Aug 12 15:33

Councils misused & lost citizens’ data thousands of times - privacy watchdog

Privacy rights campaigners are demanding that UK council staff face prosecution after an investigation revealed government employees stole, lost or inappropriately accessed citizens’ sensitive material over 4,000 times.

Aug 12 13:33

UK: Manchester City Council bans homeless protesters from city centre

Faced with an ongoing protest by homeless people camped out in the centre of Manchester, the city council have been granted an injunction banning them from setting up any form of temporary accommodation (tents) anywhere in the centre of the city.

Aug 12 12:48

Unexploded WWII bomb found in east London

An unexploded bomb thought to be leftover from World War II has been uncovered at an east London construction site.

Aug 12 10:51

Sex crime allegations against WikiLeaks chief Assange to expire in days

Sexual assault allegations leveled against Julian Assange are set to expire within a week due to Sweden’s statute of limitations. The WikiLeaks editor has never been charged and maintains the allegations are baseless.

Aug 12 09:20

UK jobless on the rise

A newly published report by the British government has revealed that the labor market has been witnessing the second consecutive month of job losses.

Aug 12 09:13

Military intervention in Syria ‘legally dubious,’ says Labour MP

Military intervention in Syria is legally dubious and Prime Minister David Cameron’s attempt to push parliament into war would be “disrespectful,” Labour leadership contender Andy Burnham has said.

Aug 12 08:14

BT customer was left on hold for more than 14 HOURS when he called to try and cancel his contract

Paul Donovan, 26, had rung to cancel some services never expecting to break the UK record for what is understood to be the longest hold time ever recorded.

The carer of Crook, County Durham, called BT at 7.57pm before retiring to bed and getting up next morning to find he was still on hold - 14 hours and 31 minutes later.

BT say their call centre was closed when Mr Donovan attempted to cancel various services from the telecoms giant over the phone.

However, Mr Donovan insists there was no announcement saying the department was closed, just a pre-recorded message telling him his call on Saturday August 1 would be dealt with.

Aug 12 08:05

New Report Exposes Facts About How Your Privacy Is Abused

According to privacy campaign group Big Brother Watch, councils in the United Kingdom have committed breaches of sensitive data an average of nearly four times per day in the last three years.

Aug 12 06:28

Greece: Raped, Humiliated, Frightened But Standing!

Greece is now obviously on the same hit list of the Empire, as are countless other nations, from Ecuador and Venezuela, to Russia, China and Iran.

Has it been a warning or an act of desperation? A reaction to recent humiliation, to a rape that Greece once again suffered at the hands of Germany, its politicians and banks, and in the paws of the rest of the European Union?

In Greece, it all feels like a calm before a huge storm.

Aug 12 06:13

The Centerpiece of US Foreign Policy Struggle

The basic question for all Americans is whether we will act as an independent, sovereign country pursuing peace through diplomacy, as we currently see unfolding with Iran and Cuba, or a submissive military instrument, directed by Israel’s proxies hell-bent on destroying America for Israel.

While many US intellectuals, liberals, progressives and leftists support the US-Iran agreement (see the Scientists’ Letter to Obama on Iran Nuclear Deal, Aug. 8, 2015 with 29 top scholars and Nobel laureates support diplomacy), few would dare to identify and attack Israel’s US proxies as they promote Tel Aviv’s agenda pushing the US to war with Iran. A brief glance through the sectarian left press, for example, The Socialist Register, New Politics, New Left Review, finds no discussion of the powerful, well-financed, highly organized, elite-driven Israeli proxies and their role in determining US wars in the Middle East, and more specifically the war agenda toward Iran.

Aug 11 15:18

'Calamitous' weather hits grouse numbers ahead of Glorious 12th

Calamitous weather conditions have hit red grouse breeding this year, the shooting industry warned, ahead of the "Glorious 12th" start to the season.

Around 40% of shooting days in England are likely to be lost because late spring snow, frosts, low temperatures, heavy rain and even a severe hailstorm at the beginning of July in some areas have hit grouse numbers in the uplands.

Aug 11 12:56

'Friends of Israel' worried by Corbyn - and that can only be a good thing

The chair of Labour Friends of Israel has urged party members not to back anti-war advocate Jeremy Corbyn in the leadership race because he previously called for Arab groups Hamas and Hezbollah to be involved in Middle East peace talks.

Aug 11 12:47

Britons demand their government to arrest Benjamin Netanyahu

I'm sure the British government will ignore the petition just as the transparent and responsive Obama regime ignores petitions

Aug 11 12:40

NHS trusts ordered to make emergency cuts amid £2bn spending black hole

National Health Service (NHS) trusts have been ordered to slash spending and cut staff numbers as a £2bn black hole in Tory health spending further exacerbates Britain’s health crisis.

Aug 11 12:03

Jeremy Corbyn wants war criminal Tony Blair to face justice

Tony Blair should stand trial for war crimes if the Chilcot Inquiry rules the former prime minister broke international law by invading Iraq in 2003, Labour leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn has said.

Aug 11 11:25

Netanyahu and His Marionettes

Benjamin Netanyahu is laying siege to the Congress of the United States, not for the first time. He has thrown his voice and channeled his influence into the arena of American legislative politics, to abort the P5+1 nuclear settlement with Iran, which was signed on July 14 by the US, Britain, France, Germany, China, and Russia. The Israeli strong man’s latest intervention is in keeping with the rest of his political career. Netanyahu owes all his importance and his success to actions that have been purely destructive.

Aug 11 11:22

Govt. accused of ‘shortchanging’ taxpayer

The British government has faced a barrage of criticism for selling off shares in Royal Bank of Scotland.

Aug 11 11:20

Obama’s Iran Nuclear Deal

President Obama's singular achievement is the effort he has pursued to break the stranglehold the Zionist and NeoCons have exerted over American policy.

“Top diplomats from Russia and China joined a rare meeting of world powers’ envoys on Capitol Hill this week with roughly 30 Senate Democrats to tamp down concerns over the nuclear agreement.

“The prospect of the rejection of a deal makes us nervous,” Philipp Ackermann, the acting German ambassador to the United States, said Thursday. “It would be a nightmare for every European country if this is rejected.”

Aug 11 10:42

Why didn’t this happen while he was alive? 5 police forces investigating Ted Heath child sex allegations

At least five separate police forces in the UK are investigating allegations that Sir Edward Health sexually abused children after it emerged a criminal inquiry into the former prime minister may have been covered up.

Aug 11 08:46

Mission Creep? Britain to Double Ukrainian Military Training

Britain has announced that it will expand its commitment to helping the Ukrainian military by doubling the amount of soldiers that it will train in the country, as UK Defense Secretary Michael Fallon warned the conflict in Ukraine's east was still "red hot".

Aug 10 18:02

Internet giants help police in hunt for child abusers

They're monitoring Parliament 24/7

Aug 10 13:38

Scotland to Issue Formal GMO Ban; Meanwhile in America, We Still Don’t Even Get to Know if We’re Eating It

While commercial GMOs are beginning to spread in England, Scotland ministers are about to officially ban the cultivation of commercial GMO crops for good in a move to further distance itself from the UK government (and probably from the nation’s horrifying shebeast queen).

“There is no evidence of significant demand for GM products by Scottish consumers and I am concerned that allowing GM crops to be grown in Scotland would damage our clean and green brand, thereby gambling with the future of our £14bn food and drink sector,” Richard Lochhead, Scotland’s environment secretary, told the London Guardian.

Aug 10 10:22

Greece – A Dramatic Appeal by Mikis Theodorakis

The signatories are calling “all the peoples of the world, to realize that the struggle of the Greek people is also their struggle”.

Friends of Greece,

On 3 August 2015, MikisTheodorakis, the Greek world famous music composer and Resistance figure, called upon the Greek people – and the peoples of the world – to respect Democracy – the very Democracy, born in Greece some 2500 years ago and given to the world as a set of values for respect for each other, for humanity – for equal rights and for free expression.

The following text summarizes MikisTheodorakis’ appeal to stop the Syriza Government from selling out the Greek people’s country and stop the currently – almost in secret – ongoing negotiations with the troika on the modalities of the € 86 billion loan and the details of the new austerity measures – “negotiations” to be concluded by about 20 August 2015.

Aug 10 10:17

Trump trumps them all in Republican debates — Pepe Escobar

"Our country is in serious trouble. We don’t win anymore..." Donald Trump

Nobel Prize winner Joseph Stiglitz has said that the US, on the financial front, is “on the wrong side of history.” As for the Republican candidates chasing the nomination for the 2016 US presidential race, well, they may qualify only for the ‘wrong’ side of the bargain, as they hardly know what ‘history’ means.
And that brings us to a mammoth specimen of entertainment/reality TV; the first Republican debate, no less than a seemingly-eternal 15 months before the actual US presidential election.

It definitely started with a – what else? – celebrity TV bang. Would anybody raise their hands if they were mulling running as a third-party candidate, and ignore the eventual Republican nominee?

Aug 10 08:23

FALSE FLAG ALERT - Report: ISIS Planning to Bomb Queen Elizabeth Next Weekend

British newspaper says authorities have uncovered plot to kill the queen at a celebration on Saturday marking the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I rather think a large portion of the British population would enjoy the show!

Aug 10 08:05

Calls Rise for Tony Blair to Face War Crimes Trial

Blair has come under increasing pressure over his decision to join US President George W. Bush in the invasion of Iraq in 2003, which led to the toppling of Saddam Hussein, who had been president or better say Dictator since 1979, Spuntic News Agency reports.

Former UK PM was heavily criticized for releasing a ‘dodgy dossier’, justifying the invasion, which turned out to be largely plagiarized from unattributed sources.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

They should ALL face war crimes trials!

Aug 09 12:51

Greece – A Dramatic Appeal by Mikis Theodorakis

MikisTheodorakis, the Greek world famous music composer and Resistance figure, called upon the Greek people – and the peoples of the world – to respect Democracy – the very Democracy, born in Greece some 2500 years ago and given to the world as a set of values for respect for each other, for humanity – for equal rights and for free expression.

He referred in particular to the Greek referendum in which the Greek people on 5 July 2015 voted with an overwhelming 61% against the continuation of the economic and financial strangulation of Greece by the infamous troika – the European Central Bank (ECB), the European Commission (EC) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Aug 09 12:46

A Cold Summer for Europe

In the whole modern history of Europe, there was not such a shameful surrender, or even treason. ‘Alexis Tsipras’ is a Greek translation of ‘Vidkun Quisling’ or of ‘Maréchal Pétain’.

After the Syriza debacle of Greece, there is a very little trust for left-wing rhetoric. In the whole modern history of Europe, there was not such a shameful surrender, or even treason. ‘Alexis Tsipras’ is a Greek translation of ‘Vidkun Quisling’ or of ‘Maréchal Pétain’. The man received the full support of his people, and chickened out. (The first step of Syriza after the fiasco was to enter into military cooperation with Israel.) Now only the far-right Golden Dawn speaks loudly against surrender to the bankers, but this is a party in opposition, and it risks nothing by speaking out.

Aug 08 20:10

WMD Britain: How MoD scientists tested chemical weapons including anthrax and the PLAGUE on soldiers and members of the public - and even released dangerous bacteria on the Tube

The gruesome reality of chemical experiments carried out by the Ministry of Defence at a controversial 'military science park' over the course of 50 years has been revealed.

Teenager soldiers and servicemen unwittingly volunteered to be human 'guinea pigs' for a series of experiments at Porton Down, in Wiltshire, in the hope of a bit of extra cash.

But the unsuspecting volunteers were exposed to Sarin gas, anthrax and even the Black Death, a new book has revealed.

One victim was left convulsing with ‘terrible stuff coming out of his mouth like frogspawn’; another teenage serviceman believed he had a four-hour conversation with a school-friend who had died years before, after being injected with a brain-incapacitating drug.

Incredibly, thousands of members of the British public were also unknowingly exposed by government scientists who released spores of a 'plague-like' bacteria on the London Underground in 1963.

Aug 08 16:51

Scotland to ban GM crop growing

Scotland is to ban the growing of genetically modified crops, the country's rural affairs secretary has announced.

Richard Lochhead said the Scottish government was not prepared to "gamble" with the future of Scotland's £14bn food and drink sector.

He is to request that Scotland be excluded from any European consents for the cultivation of GM crops.

Aug 08 16:14

Carphone Warehouse coughs to MONSTER data breach – 2.4 MEELLION Brits at risk

Carphone Warehouse has taken three days to go public about a serious data breach affecting nearly 2.5 million customers – with the confession that up to 90,000 subscribers may have had their credit card info ransacked.

The company said on Saturday afternoon that it had first discovered its systems had been violated by a "sophisticated cyber-attack" on 5 August.

Encrypted credit card data of up to 90,000 customers may have been lifted by malefactors, it added.

Carphone Warehouse said its websites, and had been affected by the attack. Those sites provide services for customers at iD Mobile, TalkTalk Mobile, Talk Mobile and an undisclosed number of Carphone Warehouse customers.

Aug 08 15:07

The Liberation of US Foreign Policy

Once we defeat the Israeli-directed attempt to derail the Iran deal in Congress we can safely go out into the streets declaiming: Free at last! Free at last! Thank God almighty, we’re free at last!

The Iran deal is a turning point in US foreign policy, and its approval by Congress will represent a sea change in American politics: it will mark nothing less than a day of liberation which future generations might dub “VI Day” – victory over Israel day.

The signing of the Iran deal, and its probable approval by Congress – it doesn’t look like the War Party has the votes to overturn it – heralds the victory of the countercoup, i.e. the overthrow of the Lobby’s stranglehold and the eventual restoration of a pro-American foreign policy. This was evident in practically every line of President Obama’s recent speech at American University, and the text deserves closer examination than it has so far gotten.

Aug 08 12:26

The Liberation of US Foreign Policy

The Iran deal is a turning point in US foreign policy, and its approval by Congress will represent a sea change in American politics: it will mark nothing less than a day of liberation which future generations might dub “VI Day” – victory over Israel day.

The signing of the Iran deal, and its probable approval by Congress – it doesn’t look like the War Party has the votes to overturn it – heralds the victory of the countercoup, i.e. the overthrow of the Lobby’s stranglehold and the eventual restoration of a pro-American foreign policy. This was evident in practically every line of President Obama’s recent speech at American University, and the text deserves closer examination than it has so far gotten.

Aug 08 10:44

Greece – the Refugee Crisis and the Fate of a little Iraqi Boy

May a story like Mohammad Ali’s, of which there are surely countless others not known to the common citizen at large – bring back compassion, solidarity and consideration for our brothers and sisters at large into the mindset of peoples’ values of our western society --

Mohammad Ali’s destiny is not known, but he is on a positive track – and more importantly he is in good and caring hands. May he be testimony and symbol throughout Europe and the rest of the world for Greece’s compassion for refugees and their fate, for Greece’s generosity and thriving sense of solidarity – a sense of kindness that has been gravely devastated in the rest of the western world!

Aug 08 10:41

International Courts and the Mystery of the Malaysian Airliner

People are not equal in death, either. Some deaths are more newsworthy than others. The media and politicians love spectacular acts of terror, fires, disaster, the death of the wealthy and privileged, a death conducive to a cause. Such is the death of 300 passengers and crew of the Malaysian airliner flight 17 in the crash in Donbass, near Russian-Ukrainian border. Their deaths, regrettable as they were, are deemed to be of much greater importance, or at least newsworthiness than those of some ten thousand local people killed by the indiscriminate shelling of Donbass towns by Kiev regime troops, or that of a million Arabs. It is conducive to the cause of pushing Russia into a corner.

Aug 08 10:38

House Members In Israel for Obama-Bashing

Should Congress prevail in undermining “this strong, principled policy diplomacy”, we would have reached a shameful moment in U.S. foreign policy.

While President Barack Obama was speaking about the people’s business, and his Kennedy-like preference for diplomacy over war, freshman members of the U.S. House of Representatives were either 5,000 plus miles away in Israel, or preparing to go there to be feted and educated by a foreign power which opposes the nuclear agreement the U.S. has reached with Iran and major European powers.

Democratic freshman congress members who may or may not have heard the Obama speech, are traveling in Israel (all expenses paid) courtesy of an educational nonprofit “affiliated with” the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), the American Israel Education Foundation, AIPAC’s charitable arm.

What “affiliated with” means is that AIPAC runs the trip while its “education foundation” pays the bills.

Aug 08 03:49

Times Investigations Editor Apologises for a Holocaust-Paedophilia Tweet reported yesterday that Dominic Kennedy, the Investigations Editor at The Times newspaper has apologised for causing offence after he tweeted that most VIP paedophiles were “Jewish or gay”.

Jewish community leaders blasted comments from Kennedy, who removed the tweet in which he said: “So many of the VIPs accused of being paedophiles are Jewish or gay. Maybe we could have a system to identify these people: triangles, stars…”

Aug 07 07:44

Indian Air Force Sukhois Dominate UK Fighter Jets in Combat Exercises

In some of the most intense international air combat exercises ever featuring the Indian Air Force, IAF pilots flying Sukhoi Su-30 MKI fighters had a resounding 12-0 scoreline in their favour against Royal Air Force Typhoon jets in Within Visual Range (WVR) dogfighting operations.

In subsequent Large Force Exercises (LFE) which featured combined Eurofighter Typhoon and Su-30 formations, the IAF jets were somewhat less successful but consistently held an edge over the Typhoon.

Aug 06 22:01

BBC forced out team behind Savile child abuse exposé

BBC journalists will be afraid of speaking out about the next big BBC scandal after seeing how those who tried to expose Jimmy Savile were forced out, according to the former head of investigations at Newsnight.

Aug 06 15:08

Using iTunes is now illegal under UK copyright law

In scenes similar to the government's accidental banning of everything, the High Court has overturned copyright legislation to make the transferring of copyright works from one medium to another illegal - one of the main traditional uses of iTunes.

The government legalised copying for private use last year, a practice most thought was already legal.

But, as TorrentFreak reports, the private copying exceptions have been overturned and the Intellectual Property Office has confirmed that ripping a CD in iTunes is no longer allowed.

Aug 06 12:59

UK Labour Party: a sad end, or a bold new beginning?

Stuart Littlewood says a victory for Jeremy Corbyn in the Labour leadership elections could energise the party and enable it to challenge the Conservatives in England and the Scottish National Party in Scotland.

Aug 06 09:42

Game over for Labour Friends of Israel?

These must be worrying times for Labour Friends of Israel (LFI).

The prospect of Jeremy Corbyn being elected the UK Labour Party’s new leader is something of a nightmarish scenario for its internal Israel lobby. Not only is Corbyn a long-standing defender of Palestinian rights, he stated that Tony Blair should be tried for war crimes in a BBC interview yesterday.

Despite — or perhaps because of — all the carnage Blair caused in Iraq, the former prime minister is still spoken of in reverential tones at LFI gatherings.

Recent comments from the LFI hierarchy prove that it is an amoral organization.

Jennifer Gerber, its director, claimed in July that “something has gone badly wrong with Labour’s once warm relationship with the [Jewish] community.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Maybe the British are just as sick of living under puppet rule as the Americans are!

Aug 05 15:14

Moment whip in Sir Edward Heath's Government revealed that his job was to cover up scandals 'involving small boys' and the PM kept details in a 'dirt book'

Why is Heath being referred to as "Sir Edward" by the corporate media?

...individuals cease to hold the honour after they die.

Aug 05 11:46

Late British Prime Minister Edward Heath Accused of Raping 12-Year-Old Boy

Four separate police investigations are currently underway to examine claims that former British Prime Minister Sir Edward Heath sexually abused a 12-year-old boy. Worse still, the allegations could be only a small part of systemic abuse by “powerful men,” as well as evidence of a decades-old cover up.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Government power attracts very sick people!

Aug 05 09:10

Osborne's multi-billion pound clearance sale: Chancellor to flog more state assets in 12 months than in the last TWENTY years

Unite general secretary Len McCluskey described the findings as 'the sale of the century' and accused Mr Osborne of 'rewarding the Tory party's friends in the city in a spectacularly lavish style'.

He said: 'These are public assets belonging to the taxpayer, held in trust for the future for the benefit of the many, not for the financial gain of a rich city elite.

'George Osborne is being utterly irresponsible and inconsistent. On the one hand he announces £12 billion of cuts, the pain of which will be felt by the most vulnerable, on the other he rushes through the RBS sale and in the process loses out on a £14 billion return to taxpayers.

'This is money that could have been spent on infrastructure investment, education and health for the benefit of all.'

Aug 05 09:06

Tony Blair should face trial for war crimes over Iraq, says Jeremy Corbyn

Tony Blair should be charged with war crimes for ordering the 2003 invasion of Iraq, Labour leadership frontrunner Jeremy Corbyn has claimed.

In an extraordinary attack on Labour's most successful ever leader, Mr Corbyn said that 'those that made the decisions' in the run-up to the conflict should be put on trial.

He said Mr Blair should be made to 'explain' launching an 'illegal' war which he said helped cause recent migrant deaths in the Mediterranean.

Aug 05 09:05

Moment whip in Sir Edward Heath's Government revealed that his job was to cover up scandals 'involving small boys' and the PM kept details in a 'dirt book'

This is the chilling moment Sir Edward Heath's Commons enforcer revealed part of his job had been to cover up 'scandals involving small boys'.

Tim Fortescue, an assistant whip while Sir Edward was prime minister, was part of the so-called 'Westminster Secret Service' who would hide dirty secrets for MPs and blackmail them for loyalty.

Mr Fortescue, who died in 2008, admitted Ted Heath had encouraged him to compile a 'dirt book' on Tory colleagues and would try to ‘get a chap out of trouble’ before demanding favours in return.

Aug 05 08:59

iTunes is Illegal Under UK Copyright Law

The High Court recently overturned private copying exceptions introduced last year by the UK Government, once again outlawing the habits of millions of citizens. The Intellectual Property Office today explains that ripping a CD in iTunes is no longer permitted, and neither is backing up your computer if it contains copyrighted content.

Aug 05 08:58

Calais under siege: Riot police battle 2,500 migrants desperate to invade Britain through Channel Tunnel

The article below from the British newspaper The Daily Mail includes amazing photographs that show just how far the immigration situation has deteriorated. Britain, a country that once was proud of the fact it hadn’t been invaded since the Norman Conquest of 1066, is now being invaded once again from Normandy, this time by Africans, armed with little more than the treacherous propaganda support of the Zionist rulers of Britain and the rest of the Western World.

Aug 05 08:31

David Icke Blocked by Facebook Over Savile-Heath Picture

With the most crass and outrageous timing and censorship, Facebook has chosen the very week when David Icke has been proved right about Prime Minister Ted Heath to ban him for posting what reflects the truth about Heath and his relationship with Savile.

David was the only person who publicly named Prime Minister Ted Heath as a paedophile, Satanist and child killer while he was still alive and has done so constantly since.

Indeed this very picture and words have been posted in the past on Facebook long before the Heath story broke in the mainstream media this week and it was not removed.

(Click the link and then page down to see the pic of Saville and Ted Heath sharing a laugh that got Icke's Facebook account frozen.)

Aug 05 07:48

Leicestershire police 'ignore' attempted burglaries at odd-numbered houses

Attempted break-ins at odd-numbered houses were not fully investigated by one police force as part of an experiment to save money.

Leicestershire Police said the pilot scheme had had no adverse effect on public satisfaction or crime rates. even number houses.

Aug 04 21:55

British SAS Special Forces “Dressed Up as ISIS Rebels” Fighting Assad in Syria

“More than 120 members belonging to the elite regiment are currently in the war-torn country” covertly “dressed in black and flying ISIS flags,” engaged in what’s called Operation Shader – attacking Syrian targets on the pretext of combatting ISIS.

Maybe covert US special forces and CIA elements are involved the same way. During Obama’s war on Libya, Britain deployed hundreds of Special Forces Support Group (SFSG) paratroopers – drawn from SAS (Special Air Service) and SBS (Special Boat Service) personnel.

Aug 04 11:52

British SAS Special Forces “Dressed Up as ISIS Rebels” Fighting Assad in Syria

“More than 120 members belonging to the elite regiment are currently in the war-torn country” covertly “dressed in black and flying ISIS flags,” engaged in what’s called Operation Shader – attacking Syrian targets on the pretext of combatting ISIS.

Aug 04 10:07

UK raises $3.3 billion in 1st sale of Royal Bank of Scotland shares

The £2.1 ($3.3) billion raised will be used to settle the national debt.

The money from this sale will benefit no-one but bankers.

Aug 04 08:24

Calls For Boycott Over G4S Profiteering From Israeli Apartheid

G4S, the controversial British-Danish private security firm, has come under fire for its long-term contracts with the Israeli government, which allows the company to profiteer from the Israeli apartheid, occupation and imprisonment of Palestinian political prisoners.

Aug 03 21:53

Finally, One Banker Gets Sizable Jail Term. But Will Others Follow?

"A message needs to be sent to the world of banking," said UK Judge Jeremy Cooke on Monday as he handed down a 14-year sentence to former Citibank and UBS trader Tom Hayes, convicted in a London court on eight counts of conspiring to manipulate a global benchmark interest rate known as LIBOR.

Aug 03 16:03

Police 'covered up' Ted Heath child sex abuse claims: Wiltshire force being investigated over allegation by 'very senior' former officer that trial was derailed to protect the former Prime Minister

Police are being investigated over sensational claims they covered up child sex allegations against former prime minister Edward Heath.

The probe was launched after a retired ‘very senior’ officer raised concerns that a criminal trial was derailed in the 1990s to protect the former Tory leader.

As a result, it is alleged, he was never interviewed by police – let alone arrested – and his home was not searched.

Aug 03 13:28

Healthy 75yo UK woman dies in Swiss euthanasia clinic to avoid ‘becoming a burden’

A healthy former nurse has killed herself at a Swiss euthanasia clinic because she feared developing a terminal illness and being unable to take her own life.

Gill Pharaoh, 75, who did not want to become a “hobbling old lady,” was not suffering from any serious illnesses before she died on July 12 at an assisted dying clinic called Lifecircle in Basel.

Aug 03 12:27

Scathing Emails Reveal US-UK 'Special' Relationship

A former White House aide has described the UK Prime Minister David Cameron as "unsure, inexperienced, oblique and largely uncommitted." The scathing sentiments have been revealed in private emails sent by Sidney Blumenthal to Hillary Clinton.

Aug 03 06:35

Sir Edward Heath named in child sex abuse investigation

Wiltshire Police appeals for anyone who believes they may have been victim of former Prime Minister as IPCC announces inquiry into handling of claims

Aug 02 22:10

Corbyn: the antidote to the Blairite ‘virus’ and Zionist snake-bite

Towards a more sensible foreign policy…

Many certainly can see Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister - a very different and totally new style of PM. He's astute and has a track record of honesty and openness, laced with a burning sense of justice.

Some polls are showing Jeremy Corbyn forging ahead in the Labour Party leadership race by as much as 20 points. The political Establishment is shaken and quite definitely stirred.

Aug 02 22:07

Power in the service of Power

Samantha Power has become something of an expert at Russia-bashing and using fiery rhetoric for her selective political aims at the UN Security Council.

The US, as with other NATO states, has set itself up as jury and judge on the MH17 tragedy, and has already decided on Russia’s guilt over the incident. From the outset, Western governments and media have insinuated that Russia or “Russian-backed rebels” in eastern Ukraine are the perpetrators. The case has already been poisoned with politicized prejudice, without any evidence. As Christopher Black, a respected international war crimes lawyer, has pointed out to this author, the tribunal proposed by the NATO countries would have been used as “a trap” to incriminate Russia and possibly even indict President Vladimir Putin for having ultimate responsibility.

Aug 02 22:03

The Imperial Designs on Iran

The Masters of the Universe seem to believe that the “pivot to Asia” won’t work if Iran is not part, as a vassal state, of the imperial design for Southwest Asia. Well, listen to Khamenei; that won’t happen.

So what is the Obama administration really up to in Iran? What sort of strategic calculations have led to what for the moment looks like a tactical geopolitical shift?

President Obama certainly concluded that the 36-year-long Wall of Mistrust against Iran was bound to fail. The real Masters of the Universe in Washington – those who control the deep state – always knew that the “nuclear weapons” hysteria was bogus. That was part of a strategic decision to keep the Islamic Republic isolated from the West as long as possible, and ultimately force regime change.

Aug 02 22:01

The Hunt for Red October

As a Social Democrat government came to power in September 2014, the Swedish Army, Navy and pro-NATO media plotted to prevent a possible rapprochement of Russia and Sweden.

These days, Sweden is all agog. In the midst of the coldest summer in living history that deprived the Swedes of their normal sun-accumulating July routine, the country plunged into an exciting search for a Russian submarine in the Stockholm archipelago, and (as opposed to the previous rounds of this venerable Swedish maritime saga) this time they actually found the beast.

Aug 02 15:40

Flying ants: Terrifying pictures show millions of insects invading Britain's homes

I went into my front yard today. A few feet away from me I saw what I assumed was cat crap surrounded by flies. After swearing profusely I decided to investigate. It turned out to be a massive ball of hundreds, if not thousands, of flying ants. I've never seen anything like it. It certainly cured my constipation!

Aug 02 15:11

Washington’s Fifth Columns Inside Russia and China

Russia and China finally caught on. It is amazing that the governments of the two countries that Washington regards as "threats" were so tolerant of foreign-financed NGOs for so long.

Americans need to understand that the biggest threat to them resides entirely in the crazed neoconservative ideology of Washington’s hegemony over the world and over the American people, Paul Craig Roberts believes.

It took two decades for Russia and China to understand that “pro-democracy” and “human rights” organizations operating within their countries were subversive organizations funded by the US Department of State and a collection of private American foundations organized by Washington. The real purpose of these non-governmental organizations (NGOs) is to advance Washington’s hegemony by destabilizing the two countries capable of resisting US hegemony.

Aug 02 15:08

Corbyn: the antidote to the Blairite ‘virus’ and Zionist snake-bite

Jeremy Corbyna is man to look up to and identify with…. and a man who is not tempted by the Israeli shekel. If any of his opponents lands the leadership Labour will remain under the yoke of Zionist ambitions and enslave by the gangster regime in Tel Aviv. They’ll be looking for any excuse to gang up in death-dealing raids into countries the US and Israel don’t like. And they’ll continue to provide a safe haven to Israel’s war criminals.

Aug 02 15:04

Middle East chaos: Cock-up or conspiracy?

“US policy being made up by crackpot realists…. American folly and incompetence that is in the dock…. Western policy has been a disgrace, and Britain’s contribution to it should be a matter of national shame….”

Aug 02 14:55

The Imperial Designs on Iran

So what is the Obama administration really up to in Iran? What sort of strategic calculations have led to what for the moment looks like a tactical geopolitical shift?

President Obama certainly concluded that the 36-year-long Wall of Mistrust against Iran was bound to fail. The real Masters of the Universe in Washington – those who control the deep state – always knew that the “nuclear weapons” hysteria was bogus. That was part of a strategic decision to keep the Islamic Republic isolated from the West as long as possible, and ultimately force regime change.

Aug 02 03:22

Ending Calais migrants crisis is 'top priority'

France and Britain vowed on Sunday that ending a crisis which has seen thousands of attempts by migrants to reach England from Calais in recent weeks is a "top priority".

The joint statement came as a French opposition lawmaker accused British Prime Minister David Cameron of failing to grasp "the severity of the problem", and said migrants should not be stopped from going to England unless stronger measures were taken.

Aug 01 18:05

Lloyds tells staff to cancel meetings with customers who want help or advice but won't make the bank any money

Staff at Britain’s biggest bank have been ordered not to waste their time keeping appointments with customers who will not make them any cash.

A leaked email from a senior manager at Lloyds highlights the state-backed lender’s lack of concern for loyal customers.

It instructs branch staff to cancel appointments with any customers who simply want help or advice and do not want to buy anything.

Aug 01 18:01

MPs under fire for £1million revamp of Westminster Tea Room despite fact they could be about to move out of Commons

Commons officials were unable to provide details of the refit beyond saying that it involved essential ‘health and safety’ work as part of a ‘catering refurbishment project’.

But last night, even some MPs questioned the timing of the redecoration – given that they may soon move out of the Commons to allow a huge restoration of the crumbling Palace of Westminster.

Aug 01 15:03

Jeremy Corbyn: the antidote to the Blairite “virus” and Zionist snake-bite

Stuart Littlewood contrasts Labour Party leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn’s honesty, openness and burning sense of justice with his contenders’ – Andy Burnham, Yvette Cooper and Liz Kendall – promise to be loyal servants of Israel.

Aug 01 11:01

How Privatisation Of The NHS Is A Scam

The House of Lords recently passed David Cameron’s laws aimed at privatising even more of the NHS. This vote for the controversial laws has increased calls for reforming the House of Lords. Calls further heightened after the resignation of Deputy Speaker John Sewel due to a drugs and hookers scandal.

Aug 01 09:56

This shocking investigation proves exactly how privatisation of the NHS is nothing but a filthy scam

The House of Lords recently passed David Cameron's laws aimed at privatising even more of the NHS. This vote for the controversial laws has increased calls for reforming the House of Lords. Calls further heightened after the resignation of Deputy Speaker John Sewel due to a drugs and hookers scandal.

Aug 01 08:21

Windows 10: Man updates PC and wakes up to find porn slideshow on repeat

An unfortunate Windows 10 user was left red-faced after upgrading to Microsoft's new operating system - when his pornography catalogue began blinking across his screen in a slideshow on repeat.

Excited to upgrade to the new format, the computer-lover upgraded to the new software and left it to 'do its thing', only to be woken by his wife asking why his collection of pornographic images was rotating on the desktop view.

The unfortunate user appears to have fallen foul of feature of the new operating system which pulls through images saved in one of the default folders to be used as a slideshow.


Jul 31 15:38

Erodogan and Netanyahu Declare War

The rulers of the two most powerful authoritarian regimes in the Middle East are launching major wars to reconfigure the Middle East.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has declared war by proxy on Iran, announcing full-scale military mobilization within Israel (July 27 -29) and organizing the biggest political campaign of ultra Zionist Jews in Washington. The purpose of this two-pronged propaganda blitz is to defeat the recently signed US-Iranian agreement and start another major Middle East war.

At the same time, Turkish Prime Minister Erodogan has launched a major war against the Kurdish people and their aspirations for a Kurdish state. T

Jul 31 14:41

Demand your teleSUR, RT, PressTV, and CCTV!

Whenever you stay in any hotel in Latin America, which does not “play” RT, PressTV, CCTV, TeleSUR, be a pest; demand! Nag, nag, and nag!

Mighty new television networks based in South America, Russia, China and Iran are locked in what could only be described as an epic battle against the omnipresent Western propaganda and indoctrination networks.Their programs can be seen all over the globe, and they have been dramatically changing the lives of millions in Africa, Latin America and the Middle East, even in some hubs of the Empire itself, like New York and London.

Jul 31 09:59

Confirmed! July 2015 weather was officially dreadful

And then, as if all of that wasn't enough, last night Sennybridge in Powys was the coldest place in the UK with an overnight temperature of 0.9c...That is very cold indeed for the summer!

Jul 31 08:52

Greece – And the Horror of Europe

Dear Reader, this is as far as we have fallen since the ascent of neoliberalism in the last twenty-some years. No ethics, no moral, no law, just coercion for greed and ultimate hegemony – enslavement of the people while and after they are lulled and dulled with lies 24/7.

According to UNHCR about 50 million refugees are on the move every day on our globe. This is most likely an understatement, as this figure doesn’t take into account what takes place in the almost hermetically closed-off Central Africa, Congo, Zaïre, where western corporations are exploiting for a pittance and with millions of slaves precious metals, uranium, hydrocarbons and rare earths – and where millions have died over the past ten years, by butcher regimes supported and armed by the west – and where millions are on the run.

The real figure of refugees on the run is easily 60 to 65 million;

Jul 31 08:46

Iran Political Fulmination Versus Diplomatic Deal

Viewers and readers should question polls, whether reported by CNN or Fox or MSNBC with the same vigor the old Chicago News Bureau once counseled, “If your mother says she loves you, check it out”.

Blessings upon New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof for pointing out that “fulmination” is the right word to describe opposition to the diplomatic deal President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry have just reached with Iran and the P5+1 major world powers.

The P5+1 offers a strong array of international powers. The term P5+1 refers to the UN Security Council’s five permanent members (the P5); namely China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States; plus Germany.

The PPP poll finds that “there’s strong support nationally for the Iran deal, that voters want their members of Congress to let it move forward, and that there’s no potential political backlash for members who do support the deal”.

Jul 31 07:47

Incongruities in the News — Paul Craig Roberts

Jonathan Pollard, a paid spy for Israel described by Michael D. Shear as “one of the country’s most notorious spies,” has been pardoned from his life sentence.

Pollard is a hero to Israel, not to America, and it is Pollard who is released. Manning, Snowden, and Assange are heroes to America, and they continue to be confined.

What disturbs me about the case is that it is Pollard, who spied for a foreign country, who is released. In contrast, Manning and Snowden who spied for the American people are locked away, Manning in a federal prison and Snowden in his Russian exile. Julian Assange, who merely did his job as a journalist and made available to newspapers documents leaked to him, is confined to the Ecuadoran embassy in London.

Jul 31 07:46

NatWest, RBS In Online Banking Problems

RBS is investigating a fault with its online banking system, amid customers reporting they were unable to access their accounts.

The bank's helpline on Twitter received dozens of messages from customers unable to log-in for online banking and the bank's mobile app earlier today.

Many of those complaining said they are due to be paid, with one saying she was overdrawn three days after payday but couldn't access online banking.

The bank responded on Twitter: "Please try not to panic".

Jul 31 07:40

Media blackout system to be relaunched

A media blackout system to stop lives being put at risk has been relaunched amid a growing focus on counter-terrorism and intelligence.

The long-standing DA-notice process that warns newspapers and broadcasters not to publish material which could jeopardise national security has become the Defence and Security Media Advisory (DSMA) system.

It comes after an increase in the number of cases relating to sensitive information about national intelligence rather than defence. Around 40% of the issues dealt with over the last 18 months were about security.

The changes follow a review of the process, most widely known as the D-notice system, by academics and leading industry figures.

Jul 31 06:06

Fabrication in BBC Panorama “Saving Syria’s Children”: Substitution of “Napalm Bomb” Footage

The below admission from the BBC that its substitution of Syria footage between two 2014 broadcasts breaches its own Editorial Guidelines on accuracy is a modest victory in the battle to attract scrutiny to the wider charges that one of the reports in question (at least) was largely, if not entirely, fabricated.

For almost two years I have pursued the question of whether scenes of the aftermath of an alleged incendiary attack on an Aleppo school – filmed by BBC staff and first broadcast as UK legislators voted on military intervention in Syria – were staged for the purposes of propaganda.

Jul 30 13:54

UK forces' policy of detention in Afghanistan was unlawful, Court of Appeal upholds

The Court of Appeal has unanimously confirmed that the British armed forces' use of detention in Afghanistan was unlawful, following an appeal by the British government.

Jul 30 13:52

Fracking could be delayed for up to two years across UK after Lancashire council rejects test drilling

Government plans to roll out fracking across Britain face delays of up to two years following a surprise decision to reject exploration for shale gas in Lancashire.

Ministers are concerned by the implications of the decision by Lancashire County Council last month to reject planning applications from the shale gas company Cuadrilla to drill eight wells at two sites on the Fylde coastal plain.

The Government had been expecting councilors to give their go-ahead to exploratory drilling on sites. But instead they turned down Cuadrilla’s application on the grounds that it would have an unacceptable visual impact and create too much noise.

Cuadrilla has now appealed but that process, regardless of the outcome, is likely to take 16 months.

Jul 30 11:21

UK government whips up anti-immigrant hysteria over Eurotunnel security at Calais

Britain’s Conservative government and the media have responded with undisguised xenophobia to attempts by migrants at the French port of Calais to enter the UK via the Channel Tunnel.

The desperate efforts of migrants to enter Britain led to the death Tuesday night of a Sudanese man who was hit by a truck leaving a cross-channel ferry. A spokesman for Eurotunnel, which runs the Channel crossing, said Wednesday, “Our team found a corpse this morning and the firefighters have confirmed the death of this person.”

Jul 30 05:26

House of Lords: 20 peers claim £1.6m during past five years – and never speak in debates

Twenty peers who have said almost nothing during House of Lords’ debates have received more than £1.6m in allowances and travel expenses during the past five years, according to a report.

A former head of the Commons’ standards committee said there was an urgent need for reform as the Lords had become “an absurd joke”.

Jul 30 05:18

British Gas owner Centrica cuts 6,000 jobs

Energy firm Centrica has said it will cut 6,000 jobs as it reported a doubling of profits at its British Gas business in the first half of the year.

Jul 29 14:40

‘One-way street’: US urged to buy more British weapons

Britain’s arms trade with the United States is a “one-way street,” Minister of State for Defence Procurement Philip Dunne has said, urging the US to buy more UK-built weapons.

Dunne told reporters during his first visit to the US since the general election there was a trade imbalance between the two nations.

Jul 29 12:00

Violent extremist, David Cameron’s UK arms firms making loadsamoney from Yemen slaughter

Human Rights Watch says a recent Saudi airstrike on the Yemeni town of Mukha that left scores of civilians dead appears to be a war crime.
The rights organization said there was no evident military target at the site of the airstrike.

Jul 29 11:36

UK PM Cameron explains .01% doctrine: ‘Destroy nation-states to invent our own barbaric realm’

On July 20, 2015, UK Prime Minister David Cameron delivered a major speech to justify ongoing wars on “extremism.” Supporting corporate media analyses are here, here, here, here; with some honesty from George Monbiot, with a 1-minute corporate media cry for more military armed attacks “on this evil”:

Jul 28 20:51

Reduced to tears by bailiffs shouting through her letterbox: Woman was bullied by the banks for FIVE YEARS over a £16,000 debt owed by someone with the same name

Jennifer Walker has been harassed for five years over debts that aren’t hers.

And though she has frequently protested her innocence, the demands keep coming.

She has been contacted by 24 different firms, had bailiffs shouting through her letterbox and received intimidating letters on Christmas Eve from debt collectors threatening to repossess her house.

She has explained to banks, phone companies, mail order firms and credit card providers that she is not the person they are looking for — but it makes no difference.

Jul 28 20:50

Revealed: The peer who claims £300 A DAY to walk just 200 yards to work. After cocaine and call girls, how Lords cash in on taxpayer-funded expenses

She lives in a £4million home just 200 yards from the House of Lords.

Yet Baroness Wilcox still bills the taxpayer up to £5,700 a month for her walk to work.

In two years, the 74-year-old former Cadbury Schweppes director has pocketed £74,400 in parliamentary attendance allowances.

The former Tory minister is among scores of affluent peers who claim thousands despite living in and around Westminster.

None has broken any rules – and they are otherwise unsalaried. But they stand accused of cynically exploiting a new tax-free payment of up to £300 a day that is massively weighted in favour of those based in London.

Jul 28 20:29

Don’t expect us to show up to burglaries, police chief warns

The public should no longer expect the police to routinely turn up to reports of burglaries, one of the country’s most senior officers indicated yesterday.

Sara Thornton, often described as David Cameron’s favourite police officer after serving as chief constable in his constituency, said that traditional offences such as criminal damage and antisocial behaviour would also no longer be treated as a priority.

Jul 28 15:56

These rabbis prove criticism of Israel’s campaign of terror is NOT anti-semitic

A group of 30 rabbis has criticized the “unjust” demolition of Palestinian homes in the West Bank in a letter to Israel’s outgoing ambassador to the UK.

The British Friends of Rabbis for Human Rights spoke out against the impending destruction of a small Palestinian community in Susiya in the West Bank, which would leave 450 residents homeless.

Jul 28 15:46

Another Unreported Plot To Increase Censorship

War criminal Tony Blair has often said that one of his biggest mistakes was to create the Freedom of Information Act. And no wonder, since our one-time Prime Minister had a preference for secrecy. Since its birth, the FoI Act has been widely and effectively used by citizens and journalists alike.

Jul 28 15:05

Labour is now so passive, it might as well be led by an out-of-office email

So Labour passed the welfare bill with the passive silence of a married orgasm. It has lost touch so badly that it is now getting lectures on empathy from someone from Paisley. Harriet Harman might as well stand down and leave the party to be managed by an out-of-office email. It’s as if their MPs know they lost the election but don’t realise they actually still have jobs in parliament. Like when a nursery kid finishes their one line in the nativity play then carries on picking their nose in front of the school … LABOUR WE CAN STILL SEE YOU.

Jul 28 09:48

London Underground serial killer ‘covered up’ by Home Office, former detective claims

A former detective claims Scotland Yard covered up the case of a self-confessed serial killer who pushed up to 18 people to their deaths on the London Underground during the 1970s.

Retired Scotland Yard Detective Geof Platt said the cases were “suppressed” by press officers working for the government as they “didn’t want people knowing a serial killer got away with pushing innocent people onto the tracks.”

Jul 28 09:31

Corrupt Cameron says ‘Dirty money not welcome in Britain’. Stop laughing, I'm not making this up

White-collar criminals who launder billions by buying luxury UK properties must be tackled, Prime Minister David Cameron said on Tuesday. Experts warn these fraudsters are distorting the UK property market and pushing up house prices in the process.

Cameron’s criticism of money laundering formed part of a speech on financial secrecy in Singapore.

Jul 28 08:08

The David Icke Videocast: Child Abuse And The Elephant In The Living Room

Jul 28 07:06

2nd Scottish independence referendum ‘inevitable,’ says Salmond

A second referendum on Scottish independence is “inevitable,” former First Minister Alex Salmon has said amid fears the union is “hanging by a thread.”

Jul 27 19:56

Now we owe £1TRILLION on our mortgages as one in 10 say property debts are a 'heavy burden'

The amount British families owe on their mortgages has smashed through £1trillion, a new study showed today.

Half of households paying off property debts owed more than £80,000 in 2010-12, up 60 per cent on two years earlier.

Jul 27 16:55

UK pedophile ring

Jul 27 16:23

‘NHS crippled by pro-life abortion protesters,’ activists warn

The National Health Service (NHS) is facing undue pressure from anti-abortion protesters and action must be taken to protect its assets and services, authors and activists have urged the health secretary.

The letter, signed by MPs, union bosses and writers, follows the closure of an abortion clinic last week, which was forced to stop operating after pressure from pro-life protesters.

Continue reading

Jul 27 14:47

Scotland Yard police station converted into £10,000 per night luxury hote

London’s Scotland Yard police station, site of the original Jack the Ripper investigations, is to be converted into a £10,000 per night luxury hotel in a £110 million deal involving UK property developer Galliard and the Dubai-based LuLu group.

Jul 27 14:25

UK PM Cameron Explains .01% Doctrine: ‘Destroy Nation-States to Invent Our Own Barbaric Realm’

On July 20, 2015, UK Prime Minister David Cameron delivered a major speech to justify ongoing wars on “extremism.” Supporting corporate media analyses are here, here, here, here; with some honesty from George Monbiot, with a 1-minute corporate media cry for more military armed attacks “on this evil"...

(read more)

Jul 27 10:02

Craig Murray: democracy in the UK is dysfunctional - an entrenched party system offers no real choice.

.... The major parties offer political programmes which are virtually indistinguishable. As I put it in lectures, if the range of possible political programmes were placed on a linear scale from 1 to 100, the Labour and Conservative parties offer you the choice between 81 and 84.

This exclusion of political possibility is reinforced by a corporate media structure, led by the BBC, in which ideas outside the narrow band of establishment consensus are ridiculed and denigrated. Therefore even political ideas which have the consistent support of the majority of the population, such as nationalisation of railways and other natural monopolies including utilities, simply cannot get an airing. Of all the broadcast coverage of the Iraq War, less than 3% gave time to anti-war voices, despite a majority opinion against the war.

This phenomenon explains why a large majority of both Conservative and Labour MPs are members of the Friends of Israel when public opinion consistently sympathises more with Palestine. It also explains the quite extraordinary media onslaught against Scottish independence.

Jul 27 07:04

Disgraced peer Lord Sewel 'won’t quit' and can keep claiming £300-a-day allowance despite being reported to police over video of him snorting cocaine with call girls

Lord Sewel's reputation and political career are in tatters after a video emerged of him cavorting with two sex workers in his central London flat, behind the back of his third wife Lady Jennifer.

The married father of four was filmed necking champagne and vodka before using a £5 note to snort lines of cocaine from a table and later from the breasts of a sex worker 45 years his junior.

But a source told the BBC today he would not be quitting over the scandal.

Jul 27 06:39

Secret plans to deploy soldiers on UK streets in the aftermath of a terror attack are 'shocking' and 'provocative', says peer

Secret police plans to deploy more than 5,000 armed soldiers on British streets in the wake of a UK terror attack have been questioned by a prominent peer as a “provocative” act that could potentially endanger the public.

Accidentally leaked minutes from a meeting of the National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC), published as David Cameron flew to South-east Asia planning to discuss Isis with leaders in the region, said “large scale military support” could “augment armed police officers engaged in protective security duties”.

Jul 27 06:38

Parliament computers made 250,000 attempts to 'access pornography' at Palace of Westminster

Attempts to access websites classified as pornography were made almost 700 times a day by computers inside Parliament last year, it has been reported.

Almost 250,000 attempts were made in total, according to data released by the Palace of Westminster’s IT department under Freedom of Information (FoI) laws.

The figures, down from around 800 a day according to similar FoI requests two years ago, are likely to include a large number of “visits” made unintentionally, most commonly via unwanted internet pop-ups.

But it comes at a time when the Government is taking unprecedented steps to crack down on the use of pornography among the general public.

Jul 26 17:02

Cameron says ‘no limit’ on child sex abuse inquiry - if you believe that, you'll believe anything

British Prime Minister, David Cameron, has pledged full support to the country’s law enforcement agencies investigating child abuse allegations against high-profile politicia

Jul 26 14:10

Turkey’s new “war on terror” mainly targeting Kurd

What was at first announced as a new Turkish turn toward attacks on Daesh (ISIS, ISIL) on Friday has quickly become largely a campaign against Kurds instead. It is being alleged that the Turkish Air Force launched dozens of strikes against bases of the Kurdistan Workers Party over the border in Iraq on Saturday, and just 4 against Daesh positions in Syria.