Aug 06 09:20

Italian Leftist Open Borders Group Reports Populist Salvini for ‘Hate Crimes’

The far-left pro-open borders association Baobab Experience has targetted populist anti-mass migration Interior Minister Matteo Salvini claiming he has been spreading “hate speech” with his rhetoric.

Earlier this week, the association claimed to have reported the League leader to the authorities for “the criminal dissemination of ideas based on ethnic or racial hatred”, Italian newspaper Il Giornale reports.

The group said that because one of Salvini’s speeches had contained the phrase “… you have to go away” when referring to migrants, that the populist Interior Minister was “spreading ideas based on ethnic or racial hatred… Salvini foments an alarming social intolerance”, they said.

Aug 06 09:19

Globalist Grip Weakens in Europe as Merkel and Macron Tank in the Polls

The globalist, progressive leaders of France and Germany are seeing record low public approval as patriotism and conservatism grows across the European Union.

France’s President Emmanuel Marcon has seen yet another drop in the polls, with his approval rating falling to its lowest level since he was elected in May 2017.

The former Socialist Party member saw his support drop by five points to 27 percent approval versus 62 percent disapproval, according to a Yougov poll released Friday.

During this time last year, Macron had a 50 percent approval rating with the French people, his falling popularity being helped in no small part by the current scandal surrounding the young premier and his former bodyguard.

Aug 06 09:18

Leading Arizona Democrat Dreams of Borderless USA: ‘Just Imagine No Wall’

David Garcia—an ally to socialist and pro-open borders Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez—asked progressive activists at the Netroots Nation conference to dream of an America that did not have a border between Mexico and southern Arizona.

“I want to just take a second and imagine, let’s just imagine … just imagine no wall,” Garcia said. “No wall in southern Arizona.”

Garcia is supported by the socialist Left and even has won support from billionaire hedge fund manager Tom Steyer. In June, Garcia held a fundraiser at Steyer’s mansion in San Francisco, California.

Steyer, one of the billionaire funders of the socialist Left, has funded similar anti-Trump, pro-open borders groups as billionaire George Soros.

Aug 06 08:56

San Francisco is a Sh*thole

Aug 06 07:55


Eye Gouging Hey, why not. If you don’t like someone, just gouge out their eyes.

Aug 06 04:09

Judge Orders To Restore DACA, Says Trump Admin Failed To Provide Reasons For Ending It

"The Court therefore reaffirms its conclusion that DACA's rescission was unlawful and must be set aside," he wrote in a 25-page opinion on Friday.


Aug 05 08:33


In recent years, relations between Russia and the US have deteriorated significantly reaching the level of the times of the Caribbean crisis. Washington openly declares that it considers Moscow to be the main threat, Russia also considers the United States a likely enemy. However, the chance to change the situation came after the meeting between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.

Aug 04 09:58


Senator Cory Booker was photographed holding a sign bearing a pro-Palestinian movement slogan. The image appeared on the Twitter feed of the U.S. Campaign for Palestinian Rights, a self-described “coalition of 330+ groups” working “for a US policy toward Palestine/Israel based on freedom, justice, and equality.”

“From Palestine to Mexico, all the walls have got to go,” the sign read.

Aug 04 09:27

Spain sets up migrant command center amid summer surge in arrivals

Spain is setting up a central operational command for migrant management amid a summer surge in arrivals from North Africa. Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced Friday that the unit will coordinate Spain’s response to the thousands of migrants arriving each month. The situation is placing a strain on public services in Spain, AP reports. Sanchez added that his government is in talks with Morocco, from where traffickers take the migrants across the Mediterranean, and the migrants’ countries of origin. The UN Migration Agency says in the first five months of this year, 8,150 migrants were rescued in Spanish waters. Since the end of May, almost 15,000 have been saved from boats - more than 240 people a day. Spain has surpassed Italy as the main EU destination for migrants coming by sea.

Aug 03 09:41

Illegal Alien Convict Accused of Sex Abuse Bankrupts County with $1M Taxpayer-Funded Medical Bills

A previously convicted illegal alien accused of sexually abusing an underage girl whom he is related to is racking up close to $1 million in taxpayer-funded medical bills while in Utah prison.

A report from the Salt Lake Tribune reveals the extent to which illegal aliens cost the American taxpayer.

Gerardo Valerio-Romero, a 49-year-old illegal alien from Mexico, was arrested and charged with sexually abusing an eight-year-old girl who is a relative of his. While in the custody of Utah County, the illegal alien was diagnosed with cancer and began receiving treatment.

Aug 03 09:41

Deranged Democrats now insist America should PAY illegal aliens for crossing the border as a kind of reward system… seriously

A prominent Democrat from the People’s Republic of New York has announced that Americans aren’t doing enough to financially support illegal aliens who cross the country’s southern border illegally.

It’s apparently not enough for Joe Crowley, who recently lost his House seat to a 28-year-old socialist, for many illegal aliens to milk the welfare system and not be deported. He actually wants to see them receive taxpayer dollars as support for all that he says they’ve had to endure under the Trump administration.

“I suggest they need to be compensated for what this administration did,” Crowley, who shares the same last name as renowned satanist Aleister Crowley, stated during a recent Democratic weekly news conference – referring, of course, to the mainstream media’s ongoing fake news hysteria over illegal immigrant children allegedly being “ripped from their families” at the border.

Aug 03 09:38

Democratic New Mexico House candidate endorsed by Obama calls for abolition of ICE

A Democratic congressional candidate from New Mexico endorsed by former President Barack Obama has come out in favor of abolishing the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency in response to President Trump's immigration policies.

In an email to Fox News, Debra Haaland said she was "deeply troubled" by what she described as Trump's "efforts to dehumanize and hurt immigrants -- from caging small children to arresting parents outside of churches and banning people from our country based on their religion."

Aug 03 09:33

Dem heads explode! Trump calls for VOTER ID amid widespread reports of voter fraud

President Donald Trump took a major step against election fraud Tuesday night during a Florida rally, signaling his support for voter identification laws.

“The time has come for voter ID, like everything else,” Trump said during a rally in Tampa for GOP congressman Ron DeSantis, who is seeking to become Florida’s next governor, according to PJ Media.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Aug 03 09:10

Breaking Ranks, Italian Bishop Blasts ‘Collective’ Trashing of Matteo Salvini

The bishop of Chioggia has criticized Catholic attacks on Interior Minister Matteo Salvini for his efforts to curb illegal immigration, noting that people’s frustration with Italy’s immigration situation “is not irrational.”

Addressing a recent cover story in Famiglia Cristiana, Italy’s largest Catholic publication, which compared Mr. Salvini with the devil, Bishop Adriano Tessarollo said he thinks it is “stupid” to identify the magazine with all Catholic priests.

“Let’s stop this collectivizing mentality,” the bishop said in an interview with Corriere del Veneto. “Broad categorical judgements are the most malevolent and offensive thing there is.”

Aug 03 09:09

Bosnia Fears Becoming New Calais as Migrants Surge Across Border

More and more migrants have been surging across the border into Bosnia in recent months, hoping to cross into European Union via Croatia. The influx may be fueling prior tensions between ethnic and religious groups in the country.
The Bosnian town of Bihac and the nearby village of Iza?i? have become a hub for newly arriving migrants, with an estimated 4,000 currently living in the town which boasts a population of only 60,000, Liberation reports.

Around 50 migrants arrive in the area every day, according to reports and NGOs, and others say they are not fully equipped to deal with the numbers and that tensions are rising among the migrants.

“This place is not safe at night,” a Kurdish migrant living in the area said, adding: “There are fights, knives circulating. The police refuse to intervene.”

Aug 03 09:09

Mass Migration Activists Warn Croatian Police to Stop Protecting Border

Accusing Croatian police of violence against illegal immigrants, mass migration activists have demanded officers disobey orders relating to border protection or else face increasing pressure from foreign NGOs.

Aug 03 09:08

Trump I Would ‘Personally Prefer’ a Government Shutdown Before the Midterms

He continued, “I say it’s better before. Let’s do it before. You know who thinks It’s better to do it before? Rush Limbaugh thinks it should be before, before the election. You know who else? Sean Hannity. A lot of them, great people. A lot of people, a lot of great Republicans, they are well-meaning. They say ‘look we have the best economy ever. We are doing great.’ Maybe they don’t want to complicate it. I understand it. You know I’m a little torn myself. I would personally prefer before (November’s midterm elections). But whether it’s before or after, we’re either getting it, or we’re closing down government. We need border security. We need border security.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Dear President Trump. Start arresting the mayors and governors of sanctuary cities/states under Title 8 and toss them in jail. That will start to solve the illegal immigration process a lot faster than arguing over that wall.

Aug 03 08:59

This Is What Foreign Invasion Looks Like

The number of migrants waiting to storm Spain is currently at 50,000 and “continues to grow,” with the men becoming more “violent” in their efforts to reach Europe.

Spain has become the number one point of arrival for migrants crossing the sea to Europe in 2018, with over 21,000 arrivals so far, a process that has quickened after the country’s socialist government gave the green light for open borders.

Aug 03 08:39

Population boost: Canada eyes foreign students

whitehorse souce)

Aug 02 23:42

HIV-Positive Worker Charged With Sexually Molesting Eight Children at Immigrant Shelter

The allegations against the Southwest Key youth care worker are the latest in a series of serious accusations of sexual abuse inside the government’s immigrant youth shelters. This story includes graphic details of alleged sexual violence against minors. A youth care worker for Southwest Key has been charged with 11 sex offenses after authorities accused him of molesting at least eight unaccompanied immigrant boys over nearly a year at one of the company’s shelters in Mesa, Arizona, federal court records show.

Aug 02 11:25

ICE Contacted After Police Pull Over Van, Driver Flees on Foot — And 11 People Without Documents Found Inside

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials were contacted Thursday morning when 11 people without legal papers were found in a van that was pulled over west of St. Louis by the Six Flags theme park.

The driver and a passenger fled on foot after the van was pulled over by police. The 11 undocumented immigrants were found inside.

Officials are still searching for the driver and passenger who fled the scene. Both men are described as Hispanic.

Aug 02 09:39

Sanctuary city of Philadelphia no longer cooperating with ICE

Local government versus federal government gone wild: How far will liberals go to make America dangerous again by going against President Trump's policies?

Aug 02 08:38

Chuck Schumer in 2009: Illegal Immigration is wrong, plain and simple

Aug 02 08:32

Landmark ruling sees British court recognise sharia law for the first time as judge rules wife married in Islamic ceremony can make claim on husband's assets under UK law

A British court has recognised sharia law for the first time in a landmark decision as a judge ruled that a wife can claim her husband's assets in the split.

The decision came about after Nasreen Akhter wanted a divorce from her husband Mohammed Shabaz Khan. The couple were wed in an Islamic faith marriage in 1998.

Mr Khan wanted to block Mrs Akhter's divorce on the basis that they are 'not legally married' under English law and says they are married 'under Sharia law only'.

The High Court ruling on Wednesday said their union should be valid and recognised because their vows had similar expectations of a British marriage contract.

This means women married in an Islamic faith ceremony will have an easier time securing a divorce in the UK, paving the way for them to claim half their husband's assets.

Aug 02 08:31

‘Explosive situation’: Pro-migrant group forced to end its crucial work in Paris due to violence

Tensions between asylum seekers and police, aggressive drug addicts and government inaction – the volatile atmosphere in a Paris district is forcing a pro-migrant group to cut off their vital volunteer work for newcomers.

Solidarité Migrants Wilson has been distributing food for migrants near Porte de la Chapelle station in Paris' 18th district for 20 months. Yet since August 1 the group has decided to stop their work as they can’t cope with the growing level of violence in the area.

“From the beginning our mission was to serve hot drinks and bread and we have done this for 20 months, every day. During the last month though (July), we started questioning our mission, as we don’t want our volunteers to be put in danger,” Philippe Caro from Solidarité Migrants Wilson explained to RT.

Aug 02 08:19

First Asylum-Seeker Transit Center Opens in Germany

EU leaders have agreed to set up a number of “controlled” centers in EU member-states as part of an accelerated procedure of sending undocumented migrants to their home countries

The first “Anker” (“Arrival,” “Return”) center has just opened in the southern German state of Bavaria to process migrants accruing in the country through the Austrian border, Deutsche Welle reported.

The idea behind the centers, which are part of the "migration master plan" proposed by German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer, is that asylum seekers will be kept there until their right to stay is determined.

Aug 01 18:11

South Africa to change constitution to legalize taking away white farmers' land

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has said the ruling African National Congress must initiate a parliamentary process to enshrine in the constitution a proposed amendment, paving the way for land grabs without compensation.
Ramaphosa, who vowed to return the lands owned by the white farmers since the 1600s to the country's black population after he assumed office in February this year, said on Tuesday that the ANC would introduce a constitutional amendment in parliament.

"The ANC will through the parliamentary process finalize the proposed amendment to the constitution that outlines more clearly the conditions under which expropriation of land without compensation can be effected," Ramaphosa, a prominent trade union leader and a close associate of Nelson Mandela, said in a televised address on Tuesday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The Zimbabwefication of South Africa has officially begun.

South African farmers, sell what you can, and get a second passport to keep you out the country permanently. What is about to happen is going to be ugly, and happen more quickly than you can imagine.

But with the dire corruption in the ANC, the situation is not going to get better for South Africans any time soon.

And we have a companion piece, also out of

South African Farmers want Russian citizenship

Aug 01 13:55


The United Nations envoy to Syria, Staffan de Mistura, plans to hold a meeting with Russia, Iran and Turkey regarding the formation of a constitutional committee to draft a new constitution for Syria.

Webmaster addition: Shouldn't that be up to the Syrian people?

Aug 01 11:37

Appeals Court Tosses Nationwide Injunction Against Sanctuary City Defunding

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled 2-1 on Wednesday that a San Francisco Judge went too far last April with a nationwide injunction against President Trump's January Executive Order, which would withhold funding from "sanctuary" cities and counties. The panel, however, agreed that Trump may not withhold funding from San Francisco or Santa Clara County for limiting their cooperation with immigration enforcement officials.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Apparently, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals wants the devastation brought about by illegal immigration to Santa Clara County, and San Francisco, to continue.

Aug 01 11:14

WATCH What Democrat Senator Said When Told Illegals ‘Broke the Law’

Albence told Hirono, “Again, I think we’re missing the point. These individuals are there because they have broken a law.”

But Hirono interrupted, bizarrely insisting that the illegal immigrants being held in the detention centers “have broken a law only as deemed so by” President Donald Trump.

“No ma’am,” Albence fired back. “They are there for violation of Title 8 of the U.S. Nationality Act. Okay. U.S.C. 1325. That’s illegal entry is both a criminal and civil violation. They are in those FRCs pending the outcome of that civil immigration process. They have broken the law. ”

After continuing to struggle grasping the basic concept that illegal aliens have broken U.S. immigration laws, Hirono said she was “confused.”

‘Confused’ by the most basic immigration laws? A senior member of a Senate committee in charge of immigration legislation?

Aug 01 11:12

Portland police 'refused to respond to TWO 911 calls from ICE employees inside their offices while protests against Trump's immigration policy raged outside'

A union representing agents of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement is accusing Portland, Oregon’s mayor of ordering his police force to deny help while they were faced with violent demonstrators occupying their offices.

Portland police have been accused of refusing to respond to at least two 911 calls from employees in the ICE offices in the city.

Aug 01 11:08

Spanish Police Warn 50,000 Migrants Waiting in Morocco to Invade Spain

Police sources are warning that 50,000 illegal migrants from sub-Saharan Africa are waiting in Morocco to invade Spain.

As we reported yesterday, boatloads of migrants are already washing up on Spanish beaches in scenes that have shocked observers.

Now according to a report in Spanish newspaper El Mundo, North Africa is becoming a “pressure cooker,” with at least 50,000 African migrants desperate to cross into the European country via the Strait of Gibraltar.

The report explains how criminal people smugglers are helping the migrants circumvent border controls in Morocco while telling them that Spain is their “paradise”.

The number of migrants waiting to storm Spain is currently at 50,000 and “continues to grow,” with the men becoming more “violent” in their efforts to reach Europe.

Aug 01 11:08

Majority of Democrats: Illegal Aliens Should be Given the Right to Vote

A majority of Democrat voters now say that the 12 million illegal aliens currently residing in the United States should be given the right to vote.

In a new poll by Rasmussen Reports, a majority of 54 percent of Democrats said illegal aliens in the U.S. should be given the right to vote so long as they pay taxes. Illegal aliens paying taxes ensures the identity theft of Americans.

Likewise, 53 percent of self-described liberal voters said they too support giving the 12 million illegal aliens in the U.S. the right to vote.

Aug 01 11:00

Sen. Mazie Hirono Thinks Trump Made Law Criminalizing Illegal Immigration

Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI) on Tuesday admitted to being confused as to who created the law criminalizing illegal immigration during an exchange with ICE Executive Associate Director Matthew Albence before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Aug 01 10:45


During a recent appearance on Bloomberg, Council on Foreign Relations president Richard Haass lamented the destruction of international institutions and the lack of oversight to reign in “anarchy” on the internet

Aug 01 10:31

Midterms: Billionaire Koch Brothers Threaten to Support Democrats Pushing Open Borders, Free Trade

Pro-mass immigration GOP mega-donor billionaire Koch brothers are threatening to support Democrats who push for open borders and multinational free trade in the upcoming midterm elections.

During a conference with millionaire and billionaire donors, officials with the Kochs’ network of organizations said that they would gladly put funding in the pockets of Democrats so long as they support aspects of their agenda, which include promoting mass immigration and job-killing free trade deals.

“I know this is uncomfortable,” Americans for Prosperity CEO Emily Seidel told donors, according to CNBC. “If you are a Democrat and stand up to Elizabeth Warren to corral enough votes for financial reform that breaks barriers for community banks and families, you’re darn right we will work with you.”

Aug 01 10:03

One in every four German residents now has migrant background

Just under a quarter of residents of the Bundesrepublik have foreign roots, up 4.4 percent year-on-year, government statistics show.

The figures released by destatis on Wednesday show that roughly 19.3 million of Germany’s population had a migrant background in 2017. The number was a record high.

Aug 01 09:51

Spain can't absorb 'millions of Africans,' new opposition leader tells government

Spain is the new center of Europe's migrant crisis – and the conservative Popular Party leader Pablo Casado has blamed the socialist government after they accepted migrant rescue boat 'Aquarius,' which Italy had turned away.
The rescue boat, which carried 630 migrants, has been operated since February 2016 by SOS Mediterranee and Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF). Italy and Malta rejected the rescue boat in June, sparking a bitter row within the European Union, with the two countries demanding another member of the bloc take in the migrants on board. The ship ended up docking in Valencia; a move that Casado warned may be seen as a welcome sign for more arrivals.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Unfortunately, Europe itself is at a breaking point, in terms of having already accepted far more immigrants that it can handle, as has the USA.

These immigrants are generally people with no skills; no language capabilities; and no desire to blend into the dominant culture or assimilate whatsoever. They are an absolute dead weight to local economies, and want to enforce their way of life in their adopted countries.

But I will tell you one thing; the Spanish government, police, and military had better enforce their borders as intensely as humanly possible; otherwise, there will be more waves of immigrants with flame throwers running across the border again and again.

Aug 01 09:36

Calais: Migrants Smash Through Car Window, Attack Women Inside with Makeshift Wooden Weapons

Two women who were driving through Calais thought they were facing certain death when a mob of asylum seekers smashed through the car window and attacked them with sticks, a court has heard.

Nord Littoral reports that the pair were driving through the French city’s Beau-Marais neighbourhood on Wednesday evening when, shortly before 10 pm, their vehicle was approaching a roundabout when a group of around a dozen men walked up to the car and surrounded it.

Five or six of the migrants, who were heavily intoxicated from alcohol and had reportedly been stumbling around in the area insulting locals, “started whacking the car with stones and tree branches”, according to one of the women.

“I was so scared. We thought it was the end for us,” she said, describing how one of the attackers struck her in the face with a piece of wood after the men managed to smash through the car window on the passenger side.

Aug 01 09:36

Koch-Backed CATO Institute: ‘Time for the U.S. to Have Open Borders’

The Cato Institute, a think tank partially founded by the billionaire, pro-mass immigration Koch brothers, is advocating for full open borders to the United States.

In an op-ed for USA Today, the Cato Institute’s Director of Economic Studies, Jeffrey Miron, says the U.S. “has nothing to fear, and much to gain, from open borders,” saying that Americans should “forget” about putting a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border to stop illegal immigration.

Aug 01 09:29

Spies and terrorists – how deep are links between British state and Manchester bomber?

Yet another link between the British state and the Manchester Arena suicide bomber, Salman Abedi, was revealed on Tuesday, after it was reported that he was rescued from war-torn Libya by the Royal Navy in 2014.

The rescue was another example of the links between the British state and Abedi. The connections illustrate the complicated UK-Libyan relationship and how over-extended security services were fatally unable to monitor emerging homegrown terrorist threats.

Aug 01 09:05

French NGO vows nothing will stop Aquarius migrant rescues

The French NGO that was at the heart of a major European diplomatic row over migration said Wednesday that nothing would stop it from rescuing migrants from the Mediterranean as its ship prepared to resume its mission off the Libyan coast.

The Aquarius, chartered by French aid group SOS Mediterranee, was due to leave the southern port of Marseille later Wednesday nearly two months after Italy and Malta refused to let it dock with 630 migrants onboard, sparking a bitter international row who would take them in.

"Nothing except a threat to the security of our ship... will make us give up our triple mission: saving, protecting, bearing witness," the NGO's chief Francis Vallat told a press conference.

Aug 01 08:50

Sen. Mazie Hirono Thinks Trump Made Law Criminalizing Illegal Immigration

Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI) on Tuesday admitted to being confused as to who created the law criminalizing illegal immigration during an exchange with ICE Executive Associate Director Matthew Albence before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Aug 01 08:28

WALSH: The New York Times Just Published One Of The Most Racist Articles You'll Ever Read

If Twitter is looking to weed out the racism on its platforms, it may want to start with The New York Times. The paper recently published one of the most racist tweets you'll ever see: "New Hampshire is 94% white. It is now trying to figure out how to change that."

Attached to the tweet is a bigoted screed about New Hampshire's whiteness infestation. It begins with the sad tale of a certain Catalina Celentano, who moved to the state and discovered, to her horror, that most of its residents speak English. "She found herself in an ethnic vacuum," the author reports. One worries how Ms. Celentano will react when she learns that the vast majority of the Earth is a non-Spanish speaking "vacuum."

Jul 31 14:50

Finland: Woman Tries to Stop Plane to Prevent Migrant's Deportation, Gets Swiftly Arrested

Finnish Greens party legal officer Aino Pennanen tried to copy Swedish activist Elin Ersson's recent stunt and stop a plane from departing to prevent a migrant's deportation on Tuesday but she received no support from other passengers and instead got swiftly arrested.

Jul 31 10:10

Support for Macron & Merkel’s coalitions plunge to record new lows – polls

The people’s dissatisfaction with the leading EU governments appears to be rising, as fresh polls show a record decline in the ratings of French President Emmanuel Macron and of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s ruling coalitions.

Support for Merkel’s conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and its sister party, Bavaria’s Christian Social Union (CSU), has gone down to its lowest level since 2006, an Emnid poll, published by Bild am Sonntag, has revealed.

Jul 31 09:56

Spain’s Socialist government sets aside millions to pay for “migrant emergency” they themselves created

Spain’s Interior Ministry, headed by Fernando Grande-Marlaska, has approved several emergency contracts to establish a unit based in the Bay of Algeciras (Cádiz) to assist illegal immigrants upon arrival.

The total cost of these measures, for a period of only 3 months, amounts to almost €3.5 million, of which a total of €350,000 for translators and interpreters stands out.

The resolution, as reported by OKDIARIO, refers to the “emergency” caused by the “unexpected and massive arrival of vessels with immigrants to the Spanish coasts.”

Jul 30 16:08


The head of the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) boasted about setting up meetings with Brexiteer MPs, a government minister and senior trade officials for US visitors who had agreed to raise money for the IEA’s work pushing for a US-UK free trade deal. The visitors, who met politicians including the then Brexit minister Steve Baker in May, came from an Oklahoma think tank which has promised to raise donations for the IEA, including from American farming interests who are keen to ensure the UK drops EU-level regulations after Brexit.

Jul 30 14:03

Shock Video Shows Migrants Storming Beach in Spain

An alarming new video out of Cadiz, Spain shows a boat load of migrants arriving on a beach before swarming onshore as sunbathers look on in shock.

Jul 30 13:24

Bank of America Freezes Kansas Family's Bank Account After Demanding Citizenship

An American-born Kansas family had their bank account frozen after Bank of America demanded to know their citizenship status, reports the Kansas City Star.

Josh Collins of Roeland Park, Kansas ignored a letter from the bank asking a variety of personal questions, including whether he was an American citizen or holds dual citizenship with another country.

Josh was born in Wichita, Kansas, while his wife Jessica Salazar Collins was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri and is a second generation American citizen whose great-grandfather immigrated from Mexico.

Jessica said she tossed the letter out because she and Josh "thought it was a scam," since Josh had been banking with BofA for the past 20 years. On July 24, however, Bank of America froze the Collins' account - preventing them from accessing cash.

Jul 30 10:39

Bernie Sanders: "Open Borders Would Make Everybody In America Poorer - You're Doing Away With The Concept Of A Nation State" (Video)

Three years ago this week, on July 28, 2015, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was asked about "open borders" and replied "Open borders? No, that's a Koch brothers proposal. That's a right-wing proposal, which says essentially there is no United States. It would make everybody in America poorer - you're doing away with the concept of a nation state, and I don't think there's any country in the world that believes in that. If you believe in a nation state or in a country called the United States or UK or Denmark or any other country, you have an obligation in my view to do everything we can to help poor people. What right-wing people in this country would love is an open-border policy. Bring in all kinds of people, work for $2 or $3 an hour, that would be great for them. I don't believe in that. I think we have to raise wages in this country, I think we have to do everything we can to create millions of jobs..."

Jul 30 10:37

Bannon Sets Up For EU Showdown With George Soros

Steve Bannon plans to lead a populist revolt throughout Europe which, if successful, will crush George Soros and his network of open-border NGO's to smithereens, according to the Daily Beast.

And just how does the former White House chief strategist and Goldman Sachs alum plan to do this?

Bannon will set up a Brussels-based non-profit NGO called "The Movement" which will go head to head with Soros - with the goal of uniting like-minded European parties and various conservative think tanks along with other support structures.

Jul 30 10:33

Austrian Identitarians Fully Acquitted Of ‘Mafia’ and Hate Crime Charges

The 17 Austrian Identitarian Movement activists accused of forming a criminal hate speech organisation under the country’s mafia laws have been found innocent of all major charges, with two defendants forced to pay minor fines by a judge in Graz.

The conclusion of the case sees all 17 “hipster-right” anti-mass migration activists cleared of the charges that were brought against them earlier this month by Graz prosecutors who used the country’s anti-mafia law in an attempt to claim the activists were engaging in promoting hate speech, Kronen Zeitung reports.

Jul 30 10:23

Trump Threatens Government Shutdown Over Immigration

President Donald Trump has once again called on Congress to fix immigration laws, tweeting a demand for Democratic cooperation – otherwise he will allow the federal government to shut down.

“I would be willing to ‘shut down’ government if the Democrats do not give us the votes for Border Security, which includes the Wall!” – this is the message from the US president that hit Twitter today.

Jul 30 10:20

Dem House candidate in Kentucky calls for amnesty for all undocumented immigrants

A Democratic House candidate in Kentucky wants all immigrants living in the country illegally to be granted amnesty.

Hank Linderman, who is challenging Rep. Brett Guthrie (R-KY) in November, made the call in a statement obtained by the Courier Journal newspaper on Monday.

"I am calling for action to help the millions of undocumented people already working in our communities, serving in our military and raising families by granting amnesty," Linderman said in the statement.

Jul 30 10:16

America's Richest Billionaires Are Overwhelmingly Leftists, Democrats And Open Borders Globalists

While Democrats and the media love to portray the ultra wealthy as "evil Republicans," they're actually overwhelmingly leftists, Democrats, and open borders globalists.

Jul 30 10:16

Afghan 'Saved' From Deportation By Elin Ersson Was Convicted Of Abuse And Sentenced to Jail: Report

The 52-year-old Afghan man left-wing activist Elin Ersson temporarily delayed from being deported was convicted of "abuse" and sentenced to jail before being ordered to leave the country, according to reports from Swedish media.

Jul 30 10:15

NYT: "New Hampshire, 94 Percent White, Asks: How Do You Diversify A Whole State?"

White people are a majority in New Hampshire: here's why that's a problem.

The New York Times writes:

"New Hampshire, like its neighbors Vermont and Maine, is nearly all white. This has posed an array of problems for new arrivals, who often find themselves isolated and alone, without the comfort and support of a built-in community."

Jul 30 09:52

DCCC Chair Ben Ray Lujan won’t Answer whether Dems would Abolish ICE

Here is Democrat Rep. Ben Ray Lujan, who is the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee Chair (DCCC), on “This Week” today. Martha Raddatz pressed him on whether Democrats really want to abolish ICE. Listen to how he tried to avoid the question twice. At the end, Ohio Republican Rep. Steve Stivers pointed out to Martha that Lujan did not answer the question, to which Raddatz agreed.

Republicans need to hammer this home from now to November – Democrats want Open Borders and oppose Law and Order.

Jul 30 08:55

‘National Disgrace’ – UK Home Office Rejects Syrian Christians, Refugee Intake 100 Percent Muslim

The British government has admitted that no Christians were taken among the Syrian refugees flown into Britain recently, with the Home Office rejected the handful of non-Muslims selected for resettlement by the United Nations.

Despite the persecution of Christians at the hands of Islamic extremists in Syria having been declared genocide by the U.S., the European Union (EU) and even British MPs themselves in a 2016 parliamentary vote, the 1,112 Syrians that Britain resettled in the first three months of 2018 consisted only of Muslims.

The Barnabas Fund, an aid agency which supports Christians persecuted for their faith, obtained the figures via Freedom of Information requests after “a protracted tussle with the Home Office”, The Sunday Times reports.

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Maxine Waters: Trump Is ‘Bluffing and Bullying’ on Government Shutdown Over Border Wall

Sunday on MSNBC’s “Live,” Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) said President Donald Trump was “bluffing and bullying” with his tweet today threatening a government shutdown if a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border was not funded.

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France: Migrants Arrested After Middle-Aged Woman Gang-raped on World Cup Night

Four migrant men have been arrested after a middle-aged woman was gang-raped on the night of France’s World Cup win.
The woman was found with a badly swollen face in the commune of Oudon in the Loire-Atlantique department the following morning, Ouest France reports.

Locals were horrified by the crime, and an atmosphere of mistrust is said to have settled on Oudon, with some female residents telling journalists they are now afraid to go jogging in the evening.

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Jul 30 08:48

NY Times: ‘Nearly All White’ States Pose ‘an Array of Problems’ for Immigrants

A New York Times report seemingly blasts the state of New Hampshire, as well as Vermont and Maine, for being “nearly all white.”

In a piece titled “New Hampshire, 94 Percent White, Asks: How Do You Diversify a Whole State?” the New York Times chronicles the supposed hardships of immigrants who allegedly do not have the “comfort and support of a built-in community” in states like New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine because their populations are too white.

The New York Times interviewed immigrant Catalina Celentano who complained that when she moved to New Hampshire, she could not speak Spanish often because the state was 94 percent white.

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Hey, Catalina. You're not supposed to speak Spanish in New Hampshire!

Jul 29 10:16

‘Christian democracy’ to crush multiculturalism in EU vote next year – Hungary’s Orban

Illiberal “Christian democracy” will replace multiculturalism after the European Parliament vote in 2019, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has predicted, adding that the EU elite have failed the people and should step down.

The European Parliamentary elections in May 2019 will decide the fate of the European “elite” and they’re “visibly nervous” about it, Orban told a crowd of ethnic Hungarians in the Romanian town of Baile Tusnad on Saturday.

It’s time for the current Western leadership of the EU to go, as it has failed to protect the bloc from immigration, he said.

Jul 29 10:12

Italy is toughening up, wants zero tolerance policy for criminal asylum seekers

Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini announced on Twitter that he is working on a zero tolerance policy for criminal migrants.

“I am working on an administrative order (#decretosicurezza) which will make it possible to refuse asylum requests if the person seeking it has committed a crime, because nowadays the law, except in certain cases, permits that criminal foreigners stay in the country and receive “protection” at the expense of the Italian people.

Jul 29 09:46

Australia: A Model For Curbing Immigration

The Australian model is not only based on keeping the borders safe and prioritizing highly-skilled immigrants. It also revolves around the idea of a cultural legacy that migrants have to embrace. Prime Minister Turnbull says he wants a test, for immigrants, of "Australian values", including questions on whether it is acceptable to strike your spouse, ban girls from education, or carry out female genital mutilation (FGM). In multicultural Europe, the same test would be taboo. Turnbull has called to "defend" these Australian values. Preserving the nation-state and its cultural Western tradition, he says, is necessary to assimilate the migrants. "My long experience in Australian politics has been that whenever a government is seen to have immigration flows under control, public support for immigration increases, when the reverse occurs hostility to immigration rises" former Australian Prime Minister John Howard wrote.

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Homicide and crime rates – including sexual assaults, and knife and gun attacks – continue to rise in the United Kingdom, with 90% of recorded offenses not ending in charges.

A report published last week lays bare the shocking numbers – crimes resulting in charges sat at 11%, with the percentage falling two points in just a year to 9%; down from 15% in 2015.

Since March of this year and the 12 months before, only 443,000 crimes out of 4.6 million recorded resulted in charges.

Earlier this year, the homicide rate in London overtook New York City – with knife attacks rising by more than 30%. Although crime rates are surging in the U.K.,officer numbers in London have hit a record low.

As it stands, fewer than 1 in 10 of recorded crimes result in a charge, doing little to abate fear that England is undergoing an epidemic of violent crime.

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These numbers are truly horrific, and one has to wonder how many of these crimes were committed by immigrants.

What the UK government does not want to admit, is the degree to which these crmes are influenced by the culture wars they are experiencing between born-Brits, and those born elsewhere, who will not assimilate and learn anything about the culture of their adoptive country.

Jul 28 11:00

French church set on fire and spray painted with the words “Allahu Akbar”

A church in Orleans was set on fire on 25 July. Police discovered the words “Allahu Akbar” spray painted on a wall, 20minutes France reports.

On Wednesday night The Saint-Pierre du Matroi church in Orleans was set on fire with “criminal intent”, according to police sources.

Furniture and sheet music were burned and the heinous graffiti found. One of which said “Allahu Akbar”. Fortunately the fire was extinguished quickly by firemen and it didn’t burn the church’s supporting structure.

Jul 28 11:00

‘Germany will suffer for decades due to Merkel’s misjudgements’ – MP

Stephan Brandner, an MP of Germany’s largest opposition party, blasted Merkel for her misjudgements and infringements of the law.

According to the Alternative for Germany MP, the country will suffer for decades as a result of the ‘migration avalanche’ that was created by her.

Jul 28 10:57

Leishmaniasis Now In US, How Do You Suppose It Got Here?

Leishmaniasis is recognized as an endemic human disease in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and South America. Yet despite case reports of endemic human leishmaniasis in the United States, and well-documented occurrences of disease in various animal vectors and reservoirs, the endemicity of leishmaniasis in North America has not yet been established. Moreover, leishmaniasis is not a federally reportable disease in the United States. Clinical awareness of endemic disease therefore remains low, with North American physicians considering leishmaniasis a tropical disease.

Jul 28 10:56


Steve Bannon plans to lead a populist revolt throughout Europe which, if successful, will crush George Soros and his network of open-border NGO's to smithereens, according to the Daily Beast.

And just how does the former White House chief strategist and Goldman Sachs alum plan to do this?

Bannon will set up a Brussels-based non-profit NGO called "The Movement" which will go head to head with Soros - with the goal of uniting like-minded European parties and various conservative think tanks along with other support structures.

The non-profit will be a central source of polling, advice on messaging, data targeting, and think-tank research for a ragtag band of right-wingers who are surging all over Europe, in many cases without professional political structures or significant budgets.

Bannon’s ambition is for his organization ultimately to rival the impact of Soros’s Open Society, which has given away $32 billion to largely liberal causes since it was established in 1984.

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This will be a real David (Bannon) and Goliath (Soros) clash; let us hope, for the sake of the countries and parties rejecting unfiltered immigration, that David wins.

Jul 28 10:45

Paris Overrun With Sub-Animal Human Excrement...Thanks To Macron And His Master Merkel - LOOK

"The flight was fine, then we boarded a train that took us to the center, and it was there that we experienced the first shock: not only was the Northern station all littered with debris, there was not a white Frenchman! It shocked us to the core."

"Further - more, we hastily settled near the Sacré Coeur, where the situation seems to have been even worse. When we went down into the subway to get to major attractions, then suddenly we found out that in the car me and my wife - only white. It was Friday, about two o'clock in the afternoon!"

"At the Louvre, which is always full of onlookers and tourists, is now deserted, but around armed to the teeth patrols. These people look at you with suspicion and do not remove their finger from the trigger. And this is not ordinary police, but real soldiers in full dress! As it turned out, in Paris for almost a year living in a state of emergency... "

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The pictures will shock you!

Claire has been to Paris, and was shocked to see how filthy it has become.

Thank you George Soros.

Jul 28 09:53

New Orleans Remains in Crisis After Historic Monuments Removed

An international organization recently released a ranking of the 50 most dangerous cities in the entire world. Four of the world’s most dangerous cities are located in the United States; Detroit, Baltimore, St Louis, and New Orleans.

As Mitch Landrieu’s two terms as New Orleans mayor ends, he leaves behind a city characterized by rampant crime, unsafe streets and neighborhoods and an understaffed, unsupported police force that had to be augmented by state troopers. In addition to its unmanageable crime problem, the city suffers from high unemployment, a decaying infrastructure, inadequate drainage, sidewalks and streets with pot-holes and cave-ins, a dysfunctional Sewerage & Water Board, and a failed educational system.

Jul 28 09:51

Police can no longer handle the lawless jungle after dark in Amsterdam’ - ombudsman

As dark descends on Amsterdam, the Dutch tourist hotspot turns into an “urban jungle” where the police are powerless to handle crime, violence and drug trade, Arre Zuurmond, the city's ombudsman, warned.

"The city center becomes an urban jungle at night," Zuurmond told Dutch paper, Trouw. "Criminal money flourishes, there is no authority and the police can no longer handle the situation."

Drugs are being sold openly in the streets, pedestrian areas are used for car and bike races, there’s widespread theft and other offenses, the ombudsman said, using the world “mayhem” to describe what’s happening in the city.

Jul 27 20:15

The moment dozens of migrants stormed into Spain past stunned NUDIST beach goers after Spanish mayor warns his nearby town is becoming 'the new Lampedusa'

The dramatic clip, taken on the beach at Tarifa, showed a group of more than 30 migrants landing in a dinghy before sprinting off into woodland surrounding the beach to evade the pursuing Spanish border guards.

The news comes as the mayor of the nearby Spanish port of Algeciras warned that his town is at the centre of a 'new migrant crisis' after 1,000 arrivals flooded his town in the last week alone.

Slamming the EU for its lack of action José Ignacio Landaluce warned his town risked becoming 'the new Lampedusa' - an Italian island which has been overrun with migrants.

Jul 27 09:34

Juncker's days are NUMBERED! Hungary's Orban fires shot at EU as migrant row rages

HUNGARY'S Viktor Orban has fired a warning shot at the EU executive reminding Brussels bosses that its days are "numbered" as his ongoing row with the bloc over migration continues to rage.

Jul 27 09:11

Dem Rep. Joe Crowley Suggests Families Who Crossed Border Illegally Be Financially “Compensated”

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Families that cross the border illegally should be immediately sent back!

Jul 27 09:10

Austria: Identitarians Cleared Of 'Hate Speech,' 'Criminal Organization' Charges

In a major victory for free speech in Austria, 17 anti-immigration activists with the Identitarian movement that were hit with "hate speech" charges and "criminal organization" charges normally reserved for the mafia were freed Thursday after going to court.

Jul 27 08:54

Girl at Swedish school threatened with rape and called slut because she wasn’t dressed like a Muslim

A girl will receive around 2,000 euros in damages after being exposed to gross harassment by other students at the Johannes school in Malmö, Swedish news outlet Fria Tider reports.

Other incidents included having her trousers pulled down and threatened with rape because she was not “Muslim enough”, the girl’s father said.

According to an article in Sydsvenskan from November 2016, parents tell of how children at the Johannes school in Malmö – some as young as six-years-old – were beaten and sexually harassed during school hours.

Jul 27 08:20

New Army Chief Warns Mass Migration Greatest Danger to Austria

The new chief of staff of the Austrian army, the Bundesheer, Major General Robert Brieger has warned that the greatest threat the central European country faces is from uncontrolled mass migration.

Major General Brieger said that due to a lack of concrete border protection on the external borders of the European Union, all member states faced a threat from mass migration including the possibility of future terrorist attacks, Kronen Zeitung reports.

“The migration problem has developed in such a way that all member states of the European Union are affected. Until external border protection is fully guaranteed, there is a need to act at a national level,” Brieger said.

Jul 27 08:19

‘Antifa Soccer Cup for Tolerance’ Abandoned After ‘Huge Brawl’ Between Refugee Teams

Germany’s annual ‘anti-racist’ soccer tournament had to be abandoned this year after violence broke out during the final, with players from the two refugee teams starting a massive brawl on the pitch.

Fighting between the two teams of immigrants, one of which local media reports was overwhelmingly Arab and the other predominantly African, resulted in the United Colours Antifa Street Soccer Cup in Zwickau having to be called off.

Eyewitnesses reported seeing violence erupt suddenly during the match after an argument between players from the ‘Red Tree’ team — the organisers behind which say they “fight Nazis” while seeking to make Zwickau “cosmopolitan, tolerant and courageous” — and from “Antifa soccer club” Marienthal United 08’s refugee squad.

Jul 27 08:09

The Fraud of Multiculturalism

Jul 26 12:07

African Migrants Storm Spain's Border, Attack Cops With Homemade 'Flamethrowers,' 'Excrements'

An army of over 700 military-aged African males was filmed storming the border of the Spanish enclave of Ceuta on Thursday morning.

Though it wasn't caught on film, police said their agents were attacked with homemade "flamethrowers" and pelted with "excrements."