Sep 05 07:26

'No Time to Google', Swedish City Council Explains Funding of Islamist Movement

An Islamist organization which received municipal funds has previously been accused of denying the Nazi Holocaust, banned from renting premises in the Swedish city of Gothenburg and linked to extremism by the German security service BfV.

Milli Görüs, an anti-Western pan-Turkish organization repeatedly labeled extremist and anti-Semitic, has received support from Malmö City Council, the Swedish tabloid newspaper Expressen reported.

Sep 05 07:25

Germans Shocked as Police Drop Case After Berlin Boy Raped by Afghan Classmate

The German media and public are outraged by a bizarre case of juvenile brutality, in which a boy from Afghanistan sexually abused and raped his classmate from a Berlin elementary school.

According to the German newspaper Berliner Zeitung, the uniquely horrifying incident occurred when a class from a Berlin elementary school went on a field trip to a castle in Nordwestuckermark in northeast Germany. During the trip, the offenders allegedly repeatedly told a ten-year-old boy, "We f*** you today." The victim was apparently too frightened to seek protection from his teachers, and in the evening of the same day three boys made good on their threat.

An Afghan and an Iraqi boy, both aged 11, pinned down their classmate, while an Afghan boy, 10, sexually abused and raped him, the daily said.

Sep 05 07:14

WATCH Migrants Try to Smuggle Themselves Into England Aboard Truck

Despite their efforts, the migrants were ultimately unable to remain concealed inside the vehicle and were removed by cops alerted by concerned citizens.

Tilly Holliday-Morris, a British teenager returning home with her family from a vacation, had accidentally discovered and filmed migrants attempting to bypass the border security in Calais.

A video recorded by Holliday-Morris shows migrants sneaking up behind a truck, undoing a tarpaulin and quickly climbing into the vehicle.

Sep 05 07:13

Fraudster Convicted for Record £1.8bn UK Bank Trading Loss Accuses Govt of ‘Racism’ Ahead of Deportation

Convicted fraudster and Ghanaian national Kweku Adoboli, 38, who was responsible for the biggest trading loss in UK banking history, has accused the Home Office of “racism” for deporting him for his crime.

Sep 05 07:12

Finland: Most ‘Migrant Crisis’ Arrivals Not Refugees, Are Economic Migrants

The majority of people who travelled to Europe in 2015 at the height of the continent’s Migrant Crisis had made the journey seeking better material living standards and did not fit the criteria to be refugees, Finland’s Prime Minister has said.

Speaking during an interview with Finnish public broadcaster YLE at the weekend, Juha Sipilä asserted that the mass influx of immigrants seen in 2015 and 2016 following Angela Merkel’s suspension of EU Dublin rules has “caused the recent unrest in Europe”, highlighting protests in Germany’s Chemnitz over murders by migrants.

“What made the situation so difficult is that the majority of these people are on the move because of economic reasons – not because they are fleeing war or personal persecution,” he argued, prompting outrage from Finland’s left.

Sep 05 07:12

WATCH: Spanish Police Shoot North African After Two Germans Stabbed

A man of North African origin has allegedly stabbed two German tourists on the Spanish island of Majorca before being gunned down and restrained by police.

Witnesses told local media the man shouted in Arabic during the attack and threatened to replicate recent Islamist terror atrocities.

When he refused to cooperate, police shot the knife-wielding man in the ankle and arrested him before he allegedly shouted “You are racists!” to officers after the incident on Monday.

Sep 04 13:44

'Too young to prosecute': German police drop case of 10yo Afghan boy who raped classmate

German authorities have dropped a case in which a 10-year-old Afghan boy raped a classmate during a school trip while Syrian and Afghan accomplices held him down, as the perpetrators are apparently not old enough to be tried.

The incident began when 38 students from a Berlin school went on a field trip to Schloss Kröchlendorff, a castle in Nordwestuckermark, Germany. The students were supposed to have a fun day out enjoying nature – but that wasn't possible for everyone.

Sep 04 12:49

Voice of Europe Import the Third World, become the Third World

Sep 04 10:13

California candidate for Governor promises free health care for all illegal immigrants in latest push for financial suicide and collapse

Gavin Newsom is running for Governor in California, and he’s already bragging about his plans to drive the state into financial oblivion. The gubernatorial candidate just announced his plans to launch a universal healthcare program for illegal immigrants state-wide. In any other state, such an idea might send would-be voters running for the hills, but on the Left Coast, it seems anything goes.

Sep 04 10:04

UN to Trump: Accept Refugees and Illegal Aliens or Else

President Trump has released his updated travel ban and it looks to be legally bulletproof.

The State of Hawaii has filed a lawsuit against the revised Middle Eastern refugee ban, but it’s unlikely to be successful. In 2015, Hawaii resettled just FIVE refugees and none of them were from the six countries on the ban list. Hard to prove that Hawaii was negatively affected by the order…

Now, the DOJ is filing motions to dismiss the dozens of lawsuits against the old order. But lo and behold, a new challenger has emerged. The United Nations Human Rights Commission is meeting behind closed doors to debate whether to go after the United States for violating international law.

Sep 04 09:59

Illegal alien driving drunk, killed Oregon couple, leaving 3 kids orphaned

Sep 04 09:58

Oslo Norway Police Declare “We Have Lost the City”…Islam Has Taken Over

Grønland, a district in the city of Oslo that is said to have “apocalyptic level of culturally-enriched violence.” It is only two subway stops from the Parliament, one stop from the Central Station, and fairly close to the government offices that were bombed by Breivik.

Sep 04 09:42


The Czech Republic should remain the Czech Republic, and Europe Europe, but this is threatened by illegal migration from Muslim countries, undermining the Christian foundations of European civilization. This was announced by Prime Minister of the Czech Republic Andrej Babiš speaking on the air of the Prague TV channel "Prima".

According to the Czech prime minister, stabilization of the political and economic situation in Libya, assistance to its authorities in stopping the smuggling of "refugees" into Europe, strengthening the external borders of the European Union are a key task in the fight against illegal migration. Babiš pointed out that the Libyan border guard is "very effective," and it will cope with its tasks even better when one government appears in Libya, to which the EU should contribute. The next stage is the conclusion with Tripoli of an agreement on combating illegal migration, such as what the EU has with Turkey.

Sep 04 08:37

Chuck Todd's Wife Attacks Bank of America: ' I have no accounts at @BankofAmerica .. this confirms I never will nor will any of my family . Ever.'

Chuck Todd, who works at Democrat party press office-NBC branch-, has a wife who's a political consultant for Democrats. Chuck's wife is attacking Bank of America because they are concerned with illegal aliens getting involved with mail and wire fraud via their bank. Is NBC proud of Chuck Todd's wife boasting of not banking at Bank of America?

Sep 04 08:16

Courts Block Three Quarters of Final Deportation Attempts

Courts are ruling against the Home Office in almost three-quarters of final attempts to remove alleged illegal immigrants and asylum seekers from the country, new figures show.

Migrants claiming asylum in the UK are allowed to appeal the initial decision made by the Home Office in an immigration court.

Of the 11,974 cases that were determined in court in the year from April 2017 to March 2018, 4,332 of the Home Office’s decisions were overturned, a freedom of information request obtained by The Guardian shows.

Sep 04 08:16

FLASHBACK - Soros Backed Pro-Mass Migration NGO Has Funds Frozen Amidst Sex Abuse, Fraud Claims

The International Rescue Committee (IRC), an open borders-backing NGO fronted by former Labour Foreign Secretary David Miliband has been accused of “hushing up” allegations of more than 30 crimes.

UK government ministers froze funds to the NGO, which is a major partner of globalist billionaire George Soros, “based on direct reporting of sexual harassment and fraud”, it was reported this week.

With nearly five and a half million pounds of taxpayer cash at stake, a team from the IRC was sent to look into claims made over the body’s behaviour in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Sep 04 08:09

The Germans are sick of migrant violence and they are right

Imagine being a migrant in Germany, the country that gave you safety, housing, and a new future. The first thing that most people would like to learn is how to say thank you.

But for a lot of migrants from Muslim majority countries it’s a different story. They are mainly demanding, unemployed and easily offended.

It’s the opposite of what Germans expect from people who receive almost everything for free. It can be seen as a recipe for disaster, as their self-centred egoistic behaviour isn’t appreciated in a country of hard workers.

Sep 04 08:08

Syrian refugee excuses stabbing a German woman because he acted according to his religion

The attacker came to Germany as a refugee along with his family in 2013. The prosecution is charging him with aggravated assault. This could mean between 6 months and 10 years in prison for him.

German tabloid Bild reports his lawyer’s written statement:

“His client doesn’t know any differently and according to his culture conflicts are solved with knives. An insult warrants stabbing somebody and if the offence is perceived as a serious one killing is permissible.”

Furthermore, his client doesn’t understand why he is being charged and why he is in custody as he acted according to his religion.

Sep 04 08:08

“Minor” migrants set fire at refugee hot spot in Greece, because they didn’t like the food

A fire was started at the minors’ refugee camp of Pylaia,Thessaloniki last month, in a protest against “poor living conditions” and low quality of food provided.

The protest was organised in the early hours of the morning. During this protest the “minors” started self harming with razors and setting mattresses alight. The Greek fire brigades fought the fire immediately to prevent spreading to other areas of the camp.

Sep 04 08:07

‘We don’t want to live in Middle East & Africa’: Czech PM blasts EU migration policy

Europe must fight for its culture and values amidst the migration crisis, Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis has declared. He says recent riots in Germany show how the uncontrolled influx of migrants leads to explosive situations.

“Chemnitz is just right around the corner!” Babis said on Sunday, recalling the chaos that engulfed the eastern German city last week during pro and anti-migrant rallies held there. “I’ve been thoroughly explaining that this is a fight to preserve our European civilization and culture. We don’t want to live in Africa or the Middle East here. We must fight for our values.”

“Have you seen the pictures of migrant ships heading for tourist beaches? Europeans are shocked and frightened. The same thing happened in Chemnitz. There was not only a murder committed, but also the murders of teenage girls and sexual assaults,” Babis went on.

Sep 03 17:17

Racism or valid criticism of a broken system? Anti-immigration sentiment grips Sweden

Sweden has long considered itself one of Europe’s most tolerant nations. When, three years ago, Europe was hit with a refugee crisis in which over a million undocumented immigrants arrived on the continent from the Middle East and Northern Africa, Sweden’s share of arrivals was the highest per capita.

Now hostile sentiments towards immigrants are increasingly gripping parts of Swedish society. Swedes will elect their lawmakers on Sunday. Polls show that Sweden Democrats – a party that advocates a freeze on asylum seekers, stronger policing, tougher punishment of crime, and similar policies – may score the second-largest share of seats in parliament.

Some say a radical change in the country’s immigration system is necessary to preserve Sweden’s national identity. Critics call this position xenophobic and racist. Even some asylum seekers, who receive benefits paid for by taxpayers, say the system is failing them, as RT’s Maria Finoshina found out.

Sep 03 08:34

Victoria Police criticised for 'no arrest' policy following violent brawl

(They now want to introduce the "Don't attend policy" That'll work)

Sep 03 07:55

Report Reveals Rise in Number of Non-Native Suspects in Germany's Murder Cases

The survey came as the eastern German city of Chemnitz entered the seventh day of anti-migration rallies over the deadly stabbing of a 35-year-old German of Cuban origin and the arrest of two alleged perpetrators from Iraq and Syria.

At least one "non-German" suspect was involved in the country's closed murder cases in 2017 and their number has already significantly increased, according to a report released by the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA).

The report said that last year saw a 33-percent surge in the number of closed murder cases, and that 731 people had died as a result of murder or manslaughter in 2017, which is a 16.6-percent drop compared to 2016. The survey did not elaborate on nationality or whether a suspect was an EU citizen.

Sep 03 07:53

Swiss Study Reveals Immigration Produces Long Term Economic Harm

A study from the University of Basel has concluded that while immigration may have short-term economic benefits for Western nations, in the long term it could heavily strain a country’s welfare system.

The study examined the long-term effect of mass migration and concluded that while new migrant households in Switzerland pay around 729 francs per household per month more in taxes than they receive in benefits, that number becomes a 405 francs loss in the long term, Kronen Zeitung reports.

The driving factor behind the long-term loss is that migrants, like native Swiss, age and often pay less overall in taxes before retirement. Another factor is higher unemployment rates among migrants, which is twice as high as native Swiss or foreign EU nationals and four times as high for migrants from outside of the European political bloc.

Sep 03 07:45

France nabs British human traffickers with boat full of Vietnamese migrants

Three British smugglers trying to reach Britain on a small boat with 12 Vietnamese migrants were taken in for questioning on off the French coastal town of Boulogne, local maritime authorities said in a statement on Friday.
Three British smugglers trying to reach Britain on a small boat with 12 Vietnamese migrants were taken in for questioning on off the French coastal town of Boulogne, local maritime authorities said in a statement on Friday.

The three were detained on Thursday in an operation that saw the "dismantling of a network of smugglers and prevented the crossing to England of 12 Vietnamese migrants and three British smugglers", a statement said.

One of the smugglers was arrested separately after trying to escape by jumping into the water. A migrant who was in difficulty in the water was also picked up.

Sep 02 23:18

The Day U.S. Military Supremacy Publicly Ended

Military Budgets

The U.S. Military budget for FY 2019 will be $716 Billion. Add $70 Billion for Homeland Security, $70 Billion for the nation’s 16 intelligence agencies, $186 Billion for veterans’ benefits, and the U.S. spends more than a trillion dollars a year on “defense.” Two trillion dollars covers yearly mandatory expenses for social security, Medicare, Medicaid, and interest on the federal debt, leaving less than one trillion out of the country’s $4 Trillion budget left for everything else.

Russia’s military budget is $61 B a year, less than 10 percent of the U.S. military budget and less than that of Saudi Arabia.

Given the above facts, Russia would appear to be no match against the U.S. militarily.

Sep 02 10:26

How to stanch Syria’s bloody final showdown

“Right now, our job is to help create quagmires [for Russia and the Syrian regime] until we get what we want,” says one administration official, explaining the effort to resist an Idlib onslaught. This approach involves reassuring the three key U.S. allies on Syria’s border — Israel, Turkey and Jordan — of continued American involvement.

Sep 02 09:43

Zionist Jews Admit That Mass Immigration Is #1 On Their Agenda

Sep 02 09:21

America’s About to Throw Its Elderly Under the Bus

Illegal aliens obtain them for a nominal cost. They help perpetrate the fraud against the American people. Now, these cards are about to be worth less. The Social Security Administration is about to throw the fixed-income elderly under the bus and reduce their benefits by as much as 25%. What will be the implications for the elderly? What will happen when America forsakes its elderly?

Sep 01 09:53

JUDICIAL WATCH: Unaccompanied Alien Children processed during Obama Admin included murderers, rapists, smugglers, prostitutes, and human traffickers.

Judicial Watch released 224 pages of docs with ~1000 summaries of Significant Incident Reports from HHS revealing “Unaccompanied Alien Children” (UAC) processed during the Obama Admin included murderers, rapists, smugglers, prostitutes, and human traffickers.

Sep 01 09:12

22 cars burned in Sweden as country rocked by rising crime

Up to 22 cars were burned or damaged in several fires across southern Sweden on Thursday. It will likely stoke claims that the current socialist government has abjectly failed at tackling the surge in crime.

Police in the southern city of Trollhättan are investigating a fire that left up to ten vehicles damaged, according to local news outlet Aftonbladet. Police and rescue teams were called to the area of the Kronegården at around 3:30 am to tackle a “fully-fledged” fire which had engulfed three cars before spreading to more.

Sep 01 09:10

WATCH: Don Lemon To Colbert: Border Policy About Whites ‘Losing Their Privilege’

CNN anchor Don Lemon once again threw off all pretense of journalistic integrity during an appearance on “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert,” in which the two public figures discussed the issues surrounding the border.

The two left-wing media personalities agreed that the immigration debate has a “racial component,” which prompted Lemon to present what he believes is truly driving the immigration debate: white people’s fear of “losing their privilege.”

As reported by Newsbusters, Colbert and Lemon had no problem blaming the situation on those ignorant white citizens living in border states.

Colbert opined, “One of the things that’s sort of a recurring, distressing data point and theme with this administration is using race as a tool to divide people.”

Sep 01 08:39


the noose is tightening around your neck, and you probably didn’t know it – YET!

Aug 31 13:43

Dem Rep to ICE Agents Following Trump's Orders: 'You Will Not Be Safe'

"A Democratic lawmaker issued a startling warning to government officials involved in 'illegal' deportations that they 'will not be safe' from future punishment when Donald Trump is no longer president."

While the media has whipped themselves into hysteria over a random elderly California man threatening some Boston Globe reporters and calling them "the enemy of the people," elected Democrats are busy telling ICE agents that "when the worm turns you will not be safe."

Aug 31 09:35

Macron in ‘suicidal position’ in battle against Salvini & Orban on EU migration policy

French President Emmanuel Macron is hypocritical to claim he supports migration while being unwilling to open the door to more migrants, says professor Jean Bricmont, adding that the issue could be used, by the right, against him.

Macron billed himself as a main opponent to the hardline anti-migrant politicians currently holding power in Italy and Hungary. That is after Italy's Interior Minister Matteo Salvini and Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban united to fight existing EU migration policies and vowed to take power into their own hands in the next elections for the European Parliament.

During a joint press conference in Milan, Salvini and Orban pledged to take a hardline stance on the immigration issues and to oppose Macron, whom Hungary’s PM described as “the leader of pro-migration parties in Europe.”

Aug 31 09:16

Macron Tells Denmark ‘No Such Thing as a True Dane, True Frenchman’

French politicians have reacted with anger after Emmanuel Macron asserted that “true” Frenchmen and Danes “do not exist”, and attacked the people he rules over as stubbornly resistant to change while on an official visit to Denmark.

The French president made the remarks while on a three-day tour of Denmark and Finland, where he is hoping to establish a “progressive arc” of nations supporting his vision of a globalised EU superstate, which would revolve around a liberal conception of human rights, ahead of European Parliament elections next year.

Aug 31 09:13

There Were No Stabbing Incidents in Germany Before Merkel's 'Open Border'– AfD

German officials are investigating the leak of an arrest warrant for an Iraqi suspect to far-right groups after thousands participated in an anti-migrant rally in the eastern German city of Chemnitz following the death of a man, who was allegedly killed in a fight with immigrants during a festival.

Aug 31 09:03

Claiming Germany Has 1.6M Vacant Jobs, Merkel Set to Open Border to Non-EU Workers

While Eurostat figures show there are almost six million Europeans aged 16 to 25 looking for jobs, as parts of southern Europe continue to suffer crippling youth unemployment rates, Britain’s Financial Times declared recruiting non-EU migrants an“obvious” solution to a “lack of skilled labour … so pervasive that it is inflicting serious damage on the German economy”.

Aug 31 08:47

Soros-Founded Hungarian University Freezes Refugee Programs Due to Gov't NGO Tax

On August 24 the new legislation came into force, which imposed a 25% tax on organizations managing programs and activities which aim to promote immigration. The new package of bills, dubbed “Stop Soros,” was passed in June to curb the illegal immigration.

The Central European University, established by Hungarian-born US billionaire George Soros, has suspended its programs for refugees and asylum seekers as well as the EU-funded grant on migration policy that the CEU manages.

“CEU’s action follows advice from our tax advisors in respect of potential liability for a 25% levy on our immigration-related programs. We are suspending these programs while we await clarification of our tax and legal situation,” the statement, posted on the web-site of the CEU reads.

Aug 31 08:30

Sanctuary City: Illegal Alien Accused of Killing Young Couple in Car Crash

An illegal alien living in the sanctuary city of Marion County, Oregon, has been charged with manslaughter after he allegedly drove drunk and killed a young American couple in their early thirties.

Eduardo de la Lima Vargas, an illegal alien from Mexico, is facing two counts of manslaughter and drunk driving charges after he allegedly crashed into Logan and Jessica Wilson as they were riding on their motorcycle. The Wilsons, 34 and 32-years-old, were killed in the crashed.

Aug 31 08:27


We are receiving reports of popular uprisings now spreading across Merkel’s Germany. Demonstrations, many of them violent, are taking place against a backdrop of migrant mayhem, left-wing violence and stand-offs radiating from Chemnitz in immigrant beleaguered Germany.

Aug 30 12:36

Globalist Macron Vows to Kill Nationalism, While Italy’s Salvini Declares EU ‘Filth’

Emmanuel Macron has vowed a globalist bloc determined to impose a progressive EU superstate on the continent will defeat “extremist” pro-national sovereignty conservatives at European Parliament elections next year.

Declaring that the world is at a “moment of great transformations”, the French President outlined his vision for a “European sovereignty” in which Brussels would have autonomy comparable to that of China or the United States of America.

Europe must become “the model for a humanist refoundation of globalisation”, he told the annual French ambassadors’ conference Monday, vowing to “redouble efforts” against patriotic conservative parties in the face of a world “where nationalisms have reawakened”.

Aug 30 07:29

VIDEO: Syrian Army uncovers US-made weapons in Hama

YUP! The US Military caught once again supplying material aid to terrorists!

DAMASCUS, SYRIA (4:50 P.M.) – Based on accurate intelligence info, the Syrian Army has unearthed a huge weapon cache in Tulul al-Humur village in southern Hama countryside.

Aug 29 09:47

Italy warns it will REFUSE to pay its EU contributions as its populist coalition expresses fury over the migrant crisis

Despite a sharp drop in refugees entering Europe since 2015, Italy is turning away ships with asylum seekers rescued at sea in a bid to make other nations in the bloc take their share.

In the latest standoff, Rome has threatened to cut its annual contribution to the EU budget, triggering a warning of sanctions from Brussels and dark threats that it would be breaching the very treaties that underpin the bloc's existence.

Aug 29 09:46

Hungary and Italy launch anti-migration plan and vow to 'exclude socialists and the left' in a bid to change the way the EU is tackling the crisis

Hungarian nationalist Prime Minister Viktor Orban and Italy's hardline Interior Minister Matteo Salvini has vowed to work together to try to push for a more hardline approach to immigration within the EU.

The pair cemented their political ties in talks in Milan today, where hundreds gathered to protest their right-wing policies.

Aug 29 09:36

Stunned beachgoers watch as ANOTHER boat full of African migrants washes up in Spain before dozens of young men rush on to shore to cheers

A boat carrying young migrants has landed on a beach in southern Spain, catching holidaymakers by surprise in the second such incident in two days.

Video footage shows the boat approaching the shore and at least two dozen people jumping off into the shallows before running across the sand.

The migrants, seemingly all young men, dash past beach-goers on their towels as they try to make it off the sands before being caught by authorities.

Aug 29 09:17

Immigrants and Disease

The Immigration and Nationality Act mandates that all immigrants and refugees undergo a medical screening examination to determine whether they have an inadmissible health condition. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has technical instructions for medical examination of prospective immigrants in their home countries before they are permitted to enter the U.S. They are screened for communicable and infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, malaria, hepatitis, polio, measles, mumps and HIV. They are also tested for syphilis, gonorrhea and other sexually transmitted diseases. The CDC also has medical screening guidelines for refugees. These screenings are usually performed 30 to 90 days after refugees arrive in the United States.

But what about people who enter our country illegally?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is the Red Flag for our argument against mandatory vaccines. The diseases that are being brought in to the United States are being used as the EXCUSE that you must be vaccinated. We need to be very vocal on this point. Push back hard on those who insist that we all must comply with mandatory vaccines.

Aug 28 11:53

In English Town, 31 Muslims Charged With Sex Crimes Against Kids As Young As 12

Thirty men and one woman have been charged with sexual crimes in Huddersfield, England – including the trafficking and rape of girls as young as 12-years-old, along with the facilitating of sexual abuse.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Are you feeling culturally enriched yet?

Aug 28 11:48

WHITE HOUSE PETITION - Voter Identifications required at all polling stations! All non citizen votes will be purged from all USA elections!

I am petitioning on behalf of We The People, to have fair elections that are free, from being influenced by non Americans!

Aug 28 10:18

'We feel like foreigners': Mother in Germany on son's daycare where '2 out of 25 speak German'

In a polarizing viral video with almost 2 million views, the mother of a 3-year-old boy complains that her son cannot socialize with other kids in a public nursery, as only two out of 25 can speak German.

In a Facebook video post filmed on August 15, the mother, Leen Kroetsch, takes aim at German politicians for what she claims is a botched immigration policy which is forcing her 3-year-old, who has no immigrant background, to adjust to an alien environment in the daycare center.

Aug 28 09:11



Aug 27 15:40

Thousands of far-right protesters clash with riot police in German city where man was stabbed to death 'by migrants' as vigilante race-hate mobs 'hunt down foreigners'

Several people were injured Monday as thousands of far-right protesters took to the streets in the eastern German city of Chemnitz where a knife killing, allegedly committed by a Syrian and an Iraqi, sparked racist mob attacks that were deplored by Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The right-wing protesters chanted 'We are the People' and the Nazi-era term 'Luegenpresse' (lying press) while displaying placards that read 'Stop the refugee flood' and 'Defend Europe', the latter adorned with an image of an automatic rifle.

Some carried banners or insignia of the far-right AfD and neo-Nazi NPD parties and other extremist groups, while a handful delivered the illegal right-handed Hitler salute, police said.

Aug 27 13:33

African Migrant Suspected of Throwing Female Tourist Off Cliff In Italy

An African migrant is in custody, suspected of throwing a German girl off a cliff in Italy after possibly attempting to rape her, authorities say.

Aug 27 10:34

Soros' Role In Social Media Censorship Exposed In Leaked Document

Social media censorship is here and out in the open, and it has become clear that the major tech companies are working together to shut down and silence members of the free press for political reasons.

Of course, this has everything to do with Donald Trump being in office, and whether you support him or not, what is being lost in the effort to depose him will eventually affect everyone.

Censorship is not the American way, and while people today may think that the ‘other’ side is dead wrong and shouldn’t be allowed to speak up, it takes a special kind of influence to achieve the level of social media and platform banning that we’ve seen in recent weeks.

It turns out, according to a leaked 49 page document, that this special influence may be none other than George Soros himself, the world’s wealthiest liberal political agitator. Soros has long been known to exert influence, via his immense personal wealth, at the grass-roots level of many political struggles around the world.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Aug 27 09:53

Parents fight back after school drops Pledge of Allegiance for student-authored oath to ‘global society’

Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School Principal Lara Zelski decided students will no longer recite the Pledge of Allegiance during the school’s morning meeting agenda, which she described to parents as “an effort to begin our day as a fully inclusive and connected community.”

“Over the past couple of years it has become increasingly obvious that more and more of our community were choosing to not stand and/or recite the pledge,” she wrote, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

The statement, posted to the school website, promised parents students could recite the Pledge of Allegiance later in the day, if they felt like it, and vowed to create better pledge specifically for the school.

“Teachers and the K-5 leadership team will be working with students to create a school pledge that we can say together at morning meeting,” Zelski wrote, adding that it “will focus on students’ civic responsibility to their school family, community, country and our global society.”

Aug 27 09:14

German ‘Teacher Exodus’ Exposes Real Roots Of The ‘Refugee Crisis’

A recent conversation with the director of the language center of a public German university has given me a new perspective, and sparks yet another question related to the so-called “refugee crisis” in Germany. The academic explained to me that there was a shortage of staff available to fill teachers’ roles. This hampers the university’s ability to continue with the language courses. How can this be? Well, it turns out that there is currently a labor exodus of teachers who are certified to teach language to foreign students, the teachers being a facet of the university’s “integration courses.” That is, integration for refugees.

Aug 25 09:38

Paris is a Sh*thole

Aug 25 09:01

America's Two Parties: Traitors and Patriots

Oh, the horror! Former CIA director John Brennan lost his security clearance. Media decry the president's intimidation tactics, his enemies list. Famous lawyer Alan Dershowitz posits that Brennan's First Amendment rights may have been violated.

It's all vapors, transparent attempts to deflect from Brennan's real threat: his role of traitor. (Cue audible gasps.) How dare I call Brennan a traitor?

Treason is narrowly defined in the Constitution, restricted to wartime.

U.S. Constitution, Article 3, Section 3: "Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort."

True, but I contend we are at war, a bloodless war against a globalist tribe. Hillary Clinton's not a singular threat to our democracy; she's part of a cabal that's been working for decades to end democracy, to subjugate Americans to global rule.

Aug 25 04:43

Family of Mollie Tibbetts Tell Right-Wingers to Stop Exploiting Her Death for Racist, Anti-Immigrant Narrative

“We are not so fucking small-minded that we generalize a whole population based on some bad individuals. Now stop being a fucking snake and using my cousins death as political propaganda.”

As Fox News, President Donald Trump, and right-wing commentators continue to shamelessly exploit the murder of 20-year-old Iowa student Mollie Tibbetts to advance their anti-immigrant narrative and cruel policy agenda, members of Tibbetts’ family are forcefully pushing back against this “small-minded” effort to use the horrific killing of a young woman as a political prop.

“Hey I’m a member of Mollie’s family and we are not so fucking small-minded that we generalize a whole population based on some bad individuals,” Sam Lucas, a second cousin of Tibbetts, wrote on Twitter in response to Candace Owens, communications director for the right-wing group Turning Point USA. “Now stop being a fucking snake and using my cousin’s death as political propaganda. Take her name out of your mouth.”

“Mollie’s death is not political propaganda to bring up your ‘build the wall’ bullshit,” Lucas added in a separate tweet. “Stop.”


(*so Trump is capable of whipping up a bit of his own Fake NEWS , according to The Tibbetts familly )

Aug 24 10:17

Spain Deports Latest African Invasion Force back to Morocco

The Spanish government has—to all observers’ surprise—reactivated a 1992 agreement with Morocco and has deported all 116 African invaders who broke through the border fence this week, ending their attempt to enter Europe and parasite off white liberal largesse.

Aug 23 12:06

Sweden: Study Finds 58% Of All Rapists Were Born In A Foreign Country

A new study from Swedish state-owned media found 58 percent of all convicted rapists were born in a foreign country and the same was true for 85 percent of "assault rapists."

Aug 23 11:22

MSNBC, CNN ignore bombshell development in Mollie Tibbetts case on day of bad news for Trump

Mediaite columnist Joseph Wulfsohn told Fox News that it’s “fairly obvious that certain news outlets prefer to cover stories that make the president look bad” and the Tibbetts story “didn’t fit their narrative,” so it fell by the wayside.

Aug 23 09:37

300 migrants storm Spanish exclave of Ceuta, attack police with acid (VIDEO)

Seven police officers suffered acid and lime burns as more than 100 sub-Saharan migrants jumped the border fence that separates Morocco from Spain's north African exclave of Ceuta.

Approximately 300 people tried to enter European territory by storming the fence on Tuesday night. Press reports state that as many as 200 were successful, however officials in the autonomous city say they have only accounted for 115 new arrivals

The migrants cut part of the, 8.4km-long (5.2 mile) fence and used battery acid, quicklime and excrement to attack police officers, El Pais reports. The police revealed on Twitter that seven members of the force suffered injuries during the incident.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

You just have to ask yourself; are people who use acid, lime, and excrement against police the kind of "good neighbors" you want with which to build your society?!?

Aug 23 09:31

Luongo: "Humanity Has Had Its Fill Of George Soros"

To this day, George Soros still doesn’t see himself as the Villain. But he is. He always has been. Not because of his insane devotion to his open society ideology but because of what it has driven him to do in the name of it.

He has bankrupted multiple countries, profited off their demise which he set in motion through the undermining of native cultural institutions. He did it was calculated precision and cold determination.

In the process he destroyed and/or disrupted tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions of lives, all to serve his ideological goals of universal serfdom for us and unlimited power for himself.

But, he doesn’t see it that way. He sees it as the necessary broken eggs to further the evolution of the species into a better and nobler iomelette.

Let that sink in for a second.

And that megalomania has now truly jumped the proverbial shark.

Aug 22 18:58

Paris is a Sh*thole

Aug 22 12:12

Sen Warren: Mollie Tibbets Murder = Opportunity to focus on family separation

CNN video- Sen Pocahontas Warren. Sorry about your dead daughter but we have to focus on the lawbreaking mother who hasn't seen her kids for a few day's.

Aug 22 09:36

Circus Ceuta Gets Stormed Once Again by Barbaric Invasion Force of 300

Throwing Battery Acid, Feces and Quicklime at Police

Aug 22 09:30

Details Of Communist Ocasio-Cortez’s Ties To George Soros Revealed

New details have emerged showing the ties between Communist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and wealthy elitist, George Soros. Soros’ media network helped ensure that the socialist would win the primary election.

According to The Daily Caller, in an attempt to put 400 Bernie Sanders-like politicians in Congress, George Soros has propped up the political career of now infamous communist, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Ocasio-Cortez was formerly a Bernie Sanders presidential campaign organizer.

The New York Times wrote that the communist was able to defeat her opponent, who greatly outspent her, due to her online presence. In an interview with a “progressive” and communist-leaning digital media outlet The Young Turks, which is a member of a Soros-funded network of far-left publications called The Media Consortium, Ocasio-Cortez also admits that their coverage helped her achieve her win.

Aug 22 09:22

Larry Kudlow says he 'didn't know' birthday party guest was publisher of white nationalist commentary

National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow, the top economic adviser to President Trump, confirms a Washington Post report that he hosted at his home last weekend a controversial publisher linked to white nationalist commentary.

Peter Brimelow, the publisher, founded the anti-immigration website The site has become a forum for hard-line conservative views on race and immigration.

"I don't regard us as a 'white nationalist' site although we certainly publish a few writers I would regard as 'white nationalist' in that they stand up for whites just as Zionists, Black Nationalists do for Jews, Blacks etc," Brimelow told the Harvard Crimson in 2016. "We're certainly politically incorrect," he added.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Note the attempt to equate opposition to open borders with "white nationalism" with all the negative connotations of that label.

Aug 22 09:06


The establishment continues with their attempts to dismantle the Trump administration.

Aug 22 08:56

Crowder confronts violent Antifa member who vowed to kill ICE agents

Steven Crowder confronts a vocal miscreant who’s openly called for the deaths of ICE agents and Betsy Devos.

Aug 22 08:38


Aug 22 08:28

Suspect in Mollie Tibbetts’ murder worked on farm owned by Iowa GOP family

The illegal immigrant who allegedly killed college student Mollie Tibbetts had worked for years at a farm owned by a prominent Iowa Republican family, a report said Tuesday night.

Cristhian Rivera — the 24-year-old man who is suspected of murdering Tibbetts while she was out jogging — was an “employee in good standing” at Yarrabee Farms, which is owned by the family of former Iowa official Craig Lang, according to the Des Moines Register.

Aug 21 15:25


Residents of Boostedt, Germany complain that “no one recognizes our city anymore” after 1,200 migrants moved in, increasing the population by 26 per cent.

Mayor Hartmut König said that the town, which now has 4,600 inhabitants, had changed drastically since the migrants were housed at a local military barracks.

“It’s quite simply the behavior. For example, in shops things are stolen. I experienced it myself: three refugees walking on the pavement, not making enough room for a woman with a pushchair and a child coming in their direction. They make no room; she has to move onto the street to get around them,” the mayor said.

“Besides that, they leave piles of rubbish and use every available space to sit around and drink beer,” he added.

Aug 21 12:07

Sweden In Crisis: Leading PM Candidate Vows Migration Reforms As Nationalism Surges

After reeling from the sight of approximately 100 burning cars, frequent shootings, grenade attacks and sexual assaults, populism is rising in Sweden - as evidenced by the anti-immigration right-wing Sweden Democrats party surging in polls leading up to next month's September 9 elections. Both the center-left and center-right parties have ruled out working with the Sweden Democrats, a party with neo-Nazi roots that wants to freeze immigration and to hold a referendum on Sweden’s membership of the European Union. That said, the moderate parties may be forced to adopt SD measures in order to assuage public calls for tougher policies on crime and immigration.

Aug 21 11:12

Disputing Westminster Attacker's Citizenship Part of 'Racist Mindset' - Charity

Media speculations challenging the citizenship of Westminster car ramming attack perpetrator reflect the "racist mindset," which rules out home-grown terrorism and suggests that Islam is incompatible with being a UK citizen, Frances Webber, the vice chair of the Institute of Race Relations (IRR), told Sputnik on Thursday.

"If you think back to 2005 you'll recall that was a time when the media immediately after 7/7 were all into this narrative about Muslim immigrants coming over here… It is an absolute reflex that they would challenge his citizenship… And also it is a way of saying that terrorism cannot be British, so he cannot possibly be British and, if he is, then he shouldn't be. It is just a racist mindset where, almost by reflex, people revert to that kind of mentality," Webber explained.

She added that such conjectures cultivated an outlook claiming that Islam was incompatible with the United Kingdom.

Aug 21 10:46

Finland Can't Confirm 40% of Migrant Identities

Finland’s Immigration Service (Migri) can’t positively identify 40% of the migrants applying for asylum, according to Finnish media outlet YLE.

IDs and passports are almost exclusively used by western migrants entering Finland and not from their Middle Eastern or African counterparts, says the director of Migri's asylum unit, Esko Repo.

"People who are fleeing do not have the possibility of leaving with the required documents in their pockets,” said Repo. “Some of them come from countries that don't even have passport systems.”

Aug 21 10:46

Italy allows stranded migrants to dock in Sicily

Rome had threatened to return the 177 migrants to Libya amid a standoff with Malta over who should take them. Local media reports suggested it would take some negotiations before the migrants are allowed to disembark.

Aug 20 15:58

Watch - Goon's Man Handle Elderly Lady Over Immigration Question - Trudeau : 'Racism has no place' in Canada

Why does prime minister Trudeau continue to call Canadians racists?

Aug 20 10:03


A BBC investigation has revealed that a mosque attended by the Islamist suicide bomber of a pop concert in Manchester is part of the Islamist Terror Third Column currently occupying parts of Britain.

Last year, Libyan refugee Salman Abedi slaughtered 22 men, women and children and injured 139 when he detonated a shrapnel-laden homemade bomb in the Manchester Arena.

The Manchester mosque Abedi attended – housed in an occupied Victorian church – has now been exposed as an Islamist terror base.

Footage of resident Islamist Hate Preacher, Immam Mustafa Graf, shows him calling for “Allah” to grant the “mujahideen” (Islamist militants) victory.

Aug 20 09:57

Putin to Europe: Help Rebuild Syria so all “Refugees” Can Go Home

Russian President Vladimir Putin has called on the European Union to contribute financially to the estimated $250 billion needed to rebuild Syria so that the millions of “refugees” elsewhere can go home—because they are “huge burden for Europe.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Putin has a good idea. It will cost Europe a lot less to rebuild Syria than to care for those Syrian refugees over the long term.

Aug 20 09:46

Judicial Watch Sues State Department for Obama-Era Records on Refugee Resettlement Site Locations

JW filed its FOIA lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for D.C. for answers on which locations were considered for the resettlement of refugees in the U.S. over the last two years of the Obama Admin (and for info on which groups promoted those locations).

Aug 20 08:24