Jun 15 08:07

Was cladding to blame for rapid spread of fire? Cheap 'Polystyrene-type' may have helped spread devastating blaze after it 'went up like a matchstick' - as council is accused of penny pinching despite warnings not to take cheapest bid

Cut price cladding added to tower blocks built in the 1970s could be to blame for the rapid spread of a fire which claimed the lives of at least 12 people.

New plastic rain-proof cladding was installed at Grenfell Tower in White City, London, in May 2016 as part of a £10million refurbishment - but 'went up like a match' and helped the fire spread quickly from the fourth to 27th floor.

This evening it also was suggested that council penny pinching and accepting the lowest bid was to blame for the blaze according to one former worker.

Jun 15 07:29

Don't touch that mail! London uni fears '0-day' used to cram network with ransomware

University College London is tonight tackling a serious ransomware outbreak that has scrambled academics' files.

It is feared the software nasty may be exploiting a zero-day vulnerability, or is a previously unseen strain of malware as antivirus defenses did not spot it in time, we're told. Eggheads at the UK uni are urged to not open any more email attachments, which may be booby-trapped with the ransomware.

The UCL Information Services Division (ISD) said it had locked down access to the shared and networked drives that have been under siege from the malware since it began infecting users around mid-day Wednesday via an email message.

Jun 14 16:01

Map shows areas of England where the most antidepressants are prescribed

The number of antidepressants prescribed in England has risen sevenfold in the last 25 years, new analysis of NHS data has revealed.

Researchers looked at prescription data for different regions in the country and found twice as many antidepressants are prescribed per person in the North East as in the South East and London.

Doctors made more than 64 million prescriptions of antidepressants in 2016, according to database company Exasol, which conducted the research.

Jun 14 15:31

BREXIT BOOST: Britain would be '£156 billion a year better off WITHOUT a deal with EU'

Former British Chambers of Commerce director John Longworth has issued “a Brexit fight back” after Remainers have tried to capitalise on the hung parliament election result to claim that Theresa May’s vision of a clean Break with the EU is “dead”.

The annual boost - worth around a third in growth for the British economy - would continue for at least 12 years as Britain’s economy is transformed by throwing off the shackles imposed by Brussels.

It is the equivalent of adding the entire NHS and defence annual budgets back into the UK each year.

Jun 14 15:19

Facial Recognition Software Captures First Criminals in UK

U.K. police recently made their first arrest using facial recognition software following a series of trials at large-scale public events. According to authorities, the man was arrested three days prior to the UAEA Champions League Final June 3rd while South Wales police were conducting their most recent experiment with the high-tech surveillance.

Jun 14 10:20

Women in Northern Ireland not entitled to NHS terminations in England high Court Rules

The UK’s highest court has rejected an appeal by a mother and daughter in their legal battle for women from Northern Ireland to receive free abortions on the NHS in England.

Jun 14 09:30

Facial Recognition Software Captures First Criminals in UK

U.K. police recently made their first arrest using facial recognition software following a series of trials at large-scale public events. According to authorities, the man was arrested three days prior to the UAEA Champions League Final June 3rd while South Wales police were conducting their most recent experiment with the high-tech surveillance.

Jun 14 08:37

Revealed: Corbyn ally admits Labour WOULD concede on freedom of movement for Brexit deal

A LABOUR PARTY frontbencher has revealed that the party would concede over freedom of movement in a Jeremy Corbyn style Brexit deal.

Key figures in the Labour Party have produced differing accounts of what the party would do if they were in power towards Brexit.

John McDonnell appeared to suggest that the Party would leave the single market, however on Monday Barry Gardiner claimed that would not necessarily have to be the case.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Rebecca Long-Bailey, the Shadow Business Secretary, said the party would concede on immigration and law for “impediment-free access” to markets.

Jun 14 08:08

US deploys all its nuclear-capable strategic bombers to Britain for the first time amid growing tensions with Russia

The US has deployed several nuclear-capable strategic bombers to Britain for the first time as tensions with Russia continue to grow.

Two B-2 stealth bombers, which cost more than half a billion each three B-52H Stratofortress aircraft and three B-1B Lancers are currently stationed at RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire.

Jun 14 08:04

Is Michael Foster a Chameleon?

The utterly repellent Michael Foster who has spent the last 2 years waging a relentless campaign against Jeremy Corbyn has now apparently become a Corbyn supporter. Foster now admits that he was “wrong on Corbyn.” The Jewish labour donor used the notorious Zionist Times of Israel to “tip his hat to the leader’s success”

In a spectacular admission that portrays total cultural and political detachment Foster says, “I was wrong on that his brand of leadership and socialism would not appeal.”

The same character who a year ago professed that he despised Corbyn and labelled his supporters "Sturm Abteilung" (Nazi stormtroopers) has conveniently changed his spots.

Jun 14 08:03

27 Storey Residential Building on Fire in West London

6-13-17 London fire: people trapped as major blaze engulfs tower block – latest At least 200 firefighters and 40 engines on the scene of a huge fire at Grenfell Tower in Latimer Road, near Notting Hil…

Jun 14 08:01

LONDON INFERNO: 'No-one on top 3 floors survived' 6 dead, 74 injured as fire STILL rages

A local community leader, working to locate victims, has claimed "nobody who lived on the top three floors survived" the fire which has destroyed Grenfell Tower on the Lancaster West Estate in North Kensington after starting just before 1am.

He said: "We have a list of missing people - there are so many. It's possible there are more than 50, possibly hundreds."

Jun 14 07:53

London’s Grenfell apartment was a death trap before fire

“It is a truly terrifying thought but the Grenfell Action Group firmly believe that only a catastrophic event will expose the ineptitude and incompetence of our landlord, the KCTMO, and bring an end to the dangerous living conditions and neglect of health and safety legislation that they inflict upon their tenants and leaseholders,” wrote the Grenfell Action Group in a blog post from November. “We believe that the KCTMO are an evil, unprincipled, mini-mafia who have no business to be charged with the responsibility of looking after the everyday management of large-scale social housing estates and that their sordid collusion with the RBKC Council is a recipe for a future major disaster.”

They added, “It is our conviction that a serious fire in a tower block or similar high density residential property is the most likely reason that those who wield power at the KCTMO will be found out and brought to justice!”

Jun 14 07:51

Fatalities confirmed in Grenfell Tower block inferno – Fire Brigade

Jun 14 06:51

Grand Designs' Kevin McCloud suggests safety aspects weren't fully addressed after 'dangerous' cladding used in Grenfell Tower

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, Kevin said: "I think there are two principle issues which seem to be emerging.

"One is yes the residents had already realised that the exit routes from the building were inadequate. There’s only one point of exit for the entire building.

"They were all told that in the case of fire to stay in their flats - which seems bonkers.

"The other thing is the cladding, which we’re beginning to point towards as the culprit and describing as a plastic based product, it seems very strange that it should have gone up so quickly.

"Every single building site in this country has to be approved and go through some extremely rigorous testing thats to do with longevity, structural performance and also fire resistance.

"To see a material in 50 minutes across an entire building take flame like this and allow the flame to move so quickly, well this material is quite dangerous and clearly doesn’t perform."

Jun 14 06:50

Director of company responsible for Grenfell Tower refurbishment admits he is clueless over what cladding was made from

The director of the company responsible for the Grenfell Tower refurbishment has admitted he doesn't know what the cladding was made from.

Police have confirmed there have been at least six fatalities after a huge blaze engulfed the 24-storey tower block overnight.

At this early stage many fear the colourful plastic cladding, which was recently placed on the building as part of a major refurbishment, could have helped spread of the flames.

Jun 14 06:47

London Fire: Grenfell Tower’s Controversial History Emerges After Devastating Fire

And the 400-500 residents, spread over the 20 residential levels, had been advised to “stay put” inside their flats - possibly because there was only one exit.

“The people trapped in the flats were screaming and crying for help. It was very very sad,” Hamda Ali, who lives nearby and got to the scene shortly before 1am, told HuffPost UK.

“The entire building doesn’t have an alarm and the fire brigade were telling people not to come out. I saw people jumping from the top floors without anything because the only way out was down the stairs, which has a gas pipe next to it.”

Samira Lamrani told HuffPost UK that the building was an “accident waiting to happen”.

Jun 14 06:41

"All our warnings fell on deaf ears": Grenfell Tower had £9m refurbishment but no sprinklers before deadly inferno

Residents at a London tower block devastated by fire have claimed their "warnings fell on deaf ears" as details of a recent multi-million pound upgrade were revealed.

At least six people are dead and another 50 injured after the 24-storey Grenfell Tower, in Kensington, became engulfed in flames in the early hours of this morning.

Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation (KCTMO) spent £8.7million renovating the block - improving its community facilities, opening new flats and cladding the exterior - after winning planning permission in 2014.

But residents claim there was no sprinkler system in the building.

And it today emerged Theresa May’s new chief of staff was one of a series of housing ministers who “sat on” a report warning high-rise blocks like Grenfell Tower were vulnerable to fire for four years.

Jun 14 05:46

May is essentially being forced to either reverse Article 50 or seal a 'Soft Brexit' deal for Britain

LONDON - Prime Minister Theresa May is being encouraged to either reverse Article 50, and cancel Britain's plan to leave the European Union, or seal a "soft Brexit" deal that is less harsh than what she was pushing for before the snap general election.

May triggered Article 50 in March, which kickstarted the official two year period where Britain has to negotiate its deal to leave the EU. Britain will leave the EU on March 29, 2019 - unless she calls to reverse it and all other 27-EU member states vote unanimously to allow her to cancel Brexit.

Who hasn't seen this coming?

Jun 13 20:33

MAJOR FIRE! People Trapped In West London's Residential Grenfell Tower


Jun 13 20:08

European Union door open if Britain gives up on Brexit: Germany

The European Union's door remains open if Britain changes its decision to leave the 28- member bloc, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said today, while acknowledging such a move is unlikely.
"If they wanted to change their decision, of course they would find open doors, but I think it's not very likely," Schaeuble told Bloomberg Television in his first public comments on last week's election in Britain which saw Prime Minister Theresa May lose her parliamentary majority.

Jun 13 17:18

Tory scaremongering campaign triggered revolt against ‘fear politics’

The unexpected electoral success of the Labour Party has put to shame the predominant cynical wisdom of the connoisseurs, even those who pretended to sympathise with Corbyn and whose preferred excuse was: “Yes, I would vote for him, but he is unelectable, the people are too manipulated and afraid, the moment is not yet right for such a radical move…”

Jun 13 15:54

War-crazed Tory Party Ignore How Terrorists Really Work

The Conservative government largely avoided being blamed during the election campaign for its failure to stop the terrorist attacks. It appealed to British communal solidarity in defiance of those who carried out the atrocities, which was a perfectly reasonable stance, though one that conveniently enables the Conservatives to pillory any critics for dividing the nation at a time of crisis. When Jeremy Corbyn correctly pointed out that the UK policy of regime change in Iraq, Syria and Libya had destroyed state authority and provided sanctuaries for al-Qaeda and Isis, he was furiously accused of seeking to downplay the culpability of the terrorists.

Jun 13 15:53

Where they’re needed most: Manchester police feel impact of Tory cuts

The head of Greater Manchester police has said his force is under “real strain” as a result of major cuts.

Ian Hopkins, the chief constable of GMP, made the remarks three weeks after the Manchester Arena bombing in which 22 were killed and more than 200 injured.

Jun 13 15:35

Theresa May is laughing stock in Parliament

Labour is ready to offer “strong and stable leadership in the national interest” if Theresa May fails to form a “coalition of chaos” with the DUP, Jeremy Corbyn has vowed.

Jun 13 15:21

Political correctness gone mad: ‘Genius’ is now suddenly a sexist word

University of Cambridge history tutors have been told to refrain from using the word “genius” in class because it’s offensive towards women.

Jun 13 14:16

Broken electoral system prevented Jeremy Corbyn from becoming prime minister

This was a bittersweet election. We rejoice at the fact the Conservatives have been pegged back and the landslide they presumed was theirs by right has been denied them. We are delighted that an alternative to austerity and nearly 40 years of free-market fundamentalism has secured 40% of the vote. We celebrate the exuberance and scale of the youth vote and both feel an incredible duty to repay their faith in us and our colleagues. And we are proud that in some key marginals cooperation not to split the progressive vote resulted in the Tories losing.

Jun 13 13:17

EDL abuse Sikh volunteers feeding homeless

Far-right protesters have been accused of abusing Sikh volunteers as they tried to feed the homeless in Manchester.

Members of the Sikh Sewa Organisation said they had to flee from Piccadilly Gardens for “their own safety” after "EDL members" became “abusive” towards them.

Jun 13 12:50

UK Prime Minister Theresa May's pact with the devil

As Theresa May prepares to sign a deal with the bigots of Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party to prop up her government in Parliament, Stuart Littlewood examines her track record of incompetence and lack of principle.>>

Jun 13 11:40

John Bull's Other Haters

[A to-the-point condensation of cold, hard facts regarding the Left's cognitive dissonance. Any one of them who possess a mind even partially able to examine the contradiction of his/her position must surely grasp such after reading this.}

The United Kingdom's new minority government is being maintained in power by Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Parity. Barely had the news emerged than the DUP, as we saw in the accompanying photo, instantly catapulted over previously reviled bogeypersons such as Katie Hopkins and Morrissey to become fashionable young London's latest two-minute hate. Two minutes, incidentally, is not an Orwellian allusion but the time between first hearing about them and painting up your placard. Brendan O'Neill in The Spectator:

One protester's comment summed up the flimsiness of the fury. 'I didn't know who the DUP were, I had to Google them,' he said. From Googling a party to railing against it in the space of minutes: the modern mindset summed up.

Jun 12 17:42

'We are skint': Spending falls for first time in four years

We're buying fewer clothes and pairs of shoes, although we're eating out more, according to credit card firm Visa.

Its latest survey shows household spending dipped for the first time in four years last month with families "starting to feel the squeeze" as higher living costs eat into pay.

"Let's face it, we are skint," says commentator Justin Urquart-Stewart.

"Our card's maxed out, nothing in the savings account, pockets emptied out and nothing down the back of the sofa."

Jun 12 17:36

Migrants torch roadblocks to stop UK-bound trucks

VIOLENT gangs of armed migrants set up burning roadblocks to attack British-bound vehicles travelling through Calais, the Daily Express reveals today.

Frightened truckers using the busy port have called for the French army to be drafted in as routes to the ferry are blocked by felled trees which are then set ablaze.

Jun 12 17:34

Brexit could be delayed for a YEAR: Brussels to stall if May pushes on with trade deals

BREXIT negotiations could be delayed for a year if Theresa May insists on discussing a new trade relationship at the same time as the divorce bill, European Union sources have suggested.

Jun 12 17:31

New DVLA car scam warning - If you receive this email delete it

However, what makes this latest hoax even more concerning is the inclusion of an anti-scam note included within the email itself.

It says: “If you are unsure an email is from DVLA: Forward it to"

This has most probably be included in the email to try and convince motorists that it is legitimate.

BBC Watchdog tweeted: “This week, a fake DVLA email that brazenly includes a reference to reporting phishing... that's a new one!”

Jun 12 16:17

Capita lose discrimination lawsuit

A Capita man working in a Telefonica call centre has won a sex discrimination lawsuit against the outsourcing giant after bosses threatened him with a pay cut if he took paternity leave.

Madasar Ali wanted to take paternity leave to care for his new daughter, Yasmin, but was told he would only receive two weeks off on full pay, The Times reported today.

Jun 12 15:55


We still have another exit poll and of course, the real vote. CitiFX Strategy says that if this proves correct, we do expect GBP to have more downside from here. At least another big figure below.

Jun 12 15:30

Farage the NEGOTIATOR? DUP pushes for ex-Ukip leader to be given role to protect Brexit

THE Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) wants Nigel Farage to be given a place on Theresa May's Brexit negotiating team.

Jun 12 15:19

BBC is not Impartial – Yemen, Saudi and GE2017

A key function of BBC propaganda is to present the perspective of ‘the West’ on the wars and conflicts of the world. Thus, in a recent online report, BBC News once again gave prominence to the Pentagon propaganda version of yet more US killings in Yemen. The headline stated:

Jun 12 14:58

The Conservative party and terrorists cannot be trusted to negotiate Brexit

Theresa May launched her election campaign warning about a coalition of chaos and now she is leading one. It won’t work and can’t last. After the election result we have just had, we can’t return to politics as usual with a May-led Tory government. So three things need to happen now.

Jun 12 14:42

Jeremy Corbyn has changed the face of British politics

Jeremy Corbyn has declared “we changed the face of British politics”. This may seem just a bit hyperbolic coming from the leader of the Party who came in second place. Yet in this case it is justified. More than just revive a moribund Labour Party and social democratic agenda – he is fundamentally transforming who are the “British people”.

Jun 12 14:38

Likely Coalition Partner For Floundering UK Conservative Party Sits On The Hard Right Fringe

The Democratic Unionist Party now look like the Tories preferred coalition partners. The DUP, which is the biggest Unionist (ie pro-UK) party in Northern Ireland, are often treated as though they are just the same as the other Unionist party they have essentially replaced — the Ulster Unionists. But while the UUP have a long running relationship with the Tories, and are a centre right party, the DUP are another thing entirely. The idea that they are near power in Westminster should worry us all. Here are some things you need to know.

Jun 12 14:32

The British economy is in the toilet – Pound hits seven-month low

The pound is dipping back towards $1.27, down 0.2% today, as investors analyse these warnings from Moody’s and S&P and wait for developments in Westminster.

Jun 12 14:20

Tories shoot themselves in the foot with unfair austerity policies

The Conservatives have finally felt the impact of their widescale cuts, as the Labour party continue to turn the tide.

Jun 12 13:33

War-crazed Tory Party Ignore How Terrorists Really Work

The Conservative government largely avoided being blamed during the election campaign for its failure to stop the terrorist attacks. It appealed to British communal solidarity in defiance of those who carried out the atrocities, which was a perfectly reasonable stance, though one that conveniently enables the Conservatives to pillory any critics for dividing the nation at a time of crisis.

Jun 12 13:32

Corbyn brings the change we desperately need

The shocking election result in the United Kingdom – the Conservatives losing their majority and the creation of a hung Parliament; and Jeremy Corbyn being more successful than any recent Labor candidate – cutting a 20 point Theresa May lead down to a near tie – gives hope to many that the global shift to the right, fueled by the failures of governments to meet the basic needs of their population and growing economic insecurity, may be ending.

Jun 12 13:11

Where they’re needed most: Manchester police feel impact of Tory cuts

The head of Greater Manchester police has said his force is under “real strain” as a result of major cuts.

Ian Hopkins, the chief constable of GMP, made the remarks three weeks after the Manchester Arena bombing in which 22 were killed and more than 200 injured.

Jun 12 12:57

The dumbing down of society is working

Children across the UK are confused about the origins of key foods, a new poll suggests, with one in five believing fish fingers are made from chicken.

Jun 12 12:25

What is so Controversial About the DUP (Besides being Terrorists)

The Conservatives are preparing to form a government with the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), after shock election losses saw Theresa May’s party fall short of a Commons majority.

Jun 12 10:26

Tories shoot themselves in the foot with unfair austerity policies

The Conservatives have finally felt the impact of their widescale cuts, as the Labour party continue to turn the tide.

Jun 12 10:06

Why are the Media Calling Sikhs, Blacks and Gays “Far Right”? – Because they are Protesting Sharia Law

In London, a peaceful march takes place that includes members of the Gay, Sikh and Black community; they march under the banner “Unite Against Hate”, but the BBC and other “progressive” news outlets are calling them “Far Right” and are not reporting on the violent attacks being perpetrated AGAINST them. The simple reason for this is because they are protesting Sharia Law. What’s not to protest???

Jun 12 09:55

Corbyn and the Jews

British Jews have made no secret of their united political opposition to Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour party under his direction. Since Corbyn’s selection as its leader, the Labour party has been subjected to a relentless defamation campaign by the MSM and Jewish bodies. The Jewish anti Corbyn campaign rapidly devolved into a ruthless purge conducted by the Jewish Labour Movement and the Labour Friends of Israel. And then it didn’t take long before we saw some clear evidence that the assault against Corbyn was directed by Tel Aviv.

The reaction of many prominent Jewish voices and Jewish media outlets to Corbyn's recent electoral success leaves no room for doubt - we are witnessing an emerging clash between the Brits and Judea.

Jun 12 09:51

False flags backfire in Britain – voters repudiate lying establishment

Have false flags been so thoroughly exposed that they no longer work? That is the lesson of yesterday’s British elections, which delivered a stinging rebuke to incumbent PM Theresa May, and a high-octane boost to 9/11-truth-supporting anti-Zionist challenger Jeremy Corbyn.

For the second year in a row, Britain held critically-important elections in June. For the second year in a row, those elections were preceded by one or more false flags designed to terrorize voters and stampede them into the Establishment camp. And for the second year in a row, the voters rebelled.

Jun 12 09:00

Corbyn most popular Labour leader in 40 years

Watching the BBC’s coverage of the election, you could be excused for taking away two main impressions of last night’s results. First, that Theresa May had a terrible, self-sabotaging campaign; and second that, while Jeremy Corbyn may be celebrating, he decisively lost the election.

Jun 12 08:58

US, Britain Deny Reports Of Delay In Trump’s UK Visit

Sources in the British and the American government are denying reports that US President Donald Trump’s first state visit to the UK will be delayed or cancelled.

“The queen extended an invitation to President Trump to visit the U.K. and there is no change to those plans,” a spokesman for May told Reuters on Sunday.

Jun 12 08:10

Trump invite to UK still stands after report of delay

So despite an uneasy election in the UK and many other factors the Queen is still holding her hand out to the most powerful man in the World.

Jun 12 08:08

Election 2017: May appeals to MPs for support as her future hangs in balance

Theresa May will appeal to her MPs to throw their weight behind her at a crunch meeting on Monday, as her future hangs in the balance after the Conservatives’ majority was wiped out in Thursday’s general election.

The prime minister is expected to signal to her parliamentary colleagues that she will run her government in a more collegiate, less controlling way, after sacrificing her two closest advisers, Fiona Hill and Nick Timothy.

Jun 12 07:45

Jeremy Corbyn: 'I can still be prime minister'

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says he can "still be prime minister" as he aims to thwart Theresa May's attempt to run a minority government.

He told the Sunday Mirror: "This is still on. Absolutely."

Labour will set out its own programme for government as an amendment to the Queen's Speech, focusing on austerity and a "jobs-first Brexit," he says.

He told the BBC's Andrew Marr he will call on MPs from all other parties to back his policies instead of Mrs May's.

Jun 12 07:30

Such a “Surprise” in the UK!

If those smart Ivy and Oxbridge-type guys and gals in the prestige media were telling us time and again that our societies were all fundamentally center-right collectives with a deep suspicion of government action (except, that is, when it came to making unceasing war on a world-wide scale) who was I, an obscure analyst of Iberian nationalisms and other sundry issues, to say anything about it?

Jun 12 06:14

Softening Brexit? Europe eyes opportunity in Theresa May’s weakened govt

European officials are said to be ready to pounce on Theresa May’s weakened and unstable leadership, after last week’s snap election left the British prime minister with a diminished mandate just days before Brexit negotiations are due to begin.

Jun 11 21:49

How the dementia tax – a ‘nasty party’ policy – lost Theresa May her majority

Pundits and pollsters have spent the last year trying to explain what the Brexit vote meant. Was it right-wing or left-wing? Was it about immigration or sovereignty? Was it a bit racist? They’ll do the same for this election – trying to pinpoint where it all went so humiliatingly wrong for Theresa May.

But to me one answer, even so soon after shock result – and before we’ve been able fully to analyse the results – stands out by a mile: the dementia tax. There are five reasons, I’d argue, why it ruined Theresa May’s election campaign and may have been the key factor in destroying her parliamentary majority.

Jun 11 21:38

Are Theresa May and Angela Merkel in the ILLUMINATI? Conspiracy theorists are convinced the leaders are in secretive sect because of similar hand gestures

"Brexit means Brexit until I declare an unnecessary snap election and announce a 'dementia tax' which turns the Tory manifesto into a suicide note and gives remainers the trump card. Ho hum, we're still in the EU." - Number 9 3/4

Jun 11 17:48

Brexit under threat: Macron set for landslide victory that may drastically alter EU exit

According to final opinion polls, the 39-year-old head of state's Republique En Marche! (REM) party could win between 395 and 425 seats in the National Assembly.

If the CEVIPOF-Le Monde figures prove correct, this would be far above the 289 needed to secure an absolute majority.


Mr Macron previously described the prospect of the UK leaving the European Union as "a crime", and insisted: "The EU will be united in Brexit negotiations."

But he also said he would rather see a so-called Hard Brexit – including UK leaving the European Single Market - rather than conceding advantages to the exiting state.

On the campaig trail he said: “If your Government decides to organise a Brexit, I will be pretty tough on it,” he told Channel 4 in February.

“We have to preserve the rest of the European Union and not to convey the message that you can decide to leave without any consequences.”

Jun 11 17:40

REVEALED: Boris Johnson removed safety railings on London Bridge because they were 'UGLY'

Londoners returning to work on Monday were met with the massive barriers on the capital’s main bridges, which were erected as a security initiative to prevent another attack.

It is thought the guard rails would have slowed down last week’s attack, which killed eight people and left dozens in hospital.

But today a report has revealed the former London Mayor removed previous blockades in 2010 as part of his programme to make the capital “more attractive” - despite leaving pedestrians vulnerable to terrorist attacks.

Jun 11 10:55

Remoaners hatch cross-party plot to HALT people’s Brexit and remain in single market

THE Liberal Democrats are to join forces with Tory “Remain” MPs, Labour and the Scottish National Party in a bid to ambush beleaguered Theresa May over Brexit.

Jun 11 07:10

Theresa May’s plan to govern with DUP support thrown into confusion

Theresa May’s plan for a loose alliance with the Democratic Unionists to prop up her government was thrown into confusion last night after the Northern Ireland party contradicted a No 10 announcement that a deal had been reached.

A Downing Street statement on Saturday said a “confidence and supply” agreement had been reached with the DUP and would be put to the cabinet on Monday. But the DUP last night put the brakes on that announcement, saying talks were continuing, not finalised. The DUP leader, Arlene Foster, said “discussions will continue next week to work on the details and to reach agreement on arrangements for the new parliament”.

Jun 10 20:13

Theresa May's Plan To Regulate The Internet Won't Stop Terrorism; It Might Make Things Worse

While May's desire for a strong response is easy to understand, her call for more expansive internet regulation and censorship is wrongheaded and will make it harder to win the war against violent extremism.

May didn't specify the details of her proposal, but to many observers it was clear that she's asking for sweeping new powers to compel tech companies to help spy on citizens and censor online content. Unfortunately, this isn't simply a knee-jerk response to horrible circumstances, but reflects a longstanding ambition of May's Conservative Party to impose draconian controls on cyberspace.

Jun 10 17:37


Theresa May looks set to launch wide-ranging internet regulation and plans to fundamentally change how technology works despite not having won a majority.

In the speech in which she committed to keep governing despite calls to stand down, the prime minister made reference to extending powers for the security services. Those powers – which include regulation of the internet and forcing internet companies to let spies read everyone's private communications – were a key part of the Conservative campaign, which failed to score a majority in the House of Commons.

Jun 10 13:34

UK and terrorism: Jeremy Corbyn tries the truth

Lawrence Davidson examines the relationship between Britain’s misguided neoconservative foreign policy, the recent terrorist attacks in the country and the outcome of the parliamentary election, which resulted in the ruling Conservatives losing many of their parliamentary seats.>>

Jun 10 13:32

UK Prime Minister Theresa May's "disgusting, desperate attempt to stay in power"

Stuart Littlewood views Theresa May’s vanity, appalling leadership and poor judgement which led her to call a snap election, lose her party’s parliamentary majority and end up in alliance with “an unsavoury group of Protestant fundamentalist hardliners”.>>

Jun 10 11:00

RUN, HIDE AND DENY IN LONDON Islamic terrorism has no religion even when it’s shouting, “This is for Islam.”

As Muslim terrorists rampaged around London, Met police debuted the new “Run, Hide and Tell” program. But instead some Londoners chose to stand and fight. They fought with pint glasses and barstools as the Muslim killers shouting, “This is for Allah” stabbed women in trendy eateries.

Some drivers tried to ram the killers. An unarmed police officer attacked the terrorists with a baton. An off-duty police officer tackled one of the Muslim terrorists. Both men were severely wounded.

Other unarmed police officers ran away.

Met counter-terrorism chief Mark Rowley sympathetically noted that, "If someone acts on instinct and perhaps decides to fight because they have no choice, we would never criticise them for that.”

It was kind of him not to criticize those Londoners who reacted with their base instincts and tried to fight the Muslim killers instead of running, hiding and telling, then reemerging for a vigil or a concert.

Jun 10 10:43

Britain is sleepwalking into joining EU army, warns top UK military commander

BRITAIN is sleepwalking into becoming part of an EU army and must take immediate measures to “extricate” itself from the bloc’s defence plans, one of the country’s most respected military commanders said today.

Major-General Julian Thompson told that ministers are quietly signing up to “vast military plans” devised by Brussels whilst the public gaze is largely on Brexit.

In a blistering intervention he said proposals put forward by eurocrats will “touch every part of the UK's defence policy” and warned the UK could become militarily tied to Brussels for year’s to come.

Jun 10 09:16

APPALLING BBC bias: Reporter GLOATS UK election result could WRECK Brexit

A SENIOR BBC reporter has been criticised for praising the EU in the wake of the Conservatives' general election nightmare.

Jun 10 09:10

Layla Moran becomes Britain's first MP of Palestinian descent

The Liberal Democrat is one of 51 ethnic minority politicians elected to the "most diverse" UK parliament ever

Jun 10 08:03

Election 2017: May 'alone and friendless' as key advisers resign over election result – latest

Jun 09 18:38

Corporate media visibly upset by Jeremy Corbyn's surprise gains

Labour’s surge caused Conservatives to lose 12 seats and their absolute majority in Parliament, forcing them into a coalition government with the far-right Democratic Unionist Party.

Jun 09 15:20

NPR prefers to report about Buckethead than Jeremy Corbyn's surprise gains

There were 771 words in‘s lead day-after story (6/9/17) on the results of the British elections. None of them were “Jeremy” or “Corbyn.”

Jun 09 15:15

Jeremy Corbyn’s Near-Triumph Signals a Turning Point in British Politics

Theresa May is still prime minister (though she may not be for long). The Tories plan to form a minority government with the support of the ultraconservative Democratic Unionist Party—not a pretty prospect. The Germans are saying the Brexit negotiations must go ahead on schedule, though it’s not clear who’ll conduct them.

Jun 09 14:54

Jeremy Corbyn's Bold Vision Puts UK On Verge Of 'Amazing Political Upset'

As it looked as though U.K. election might be heading towards shocking results and a hung Parliament, Labour leady Jeremy Corbyn called on Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May to resign while declaring his party’s campaign “has changed the face of British politics.“

Jun 09 13:47

Brexit negotiations hang in the balance

The 10 elected members of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) from Northern Ireland may have a disproportionate word in Brexit negotiations after the ruling Conservative Party lost its majority in Parliament Thursday.

May’s Conservative Party came just a few votes shy of an outright majority in the Parliament requiring them to work with a small party to secure a majority voting bloc. May indicated Friday she would attempt to form a minority government with the support of the DUP.

Jun 09 13:35

Coming soon: Martial Law UK

After the Manchester suicide bombing only two weeks ago I warned my readers that the repetition of terror attacks is breeding complacency within the public, in Europe most acutely. It is not uncommon now for attacks killing dozens to be forgotten within a week of the event. The news feeds are awash in distraction, and of course, sometimes these events themselves act as distractions.

Jun 09 12:15

Corbyn most popular Labour leader in 40 years

Watching the BBC’s coverage of the election, you could be excused for taking away two main impressions of last night’s results. First, that Theresa May had a terrible, self-sabotaging campaign; and second that, while Jeremy Corbyn may be celebrating, he decisively lost the election.

Jun 09 12:04

Election Scalps: Which Political Big Hitters Are Facing The Chop?

As the election results come in, it appears even the biggest political names aren’t safe from punishment at the ballot box.

Jun 09 11:54

After British terrorist attacks, Tory government invites terrorist group DUP to form government

The Democratic Unionist Party now look like the Tories preferred coalition partners. The DUP, which is the biggest Unionist (ie pro-UK) party in Northern Ireland, are often treated as though they are just the same as the other Unionist party they have essentially replaced – the Ulster Unionists. But while the UUP have a long running relationship with the Tories, and are a centre right party, the DUP are another thing entirely. The idea that they are near power in Westminster should worry us all. Here are some things you need to know.

Jun 09 11:49


Evidence suggests that one of the London attackers, Rachid Redouane, was part of the broad UK-backed covert strategy to oust Syria’s Assad, following his similar role in Libya in 2011.

It is distinctly possible that Redouane was trained by Qatar special forces in Libya in 2011, as part of a broad UK-approved covert operation. Indeed, it is possible that this training was presided over by UK and US ‘liaison’ officers.

The analysis below is based on mainstream media sources, all in the public domain.

Evidence suggests that one London attacker, Rachid Redouane, was part of the broad UK-backed covert strategy to oust Syria’s Assad, following his similar role in Libya in 2011.

The Telegraph reports that London attacker Rachid Redouane fought in the 2011 British/NATO war against Qaddafi – as did Salman Abedi, the Manchester bomber – and joined a militia which went on to send jihadist fighters to Syria. In Libya, he is believed to have fought with the Liwa al Ummah unit.[1]

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Absoflippinglutely unbelievable!!

And the British government didn't expect there to be blowback, when all was said and done?!?

Apparently, the pathological inability to think a scenario all the way through to its logical conclusion, is not only a disease of American government, but also also infects the British government intensely as well.

Jun 09 10:26

Death Of UKIP? Paul Nuttall’s Party Faces Election Wipeout

The UK Independence Party (UKIP) faces a devastating night in the general election and looks unlikely to win any seats, according to exit polls and results in so far.

UKIP fielded 377 candidates for the snap election, but if exit polls are correct they will fail to gain a single seat in the House of Commons. UKIP’s only MP, Douglas Carswell, defected back to the Conservatives in March.

Jun 09 09:02

Pound Nosedives as UK Exit Polls Show Tories Falling Short of Overall Majority

The British pound plummeted to a mere $1.27 after shocking exit polls projected that the UK may end election night with a hung Parliament.

Jun 09 08:55

The British Government’s War on Human Rights

Theresa May cannot be trusted with our national security. Her ineptitude was evident in her speech following the London Bridge attack, which came across as a campaign speech. Rather than soothing the nation and appealing for calm and caution, May chose to ramp up fear and regurgitate policies from her days as home secretary.

Jun 09 08:50

Mars recalling Galaxy products over 'potential presence of Salmonella'

Mars Chocolate UK and Mars Ireland are recalling some Galaxy and Teaser bars along with Minstrels packets over a salmonella risk, Sky News reported today.

There are concerns that some of the ingredients in the chocolate bars may carry the potentially deadly bacteria.

The company has urged anyone in possession of the products not to eat them.

Instead, customers should keep the product and contact the Consumer Care team to arrange returns and refunds.

Jun 09 08:42

THE FAKELECTION: nobody won, but Brexit lost bigtime.

Irony was ladled upon mendacity last night, as the Brexit Coronation of Theresa May turned into a chaos of coalition. It could, in turn, lead to the State funeral of Brexit. As a democrat, I’m delighted. As a Leaver, I’m bitterly disappointed.

Jun 09 08:40

What is the Future for Brexit Now That the Election is Done?

Prime Minster Theresa May took a gamble and she lost. The majority that her party held has been lost and it is now almost certain that she will only be able to form a government with the backing of the DUP.

Jun 09 08:39

END OF HARD BREXIT: The letter written by DUP calling for May to maintain free movement

THERESA May’s much-needed alliance with Ireland’s Democratic Union Party (DUP) could put hard Brexit at risk as a shock letter reveals a major clash is in the pipeline.

While Brexiteers breathed a sigh of relief when Theresa May confirmed she would seek to partner up with the DUP, has unearthed a shocking letter which shows the party's real motives and view on Brexit.

The letter written in August, penned by then First Minister of Northern Ireland Arlene Foster and her then deputy Martin McGuinness, makes numerous demands to maintain ties with the European Union (EU). They included freedom of movement rights and trade links.

Jun 09 08:31

Revenge of the young? 18-34yr olds key to Labour success

The youth vote was critical to Jeremy Corbyn’s success in the June 8 general election, with a reported 62 percent of 16-34 year olds backing Labour, a new poll suggests.

The Sky Data poll shows as many as 62 percent of the youngest age bracket voted Labour, in an election which saw an estimated 70 percent turnout.

Jun 09 08:20

Nostalgia and British Politics

Three days before the British election, The Independent’s headline title read: “Majority of British voters agree with Corbyn's claim UK foreign policy increases the risk of terrorism”

So, seventy-five per cent of Brits realise that it is those immoral interventionist wars in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Libya that have contributed to the terror that now haunts their country.

But ‘interventionist wars’ is just a politically correct term for Israeli-driven global conflicts promoted by the worldwide Zionist lobby: AIPAC in the USA, CRIF in France and the LFI/CFI in Britain. So the next question is unavoidable. How many of these Brits, who obviously know the truth about Britain’s ‘interventionist wars’, also grasp who it is who triggers these genocidal conflicts?

Today’s British election results provides us with a clear answer.

Jun 09 08:20

Hung parliament: Key Labour critics of Jeremy Corbyn issue public climbdowns in wake of shock election result

Moderate MPs who had previously been critical of their leader today praised the campaign he had run and said he should be applauded for the election result.

Jun 09 08:13

Web giant won't remove vile rants: One million see videos which inspired killer but Google says it doesn't break their rules

Google has refused to remove vile YouTube rants by the hate preachers who inspired the London Bridge killers.

The Mail yesterday found a series of tirades by Ahmad Musa Jibril and Abu Haleema that were easily accessible on the video sharing site.

They used the Google-owned video platform to spread the warped messages which helped turn 27-year-old Khuram Butt into a fanatic bent on mass slaughter.

Jun 09 08:11

‘Deluded!’ Jeremy Corbyn mocked for claiming election victory – ‘He thinks he’s WON’

The Labour leader shocked many by starting an interview with Sky News by saying: “We have been elected to…”

He continued by outlining his plans for a Labour government and admitted he was ready to form a coalition with fellow Westminster parties.

He then reiterated “it’s pretty clear” Labour won the election.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I would not be too harsh. Given that May called the election to extend the Tories' control of Parliament and failed, it is in a real sense a win for Labour.

Jun 09 07:57

Nigel Farage: 'Theresa May Came Across As Insincere And Robotic'

The masses are no longer interested in voting for "insincere," "robotic," "establishment" candidates, so concluded Brexit champion Nigel Farage after Theresa May's disastrous performance in Thursday's election.

Jun 09 07:52

Brexit in peril: What would Theresa May’s political demise mean for Brussels talks?

With Theresa May’s position looking increasingly precarious, what are the implications of the exit polls for the Prime Minister’s negotiating position when Brexit talks begin in less than a fortnight?

Theresa May said she called the snap election in April to shore up her negotiating hand ahead of the UK’s divorce from the EU. However, the exit polls released on Thursday night indicate her political stock has plunged.

Jun 09 07:51

After U.K. election shocker, Brexit itself looks ‘surely in trouble now’

“Theresa Dismay” and “Mayday Mayday!” are the headlines, after the Conservatives’ grip on government slipped. Still-prime-minister-for-now Theresa May’s gamble has failed, producing a hung parliament.

Jun 09 07:41

'Sorted' by MI5: How UK government sent British-Libyans to fight Gaddafi

Fighters say government operated 'open door' policy allowing them to join rebels, as authorities investigate background of Manchester bomber

Jun 09 07:40

Gaddafi, the Manchester attack and the lesson British leaders must still learn

The struggle against terrorism cannot be helped by Western governments playing fast and loose with dictators and authoritarian regimes in the way Britain has done with Libya

Jun 09 07:39

Theresa May’s UK Election Gamble Backfires as Tories Lose Majority

Spectacularly punished by voters who took away her majority in Parliament, a politically wounded Theresa May sought to soldier on Friday as Britain’s prime minister, resisting pressure to resign after the failure of her high-stakes election gamble made the massive challenge of untangling Britain from the European Union only more complex and uncertain.

Having called an early election in hopes of getting an increased majority that could have strengthened her hand in Britain’s exit talks with the EU, May instead saw her majority evaporate completely – leaving her fortunes hanging by a thread and dark clouds over the Brexit negotiations just 10 days before they are due to start.

Jun 09 07:29

London: Man Preyed On Lone Women Riding Buses, Sexually Assaulted 5 Of Them. His Sentence Is INSANE.

On Tuesday, Muhammad Mohsan, 18, was arrested and jailed in London after preying on lone women riding public buses and sexually assaulting them. Convicted on nine counts of sexual assault, which involved five different women ranging in age from 15 to 55, Mohsan was sentenced to serve only 16 months behind bars.

Jun 09 06:37

British PM May says will govern with 'friends' for successful Brexit deal

Prime Minister Theresa May said on Friday she would form a new government to provide certainty and lead Britain in talks with the European Union to secure a successful Brexit deal.
May said she could rely in parliament on the support of her "friends" in Northern Ireland`s Democratic Unionist Party after her governing Conservatives failed to win a majority.

Jun 08 19:47

EU Free Movement Gave London Bridge Jihadist Backdoor To Britain

Two of the three London Bridge terrorists are believed to have used European Union migration rights to enter Britain, despite one of them having previously had an asylum application rejected.

East London-based Rachid Redouane (above left), 30, who claimed to be Moroccan and Libyan, was refused asylum in Britain at an unspecified date, according to RTÉ News, but was able to settle in the country after marrying in Ireland and winning a ‘4 EU FAM’ residence card.

Jun 08 15:09

Diane Abbott Replaced As Shadow Home Secretary Due To ‘Ill Health’

Labour MP Diane Abbott is being replaced as shadow home secretary during a “period of her ill health,” the party has said.

Abbott, who has been repeatedly criticized for a string of car crash media interviews and gaffes in recent weeks, will be replaced by Lyn Brown, who currently serves as the shadow policing minister.

Jun 08 15:03

Theresa May’s Pledge To ‘Rip Up Human Rights Laws’ Won’t Stop Terrorism – Critics

Prime Minister Theresa May is facing a fierce backlash over her election pledge to scrap human rights laws in order to fight terrorism.

Jun 08 13:51

‘What Did The Prime Minister Know?’ – John Pilger On Terror In Britain

‘Going Underground’ speaks to legendary filmmaker and journalist, John Pilger about MI6’s connection to the Libya-Manchester atrocity.

Jun 08 13:06

Mother Of London Attacker ‘Believed He Was Under Police Control & Not Dangerous’

The mother of Yousef Zaghba, one of the three men responsible for the deadly vehicle and stabbing attack on London Bridge, says she never believed her son’s terrorist intentions, especially after years of close police surveillance.

Jun 08 13:04

London Bridge Terrorist Was In Channel 4 Documentary About British Jihadis

One of the London Bridge terrorists reportedly appeared in a TV documentary about jihadis in Britain, even being filmed arguing with police officers after unfurling an Isis flag in a park.

Jun 08 11:24


In areas where socialist policies, such as high taxes and major wealth redistribution take place, poverty is taking a hold. As the United States inches closer to socialism in terms of policy, poverty is becoming more prevalent. The only thing that communism and socialism apply equally to everyone is poverty, and according to doctors in the UK, it’s becoming the rule, not the exception.

Let’s take a look at the socialist UK overseas. Nearly one in three children in the UK (a total of four million) live in poverty. It’s a statistic that perhaps many people find shocking, but they shouldn’t. They just don’t understand that the complete control of the UK economy by the government is hampering the ability of civilians to earn money. It’s easy for the government to earn money – they simply steal it. Of course, civilians cannot just take things from others.But it’s becoming a concern for doctors, and driving up the cost of healthcare causing, even more, government interference.

Jun 08 10:48


Forget the media-hyped back and forth between President Donald Trump and London Mayor Sadiq Khan that has Trump rightfully condemning Khan for Khan’s “no big deal” approach to dealing with the repeated terrorist attacks in London. What continues to go largely unreported are Khan’s long-standing ties to Islamic extremists, including his defense of a 9/11 terrorist.

What is going on here? How is it a supporter of radical Islam becomes mayor of London and is being fast-tracked to be a future Prime Minister of Great Britain? And why is the Mainstream Media so clearly determined to cover up Khan’s shocking extremist past?

All of the above are true – including Khan’s defense of 9/11 terrorist Zacarias Moussaoui.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Important questions, indeed.

If Khan is impotent, and/or unwilling, to defend the people of London, he should step down immediately, and a snap election needs to be held to elect someone who can, and will, protect all of London's citizens.

Three of my four family surnames are British; Darling, Yarbrough, and Rawson. So for me, any acts of violence perpetrated against my distant cousins in the UK, is a very personal issue.

Jun 08 09:58

‘Who Should I Vote For?’ Google Reveals Top Searches Ahead Of

Hours before UK voters head to the polls, Google Trends is providing an interesting insight into not only the partisan divide online, but also the political indecision.

Jun 08 09:52

Operation Temperer - U.K. Will Likely Institute Martial Law Measures Within A Year

After the Manchester suicide bombing only two weeks ago I warned my readers that the repetition of terror attacks is breeding complacency within the public, in Europe most acutely. It is not uncommon now for attacks killing dozens to be forgotten within a week of the event. The news feeds are awash in distraction, and of course, sometimes these events themselves act as distractions.
In a recent newscast of MSNBC's “Morning Joe”, BBC anchor Katty Kay stated:

“Europe is getting used to attacks like this, Mika. They have to, because we are never going to be able to totally wipe this out...”

NOTE - After finishing this article on Sunday, I find this quote from Theresa May on Tuesday:

“We should do even more to restrict the freedom and the movements of terrorist suspects when we have enough evidence to know they present a threat, but not enough evidence to prosecute them in full in court."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This... from the country which gave the world the Magna Carta?!?

My heart weeps, at this "slowly boiling the frog" approach by the British government, rather than fix the problems caused by British economic/geopolitical policies.

The pattern is painfully clear. Accuse a foreign government of doing something it is not doing; invade and regime change, if the current government is not to your liking; expropriate that country's resources, to which you have no moral right; insuring that those resources are only sold in specific currencies to specific countries; and yet fully expect that this disempowerment, and brokenness, on every level, will have no effect on the people from that country, many of whom have had to flee the violence.

Such actions, by Western governments, make people who have endured the consequences of these actions, a rich field for radicalisation, which wind up as "blow back" against the West, as we have seen in Paris, London, and Manchester.

As a Christian Pacifist Activist, I can never, ever condone violence of any sort; that being said, I can understand why there are times when it happens.

This is the reality no Western country dares address, or attempt to remedy.

There was a brilliant article yesterday in the English version of, an Iranian blog, to which I link frequently. I strongly encourage our readers to read the following, because it just nails the reality, with regard to the British government's reaction to the horror of Saturday, about what is really going on:

May Imposes Censorship on Internet After London Attack – Instead of Repairing the Devil

And to whoever wrote that op/ed piece; bravo, and well done!!

Jun 08 09:16

Another Reason For Brexodus? English Syphilis Cases Soar To Highest In 80 Years

It's not just bankers that are leaving the UK, broad-based Brexodus continues as EU citizens flee the apparently sinking-ship and now, courtesy of the latest report from Public Health England, they have another good reason to leave 'Ol Blighty - cases of syphilis have reached their highest level since 1949, new figures have shown.

After the Brexit referendum, more EU citizens are leaving Britain, while less Europeans are coming in. As the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics show, 2016 brought 84,000 less migrants, compared to the previous year. Statista's Fabian Moebus points out that the net migration of 248,000 people is the lowest number of yearly newcomers in over three years. Immigration from EU countries decreased by 43,000 people while emigration increased by 31,000, which makes Europeans the main factor behind the trend with a net change of minus 74,000.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Yikes! This is officially horrible!!

Jun 08 07:47

How Britain aided Israel’s 1967 war

The Centurion was the main British battle tank for around two decades following the Second World War and Israel had already placed orders for it before Eshkol’s trip.

By July 1965, Britain supplied Israel with more than 180 such tanks. Another 150 were transported between that month and May 1967.

They were not the only weapons that Britain gave Israel. Just one week before Eshkol’s government made a surprise attack against Egypt on 5 June 1967, a ship brimming with machine guns, tank shells and armored vehicles sailed to present-day Israel from the English port of Felixstowe. It was among a series of secret weapons deliveries.

Jun 08 07:10

UK General Election 2017: Polls predict Tory win as May and Corbyn vote 

The Conservatives had as much as a 24 point lead when the snap election was called by the Prime Minister.

But Ipsos MORI’s final 2017 election survey for the Evening Standard, which was undertaken on Tuesday and Wednesday this week, puts the Conservatives on 44 per cent and Labour on 36.

Jun 07 15:36

London attacks: Tickets issued to cars left near Borough Market

Traffic wardens slapped tickets on cars which were left abandoned inside a police cordon during the London terror attack.

Penalty charge notices were issued to a number of vehicles left near Borough Market, where several people were stabbed on Saturday.

Enforcement officers were seen putting penalty charge notices on windscreens after some streets reopened earlier.

Transport for London (TfL) said the fines "should never have been issued".

Jun 07 15:35

Public ‘right to be worried at how London Bridge attacker was let into UK’

A cabinet minister today admitted people would be “rightly concerned” about how one of the London Bridge attackers was allowed into Britain despite allegedly telling Italian authorities that he “wanted to be a terrorist”.

Jun 07 15:07

Terrorist Worked At Westminster Station And Had Access To Tunnels Under Parliament

Police and MI5 insisted one of the London Bridge killers was not dangerous despite an aborted attempt to travel to Syria, clear links to a 7/7 bomber and his starring role in a Channel 4 documentary on British jihadis watched by millions, it was revealed today.