May 23 15:51

Labour Takes 10-Point Lead Over May's Party In Wales: Poll

The British Labour Party has overtaken the ruling Conservative Party in Wales, opening a significant 10-point lead less than 20 days before the June 8 general election, a new poll shows.

May 23 14:07

German Students Demand Retake Of English Exam Due To Prince Harry’s ‘Incomprehensible Mumbling’

Tens of thousands of Germans have signed a petition calling on the education authorities of the western German state of North Rhine Westphalia to allow high school students retake their final exam in English – an audio component which many of them called a “catastrophe.”

May 23 14:07

‘Total Lack Of Awareness’: Elite NH Boarding School Bungled Previous Sexual Abuse Report

St. Paul’s School in New Hampshire has become the latest elite boarding school to publish a report outlining “substantiated claims” of misconduct by former faculty and staff members and admitting the school failed to protect students.

May 23 10:54

Merkel vows to convince climate change 'doubters'

Chancellor Angela Merkel vowed on Tuesday to work to convince climate change "doubters" as the world waits to see whether US President Donald Trump will endorse the Paris agreement.

May 23 10:52

Flashback 2016: Police to stage huge terror training exercise involving 800 volunteers at the Trafford Centre

A huge counter terrorism training exercise will be staged at the Trafford Centre tonight.

As many as 800 volunteers will play shoppers at the mall - Britain’s second largest shopping centre - when a mock terror strike will be staged at midnight.

Residents nearby have been warned they could hear loud bangs and will see emergency crews taking part in the test.

May 23 10:01

Britain Must Settle ‘What It Owes Before Leaving The Bloc’

Member states of the European Union have set a tough negotiating mandate for talks over Brexit, reiterating their stance that Britain has to settle its debts before withdrawal from the bloc.

May 23 09:06

CBS: Manchester Terrorist Is 23-Year-Old Salman Abedi, Was Known to Authorities

No one could have predicted this.

May 23 08:58

General Election campaigning suspended after Manchester Arena explosion

Campaigning ahead of the General Election has been suspended in the wake of a suspected terrorist attack in Manchester.

May 23 08:28

Manchester suicide attack lays bare limits of security measures

Countries across the world will tighten security ahead of major cultural and sports events after a suicide bombing in Britain that killed at least 22 people, but experts say reinforced measures will do little to prevent determined individuals.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

May 23 07:28

Donald Trump assures Britain of 'unbreakable commitment' after bombing

US President Donald Trump telephoned Britain`s Prime Minister Theresa May Tuesday to assure her of America`s "unbreakable commitment" in the wake of a suicide bombing in England that killed 22 people.

May 23 06:01

UK Paper: 'There's Only One Way Brits Should Respond to Such Attacks: Carrying On Exactly As Before'

According to The Independent, there's only "one way" for Britain to respond to the deadly terror attack in Manchester: acting like it never happened and ignoring that there's problem.

May 23 05:35

Terror Hits the UK…Again – And it Will Continue to Do So Until We Face the Reality of Our Situation

As news comes out about the latest terror attack in the UK, a nation is left wondering if the government can actually do anything to stop them happening, and if so, why have they not already done so.

May 22 16:01

Manchester 'explosions': Video shows screaming crowd fleeing Ariana Grande concert

An Ariana Grande concert has become the site of shock and panic after reports of explosions forced attendees to evacuate Manchester Arena.

A video taken by someone in the crowd showed a hectic scene as people hurried to exit the area. Police have tweeted that there are a "number of confirmed fatalities and others injured."

Greater Manchester Police have have warned people to stay away from the arena, though it was not immediately clear what the loud bangs reported as potential explosions were. Witnesses posted on social media that the bangs may have been gunshots or even a bomb.

May 22 15:54

Manchester 'explosions': Video shows screaming crowd fleeing Ariana Grande concert

An Ariana Grande concert has become the site of shock and panic after reports of explosions forced attendees to evacuate Manchester Arena.

A video taken by someone in the crowd showed a hectic scene as people hurried to exit the area. Police have tweeted that there are a "number of confirmed fatalities and others injured."

Greater Manchester Police have have warned people to stay away from the arena, though it was not immediately clear what the loud bangs reported as potential explosions were. Witnesses posted on social media that the bangs may have been gunshots or even a bomb.

May 21 17:28

General Election 2017: Tories 'to lose seats' after dementia tax as poll lead slips

The Prime Minister is facing a backlash against her plans to reform funding for social care, with critics claiming she is introducing a “dementia tax”.

Mrs May’s proposal would require elderly people receiving social care to fund the entire cost, until they reached their last £100,000 of assets which the state would allow them to keep.

Since the plan was unveiled in the party’s manifesto on Thursday Conservative MPs have voiced concern and last night Ben Harris-Quinney, chairman of the Thatcherite Bow Group, warned that the policy would cost the party seats.

May 21 17:26

Britain is the 'loser' of the 21st Century: EU chief says Brussels to DOMINATE next decade

THE EU Foreign Affairs chief has mocked Britain as the "loser" of the 21st century as she predicted that the next decade will be dominated by the European Union.

May 21 09:30

Global Britain? Theresa May risks isolating UK as European & Gulf allies turn away

As EU states cut the UK out of negotiations for a new joint defense fund and Middle East ally Saudi Arabia prepares to develop an independent arms industry, cracks are appearing in Theresa May’s manifesto vision for a ‘Global Britain.’

The Tory manifesto launched on Thursday strongly emphasizes the party’s intention to leave the EU on terms favorable to the UK and the importance of maintaining and strengthening alliances and trade.

May 20 20:32

NHS mulling Ubuntu switch after Windows XP fail?

The NHS could be considering switching its software infrastructure from Windows to Ubuntu, after Windows XP vulnerabilities were exploited in the recent cyber attack that crippled the National Health Service. Or is it just an elaborate gag?

The NHSbuntu platform came to our attention via Dr Dean Jenkins, a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and editor-at-large of BMJ Case Reports, who writes about it on Differential Diagnosis, his blog.

According to Dr Jenkins, the Linux-based NHSbuntu is a "modern, secure, open source, operating system being considered by Jeremy Hunt for the NHS."

He adds that as NHSbuntu is built on the "industrial strength Ubuntu desktop," it offers a full-fat security feature set to meet the NHS's needs, including secure email, smartcard authentication and whole disk encryption, plus support for modern web browsers and popular office software.

May 20 20:29

UK to see uprising to OVERTURN Brexit and deliver REAL 'will of the people', editor claims

THE editor of anti-Brexit newspaper the New European predicts the UK will witness the rise of its own pro-EU candidate in the mould of Emmanuel Macron.

May 20 20:25

New £3bn Royal Navy aircraft carrier will have to duck under bridges

But before tackling pirates, enemy submarines and hostile destroyers, the Queen Elizabeth has an even trickier obstacle to overcome on her maiden voyage.

Army engineers have spent weeks working out whether the £3billion ship, built at Rosyth in south-east Scotland, could pass safely beneath the three bridges that span the Forth estuary.

Royal Engineers from 42 Regiment, a geographic survey unit, were called in after it was discovered that data on the estuary was 60 years old.

May 20 08:38

UK Government Moves Aggressively to Censor and Control the Internet

Senior Tories confirmed to BuzzFeed News that the phrasing indicates that the government intends to introduce huge restrictions on what people can post, share and publish online.

The plans will allow Britain to become “the global leader in the regulation of the use of personal data and the internet”, the manifesto claims.

It comes just soon after the Investigatory Powers Act came into law. That legislation allowed the government to force internet companies to keep records on their customers’ browsing histories, as well as giving ministers the power to break apps like WhatsApp so that messages can be read.

The government now appears to be launching a similarly radical change in the way that social networks and internet companies work. While much of the internet is currently controlled by private businesses like Google and Facebook, Theresa May intends to allow government to decide what is and isn’t published, the manifesto suggests.

May 19 15:46

Corbynistas Already Planning Labour’s Victory Party As Tory Lead Narrows Again

Thousands of Facebook users say they will flock to the Red Lion pub in Westminster the day after the general election to celebrate the victory of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

In anticipation of victory, the left-wing leader’s fans have already set up an event on Facebook, which has seized the interest of thousands of supporters.

May 19 15:19

Blighty's buying another 17 F-35s, confirms the American government

The UK will buy a grand total of 17 F-35B fighter jets between 2020 and 2022 – and acquiring the A model of the supersonic stealth fighter hasn’t been ruled out.

May 19 10:18

‘No Deal Better Than Bad Deal’: Theresa May Manifesto Commits Tory MPs To ‘Hard Brexit’

Prime Minister Theresa May has effectively committed Tory MPs to backing her ‘hard Brexit’ stance of ‘no deal is better than a bad deal’ by enshrining it in the party’s manifesto, released on Thursday.

May 19 09:09

Understanding Brits - A Post-Political Analysis

Yesterday The Daily Telegraph published some statistics that suggest that Brits are just ordinary people, not much different from the Americans or the French - they are born communists but die hard-core conservatives.

The above data suggest that British youngsters overwhelmingly supportCorbyn’s dream. But this changes once they hit political puberty which is apparently around the age of 25. Adults seem to run away from Labour and Corbyn.

May 19 08:58

Deutsche Börse boss blasted by investors for not factoring Brexit in failed LSE deal

THE boss of Deutsche Börse has been attacked by investors over the German company's failed merger with the London Stock Exchange Group (LSE).

May 19 08:57

Brussels V Germany: EU Brexit negotiator warns Merkel's £85bn demand could COLLAPSE talks

The French and German leaders want to increase the UK's exit bill to an eye-watering £85 billion, according to reports.

But EU negotiator Michel Barnier is worried the demands for a hefty Brexit bill could derail the upcoming talks.

New European Commission meeting minutes lay bare Mr Barnier's anxiety about Britain refusing to pay up.

May 19 06:54


Theresa May is planning to introduce huge regulations on the way the internet works, allowing the government to decide what is said online.

Particular focus has been drawn to the end of the manifesto, which makes clear that the Tories want to introduce huge changes to the way the internet works.

"Some people say that it is not for government to regulate when it comes to technology and the internet," it states. "We disagree."

Senior Tories confirmed to BuzzFeed News that the phrasing indicates that the government intends to introduce huge restrictions on what people can post, share and publish online.

May 19 06:50

Sweden drops Assange investigation, UK police says he still faces arrest

Swedish prosecutors said on Friday they had dropped an investigation of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange over a rape allegation, but British police said he would still be arrested if he left the Ecuadorean embassy in London where he has been holed up.

May 18 13:48

Farage Calls Juncker ‘Bloody Rude’ And ‘A Bully’ For Criticizing Theresa May

It was another scandalous day in Brussels when UK Independence Party (UKIP) MEP Nigel Farage attacked European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker during a European Parliament session on Wednesday.

May 18 10:00

4 Men Arrested In London, Accused Of Plotting Terrorist Attack – Police

Four young men have been arrested in London on suspicion of plotting terrorist acts in the UK. The arrests came as a part of an ongoing investigation by the Metropolitan Police and the MI5 intelligence agency.

May 18 09:24

Who's at the Controls on KLM? Sometimes, the Dutch King

The Dutch King has got himself a part-time gig. Take note Great Britain.

For two decades, the king of the Netherlands has been putting the royal in KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.

King Willem-Alexander said in an interview published Wednesday that for the last 21 years, he has flown twice a month as a commercial airline co-pilot for KLM's Cityhopper subsidiary, a regional carrier that flies among European cities.

He was seldom recognized in uniform, particularly after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, when safety protocols were introduced to limit access to cockpits, he said.

May 18 09:22

Bloke charged under UK terror law for refusing to cough up passwords

British police have charged a man under antiterror laws after he refused to hand over his phone and laptop passwords.

Muhammad Rabbani, international director of CAGE, was arrested at Heathrow in November after declining to unlock his devices, claiming they contained confidential testimony describing torture in Afghanistan as well as information on high-ranking officials. CAGE positions itself as a non-profit organization that represents and supports families affected by the West's TWAT (aka The War On Terror).

On Wednesday this week, he was charged under Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act 2000: specifically, he is accused of obstructing or hampering an investigation by refusing to cough up his login details.

May 18 07:30

Irish MEP tears into EU Commissioner for 'spiteful' approach to the Brexit talks

Mr Flanagan accused Commissioners of approaching the Brexit talks negatively but Phil Hogan, European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development, insisted he treated the negotiations seriously.

Speaking at the European Parliament’s Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development, Mr Flanagan highlighted previous comments that Commissioners would not spend more than half an hour a week on the UK’s exit from the European Union.

Addressing Commissioners, he said: “We do have a problem with the attitude of the Commission when we hear things like ‘I won’t be spending any more than 30 minutes per week, Brexit will never be a success'.

May 18 07:30

'You may have crushed Greece, you ain’t gonna do it to us!' Farage savages EU in epic rant

THE European Union may have crushed Greece’s democracy but Brussels will never destroy the UK’s sovereignty, Nigel Farage warned the bloc.

May 17 19:12

Will Hammond Be Fired? Theresa May Refuses To Guarantee Chancellor’s Future

The rift between Downing Street and the Treasury seems to be deepening as Prime Minister Theresa May on Wednesday failed to guarantee Chancellor Philip Hammond would hold on to his job following the general election.

May 17 12:15

Britain ‘Turned Blind Eye To Massacres In Zimbabwe To Protect Its Interests,’ Study Claims

British officials remained “willfully blind” to the massacre of thousands of dissidents in Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe in order to protect the UK’s political and economic interests in the violence-wracked country, new research claims.

May 17 11:18

Majority Now Back Brexit As ‘Re-Leavers’ Switch Support – Poll

The majority of Britons are now in favor of the UK leaving the EU as Remainers increasingly turn their support to Brexit, according to a recent poll.

Up to 68 percent of those surveyed said they want to see Brexit take place, while a mere 22 percent said they want Prime Minister Theresa May’s government to ignore the result of the EU referendum of June last year.

May 17 09:36

‘Digital Strip-Search’ UK Muslim Activist Faces Charges For Not Giving Up Passwords At Airport

Imagine arriving in the UK, going through airport security and then being ordered to hand over your phone and laptop with all passwords – for examination.

May 17 08:37

Child Sex Offenders Still At Large In Rochdale, Says Former Detective

Victims of the Rochdale child sex abuse ring, exposed in 2012, are still at risk of being exploited by offenders who are still at large in the community, according to a former detective who worked on the case.

May 17 08:33

Almost half German companies favor 'hard Brexit' Single Market exclusion for UK – survey

Very nearly half of German enterprises support the idea of completely excluding the UK from the EU Single Market if it does not adhere to the principle of four freedoms, a recent survey conducted by the multinational professional services firm Deloitte says.

May 17 08:33

Even local EU parliaments could now derail quick post-Brexit trade deal

Plans for a speedy post-Brexit trade deal have been dealt a blow by Europe’s top court, which has ruled that every national and regional parliament in the EU must sign off on some elements of future agreements.

May 17 08:32

LOCK YOUR CAR DOORS, LADIES! Muslim gangs are attacking people, especially women, at stoplights

UK female drivers are being warned about Muslim male gangs who have been attempting to get into cars stopped at traffic lights. Recently, several women in the Stockport area have reportedly been approached and intimidated by groups of Muslim men while waiting for stoplights to change.

May 17 07:34

'You'll pay the price' Angela Merkel issues shock threat to Britain over free movement

ANGELA Merkel has said Britain will face the consequences if the Government puts an end to free movement after Brexit.

Theresa May has repeatedly vowed to impose stricter immigration measures after the UK officially leaves the EU in 2019.

But German chancellor Mrs Merkel warned her against the move, saying Britain would "pay the price".

And she inisisted the EU would consider the views of Remain voters when Brexit negotations get underway.

May 16 15:07

‘We Will Defend The Falklands,’ Labour’s Shadow Foreign Secretary Confirms

Labour has hardened its line on taking military action if the Falkland Islands are invaded by Argentina again. Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry said the south Atlantic archipelago, also known as Islas Malvinas, would be robustly protected.

May 16 09:56

Fake Jews: Deceit and Double-Think in Britain’s Hostile Elite

Here’s a quiz about Israeli politics. Are there any strongly identified Muslim or Christian Arabs high in Israel’s ruling conservative party? Do those Arabs write for Arab newspapers setting out the central principle of their lives: “Arabs must come first”? Finally, do those Arabs lavish praise on an opposition leader who opened Israel’s borders to the Third World and duped Israel into a hugely expensive and disastrous foreign war?

May 16 09:46


Days after reports that Damascus was on high alert due to increased U.S. troop levels on the Jordanian border and an apparent preparation for an invasion from the south and southeast, the United States and Britain have indeed pushed into Syria from the very location earlier reports suggested would be used.

The reports were released first from the SMART News Agency, which writes that approximately 150 U.S. and British military personnel have entered Syria from Jordan.

SMART News Agency has provided video evidence of their claims. This video reportedly shows several military personnel in armed Humvees engaging in a firefight alongside terrorist forces, who were operating the cameras. Indeed, the familiar “Allahu Akbar” chant can be heard throughout the video.

Hamimah is around 90 km east of Palmyra, near the Deir ez-Zour countryside. Albukamal is also located nearby, a town of strategic importance to the U.S.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I don't know what the Vegas odds-makers are betting on the timing of a a direct conflict between US/UK troops and Syrian/Russian troops, but were I a betting woman, I could not bet against such a scenario, and very soon for the following reason:


May 16 08:40

PROOF: Ex-CIA Director Brennan worked directly with foreign spies to keep Trump OUT of the Oval Office

As reported by The Guardian, there is compelling evidence to suggest that former CIA Director John Brennan was the primary U.S. intelligence community source working to undermine the Trump campaign in an effort to prevent the billionaire businessman from becoming president and, after he won, to undermine his transition.

The bizarre tale actually begins with a Fox News analyst, judicial analyst and former judge Andrew Napolitano. In mid-March, he leveled an amazing allegation: That the Obama administration used GCHQ, Great Britain’s equivalent of the National Security Agency, to spy on the Trump campaign during the campaign cycle so that no paper trail would be left. (RELATED: Read Confirmed: Rice ordered spy docs on Team Trump.)

May 15 15:31

NHS Braces For More Ransomware Hack Attacks… But Where’s Britain’s Health Secretary?

The National Health Service (NHS) warns of a day of chaos as doctors return to work and switch on their ransomware-infected computers. Some operations have been canceled and experts say new strains of the cyberattack could further manifest.

May 15 09:39

London private school may let boys wear skirts

Boys could be allowed to wear skirts at a north London private school if a plan for gender neutral uniforms comes in.

Highgate School is considering mix-and-match outfits for pupils after head teachers said that growing numbers of children were questioning their gender.

May 15 09:10

EXPOSED: Report CONFIRMS BBC was ‘strongly biased AGAINST Brexit’ in run-up to referendum

The analysis by monitoring group News-Watch looked at Radio 4's flagship morning news programme Today and concluded that there was "overwhelming negativity" about Leaving the EU.

During the six three-hour morning shows from Monday 29 March to Saturday 4 April, Today fielded 124 guests on Article 50 but only eight, 6.5 per cent, were "given the space to make substantive arguments that the future for the UK outside the EU would yield significant benefits".

It also claimed that in the survey period BBC correspondents "displayed what can only be described as a strong common editorial bias against Brexit".

The report has added fuel to concerns that the Corporation has been covertly backing the continuing Remain campaign despite being funded by the taxpayer through the licence fee and having a duty to be impartial.

May 15 08:39

Remain in Free Fall: Support Plunges to 22 Per Cent

Nearly one year on since voters delivered a 52/48 per cent vote in favour of leaving the European Union, support for remaining in the bloc has plummeted to 22 per cent.

May 15 08:37

Defence Secretary unable to deny Trident nuclear submarines run on same outdated software hackers exploited to cripple NHS systems

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon has refused to deny that Britain’s nuclear submarines use the outdated Windows XP program amid the ongoing WannaCry ransomware attack.

May 15 08:07

Report: U.S., British Forces Enter Southern Syria Alongside Terrorists; Is A Bigger Battle Shaping Up?

By Brandon Turbeville

Days after reports that Damascus was on high alert due to increased U.S. troop levels on the Jordanian border and an apparent preparation for an invasion from the south and southeast, the United States and Britain have indeed pushed into Syria from the very location earlier reports suggested would be used.

Fighting alongside jihadist terrorist organization, Jaysh Mughawr al-Thurah, a subsidiary of the Free Syrian Army, U.S. and British forces were filmed traveling through the Tanf border crossing in Homs governate. The troops were apparently heading towards the Hamimah area...

May 13 19:30

Thousands of patients given ‘chemical coshes’ for no reason

DOCTORS needlessly dole out powerful anti-psychotic drugs to thousands of patients, experts have warned.

A campaign has been launched to stop people with learning disabilities and autism being given these “chemical coshes” to control behaviour.

Public Health England says 30,000 to 35,000 people take prescribed anti-depressants or anti-psychotics without clinical justification.

Long-term use can lead to weight gain, organ failure and death.

Social care providers are urged to join Stomp (stop over-medication) to find alternatives to drugs and involve patients and families in medication decisions.

May 13 18:14

NHS ransom hack 'turns into recrimination' as Politcians BLAME each other for safety fails

Security chiefs yesterday warned that weak NHS IT systems could allow sinister forces to hack into personal data and deliberately change details such as blood types, with “catastrophic” consequences.

Just 24 hours before the attack the British Medical Journal published a warning about NHS vulnerabilities.

Dr Krishna Chinthapalli, a registrar at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery in London, said: “Hackers know that hospitals are good targets. They are vulnerable and easy to penetrate and the data they hold is irreplaceable. The NHS was unprepared for such an attack. There is now a risk of it happening again and more frequently.”

The NHS accounted for 64 per cent of all Government data breaches between 2015-16.

Scottish trusts were the worst hit, with almost 60 per cent being attacked, while 79 English trusts – more than 33 per cent – were hit since June 2015.

May 13 15:52

Cyberattack hit 'one in five' NHS England trusts, says Amber Rudd

NHS trusts have come under fire for failing to stop using outdated software that left them at risk.

However, Ms Rudd added: "If you look at who's been impacted by this virus, it's a huge variety across different industries and across international governments.

"This is a virus that attacked Windows platforms... I don't think it's to do with that preparedness.

"There's always more we can all do to make sure we're secure against viruses, but I think there have already been good preparations in place by the NHS to make sure they were ready for this sort of attack."

May 12 15:51

Flashback: NHS trusts are still using unsupported Windows XP PCs

Motherboard filed Freedom of Information requests with more than 70 NHS hospital trusts asking how many Windows XP machines they use. 48 replied within the allotted time, and a whopping 42 of them admitted that they still use the operating system that reached end-of-life status in April 2014.

Some of the culprits include East Sussex Healthcare, which has 413 Windows XP machines, Sheffield's Children's hospital with 1,290, and Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Trust in London with an insane 10,800 Windows XP-powered PCs.

23 replied to Motherboard's quizzing about whether they have an extended support agreement in place and, unsurprisingly, the majority said that they do not.

This delay in upgrading could land some NHS trusts in trouble.

May 12 15:42

Flashback: Theresa May pledges to increase defence spending after military chiefs warn UK losing the ability to fight wars

"No need to worry about outdated tech in the NHS" - Number 9 3/4

May 12 15:39

NHS services in England and Scotland hit by global cyber-attack

Last December, it emerged that 90% of NHS computers still run on Windows XP, two and a half years after Microsoft stopped supporting the operating system.


Dr Christopher Richardson, the head of the cybersecurity unit at Bournemouth University, said the process of recovering the NHS’s IT systems would involve a painful and longwinded “deep strip” of affected computers.

“You go down to the basic machine, you take everything off it, you reconfigure it and then you build it back up again,” he said. “If you’re talking national health, you’re talking a lot of machines on a single site and you’ve got to get them all because these nasty pieces of malware, they float around, so they only have to remain on one machine and when you reboot it will deliver the same thing again.”

May 12 11:21

Sanders To Tour UK Before General Election

Former US Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders says he is planning to tour the UK ahead of the country’s general elections next month.

May 12 09:07

NHS hospitals across England hit by large-scale cyber-attack

Hospitals across England have been hit by a large-scale cyber-attack, the NHS has confirmed, which has locked staff out of their computers and forced many trusts to divert emergency patients.

The IT systems of NHS sites across the country appear to have been simultaneously hit, with a pop-up message demanding a ransom in exchange for access to the PCs. NHS England said it was aware of the problem and would release more details soon.

According to reports, affected hospitals include those run by East and North Hertfordshire NHS trust, Barts Health in London, Essex Partnership university NHS trusts, the university hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS foundation trust, Southport and Ormskirk hospital NHS trust and Blackpool teaching hospital NHS foundation trust.

May 11 14:30

Sex Abuse & Sham Marriages: Reality For Eastern European Women Trafficked To Scotland

Women from Eastern Europe are being smuggled into Scotland for sexual exploitation and sham marriages at the hands of human traffickers, according to a new documentary.

Undercover BBC journalist Sam Poling traveled to Slovakia to expose how Eastern European criminal gangs are trafficking young women to Scotland for them to marry third-country nationals, mainly Pakistanis, seeking UK residency.

May 11 13:59

Tory MPs Escape Criminal Prosecution For Alleged Election Expenses Fraud

Tory MPs accused of expenses fraud in the 2015 general election have escaped criminal charges, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has announced. One complaint remains under consideration.

In a statement on Wednesday, the CPS said after considering files of evidence from 14 police forces on the allegations, “no criminal charges have been authorized.”

May 11 12:34

Man Wielding Meat Cleaver Storms Jewish Shops, Threatens Young Girls

A 61 year-old man was arrested in north London after bursting into two Jewish stores and threatening young girls with knives and a meat cleaver.

The man allegedly screamed, “You Jews run away from here before I kill you” at school girls inside a Hackney Kosher food shop while holding a meat cleaver.

May 11 10:05

Westminster Terrorism Suspect Refuses To Recognize Charges In 1st Court Appearance

Khalid Mohammed Omar Ali appeared at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday after being arrested just yards from Downing Street on April 27, allegedly in possession of a backpack full of knives.

May 11 09:46

More than 50% of Brits are Convinced That the EU is Trying to Derail Brexit in the June Election

A major new poll from YouGov has shown that more than half of Brits believe that the EU is trying to influence the outcome of the General Election on June 8th. The polling was carried out in response to British Prime Minister, Theresa May, making a statement that The European Union was attempting to derail the Brexit process.

May 11 07:17

UK teachers’ union now “HP free zone” due to Israel ties

The UK’s largest union for school teachers has launched a boycott of HP over the technology giant’s role in the Israeli occupation.

More than 21,000 people in the UK have also signed a pledge to boycott the US-headquartered firm.

Kevin Courtney, general secretary with the National Union of Teachers, said “the NUT does not buy or use HP products or services as a gesture of solidarity with the Palestinian people.”

May 10 19:09

Liberal Pundits Slam Corbyn Pledge To Carry On As Labour Leader Even If Party Loses Election

Jeremy Corbyn’s vow to stay on as leader of the Labour Party even if it loses heavily in next month’s general election has been met with anger by liberal pundits, and relief by some on the left.

May 10 15:47

Wave Of Knife Attacks In London Claims 11th Victim In 2 Weeks

A 17-year-old stabbed to death in northwest London over the weekend became the 11th person to die of knife wounds in the capital in the past two weeks alone.

May 10 11:30

‘Brexit Means Brexit’ Tour Of London Offered To Americans… For A Mere $6K

The New York Times is cashing in on Britain’s split from the EU by offering a ‘Brexit Means Brexit Tour’ of London to American tourists who want to explore the issue, and don’t mind paying thousands for the pleasure.

May 10 09:36

Money Can’t Buy Power: Corbyn To Tories

UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has criticized England’s public prosecuting agency for letting the rivaling Tories get away with breaking the rules on campaign spending, saying money should not be the determining factor in an election.

May 10 09:05

BREXIT BOMBSHELL: French barrister launches bid to prove GB’s EU referendum was illegal

Julien Fouchet, of Cornille-Pouyanne avocats based in Bordeaux, has been speaking to a number of Britons currently living in France, who could not vote due to the ’15-year-rule’, about how they might have been affected and how they see Brexit affecting their lives and rights.

The lawyer claims he is conducting the study “out of European solidarity”.

Mr Fouchet believes it could be possible to challenge the referendum through EU courts on the basis that excluding long-term expats was unfair.

May 09 15:32

Facebook Bids For Political Influence By Hiring Ex-Tory & Labour Aides

Facebook is stepping up its attempts to build influence as a political tool by hiring former Tory and Labour political aides to target voters in the run-up to next month’s general election.

May 09 14:06

‘Human Guinea Pigs’ Of British Nuclear Testing In Australia Win Healthcare Victory

Indigenous Australians who were exposed to extreme levels of radiation by British nuclear tests will finally have their healthcare costs covered by their government.

From 1952 to 1963, Britain tested atomic weapons at Maralinga and Emu Fields in South Australia and around Western Australia’s Monte Bello Islands, with Australia’s permission. The combined force of the weapons set off at Maralinga was double that of the bomb dropped on the Japanese city of Hiroshima in World War Two.

May 09 09:21

Cancer Drugs Fund found to be “huge waste of money” and a total fraud

England’s Cancer Drugs Fund was launched in 2010 and was up and running through 2016. The fund’s aim was to help patients gain access to cancer medications that were not covered by the National Health Service (NHS). After spending over a billion British pounds, it seems that the fund was not very helpful to cancer patients in the U.K., after all.

The Cancer Drugs Fund cost citizens £1.27 billion, which is equivalent to $1,64 billion in U.S. dollars. Conservatives in England promised that the fund would help pay for cancer treatments, but it seems that those treatments provided very little benefit to patients.

May 08 17:53

‘Take More Refugees,’ UN Tells British Political Parties

The United Nations (UN) is urging Prime Minister Theresa May’s government and the country’s leading opposition parties to pledge to take in more refugees from war-torn areas amid the largest human displacement since WWII.

May 08 11:31

Will Nigel Farage and Tony Blair be Going Head to head as Leaders of two New Political Parties?

Several factors seem to be pointing towards one of the most epic political showdowns in history.

May 06 18:04

House price CRASH: Top London home values plunge lower in April

Values of the capital's high-end homes tumbled by 6.6 per cent in the year to April - the near fastest plunge since the financial crisis - showed research by Knight Frank.

Suburbs favoured by the some of the world's richest people, such as Kensington and Chelsea have seen values tumble by more than 10 per cent from their post-recession peaks.

Overall, the number of exchanges in so-called prime central London sank by 11 per cent year on year in the first quarter of 2017, said Knight Frank.

The lettings market has also taken a hit, falling another 0.2 per cent in April, meaning rents are down 0.7 per cent in the three months to April and 4.7 per cent year on year.

May 06 18:02

Millions of energy smart meters 'may need to be replaced over IT blunder'

Some eight million households have already received the first generation smart meter, which is supposed to send readings directly to the energy company as well as tell the homeowner how much power they are using in pounds and pence.

The £11bn scheme will see smart meters being rolled out as standard by 2020, and companies that fail to comply will face hefty fines.

But now energy companies have admitted some of the new meters are incompatible with the computer network that connects them to the devices, and "go dumb" when a consumer switches supplier for a better deal.

It means consumers would still need to rely on estimated bills just as before, rendering the new devices somewhat pointless.

May 06 17:50

Desperate Germany wants UK to pay for single market access because Berlin faces £4BN bill

The 35-page report on the potential costs of Brexit to Germany said Britain's departure from the EU risked "serious economic and stability relevant consequences; effects in particular on the real economy."

The ministry officials calculated Berlin would have to pay an additional 4.5 billion euros (£3.8billion) a year into EU coffers as a result of Britain's departure from the bloc.

To mitigate the cost, they floated the idea of charging Britain for access to the single market.

May 06 07:48

Local elections: Tories gain over 550 seats as Labour and Ukip votes plunge

Theresa May’s Conservatives gained more than 550 council seats and swept to shock victories in mayoralty contests in the West Midlands and Tees Valley in results that placed her party on track to secure a thumping majority in the general election.

May 05 19:33

Is Labour In Denial Over Local Election Battering?

Labour is playing down its sweeping local election losses, with MPs advised to call the results a “mixed picture” and to stress Tory gains in Wales have “failed to materialize,” the party’s leaked election script reveals.

May 05 15:29

A Victory For Theresa May Will See Britain Dragged Further Towards War With Russia

British Prime Minister Theresa May has been warned by various political leaders in Britain not to rush to attack Syrian government forces if she wins the general election in June. The Guardian reported that she might hold a vote on military action this summer. If this is the case, it would imply that she wants to press ahead without UN backing.

May 05 10:41

Farewell to London pubs? They're closing at an unprecedented rate

On a recent weekday just before noon, Michael and Linda Norris turned on the lights and unlocked the front door to their London pub, just as they've been doing for the past 34 years.

Across the street from a leafy park in the borough of Southwark, the China Hall Public House attracts rugby players after weeknight matches. Shortly after opening on this day, they welcomed a familiar face, Patrick Ford, a patron turned longtime friend.

"Obviously, all things take their progression, but this just seems to be unfair," Ford remarked.

Since the 1980s, Ford has stopped by for countless chats, but all the talk here has recently turned to the China Hall's impending closure.

"They want to bring the lease to a close and basically just want to get rid of us," Michael Norris explained.

May 05 09:57

EU Warns Of 'Impossible' Brexit Negotiations With UK

European Council President Donald Tusk has warned of “impossible” Brexit negotiation after UK Prime Minister Theresa May accused Brussels of meddling in Britain’s election.

May 05 09:52

A Victory for Theresa May Will See Britain Dragged Further Towards War with Russia

The demonisation of Putin and Russia

Since Russia intervened at the behest of the Syrian government, the Syrian conflict has swung away from the opposition (terrorist) groups which the US has been supporting to defeat Assad, an ‘unspoken truth’ in the mainstream media (see ‘The Dirty War on Syria‘). However, the US seems increasingly desperate to intensify its military intervention to bring its plan for Syria and the wider Middle East region to fruition. This does not just mean attacking Syrian government forces. It also involves putting pressure on Russia to step aside.

Last month, Russian President Vladimir Putin was told by the UK ambassador to the United Nations Matthew Rycroft that he is on the “wrong side of history” because of his support for the “barbaric” Syrian leader Bashar Assad. Rycroft added that supporting the Assad regime would result in “shame” and “humiliation” for Russia.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"US and NATO being civilising forces in a barbaric world?!?"

What British "Ministry of Truth" intern cobbled THAT bit of codswallop together for Rycroft, I have to wonder?!?

The truth is the polar opposite of this statement, and all one has to do at look, objectively at the US-government generated carnage in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen, and Syria to understand this.

the hard reality here is, US and UK are utterly NOT on the right side of history, to look at attempting to regime change Damascus; and I shudder to think of just what Russia will do, when that attempt is made, because Russia is in Syria at the behest of the Syrian government.

May 05 08:56

UKIP Backs Boris Johnson’s General Election Bid

The right wing, anti-Europe and pro-Brexit UKIP is publicly supporting British foreign secretary Boris Johnson in the general election by not standing against him.

May 05 07:21

REVEALED: How value of fiver has dropped since old £5 note introduced

The paper blue note was first introduced in 1957, but since then the value of £5 has dropped by a massive 96 per cent, according to analysis by Lloyds Bank.

It means that 60 years ago, the sum would have the same spending power as £113 today.

May 05 07:19

Shock chart reveals savers face 'dual onslaught' of misery wiping billions off cash pots

Britons trying to make an income from savings face cash ISAs with an average rate of 0.41 per cent, less than a fifth of inflation at 2.3 per cent, according to

It means households with the tax-free accounts are effectively receiving negative interest rates, which have sliced £4.4billion off savings.

May 05 07:16

Brexit divorce bill to rise MORE as EU plots to make UK pay ENTIRE negotiations costs

The embattled European Union (EU) is keen to spare its budget from Britain’s momentous decision to sever ties with the bloc by insisting the UK foots the bill for all expenses, including travel, during talks.

This would be on top of the reported eye-watering £85billion (€100billion) Brexit bill the Brussels club is expected to demand we cough up.

May 05 06:46

Leaked: The UK's secret blueprint with telcos for mass spying on internet, phones – and backdoors

The UK government has secretly drawn up more details of its new bulk surveillance powers – awarding itself the ability to monitor Brits' live communications, and insert encryption backdoors by the backdoor.

In its draft technical capability notices paper [PDF], all communications companies – including phone networks and ISPs – will be obliged to provide real-time access to the full content of any named individual within one working day, as well as any "secondary data" relating to that person.

That includes encrypted content – which means that UK organizations will not be allowed to introduce true end-to-end encryption of their users' data but will be legally required to introduce a backdoor to their systems so the authorities can read any and all communications.

May 05 06:03


The UK's long-gestating Digital Economy Act has finally gone into force. The law is mainly interested in porn and pirates -- two issues most of the UK public is far less interested in having subjected to intrusive regulation.

But just keeping an eye on who is or isn't availing themselves of porn/torrents isn't the only intrusive aspect of the Act. As Joseph Cox of Motherboard points out, an amendment to the law grants some pretty scary new powers to UK law enforcement, allowing them to kill citizens' means of communication.

[L]aw enforcement agencies can remotely disable or restrict a mobile phone if it is suspected of being used for drug dealing or related to it, and in some cases regardless of whether a crime has actually been committed, according to legal commentators.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

George Orwell, the author of "1984", wasn't just a writer; he was a prophet.

May 04 15:26

'You own NOTHING' Brussels insists net payer Britain has 'no right' to share of EU assets

BRUSSELS has insisted that Britain has no right to a share of the EU’s assets as the furious row over the spiralling amount of a final Brexit bill intensifies.

Eurocrats said the UK, which has been one of the bloc’s biggest net contributors for decades, does not own a stake in its sprawling empire worth hundreds of billions of pounds.

They insisted that the club’s gargantuan assets sheet, which includes buildings, loans, wine and fine art, is owned exclusively by Brussels and not the member states.

May 04 14:42

Why Did British Tabloids Savage Miliband’s Bacon Gaffe But Not May’s Trouble With Chips?

Embarrassing pictures of Theresa May eating chips on the campaign trail have been widely mocked, but critics ask why the PM came off so lightly compared to ex-Labour leader Ed Miliband, who was ridiculed in 2015 for clumsily munching a bacon sandwich.

May 04 14:21

Britons Head To Polls In 2017 Local Elections

British voters in England, Scotland and Wales will head to the polls on Thursday to take part in this year’s local elections, a strong indicator of possible winners in next month’s general elections.

May 04 12:50

North Korea, the US-UK's latest target?

Washington and London's joint military exercises with Seoul raise questions that should be asked in Britain's election campaign.

May 04 10:49

‘Tory Scum!’ Theresa May Faces Angry Protest After ‘Hiding’ From Bristol Voters (VIDEO)

UK Prime Minister Theresa May met a wall of opposition in Bristol on Tuesday night when Labour supporters defending a stronghold seat in the English city descended on the venue of a local Tory rally chanting ‘Corbyn in, May out.’

May 04 08:41

Theresa May declares war on Brussels, urging: 'Let me fight for Britain'

Theresa May has launched an extraordinary attack on Brussels, accusing European Union politicians and officials of seeking to disrupt the general election and willing Brexit to fail in a combative address delivered from Downing Street.

Speaking after returning from Buckingham Palace to inform the Queen that parliament had been dissolved for the 8 June poll, May delivered an unexpectedly antagonistic speech outside No 10, urging voters to “give me your backing to fight for Britain”.

She took aim at threats and leaks from Brussels days after a German newspaper had reported about the supposedly strained atmosphere at a Downing Street dinner last Wednesday with European commission president Jean-Claude Juncker.

“In the last few days, we have seen just how tough these talks are likely to be,” she said, rejecting the idea that her guests had found her ill-prepared and unrealistic. “Britain’s negotiating position in Europe has been misrepresented in the continental press.

May 04 08:40

The Tories’ Election Campaign: Empty Rhetoric Repeated Ad Nauseam

Just in case you missed it, “strong and stable leadership” repeated ad nauseam is the campaign mantra of the Tory party for the incoming General Election. So just before our brains cease to function by the repetition of this empty slogan, let us unpick this mantra: strength in itself is not always good. One could be strong and wrong. Strength could be used by a bully to intimidate, and oppress the weak and vulnerable. As for “stable leadership”, well, the most stable leadership is a dictatorship. Do we want that? We, the electorate, should engage our brains, before we get swept away by these advertising tricks, that are coined to numb our senses, and overwhelm our intellect by shear repetition.

May 04 08:09

'Sorry to hear you're standing down, sir.' 'Well I can't stand up much longer!' Prince Philip, 95, seals his retirement in typically humorous style as he prepares to end 70 years of royal duties

Prince Philip has taken a typically irreverent view on his own retirement today telling one man who said he was sorry he was standing down: 'Well I can't stand up for much longer'.

The Duke of Edinburgh made himself and a crowd of guests roar with laughter while with the Queen at an Order of Merit service at St James's Palace just an hour after announcing he will end his public royal duties at the age of 95.
Mathematician Sir Michael Atiyah was left in hysterics after stopping him to say: 'I'm sorry to hear you're standing down', to which the Duke replied: 'Well I can't stand up much longer'.

His well-earned retirement comes after 70 years dedicated service to Britain and Her Majesty, who has given him her 'full support' to step down.

May 04 08:05

Is Britain already a Socialist Country? – It is in an “Economic Death Spiral” from which there is Little Hope of Reprieve

Recent figures show that in the UK, more than 50% of households receive more in State benefits than the pay in direct taxes (income tax, VAT etc…) to the Government. The Centre for Policy Studies says that “the average household paid £13,402 in taxes in 2013/14. Yet it received £12,939 in cash benefits and benefits in-kind” When this is added to education and health benefits shows that the majority of British people are a drain on the public purse.

May 04 07:26


Speaking outside Downing Street on Wednesday, after notifying the Queen of the dissolution of Parliament, Theresa May took a tough stance towards EU Oligarchs, saying Brussels eurocrats do not want the Brexit talks to succeed and for Britain to “prosper” after Brexit.

Prime Minister Theresa May accused European officials of trying to influence the result of Britain’s general election with threats of harsh Brexit terms.

The UK PM suggested that Britain’s negotiating position has been misrepresented in the European press.

“In the past few days we have seen just how tough these talks are likely to be. Britain’s negotiating position in Europe has been misrepresented in the continental press.

“The European commission’s negotiating stance has hardened. Threats against Britain have been issued by European politicians and officials. All of these acts have been deliberately timed to affect the result of the general election that will take place on June 8.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The EU, at this point, is behaving like a wounded animal; and the most dangerous animals are those which have been wounded.

And even though the wounds are economic in nature, the bureaucrats in Brussels understand that they are fighting for their professional lives.

May 04 06:08

The Co-Op Bank's online banking has gone TITSUP*

The Co-Operative Bank’s online banking has been offline all morning thanks to over-running “planned essential maintenance”. The bank expects it to be down until at least 1pm today.

May 03 15:45

Politicising anti-Semitism: the USA's and UK's flawed definition

Lawrence Davidson argues that the “working definition” of anti-Semitism adopted by the US and UK is not only illogical, but is also the product of the corrupting of Western political systems by Israel’s surrogate Zionist lobbies.

May 03 14:02

British Asylum Anomaly Leaves ‘Doctors Driving Cabs’

An “anomaly” exists in the UK’s asylum system whereby people under so-called ‘humanitarian protection’ lack the same rights as refugees when it comes to accessing higher education, despite both groups fleeing persecution and similar traumas.

May 03 11:35

Brexit Could ‘Cripple’ Britain’s Nuclear Industry, Warn MPs

Britain’s exit from the European atomic treaty following Brexit could have “serious ramifications… severely inhibit nuclear trade and research and threaten power supplies,” MPs have warned.

May 03 10:10

Britain Must Break Free From The Agrochemical Cartel: Rosemary Mason Calls On ECP To Act

Agrochemical manufacturers are knowingly poisoning people and the environment in the name of profit and greed. Communities, countries, ecosystems and species have become disposable inconveniences. Corporate totalitarian tries to hide beneath an increasingly fragile facade of democracy. The agrochemicals industry lobbies hard to have its products put on the market and ensures that they remain there. It uses PR firms and front groups to discredit individuals and studies which show the massive health and environmental devastation caused and gets its co-opted figures to sit on bodies to guarantee policies favourable to its interest are secured.

May 03 08:56

UK Cops Can Now Remotely Disable Phones Even If No Crime Has Been Committed

UK police have quietly acquired a new power. Last Friday, the Digital Economy Act became law, much of which focuses around restricting access to online pornography, and what sort of sexual acts can legally be included in porn.

But with the legislation's passing, law enforcement agencies can remotely disable or restrict a mobile phone if it is suspected of being used for drug dealing or related to it, and in some cases regardless of whether a crime has actually been committed, according to legal commentators.

May 03 08:42

10 Years in Jail For Internet Pirates Now Reality in the UK

Having received royal assent before the weekend, the UK's Digital Economy Bill is now law. As a result, Internet file-sharers can be jailed for up to ten years, if they knowingly make infringing content available to the public while exposing a copyright owner to even a risk of loss.

May 03 08:38

Theresa May accuses EU of trying to affect UK election

Theresa May has accused European politicians of making "threats" against Britain to try to influence the general election result.

The PM launched a stinging attack on the "bureaucrats of Brussels" in a speech outside 10 Downing Street after meeting the Queen.

She said some in Brussels wanted Brexit talks to fail and that the European press had "misrepresented" the UK's negotiating stance.

May 02 19:00

EU leaders 'plan to hike Brexit bill to £85 BILLION thanks to demanding France & Germany'

THE European Union has reportedly increased its Brexit bill to an eye-watering £85billion (€100bn) after France and Germany made stricter demands on how much the UK should pay.

May 02 18:14

UK PM May plays up "bloody difficult woman" image after Juncker dinner reports

British Prime Minister Theresa May played up her credentials as a "bloody difficult woman" on Tuesday in response to reports of a fractious dinner with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker last week.

May 02 16:46

Britain’s 1st Transgender MP? Former Air Force Engineer To Campaign On Platform For ‘Change’

A former Royal Air Force (RAF) engineer who transitioned from Steve to Sophie is hoping to become Britain’s first transgender MP after being chosen to stand for the Labour Party.

May 02 14:57

UK Must Withdraw Support For Trump's Mideast Policy: MPs

A UK parliamentary committee has called on the government of Prime Minister Theresa May to stop pursuing US President Donald Trump’s policy in the Middle East and devise its own alternative approach.

May 02 14:18

May Day Rallies Across US Target Government’s Policies

Labor unions and civil rights groups have staged demonstrations across the United States on May Day to protest against the government’s policies, particularly its immigration policy.

The rallies on Monday were held in several cities and attended by tens of thousands of people, mostly immigrants and civil rights activists.

May 02 10:07

General election 2017: Green Party promises second referendum on final Brexit deal

The Green Party will offer voters the chance of a second referendum with the option to remain in the European Union (EU) once the final terms of the Brexit deal have been negotiated, its leader Caroline Lucas will say.

May 02 09:12

London Property Bubble Vulnerable To Crash

UK’s Land Registry data for three London boroughs shows transaction volumes in London — the number of houses being bought and sold — are at an all-time low. Back in December asking prices in London dropped 4.3% in December with inner London down 6%, more exclusive areas dropped by as much as 10%.

The slump continued into the first quarter this year, a survey by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors found that more agents than not reported price drops in March. London is now one of the five-slowest growing cities in the UK.

London property has for some time had many of the signs of a bubble. However, it is always very hard to pinpoint when a bubble might burst. We are certainly seeing signs that the overheated market is beginning to cool. Of course, all ‘good’ things must come to an end, but what is driving this particular scenario?

May 01 21:25

Organic certifier warns: Many beauty products in the UK that are labeled “organic” are misleading

If it’s labeled “organic” then you might want to panic. As explained by the UK-based organic certification agency Soil Association, thousands of beauty products with the “organic” label are anything but. A recent market report released by the organization has revealed that a number of products bearing tag aren’t actually certified and often contain banned ingredients.

May 01 08:13

British spy plane off Russian border 'tracked on mobile app'

A British spy plane was monitored through a mobile phone app as it carried out surveillance on Russian air defences.

Plane spotters were able to watch the £650m Rivet Joint through or Planefinder as it flew near the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad, the Daily Mail reported.

They were able to monitor the aircraft’s speed, flight number and route as it flew off the coast.

Radar pictures shared on social media suggest the RAF aircraft, which was accompanied by US spy planes and F-35A stealth fighters, flew within 60 miles of the Russian base at a speed of 478 knots.

Apr 30 17:02

Blow to savers as Premium Bond prizes are slashed by £7m

National Savings & Investments has axed an estimated 48,000 prizes this month, while cutting more than £7million from its prize pot.

Two £1million prizes remain but the estimated number of £100,000 prizes is set to fall, alongside the £25,000 and £10,000 prizes.

The biggest change will be the reduction in £100 and £50 prizes which will be slashed by two-thirds.

Apr 30 16:58

Scandal of £15M taxpayers’ cash WASTED in anti-smoking classes in CORRUPT countries

A FRESH foreign aid row erupted yesterday after it emerged that Britain was paying for anti-smoking classes in some of world’s most corrupt countries.

In a move branded “astonishing”, the Department of Health is giving £15million in taxpayers’ money to a host of regimes with appalling human rights records. Critics said taxpayers’ cash was being “handed out like confetti” at a time the NHS faced the worst funding crisis in its history.

The money will go to countries where political unrest is rife as part of the foreign aid budget.

Those set to receive the antismoking cash include Cambodia, Chad, Colombia, Egypt, El Salvador, Georgia, Jordan, Madagascar, Myanmar [Burma], Nepal, Samoa, Sierra Leone, Cabo Verde, Sri Lanka and Zambia.

Apr 29 14:52

Pimping for Israel remains undiminished since UN report branded it an apartheid state

Stuart Littlewood views the UK government’s refusal to apologise for the crime of the Balfour Declaration in the context of the Zionist lobby’s deep penetration of the British political establishment.>>

Apr 29 09:44

EU to DEMAND Britain pays £292million bill - because of a 'BRUSSELS blunder'

BRUSSELS bigwigs will demand Britain pays a £292million bill to relocate EU agencies out the country due the bloc's failure to enter a break clause into rental contracts based in the UK.

Apr 29 09:41

Britain’s armed forces face ‘£20BILLION funding crisis which may leave UK defence at risk'

A retired general told the Times: “We are in a much worse state than Fallon acknowledges. It’s a definite emperor without clothes moment. There’s is a lot of shallowness in our armed forces.”

Last month, it was revealed that the armed forces faced a funding gap of at least £10billion, however some experts have put the shortfall as big as £20billion.

The worsening value of the pound against the dollar has forced the price of American military gear to increase, which in turn has led to a hollowing out of the military.

Apr 29 09:38

EVIL cancer doctor 'could've wounded thousands' with UNNECESSARY operations

A DISGRACED breast cancer surgeon who played God by carrying out unnecessary operations on his patients was facing life behind bars last night.

Ian Paterson, 59, was convicted of causing horrific injuries to 10 private patients.

But jurors, who deliberated for seven days before reaching their verdicts yesterday, were not told that a further 256 NHS victims have already received compensation of more than £9million.

One lawyer said last night the final number could run into thousands.

Apr 29 09:29

Lloyds, Halifax and TSB customers all locked out of accounts in online banking chaos

Frustrated customers flooded social media with complaints about problems using online banking, with many suffering two days of glitches.

It comes after NatWest customers were unable to log in yesterday when the mobile app went down with many complaining about losing money while making transfers.

RBS customers were also blocked from accounts yesterday in a nationwide outage.

The banks insisted the problem had been fixed but today Lloyds, Halifax and TSB customers said they were still struggling to use their inline banking.

Apr 28 16:31

What is Real Conservatism, and why is it so important?

Up to two fifths of Americans describe themselves as Conservatives, and in England that number is roughly the same. The beliefs and principles that relate both the US and UK Conservatives are generally similar, yet any individual definition of what Conservatism means to each person who identifies as such would probably differ greatly. And of course, those who are not Conservative have a very different view as to what principles (if any) underlie its present incarnation.

Apr 28 14:56

Merkel To UK: Forget ‘Illusion’ You’ll Keep EU Benefits Post-Brexit

Britain is harboring “illusions” that it will retain most of its rights and privileges once it leaves the EU, according to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, laying down a hard line for Brexit talks.

Apr 28 14:53

Jeremy Corbyn Is Britain’s Best Hope

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has suggested the UK could join US military action against the Syrian government without parliamentary approval. Johnson said he and PM Theresa May agreed that in the event of another chemical attack by the Assad regime, it would be hard for the UK to refuse any request to join military action.