Oct 10 08:15

Here’s the REAL Reason so Many White Men are Angry

The cartoon below brilliantly reveals the REAL REASON so many white men are angry, and justifiably so.

Oct 10 01:29

Academics expose corruption in Grievance Studies

These guys a brilliant.

The behind-the-scenes story of how a trio of concerned academics (James Lindsay, Peter Boghossian and Helen Pluckrose) published seven intentionally absurd papers in leading scholarly journals in what has become known as 'The Grievance Studies Affair'.

Oct 09 10:29

Pirates and global warming

We believe pirates are divine beings and the original Pastafarians. Pirates’ image as “thieves and outcasts” is misinformation spread by Christian theologians in the Middle Ages and by Hare Krishnas. Pirates were peace-loving explorers and spreaders of good will who distributed candy to small children. Modern pirates are not related. Pastafarians celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day on September 19.

We believe that global warming, earthquakes, hurricanes, and other natural disasters are a direct effect of the shrinking numbers of pirates since the 1800s.

As the number of pirates decreased, global temperatures increased.

Here is a picture to prove it!

Oct 01 05:25

Netanyahu's Claims about Nuke House in Tehran Village Ripple Wave of Jokes in Cyberspace

The name of a fruit growing village in rural Tehran has gone viral in the cyberspace after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed that the small village homed a nuclear warehouse.


Sep 30 09:25

Believe Women


Sep 29 09:36

I was Gang Raped by Three UN-named Female Democrat Women

Nasty Nancy Pelosi, Mad Maxine Waters, and Dirty Dianne Feinstein Gang Raped me in 1901 while I was on a trip to Mars in the Wright Brothers plane with them! Bimbo Barbra Boxer was there also but I can’t verify because she is sick and deranged at the moment! Krazy Kamala Harris heard about it so she may have to come forward as a witness!

Dirty Donna Brazile was on her cell phone telling them what questions to ask me.

All of these women are Catholics so I am sure the Pope and all Bishops and Priests have first hand knowledge. I may gotta subpoena them if President Trump will hear my case!

CNN was there and filmed the whole incident from their base on the Moon! They will not hand over the evidence so I am calling for an investigation by the FBI and my preschool school board.

Sep 27 09:45

Your tears say more than real evidence ever could

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Today's hearing with Christine Ford summed up by the Simpsons.

Sep 26 11:08

Dianne Feinstein Here’s My Repressed Memory from Your 47th Birthday Party

Sep 26 10:30


Sep 26 09:59

Elmo testifies about his years at Sesame Street where he was passed around and fisted by cast members

Sep 25 09:51

FLASHBACK - You Might Live In a Nation Founded by Geniuses but Run By Idiots If -

Sep 24 10:29

MARK DICE: Brett Kavanaugh stole a Snickers bar when we were kids. I’ve finally decided to tell my story.

Brett Kavanaugh stole a Snickers bar when we were kids. I’ve finally decided to tell my story. I don’t remember what store we were at. How we got there, how old we were, or what time of year it was. But I know he’s a kleptomaniac and unfit for SCOTUS.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Brett Kavanaugh stole my Honda!

Sep 23 05:49

President Nixon & Reverend Billy Graham Discuss Jewish control of Media

President Richard Nixon and the Rev. Billy Graham - the nation's most prominent Christian evangelist - frankly discuss the Jewish role in the US media during a private meeting in the White House. This recording of their conversation on Feb. 1, 1972, was made public 13 years later. Nixon says: "It's all run by Jews and dominated by them in their editorial pages. The New York Times, The Washington Post - totally Jewish too." Graham responds: "This stranglehold has got to be broken or the country's going down the drain." In response to that, the president says: "You believe that?" "Yes, sir," says Graham. "Oh, boy," replies Nixon. "So do I. I can't ever say that [publicly], but I believe it."

Sep 14 12:26

Remy: Bitcoin Billionaire

Sep 14 10:33

Airport Full Body Scan Status Report

Finally, some useful facts are coming out about all of those airport all-body scans!

Sep 14 03:58

Remy: Bitcoin Billionaire - ReasonTV

Sep 13 12:08

Iran WARNING: US tells airlines not to fly through airspace as WW3 fears rise

The advisory also warns military activities linked to the bloody conflict in Syria have been ramped across Iran's airspace.

Tensions between Tehran and Washington are running high following Donald Trump’s controversial decision to pull out of the landmark Iran nuclear deal re-introduce economic sanctions last month.

Flight Service Bureau, which provides safety information on airspace to airlines, said "without seeming alarmist", the deteriorating relationship between the US and Iran must be taken into account when planning flights in Iran's airspace.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is getting just about as serious as is a heart attack: I find myself very alarmed at these developments.

Sep 13 09:42


ho’s next on Netanyahu’s & Donald Trump’s list of targets to undermine Palestine’s struggle for freedom?

Sep 11 08:41


Sep 08 09:01

“I AM THE RESISTANCE” – Blue-Waving it from mama’s basement ….

Sep 07 01:20

I Wish This Was a Joke : The Left is Now Claiming That Comedy No Longer Needs to be Funny

If comedy is no longer intended to be funny, then how can it even be called comedy? -- Lecturing an audience about the latest ‘right on’ in-vogue social justice obsession is not satire, it’s indoctrination.

Sep 03 13:48

Good Analogy

Aug 31 10:27


Aug 31 09:08

PIC --- Bikini-clad blimp of London Mayor Sadiq Khan to fly over UK capital

A giant blimp of London Mayor Sadiq Khan will be seen in the UK capital's skies this weekend after protesters were given permission to fly the crowdfunded balloon in Westminster.

Aug 26 10:01


Aug 25 17:00

Is ‘Assad curse’ to blame for Aussie PM Turnbull’s ousting? Meme-magic strikes again…

Turnbull takes his place alongside former leaders like the UK’s David Cameron, France’s Francois Hollande and the US’ Barack Obama, who all left office or suffered defeat and embarrassment at the polls after issuing the familiar refrain “Assad must go.”

Since then, they’ve noted that Trump’s opponents can’t seem to stump him. Trump’s supporters on reddit compiled a massive list of every time an opponent tried to defeat or embarrass Trump, only to wind up losing. For example, when actor Kevin Spacey called Trump a “disease” in 2016, it was clearly the Trump curse that led to him being accused of sexual assault and made a Hollywood pariah. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg losing $17 billion in one day? The Trump curse. Stormy Daniels filing for divorce? The Trump curse strikes again.

Aug 24 09:10

The absolute state of Canada

Aug 24 08:18

FBI's Least Wanted List!

Aug 24 07:54

What Happened HRC

Aug 22 00:26

Paper Tigers

Paper Tigers. In an effort to protest President Trump accusing the media of colluding with each other, Newspapers across the country collude with each other to protest Trump.

Aug 21 15:26

"How Can I Cure My White Guilt?" Asks the New York Times

... Well, Don't Have Any!

Aug 21 09:58

Johnstone: How To Get Rid Of Paranoid Conspiracy Theorists

Do you want to get rid of that kooky fringe 74 percent of Americans who believe in a “Deep State”

Aug 21 01:08

Can You Hear Me Now?

Ex CIA director John Brennan is now complaining loudly and often that Trump is stifling his freedom of speech.

Aug 20 01:06

The First Amendment…

Aug 17 14:48

You bent over for the soap-on-a-rope and took it like a husky in heat for what?

@RealJamesWoods unloads on a former pres candidate

Aug 15 11:26

Video: Astroturfing: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Highly recommended. Also, do a search for Aaron Swartz and Dr. David Heimbach both are on the video.

Aug 08 07:44

Holidays in Spain (2018)

Spain is a very lucky country, everyday they get thousands of new scientists, who will boost the economy and enrich the Spanish culture but the mainstream media are hiding this wonderful footage because people of other western countries might get jealous.


Aug 07 23:54


Accosted... CNN’s Jim Acosta Whines like a baby over feeling threatened by Trump supporters, all the while he’s continuing to attack Trump and his family

Aug 02 07:35

‘Help Wanted’ signs you couldn’t find on some job site (37 photos)

‘Help Wanted’ signs you couldn’t find on some job site (37 photos)

Aug 01 07:32

Is A Cartoon Showing 'Escalator Trump' Flat On His Face, 'Violent'?

(*I don't think it's anymore violent then Rush singing his Magic Negro song for the nation's only black p.o.t.u.s. , or the liberals playing with play-doh after the election , but that didn't stop some from whining their discomfort at that well placed chapping .
So , forget my own opinion . Some found a way to call an inanimate photoshopped image violent , so my final answer is; Naturally it will be found to be violent . Some Can't Take It As Well As They Dish It Out !
submitted for those who bei~lieve partisan bickering is the key to a great again nation)

Aug 01 00:05

Socialism Under Wraps

Mainstream media and the Democrats continue trying to hide what most people have already figured out, that they are anti-American socialist leaning toward Communism.

Jul 28 11:51


Here is the latest round of cartoons from Miss Snippits. Enjoy!

(note: Poor Miss Snippits is still in #TwitterJail . . . for calling (((Sarah Silverman)))a "skank" . . . Where's the LIE? We see the comedy of "Banning in the Name of Tolerance" but where is the Falsehood, @jack? . . . lol . . .

. . . One can only surmise that it is all part of Twitter's on-going Solomon-Asch-inspired-Group-Conformity (((Conversational Health Work))) . . . Tikkun olam, ya'll!!! - bb9)

Jul 27 23:32

This Really Sucks

Where’s the compassion for Children separated from their parents when arrested over having plastic straws? This is what you get when voting Democrats into office.

Jul 26 10:58

Introducing the Snowflake Manifesto

Gary Christenson wrote this article for Miles Franklin. This article includes sarcasm and discusses popular economic nonsense.

Jul 21 10:59


Here is the latest round of cartoons from Snippits! Enjoy!

Jul 20 23:34

Hot Air Balloons!

Seeing the protest balloons in Britain I think Trump would have them beat with all the hot air going after him here in America.

Jul 20 08:47

NEWS FLASH: World’s Library Sabotaged

The Library of the World — the greatest collection since the Ancient Library of Alexandria — is the world’s largest and most complete library ever collected — and which is claimed to hold a nearly complete written record of human knowledge — has been found to have been secretly sabotaged by a cabal within the library’s Indexing Department.

The sabotage was so subtle that it has only become apparent within the last few days. Here’s what we know so far: Over the last year, the group within the Indexing Department, calling themselves The Enlightened, have been quietly altering the Master Index to the vast collection by altering the individual indexes of works they consider “objectionable” or “evil” or “not helpful” to the social, political and scientific world view of cult’s leaders.

Jul 17 18:17

Strzok’s Medal Disorder

Strzok's Medal Disorder. Democrats think so little of our brave military and the honorable Purple Heart they even feel that the partisan FBI agent Strzok should get one for lying to Congress

Jul 17 08:47

Graham Hart - Hoax Train

Jul 16 00:17

Strzok Out

Peter Strzok Reeks of arrogance and deceit as demonstrated in the hearings, while the Democrats deflected, played defense and heaped praise on this subversive.

Jul 12 18:57

Transgender is Sexist

Jul 09 08:07

Merkel - the Children

Jul 05 07:37


A Virginia elementary school is spending $26,000 to rename itself after America’s most destructive president. Jon Miller imagines a day at Barack Obama Elementary School ...

Jul 04 19:12

American Revolutionary War Song:Ballad of the Green Mountain Boys


Ho--all to the borders! Vermonters, come down,
With your britches of deerskin and jackets of brown;
With your red woolen caps and your moccasins come,
To the gathering summons of trumpet and drum.
Come down with your rifle!
Let gray wolf and fox
Howl on in the shadow of primitive rocks;
Let bear feed securely from pig-pen and stall;
Here's two-legged game for your powder and ball.
Then cheer, cheer, the green mountaineer, then cheer, cheer the green mountaineer

On the south came the Hessians, our land to police;
And armed for the battle while canting of peace;
On our east came the British, the red coated band
To hang up our leaders and eat up our land.
Ho--all to the rescue! For Satan shall work
No gain for the legions of Hampshire and York!
They claim our possessions--the pitiful knaves--
The tribute we pay shall be prisons and graves!
Then cheer, cheer, the green mountaineer, then cheer, cheer the green mountaineer

Jul 04 08:10

America Fuck Yea!