Jul 29 05:19

US town abandoned due to 1962 underground fire that continues to burn to this day

In the state of Pensylvania, in Columbus County, there is a near-ghost town through which an abandoned highway laced with graffiti runs, and smoke can sometimes be seen rising from the land. To some, it might look like the gateway to hell. But the true reason there is an empty lot in a place where a vibrant town once stood has something to do with the area’s former enterprise ? coal mining.

Even though a settlement existed here prior to the 18th century, it was not platted as Centralia until the mid-19th century. The town was kick-started by engineer Alexander Rae, who arrived in 1842 and soon attracted others to join in the coal mining effort.

Pretty soon the town blossomed, its economy centered around the coal production business. The town soon numbered over a thousand inhabitants, including a large population of Irish migrants who formed the core of its workforce.

Jul 28 12:17

20-Year-Old Arizona Cop Killer With No Criminal History Was "On Medication For Anxiety And Depression"

The suspect, a 20-year-old black male named Isaac D. King fought the officers and got control of trooper Rodecap's gun, and shot both Dorris and Edenhofer. Trooper Tyler Edenhofer, who only graduated the police academy 2 months ago, was killed. AZ DPS spokesman stated that the suspect had no prior criminal record, but had a history of "mental health" issues, and "was on medication for anxiety and depression."

Jul 28 11:10

Amelia Earhart DID crash on deserted island where 'her skeleton' was found years later, say researchers who claim 50 people heard her haunting distress calls saying 'we can't hold on much longer'

More than 80 years after the famed pilot disappeared with her navigator somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, an exhaustive study has pieced together what could be the details of Amelia Earhart’s harrowing last days.

In the week after her plane vanished on July 2, 1937, there were 120 reports from around the world claiming to have picked up radio signals and distress calls from Earhart – 57 of which were determined to be credible.

An effort led by Richard Gillespie, executive director of The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery, analyzed these final transmissions, painting a haunting image of their increasingly desperate situation over the course of seven days.

Challenging one of the widely held theories, which claims her Lockheed Electra crashed and sank in the ocean, the distress calls suggest Earhart and a severely injured Fred Noonan were stranded on a reef, at the mercy of the tides.

Jul 28 10:54

On Israel’s little-known concentration and labor camps in 1948-1955

Much of the grim and murky circumstances of the Zionist ethnic cleansing of Palestinians in the late 1940s have gradually been exposed over time. One aspect – rarely researched or deeply discussed – is the internment of thousands of Palestinian civilians within at least 22 Zionist-run concentration and labor camps that existed from 1948 to 1955. Now more is known about the contours of this historical crime, due to the comprehensive research by renowned Palestinian historian Salman Abu Sitta and founding member of the Palestinian resource center BADIL Terry Rempel.

The facts are these.

Jul 28 09:43

These Worms Unfrozen After More Than 30,000 Years Are Now The Oldest Living Animals On Earth

This is the first time a multicellular organism has been brought back to life after a such an extensive dormant period.

Can you imagine being awoken from a 42,000-year nap? Well, that’s exactly how one recently reanimated worm in Russia is feeling right now.

Jul 28 08:56

Tracking him through “discarded DNA,” police arrest a 72-year-old “suburban grandfather” suspected of being the Golden State suspect

For years a serial killer and rapist traumatized the entire state of California, committing at least 12 murders, before coming to a seeming halt some 40 years ago in his horrific spree of violence. For victims and families of victims, not knowing who committed the crimes caused lasting emotional damage. That changed on April 24, 2018.

“In a perfectly executed arrest, my detectives arrested Joseph James DeAngelo, 72 years old,” said Scott Jones, Sacramento County Sheriff, at a press conference. Police were able to match DeAngelo’s DNA to evidence from the investigation, saying they used “surveillance and discarded DNA.”

Jul 27 23:58

Shhhhhhh! Don’t mention the CIA record of meddling in other countries’ elections

Since World War II, during a supposed golden age of peace, the United States military has killed some 20 million people, overthrown at least 36 governments, interfered in at least 82 foreign elections, attempted to assassinate over 50 foreign leaders, and dropped bombs on people in over 30 countries. The United States is responsible for the deaths of 5 million people in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia, and over 1 million just since 2003 in Iraq.

Jul 27 14:04

Paul McCartney back at the Abbey Road crossing

The Beatles released Abbey Road 49 years ago, and to commemorate that transcendent album, Paul McCartney re-created the band’s cover photo of a walk across the road, to the delight of applauding fans.

McCartney, 76, posted a video of his stroll across the road his band made famous on his Instagram account.

The photo for the original album was taken on August 8, 1969 outside of EMI Studios on Abbey Road. It featured McCartney and John Lennon, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr crossing the now-famous road.

Jul 27 14:04

Sketches of Two of John Wayne Gacy’s Victims Made Public in Hopes of Finally Identifying Them

The arrest of serial killer John Wayne Gacy in 1978, followed by the discovery of more than 20 dead bodies under his ranch house in metropolitan Chicago, was one of the most sickening, heartbreaking chapters in American history. Gacy was eventually convicted of murdering 33 teenage boys and young men.

“This is the worst crime of the century,” said a deeply shaken investigator of the Gacy crimes as the bodies were being unearthed, one by one, in the documentary Crime Stories: John Wayne Gacy.

Gacy was put under surveillance after a 15-year-old boy disappeared and his parents convinced police that their son could not possibly be a runaway. The boy, Robert Piest, had said he was going to meet an adult man about a contracting job. He turned out to be local businessman, civic leader, and volunteer party clown John Wayne Gacy.

Jul 27 14:02

The Last of His Tribe: Only Known Survivor of Extinct Amazon Tribe Videotaped in Jungle

The man has been living alone, rarely glimpsed, for 22 years in Brazil’s Rondonia region, the only survivor of an isolated tribe nearly wiped out by cattle ranchers.

Jul 27 09:19

Trump's vaccine autism tweet

Donald J. Trump
Healthy young child goes to doctor, gets pumped with massive shot of many vaccines, doesn't feel good and changes - AUTISM. Many such cases!

5:35 AM - Mar 28, 2014
17.3K people are talking about this

Jul 27 08:22

Hayward: Al-Qaeda Group Funded by Obama Admin Supported Bin Laden, Hamas, Afghan Terrorists

The bombshell revelation on Wednesday that the Obama administration funded an al-Qaeda group in Sudan ten years after it was designated a foreign terrorist organization merely scratched the surface of what the Islamic Relief Agency (ISRA) stands accused of.

For a full account of the group that received $325,000 in U.S. taxpayer money in 2014 and 2015, we must turn to the U.S. Treasury Department documents Team Obama apparently did not bother to read.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Bin Laden himself had died (of natural causes) by this point.

Jul 27 07:43

Straight Talk About Zionism: What Jewish Nationalism Means

A Zionist Jew, by definition, owes his primary loyalty to the Jewish community and to Israel. Zionism is not compatible with patriotism to any country or entity other than Israel and the world Jewish community ... Zionist Jews and their non-Jewish supporters embrace a blatant double standard. Jewish-Zionist organizations, along with their non-Jewish allies, support one social-political ideology for Israel and the world Jewish community, and a completely different one for the United States and other non-Jewish countries. They insist that ethnic nationalism is evil and bad for non-Jews, while at the same time they vigorously support ethnic nationalism -- that is, Zionism -- for Jews.
Note: Check the number of dual Israeli-U.S. citizens in our government.

Jul 27 06:12

Flashback: New Witnesses Accuse UK Prime Minister of Pedophilia & Ritual Murder

Sir Edward Heath, former Prime Minister of England, stands accused of rampant pedophilia and participating in ritualistic child murder by former police officers and alleged victims.

Jul 27 06:04

Flashback: Jimmy Savile invited guests to royal party on Prince Charles's behalf

Prince Charles enlisted Jimmy Savile as a royal party organiser and asked him to invite guests to Kensington Palace on his behalf, it has emerged.

Savile invited a group of television producers involved in an ITV telethon in 1988 to a cocktail party at the palace. He was not involved with the telethon, of which Prince Charles was patron, and did not attend the party.

Paul Stewart Laing, a former director of programmes at Television South West, who took one of Savile's calls, said several of his colleagues were contacted and many thought it was "weird" that the star was involved in organising royal engagements.

Jul 27 00:23

Washington Post-CIA Connections: Back to Basics

Major media outlets are happy to cite the CIA as an authority—conveniently ignoring the fact that people in the intelligence field are taught to lie. It’s their stock in trade.

Jul 26 10:50

Young Female Wal-Mart Manager "TRIGGERED" And Flees To "Safe Space" After Customer Complains About Illegal Overcharge

This incident was so stupid, preposterous and insane that I wish this story was made up, but unfortunately, it is true. You see, this is the kind of mental and societal insanity that has infested the minds of many young people. It has surpassed the social-media and political realm and "snowflakes" across America are "triggered" by almost anything, even something as mundane and benign as a retail pricing /consumer issue. Thus, Wal-Mart "managers" who are "triggered" by their "feelings" are encouraged to "#walkaway" and seek their "safe space," perhaps in the ice cream or pillow isle. This is simply amazing stuff. I think I'll shop somewhere else.

Jul 26 10:13

Army Colonel Warns False Flag ‘Gulf of Tonkin Incident’ May Be Used to Get US Into War with Iran

On August 5, 1964, the New York Times reported “President Johnson has ordered retaliatory action against gunboats and ‘certain supporting facilities in North Vietnam’ after renewed attacks against American destroyers in the Gulf of Tonkin.” Additional outlets, such as the Washington Post, echoed this claim.

But it wasn’t true. At all. In fact, the Gulf of Tonkin incident, as it became known, turned out to be a fictitious creation courtesy of the government to escalate war in Vietnam — leading to the deaths of tens of thousands of U.S. troops and millions of Vietnamese, fomenting the largest anti-war movement in American history, and tarnishing the reputation of a nation once considered at least somewhat noble in the eyes of the world.

Jul 26 09:38


On this day in 1996, a private security guard found an explosive device in Olympic Park in Atlanta saving hundreds from injury and death.

Without evidence, the FBI and compliant US media sources accused him of being the perpetrator.

Let’s never forget how these guys operate.

Here’s how the destroyed the quick acting hero.

For reasons not clear, they decided with zero evidence that the hero was the perpetrator and they ruined his life.

It looks them years to find the actual culprit, quite possibly because they wasted time and energy harassing and innocent man.

Jul 26 08:23

Former President Obama Knowingly Funded an Al-Qaeda Affiliate

A stunning new report released this week shows former President Barack Obama’s administration intentionally funded an Islamic terrorist-financing organization with hundreds of thousands of dollars. They did this, even though the group has been officially designated by the U.S. government as a funder of terrorist activities for more than 10 years.

Officials in the Obama administration approved the use of more than $100,000 to the Khartoum-based Islamic Relief Agency (ISRA), which was associated with Osama bin Laden and Maktab al-Khidamat, the group which eventually became the modern al-Qaeda.

Jul 25 11:35

Manfred von Richthofen “The Red Baron” petting his dog on an airfield, 1916

Manfred von Richthofen earned widespread fame as a World War I ace fighter pilot. Originally a cavalryman, Richthofen transferred to the Air Service in 1915, becoming one of the first members of Jasta 2 in 1916. He quickly distinguished himself as a fighter pilot, and during 1917 became leader of Jasta 11 and then the larger unit Jagdgeschwader 1 (better known as the “Flying Circus”). By 1918, he was regarded as a national hero in Germany, and respected and admired even by his enemies.

Jul 25 08:57

Harriet Cole Donated Her Body To Science — And Had Her Entire Nervous System Removed

No one knows why Harriet Cole donated her body to science, but the contribution she made lives on to this day.

She may have been a hospital cleaning lady, but Harriet Cole ended up making perhaps a greater contribution to medical science than any of the doctors she worked alongside. Few may even recognize her name today, but without Cole, our understanding of the human nervous system wouldn’t be quite the same.

Jul 25 07:21

The devil is in the details: Take a closer look at the controversial sculpture of Lucifer

Belgium, the country of waffles, fine chocolate, and hundreds of different types of beer, is also a country of striking landmark sites, most notably cathedrals dated to the Middle Ages.

Jul 25 07:20

‘The Crow’ Actor Michael Massee fatally shot the son of Bruce Lee on the set of the Crow

The 1994 dark fantasy action film The Crow, directed by Alex Proyas, didn’t gain popularity due to its background story, nor for its cast, but as a result of a tragic event that overshadowed the film’s post-production, as well as its premiere.

On March 31, 1993, the lead actor, Brandon Lee, was mortally wounded in an accident on the set at Screen Gems Studios in Wilmington, North Carolina. The actor never got to enjoy his stardom on screen as a resurrected rock musician who avenges his own and his fiancée’s deaths (the film is based on 1989 comic book “The Crow” by James O’Barr).

According to The Wrap, the accident happened during the filming of a scene in which Lee walks through a doorway carrying a grocery bag and is shot. It was considered to be a routine scene that could be handled by the film crew without the firearms consultant, James Moyer.

Jul 25 04:12

Calling Israel Racist Is Not Anti-Semitic


Forty Jewish organizations from around the world have issued a joint statement dispelling the notion that calling Israel a racist country is anti-Semitic.>>>

(*perhaps they don't desire that second coming as much as they previously thought ?)

Jul 24 21:48

Cause of USA Meltdown and Collapse of Civil Rights

The USA meltdown has been decades in the making and is the collateral result of an elite predation that has degraded structural elements needed for a healthy and resilient nation.

The aftermath is “too much regulation at the bottom, not enough at the top”: a pathological legislative and institutional structure in which elite interests have too much freedom to challenge and exploit democratic nation states, whereas middle, working and professional class actors, including small and medium-size private business, are economically, ideologically and politically constrained and suppressed to an excessive degree.

Jul 24 11:18


If anyone thinks that Donald Trump is the only U.S. president ever targeted for befriending Russia, think again.

As I indicated in a recent article, the deep state went after President Kennedy for doing the same thing. And yes, like Trump, they called Kennedy a traitor, an appeaser, and a coward for refusing to stand up to Russia, which was then part of the Soviet Union.

Yesterday the Texas Tribune published an article entitled “It’s Time to Impeach the President” by Republican state representative Jason Villalba. Comparing Trump to conservative/Republican icon Ronald Reagan, Villalba wrote:

I am a Republican today because of Ronald Reagan. He instilled in me the principles that have guided my life … Today, our own president of the United States mocks these basic tenets.

Well, except for this, which Villalba failed to mention: Reagan was another president the deep state and the conservative movement targeted for befriending Russia.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sound familiar, folks?!?

Because it should. Every time a US President starts to ratchet down the tension with Russia, the Deep State has apoplexy and labels that President a "traitor."

Because in a very Orwellian sense, the Deep State in this country desperately needs a villian to demonize, and with which to scare Americans out of their tax dollars, buying military equipment and weaponry, which in this part of the 21st century, does not even begin to compare with that of Russia or China.

So if you hear someone demonizing President Trump about his Helsinki Summit, please remember all the American Presidents before him, trying to do the same thing, and how they were treated.

In terms of attempting to create a better relationship with Russia, these men are not the villians here; it is the members of the American Deep State, who should be named and shamed, as perpetrators of a violently confrontational foreign policy against... darn near everyone, except, of course...Israel.

Jul 24 10:36


According to an article in Politico, Bernie Sanders, during his 1974 campaign for the Senate on Vermont’s Liberty Union Party ticket, called the Central Intelligence Agency “a dangerous institution that has got to go.” Sanders complained that the CIA was only accountable to “right-wing lunatics who use it to prop up fascist dictatorships.”

Jeremy Bash, a former CIA chief of staff who is now an adviser to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, told reporter Michael Crowley that Sanders’ comment “reinforces the conclusion that he’s not qualified to be commander in chief.” Bash explained: “Abolishing the CIA in the 1970s would have unilaterally disarmed America during the height of the Cold War and at a time when terrorist networks across the Middle East were gaining strength.” Bash was chief of staff for Leon Panetta at both the CIA and Defense Department, and now runs a consulting firm called Beacon Global Strategies.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Those agencies allegedly created to keep Americans safe, have become so deeply corrupted and poliicised, that any possibility that they can continue to function as advertised, has been completely destroyed.

And what Bash fails to address, in his criticism of Sanders' position is why there were terrorist groups starting to to form in the 70s in the Middle East?!?!

There is a very interesting treatment of US policy in the Middle East in Wikipedia.org which serves us well, in answering that question:

US Foreign Policy in the Middle East.

It states:

"United States foreign policy in the Middle East has its roots as early as the Barbary Wars in the first years of the U.S.'s existence, but became much more expansive after World War II. American policy during the Cold War tried to prevent Soviet Union influence by supporting anti-communist regimes and backing Israel against Soviet-sponsored Arab countries. The U.S. also came to replace the United Kingdom as the main security patron of the Persian Gulf states in the 1960s and 1970s, working to ensure a stable flow of Gulf oil.[1] Since the 9/11 attacks of 2001, U.S. policy has included an emphasis on counter-terrorism. The U.S. has diplomatic relations with all countries in the Middle East except for Iran, whose 1979 revolution brought to power a staunchly anti-American regime."

And speaking of regimes, and regime changes, one of the hallmarks of American foreign policy in this region, has been precisely that; we did it in Iran in 53, overthrowing the duly elected President, and replacing him with the Shah of Iran; that is why Iranian rhetoric, since the 79 revolution, has been so staunchly anti-American.

More recently, it has been done to Afghanistan in 2002; Iraq in 2003, and Libya in 2011.

One could tell that those countries were about to be invaded from the uptick of demonization in the US corporate presstitute media against them; but the real reasons this was happening were never honestly put forward.

I would like to believe that the US govenment is going to have a very hard time lying us into the next war, which will most probably be against Iran; but perhaps the American public may astonish me yet again on this with their sound-bite ready naivete.

Mr. Bash is disingenuous in the extreme when he refuses to go to the root cause of Middle Eastern terrorism; the US invades and regime changes countries, expropirating resouces to which it has no moral right, and insures that those resources are only sold in US dollars.

When Karl Marx made the observation that all wars are economic in their origins, he was entirely correct.

But that is not how you "sell" a war to your people, at least not in the Unhinged, Surveilled State of Amerika; you sell it with lies, and deceptions, and the very sure and certain knowledge that your kids will not be coming back in pieces from that war, in a cheap aluminium coffin, decorated with a cheap, Chinese-fabricated American flag.

Jul 24 08:38

When you are oppressed, you are not allowed to become yourself– you must become a fighter

It was a bit of a messy uprising, not terribly well organised, with too few and largely untrained and poorly armed ordinary people – turned soldiers by necessity. The uprising was cruelly and relatively easily crushed by the military might and organisation of British colonial forces, fuelled by a typical and pathological sense of entitlement and drunk on power. Large parts of Dublin were left in ruins after the centre of the city with all its landmark buildings was bombed heavily from the River Liffey. Who knows how many people really died and how many were scarred for life because of what they experienced.

Jul 23 13:09

Catholic Priest Asks "So Why Are So Many Christians Still Against Migrants And Refugees?" (VIDEO)

Fr. Martin discusses Christians who use the bible to justify their position. There are a few problems with his position. First off is that he begins his video with the phrase "Why do some people HATE REFUGEES?" It's dishonest and disingenuous to characterize people opposed to mass, unchecked immigration as those who "hate refugees." Second is the presumption that all of these cases are legitimate asylum cases, which is a stretch at best. I also outline what the Catholic Catechism actually states on immigration, which is that 'Immigrants are obliged" to respect the country that receives them, and to "obey its laws". Also, a shocking official document from U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops on immigration, which actually states that a "duty of government is to secure one's border and enforce the law for the sake of the common good."(!)

Jul 23 10:33

Veterans Association Aims to Remember the USS Liberty

As the years passed, however, the experience on the USS Liberty continued to trouble him.

In the immediate aftermath, a Naval Board of Inquiry determined that the two-hour attack led by four Israeli fighter jets on the defenseless intelligence-gathering ship was an accident, conducted in error.

Gallo and his shipmates didn't buy it.

Although initially ordered not to discuss the attack, crew members ultimately started comparing recollections that were at odds with the official report. By the time of a 15th anniversary gathering in 1982, they had formed the USS Liberty Veterans Association, a group dedicated to raising awareness of the warship's story and collecting information to clarify its history.

Jul 23 10:29

White Nationalist Richard Spencer Lauds Israel’s New Nation State Law

Spencer Tweeted: “I have great admiration for Israel’s nation-state law,” Spencer tweeted over the weekend. “Jews are, once again, at the vanguard, rethinking politics and sovereignty for the future, showing a path forward for Europeans.”


Jul 23 09:46


NATO's obsession with pulling in as many small, unstable and potentially extremist countries in Eastern Europe as possible makes a world war inevitable rather than deterring one.

The reason for this could not be more simple or clear: Small countries start world wars and destroy the empires and great nations that go to war to defend them.

Belgium doomed England and Serbia doomed Russia in 1914.

The Russian Empire, the largest nation in the world in terms of area and the third largest after the British Empire and China in terms of population at the time, went to war to defend Serbia from invasion by Austria-Hungary.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This so reminds me of the phrase: "Those who do not learn from history...are doomed to repeat it."

That is what we are witnessing with NATO's, and the US Government's, "fatal attraction" to these countries in Eastern Europe, is a profound lack of the understanding of this history.

This nearly insures that a war with Russia will happen; the only question is, when.

And just two days ago, we have this corroborating "gem" from theindependent.uk.com:

Putin Warns Nato not to develop closer ties with Georgia and Ukraine

Jul 23 09:43

It's Time to Drop the Jew Taboo

Most people know about, but few are willing to condemn, the strict taboo in the media, of criticizing Jews as a group, using that term. One cannot even criticize a small subsection of Jews, a miniscule percentage of the Jewish population, even when they richly deserve it.

Obviously, this is a ridiculous way to run a publication whose object is to get to the truth, so I am writing this to explain why, from now on, the pages of Russia Insider will be open to articles which fairly and honestly address the influence of Jewish elites, including pointing out when it is malevolent, which it often is, and try to understand it and explain it, with malice towards none.

Jul 23 08:33

Russian Communist Party seeks major probe into Bolshevik role in Romanovs’ killing

A Russian Communist Party MP has asked for the deaths of Russian tsars and other royals to be investigated, saying that the probe of the 1918 killing of the Romanovs is currently being used for propaganda purposes.

Jul 23 08:10

I'm an astronaut, not a photographer: Outtakes from Apollo 11 Moon landing reveal the out of focus and embarrassing shots from the historic mission that NASA didn't want you to see

Webmaster addition: Let's cut these guys some slack. 49 years ago, the Hasselblad cameras, as great as they were, did not have features such as auto exposure and auto focus that we all take for granted today.

Jul 23 07:33

Netanyahu boasts Israel convinced Trump to quit Iran nuclear deal

In a video clip aired Tuesday by Israeli television, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu boasted that Israel was responsible for US President Donald Trump's decision to quit the Iran nuclear deal. In the video, which the Kan public broadcaster said was filmed two weeks ago, Netanyahu can be seen speaking to activists and senior members from his Likud party. "We convinced the US president [to exit the deal] and I had to stand up against the whole world and come out against this agreement," Netanyahu says in the video. "And we didn't give up."

Jul 22 23:43

A Short List of the Most Lethal CIA Interventions in Latin America

Despite its championing of freedom, the CIA’s true objective has always been imperialist in nature. Whether oil in Iran or bananas in Guatemala, the U S has a material interest in every country in whose affairs it has meddled.

Jul 22 14:22

"World's highest standard of living. There's no way like the American way", 1937

In early January 1937, the swollen banks of the Ohio River flooded more than seventy percent of Louisville, Kentucky, and its surrounding areas. With one hour’s notice, photojournalist Margaret Bourke-White caught the next plane to Louisville. She photographed the city from makeshift rafts, recording one of the largest natural disasters in American history which claimed close to 400 lives and left roughly one million people homeless across five states in the winter of that terrible year.

Jul 22 12:25

Nodosaur Dinosaur ‘Mummy’ Unveiled With Skin And Guts Intact

You can’t even see its bones, yet scientists are hailing it as perhaps the best-preserved dinosaur specimen ever unearthed. That’s because, 110 million years later, those bones remain covered by the creature’s intact skin and armor.

Jul 22 10:21

US Marine Colonel Francis Fenton conducting the funeral of his son Private First Class Mike Fenton, Okinawa, 1945

This picture depicts one of the most heart wrenching moments to occur on Okinawa involved a family with a proud Marine heritage. Colonel (later Brigadier General) Francis I. Fenton enlisted in the Marine Corps in August 1917. He gradually rose through the ranks until he became division engineer officer of the 1st Marine Division in July 1944. With this unit, Fenton won a Bronze Star for duty at Peleliu before landing on Okinawa.

Jul 22 10:00

Elizabeth Taylor’s dark outlined eyes were due to a genetic mutation

It is quite surprising to learn that one of the most beautiful actresses of all times, the violet-eyed Elizabeth Taylor rose up to stardom thanks to a genetic mutation.

Taylor was born on February 27, 1932, in London and upon her birth, she was diagnosed with “distichiasis,” a rare medical disorder also known as “double lashes.”

The condition of extra lashes is defined as an abnormal development of the FOXC2 gene which commonly causes a painful and unpleasant feeling due to the second row of eyelashes (also known as distichia) that often grow too close to the eye or sometimes even develop within the gland of the eyelid.

Jul 22 09:00

Poll reveals near 60% of Russians see Czar’s family homicide as atrocity

Most Russians believe the murder of the last Russian Czar, Nicholas II, and his family members in 1918 had no justification, describing it as a monstrous crime rather than an act of retribution, a poll conducted by the Russian Public Opinion Research Center ahead of the centenary of the execution of the Royal family showed on Monday. "Most Russians (57%) believe that the execution of the Royal family is a heinous unjustified crime ... Russians generally see Nicholas II in a positive light (43%).

Jul 22 08:56

An Interview With General Otto Ernst Remer

The initial successes of our forces against the Soviets were due to the fact that the Russians were not stationed in defense positions, but were instead positioned right at the front for attack, which made it possible for us to quickly encircle large Soviet forces. Thus, in the first weeks of the war, we were able to capture more than three million prisoners of war as well as enormous quantities of war equipment, all of which was on the frontier, positioned for attack. That's the truth of the matter, which can be proven.

Jul 22 08:54

Conspiracy of Silence: Israeli Government Still Covering Up Historic Atrocities

In 1948, just prior to the foundation of Israel, six Polish Christians were executed without trial in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem by the fledgling country's Jewish army, the Haganah. An investigative analysis on the killings - dubbed the Riftin Report - was compiled for future Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion, but has never been made public ... The Riftin Report saga is a palpable microcosm of the wider issue of Israeli government determination to suppress archival material implicating the state in atrocities carried out against civilians when the country was in its infancy ... The Military Court of Appeals is currently reviewing a historian's request to declassify files relating to the 1956 Kafr Qasim massacre ... Authorities likewise repeatedly blocked attempts to declassify files related to the 1948 Deir Yassin massacre .

Jul 21 13:16

U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum publishes video & translation of 1939 Hitler speech: "Germany under National Socialism does not desire the enmity of other peoples"


"The peoples [of the earth] will soon realize that Germany under National Socialism does not desire the enmity of other peoples. ... I want once again to be a prophet. If the international Finance-Jewry inside and outside of Europe should succeed in plunging the peoples of the earth once again into a world war, the result will be not the Bolshevization of earth, and thus a Jewish victory, but the annihilation of the Jewish race in Europe."

Jul 21 12:49

The View - Dividing & Distracting America one episode at a time, since 1997

This "hate gossip" feud between Whoopie Goldberg and Jeanine Pirro is a big distraction that has both sides all riled up. Neither of these people are innocent. By the way, included is a clip of Goldberg defending child rapist Roman Polanski on the view.

Jul 21 11:12

NYC Climate Change Suit Sinks in Federal Court

Climate change is a fact of life, as is not contested by defendants,” U.S. District Judge John Keenan wrote in a 23-page opinion. “But the serious problems caused thereby are not for the judiciary to ameliorate. Global warming and solutions thereto must be addressed by the two other branches of government.”...Chevron’s attorney Ted Boutrous, from Gibson Dunn, said that the judge “got it exactly right Trying to resolve a complex, global issue like climate change through litigation is ‘illogical,’ and would intrude on the powers of Congress and the executive branch to address these issues as part of the democratic process,” (FYI Boutrous is the lawyer who said that he will "represent pro bono anyone who Trump sues for exercising their free speech rights.")

Jul 21 09:49

Mass Grave of Black Boys and Men Found in Texas, Suspected to be Forced into Labor by Gov’t

While beginning construction on Fort Bend Independent School District’s new James Reese Career and Technical Center, a disturbing site was discovered. The bodies of 95 people were found in a mass grave. The bodies are suspected to be the remains of black people who were “leased” into forced labor by the state of Texas and subsequently worked to death.

After the construction company began to break ground in February, the first remains were found leading archaeologists on a journey that would eventually uncover 95 people. According to the archaeologists, these people were probably part of Texas’ convict lease system.

The convict lease system first came about in Texas in 1867 when railroad companies needed cheap labor to construct their railways. Despite slavery being made illegal after the Civil War, black people were still rounded up and mass incarcerated only to be sold back into servitude through the government’s new program.

Jul 21 09:48

Young Spartan Men Murdered Slaves As Part Of The Krypteia

Before a Spartan boy could be considered a man, he’d be
put in the Krypteia – a secret squad that would sneak up on unsuspecting slaves and brutally murder them at will.

Jul 21 09:40

Rare Photo: Margaret Sanger and Eugenics Publishing Company

The word Eugenics just doesn't trend like it use to

Jul 21 05:32

Boston Marathon Bombing - The False Prosecution of Dzhokhkar Tsarnaev

The drill was turned into a real event by propagandists who used the propaganda to advance their agenda of police state regulation and to test US reaction to the use of martial law to close down the city of Boston and the airport and to use 10,000 armed troops to invade without warrants and search citizens’ homes under the guise that a dangerous 19-year old “terrorist,” who was already shot up by soldiers or police, was on the loose. The insouciant American public, the law schools, bar associations, US Congress and media accepted this extraordinary violation of the US Constitution based on the most flimsy of all possible stories, thus opening Pandora’s Box of police state measures by the US government.>>>

Jul 21 05:23

After nearly 74 years, the remains of an 82nd AB paratrooper are coming home

Willard “Bud” Jenkins was assumed to be dead, his body lost — killed during one of the most famous battles of World War II.

Jenkins, originally from Pennsylvania, was declared missing in action on September 20, 1944, the same day as the Waal River Crossing during Operation Market Garden. It was an Allied effort planned and led by the British that did not succeed. It was considered the largest airborne attack up to that point in World War II.

Jul 21 00:22

“Democratic Institutions?” – 10 Lessons From History That Will Destroy Your Trust in the CIA

Well here, fellow traitors, are the Top Ten reasons to question anything and everything the CIA – or any intelligence agency – has ever told you.

Jul 20 22:10

BEX ALERT - Nazis may have killed up to 20 million, claims 'shocking' new Holocaust study

The Nazi Holocaust may have claimed up to 20 million lives, a figure far greater than previous estimates, new research has revealed.

Webmaster addition: ... as Israel bombs the hell out of Gaza...

Jul 20 10:27

The True Story Of John Rolfe And Pocahontas

Discover why the true story of John Rolfe and Pocahontas was "too complicated and violent for a youthful audience."

A respected settler and planter, John Rolfe played a crucial role in the survival of England’s first permanent American colony — though his own accomplishments have ultimately been overshadowed by the historic legacy of his wife, Pocahontas...........

Jul 20 09:22

Hitler 1939: "Germany under National Socialism does not desire the enmity of other peoples." (VIDEO)

This clip and translation is actually from the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum: HITLER SPEAKS BEFORE THE REICHSTAG (GERMAN PARLIAMENT) BERLIN, GERMANY, JANUARY 30, 1939. TRANSCRIPT: "The peoples [of the earth] will soon realize that Germany under National Socialism does not desire the enmity of other peoples. ...I want once again to be a prophet. If the international Finance-Jewry inside and outside of Europe should succeed in plunging the peoples of the earth once again into a world war, the result will be not the Bolshevization of earth, and thus a Jewish victory, but the annihilation of the Jewish race in Europe."

Jul 20 09:16

U..S. Border Patrol Saves Life Of Guatemalan Unaccompanied Minor Suffering From Severe Heat Exhaustion And Dehydration (Video)

A 17-year-old Guatemalan male was rescued by a joint Arizona National Guard and U.S. Border Patrol flight crew Monday when he was found alone and in distress in the desert in Arizona. The UH-60 Blackhawk flight crew responded and airlifted him for treatment. The youth entered the U.S. illegally before succumbing to the effects of Arizona's harsh desert environment. A Border Patrol medical technician administered intravenous fluids to the unaccompanied minor who suffered from severe heat exhaustion and dehydration.

Jul 20 08:57

Netanyahu Brags About Collusion with Trump - Media Silent

In a leaked tape, Benjamin Netanyahu boasts about making Trump pull out of the Iran Nuclear Deal. This will not make the evening news.

Jul 20 07:06


(*The forefathers never intended for The U.S. to do what it's done to the world is the part Trump Supporters tend to forget .)

Jul 20 01:06

The Gap Between The Rich And The Poor In The United States Hasn’t Been This Large Since The 1920s

The rich have been getting richer and the poor have been getting poorer for so long in America that it seems like it has always been this way. But it hasn’t. In fact, between the late 1920s and the early 1970s the gap between the wealthy and the poor actually steadily got smaller. And when I was growing up in the 1980s, it seemed like everyone was middle class, but now those days are long gone. A very small sliver of society at the very top of the food chain truly is “living the high life”, while most of the rest of us are deeply struggling.

Jul 20 01:02

Government is always the enemy of your liberty

What is socialism? Nothing more than mixing apples and oranges to cook up Paradise — a recipe for disaster.

Jul 19 12:43

Did you Know: Russia sold Alaska to the U.S. for just $7 million

Imagine how different the world might be if Russia (or the Soviet Union) had kept possession of their colony of Alaska. For most Americans, and most of the English speaking world, it seems as if Alaska has always been part of the United States, but the vast territory wasn’t even a state until 1960.

Roughly half the size of the continental United States, Alaska is one of the most resource-rich territories on Earth. For the United States, it has long been one of the most strategic as well.

Jul 19 10:52

Dreams from My Real Father: A Story of Reds and Deception

Posted in light of Bathhouse Barry's return to our lives

In Dreams from My Real Father, Barack Obama is portrayed by a voiceover actor who chronicles Barack Obama's life journey in socialism, from birth through his election to the Presidency. The film begins by presenting the case that Barack Obama's real father was Frank Marshall Davis,

Jul 19 10:46

Back and To The Left

Video: JFK: Back and To The Left

Jul 19 10:36

ASU Center for Judaic, Holocaust, Peace Studies Summer Symposium is July 21-26

For example, those in attendance will have a chance to listen to Kellie Brown from Milligan College speak about the Women’s Orchestra of Auschwitz on July 24. Kaplan said this orchestra was comprised of female prisoners who were forced to play music by the Germans in the concentration camps.

“If the guards liked music, musicians ... faired better than others until they were deemed not useful anymore and then carted off to the crematorium,” Grad said.

Jul 18 15:49

Strzok Farce Shows Obstacles to Opening TWA 800 Case

As the Strzok hearing made clear, the Democrats in Congress have no interest in the truth. Should the TWA 800 case ever make it to a congressional committee, the Democrats will feverishly obstruct any progress.

Jul 18 11:56

CIA Analyst Ray McGovern interviewed by Joe Piscopo on Putin & Trump

U.S. Army officer and veteran CIA analyst Ray McGovern, who gave daily intelligence briefings to presidents Nixon, Ford, Reagan and V.P. George H. W. Bush, talks to conedian Joe Piscopo about alleged Russian meddling, Trump, and Putin. This 10-minute conversation, recorded live, is worth a watch.

Jul 18 11:37

Abandoned in space in 1967, a U.S. satellite started transmitting again in 2013

After learning that a satellite that’s been silent for decades has suddenly started sending out new signals you may, of course, suspect that the device has been hijacked by aliens now trying to communicate with Earth. Perhaps they’re warning us that they are planning an invasion!

It’s possible such thoughts ran through the mind of Phil Williams, an English amateur radio astronomer based in Cornwall, who was the first person to pick up the strange signals coming in as “ghostly sounds” in 2013. It turned out that the transmitted messages were coming from an abandoned LES1 satellite, but experts needed three more years to authenticate that this was indeed the American satellite that was “lost” in 1967.

Jul 18 11:21

Frozen in time: The victims of the catastrophic Mount Vesuvius eruption in 79 AD

The ancient Romanan Empire is considered by many to be the most successful empire to have existed in recorded human history. It survived for more than a millennium and up to this day, it remains the sole empire to control the entire Mediterranean basin. At the height of its power, the empire spanned over three continents, covering an area of over 2 million square miles.

It comfortably defeated some of the greatest armies of the ancient world. However, there was nothing that its military brilliance or technological advances could do when in 79 AD mother nature came in and knocked rudely on the doors of the Roman city of Pompeii, near modern-day Naples.

It was August 24, 79 AD when Mount Vesuvius erupted cataclysmically and wiped out the entire city of Pompeii, causing a disaster of biblical proportions. The force of the eruption and the consequences were comparable to that of the atomic bombs dropped on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II.

Jul 18 11:20

The tomb of Mayan “God-King” discovered in Guatemala, his status determined by carved jade mask

On the 65th day of a painstaking excavation of tunnels running underneath a palace acropolis in northern Guatemala, archaeologists discovered the tomb of a Mayan ruler who is believed to have died in the 4th century AD. This is the latest find made at Waka (also known as El Peru), a dense concentration of almost 1,000 pyramids, palaces, and plazas that are yielding many details about the complex civilization of the Mayans.

The Wak Kingdom is sometimes called the Centipede Kingdom; it was part of a vast Mayan empire stretching across Central America until it declined around the year 900 AD and the large cities were abandoned.

Jul 18 10:52

Pro-gun rocker Ted Nugent turns away firearms from his Roanoke show

(This guy is an amazing hypocrite!) ROANOKE, Va. - Famous rocker Ted Nugent performed in Roanoke on Tuesday night despite protests in the weeks leading up to the show. Nugent is a gun rights supporter and encourages open carry, but his fans were told at the last minute that they were not allowed to bring their guns inside the Berglund Performing Arts Theater. It was Ted Nugent's management that made the decision to not allow guns into the show. The Berglund Center said because it is city owned, it can't keep guns out unless the performers are the ones who request it, and that it was actually in Nugent's contract all along..."Given the things that have happened in nightclubs like the Pulse and what happened in Manchester, (Nugent's) security people are taking extra precautions," Schon said. "They are not novices; they are very seasoned people."

Jul 18 09:45

College Students Asked "Who Won The Civil War?"

Q: "Who won the Civil War?"

A: "The one in 1965?"

Jul 18 09:10

The Nazis Killed Her Husband, So She Got A Tank – And Her Revenge

Desperate times call for desperate measures and when the Nazis betrayed their former Soviet allies in 1941, every Russian citizen was called upon to play his (or her) part in “The Great Patriotic War.” That included Mariya Oktyabrskaya.

It’s estimated that about 800,000 Soviet women served in the Red Army during World War II, many in anti-aircraft battalions where they would be on the front lines, but somewhat protected from the most brutal of the fighting. Other women served right in the thick of the action, flying combat missions or driving tanks into battle. Although the Soviets badly needed as many soldiers as possible, even during the most desperate of times not every male soldier was thrilled to be joined by women on the battlefield.

Jul 18 09:06


Rarely seen archival footage accompanies memories and accounts of forgotten Palestinian cities – highlighting the catastrophic effect the creation of Israel in 1948 had on them.

Haifa, Nazareth, and Jaffa have all been overshadowed by Tel Aviv, but in their day each of the Palestinian cities had magnificent commercial and cultural ability.

“Palestinians born after 1948 don’t realise what they have missed,” says writer Raef Zreik.

“We only realise what we’ve lost when we hear people’s stories about Palestine before 1948. People who spent the night at to clubs and movies in Haifa, who spent the night there and the next day took taxis from Al-Hanateer Square to go back home at the American University in Beirut. You could do what you liked. We not only lost our cities in 1948, but also our open relationship with the Arab world.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 
Jul 18 08:50

More cover-up questions The curious murder of Seth Rich poses questions that just won’t stay under the official rug By James A. Lyons

The facts that we know of in the murder of the DNC staffer, Seth Rich, was that he was gunned down blocks from his home on July 10, 2016. Washington Metro police detectives claim that Mr. Rich was a robbery victim, which is strange since after being shot twice in the back, he was still wearing a $2,000 gold necklace and watch. He still had his wallet, key and phone. Clearly, he was not a victim of robbery.

This has all the earmarks of a targeted hit job. However, strangely no one has been charged with this horrific crime, and what is more intriguing is that no law enforcement agency is even investigating this murder. According to other open sources, Metro police were told by their “higher ups” that if they spoke about the case, they will be immediately terminated. It has been claimed that this order came down from very high up the “food chain,” well beyond the D.C. mayor’s office. Interesting.

Jul 18 07:22

EXPOSED: Peter Strzok Grew Up In Iran, Worked As Obama and Brennan’s Envoy To Iranian Regime

The truth is that after Peter Strzok III turned 18 his life is arcane, which is the usual story of many like him. Did you know that Peter Strzok II (Strzok’s father) and Hillary Clinton have a lot in common? It turns out after advocating for Khomeni in Iran and then working in Saudi Arabia to calm the waters of an Iranian government (appeasing them with anti-Semitic rhetoric), Strzok’s father Strzok II also dabbled in “charity work.” Strzok’s father was involved in so-called charity work in Haiti but also helped dismantle and reassemble Upper Volta..now known as Burkina Faso.

Despite Deep State efforts to scrub information, the Internet is forever. Below you will see a very controversial happening in the early Eighties. Peter Strzok II (Strzok’s father, also known as Peter Strzok Sr.) was an employee of Catholic Relief Services and was interviewed by the New York Times in 1985 over his testimony or statements regarding mishandling money intended for Ethopia.

Jul 18 05:06

Exposed! How Britain’s anti-Semitism scaremongers operate

This article about the British charitable organisation, the Campaign against Anti-Semitism (CAA), and its officers, Gideon Falter and Steve Silverman, examines events in England but ought to serve as a cautionary message for Canadians and Americans. The article will delve into the corrosive methods of the CAA; review the manner in which this ultra-Zionist group "discovers" anti-Semitic "incidents"; examine their inaccurate statistical "studies" and see how they seek to intimidate political parties, venues, the press and others; and look at the court cases which the CAA has prosecuted ... In the last 18 months Britain's largest political party, the Labour Party, has suspended and expelled over a hundred of its members for expressing their views on Israel or Jewish history.

Jul 18 05:03

Plurality of Germans want U.S. troops out of their country: Poll

As President Trump spars with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on the world stage this week, a new survey shows that a plurality of Germans want U.S. troops out of their country. A recent YouGov poll found that 42 percent of Germans want America to withdraw the roughly 35,000 troops currently stationed there. About 37 percent of Germans want the U.S. forces to stay, and another 21 percent were undecided. The survey was commissioned by the German press agency DPA, and was conducted several days before Mr. Trump arrived in Brussels earlier this week for a high-stakes NATO meeting. The poll also shows that about 75 percent of Germans oppose Mr. Trump's call for each NATO member to increase defense spending to at least two percent of its annual GDP

Jul 18 04:55

Holohoax Survivors who Tell the Truth

"Certain features have been disabled for this video
In response to user reports, we have disabled some features, such as comments, sharing, and suggested videos, because this video contains content that may be inappropriate or offensive to some audiences."
Note: Be sure and observe the opening screen warning. Also, "Taken from the documentary "The Last Days of the Big Lie".
See the full version here:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NyMVWV...Try and use this link.

Jul 17 18:55

Holocaust survivor: America does not run concentration camps

We spoke with a Holocaust survivor who calls the comparison of conditions in child detention centers to those that he faced "sickening"
Hear what he has to say here.

Jul 17 15:33

Larken Rose - - The Government Con

Jul 17 15:30

Judge Brett Kavanaugh and the Murder of Vincent Foster

Jul 17 13:03

Ron Paul on 'Trump-Putin Fallout: Bipartisan Hysteria Against Peace'

Streamed live 4 hours ago, Ron Paul says "We Are Witnessing Warmonger Desperation...Trump Should Continue To Move In The Direction of Peace"

Jul 17 12:29

REAL.video debuting new documentary series: “The Deep State Strikes Back” … exposes “Spygate” like no other film

As regular readers know, REAL.video, the ultimate free speech platform alternative to YouTube, is now live and is already garnering a great deal of attention and support from users and content producers alike.

One of the first productions to debut on the site is a new documentary series that explains in full detail the so-called “Spygate” scandal like no one has done before.

“The Deep State Strikes Back,” recounts, step-by-step, events that have exploded into the biggest political scandal of our day — and perhaps in the history of the country.

Produced by the site’s founder Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, the documentary contains powerful footage and reporting that has largely been ignored by the dishonest “establishment” media. You won’t find this documentary anywhere but on REAL.video.

The documentary begins with a brief review of what had been two of the biggest scandals in U.S. history — the Pentagon Papers and Watergate.

Jul 17 11:37

“Pure Evil”: The Disturbing Crimes Of Serial Killer Sean Vincent Gillis

Discover the disturbing details that leave no doubt as to why authorities called Sean Vincent Gillis "a true serial killer."

He was so vicious that even he admitted that he was “pure evil.” But although serial killer Sean Vincent Gillis may have readily confessed to his crimes and even perhaps expressed some genuine remorse, the details of his murders will surely leave you thinking that he was nothing but pure evil indeed.

Jul 17 10:29

Remember the last president who tried detent with Russia and was "wanted for treason" as a result?

The "Wanted For Treason" Flyer Distributed in Dallas Before JFK's Visit

Jul 17 09:20

ABSCAM, Mel Weinberg, And The Real Story Behind ‘American Hustle’

How the daring 1970s FBI sting known as ABSCAM employed con man Mel Weinberg to take down corrupt politicians.

ABSCAM began as an FBI sting operation in 1978 designed to recover stolen pieces of art and track down fraudulent securities. To execute the sting, the FBI used the help of actual criminals and con men to try to catch art thieves and black market securities dealers. But what the FBI didn’t count on was also proving the existence of corruption at high levels of the American government.