Jun 27 14:53

Noncitizen Arrested for Alleged Illegal ‘Voter Assistance’ Scheme in Texas Border City

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced Tuesday that authorities arrested a noncitizen for her alleged role in a voter assistance scheme during a 2016 border city runoff election.
Marcela Gutierrez, a non-United States citizen, was taken into custody following an investigation conducted by the AG’s office. On June 3, she was indicted by a Hidalgo County grand jury and charged with illegal voting for marking a ballot without a voter’s consent in a June 2016 Hidalgo city runoff election. Gutierrez purportedly misled a voter to believe she was demonstrating how to use a voting machine when, actually, the accused cast votes on a ballot for a slate of candidates she was paid to support.

In Texas, illegal voting is a second degree felony punishable by two to 20 years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000. Gutierrez also faces 10 misdemeanor counts of unlawfully assisting a voter.

Jun 27 13:40


While the mainstream media and much of the nation are preoccupied with sob stories about the shelter accommodations of illegal immigrants, the U.S.-Mexico border remains a cesspool of crime where federal agents have confiscated more than 360,000 pounds of drugs, arrested thousands of individuals with criminal convictions and busted hundreds of violent gangbangers so far this year. The latest statistics issued by the Border Patrol are downright disturbing and illustrate the urgency of properly securing the famously porous southwest border.

Jun 27 11:59

Sweden's 'Neo-Nazi' Party Support Surges As Immigrant Gang Violence Soars

Many Swedes were horrified in early 2017 when U.S. President Donald Trump linked immigration to rising crime in Sweden, but an increasing number now agree with him.

Amid soaring crime rates, gang violence, complaints about education, and pregnant mothers even being turned away from maternity wards due to a lack of capacity, resentment in Sweden has built over the influx of more than 600,000 immigrants over the past five years.

Jun 27 11:45

Italy orders seven boats with 1,000 migrants on board to go back to Libya days after turning away another ship carrying 234 people

Italy is seeking to have seven boats carrying roughly 1,000 migrants needing rescue off Libya taken back to North Africa, according to a Spanish aid group.

Proactiva Open Arms, which has rescued thousands of migrants in the Mediterranean, said the Italians want the Libyan coast guard to conduct the rescues and return the migrants.

Proactiva said in a tweet that Italian coast guard authorities who coordinate rescues sent out advisories to all ships in the area but told the aid group: 'We don't need your help.'

In a tweet on Sunday, hard-line interior minister Matteo Salvini said: 'It's right that the Libyan authorities intervene, as they've been doing for days, without having the NGOs interrupt them and disturb them.'

Jun 27 11:44

Sessions: Cartels are using migrant kids to smuggle drugs into US

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Monday that officials have recently captured five children who were carrying enough fentenayl to kill “millions of people.”

Sessions was speaking to School Resource Officers in Reno, Nevada, when he said that cartels are using the kids to transport massive amounts of drugs across the border.

“These drug cartels know our laws and take advantage of our generosity. They are only too happy to use children to smuggle their drugs as well,” he said.

“Think about this: In just four days at the end of March, Customs and Border Protection apprehended five juveniles who were allegedly smuggling fentanyl,” Sessions said.

“The killer drug. Between the five of them, they allegedly had more than 35 pounds of fentanyl — enough to kill millions of people.”

Jun 27 11:43

Dutch parliament approves partial burqa ban in public places

MPs in the Netherlands have voted overwhelmingly in favour of a ban on wearing face-covering Islamic veils in some public places, including schools, hospitals, government buildings and on public transport.

The rule – which will outlaw all face coverings including ski-masks and helmets – was approved by 132 members of the 150-seat house.

It will now go before the Senate, where it must be approved before becoming law.

Jun 27 11:25

"EVERYBODY in the World Has a Human Right to Enter the US??" Tucker vs Jorge Ramos

Jun 27 11:16

House rejects second GOP immigration bill

The House rejected a Republican compromise bill on immigration Wednesday in a worse-than-expected 121-300 vote, effectively ending a months-long GOP drama that had put the conference’s internal politics on display.

The measure won far fewer GOP votes than a more hardline measure rejected last week in a 193-231 vote.

Only 121 Republicans backed it, compared to 193 for the earlier measure. Two Republicans did not cast votes on Wednesday, while 112 Republicans voted against it.

Votes on the bill were twice postponed to give Republicans more time to win support for the measure, which was opposed by Democrats.

But conservatives never really warmed to it, and President Trump put down the effort on Twitter, at one point saying that Republicans should stop wasting their time since the bill was seen as dead on arrival in the Senate.

Jun 27 09:17

Sen. Dianne Feinstein in a 1994 interview

Jun 27 09:13


A new report has found that white Brits will soon be a minority in the UK’s second largest city Birmingham and that a significant proportion of the population cannot speak English.

By 2021, more than half of the city’s population will be from an ethnic minority, which is already the case for under-18’s, 60 per cent of whom are non-white.

“Birmingham is soon to become a majority minority city,” according to the report.

Jun 27 08:32

VIDEO: Mitch McConnell's Wife Aggressively Defends Her Husband As Protesters Confront Them

"Leave my husband alone! Back Up!" Elaine Chao repeatedly shouts, as she sticks her finger in their face.

Jun 27 08:31

VIDEO: ICE Agent Pushes Down Immigration Lawyer, Breaks Her Foot

One surprising aspect of this story is that when the family was originally arrested, they lived in Texas and were on a trip to Iowa when they were stopped by the Missouri Highway Patrol, who inquired about their citizenship status and arrested them.

Jun 27 08:11

Poll: Majority of Americans Support Trump's Wall

Let's see how quickly the Left changes the subject from crying children detained by the Obama administration and calls for mob protest in the defense of illegal immigrants when they get word of the latest CBS News/YouGov poll. Respondents indicated by 51% among ALL likely voters and 55% among swing voters in battleground districts support President Trump's border wall to roll back the open-borders welcome. As for the Establishment Republicans, they'd better get in line with their constituents: an overwhelming 90 percent of Republican battleground voters want the wall. The blue wave isn't just a blue trickle now; in November it's looking like a red river.

Jun 27 07:30

The REAL reason for Europe's influx of migrants!!! WikiLeaks founder

Jun 27 07:26

"You Are Unbalanced": Hungarian Foreign Minister Shuts Down Enraged BBC Reporter Over EU Migration

The newly emboldened populist wave sweeping Europe has begun to clash with establishment EU "open border" advocates, as governments opposed to illegal mass migration dig their heels in and resist the influx of mostly North African migrants.

Europe has been sharply divided over asylum seekers - however words turned to action in early June when Italy's brand new Interior Minister, Matteo Salvini, closed Italian ports to Non-Government Organizations (NGO) ferrying migrants into the country. The rest of Italy's populist coalition government supported the move, fending off condemnation from "hypocritical" French President Emmanuel Macron and other EU leaders.

Perfectly capturing the current rift between populism and progressivism in Europe, Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó got in a spat with BBC presenter Emily Maitlis on Monday while trying to explain why his country opposes an open-border policy.

Jun 27 07:26

The Beginning Of The End Of The Bilderberg/Soros Era

The beginning of the end of the Bilderberg/Soros vision is in sight. The Old Order will cling on, even to the last of its fingernails. The Bilderberg vision is the notion of multi-cultural, international cosmopolitanism that surpasses old-time nationalism; heralding the end of frontiers; and leading toward a US-led, ‘technocratic’, global economic and political governance.

Its roots lie with figures such as James Burnham, an anti-Stalin, former Trotskyite, who, writing as early as 1941, advocated for the levers of financial and economic power being placedin the hands of a management class: an élite – which alone would be capable of running the contemporary state - thanks to this élite’s market and financial technical nous. It was, bluntly, a call for an expert, technocratic oligarchy.

Jun 27 07:24

Holland bans Islamic veils and 'face-covering clothing' as senator declares the move 'the first step to de-Islamize the Netherlands'

The Netherlands has approved a limited ban on 'face-covering clothing' in public places, including Islamic veils and robes such as the burqa and niqab.

Firebrand far-right politician Geert Wilders had pushed for the ban for over a decade.

Parliament's upper chamber made the final approval in a vote Tuesday. The move does not include the hijab, which covers only the hair.

Jun 27 07:20

Joint Military Force: 'EU Attempting to Solve Something That's Broken' - Prof.

Sputnik: How significant will the creation of the European Union intervention force be?

Beatrice Heuser: It's an attempt to salvage something that is breaking, breaking quite horribly and that is an attempt to salvage British participation in European defense which was at the very beginning of the European defense integration. Let me remind you that it was Britain in 1948 that was the first to try and bring some form of European integration which would've included social, political, economic and defense cooperation.

Jun 26 18:13

Sweden's far-right eyes election gains as gang violence rises

A surge in gang violence has stirred anti-immigration sentiment before an election in Sweden, putting a far-right party on course for big gains in one of Europe's most liberal countries.

Dozens of people have been killed in the past two years in attacks in the capital Stockholm and other big cities by gangs that are mostly from run-down suburbs dominated by immigrants.

In the latest bloodshed, three men were shot dead and three were wounded outside an internet cafe in the city of Malmo on June 18. A fourth man was shot dead days later and another ma

Jun 26 12:54

Throwback: Clinton & Obama Slammed Illegal Immigration During Their SOTUs

Jun 26 11:46

5 Times MS-13 Used Children To Illegally Enter The U.S. – And Went On To Commit Violent Crimes

Last week, every single Senate Democrat signed an obtuse piece of legislation called the “Keep Families Together Act” that would release any person who illegally crosses the border with a child in tow.

In other words, every single Senate Democrat signed a piece of legislation that quite literally encourages child trafficking.

Jun 26 11:45

Sinclair’s Immigration Propaganda Foreshadows the Perils of Media Merger Mania

Sinclair Broadcast Group is under fire once again, this time for a local-broadcast "must run" segment that tries to claim the government’s brutal immigration and child-separation policies are little more than a giant misunderstanding caused by...the journalists covering the story.

The segment is part of an ongoing effort by the company to sow distrust in media outlets and convince the public that any and all negative coverage of terrible government policies is politically-motivated and cannot be trusted.

The segment features Boris Epshteyn, Sinclair’s “chief political analyst” and a former Trump adviser who routinely heaps praise upon the President’s every action. At no point are viewers of these segments informed that Epshteyn used to directly report to the President.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I give you the following article: Who's Responsible for Separating Alien Kids from their Parents?!? Many people, but not Trump

The article goes on to state: "Who truly is responsible for the 2,000 alien kids who, according to the Associated Press, recently have been separated from their detained illegal alien parents?

There is a lot of blame to share. That includes President Bill Clinton and the alien parents themselves, as well as the courts and immigration policies foolishly created by the Obama administration. The perverse incentives in those policies have endangered the lives and safety of children and helped fund the deadly Mexican drug cartels that run the trafficking networks on our southern border.

You would not know that based on the absurdly biased coverage and virulent protests that have occurred. The Trump administration is simply doing what it is constitutionally charged with doing—enforcing the law.

The president on Wednesday issued an executive order that directs the Department of Homeland Security to keep illegal alien families together “to the extent permitted by law.” That is the crux of the administration’s problem: the extent to which the government is permitted to keep families together while they await removal proceedings.

In 1997, the Clinton administration entered into a settlement agreement in Flores v. Reno, a lawsuit filed in federal court in California by pro-illegal immigration advocacy groups challenging the detention of juvenile aliens taken into custody by the Immigration and Naturalization Service.

The Clinton administration agreed to settle this litigation despite the fact the Supreme Court had upheld the Immigration and Naturalization Service regulation that provided for the release of minors only to their parents, close relatives, or legal guardians.

According to the Department of Homeland Security, the Flores agreement allows the agency to detain unaccompanied minors for only “20 days before releasing them to the Department of Health and Human Services which places the minors in foster or shelter situations until they locate a sponsor.”

But in a controversial decision, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit, the most liberal in the country, has interpreted the settlement agreement to apply to “both minors who are accompanied and unaccompanied by their parents.”

In other words, it is the 9th Circuit’s misinterpretation of the Clinton administration’s settlement agreement that doesn’t allow juvenile aliens to stay with their parents who have been detained for unlawful entry into the country.

Of course, if those parents would simply agree to return to their home countries, they would be immediately reunited with their children. So those who come here illegally are themselves to blame for their children being assigned to foster care or to another family member or sponsor who may be in the country."

Jun 26 11:21


Hundreds of Austrian soldiers and police were involved in a border protection exercise that simulated containing migrants amid fears neighboring Germany might begin to turn away new arrivals trying to cross their frontier.
Austrian authorities deployed 600 police, 400 soldiers and two Black Hawk helicopters on Tuesday in an exercise which simulated arrival of hundreds of migrants on the country’s border with Slovenia, local media reported.

"A state that in the worst case cannot protect its borders loses its credibility," Interior Minister Herbert Kickl of the far-right Freedom Party (FPO) told reporters, as cited by Reuters. “I am determined that events like those of 2015 must not occur again. And that is exactly the message we want to send from here.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Hey, George Soros; I have the perfect solution for Europe's migrant crisis. Just dump every single illegal immigrant on to any and every property you own.

You're welcome, Sir!

Jun 26 11:01

Metastasizing Misery Tour

It has been an interesting, and confrontational, week for centrist progressives, like myself, who identify more with Republican philosophies than those of their Liberal Democratic opponents. But I have to assure you; I did not start this dustup.

On Sunday, on MSNBC, Rob Reiner and his wife, Michelle, likened Trump to Hitler Rob Reiner and wife liken evil Trump to Hitler, and his supporters are hardcore racists

Jun 26 10:40

Sanctuary City: 11 Alleged MS-13 Gang Members from El Salvador Charged in Murder of Two Teens

Eleven alleged members of the murderous El Salvadorian MS-13 gang have been hit with murder charges in connection to the deaths of two American teenagers in the sanctuary city of Fairfax County, Virginia.

The U.S. District Attorney’s Office revealed last week that a total of 11 MS-13 gang members, all from El Salvador, have been hit with kidnapping charges and conspiracy to commit murder charges in the deaths of two teenage boys who were 14-years-old and 17-years-old.

Jun 26 10:39

Massive Gains for Salvini’s Anti-Mass Migration Lega Party in Italian Elections

Candidates backed by Matteo Salvini’s anti-mass migration League (Lega) party have surged ahead of the competition in Italy’s municipal elections, confirming public support for his tough stance on NGOs ferrying migrants across the Mediterranean.

Salvini, who serves as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior in the new eurosceptic, populist coalition government between nationalist Lega and the anti-establishment Five-Star Movement (M5S), took to Facebook to herald the “historic wins for the League in towns that have been administered by the left for decades: THANKS!!!”

“The more the left insults us, the more the citizens reward us,” he added, possibly in reference to Lega wresting control of several key strongholds of the establishment Democratic Party (PD), which formed the previous government.

Jun 26 10:37

Headless Burned animal carcass found on Homeland Security official’s porch

A senior official at the Department of Homeland Security found a burned and decapitated animal carcass on the front porch of his D.C.-area home, according to a DHS official — an incident that occurred as employees of the agency are seeing an increase in violent threats due to the Trump administration’s immigration policy.

The agency sent a letter to all 250,000 employees Saturday stating “there may be a heightened threat against DHS employees” in response to the Trump administration’s zero tolerance immigration policy, a DHS official told the Washington Examiner.

Jun 26 10:05

Spain refuses docking to migrant rescue ship

Spanish authorities said they will not admit the Lifeline rescue boat with some 230 migrants on board to its ports. Spain cannot become “the sea rescue organization for all of Europe,” Spanish Economic Development Minister Jose Luis Abalos said, commenting on the issue, as cited by Deutsche Welle. The decision came after the vessel had already been turned away by Italy and Malta. Earlier in June, Spain accepted another migrant rescue ship called Aquarius in a similar situation.

Jun 26 10:01

EU Says Patriotic Nations Must ‘Pay the Price’ for Refusing Migrants, Backs Macron’s Call for Sanctions

The European Commission has backed Emmanuel Macron’s call for sanctions on EU nations refusing to resettle third world migrants, asserting that countries must be made to “pay the price” for membership of the bloc.

Commissioner Pierre Moscovici said that central and eastern European nations “have a vital need of Europe”, asserting it is “not legitimate that nations which refuse to show solidarity would continue receiving a similar proportion of EU funding”.

“Europe is not well,” lamented the Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs on Monday. “Britain is leaving us, we suffered an economic crisis which continues to do damage, we are seeing governments with parties on the extreme right.

“The rise of nationalism is a challenge for Europe,” he told French broadcaster BFMTV, adding: “We must reinvent [the EU] and refresh the notion of solidarity. We need to reinvent Europe, reinvent the notion of solidarity.”

Jun 26 09:59

Thursday Deadline Looms For Merkel to Save Herself as No Deal Reached at Weekend Migrant Crisis Summit

The crisis which could see the toppling of German Chancellor Angela Merkel has heightened after she was unable to secure any consensus or deal at an informal European summit on migration over the weekend.
Chancellor Merkel, along with several prominent European leaders from 15 other countries, met in Brussels over the weekend as part of an informal discussion on migration ahead of a formal summit to take place on Thursday.

Despite looking for a European solution to deal with the migrant issue, Merkel left the meeting with no agreement but what she described as “much goodwill”, Stuttgarter Nachrichten reports.

The lack of any quick agreement is an issue for Merkel as her coalition allies, the Christian Social Union (CSU), who have given her only two weeks to find a European solution to the crisis or she could face the collapse of the government and be forced out of the Chancellery.

Jun 26 09:55

IN DEPTH: The shifting sands of Sweden's immigration debate

In 2014, Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt's speech calling on Swedes to "open their hearts" to asylum seekers could have been read as just another chapter in Swedish openness to immigrants. Four years on, it is far more difficult to imagine a leader of the country's biggest parties using the same rhetoric in their efforts to win the 2018 election.

Jun 26 09:41

LIVE: Protesters gather outside of Supreme Court

Jun 26 09:37

'F*ck Decorum': On House Floor, Rep. Ted Lieu Plays Audio of Detained Children Crying

Dispensing with the commitment to political "civility" that leads so many lawmakers to prioritize good manners over justice, Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.) ignored House rules on Friday and played audio of detained immigrant children crying in an effort to highlight the thousands of young kids who have been ripped from their parents by the Trump administration.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

How about playing audio of the children of Afghanistan crying? Or the children of Syria? Or Iraq? Or Libya? Or Yemen? Or Gaza?

The law requiring separation of children was passed BY THE CONGRESS in 1997. The Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act was passed during the Clinton administration and upheld all through the years until the Democrats tried to make it an issue with which to attack Trump and distract America from the IG report into the investigation of Hillary's email server.

Jun 26 09:33

Ralph Nader Asks Former First Ladies: Why No "Heartfelt Concern for Tens of Thousands of Children Killed or Seriously Maimed" by Their Husbands' Wars?

Noted consumer advocate and author Ralph Nader on Friday offered a sharp retort to Laura Bush and Michelle Obama in response to the former first ladies levied criticism at the Trump administration's cruel immigration policy that separated immigrant children from their families.

"Would be nice if Laura Bush and Michelle Obama had expressed similar heartfelt concern for the tens of thousands of children killed or seriously maimed by the wars of their husbands in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere," he tweeted.

Jun 26 09:02

Order Provides A Respite For Families But Underlying Issues Still Remain

President Bill Clinton introduced several changes to U.S. immigration policy beginning in 1996 in order to curb the influx of illegal immigrants pouring over our borders.

The Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act increased the number of felony crimes that illegal immigrants could be charged with when caught crossing into the country.

Not only was the consequence deportation, but these immigrants were often detained during the process while their children were sent to separate facilities.

Clinton also sent troops to the border and doubled the budget for Border Patrol officers as a part of Operation Gatekeeper.

And President Obama, the left’s favorite guy – always untouchable by the media and free from rebuke of any sort – deported more illegal immigrants than any other president in our nation’s history.

Jun 26 09:01

EU admits: Jihadist terrorism has cost economy hundreds of billions

In a new report prepared by the RAND Corporation for the European Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS), the European Union (E.U.) acknowledges what many national security experts have been arguing for years:

This Cost of Non-Europe report argues that since 2004, terrorism has cost the EU about €185 billion in lost Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and around €5.6 billion in lost lives, injuries, and damage to infrastructure. It is argued that terrorism also harms trade, foreign direct investment and tourism (with immediate but often short-lived consequences in this latter respect), as well as transport[.] ...

In most Member States, law enforcement activities have clearly focused on jihadist groups and individuals, as illustrated by 718 of 1002 arrests for terrorist offences across the EU in 2016 related to jihadist violent extremism. According to Europol, in the same year, jihadist attacks accounted for almost all reported terrorism-related fatalities and most of the casualties.

Jun 26 08:55

Supreme Court upholds Trump’s travel ban

The Supreme Court on Tuesday upheld President Donald Trump’s travel ban, a major victory in the administration’s quest to restrict the flow of immigrants and visitors into the United States.

In a 5-4 decision, the justices affirmed the president’s vast powers over matters of national security — even as they grappled with Trump’s anti-Muslim statements and the intent behind the controversial policy.

Jun 26 08:11

Trump Threatens Taxes On Harley-Davidson 'Like Never Before' If It Moves Overseas

Harley-Davidson has been moving production overseas to places like India and Thailand for the last 10 years. They are going to use Trump's tariffs as their excuse. They were closing plants like in Kansas City months before the Tariffs. Their main market the Boomers,is tapped out. The Millenials don't have much money and when they do they buy Japanese crotch rockets. Harley didn't keep up with the times,so they will blame Trump!

It’s fair to say America’s most iconic motorcycle company has had enough damn problems lately well before it became President Donald Trump’s punching bag du jour. Harley-Davidson doubled-down on Baby Boomers to the point where it’s struggling with a declining and aging customer base, and now faces a plant closure and layoffs on top of sliding profits. Now the European Union has decided to target Harley for increased tariffs in response to Trump’s trade war, tariffs aimed right at the American heartland and the president’s base.

Jun 26 07:47

US Supreme Court Upholds Trump's Controversial Travel Ban

The US Supreme Court upheld President Donald Trump's latest travel ban targeting seven mostly Muslim countries, according to a ruling announced by Chief Justice John Roberts on Tuesday.

In the 5-4 decision, the court decided that "the Government has set forth a sufficient national security justification to survive rational basis review," according to the ruling.

Jun 25 18:50

European Parliament’s committee vote for rule of law action against Hungary

The European Parliament’s Civil Liberties Committee voted Monday for launching action against Hungary over allegations that Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s government is breaching the EU’s fundamental values. The committee voted Monday for a report that recommends triggering an “Article 7 procedure” amid concerns about judicial independence, media freedoms and the harsh treatment of migrants in Hungary, AP said. The full assembly must still endorse the move for it to happen. The procedure could result in Hungary losing EU voting rights. However, this is unlikely because Poland, which is also facing Article 7 action launched by the EU’s executive Commission, would probably veto it.

Jun 25 12:51

New York Times: Spike the food supply with sterilization chemicals to cause global infertility and depopulation

A November 4, 1969 New York Times feature article authored by Gladwin Hill called for sterilization chemicals to be added to the food supply in order to achieve globalist goals of human depopulation. That article, entitled “A Sterility Drug in Food is Hinted” came with the byline, “Biologist Stresses Need to Curb Population Growth.”

Until the New York Times memory holes the article, you can still find it in the NYT archives at this link, in fact. You can also see a partial photo of the NYT article below.

Jun 25 12:43

Border Patrol Agent Has Ankle Broken Trying to Protect Older Woman From ICE Protesters

Violent leftists have claimed their first injury, as protesters trying to stop a bus transporting illegal immigrants from one detainment center to another caused a border patrol agent to suffer a broken ankle.

The agent was trying to shield a “little old lady” from the protesters.

Reporter Griff Jenkins relayed the story of what happened outside a detainment facility in Texas on “Fox & Friends” on Sunday morning.

“Something we’re learning just this morning, guys, and that is that one of the agents inside here when this bus was moving, when the melee was going on, was trying to control the crowd, was trying to ensure that he also did not step on a smaller little old lady, he broke his ankle,” Jenkins said.

“His ankle is broken this morning.”

Jun 25 12:32

Stunning CBS Poll! Build the Wall, Deport or Detain Illegal Entrants

The CBS News 2018 Battleground Tracker Poll conducted by YouGov June 21-22 during the midst of the controversy over migrant families and unaccompanied children flooding the southern border shows a shift toward President Trump’s views. In March, the CBS poll showed 60 percent opposed a wall.

Now 51 percent support a wall being built but they are split on whether it can be completed. 32 percent say the wall is a good idea and can probably be completed while another 19 percent say the wall is a good idea that should be tried even if it can’t be completed.

Migrant families need to be returned to their countries as a family, say 48 percent; 11 percent think the parents should be arrested and their children detained with them; 4 percent said the parents should be arrested and their children kept in a separate facility. A total of 63 percent either want the migrant families deported or detained.

Jun 25 11:34

Aquarius migrants in Spain throw away towels and clothes donated by the Red Cross

On June 24th several Facebook users criticised the fact that many migrants from the Aquarius boat had thrown away clothes and towels donated to them by the Red Cross.

The clothes were found in a dumpster in Cheste’s Educational Complex, where many of the migrants have been housed until they have finalised their asylum applications.

This, despite the fact that the very first night in Spain, some migrants were spotted at a restaurant in Cheste paying for drinks using €100 bills.

Even the younger migrants, who were housed in a student residence in Alicante as we previously reported, were spotted going out to party on their first night, despite Liberal Spanish commentators stating that they were in “shock” and “traumatised” due to the crossing from Libya.

Jun 25 11:20

Meghan McCain tears into Maxine Waters for urging protests against Trump officials

“The View” co-host Meghan McCain criticized Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) on Saturday after the lawmaker called for protesters to confront Trump administration officials in public.

“This is absolutely insane — and extremely dangerous,” McCain tweeted in response to recent comments from Waters. “My father in law works in the administration, does this mean when we go out to dinner we should be ambushed?!?”

Jun 25 11:19

After Six Days, Portland’s ICE Blockade Is a City of More Than 80 Tents

Like the child detention camps it opposes, Portland's ICE blockade has grown into a tent city.

The occupation of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement headquarters on the South Waterfront has over six days expanded from a scattering of chairs to a village of more than 80 tents, four portable toilets, six couches, a commissary and a medic's office.

The protest now closely resembles the Occupy Portland camps that seized two downtown parks in 2011. Once again, a Portland mayor has sanctioned the takeover—but this time, the target is a federal agency, and the goal is to directly impede its work.

Jun 25 11:19

GOP Congressman Warns Nation Headed to Civil War

Rep. Steve King posted a warning on Twitter Sunday evening that the U.S. is heading toward a second civil war, comparing the present day actions of the anti-Trump resistance to the run-up to the Civil War.

King, an eight-term Congressman from Iowa, keyed off a PJ Media article about leftist protesters shutting down a Portland, Oregon ICE office and taking down the U.S. flag, replacing with an “Refugees Welcome” flag.

“America is heading in the direction of another Harpers Ferry. After that comes Ft. Sumter.”

Jun 25 09:59

New poll numbers AFTER family separation crisis are a warning for …….. DEMS!

And after all the images and anti-Trump news coverage of the past few weeks, the Dem advantaged on the generic congressional ballot is down to 4%:

Jun 25 09:57

How US Policy In Honduras Set The Stage For Today's Mass Migration

Under the Obama administration In 2014, more than 68,000 unaccompanied Central American children were apprehended at the U.S.-Mexico boundary. There were more than 60,000 in 2016.

The mainstream narrative often reduces the causes of migration to factors unfolding in migrants’ home countries. In reality, migration is often a manifestation of a profoundly unequal and exploitative relationship between migrant-sending countries and countries of destination. Understanding this is vital to making immigration policy more effective and ethical.

Through my research on immigration and border policing, I have learned a lot about these dynamics. One example involves relations between Honduras and the United States.

Jun 25 09:50

Immigration judge insists three-year-old children are capable of learning the law and representing themselves in court

A longtime immigration judge is under fire after he insisted that three-year-old children were capable of learning the law and representing themselves in court.

Senior Justice Department official Jack H Weil made the shocking claims while giving testimony during a court case regarding whether immigrant children should be given taxpayer-funded attorneys.

'I've taught immigration law literally to three-year-olds and four-year-olds,' he said. 'It takes a lot of time. It takes a lot of patience. They get it.'

'It's not the most efficient, but it can be done.'

Jun 25 09:42

Crazy Maxine Waters Orders Democrats To Form Mob, "Physically Push Back" Against White House Employees

Jun 25 09:37

This Lawsuit Could Bring Down Barack Obama Once And For All

One of the biggest scandals to take place during the end of the Obama administration was the flood of tens of thousands of unaccompanied illegal alien children across the Southern border.

The Obama administration pushed for amnesty, and illegal aliens from Central America responded to the incentive by swarming America’s border.

Americans were shocked by images of children in dog cages and wrapped in foil.

Despite the fake news media trying to claim President Trump was mistreating illegal alien children on a historic scale, this scandal was of Obama’s own making.

And now one lawsuit seeks to hold the government accountable for Obama’s misdeeds.

The American Immigrant Council is suing on behalf of the illegal alien children who claim they were mistreated in Obama’s holding facilities.

Jun 25 09:19

Sen. Schumer Calls On White House To Appoint ‘Czar’ To Oversee Reunification

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is calling on the White House to appoint a ‘czar’ to oversee the reunification of migrant families separated at the border.

In a tweet Sunday, Schumer said a ‘czar’ is required to break through the bureaucracy in order to get the kids back in their parents’ arms.

Jun 25 09:03

Mexico's double standard Immigration laws.

Jun 25 08:58

The Real Reason & Solution to the Immigration Crisis You Won’t Hear from Democrats or Republicans

In regard to illegal immigration, the left and the right are at extreme odds when it comes to how to deal with those crossing over into the United States. The left wants to subsidize them using taxpayer funds while the right wants to subsidize the prison industrial complex by locking them up. Meanwhile, however, those of us not blinded by the political divide are looking at why they are crossing over in the first place and proposing solutions to fix it that don’t require subsidizing anyone.

The reality of the situation is that the recent spike in immigrants coming into the United States from the Southern border are fleeing the inevitable results of the bipartisan policy carried out by multiple federal agencies on a global scale. The overwhelming majority of migrants coming from countries like El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala are fleeing violence created by the US federal government’s own war on drugs.

Jun 25 08:53

BEXALERT: Why Do We Underplay the Links Between Cannabis and Psychosis?

Big Pharma and Big Alcohol and the Judicial/Police/Prison Complex are in one big panic!
I post this as a classic example of propaganda and disinformation.

What is really needed in dealing with cannabis is a “tobacco moment”, as with cigarettes 50 years ago, when a majority of people became convinced that smoking might give them cancer and kill them. Since then the number of cigarette smokers in Britain has fallen by two-thirds.

A depressing aspect of the present debate about cannabis is that so many proponents of legalisation or decriminalisation have clearly not taken on board that the causal link between cannabis and psychosis has been scientifically proven over the past ten years, just as the connection between cancer and cigarettes was proved in the late 1940s and 1950s.

Jun 25 08:43

Italy Leaves Merkel Stunned, Demands Europe Rip Up Existing Migrant System

In our preview of Sunday's now-concluded emergency EU meeting on refugee policy which the FT dubbed "The summit to save Merkel", we said that the German chancellor fate could be decided as soon as today should a newly populist Italy present a set of insurmountable demands on how to deal with Europe's migrant problem. And judging by the opening salvo, the odds of Merkel's political career just slumped after Italy’s prime minister Giuseppe Conti demanded the EU rip up its system for dealing with migrants, laying bare seemingly insurmountable divisions in the bloc over migration policy.

The hastily-gathered meeting, a segue to the formal EU summit scheduled for June 28 in which migration will be the key topic, was requested by Berlin as a chance for Ms Merkel to press for stronger powers for countries to send back asylum seekers already registered in another EU country: a key condition in an ultimatum that was handed to Merkel last week and which threatens her tenure as chancellor.

Jun 25 08:42

Italy Says "Arrogant" Macron Risks Becoming "Enemy #1" On Migration, Orders Ships To Halt Refugee Pickups

Italian officials are digging their heels in over EU migration after League leader and Interior Minister Matteo Salvini branded French President Emmanuel Macron "arrogant" for trying to downplay Europe's migration crisis, while Italian Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio said that Macron risks making France Italy's "number one enemy on this emergency" in a Saturday Facebook post.

Jun 25 08:42

Germany's Migrant Policy: Why Trump Was Right

US President Donald Trump attacked German Chancellor Angela Merkel's migrant policy this week. The people of Germany are turning against their leadership as migration is rocking the already tenuous Berlin coalition," he tweeted on June 18. "Crime in Germany is way up. Big mistake made all over Europe in allowing millions of people in who have so strongly and violently changed their culture!" he added.

President Trump's comments come at a time when Merkel is facing the biggest crisis of her career. She is struggling to hold her government together, with the Bavarian Catholic party, the Christian Social Union (CSU), threatening to leave the governing coalition over immigration. The CSU wants the police to have the authority to turn away illegal migrants at the border, a move bitterly opposed by Merkel.

While Trump slammed Merkel's handling of the migrant crisis during his presidential campaign, until now, he has refrained from publicly criticizing her over the issue.

Jun 25 08:39

As We Move Into The Heat Of Summer, The Calls For Violence Upon Law-Abiding Conservative Americans Being Made By Liberals And The MSM Could Blow Up In Their Faces

While they'd never officially admit it due to their fears of forever losing 'piggy bank America' or being wiped off of this planet for doing so, it's clear by looking at all of the events detailed within this story that the 'globalists' have declared war upon America. And treasonous liberals within the US are enabling them to do so.

Illustrated perfectly in this story over at the Daily Caller which Steve Quayle linked to on his website Saturday morning reporting that one Mexican presidential candidate has called on Mexicans to make a mass exodus to America, it's painfully obvious that liberals and globalists will do ANYTHING to keep President Trump from completing his agenda for America, even if that means America must fail.

Jun 25 08:37

AWFUL. Florida GOP Attorney General Pam Bondi Needs Police Escort to Protect Her from SCREAMING HECKLERS at Movie Theater

Florida Attorney General Republican Pam Bondi needed a police escort to protect her from screaming unhinged leftists at a movie theater on Saturday night.

The popular Attorney General has been a long-time target of unhinged left.

The screaming hecklers were screaming about the border children who have been detained by ICE for over a decade.

This is today’s Democrat party.

Jun 25 08:37

INSANE: Sen. Dianne Feinstein says ALL parents should be free to commit crimes across America, to avoid “separating families” whose parents commit crimes

According to attorney Gabriel Malor from The Federal, Sen. Feinstein’s bill would provide that “[a]n agent or officer of a designated agency shall be prohibited from removing a child from his or her parent or legal guardian at or near the port of entry or within 100 miles of the border of the United States,” suggesting that any crimes committed in these areas by people with children will instantly be considered non-crimes.

Malor warns about four immediate warning signs in this unconstitutional bill that point to this, including:

Jun 25 08:35

Now Leftists say keeping children and parents together isn’t enough… OPEN BORDERS is the real goal

The president issued an executive order requiring child separation in fewer cases but he did not change his administration’s “zero tolerance” policy of prosecuting, not catching and releasing, people who cross into the U.S. illegally.

Despite the fact that Trump eased up on his child separation policy — the principal demand from the perpetually triggered Left — it made no difference whatsoever.

Democrats and their sycophantic backers in the media still weren’t satisfied, proving once again that all they really want is open borders.

Jun 25 08:34

Mayor DeBlasio Visits TX Facility to See ‘Abused’ Illegal Immigrant Children — Ignores 2 in 5 Kids Living in Poverty in NYC

These shameless Democrats pretend to be concerned about these immigrant children but SAID NOTHING when children were being separated from their parents during the Obama years.

While Mayor De Blasio poses for the cameras in Texas — 2 out of 5 children in New York City continue to suffer in poverty.

While Mayor Eric Garcetti mugs for the cameras in Texas — 8.9% of children in Los Angeles live in DEEP poverty.

Jun 25 08:32

Gingrich: ‘Democrats Stand’ for Millions of People Coming in Illegally Through Open Borders

Gingrich said, “The drug cartels are deliberately bringing people north. The Mexican government is facilitating people coming out of Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras. We’ve had an enormous increase in the number of people trying to penetrate the United States border. Some Democrats are for open borders. 25 million people want to come in, that’s terrific for them because they have zero understanding of the importance of American civilization and the importance of our country being coherent. But no country in the world can take open-ended continuous migration. You’re seeing a tremendous reaction in Europe about this now. It’s going to get stronger. And I would just suggest the president’s tried to follow a path that says we’re going to be humane about the children, but we’re not going to open the border to continuous illegal immigration. That’s a very important national choice.”

Jun 25 08:31

Investigation Finds Migrant Career Criminals Routinely Protected from Deportation

An investigation into Germany’s Federal Agency for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) has found that migrant criminals with records of murder, rape, and drug dealing have been allowed to stay in the country under the asylum law.
German tabloid Bild claims to have gained access to records and letters sent from field officers across the country warning the security department at the BAMF headquarters in Nuremberg of asylum seekers with long records of criminality.

According to one case obtained by the tabloid, the security unit of BAMF was warned about an asylum seeker with 85 criminal charges currently against him in Turkey.

“The applicant stated in his hearing and has shown that there are approximately 85 ongoing criminal proceedings against him in Turkey. There is also an arrest warrant against the applicant,” the letter said.

Jun 25 08:31

Underage Pregnant Girl, 1-Yr-Old Child Among 57 Migrants Rescued in Arizona Desert

An underage pregnant girl and a 1-year-old child were among a group of 36 minor and 21 adult migrants rescued in the 108-degree heat of the Arizona desert after they illegally crossed the border from Mexico. Many in the group required medical attention for exposure to the heat and dehydration.

Tucson Sector Border Patrol agents assigned to the Ajo Station responded to a 911 call for assistance from a large group of illegal immigrants who became lost in the desert after illegally crossing the border on Friday. The call came in from the Sonora, Mexico, 911 system. The group consisted of 36 minors and 21 adults. At lease 17 of the minors were unaccompanied by a parent or guardian, according to information obtained by Breitbart Texas from U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials. The minors included an underage girl who is pregnant and a one-year-old toddler, officials stated.

Jun 25 08:30

Border Patrol Agents Seize $1 Million in Heroin at NM Checkpoint

Border Patrol agents in New Mexico seized more than $1 million worth of heroin at an immigration checkpoint located in southern New Mexico. Agents discovered the drugs after a K-9 agent alerted to the possible presence of an illegal substance.

Agents assigned to the Highway 70 immigration checkpoint in southern New Mexico on June 21 observed a car hauler approaching with several vehicles loaded. The agents became suspicious of a black Honda that was not in good condition in comparison to the other vehicles on the trailer, the Associated Press reported. After a K-9 agent alerted to the possible presence of drugs and asked the driver to move the tractor-trailer to a secondary inspection station.

The Highway 70 inspection station is located southwest of Alamogordo, New Mexico.

During the search of the vehicle, agents discovered more than $1 million worth of heroin wrapped in a bundle. Agents also found a few kilograms of cocaine inside the Honda.

Jun 25 08:29

US Navy planning new camps to support immigration crackdown: report

The US Navy plans to build sprawling detention centers for tens of thousands of immigrants on remote bases in support of President Donald Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy against unlawful migration, a report said Friday.

According to a draft memo obtained by Time magazine, the navy plans to build “temporary and austere” tent cities to house 25,000 migrants across three abandoned air fields in Alabama, 47,000 people at a facility near San Francisco, and another 47,000 at a training center in southern California.

The document estimates the navy would spend $233 million to run a facility for 25,000 over six-months.

Asked for comment, Pentagon spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Jamie Davis said: “The Department of Defense is conducting prudent planning and is looking nationwide at DoD installations should DHS (Department of Homeland Security) ask for assistance in housing adult illegal immigrants.

Jun 25 08:29

California Democrats Furious at Plans to House Detained Illegal Aliens at Navy Bases

California Democrats are reacting angrily to plans by the Trump administration to house tens of thousands of illegal aliens detained at the southern border at military bases in the Golden State.

Plans that leaked late last week call for 47,000 illegal aliens to be housed at a closed U.S. Navy base in Concord in the San Francisco Bay Area, and for about 25,000 to be housed at the U.S. Marine Corps base at Camp Pendleton in Southern California.

The apparent intention is to keep illegal aliens detained rather than allowing them to disappear into the general U.S. population, as was the previous practice under the “catch-and-release” approach. Though illegal aliens who were released often received court dates, many simply declined to appear.

Jun 25 08:28

Antifa Calls NYU Prof "A Hero" For Doxxing ICE Employees

Antifa members are praising a New York University faculty member for creating a database of more than 1,500 ICE employees, which multiple online platforms have since removed for violating "doxxing" policies.

Sam Lavigne, a “Something in Residence” at NYU, promoted the list on Tuesday via Twitter and other platforms, drawing the attention of Github, which proceeded to remove the list from its site after determining that it constituted “doxxing and harassment, and violating a third party’s privacy.”

Jun 25 08:27

Thanks to #FakeNews Created Frenzy: All DHS Employees Warned About Threats to Their Personal Safety

Now that the Mueller witch hunt has imploded the liberal fake news media created a new frenzy by reporting on families of illegal aliens being separated at the border — a practice that has been going on for a decade now but was previously ignored.

DHS employees including Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen has been harassed and threatened while out dining and at home.

The fake news media has escalated the phony scandal to such a degree that all DHS employees were warned about threats to their personal safety.

Jun 25 08:27

Nearly Half of Swing District Voters Want Illegal Alien Families Deported Together to Their Native Country

Nearly half of voters living in swing districts across the United States say that illegal alien families who cross the U.S.-Mexico border should be deported together back to their native countries.

The latest CBS News/YouGov poll reveals that a plurality of swing district voters support President Trump’s position that border crossing family units should be deported together out of the U.S.

About 48 percent of swing district voters say illegal alien families arriving at the U.S.-Mexico border should be deported “back to their home country together,” a plan that Trump is hoping to execute in order to mitigate the country’s illegal immigration problem.

Jun 25 08:26

Fake News Backfires on Dems – Obama-Era Photos of Illegal Alien Children in Cages Deter Immigrants From Illegally Crossing Into US

The Democrats and their liberal media have been ranting nonstop since photos first surfaced several weeks ago of illegal immigrant children in cages.

The photos in a “First Look” article by AZ Central were first published back in 2014 when Obama was president.

This was a regular practice during the Bush and Obama years.
But Democrats and their liberal media are hoping to make this the issue of the year.

Fake News TIME Mag took it to the next level and exploited a little Honduran girl who was photographed crying after her mother kidnapped her and dragged her across the US border illegally.

The photo of the ‘crying girl’ spread like wildfire on social media.

TIME lied and said the little girl was separated from her mother by border patrol agents. She was never separated from her mother. All lies.

Jun 25 08:24

Trump says illegal immigrants should be deported with 'no judges or court cases'

President Donald Trump said on Sunday that people who enter the United States illegally should be sent back immediately to where they came from without any judicial process, likening them to invaders who are trying to “break into” the country.

His proposal drew immediate criticism from legal analysts and immigrant rights advocates who said it would violate the U.S. Constitution’s due process provision, which applies to citizens and non-citizens alike.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In point of fact, the U.S. Constitution’s due process provision does NOT apply to non-citizens. Trump is correct in viewing the illegal immigrants as invaders, and invaders have no rights in this country.

Jun 25 08:04

CNN, MSNBC look away as Trump hosts families of victims killed by illegal immigrants

Trump hosted 14 members of "Angel Families" at the White House on Friday. Some of them held up photos of the loved ones whose murderers turned out to be illegal immigrants.

"We're gathered today to hear directly from the American victims of illegal immigration. You hear the other side, you never hear this side, you don't know what's going on," Trump said. "These are the American citizens permanently separated from their loved ones… because they were killed by criminal illegal aliens."

"These are the families the media ignores. They don't talk about them, very unfair," the president continued.

At this point, two of of three major US cable networks decided to cut away from the event, the Washington Examiner pointed out on Friday afternoon. Fox News stayed tuned to the meeting.

Jun 25 07:59

Will Bulgaria’s Anti-Migration Actions Be Backed By The EU?

Bulgarian Prime Minister Boiko Borissov is moving the country quickly into the front of EU states who oppose the EU’s present border and migration policies. Speaking ahead of today’s meeting of EU leaders on migration and asylum, the PM said that Bulgaria had, through its own efforts, shown that it could cope with the whole slew of pressures brought on about by the refugee crisis.

Borissov expressed satisfaction with the results that Bulgaria had achieved thus far, in protecting itself and EU’s external border. Credit was given to Bulgaria’s Border Police and Frontex. It was also emphasized that such a result would not have been possible without an agreement with Turkey.

Jun 25 07:58

‘Westworld’ Star Evan Rachel Wood Endures 24-Hour Hunger Strike to Protest Border Enforcement

HBO’s Westworld star Evan Rachel Wood rushed to the “front lines” of Texas this weekend to join a 24-hour hunger strike in protest of President Donald Trump’s border enforcement measures, that saw adult border crossers separated from children.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One more time. If you commit a crime, any crime, and are sent to jail, you are not allowed to take your children with you. It is that simple.

Jun 25 07:52

Censorship: Entire European Identitarian Movement Permanently Banned From Facebook

The anti-mass migration Generation Identity movement has been banned permanently from Facebook, after all of their official pages were deleted due to “extremist content.”

Over the last several weeks the group has seen page after page disappear from the social media giant’s platform with little or no explanation, but a new report claims that Facebook has permanently banned the hipster-right identitarians, accusing them of posting “extremist content”.

According to the paper, Facebook confirmed that the group had been permanently banned from the platform, “citing their policies against extremist content and organised hate groups.”

Jun 25 07:50

Trump wants to woo Silicon Valley — but he’s from a different planet

Since the Second World War, only one other President has been more popular with his own party at this point of his term than Donald Trump. That was George W Bush after the 9/11 attacks. Some 87 per cent of Republicans approve of the job he’s doing.

They love the fact that the economy is roaring, that taxes are falling and regulations are being slashed back. They love that he is doing what he promised during his campaign, tearing up trade agreements and clamping down on immigration. They love it when he stands in the middle of violent political crossfire over the separation of children and their parents arriving illegally from Mexico and says, as he did on Tuesday: “You have to stand for something.”

Steve Bannon, Trump’s former adviser, said this week that Trump was a “profile in courage” for “tripling down” on his campaign vows.

Jun 25 07:46

France has been 'colonized' by US, Brussels & migrants – MP & ex-presidential candidate

France has been “colonized” by migrants, as well as by the US, China, Germany, and the European Union, a French euroskeptic politician has warned, stating that he doesn't want his country to "disappear."

"I think that our country is colonized...economically by the Americans and the Chinese, politically by Brussels, the European Union and Germany," Nicolas Dupont-Aignan said during an interview on France's 'On the Couch' program.

Jun 25 07:45

EU Turns Into Scattered Archipelago Failing to Find Migration Solutions - Rome

The migration crisis threatens the European Union with the break-up and has already turned the bloc into a scattered archipelago consisting of multiple islands amid its inability to find common solutions, Italian Foreign Minister Enzo Moavero Milanesi said in an interview with the Messaggero newspaper.

"Those who believe that the migration crisis poses a huge threat to the unity of the European Union are dramatizing but may turn out to be prophets. The risk of Europe’s break-up exists. Disagreements among groups of states, difficulties in finding common solutions and making joint efforts may have even more erosive effect that the 2012 financial crisis … [Europe] has turned into an archipelago consisting of multiple islands. The ability to reach compromises, share opinions and practically cooperate has deteriorated," Milanesi said.

Jun 25 07:44

Merkel Says Undocumented Migrants Should Have 'No Choice' of Asylum Country

On Sunday, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker convened what he called an "informal working meeting" on migration issues, with all interested EU member states invited to participate

Undocumented migrants should not have the right to choose a country, where they will request for asylum, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said.

"On the one hand we cannot abandon the countries accepting refugees, because it would mean that they should deal with all the problems on their own, that it was not a common decision. But on the other hand, illegal transporters and refugees cannot chose on their own, in which European state they will request for asylum," Merkel told reporters on Sunday after the meeting.

Jun 25 07:19

Maxine Waters orders MORE public harassment of Trump aides: ‘God is on OUR side!’

Maxine Waters wants more people to harass Trump administration officials in public spaces.

The California Congresswoman went on a shouting rampage during a toy drive outside the Wilshire Federal Building on Saturday.

After claiming Trump is”sacrificing our children,” referring to the illegal immigrant kids separated from their “parents” near the border, Waters again called for the president’s impeachment, triggering loud applause from the baying mob.