Apr 05 05:34

Labour suspends council candidate accused of Holocaust denial and anti-Semitism

A Labour council candidate accused of anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial has been suspended by the party and dropped for the forthcoming election. It was confirmed Roy Smart had been dropped from running for local office in St. James Ward, Tunbridge Wells in May, after it became apparent he had shared allegedly anti-Semitic material online. Articles shared by Roy Smart included a Holocaust denial post in 2015, which lists countries where questioning the Shoah is illegal, before saying "the truth doesn't need laws to protect it." In the text of the article, called 'Holocaust deprogramming course", it says "free yourself from a lifetime of Holo-brainwashing about 'six million' Jews 'gassed' in 'gas chambers' disguised as shower rooms".
Note: This "holocau$t denial" and "anti-Semitism" has lost all credit ability.

Apr 04 22:54

Britain's feral gangs 'are now a bigger danger than terrorism': Criminals' online boasts of shootings and stabbings inspire the next generation of gangsters says crime expert

Criminology expert has said that gangs pose a bigger threat to UK than terrorism
Criminals using social media to encourage gang members to carry out killings
MP David Lammy said rise in London violence is being driven by organised crime

Apr 04 16:30

The niece of poisoned spy Sergei Skripal is demanding that Britain tells her if his beloved cats and guinea pigs have been killed by nerve agent as she prepares to travel to the UK

Viktoria Skripal (left) says reports that her uncle and his daughter (right, with her cat) were hit with a lethal nerve agent while at home are 'nonsense'

Viktoria said: 'Nonsense. First of all, it is not possible to go close (to the house).

'Secondly, if they were poisoned there, what happened to the animals?

'They had a cat Masyanya (imported) from Russia and one more cat, from a shelter.'

Then there were two guinea pigs.

'The cats might run away but the guinea pigs should have been found dead in their cage.

'Nothing has been said about this.'

Apr 04 15:26

All Russiagate Roads Lead To London As Evidence Emerges Of Joseph Mifsud’s Links To UK Intelligence

Over the last few months, Professor Joseph Mifsud has become a feather in the cap for those pushing the Trump-Russia narrative. He is characterized as a “Russian” intelligence asset in mainstream press, despite his declarations to the contrary. However, evidence has surfaced that suggests Mifsud was anything but a Russian spy, and may have actually worked for British intelligence. This new evidence culminates in the ground-breaking conclusion that the UK and its intelligence apparatus may be responsible for the invention of key pillars of the Trump-Russia scandal. If true, this would essentially turn the entire RussiaGate debacle on its head.

Apr 04 15:26

Russian spy: Labour urges probe over Johnson comments

Shadow Cabinet Office minister, Jon Trickett, said Mr Johnson had "serious questions to answer".

Apr 04 15:09

Putin calls for probe into spy poisoning, saying scientists have failed to identify source of nerve agent

Russian President Vladimir Putin says Moscow wants a thorough probe into the poisoning of an ex-Russian spy in Britain and will demand to be part of it.

Putin, speaking Tuesday in Ankara following talks with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, cited the head of Britain’s defense laboratory who said that its scientists have not identified the precise source of the nerve agent used to attack former double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter.

Putin said, given the lack of precise information about the agent’s origin, “the speed at which the anti-Russian campaign has been launched causes bewilderment.”

Apr 04 14:54

The Lobby

Al Jazeera Investigations exposes how the Israel lobby influences British politics. A six-month undercover investigation reveals how Israel penetrates different levels of British democracy.

Episode One: In part one, Al Jazeera Investigations reveals how pro-Israel groups are trying to influence Britain’s youth.

Episode Two: In part two, our undercover reporter joins a delegation from the Israeli embassy at last year’s Labour Party Conference.

Apr 04 13:31

Jeremy Jesus-Christ Corbyn

Yesterday we learned that Jeremy Corbyn has yet again upset ‘the Jews,’ and by 'the Jews' I mean a few loud obnoxious voices who claim to ‘represent the Jews.’ Since he is a well meaning guy, Corbyn accepted an invitation to celebrate the Jewish Passover dinner with Jewdas, who are apparently the ‘wrong’ Jews according to the Zionist lobby.

Apr 04 12:50

Foreign Office deletes tweet blaming Russia for Salisbury spy attack

The Government had posted a message online that stated the Kremlin was responsible.

It said: ‘Analysis by world-leading experts at the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory at Porton Down made clear that this was a military-grade Novichok nerve agent produced in Russia.’

But yesterday Gary Aitkenhead, from the Government’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) at Porton Down, said the role of his lab was not to work out where the agent came from.

Apr 04 12:46

MoD failure to ascribe novichok blame makes intelligence the key factor in justifying claims against Russia

The inability of Porton Down to ascribe blame to Russia means that intelligence is now the key factor in the accusation against the Kremlin. And such overwhelming dependence on intelligence, most of it unknown to the public, has inevitably led to comparison with the fake intelligence which was used to justify the Iraq invasion.

It is also perhaps inevitable that Mr Johnson would be in the centre of the controversy. In an interview two weeks ago he had stated that Porton Down scientists were “absolutely categorical” that the novichok came from Russia: “I asked the guy myself, I said ‘are you sure?’ And he said ‘there’s no doubt’.”

But “the guy”, Gary Aitkenhead, the chief executive of the DSTL (Defence Science and Technology Laboratory) at Porton Down, was pretty clear that although the scientists had ascertained the agent was novichok, “we haven’t identified the precise source”.

Apr 04 11:54

Boris Johnson Lied: Porton Down Scientists Can't Confirm 'Novichok' Nerve Agent Was Made In Russia

Former UK ambassador Craig Murray was entirely correct when he reported weeks ago that Porton Down scientists could not confirm the supposed "novichok" nerve agent allegedly used to poison former Russian spy Sergei and Yulia Skripal was made in Russia.

Apr 04 11:39

Italian Journalist: ‘I Feel Deep Shame for the Behavior of the West Today’

I feel a deep shame at the behavior of the West today. In this behavior, I see the crash of the last remains of what Europe always declared to be its ideals and values. The expulsion of Russian diplomats from a number of EU countries on March 26, a day of national mourning, showed that, for my generation, there are only ruins of morality left on the Old Continent. One can state that the expulsion was unacceptable for four reasons.

Russian Envoy: OPCW Has no Authority to Probe 'Skripal Case'
First, the choice of date: they chose exactly the day when Russia was mourning those died in the Kemerovo fire, despite that even in the Middle Ages there were days set aside to pick up the injured during wars, and our politicians, while constantly referring to human rights, have no idea of pity.

Apr 04 10:43

Britain's establishment is desperate for Russian guilt, and will ignore anything to get it

The UK Foreign Office denies its own on-the-record claims after being undermined by government scientists. The media is ignoring reports which could help avoid a major confrontation with Russia. Welcome to post-Skripal Britain.

When Jeremy Corbyn called for more evidence to be provided about Russia's alleged role in the poisoning of the Skripals, the howls from Parliament and much of the media were deafening. When the laboratory in charge of investigating where the nerve agent used in Salisbury came from said it couldn't actually back up claims it was from Russia, it was the silence that was deafening.

Apr 04 10:42

‘Lies & smears’: Livingstone slams UK’s Skripal claims as backtracking plagues investigation (VIDEO)

Livingstone said the UK “clearly doesn’t want an open and honest investigation” into what happened in Salisbury on March 4. However, politicians insist on blaming Moscow, without evidence.

“The British government has set out to blame all of this on President Putin and Russia from the very beginning,” Livingstone said.

“All the evidence coming out brings this into question. The idea it can only be Russia behind all this is nonsense. Our country has a principle you are innocent until proven guilty, but here we have our Prime Minister Theresa May on the television immediately denouncing Russia and ordering the expulsion of Russian diplomats.”

Livingstone said the UK is attempting to spread an “anti-Russia” rhetoric and NATO has seized on it. He also said the mainstream media will not challenge the ideology being spread.

Apr 04 10:39

Porton Down: Lab behind Skripal poison probe has dark history of human testing

The government-run experiments on military personal seriously breached ethical standards, according to an official report released in 2006. It followed years of complaints from veterans claiming to have suffered lasting damage to their health as a result of the trials.

During the experiments Porton scientists dripped liquid nerve gas on the bare arms of 440 men and at one point tested nerve gas on eight men without the trial participants knowing what it really was. Six men were exposed to mustard gas for five consecutive days – three of whom suffered burns to their scrotums. Around 450 men had their eyes exposed to sarin nerve gas.

A 60-page government report released in 2002 detailed tests which exposed millions of people to harmful substances. The tests consisted of releasing potentially dangerous chemicals and microorganisms over vast areas of Britain – unbeknownst to the population below.

Apr 04 10:37

OPCW will provide Russia with findings on Skripal case only if UK shows ‘goodwill’

OPCW said it can provide Moscow with data on the Skripal case only if the UK shows “goodwill,” says Russia’s permanent representative to the chemical weapons watchdog. London, however, is not expected to do so, the official said.

The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) has refused to provide Russia with any facts on the investigation into the poisoning of former double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter, permanent representative to the organization Aleksandr Shulgin said.

Any data can be provided only if the UK shows “goodwill” on the matter, which, however, is unlikely, given London’s behavior, Shulgin said.

Apr 04 10:18

UK Foreign Office denies claiming nerve agent from Russia, despite tweet and Boris Johnson interview

The UK Foreign Office denies claiming the nerve agent used in the Salisbury poisoning of the Skripals came directly from Russia. Despite admitting it sent a tweet saying exactly that, and Boris Johnson making the same claim.

The UK Foreign Office has admitted it deleted the tweet which directly stated that the nerve agent, identified by the UK as A-234 – also known as Novichok- used in the Salisbury poisoning of the Skripals, came direct from Russia.

This week British government scientists admitted they couldn’t tell where the poison came from, undermining a number of claims to come out of the Foreign Office.

London has directly accused the Kremlin on at least three occasions of being behind the chemical attack on former double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter, Yulia.

Apr 04 10:16

‘Egg on his face’: Labour rebukes Boris Johnson for ‘misleading public’ on Novichok source

The Labour party is calling on Boris Johnson to answer some “very serious questions” after it emerged that scientists have not been able to identify the origin of the Novichok nerve agent.

The foreign secretary previously claimed in an interview to German TV station, Deutsche Welle, that he had been told in “categorical” terms by Porton Down scientists that there was “no doubt” Russia was the source of the nerve agent used in the Salisbury poisoning of the Skripals.

Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn says Johnson now needs to answer some questions. “Where does that leave the Foreign Secretary? Egg on his face for the statement he made on German television.”

“Boris Johnson seems to have completely exceeded the information that he had been given and told the world in categorical terms what he believed had happened and its not backed up by the evidence he claimed to have got from Porton Down in the first place. Boris Johnson needs to answer some questions,” Corbyn told Sky News.

Apr 04 10:13

Skripal poisoning: deleted Foreign Office tweet leads to awkward questions

Boris Johnson is facing embarrassing questions over his claims that Russia had produced the Salisbury nerve agent after it emerged that the Foreign Office had deleted a tweet blaming Moscow for the attack.

With the foreign secretary already under pressure over his remarks two weeks ago that a Porton Down scientist had been “absolutely categorical” that the novichok had originated in the country, Jeremy Corbyn accused Johnson of “completely exceeding the information he had been given” after the emergence of the deleted tweet.

Apr 04 10:12

Porton Down experts unable to identify 'precise source' of novichok that poisoned spy

Scientists from Porton Down have not been able to establish where the novichok nerve agent used to poison Sergei and Yulia Skripal was made.

Gary Aitkenhead, chief executive of the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) at Porton Down, told Sky News they were not yet able to prove it was made in Russia.

He said: "We were able to identify it as novichok, to identify that it was military-grade nerve agent.

"We have not identified the precise source, but we have provided the scientific info to Government who have then used a number of other sources to piece together the conclusions you have come to."

Apr 04 09:31


Guido tries not to give Leave.EU too much attention – that is, after all, what they want. With UKIP on 1% in the polls and Brexit progressing, they need to say increasingly bonkers things to maintain the publicity they crave. Leave.EU were not the official Leave campaign – they are, to coin a phrase, a fringe group who do not represent mainstream Brexiters. It says it all that their graphics tend to get retweeted by more Remainers than Brexiters. Julia is right:

Apr 04 09:17

London murders: Sadiq Khan blames Theresa May as pressure grows on mayor

The Mayor of London took to social media today to attack cutbacks which have “decimated services”. His comments come amid a recent spate of murders which has seen London’s murder levels in February surpass New York.

His comments in the wake of the murder of a 17 year old girl, named as Tanesha Melbourne, who was shot dead “for no reason” in Tottenham on Monday.

Speaking about the killing, Labour MP Dawn Butler said on Twitter: “You can't protect people on the cheap! When will this government start focusing on investing in local communities instead of cutting everything from sure start to youth centres.

Apr 04 09:16

Top German CDU Politician Lambasts Britain for Lack of Evidence in Skripal Case

Armin Laschet, head of the most populated German state, North Rhine-Westphalia, has criticized the actions of the UK and its foreign supporters in the Skripal poisoning case, reproaching the expulsion of diplomats without sound evidence.

The deputy chair of Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and the Minister President of the most populous state of Germany, Armin Laschet, lashed out at the UK, commenting on the latest turn in the Skripal poisoning case.

After a British laboratory stated it could not prove that the nerve agent used against Sergei Skripal and his daughter had been produced in Russia, the German politician reproached London for calls to expel Russian diplomats without solid evidence. At the UK's behest, Germany had sent away four Russian diplomats.

Apr 04 08:52

We don’t want apologies, we want common sense to triumph – Putin on Skripal saga

As the case for Moscow’s involvement in the poisoning of Sergei Skripal is weakened by new revelations, Russian President Vladimir Putin says he simply wants the diplomatic fallout over the incident to end.
“We are not waiting for anything,” the Russian president said at a joint press conference with his Turkish and Iranian counterparts in Ankara, in response to a journalist who asked if Moscow was waiting for apologies from the UK for its accusations.

“All we are expecting is that common sense triumphs, and that international relations stop being harmed, as they have been in recent times. This doesn’t just concern the attempted murder of Skripal, but other aspects of international relations.”

Apr 04 08:52

Argentina Vows to Reclaim Falkland Islands, 36 Years After Battle with UK

Apr 04 08:31

Big embarrassment for Britain: lab findings spark social media uproar

The revelation of Porton Down’s CEO shows that someone has been lying about the Skripal case, and that someone is Boris Johnson

Apr 03 14:31

Brexit Talks Turn Ugly on Gibraltar: UK Prepared to “Go to War With Spain”? Former Tory Leader

Britain has said Spain can have no new powers over Gibraltar, as Brexit prompts hard talk on sovereignty, security, and borders.

“We will never enter into arrangements under which the people of Gibraltar would pass under the sovereignty of another state against their freely and democratically expressed wishes”, the British prime minister’s office said in a statement on Sunday (2 April).

The British defence minister, foreign minister, and the chief minister of Gibraltar issued similar comments in a debate prompted by the start of Brexit talks last week.

“Gibraltar is going to be protected all the way,” Michael Fallon, the defence chief, told the BBC on Sunday.

Boris Johnson, the foreign minister, said on Facebook:

“The UK remains implacable and rock-like in our support for Gibraltar.”

Apr 03 09:16

Unidentified: Porton Down scientists CANNOT confirm Novichok used on Skripals was made in Russia

UK scientists have been unable to prove Russia made the nerve agent A-234 (also known as "Novichok") which was used to poison Sergei and Yulia Skripal in Salisbury.

Scientists at the top secret army base Porton Down are unable to link the samples to Russia, after weeks of Moscow insisting it had nothing to do with the attack. Theresa May’s Government has repeatedly blamed the Kremlin and imposed sanctions on Russia, including the expulsion of 23 diplomats.

Apr 03 08:57

Tottenham shooting: Girl, 17, dies from gunshot wound

Two shootings in London in the space of an hour - including a drive-by attack - have left a 17-year-old girl dead and a boy, 16, critically ill.

Friends said the girl, named locally as Tanesha, was killed "for no reason" in Tottenham on Monday night.

The Met has confirmed she died when "shots were fired" from a vehicle as it drove past a group of young people.

Two miles away, in Walthamstow, the boy was found with gunshot wounds, with another boy, 15, who had stab injuries.

"Ban guns! Ban g ... eh? What do you mean they're already banned?"

Apr 03 08:45

Furious China ramps up support for Russia on Skripal, calls West’s actions “outrageous”

Global Times says West disregards due process, bullies Russia, no longer leads world community, threatens other nations,

Apr 03 07:58

GALLOWAY: Blair’s still calling the shots, we’re heading towards Brexit in name only

I despise Tony Blair more with every beat of my heart, but I never underestimated him.

I have been saying for well over a year that he would mastermind the come-back of the EU camp in Britain, that he would marshal the financial resources (including his own considerable fortune), he would manipulate the Fifth Column within the Labour Party (which is bigger than any other column in the PLP) he would seduce the Europhile Tories and that he would, as he did for so long, choreograph the commanding heights of the media market. And he has. Moreover, in an interview last week he finally claimed the credit, revealing officially for the first time how deeply and incessantly he has been at work. With demonic energy and fiendish sure-footedness given his cloven hooves he now stands, he thinks, upon the mountaintop.

Apr 03 07:51

Jeremy Corbyn must stop pandering to Labour’s Israel lobby

For almost three years now, the Labour Party has faced a consistent barrage of allegations that it has a “problem with anti-Semitism.”

This mendacious campaign has had the same aim all along – to topple Jeremy Corbyn.

The party leader’s history in Palestine solidarity groups, and past endorsement of the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement, have made him the number one enemy of the Israel lobby.

This fraudulent campaign has been led by an ad hoc alliance: establishment press, right-wing Labour lawmakers and a network of front groups for the Israeli embassy.

This week it reached a crescendo, as the chair of the Jewish Leadership Council unleashed an unprecedented personal attack on Corbyn.

Jonathan Goldstein claimed on the BBC’s Today program that Corbyn is “the figurehead of an anti-Semitic political culture.” Yet again, grave assertions of anti-Semitism against a man with a long, proud history of fighting racism were made with no evidence presented.

Apr 03 06:11

Australia's united response to Russia puts US, UK to Shame

Putin was hosting a summit of the G20 nations in St Petersburg and Australia's leader decided he'd have to pull out. So Kevin Rudd, then prime minister, phoned Putin to apologise.
Rudd had just called the 2013 federal election and the dates clashed. He'd need to stay home to campaign, he explained to the Russian President. After chatting, Putin suggested that Australia and Russia should deepen their cooperation. "We have no fundamental contradictions between our countries," he told Rudd.

Rudd replied that he'd be delighted, and that the countries had a number of areas where they could cooperate, including the shared annual forums of the East Asia Summit and the G20 itself. But then came the kicker>>>

Apr 03 05:26

Serbia States Britain Putting Pressure To Expel Russian Diplomats From Belgrade

“Serbia will not expel Russian diplomats, we want good relations with Russia, it is true that during the events in Kosovo last week the UK demanded from us to decide on the attitude towards the Russians and to expel Russian diplomats, which shows that they were only concerned about this, other issues did not bother them, “- quotes the Serbian diplomat. The Foreign Minister stressed that Belgrade should take care of its interests, weigh them up well, and “it is absolutely certain that Serbia will not expel Russian diplomats.” Serbia is isolated in terms of not being part of the EU- but Austria is one of the only EU countries who refused to expel the Foreign Ministry staff of Russia from their country.

Apr 02 17:29

Just one in 100 crimes on the web ends with a conviction and 99% of crooks escape justice as police commissioner says systems 'couldn't cope' if all reports were passed on

Only one in ten cases of cyber crime is investigated by police and 99 per cent of crooks escape justice, shocking statistics revealed last night.

It came as the country’s top anti-fraud cop, City of London police commissioner Ian Dyson, conceded: ‘We cannot arrest our way out of this problem.’

Mr Dyson said the explosion in fraud and cyber crime means it is impossible to haul all the culprits before the courts, adding: ‘You are more likely to have money taken from you online than you are in the street.’

The officer, who has been a victim of card fraud, also said some online scams were so simple to set up, he questioned why criminals would bother to rob a bank.

Apr 02 15:38

Child poverty: Pale and hungry pupils 'fill pockets with school food'

Malnourished pupils with grey skin are "filling their pockets" with food from school canteens in poor areas due to poverty, head teachers say.

The heads, from various parts of England and Wales, described differences in the appearance of some pupils.

One head said: "My children have grey skin, poor teeth, poor hair; they are thinner."

Apr 02 11:38

Who are the true Semites in the topsy-turvy world of anti-Semitism?

UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, the prime-minister-in-waiting, is under relentless attack by Zionists for not stamping out “anti-Semitism” in the Labour Party. But, Stuart Littlewood asks, is not this a problem for his accusers to solve? >>

Apr 02 10:46

Putin's World War 3 threats are REAL - defence chief in Russia bomb warning

VLADIMIR Putin might trigger World War 3 if he continues trying to “subvert, undermine and influence countries around the world” - according to Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Oh, you mean just like the West has done with its massive invasions of places like Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, and Syria, all of which are still going enormously badly, years on?!?

British Sec Def Williamson, a word, please; in Putin's statements and weaponry investments, he is telling the rest of the world, politely, not to test him, thank you very much.

He has invested in these weapons systems (which the world has seen working, brilliantly, in Syria, and for which they are beating a path to Moscow's doorstep), to simply keep the West at bay, and not even think about attempting to create any military confrontation against Russia.

And right now, it certainly appears that it is the West behaving badly, sir in the world, because it collectively attacks countries to expropriate resources to which it has no moral right, and leaving the people of those countries none the better off for it.

Your analysis of Putin's statements is dead-wrong, sir.

I would like to politely suggest that your turn your attention to what is going to benefit the British people, and protect your country and what is left of the Commonwealth, with the best fighting forces and weapons you can conjure.

Apr 02 10:32


London has surpassed New York City's murder rate for the second month in a row, due mostly to a spike in knife crime and shootings which left 15 Londoners dead in February - nine of whom were age 30 or younger, and 22 dead in March vs. New York City's 21, according to the Sunday Times.

While both cities have around 8.5 million people, NYC's murder rate has dropped by around 87% since the 1990's, while London's has grown approximately 40% in just three years - not including deaths from terrorist attacks. Experts have credited the NYPD's zero-tolerance policing model driving down the homicide rate in NYC from around 2,000 deaths in 1990 to 230 last year.

London, however, is experiencing a spike in violent crime.

Jacob Whittingham, charity head of programmes for Fight for Peace, told the paper: "What's scary about London is the randomness of the crime.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is the massive result of completely unrestrained immigration policy, coupled with zero jobs for people with zero skills who have immigrated, and who cannot speak the language of their adoptive country.

Adventures in insanity in UK foreign policy don't get more severe than this.

Apr 02 10:26


“We have very serious suspicion that this provocation was done by British intelligence,”Yakovenko told Russia's NTV channel - adding however that Moscow had no direct proof, but that the UK's behavior constitutes strong circumstantial evidence in support of their theory.

Skripal case: How UK ‘explains’ why Russia is to blame in 1-minute VIDEO

— RT (@RT_com) March 30, 2018
Yakovenko also suggested that London had gained several benefits from the poisoning - both short and long-term, in that Theresa May's government is capitalizing on the event in order to boost support at home, while burying headlines over its failures to negotiate better Brexit terms. The long-term benefit, according to Yakovenko, is that London is able to elevate itself into a primary position in the ongoing confrontation between the West and Russia.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sounds reasonable to me!!

And with elections coming up, and the country's attention fixated on the world cup, why, logically, would Putin have ordered such a hit?!?

The short answer is, he would not have.

Apr 02 08:03

Russia Shuts Down Undercover MI6 Operation In Moscow

The decision to stop the activities of the British Council in Russia was made because of the fact that British intelligence MI6 was operating under the guise of this organization, as stated by a veteran of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Russia, Igor Morozov. He recalled that the British side did not agree to the opening iof the Russian Center of Science and Culture in London, whose functions correspond to the officially announced functions of the British Council.

Apr 01 19:59

After 40 glorious years... the Tornado is grounded due to defence cuts

All 36 Tornado GR4s will be decommissioned by April as the RAF makes way for 12 F-35Bs to operate from RAF Marham and the new Royal Navy’s Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carriers.

Apr 01 19:54

Enough to make you sick! Health chiefs put flying lessons, go-karting, five-star hotels and even McDonald’s trips on credit cards... and YOU pay the £5.8million bill

Health bosses used taxpayer-funded credit cards to pay for helicopter lessons, go-karting and five-star hotels.

Despite the NHS facing an unprecedented funding crisis, officials have been using the cards to splurge money on luxuries, bars and restaurants.

They have racked up £5.8million worth of spending in the past two years alone. The ‘government procurement cards’ were introduced by Labour in 1997, supposedly to enable senior staff to easily fund office supplies and travel costs.

Apr 01 18:19

Skripal case becomes even weirder

If Sergey and Yulia Skripal really were poisoned with the chemical agent by coming into contact with it because it was smeared on their front door, then that would mean that the chemical agent took 7 hours to take effect.

Russian ambassador to Britain Alexander Yakovenko has claimed that the British authorities have told him that Sergey and Yulia Skripal were poisoned by nerve agent A-234, a Novichok type agent which is supposedly “as toxic as VX, as resistant to treatment as soman, and more difficult to detect and easier to manufacture than VX”.

I am not a chemist or a chemical weapons expert, but such a slow acting poison seems at variance with the descriptions of A-234 and VX which I have read.

Apr 01 18:13

‘Nerve agent’ smeared in large quantities on Skripal front door? Then how is Yulia getting better?

Hang on – people were moved out of the area where the Skripals were found, but their neighbours in the area with the highest concentration of the ‘nerve agent’ yet found have been in only low danger? That can’t be right, can it?

Myself and two BBC colleagues were first reporters at Sergei Skripal’s door on Monday afternoon. No cordon, just a police car. Thankfully I decided not to knock but I did ask the officer sitting in the car if there were any health risks I should be aware of. Didn’t get answer!

— Tom Symonds (@BBCTomSymonds) March 28, 2018

Has there been nothing stopping people – like the posties, perhaps – from touching this deadly door?

If not, was it really all that deadly?

Apr 01 07:02

Russia Has 14 Questions On "Fabricated" Skripal Case

Russia’s embassy in London has sent a list of questions, 14 to be specific, to the British Foreign Ministry on the poisoning of Sergey and Yulia Skripal – which include a demand to clarify whether samples of the nerve agent “Novichok” have ever been developed in the UK.

The Russian embassy’s statement calls the incident that started the recent diplomatic row a “fabricated case against Russia.”

The questions published by the Russian Foreign Ministry’s official website have been translated below:

Apr 01 07:02

UK-Russia standoff deepens as Moscow cuts British diplomats

Moscow has told Britain it must cut just over 50 more of its diplomatic and technical staff in Russia in a worsening standoff over the poisoning of a Russian former spy and his daughter in England, the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Saturday.

Separately, Moscow also demanded an official explanation for the search of a Russian passenger plane in London, saying it could reserve the right to act similarly against British airlines in Russia. Britain said the search was routine.

Apr 01 06:58

Polish Politician: Ex-Spy Skripal Was 'Highly Likely' Poisoned by CIA

The poisoning of Sergei Skripal is continuing to make waves in the international community. In solidarity with the UK, some European countries together with the US have expelled Russian diplomats over the matter.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry has responded to these moves by saying that “Britain’s allies are blindly following the principle of Euro-Atlantic unity at the expense of common sense, the rules of civilized state-to-state dialogue and the principles of international law.” All this, because, according to Theresa May, the suspicion will fall on Russia. Sputnik discussed this issue with the chairman of the party “Liberty” (Wolno??) Janusz Korwin-Mikke.

Apr 01 06:57

Russian Embassy Urges Nationals to Reconsider Plans to Travel to UK

The Russian Embassy has warned of the growing anti-Russian sentiments in Britain in the wake of the increasing tensions surrounding the Skripal case.

The Russian Embassy has called on its citizens to reconsider their plans of traveling to the UK as well as sending their children to study English in the UK.

"Amid the anti-Russian policy and increasingly threatening rhetoric of the British side, the selective actions against Russian individuals and legal entities, — the latest example is the search of the Aeroflot plane in London – there is a high possibility of projection of anti-Russian sentiments, persecution and harassment of Russian citizens in the UK," the embassy stated.

Mar 31 10:49

Students ‘Stomped On’, Beaten with Hammer in Third ‘Asian’ Gang Attack in Oldham This Month

A student in Oldham was hit in the head with a claw hammer and “stomped on” on Saturday — the third ‘Asian’ gang attack in Oldham, Greater Manchester, this month.

The 20-year-old victim and a friend, also 20, were “jumped” while walking home from a takeaway near the King Street Metrolink stop shortly after 3 a.m., the Manchester Evening News reports.

“I got up and tried to fight them off. I just thought ‘what am I going to do?’,” the friend told the newspaper, having managed to struggle to his feet and escape after being punched to the ground.

Mar 31 10:48

MP’s Son Shot Dead in Sadiq Khan’s Gun Free London – 10 Dead in 12 Days

The son of a Nigerian politician has been shot dead outside his home in London over the weekend, becoming the tenth murdered victim of the ‘gun free’ city’s violent crime wave in just 12 days.

Abraham Badru, 26, was a university graduate, charity volunteer, and recipient of a police bravery award as a teenager for rescuing a woman from a sex attack.

His father, Dolapo Badru, 62, is a member of the Nigerian House of Representatives, Nigerian’s equivalent to an MP in the House of Commons.

The young man was shot at close range where he lived in Dalston, near Hackney in east London. His mother arrived at the scene and collapsed on the ground in tears, as her son died beside her, The Times reports.

So far this year, 19 men under the age of 25 have been murdered in London, three of them in Hackney.

Mar 31 10:43

EU rift deepens as Bulgaria says it will NOT kick out Russian diplomats

BULGARIA will not expel any Russian diplomats as EU tensions continue to escalate following the nerve agent attack in England that the British government has blamed on Moscow.

Mar 31 10:42

No reason for Ireland to believe UK on Skripal, MPs & locals say

Mar 31 10:02

Theresa May’s Foreign Policy

Thierry Meyssan pursues his study of national foreign policies. After having analysed the policy of France, he now turns to that of the United Kingdom. While the former is considered to be the « private domain » of the President of the Republic, and as such, escapes the democratic debate, the latter, even more so, is elaborated by an elite gathered around the monarch, outside of any form of popular control. Thus the elected Prime Minister can do no more than implement the choice of the hereditary Crown. Faced with the failure of the US project for a unipolar world, London is attempting to restore its erstwhile imperial power.

Mar 31 09:57

Met chief says social media is behind soaring rate of knife crime

Britain’s most senior police officer has blamed social media for the soaring rate of knife crime in the UK, particularly among children.

After 13 Londoners were killed in two weeks this month, Met police commissioner Cressida Dick said websites and mobile phone applications such as YouTube, Snapchat and Instagram were partially to blame for the bloodshed.

Speaking to the Times, Dick said trivial disputes could escalate into violence “within minutes” when rivals set out to goad each other on the internet.

“There’s definitely something about the impact of social media in terms of people being able to go from slightly angry with each other to ‘fight’ very quickly,” she said.

She said that insults or threats online “makes [violence] faster, it makes it harder for people to cool down. I’m sure it does rev people up”.

Mar 31 09:53

Russia expels more British diplomats over spy poisoning row

Russia has announced a further round of expulsions of British diplomats, escalating the fallout over the poisoning of Sergei Skripal and his daughter.

Britain has pointed the finger firmly at the Kremlin for the Salisbury attack and expelled 23 Russian diplomats, a move swiftly followed in kind by Russia, which also closed down the British Council, the cultural arm of the British government.

The Russians have now ordered Britain to reduce its diplomatic staff in Russia to the same level as Russian diplomatic missions in the UK. It comes after irritation in Moscow that Britain has persuaded so many other countries to expel Russians.

Russian officials have been taken aback by the level of coordination in the expulsions, and the number of countries willing to go along with Britain. The US expelled 60 Russian diplomats and Ukraine 13, while many other countries expelled smaller numbers.

Mar 31 09:52

Lord Sugar deletes Corbyn-Hitler tweet after McDonnell appeal

Lord Sugar, the businessman and Apprentice host, has deleted a tweet that depicted Jeremy Corbyn sitting next to Adolf Hitler after criticism from senior Labour figures.

The shadow chancellor, John McDonnell, had called on Sugar to “delete and disown” the tweet.

Sugar responded to McDonnell by arguing he had not created the mocked-up image and called on Corbyn to comment on addressing antisemitism within Labour.

He wrote on Twitter: “Dear Mr McDonnell. I am sorry you are offended by my retweet on the picture.

Mar 31 07:27

Britain says Aeroflot plane was searched to protect UK from ‘organized crime & harmful substances’

controversial search of a Russian plane by British officials at Heathrow Airport was conducted to protect the UK from organized crime and the smuggling of harmful substances, the UK security minister has said.
Moscow had described the search of an Aeroflot plane as “illegal” and called for an explanation from British authorities.

“It is routine for [UK] Border Force to search aircraft to protect the UK from organized crime and from those who attempt to bring harmful substances like drugs or firearms into the country,” UK Security Minister Ben Wallace said on Saturday. He insisted that once the “checks were carried out,” the aircraft “was allowed to carry on with its onward journey.”

READ MORE: Russia warns UK of reciprocal measures if Aeroflot plane search not explained

Mar 30 16:24

Britain's keyless car crime epidemic: Thefts triple in the worst hit areas as thieves exploit the technology now used in family cars

A rise in keyless vehicles is fuelling a car crime ‘epidemic’ across Britain, police officials fear.

Offences have nearly tripled in the worst-hit areas as thieves exploit the technology to steal vehicles from car parks and driveways.

One senior official said hacking cars was now ‘child’s play’, with criminals able to get in and drive off in just 30 seconds.

Mar 30 15:31

Pippa Middleton’s Father-in-Law Charged With Rape of a Child in France

David Matthews, father-in-law to Pippa Middleton, herself the sister to the UK's Duchess of Cambridge, was charged Thursday with raping a child in France, it was revealed Friday.

He is currently under legal supervision.

According to reports, Matthews has been under investigation by France's Juvenile Protection Brigade since 2017 after a relative reported him. The hotel owner is alleged to have carried out the assault between 1998 and 1999 during his vacations in France.

Matthews was charged with the "rape of a minor by a person with authority over his victim."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Another reminder that people in high places are seldom nice.

Mar 30 12:21

Salisbury Incident Report: Hard Evidence For Soft Minds

The UK government’s presentation on the Salisbury incident, which was repeatedly cited in recent days as an “ultimate proof” of Russia’s involvement into Skripal’s assassination attempt, was made public earlier today.

This 6-paged PDF is a powerful evidence of another intellectual low of British propaganda machine. Open it and you can tell that substantially it makes only two assertions on the Skripal case, and both are false:

First. Novichok is a group of agents developed only by Russia and not declared under the CWC” – a false statement. Novichok was originally developed in the USSR (Nukus Lab, today in Uzbekistan, site completely decommissioned according to the US-Uzbekistan agreement by 2002). One of its key developers, Vil Mirzayanov, defected to the United States in 1990s, its chemical formula and technology were openly published in a number of chemical journals outside Russia.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This was done to accuse Russia for a crime the Russian government, most likely, did not commit; with his election coming up, and the world cup, there was no logical reason for Putin to have done it.

The accusation is almost done in Code Napoleon fashion, meaning that Russia has been considered guilty until proven innocent, and there is no way it is being allowed to prove its innocence in this act; the British government is refusing to send a sample of the poison to the Kremlin for analysis at all.

Britain's Prime Minister May is under a lot of heat for mishandling the Brexit, and perhaps she and her advisors thought that this could be a great distraction; it isn't working at all for thinking people in the UK and beyond.

So what Prime Minister May has been left with is an accusation from which her government cannot walk back, plus support from the US in demonizing Russia.

The expulsion of Russian diplomats, even ones with credentials at the UN, cannot be seen as anything but a prelude to war against it.

I am certain the Russian government and military are taking steps to insure their defense against a stupid, unnecessary war by the US, the UK, and NATO.

And as witnessed by Russia's test of it's new ICBM weapon today, I am very concerned that the West will find itself far more militarily vulnerable than it had previously believed itself to be. And again, from, we have the following story this morning:

Russian Missile Drill Planned With 10,000 Troops On "Highest Combat Alert" After Expulsions

Mar 30 10:48

UK Zionists to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn: Get on your knees!

Gilad Atzmon examines the humiliating demands submitted by two unrepresentative, unelected British Zionist mouthpieces of Israel to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn which amount to an attempt to seize the Labour Party and turn it into a Zionist ghetto. >>

Mar 30 10:09

Unproven allegations against Trump and Putin are risking nuclear war - Stephen Cohen

“Russiagate” and the Skirpal affair have escalated dangers inherent in the new Cold War beyond those of the preceding one.

Stephen F. Cohen, professor emeritus of Russian Studies and Politics at NYU and Princeton, continue their weekly discussion of the new US-Russian Cold War.

Mar 30 10:08

Bond, Russian bond: British govt considers banning sale of Russian debt in London

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has agreed to consider a possible ban on selling Russian sovereign debt in London, the Guardian reports. British law allows Russian state banks to broker such deals despite sanctions.
Last month, City of London clearing houses, working with Russian state-run VTB bank, issued $4 billion of Russian sovereign debt, according to data quoted by the media.

Mar 30 10:06

"She Is Risen!" - Last Act Of 'Novichok' Drama Revealed: "The Skripals' Resurrection"

It seems that the 'Novichok' fairy-tale the British government plays to us provides for a happy ending - the astonishing and mysterious resurrection of the victims of a "military grade" "five to eight times more deadly than VX gas" "nerve agent" "of a type developed by" Hollywood.

Mar 30 09:48

Insight - Porton Down Dorset Biological Warfare Experiments

Mar 30 09:47

Blair Backs May, Says She Should Stay on After Brexit Defeated

Tony Blair has said Theresa May should continue as Prime Minister if her Brexit deal is voted down by Parliament, urging Tory MPs to block the UK’s Exit from the European Union

Mar 30 09:47

George Galloway delivers bombastic blast on Sergei Skripal

Mar 30 09:45

The Microbiological Research Establishment at Porton

Mar 30 09:42

Skripal ‘lies’ from UK government could get us into another Iraq War, warns Neil Clark (VIDEO)

Neil Clark has issued a warning: the UK may be repeating its mistakes from 2003, when the government used bogus intel to stir up a war. Clark added that the UK’s Skripal ' theory has “more holes in it than a slab of swiss cheese”.

Clark sat down with RT to discuss the Britain’s blaming of Russia for the Sergei and Yulia Skripal poisoning, and to warn the public against repeating the same mistakes that were made nearly two decades ago.

Mar 30 09:41

Male suicide rate is ‘stain on our society,’ campaigner tells RT as UK sees new death every 2 hours

Britain’s strategy to tackle male suicide is an “absolute lottery” as it does barely anything to stop 84 men from committing suicide every week, a campaigner told RT.

Amid reports of the UK seeing a male suicide every two hours, Simon Gunning, CEO of Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM), said the staggering rates are the “clearest indicator that we are doing very badly in certain areas.”

“The issue is there are 84 men a week who choose a permanent solution to temporary problems,” Gunning said. “Unable to see hope, they think death is better than life.”

Mar 30 09:38

Russia compared to Nazi Germany again: Defence secretary launches ‘Lord Haw-Haw’ attack

Russia has been accused of using Nazi tactics in an attack by UK Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson. His comments follow those of Boris Johnson who compared the upcoming World Cup to the 1936 Nazi Germany hosted-Olympics.
Williamson accused Russia of using internet bots to spread ‘distorted narratives’ to create confusion over the poisoning of former double agent Sergei Skripal and daughter Yulia, in the same way Nazi Germany would utilize propaganda before and during World War II.

Mar 30 09:37

Cold War 'Fusion': May Steers UK Towards Information War With Russia, N Korea

The British government has announced its intent to wage an information war against Russia and North Korea, as well as against terrorist groups, as per a new doctrine announced by Prime Minister May.

British Prime Minister Theresa May has unveiled a new plan, dubbed the Fusion Doctrine, aimed at ensuring that every government agency in the country "makes national security a priority," The Telegraph reports.

In her foreword to the National Security Capability Review, May insisted that the “appalling terrorist attacks in London and Manchester,” as well as the poisoning of Sergei Skripal and his daughter, which she described as “a brazen and reckless act of aggression on the streets of Salisbury,” require a proper response.

Mar 30 09:24

Europe Inches to Military Integration as UK Power Withdraws From the Continent

Britain’s formidable military forces and infrastructure will not form part the Continental Defense Union as it will have left the EU by 2025.

The European Union on March 28 announced its "Action Plan" envisioning the creation of a Europe-wide defense union by the year by the year 2025. Secretary of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker announced the 2025 deadline in his 2017 state of the union address.

The plan involves the creation of transnational transportation infrastructure to allow the seamless movement of troops and military equipment across the borders of member-states as well as modification to customs systems to allow such movement, similarly to the free movement of private citizens among member states.

Mar 30 07:20

Location, Location, And Nerve Agents

British politician and former candidate for mayor of London, George Galloway, on Twitter, says it so much better than I ever could, and shorter too, which is why I quote him at the end of this article:

Why do I not believe you? Let me count the ways. You’re not looking for anyone in connection with the attack on the Skripals. There is no manhunt, no all points alert, no description, no identikit drawing, no CCTV. No suspects. That means you already know what happened. #Russia

We know Facebook is trying to screw with your brains. Well, they’re not the only ones. Your government -and ‘intelligence’ services- want the monopoly on that, too.

I can not make this a definitive, or final, or complete story. Because nobody can. But I can tell you this: if you think that Russia or God forbid Putin, ‘poisoned’ the Skripals, you’re so wrong you’re beyond salvation.

Not because it may or may not be true, but because you have seen no evidence.

Mar 29 12:35

Theresa May to shoot herself in the foot to hurt Russia

The UK has initiated a new round of sanctions against Russia. This time it goes about economic sanctions targeting Russian Eurobonds placed on British clearing sites, namely, Euroclear and Clearstream. The proposal to ban transactions with Russian government securities was voiced by the head of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the British Parliament, Tom Tugendhat. According to him, Russia can take loans on the markets of the EU and the US despite Western sanctions, and then support Kremlin-linked banks and energy companies that can not do it themselves under the conditions of sanctions. British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson called the proposal a very interesting one. Apparently, the proposal has received detailed attention of British Prime Minister Theresa May too. However, Russian analysts have expressed rather skeptical opinions about such an initiative.

Mar 29 10:24

Flashback March 8: Police probe whether Russian spy was poisoned with nerve agent at his own house as it emerges 21 people were hospitalised after attack and sick detective 'didn't have direct contact with Skripals'

The house of poisoned Russian spy Sergei Skripal has become the centre of the police investigation into his attempted murder, as officers probe whether he and his daughter were exposed to a deadly nerve agent before they left home on Sunday.

It seems it took police 20 days to think of checking the door

Mar 29 10:13

'Nerve agent was smeared on spy's front door' - police

A Russian hit squad poisoned Sergei Skripal and his daughter by smearing nerve agent on his front door.

Counter-terrorism police revealed for the first time that they believed Mr Skripal and his daughter Yulia "first came into contact" with Novichok at their home. The "highest concentration of the nerve agent" was on the front door of the house in a cul-de-sac near Salisbury centre, Scotland Yard disclosed last night.

Det Sgt Nick Bailey, who was also admitted to hospital, is thought to have become ill after going to the house and was one of the first on the scene.

Mar 29 09:29

TalkTalk's web security flaw that was 'worryingly easy' to hack left millions of private customer details exposed - and the firm knew about it for years

A TalkTalk web security flaw left millions of customers' information at risk for years, a hacker has revealed.

The anonymous hacker said he could take control of a convincing '' URL, meaning he could trick customers into thinking they were being contacted by the official page.

The company was first alerted to the bug back in March 2016 but considered it low-enough risk to leave un-patched.

However, the hacker warned the vulnerable page could be identified within seconds of looking at the website.

Mar 29 09:20

How police can download the private contents of your phone in MINUTES without a warrant and with 'no limit on the volume of data'

The UK police can download your phone data without a warrant in a matter of minutes, a shocking video has revealed.

The footage shows how officers can use a machine to extract all kinds of information, including location data, deleted pictures and encrypted messages.

Opposition groups have argued that the police should not be able to access this data, which can currently used on suspects, victims and witnesses.

They warn there is 'no limit on the volume of data' police can obtain, and it could happen even if charges are never bought.

Mar 29 09:00

UK man has world-first case of super-strength gonorrhoea

A man in the UK has contracted a super-strength strand of gonorrhoea believed to be the first case globally to resist the main antibiotic treatment.

Public Health England (PHE) said the patient had a regular female partner in the UK, but contracted the infection from a sexual encounter with a woman in south-east Asia. He visited a health clinic for treatment in early 2018.

Attempts to get rid of the sexually transmitted infection with the recommended treatment – a combination of antibiotics azithromycin and ceftriaxone – have failed.

Mar 29 08:57

Jeremy, Get on your Knees!

In their response to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, the Jewish Leadership Council (JLC) and the Board of Deputies of British Jews (BOD) claim to ‘propose an agenda of actions for discussion’ between the Labour party and those who claim to ‘represent’ British Jews.

In practice the two Zionist institutions have managed to produce one of the most disgusting documents in modern Jewish history. A text that is little more than an ode to the self-defamation of its own authors and to the community they claim to ‘represent’: it is rude, authoritarian, and disrespectful to a democratically elected leader of Europe’s biggest party.

Mar 29 08:56

Brit cloud slinger iomart goes TITSUP*, drags Virgin Trains and Parentpay with it

The outage has hit organisations thoughout the UK, with Virgin Trains East Coast customers facing worse than normal service thanks to being unable to book or collect tickets due to the failure.

Mar 29 08:43

Details of 600,000 foreign visitors to UK go up in smoke thanks to shonky border database

The details of 600,000 foreign visitors have slipped through the cracks of the Home Office's database thanks to its "shambolic" exit checks system.

A report (PDF) by the chief inspector of borders and immigration, David Bolt, examined the department's Initial Status Analysis (ISA) system database and how ISA-produced data had been used by the Home Office and other agencies.

It found that as of 31 March 2017, there were no departure records of 88,134 non-EU visa nationals with ISA "identities" – whose visas typically last six months – nor for 513,088 identified non-visa nationals.

Staff told the inspector they lacked confidence in the system, which they said had been "mis-sold", while an airline official described it as "shambolic".

Mar 29 07:13

Jeremy Corbyn must stop pandering to Labour’s Israel lobby

For almost three years now, the Labour Party has faced a consistent barrage of allegations that it has a “problem with anti-Semitism.”

This mendacious campaign has had the same aim all along – to topple Jeremy Corbyn.

The party leader’s history in Palestine solidarity groups, and past endorsement of the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement, have made him the number one enemy of the Israel lobby.

This fraudulent campaign has been led by an ad hoc alliance: establishment press, right-wing Labour lawmakers and a network of front groups for the Israeli embassy.