters has been caught spreading fake news after falsely reporting that the Russian embassy in the Netherlands said that Britain was “dumb” to drum up another Novichok story during the World Cup.

In a rush to break the latest development in the new Novichok saga, it appears that Reuters has jumbled the facts in a tweet.

Jul 05 08:44

'Curiouser and Curiouser': Salisbury, the Skripals & the epic failure of the British Fairy Tale

It was claimed by the PM that "only Russia had the motive" to attack Sergei Skripal. But this is clearly ridiculous as I said at the time. On the principle of Cui Bono, i.e. who benefits from this crime, obviously Russia, days before its presidential election and exactly 100 days before the World Cup opening ceremony, had the least to gain from carrying out this crime – certainly at that time.

Russia could have attacked Sergei Skripal at any time, with no collateral damage to his daughter or a passing policeman, either long before or alternatively after the World Cup. Simple logic demanded at least the consideration that the crime may have been carried out by someone or some state which sought to damage Russia. The faked murder of the Russian journalist Babchenko in Ukraine in May being such a case in point.

Jul 05 08:42

Skripal poisoning case cost taxpayer £7.5 million so far and could rise, PCC says

The police response to the alleged nerve agent attack on former double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia, has so far cost the taxpayer £7.5 million, according to the region's Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC).

Jul 05 08:38

Novichok strikes (but doesn't kill) again, and all the old questions re-emerge

A friend of the couple described Rowley becoming increasingly ill over the course of the day, before finally being taken to the hospital. There, the supposedly deadly Novichok gave doctors enough time to treat the couple for a completely different diagnosis: the medics initially believed that the couple had taken contaminated drugs (Rowley is a registered heroin addict).

Jul 05 08:32

Novichok strikes (but doesn't kill) again, and all the old questions re-emerge

And the moment is significant for two reasons – two events key to Russia's international image. One is the hugely successful FIFA World Cup, where the English team just secured a quarter-final spot. British fans seem to be enjoying themselves in Russia, and berating British politicians and media for their efforts to scare them away from the event.

The other is the preparations for a summit between US President Donald Trump and Russia's Vladimir Putin. A date and a place for the meeting – Helsinki, Finland, July 16 – were set just last week, and a possible rapprochement between the two rival superpowers seems to be keeping British officials up at night.


Analysts have repeatedly questioned the apparent low lethality of the supposed "military-grade nerve agent." Russian officials, as well, have said that if such a deadly substance had indeed been used, survival would be impossible.

Jul 05 08:31

Home Office Told to Expand Programme Importing Refugees to Every UK Town, Village

George Soros-funded NGO Citizens UK has launched a campaign demanding the Home Office extend the refugee resettlement scheme to every corner of Britain.

The left-leaning new Home Secretary Sajid Javid was urged to “take a brave stand with refugees and show the world once again Britain is a country of welcome”, at a campaign launch in London on Friday.

According to the group’s press release, “200 civil society leaders from mosques, churches, schools and other organisations” attended the event in support of extending beyond 2020 the government’s programme transporting 20,000 mostly Syrian migrants over five years into homes in UK councils.

Citizens UK, which claims to be a “community organising group”, pointed to council figures showing migrants have been distributed across every part of Britain — including many rural areas — as a demonstration of the scheme’s “success”.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Blend them in! Blend them in!" -- Sore Ass

Jul 05 08:28

'Curiouser and Curiouser': Salisbury, the Skripals & the epic failure of the British Fairy Tale

"Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast" – Alice in Wonderland. The problem for the British narrative in the Skripal case is that one would have to believe way more than six things.

Let me start with the latest: the taxpayer-funded purchase for more than one million pounds of the homes in Salisbury of the British spy Sergei Skripal and the police officer Detective Sergeant Nick Bailey. This purchase is explained as necessary on security grounds and – some suspect – may be followed by the destruction of both houses and all the evidence therein.

Jul 05 08:15

Nigel Farage: Angela Merkel Is History And Stopping BREXIT Will Bring Political Whirlwind

Jul 05 06:37

Russia's Roscosmos to skip UK’s Farnborough airshow. Russia, China to hold experiment to increase satellite data accuracy

Russian state corporation Roscosmos will skip the 2018 Farnborough Airshow, scheduled to run from July 16 to July 22 in the UK, head of the corporation’s press service Vladimir Ustimenko informed TASS on Thursday...

Jul 05 05:46

Kremlin concerned over new poisoning incident in UK

The Kremlin has described the news of another poisoning incident in the UK as disturbing. "This is very disturbing news. Of course, it triggers profound concern in connection with the similar incidents in the UK," Russian Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters. "We wish them [those affected] a speedy recovery." According to Peskov, the repeated use of poisonous substances in Europe is a source of concern. "On the other hand, we have no information on what substances were actually used and how they were used, because here it is very difficult to rely on any media reports," he noted. The Kremlin spokesman recalled that after a similar incident in Salisbury "Russia has strongly denied its possible involvement in what happened there." "Britain has failed to provide any convincing evidence to substantiate its accusations against Russia," he added.

Jul 05 05:26

Yulia Skripal wants to return to Russia, her cousin says

"She said she wants to come back, but I don’t know when she’ll come," Viktoria said. The conversation took place on Tuesday, Victoria said, adding that Yulia feels well. Viktoria Skripal had earlier reported about a telephone conversation with Yulia in April. Sergei Skripal’s niece, Viktoria Skripal, intends to resubmit documents for a visa to the UK in late July. In the spring of 2018 she repeatedly failed to obtain an entry visa needed to visit Yulia.

Jul 04 19:18

Fife and Drum Music of the Revolutionary War

Excerpts from "Fife and Drum Music of the American Revolution: Military Music in America series, vol. 1," produced by the Company of Military Collectors & Historians, Washington, D.C. with George P. Carroll, Director of Music -- from about 1976.
(Improved audio from my earlier upload of this same.)

Jul 04 19:14

American Revolutionary Song: Chester - William Billings

Chester was a patriotic anthem composed by William Billings and sung during the American Revolutionary War. Billings wrote the first version of the song for his 1770 songbook The New England Psalm Singer, and made improvements for the version in his The Singing Master's Assistant (1778). It is the latter version that is best known today.

The curious title of the song reflects a common practice of Billings's day, in which tunes were labeled with (often arbitrarily chosen) place names. Billings's song evidently has little more to do with any particular town named Chester than his hymn tune Africa has to do with Africa. With identifiable names for compositions, performers could select different lyrics to sing with the music without creating confusion.
This song would rival Yankee Doodle as the unofficial anthem of the rebel colonies

Jul 04 19:12

American Revolutionary War Song:Ballad of the Green Mountain Boys


Ho--all to the borders! Vermonters, come down,
With your britches of deerskin and jackets of brown;
With your red woolen caps and your moccasins come,
To the gathering summons of trumpet and drum.
Come down with your rifle!
Let gray wolf and fox
Howl on in the shadow of primitive rocks;
Let bear feed securely from pig-pen and stall;
Here's two-legged game for your powder and ball.
Then cheer, cheer, the green mountaineer, then cheer, cheer the green mountaineer

On the south came the Hessians, our land to police;
And armed for the battle while canting of peace;
On our east came the British, the red coated band
To hang up our leaders and eat up our land.
Ho--all to the rescue! For Satan shall work
No gain for the legions of Hampshire and York!
They claim our possessions--the pitiful knaves--
The tribute we pay shall be prisons and graves!
Then cheer, cheer, the green mountaineer, then cheer, cheer the green mountaineer

Jul 04 14:27

‘Major Incident’: 2 Checked For ‘Unknown Substance’ Exposure Near Salisbury – Police

A British counter-terrorism unit has joined the probe after a man and woman were apparently exposed to an ‘unknown substance’ near Salisbury.

Update: It has been reported that the couple overdosed on heroin and cocaine.

Jul 04 14:03

‘I’m Banned From Meeting Trump Because UK Govt Hates Me’

Nigel Farage has responded to reports that Downing Street has banned him from meeting US President Donald Trump by saying the claims are “undoubtedly true” as the government “hates me.”

An unnamed source close to the former United Kingdom Independence Party leader (UKIP) told the Telegraph on Tuesday the ban was a “red line [issue] for 10 Downing Street” in talks about Trump’s visit.

Jul 04 12:20

UK Couple Falls Critically Ill In "Major Incident" Miles Away From Skripal Poisoning

UK counterterrorism detectives and local police are investigating after a couple in their 40's fell critically ill from exposure to an unknown substance, just a few miles from where former Russian double-agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter were poisoned with a suspected nerve agent in early March - exactly four months ago.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Please, Lord, tell me that the UK's Teresa May isn't going to try a "Skripal II" episode, to attempt to again demonise Russia, misdirect from her own geopolitical woes, and put a kaibosh on the Trump/Putin meeting scheduled for the middle of this month.

Jul 04 12:14

U.S. Sidelined as Five Powers Set to Give Iran New Assurance

Top diplomats from world powers will meet on Friday in a bid to defend their landmark nuclear deal with Iran from attack by President Donald Trump.

Foreign ministers from China, France, Germany, Russia and the U.K. will convene in Vienna for the first time without the U.S. in order “to ensure the continued implementation” of the accord, which granted Iran a reprieve from sanctions in exchange for limits to its nuclear program, according to a European Union statement on Wednesday. Trump abandoned the deal in May and reimposed sanctions against countries and companies doing business with Iran.

“Austria and the European Union are ready to maintain and deepen the framework for cooperation with Iran,” Austrian President Alexander Van der Bellen said following a meeting in the Austrian capital with his Iranian counterpart, Hassan Rouhani. U.S. threats to impose secondary sanctions violate the rights of European companies and individuals, Van der Bellen said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

These threats are sounding old, and impossible to pursue by the American government; they are going to have to change tactics, and soon.

Jul 04 10:22

'Coding' cockup blamed for NHS cough-up of confidential info against patients' wishes

Confidential information on 150,000 NHS patients has been distributed against their wishes for years due to a "coding error" by healthcare software supplier TPP.

NHS Digital, the body that oversees the healthcare service's use of data, fessed up to the bungle – which saw data on the affected patients used in ways they had specifically requested it wasn't – this week.

It affects patients who registered what is known as a type 2 opt-out – which says clinical information can't be used for anything other than their own care – between March 2015 and June 2018 at a GP surgery that used TPP's SystmOne software.

According to NHS Digital, a coding error in the SystmOne application meant that the opt-out information was not sent to NHS Digital, and so the body used the information for other purposes, such as research or clinical audits.

Jul 04 09:51

Britain now has 'good behaviour zones' - this is how utterly pathetic this country has become!

Jul 04 09:21

British Air Force Lost Special Forces Plane on Covert Syria Mission

In a separate incident, the Sunday Times reported that a £44 million transport aircraft has been seriously damaged in an accident in the Syrian desert. The damage was caused after a heavy landing during a covert mission. The aircraft, a C-130J Hercules, was used by the British SAS (Special Forces) in special missions in Iraq and Syria.

There have been various scuffles between the coalition forces and the pro-Assad Shi'ite militias which control the border area.

On June 21, several Maghawir al-Thowra combatants and coalition "consultants" fell under fire from from outside the zone. The firing came from an area not known to be under ISIS control, according to the British Ministry of Defense.

The forces withdrew in order to defuse the situation, but one position persisted in firing upon them, said the Ministry statement.

It said the retaliatory strike was "wholly proportionate," but refused to disclose the identity of the forces attacked.

Jul 04 08:18

Dumping 'Lenin', Chanting 'Sieg Heil': England Fans Have Fun in Russia

Ambassadors of the English fan movement to Russia, which is hosting the football World Cup, have been making headlines in recent weeks. From chanting songs about Auschwitz to vandalizing a cherished statue - England fans are paving their road to glory at Russia 2018.

A video has emerged on Twitter, which shows a group of football fans deriding a senior who they thought looked like Lenin. «It's England, Mr. Lenin!» they were chanting as they lifted the man from the bench and threw him in a trash. One of the fans was wearing the English team's T-shirt.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Compare this behavior to that of the Japanese team, who after losing, left their locker room spotlessly clean with a thank you note written in Russian.

Jul 04 08:18

Cameron 'personally requested Obama's back of the queue Brexit warning'

A former key aide to Barack Obama has confirmed David Cameron personally asked the US president to warn Britain would be "back of the queue" for a post-Brexit trade deal.

Ben Rhodes, an ex-White House adviser, admitted Mr Obama's dramatic intervention in the EU referendum campaign came at the personal request of the former prime minister.

Proof that there was indeed collusion to swing the Brexit vote, and it didn't involve Russians.

Jul 04 07:39

‘Football the winner, scoundrels the losers': England fans berate Boris Johnson after World Cup win

UK Prime Minister Theresa May ordered a diplomatic boycott of the World Cup after accusing Russia of involvement in the March poisoning of former double agent Sergei Skripal. This meant no British officials would attend the finals, including FA President Prince William.

Johnson went one further and alluded to supporting a complete boycott of the Russia 2018 World Cup by the England national football team, comparing the competition to the 1936 Olympics in Nazi Germany under The Third Reich.


Fans have called for the UK foreign secretary to "apologize" for appearing to back a boycott, while others have called Johnson a "scoundrel" and a "clown," and some have laughed off the idea of a boycott in the shadow of their joy.

Jul 03 08:07

BEX ALERT - Scotland Yard believes two-man hit team led Salisbury nerve agent attack on behalf of the Kremlin

They are now thought to be back in Russia and under the protection of President Vladimir Putin. Met anti-terror cops and spooks have spent weeks hunting the hitmen who targeted ex-Russian double agent Skripal and his daughter Yulia with deadly Novichok nerve agent.

And they are now convinced they have made a huge breakthrough.

The inquiry is thought to be focusing on at least two key "persons of interest" - almost certainly with close ties to Russia.

Jul 03 08:00

Brexit crunch time - but immigration dominates EU talks

Jul 02 17:41

France to replace Britain as Trump military ally unless May spends on DEFENCE, warns US

US defence secretary Jim Mattis has lashed out at Prime Minister Theresa May's cuts to military spending, warning that France could replace the UK as Washington's closest military ally unless more money is pumped into Britain's defence.

Jul 02 13:22

Three Jailed for Playground Shooting in Khan’s London

Shibbir Ahmed, Shamrat Hussain, and Forid Farhad have been handed jail sentences for the shooting of four people at a children’s playground in Sadiq Khan’s London.

Snaresbrook Crown Court heard how police were called to reports of a shooting in Brady Street, Whitechapel, East London, at around 10.20pm on July 15, 2016.

The trio was convicted of a number of offences following a seven-week trial, during which Snaresbrook Crown Court heard emergency services found four men suffering shotgun wounds after the shooting.

Jul 02 12:36

HISTORY MADE: MP Declares "I'm On My Period" In House Of Commons Debate On "Period Poverty"

Labour MP Danielle Rowley made history by announcing she's on her period in the House Of Commons last week.

Jul 02 08:28

BBC accused of ‘cutting off’ reporter as he notes MI6’s role in torture of terrorist suspects

The BBC is facing accusations of covering up Britain’s involvement in torture, after a reporter’s feed cut out as he was detailing accusations that MI6 worked with Libyan forces against anti-Muammar Gaddafi dissidents.

A widely-circulated clip shows BBC home affairs correspondent Dominic Casciani reporting about British intelligence agency MI6’s role in assisting Libyan forces in their abduction of former dissident Abdul Hakim Belhaj. Just 39 seconds into the report, the screen goes grey, cutting back to the alarmed presenter, Jo Coburn, who cites “technical interference” before the transmission is cut off.

Jul 01 10:09

Girls are banned from wearing skirts at 40 secondaries across England as schools opt for gender-neutral uniforms to cater for transgender pupils

Schools are opting for gender-neutral uniform policies under which boys and girls both wear trousers, while others are considering similar changes, it is claimed.

They have followed the lead of Priory School in Lewes, East Sussex, which scrapped its female uniform last September, also citing fears over the sexualisation of young women.

It comes alongside news that a leading private school is bringing in make-up experts to help pupils who feel anxious about their appearance.

Jul 01 09:24

London fears losing 'market' and 'influence' if Trump makes 'peace' with 'boogeyman' Russia

The UK establishment is alarmed by a "peace deal" that Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump may reach at their upcoming meeting. London has used Moscow as a "boogeyman" to preserve its fading influence in Europe, experts told RT.

After the time and date of the meeting – that is, Helsinki, Finland on June 16 – was set this week, the Times laid out a piece conveying the fears of unnamed cabinet ministers that a "peace deal" will undermine NATO and compromise European security.

Ideas of "what can go wrong" ranged from the cancelation or downsizing of NATO drills in Eastern Europe to acknowledging Crimea as Russian territory and lifting sanctions against Moscow. One minister even predicted "further provocation by Moscow."

Jun 29 08:18

Forget the beer - save the crumpets! CO2 shortage halts crumpet production at Warbutons

BRITAIN’S carbon dioxide shortage will soon lead to a crumpet crisis, Warburtons has announced after low CO2 supplies have limited the production of foods all over the country.

Jun 29 08:15

It’s delusional to think Britain should be a global military power

The armed forces want a big increase in defence spending. They are dreaming up threats

Jun 29 07:56

GLOBALIST BEX - Guess who helped the rise of Europe’s mini-Trumps? Brexit-poisoned Britain

The postwar liberal world order risks being torn up before our very eyes. Confronted with Donald Trump and his stupidities, a Russia which is successfully injecting chaos into the west and a China seemingly happy to sit back and await its turn at the top table, the people of Europe have some fundamental decisions to make.

Do we want to inhabit a continent founded on a respect for liberal democracy, the rule of law and a humane approach to migration? Or do we cede to the populists promoting fear over hope and division over unity? Brexit aside, the people of Britain will face these great challenges and their consequences, too.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Note how Guy Verhofstadt tries to blame Donald Trump for the recent backlash against the globalists and open borders at the polls.

Jun 28 11:01

US, UK Financing 54 Militia Groups in Syria Despite Trump Vow to ‘Get Out’

Despite US President Donald Trump vowing “I want to get out” of Syria to “bring our troops back home” a few months ago, a new report indicates the US military and a cohort of allies including Israel, Britain, France, Jordan and “some Persian Gulf states” are still supporting some 54 militia groups in Syria.

The US, Russia and United Nations all designate al-Nusra Front, also known as al-Qaeda in Syria, a terrorist organization. But for some reason, the terror group's fighters appear "to be deeply entrenched alongside these US-backed militias in key, strategic towns and villages scattered throughout" the southern part of Syria, The American Conservative reported Sunday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And, also from, we have a companion piece:

Ben Rhodes admits: Obama armed jihadists in Syria, in bombshell admission

Jun 28 09:24

Cyber nasties downed NHS systems for 1,300 hours over 36 months

NHS trusts across England experienced more than 1,300 hours of downtime in the last three years, according to results from a Freedom of Information request (FoI).

Nearly a third of the trusts (25 out of 80) that responded to an FoI request from Intercity Technology admitted they had experienced outages across their IT systems between January 2015 and February 2018.

Of the 25 trusts that endured a digi-blackout, 14 did so as a result of a security breach. In total, the trusts experienced 18 security breaches over the last three years, causing 18 days of downtime.

These attacks included the infamous WannaCry ransomware outbreak in May 2017, while others fell victim to the Locky and Zepto malware, the most severe of which knocked systems offline for two weeks.

Jun 28 09:04

Russia: UK Bribed OPCW Members

Russia considers the decision to expand the mandate of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) illegitimate, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said.

"As a result of political manipulation, as well as, as has became known, the direct bribery of a number of delegations and outright blackmail, the UK and other states that are in favor of strengthening the chemical convention have managed to squeeze out its odious draft decision, which has conferred on the OPCW Technical Secretariat the powers to identify those responsible for the use of chemical weapons in Syria," Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova stated.

According to Zakharova, Moscow considers the "odious draft decision" to be "illegitimate."

"We consider this decision illegitimate. We have to point out that the conference of the participating states went beyond the scope of its mandate while adopting this decision," Zakharova said at a weekly briefing.

Jun 28 08:42

UK complicit in ‘inexcusable’ kidnap and torture of terrorist suspects post-9/11 – official reports

Two long-awaited parliamentary reports have found that UK intelligence agencies were more involved in the kidnap and torture of terrorist suspects in the years after the 9/11 attacks than previously thought.

Published on Thursday, the findings from the Parliamentary Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) reports found that the UK was responsible for some “inexcusable” actions, and “tolerated” others. It revealed that the domestic security agency MI5 and the overseas agency MI6 were far more involved in the torture and rendition of suspects than previously believed.

Jun 28 08:04

Britain's Prince William tells Palestinians "you have not been forgotten"

Prince William, paying the first official British royal visit to the Palestinian Territories on Wednesday, told Palestinians they had not been forgotten and his trip to the West Bank was a “very powerful one”.

“My message tonight is that you have not been forgotten, it has been a very powerful experience to meet you and other Palestinians in the West Bank and to hear your stories,” the prince said in a speech at a garden party at the British Consulate General in Jerusalem.

Jun 28 07:56

British government involved in torture, report found

The British government’s involvement in torture and rendition is “beyond doubt” the Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) said today. The parliamentary committee, which oversee the work of the intelligence machinery of the UK, revealed the true scale of the UK government’s involvement in torture and rendition since the war on terror was launched by US President George Bush in 2001.

It is one of the most damning indictments ever of UK intelligence. Torture and rendition, according to the ISC, were much more widespread than previously reported. The ISC rejected the intelligence agencies’ defence and said that the cases were not just “isolated incidents”.

A litany of cases of concern was highlighted in two reports by the USC. One report deals with the mistreatment and rendition of detainees between 2001 and 2010, while the other considers current issues.

Jun 28 07:51

‘UK is being bullied’ Theresa May will FAIL to obtain breakthrough at EU summit, MEP warns

A LEADING MEP has quashed hopes of Theresa May achieving a successful breakthrough at the crunch EU summit taking place in Brussels today, accusing the Government of having no control over our own “destiny”.

Jun 28 07:50

Theresa May to DEMAND EU nations continue Russia CRACKDOWN at Brussels summit

Since 2014 the EU has imposed a series of economic sanctions and other measures against Russia, including asset freezes and travel restrictions, over its illegal occupation of Crimea and destabilisation of Ukraine.

The Prime Minister is hoping to convince the leaders of the 27 other EU members states to back the continuation of sanctions.

Today, at the first working session of the summit she is expected to tell her counterparts: "Russia and other actors seem to be trying to sow disunity, destabilise our democracies and test our resolve.

"We must adapt our current defences to the 'new normal' and take responsibility for protecting international norms and institutions."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Theresa May is facing problems with BREXIT ... so, distract with Russia!

Jun 28 07:49


Mrs May will update her fellow European leaders on Britain’s departure from the EU with European Council President Donald Tusk in agreement that the Prime Minister should bring her counterparts up to speed at the Council’s June summit.

While a discussion is not expected between the EU28 leaders on Brexit, the Prime Minister could be subject to a number of demands for further clarity on how the future relationship will shape up between the bloc and Britain, understands.

A senior Council official says the presentation is solely “in Mrs May’s hands”, however, in order to adhere to the October deadline for competition of the withdrawal agreement the Prime Minister will have to be “quite explicit on the future”.

Jun 28 07:44

British firms will sell arms to Argentina for first time in six years after ministers hail dramatic thaw in relations

British firms are to sell arms to Argentina for the first time in six years after ministers hailed a dramatic thaw in relations.

The move comes just weeks after Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson visited Buenos Aires vowing to 'build a partnership and an intensifying commercial relationship'.

The restrictions were imposed amid heightened tensions when Cristina Kirchner was president and engaging in sabre-rattling over the Falklands.

She branded British residents of the islands 'squatters' and accused the UK of 'colonialism' by hanging on to the territory.

However, ties have improved significantly under her successor, Mauricio Macri.

Jun 28 07:44

Corbyn hammers millionaire Tory Brexiteers shifting their cash out of Britain

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has slammed hardline Brexiteers Jacob Rees-Mogg and John Redwood during PMQs, for making Brexit "their life's work” despite worrying about their "own financial interests," in a post-Brexit UK.
During a tempestuous PMQs, the Labour leader hammered Rees-Mogg for relocating his hedge fund company to Dublin, Ireland, a country in the EU and part of the Eurozone single currency. This move has come as a surprise to many considering the Tory MP for Somerset has been on record as saying that a no-deal scenario should not be ruled out with regards to the Brexit negotiations.

Corbyn, singling out hardline Brexiteers, remarked: "Mr Speaker it's very interesting that even those Brexiteers who have made Brexit their life's work are concerned about their own financial interests.

Jun 28 07:39

World Cup exposes England not Russia as the country with a racism problem

Exposed as baseless during this World Cup has been the anti-Russia propaganda peddled by Western ideologues, particularly in the UK, when it comes to the security and safety of travelling fans.

In the lead up to the tournament the contents of a House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee report was made public by the BBC. Consider the following paragraph: “Fans from BAME (Black, Asian, and minority ethnic) backgrounds and those who identify as LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) face additional risks of attack and persecution [in Russia].”

Jun 28 07:03

Pro-Israel groups urge Co-op to end ethical stance over settlement produce

Pro-Israel groups in Britain are urging the Co-op to end its policy of refusing to engage with Israeli produce suppliers that source from illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt).

The Co-operative Group does not source any produce or own-brand products from Israeli settlements, an ethical sourcing policy that was extended in 2012 to include companies which, while based inside Israel’s pre-1967 territory, source some produce from West Bank settlements.

A petition launched by advocacy group “We Believe in Israel” calls the policy an act of “discrimination against Israeli suppliers”, and claims the stance has served “to alienate from the Co-op Group a large section of the Jewish Community and other customers in the UK who are sympathetic to Israel”.

Jun 28 05:09

How can you condemn Trump but stay silent on British brutality?

(*I don't pay taxes to The Crown !)

Jun 27 09:13


A new report has found that white Brits will soon be a minority in the UK’s second largest city Birmingham and that a significant proportion of the population cannot speak English.

By 2021, more than half of the city’s population will be from an ethnic minority, which is already the case for under-18’s, 60 per cent of whom are non-white.

“Birmingham is soon to become a majority minority city,” according to the report.

Jun 27 07:22

Britain's Brexit divorce bill could be £10billion higher than the government claims, MPs warn

The Government has admitted UK taxpayers will have to pay up to £39bn to the Brussels budget for decades to come.

But the Public Accounts Committee have warned that the bill could be up to £49bn by the time all bills are settled and urged Theresa May to come clean about the bill.

Jun 27 07:20

Digging for victory! Tiny village of 300 people dig SEVEN miles of trenches to install their own superfast broadband after getting fed up with their 'terrible internet' (and now it is fastest in Wales)

Homeowners in the area between Cardiff and Newport put in thousands of hours of volunteering digging more than seven miles (12km) of trenches to install their own cables.

The first residents were connected last week and now have internet with upload and download speed of 1Gbps or 1000Mbps.

Jun 27 07:16

John Lewis warns that profits for first half of 2018 will fall 'close to zero' as it swings the axe on five Waitrose stores

The John Lewis Partnership, which operates the department store and upmarket grocery chain Waitrose, warned today that profits for the first half of this year will be 'close to zero' amid a 'major shift' for the High Street.


In a scheduled strategy update, the retailer said earnings for the full year will likely be 'substantially' lower than last year too, when it reported a 77 per cent fall in pre-tax profit to £104m.

Jun 26 10:38

Gold Exports To London From U.S. Surge 152% In 2018

As U.S. gold exports to Hong Kong and China fell 25% in the first four months of the year, London picked up the slack. According to the USGS, U.S. gold exports to London more than doubled from January to April, compared to the same period last year (see chart).

Interestingly, the amount of gold exported to London during this period nearly equaled the total U.S. domestic gold mine supply.

From the data reported in the USGS Gold Mineral Industry Survey’s, U.S. gold exports to the U.K. (London) jumped to 64.3 metric tons (mt) Jan-Apr, versus 25.5 mt during the first four months last year:

Jun 26 09:58

Over 45% of EU's Leading Businesses Cut Investment in UK Ahead of Brexit - Poll

More than 45 percent of leading European businesses have curtailed their investment in the United Kingdom ahead of the pending Brexit, a survey by the Baker McKenzie multinational law and consultancy company, issued on Monday, showed.

The report "Brexit and Business: The EU Outlook" looks into the impact of Brexit on 800 businesses of six major EU markets, such as France, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Sweden and Ireland.

"[A total of] 46% of respondents from EU27 businesses say that their company has reduced investment in the UK," the report said.

Jun 26 08:38

UK calls for more chemical weapons powers

The UK risks fresh confrontation with Russia later when it asks for new powers for chemical weapons inspectors to assign blame for nerve agent attacks in Syria.

Inspectors can currently establish only whether such weapons have been used.

The UK foreign secretary will table the proposals, which are opposed by Moscow, at a special meeting of the chemical weapons watchdog (OPCW) at The Hague.

The meeting also comes in the wake of the nerve agent attack in Salisbury.

Jun 25 18:54

World Cup outrage: England fans singing Brexit songs during Belgium clash face PUNISHMENT

ENGLAND World Cup fans have been warned not to sing songs about Brexit during this week's match against Belgium by FIFA bosses.

Football's governing body said the FA could be punished if Three Lions fans are caught signing pro-Brexit chants during Thursday's match.

Jun 25 18:34

Defence spending rise needed to keep influence, say MPs

The UK will have to significantly increase defence spending if it is to maintain influence with Washington and Nato allies, MPs have warned.

A House of Commons Defence Committee report says the defence budget should rise from 2% of GDP to 3% (£60bn).

Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson has reportedly demanded an extra £20bn for his department.

A government spokesman said: "We have been clear we will continue to exceed Nato's 2% spending target."

Jun 25 17:17

Firms like Richard Branson's Virgin Care are part of Tory plan to privatize NHS – top GP

Dr. Youssef El-Gingihy, a GP in Tower Hamlets, London and author of 'How to dismantle the NHS in 10 easy steps' told RT that the current NHS system, overseen by Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt, is being sold as "integration of care," but is essentially part of a transition to a "US style healthcare model" with "consolidation of privatization."

In the shift towards the government's preferred models of Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STPs) and Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) – in which the integration of a myriad of health and social care services is the key objective – private companies such as Virgin Care are able to outbid in-house NHS providers for long multi-billion pound contracts, to take more and more of the NHS pie.

"ACOs/ICOs [Integrated Care Organization] are being sold as integration of care, but in reality they indicate a shift towards US style healthcare models with consolidation of privatization.

Jun 25 11:33

Something Strange About the House of Sergei Skripal

According to officials cited by The Sunday Times, taxpayers will be footing the bill for Skripal’s home, which is expected to be bought by the UK government for around £350,000. The Sunday Times also reported, that the taxpayer will pay for the home of Detective Sergeant Nick Bailey, who fell ill after coming into contact with the so-called nerve agent Novichok. That house is expected to cost taxpayers around £430,000. All in all, the purchase of both homes, cars, and other possessions, will amount to a hefty £1 million.

Asked why the state is buying both these properties and belongings, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs said it would be inappropriate to comment on the personal matters of anyone involved in the attack.

Jun 25 09:51

Arab Analyst: Britain Issues UAE Travel Warning to Nationals as Yemeni Missiles on Way to Abu Dhabi, Dubai

Abdel Bari Atwan, the editor-in-chief of Rai al-Youm newspaper, underlined that the British foreign office's warning to the country's nationals about trips to the UAE indicates the fear that London feels of the threat of Yemeni missiles which might hit Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

"When the British government warns its nationals about threats, the warning has not been issued without a reason and is based on precise security intelligence," Atwan wrote on Sunday.

He noted that the warning will surely annoy the UAE officials as it will have security and economic impacts for the country.

"These unprecedented warnings were issued concurrently with intensified clashes in al-Hudaydah province in Western Yemen and showed that the British government knows Yemen well and has certain information that the current war in al-Hudaydah will not be restricted to Yemen and can last a long time," Atwan added.

Jun 25 09:38

Israel’s royal reward for discriminating against Palestinians

As Britain’s Prince William arrives in Israel for a royal visit that will also see him visit the Occupied Palestinian Territories, does he really understand the country upon which he is bestowing an air of normality? The same question would apply to any world leader or dignitaries making a similar trip to the state of Israel as it is currently constituted.

Members of the British royal family have, of course, made visits to other states with highly questionable values and human rights records. However, in the current climate, the Foreign Office rightly shies away from organising such a trip to, for example, Myanmar because of its appalling treatment and displacement of the Rohingya Muslims, which has created a major refugee problem.

Jun 25 07:51

London's new drugs parties: hallucinogens are making an unlikely comeback with otherwise clean-living Londoners

Their trays are laden with kombucha ‘champagne’: non-alcoholic, gingery and effervescent in an unpleasant, medicinal way, it tastes, I realise, like spicy Alka-Seltzer. All around, however, people are sipping enthusiastically as they make conversation.

The crowd — sober, clear-eyed and jovial — seems an odd mix. There are about 30 of us; in one corner, a designer perches on a velvet chaise with the head of marketing for a mental-health tech start-up. Hedge-fund managers chat to tech execs about the crypto bubble; a food entrepreneur, an independent publisher and two south London-based artists laugh among one another. Other than the fact that no one is above the age of 40, the only thing we have in common is that we are here on the promise of a ‘psychedelic adventure’.

Jun 25 07:49


Passengers and staff on Britain’s flagship rail line are waking up to trains run by yet another operator. At 7.54am, the first London North Eastern Railway (LNER) service departed from Newcastle, destination London King’s Cross.

The state-run operator has been created after Virgin Trains East Coast (VTEC), 90 per cent owned by Stagecoach, ended its heavily loss-making franchise on the route from London to Leeds, Newcastle and Edinburgh. It was the third operator to walk away after hopelessly optimistic forecasts failed to materialise.

Jun 25 07:49

'More than 50' Tory MPs prepared to defy Theresa May to stop no-deal Brexit

More than 50 Conservative MPs would defy Theresa May to block any attempt to crash Britain out of the EU without a deal, a former Cabinet minister says.

The prime minister would be thwarted by her own MPs if she tried to carry out her threat to pursue a “no-deal” exit if the negotiations fail, The Independent has been told.

A “humble address” – the tactic employed successfully by Labour to force the government to release the notorious 58 Brexit economic assessments – would be used, it was suggested.

Jun 25 07:41

UK taxman has amassed voice profiles of 5.1 MEEELLION taxpayers

Campaign group Big Brother Watch has accused HMRC of creating ID cards by stealth after it was revealed the UK taxman has amassed a database of 5.1 million people's voiceprints.

The department introduced its Voice ID system in January 2017. This requires taxpayers calling HMRC to record a key phrase, which is used to create a digital signature that the system uses to unlock the right account when they phone back.

According to a Freedom of Information request, submitted by Big Brother Watch and published today, the department now has more than 5.1 million people's voiceprints on record.

However, the group argued that users haven't been given enough information on the scheme, how to opt in or out, or details on how their data would be deleted.

Jun 24 12:41

Britain's prison population drops to its lowest level in eight years as convicts are SET FREE to relieve pressure on overcrowded jails

The number of early releases has grown by over 50 per cent since new rules were launched six months ago to relieve pressure on overcrowded jails.

According to figures from the Ministry of Justice, the number of inmates tagged and put on home detention curfew (HDC) has grown from 2,196 in January to 3,304 yesterday.

This rise is a main factor for a decrease in the prison population in England and Wales of around 1,500 in six months to 82,694, which is the lowest figure since 2010.

Jun 24 12:14

Cover-up? Twitter reacts to report that UK government will buy Skripal’s house

The house of Sergei Skripal will be purchased by UK taxpayers, according to officials cited by The Sunday Times. The move has prompted a range of responses online – from cover-up allegations to jokes about home ownership.

Taxpayers will be footing the bill for Skripal’s home, which is expected to be bought by the UK government for around £350,000 (US$464,000), The Sunday Times reported, citing Whitehall officials. They will also pay for the home of Detective Sergeant Nick Bailey, who fell ill after coming into contact with the nerve agent Novichok. That house is expected to cost taxpayers around £430,000. All in all, the purchase of both homes, cars, and other possessions, will amount to a hefty £1 million.

Jun 24 09:08

Jeremy Corbyn says UK needs to end 'bomb now, talk later' policy during visit to refugee camp in Jordan

Jeremy Corbyn said the UK needs to end its “bomb first, talk later” foreign policy in the Middle East during a tour of a refugee camp in Jordan.

The Labour leader said the country needed to find a new approach and added that it should play a part in European schemes to resettle migrants post-Brexit.

Mr Corbyn, who was visiting a refugee camp in Jordan which has taken in millions of Syrians displaced by the violence, said the UK should do more to tackle Europe's migrant crisis.

"Whatever the outcome of Brexit, I think we should be part of a European-wide approach to this," he told Sky News.

Jun 24 08:05

Brexit: Why Britain Left the European Union

Jun 24 08:01

Nigel Farage’s last laugh

The sun is shining in Brussels on a lovely May afternoon. While other European parliamentarians are debating the EU’s budget, Farage is out for lunch. Some places in this town don’t serve him, he says, but this one, Invictus on Rue de Trèves, is willing to oblige, and he takes a table under an olive tree in the walled courtyard out back.

He is dressed in a dark gray pinstripe suit, a stiff white shirt and a spotty blue tie, and tucks his napkin into his collar as his fruit de mer linguine arrives.

The man U.S. President Donald Trump dubbed “Mr. Brexit” freely admits that, whatever comes next, he’s already peaked.

Jun 24 07:59

Give me £20billion or I'll bring you down: Defence Secretary’s astonishing threat to Theresa May in bitter row over military cuts

Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson has threatened to sweep Theresa May from power in a bitter Cabinet row over military cuts.

Furious Mr Williamson warned the Prime Minister that if she did not commit an extra £20 billion to the Ministry of Defence then Tory MPs would vote down the next Budget – effectively passing a motion of no confidence in her.

‘I made her – and I can break her,’ Mr Williamson is said to have boasted to service chiefs.

The furore, described by one Williamson ally as a ‘dogfight at the heart of Government’, erupted after Mrs May announced a £20 billion-a-year boost to NHS spending last week.

Jun 24 07:59

Operation Protect Trump: 10,000 police and SAS will guard the President as he visits Blenheim Palace, meets Theresa May at Chequers and the Queen at Windsor while first lady Melania visits a children's hospital

Up to 10,000 police officers will be drafted in to protect Donald Trump from mass protests and the threat of a terror attack when he visits Britain next month.

Hundreds of riot vans full of frontline PCs will take to the streets to stop planned rallies and marches turning violent – particularly when they clash with supporters of the controversial US president.

The Mail on Sunday can reveal that elite armed officers and the counter-terror 'robocops' who train alongside the SAS will also be on alert in case of a terrorist atrocity, while a staggering 40 police cars and motorbike outriders have been demanded whenever Mr Trump travels by road, to shield him from assassination attempts.

Jun 24 07:57

£2.4m spent on House of Commons gagging clauses

The House of Commons spent £2.4m on "gagging clauses" for former staff since 2013, BBC Newsnight has learned.

Fifty-three departing members of the House of Commons Service signed contracts compelling them not to reveal information about the Commons.

So-called "non-disclosure agreements" (NDAs) can be used to silence victims of bullying or harassment.

A House spokesman said the clauses were used "to resolve employment disputes under certain circumstances".

Newsnight uncovered the information via a Freedom of Information Act request, which was made as part of its investigation into bullying and harassment by MPs of members of the House of Commons Service - the apolitical employees who run the Commons and its committees. These people are usually referred to in Westminster as "clerks".

Jun 23 08:41

Prince Philip's four sisters who wed Nazis, a gay uncle and his mother who was locked in an asylum: The extraordinary reason William's making a controversial visit to Israel

However praiseworthy the intention, the chances of a British royal doing something useful to ease the conflict in the Middle East are not high. For years, the Foreign Office has advised Buckingham Palace and its inhabitants to steer clear of the irreconcilable conflict, and in particular of Israel.

In the tinderbox atmosphere, anything the royals do is likely to be used either by Arab or by Israeli propagandists.

So why is Prince William off to Israel this weekend? The answer may lie not in a search for world peace, but in a simpler desire — to please a very old man.

For it is in Jerusalem that Prince Philip’s mother, the former Princess Alice of Greece, lies in state. A strange resting place for a princess who was born at Windsor Castle and died in Buckingham Palace — but then she was a strange woman.

Jun 23 08:38

‘Baffling & embarrassing’: Fawning Theresa May bowing to prince sparks mockery online

A tweeted picture of Prime Minister Theresa May curtseying to the duke of Cambridge was labelled “embarrassing” by the American journalist Glenn Greenwald, bringing forth a debate on the absurdity of the monarchy.

What more could you want for your birthday? Rather than kicking back with a beer and the World Cup, Prince William, who turns 36 today, is spending it on royal duties with none other than Prime Minister Theresa May.

Jun 23 08:12

Shocking History Of Anti-Family Rulings Are A Cautionary Tale For The U.S.

A tidal wave of progressive propaganda is crashing over our nation and threatening the destruction of the family.

And we are not alone – perhaps the best example of what happens when the left works to eradicate the traditional family can be found in the U.K.

The family courts of the U.K. have been ruling against the family at every turn, with radical progressives at the helm.

Unlike in the U.S., British judges are not elected, nor subject to recall at any level – giving the government an iron-clad grip over its families.

And once one delves into the dark history of the U.K.’s Family Court’s previous rulings, it becomes apparent that they have appointed themselves to destroy families in any way they can.

Jun 23 03:27

Multi-Decade Outsourcing Boom Comes to Sticky End in the UK

After scandals, collapses, and the government’s off-balance-sheet debt.

Jun 22 18:00

Distraught father issues a Fornite warning after his son, 12, spends nearly £700 on the violent game in just three days

Once installed, it offers a host of in-game purchases, including new skins, dance moves and accessories.

Youngsters left unattended can quickly rack up huge bills without realising it, when buying must have add ons.

After leaving his card details saved in his Xbox, Steve Harrison, 37, from Stoke-On-Trent, discovered that his son, Tyler had managed to spend the eye-watering amount in just three days.

Over the course of the 72-hour period, Tyler completed 81 separate purchases on in-game accessories, culminating in the jaw-dropping bill.

Jun 22 15:48

As May Picks The NHS Over Defence, Is The UK Government Really Worried About Russia?

Theresa May’s insistence that the MoD keeps costs low in favor of pumping more cash into the NHS shows the government is more concerned about getting votes at home than a looming threat of war with Russia you hear so much about.