May 02 10:21

Whatever happened to the Skripals? UK media and authorities fall silent on Salisbury poisoning

Sergei Skripal, the poisoned ex-Russian spy, and his daughter Yulia dominated headlines a few weeks ago. Now they’ve vanished from the public eye, leaving many to wonder what exactly happened.

Yulia apparently recovered enough to leave the hospital and is now thought to be in a safe house, and there have been no updates on Sergei’s condition since his daughter walked out of Salisbury District Hospital in early April. Since then, Syrian bomb attacks have dominated British headlines, followed by the Windrush scandal that ended with the shock resignation of Home Secretary Amber Rudd. Some argue the British media just had its attention diverted, but others suggest something else is at play.

May 02 10:21

UK should stick to nuclear deal despite Israeli claims of Iran ‘lying’ - Boris Johnson

UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson says Britain will remain in the “vitally important” Iran deal, despite Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu claiming Tehran has been covertly developing a nuclear weapons program.

Johnson said that the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) agreement, signed between world powers in 2015, is necessary more than ever to keep an eye on Iran’s nuclear program. It comes after Benjamin Netanyahu claimed that Israel obtained 55,000 files showing Iran was “brazenly lying” when it claimed it was not pursuing nuclear weapons activity.

May 02 10:20

Scaremongering, Labour bashing Tory MP appears to still think Russia is communist

Conservative MP and novelist Nadine Dorries who is heavily involved in criticising the Labour party over alleged links to alleged Russian bots, appears to still believe that Russia is a communist country.

For anyone who has ever wondered whether some of the Tory criticism aimed at Russia or even the Labour party is based more on political opportunism and wishful thinking rather than wisdom and careful thought, Nadine Dorries MP has provided all the evidence you need on Twitter.

May 02 09:01

Journalists are pressuring witnesses to the Douma chemical attack

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Sunday that the Syrian witnesses to the alleged chemical attack in Douma who gave their accounts at The Hague days ago were put under pressure from journalists.

This comes as a BBC reporter ridiculously claimed that a 12-year-old Syrian witness sustained “psychological trauma”.


May 01 11:06

A British Accent Can’t Mask How Stupid This Politician Is…

Man, this is painful. Piers Morgan almost blows a lid in response.


May 01 10:21

Brexit warning: UK risks 'CATASTROPHIC ERROR' if May rushes into trade deal with Trump

THERESA May will commit a “catastrophic error” if she rushes the UK into a trade deal with the United States before cementing a comprehensive trade strategy for Brexit Britain, a parliamentary committee has warned.

May 01 09:33

Ron Paul: Baby Alfie, the Latest Victim of Omnipotent Government

Twenty-three-month-old Alfie Evans, passed away in a British hospital on Saturday. While the official cause of death was a degenerative brain disease, Alfie may have been murdered by the British health system and the British high court. Doctors at the hospital treating Alfie decided to remove his life support, against the wishes of Alfie’s parents. The high court not only upheld the doctors’ authority to override the parents’ wishes, it refused to allow the parents to take Alfie abroad for treatment.

In upholding the government’s authority to substitute its judgment for that of Alfie’s parents, the high court is following in the footsteps of authoritarians throughout history.

May 01 08:01

Sainsbury's boss sorry for singing We're in the Money

The boss of Sainsbury's, Mike Coupe, has apologised after being caught on camera singing "We're in the money".

He was filmed singing the words to the show tune as he was waiting to be interviewed for ITV News.

It was one of a round of dozens of interviews to explain details of the planned tie up with Asda, the company's biggest deal to date.

Apr 30 10:45

David Davis tried to have Olly Robbins SACKED, according to reports

BREXIT Secretary David Davis has tried to have controversial top civil servant Olly Robbins sacked in a row over EU negotiating policy, according to reports.

Apr 30 10:39

Amber Rudd Resigns as UK Home Secretary Amid Migrant/Windrush Scandal

UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd has resigned, according to a statement from 10 Downing Street.

Rudd's resignation has been accepted by UK Prime Minister Theresa May, according to the Sky News TV channel. May responded she was "very sorry" to see Rudd leaving, according to the TV channel.

The Home Secretary was under heavy criticism after a leaked internal Home Office memo revealed that the United Kingdom did, in fact, use targets on migrant deportation, despite Rudd telling the Parliament that such targets do not exist.

On Sunday, the Guardian published a letter to Prime Minister Theresa May, in which Rudd set out her "ambitious but deliverable" aim to deport 10 percent more undocumented immigrants over the "next few years."

Apr 29 19:52

High Court gives six months to make the Snooper's Charter lawful

The UK government's surveillance regime has been dealt another blow as the High Court in England today ruled the Snooper's Charter unlawful – and gave the government six months to fix it.

Handing down the judgment, Lord Justice Rabinder Singh said that Part 4 of the Investigatory Powers Act (IPA), which relates to retention of communications data, was incompatible with EU law, and gave the government until 1 November 2018 to remedy it.

Apr 29 16:04

Sunday Times ‘explosive’ report on Russian bot support for Corbyn is really a complete dud

The Sunday Times exclusive, but apparently not in-depth, joint investigation with Swansea University claims that 6,500 ‘Russian’ Twitter accounts sent messages of support for the British Labour Party in the seven weeks before last year's snap general election, sharing "mass-produced" and "orchestrated" political messages.

Given that politicians and multi-billion dollar corporations spend exorbitant amounts of money trying to influence public opinion, it’s extremely hard to imagine how recently-created, thinly-veiled bot accounts could possibly garner enough of a following to somehow influence millions of voters across the UK within mere weeks. That logic didn’t stop the Times, though.

Apr 29 12:35

Gina Miller brands the will of the people UTTER NONSENSE as she DEMANDS second Brexit vote

REMAINER Gina Miller has branded the "will of the people" is “utter nonsense” as she called for Britain to have another referendum on Brexit and urged students to "get radical".

Apr 29 08:57

NATO inconsistencies on chemical weapons & US bombs killing civilians in Yemen (E602)

In this episode, award-winning author and foreign correspondent Charles Glass tells us whether it was right for Theresa May – with NATO's blessing – to fire missiles at Damascus in the past 14 days. We speak to a journalist on the ground in Yemen, who claims he has proof that American-made bombs were used in a double-tap strike on a wedding that killed or injured nearly 100 men, women and children.

Apr 29 08:56

Stench of hypocrisy: British 'war on terror' & strategic ties with radical Islam

Britain's strategic relationship with radical Islam goes back decades and continues to this day.

There is no more foul a stench than the stench of hypocrisy, and there is no more foul a hypocrisy than the British government painting Bashar al-Assad as a monster when in truth he and the Syrian people have been grappling with a twin-headed monster in the shape of Salafi-jihadi terror and Western imperialism. Both are committed to destroying Syria as an independent, non-sectarian state, and both are inextricably linked.

Author and journalist Mark Curtis charts in detail the contours of this history in his book 'Secret Affairs: Britain's Collusion with Radical Islam':

Apr 29 08:42

The Silence Of The Skripals - Government Blocks Press Reports - Media Change The Record

Now the former British ambassador Craig Murray quotes Clive Ponting, another former senior civil servant, who suspects that the British government issued a D-Notice. Such a notice forbids British media to report on an issue. Murray also points to a tweet by Channel 4 correspondent Alex Thomson from March 12 in which Thomsen mentions a D-Notice specifically related to Mr. Skripal's MI6 handler:

Apr 29 05:02

Fisk: What Mysteries Lie in the Ruins of the Scientific Studies and Research Centre in Damascus?

The problem is that while we believe all Arab dictators regularly lie, we Western folk are supposed to hold our own leaders to account – and ensure that they tell the truth when they claim to act on our behalf That’s why the Douma attack must be fully explained, and that’s why I wanted to know if this wreckage in Barzeh (the direct response to Douma, although of course no one was killed in Barzeh) was what we said it was, or whether it was what the Syrians claimed it to be – a medical research facility.>>>

Apr 28 10:04

House of Commons Blasts 'Appalling' State of British Railways

Criticism of the country’s privatized rail transportation systems has become an increasing feature of the Labour Party’s campaigns which now include promises to re-nationalize the industry.

The British Parliament's Committee of Public Accounts today issued a scathing report on the performance of some of the country's most regularly used rail services, the Thameslink, Southern and Great Northern lines.

Those authoring the report referred in particular to the level of delays and cancellations of services among the privately-run franchises, which were largely set up in 2014, as "appalling" and claimed that two thirds of train services regularly failed to arrive at their destinations on time.

The report also severely criticized the performance of the Department of Transport which, it said had been unable to, "effectively balance the trade-offs between short-term returns to tax-payers and sustainable improvement of passenger services."

Apr 28 10:01

Gleeful Boris ecstatic over impending Trump visit as POTUS set to visit Queen

More details of US President Donald Trump’s long-awaited trip to the UK have been revealed and some – namely Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson – couldn’t contain their excitement.

The foreign secretary took to Twitter with an erratically capitalized tweet to share his glee over POTUS’ impending visit. Many were quick to either slam or praise Johnson, as news of the American president’s travel plans continues to divide the public.

Apr 28 06:00

No Attack , No Victims , No Chemical Weapons , No Nothing

No Attack, No Victims, No Chem Weapons: Douma Witnesses Speak at OPCW Briefing at The Hague

Witnesses of the alleged chemical attack in Douma, including 11-year-old Hassan Diab and hospital staff, told reporters at The Hague that the White Helmets video used as a pretext for a US-led strike on Syria was, in fact, staged.

“We were at the basement and we heard people shouting that we needed to go to a hospital. We went through a tunnel. At the hospital they started pouring cold water on me,” the boy told the press conference, gathered by Russia’s mission at the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) in The Hague.

Hassan was among the “victims” seen being washed by water hoses in a video released by the controversial White Helmets>>>

Apr 27 21:34

The fiasco of the bombing raid on Syria

The Inhibitor!
However, the Russian army observed the shots and transmitted the coordinates of the Allied missiles to the Syrian Arab Army in real time, in order to allow the Syrians to destroy them. Besides this, when the Syrians became swamped by the number of allied missiles, the Russian army deployed its system for inhibiting the commands and controls of NATO, which paralysed most of their launchers.

The most that we know for certain is that a French plane was unable to fire one of its missiles, and was obliged to jettison it out to sea without triggering it [9], and that two French multi-mission frigates suffered a computer failure and were unable to fire their naval Cruise missiles [10] — these are symptoms that are well known by anyone who has had to face up to the Russian inhibitor weapon.

Apr 27 12:52

Popular Mechanics Weighs In: What Happens to a Cruise Missile Captured by the Russians

A fate worse than death awaits military hardware recovered intact on the battlefield.

The debris shown is far from conclusive evidence, so we can't take Rudskoy's claim at face value. But for the sake of argument, let’s assume the Russians did capture significant parts of a long-range cruise missile including Tomahawks. What could its engineers do with the remains?

Reverse Engineering
Any missile fired at an enemy is, by definition, considered expendable and designed to not reveal too many secrets if it malfunctions and lands intact. But there are some pieces of hardware within a modern missile that a clever enemy could exploit.

Apr 27 09:50

BREXIT THREAT: Barnier rules out bespoke deal and says EU doesn’t need London to prosper

MICHEL BARNIER has laid down his latest warning by insisting the European Union doesn’t need the United Kingdom as he travels across the remaining 27 members to discuss Brexit.

Apr 27 09:36

Trump faces London ban: US President is 'set to meet the Queen' at Balmoral or Windsor on his flying 24-hour visit to Britain on July 13... but will avoid the capital over fears of violent protests

Donald Trump could meet Theresa May and the Queen outside London to stop mass protests overshadowing his first visit as President.

Officials are looking at whether to stage some or all of the July 13 trip away from the capital amid fears of violent demonstrations.

Mr Trump will hold talks with Mrs May, in a boost for the special relationship, officials confirmed yesterday.

But his opponents immediately announced plans to take to the streets in protest, with tens of thousands pledging to attend events.

As a result the US President could be kept out of London. Instead, he may meet the Queen or other royals in either Scotland or Windsor – although it will not be a state visit.

Apr 27 09:23

TSB chief says the bank's IT chaos is bringing company to its knees as branch computers are now failing

The boss of TSB last night admitted the bank was on its knees after its disastrous IT upgrade as staff claimed branch computers were now seizing up.

Five days after 2million customers were left unable to bank online by the IT meltdown, workers claimed that internal software was failing too.

One employee said there was a growing backlog of uncleared cheques as customers resorted to other payment methods.

Yesterday 1million customers were still having problems with banking online as chief executive Paul Pester offered better savings rates in a bid to stop them leaving.

Apr 27 09:18

Britain's economy grows by its slowest rate since the 2012 Eurozone crisis as Chancellor Philip Hammond blames SNOW for the gloomy figures

UK gross domestic product was up by just 0.1 per cent in the first three months of the year, the Office for National Statistics said.

Apr 27 09:10

Homelessness crisis: Number staying in B&Bs 1,000% higher than stats released by govt, report says

Over 50,000 people are living in B&Bs with nowhere to go – dwarfing the government’s figure of about 5,000, a bleak report on homelessness has revealed. Charity Justlife is now warning thousands are “forgotten in statistics.”

Apr 27 08:31

Island Of Fire

As we’ve come to appreciate with each passing year, World War Two was the most evil manifestation in human history. No other conflict even comes close in matching that war for its vast and unspeakable crimes. Mass murder of surrendering soldiers, mass starvation of helpless civilians, mass rape of women and children, assembly-line style torture in the tens of thousands, uprooting and expulsion of millions to certain death, the deliberate destruction of ancient cultures--these atrocities and many more add annually to World War Two’s menu of beastly war crimes.

Apr 27 06:54

Tomahawk Missiles Failure Tactical Defeat for US

A Russian expert underlined that the US missiles which didn’t operate during the recent strikes against Syria has turned into a tactical defeat for Washington.
"As (only) between 10 to 15 missiles fired by the US hit the Syrian soil and left less than 20 percent of damage, the attack brought about a heavy tactical defeat for the US," the Arabic-language service of Russia Today quoted Deputy Head of Russia's Missile Sciences Academy Constantin Syokov as saying.
The expert reiterated that given the limited damage by the missiles which were not intercepted as the Russian defense minister put their number at 32, only some 10 to 15 percent of the missiles hit their targets.

Syokov pointed to the good performance of the Syrian army's air defense system which dates back to the former Soviet Union era>>>

Apr 27 06:37

What Does Trump Believe Is America's Mission in Syria?

At the same time, Trump declared "mission accomplished," but he never really defined what the mission was supposed to be beyond punishing Assad. The highly moralistic language that Trump employed was straight out of the toolkit of George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush on the eve of their respective Iraq wars. Such moralism was part of a longer history of American demonization of foreign adversaries that often undermined its own foreign policy aims ... The truth is that Russia's and Iran's promotion, to use Trump's term, of Assad has worked. Their influence in Syria is at its apogee, much to the distress of Israel. The western strikes have more to do with dramaturgy than military strategy. This probably should not come as much of a surprise.

Apr 27 05:32

P.C.Roberts: Where Is The Shame?

How can other governments accept the US, UK, and French governments that intentionally lied about a Russian chemical attack on the Skripals and about a Syrian chemical attack on Douma, risking a third world war, and then themselves attacking Syria on the basis of a transparent lie unsupported by any evidence? How exactly do you conduct diplomatic relations with war criminals?

You don’t. You put them on trial. Why aren’t Trump, May, and Macron on trial?

The reason is that the world has been conditioned, like Pavlov’s dogs, to expect and accept the West’s war crimes as ordinary common features of life.>>>

Apr 26 17:07

Crime Rate Skyrockets in Culturally Enriched Britain, London Murder Rate Jumps 44%

Crime rates are skyrocketing across the board in multicultural Britain.

Apr 26 13:42

Knife crimes soars by more than a fifth across England and Wales driven by weapons epidemic in London - where the murder rate increased by 44%

A knife crime epidemic in London and England's big cities has seen the number of offences involving blades soar by more than a fifth in the last year.

Police in England and Wales recorded 39,598 offences involving blades in the year ending December 2017, a 22% increase compared with the previous year.

London saw a 44% increase in the number of killings, with more than 150 victims, while the number knife offences in the capital rose by more than 20 per cent to 14,680, separate stats showed.

Apr 26 10:47

Britain threatens REVENGE on EU after Brussels set to BLOCK UK from major project

BRITAIN could launch its own satellite navigation system to rival the EU’s Galileo project after being snubbed by Brussels in a major Brexit security row.

The European Commission wants to block UK access to secure parts of the project once it leaves the block in a growing storm over Europe’s most sensitive information

Brexit Secretary David Davis is said to be “furious” over the commission’s stance after negotiators held frosty discussions with their EU counterparts in Brussels last week.

A senior UK government official said: “They’re playing hardball. We’re looking at a range of options, but unless they back down, we will withdraw from Galileo.

Apr 26 10:45

WHOSE SIDE ARE THEY ON? Fury as EU states BLOCK Britain from hitting Russia with sanctions

BRITAIN has been prevented from slapping Russia with a raft of tough sanctions by a small number of rebel European Union states.

The UK, along with the majority of other EU member states, are determined to send Russia a warning after the attempted poisoning of former spy Sergei Skirpal and the suspected chemical attack in Syria.

But a handful of rebel EU states is blocking the rest from issuing sanctions against the increasingly erratic Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

The shock block was revealed today by Chancellor Philip Hammond, who told MPs of his frustration at the “varying degrees of appetite” for tough action during a meeting of the Commons Treasury Select Committee today.

Apr 26 10:40

A Royal Wedding Amid Such Crippling Poverty and Despair is a Provocation

The days of a royal birth or wedding being able to forge a national consensus in Britain are over. Not now. Not when so many are suffering. Not when social and economic injustice has reached Dickensian levels. And certainly not when revulsion of the country’s power elite has become so entrenched.

On the contrary, such royal events only serve to emphasise the incompatibility of the monarchy with democracy and the nation's collective intelligence in the 21st century.

How could it be otherwise at a time of rising poverty, brute inequality, social injustice, and growing public anger over a political and media establishment whose detachment from the lived experience of millions is near complete?

Apr 26 10:10

How Britain engaged in a covert operation to overthrow Assad

Some commentators in the British mainstream media believe the UK has "done nothing" in the war in Syria and lament the failure to help stop it.

In fact, Britain has engaged in a covert operation with allies to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad for more than six years, and this policy has helped prolong and radicalise the terrible war. It is British action, not inaction, that is the biggest problem with government policy towards Syria. The full story of this covert operation may take years to emerge, but some elements of it can already be pieced together.

Apr 26 09:58

LONDON is a no go zone?

Apr 26 09:38

A £111 penalty if you refuse a smart meter: British Gas, EDF and First Utility reserve best deals for customers with the digital gadgets

Suppliers have been told by the Government to try to install smart meters in all the UK’s 50 million homes and businesses by the end of 2020. If they fail to do enough, they face fines of up to £7 billion.

However, customers can refuse to have the new technology, and suppliers are becoming desperate to persuade more people to sign up.

Last week, as part of Money Mail’s Stop The Smart Meter Bullying campaign, we handed the energy watchdog a dossier of damning complaints about the bullying tactics suppliers are using to get homeowners to install smart meters.

We revealed that firms were misleading customers into thinking the new meters are a legal requirement, and bombarding households with calls and texts even after they have said they don’t want one.

Now, it has emerged that providers are locking loyal customers out of their best deals.

Apr 26 09:34

World's biggest DDoS-for-hire souk shuttered, masterminds cuffed

Cops yesterday cuffed IT admins behind the "world’s biggest DDoS marketplace",, Europol confirmed today.

Europol said had 136,000 registered users and four million attacks measured by April 2018, targeting online services from banks, government institutions, police forces and the gaming world.

Apr 26 09:32

Where Is The Shame?

Now that the Trump, May, and Macron regimes have proven beyond all doubt that they are lawless war criminal regimes, what is next?

Will the Russian president and foreign minister continue to speak of “our Western partners” and seek common ground with proven lawless war criminals? What would that common ground be?

How can other governments accept the US, UK, and French governments that intentionally lied about a Russian chemical attack on the Skripals and about a Syrian chemical attack on Douma, risking a third world war, and then themselves attacking Syria on the basis of a transparent lie unsupported by any evidence? How exactly do you conduct diplomatic relations with war criminals?

Apr 26 09:29

Who will fix our Internal Banking Mess? TSB hires IBM amid online banking woes

In the midst of its six-day online banking meltdown, which is showing no sign of letting up, TSB has hauled in the systems integration big gun or as it is otherwise known, IBM.

Apr 26 02:40

Iran Arrests Members of London-Backed Spying Cell

Members of a team affiliated to Britain with links with the groups leading the 2009 unrests were arrested by the security forces, a source said on Thursday.

"Recently, members of a network affiliated to Britain have been arrested", who sought to launch espionage operations in Iran and had contacts with the leaders of 2009 unrests and other anti-Iran groups, the source told FNA.

Abbas Edalat was also among those arrested in Iran.

British sources said last night that Edalat is a British-Iranian citizen and a professor of computer sciences and mathematics at Imperial College in London.

Imperial College plays a special role in training spies in different disguises to launch espionage operations inside Iran.


Apr 25 10:47

UK Sells $445 Million of Arms to Israel, Including Sniper Rifles

Britain has approved the sale of arms to Israel worth $445m since the 2014 Gaza war, including components for drones, combat aircraft and helicopters along with spare parts for sniper rifles, according to figures seen by Middle East Eye.

The government data will raise fresh concerns that British-made weapons are being used by the Israeli military in the Occupied Territories, amid fears that components in sniper rifles used to kill scores of Palestinian civilians in recent weeks could have been made in the UK.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Gee, ya think that was going to happen?!?

Theresa May has the morals of a dead tree-stump; MI5 and MI 6 know precisely that UK's weaponry is being used to assassinate Palestinians; but as long as the money is getting raked in by the UK's military /Industrial Complex, the British government chooses to remain collectively deaf and blind to the carnage these weaons are causing.

Apr 25 10:31

Where Is the Shame? Why is the World Silent? Acceptance of the West’s War Crimes is the “New Normal”

Will the Russian president and foreign minister continue to speak of “our Western partners” and seek common ground with proven lawless war criminals? What would that common ground be?

How can other governments accept the US, UK, and French governments that intentionally lied about a Russian chemical attack on the Skripals and about a Syrian chemical attack on Douma, risking a third world war, and then themselves attacking Syria on the basis of a transparent lie unsupported by any evidence? How exactly do you conduct diplomatic relations with war criminals?

You don’t. You put them on trial. Why aren’t Trump, May, and Macron on trial?

The reason is that the world has been conditioned, like Pavlov’s dogs, to expect and accept the West’s war crimes as ordinary common features of life. The West’s crimes are protected by precedents established by decades of failing to hold the West accountable. The West has squatters rights in committing unaccountable war crimes.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It is only a matter of time before the US will find itself in a military confrontation with Russia; that is being engineered by those in the US Deep State as I type this.

Apr 25 09:38


As bank IT system revamps go, few have been as disastrous as UK bank TSB’s latest system upgrade, which began on Friday, was supposed to be up and running by Monday morning, but is still down on Tuesday evening. It’s now Day Five of the crisis and an estimated 1.9 million TSB customers still cannot use the bank’s online service. According to customer testimonials featured on The Guardian, some cannot even withdraw cash with their ATM card or their credit cards.

One TSB customer was reportedly given access to another customer’s £35,000 savings account, £11,000 Isa, and a business account when he logged onto his online banking account on Monday night — an allegation the bank denies. “There’s been no data breach whatsoever. I can categorically say that customers’ data is safe,” said the bank’s CEO, Paul Pester. Judging by the tone of some of their tweets and comments, the customers are not wholly convinced.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

THIS is only has as much money in the bank as is needed to pay your bills.

Apr 25 08:57

'New WAR of Independence' Nigel Farage BLASTS 'clever' Macron for uniting Trump AGAINST UK

WORRIED Nigel Farage fears the budding “bromance” between Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron has similarities to the “War of Independence” when the French sided with the US against the UK.

Apr 25 08:55

Trump and Macron are the new Bush and Blair – and we all know how that ended

Finally, as even the most fervent Remainer may agree, Brexit is responsible for something to be cherished.

The “special relationship” is dead (or at the very least, in cryogenic stasis). Good riddance to the era of ritual obedience – and long live what Emmanuel Macron, such a gifted translator, unveiled this week as “le relationship especiale”.

With Britain’s global irrelevance cemented by the semiconscious uncoupling from the EU, it falls to the president of the French Republic to hog the spotlight as the first foreign leader granted a full state visit by Donald Trump.

Spare a pang of pity for Theresa May. While she sits morosely in Downing Street with nothing but the Windrush catastrophe and the customs union conundrum for comfort, Macron swanks around Washington and George Washingon’s Virginia plantation, gushing over the tangerine grifter like some pantomime roué seducing some old broad he knows to be incapable of resisting the most nauseatingly insincere flattery.

Apr 25 08:54

Britain to ramp up aid to Syria over next two years

Britain will ramp up its aid to Syria over the coming two years, the Government is expected to announce on Wednesday, at an EU-UN organised summit in Brussels aimed at finding a way to end the conflict in the war-torn country.

The Government will commit to providing £450 million for Syria and the region in 2018, with £300 earmarked for 2019, bringing the total UK aid to the region to £2.71 billion. The announcement, set for Wednesday, consists of £250 million of new money spread across the two years.

Officials say the aid will be focused on keeping medical facilities in the region open, as well as training doctors and nurses – amid estimates that 478 health facilities have been attacked or destroyed and at around 830 health workers have been killed in Syria since the conflict began in 2011.

Apr 25 08:53

More than 6,000 fracking wells needed in UK to halve gas imports, study says

The UK would have to build 6,100 wells to replace just 50 per cent of gas imports between 2021 and 2035, a new study has found, casting doubt on Conservative calls a US-style fracking “revolution” in the UK at the last general election.

The party claimed it would push down gas prices for consumers and make Britain less reliant on imports from countries including Russia.

But a new study by Cardiff Business School has found that one well would have to be drilled and fracked every day for 15 years for half of gas imports to be replaced

Apr 25 08:37

UK Minister: Syrian Strikes Aimed to Defend People by Destroying Chemical Weapon

Western strikes on Syria were aimed at preventing human suffering by reducing the government's chemical weapons capabilities, UK Minister of State for the Middle East at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office Alistair Burt said on Tuesday at the Brussels Conference Supporting the Future of Syria and the Region.

"The recent airstrikes carried by the United Kingdom, the US and France were carefully targeted. Their purpose was to prevent further human suffering by degrading the Syrian regime chemical weapons capabilities and to restore the international law that these weapons must not and should not be used," Burt said.

The official pointed out that London would continue to cooperate with the international community in order to hold those responsible for the chemical attacks to account.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The problem with that claim is that bombing chemical weapons facilities would have resulted in thousands of deaths from the resulting toxic cloud. That did not happen, thankfully, and OPCW experts have confirmed there are no traces of chemical weapons at the targets of the US/UK/French strikes.

Apr 25 07:42

Hybrid War In Reverse: Why The SDF Can’t Hold The Euphrates

This hybrid war, with multiple and difficult to distinguish sides against the Syrian state, is practically over and isolated now only to Idlib and part of Dara province with no perspective for the future. NATO’s humiliation with its failed cruise missiles strikes proved that NATO’s humiliation with its failed cruise missiles strikes proved that NATO is incapable to win any war without full air supremacy.

So what is left? The only option is prolonging the war, forcing Damascus to liberate all the territory at a cost and not in a quick manner. The meeting between Putin, Rohani and Erdogan was established to put together a statement that they are against any US zone in Syria. But what does that mean in perspective, how will they crush US zone of influence?

The US established the SDF forces in the period of the war which was its last hope for a footprint in Syria.>>>

Apr 25 04:46

Germany to allocate 1 bln euro for tackling humanitarian crisis in Syria

Germany will provide 1 bln euro in humanitarian assistance for Syria, the country’s Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday. "We cannot leave Syria’s citizens alone," German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said, according to the ministry. Last week, the minister pledged in the Bundestag that the German authorities planned to increase the assistance for Syria. "So far, we have provided more than 2 bln euros and we should reach a higher figure," he said. Last year, Germany earmarked 720 mln euro in humanitarian assistance for Syria. Since the beginning of the conflict in 2012, Germany has provided a total of 2.2 bln euros in humanitarian aid to the Middle East country.

Apr 24 17:26

A £111 penalty if you refuse a smart meter: British Gas, EDF and First Utility reserve best deals for customers with the digital gadgets

Three of Britain’s biggest power firms are reserving their cheapest deals for customers who agree to have a digital smart meter installed in their home.

It means that loyal British Gas, EDF Energy and First Utility customers who do not want the new technology are being denied savings of up to £111 a year.

Another supplier, E.ON is forcing customers who sign up to its deals to agree to being contacted about smart meters at any time.

Experts say suppliers have started using smart meter-only tariffs as the latest tactic to pressure customers into changing their meters.

Apr 24 17:19

Police dog chases suspected migrants up a TREE after as many as 15 of them flee lorry on one of UK's wealthiest private estates where mansions cost up to £25m and neighbours include Eddie Jordan and Gary Numan

One of the country's most exclusive addresses is in lockdown as scores of police hunt up to 15 'illegal immigrants' who jumped off a lorry.

There is a heavy police presence at the Wentworth Estate in Surrey following reports between 10-15 'illegal immigrants' were seen 'hanging off the back of a lorry' before entering the private grounds.

Officers are working alongside a dog handling unit and police helicopter to track the group - two of whom were caught hiding up a tree.

Apr 24 16:37

May's Brexit promises dealt a blow as the Government's spending watchdog says Britain will still have to pay the £37bn divorce bill even if the UK does not strike a trade deal with the EU

Britain will still have to pay the £37billion Brexit divorce bill even if the country does not strike a trade deal with the EU, the chief of the Government's spending watchdog today said.

Sir Amyas Morse, controller of the National Audit Office, said the withdrawal agreement would become legally binding as soon as it became law.

His remarks are a blow for Theresa May who has said she will not pay Brussels the money if it denies Britain a post Brexit trade deal.

But Sir Amyas told the Commons Treasury select committee that most of the money is tied to the two-year transition period - so will still have to be paid even if no future deal is struck

Apr 24 16:25

Computers decide if PPI victims get a payout: Explosive documents show they even write the rejection letters!

Victims of Britain’s biggest mis-selling scandal are having their compensation claims rejected —by computers.

Money Mail can reveal that the Financial Ombudsman Service is relying on computer software to decide whether banks should pay redress to people who were flogged payment protection insurance (PPI) alongside their credit cards or loans.

We have seen documents in which senior figures at the Ombudsman, which settles disputes between banks and customers, state that PPI case documents are fed into a computer programme which generates a ‘suggested outcome’.

They admit that although staff can make decisions on whether to force banks to pay redress, they almost always use the verdict spewed out by the computer.

Apr 24 16:24

'Deeply sorry' TSB boss pledges compensation for 'up to two million' customers hit by online banking meltdown chaos that shows NO sign of ending

TSB's CEO has apologised for the company's online banking chaos, promising that the nearly two million account holders will be compensated as the crisis shows no sign of ending.

Millions of customers are still locked out of their accounts or have wrong balances five days after a system upgrade led to disaster.

Customers are reporting seeing obscene account balances, some owing anywhere from $83,000 to $13,000,000, although their accounts are in pounds.

Issues also include being able to access other customers' accounts, allowing them to view sensitive personal information, such as phone numbers and emails, and even transfer funds.

Apr 24 13:34

Yulia Skripal received toxic chemical injection while in a coma, Russian embassy officials say

Russian specialists ask more and more questions. For example, it remains unclear how a non-decomposed toxic chemical established by Porton Down was found in a blood sample of one of the victims 18 days after the contact, even though the other victim, who suffered a more serious poisoning, did not show such a phenomenon. According to him, such an observation was not typical of nerve agents, which may indirectly mean, with a high degree of probability, that a chemical agent had been injected into the blood of Yulia Skripal before her blood samples were collected when she was in a coma...

Apr 24 11:07

Jewish guilt is the discourse of the goyim

For quite some time the British have accepted that British-Jewish organisations have hijacked the political discourse. As has happened in other Western countries, the British political establishment has engaged is a relentless rant against anti-Semitsm. Sometime the focus drifts for a day or two. An alleged “Russian nerve agent attack” provided a 48-hour pause. Occasionally we bomb Arabs in the name of “humanitarian intervention” only to realise a day or two later that we have, once again, followed a premeditated foreign agenda. But, somehow, we always return to the anti-Semitsm debate, as if our media and politicians are a herd of flies gravitating to a pile of poop...>>

Apr 24 10:06

Fury of TSB customers as online banking REMAINS down for some nearly a day after 'systems upgrade' caused meltdown crediting one man with £13,000 and allowing access to others’ accounts

TSB has apologised to customers unable to access their mobile and online accounts after a system upgrade was supposed to have been completed.

One customer said they had 'access' to other customers' accounts totalling more than £20,000 and another reportedly discovered they had been credited with £13,000 after logging back in.

A number of customers are still unable to access their money this morning.

Apr 24 09:38

US to join Commonwealth? Farage drops BOMBSHELL about Brexit trade BREAKTHROUGH

NIGEL Farage told listeners there is an "incredible interest" from American officials in joining the Commonwealth as an associate member, after he spoke to leading officials in the White House.

Nigel Farage revealed this morning on his LBC phone-in show that top White House officials have expressed interest in joining the Commonwealth as an associate member.

The shock news comes amid a sudden surge in ties between the Commonwealth and the US administration under President Donald Trump.

Governors from the US visited the Commonwealth during the Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) this week, while the Royal Commonwealth Society opened up an office in the US earlier this year.

Apr 24 09:35

'Astonishing' Lords deliver May another Brexit DEFEAT as peers DEMAND EU legislation

THERESA May has suffered a fresh setback to her Brexit plans after the House of Lords dealt the Government another defeat on crunch withdrawal legislation.

House of Lords peers voted by 316 to 245 in favour of enshrining the EU's Charter of Fundamental Rights into UK law in defiance of opposition from ministers.

The Government is now expected to try to overturn the reversal in a Commons vote next month.

Ministers had warned that a proposed amendment to the Government's EU Withdrawal Bill would enshrine "a body of foreign law" onto Britain's statute book.

Apr 24 09:27

Murdoch is not the only maggot in the rotten apple

Having disposed of the Murdoch menace – for the moment anyway – it’s time for the British public to turn the spotlight on the other villains our craven politicians pay homage to.

Public enemy Number One is the pro-Israel lobby. An organization called the Conservative Friends of Israel states it has “twin aims of supporting Israel and promoting Conservatism. With close to 2000 activists as members – alongside 80% of Conservative MPs – CFI is active at every level of the Party”.

And the rot goes all the way to the top, with Conservative prime minister David Cameron endorsing it enthusiastically: “I am proud not just to be a Conservative, but a Conservative Friend of Israel; and I am proud of the key role CFI plays within our Party.”

Apr 24 07:44

DOMINIC LAWSON: This shabby plot to keep Britain a captive state of the vengeful EU must be crushed

Plots are meant to be secret. But just because some political manoeuvres are in plain sight, it doesn’t make them less insidious. That is true of the co-ordination between those members of Parliament who want to turn Brexit into a sham and the European Commission’s negotiating team, who have the same purpose.

The way pro-Remain MPs have set out their determination to force the UK to remain in a customs union with the EU, at exactly the same time as Brussels has rejected Theresa May’s plans for a frictionless border between Ireland and the UK post-Brexit, has all the precision of dressage. And it is Michel Barnier, the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator, who is holding the reins.

Last December the Prime Minister broke the negotiating deadlock with the EU by agreeing that, come what may, there should be no hard border between the North and South of Ireland.

Apr 24 07:38

Moscow finds London's answers on Skripal case just don’t add up

The UK has failed to provide answers to the most important questions on the Skripal case, the Russian Permanent Mission to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) informed TASS on Tuesday. "The materials we have received from the British side do not suit us," the mission stressed. "We will certainly need some time for a more detailed analysis. The first impression is that the British have not given answers to the most important questions that we asked." The mission is currently considering "possible options for further steps." "Anyway, we will seek substantial answers on the aspects which are vital for us," it stressed. On April 13, Russia handed over to Britain a list of questions concerning the Salisbury poisoning in accordance with Article 9 of the Chemical Weapons Convention." The answers to these questions were due to be received by April 23.

Apr 24 06:51

Everything You Know About The Last Russian Tsar Is a Massive Lie. Here’s The Truth

Father Andrew Phillips, is a long-serving priest in the ROCOR Orthodox church in Essex, UK. Biography. He is a prolific writer, particularly on Russian history and current events, from an Orthodox Christian perspective. In this January 2013 article, he answers readers’ questions about the last Russian Tsar, Nicholas II, debunking decades of deliberate, slanderous lies coming from the media, academia, and governments of the UK, Germany, and America, but mostly from the UK. For another excellent article debunking this anti-Russian propaganda which is so ingrained in the West, see his fascinating article about Rasputin, whom he sees as a hero, also maliciously slandered by Russia's enemies...

Apr 24 06:26

G7 States Agree With UK That Russia ‘Highly Likely’ Responsible for Skripal Case

"We share, and agree with, the U.K.’s assessment that it is highly likely that the Russian Federation was responsible for the attack, and that there is no plausible alternative explanation. We call on Russia to urgently address all questions related to the incident in Salisbury," the ministers said in a joint communique.

"Russia should provide full and complete disclosure of its previously undeclared Novichok programme to the OPCW in line with its international obligations. We call on Russia to live up to its Chemical Weapons Convention obligations, as well as its responsibilities as a permanent member of the UNSC to uphold international peace and security," the statement reads.


Apr 24 05:24

Did the West Just Lose World War III by Forfeit?

There was even some speculation that the whole thing was a charade worked out in cooperation with the Russians. Even if true (and it’s unlikely) the mere fact that Trump would have to engage in such a ruse speaks volumes about the weakness of his position. “Whatever Trump says, America is not coming out of Syria,” writes Patrick Buchanan. “We are going deeper in. Trump's commitment to extricate us from these bankrupting and blood-soaked Middle East wars and to seek a new rapprochement with Russia is ‘inoperative’.”

That’s clear from the comments of US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley. She states that America won’t disengage until three objectives have been met: that ISIS has been defeated (a pretext, since ISIS is on the ropes and remains alive only because of hostile actions taken by the US and others against Syria); Damascus is finally deterred from using chemical weapons (a falsehood, since they don’t have any); and Iran’s regional influence is blocked (which means we’re staying in effect permanently in preparation for a larger war against Iran and perhaps eventually Russia).


Apr 23 17:56

‘I’ve seen the censorship’: Syrian blogger tells RT how she was labeled a ‘Russian bot’ (VIDEO)

Maram Susli, also known as Partisangirl, is a Syrian living in Perth, Australia. If you ask the British government, though, she’s a ‘Russian bot.’ London bases these claims on dodgy numbers from shady sources, Susli tells RT.

“Last time I checked, I’m a real human being,” said Susli. “The British government, they can’t even confirm that I’m not an automaton. How can we believe anything they have to say about the evidence they have for Skripal and Syria’s chemical attacks?”

Apr 23 17:39

‘VOTE AGAIN!’ Liverpool boss Jürgen Klopp says 'Brexit makes NO SENSE'

LIVERPOOL manager Jürgen Klopp has called for a second vote on Brexit, claiming the British public did not have the “right information” to make an informed decision the first time around.

Apr 23 10:52


My wife -- whose father is a TV director who'd worked for the BBC -- learned as a little girl that the British spy agency MI5 secretly vetted people who applied for work at the BBC and denoted possible subversives by putting a doodle of a Christmas tree on their personnel files; people who were thus blacklisted were discriminated against within the Beeb.

This practice -- which continued into the 1990s -- has been an open secret for generations, but the BBC has always officially denied it.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I find myself completely unastonished at this revelation; the Brits have their own "flavor" of the Deep State, which upholds narrative to further its agenda, no matter how horrific that agenda may be for its people... like the participation in the Iraq war, a cause championed by Phoney Tony Blair.

Apr 23 09:53

Another Dodgy British Dossier: the Skripal Case

The British government shared what was supposedly a dossier containing sensitive intelligence to convince allies and EU member states to support its accusation of Russian culpability in the poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal in Salisbury, England on March 4.

But like the infamous 2003 “dodgy dossier” prepared at the direction of Prime Minister Tony Blair to justify British involvement in the U.S. invasion of Iraq, the intelligence dossier on the Salisbury poisoning turns out to have been based on politically-motivated speculation rather than actual intelligence

Apr 23 09:14

Leading Surgeon Says Violence in Khan’s London ‘Like South Africa’, Predicts ‘Summer of Carnage’

London’s crime wave will develop into “carnage” come summer, a leading trauma surgeon has predicted, warning ultra-violence in the capital is “the new normal”.

Dr Martin Griffiths, a consultant surgeon at Barts Health NHS Trust, said soaring knife and gun crime has resulted in London “looking more like South Africa, or inner-city U.S.” with regards to the rate of attacks.

“If it was hot weather right now, it would be carnage. When it gets a few degrees warmer, it’s going to be taxing. It’s going to be difficult,” he told The Times.

The doctor, who earlier this month revealed some of his military colleagues have likened the situation seen in London trauma wards to hospitals in Middle East warzones, said that treating young teenagers with life-threatening injuries had become “the bread and butter” of his work at the Royal London Hospital.

Apr 23 09:06

BEX ALERT - Former Russian spy codenamed ‘Gordon’ is ‘identified by police as suspect in poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal’…but officers fear they will never be able to catch him

British intelligence investigating the Salisbury poisonings have identified a Russian assassin who could be behind the attack.

Codenamed 'Gordon', the 54-year-old former FSB spy is thought to use the cover name Mihails Savickis and two other aliases.

However, police fear the suspect has already travelled back to Russia and may never be brought to justice.

British authorities believe there were six agents acting in the poisoning of Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia.

Apr 23 09:02

Count Dankula Fined $1,100 For 'Hate Crime' Of Teaching Dog Nazi Salute As A Joke

Mark "Count Dankula" Meechan narrowly avoided prison at his sentencing on Monday after being found guilty of a "hate crime" in the UK for teaching his dog to Nazi salute as a joke.

Apr 23 08:27

Sadiq Khan warns Trump of PROTESTS if he visits UK as he slams US leader for hate messages

LONDON Mayor Sadiq Khan has warned Donald Trump to expect “loud” protests if he does visit Britain this summer, while slamming the US President for “amplifying far-right messages”.

Sadiq Khan has said Donald Trump should expect protests if he visits the UK
Mr Khan, who has clashed with Mr Trump on numerous occasions since they were both elected in 2016, made the comments following reports he is planning a visit to the UK.

Speaking at a St George’s Day event in Trafalgar Square, the London Mayor warned of protests against the US President should he decide to visit Britain.

Mr Khan is himself under intense pressure to tackle a spike in violent crime across the capital, with more than 60 murder investigations opened so far this year.

He said: “I hope if he does come, he reflects on the difference good leadership can make.

Apr 23 08:25

Expert reveals WHEN Britain's trade with the Commonwealth will BEAT the EU

AN INDIAN expert and broadcaster has revealed how long it will take for Britain's trade with the 52 Commonwealth countries to surpass its trade with the EU - and it will not please Brexiteers.

Ashis Ray told BBC Dateline that it could take a century before Britain's trade with the Commonwealth is stronger than its trade with the European Union.

The Indian expert and broadcaster also raised the possibility that this scenario may in fact "never happen" due to global competition.

This prediction follows the Commonwealth summit, CHOGM, which took place in London over five days this week.

Theresa May claimed that Britain will put the Commonwealth at the centre of its post-Brexit policy as the country looks to bolster its global trade ties.

Apr 23 08:23

BEX ALERT - World War 3: Britain ‘WILL' be the victim of 'serious CYBER ATTACK' from Russia, says GCHQ

BRITISH spy agency, GCHQ, cannot offer “absolute protection” against Russia and it is a matter of “when not if” the UK faces a “serious cyber attack”.

Ciaran Martin, the head of the agency’s cyber defence unit said their focus was on building “resilience” in “the systems we care about the most”.

These are believed to be Britain’s power and water supplies, internet and transport networks, and health services.

Senior representatives from utility, transport and internet firms in addition to the NHS are believed to have attended intelligence briefings at the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) on the specific methods being used by Russia to target Britain’s national infrastructure, following the nerve agent attack on Sergei Skripal in Salisbury last month.

Mr Martin, the NCSC’s chief executive, confirmed GCHQ was on “heightened alert” for “follow-up activity” following the Salisbury attack.

Apr 23 08:04

The CIA and the Drug Trade (Eyeopener Preview)

During the 18th century, the British monopolized the opium trade in India and shipped thousands of chests of opium per year to China as a way of financing their huge trade deficit with that nation. When the Chinese cracked down on opium trafficking in the mid-19th century, the British fought two wars to ensure their Chinese opium market.

By the 1830s, American traders were already getting in on the act, with Samuel Russell’s “Russell & Company” becoming the largest American trading house in China. Russell’s cousin, William Huntington Russell, founded Skull & Bones, a secret society at Yale that has formed the core of the American intelligence establishment, a set of documentable facts that the establishment media seems eager to avoid.

Apr 23 05:40

Russian FM: Missile Attacks on Syria Aiming to Hinder OPCW Probe into "Chem Attack"

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov lashed out at the missile strikes carried out by the US, France and the UK on Syria, saying that they were aimed at hindering the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) investigation into the alleged use of poisonous substances in Douma in Eastern Ghouta.


Apr 22 08:12

Tories in new race row over identity checks for elections

Government plans that will force people to prove their identities at polling stations in May’s local elections risk disenfranchising members of ethnic minority communities, according to a leaked letter to ministers from the equality and human rights watchdog.

In a move that will fuel controversy over the treatment of migrants in the UK following the Windrush scandal, the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has written to the Cabinet Office minister David Lidington, raising its serious concern that the checks will deter immigrants and others from participating in the democratic process.