Mar 27 14:31

UK Govt ‘Using’ Westminster Terrorist Attack To Snatch More Spying Powers – Ex-Cybersecurity Chief

The British government is attempting to “use” the Westminster attack to gain unnecessary and intrusive surveillance powers, the Ministry of Defense (MoD)’s former cybersecurity chief has warned.

Mar 27 11:52

UK Activists Call For End To Saudi War On Yemen

A large group of people have gathered in Britain’s capital London to mark the second anniversary of Saudi Arabia’s ruthless invasion of Yemen, calling for an end to the deadly war.

Mar 27 10:56

UK Police Make Another Arrest In Parliament Attack Probe

The British police have made yet another arrest as part of their investigation into the recent terror attack near the Parliament in London.

The Metropolitan Police said on Sunday a 30-year-old man was apprehended in the central English city of Birmingham “on suspicion of preparation of terrorist acts.”

Mar 27 10:15

SAS ON THE STREETS SAS troops ‘to be deployed to London’s streets permanently’ in wake of Westminster attack in bid to bolster security in capital

SAS TROOPS are to be deployed to London’s streets permanently in the wake of the Westminster attack to bolster security in the capital, it’s been reported.

Specialist soldiers will reportedly be placed on standby at a secret location in the city centre for at least the next year.

It comes as a ring of steel was erected around London’s landmarks to strengthen defences and prevent another attack.

Elite officers, normally based in Hereford, will be on an “immediate notice to move” and be armed with special “take-down” bullets, according to the Daily Star.

They’ll also reportedly be able to enter buildings using explosives or “fast-rope” from helicopters on to roofs.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This appears as though the British government is trying to appear to be "doing something" to stop further attacks, but I strongly suspect that these efforts will not be effective.

And the reason I say this, is that what truly drives radicalisation and the ensuing terrorism rising from this radicalism, will never, ever get truly addressed.

The US and UK have a very martial appetite for invading countries; expropriating resources from those countries to which they have no moral right; making sure that the regime changes in those countries produce only Western-centric governments; and insuring that those resources are only sold in the "correct" currencies, i.e., (soon) the British Pound and the American dollar.

And those individuals in those countries for whom such actions are a really raw deal, have no voice; and if they protest, or become radicalised against this miserable imperialistic treatment, they are shot and killed. Innocents get shot at killed, like the innocent civilians in Mosul who were assassinated by US troops last week.

U.S. Investigating Mosul Strikes Said to Have Killed Up to 200 Civilians

To the thinking of those who profit mightily from empire, such deaths are simply "collateral damage", and of no consequence whatsoever; but to the people who have lost innocent loved ones, or whose loved ones have been maimed for life, as has happened in the extrajudicial assassinations by US drones in Afghanistan, these murders are a moral outrage.

How long does it take for that moral outrage against the deaths of innocents to be manipulated into revenge, and what form will that revenge take?!?

This is the question that no one in either the UK or US governments want to address; it's the geopolitical equivalent to kryptonite, because neither country wants to admit complicity in creating the problem in the first place, in this resource war.

But I do have a remedy for this, Prime Minister May and President Trump, and I encourage you to listen closely to what I am about to suggest.

The UK and the US have some of the finest universities and engineering minds on this planet. There should be dedicated funding, and joint collaboration of the top researchers in the US and UK on alternative energy resources that can move a tank, or enable a jet to fly.

Only then will both countries be able to end their resource wars, and focus on repairing internal infrastructure; and perhaps healing some of the intense damage these resource wars have done to hapless countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, and Yemen. The harm from the use of depleted uranium weapons in the last two-named countries will last for generations, as you well know.

Increase in Infant deformities in Yemen suggests USA/UK has supplied Saudi with depleted uranium weapons

Mar 27 09:35


The Devon and Cornwall police force, tasked with the patrol of the largest geographical area in England, are pioneering perpetual drone surveillance by establishing an unprecedented 24-hour drone surveillance of its patrol area set to begin this summer.

The police drones, also identified as “unmanned aerial systems,” have undergone smaller tests last year. Multiple reports state that the drones will mostly be used for locating crime suspects and missing persons as well as surveillance of crime scenes.

Drones indeed have a unique ability to scope areas that officers cannot approach on foot. A report published by the Cato Institute acknowledged that drones “allow police to investigate dangerous situations such as bomb threats and toxic spills.” These devices can seen as an advantage for civilians in peril, but they also serve as a troubling mechanism of undermining the personal privacy of a large population.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Hmmmm.... that phrase "anti-social behaviour" can be translated in an incredible number of ways.

I am a Christian witness, and a Christian pacifist activist, who never advocates violence, but constantly exhorts her government to resolve its geopolitical problems through ethical, hard-won negotiations, rather than through war.

To the warmongers and presstitutes who constitute the American deep state, do these attitudes and actions make me "guilty" of alleged anti-social behaviour?!?

Unfortunately, at this time in the American republic's history, the short answer is, yes.

Take a good hard look at the NDAA, the National Defense Authorization Act.


Under this law, I can be jailed, indefinitely, with no due process whatsoever for simply thinking about geopolitical issues differently than does my government, and posting it on Mike's blog, even though I never, ever advocate violence as an answer to anything.

Mar 27 09:06

BBC Slammed By MPs For ‘Bias’ & ‘Pessimistic’ Brexit Coverage

A cross-party group of MPs has slammed the BBC over what they called its “skewed” and “pessimistic” coverage of Brexit following the EU referendum vote in June.

More than 70 MPs have signed a letter to BBC’s Director-General Lord Hall, claiming the corporation has failed to “break-out of pre-referendum pessimism” and acknowledge the upbeat economic news following the vote to leave the EU.

Mar 27 08:30

Smears by Israel envoy rejected in UK Parliament probe

A formal investigation has rejected Israeli government claims that a British lawmaker hosted an anti-Semitic event in Parliament.

The complaint stems from an October 2016 meeting hosted in a parliamentary committee room by Jenny Tonge, a member of the unelected upper chamber, the House of Lords.

It was organized by the Palestinian Return Centre, a UK-based advocacy organization, to launch the Balfour Apology Campaign. The campaign seeks an official apology from the UK government for Britain’s promise a century ago to help the Zionist movement establish a homeland in Palestine.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


It does get tiring after a while, doesn't it?

Mar 27 08:06

From Paramilitary To Peacemaker: Former IRA Commander & NI Leader Martin McGuinness

Former Deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland Martin McGuinness died Tuesday morning following a battle with a rare heart disease. The Sinn Féin member and former IRA leader played a key role in negotiations during the peace process.

McGuinness,66, died just two months after stepping down from office, with tributes pouring in from Northern Ireland and elsewhere.

Mar 27 06:39

The GREAT FUEL CON: Fury at £6 billion petrol ‘rip off’ for British motorists

British motorists saw petrol prices cut over the weekend by leading supermarkets Tesco, Asda, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s by 2p.

According to FairFuelUK however, these prices should still 2p lower given the big fall in oil in recent weeks.

In addition to this, FairFuelUK claims that petrol prices were far higher in the UK than they should have been even before the fall.

Mar 27 06:38

Poundland's 99p Stores fall into administration: 60 shops across the UK to SHUT

HIGH street chain 99p Stores is to shut, after the Poundland-owned company fell into administration.

Mar 27 06:29

'I am a superwoman' Remain crusader Gina Miller pledges to DISRUPT Brexit process

GINA Miller has promised to keep trying to disrupt the plans of Theresa May and her Government in hammering out a Brexit deal, declaring she is "superwoman".

Mar 27 06:21

UK govt ‘using’ Westminster terrorist attack to snatch more spying powers - ex-cybersecurity chief

The British government is attempting to “use” the Westminster attack to gain unnecessary and intrusive surveillance powers, the Ministry of Defense (MoD)’s former cybersecurity chief has warned.

Major General Jonathan Straw says ministers are trying to use the terrorist incident last Wednesday to push for handing security services more powers, despite the weak case for it.

His comments come after Home Secretary Amber Rudd said it is “completely unacceptable” that authorities cannot look at the encrypted social media messages of attacker Khalid Masood on platforms such as WhatsApp.

Mar 26 20:22

BBC's coverage of Brexit 'overwhelmingly negative' - report reveals EU bias

A REPORT into the BBC’s coverage of Brexit has found the public broadcaster has been overwhelmingly negative about Britain leaving the European Union.

The research into flagship Radio 4 show Today, compiled by independent news monitoring group News-watch, found that of the 366 guest speakers who appeared in the Business News segment between June 24 and December 22 last year, 192 of them (52.5 per cent) were negative about it.

According the research compiled on behalf of a cross-party group of MPs, only 60 (16.3 per cent) expressed opinions which were pro-Brexit or saw the post-referendum economic outlook as positive.

There were 114 (31 per cent) neutral contributions.

Mar 26 09:40

British taxpayers have paid more than '£500BILLION into EU since UK joined the bloc'

Experts have argued that even after rebates, refunds and public sector grants, the UK’s total net contribution stands at £184,535million up to the present day.

Conservative MP Peter Bone and member of Leave Means Leave, described the amount as “horrifying”.

David Davis, the Brexit Secretary, will use the data to counter Brussels’ demands that Britain must cough up £50billion as part of a Brexit bill for leaving the sprawling European superstate.

Mar 26 09:34

How UK's 'Brexit bill' is being spent: anti-smoking in China and yak herders in Tibet

PART of the UK's £50bn "Brexit bill" will be spent on far flung projects miles away from Europe - including supporting Tibetan yak herders and stopping Chinese children smoking.

Mar 26 09:04

US Will Keep Ground Troops in Libya

In a press briefing at the Pentagon today, African Command leader Gen. Thomas Waldhauser announced that the US intends to keep ground troops in Libya for the foreseeable future to support “friendly forces,” and to “degrade” the ISIS forces that remain in the country.

Waldhauser did not specify how many US troops are in Libya now, or how many will stay, but did estimate that there were less than 200 ISIS fighters left in Libya. The US had announced the end of the anti-ISIS campaign in Libya back in December, but never fully withdrew from the country.

The US forces were in Libya trying to help the “unity” government defeat ISIS in the city of Sirte. US officials repeatedly claimed the city was totally surrounded, and that no ISIS fighters would get away, though when the fighting finally ended, a substantial number of ISIS fighters did in fact get away.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Translation: this is "military-speak" for the reality that the US government is never leaving Libya because of the oil and the oil pipelines.

Mar 26 08:57

MEGA BEX - Climate Change Caused Brexit Explains Al Gore…

Gore, who was speaking at an event to promote his latest global warming propaganda documentary – An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power – said the Brexit vote in Britain last summer was the result of “political instability” created by the “stress” caused by climate-change induced chaos in the Middle East.

It all began in Syria, Gore explained, unchallenged by a fawning interviewer from the film magazine Empire.

He proceeded to outline his lavishly complex climate conspiracy theory involving climate change, Syria, and Wikileaks:

Mar 25 20:20

Is CO2 behind Brexit?! Al Gore says GLOBAL WARMING led to shock Leave victory

IN ONE of his most astonishing claims ever, the former US Vice President Al Gore insisted that the Brexit victory was impacted by climate change and rising temperatures.

Mar 25 17:15


Four people were killed this morning in a terror attack located on the Westminister Bridge. The attacker used a knife and his car to kill and injure innocent victims. Reports say the attack was ISIS inspired and left over 20 people injured.

Mar 25 17:00

'What is the point?' Tim Farron STUNNED as Sky News anchor savages 'useless' EU march

A SKY News anchor tore into the Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron for today's pro-EU and anti-Brexit march in London as too little, too late.

Mar 25 08:27

Rest of EU must not be CONTAMINATED by Brexit, says Schauble

BRUSSELS does not want to punish Britain over Brexit but must look after the European Union’s remaining member states, according to German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schauble.

Mar 24 15:28

Whistleblower Reveals UK Police Hacking Emails Of Journalists, Activists

By Derrick Broze

The U.K. Metropolitan police are accused of collaborating with Indian police and hackers to illegally access the emails of hundreds of activists and journalists.

A secret unit of the Metropolitan police has been partnering with hackers to monitor the emails of hundreds of political activists and journalists, according to a whistleblower familiar with the unit. The individual claims that the secret unit worked with Indian police and hackers to steal the passwords for the emails of activists, reporters, and photographers...

Mar 24 13:45

UK Journalist Hails 'Magnificent Diversity' Of Those Killed In London Terror Attack

New Statesman political editor and journalist George Eaton unsarcastically hailed the "magnificent diversity" of those killed in this week's terror attack in London.

Mar 24 10:59

‘What about Yemen?’ Western hypocrisy in wake of Westminster attack called out on Twitter

The outpouring of grief and solidarity in the aftermath of the Westminster terrorist attack has provided westerners with some modicum of hope, but such reactions are not universal, with many pointing to the lack of response to attacks elsewhere.

Mar 24 10:06

Jihadi terror manuals on how to use a car as a 'tool of war' for mass murder can be found in just two minutes on Google and Twitter

Guides to mounting a car terror attack were available on Google and Twitter last night.

The vile manuals were online despite widespread warnings that UK jihadists use them for training.

Fanatics are urged to deploy large vehicles as ‘tools of war’ before going on a stabbing rampage – the template for Wednesday’s atrocity in Westminster. Boris Johnson accused social media websites of inciting terrorism.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What this man did was horrific, hideously immoral, and inexcusable.

But the bigger question that this article in the did not want to answer is, why did this man become so radicalised, to the point where he felt he had no other possible response to his anger but the slaughter of innocents, who had done him utterly no wrong whatsoever?!?

I think that, at least, part of the answer to this is the way American, and Western foreign policy has been conducted for quite some time.

The US government, as does the UK's, has a pathological appetite for militarily subduing parts of the planet with the resources it wants; expropriating those resources to which it has no moral right; insuring that the leadership in the countries from which they are being extracted is Western-centric; then insuring that those resources are only sold for the US dollar.

And those living in the countries where this is happening, who do not see this arrangement as being good and positive for the citizens of that country?!?! They get assassinated with extrajudicial assassination drone strikes, which have killed thousands of innocents; children, women, and the medically fragile elderly.

The US and British governments, collectively, cannot say with a straight face that there is no blood on their hands through its military misadventures in places like Yemen; Syria; Africa; Iraq; and Afghanistan, to get those resources it believes that further wars will require. And this, too, is horrific, hideously immoral, and inexcusable.

But they wrap these wars in a cheap, Chinese-made flag of patriotism, and tell the kids going off to fight them, that these wars are about duty; honor; courage and defending their "way of life", when these wars are ultimately only about improving the corporate profits of those companies involved in the military/industrial complex, and expropriating foreign resources through more wars of conquest.

When Karl Marx made the observation that all wars are economic, he was definitely on to something.

So what is ultimately to be done here?!?

I have a very lovely, bright, and spiritually clear first cousin, about 20 years my senior, who is a professor emeritus of Constitutional Law for a major university.

He says that by the US and the UK government spent a fraction of the money it has spent on these horrific wars, many of which the US military is still finds itself enmeshed, and spent it on the development of workable alternative energy which actually can drive a tank, or power an airplane, or a rocket, this would make these wars of conquest unnecessary and irrelevant.

I think my first cousin is entirely right; if the US and UK really want to stop terrorism dead in its tracks, they must stop mucking about in other peoples' countries, and not create the fury and radicalisation over 3rd world exploitation which can manifest like this horrific attack at London's Parliament.

But if the US and UK do not do this kind of development of alternative energy, so that we are not dependent on fossil fuel into the future, then you have to realize that, to those elites in both governments, attacks like this against their hapless citizens, against which these governments cannot protect against, are simply "the cost of doing business", and these damned, perpetual wars will continue, as will the rage that will continue to manifest as murderous violence against both their soldiers in country, and against our citizens.

Mar 24 09:49

BEX ALERT - How London attacker Khalid Masood snapped because of racism in his village - then went to jail and became radicalised

Khalid Masood, the Westminster attacker, snapped because of racism in his village and slashed the face of a cafe owner before being radicalised in jail.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"See? Ultimately it's you WHITE people to blame for the Parliament attack!!!!" -- ABCNNBBCBSFOX

Mar 24 08:05

The London Terrorist Was British Born; But that Doesn’t Mean Mass Immigration Was Not a Factor

The MSM are engaged in a full on operation to defend mas immigration in light of Wednesday’s London terror attack.

Mar 23 21:35

London terror attacker 'previously on MI5's radar and had STABBED a man in the FACE'

THE British-born terrorist who killed five and injured at least 29 others during a sickening attack in Westminster was reportedly once charged with GBH after stabbing a man in the face.

Mar 23 15:20

Westminster Assailant Was British-Born And Known To MI5: May

UK Prime Minister Theresa May says the Westminster assailant was British-born and known to the country’s domestic intelligence agency, MI5, and had been investigated before.

Mar 23 14:35

7 Arrests After UK Parliament Terrorist Attack – Scotland Yard

A total of seven suspects have been arrested in raids at six different locations in connection with Wednesday’s attack near the UK Parliament, Britain’s top counter-terrorism officer has said.

The raids were conducted overnight in Birmingham and at several other locations across the country.

Mar 23 14:34

UK Tanks Arrive In Estonia, Joining NATO Troops To Deter ‘Russian Aggression’

The first group of British tanks and armored vehicles has arrived in Estonia, part of a broad military deployment by the NATO military alliance to Eastern Europe to deter “Russian aggression.”

Mar 23 14:05

Amnesty Blasts US, UK For Saudi Arms Deals

Amnesty International has condemned the US and UK for their “shameful” weapons transfers to Saudi Arabia, saying Washington and London are fuelling the serious human rights violations and devastating civilian casualties in Yemen committed by Riyadh.

Mar 23 11:14

5 Terrorist Attacks That Shook London

The car-and-knife attack in Westminster on Wednesday was the deadliest terrorist attack in the UK’s capital in more than a decade. RT looks back at the trail of gruesome stabbings, car attacks and bombings that have taken place in London.

Mar 23 10:42

#WeAreNotAfraid: Londoners Show Strength & Solidarity In Aftermath Of Westminster Attack

As the world comes to terms with Wednesday’s attack on Westminster in London, the resounding message online has been one of strength, solidarity and praise for the remarkable and fearless work of the emergency services.

Mar 23 09:28

London Weeps After Muslim Massacre But Theresa May Still Cannot Utter The Words ‘Islamic Terror Attack’

MPs almost unanimously agreed with the Prime Minister, lining up to warn against “demonising” and “stigmatising” Muslims, and to condemn “Islamophobia” and “racial and religious” discrimination.

Mar 23 08:57

BREAKING: London terror attacker named as violent criminal Khalid Masood

THE MAN believed to be responsible for yesterday's deadly terror attack in Westminster, London has been named by police as Khalid Masood - a violent, career criminal born in the UK.

Mar 23 08:52

BREXIT BOOST: Michel Barnier drops bombshell as he vows EU will sign trade deal with UK

BREXIT negotiator Michel Barnier today dropped a bombshell as he said the EU was determined to seal a "unique" trade deal with an independent Britain as soon as possible.

Mar 23 08:49

'Are you kidding me?!' Donald Trump Jnr fumes at Sadiq Khan over terror threat remarks

DONALD Trump Jnr has fumed at Sadiq Khan after he previously said the threat of a terror attack was “part and parcel” of living in a city.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Look, being robbed, raped, blown to bits; it's all worth it to be a slave to the New World Order!!!!" -- SoreAss

Mar 23 08:42

BOOM!! Nigel Farage Just said what the US needs to do and fast

Mar 23 06:11

London Terror Attack: 5 Dead and Dozens Injured

For the first time in a decade, the UK is again the site of a mass casualty terror attack.

Mar 22 20:22

Petrol consumption hits record LOW as rising prices push households to 'breaking point'

Official figures show motorists’ milage in January fell to its lowest on record and 12.7 per cent below the same period five years ago.

HM Revenue and Customs figures show that, in January UK drivers got through 1.351 billion litres of petrol or one per cent down on the previous January.

Over the whole of last year petrol consumption was down 12.5 per cent compared to five years previously.

The dip in demand follows petrol pump prices rising above 120p a litre for the first time since December 2014.

Mar 22 20:19

Tony Blair was warned about results of opening borders

Our former prime minister was at it again over the weekend telling Andrew Marr that he “didn’t know the numbers” of migrants who would come to Britain from the 10 countries that joined the EU in 2004.

It is incredible that Blair expects anybody to believe his protestations of ignorance when he was given so many warnings about what would happen.

Alongside Cyprus and Malta the so-called A8 countries – the former Soviet states of Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia and Slovenia – all joined the EU on May 1, 2004.

The most serious report commissioned by Home Office officials estimated that somewhere between 5,000 and 13,000 people from these countries would come here every year.

Nobody in their right mind believed that figure. Nigel Farage, speaking on TV, said it would mean “a lot more people coming into Britain”.

Mar 22 20:15

State Pension age proposal: Millions could now have to wait until they are 68 to claim

MILLIONS of middle-aged workers will have to wait an extra year for their State Pension under new proposals being considered by ministers.

The state pension age could increase to 68 by 2039 – seven years earlier than planned, according to former CBI director general John Cridland, the Government’s independent reviewer of state pension age.

And the triple lock guarantee which sees the State Pension rise by at least 2.5 per cent should be scrapped during the next Parliament.

If the recommendations are taken up, people now in their 40s face their state pension age being pushed back a year meaning more than five million people – around 750,000 people a year for seven years – would be forced to wait longer for the state pension.

Mar 22 16:08

Hundreds Mourn Martin McGuinness, Ex-IRA Commander

People across Ireland have payed tribute to Martin MacGuinness, the late deputy first minister and the ex-commander of the Irish Republican Army (IRA).

Mourners in Belfast and Dublin lit candles and said prayers while holding pictures of the former IRA commander who died on Tuesday at the age of 66.

The cause of his death has been described as a rare heart condition.

Mar 22 15:44

Scottish MPs Expected To Support New Independence Referendum

The Scottish parliament is expected to support Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon on her bid to hold a new independence referendum.

The vote is planned on Wednesday following a two-day debate which was being held despite opposition from London.

Mar 22 14:59

NOW Can We Admit the War On Terror Has Failed?

In the wake of the terror attacks in England, France, Germany and elsewhere, can we finally admit that the war on terror is an utter and complete failure?

Mar 22 13:46

George Galloway To Stand In Gorton By-Election, Condemns Labour’s All-Asian Shortlist

Former MP George Galloway is making a comeback to politics by running in the highly-contested Manchester Gorton by-election.

Galloway, originally a Labour MP before setting up his own party, Respect, announced on Tuesday he will stand as an independent at the election which is likely to be held on May 4.

Mar 22 13:12

Al Jazeera Viewers 'Reacted To London Terror Attack With Joy'

Viewers of Al Jazeera reportedly reacted to the London terror attack "with joy."

Mar 22 11:43

UK Parliament terror attack: Knifeman stabs cop, vehicle mows down pedestrians

The alleged assailant, believed to be an Asian man in his 40s and armed with an “eight-inch knife”, was shot by police inside Parliament’s grounds about 2.40pm Wednesday (1.40am Thursday AEDT). It is not clear if he is dead.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

According to The Sun, this is the suspect. Doesn't look very Asian to me!

Mar 22 10:43

Parliament terror attack – Two dead and others ‘catastrophically’ injured after 4×4 mows down a dozen people on Westminster Bridge – as terror cops hunt ‘second suspect’

Pictures of a man believed to be a suspect have emerged and show a blade lying on the cobbled street next to him – as it is reported police are hunting a second suspect.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Look at the photos of the suspect. How is that open-borders thing working out for you?

Mar 22 10:33

UK Follows US With Electronic Devices Ban On Flights From Muslim Majority Countries

Britain will follow America’s lead and ban laptops and other electronic devices on UK-bound flights from six Middle East and north African nations.

The UK government has announced it has agreed to additional security measures for direct flights from six countries – Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia.

Mar 22 10:24

UK schoolboy corrects Nasa data error

A-level student Miles Soloman found that radiation sensors on the International Space Station (ISS) were recording false data.

The 17-year-old from Tapton school in Sheffield said it was "pretty cool" to email the space agency.

The correction was said to be "appreciated" by Nasa, which invited him to help analyse the problem.

"What we got given was a lot of spreadsheets, which is a lot more interesting than it sounds," Miles told BBC Radio 4's World at One programme.

The research was part of the TimPix project from the Institute for Research in Schools (IRIS), which gives students across the UK the chance to work on data from the space station, looking for anomalies and patterns that might lead to further discoveries.

Mar 22 08:56

Video: ‘Bias’ & ‘Pessimistic’: 70 MPs Slam BBC For ‘Anti-Brexit’ Coverage

More than 70 British MPs are accusing the BBC of anti-Brexit bias, in its coverage of the country’s decision to quit the EU.

Mar 22 08:42

New GCHQ Chief Must Clarify UK's Role in Covert US Drone Strikes - Reprieve

International human rights organization Reprieve has said the new GCHQ chief must halt the UK's role in covert US drone strikes.

The British Foreign Office announced on Tuesday, March 21 that Jeremy Fleming will take over GHCQ, the UK's intelligence gathering agency, which has been directly implicated in assisting covert US drone strikes in war zones such as Yemen.

Mar 22 08:28

Shots fired at UK Parliament; officer stabbed and assailant shot, reports say

DEVELOPING – A police officer was stabbed and an alleged assailant was reportedly shot after gunfire broke out at the UK Parliament in London on Wednesday.

At least four people were lying on the ground, some bleeding heavily, on Westminster Bridge near Britain's parliament, Reuters reported. It was not clear exactly what happened or how many people were injured.

The leader of the House of Commons said a man had been shot by police. David Liddington also said there were "reports of further violent incidents in the vicinity."

Mar 22 08:22

Police shoot knife attacker outside British parliament, people rammed with car, reports

Witnesses say a car mowed down five pedestrians before crashing into the gates outside Portcullis House.

Mar 22 08:21

London terror attack LIVE: Two shot outside Parliament as car mows down 12 in Westminster

WESTMINSTER is in lockdown after a police officer at Parliament was 'attacked by a man with a knife' and several people were hit by a car in a separate incident on Westminster Bridge.

Mar 22 08:20

Shots Fired Outside UK Parliament in London - Reports

Shots have reportedly been fired outside the UK Parliament in London; the building is currently on lockdown. Conflicting reports suggest that one or two people were shot by police outside the UK parliament in London.

Mar 22 08:09

Plusnet slapped with £880k fine for billing ex customers

Broadband provider Plusnet has been slapped with a £880,000 fine from Ofcom for continuing to bill former customers.

More than 1,000 ex-customers were overcharged £500,000 by BT-owned Plusnet, after it continued to bill for landline and broadband services that had been cancelled.

The penalty is the result of an investigation opened last May and was caused by an error in Plusnet’s billing system meaning cancelled lines were still recognised as "live".

Mar 21 17:29

Theresa May In Vogue: Interview Suggests PM Smitten With ‘Gentleman’ Donald Trump

Prime Minister Theresa May’s controversial interview with American Vogue fashion magazine has hit the stands, with the British politician using the chance to praise new US President Donald Trump.

The chat follows the sartorial scandal caused by an interview with the Sunday Times last December, when the PM was slammed for wearing a pair of leather trousers costing a reported £995 (about US$1,240).

Mar 21 16:43

Ex-PM David Cameron Jokes He Doesn’t Have To Listen To Trump’s ‘Wiretaps’ Anymore

David Cameron has joked that he’s glad he doesn’t have to listen to Donald Trump’s “wiretapped” conversations anymore now he’s no longer prime minister of Britain.

Mar 21 15:14

£1mn Child Abuse Inquiry Into Ex-PM Edward Heath Closed Due To ‘Lack Of Evidence’

A £1 million ($1.25mn) taxpayer funded child abuse investigation into former Prime Minister Sir Edward Heath has been closed by police, reportedly due to a lack of evidence.

The inquiry, codenamed Operation Conifer, will be closed in the coming weeks, but the report on its findings will remain confidential, the Telegraph reports.

Mar 21 14:17

UK, Germany Prepare To Sign Post-Brexit Defense Pact

Britain and Germany are preparing to sign a new defense agreement which would see UK helicopters based on German ships and training shared in the post-Brexit era.

The deal is part of a drive by Prime Minister Theresa May to shore up Britain’s military alliances ahead of leaving the EU.

Mar 21 12:50

Brexit Begins: Date Article 50 Will Be Triggered To Start Process Of UK Leaving EU Now Confirmed

Prime Minister Theresa May will trigger Article 50 on March 29, formally starting the process for Britain to leave the European Union.

May will write to the EU next Wednesday announcing the beginning of Brexit. It will start the clock on a two-year countdown to Brexit and allow negotiations between London and Brussels to begin.

Mar 21 11:42

Brexit Backlog: Govt Departments Plead For Extra Staff To Help EU Departure, Despite Cuts

Chancellor Phillip Hammond is being urged by ministers to allow more funding for departments facing “huge pressure” in Brexit negotiations.

Ministers have warned that “hundreds” of extra officials are needed to cope with Brexit operations, which are due to last for at least two years once Prime Minister Theresa May triggers Article 50 on March 29.

Mar 21 10:41

Spanish Brexit Negotiator Suggests British Expats Should Keep Their EU Rights

Madrid is seeking a Brexit deal that will allow British expatriates to remain in Spain with full access to their EU benefits.

Jorge Toledo, the Spanish secretary for the EU and the chairman of the working group on Brexit, indicated that his government would “in principle” support the agreement with the UK, so that Britons living in Spain continue to enjoy their EU rights.

Mar 21 08:59

'Biased' BBC's 'pessimistic & SKEWED' Brexit coverage could DAMAGE BRITAIN, 70 MPs warn

At least 70 MPs from a number of political parties have written to the director-general of the BBC – Lord Hall – with accusations the public service broadcaster is unwilling to snap out of its “pre-referendum pessimism” and “accept new facts”.

The complaint was signed by 60 Conservative MPs, including former cabinet ministers Iain Duncan Smith and Theresa Villers, two Tory peers, three Labour MPs, eight DUP MPs, two DUP peers and Ukip’s only MP Douglas Carswell.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I smell another attempt to derail BREXIT coming!

Mar 21 08:27

Campaign Against Antisemitism is a campaign against Palestinians

The Campaign Against Antisemitism is a British propaganda organization and registered charity that specializes in defaming Palestine solidarity campaigners. When I launched a petition calling for the group to be deregistered, it responded in a hostile manner.

It first tried to persuade the website to take the petition down. When that failed, its supporters attacked the petition in an article published by the Daily Mail, a paper which once praised Adolf Hitler for having “saved Germany from Israelites of international attachments.”

Originality not being its strong point, the Campaign Against Antisemitism then alleged that I was a “notorious anti-Semite.”

Mar 21 08:26

Israel-funded “infiltrators” behind London campus “provocation”

An Israeli soldier’s controversial appearance at University College London (UCL) involved provocations by groups funded from Israel, a journalist for Israeli state media is alleging.

Jerry Lewis, an Israel Radio correspondent for 36 years, said in January that the October incident was an example of pro-Israel “infiltrators” coming onto campuses and endangering Jewish students in the UK.

Lewis said the infiltrators were “interfering” in student affairs and provoking unrest “to make sure they can justify the funding they get from Israel.”

Mar 21 07:41

'Brexit’s not a problem, Turkey will join!' Germans RIDICULE UK for leaving EU

A GERMAN satire show has ridiculed the UK as it suggesting Brexit was not a problem because Turkey was lining up to replace Britain.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Small difference. Refugees are trying to get IN to Great Britain. Refugees are trying to get OUT of Turkey!

Mar 20 16:20

'A disgraceful shambles' George Osborne faces MPs' fury over Evening Standard job

Since being told to leave government by the Prime Minister, Mr Osborne has also taken on a £650,000 per year job with a leading investment fund, been handed a role with the US-based with the McCain Institute, signed up to a lucrative speaking agency and assumed the chairmanship of the Northern Powerhouse Partnership.

Mar 20 15:58

Minister told to remind Germany of cancelled WW2 debt amid EU demand for £50bn Brexit fee

Sir Bill, speaking as chair of the House of Commons’ European Scrutiny Committee, urged Mr Jones to consider how Britain has been a “net contributor for many decades” to the EU budget and so “our accumulated liabilities are offset by the extent to which we've made these massive contributions”.

He added: “Perhaps also to bear in mind that back in 1953 there was a thing called the London Debt Agreement, where Germany - for all its malfeasance during the Second World War and its unprovoked aggression - found that in 1953, in circumstances which were quite remarkable, that we remitted one half of all German debt.

“Therefore if you compare that situation with what it is now and given Germany's extremely dominant role in the EU at the moment it might be worth tactfully - not one of my strongest points - but tactfully reminding people that there is a realistic position here that we really don't owe anything to the EU whether it's legal or political.”

Mar 20 07:15

iPhone users - Whatever you do, do NOT take part in this DANGEROUS new Siri prank

If someone tells you to say the number 108 to Siri – the virtual assistant that ships with the Apple iPhone – whatever you do, don't do it.

The troublesome prank, which has been doing the rounds on social media throughout the last week, should be avoided at all costs.

That's because saying 108 to Siri will immediately connect you to your local emergency services.

The prank works because 108 is the Indian equivalent of the 999 emergency number in the UK.

Mar 19 19:49

Shocking claims Tony Blair led a mass migration conspiracy to ensure Labour's rule

TONY Blair betrayed Britain for his own political ends by overseeing a massive conspiracy to flood the country with millions of migrants, an explosive book has claimed.

The controversial Prime Minister cynically dismantled UK border controls so that two million migrants could settle in the country - and vote for him in future elections.

He then gagged Labour officials and his most senior ministers, telling them not to discuss immigration in public under any circumstances for fear of a backlash, it is alleged.

The Labour leader knew the British people would ferociously oppose his conspiracy if they realised what was happening.

So he banned politicians from discussing even the positive aspects of immigration in case doing so brought the public’s attention to the huge numbers of people entering the country from abroad, the book claims.

Mar 19 16:04

UK Police: Nigel Farage Was Victim Of Election Fraud

Nigel Farage might not have lost the 2015 UK General Election, according to UK police, who claim the former UKIP leader may have been the victim of election fraud.

Mar 19 08:09

Blair admits he had no idea how many people would come to Britain when he allowed mass EU immigration and gets it WRONG when he tries to claim it happened years later 

Tony Blair has admitted he had no idea how many people would move to Britain when the EU expanded in 2004.

And the ex-Prime Minister appeared to get wrong the facts of what happened to immigration numbers in a major interview to launch his new policy institute.

He said the surge in immigration to Britain did not happen until after 2008 and that Britain could only have imposed controls for four years.

In fact, net immigration leapt in 2004 and other EU nations imposed transitional controls for up to seven years.

Mar 19 07:44

The West’s sights are now clearly set on Iran

The British-US plan to weaken Iran via the proxy war on Syria has spectacularly backfired. Now they are more desperate than ever to bring Iran to its knees.

Mar 18 22:47

Thousands of soldiers quit the army as morale hits historic low

MORE than 15,000 soldiers quit the British Army last year as commanders struggled against falling morale.

Mar 18 22:44

REVEALED: Theresa May is planning 'BREXIT DAY' to celebrate EU independence

UK Prime Minister Theresa May is to celebrate the UK leaving the European Union with a bash entitled Brexit Day.

And the occasion is set to be marked with an event, similar to US Independence Day, when all new laws will take effect.

Mar 18 17:40

Ex-Chancellor Osborne Made Editor Of London Evening Standard… & Twitter Can’t Handle It

The London Evening Standard’s new editor will be former Tory Chancellor George Osborne, who on top of his job as an MP has also recently become a top adviser at BlackRock, the world’s biggest fund manager.

Osborne has been made responsible for leading the editorial team of the Standard despite having barely any experience in journalism.

Mar 18 11:07

Child Poverty In Britain Reaches Highest Level Since 2010 – Figures

Child poverty has soared in the UK under successive Conservative-led governments, with up to 30 percent of British children now classed as deprived, a third of these from families currently in work, new figures show.

Mar 18 09:50

British soldiers arrive in Estonia as part of NATO’s goal to ‘deter Russian AGGRESSION’

The 120-strong military unit is the first of 800 soldiers who will be stationed on Nato’s eastern border by April.

Mar 17 17:34

Enough For A Small War Or Little Coup: 10,000+ Of Firearms Seized By Spanish Police & Europol

Spanish National Police and Europol seized more than 10000 assault rifles, 400 howitzers, shells, grenades, and anti-aerial machine guns.

Mar 17 15:56

George Osborne faces calls to quit as MP over shock Evening Standard editorship

The former chancellor, who was sacked by Theresa May after his Project Fear campaign in the EU referendum backfired, has added the four-day-a-week job to a growing list of outside interests.

Mr Osborne was turned down for a job on a national paper’s trainee scheme more than 20 years ago and tried to be a freelance journalist before working for the Tories.

The former chancellor, who was sacked by Theresa May after his Project Fear campaign in the EU referendum backfired, has added the four-day-a-week job to a growing list of outside interests.

Mr Osborne was turned down for a job on a national paper’s trainee scheme more than 20 years ago and tried to be a freelance journalist before working for the Tories.

Mar 17 15:53

Brussels plot to TORPEDO Brexit: Eurocrats insist on no trade talks before Britain leaves

BRUSSELS chiefs are plotting to torpedo Theresa May’s Brexit strategy in an extraordinary act of self-harm which will leave Britain unable to seal a trade deal with the bloc before its departure date.

In a bombshell move eurocrats want to seek a legal lock on discussions about the UK’s access to the single market, meaning that the issue cannot be brought up during the negotiations.

Instead they intend to ensure that the two-year period allowed for under Article 50 revolves around just two issues - their £50bn demand for an exit bill and the residency rights of EU citizens in the UK.

Mar 17 15:15

Chilcot 2.0? Another Iraq War Inquiry Could Be Launched If New Facts Emerge, Say MPs

If new evidence comes to light on the legality of the 2003 war in Iraq it could be used to justify a further inquiry into the conflict, according to an influential parliamentary committee.

Members of the Public Administration Committee said on Wednesday that the 2016 Chilcot Inquiry had failed to “provide closure” on the war which had left an “indelible scar” on UK politics.

Mar 17 14:34

Tories Fined £70k After ‘Significant’ Breaches Of Election Spending Rules Uncovered

An independent investigation has revealed the Conservative Party was in breach of the rules governing election spending a number of times in recent years.

A report by the Electoral Commission found “numerous failures” in the Conservative Party’s expenditure declarations during three by-elections in 2014 as well as the 2015 general election.

Mar 17 14:32

1,500 acid attacks have been recorded in London since 2011

"It's easy to buy most of the ingredients legally

Mar 17 10:49

‘London Bridge Is Down’: Operational Codeword For The Queen’s Death Leaked

Extensive plans for managing the immediate aftermath of the death of Britain’s longest-reigning monarch have been revealed.

When George VI passed away, the news was delivered with the words “Hyde Park Corner.”

Mar 17 09:20

Independent Scotland to seek cooperation with Russia, British MP says

Independent Scotland will seek to cooperate with all countries including Russia, Tommy Sheppard, a British MP representing the Scottish National Party told TASS on Friday. As possible areas for cooperation, he singled out trade, technology development and especially the renewable sources of energy. He also said an independent Scotland would consider it a political priority to establish relations with European countries and parfticularly the ones located in the north of the continent...

Mar 17 09:11

‘Now Is Not The Time’: Theresa May Blocks 2nd Scottish Independence Referendum

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has blocked a second Scottish independence referendum, saying “now is not the time” for another vote.

A repeat of the 2014 referendum is not appropriate because the country is already going through a huge change in terms of Brexit, and Scottish people need a fuller picture before making any decision on the future, said May.

Mar 17 09:02

Inflated Prices And A Dire Shortage Of New Housing In London

Last month, London’s Southwark Council was found guilty of egregious safety breaches that led to the deaths by fire of six Lankanal House Council Estate residents. The court assessed a paltry sum of £300,000 for the violations.

The charges resulting from the 2009 inferno include a failure to carry out a suitable and sufficient risk assessment, failure to take general fire precautions—including in relation to safety of employees—and a failure to ensure that premises were subject to a suitable system of maintenance.

Mar 17 08:11

'He's taking the p**s': Outrage as George Osborne takes on SIXTH job as editor of London Evening Standard - despite having zero journalistic experience and refusing to stand down as MP or £13k-a-day consultant

The former Tory chancellor, 45, has been appointed by billionaire owner Evgeny Lebedev and will be paid up to £400,000-a-year despite never working in journalism before.

Mar 17 08:10

‘Brexit is the last straw' EU has run out of patience with UK, says ex-EU official

Italian EU diplomat Corrado Pirzio-Biroli revealed his regret at trying to convince Britons to stay in the Brussels bloc during the 1975 referendum.

And the former Commission official attacked British governments for their constant ambivalence towards Europe - claiming attitudes towards the bloc have not changed since Winston Churchill was in charge.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Maybe Britain is still holding a grudge for all the times European countries like Spain, France, and Germany tried to invade!

Mar 17 08:08

‘Tear it down ASAP’: French minister issues warning over Dunkirk migrant camp

The news comes less than five months after the Jungle refugee camp in the neighbouring town of Calais was reduced to dust and rubble by the authorities.

The Grande-Synthe tent camp in Dunkirk is currently home to more than 1,500 UK-bound refugees – mostly from Iraq, Iran, Syria and Afghanistan – and is said to be dangerously overcrowded.

Addressing a Senate committee on Wednesday, Mr Le Roux said Grande-Synthe residents were behaving in an “unacceptable manner” and posed a “threat” to public order.

Mar 17 08:06

Ilford North MP Wes Streeting slams George Osborne Evening Standard appointment and demands he RESIGN from Commons

Streeting launched a fierce attack, demanding Osborne resign as an MP.

He said: “This appointment is bad news for the reputation of politics, journalism, and the relationship between the two.

“The conflict of interest is best exemplified by politicians queuing up to congratulate George Osborne on his new role. In no way is this double-jobbing acceptable.

“At risk of never receiving favourable coverage in the Standard again, this is a real disservice to Tatton and to professional journalism.

“He simply cannot continue as an MP while editing a daily newspaper and his appointment raises serious doubts about whether London’s Labour Mayor, MPs, and councils will receive fair coverage under such an obviously partisan editor.”

Mar 17 07:43


“The proposition is that a sitting MP, from the governing party, is appointed Editor of a major British newspaper – in addition to his new position as a highly-paid City adviser. It smacks of greed and the accumulation of power, undermining the Government’s intention to create a country that works for everyone.

Mr Osborne is clearly being badly advised and we can only hope that others help him to understand the damage he is doing to the reputation of parliament and democracy at a critical time in the country’s history. The conflict of interest is so clear it is astonishing that it should have been proposed. A key role of the media is to hold politicians to account; to have a recent Minister or an MP running the editorial line of a newspaper certainly calls into question whether this principle can be upheld."

Mar 17 07:12

George Osborne appointed editor of London Evening Standard

MPs and media pundits express surprise after newspaper’s owner Evgeny Lebedev names former chancellor as its new chief

Mar 17 07:11

George Osborne's 48-day-a-year job salary REVEALED

News that ex-Chancellor and current backbench MP George Osborne has declared his £650,000 a year salary from BlackRock, the world’s biggest fund management firm, will have many asking: what jobs are out there that pay so much for just 48 days work a year?

Paid £162,500 for 12 days work a quarter, the MP for Tatton will work in an advisory capacity for the US-based firm.


George Osborne's 'Living Wage':
Serfs: £7.20 per hour
Himself: £1692.70 per hour#BlackRock
We are all in this together.

— Jan Gerton (@TartanRock86) 9 March 2017

Mar 16 15:53

US Must Not Sell Arms To Saudi Arabia, Bahrain: Amnesty International

A leading human rights group has called on the United States not to approve pending weapons sales to Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, warning that such sales could implicate Washington in war crimes.

In a letter to US President Donald Trump, Amnesty International said the arms sales would only serve to further arm the Saudi-led coalition that has attacked thousands of civilians in Yemen in violation of international law.

Mar 16 15:16

'BORING' Bob Geldof brands Brexit 'greatest act of self-harm' and vows to 'UNDERMINE' May

BOB GELDOF has hit out at Brexit once more, branding it “the greatest act of national self-harm” in British history and vowing to “undermine” Theresa May every step of the way.

Mar 16 13:24

Support For Scottish Independence ‘Higher Than Ever’… Depending On Which Poll You Believe

Support for Scottish independence is at an all-time high according to one independent poll. At the same time, two newspaper-commissioned surveys suggest Scots actually want to remain part of Britain.

Mar 16 11:41

UK Government To Trigger Brexit Amid Calls For Second Scottish Independence Vote

Prime Minister Theresa May cleared the final hurdle to triggering Article 50 beginning Britain’s exit from the European Union (EU) Monday. But she did so amid the crisis generated by Scottish National Party (SNP) leader Nicola Sturgeon demanding a second referendum on Scotland’s independence from the UK.

Mar 16 11:27

Marine Le Pen Tells Nigel Farage British PM Is ‘Good At Getting It Wrong’

French far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen has slammed British Prime Minister Theresa May for “contradictions” over Brexit, in an interview with former UKIP leader Nigel Farage.

Mar 16 10:36

Scottish Independence, Round Two: Let It Come!

The die is cast. Nicola Sturgeon, leader of the SNP and First Minister of Scotland, has announced that she is to seek approval from the Scottish Parliament to proceed with a second referendum on Scottish Independence between the autumn of 2018 and spring of 2019.

Mar 16 10:32

European Headscarf Ban Won’t Be Imposed On British Workers Automatically, Say Lawyers

A European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruling allowing employers to ban their workers from wearing any kind of “political, philosophical or religious sign” will not directly apply to the UK.

The ECJ ruled on Tuesday it would not be considered direct discrimination if an employer banned its workers from wearing religious and political symbols, such as an Islamic headscarf.

Mar 16 09:37

COMMENT: Migrant crisis proves we are right to leave the EU

As a measure of how serious this problem is a new report from Europol, the EU’s law enforcement agency, also says that migrant smuggling is now comparable to the illegal drugs market.

Across the continent people are furious at the huge number of migrants who have arrived, the strain they have placed on resources and the deliberate reluctance of European leaders – not least unelected Eurocrats – to confront these issues.

It is no coincidence that in Holland, France and Germany anti-migrant parties are storming up the polls.

Mar 15 19:30

Tony Blair will not face investigation into whether he misled Parliament over the Iraq War: Decision comes as MPs warn lax rules mean that a PM could still lead the UK into a new fiasco

There is little to stop a repeat of the Iraq War fiasco because official rules on ‘sofa government’ are so lax, MPs said last night.

In 2003, Tony Blair sidelined his Cabinet and took his country into battle after telling US president George Bush: ‘I will be with you, whatever.’

A Commons committee warned that 14 years on, there remains an absence of safeguards in place to prevent a prime minister from disregarding Cabinet procedures.

The public administration committee also said Mr Blair would not face an investigation into whether he misled Parliament over the Iraq War unless ‘new and relevant’ evidence emerges.

Mar 15 19:25

Today is E-Day! Queen to clear way for Brexit talks as she gives Royal Assent to the Article 50 Bill

The Queen will today give Royal Assent to the Article 50 Bill, clearing the way for Theresa May to trigger Brexit.

She is expected to formally sign off the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill, clearing the way for Mrs May to begin the two-year process of leaving the EU.

Mar 15 18:53

Can YOU see the tiny camera hidden in this cash machine? Fraudsters record bank customers' pin numbers through a hole the size of a PINHEAD

To the untrained eye, this looks just like any of the millions of cash machines people use every day to access their money.

But a tiny, pinhead-sized hole in the plastic casing hides a chilling secret which shows just how advanced identity fraudsters have now become.

Police investigating cashpoint tampering discovered the hole meant a tiny camera, which was hidden inside a false cover to the cash dispensing slot, could record the victim putting in their pin number.

Mar 15 18:23

Royal Navy new aircraft carriers could be hampered by lack of personnel, warns watchdog

The Carrier Strike programme was entering a “critical” phase with the first of the ships - HMS Queen Elizabeth - nearing completion and due to make its inaugural sailing this summer, the National Audit Office (NAO) said.

It will mark the start of a “high risk” period of trials, testing and training to bring together the carrier with its Lightning II fighter jets and helicopter-borne Crowsnest radar in an integrated force.

Already the first sailing has been put back three months and the NAO warns further “technical issues” could mean the Ministry of Defence's plan for it to be operational by the end of 2020 is delayed.

Among the problems it highlighted was the shortage of engineers, intelligence personnel and war-fighting specialists in the Navy and RAF air crew.

Mar 15 18:12

Scottish Politicians In Open Conflict As Political War For Independence Relaunched

Scotland’s main political figures are locked in open conflict after Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon called for a second independence referendum and Prime Minister Theresa May pledged to block any vote until Britain has left the EU.

Mar 15 16:21

UKIP’s Biggest Donor Launches ‘UKIP 2.0, The Force Awakens’ After Being ‘Suspended’

UKIP’s last big donor, Arron Banks, has announced he will be launching a new movement he labeled ‘UKIP 2.0, the Force Awakens.’

The businessman, who gave UKIP £1 million (US$1.21 million at current rates) ahead of the 2015 general election, set tongues wagging when he tweeted that his membership had been suspended on Tuesday morning.

Mar 15 14:38

What Post-Colonial Gaffes Will Boris Johnson Make On His Next African Adventure?

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson is heading back to Africa just 30 days after visiting the Gambia. To mark the occasion, RT revisits some of the gaffe-prone politico’s inglorious slurs, bad taste jokes and culturally insensitive bombshells.

Mar 15 13:37

House Of Fraser Takes Down ‘Erotic’ Ad That ‘Sexualizes Children’

An advert featuring a young girl posing in an “erotic” way has been taken down at a UK department store called House of Fraser over concerns it “sexualizes” children.

The Calvin Klein ad was removed from a store in Cheltenham due to complaints that the featured underwear model, who is known simply as Lulu, looks more like a child than a grown woman and therefore promotes child “sexualization.”

Mar 15 10:21

London Trading Could Be Driven By Advance Inside Knowledge Of Official Data – Report

An analysis of official trading data suggests some London-based investors may be trading with advanced knowledge of sensitive economic reports before they are released to public.

A report prepared for the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) by Alexander Kurov, an associate professor of finance at West Virginia University, suggests City investors trade using the confidential economic data in breach of regulations.

Mar 15 10:14

Brexit DELAY: EU could force Theresa May to wait until JUNE to start talks

THE European Union (EU) could force Britain to wait until June to start formal Brexit talks, thwarting Theresa May’s efforts to secure a deal within two years.

EU officials say the 27 other member states are looking to June to officially open negotiations, despite Theresa May planning to trigger Article 50 by the end of March.

Mar 15 08:04

Brussels Backs Down On £52bn Brexit Divorce Bill

Brussels will no longer force Britain to agree to the exact sum of its divorce settlement before trade negotiations start, it has emerged.

Mar 15 07:34

Marine Le Pen HAILS UK Parliament for ‘sticking to will of the people’ & delivering Brexit

MARINE Le Pen has praised the British Parliament for its “remarkable and honourable” respect for the will of the people after Theresa May was given the green light to begin Brexit negotiations.

Mar 14 17:09

Brexit Drains Swamp in London, Creatures Head to Luxembourg

Tax planning for a post-Brexit world.

Mar 14 16:40

Syrian refugees moved into six-bedroom home after no family found 'could be first of many'

A DECISION to put Syrian refugees into a six-bedroom house in the countryside caused further anger last night as residents were told there may be more refugees on the way.

Inhabitants of the quiet village are furious a migrant family will jump to the front of the queue.

The sprawling £600,000 property in Kent has been empty for a year but will be refurbished and handed over within months.

Those living in the chocolate box village of Eynsford near Sevenoaks claimed the decision was made without consultation and would split the community.

In spite of the feelings of local residents, the council said the refugee family could be the first of many to arrive in the area.

Mar 14 16:31

'An act of WAR!' Gina Miller threatens to go BACK to court to demand a vote on Brexit deal

GINA MILLER declared "war" on the UK Government as she threatened to go back to court and demand a final vote on Brexit, just one day after Parliament passed the Article 50 Bill.

Mar 14 15:47

Striking UK Rail Conductors Explain Their Struggle For Public Safety

Dave, Mark and Joe at Sheffield’s Northern Arriva depot Joe, who was previously a ticket officer, explained the safety role of conductors: “In case of emergency you’ve got two safety-critical staff on board trains in the Arriva North franchise. Under the new proposals that’s going down to one.”

Mar 14 14:44

One hundred years of the Balfour Declaration

Lawrence Davidson says UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s intention to celebrate the Balfour Declaration is based on an illusion that something awful is really something prideful, and distorts the entire historical episode that led to Israel’s creation. >>

Mar 14 14:22

Brexit Could Be Invoked Within Days As Bill Faces Final Parliamentary Hurdle

Britain is poised to begin its departure from the EU as early as Tuesday, as the Brexit bill allowing Prime Minister Theresa May to trigger Article 50 is approaching its final parliamentary hurdle.

Mar 14 12:52

China Initiative Wants To Help Trump's 2026 U.S.A. Vision; British Intelligence Wants To Impeach or Kill Him

Interesting considering the recent revelation that Obama had the Brits spying on Trump.

If the growing number of reports that Donald Trump and Xi Jinping will meet in Florida next month are true, the way is open for President Trump to collaborate with China's global growth and progress driver -- the so-called New Silk Road or Belt and Road Initiative -- as Barack Obama refused to do. The horizon goals Trump set out for America's "250th Anniversary" in 2026 -- peace with nations including our current "adversaries," a renewed modern economic infrastructure, "our footsteps on distant worlds" -- would then have far better prospect of being reached. Those goals are not on the leadership's agenda of either of the United States' warring political parties.

Mar 14 12:24

Britain to suppress Russian aggression with tanks and drones

As The Times has reported, the UK State Secretary for Defence Michael Fallon ordered to activate deployment of the British military contingent at the Russian border. According to him, troops should be dispatched to Estonia, and in the nearest days. The main task is to prevent Russian aggression. Thus, it is planned that 800 soldiers of the British Armed Forces' 5 Rifles battalion will be deployed along with tactical drones. Fallon also plans to deploy troops in Poland in Romania. As he said, it is the best way to calm down their NATO allies.

Mar 14 12:22

‘Security Breach’ Probed After Theresa May’s Travel Diary Found On Train

The government is investigating a “serious security breach,” as documents containing sensitive information regarding Prime Minister Theresa May’s travel plans were found by a passenger on a train.

Mar 14 10:36

#IndyRef2: Second Scottish Independence Vote Reignites Online Debate

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s announcement of plans for a second Scottish independence referendum has been met with mixed reaction online. While the idea has garnered a lot of support, others feel a second referendum is a little ridiculous.

Mar 14 10:30

What News Will Be Buried on March 15th? Debt Ceiling, Dutch Elections and Brexit. The Best Day to Bury Bad News.

March 15th (or the Ides of March) was a bad day for Julius Caesar, but history aside, is something big going to happen on the Ides? As it goes, there are actually already several fairly momentous things taking place, and as the saying goes “a big news day is the best time to bury bad news”.

Mar 14 10:26

British Pro-Palestinian Activist Denied Entry To Israel For Promoting Boycotts

Hugh Lanning, a former chair of the pro-BDS Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC), was barred from entering Israel on Sunday night, according to a statement released by the Israeli Interior Ministry.

Lanning was expected to be placed on a flight back to the UK sometime overnight or on Monday.

Mar 14 08:03

Albanian asylum seeker found guilty of murdering millionaire pensioners

Ali Qazimaj, 43, told a friend he had 'done a bad thing' shortly after stabbing Peter Stuart, 75, nine times 'with extreme force'.

He then tried to hide the pensioner's body in tarpaulin in a water-filled ditch close to his home in Weybread, Suffolk, before fleeing the country.

Qazimaj denied killing Mr Stuart and his wife Sylvia, 68, whose body has never been found, but a jury today took less than four hours to find him guilty of two counts of murder.

The victims' daughter and son-in-law gasped and hugged one another as the verdicts were read out at Ipswich Crown Court.

Qazimaj claimed he has been "fitted-up" for the killings, even pretending to be the victim of mistaken identity who had never previously visited the UK.

But he was described a 'lying murderer' by prosecutor Karim Khalil QC, who said "damning forensic results" showed fingerprints meant he was the culprit.

Mar 14 07:26

Full steam ahead! Queen set to sign Brexit into LAW TODAY as May set to trigger Article 50

THE Queen was poised to sign Britain's Brexit into law as early as this morning, it emerged yesterday as Parliament prepared to pass the crucial legislation to put last year’s historic referendum vote into action.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Now you know how Americans felt back in 1776, your highnessness! :)