Sep 16 17:40

Ruth Davidson: 'I value mental health over being PM'

Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson has said she never wants to be prime minister because she values her "mental health too much".


Speaking frankly about her teenage years, Ms Davidson said her mental heath suffered after a boy from her village took his own life when she was 17 years old.

"I went into a total tailspin", she said.

She said she started cutting herself, "punching walls... drinking far, far, too much and becoming belligerent and angry".

She was diagnosed with clinical depression a year later, but said the medication meant she had "dark, terrible dreams" and "couldn't tell what was real".


The MSP said she combated her mental health issues by exercising regularly, moderating her alcohol intake, going back to church, and "most importantly to me, I threw away my pills".

Sep 16 17:32

Police examining allegations that £1bn fraud carried out at HBOS's Reading branch at height of financial crisis was covered up by bosses

Police are examining allegations by MPs that a £1 billionn fraud carried out at HBOS's Reading branch at the height of the financial crisis was covered up by bosses.

Six HBOS employees were jailed last year for a combined total of 47 years after they were found to have wrecked dozens of family businesses instead of helping them, and spent the profits on prostitutes, holidays and luxury goods.

An internal report by HBOS-owner Lloyds that was leaked earlier this year claimed HBOS directors, including then chief executive Andy Hornby, knew his staff were ruining small businesses for their own personal gain.

Sep 16 12:28

BREAKING NEWS - Police cordon off Salisbury restaurant & street after 2 people fall ill

Sep 16 12:20

'It's so undemocratic': Sadiq Khan is lashed by the Tories AND Labour for saying Brexit should be DELAYED to make time for a new referendum with the option of staying in the EU

Sadiq Khan was lashed by both Tory and Labour politicians today after he demanded Brexit is delayed to allow time for a new referendum on quitting Europe.

The London Mayor was condemned as 'undemocratic' by Tory Brexiteers while a senior figure in his own party said a re-run would let Theresa May 'off the hook.

Mr Khan's intervention sets up a bitter clash at next week's Labour conference as Jeremy Corbyn will have to resist a growing clamour to change policy and back a second referendum.

More than 100 motions have been tabled by unions and party activists for next week's gathering in Liverpool in defiance of Mr Corbyn's current policy.

Mr Khan insisted today that the Leave campaign promises had proven to be 'lies' and said he wanted a 'first ever' referendum on reality of quitting the EU.

Sep 15 10:58

Boris Dressed Like James Bond Says 'Outrageous Things' in Washington DC

Former UK Foreign Minister spoke of Brexit, Brussels and British people at a black tie gala in the US capital on Thursday night.

Boris Johnson was receiving the Irving Kristol Award, which is given for "notable intellectual or practical contributions to improved public policy and social welfare" at the American Enterprise Institute, when he addressed social mobility and Britain's future.

"Social mobility. If you think back to the great achievements of the Thatcher era, it was about helping people to seize control of their own destiny. It was about buying shares or buying their own homes… We need to recover that momentum. One of the reasons people voted to Leave was because they felt they were not getting a fair suck of the sauce bottle, as they say. People are stuck in entry-level jobs and they're not progressing," Mr. Johnson argued.

Sep 15 10:19

Israel running campaign against Jeremy Corbyn

An app operated as part of an Israeli government propaganda campaign issued a “mission” for social media users to make comments against Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, accusing him of anti-Semitism.

This is the latest evidence of an Israeli campaign of psychological warfare against the UK’s main opposition party.

The Act.IL app on Sunday falsely accused Corbyn of comparing Israel to Nazi Germany in a 2010 meeting which had been resurfaced by The Times last week.

The “mission” was documented in this Tweet by Michael Bueckert, a Canadian researcher who has been monitoring the app since last year.

The reality is very different from the app’s claims.

Sep 14 14:52


hey came as slaves; vast human cargo transported on tall British ships bound for the Americas. They were shipped by the hundreds of thousands and included men, women, and even the youngest of children.

Whenever they rebelled or even disobeyed an order, they were punished in the harshest ways. Slave owners would hang their human property by their hands and set their hands or feet on fire as one form of punishment. They were burned alive and had their heads placed on pikes in the marketplace as a warning to other captives.

We don’t really need to go through all of the gory details, do we? After all, we know all too well the atrocities of the African slave trade. But, are we talking about African slavery?

King James II and Charles I led a continued effort to enslave the Irish. Britain’s famed Oliver Cromwell furthered this practice of dehumanizing one’s next door neighbor.

Sep 14 13:03

Kremlin 'will consider' request to question nerve agent attack suspects

The Kremlin says it will consider any request by Britain to question two Russian suspects allegedly behind the Salisbury nerve agent attack.

Vladimir Putin's spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said Russia had not received any such request but would look at one "in strict accordance with Russian law".

Mr Peskov added that it was "absurd" to accuse Russia of lying about the two men accused of poisoning the Skripals in Salisbury.

Sep 14 11:11


I just finished watching the live kabuki theater of the UNSC meeting on Syria, broadcast by Sputnik News. As usual, the immeasurable hypocrisy of France, US and UK, (FUKUS) ~~~were on public display along with the latest opportunistic treachery by Turkey’s weasel king, Erdogan>>>
The writing is on the wall – If Syria and Russia continue to prosecute the operation against US-backed terrorists in Syria, the US and their lackeys will attack Syria, and the US will unleash their Ukro-nazi attack dogs against the Donbass Republics. The implication being that if Syria and Russia desist from the operation to clear Idlib and Syria from the last few remaining abscesses of US-backed terrorism in Syria, the perilous situation will be de-escalated, and US control of Idlib and their terrorists there will become the status quo. Again, for a while. Ostensibly, in return, the big ukrop attack on Donbass Republics will also be shelved, at least for the moment. Or so they seem to be implying.

Of course, as usual the FUKUS powers are lying>>>

Sep 14 11:08

UK Mass Surveillance Ruled Unlawful in Landmark Judgment

The European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) today ruled that the UK’s mass interception programmes breached the Article 8 right to privacy enshrined in the European Convention on Human Rights.

Sep 14 09:28

Charges 'Without Merit' - Jeremy Corbyn, Antisemitism, Norman Finkelstein and Noam Chomsky

Referencing allegations that two Russian agents had been responsible for the poisoning of former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in Salisbury on March 4, the cartoon depicted a British policeman holding up mugshots of a menacing, bug-eyed 'Jeremy Korbynski' (wearing an 'I Love Hamas' badge) and a vampiric, evil-looking 'Seumasov Milne' (wearing a 'Down With Israel' badge), with the policeman saying:


As Brookes made clear in his tweet, the alleged 'poison' Corbyn and Milne, Labour's director of communications, are supposedly spreading is, of course, antisemitism.

We have always been struck by the sense of complete unreality surrounding this debate and decided to check when and how often Corbyn has been accused of antisemitism since first being elected as an MP in 1983.

Sep 14 07:10

‘Whiter than white’: Senior cop who used age old phrase could be fired for alleged ‘racism’

A senior London Metropolitan police officer could face being sacked for using alleged racist language after telling colleagues they need to be “whiter than white” while carrying out inquiries – words of a racist or PC gone mad?

The detective superintendent, who works in the Met’s anti-corruption, faces the possibility of an internal investigation for gross misconduct for a phrase the Plain English Campaign characterizes as meaning “morally beyond reproach.”

Sep 13 17:18

John Lewis profits slump 99% in 'challenging times'

Profits at the John Lewis Partnership have fallen to almost zero in the first half of the year as its department store chain matched discounting "extravaganza days" by rivals.

John Lewis Partnership chairman Sir Charlie Mayfield said the retail sector was facing "challenging times".

Its results, which include Waitrose, showed profits for the six months to 28 July sank 99% from last year to £1.2m.

The retailer also warned that full-year profits would be "substantially lower".

Sep 13 17:15

MPs say RBS boss 'withheld information' about alleged criminality

The chief executive of RBS has been accused by MPs of withholding information about an investigation into criminal activity within the bank.

Sep 13 12:08

Iran WARNING: US tells airlines not to fly through airspace as WW3 fears rise

The advisory also warns military activities linked to the bloody conflict in Syria have been ramped across Iran's airspace.

Tensions between Tehran and Washington are running high following Donald Trump’s controversial decision to pull out of the landmark Iran nuclear deal re-introduce economic sanctions last month.

Flight Service Bureau, which provides safety information on airspace to airlines, said "without seeming alarmist", the deteriorating relationship between the US and Iran must be taken into account when planning flights in Iran's airspace.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is getting just about as serious as is a heart attack: I find myself very alarmed at these developments.

Sep 13 11:16

Why let Netanyahu write the Labour rulebook?

I’d had a suspicion that we were going to end up with the full IHRA when the Labour National Executive Committee (NEC) met on 4th Sept. The weekend before, the shadow chancellor, John McDonnell, had been making conciliatory noises, seeking to assure the Jewish community that the full IHRA would be adopted. And so it was. The long coda that Corbyn sought, that would allow Labour members to state Israel was a racist state, was not accepted; instead at the behest of Jon Lansman of Momentum and MP Rebecca Long-Bailey the NEC agreed to this weak free speech caveat: “We recommend that we adopt the IHRA in full with all examples. This does not in any way undermine the freedom of expression on Israel or the rights of Palestinians. We re-invite the organisations to re-engage in consultation on the Code of Conduct.”

Sep 13 11:10

‘We’re not agents’: UK’s suspects in Skripal case talk exclusively with RT’s editor-in-chief

Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov told RT’s editor-in-chief they had nothing to do with the Skripals’ poisoning and are now scared to go outside, after the UK pointed to them as Russian intelligence agents on a kill mission.

UK prosecutors claimed their names were not real, but Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov have confirmed their identities in an interview with RT Editor-in-Chief Margarita Simonyan.

Both men said emphatically that they were not Russian intelligence agents and were merely sightseeing in Salisbury. They said they wanted to visit the “wonderful town” of Salisbury but realized they came at a bad time – and not just because of the wet English weather.

The subsequent accusations caught them completely by surprise.

Sep 13 10:27

Beyond Orwellian: Myth of UK's 'non-intervention' in Syria

A new House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee Report calls on the UK government to launch an inquiry into its 'non-intervention' in Syria. This is gaslighting on a massive scale, because there's been intervention aplenty.
What do you understand by the term 'non-intervention'? Not intervening in something, I presume? It's clear that the Foreign Affairs committee has another definition which is the complete opposite. In their 'Through the Looking Glass' world, 'non-intervention' actually means 'intervention'. Bombing the country in question, funding, supplying and training 'rebel' groups to attack government forces, imposing sanctions and doing everything possible to keep the conflict going, are all examples of 'inaction', it seems.

Sep 13 10:26

PM Theresa May hits out at RT in veiled attack on her opponents in Parliament

Even with a looming Brexit disaster and rumours of a Conservative Party coup, UK Prime Minister Theresa May still found time in Parliament to condemn RT and use it in her own propaganda effort against political opponents.

May was responding to Scottish Conservative MP John Lamont during Prime Minister’s Question Time, who asked whether she considered it inappropriate for current and former MPs to appear on RT.

“I am sure we all have doubts about the objectivity of the reporting on Russia Today, which does remain a tool of propaganda for the Russian state,” May replied.

The question in itself was clearly a veiled attack on political figures who chose to appear on RT.

Sep 13 10:15

UK Volunteer Group Launches Campaign Against Anti-Russian Sentiment in Britain

The Westminster Russia Forum, a volunteer group promoting the development of the UK-Russian bilateral ties, launched on Wednesday a campaign against anti-Russian sentiment and negative stereotyping of the Russian community in the United Kingdom against the backdrop of the so-called Russophobia in country's politics and media.

"There is nothing positive in the news involving the contributions that the Russian community in the United Kingdom has made, culturally or socially… It's not being helped at all by the rhetoric of many of our members of the Parliament and others. It is not on and I feel this is unfair. I think it goes to the top of the media and political establishment," WRF Chairman Nicholas Cobb told Sputnik.

Sep 13 10:14

Theresa May Surrounded by 'People Committed to Remain' in EU - Ex-UK Politician

British Government Minister, Michael Gove, has stated he was sure there would be a “solid vote” in parliament for Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit proposal. His comments follow alleged reports, that some 50 lawmakers are ready to oppose the prime minister’s post-Brexit vision with the European Union, and ultimately forced her from her job.

Sep 13 08:22

Flashback: Salisbury novichok poisoning: Russian 'spies' filmed window shopping after attack

Two Russian men accused of the Salisbury novichok poisoning were filmed window shopping moments after the attack.

CCTV footage shows Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov peering into the Dauwalders collectables and rare stamp shop in the city.

Both men are dressed in winter clothing and appear to be talking enthusiastically about the collectors' items.

Sep 13 06:17

The U.K. Is Right to Trust the U.S. Justice System with Global Terrorists

To avoid a botched trial there, the home secretary has sent two jihadists, accused of beheading hostages, to be tried here.

(*where a Defense Attorney will use a Hurry Up approach in an oppening statement like; "If your looking for a guilty global terrorist , I present the court with my client !" ?)

Sep 12 12:50

Zionism, Jews and gentiles

"The early Zionists promised to save the Jews from the Jew and to liberate the Jew from the Jews. They were disgusted by the diaspora’s non-proletarian urban Jewish culture which they regarded as parasitic. They promised to bond the new Hebrews with labour and soil. They were convinced that they could transform what they saw as a greedy capitalist into a new ‘Israelite hard working peasant’. They believed that they could make the ‘international cosmopolitan’ into a nationalist patriot; they believed that they knew how to convert Soros into a kibbutznik. They were certain that it was within their capacity to make Alan Dershowitz into a Uri Avneri and Abe Foxman into a peacenik. They promised to make Jews into people like all other peoples while failing to realise that no other people really want to resemble others." >>

Sep 12 11:15

Russian UN Envoy: West Seeking To Topple Russia’s Government Using The Sergei Skripal Show

September 9, 2018: The article highlights that western countries have staked on exhausting the current political regime in Russia, Russia’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Vasily Nebenzya said on Sunday (September 9).

“The stake have been put on exhausting the regime,” he said in an interview with the Moscow, Kremlin, Putin program on the Rossiya-1 television channel.

According to the Russian diplomat, allegations of Russia’s involvement in the nerve gas attack on former foreign intelligence officer Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia are “yet another act in a long-running show.” He said the Western countries were obviously seeking “to picture Russia as a unprincipled member of international community” to justify “another spiral of sanctions.”

Sep 12 10:45

Tory Brexiters openly plot coup against Theresa May

I am just going to let this speak for itself. It’s a slightly edited but verbatim account of Tuesday’s weekly meeting of the Brexiter European Research Group faction of the Conservative Party.

It requires no additional comment from me, other than I have multiple sources vouching for its veracity.

“We've just had an ERG mass meeting, 50 odd MPs present, where virtually the only topic of conversation for 40/50 mins was: 'How best do we get rid of her? What's the best way to use our letters?'"

Comments included: "Everyone I know says she has to go", "she's a disaster", "this can't go on".

Sep 12 10:44


A group of leftist ‘class warriors’ launched a vile attack on Jacob Rees-Mogg and his children outside his home yesterday, bearing a banner proclaiming that “we must devastate the avenues where the wealthy live.”

The group, led by the privileged son of a surgeon, harassed Rees-Mogg’s nanny, saying she had Stockholm syndrome, called Mogg a slave owner, and shouted at his children that “your daddy is a totally horrible person.”

Sep 12 10:26

Novichok suspect vows to break his silence NEXT WEEK as May hits back at Putin's 'lies' after he taunts Britain by claiming hitmen who poisoned the Skripals 'are civilians, not criminals'

One of the men accused of the poisoning of a former Russian double agent and his daughter will 'break his silence' over the incident - but not until next week.

Alexander Petrov told Russian media today he was not prepared to talk about the novichok incident currently but would reveal more in the near future.

It came as Downing Street accused Russia of lying after Vladimir Putin claimed that the two men identified as suspects by British authorities were 'civilians, not criminals'.

They identified the pair as Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov and claimed they were members of the GRU, Russia's military intelligence network.

The Russian premier said he knew the true identities of the men accused of trying to murder Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia and denied they were spies.

Sep 12 10:26

London grooming UK public for ‘aggressive’ anti-Russian scaremongering — embassy

The embassy noted that a series of official statements was made lately to the effect that the UK should use its "massive retaliatory capabilities" to counter Russia’s "aggression"

Sep 12 09:36

RBS bailout 'unlikely to be recouped'

Royal Bank of Scotland's chairman has admitted it is "unlikely" the government will get back all the £45.5bn pumped in to the bank.

Sir Howard Davies said restructuring costs, losses on loans and selling businesses meant RBS was valued at less than taxpayers paid for their stake.

Sep 12 09:35

Workers are £800 a year poorer post-crisis

The substantial impact of the financial crisis has left people's wages 3% below what they were a decade ago, new research reveals.

The analysis done for the BBC by the Institute for Fiscal Studies shows that on average people's real annual wages are £800 lower.

And that people who are aged between 30 and 39 now are earning £2,100 a year less than people of the same age group in 2008.

That's a drop of 7.2%.

For those in their 20s, the decline is 5%, compared with the drop for the over-60s in work of 0.7%, or £130.

At the time of the financial crisis in 2008, the average wage was £24,100.

In 2017, it was £23,300.

Sep 12 09:33

NHS staff vacancies rise nearly 10% in three months amid unfolding ‘national emergency’, report shows

Brexit upheaval and ill-considered immigration policies have contributed to a spiralling vacancy rates

Sep 12 09:26

The World Now Knows, 'It's the British Empire, Stupid!'

Sep 12 08:55

Theresa May’s Husband’s Firm made a “Financial Killing” from Syria Bombing

It is common knowledge that Theresa May’s husband Philip essentially acts as the unofficial advisor to the Prime Minister – a fact proven by the former Conservative MP for Chichester, Andrew Tyrie, who said during a Newsnight profile of the PM’s husband that “Philip is clearly acting as, informally, an advisor to Theresa. Probably much like Denis did to Margaret Thatcher.”

Whilst it is pretty obvious that almost all married couples act as informal advisors to each other in come capacity, Tyrie’s admission that the Prime Minister’s husband has such a great influence over his wife’s decisions is made all the more worrying by the fact that Mr May – who is a Senior Executive at a £1.4Tn investment firm – stands to benefit financially from the decisions his wife, the Prime Minister, makes.

Sep 12 01:36

'Crusaders' of Ill Repute: Browder, Menendez, Khodorkovsky

The recent call by the UK's Prime Minister Theresa May for a new round of sanctions against Russia will most likely fall on a fertile ground in the US the EU. But as political passions easily sweep away any "pro-Russian" dissent in both the British parliament and the US Congress, one important question remains: are these sanctions (especially the individual ones) legal? Can someone be deprived of private property simply because a certain president or a certain parliament decides to do so? Making any particular distinction between the standings of the US and the EU on Russia is simply unwise: any hopes for normal treatment from the EU do not have factual basis behind them. On the negative side with the EU, according to the UN's Special Rapporteur, we have the fact that the EU chose to lose $100 billion on sanctions against Russia. On the positive side with the EU, we have empty words on some "dialogue" with Russia.

Sep 11 10:26

Deadly virus monkeypox is found in the UK for the first time as health officials try to avert potentially deadly outbreak

Health officials were last night trying to avert an outbreak of a potentially deadly African virus related to smallpox after the first person ever was diagnosed with monkeypox in the UK.

They said a Nigerian individual who flew into the UK last Sunday has been diagnosed with the bug, which kills up to one in ten of those infected. There is no vaccine.

Like Ebola, monkeypox resides in wild animals but humans can catch it through direct contact with animals, such as handling monkeys, or eating inadequately cooked meat.

Sep 11 10:20

Canadian politicians lead unprecedented smear campaign against advocate for Palestinian rights

On Thursday lawyer Dimitri Lascaris called on two Liberal MPs to denounce death threats made by B’nai B’rith supporters against a number of other Liberal MPs and the Prime Minister. But instead of condemning those who called for racialized politicians to face the “guillotine” or “stoning”, the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) and Canadian politicians smeared the individual drawing attention to the death threats.

And on the weekend NDP leaders participated in this unprecedented multi-party smear campaign against one of Canada’s most effective advocates for Palestinian rights. At the behest of CIJA, MP Hélène Laverdière called Lascaris “anti-Semitic” while Jagmeet Singh inferred as much.

Sep 11 06:35

Russia must sever diplomatic ties with Britain over Skripal case – leftist party leader

The head of center-left opposition party Fair Russia says Moscow should sever diplomatic relations with London over recent unfounded accusations regarding the Skripal case – as he believes there is no scope to settle the dispute.

“We should stop expecting reasonable action from our so-called Western partners or wait for the conflict to settle soon by itself,” Sergey Mironov said in a Tuesday statement. “The latest actions of Great Britain speak against such [a possibility], in particular their direct and official accusations of preparing terrorist attacks voiced against the leaders of our country. From the position of pure reason, diplomatic relations should be severed in such cases.”

Sep 10 14:16

So it’s OK to ignore the Law of the Seas? “Close friend” Britain doesn’t object to Israel’s vicious piracy, nor does the EU

Stuart Littlewood looks at the UK’s and EU’s conspiracy of silence — and maybe even collusion — that is allowing Israel to violate the UN Conventional on the Law of the Seas and maintain an illegal blockade of the Gaza Strip with impunity.>>

Sep 10 09:47

Anarchy in the UK: Police brace for riots, mull army help in case of no-deal Brexit – leaked report

No-deal Brexit might result in lengthy civil unrest and surge in crime, caused by food and medicine shortages, according to a leaked police report, which deemed a call on the military to tackle the anarchy a “real possibility.”

The doomsday “leave” scenario could lead to widespread civil disorder across the UK, the police document said as cited by the Sunday Times. The leaked report, painting some truly apocalyptic pictures, has been prepared by the National Police Coordination Centre and is set to be discussed at a meeting of the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) next week.

Sep 10 08:04

Theresa May’s ‘bunker mentality’ Brexit

Tory MPs are not just angry about what Theresa May is doing on Brexit, they are also livid about how she is doing it.

According to several leading party figures, May’s recent handling of negotiations with the rest of the EU has resurrected concerns that she governs with a “bunker mentality” — trusting only a select group of confidants and often disregarding input from those outside her inner circle, including many Cabinet ministers.

The discontent stems largely from the build-up to the Cabinet’s away day at May’s Chequers country residence in July, at which she won agreement on a negotiating stance for Brexit. Ministers say they were only presented with key papers the evening before the crunch meeting, a move that opponents of the Chequers plan have interpreted as a tactic to bounce her top team into backing the plan.

Sep 10 08:02

Chequers is May's dementia tax revisited... and in a controversial intervention, top Tory NADINE DORRIES says she's backing Boris

Just over two years ago, I was delighted when the Tories elected their second woman prime minister.

Fast forward to today and for similar reasons I feel equally regretful to say that I believe Theresa May, if she doesn't choose to resign, must be replaced and quickly.

Sep 10 07:37

UK Abandons Plans to Fully Withdraw Troops From Germany by 2020 - Reports

UK State Secretary for Defense Gavin Williamson has ordered hundreds of the country's servicemen to remain on German territory despite earlier plans for a complete troop withdrawal, local media reported.

The UK's original plans provided for the full withdrawal of troops by 2020, but Williamson's order stipulates that 200 UK servicemen and their family members will remain in Germany after this deadline, The Sunday Times newspaper reported.

Sep 09 08:21

Skripals – The Mystery Deepens

The time that “Boshirov and Petrov” were allegedly in Salisbury carrying out the attack is all entirely within the period the Skripals were universally reported to have left their home with their mobile phones switched off.

A key hole in the British government’s account of the Salisbury poisonings has been plugged – the lack of any actual suspects. And it has been plugged in a way that appears broadly convincing – these two men do appear to have traveled to Salisbury at the right time to have been involved.

But what has not been established is the men’s identity and that they are agents of the Russian state, or just what they did in Salisbury. If they are Russian agents, they are remarkably amateur assassins. Meanwhile the new evidence throws the previously reported timelines into confusion – and demolishes the theories put out by “experts” as to why the Novichok dose was not fatal.

Sep 09 07:50

"Nothing you know proves that they're Russians" | George Galloway

Sep 09 07:38

Alleged Suspects in Skripal Case Traveled to Geneva Before Poisoning - Reports

British intelligence agencies, investigating a series of trips made by two Russian suspects in the March nerve agent attack on former Russian intelligence officer Sergei Skripal and his daughter in Salisbury, have determined that Ruslan Boshirov and Alexander Petrov traveled to Geneva at least six times ahead of their alleged attempt to assassinate Sergei Skripal, The Telegraph wrote.

Flight ticket details obtained by the newspaper show that the two booked nine separate flights to and from the Swiss city between November of 2017 and February this year, and British investigators believe that establishing the person or persons they met in Geneva is “absolutely key to the ongoing investigation."

According to The Telegraph story, Boshirov and Petrov are believed to have also visited Paris, Amsterdam and Bergamo on Aeroflot flights, also traveling with Air France and KLM.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I want to know what their occupations were, because if they were travel consultants, then the multiple trips are totally innocent.

Sep 09 07:34

No wonder the Government’s Northern Ireland strategy isn’t working

On the day that Northern Ireland Secretary Karen Bradley delivered an important statement to the House of Commons designed to unlock the impasse over power-sharing at Stormont, Parliament’s internal magazine, The House, published a startling interview with the Secretary of State.

Mrs Bradley made the staggering confession that, when she started her current job, “I didn’t understand things like when elections are fought for example in Northern Ireland, people who are nationalists don’t vote for unionist parties and vice-versa.”

If she felt that this comment might be welcomed for its disarming honesty, it was unfortunate that its publication coincided with an announcement that showed how rudderless the government’s policies in Ulster have become.

Sep 09 07:33

Sixty Conservative MPs to launch plan to take down Theresa May's Chequers deal this weekend

Sixty Conservative MPs are to launch a plan to take down Theresa May's Chequers deal this weekend, with series of reports setting out how a 'clean' Brexit will work.

The plans will argue for a free trade agreement, and present solutions to the Northern Irish question and vexed issues like farming and agriculture.

Sep 09 07:29

War Book 2 REVEALED: No10's secret dossier to discredit Boris containing claims there was 'some overlap' between his wives, more affairs and a so-called 'special relationship' with an Oxford Union president drawn up after EU referendum to end his PM hopes

Downing Street has been drawn into a smear row over a 'dirty dossier' about Boris Johnson, which was compiled by Theresa May's advisers ahead of an expected leadership challenge.

The document, which is saved on to the Tory computer system under the filename 'WarBook2', was drawn up during the tumultuous days following the EU referendum in 2016 –but has been passing between Tory aides again in recent weeks.

The current Tory leadership furiously denies any role in updating or distributing the dossier, which has been obtained by The Mail on Sunday.

Sep 09 06:05

Why a new memorial to the Holocaust is essential

We are building a Holocaust Memorial and Learning Centre next to Parliament to make sure we never forget the persecution and murder of the Jewish people of Europe and all other victims of Nazi persecution. We've got to be brave at times like these, when it's clear that our British values of tolerance and equality are coming under threat ... The proposed Holocaust Memorial and Learning Centre is the key to building a new generation who will fight against fascism, intolerance and the subversion of democracy, wherever and whenever it occurs.

Sep 08 23:14

Skripals: More Questions Than Answers

Would highly trained GRU operatives make sure their faces were clear for all to see on every CCTV camera they passed. I couldn't see their feet but they were wearing clown shoes? This was certainly no James Bond movie, not even Austin Powers, no this is a plot that even Danger Mouse and Penfold would reject.

If these are State controlled, as she claims, what are their names and why do our spooks only have their aliases?

Why have we not taken up the offer from Russia of help?

We should be asking them to find out who these two men really are, as surely Putin would love to nail them as he is taking the blame for this despicable act of terror on UK soil.


Druggie Charlie Rowley told the papers and TV crews that he found the perfume bottle in a sealed case. So, did the highly trained Russian Operatives gift wrap the poison bottle again as they walked back from putting it on the door handle?

Sep 08 23:09

Flashback: The Skripal Case: 20 New Questions That Journalists Might Like to Start Asking

Mr Lavrov also claimed that the Spiez laboratory had been surprised to find “the presence of type A-234 [“Novichok”] nerve agent in its virgin state…” [my emphasis]. Their surprise comes from the high volatility of the substance in question, and the relatively long period between the poisoning and the sample-taking. This also appears to accord with the OPCW’s official summary of their findings, which stated that the laboratories that had tested the samples had found that:

“…the toxic chemical was of high purity. The latter is concluded from the almost complete absence of impurities.”

Since A-234 is said to be of high volatility, degrading quickly, can Porton Down offer any explanation as to how the samples collected by the OPCW, weeks after the poisoning, could have contained A-234 of “high purity”?

Sep 08 22:35

Flashback: Poisoned Door Handle Hints at High-Level Plot to Kill Spy, U.K. Officials Say

British officials investigating the poisoning of Sergei V. Skripal, a former Russian double agent, believe it is likely that an assassin smeared a nerve agent on the door handle at his home.

Sep 08 22:34

Military begins decontamination of poison-victim Sergei Skripal's Salisbury home that could take months after it was targeted with Novichok by Russian assassins

Since the Novichock was on the outside door handle the only decontamination required should be front door removal. As an afterthought, it only requires one person to close a door, so how did both of the Skripals become contaminated from the handle?

Sep 08 09:58

The Israel Lobby’s Non-stop Attacks on Corbyn Will Backfire

Back in the 1950s, the US intelligence community coined a term: "blowback". It referred to the unintended consequences of a covert operation that ended up damaging one’s own cause.

There are mounting indications that the intensifying campaign by the Israel lobby in the UK against Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the parliamentary opposition, is starting to have precisely such self-harming repercussions.

Sep 08 09:39

BEX ALERT - Novichok dose 'could have killed FOUR THOUSAND': Security officials reveal Russian assassins' perfume bottle had enough nerve agent to cause 'significant loss of life' - amid fears there might be a SECOND container

The perfume bottle full of Novichok used to target Sergei and Yulia Skripal contained enough of the nerve agent to kill 4,000 people, it was claimed today.

A security official said the two Russian agents accused of carrying out the Salisbury attack had brought enough Novichok to cause 'significant loss of life'.

The UK's envoy to the UN yesterday accused Moscow of 'playing dice' with British lives after the finger was pointed at Vladimir Putin and the GRU.

The attack left the Skripals critically ill and led to the death of British mother Dawn Sturgess, but the nerve agent could have cost thousands more lives, The Times reported.

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Ramping up the BOOGA BOOGA factor to try to regain traction.

Sep 08 09:31

Skripal saga aimed to stir anti-Russia sentiment of Cold War - Ken Livingstone to RT

“What struck me over last couple of years seem to me ratcheting up of anti-Russian sentiment almost trying to recreate a Cold War,” the former mayor told RT. He stressed that London’s turning its back to Moscow’s constant readiness to cooperate and failure to present to the public a shred of evidence – if there is any – might be a sign of “a hidden political agenda here as part of broader anti-Russian campaign” inside the British government.

Livingstone is not the only one who doubts the narrative. Independent political analyst Dan Glazebrook, who also shared his views with RT, pointed how clumsy the alleged agents should have been – from taking a train to reach their target to allowing themselves to be caught on CCTV.

Sep 08 09:17

Local party votes to oust Labour MP who faked anti-Semitism charge

Joan Ryan lost the vote tonight, a local activist who was in the meeting tells The Electronic Intifada. There were 95 votes recorded as no confidence, 92 votes confidence and four spoiled ballots.

Iranian satellite channel PressTV tweeted this video of the jubilant moment local activists voted to replace Ryan as their candidate for MP in the next election:

Sep 07 17:34

Class war? 'Posh' end of Oxford street resurfaced

Residents in a road where a spike-topped wall once divided rich and poor have slammed a decision to lay new Tarmac only at the "posh" end of the street.

The fresh surface, in Wentworth Road, Oxford, was spray-painted with the words "class war" after it appeared.

Those in neighbouring Aldrich Road said the work stopped at the point where the Cutteslowe Walls stood.

Oxford City Council said the decision was based on need.

Sep 07 13:07

China Sought To Intercept British Warship, Claiming Expanded Territorial Waters

In but the latest incident among a growing list that point to China's expanding claims on the South China Sea, a British naval ship carrying Royal Marines had a confrontation with Chinese military vessels as it reportedly traveled through international waters.

The incident took place near the Chinese-controlled Paracel Islands in South China Sea, and while the UK claims its ship stayed only in recognized international waters, China's foreign ministry is disputing that claim, calling the British navy's actions a "provocation".

Reuters reports of the disputed incident:

The HMS Albion, a 22,000 ton amphibious warship carrying a contingent of Royal Marines, exercised its “freedom of navigation” rights as it passed near the Paracel Islands, two sources, who were familiar with the matter but who asked not to be identified, told Reuters.

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As someone who lives on a first-strike military target here in the Pacific, if the US/UK/ and China start playing war for real, color me very nervous!!

Sep 07 12:42

Russophobia Digest Part 8: Skripal claims open floodgates, and Pearl Harbour compared to tweeting

When two Russians no one has heard of were named as the main suspects in the Salisbury spy poisoning this week, it was clear this was going to be a great opportunity for Russophobia. And it was!

Here's a look at the last seven days or so of Russophobia.

Sep 07 08:20

UK: New ‘Diversity’ Scholarships for Refugees, Ethnic Minorities, Women — But Not White Working-Class Males

One of Britain’s leading astrophysicists is donating her $3 million purse from a major science prize to encourage diversity in physics.

Sep 07 08:18

VIDEO: Communists Violently Storm Council Anti-Semitism Debate, Politicians Flee in Fear

So-called “anti-racist” campaigners have stormed a council debate on anti-Semitism, forcing politicians to flee the building, “frightened” and in tears.
The revolutionary communist Fight Racism Fight Imperialism group led the assault on Newcastle City Council as they discussed adopting the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of anti-Semitism.

Video published by Chronicle Live shows activists screaming “you should be ashamed!” and “racist!” as the councillors rush out of the debating chamber Wednesday afternoon.

The aggressive action began when the council’s Liberal Democrat opposition deputy leader, Nick Cott, introduced the IHRA definition and ended with one protestor being wrestled out.

Sep 07 08:04

Prof Explains Why Poll on Jewish People Leaving UK if Corbyn Was PM 'Nonsence'

Nearly 40 per cent of Jewish people in British would seriously consider emigrating if Jeremy Corbyn became Prime Minister according to a new poll. Sputnik spoke to Professor Jonathan Rosenhead of the London School of Economics about the latest on antisemitism scandal in the Labour party.

Sep 07 07:52

David Icke - Who Is Behind The Attacks On Corbyn?

Sep 07 05:59

NHS is hiding the true scale of deaths caused by drug-resistant infections out of fear the health service will look bad, Chief Medical Officer warns

The NHS is hiding the true number of people who are dying from antibiotic-resistant superbugs, the government's health chief has warned.

Dame Sally Davies, the Chief Medical Officer for England, are not properly recording patients' cause of death when they are killed by the infections.

She said families are 'rarely told' if their relative has died of a drug-resistant bacteria because it would 'look as if the NHS is failing'.

Sep 06 14:52

Local party votes to oust Labour MP who faked anti-Semitism charge

Joan Ryan lost the vote tonight, a local activist who was in the meeting tells The Electronic Intifada. There were 95 votes recorded as no confidence, 92 votes confidence and four spoiled ballots.

Sep 06 10:52

Once Again, Palestinians Are Shafted by The British Government, Responding to Pressures from pro-Israeli Lobby

I am appalled and angry at the British government’s adoption of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of anti-Semitism following pressure by various Jewish Zionist groups for the same reason I am against another document the British government was pressured into adopting – the Balfour Declaration of 1917, “a short letter by Arthur Balfour to arguably one of the most influential Jewish families – the Rothschild’s.”

It is much shorter than the IHRA, and included this sentence in it:

“It being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of non-Jewish communities [in Palestine].”

Sep 06 10:32

Gullible, gutless and gagged: Legal advice and common sense jettisoned as UK Labour Party leaders surrender to Zionist diktat

Stuart Littlewood asks why Jeremy Corbyn’s team ignored legal experts’ warnings that adopting the Zionist definition of ‘anti-Semitism’ would contravene the European Convention on Human Rights and the Human Rights Act, which is part of UK domestic law? >>

Sep 06 10:05

Britain launches cyber warfare on Russia: Theresa May vows to cripple Putin's spy network in response to smirking assassins' novichok attack on Salisbury

Theresa May will wreak revenge on Vladimir Putin by ordering a covert war on his spy network as she accused two of its assassins of carrying out the Salisbury novichok attack.

The Prime Minister said the security services would target the GRU, the military intelligence unit the pair work for.

Cyber warfare, espionage, financial sanctions and travel bans could be used, sources said. Interpol has been put on red alert to detain the two agents, who use the aliases Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov.

Mrs May has warned they would be brought to Britain for trial if they ever left Russia - but experts have said that Vladimir Putin will personally ensure the assassins never leave the country and reward them with lucrative promotions despite botching their assassination attempt on Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia.

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If you were to use this Skripal fiction as fertilizer, I bet you could double Britain's agricultural output!

Sep 06 10:04

German govt readies for all Brexit options, including ‘no deal’

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government said on Wednesday it is preparing for all Brexit scenarios, including “no deal,” Reuters reports. The cabinet also approved a draft law on a transition phase for Britain after it leaves the European Union next year. The draft law on a transition phase, the result of an EU agreement from March, will only come into force if an exit deal is reached, according to a German government spokeswoman.

Sep 06 09:51

Royal Navy warship 'confronted by Chinese military' in South China Sea

A Royal Navy warship has sailed close to islands claimed by Beijing in the South China Sea, a move denounced by China as a "provocation".

In a sign of Britain increasingly flexing its military muscle in the region, HMS Albion last week passed by the Paracel Islands, where it was reportedly confronted by the Chinese military.

The Albion, a 22,000 ton amphibious warship carrying a contingent of Royal Marines, was on its way to Ho Chi Minh City, where it docked on Monday after a deployment in and around Japan.

Sep 06 09:48

Chequers is dead: long live an alternative Europe

Prime Minister May was a remainer, and has remained a remainer. She has ensured that Whitehall leads the negotiation with Brussels. Since Whitehall is part of the Brussels establishment, it is the establishment negotiating with itself about how best to dilute or even negate the referendum result of June 23, 2016.

The same people who negotiated between the time of Prime Minister Cameron’s Bloomberg speech in January 2013 and Cameron’s announcement of his proposed deal with the EU in February 2016 have also negotiated the Chequers deal. Cameron’s February 2016 speech was greeted by a Sun headline: “Who do EU think you are kidding?”. The response to Chequers is similar.

Sep 06 09:47

Salisbury is far from a Novichok Slam-Dunk! – George Galloway

For the British media and their parliamentary echo-chamber, today's release of CCTV and other pictures, together with the murder charges against two "Russians" is game, set and match against the Russian state.

Moreover the British decision not to even seek extradition of “Alexander Petrov” and “Ruslan Boshirov” signals case-closed so far as London is concerned. All that remains presumably is the imposition of further national and international sanctions against Moscow which continues robustly to deny any involvement. But for a deeply cynical British public, soured by decades of dirty tricks disinformation and official lying which has caused the deaths of millions and spread extremism across the world, this case is far from closed.

Sep 06 09:34

'Scallops War' is Latest Bizarre Conflict Triggered By Fish, Salt and Pastries

France has put its navy on standby to intervene to prevent more clashes between French and British fishermen hunting scallops off the Normandy coast. Sputnik looks at the history of conflicts which have broken out over foodstuffs.

French Agriculture Minister Stephane Travert said on Tuesday, September 4, the French navy was "ready to intervene in case of clashes" after fishermen hurled stones and insults in the latest episode of the "Scallops War".

French fishermen accuse the British of unfairly catching scallops in the Baie de Seine during the summer, when French boats are banned because of French regulations aimed at protecting shellfish stocks.

Sep 06 09:33

UKIP Founder Explains Why May 'Won’t Remain in Power for Too Much Longer'

Boris Johnson is facing the wrath of certain sections of the Conservative Party, due to his attack on Theresa May’s Brexit plans in the Daily Telegraph. Is he making a late bid to become Prime Minister? Sputnik spoke with Alan Sked, founder of UKIP for more.

Sep 06 09:24

Exodus: 40% of Jews Would ‘Seriously Consider’ Leaving UK if Corbyn Becomes PM

Almost 40 per cent of British Jews would “seriously consider emigrating” if Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn became prime minister, a new poll revealed Wednesday.

The Jewish Chronicle published the finding along with the revelation British Jews between 35-54 are most concerned about the prospect of a Labour government under Mr Corbyn. Around half of that cohort said emigration is a serious future consideration.

The Chronicle poll showed the fear of Mr. Corbyn’s leadership reaches a peak amongst Jewish women, with over 44 per cent saying they would give serious thought to leaving the country.

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I wouldn't get too worried. Look at all the celebrities who promised they would leave the US if Trump won the election ... and they are all still here .... dammit!

Sep 06 09:22

Betrayal of our nurses: Thousands have been forced to use food banks in the past year because they cannot afford to eat

Thousands of nurses are forced to rely on food banks because they cannot afford to eat, shocking new research suggests.

Out of a survey of more than 1,000 nurses, nine per cent admitted to having collected free food in the past year, while 38 per cent said they struggle to buy food.

Over half claim to have less than £500 to fall back on if a personal crisis were to strike, such as ill health or a relationship breakdown.

Sep 06 09:19

Parents threaten to keep their children home from school after headmaster introduces unisex toilets at his secondary academy

Dominic McKeon had the row of standalone toilets built in the run up to the new school year so boys and girls at the Little Lever School in Bolton, Greater Manchester, could use them together during their lunch break.

But parents were furious after only learning of the move when their children returned to classes following the summer holidays.

Several vowed to keep the youngsters off lessons in protest whilst a campaign against the unisex toilets started on Facebook.

Sep 06 08:17

UK Releases IMPOSSIBLE Photo of Supposed Russian Suspects in Skripal Case

These CCTV images released by Scotland yard today allegedly show Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov both occupying exactly the same space at Gatwick airport at precisely the same second. 16.22.43 on 2 March 2018. Note neither photo shows the other following less than a second behind.

There is no physically possible explanation for this. You can see ten yards behind each of them, and neither has anybody behind for at least ten yards. Yet they were both photographed in the same spot at the same second.

The only possible explanations are:
1) One of the two is travelling faster than Usain Bolt can sprint
2) Scotland Yard has issued doctored CCTV images/timeline.

I am going with the Met issuing doctored images.

Sep 06 08:08

‘Prepare for CyberWar’ – Anonymous sources brief right-wing press on May’s ‘revenge’ against Russia

According to “a senior government official,” referenced in the Times, “The evidence that Russia carried out a chemical weapons attack on British soil has increased the actions the UK can take in self-defense.”

Anonymous sources were also referenced in the Daily Mail and the Sun. In the latter, “a senior security source” is quoted as saying: “They’re going to have pay a cost for what they’ve done. Nothing is off the table now.”

The Rupert Murdoch owned Sun, states: “sources insisted there was “no doubt” on the Joint Intelligence Committee – the overall security body that supervised the long investigation – that the Skrpial [sic] “wet job” was authorized by Putin personally.”

Not wanting to miss out, The Daily Mail also referenced the cyberwarfare threats, but didn't give a source for the information.

Sep 06 08:05

Russia is not involved in Skripal case at any level – Kremlin

Russia has nothing to do with the Skripal poisoning case at any level, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has said, slamming “unacceptable” British allegations.

“Neither Russia’s top leadership nor those with lower ranks, and no country’s officials, have had anything to do with the events in Salisbury,” Peskov said. He rebuffed UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s claim that the attack on the ex-double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter was approved at “senior level of the Russian state.”

“Any accusations against Russian leadership are unacceptable,” the spokesman added.

Sep 06 08:01

British navy's HMS Albion warned over South China Sea 'provocation'

China has accused the UK of "provocative actions", after a British warship sailed close to the disputed Paracel islands in the South China Sea.

The Chinese told HMS Albion to leave in "an aggressive manner", taking position "irresponsibly close" to the ship, the BBC's Jonathan Beale has been told.

The Royal Navy said it was conducting a freedom of navigation exercise "in full compliance with international law".

But China said the UK had entered its territorial waters without permission.

Sep 05 15:22

Farage backs calls to 'boycott' ARMY as British soldiers arrive in Bosnia wearing EU flags

NIGEL Farage has condemned the EU's continuous attempts to create a European [army] as British soldiers arrived in Bosnia on Tuesday wearing EU flags on their sleeves for European training exercise.

Sep 05 11:33

'US, UK Stand Together' to Hold Russia Responsible for Skripal Case – Envoy

After London's Metropolitan Police released images of two suspected perpetrators of the March 4 attack on Russian ex-spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in the UK city of Salisbury, The British Prime Minister accused Russia of being behind the Skripal case.

US ambassador to the UK Woody Johnson has twitted that Washington and London want to hold Russia responsible "for its act of aggression" on British territory.

His remarks came as he commented on an "important statement" by UK Prime Minister Theresa May during her emergency speech at the country's parliament earlier on Wednesday.