Sep 13 17:08

Kimmel: Clinton Health Conspiracy Theories ‘Would be Harder to Believe if they Didn’t Actually Come True’

JIMMY KIMMEL: Hillary Clinton was supposed to be in California today… but she had to cancel the trip because of illness. You probably know Hillary was coughing a lot in public last week and then yesterday she was forced to leave a 9/11 memorial because she was feeling faint. Turns out on Friday Clinton’s doctor had diagnosed her with pneumonia but they kept it secret until this happened and they were forced to admit it. You know, these conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton’s health would be a lot harder to believe if they didn’t actually come true.

Sep 13 11:24

Trump's Sons Kill a Triceratops on Hunting Safari

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A good portrait of Hillary's supporters. PC, Liberal, and totally clueless!*




* For the PC liberals reading this, the Triceratops went extinct about 65 million years ago.

Sep 13 10:55

FACEPALM! Video: Liberals Outraged after Trump Kids Kill Triceratops, Pterodactyl

“The only reason they’re doing it is because they have the money to do it,” one man says...

Sep 13 09:39


Sep 12 08:24

I’M WITH HILLARY…. (Even if she reminds me of the movie WEEKEND AT BERNIES)

Oh, and by the way, this collapsing on 9/11 before getting into the van? Ridiculous! Hillary was merely rehearsing her stand-up comedy routine imitation of WTC7.

Sep 11 11:06

New worm named after US president: it's also 'long, thin and cute'

Biologists, who discovered a new type of flat worm, dedicated it to the US president, and named it Baracktrema obamai. Biologist Thomas Platt, who turned out to be Obama's relative, doesn't regard it to be offensive, and believes that it should be an honour for the president. The biologist pointed out that many people are ready to pay thousands of dollars to have any species named after them. As he added, the parasite resembles his namesake very much, it's also 'long, thin and cute'. A group of researchers from the St.Mary College, Indiana, discovered thousands of eggs of such worms in lungs of turtles. Now they try to find out how these parasites enter bodies of animals and which diseases they can provoke.

Sep 10 17:56

The bizarre life of Kentucky Fried Chicken founder Colonel Sanders for his 126th birthday

A look at the bizarre life of Kentucky Fried Chicken founder Colonel Sanders for his 126th birthday

Colonel Sanders was finger lickin' crazy.

Even putting aside the internet lore that suggests he Kentucky Tried to kill himself right before he stumbled upon his "original recipe," Harland Sanders did some crazy things in his 90 years on this lump of mash potatoes we call Earth.

Including the time he beat up his own client in court, warded off robbers with little else but some underwear and a shotgun and drove 1,500 miles roundtrip to inspect a potential franchise location.

Here's a look at a man who took life by the horns and deep fried it on what would have been his 126th birthday.

Sep 10 10:30


Here is the latest round of Saturday Cartoons from Snippits. Enjoy! :-)

Sep 09 08:46


Sep 07 09:28

Boombox Cartoons by Dixon Diaz

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I especially like the one about the Colosseum!

Sep 04 11:39

Cracks emerge in China's image as Obama snubbed at G20 summit

Misleading headline! This reflects on Obama and his NWO policies.He also managed to insult the Brits today. This "man"is bringing America into total disrepute. Does anybody in the District of Criminals even care?

In a series of heated disputes that nearly led to blows, Chinese officials harassed foreign reporters and embarrassed U.S. President Barack Obama from the first moments of his arrival.

Other leaders, including President Shinzo Abe of rival Japan, walked off their airplanes onto red carpet-draped steps. Mr. Obama emerged from an auxiliary exit in the bowels of his plane, as Chinese officials then tried to bar the travelling press corps from watching and blocked U.S. national security adviser Susan Rice. “This is our country. This is our airport,” one official said in withering explanation.

Sep 04 11:29

BEXALERT: G20 ‘staircase snub’ for Obama was United States’ decision, reveals Chinese official

This is really funny.Notice that the Chinese official isn't named!

It was Washington’s decision to have US President Barack Obama disembark from his plane through a small bare metal stairway instead of the usual rolling red-carpet staircase that state leaders get, a Chinese foreign ministry official has revealed.
Speculation has been flying about whether China was deliberately snubbing Obama since media reports on Saturday showed the US leader exiting the Air Force One through the small stairway.

On Sunday, Obama told reporters that the significance of a row between US and Chinese officials on the airport tarmac upon his arrival should not be overblown.
“I wouldn’t overcrank the significance” of tensions at the airport, Obama said later on Sunday, according to Reuters.

Sep 03 10:40


Here is the latest round of Saturday Cartoons from Snippits. Enjoy!!! :-)

Sep 03 06:39

Hillary Says She’ll Stop Being Corrupt LATER (Seriously)

Sep 02 22:58

Weiner offered job at Moonlite Bunny Ranch

Anthony Weiner has had a hard time lately. He's out of a job, his wife's leaving him, and opportunities for future employment look bleak. After all, who's going to want to hire such a liability? Does Weiner really have any marketable skills that would overshadow his online indiscretion?

Well.... Maybe. He obviously knows how to use Twitter, and if the employer in question isn't concerned with moral fiber, perhaps he can land a new gig.

As PR Newswire reports, that's where America's most famous legal whorehouse comes into play:

Sep 02 19:46

Still a Goody: Trump Causing a Flood of Illegal Aliens

Trump Causing a Flood of Illegal Aliens
By Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

The flood of Trump-fearing American liberals sneaking across the border into Canada has intensified in the past week, sparking calls for increased patrols to stop the illegal immigration. The Republican Presidential primary campaign is prompting an exodus among left-leaning citizens who fear they’ll soon be required to hunt, pray, and live according to conservative ideas about the Constitution.

Sep 02 08:26

You've Gotta Love Millennials - Micah Tyler

Sep 01 08:59

TedNugent gives 20 reasons to VOTE for TRUMP!

Aug 29 08:12


Aug 28 09:19

Hillary Clinton Statement On Health

Aug 28 07:41


Here is the latest from Snippits. Enjoy!!! :-)

Aug 28 04:45

After This Video, You'll Never See Her the Same Again: "Hillary Dreams of Becoming Dictator of the World"

This is how it really is.

{A parody of Charlie Chaplin's "The Great Dictator"}

Please subscribe and share.

Aug 26 11:11

WATCH: The Top Three Videos Mocking Hillary's Alt-Right Speech!

Hillary Clinton has unleashed a monster!

Aug 26 11:10

WATCH: Buzzfeed Writer Hilariously Trolled by Alt-Right Comedian Sam Hyde

Buzzfeed writer Joseph Bernstein got hilariously trolled while attempting to interview "alt-right" comedian Sam Hyde.

Bernstein was apparently trying to get Hyde to admit to saying something "politically incorrect" on the internet so he could advocate for his new show on the Cartoon Network to be canceled, but Hyde just trolled him hard and ended up turning Bernstein's stupid interview into a viral hit!

Aug 26 08:12

Hillary WASN'T LYING! Bosnia gunfire footage discovered...

Aug 25 08:20

BEXALERT!: Boats Estimated to Come About 300 Yards Away From Destroyer

The US Navy just jumped the Shark!

While presenting the moves as “an interception” and “unsafe and unprofessional,” the video footage showed the speedboats barely visible in the distance, before zooming in to present them as somewhat larger, blurrier shapes in the distance.

Aug 23 14:49

No wonder Sweden is afraid of Russia!

A Swede explains why the increasingly dysfunctional state and self-appointed "World's Humanitarian Superpower" is so terrified of a Russian invasion.

Aug 21 14:44

Globalists Co-Opt Fox News

It'll happen to all of us if we're not vigilant. They've had a couple thousand years' practice at this.
Notice how hard they fight, until after all hope is lost. That is the example to be taken away from this. And to avoid getting into these situations in the first place.

Aug 21 08:00

Kremlin Presses Turkey for Access to NATO's Incirlik Air Base, Home to US Nukes

ROTFWLMFAO! Sorry! Couldn't help it!

Russian officials have reached out to Ankara to request access to the American-built base as a convenient launch pad for airstrikes in the Syrian theater, but it remains to be seen whether such cooperation will roil NATO’s feathers.

Aug 20 10:38


Here is the latest from Snippits. Enjoy!

Aug 20 09:44

Funny Videos Hillary Clinton Talks About Her Brain Damage Video

Aug 20 09:41


Aug 19 11:39

Clinton Foundation Promises to Stop Taking Bribes If Hillary is Elected

Not to be outdone by Trump promising to always put the interests of America first if elected, Hillary and Bill Clinton have promised to stop accepting bribes through the Clinton Foundation if Hillary is elected.

Webmaster addition: If Hillary steals the White House, they won't need more bribes. The problem for America will be Hillary repaying the bribes by looting the nation.

Aug 17 09:27


Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu heightened his row with international charities operating in Gaza in a video Thursday where he announced, “Israel cares more about Palestinians than their own leaders do.”

Aug 16 09:38

Hillary Clinton Song (OFFICIAL!)

Aug 16 03:18

Epic Troll Behind 'Black Olives Matter' Billboard 'Under Fire' for New Merch Line

The absolute madman is at it again!

Back in July, I wrote about the story of Rick Camuglia and his restaurant Paisano's which saw a huge boost in sales after trolling BLM with a "Black Olives Matter" billboard.

Even though Camuglia removed a picture of the billboard off his Facebook initially, it looks like he got such an outpouring of support from red blooded Americans who loved what he was doing that he realized it's finally safe to boldly troll the PC crowd!

Now we hear once again Paisano's is coming "under fire," this time for selling a full merchandise line of "Black Olives Matter" gear, from t-shirts to hats!

Aug 15 11:53

Hillary Clinton Goldfish Found DEAD in Apparent Suicide

I think the goldfish either committed suicide after seeing Hillary and Human in flagrante delicto
(but who wouldn't?),
or it knew in which bodies of water the, er, bodies were dumped.

Aug 14 07:53

TSA and what they are really looking forward to!

Aug 13 22:43


Officers Ricardo Cordova and Frank Cho were responding to a call concerning a presumed drug deal in a parking lot, when they came under fire from members of a local street gang.

Fortunately for them, 79-year old Wendy Robinson was watching the events from her kitchen window and decided to intervene. The elderly woman equipped herself with her personal bulletproof vest and an AK-47 assault rifle, and ran to the officers’ rescue, firing more than 160 rounds in the direction of the assailants, injuring two of them.

Aug 13 22:29

Here’s an article full of classified info, because who even gives a shit anymore?

FBI Director James Comey said on Tuesday that Hillary Clinton was “extremely careless” with classified information being sent over her private email server, but he said no charges should be filed.

So we’re just going to release a bunch of classified information right here, because really, who even gives a shit anymore?

Here goes.

Aug 13 22:24

‘Military coup’ wins poll of troops in a landslide

THE PENTAGON — A poll of active duty and recently retired members of the armed services suggests that an overwhelming majority would prefer an armed overthrow of the government rather than see the election of either major party candidate.

Aug 13 19:15

Lockheed Upbeat Despite F-35 Losing Dogfight To Red Baron (Includes image)

Lockheed officials have separately downplayed reports that the same F-35, flown by the same pilot, previously lost mock dogfights with the Goodyear Blimp and a beagle on a flying doghouse.

Aug 12 22:53

Hillary, Trump, and War with Russia: The Goddamdest Stupid Idea I Have Ever Heard, and I Have Lived in Washington

A good reason to vote for Trump, a very good reason whatever his other intentions, is that he does not want a war with Russia. Hillary and her elite ventriloquists threaten just that. Note the anti-Russian hysteria coming from her and her remoras.

Such a war would be yet another example of the utter control of America by rich insiders. No normal American has anything at all to gain by such a war. And no normal American has the slightest influence over whether such a war takes place, except by voting for Trump. The military has become entirely the plaything of unaccountable elites.

A martial principle of great wisdom says that military stupidity comes in three grades: Ordinarily stupid; really, really, really stupid; and fighting Russia. Think Charles XII at Poltava, Napoleon after Borodino, Adolf and Kursk.


Aug 12 10:48


Comedy is, at times, our only defense against Hillary and what she stands for. Heaven knows, in any other reality this situation is nothing more than a nightmare comedy scripted to entertain the inhabitants of hell.

Aug 11 08:50


Aug 10 12:23

Klintonerdammerung -

Kudos to Tim Donovan, whoever and wherever he is, for this important cultural advance (it’s about Hillary’s email scandal, in case you didn’t guess from the headline, and it’s only 1:41 long):

Read the Full Article:

And then imagine this to go with it before, after or behind with Shrillary shrieking in the backgraound. Just listen and enjoy as you visualize those two items combined.

Aug 10 09:15


This Could Be Our Next First Lady. In this outfit he looks a lot like the late “Queen Mom” of England.

Aug 08 12:01

Hillary Clinton 2016 election parody song: emails, Benghazi and Bill

Aug 07 18:15

Metallica Don't Tread on Me with lyrics

Liberty or death, what we so proudly hail
Once you provoke her, rattling of her tail
Never begins it, never, but once engaged
Never surrenders, showing the fangs of rage
Don't tread on me
So be it
Threaten no more
To secure peace is to prepare for war
So be it
Settle the score
Touch me again for the words that you'll hear evermore
Don't tread on me

Aug 07 09:30


Images by Carlos Latuff (Direct from Rio)

Aug 03 14:24

Trump Ad Turns Hillary into Email-Eating Pac-Man

“Crooked Hillary is a lot like Ms. Pac-Man—she’ll keep going and going and going until she’s cornered and caught! ?#?MakeAmericaGreatAgain?,” Trump’s Facebook page wrote. -- The video shows Clinton devouring emails while evading FBI agents before finally being caught. Before being apprehended, Clinton is able to successfully destroy 30,000 emails – an obvious jab at the 30,000 deleted by the former secretary of state.

Aug 03 08:09

The “Anti-Hillary Economy” is Booming . . .

Hillary is creating jobs too. Don't forget the paid Hillary propagandists and protestors!

Aug 01 15:17

Anti-Fascist Action

Jul 30 11:56


Here is another round of Saturday cartoons from Snippits. Enjoy!!!

Jul 30 10:50

Hillary's 2016 DNC Video–Fixed!

Jul 29 09:43

Lyin Hillary Doll

Squeeze “The Lyin Hillary Doll”™ in the front and center at approximately her waistline and she will tell one of Hillary’s unbelievable tales. Squeeze her again and she will tell another – 18 of them in all! Doll is 11.5? tall with voice activated chip. Do not machine wash.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Jul 28 13:05

DNC’s Stinky Strategy

DNC’s Stinky Strategy : With all of Hillary’s non-accomplishments, lies, corruption, and the recent email scandal within the DNC Convention, how will they ever gain Americas trust especially with Bernie Sanders voters.

Jul 27 12:41

Here Comes Hillary

Jul 27 12:25


Some of the top submissions under the hashtag #MoreTrustedThanHillary include:

Expired milk
Truck stop sushi
Love letters from inmates
Facebook’s respect for free speech

Jul 27 07:19

Ted Nugent’s 20 Reasons to Vote for Trump Go Viral… Liberals Completely Horrified

As if that wasn’t good enough, Nugent even gave a few “bonus” reason to support him for those still on the fence:

Cher says she will leave the country
Mylie Cyrus says she will leave the country
Whoopi says she will leave the country
Rosie says she will leave the country
Al Sharpton says he will leave the country

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Note that all these people who plan to leave the country say they will go to Canada. None are saying they will go to Mexico!

Time to invest in some moving vans (maybe we can get those used ones left over from Urban Moving systems)!

Jul 26 08:50

American History in Thirty Minutes or Less (Or It’s Free)

There, that takes us into the modern era with such American philosophies as pizza delivery in thirty minutes or less or it’s free. Which, by the way, was the motto behind the delivery of a nuclear weapon to the former USSR.

Jul 26 07:39


Webmaster's Commentary: 

Since I posted this yesterday I have received emails from readers confirming that Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. are erasing/blocking posts of these images. So I have put them all in a gallery which you are free to copy from and use as you see fit.

We can get past this Iron (Silicon) curtain if everyone emails these around and suggests they be forwarded.

Optional Banner: 
WRH Exclusive
Jul 26 06:55

Mama Monsanto (feeds America some fine Italian cooking right out of her own kitchen lab)]

Jul 25 09:28

The House Armenian Hypocrisy

Jul 25 04:28

Top Russian Church Exorcist: Hillary Shows 'Clear Signs' of Demonic Possession (Video)

Hillary Clinton has historically high "negatives" for any US politician. According to a recent Wall Street Journal poll, 55% of American view her negatively. This number goes up to a nosebleed 72% with white males. Only 17% have a favorable view of her. The WSJ is owned by Rupert Murdoch, who makes no secret of his sympathy for Clinton, and his hatred of Donald Trump, so these numbers might well be worse than the WSJ admits. Reactions run the gamut, with some saying "there's just something about her I don't like" to "she gives me the heebie-jeebies!" Lately, some people have suggested demonic possession...

Jul 24 09:02


Here is another round of cartoons from Snippits. Enjoy!!! :-)

Webmaster addition: The one about Hillary and NASA is not entirely correct. During the Mercury program, NASA actually had a team of 13 female astronauts, dubbed the "Astronettes" who were trained and qualified to fly, but never did due to politics. The death blow to the program was when John Glenn referred to the Astronettes as "98 pounds of recreational equipment." Russia subsequently beat the US to the first woman in space with Valentina Terishkova, and the US ignored the whole issue until Sally Ride's flight on the shuttle.

Jul 24 08:43



Jul 23 09:29

Naked man runs rings around three policemen through Italian town square while shouting 'praise to Allah'

Give me your tired,your poor and your buck naked crazies yearning to eat pasta!

A naked man shouting out 'praise to Allah' was filmed in a public square running rings around three police officers who struggle to catch him.
The 22-year-old man from Tunisia, who has not been named, was seen running in the nude around the Pratto della Valle Square in the city of Padua in the northern Veneto region of Italy.
He was spotted by a passing police patrol and amused onlookers watched as a game of cat and mouse unfolded.

Jul 21 08:24

Will Putin take back Alaska? [Video]

A retiree posed the question during Putin's live Q&A. What a menacing granny!

Putin: "Why would we want it?"

Jul 20 08:25

Hillary Clinton's Campaign Rap Video - I love America hillary 2016

Jul 16 06:08


Here is another round of Saturday cartoons from Snippits. Enjoy!!! :-)

Jul 13 07:36

Reasons to vote for Hillary

Jul 13 07:26

WATCH: George Bush DANCES during Dallas Police memorial service, Having A Great Time ?

That's all folks! We have Loonies lording it over us!

Published on Jul 12, 2016
George bush having a great time at the Dallas Police funeral ? George Bush allegedly dancing during interfaith memorial service for the five Dallas, Texas police officers.

Jul 12 07:23

Hillary Clinton Song (OFFICIAL)