Jan 11 10:05

The Fiction of the Jewish History in Palestine

By the end of the nineteenth century, Zionism created a new Jewish identity of blood and soil. To mobilize their followers and supporters and appeal to their emotions, the Zionists created myths. Zionism started as a tribal religion without god, but in order to fulfill its function as a unifying force, Zionism required external religious and race symbols, not inner content. Its leaders regarded metaphysical religious belief and purity of race as having value in itself. They created a divine paradisiacal state of merger with the gods. Despite his non-religious ideology, Herzl’s writings were replete with religious references. The Jews should settle in Palestine because, in his words, “the Temple will be visible from long distance, for it is only our ancient faith that has kept us together”.

Jan 11 10:00

Israeli teens tell Netanyahu they won’t serve in IDF, slam occupation of Palestine

Sixty-three Israeli students signed a letter stating they would defy mandatory military service despite the risk of jail. Citing the occupation of Palestine, the letter criticizes the policies of Israel’s “racist government.”

The letter, signed on Thursday by sixty-three high school students from across Israel, is addressed to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman, Education Minister Naftali Bennett and Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Gadi Eisenkot.

Jan 11 09:56

Nightclub owner says Yair Netanyahu was a regular

The incident has managed to cause a minor diplomatic incident as Yair mentions "Japanese girls" in the recording. During their drive, Yair received a call from his mother Sara Netanyahu. Yair can be heard saying "it's my mom, what an embarrassment for my mom to call now…" Shaking off the embarrassment, he tells his friends: "invite the Japanese girls, bro, come on."

The mention of "Japanese girls" raised some eyebrows at the Japanese embassy in Israel. They looked into whether Yair was referring to Japanese strippers or perhaps the term was a cover story that Yair used when talking to his mother.

The Japanese called several sources in Israel to determine whether any of them knew who the young Netanyahu was referring to.

Jan 11 09:55

Netanyahu's son to gas mogul's son: 'My dad gave yours $20 bil.'

Channel 2 News airs report Monday revealing PM Netanyahu's son Yair went on strip club date with friends, including son of gas mogul Kobi Maimon; night out took place during discussions on gas drilling rights, in which Maimon had financial stake; PM's son told Maimon's son, 'My dad cut yours a heck of a deal.'

Jan 11 09:51

Israel Bombing Syria to Show It's Still Relevant as Government Forces March to Victory

Israeli jets and ground-to-ground missile attacks on targets in the outskirts of Damascus are a mark of Israel’s heightened concern as President Bashar al-Assad comes close to winning the civil war in Syria. Israel’s security cabinet has held meetings several times in recent days to discuss how it should respond to the “day-after” the war as Syria returns to Mr Assad’s control and to Iran’s expanded influence in Syria according to Israeli television reports.

Jan 11 09:35


Facebook has been on a censorship campaign against Palestinian activists, deleting accounts at the direction of the US and Israeli governments.

Jan 11 09:34


We seem to be used to cruel images showing children in the middle of wars, misery, and starvation. Calls for donations for children in Yemen, Syria, or Africa are often made. But what has become more apparent is that images of Palestinian children under Jewish occupation are almost never shown, and calls for donations are never made.

Jan 11 09:22

Israel implements a deliberate policy to terrorise Palestinian children

Israel’s founding father David Ben-Gurion once said about the Palestinians: 'The old will die and the young will forget.' How wrong was he about the Palestinian people

Jan 11 09:15

Israel seizes Gaza fishermen featured in photostory

The new year has brought no respite for Gaza fishers, who continue to be targeted by Israeli occupation forces.

On Tuesday morning, Israeli gunboats opened fire on two fishing boats as they were approximately five nautical miles from the coast of northern Gaza and one mile from the Israel-Gaza maritime boundary, according to the human rights group Al Mezan.

The Israeli forces detained six fishers on board including two children.

Two of those detained – Akram Abu Foul, 34 and his son Muhammad, 11 – were featured in a photostory for The Electronic Intifada last October about the annual crab catch.

Jan 11 09:15

These are the Palestinian children Israel killed in 2017

Fourteen Palestinian boys and girls under the age of 18 were shot dead by Israeli occupation forces in the West Bank and Gaza Strip during the year.

Jan 11 09:10

Kick To The Left

I am pretty satisfied these days. For the last decade my name has been continuously smeared by Jewish ethnic activists. I have been called a ‘Nazi,’ a ‘Fascist’ and an ‘anti-Semite’ despite the fact that genuine Left groups and prominent humanists have vigorously supported me all along. Genuine Leftists, it seems, understand that if Israel defines itself as the Jewish State and decorates its F-35s with Jewish symbols, we are entitled to ask who are the Jews, what is Judaism, what is Jewishness and how all these terms relate to each other! Evidently these questions terrify some Jewish ethnic activists.

Jan 11 01:24

The Trump Peace Plan: Terror Attacks Tripled After Jerusalem Recognition, Shin Bet Stats Show

Figures released by security service show 249 incidents in December, most of them firebombings, compared to 84 in November

The number of security incidents in Israel and the West Bank tripled following US President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, according to new statistics released by the Shin Bet security service

Jan 11 00:44

Netanyahu Praises US Envoy for Blaming Lack of Peace on Palestinians

Netanyahu praises US envoy for blaming lack of peace on Palestinians

Netanyahu praises US envoy for blaming lack of peace on Palestinians
PM urges foreign journalists not to give Abbas 'credence,' says he'll study US administration's peace proposal 'very carefully'

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday praised the American envoy to Israel for having blamed the Palestinians’ alleged support of terrorism for the lack of peace in the Middle East.

I want to congratulate Ambassador Friedman, the American ambassador to Israel, who tweeted the truth, unvarnished, straight forward,” Netanyahu told foreign journalists at a reception in Jerusalem. “He said some important things. The important thing is that [Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud] Abbas’s government is supporting the kind of murderers that murdered a father of six. Such people in our jails get $355 million a year, they and their families, from the Palestinian Authority. That is something that is untenable.”


(*Some rapid forward progress on this critical aspect of President Trump's foriegn policy
The highly coveted Approval from Netanyahu has been something US Presidents have strived for in the past . This is really GREAT NEWS; Netanyahu is pleased with The American President for a change)

Jan 11 00:13

The Trump Peace Plan:: No peace, but eternal war for Jews and Arabs

Torturing Jerusalem with USA’s help: No peace, but eternal war for Jews and Arabs

The Israeli authorities announced a decision to close the border with the Gaza Strip for security reasons on 14 December. The decision will affect two border crossings.

In connection with security incidents and the analysis of the operational situation, the Kerem Shalom commodity border crossing Erez pedestrian border crossing will be closed.”

It is worthy of note that prior to the decision, the Israeli army shot down two Palestinian missiles that were fired from the Gaza Strip.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated earlier that European Union leaders would follow Donald Trump to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish State.


Jan 10 13:33

Modern Israel and the Strong Delusion of the Christian Elect

Modern Israel is a painful subject to write about due to the prophecy obsessed culture in many U.S. churches. Any negative criticism of the state of Israel, or its roll relative to prophetic interpretation opens one up to the wrath of potentially millions. For many Christians, the modern, political state of Israel has become a symbol of prophetic fulfillment, and thus worthy of their undying devotion and praise.

Jan 10 13:21

Empire Files: Abby Martin Meets Ahed Tamimi—Message From A Freedom Fighter

Jan 10 10:30

If you genuinely back the Palestinian cause, you must support the right of return

There are some Israeli movements and individuals who show support for the Palestinians, but hide the fact that they are Zionist. There are also international activists that genuinely believe in these groups and support them because they are not aware of their real intentions. These groups, such as Breaking the Silence and others, do not recognise a clear definition of the two-state solution, one that is based on several UN resolutions – starting with Resolution 194, adopted in 1948, which stipulates the Right of Return for the Palestinian refugees.

Jan 10 10:29


Once viewed as a pariah by the so-called Nationalist camp in Israel, Kahana has effectively become a symbol of pristine ideology as his ideas are being adopted as a manual for action by the entire right camp in the Jewish state.

Jan 10 10:26

Israel issues BDS blacklist against 20 organizations– ‘badge of honor,’ Munayyer says

“Israel’s new McCarthyism is reaching a new low. By waging an all-out war on the peaceful BDS movement for Palestinian rights and by now banning international human rights organizations and advocates from entry, Israel’s desperate and brutal attempts to weaken support for BDS are already backfiring.

Jan 10 10:18

Gilad Atzmon Expains the Murder of the West by Identity Politics

Strange, isn’t it, that one Jew, Gilad Atzmon, understands the dire situation of the Western World far better than does the entirety of the Western intellectual class, including its large Jewish component.

Read this and if you are successful in doing so, that is, not too handicapped by the low level of education to which Western “education” has degenerated, you will understand very much.

It is likely that Identity Politics has put the Western World into a situation from which recovery is impossible. All the rest of the world need do is to wait.

Jan 10 10:14

Gilad Atzmon talks 911 and identity politics

Jan 10 08:47

The Trump Peace Plan: How Israel hopes to make Palestinian refugees disappear

Israel has confirmed that it aims to destroy UNRWA, the UN agency that provides basic health, education and other humanitarian services to more than five million Palestinian refugees in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria.

This comes days after the Trump administration suggested it planned to cut funding to the agency in retaliation for the Palestinian Authority’s objections to the US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

The US is UNRWA’s largest single donor and a funding cut off could have disastrous humanitarian consequences. In Gaza alone, one million Palestinians – half the population there – rely on UNRWA emergency rations>>>

Jan 10 07:29

“It’s a war between the Jews and the non-Jews”

Henry Kissinger: “It’s a war between the Jews and the non-Jews”

Henry Kissinger is known for using political flamethrowers. He is also known for being involved in covert operations in countries like Germany, Chile, Cambodia, Vietnam, Pakistan, etc. He is unequivocally a war criminal.
In any event, Kissinger seems to think that he is invincible because he has been able to say interesting statements and get away with them. In response to Michael Wolf’s Fire and Fury, Kissinger has recently declared that the ideological war goes very deep. “It’s a war between the Jews and the non-Jews,” he said.[6]

The Daily Mail commented: “It appears that the remark was an attempt to characterize the clash between former Trump chief adviser Steve Bannon on one side, and Jewish Trump family members Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump on the other.”[7]

Jan 10 06:29

The Trump Peace Plan: Israel Using Electricity to Blackmail Gaza

Israel has restored supplies of electricity it sells to the Gaza Strip which it cut in June, exacerbating a humanitarian crisis.

But it is openly blackmailing residents of the besieged territory, which still receives far less electricity than it needs, including to run life-saving medical services and sanitation.

Israel says Gaza won’t get more power without progress on the release of Israelis detained in Gaza – a use of basic humanitarian needs as bargaining chips in gross violation of international law.


Jan 10 06:00

The Trump Peace Plan: No Negotiations before Annulling US Decision on Jerusalem

PLO Secretary General: No Negotiations before Annulling US Decision on Jerusalem

Saeb Erekat, secretary general of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), said on Tuesday the Palestinians will not agree to resume negotiations with Israel before the United States annuls its decision recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

He told the official Voice of Palestine radio that US talk about deals to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict or calls for negotiations or talks are unacceptable to the Palestinian leadership unless the decision to declare Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is rescinded, WAFA reported.

"The Palestinian leadership will not accept any offers for negotiations unless the American decision on Jerusalem is annulled," Erekat stressed.

He said US President Donald Trump, during his speech to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, removed the city from any negotiations.


(*Go ahead Bennie , cut the power on the son of a bxxxes , until they accept our terms .
whitehorse souce )

Jan 09 10:11

Audio leaked of Netanyahu’s son bragging about dad’s shady gas deal outside strip club

An audio recording of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's son is leaked in which Yair can be heard drunkenly bragging about his father's efforts to pass a shady gas deal outside a strip club.

In the audio track aired by Channel 2 News on Monday, Yair Netanyahu tells the son of an Israeli gas tycoon that his father pushed a controversial gas deal in parliament in favor of his father in 2015.

“Bro, you got to spot me. My dad made an awesome deal for your dad, bro, he fought, fought in the Knesset for this, bro,” said Yair to Ori Maimon, the son of the gas tycoon Kobi Maimon, outside the club. “Bro, my dad now arranged for you a $20bn deal and you can’t spot me 400 shekels?,” added Yari.

Jan 09 09:57

Testimonies From the Censored Deir Yassin Massacre: ‘They Piled Bodies and Burned Them’

A young fellow tied to a tree and set on fire. A woman and an old man shot in the back. Girls lined up against a wall and shot with a submachine gun. The testimonies collected by filmmaker Neta Shoshani about the massacre in Deir Yassin are difficult to process even 70 years after the fact.

1. Substantively, there is NO DIFFERENCE whatsoever between the massacres that took place at Deir Yassin and other locales by the Jews and what their Hebraic ancestors and forefathers are described having done within the pages of the Torah, otherwise known as the Old Testament.

Jan 09 09:55

Syrian Army Reports Israeli Missile Attack on Greater Damascus

According to Syria's state media, the Syrian Army reported that Israel had attacked targets near the war-torn nation's capital with jets and ground-to-ground missiles early on Tuesday, causing damage.

Jan 09 09:48

Finkelstein: Hamas Isn't The Threat That Israel Claims

In part 2 of our interview on his new book "Gaza: An Inquest into Its Martyrdom," Norman Finkelstein argues that Israeli propaganda -- sometimes with Hamas' help -- has wildly exaggerated Hamas' arsenal and the effectiveness of the "Iron Dome" missile defense system

Jan 09 09:47

Ahed Tamimi offers Israelis a lesson worthy of Gandhi

Jonathan Cook explains the background to Ahed Tamimi, the Palestinian teenager who slapped an Israeli solder desecrating her home, and the furious reaction by Israelis, noting that “Ahed has exposed the gun-wielding bully lurking in the soul of too many Israelis”. >>

Jan 09 09:45

Quaker group honored by Yad Vashem for helping Jews during Holocaust is now banned from Israel

One of the special ironies of the weekend’s news that Israel is barring 20 international organizations from entry because they support BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) is the appearance on that list of the venerable American Friends Service Committee, or AFSC, which was founded 101 years ago as an antiwar organization.

AFSC earned distinction and a Nobel Prize for helping Jews and other refugees escape the Holocaust. Now it is on that list because it is helping Palestinians!

Jan 09 09:45

Israel says will resume power supply to Gaza on Monday

Israel said it will restore full electricity supply to the Hamas dominated Gaza Strip on Monday following a request last week by the Palestinians who said they will resume payments.

Jan 09 09:27

Israeli missiles target Hezbollah arms depot

An overnight Israeli strike from Lebanese airspace targeted a Hezbollah arms depot in Syria, a British-based activist group said Tuesday.

Jan 09 09:25

Israel follows apartheid South Africa with activist blacklist

Campaigners say they will not be bowed by Israel’s publication of a blacklist barring members of 20 human rights organizations from territory it controls.

Israel’s strategic affairs minister Gilad Erdan, who is in charge of efforts to thwart the BDS – boycott, divestment and sanctions – movement announced the blacklist on Sunday.

It includes Palestine solidarity and BDS activist organizations across Europe, in South America, South Africa and the United States, as well as the Palestine-based BDS National Committee.

Jan 09 09:25

How Israel hopes to make Palestinian refugees disappear

Israel has confirmed that it aims to destroy UNRWA, the UN agency that provides basic health, education and other humanitarian services to more than five million Palestinian refugees in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria.

This comes days after the Trump administration suggested it planned to cut funding to the agency in retaliation for the Palestinian Authority’s objections to the US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Jan 09 09:19


We boycott to support the right to resist! ….

Jan 08 12:47

Pro-Israel lobbyist, Patrick Clawson, suggests that Israel should should create a 'false flag' to get the U.S. to start a war with Iran

Jan 08 10:15


The Swiss newspaper Basler Zeitung revealed the fact that there exists a “secret alliance” between Saudi Arabia and Israel, intended “to restrain Iran’s expansion in the region, despite the absence of any official relations between the two countries.”

Jan 08 08:53

HAARETZ: Israel Is the Aggressor

Editorial Ahed Tamimi Is the Victim

It seems the military prosecutors have gone out of their way to prepare a substantial case against a 16-year-old girl for slapping soldiers, a girl who has spent her whole life under an occupation

On Monday, military prosecutors filed charges against Ahed Tamimi, the 16-year-old girl from Nabi Saleh in the West Bank, and against her mother, Nariman Tamimi>>>

Jan 08 08:41


Israel Turns the Power Back on to Gaza, Giving Residents About Six Hours' Worth a Day


Jan 08 08:35

Tapes Reveal Tacit Egyptian Acceptance of Jerusalem Move

As President Trump moved last month to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, an Egyptian intelligence officer quietly placed phone calls to the hosts of several influential talk shows in Egypt.

“Like all our Arab brothers,” Egypt would denounce the decision in public, the officer, Capt. Ashraf al-Kholi, told the hosts.

But strife with Israel was not in Egypt’s national interest, Captain Kholi said>>>

Jan 08 08:30


Who speaks about the uncountable arrests by the Jewish occupiers or the air raids against Gaza? All that this Judaic State terror regime does, is allowed because it is all justified as “self-defence,” To every desperate rocket from the staved concentration camp of Gaza the “Jewish State” reacts with massive murderous bombing attacks.

As long as the “Jewish State” is focusing on war, from head to toe, we will be obliged to oppose to it!

Jan 08 08:29


JVP NYers and 100s of others showed up at Grand Central Station to support Ahed Tamimi, her mother Manal, and all children being held in military detention by Israel.

Jan 08 08:28

The Trump Peace Plan: Israel's Netanyahu Urges End to UN Palestinian Refugee Agency

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's move comes a few days after President Trump threatened to cut off US aid to Palestinians.>>>

Jan 08 08:10

Israel Lists 20 Groups from Around World to Be Denied Entry over Boycott Calls

Israel on Sunday identified 20 activist groups from around the world whose members will be banned from entering the country over their calls to boycott the Jewish state, stepping up its fight against a movement it views as a serious threat.

Jan 08 06:31

Kushner’s Financial Ties to Israel Deepen Even With Mideast Diplomatic Role

Last May, Jared Kushner accompanied President Trump, his father-in-law, on the pair’s first diplomatic trip to Israel, part of Mr. Kushner’s White House assignment to achieve peace in the Middle East. Shortly before, his family real estate company received a roughly $30 million investment from Menora Mivtachim, an insurer that is one of Israel’s largest financial institutions, according to a Menora executive. The deal, which was not made public, pumped significant new equity into 10 Maryland apartment complexes controlled by Mr. Kushner’s firm. While Mr. Kushner has sold parts of his business since taking a White House job last year, he still has stakes in most of the family empire — including the apartment buildings in and around Baltimore. The Menora transaction is the latest financial arrangement that has surfaced between Mr.

Jan 07 14:11

Nothing like a wacky fatwa to begin the New Year

Stuart Littlewood shows with examples how the worlds of Jewish and Christian Zionists, extortionists and the deranged meld into one murky sphere inhabited by sad and deluded individuals with no life, principle or morality. >>

Jan 07 10:40

Palestine: Over 100 Artists Sign Pledge in Support of Lorde’s Israel Decision

More than 100 actors, musicians, writers and directors have signed a pledge of support of New Zealand pop singer Lorde after she was criticized for cancelling a concert in Israel.
The pledge, which was published as an open letter in the Guardian on Friday, was signed by well-known artists including Mark Ruffalo, Peter Gabriel, Roger Waters, Viggo Mortensen, Tom Morello, John Cusack, Julie Christie, Shepard Fairey, Eve Ensler, Angela Davis, Talib Kweli, and James Schamus, WAFA reported.

Lorde has been making headlines since canceling a show scheduled for June in Tel Aviv heeding calls by activists in the boycott, divestment and sanction (BDS) movement.

The letter of support came in response to a full-page ad featured in the Washington Post that attacked Lorde for her decision. The ad was sponsored by the Word Values Network, an organization run by, Shmuley Boteach, a supporter of US President Donald Trump whose main donors include right-wing settlement funder, Sheldon Adelson.

Jan 07 10:37

Israel Step Closer To Making Jerusalem Jewish-Only City

According to the bill, two thirds of the Knesset majority is required for Israel to relinquish sovereignty over any part of Jerusalem. International law insists that Israel has no sovereignty over East Jerusalem, illegally occupied and annexed in 1967 and 1980 respectively.

An equally disturbing stipulation in the bill is that it removes two Palestinian neighborhoods from the municipal jurisdiction of the city.

The two affected neighborhoods are Kufr Aqab and the Shufat refugee camp.

By doing so, the Israeli government would have achieved another milestone in its demographic war on Palestinians.

Jan 07 10:07


The Jerusalem Municipality Workers Union announced Saturday night a general strike, starting at midnight, following Mayor Nir Barkat’s declaration last week that 2,150 workers will be laid off due to a budget strife with the Finance Ministry.

The union’s chairman, Avichai Avraham, said in a statement that all services – including garbage removal and reception of the public in the municipally itself and its branches – will be halted.

Jan 07 10:06

Ex-Chief Strategist Bannon: 'Let Jordan have West Bank, Egypt have Gaza'

Explosive new book details President Trump's first year in the White House; book quotes former Chief Strategist Bannon as saying regarding Trump's peace plan: 'Let Jordan take the West Bank, let Egypt take Gaza. Let them deal with it. Or sink trying'; Trump also reportedly told multiple people son-in-law Kushner was qualified to handle Israeli-Palestinian peace because 'the Kushners know all the crooks in Israel.'

Jan 07 10:06

Thousands march in weekly Tel Aviv anti-corruption rally

Some 1,500 people congregate in Tel Aviv's Bima Square, plan to march to city's Government Quarter in protest of corruption, mishandling of PM Netanyahu's investigations; 'Where the government is corrupt, no social justice can exist,' said organizer of the 1973 Yom Kippur War protests.

Jan 07 10:05

Introducing: digital warfare through the IDF's new intelligence unit

An application that recommends to a company commander the safest route to a Hamas target and software that displays for a battalion commander bird's-eye satellite footage of the village he is preparing to enter in southern Lebanon. These are just some of the technological advances that are being developed by the IDF's new Unit 3060—a development unit attached to the Military Intelligence Directorate that was unveiled for the first time Wednesday.

Jan 07 09:59

Palestinians attack ‘traitor’ Patriarch’s convoy for sale of lands to Israel

Palestinian Christians have attacked the convoy carrying the Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem al-Quds as he was visiting the Israeli-occupied West Bank, blaming him for controversial land sales to Israeli investors.

The protesters blocked Patriarch Theophilos III's motorcade as he was being driven towards a church in Bethlehem on Saturday, chanting "traitor, traitor," The Jerusalem Post reported.

The religious leader is accused of allowing controversial sales of the church’s property to groups contributing to Israel’s illegally-built settlements in East al-Quds. Palestinians consider East al-Quds the capital of their future state.

The protesters smashed the windows of three cars in the convoy, but not the Patriarch's vehicle.

Jan 07 09:19

Israel declares itself to be a light unto the nations. It also violates 15 of the articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

As every person living in Israel knows, assuming their eyes are open and their hearts are not blocked, Israel and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights have a rocky relationship. In the beginning of 2010, Gideon Sa’ar’s Ministry of Education decided to stop teaching the Declaration at schools (Hebrew), since it informs tender children of their right to convert to another religion and even, heaven forbid, live somewhere other than Israel. However, this is just a minor problem; reading the text of the Declaration shows that the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories violates 15 of its articles. Given that there are only 30 of them, that’s quite impressive.

Jan 07 09:14


know it is still a taboo to call Israel a Nazi or Nazi-like state. However, an honest writer should always be guided by his or her moral conscience and never succumb to the tyranny of public opinion or prevailing media discourse. An honest writer, let alone an honest person, should therefore never flinch from calling the spade a spade. If this task proved too risky, then another job ought to be sought immediately.

Jan 07 09:14


Here are a few examples. In Germany, the BDS movement has Evelyn Hecht-Galinski at its service. She is the daughter of Heinz Galinski, a former president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany and chairman of the Jewish congregation of Berlin, who was one of the greatest and outspoken fighters against any form of anti-Semitism.

Jan 07 08:09

Trump Sold America

Jan 07 07:32

Michael Wolf’s Fire and Fury inexorably supports Israelgate

Wolf himself indirectly and perhaps reluctantly brings readers to the attention of a conversation Roger Ailes (former Chairman and CEO of Fox News) and Steve Bannon had about Trump before he got elected as president. Ailes, who also was a media consultant for talking heads like George H. W. Bush, asked Bannon whether Trump understood what he is doing. “Does Donald Know?,” he said.

“Bannon took a sip of water. ‘He gets it,’ said Bannon, after hesitating for perhaps a beat [sic] too long. ‘Or he gets what he gets. With a sideways look, Ailes continued to stare him down, as though waiting for Bannon to show more of his cards.

“‘Really,’ Bannon said. ‘He’s on the program. It’s his program…Day one we’re moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem. Netanyahu’s all in. [Sheldon](*Adelson?) Sheldon is all in. We know where we’re heading on this.”[1]

That statement is almost certainly true, and it is inexorably a bombshell which implicitly destroys the so-called Russiagate. It indirectly reinstates a frightening theory: the Israelgate. And the evidence for that is all around us.

What did Trump say just a few weeks ago? He announced that Jerusalem should be the capital of Israel, a dangerous statement which vindicates what Bannon was saying.


Jan 06 21:55

Israeli mastermind behind organ trafficking ring is arrested in Cyprus

Police in Cyprus have arrested an Israeli man described as the ringleader of a world-wide organ trafficking network that operated out of the tiny Balkan country of Kosovo several years ago

Jan 06 09:21

Pro-Israel editor’s joke about Iran-Iraq War provokes response

The editor of a prominent Jewish community newspaper has come under strong attack for making a joke about a war in which more than a million Iranians and Iraqis lost their lives.

Stephen Pollard, editor of Britain’s Jewish Chronicle, now stands accused of inciting hatred and bigotry following a tweet in which the staunchly pro-Israel and equally enthusiastic Tottenham Hotspur fan compared the Premier League game between Chelsea and Arsenal yesterday to the war between Iran and Iraq because he wanted both sides to lose.

Jan 06 09:01

Gilad Atzmon on Israel, The Lobby, Yinon Plan & Trump (Turkish TV)

Jan 06 09:00

Suspected Kosovo organ-trafficker arrested in Cyprus

A man suspected of trafficking in human organs has been arrested in Cyprus. Israeli national Moshe Harel faces extradition to Kosovo, where he is accused of luring kidney donors from Turkey and the ex-Soviet Union a decade ago.

Harel is accused of promising up to $14,500 in payment to donors, with the extracted organs reportedly being sold on to mainly Israeli recipients for as much as $120,000. Some donors were reportedly never paid.

Jan 06 07:10


Updated | French President Emmanuel Macron has accused the U.S., Israel and Saudi Arabia of instigating a war as their mutual foe, Iran, was rocked by a week of protests.

Macron on Wednesday joined several other world leaders to weigh in on protests that began as demonstrations against austerity measures under Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and later spilled into isolated, deadly clashes between civilians and security forces. The French leader called for dialogue with Tehran and criticized three of his international partners for pursuing what he considered bellicose policies toward a country the trio have increasingly sought to isolate and undermine in recent years.

“The official line pursued by the United States, Israel and Saudi Arabia, who are our allies in many ways, is almost one that would lead us to war,” Macron told reporters, according to Reuters.

It was “a deliberate strategy for some,” he added.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Unfortunately, of course, should these efforts fail, we are very much looking at a "false flag" to be blamed on Iran as the "justification" for an invasion.

What I would like to very seriously impress upon President Trump; President Macron, and Prince Salmon, is the very excellent results the Russian military have had in Syria recently.

They have weaponry that has been shone to work in intense battlefield conditions.

I would strongly caution that if the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and France attack Iran, they will be staring into abyss of such weapons, and into the faces of the successfully adept and capable Russian military personnel who know how use them.

Jan 06 01:52

Israel's New Death Penalty Bill 'Targets Palestinians'

The Israeli government's proposal to make it easier for judges to hand out the death penalty for "terrorist activity" has been condemned as "fascist" by Palestinian politicians and rights groups, who fear it will give Israel legal cover to target Palestinians.

A bill to amend existing legislation regulating the use of the death sentence passed its preliminary reading in Israel's parliament, the Knesset, on Wednesday with backing from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's ruling coalition.

Aida Touma-Suleiman, a Palestinian citizen of Israel and member of the Knesset, told Al Jazeera on Friday that while the bill does not specify any group, it is "intended mainly for the Palestinian people".


Jan 06 00:53

ISIS Declares War On Hamas Over Jerusalem Loss To Trump & Israel

(*It appears as though Trump is getting his War Through Deception groove on , with his tantrum throwing partner Netanyahu . In lieu of aid we Send ISIS and it's MADE IN THE USA Reliabilty to defend Israel's , the most victimized soldiers on the face of Earth , from the unspeakable horrors of bottle rockets , and face slaps from young Palestinian girls )

Jan 06 00:07

US Mediator Role in Palestine-Israel Row Likely to Fade Away

A senior representative from the governing Palestinian party, Fatah, said on Wednesday that his people are "fighting an open political battle with the US and will not accept, under any condition, the US as a partner in a peace process before it reverses its Jerusalem decision."


Jan 05 11:28

24 States Pass Laws Protecting Israel

Wisconsin is the latest of two dozen states that have passed laws intended to punish companies and individuals that support the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions, or BDS, movement that intends to stop Israel’s oppression of Palestinians. But is this action by states unconstitutional, in light of the Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution?

Jan 05 09:03

Israel imprisons Palestinians for YEARS without charges or trial

Jan 05 03:53

Ahed Tamimi and Her Family Aren't the Palestinian Saints You Want Them to Be

Ahed Tamimi and her family aren't fighting for peace, and they're not just fighting the occupation: They're fighting to destroy Israel, and their fight is seasoned with Jew-hatred

(*thankfully President Trump recognizes the threat to our freedom , posed by the slap from a 16 year old girl in Palestine To really understand Israel and the Middle East - subscribe to Haaretz )

Jan 05 03:00

Iranian prosecutor points finger at CIA, Israel and Saudi Arabia for unrest

Iran’s public prosecutor has blamed the CIA, Israel and Saudi Arabia for stirring unrest in the Islamic Republic which resulted in the deaths of more than 20 people over the last week.

Jan 04 15:34

British anti-witch-hunt group expels half of its supporters!

"Just when you thought the British “left” had reached rock bottom, you wake up to learn that its political comedy act has no limits.

"We learned on 3 January that the “anti-witch-hunt” Labour Party group Labour Against the Witch-Hunt (LAW) has expelled half of its members over 'anti-Semitism'." >>

Jan 04 12:09

The slap that was heard around the world

Today, I think about Ahed Tamimi, the 16 year old Palestinian girl from Nabi Saleh in the West Bank, who was recently dragged from her bed and her family in the dead of night, handcuffed and thrown in jail in by the Israel Defence Forces (IDF). She was charged by an Israeli military prosecutor with five counts of assaulting security forces and for throwing stones.

In fact, Ahed slapped the soldier who had hit her after she verbally protested his troop's midnight invasion of her family's front yard. Minutes before, an Israeli soldier had fired a rubber bullet into the head of her 15-year-old brother Mohammad, which left him in a coma. The IDF had also just lobbed tear gas canisters to break windows in the Tamimi family home.

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