Nov 01 12:38

Mum-of-two loses her £2,900 savings to a scammer pretending to be from HMRC and threatening PRISON in latest sick fraud ruse

Lauren Steyn*, 38, a married mum-of-two, from London said she responded to an automated message from someone claiming to work for the Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs.

They told her that she must 'call them back immediately' as she'd been 'randomly selected for auditing'.

The call ended up costing her £2,900 - and she wants to warn This is Money readers about the elaborate ruse.

Nov 01 08:30

Britain ‘complicit’ in Yemen famine, Tory ex-cabinet minister warns amid calls to end arm sales

A former cabinet minister has said Britain is “complicit” in creating a famine in war-torn Yemen because of its support for the Saudi-led coalition, amid growing calls for the UK to halt its sales of arms to the group.

Andrew Mitchell, who was international development secretary in David Cameron’s government, has urged foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt to reassess the government’s stance on the issue.

It came as opposition MPs have also criticised the government for maintaining arms sales to the Saudi-led coalition fighting Iran-aligned Houthi rebels in Yemen.

Nov 01 08:29

Theresa May fails to back US calls for Saudi Arabia to stop bombing Yemen

Theresa May has failed to back US calls for an immediate cessation of hostilities in Yemen, where a three-year civil war has led to the “most terrifying humanitarian catastrophe on the planet”.

The prime minister was urged to support a United Nations resolution demanding an immediate ceasefire in the war-torn country after the US ramped up pressure by calling on both the Saudi-led coalition and the Houthi rebels to end their airstrikes.

Ms May told MPs that the UK supported calls for “de-escalation” in Yemen but the government’s position remained that a ceasefire would only work if there is a political deal between the conflict parties.

Nov 01 08:14

MPs WILL approve May's Brexit deal because they are 'terrified' of crashing out of the EU, David Davis admits

MPs will approve Theresa May's Brexit deal because they are 'terrified' of crashing out of the EU, David Davis has admitted.

The former Brexit secretary said 'irrational fear' would win out in Parliament if the PM manages to get any kind of agreement with Brussels.

Mr Davis tried to backpedal today by insisting no package based on Mrs May's Chequers plan would get passed.

But the comments, from a vehement critics of Mrs May's stance, will encourage Downing Street.

The premier is engaged in a desperate scramble to break the deadlock with the EU, with a 'backstop' for the Irish border still the main sticking point.

Nov 01 08:12

London Replaces Reality With 'Emotional Calls' - Russian Embassy

London keeps replacing objective reality with "emotional calls" and "groundless accusations" as it tries to create an international anti-Russian alliance, the press officer of the Russian Embassy to the United Kingdom told reporters on Wednesday.

His remark came amid UK Prime Minister Theresa May's recent statement that Russia was deploying chemical weapons in the United Kingdom, voiced during her address at the meeting of the Nordic Council in Oslo on Tuesday.

"We strongly reject these insinuations. Another portion of accusations of Russia is a far cry from reality. We would like to stress that, as regards the Salisbury incident, we have to deal with a reckless position of the current British authorities, as they refuse, without any substantial explanations, to cooperate with Russia on the investigation of the poisoning of the two Russian nationals on British soil," the press officer told reporters.

Oct 31 09:48

Brexit FURY rises: Petition to STOP second referendum gains more than 100,000 signatures

The petition was launched by Ronald Mitchell after 700,000 people took to London’s streets demanding a “People’s Vote”.

The petition, which at the time of writing has been signed by 100,070 people, said: “Although not legally binding the referendum on whether we stay of leave the EU carried out on the 23rd June 2016 was the clearest indicator of the will of the electorate.

“At that time our Prime Minister David Cameron assured us that the result of the referendum would be carried out.

“We must ensure democracy rules.”

Oct 30 17:34

Medical cannabis products 'will drive patients to addiction and crime' and turn doctors into drug dealers, warn experts in scathing letter

'We are concerned that in the interests of political expediency, this mandate to allow routine prescribing of cannabis for pain relief is premature.

'That cannabis is an effective treatment for chronic pain is not supported by the evidence and may be associated with significant harm.'

Oct 30 17:23

Common antibiotic doctors say could give you organ failure as millions of Britons are at risk of devastating permanent side effect as a result of over-prescribing

Leading medics have warned that some antibiotics, prescribed to more than a million Britons for chest and urine infections, are resulting in devastating, permanent side effects including kidney failure, chronic pain and damage to nerves in the brain.

Doctors from the European Medicines Agency say the drugs, including ciprofloxacin and levofloxacin, are being dished out far too readily, when they should only ever be used as a last resort.

While they do clear up infections, a growing body of evidence shows the side effects occur more frequently than originally thought – and can be life-changing.

Common complications of these drugs include an inflamed or ruptured tendon, nerve damage in the brain (leading to depression, anxiety and insomnia), digestive problems, fatigue and damage to the major organs and joints.

Oct 30 08:18

How to snare a billionaire: Founder of the School of Affluence lists the six things that 'turn rich men off' - and the traits they love in a woman

She's the 32-year-old Swedish jet-setting Instagram star who runs an online finishing program instructing women how they can bag a billionaire.
And now London-based Anna Bey, founder of the 'School of Affluence', has offered some pearls of wisdom to those who also have their hopes set on snaring a cashed- up gent.
'Women in high society always have to stay on top of their game in order to keep the man's interest and also to get the highest calibre of man,' she told Australian morning show Sunrise.

Oct 29 08:38

Khashoggi BOMBSHELL: Britain 'KNEW of kidnap plot and BEGGED Saudi Arabia to abort plans'

MURDERED journalist Jamal Khashoggi was about to disclose details of Saudi Arabia’s use of chemical weapons in Yemen, sources close to him said last night. The revelations come as separate intelligence sources disclosed that Britain had first been made aware of a plot a full three weeks before he walked into the Saudi consulate in Istanbul.

Intercepts by GCHQ of internal communications by the kingdom’s General Intelligence Directorate revealed orders by a “member of the royal circle” to abduct the troublesome journalist and take him back to Saudi Arabia.

The orders, intelligence sources say, did not emanate directly from de facto ruler Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, and it is not known if he was aware of them.

Though they commanded that Khashoggi should be abducted and taken back to Riyadh, they “left the door open” for other actions should the journalist prove to be troublesome, sources said.

Oct 29 08:03

Fracking halted at Lancashire site for third time after biggest earth tremor yet

Energy firm Cuadrilla restarted operations on Monday after an earthquake, recorded as 0.8 magnitude by the British Geological Survey (BGS), brought proceedings to a halt on Friday.

But a spokesman for the firm said work had been paused as another seismic event was detected at about 11.30am on Monday.

At 1.1 magnitude, it marks the biggest tremor to take place there since fracking began there in mid-October.

Oct 29 08:01

Rotherham grooming ring: Gang of seven men convicted of sexually exploiting vulnerable teenage girls

The prosecution was the first to come out of a major inquiry into sexual exploitation in the South Yorkshire town. Up to 1,500 potential victims have been identified.

One of the women, now in her 30s, told the court in Sheffield that she had had sex with “at least 100 Asian men” by the age of just 16.

Others described how they had been gang-raped in woodland and then told they would be abandoned there alone.

The victims were “lured by the excitement of friendship with older Asian youths”, the trial heard, but once they groomed by the gang they were repeatedly sexually assaulted and passed between the men.

Oct 28 19:01

Administrative UK Site-Blocking Should Be Accompanied By Absolute Transparency

This week the UK Government announced that it's considering options for 'pirate' site-blocking without rightsholders having to go to court to obtain an injunction. While there are undoubtedly plenty of pitfalls to consider before implementing this kind of system, absolute transparency should be the minimum standard. Without it, confusion reigns.

Oct 28 18:45

Peer sparks fury by posting Facebook message appearing to blame Israel's policies for fuelling anti-Semitism which led to Pittsburgh massacre

Responding to the bloody atrocity, Baroness Jenny Tonge posted a message on Facebook saying the policies of Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu - known as 'Bibi' - is fuelling the anti-Semitism which led to the massacre.

Her remark was branded 'abhorrent' by Jewish leaders and campaigners who furiously demanded she is stripped of her peerage.

The peer wrote on Facebook: 'Absolutely appalling and criminal act, but does it ever occur to Bibi and the present Israeli government that its actions against Palestinians may be reigniting anti-Semitism?

'Some people will not know the difference between the Zionist government in Israel and Jewish people in all countries who do not support that government's actions. We must never conflate the two.

'I suppose someone will say that it is anti-Semitic to say so?'

Oct 28 08:35

Facebook gets maximum fine over its big data scandal. It won't even notice

UK authorities have hit Facebook with the maximum possible fine over its Cambridge Analytica scandal. But the penalty is tiny.
The United Kingdom's Information Commissioner's Office announced the £500,000 ($645,000) fine on Thursday, saying that Facebook failed to safeguard user data and was slow to contain the leak.

Oct 27 18:24

Fracking in Lancashire: Second 0.8 tremor in 24 hours

A second tremor of 0.8 magnitude has been recorded within 24 hours at the UK's only active site for fracking.

It was detected on Saturday after drilling for shale gas resumed in Lancashire following a 0.8 tremor on Friday. Neither was felt at surface.

Oct 27 10:32

Tory MP says Russia is ‘trying to damage UK democracy,’ calls for ‘foreign powers act’

A Tory MP claims Britain must adopt a ‘foreign powers act’ to curb Russian influence that is threatening UK democracy, and warned that politicians must not be “paid influencers for others” – but why focus only on Russia?

Writing in The Times, Tory MP Bob Seely called on the UK government to consider the introduction of a ‘foreign powers act,’ in light of recent controversy surrounding House of Lords peers, such as Lord Greg Barker, who has come under scrutiny for his role as chairman of Russian energy firm EN+.

Oct 27 10:29

Royal relations: Prince Andrew wants to strengthen Saudi ties, following Khashoggi murder

Prince Andrew has come under fire after insisting he wants to build closer links with Saudi Arabia, via his Pitch@Palace initiative, despite the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi and the ongoing war in Yemen.

The Duke of York was addressing a host of entrepreneurs at the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi on Thursday when he made his comments - declaring that he hoped his initiative would expand into other Gulf states and also Saudi Arabia.

Oct 26 17:25

Fracking in Lancashire suspended following earthquake

Operations have been suspended at the UK's only active shale gas fracking site following an earthquake - just 11 days after it was given the go ahead.

Energy firm Cuadrilla said it would halt fracking at the Lancashire site for 18 hours after a tremor of 0.8 magnitude was recorded.

Drilling for shale gas at Preston New Road, Little Plumpton, started on 15 October after a legal challenge failed.

Oct 26 09:45

Blair refuses to cancel lucrative deal with Saudi despite Khashoggi murder

Tony Blair has resisted calls to end his multi-million dollar deal with Saudi Arabia despite allegations that the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi may have been authorised by the Crown Prince Mohamed Bin Salman.

Accounts published last month by the Tony Blair Institute confirmed that Blair had received donations of up to $12 million from the kingdom for a deal with the Crown Prince to support his modernisation programme for the kingdom.

The agreement was said to be the first major deal to have emerged involving the Tony Blair Institute, which Blair established in 2016 after winding down his commercial operations.

While there had calls for Blair to end his arrangement with Mohammed Bin Salman over the ongoing war in Yemen, the killing of the Washington Post journalist earlier this month in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, has put further pressure on the former prime minister to cut all ties with Riyadh.

Oct 26 09:45

Brexit FURY: Petition to STOP People's Vote gains TENS OF THOUSANDS of supporters in days

TENS OF THOUSANDS of people have signed an online Government petition to stop a second Brexit referendum after mass protests in London last weekend saw Remainers demand a “People’s Vote”.

Oct 25 17:42

Cuadrilla vows to continue fracking after earth tremor brings operation to a halt in Lancashire

"Can't you take a hint?!" - booming voice from the clouds

Oct 25 08:32

Sir Philip Green is unmasked as mogul in Britain's #MeToo scandal: Topshop owner is named in Parliament as tycoon who gagged press over sex harassment and racial abuse claims

Sir Philip Green has been named in Parliament as the businessman at the centre of Britain’s #MeToo scandal.
Lord Peter Hain, the former leader of the House of Commons, said that he felt a “duty” to reveal the name of the retail billionaire under parliamentary privilege.
He told a hushed House of Lords on Thursday afternoon: “My Lords, having been contacted by someone intimately involved in the case of a powerful businessman using non-disclosure agreements and substantial payments to conceal the truth about serious and repeated sexual harassment, racist abuse and bullying, which is compulsively continuing,

Oct 25 07:31

Pork gelatine use in NHS vaccines 'disappointing'

The use of pork gelatine in three vaccines used by the NHS has been branded "disappointing" by the Vegetarian Society.

Chief executive Lynne Elliot added that the use of animal ingredients in medicines is "upsetting".

Porcine gelatine is derived from pigs and used in vaccines against flu, shingles, measles, mumps and rubella.

Public Health England said the gelatine is used as a stabiliser and developing an alternative "may never happen".

Oct 24 09:59

Brexit WARNING: France could BLOCK Calais to make Brexit HELL for Britain - SHOCK CLAIM

FRANCE could deliberately disrupt British imports and exports out of Calais if the UK fails to pay the £39billion divorce bill in the event of a ‘no deal’ Brexit, it has been claimed.

Oct 24 08:48

Headteacher and owner of learning centre where children were taught 'Muslims and animals' were saved in Noah's Ark are fined for running an illegal school (2 Pics)

The first-ever convictions for operating an unregistered school in England have been imposed at Westminster Magistrates' Court.
Nacerdine Talbi and Beatrix Bernhardt faced charges over the Al-Istiqamah Learning Centre, which taught about 58 pupils in a west London office block.
The defendants had argued that this was a study centre where home-educated children had part-time tuition.

Oct 24 08:35

No Evidence of "Successful" Russian Meddling in UK Elections - British Gov't

The statement came on the heels of allegations that Russian intelligence attempted to interfere in "democratic processes" in the UK, including elections and referenda. Moscow is facing similar unfounded claims in Europe and the US.

In response to a parliamentary report titled "Disinformation and ‘fake news'" the British government argued that no evidence had been found of successful Russian meddling in UK politics.

The Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee, a cross-party committee in the House of Commons, recommended in the report that the UK cabinet prevents the ongoing FBI probe into alleged Russian meddling from taking the lead on similar investigations in Britain.

Oct 24 08:03

Will these £40,000 micro-homes solve the housing crisis? Britain's first mini-village of single-person properties inspired by layout of luxury yachts and first class plane cabins is on its way (12 Pics)

Britain's first ever community of 'micro-homes' is to be built as part of a radical bid to solve the country's housing crisis.
A mini-village of the single-person homes has been given the green light by council bosses in what is believed to be the first project of its kind in the world.
The properties cost £40,000 to build, are just a few feet wide and inspired by the layouts of luxury yachts and the first-class cabins of planes

Oct 23 15:40

One in three Debenhams stores at risk of closure as struggling retailer targets 50 outlets in bombshell bid to save £100m

Struggling department store Debenhams is preparing a radical overhaul of its 200-year-old business that will include reviewing its store portfolio and slashing its dividend to zero.

The company, which announces annual results on Thursday, is understood to have identified around a third of its 166 stores to face possible closure.

It is also understood to be preparing a significant write-down of its goodwill – the way companies account for their inherent value – that would result in a one-off charge of several hundred millions of pounds.

Oct 22 18:19

Remainer celebrities funded buses for the London march - Surprising list REVEALED

TV cook Delia Smith, Star Trek actor Sir Patrick Stewart and Tony Blair’s former spokesman Alastair Campbell were among the famous names who donated £1,000 each to help protestors get to the capital.

On Saturday, more than 700,000 people travelled from all corners of the country to march on the Houses of Parliament waving banners and demanding a second Brexit referendum.

They had arrived in Park Lane by the coach load with bus after bus paid for by around 20 other household names including comedians Eddie Izzard and Patrick Kielty, Harry Potter actor Jason Isaacs, historian Dan Snow and novelist Ian McEwan.

Rebel Tory MPs Anna Soubry and Phillip Lee were among the politicians who joined former deputy Prime Minister Michael Heseltine, former Cabinet minister Peter Mandelson and former Labour MP David Miliband to fund busses for the protestors.

Oct 22 08:48

Epileptic boy, seven, whose plight triggered the Government's medicinal cannabis review now attends school every day and can even ride a bike thanks to taking the oil

Alfie Dingley, seven, from Kenilworth, had his first seizure at just eight months old and went on to have thousands more, some as often as every 30 minutes.

Unsure how best to treat the youngster, his doctor pumped him with steroids that left him 'high as kite' and even caused him to suffer psychotic episodes where he would hit his four-year-old sister Annie.

After being told the medication itself could kill him or result in him being sectioned, the family moved to the Netherlands so Alfie could take part in a cannabis oil trial.

Just five weeks later, Alfie's seizures stopped, his mood improved and his cognitive abilities started to catch up.

Oct 22 08:33

New tainted blood scandal: Patients infected with HIV were each paid around £24,000 to sign away their rights to sue – before being told they’d also contracted hepatitis C

Victims of the contaminated blood scandal were persuaded to sign away their legal rights without knowing they had a second deadly condition, the Daily Mail can reveal.

More than 1,200 patients who had been infected with HIV were forced to sign a contract with government officials promising to drop all legal action.

After they signed, they were told they had also been infected with hepatitis C.

Oct 22 07:36

DOMINIC SANDBROOK: As a remainer, I’m convinced a ‘people’s vote’ would be a terrible idea

A second referendum would be a disgraceful betrayal of democracy and an insult to the 17.4 million people who voted in 2016 – and I write that as somebody who voted Remain.

Almost everything about the so-called People’s Vote effort is bogus. It claims to be a ‘grassroots campaign’, yet its headquarters are in Millbank Tower, the architectural embodiment of the Westminster establishment.

Far from being organised from the bottom up, it is actually a front for the lobby group Open Britain, a direct successor of the Remain campaign. It is backed by such ‘grassroots’ Britons as Lord Mandelson, Sir Vince Cable and Sir Nick Clegg, while its online adverts rely heavily on millionaire celebrities such as Gary Lineker, Patrick Stewart and Steve Coogan.

The very name People’s Vote is, of course, pure spin. We already had a people’s vote in 2016 – the biggest in history.

Oct 21 10:18

UK Ready to Back US Plans to Exit INF Treaty to Send 'Clear Message' to Russia

On Friday, The New York Times reported that the Trump administration was preparing to exit the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty as soon as next week.

Speaking to The Financial Times, British Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson has made it plain that London will support Washington's decision to withdraw from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty between the US and Russia.

"Our close and long-term ally, of course, is the United States, and we will be absolutely resolute with the United States in hammering home a clear message that Russia needs to respect the [INF] Treaty obligation that it signed," Williamson pointed out.

Oct 21 09:49

Theresa May faces 'show trial' by Tory MPs as one senior plotter shockingly tells her to 'bring your own noose' to meeting with furious Brexiteers as David Davis publishes his manifesto for No10

Theresa May will this week face a last-ditch fight to save her leadership as rebel Tory MPs demand she attend a high-stakes ‘show trial’.

The Prime Minister has been urged to confront disgruntled backbenchers at a crisis meeting – but was given the chilling warning that she should ‘bring her own noose’ to the showdown as rivals step up their campaigns to succeed her in No 10.

Rank-and-file MPs last night told Mrs May that she was in the ‘last chance saloon’ and called on her to face them at their 1922 Committee meeting on Wednesday.

Oct 19 14:26

Trial: Facial Recognition Technology To Be Used In UK At Select Self-Checkouts

By Aaron Kesel

Facial recognition technology will be tested in UK supermarkets for the first time to verify the age of citizens buying alcohol and cigarettes at special self-checkout machines later this year...

Oct 18 11:47

Another YEAR of Brexit? Fury over claims May 'will keep UK tied to the EU for 12 MORE months' - after bloc's leaders dismiss her compromise plea and DITCH crunch summit

Theresa May's desperate plea for EU leaders to show 'courage' to break the deadlock in Brexit talks fell flat tonight - amid claims she could keep Britain lashed to the bloc for another year to ease the Irish border standoff.

The PM was accused of having 'nothing new' to say after she urged counterparts to be 'creative' as negotiations threaten to collapse into disarray.

A summit pencilled in for next month to seal a divorce package has now been shelved, effectively ruling out any kind of resolution before December.

And to make matters worse Mrs May is facing a furious backlash from Brexiteers and the DUP after EU sources claimed the premier had said she was considering extending the mooted transition period for another year beyond the end of 2020.

Oct 18 08:47

Brexit deal latest – Theresa May is ‘convinced’ she’ll get a deal with the EU but warns of ‘difficult moments’ as talks continue

Top Eurocrat Jean-Claude Juncker said a controversial extension of the Brexit transition period "probably will happen" after meeting Mrs May at the crunch Brussels summit.

The PM has faced a furious backlash from her own MPs worried about a further delay to Brexit.

The plan could cost the UK as much as £16billion as we continue to contribute to the Brussels budget, according to top Tories.

Oct 17 12:44

Royal Navy carrier jets will land differently than their American counterparts.

The Royal Navy is currently testing a landing system that will allow its F-35B Joint Strike Fighters to fly farther and with greater payloads. The shipborne rolling vertical landing will allow F-35Bs to land on the U.K.’s new carriers with larger payloads, eliminating the need to jettison expensive stores just to land on ships.

Oct 17 11:44

The Framing of Russia

As I have speculated before, and as is now becoming increasingly clear, the “suspects” put in the frame by the UK government were evidently known to its intelligence agencies long before Mark Sedwill’s denial, and in fact before they even reached London, on their way, we are told ad nauseum, to hit the Skripals with toxic perfume.

Obviously that story is not true, but it now appears that the mission assigned to the unwitting Russian couple was much more than simply to be caught on CCTV in the vicinity of the elusive Skripals, and that they were a pivotal part of “Operation Nina” – both in the planning stages and in the extended “action phase”, currently playing out in the media and institutions of the Western world.

Oct 16 14:53

Saving the Holy Land – a "dead end in the tragedy of the Palestinians”… and now "a land in which human beings kill each other”

Stuart Littlewood highlights the “cry of hope in the absence of all hope” of Palestinian Christians living under the jackboot of the Israeli occupiers to help campaigners and civil society keep focus on some of the essential issues in the big struggle ahead. >>

Oct 16 11:09

Brexit BREAKTHROUGH: Gibraltar border row with Spain SOLVED - now onto Ireland

A BREXIT deal for Gibraltar is “almost complete”, the territory’s government has confirmed, leaving the Irish border issue as the final obstacle to securing a withdrawal agreement with Theresa May left with 48 hours to save Brexit.

Oct 16 08:58

New BBC documentary 'Dangerous Dynasty' ignores the West's role in destabilizing Syria

The new BBC2 documentary, 'A Dangerous Dynasty: House of Assad', should be contrasted with the 2010 BBC4 series 'Syrian School', which eschewed neocon propaganda and allowed us to make our own minds up about Baathist Syria.
Whatever happened to objective film making? Why does everyone today feel that the film or program maker must take sides and not just show us things as they are?

These thoughts were uppermost in my mind when watching the first episode of the 72 Films production, 'A Dangerous Dynasty' last week.

You could say the title was a bit of a giveaway. If you were expecting to see a balanced, intellectual analysis of Baathist rule in Syria, providing historical perspective, and putting the 'House of Assad' in some kind of regional context, you'd have been very disappointed.

Oct 15 17:43

Bloodhound supersonic car hits financial roadblock

The project to race a car at over 1,000mph has run into a financial roadblock with the company behind the venture going into administration.

The Bloodhound supersonic vehicle is all but built but needs a £25m investment if it is to break records on a dried-out lakebed in South Africa.

The administrators, FRP Advisory LLP, have already begun to talk to potential suitors and want to hear from others.

But without the funds the project faces being wound up in the coming weeks.

Oct 15 10:12

BEX ALERT - Hunt for Russian sleeper agents 'planning a series of attacks to bring down Britain's internet' after GRU whistleblower, 53, exposes plot

Police are allegedly hunting two Russian sleeper agents who are waiting to 'bring down Britain's internet' with cyber attacks.

It is feared the agents are in disguise working for an Internet Service Provider or a university with access to 'super computers' and are ready to spring into action when Putin gives the word.

They have reportedly been tasked with disrupting trade after Brexit by bringing the internet to a halt in Britain.

Oct 15 08:36

Calls for Commons Speaker John Bercow to QUIT after damning inquiry exposes culture of bullying in Westminster while minister says he intervened to BLOCK historic cases being probed

John Bercow today faced fresh calls to quit as Commons Speaker after a damning inquiry exposed a culture of bullying and harassment at the heart of Parliament.

And he was hit by allegations his office stepped in to block historic cases of abuse in Westminster being investigated after he was hit with bullying claims.

Dame Laura Cox said that a string of male MPs past and present have allegedly lunged, groped and propositioned women.

She lashed the 'institutional failings' in the Commons and warned a culture of 'deference, subservience, acquiescence and silence' exists in Parliament.

Oct 15 07:26

Britain's £406bn debt timebomb: FTSE big guns are sitting on DOUBLE their debt in the run-up to the financial crisis, sparking bond fears

Britain's biggest companies are sitting on a debt 'timebomb' of £406billion – almost double the amount held in the run-up to the financial crisis a decade ago.

Analysis by The Mail on Sunday found debt at companies in the FTSE 100 index of Britain's leading firms, which stood at £236.4 billion in 2008, has risen to extraordinary levels thanks to years of easy credit and low interest rates.

City experts warned that the debt binge could come back to haunt firms after stock markets around the world tumbled last week amid concerns that rising US interest rates will drive up the cost of borrowing and potentially trigger a wave of defaults.

Oct 14 06:47

Female serial killer wants to marry lesbian lover in jail - and she wants taxpayers to fund it

erial killer Joanna Dennehy is planning a legal fight to keep in regular close contact with her prison lover – and wants the ­taxpayer to foot the bill.
The 35-year-old monster is thought to have contacted solicitors over plans to marry another female inmate.

Dennehy is in a segregation unit at Category A HMP Bronzefield after a dramatic suicide attempt.

Oct 13 23:09

Plane mutiny kept a gang rapist in the UK: Somali man whose deportation from the UK was stopped by plane passengers raped a 16-year-old girl in London and his accomplice went on to fight for ISIS

A Somalian whose deportation from Britain was dramatically halted after airline passengers staged a mutiny demanding his release can be exposed today as a convicted gang rapist who was being kicked out of the country because of his sickening crime.

Officials escorting Yaqub Ahmed on a flight from Heathrow to Turkey were forced to abandon his deportation when around a dozen holidaymakers who felt sorry for him angrily intervened shortly before take-off.

Oct 13 10:23

Outside In: The Trump administration’s plan to remake the Middle East

The only promise that is new about the promised peace plan is the way it will be forced on the Palestinians: no one has promised that the plan itself will be new. With Saudi Arabia and Egypt—the outside—brought onside with the promise of continued military aid despite their crimes against humanity and violations of international law and the Palestinians weakened by being silenced, economically crushed and stripped of any friends to help them, the United States and Israel are now free to attempt to impose a peace plan on the Palestinians.

Oct 12 14:24

UK Blocks Replacement Of Diplomats After Novichok Expulsions – Russian Ambassador

The British government is preventing Russia from appointing new diplomats to replace the 23 expelled by London over the Novichok poisoning allegations, the Russian ambassador to the UK said.

“We cannot fill those vacancies because Britain refuses to issue visas to our diplomats,”Alexander Yakovenko said during a press conference on Friday.

Oct 12 09:08

Brexit BRIBERY: Theresa May to hand tens of MILLIONS to ensure DUP backing on EU exit plan

THERESA MAY is set to pay the DUP tens of millions of pounds more in order to ensure she obtains their backing on her Brexit plan, as the Northern Irish allies have threatened to revolt if the EU’s backstop is accepted and Northern Ireland is treated differently from the rest of the UK.

Oct 12 08:56

The Israel lobby’s non-stop attacks on Corbyn will backfire

Not only is the role of pro-Israel partisans in the UK now visible, but their ugly assumptions are under closer scrutiny than ever before

Oct 11 10:23

The Trans-Mafia are complicit in the Making of Monsters

The monster raped two women and stabbed a neighbor. The monster was the placed in a female prison before sexually assaulting two more women

Oct 11 10:03


‘THEY ARE WINNING THE INFO WAR’: British general ‘does not like’ Photos of Russian Military in Syria
Russia is better than the Western coalition in the “information war” in Syria and Iraq, says British general Felix Gidni.

According to the British general, Western countries must resist Moscow in the informational space, transforming this struggle into an “element of true multifaceted combat.” What he refers to is also known as 4GW, or fourth generation warfare.

“The Russians are really good at this. Better than us,” Gedney said Monday at the annual convention of the Association of the U.S. Army. “We saw a very clever, assiduous information campaign aimed at discrediting the campaign of the coalition. And I would argue [that] in many of our nation’s capitals, we didn’t realize we were being played.”

To illustrate the so-called misinformation, the general highlighted photos of Russian military personnel distributing humanitarian aid in Syria. He called the photos fake, however, did not give any proof of the falsehood.


(*you don't need "Proof" when you're telling the truth!
whitehorse souce)

Oct 11 09:59

Trans inmate jailed for Wakefield prison sex offences

A transgender prisoner who sexually assaulted two inmates at a women's jail and had previously raped two other women has been given a life sentence.

Karen White attacked two women in 2017 while on remand at HMP New Hall, in Wakefield, for other offences.

White, 52, who is transitioning, was described as a "predator" who was a danger to women and children.

She must serve a minimum of nine-and-a-half years for rape, sexual assault and wounding, Leeds Crown Court was told.

The court heard White, who was born male and now identifies as a woman, used her "transgender persona" to put herself in contact with vulnerable women.

Oct 11 08:06

Army Launches Investigation Over Meeting Between Soldiers & Tommy Robinson

“We are aware of a photograph and video of a group of Army personnel on social media and are investigating the circumstances surrounding this. Anyone who is in breach of the Army’s values and standards will face administrative action.”

Oct 11 07:11

Has a SECRET Brexit deal already been agreed? Robert Peston makes INCREDIBLE claim

A BREXIT deal was agreed last night which will temporarily keep the UK in the EU’s customs union according to ITV News political editor Robert Peston, in an explosive move which would leave the UK unable to sign its own trade deals.

Oct 11 06:26

London cyclists too white, male and middle class, says capital's cycling chief in vow to tackle diversity 'problem'

Too few women and people from ethnic minority groups cycle in London and more must be done to promote diversity among a largely white, male and middle class biking community, the city’s walking and cycling commissioner has said.

Grand schemes, such as the Cycle Superhighway network of partially-segregated routes linking the suburbs with the centre, are too often perceived as simply a way of getting “middle-aged men cycling faster around the city”, Will Norman acknowledged.

He said he was considering setting diversity targets for London’s cycling population to ensure progress was achieved.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is NOT the Onion!

Oct 10 20:06

Cannabis laws could be relaxed in Britain as panel of experts says they have ‘open mind’ on legalisation despite links to mental health problems

The Royal College of Psychiatrists is to review its opposition to the legalisation of cannabis.

The organisation has been wary of moves to decriminalise the drug because of concerns of possible negative effects on users' health.

There is also an association between psychotic illnesses and high-strength varieties of the drug.

But it is now reconsidering its stance due to arguments that legalising cannabis would give the government the power to both regulate its strength and generate tax from its sale.

Oct 10 19:38

Banks face furious reaction for saying their CUSTOMERS should foot the compensation bill for fraud by paying a tax on every transaction they make

UK Finance chief Stephen Jones told MPs on the Treasury committee today that banks shouldn't always have to cover the costs when criminals con people into transferring money out of their accounts.

A tiny levy on each payment made in the UK could be a solution to covering the rising cost of such scam schemes, Mr Jones said.

Oct 10 10:08

'Gay cake' Supreme Court ruling reaction

Ashers general manager Daniel McArthur

"We're particularly pleased the Supreme Court emphatically accepted what we've said all along - we did not turn down this order because of the person who made it, but because of the message itself.

"The judges have given a clear signal today. In fact it couldn't be any clearer.

"Family businesses like ours are free to focus on giving all their customers the best service they can - without being forced to promote other people's campaigns."

Oct 10 08:18

‘Gay cake’ row: Supreme Court rules in favour of Christian bakers

UK’s Supreme Court ruled the refusal by Christian owners of a bakery in Northern Ireland to make a cake bearing the slogan “Support Gay Marriage” to be lawful.

In a high-profile case that lasted four years and cost UK taxpayers £150,000 ($197,316), the court ruled the Ashers bakery in Belfast had not acted in a discriminatory manner by refusing to make the cake with topping in support of same-sex marriage.

Oct 09 09:52

Vomit and used condoms in MPs offices: Parliament’s cleaners complain about partying politicians

Cleaners at the Houses of Parliament complain that they have to clear up used condoms and vomit left by unruly MPs and their aides.

MPs are reportedly to face strict new rules about their behavior. Commons authorities are considering the introduction of a ‘service agreement’ that would cover the appropriate use of workspaces in the Houses of Parliament, the Sunday Times report.

“It’s the type of behaviour you would expect from students enjoying freshers’ week, not MPs and their staff,” a source reported in the Sunday Times said, “but cleaners are being confronted with vomit and used condoms in offices used by MPs and their staff.”

“It should be made clear that the cleaners are not there to clear up after their debauchery and this is not an appropriate use of their office space.”

Oct 08 14:49

After 70 years of abuse, a definition of anti-Palestinian racism

Stuart Littlewood highlights a newly-published definition of anti-Palestinian racism, and an authoritative study which shows the extent of the disinformation campaign behind the claims of “anti-Semitism” in the UK Labour Party. >>

Oct 08 08:27

Facebook's UK tax bill triples to £15.8m despite making £1.2bn AND the social media giant will get an immediate cut thanks to a tax credit

Facebook has been handed its biggest ever UK tax bill - but the tech giant has already managed to slash it by millions by claiming tax relief, it was revealed today.

The social network's corporation tax demand from the Treasury tripled to £15.8million in 2017 but it only had to pay £7.4million, new accounts show.

The reduction came despite British revenues going up a third from £842million to an extraordinary £1.2billion last year and record profits of £62million in those 12 months – up from £58million.

The company, run by Mark Zuckerberg, managed to cut its tax bill by 46 per cent after it awarded shares to its employees.

Oct 08 08:19


The British Defense Secretary announced that 800 commandos are being deployed into Norway starting next year, and continuing every winter for at least a decade. The troops will join US and Dutch troops there, and are targeting Russia.

Speaking before travelling to Birmingham to make the speech, Mr Williamson said:

“We see Russian submarine activity very close to the level that it was at the Cold War, and it’s right that we start responding to that.

“If we could turn back the clock 10 years many people thought that the era of submarine activity in the High North, in the North Atlantic, and the threat that it posed did disappear with the fall of the Berlin Wall. This threat has really come back to the fore.”

The program is built around claims of Russian aggression, and the idea that global warming will lead Russia to stake out new claims in the far north, near where old Soviet-era bases exist, for natural resources.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The goal of this continuous deployment, is aggravating Russia until its leadership does something colossally stupid; and what the British military and civilian leadership have conveniently forgotten, is that, at least under Putin's watch, this probably won't happen.

Putin, on the international stage, and in real life, is a consummate chess player, and is at least 20 moves ahead of anything the US and UK can possibly do to deter him.

Oct 08 08:16

The UK is practicing cyberattacks that could black out Moscow

British defense officials say they have practiced cyber war games that could shut off electricity in Russia’s capital, the Sunday Times (paywall) reports.

The measures are part of a wider range of strategies to hit back at an increasingly assertive Russia—accused of interfering with US elections, cyberattacks on Western targets, and poisoning a former spy on UK soil—without resorting to a full-blown nuclear attack.

“If they sank our aircraft carrier with a nuclear-tipped torpedo, what is our response? There’s nothing between sinking their submarine and dropping a nuclear weapon on northern Kamchatka,” one senior source told the Sunday Times. “This is why cyber is so important; you can go on the offensive and turn off the lights in Moscow to tell them that they are not doing the right things.”

Oct 08 07:57

‘Spend your retirement thinking over your role in Iraq War’ – UK Shadow Chancellor savages spymaster

As comebacks go, being blamed for 500,000 deaths is definitive. That’s the barb British spymaster Richard Dearlove was faced with when his attack on Jeremy Corbyn was put to his greatest ally, Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell.

The spat played out on Sky News’ ‘Ridge on Sunday’ program. First former MI6 boss Sir Richard Dearlove said he was “troubled” over Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s “past associations.”

Oct 06 22:13

UK war-games cyber attack on Moscow

Defence chiefs have war-gamed a massive cyber-strike to black out Moscow if Vladimir Putin launches a military attack on the West, after concluding that the only other way of hitting back would be to use nuclear weapons.

Oct 06 19:36

Now clapping banned at FOOTBALL MATCHES! Spectators must REMAIN SILENT at youth matches

In a baffling move by Hampshire FA, parents will be prohibited from cheering and clapping during children’s football matches for its ‘Silent Weekend', taking place from 6 to 7 October.

Coaches are also banned from directing their players during the game and must "remain silent" throughout.

Spectators can only perform jazz-hands by silently waving their hands in the air, to avoid “pressurising” the children.

The aim of the initiative is to "create a positive and pressure-free environment in which children can enjoy football and learn to love and develop in the game", bosses have said.

Oct 06 09:08

MI6 regrets helping Vladimir Putin to get elected as Russia’s President, former spy chief says

Sir Richard told the audience that ahead of the Russian presidential election in 2000, he was approached by the KGB asking for MI6 to help Putin, and agreed for the pair to meet in St Petersburg.

At the time of the controversial visit, Downing Street had stressed it ‘was too good an opportunity to miss’ despite uproar from human rights activists and Amnesty International.

Mr Blair became the first western leader to meet with the incoming Russian president.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Basically admitting that Great Britain was meddling in Russia's internal politics.

Oct 05 09:04

Jewish Lesson on Racism

The JVL (Jewish Voice for Labour), a pro Corbyn racially exclusive Jews-only cell that does not accept non Jews into its ranks, is attempting to teach us about racism and anti Semitism.

Oct 05 08:50

Blanket Silence: Corporate Media Ignore New Report Exposing Distorted And Misleading Coverage of Corbyn

If there's one thing we've learned in the 17 years since Media Lens began, it's that media professionals generally hate being challenged, critiqued or criticised. This fierce antipathetical belligerence underlies the corporate media's total refusal to mention, far less discuss, a recent damning report on how the corporate media have been misreporting Labour and its supposed 'problem' with antisemitism.

The report was published last week by the Media Reform Coalition (MRC), set up in 2011 in the wake of the News International phone hacking scandal, to promote debate about the media and democracy. The MRC coordinates effective action by civil society groups, academics and media campaigners, and is currently chaired by Natalie Fenton, Professor of Communication and Media at Goldsmiths, University of London.