Sep 26 09:50

Man Get 99 Years in Prison for Kicking at a Cop as A Child-Murdering Cop Walks Free

By Matt Agorist

The U.S. Constitution states: “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.” Well, there goes that idea...

Sep 26 09:21

Maxine Waters Screams Her Head Off Against Impeachment, Now She Is Frightened

There was a time, way back in the old days of 1998, when Democrats said a ton of truth about impeachment being a weapon of politics.

But the speeches that they made back then are coming bck to haunt them now, like Joe Biden’s speech decrying the impeachment of former President Bill Clinton.

Sep 26 09:18

John Solomon: Documents Prove Joe Biden’s Extortion Prevented Ukrainian Officials from Indicting His Son Hunter Biden

Investigative journalist John Solomon told Sean Hannity on Wednesday night that he has over 400 pages of documents that he will reveal tomorrow that show Hunter Biden’s legal team worked with the Ukrainian prosecutors to end the investigation on the vice president’s son.

Joe Biden famously bragged on video how he had the investigator looking at his son’s Ukrainian gas deals to be fired.

Solomon says his news story is hitting tomorrow afternoon and it’s going to strongly dispute Joe Biden’s claim of why he got the Ukrainian top prosecutor fired.

Sep 26 09:08

Republican “insider”: Dam may start to break among GOP on impeachment if there’s evidence of a Trump quid pro quo with Ukraine Featured

My dude, let me assure you that the proverbial dam is not going to proverbially break.

In fact, I’m so sure that the dam isn’t going to break that I suspect the “insider” interviewed by David Drucker for this piece is actually pro-Trump and has it on good authority that there’s no evidence of the president himself making any threats to the Ukrainians.

Sep 26 09:05

AG Bill Barr IS NOT Investigating Biden Crime Family’s Billion Dollar Pay-for-Play Operation — WHY THE HELL NOT?

In his 2018 book, Secret Empires: How the American Political Class Hides Corruption and Enriches Family and FriendsPeter Schweizer revealed how the Biden family secured a billion-dollar China deal just days after former Vice President Joe Biden visited China in 2013.

The Clintons aren’t the only ones securing huge contracts with foreign governments off their political status!

Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden – photo: AP via Breitbart

Sep 26 09:03

More Corruption Revealed: Biden’s Brother Used Former VP’s Cancer Initiative in Business Pitch

In November 2018, James Biden told executives at Florida-based company Integrate Oral Care that the Biden Cancer Initiative would promote an oral rinse used by cancer patients and produced by Integrate, according to Michael Frey, the CEO of Diverse Medical Management, a health care firm that is currently suing James Biden.

Frey said that James Biden “said his brother would be very excited about this product.”

Sep 26 07:34

State Bans ALL Vaping Products, Promises to Fine Offenders—Big Tobacco Stock Surges

By Matt Agorist

Clueless politicians have once again turned a non-crisis into a political circus in Massachusetts as the state became the first in the nation to ban all vaping products. The ban is a reaction to what health officials are calling an “outbreak” of vaping-related illnesses but will inevitably do far more harm than good.

As TFTP reported last week, the Trump administration announced a sweeping ban of flavored e-cigarettes under the ostensible caring notion of stopping children from vaping. Now, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker has taken it one step further and banned all in-store and online sales of vaping products, including cannabis...

Sep 26 07:13

Betrayed: District Attorneys Are Running “Advanced Public Surveillance Networks”

By MassPrivateI

The public trust has been betrayed. District Attorneys (DAs) are using CCTV cameras and license plate readers to create public surveillance networks.

According to U.S. Legal, the definition of a DA is “to investigate alleged crimes in cooperation with law enforcement.” Not a single one of the 22 definitions includes running a public surveillance network.

What is happening in Pittsburgh’s Allegheny County is not an aberration, it is fast becoming commonplace...

Sep 25 19:56

Portland police no longer allowing ICE agents to train at bureau center

The Portland Police Bureau has halted a two-year contract that allowed federal immigration enforcement agents to use the firing range and classroom space at its training center in Northeast Portland.

Members of the Portland chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America, a coalition called Close the Concentration Camps, along with Portland City Commissioner JoAnn Hardesty challenged the contract, citing the city’s and state’s sanctuary law, which directs police not to help federal agents enforce immigration policies.

Sep 25 12:24

Ukraine president, in meeting with Trump, says ‘nobody pushed me’ to probe Biden

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, during a meeting in New York with President Trump, told reporters Wednesday that he was not pressured to investigate the Biden family during their now-controversial phone call over the summer.

“Nobody pushed me,” Zelensky said.

Sep 25 10:17

The Trump Impeachment Inquiry Scam

Most all actions by both right wings of the US one-party state are politically motivated.

They’re united when it comes to unlawfully advancing America’s imperium by brute force and other hostile means, supporting privileged interests over the general welfare, and cracking down hard on activists for peace, equity and justice, opposing their actions.

They alternate in running the executive and congressional branches of government, using dirty tricks to advance their interests.

Sep 25 08:13

The Coverup of President John F. Kennedy’s Assassination Is Wearing Thin

The Gang that murdered JFK has murdered America! Proving The Founding Father's belief that a large standing military is the greatest threat to Freedom.
They are called Deep State by many and they have run this country into the ground!

Paul Craig Roberts

Here is a several years old documentary of 35 minutes summarizing the powerful evidence that the Warran Commission Report on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy is a cover-up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-l23ec-4mc

All available evidence points to the CIA and the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, with the cooperation of the Secret Service, as the murderers of President Kennedy.

Sep 25 07:08

Detroit Activists Fighting for Ban on Facial Recognition

By Michael Maharrey

A coalition of grassroots organizations is pushing to end the use of facial recognition technology in the city.

BYP100, Green Light Black Futures, We the People Michigan and Detroit Community Technology Project have banded together to fight what they call “hyper-surveillance and facial recognition technology.” A post on BYP100’s Facebook page proclaims, “We aim to dismantle Project Green Light and Facial recognition software used by police.”...

Sep 24 12:09

Corporate media desperately trying to bury the facts about Joe Biden’s corruption, bribery and money laundering

You can tell the so-called “mainstream media” is in a panic over a story that they actually started involving President Trump, former Vice President Joe Biden, his son Hunter Biden, and the eastern European country of Ukraine.

About a week ago, the MSM reported that President Trump allegedly withheld military aid from Ukraine as a way of forcing Kiev to provide evidence that former VP Biden threatened that country in 2015 to shut down a probe into a gas company in which Hunter served in a lucrative “board member” position.

There is no evidence to prove the president did that, but there is plenty of evidence to prove that Biden, not Trump, was the one who actually threatened Ukraine a few years back on behalf of the Obama administration — and specifically to have the prosecutor probing corruption within the gas company fired.

Sep 24 12:07

Trump Put a Big Smile on Brett Kavanaugh’s Face With One Announcement

President Donald Trump proved just how much character he has when he chose to stand by then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

The entire mainstream media and even some so-called “Republicans” were demanding Trump betray him following claims of sexual misconduct.

But Trump understands the rule of law and knows first-hand just how evil and vindictive the Democrat Party can be when they want to destroy a political enemy.

Trump himself began facing similar accusations after he chose to announce his campaign for President.

Sep 24 12:05

Maxine Waters’ shocking response to retiring GOP congressman

How did Rep. Waters respond to Duffy? She responded mostly by swatting him with the back of her hand. Apparently it is impossible for the hyper-partisan Democrat to see Republican colleagues as decent human beings even when one delivers thanks to her for the time he worked with her on the committee. Sean Duffy is resigning from office due to personal family matters. He was first elected to represent Wisconsin’s 7th District in 2011.

Sep 24 12:03

Hunter Biden Versus Joe Biden: Father and Son Contradict One Another Regarding Ukraine Scandal

Joe and Hunter Biden are contradicting each other about the extent of the former vice president’s knowledge regarding his son’s shadowy business dealings in Ukraine.
The former vice president told reporters during a campaign appearance in Iowa on Saturday that he denied ever having discussed his son’s position on the board of directors of Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian oil and natural gas company.

“I have never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings,” Joe Biden angrily told reporters, before accusing President Donald Trump of abusing his power by urging the Ukrainian government to investigate the matter.

Sep 24 12:01

Giuliani accuses Ukraine of laundering $3M to Hunter Biden, asks how Obama could let that happen

Giuliani, the personal attorney for Trump and outspoken critic of Joe Biden and his son’s relationship with Ukraine, accused Kiev of laundering $3 million to Hunter Biden, suggested that the Obama administration turned a blind eye and made the prediction that the scandal is in its infancy.

Sep 24 12:00

McCabe FBI Memo Confirms Rosenstein’s Plot to Wear a Wire to Oust President Trump

Once again Judicial Watch is doing the heavy lifting.

Then-Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein began plotting Trump’s removal shortly after FBI Director Comey was fired, The New York Times reported last September citing memos penned by then-Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe.

Conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch obtained McCabe’s 2-page memo through a FOIA lawsuit which details a “contemporaneous recollection” of a meeting McCabe had with Rosenstein on May 16, 2016 — Just one day before Rosenstein appointed Robert Mueller as special counsel to investigate ‘Trump-Russia collusion.’

Sep 24 11:58

Source says whistleblower didn't have ‘firsthand knowledge’ of Trump call with Ukraine president

The whistleblower who sparked a mounting controversy over President Trump’s July phone call with Ukraine’s president did not have “firsthand knowledge” of the conversation, a person familiar with the situation told Fox News -- even as the issue fuels impeachment calls from Democrats.

The source said that it is made clear in the complaint itself that the whistleblower did not have direct knowledge of the July phone call between Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Fox News has learned that typically, multiple U.S. officials are on such calls with the president, but this would indicate the whistleblower is not one of those people. It's unclear if the individual read a transcript of the call, heard about it in conversation, or learned of it another way.

Sep 24 11:57

Poll: Elizabeth Warren Takes Commanding Lead in California, Biden Drops to Third

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is continuing to rise in the polls, dominating the field in California with an eight-point lead over Sen.
Bernie Sanders (I-VT), who overtook Joe Biden (D), according to a Capitol Weekly Tracking Poll released Monday.

The monthly tracking poll, conducted by Political Data Inc., surveyed 599 likely Democrat voters September 1-13, 2019, and found Warren in a commanding lead with 29 percent support. Sanders came in eight points behind with 21 percent support, causing Biden to fall to third with 18 percent support.

Sep 24 11:56

No Joke: House Democrat Demands the Truth from Biden About His Son’s Ukraine Dealings

A House Democrat said on Monday it’s time for 2020 presidential front-runner Joe Biden, the former vice president, to “clear up” the questions that are swirling around the Ukrainian business dealings of his son, Hunter Biden.

Rep. Vicente Gonzalez (D-Texas) appeared on CNN to discuss the issue.

He was responding to a clip showing reporter Peter Doocy of Fox News asking Biden this weekend if he had ever spoken to his son about his foreign business affairs.

Sep 24 11:22

Scott Adams: Climate Kids, Trolls, #ChiNazis, Bad Customer Experiences

Comments at: https://twitter.com/ScottAdamsSays/status/1176498299643105282

The charity model doesn’t work when the giver’s experience is monumentally toxic
It discourage those that give, and those that might
Should charity be fair game for taking political scalps?
Why would anyone discourage helping others for a worthy cause?
Tom Arnold, an example of everything wrong with the world
Greta’s Aspergers and traits of non-neurotypical people
Kyle Bass shows video of #ChiNazis rounding up Uighurs
Is the holocaust happening again, right in front of us?
They’re sending Fentanyl to us, killing tens of thousands
CVS customer loyalty program infuriates me…every time

Sep 24 10:23

The Trump / Q-Anon psyop - Good guy / bad guy theater on the way to a one world government: Part 1 - Trump the Zionist stooge

So I've been digging into this whole Trump and Q-Anon topic for a while now and I've become quite convinced it's part of a much larger psy-op to get the masses to keep trusting the government "just a bit longer" (of course it's always just a bit longer) while they make their final preparations to get to a one world government in place which is to be led from Jerusalem. I would like to be wrong on this, but there is far too much evidence pointing in this direction.

Sep 24 08:43

Dozens Serving Life in Prison for Weed, as Cops Get No Jail for Kidnapping, Raping Teen

By Matt Agorist

If ever you feel that the State has your interests in mind when they provide their mandatory “protection” through this system of law enforcement, consider the following scenario which completely negates that idea. When a system lets a pair of rapist police officers go free while locking people in a cage for life for selling a plant—that system does not have your interests in mind.

It has been nearly two years since then 18-year-old Anna Chambers accused two on-duty NYPD officers of raping her in the back of a police van on the night of September 15th, 2017. As emphatically as she claims she was raped and did not consent to having sex with two police officers, she asserts not only have the police continued to attempt to intimidate her but the very justice system she looked to for help was set up to help the alleged rapists. Then, last month, her claims were proven correct...

Sep 24 08:26

City Shuts Downs Preschoolers’ Farm Stand Citing Zoning Violations

By Kerry McDonald

It’s like something out of The Onion: city manager shuts down preschool farm stand out of fear that, if allowed, “we could end up with one on every corner.”

Alas, this is not satire. It’s the current predicament facing the Little Ones Learning Center in Forest Park, Georgia, just outside of Atlanta. In an area where access to fresh fruits and vegetables can be limited, this preschool has stepped up to prioritize growing and selling fresh produce from its school gardens. According to recent reporting in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Little Ones has often sold its produce with generous discounts to local food stamp recipients and other neighbors and has been acknowledged as a leader in the farm-to-school healthy food movement...

Sep 24 07:46

“Tactical Doctors, Paramedics And Firefighters” Are Excited To Arrest People

By MassPrivateI

Over the past few years, I have received a lot of flak from anonymous commenters about a few stories I wrote that discussed paramedics and firefighters training for urban warfare.

But recent stories, like this one, reveal something that even the most die-hard defenders of first responders cannot deny: armed doctors, paramedics and firefighters could soon be showing up at your doorstep to arrest someone.

What is that you say? That could never happen in America.

But it is already happening...

Sep 24 06:04

"The Dam Could Break On Thursday": Here Are 12 Quotes That Signal Democrats Are Primed To Impeach Trump

Authored by Michael Snyder via The End of The American Dream blog,

It looks like they are really going to do it. The Democrats are actually preparing to begin impeachment proceedings, and as you will see below, one senior House Democratic aide is warning that “the dam could break on Thursday”.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

IF this is all the Democrats have, before 2020, they are in a terrible place, and apparently, would rather resemble a circular firing squad right now, than to sort out the real needs and concerns of the American People, as things get horrifically broken down in this country; middle-age plagues have now become commonplace in major cities, and our infrastructure decays from budget delays in fixing them.

Sep 24 05:54

Iran says new US sanctions target Iranians' access to food, medicine

Iran’s foreign minister on Saturday denounced renewed US sanctions against its central bank as an attempt to deny ordinary Iranians access to food and medicine and said the move was a sign of US desperation.

Shades of Madeleine Albright,may her demonic soul rot in Hell!