Oct 09 08:45

EU steps up Brexit talks with Labour over fears Theresa May's government will fall

EU negotiators have “significantly” stepped up back-room talks with Labour because they are increasingly concerned Theresa May’s government will collapse before Brexit is complete.

Oct 09 08:45

Farage Tells Hillary Clinton to ‘Stop Whinging’ After She Demeans Brexit Voters

Failed U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has attacked Brexit voters, claiming they fell for a “horrible lie” and voted against “modern Britain” because of small-town concerns.

The former first lady also blamed her electoral loss on the e-mail scandal, alleged Russian influence, and host of other factors in an interview with The Sunday Times to promote her new book.

Speaking about the European Union (EU) referendum’s relationship to the U.S. presidential election, she said: “Brexit should have been a bigger alarm than it was.”

Adding: “It was some of the same people working for Trump, advocating for him.

Oct 08 07:21

Video From Scene Of Vehicle Crash | UK Still Won’t Call London Attack ‘Terrorism’

Certainly seems like a rather large police response for a simple accident.


Oct 07 07:33

Victoria and Abdul – Re-Writing History to indoctrinate Todays Society

If I was writing this as a mere film review then I honestly couldn’t say much. I wasn’t as impressed as I had expected to be. Dame Judi Dench was wonderful and the filming and costumes are superb. But overall it was pretty boring, trite and shallow and about as historically accurate as Braveheart! A two star film at maximum. Most reviewers I read seem to agree.

But as a moderate dud it would not have left me so disturbed. What bothered me were a couple of things – the history and the current day indoctrination.

Oct 06 12:27

UK Prime Minister Theresa May's political woes hammer the pound

Sterling loses ground as fallout from Conservative party upheaval hits market sentiment.

Oct 05 16:19

UK 'Prepared' If Brexit Negotiations With EU Fail: May

UK Prime Minister Theresa May says Britain’s government wants Brexit negotiations to succeed but is preparing for a scenario in which they might fail.

Oct 05 13:33

Britain Has Blood On Its Hands In Libya, Not The Time For Johnson Jokes – Political Activist

In many ways, what Boris Johnson is doing is very much like Donald Trump. He is saying outrageous things, grabbing the limelight to himself, political activist and social justice campaigner George Barda told RT.

Oct 05 10:29

‘Witchcraft’ Blamed For Disappearance Of 7 Black Cats From Yorkshire Villages

The sudden disappearance of up to seven black cats from two sleepy North Yorkshire villages has locals concerned they’ve been snatched for witchcraft in the lead-up to Halloween.

Oct 05 10:06

DFS profits tumble on 'challenging' furniture market

Sofa retailer DFS is nursing a sharp fall in profits amid a "very challenging market" as shoppers have become unwilling to splash out on new sofas and a weaker pound has pushed up costs.

Pre-tax profits tumbled by 22.3pc to £50.1m in the year to July 29, despite DFS growing sales for a fifth consecutive year. Revenues inched up just 0.9pc to £762.7m during the year.

Oct 05 09:37

UK car sales slide 9% in September

Sales of new cars in the UK fell sharply in September, a move that an industry body has said will cause "considerable concern".

New car registrations last month numbered 426,170, the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) said.

The figure was down 9.3% from September last year, while diesel sales - which have been hit by worries over air quality - fell by 21.7%.

It was the first time in six years that the key September market had fallen.

Oct 04 20:53

Protester Interrupts Theresa May's Conference Speech, Hands Her P45

Theresa May’s keynote conference speech has been interrupted by a protester who handed her a P45, usually handed to employees when they are sacked, as she addressed party members in Manchester.

Oct 04 17:14

RAF Typhoon Fighters Sent To Escort Civilian Aircraft To London Stansted Airport

A Ryanair passenger jet has been escorted by Royal Air Force (RAF) fighter jets into Stansted Airport after a mid-flight emergency.

The budget carrier said a flight from Kaunas in Lithuania to Luton was diverted “after Lithuanian authorities received a suspected hoax security alert.”

Oct 04 12:45

Jacob Rees Mogg: Have We Found Britain’s Most Honest Politician?

It was a novel approach for a Conservative MP – to strike up conversation with a baying mob – but Jacob Rees-Mogg did it anyway.

In a leveled (and uber-posh) tone, the Tory darling asked the protesters who had gathered to sneer and scream at him at the Conservative Party Conference on Monday what exactly it was they wanted.

Oct 04 09:07

Watching terrorist propaganda online to become a criminal offence, says Tory Home Secretary Amber Rudd

Ms Rudd said: “I want to make sure those who view despicable terrorist content online including jihadi websites, far-right propaganda and bomb-making instructions face the full force of the law.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Far-right propaganda?!?" Does she mean ME?!?

Oct 04 09:00

Fury as minister says Brexit was the working class 'throwing a tantrum' over immigration

Sir Alan Duncan, a staunch Europhile, said the Brexit campaign had "stirred up a lot of sentiment" about migration among people who do not usually vote.

During a speech at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, he said: "You could feel blue-collar, urban, traditional Labour opinion going viral for Leave.

"They were stirred up by an image of immigration which made them angry and made them throw a bit of a tantrum."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The people of Great Britain have every right to throw a tantrum when the government of Great Britain acts contrary to the best interests of the people of Great Britain.

Oct 03 16:39

UK To Ban Sale Of Acid To Under-18s Amid ‘Epidemic’ Of Attacks

The Conservatives have pledged to ban the sale of acid to under-18s in a bid to crack down on the spike in the number of horrific attacks across the country.

Announcing the new regulations during the Conservative Party’s annual conference on Tuesday, Home Secretary Amber Rudd also said it would be illegal for anyone to carry acids unless they had a “good reason.”

Oct 03 14:54

Watching Terrorism Videos Online To Become Criminal Offense In UK

In a move designed to tighten laws tackling extremism, people who watch terrorist material online could face up to 15 years behind bars, UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd has announced.

Oct 03 13:29

Grassroots Politics: Legalize Cannabis To Woo Millennial Voters, Tory Ex-MP Blunt Urges Party

Former prisons minister Blunt said prohibiting drugs was “about as intelligent as the prohibition of alcohol in the United States” in the 1920s, adding that the government should appoint a Royal Commission to look at decriminalization.

Speaking at a Tory conference fringe event on street cannabis, Blunt added that successive governments had “ceded total control of a significant public health issue to organized crime.”

Oct 03 07:55

Don't bash Britain over Brexit: 'Schadenfreude' is DEVASTATING the EU, warns German paper

BRITAIN has become a laughing stock among European leaders who are lining up to criticise the country’s vote for Brexit, according to a German newspaper.

Oct 02 19:44

TERROR CRACKDOWN: UK police in MAJOR counter-terrorism exercise across Britain amid threat

POLICE forces in Scotland and England are to take part in a major counter terrorism exercise to test the response of emergency services to a cross-border incident.

The three-day "live-play scenario", which will involve locations around Edinburgh, the Lothians and Northumbria from Tuesday, is not in response to any specific threat but is the result of over a year of planning.

Oct 02 15:19

Catalonian Independence Vote Reignites Scotland’s Call For UK Split

The Scottish independence debate is back with a vengeance after images of Spanish police brutality in Catalonia this weekend shocked the world.

Catalans were attacked by the Spanish Civil Guard as they voted in an independence referendum ruled illegal by the Constitutional Court of Madrid.

Oct 02 10:23

Judge Who Spared ‘Privileged’ Oxford Student Jail Now Under Investigation

The judge who spared an Oxford University student from jail after she admitted to stabbing her then boyfriend is being investigated by a judicial watchdog. It comes after he ruled the young woman was simply “too clever” to be behind bars.

Oct 01 16:58

PETER HITCHENS: If the Royal Navy's so 'vital', why have you wrecked it, Theresa?

HMS Ocean, the current fleet flagship, is so central to the Navy’s operations that the Prime Minister paid a visit to her in the Gulf last December, and spoke warmly to the ship’s company.

She said: ‘Here on HMS Ocean all of you are a vital part of Britain’s global mission… and you can be very proud of everything you are doing.’

All I can say to the Navy is hold on to your tin hats if the PM ever says anything nice to you again. She would have been more honest if she’d just said: ‘Goodbye!’

For, four months after this flag-brandishing oration, Mrs May’s Government put the ‘vital’ HMS Ocean up for sale.

The Brazilian Navy revealed in April that it is close to buying her for about £80 million.

In return for that – a ripple in Whitehall’s ocean of debt – we will lose the only ship we have which can mount a large-scale amphibious operation.

Oct 01 16:43

EU faces Brexit chaos as £20 TRILLION worth of finance contracts hang in the balance

Banks are gearing up for complex negotiations across the European Union over the uncertain future of about £20 trillion of crucial finance contracts.

Valuable derivatives traded between EU and UK banks will have no legal basis after Britain leaves the bloc – unless a deal can be reached.

Oct 01 10:51

Dolphins falter offensively in shutout loss to Saints in London

(*NO! , I'm not trying to sneak a sports article onto WRH . I'm just wondering how it works when The NFL plays in London . Do they play The National Anthem ?
this is how The Duck quacked back when I searched

Oct 01 09:21

Theresa May in battle for survival as Tories sharpen knives

Communities secretary refuses to give backing to prime minister as Tories freeze tuition fees in bid to grab youth vote

Oct 01 08:32

Own Goal! Why Are Twitter Users Mercilessly Mocking UKIP’s New Logo?

A fresh take on the party’s logo has been mocked by hundreds online – because it looks strikingly similar to the Premier League’s emblem launched just 19 months ago.

UKIP’s purple pound sign has been dropped from the new designs because it does not “resonate with today’s voters.”

Sep 30 18:43

NHS saves sperm of transgender teenagers aged 12 so they can be fathers after changing sex

Dozens of transgender teenagers are freezing their sperm or preserving their eggs on the NHS so that they can have babies after changing sex, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

Adolescent boys – some as young as 12 – who believe they are female are having their sperm frozen before receiving powerful hormone treatment that halts the onset of puberty and shuts down their reproductive system.

Sep 30 18:11

Army has new fight on its hands as it battles obesity

Major General James Swift, director of British Army Strategy, has warned that Britain’s obesity epidemic, caused by fast food and increasingly sedentary lifestyles, is contributing to “challenges with our manning”.

And problems are especially prevalent in northern working class areas, the Army’s main recruiting ground.

It comes as new NHS figures reveal that, in England, one in every four people is technically obese.

And when those above their ideal weight are counted, the picture is starker, with 64.8 per cent of people overweight.

Sep 30 08:02

End of Israeli settlements has been official UK policy for decades: Analyst

The official policy of the UK government for decades has been that Israeli settlements in occupied Palestinian territories are illegal, says an analyst in New York.

“That’s actually official British government policy for many decades, even this government,” said Ian Williams, a senior analyst with Foreign Policy in Focus.

“The end of the settlements and the end of the occupation have been international law and policy since 1967 almost, 1968 and onwards,” Williams said in an interview with Press TV on Wednesday.

Sep 30 07:41

‘We love Great Britain!’ Merkel targeted in angry protest outside EU summit

DEMONSTRATORS voiced anger at Angela Merkel and waved placards praising Britain in a protest outside the EU summit in Estonia.

Sep 30 07:14

Chicken safety scandal: 2 Sisters faces parliamentary inquiry after revelations

Three of the UK’s biggest supermarket chains have halted deliveries of chicken from a factory belonging to the country’s biggest poultry supplier after undercover filming revealed poor hygiene standards and food safety records being altered.

The 2 Sisters Food Group, which owns the site, is also facing a “short, sharp” parliamentary inquiry in the wake of evidence uncovered by a joint investigation by the Guardian and ITV News, which showed footage of workers altering the source and slaughter date of poultry being processed at the plant in West Bromwich. Experts said their actions could artificially stretch the commercial life of the meat and dupe consumers into buying chicken past its use-by date.

Sep 29 09:56

Jeremy Corbyn - Britain's Prime Minister in All But Name

Jeremy Corbyn's inspirational speech at this week's Labour Party conference, in which he pledged to develop "a new model of economic management to replace the failed dogmas of neo-liberalism," was arguably the best address by a Labour leader to the party faithful since Harold Wilson's in 1975.

Sep 29 09:32

Labour MP who mocked Prince Harry's flying career says her 'joke' was 'taken the wrong way' and says it is time to concentrate on Grenfell victims

The Labour MP who allegedly mocked Prince Harry's military career said her 'joke' about the Royal was 'taken the wrong way' and insisted it was time to focus on 'real issues'.

Kensington MP Emma Dent Coad was said to have questioned Prince Harry's career as a helicopter pilot, but has now released a statement on Twitter saying focus should shift towards helping Grenfell Tower residents.

Sep 29 09:20

UK only has HOURS to prepare for WW3: North Korea vs US is REAL possibility - shock report

THE prospect of World War three between the US and North Korea is now a "real possibility" and Britain would have to act immediately, experts have warned.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Remember when they were claiming that Great Britain would only have 45 minutes' warning if Saddam Hussein fired a nuclear missile at them? This is more of the same thing.

Sep 28 15:30

UK 'eliminates measles' for first time

"We need to ensure that this is sustained going forward by maintaining and improving coverage of the MMR vaccine in children and by catching up older children and young adults who missed out."

Sep 28 02:55

How to Bring Down the Elephant in the Room

First, a painful, but needed, clarification:

Basement crazies. Neocons. Zionists. Israel Lobbyists. Judaics. Jews. Somewhere along this list we bump into the proverbial “elephant in the room”. For some this bumping will happen earlier in the list, for others a little later down the list, but the list will be more or less the same for everybody. Proper etiquette, atleast in the West, would want to make us run away from this topic. I won’t. Why? Well, for one thing I am constantly accused of not discussing this elephant. Furthermore, I am afraid that the role this elephant is playing is particularly toxic right now. So let me try to deal with this beast, but first I have to begin with some caveats.

Sep 28 02:51

Very Dangerous Escalation in Syria

By now many of you must have heard the news: a Russian Lieutenant-General, Valery Asapov, and two Colonels have been killed in what appears to be a very precisely targeted mortar attack. Just as in the case of the Russian military police unit recently attacked near Deir ez-Zor, the Russians are accusing the Americans of being behind this attack. To make things even worse, the Russians are now also officially accusing the Americans of actively collaborating with ISIS:

Sep 27 18:50

Ministers should cut carbon emissions to ZERO by 2050 or face legal action, says UK's former chief scientific adviser

Ministers should tighten the UK's climate change target or face legal action, the country's former top scientist has said.

Sep 27 18:01

UK Counter-Terror Police Arrest 11 In Far-Right National Action Investigation

Eleven people have been arrested across England and Wales as part of an investigation into neo-Nazi terrorist group National Action, Greater Manchester Police say.

It comes after three alleged members of National Action, including serving British soldiers, appeared in court charged with terrorism offences.

Sep 27 15:35

Corbyn Ready To Take Over Task Of Negotiating Brexit

British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn will voice his party’s readiness to govern and to take over the job of negotiating Brexit.

According to Corbyn’s office, he plans to say the party is “on the threshold of power” in a speech he is slated to give to the party’s annual conference on Wednesday.

Sep 27 14:12

‘Coalition Of Conservative Chaos’: Corbyn Savages May Government At Conference

Jeremy Corbyn has insisted it is time for Prime Minister Theresa May to stand down as her “chaotic” cabinet fails to get Brexit on track and Labour support swells.

The Labour leader who was met with raucous applause and cheering told delegates in Brighton the days of the Tory Government are numbered.

Sep 27 10:10

Not-So-Special Relationship? Trump Puts America 1st, Threatening 4,000 British Jobs

The UK-US ‘special relationship’ has been rattled – a once treasured partnership shown to be a one-way street, with America first, of course.

Now, UK Prime Minister Theresa May could face the consequences at home.

Sep 27 07:39

Brexit was an ‘ABROGATION of democracy’ David Attenborough attacks EU referendum vote

LEADING Brexiteer Michael Gove “probably didn’t understand” the arguments for remaining in the EU, Sir David Attenborough has claimed.

Sep 27 07:38

'You have to pay us!' Guy Verhofstadt DEMANDS UK pay Brexit bill to the European Union

ARCH-FEDERALIST MEP Guy Verhofstadt ordered the United Kingdom to take "financial responsibility" over Brexit and pay a divorce bill to Brussels.

Sep 27 07:31

Nigel Farage on Sadiq Khan's Trump comments "I think he's lost the plot"

Sep 27 07:24

Prince Philip 'unfaithful' to the Queen & Harry 'can’t actually fly a helicopter,’ claims Labour MP

Dent Coad, the recently-elected MP for Kensington, is reported to have made the comments at a fringe event ‘Reigning in the Monarchy’ at the party’s conference in Brighton.

“Harry can’t even fly a helicopter. He tried to pass the helicopter exam about four times and he couldn’t get through it at all so he always goes for the co-pilot,” she is quoted by the Sun as telling activists.

“So he just sits there going ‘vroom vroom.’”

She also said Harry and his brother William were “not very bright.”

“Just let them drift away, be playboys or whatever.”

Prince Philip, 96, was next on her hit list.

“The Queen might want to step back when her soulmate is gone. He’s been quite unfaithful for quite a few years,” she said.

“I am the royal family’s worst nightmare,” she added.

Sep 26 17:36

Flashback: Crippling PFI deals leave Britain £222bn in debt

Every man, woman and child in Britain is more than £3,400 in debt – without knowing it and without borrowing a single penny – thanks to the proliferation of controversial deals used to pay for infrastructure such as schools and hospitals.

The UK owes more than £222bn to banks and businesses as a result of Private Finance Initiatives (PFIs) – “buy now, pay later” agreements between the government and private companies on major projects.


Basically, a PFI is like a mortgage that the government takes out on behalf of the public. The average annual cost of meeting the terms of the UK’s PFI contracts will be more than £10bn over the next decade.

And the cost of servicing PFIs is growing. Last year, it rose by £5bn. It could rise further, with inflation. The upward creep is the price taxpayers’ pay for a financing system which allows private firms to profit from investing in infrastructure.

Sep 26 14:03

22yo Man Raped In Alleyway After Leaving Glasgow Nightclub

The victim was making his way back from a nightclub when he was sexually assaulted at around 3:40am on a quiet lane between Parnie Street and the Trongate in Glasgow.

The man met the male suspect after leaving the venue.

The suspect has been described as black, but no further description has been given.

Police have cordoned off the area as they investigate the incident, and have appealed to the public for information.

Sep 26 12:50

Trump's New UK Ambassador Wrongly Accuses Britain of Spending 'Minimum' on Its Military

Donald Trump’s new ambassador to Britain has incorrectly accused the Government of spending the “minimum” on defence.

Woody Johnson, a 70-year-old billionaire, suggested the UK’s funding was not enough to maintain its global standing.

“Whether you have the capability you need to be a powerful nation going forward, I think you are going to have to determine,” he told the Telegraph.

"We spend at least twice that much and we could still spend more. And we probably should spend more as well."

(*Sounds like he's on point with The Trump Agenda to me !)

Sep 26 10:31

Nigel Farage RIPS INTO Sadiq Khan after London Mayor compares Donald Trump to ISIS

NIGEL FARAGE leapt to the defence of Donald Trump after London Mayor Sadiq Khan accused the US President of using ISIS-style rhetoric.

Sep 26 10:29

Man convicted of terror offence for refusing to give police phone and laptop password

The director of an advocacy group has been convicted of a terror offence after refusing to give police passwords to access his phone and laptop at Heathrow Airport.

Muhammad Rabbani vowed to appeal the first verdict of its kind after being handed a 12 month conditional discharge and ordered to pay £620 in costs at Westminster Magistrates' Court.

The director of Cage was stopped under the Terrorism Act on 20 November last year after returning home from a wedding in Doha, Qatar.

Officers demanded access to his phone and laptop under wide-ranging powers granted by Schedule 7 of the law.

It allows police and immigration officials to stop, search, question and detain anyone at British ports and airports to determine whether they were involved in the “commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism” – with or without reasonable suspicion.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Like all the other erosions of our civil liberties this law will do nothing to stop real terrorists, who know not to use the internet for communications or to keep sensitive data on their phones and laptops.

The above hollowed-out coin can hold a micro SD card. Micro SD cards can hold huge amounts of data, topping out at 400 Gbytes; more than a third of a terabyte.

Real criminals and terrorists will use devices like this to protect their secrets, while law abiding citizens who simply desire their right to privacy are harassed and, as in this case, arrested.

Sep 26 09:49

Tony Blair: British public is changing its mind on my decision to invade Iraq in 2003

Asked why the Iraq conflict still causes outrage across the UK, the former Prime Minister said his justification for taking the country to war was still a "huge issue" for the public.

Speaking to Politico, he said: "Because it was a hugely contested decision, and because the intelligence turned out to be, in many cases, faulty, and obviously that’s a huge issue for people.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It wasn't faulty, you were flat-out lying!

Sep 26 08:39

Labour faces new anti-Semitism row after speaker at conference fringe calls for freedom of speech to cover Holocaust denial

Labour faced a fresh anti-Semitism row last night after a speaker at a party conference fringe event called for free speech to extend to holocaust denial.

At the same meeting, activists cheered as a speaker called for Jewish and pro-Israel groups to be expelled from the party.

Israeli-American author Miko Peled told a conference fringe meeting Labour members should support the freedom to “discuss every issue, whether it’s the holocaust, yes or no, whether it’s Palestine liberation - the entire spectrum.

“There should be no limits on the discussion.”

Sep 25 21:14

Trillions of pounds at risk without Brexit deal on derivatives, warns Bank of England

The Bank of England has called for special arrangements to be made in order to protect the UK derivatives market when it leaves the European Union.

In today's statement from the central bank's Financial Policy Committee (FPC), the BoE said that it was essential to ensure the protection of the £20 trillion currently held in derivatives contracts between the UK and other EU country members.

Seeking to mitigate any likely risks of disruption to financial markets following Brexit, the FPC said it was assessing the derivatives situation, and "exploring actions" that could be taken where it believed that it might be too “complex and difficult” for financial firms to offset risks arising from the continuity of contracts between UK and EU27 counterparties, themselves.

Sep 25 09:02

Nigel Farage 'to form new political party after Tory disaster' to continue Brexit fight

BREXIT champion Nigel Farage is planning to announce a new political party to oppose Theresa May if an anti-Islam campaigner wins the Ukip leadership this week, it has been reported.

Sep 25 08:44

ACID ATTACK: Woman blinded after noxious liquid thrown in her face while sat in a pub

A WOMAN was left blinded after a thug threw a liquid suspected to be acid in her face while she sat in a pub in a case of mistaken identity.

Sep 25 08:22

McDonnell joins Umunna in shock plot to have UK stay inside single market 'permanently'

JOHN McDonnell has thrown Labour's position on Brexit yet again into disarray, on the day that the left-wing party's conference kicks off in Brighton.

Sep 25 05:48

Scottish Power says UK will need to boost capacity

Britain will need to boost its generation of electricity by about a quarter, Scottish Power has estimated.

The energy firm said electric cars and a shift to electric heating could send demand for power soaring.

Sep 25 05:46

Bath Spa University transgender research block labelled 'astonishing'

A therapist says he is "astonished" by a university's decision to stop him studying people who decide to reverse gender reassignment operations.

James Caspian wanted to write a thesis on "detransition" as part of his master's degree in counselling and psychotherapy at Bath Spa University.

He said it was rejected by the university's ethics committee because it could be "politically incorrect".

Sep 24 08:59

French au pair found murdered and burned in London garden

A 40-year-old man, Ouissem Medouni, and a 34-year-old woman, Sabrina Kouider, were charged on Friday morning for murder of an unknown person.

The pair lived on Pulborough Road, which leads off Wimbledon Park Road, where the body was found at a residential address.

Neighbours had become alarmed at the "foul-smelling smoke" coming from Kouider's garden and a young boy reportedly raised the alarm after he scaled the apartment's back yard gate and saw a huge bonfire with a man throwing what he thought were 'sticks' on the flames.