Jan 20 11:21

Is Washington Hiding the Truth Behind US Navy Incident in Iran?

On Thursday, US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said that the sailors "obviously had misnavigated." At the same time, mechanical failure was ruled out as a reason for the incident. This means that the boats were not in distress when they sailed near Farsi Island, which houses a naval base of Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards Corps. This also means that Iran was within its right when it detained the soldiers.

Jan 20 10:16

Former U.S. Captive in Iran Hails Prisoner Exchange Just as Nuclear Deal Eases Crippling Sanctions

The United States and Iran have conducted a prisoner exchange just as the historic nuclear deal took effect this weekend.

Jan 20 09:53


As sanctions end over nuclear program, US socks Iran with new sanctions over missile testing

Jan 20 09:17

US Sailors’ GPS Was Working When They Entered Iranian Waters

The Pentagon initially claimed mechanical problems, but after the boats were returned changed its story to claim the sailors had no idea they were in Iranian waters. Today, however, Iran revealed that the GPS devices on the two US boats were in perfect working order at the time, and they had no reason not to know they were in Iranian waters.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This was an attempt to provoke Iran, in the hopes they would either fire on the sailors or take them prisoners, in order to justify the US reneging on lifting sanctions.

Jan 20 08:33

Lifting of Iran sanctions hampered by legal 'booby-trap' left by Tories

The former Conservative government "booby-trapped" Canada's international relations with a pair of laws that are preventing the Liberals from lifting sanctions on Iran, says a former Canadian military analyst and Middle East expert.

Jan 20 07:59

‘I prefer ISIS’: Iran’s terror infrastructure is greater threat to Israel – defense minister

Israel continues to express bitter sentiment over the diplomatic victory that secured the nuclear accord with Tehran: The country's defense minister stated that Tehran's nuclear ambitions and “terror infrastructure” are a bigger threat than Islamic State.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Technically true when you consider that ISIS is a manufactured creation of the United States ... and has never attacked Israel!

Jan 19 23:29

Offensive propaganda or new propaganda offensives?

Obama administration announced new online initiatives to bolster its foreign policy narratives and as a means to counter others, for example, this network, RT.

Maybe a better course of action would be for the US State Department to ask itself why fewer and fewer people trust and believe it?

CrossTalking with Mark Sleboda, Don DeBar and James Carden.

Also see: Uncle Sam Got a Shiny New Propaganda Bullhorn for Christmas

Jan 19 23:25

Russian Red Scare No Longer Works

The EU has no-one else to blame for its present stresses and strains but itself, owing to its craven subservience to Washington's reckless policies.

The American and British governments are launching yet another media campaign to demonize Russia, with tall claims that the Kremlin is infiltrating European political parties and news media. The dastardly Russian aim, we are told, is to destroy the European Union.

Twenty-five years after the end of the Cold War and the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Washington and its trusty sidekick in London are desperately seeking to turn back the clock to the “good old days” when they could control their public through scare stories.

Jan 19 16:01

Storm Clouds Gathering In Iran and Saudi Arabia

In this video Luke Rudkowsi interviews Aaron Hawkins of Storm Clouds Gathering in a remote area south of the border where Aaron is building a secret intelligence hub. The two discuss important developments with the control of oil with two major factions Saudi Arabia/ U.S and Iran and Russia.

Jan 19 12:42

Rouhani: Oil Price Fall Plot Failed

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Tuesday the countries that plotted to bring down crude oil prices so that they could torpedo the nuclear negotiations, failed in securing their destructive plans. “We entered the negotiations with a powerful team. In the meantime, there were those that did not want to see a successful Iran at the end of the talks and resorted to the plot of reducing oil prices. However, they failed in their attempt,” he said. Speaking at the conference Implementation of JCPOA: New chapter in Iran’s economy, President Rouhani said the country’s main challgenges are recession, economic boom, and employment. “The (nuclear) Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action is the beginning to rapid economic movement in the country,” he added. President Rouhani also said Iran will continue following the policy of resistive economy in the post-sanctions era.

Jan 19 12:07

Boat Drama: What If These Were Iranian Boats in US Waters?

Journalist Glen Greenwald wrote that “Two days later (and after Tehran released all ten US sailors) Washington had completely changed its story, leaving more questions than answers.” Greenwald made a good point as he wrote "This unauthorized trespass into Iranian territorial waters was continuously depicted as an act of Iranian aggression (contrast that with how the US government suggested it would be in Turkey's rights not only to intercept but to shoot down any Russian jet that even briefly traverses its airspace).”.. The question in fact should not be about how Iran dealt with the situation. The question should rather be: if the scenario was exactly the reverse, and it was Iranian boats that had “mistakenly” drifted into US waters what would have happened?

Jan 19 12:02

Spokesman: 28 Iranians Had Charges Dropped Or Released Under Swap Deal with US

While earlier reports said 7 Iranians were released from prison and 14 others had their charges dropped under a swap deal with the US that also included freedom of four Americans in the weekened, Iran's foreign ministry spokesman on Monday put the total number of the Iranians privileged by the deal at 28.

Jan 19 11:04

Iran Changes the Regional Dynamic

Israel and — to a lesser extent — Saudi Arabia continue to dictate much of U.S. foreign policy in the Mideast, especially animosity toward Iran. But the Iran nuclear deal may change the dynamic toward a more balanced strategy at least in the long term if not the short, as Gareth Porter explains.

Jan 19 08:56


Not the day after in the movie about a fictional war between NATO forces and the Warsaw Pact and a nuclear exchange between the United States and the former Soviet Union, but the Day After the Implementation Deal of the Iran Nuclear Deal. America was quick to acknowledge Iran’s commitment by imposing sanctions on it for its defense capabilities.

Jan 19 08:21

Israel vs Iran: Israel Loses, *Big* Time

First, there has never been any real evidence of an Iranian military nuclear program, but even more important is the fact that Iran never had any need for nuclear weapons. A lot of anti-Iranian propaganda is directly predicated on the notion that having nuclear weapons is highly desirable, yields some big advantage, and that all nations would want to acquire them. This is utter nonsense. In reality, possessing a few nuclear devices would only turn these devices into high priority targets for destruction by the USA and/or Israel. And even if, by some miracle, the Iranians managed to hide these devices while deploying them on missiles or aircraft, using any one such device would guarantee a massive retaliation from the Empire. What is the point of having a few nukes when Israel has hundreds?

Jan 18 14:46

Iranian banks prepare for joining SWIFT banking system

Heads of International affairs of Iranian banks have gathered in Iran’s Central Bank building. They discussed actions they have to take after the implementation of Iran’s nuclear deal to be able to show a proper response to an expected surge of foreign banks that are going to start cooperation with the Islamic Republic.

Jan 18 14:33

Iran Frees Americans as Sanctions Are Lifted, Frustrating Warmongers Around the World

Iran has freed four dual-nationality prisoners, including an American/Iranian pastor and an American/Iranian Washington Post reporter who had been accused of working for the U.S. to foment regime change in Iran. The release was part of a prisoner swap, in which seven Iranians imprisoned in the U.S. over sanction violations were also freed. A fifth American was freed by Iran outside of the swap.

Jan 18 13:34

US slaps new sanctions on Iran – hours after ‘historic thaw’

USA has slapped Iran with new sanctions - over a recent ballistic missile test. It comes just a few hours after the so called 'historic thaw', when international nuclear-related sanctions were scrapped. The new measures target 11 officials and companies, linked to the missile programme.

Jan 18 13:17

Israeli and AIPAC Big Lies About Iran’s Intended Use of “Unfrozen Financial Assets”

AIPAC devotes a section on its web site to malicious Big Lies about Iran intending use of its unfrozen assets to spread its nonexistent “malign global influence,” once international sanctions are lifted this weekend as expected.

An unnamed Israeli source claims Tehran will invest heavily in military, not civilian projects, citing no credible evidence.

Another unnamed Israeli source was quoted, saying “(t)he world powers are mistaken if they see Iran as a solution to regional stability, and not the source of the problem.”

Fact: Iran prioritizes regional peace and stability, free from nuclear weapons.

Fact: Israel and Saudi Arabia complicit with Washington are the region’s leading proliferators of endless wars, violence and chaos.

Jan 18 13:07

Will Congress Stop the Iran Deal?

Since July the Israel Lobby and other opponents of the understanding reached by the White House and other parties to limit the Iranian nuclear program have been warning that any celebration would be premature, as the agreement is far from a done deal. President Obama survived initial attempts to create legislative hurdles hindering implementation of the pact, but there are clear signals that the battle is far from over.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Jan 18 11:51

Iran offers huge investment potential as sanctions lifted

Muscat: A vast array of opportunities for trade and investment, especially in the car industry, will be presented at Iran’s second solo exhibition, which will be held in Muscat from January 26 to 30.

This year’s exhibition will be held in a totally different environment considering the lifting of the economic sanctions on Iran, Ali Akbar Sibeveih, the Iranian ambassador to the Sultanate, told Times of Oman in an exclusive interview.

One of the matters of concern in Iran’s first solo exhibition in Muscat last year was the restrictions on financial transactions with Iran which has been resolved now, the official said after the announcement of the ‘implementation day’ of the nuclear agreement reached between Iran and global powers.

Jan 18 11:12

Iranian president to visit Italy, Vatican City on January 25-26 — media

Rouhani told ANSA news agency the agenda would include issues of cooperation in the areas of energy and science, and investments in production and infrastructure. During his stay in Rome, Rouhani is expected to meet with Pope Francis in Vatican City.

Jan 18 11:10

Iran to boost oil production by 500,000 barrels a day — official

"Iran initiates scaling up daily oil production by 500,000 barrels," Shana news agency cited Javadi. Such a decision was made in view of lifted sanctions on Iran’s oil export and bank transfers, NIOC chief executive said... Iran’s draft budget for 2016 provides for daily export of 2.25 mln barrels a day. Export was equal to approximately 1 mln barrels daily until now.

Tokyo plans to swiftly lift all bans on economic ties with Iran

Jan 18 10:42

When Peace Breaks Out With Iran…

This has been the most dramatic week in US/Iranian relations since 1979.

Last weekend ten US Navy personnel were caught in Iranian waters, as the Pentagon kept changing its story on how they got there.

Jan 18 09:53

Israel licks wounds as Iran sanctions end, looks to future U.S. aid

Israel bristled on Sunday at the lifting of international sanctions on Iran and vowed to flag up any violations of its arch-foe's nuclear restrictions while drawing on U.S. defence aid to prepare for a possible military face-off in the future.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Jan 18 09:37

Swiss Court Orders Israel to Pay Iran $1.1 Billion in Oil Pipeline Dispute

Israel says it won’t pay Iran oil pipeline venture debt, regardless of court’s ruling in dispute dating back to before the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Israel is above the laws of mere humans!" -- Nodding Yahoo

Jan 18 08:56

Dutch begin looking for trade opportunities in Iran

Now that the economic sanctions against Iran are lifted, Dutch companies are starting to look for trade opportunities with the Middle Eastern country. Although Minister Lilianne Ploumen of Foreign trade warns that companies will still face obstacles in Iran, there is much expectation for the opening of the market, broadcaster NOS reports.

“Iran’s economy is simply too large to ignore, with the oil, gas and financial reserves” >>>

Jan 18 08:35

Iran President Rouhani to visit France, Italy in 1st Europe trip since sanctions lifted

Rouhani's first stop will be in Rome, where he will meet the Italian president, prime minister and business leaders. He is scheduled to meet Pope Francis on the second day of his visit, the source told Reuters. The leader will depart for Paris on January 27.

Jan 18 08:34

US sanctions illegal as American arms used against Palestinians, Yemenis - Iranian FM

"The US sanctions against Iran's ballistic missile program ... have no legal or moral legitimacy," Reuters cited Ansari as saying in a televised news conference.

"America sells tens of billions of dollars of weaponry each year to countries in the region,” Ansari said. “These weapons are used in war crimes against Palestinian, Lebanese and most recently Yemeni citizens.”

The Foreign Ministry concluded by saying that they would not negotiate with the US on other issues, while sanctions introduced by the Washington, which Iran called “propaganda measures,” would be met with a firm response.

“We will respond to such propaganda stunts and measures meant to harm [us], by more robustly pursuing our lawful missile program and promoting our defense capabilities and national security,” the statement said, as cited by Press TV.

Jan 17 11:49

This land is our land: American democracy, at a theater near you

Democracy has been projected on to a fictitious screen of good guy and bad guys. The people watch as impotent spectators, no longer even aware of the real story out there.

Ever since armed white ranchers took over federal property in Oregon the unfolding drama has resembled a parody of a Hollywood Western. Trouble is, no-one is quite sure who’s wearing the white hats as opposed to the black ones.

Jan 17 10:09

Congressional Republicans slam Obama administration for lifting sanctions on Iran

Congressional Republicans were quick to slam the Obama administration Saturday for lifting sanctions on Iran, with House Speaker Paul Ryan pledging to do "everything possible" to prevent the longtime U.S. foe from obtaining nuclear weapons.

The announcement means Iran will be able to sell its oil again on world markets and its banks will be able to connect to the global system. A senior administration official said Saturday that under the international agreement, financial institutions will be able to transfer funds to Iran, giving it the ability to access $50 billion.

Jan 17 10:08

Sen. McCain Furious That Iran Treated US Sailors Well

McCain was furious that “Obama administration officials seem to be falling over themselves to offer praise for Iran’s graciousness” and was outraged that the Iranians dared interfere with the actions of US military vessels operating in Iranian waters.

In the world of John McCain, only the United States has the right to national sovereignty. The US military has the right to act anywhere and everywhere and the rest of the world dare not raise a question.

Jan 17 10:02

Iran Unleashes Oil Flood, Will Quintuple Crude Revenue In 2016

On Saturday, Iran marked what President Hassan Rouhani called a “golden page” in the country’s history when the IAEA ruled that Tehran had stuck to its commitments under last year’s nuclear accord.

Moments after the ruling was handed down, the US and the EU each lifted nuclear-related financial and economic sanctions on the “pariah state,” much to the chagrin of Israel and Tehran’s regional rivals who view the West’s rapprochement with the Iranians with deep suspicion.

"Everybody is happy except the Zionists, the warmongers who are fuelling sectarian war among the Islamic nation, and the hardliners in the U.S. congress,” Rouhani said, referring directly to Israel, the Saudis, and GOP lawmakers in the US.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The timing is, sadly, a bit awkward, as Iran's oil flooding into the market will push oil prices lower. Things would be a lot better of the Congress hadn't been trying to enforce Israel will against Iran all along.

Jan 17 09:55

U.S. Imposes New Ballistic Sanctions On Iran, Day After Prisoner Exchange

The United States imposed sanctions on 11 companies and individuals for supplying Iran's ballistic missile program, the U.S. Treasury Department said.

The new sanctions come after the Obama administration delayed the action for more than two weeks during tense negotiations to free five American prisoners, according to people familiar with the matter.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

More schizophrenic US foreign policy on parade!!

Iran's ballistic missiles were never, ever a part of the negotiations on the P5+1 deal; so why is the US punishing Iran for moving ahead with this, and looking at the continued belligerence from Israel, who in their right minds can blame the Iranian military for doing what they are doing?!?

Jan 17 09:34

Former Iran prisoner slams Clinton's call for new sanctions

Shane Bauer knows firsthand what it’s like to be a prisoner in Iran. And after news broke Saturday morning about the exchange that delivered four imprisoned Americans, he had plenty to say about Hillary Clinton’s response to the developments in Iran.
“Seriously, why would Hillary call for more sanctions *now*? As far as we know, 4 of the Americans are still in Iran. Totally irresponsible,” >>>

Jan 17 09:32

New US Sanctions on Iran

snip: Newly imposed sanctions on Iran less than 24 hours after lifting international ones shows implacable US anti-Iranian hostility. What further shoe will drop next - what other outrage against the region’s leading force for peace and stability?

Washington should sanction itself. No country operates more ruthlessly, disdainful of rule of law principles, indifferent to human suffering.

Nowhere else is responsible change more urgently needed, the only way to save humanity from the scourge of endless wars, possible WW III with nuclear weapons, risking mass annihilation.

Jan 17 09:30

Irresponsible Iran Bashing Continues

Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, Donald Trump, Ben Carson, and Hillary Clinton all whine on demand

Jan 17 09:26

Israeli and AIPAC Big Lies About Iran’s Intended Use of Unfrozen Assets

If you give money to banksters - they'll do evil things with the money! you should give it to us! :-D

Yep, any minute now the trillions will flow in...

Jan 17 09:10

Netanyahu: We will warn of any Iranian violations of deal

Iran is still seeking to achieve nuclear military capabilities, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu warned Saturday night, after Iran’s deal with world powers was implemented.

"Even after signing the nuclear deal, Iran has not relinquished its ambition to obtain nuclear weapons, and continues to act to destabilize the Middle East and spread terror throughout the world while violating its international commitments," a statement from Netanyahu's office read.

He stressed that Israel would "follow the implementation of the deal and warn of any violation."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Translation : We are faking up another 'Laptop of death' with which to make everyone think that Iran has nuclear weapons and make the world ignore Israel's nuclear weapons."

Jan 17 09:08


Since the 1979 Iranian revolution and the downfall of the US Puppet Ruler the Shah, Iran has been an Islamic state. In that interval of time, 1979 to the present, Iran has not invaded anyone. Not once. In fact Iran has not launched a war of aggression against another nation in 200 years. War is not their nature. People of all religions live in peace in Iran, even Jews, who find life so comfortable in Iran they refused an offer by the government of Israel to emigrate!

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WRH Exclusive
Jan 17 09:04

Israel will not allow Iran to obtain nuclear weapons:Netanyahu

Talking tough, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu today warned Iran that Israel would not allow it to acquire nuclear weapons even as he accused Tehran of destabilising the region and spreading terrorism globally.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Is Israel about to bomb Iran's nuclear reactor the way they did Iraq's?

Jan 17 09:00

IAEA Director General’s Statement on Iran

Today, I released a report confirming that Iran has completed the necessary preparatory steps to start the implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. The report was submitted to the IAEA Board of Governors and to the United Nations Security Council.

It was issued after Agency inspectors on the ground verified that Iran has carried out all measures required under the JCPOA to enable Implementation Day to occur.

This paves the way for the IAEA to begin verifying and monitoring Iran’s nuclear-related commitments under the agreement, as requested by the U.N. Security Council and authorised by the IAEA Board.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Now then, about those nuclear weapons down in Israel...

Jan 17 08:18

How Iran’s economy will look after 'Implementation Day'

The much-anticipated termination of the sanctions will uplift Iran’s trade ties with the world and ensure that more than a decade of its political and economic isolation has at last come to a closure.
The elimination of these disconcerting punitive measures means that Iran should brace for a revolutionary transformation of its dilapidated economy.
Prior to the imposition of the most virulent sanctions on the Persian Gulf nation in 2012, which mostly hit its oil and gas sector, Iran was the world’s 13th largest economy, with an all-time high GDP of $576 billion in 2011. It experienced staggering recession after the EU’s oil embargo, and is now predicted to rise phenomenally from the ashes of isolation, featuring itself as the “world’s last major frontier market” opening up in 2016.

Jan 17 08:00

Sanctions lifted after Iran found in compliance on nuclear deal

"Relations between Iran and the IAEA now enter a new phase. It is an important day for the international community. I congratulate all those who helped make it a reality," said Director General Yukiyo Amano of the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Jan 17 07:52

Clinton calls for new sanctions on Iran

Hours after the U.S. dropped sanctions on Iran as part of the nuclear deal, Democratic primary front-runner Hillary Clinton called for new sanctions on the nation for its ballistic missile program.

Jan 17 07:51

Iran Releases Prisoners Two Weeks After Bold Trump Threat: "THEY WILL BE OUT BEFORE I TAKE OFFICE, I will tell you that much right now."

A mere two weeks after Donald Trump made a bold threat to Iran about the four "hostages" that Trump said Iran was holding, Iran did indeed release the prisoners. At a full-house rally in Biloxi Mississippi on January 2, 2016, Trump boldly vowed that the four would be released before he took office. "THEY WILL BE OUT BEFORE I TAKE OFFICE. I will tell you that much right now. They will be out," Trump angrily said.

Jan 16 15:55

West Lifts Iran Sanctions After UN Watchdog Confirms Compliance With Nuclear Deal

Israel responds to UN agency declaration with skepticism; with lifting of sanctions, $100 billion in Iranian frozen will be immediately thawed.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Jan 16 12:22

No, Iran Didn’t Commit an Act of Aggression

On Tuesday, a group of ten American service members on a training mission in the Persian Gulf were detained by Iran. Upon receiving the news, Secretary of State John Kerry called his counterpart in Iran to help secure the Americans’ release. This was all over the news over the past few days here in the US and, in traditional media outlets, it was usually accompanied with a standard denunciation of Iran.

Jan 16 11:42

Heading for Catastrophe? What May Force Riyadh to Unleash War Against Iran

Will Saudi Arabia seek war with Iran? Growing economic and political pressure may prompt the impulsive royal family to unleash a war against its longstanding Shiite rival, American author Daniel Lazare believes.

Saudi-Iranian tensions continue to escalate; although Riyadh keeps asserting the international community that it has no intention to push Saudi Arabia to the brink of war, there are certain preconditions for a full-scale conflict, according to author Daniel Lazare.

"The ruling family is under unprecedented strain. Its economy is shrinking; it's bogged down in a seemingly endless war in Yemen; and its human-rights policies are an international scandal. If countries could have nervous breakdowns, Saudi Arabia would be well on its way. And when breakdowns occur, nations do crazy things," Lazare writes in his piece for

Webmaster's Commentary: 

the Iranian leadership has handled itself with calm and class, leading to a successful negotiation of the P5+1 Agreement, and sanctions against the country will end in a matter of days.

My nightmare scenario is that, in its geopolitical and financial distress, Saudi Arabia will create a false flag action to be blamed against Iran, invoking US (and covert Israeli) support for it against Iran, with Russian military supporting Iran, and a full-scale, world war ensues.

I would like to hope that some adults in the room of global politics (Calling President Vladimir Putin, white courtesy telephone please!)will prevent this from happening.

And the hell of it is, the US government is frantically seeking to engage in a war, ANY WAR, to misdirect the coming boiling public outrage about the deteriorating economic situation on to a false villain.

Jan 16 10:24

U.S. confirms 4 U.S. prisoners freed, including journalist, ex-Marine, pastor

Iran freed four U.S. prisoners on Friday, including Washington Post journalist Jason Rezaian, senior U.S. administration officials said, confirming reports first published in Iranian media.

The release was arranged as part of a prisoner swap involving seven Iranians held by the United States on sanctions charges, the officials confirmed. The deal comes after more than a year of secret negotiations, the officials said.

Jan 16 10:12

Iran frees Post correspondent Jason Rezaian, 3 others, officials say

Iran released Washington Post correspondent Jason Rezaian and three other detained Iranian Americans on Saturday in exchange for seven people imprisoned or charged in the United States, U.S. and Iranian officials said, a swap linked to the imminent implementation of a landmark nuclear deal between Tehran and six world powers.

Iranian officials said Rezaian, 39, was freed from Tehran’s notorious Evin Prison after 18 months of captivity and was to be promptly flown out of the country with the three other released detainees..

U.S. officials subsequently confirmed the deal but were awaiting confirmation that a Swiss plane carrying the four has left Tehran.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A good start to a potential ratcheting down of tensions between the US and Iran....and Israel's Netanyahu is probably screaming at the top of his lungs, upon hearing this news.

Jan 16 04:14

Iran Says International Sanctions To Be Lifted On Saturday

The deal is opposed by all of the Republican candidates in the field vying to succeed Obama as U.S. president in an election in November, and is viewed with deep suspicion by U.S. allies in the Middle East including Israel and Saudi Arabia.

It is supported by Washington's European allies, who joined Obama earlier in his presidency in making sanctions far tighter as part of a joint strategy to force Tehran to negotiate.

Jan 15 16:24

US, Iran Step Back From the Brink

To awaken Thursday to front-page photos of U.S. sailors kneeling on the deck
of their patrol boat, hands on their heads in postures of surrender, on Iran’s
Farsi Island, brought back old and bad memories.

Jan 15 15:42

Will Reckless Saudis Seek War with Iran?

Now that Saudi Arabia has severed diplomatic ties with Iran and reportedly bombed Iran’s embassy in Yemen, the big question is whether the Saudis are desperate and unhinged enough to launch an attack across the Persian Gulf. While Saudi leaders insist they have no such intent, there are mounting pressures pushing them in that direction.

Jan 15 13:08

U.S. Radically Changes Its Story of the Boats in Iranian Waters: to an Even More Suspicious Version

Lake quoted John McCain as saying that “boats do not lose their sovereign immune status when they are in distress at sea.” The night the news broke, Reuters quickly said the “boats may have inadvertently drifted into Iranian waters” and “another U.S. official said mechanical issues may have disabled one of the boats, leading to a situation in which both ships drifted inadvertently into Iranian waters.”

The U.S. government itself now says this story was false. There was no engine failure, and the boats were never “in distress.” Once the sailors were released, AP reported, “In Washington, a defense official said the Navy has ruled out engine or propulsion failure as the reason the boats entered Iranian waters.”

Jan 15 12:28

Sen. McCain Furious Iran Treated US Sailors Well

How dare you feed them lunch then let them go!!

Jan 15 10:35

A Bad Week for Warmongers: U.S.-Iran Quickly Resolve Sailors’ Breach Just Before Nuke Deal Kicks In

This week is not looking kind to opponents of the Obama administration’s diplomacy with Iran.

Jan 15 10:03

First Footage: Moment of US sailors detained by Iran

A video released by Iran shows the moment 10 US sailors were taken into custody as their boats crossed into the country’s waters on Tuesday, and their treatment during the brief detention.

Jan 15 08:22

McCain slams Obama's 'desperation' on Iran

John McCain railed against the Obama administration late on Wednesday night for what he called a desperate attempt not to offend Iranians following the seizure of two U.S. Navy vessels and apprehension of 10 sailors.

“This is desperation not to offend the Iranians because the Iranian deal has to be kept intact,” the Arizona senator said on Fox News’ “The O’Reilly Factor.” “It’s now made the United States of America be the subject of absolute humiliation.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

John McCain is desperate to kill the Iran deal on behalf of his true masters in Israel, and ignores the fact that the US violated Iran's borders, and that Iran treated the US prisoners far better than the US treated prisoners at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo.

Jan 14 22:50

U.S. Media Condemns Iran’s “Aggression” in Intercepting U.S. Naval Ships — In Iranian Waters

Even when the White House was saying they did not yet regard the Iranian conduct as an act of aggression, American journalists were insisting that it was.

Jan 14 16:23

Saudi Arabia v. Iran as Much of a Schism as Arabs v. Israel

On January 3, Saudi Arabia announced that it had executed 47 people. Among them were prominent Shiite cleric and protester Nimr al-Nimr. As Rob Prince wrote at Focal Points, it may have been an attempt at goading Iran, ever growing in arch-enemy-hood in the eyes of Saudi Arabia, into responding and thus somehow torpedo-ing the recent nuclear deal it had signed.

Jan 14 13:09

‘Breach of sovereignty’: US apologizes for intrusion into Iran waters

Tehran has reportedly released 10 US sailors seized after straying into Iranian waters in the Persian Gulf.

Jan 14 12:07

US and EU Could Lift Iranian Sanctions This Weekend

The United States and the European Union are expected to formally lift sanctions against Iran this weekend.

Jan 14 10:38

Diplomatic Sanity Prevails with Iran

Before President Obama’s State of the Union Address, U.S. cable news blasted out bulletins about Iran seizing American sailors, as Obama’s critics blasted him. But the U.S. intrusion into Iranian waters was quickly explained and the sailors returned, a sign of diplomatic sanity, writes ex-CIA analyst Paul R. Pillar.

Jan 13 19:22

USA fibbing about the boats that Iran grabbed. USA made to look silly.

The USA says that 4 fancy diesel engines, two radios and two GPS systems all went out at the same time, on two boats that have a maximum range of 240 miles, that were making a scheduled trip of 285 miles, and magically ran up on a 1/2 mile wide island some 55 miles off of their stated coarse, because nether boat had an anchor to hold them from drifting off their path when their engines quit? And that the carrier battle groups for the USS Harry S. Truman a few miles south and the Charles De Gaulle a few miles north can't track on radar two 49 foot long steel boats?

Jan 13 15:44

Israeli lobby behind US anti-Iran policies: Pundit

Press TV has conducted an interview with former US marine Ken O'Keefe in London, and journalist and Philippe Assouline, a Middle East expert from Los Angeles, to discuss the approval of a bill by the US House of Representatives that would limit Washington’s ability to lift anti-Iran bans as agreed in last July’s nuclear agreement.

Jan 13 15:08

US Navy vessels impounded in Iranian waters

Iran has impounded two US Navy high-speed boats and their crews—ten sailors in all—that were found yesterday a mile or more inside the country’s territorial waters in the Persian Gulf.

Jan 13 13:04

IRGC Navy Commander: Iranian Missiles Locked on US Aircraft Carrier

"The USS Truman Aircraft carrier showed unprofessional moves for 40 minutes after the detention of the trespassers, while we were highly prepared with our coast-to-sea missiles, missile-launching speedboats and our numerous capabilities" and were ready to strike them in case they made a hostile move, Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi said after Iran released the detained US marines. Fadavi complained of the provocative and uncontrolled behavior shown by the US navy, and said while the 10 captured marines showed not much resistance and accepted to give in to the Iranian troops, the US fleet that arrived near the scene later made many show-off moves near Iran's sea borders.

Jan 13 12:55

Leader's Top Military Aide: Iran-Led Coalition Formed to Confront Triangle of US, Saudi Arabia, Israel

Top Military Aide to the Iranian Supreme Leader Major General Yahya Rahim Safavi underlined that formation of an alliance by Tehran, Moscow, Beirut, Damascus and Baghdad is meant to confront the coalition of Washington, Tel Aviv and Riyadh...
Actions Speak Louder Than Words: Iran's Only War 'Was Started by the West'. Iran is being punished because it refuses to submit to a US-government determined world order, and Washington will face a reckoning when the petrodollar system ends, political activist and former US marine Ken O'Keefe said.

Jan 13 12:52

Iran Fulfills Its Nuclear Obligations: What Next?

What all this seems to confirm is that the world now awaits "Implementation Day" when the IAEA verifies that Tehran has met its nuclear commitments and the West takes steps to lift its economic and financial bans. Tehran has raced to finalize its obligations earlier than expected - despite mild violations and posturing by the Americans. The pace of Tehran’s progress was quicker than the sextet expected, and comes as a sign that it is eager to see the landmark deal through. It is said, one good turn deserves another. It would befit Washington and its NATO allies well, therefore, to realise that economic sanctions again on Iran will have a self-defeating impact. Likewise, it is critical for Washington to play a very mature and enabling role in seeing the deal through, and not make a repeat of its past mistakes. As it turned out, the oppressive tactics generated a great deal of resentment on the world stage. Their aim was too low, and they still missed it.

Jan 13 12:50

US Reckless Moves in Persian Gulf Could Trigger War

"After that the US navy and a US aircraft-carrier showed unprofessional behavior for about 40 minutes and made some moves in the air and the sea in the region...but calm was restored to the region with the timely action of the IRGC forces and came under our 100 percent control," Admiral Fadavi said. The IRGC Navy commander reiterated that his forces are in full control of all waters of the Persian Gulf and Hormuz Strait. "The territorial waters of every country are those waters that the presence of foreign vessels should take place with the prior information and permission of that country," he added. He said that the presence of the US forces in the Persian Gulf region and the Strait of Hormuz has always been harmful

Jan 13 12:48

EC Secretary: Persian Gulf Incident Proved US Allegations about Iran Are Baseless

Secretary of Iran's Expediency Council (EC) Mohsen Rezayee said the behavior of the US marines while they were in custody of the IRGC Navy forces showed that they had been well-treated proving that the US allegations about Iran's behavior are no more than lies.
IRGC Releases US Marines after Receiving Apology [PHOTOS]

Jan 13 11:58

Footage shows US sailors detained by Iran’s naval forces

Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps says it has held two US naval boats after they entered the country’s territorial waters in the Persian Gulf.The IRGC says the American vessels were stopped near Iran’s Farsi island in the Persian Gulf and were transferred to the island. It says the sailors are in good health and are being kept at a suitable place.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

How Iran treats prisoners.

How the US treats prisoners.

Jan 13 11:11

Iran Has US Navy GPS Equipment, Will Prove 'American Ships Were Snooping'

Iran's semiofficial Fars new agency reported the two US Navy boats detained in the Persian Gulf had illegally traveled more than a mile into Iran's territorial waters, and that GPS equipment confiscated by Islamic Revolutionary Guards Navy forces would "prove that the American ships were 'snooping' around in Iranian waters."

Jan 13 10:54

Marco Rubio on Iran: 'Provocative, Absolutely'

Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio said Tuesday that Iran's capture of 10 American sailors in the Persian Gulf was "provocative, absolutely."

"We'll find out soon enough if they are not immediately released, we'll know that something else is at play," the Florida senator, who sits on the Senate Intelligence Committee, told Bret Baier on Fox News. "Iran is testing the administration's boundaries."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Rubio ( who by the way does not meet the Constitutional eligibility requirements to be President) seems to have forgotten that it was the US that provoked yesterday's incident by sailing TWO patrol boats deep into Iranian territorial waters, claiming that it was a "mistake."

Jan 13 10:24

Breaking: Obama Admin Just Had SICK Response To Iran After 10 US Sailors Captured

On Wednesday, Iranian authorities said they let the sailors go “after they extended an apology,” according to a statement from the IRGC. The statement went on to say, “The Americans have undertaken not to repeat such mistakes.”

A State Department spokesman phrased things differently.

“There is no truth in reporting that Secretary (of State John) Kerry apologized to the Iranians,” Kerry spokesman John Kirby told reporters Wednesday, later tweeting that the claim had “zero” validity.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, Kerry is full of bovine excrement. No news there.

But I have another question. There were two boats, costing about $1.5 million each, in theory with military grade navigation. So what "mechanical fault" leads TWO such boats deep into Iranian waters?

To me it is obvious that the US hoped Iran would fire on the boats, giving Obama one hell of a headline for last night's speech and opening the door for war with Iran. The Iranians did not take the bait.

Jan 13 09:23

WH Response to Iran’s Arrest of 10 U.S. Sailors in Persian Gulf: “Absolute Hooey”

Obama bragged of his ‘legacy’ nuclear deal with Iran in his final State of the Union speech last night yet said nothing about Iran seizing 10 crew members and two U.S. Navy riverine patrol boats. Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) arrested the 10 crew members, nine men and one woman in the Persian Gulf earlier yesterday...

(read more)

Jan 13 09:23

The "Iran Attack," Jan. 12, 2016: Whose False Flag, if any?

On January 12, 2016, it was reported that Iran had detained two small U.S. vessels which, they claimed, were picked up in Iranian territory, one or both having reported mechanical difficulties. It was also reported that the Iranian government said that the vessels (apparently too small to have been called "ships") would be returned to U.S. hands "shortly." An "innocent mistake?" Surely it could have been. But given that it just happened to have occurred on the day of President Barack Obama's last State of the Union Address, and given that there are a number of forces around the world which would like nothing better, post hoc, than to undermine his historic Iran Nuclear Deal, it surely could have been something else. "Surely you're not thinking of aa false flag attack, are you?" an interlocutor might ask. Well yes, that's exactly what I'm thinking about.

Jan 13 09:22

Democrats Who Backed Iran Deal Meet With Bibi

A delegation of eight Democratic U.S. senators who backed the Iran nuclear deal met with Israeli leaders and discussed oversight of the deal.

The trip last week included Sens. Kirsten Gillibrand of New York; Chris Coons of Delaware; Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota; Tim Kaine of Virginia; Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin; Mazie Hirono of Hawaii; Cory Booker of New Jersey, and Gary Peters of Michigan.

In statements Tuesday, the senators echoed pledges last year by President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to overcome the acrimony between the two countries created by the debate over the sanctions relief for nuclear restrictions deal and to work together to enforce it.

Jan 13 08:33

US entered Iranian waters unintentionally

Those boats are 2.3 million each and they don't have basic navigation??

Jan 13 07:59

Iran frees trespassing US sailors after Americans apologized

The ten US Marines who had trespassed on Iran’s territorial waters and had been taken into Iranian custody have been released after Americans apologized for the incident.

Jan 13 04:18

Iran Releases Detained US Sailors After Violation of Territorial Waters

The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) announced that ten US Navy sailors had been released after an alleged violation of Iranian territorial waters...

Iran Has US Navy GPS Equipment, Will Prove 'American Ships Were Snooping'

Iran Demands Apology From US for Alleged Territorial Water Violation

Jan 13 02:59

10 US Sailors in Custody After Entering Iranian Waters. Why Did Iran Put Its Water So Close to Our Navy?

The incident comes at a time when Iran is literally just days away from fullfilling its obligations under the recently-signed nuclear deal. So if you can read between the lines, what we're trying to say is "Iran is not interested in starting beef with the US, even when US sailors enter its waters."
But then again, why did Iran put its water so close to our navy?

Jan 12 14:57

FLASHBACK - To Provoke War, Cheney Considered Proposal To Dress Up Navy Seals As Iranians And Shoot At Them

There was a dozen ideas proffered about how to trigger a war. The one that interested me the most was why don’t we build — we in our shipyard — build four or five boats that look like Iranian PT boats. Put Navy seals on them with a lot of arms. And next time one of our boats goes to the Straits of Hormuz, start a shoot-up.

Jan 12 14:43

Two US Navy boats in Iranian custody - Pentagon

US officials are saying it is unclear how the crew members ended up in Iranian waters, though Secretary of State John Kerry has kept phone contact with Iranian officials in Tehran, urging for a release. A senior official told NBC News the Iranians understand a mistake was made and have agreed to a release to come in hours.

Jan 12 14:41

Pentagon: 2 Navy boats in Iranian custody; Iran assures crew will be returned promptly

The crew of two small Navy craft are being held by Iran, but American officials have received assurances from Tehran that the crew and vessels will be returned safely and promptly.

Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook told The Associated Press that the boats were moving between Kuwait and Bahrain when the U.S. lost contact with them.

"We have been in contact with Iran and have received assurances that the crew and the vessels will be returned promptly," Cook said.

Jan 12 14:02

Core of Arak Heavy Water Reactor Taken Out by Iran

Iran has taken out the heart of its Heavy Water Reactor in Arak in full compliance with its nuclear deal with the world powers that will now require the sextet to initiate action to remove all sanctions against Tehran, an informed source told FNA on Monday. "The heart (calandria) of Arak Heavy Water Reactor was taken out today," the source told FNA in the evening. "The operation was accomplished today and the core has been filled with cement," he added. According to the source, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is to confirm the operation in the next few days in a final report on Iran's full compliance with its undertakings under its Vienna nuclear deal with the Group 5+1...

Jan 12 07:54

Iran days from disabling Arak reactor core, paving way for lifting of sanctions

Conflicting reports come from Iran, as it moves to fulfil its obligation to disable the Arak heavy water nuclear reactor - the last major condition for the lifting of sanctions under a controversial international deal signed last year.

The fate of the Arak reactor, which could be used to produce plutonium, was one of the largest stumbling blocks for the agreement signed in July. Tehran agreed to retrofit the facility so that it could be used for advanced nuclear research and production of radioactive isotopes, while leading foreign powers pledged to provide technical help for the endeavor.

Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization spokesman Behrouz Kamalvandi told the Etemad newspaper that Arak would be disabled and the nuclear deal fully implemented in no more than seven days.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Look for a last-ditch attempt by Israel to kill the deal and keep the sanctions in place.

Jan 11 16:05

Iran to take measures against export of Turkish products disguised as Iranian to Russia

Iran will undertake all the possible measures to prevent export of banned Turkish products disguised as Iranian one to the Russian market, Russian veterinary and phytosanitary regulator Rosselkhoznadzor said on Monday.

Jan 11 13:54

BEX ALERT - Hamas, ISIS terrorists arrested for attempted Netanyahu slaying were backed by Iran

As the Obama administration pushes full-tilt to complete the nuclear ‘deal’ with Iran that will allow the Islamic Republic to acquire nuclear weapons a few years down the road, Israel has found out what Iran will do with the billions it stands to receive under the internationally negotiated agreement. Multiple Hamas terrorists, along with one that supported ISIS, were indicted in Israel this week for attempting to assassinate Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by placing an explosion under a stage where he was scheduled to speak in Tel Aviv. Iran supports Hamas in the Gaza strip and analysts believe is supporting ISIS in the Sinai against the Egyptian government as well. Hamas has been sheltering ISIS leaders in Gaza from Egyptian security forces. The terrorists also had plans to use suicide bombings to kill innocent Israelis.

Jan 10 08:57

UAE Calls on Arab States to Coordinate Positions on Iran

The United Arab Emirates condemn Iran's alleged meddling in the affairs of Arab countries and call on all Arab states to coordinate positions in regard to the Islamic Republic, UAE Foreign Minister Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan said Sunday. Earlier this week, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif sent an open letter to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, urging him to take action against "certain people" in Riyadh trying to plunge the Middle East region into a crisis with their "provocations". "We firmly condemn attacks on Saudi Arabian diplomatic missions and reject Iran's policy on meddling in the affairs of Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries. This includes responses to court decisions. We call on Arab states to assume a united and decisive position in regard to Iran," Al Nahyan said at an Arab League meeting.

Jan 10 03:22

Navy: Video shows Iranian rockets launched near Truman, other warships

The U.S. military released a video Saturday showing what it says is an Iranian military vessel firing several unguided rockets near the aircraft carrier Harry S. Truman and other Western warships and commercial craft. The incident occurred Dec. 26 in the Strait of Hormuz. Navy officials released the video to Military Times in response to a Freedom of Information Act request. The images show what appears to be an Iranian Revolutionary Guard vessel firing rockets from a distance of about 1,370 meters. Officials with U.S. Central Command first disclosed details about the incident last month. Approximately 20 minutes before the incident occurred, the Iranians had announced over maritime radio that they would be carrying out a live-fire exercise, officials said.

Jan 09 13:44

Somalia Cuts Diplomaic Relations With Iran

Iranian diplomats were given 72 hours to leave the country. On Thursday, January 7, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Somalia announced the severance of diplomatic relations with Iran. The Ministry blamed the fact that Tehran is allegedly interfering in their internal affairs.

Jan 09 09:54

Saudi-Iranian Spat: Another Skirmish in the Oil War

Saudi Arabia is a beheading paradise. But this PR nightmare is the least of all problems in an oil crisis. Once again, the heart of the matter is – what else – black gold.

So far, the House of Saud’s whole energy strategy has boiled down to shaving off its oil production no matter what it takes, even issuing bonds to cover its massive deficits.

Now the strategy has been moved one step ahead via a flagrant provocation: the execution of Shiite cleric Nimr al-Nimr.

The House of Saud believes that by stoking the flames of a Riyadh-Tehran confrontation it may raise the fear factor in the oil supply sphere, leading to higher oil prices (which it needs), while maintaining the Holy Wahhabi Grail of keeping imminent Iranian oil off the market.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That window of 6 months is very telling in this article; but because of the steps Putin has taken to revitalize the Russian economy, I frankly don't think that the US government can actually destroy the Russian economy in that time frame.

Unfortunately, should this strategy be seen as failing by the US government, it appears that war against Russia may well be inevitable.

Jan 09 08:36

Saudi Arabia Executed a Nonviolent Shiite Cleric – It’s Going To Cost Them Big

Unfortunately, sectarian temperatures inside Saudi Arabia and neighboring countries have reached a boiling point. Low oil prices, inflated budgets, an expensive war in Yemen (which is costing the kingdom $6 billion per month), and Riyadh’s commitment to propping up the Egyptian military regime in Cairo are causing the kingdom’s coffers to rapidly drain. By executing al-Nimr, the Saudis have knowingly made a decision that will escalate these costly proxy wars, which Riyadh won’t be able to finance indefinitely.

Over time, the people of Saudi Arabia may come to realize that their biggest enemies aren’t nonviolent Shiite clerics or political activists advocating democratic reform and gender equality. The real threat to their long-term security stems from an autocratic and reactionary monarchy that’s increasingly angering and offending a growing number of Muslims, regional governments, and human rights activists all over the globe.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I am hoping that the growing enmity between Saudi Arabia and Iran will not lead to a military confrontation.

This would see the US government falling in behind Saudi Arabia, and the Russian government falling in behind Iran; and how long that war would remain a "proxy war" is anyone's guess.

Unfortunately, just because a move would be the the most pig-headedly, ham-fistedly stupid thing the US government could do, is absolutely no guarantee that it won't do it.

And war with Russia right now does definitely fall under this category of activities.

Jan 09 08:09


Iranians have held fresh rallies across the country, including the capital Tehran, to condemn Saudi Arabia’s execution of prominent cleric, Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr.

Thousands of people marched through Tehran following the Friday Prayers amid tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia over the past week.

The demonstrators chanted slogans against the United States, Israel and Saudi Arabia and condemned the Al Saudi regime’s crimes, including the killing of Sheikh Nimr.

Some of the protesters carried placards with the picture of the prominent cleric who was executed in Saudi Arabia along with 46 others on January 2 for terrorism-related charges.

Nimr’s execution was widely censured by Muslims and human rights activists around the globe as well as different governments.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A memo to the Iranian government: certain elements in the US government, the Saudi government, and the Israeli government would LOVE to see you attempt to respond militarily to this assassination; please have the common sense to not do this.

Jan 08 16:43

Don't Tell My Mother I'm In Iran Aabic Subtitle

Jan 08 16:12

Not Taking Sides in Saudi-Iran Fights

The recent intensification of Saudi-Iranian tension also has intensified the all-too-habitual urge, in debate about U.S. foreign policy, to take sides in other nations’ conflicts even in the absence of any treaty obligations to do so or good U.S.-centered reasons to do so. That urge has multiple sources.

Jan 08 14:56

Iran accuses Saudi Arabia of bombing its embassy in Yemen

Iran has accused Saudi Arabia of using warplanes to attack the Iranian embassy in the Yemeni capital Sana'a. Some guards were reportedly wounded in the attack, according to state news channel IRIB.

Jan 08 14:02

Saudi Arabia Set to Try 4 Iranians on Terrorism, Spying Charges

The Riyadh government intends to try three Iranians on alleged terrorism charges and another individual for cooperation with Iran's intelligence ministry, the Saudi media reported.

The news comes as Saudi Arabia has sentenced another Iranian national to 13 years in jail on charges of trying to conduct terrorist attacks in the kingdom during the Hajj rituals. He will be deported after serving his term.

The Saudi media, however, did not elaborate on the venue and date of trial of the four Iranian nationals, or their identity.

The trial of Iranian nationals by Saudi Arabia comes after the kingdom cut its diplomatic ties with Iran in protest at an attack by a group of angry Iranian protesters at its embassy in Tehran.

Saudi Arabia has been pursuing a crisis-escalation policy against Iran during the last week.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Apparently, Saudi Arabian leadership has been given its marching orders to escalate against Iran until Iran pushes back militarily.

War with Russia, which will come to Iran's aid, anyone?!?!?

Jan 08 13:49

‘Saudis Provoking Iran Into Overreaction’ to Hamper Nuclear Deal

US Secretary of State John Kerry said Thursday that there’s been significant progress towards full implementation of the Iranian deal. Speaking to journalists after a phone call with his Iranian counterpart - Mohammad Javad Zarif - Kerry praised Tehran’s efforts to implement the agreement.

Kerry’s recent statement comes after the Republican-led House Foreign Affairs Committee approved a bill that could undermine the Iranian deal.

According to Reuters, the legislation would require the White House to uphold its commitment not to ease pressure on Iran’s support for terrorism of its ballistic missile program.

Thus it would increase lawmakers’ oversight of the agreement, but critics say that the Republicans are simply trying to hamper the deal by violating its terms.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Looks like Israel's derriere-kissers in Congress have been vigilant in attempting to destroy the P5+1 deal, just as hard as they can.

I am very certain that the US-enabled Saudi action of mass executions of political prisoners, including the Shiite Imam, Nimr al-Nimr, was an attempt to create a provocation to which the US government hoped the Iranian government would respond militarily.

Bravo, Iran, for the reality that so far, you haven't

Because that point, the US "would have had no choice" but to militarily enable our "great friend" in the Middle East, with a human rights record just to the right of that of Attila the Hun, Saudi Arabia, against Iran.

But there is one teensy, tiny, minor problem with this scenario.

If the US militarily enables Saudi Arabia against Iran, just what country will, undoubtedly, come to Iran's aid?!?


I don't know who in the bowels of power in the US government believes that war against Russia would be a a great idea right now; but it is a definite confirmation of the American comedian Ron White's mantra: "You can't fix stupid!!"

And unfortunately, just because something is the most ham-fistedly, pig-headedly stupid thing the US government can do, is absolutely no guarantee that the US government will not do it!!

Also, as reported at today:

Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr's beheading has shaken the Shiite population of the region, severing remaining ties between Saudi Arabia and Iran; to complicate matters further the execution took place amid the ongoing Syrian crisis, Germany-based American political analyst Phil Butler underscores. Washington signals that it is unable to heal an "old sectarian wound," trying to convince the readers that the situation in the Middle East is "out of the control" of Obama and Washington. Still, according to Butler, the reverse is absolutely true. "The story goes on to plant the seed of military support for Saudi Arabia should the situation escalate, which it is certain to with the help of the lame duck Obama," he points out. Riyadh's actions are a part of the West's Middle Eastern strategy aimed at partitioning of Syria and re-drawing the map of the Middle East. Saudi Arabia is not upsetting Washington's applecart, as the mainstream media is reporting; instead it is playing directly into the hands of those who instigated the Syrian civil war.

Jan 08 04:22

The logic behind escalating tensions in the Middle East

The escalating tension between Saudi Arabia and Iran is the story of a declining state desperately seeking to reverse the balance of power shifting in favor of its rising rival.

Jan 07 15:33

Riding a c90 through Iran

Jan 07 10:46

One Map That Explains the Dangerous Saudi-Iranian Conflict

But to the degree that the current crisis has anything to do with religion, it’s much less about whether Abu Bakr or Ali was Muhammad’s rightful successor and much more about who’s going to control something more concrete right now: oil.

In fact, much of the conflict can be explained by a fascinating map created by M.R. Izady, a cartographer and adjunct master professor at the U.S. Air Force Special Operations School/Joint Special Operations University in Florida.

What the map shows is that, due to a peculiar correlation of religious history and anaerobic decomposition of plankton, almost all the Persian Gulf’s fossil fuels are located underneath Shiites. This is true even in Sunni Saudi Arabia, where the major oil fields are in the Eastern Province, which has a majority Shiite population.

As a result, one of the Saudi royal family’s deepest fears is that one day Saudi Shiites will secede, with their oil, and ally with Shiite Iran.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Unfortunately, should there be a direct military confrontation between Saudi Arabia and Iran, look for the US to be teaming up with "that great bastion of human rights" (just kidding), Saudi Arabia, and for Russia to align with Iran.

This could get very nasty very quickly, and set up a direct military confrontation between Russia and the US.

Jan 07 09:18

Just the Beginning: Iran, India Dump Petrodollar, Settle Oil Payments in Rupees

Iran and India have announced that they intend to settle all oustanding crude oil payments in rupees, as part of a joint strategy to dump the dollar and trade instead in national currencies.

Jan 07 08:48

Iran accuses Saudis of hitting Yemen embassy

Iran has accused Saudi-led coalition warplanes of damaging its embassy and injuring staff in an air strike on Yemen's capital, Sanaa.

State media quoted a foreign ministry spokesman as saying planes had deliberately targeted the site.

But some later reports in Iran said missiles struck only in the vicinity of the embassy.

Residents and witnesses in Sanaa reported there was no damage to the main embassy building.

Jan 07 07:47

Iran censures 'deliberate' Saudi raid on mission in Sana’a

Iran has roundly condemned a “deliberate” air raid by Saudi warplanes on its embassy in the Yemeni capital, Sana’a, which injured a number of security forces guarding the diplomatic mission.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Jan 06 16:09

Saudis Seek Chaos to Cover Terror Tracks

Russia's incisive military intervention in Syria has succeeded in not only stabilizing the Arab state and salvaging it from a terrorist takeover. Russia's maneuver also exposed the foreign-fueled nature of the conflict - as a criminal covert war of aggression for regime change

Jan 06 14:34

March to WWIII: Saudis Call Emergency Meeting on Iran Over Embassy Attack

Gee. Reading through this timeline, it's almost as if someone consulted the blueprints for World War III, because the whole thing seems perfectly scripted for it.

Jan 06 12:49

Kuwait recalls ambassador to Iran over Saudi mission attack

Kuwait has become the latest Muslim nation to renounce ties with Iran after it recalled its ambassador to Tehran, following the Islamic Republic's rift with Saudi Arabia.

Jan 06 12:44

US Politicians On Saudi Beheadings: It's All Iran's Fault!

Is House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ed Royce purposely deceiving the American public, or is he just that badly informed? As the Saudis beheaded 47 prisoners, including a prominent Shiite cleric, Royce went on CNN to blame the whole thing on the Iranians! The problems started when the Iranian military invaded Yemen, he said. But that is demonstrably untrue. It was the Saudis who invaded Yemen.

Jan 06 11:43

Saudi nuclear weapons 'on order' from Pakistan

Saudi Arabia has invested in Pakistani nuclear weapons projects, and believes it could obtain atomic bombs at will, a variety of sources have told BBC Newsnight.
While the kingdom's quest has often been set in the context of countering Iran's atomic programme, it is now possible that the Saudis might be able to deploy such devices more quickly than the Islamic republic.

Jan 06 11:15

Are Saudi Arabia and Iran Edging Toward War?

The conflict between Saudi Arabia and Iran could spark a conflict considerably more damaging and horrific than the Iran-Iraq War, but would they actually do it?

Jan 05 22:35

US Congress Reacts with Horror to NSA Surveillance of Israel

NSA has been at the forefront of identifying, based on their telephone conversations, faxes, and emails, Israel’s agents buried within the US executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government.

Jan 05 21:44

US Politicians On Saudi Beheadings: It’s All Iran’s Fault!

which governments did Iran overthrow? Stupid attempts to blame Iran for Saudi beheadings

Jan 05 16:49

Trump's Chilling "Solution" to Saudi-Iran Problem

One of the things that supporters of billionaire real estate magnate Donald Trump, and his bid for the presidency in 2016, is that he is so rich that he can’t be bought by the big money and corporate cash that runs like a river through Washington D.C.

But apparently, under a Trump presidency, the lives and safety of your sons and daughters in uniform would be for sale to the highest bidder.

Not that this would be anything new. But it is just something to think about.

Jan 05 11:39

Trump: Iran Violated The Nuclear Deal, Iran Created ISIS; Iran is holding American hostages, We Need Sanctions on Iran

During a campaign rally at Biloxi Mississippi on Saturday, Donald Trump sharply criticized the Iran nuclear deal and called for sanctions on the country. He said the Iran Nuclear Deal was "The Worst Deal Ever" and called for 'double and triple sanctions" on the nation. He also said "Iran wants to take over Saudi Arabia" and "They created ISIS," before adding "Hillary Clinton created ISIS with Obama." Trump alleged that Iranians are "burning our flags" and Iran is holding American hostages. "There are hostages actually, they will be out before I take office. You double and triple up your sanctions," Trump said, continuing "Now we have Iran taking over Iraq. They made this great deal, they get 150 billion dollars they're gonna take over iraq. We gave them Iraq, we handed it to them. We are weak and we are soft and we are pathetic... They have a right to self inspect'?! 'we aren't making nuclear weapons'?! We've given them so much money they can buy the damn things!" Trump said.

Jan 05 09:30

‘A Wahhabi Muslim Brotherhood’: More escalation ahead in Saudi-Iran crisis

What we are seeing now are Saudi efforts to build a regional bloc, a Wahhabi Muslim Brotherhood bloc, says Ali Rizk, a MidEast affairs expert. Given Saudi Arabia’s irrational policies, it’s likely that Riyadh’s current row with Iran will only escalate, he adds.

Bahrain and Sudan have followed the lead of Saudi Arabia, in cutting diplomatic relations with Iran. On top of that, the United Arab Emirates has downgraded ties with Tehran. It's the latest escalation of a sectarian row over the Saudi execution of a prominent Shia cleric, Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr.

Jan 05 09:29

Saudi-Iran Confrontation to Impede Syria Peace Process - Former US Diplomat

Escalating tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran will hinder the Syrian reconciliation process, but are unlikely to affect the implementation of the P5+1 countries’ nuclear deal with Tehran, former US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Robert Jordan told Sputnik.

Jan 05 09:28

The Saudis' Anti-Shiite Provocation Has Clear Geopolitical Goals

Riyadh's execution of Shiite Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr was timed to coincide with the expected lifting of anti-Iranian sanctions and the rejuvenation of the Syrian peace process.

Jan 05 09:28

Oil Investors Should Look Ahead in Saudi-Iran Row, Expert Warns

Oil prices have been volatile since turmoil erupted over the weekend between Saudi Arabia and Iran. But investors should also consider the potential long-term impact to oil prices, according to one market expert.

Jan 05 09:22

Will Iran Saudi Dispute Become War? Michael Rivero

Jan 05 08:40

Iran president criticises Saudi Arabia over severing ties

Saudi Arabia "cannot cover its crime" in executing a Shiite cleric by severing ties with the Islamic Republic, Iran's president has said.

Jan 05 08:25

Saudi Riyal Falls Sharply after Cutting Ties with Iran

The Saudi riyal fell sharply against the US dollar in the forward foreign exchange market after relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran deteriorated, raising concern that dollar funding for the kingdom could become more expensive.

Jan 04 16:08

S. Arabia cuts all commercial ties & air traffic w/ Iran, more countries join diplomatic standoff

Riyadh is planning to cut off all flights between Saudi Arabia and Iran, and will ban its citizens from traveling to the Islamic Republic, the Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir told Reuters.