Feb 06 09:30

Iron Age Chariot Burial Site Found – Complete with Horse and Rider - The Epic History

In the second time in two years, an Iron Age chariot has been found buried in a Yorkshire community. The discovery was made in the town of Pocklington, England, at a construction site where more than 200 homes are being built.

As of early October 2018, archaeologists are working to fully excavate the find. Media reports say that not only a chariot but also horse and human remains were discovered.

Simon Usher, managing director at Persimmon Homes Yorkshire, said: “We can confirm that a significant archaeological discovery, featuring an Iron Age horse-drawn chariot, has been made at our development, The Mile in Pocklington. Careful excavation is ongoing by our archaeologists and a thorough investigation is in the process to date and detail the find.”

Feb 01 15:56

Public Enemy #1

The way Mueller had the FBI show up at Roger Stone’s home to arrest him was more like what you would see at a major drug bust. CNN was tipped off for full visual fake-news effect.

Feb 01 12:41

Funny Hillary Song - Hillary Clinton Song 2016 - Hillary Clinton Flu - FUNNY HILLARY VIDEO!

Jan 30 12:09

Can't Touch Me The Hillary Song

Jan 29 09:51

Truth is for adults and real men Max Igan & Vinny Eastwood with Eric Spitfire - Vinny Eastwood


As real men disappear into history, a technological slave grid with 5G, surveillance and literal mind control has come into being, necessitating their return!
To balance the meek gentleman and brutal warrior within us all, is the key to freeing humankind from those who lie and kill for personal gain.

Jan 26 12:50

Fuck the Jews - Doug Stanhope

Jan 24 13:40

MEME - "That Smile" #NPC @nytimes @washingtonpost

RE Maga teens/ media

Jan 22 06:57


SALMON ANDY cringe - satire

PDX protest

Jan 21 09:09

What's in Your Wallet?


Jan 18 16:21

Raytheon Robotics Division Unviels Worker Replacing Robot (Satire)

Marklar's Ghost posted a blog post

Jan 18 12:10

Toxic Masculinity; Man-Splained. - Politically Correct

comment: The next gillete commercial will be bearded men in skinny jeans shaving their beards asking if their toxic masculinity makes their butt look fat!

Jan 18 10:35

muh free speech!

Using free speech to argue against free speech

Jan 18 09:33

'Gollum-May' Sings Brexit-Inspired Bohemian Rhapsody Song, Conquers Social Media

The parody features "May" narrating her Brexit-related woes and pokes at other political figures like David Cameron, Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and Jeremy Corbyn.

English actor and Lord of the Rings trilogy star Andy Serkis has delivered another jab at Brexit’s chief architect, UK Prime Minister Theresa May, via a hilarious video he recently uploaded on social media.

The skit, titled "Latest Leak From 10 Downing St…", once again features Serkis adopting the "Gollum-May" persona he came up with in his previous vid, singing a parody of Queen’s hit Bohemian Rhapsody.

"Was that the right deal? Or was that just fantasy? Are we stuck in the Union? No article fif-a-ty?" he sings in the voice of the Lord of the Rings character.

Jan 17 10:19

"It's Ma'am"

Jan 16 15:24

Are You Suffering From Toxic Masculinity? Know The Warning Signs

It's called "toxic masculinity," and it's the latest disease to plague the nation. It can affect every aspect of a toxic man's life. Worst of all, toxic masculinity is contagious, so if you're infected, you need to know right away so you can avoid spreading it to your friends and family.

Jan 16 13:36

video - And it's GONE!!!!!!

classic South Park

Jan 15 14:56

Gillette's Decade Long Gender Bias

Jan 14 19:38

Truth on Earth can only win if sufficient humans are capable to recognize truth: analogy how God might have set this up

*hyperlinks/videos live at source*

“In warfare, infiltration tactics involve small independent light infantry forces advancing into enemy rear areas, bypassing enemy front-line strongpoints, possibly isolating them for attack by follow-up troops with heavier weapons. Soldiers take the initiative to identify enemy weak points and choose their own routes, targets, moments and methods of attack; this requires a high degree of skill and training, and can be supplemented by special equipment and weaponry to give them more local combat options.” ~ typical encyclopedic introduction

Jan 12 10:18

This is what happens when you reply to spam email | James Veitch

Suspicious emails: unclaimed insurance bonds, diamond-encrusted safe deposit boxes, close friends marooned in a foreign country. They pop up in our inboxes, and standard procedure is to delete on sight. But what happens when you reply? Follow along as writer and comedian James Veitch narrates a hilarious, months-long exchange with a spammer who offered to cut him in on a hot deal.

Jan 09 11:08

My sides!

Jan 08 15:53

Scott Adams: Wears a Pope Hat and Evaluates the Morality of Your Walls

Pope Scott the Last, speaks out on the morality of walls

Comments at:

Scott's 'Pope hat' broadcasts are a rare treat.

Jan 07 08:19

My Interview with Democratic Candidate They Legion

In the heart of the heartland, in Des Moines, Iowa, the Democratic Party has at last found a perfect candidate, the one who finally looks like America. She is white and black and Hispanic, all in proper proportions. She has some remnants of Jewish and Arabic blood, and 0,001% of the Native American one. She is transgender and bisexual, an athlete and Rhodes Scholar to boot. She hates personal pronouns and prefers to go under the name, They. Her last name is Legion.

They Legion is being groomed by DNC for the role of a super challenger who will finally unseat Trump. In order to extend They’s appeal to the alt-media community, the DNC decided to grant me this rare interview. Below are the excerpts. And unfortunately, I don’t have the voice beguiling voice of Terry Gross, but try to imagine that she conducts the interview.

Jan 06 11:31

Political Humor:Stable Genius

Jan 04 14:05

Comedy Video Clip of Trump and Rudy Giuliani in Drag

Trump Sexually Assaults Trans Rudy Giuliani (ACTUAL FOOTAGE)

Jan 04 09:30

Because face-planting drunk into a van at 11:00 in the morning worked so well for the last Democrat presidential candidate...

Because face-planting drunk into a van at 11:00 in the morning worked so well for the last Democrat presidential candidate...

Jan 03 10:31

Ben Garrison Cartoons --- #MittPunchyRomney Swingin' after the bell - @GrrrGraphics

#triggerworthyCartoons only from @GrrrGraphics

Jan 02 12:41

2019 meme

Jan 02 12:03

Russia Collusion 2019

Jan 02 12:01

Oh really, I Identify as...

Dec 25 14:14

Incoherent Thoughts from the Yankee Capital: Papua New Guinea Looks Better and Better II

Having just returned from two weeks in the curious environs of Washington, DC, I offer a few observations on the national lunacy deposit:

The de-Christianization of the country, or at least this part of it, is almost complete. I can think of hearing the word “Christmas” only twice in two weeks of trough-inciting retail advertising.

Culture shock: We stayed with friends who for various reasons, such as being in the business, always had a television on. At home in Mexico we got rid of the lobotomy box some fifteen years ago, seeing little advantage in paying seventy dollars a month for 250 channels, none worth watching, adorned with twenty minutes an hour of stupid commercials. Coming back to this was like jumping into raw sewage. Perhaps the worst of it was the contempt for the public manifested in running the same ad twice in one commercial break, and in the loving close-ups of pizzas with dripping cheese. Buy, buy, buy.

Dec 25 09:27

Russian spies in the White House? Watch what the Donald got for Christmas from RT

Dec 24 14:19

Can't argue with that Evidence, Im in


Dec 24 08:15

Remy: The Longest Time (TSA Version)

Dec 23 12:19

So You're Living in a Police State Stephen Colbert

Dec 15 15:19

Assange: "Bad" / Hillary: "Good"

Dec 13 15:55

Hillary Clinton Scandals - Cartoon

Dec 11 19:16

Can Liberals Survive the Apocalypse? This is Funny!

Doomsday Prepper's conservative off grid living and survival expert, Rick Austin (AKA The Survivalist Gardener) and the founder of Prepper Camp, teaches the Daily Show’s liberal Desi Lydic about survival and prepping.

Desi Lydic and her film crew come to the forest in the Secret Garden of Survival, to discuss survival skills, self defense, bush craft, and preparing for an apocalypse.

They got a little more than they bargained for.

Watch the banter between conservative and liberal points of view. This is funny!

Dec 10 13:09

Bought our first live Christmas tree

- satire

Dec 10 09:13

‘It’s mine, my own, my Brexit!’: Gollum actor reprises role to deride Theresa May (VIDEO)

British actor Andy Serkis has reprised the creepy Lord of the Rings character ‘Gollum’ to deride British Prime Minister Theresa May and her widely-panned Brexit deal, providing some wistful fun in an otherwise bleak time.

Serkis, famous for providing the voice of Gollum in Peter Jackson’s adaptation of the Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien, appears in a blue ‘power’ jacket, grey wig and painted nails using the Gollum-Smeagol divide within the fantasy character to convey the highly-conflicted nature of the British public’s attitude to the recent Brexit draft deal (or the entire concept on the whole).

Dec 07 08:00

ATF Christmas Suggestion

Nov 30 12:49

Trump vs advisors

Nov 26 12:04

Build the wall its a double invasion.

Tiny Terror – Arizona Town Terrorized by Packs of Stray Chihuahuas

Nov 26 10:50


Just in time for Christmas …