Dec 16 17:37

Drugs, Disease and Deception: A Medical Whistleblower’s Tale with Judy Mikovits Phd

Meet Dr. Judy Mikovits, a passionate research molecular biologist and biochemist;1 wrongfully jailed with her career destroyed forever because she dared to publish findings unacceptable to vested interests.

Having spent the last four years defending herself against bogus charges, whilst enduring four years of forced silence due to a court-ordered gag order, Judy’s life and career have changed forever, yet she continues to speak the truth. Join us, 9 pm Sydney time on Global Freedom Movement Media, as Dr. Judy Mikovits sets the story straight.


Dec 16 16:55

Corporate Media Ignore Economic Justice in the 2016 Election

If you feel like you haven’t seen much (or any) news about Bernie Sanders and the Democratic primary race, it’s not just in your head. Over the weekend, the Tyndall Report revealed that mainstream nightly news shows, through the entirety of this year of 2015, have spent only 10 minutes of total coverage on Bernie Sanders, as opposed to 234 minutes of total coverage of Donald Trump.

Dec 16 16:54

Juan González: GOP to Puerto Rico – “Drop Dead”

On Tuesday, top Republicans in the Senate rejected a move by congressional Democrats to extend bankruptcy protection laws to Puerto Rico.

Dec 16 16:35

Obama: The Fairy-Tale President?

In fairy tales, the hero makes a wish. After a few trials the wish comes true, and everyone lives happily ever after. But only in this Disney version of fairy tales is wish fulfillment so straightforward.

Dec 16 16:31

The US Federal Government Finally Admits the War on Drugs is a Failure

Fast forward forty plus years and for anyone who is not making a profit in the global drug trade, the war on drugs looks like one of the greatest human tragedies of all time. Billions of dollars spent, hundreds of thousands of deaths, millions of people incarcerated, countless lives and families shattered, higher than ever rates of addiction, billions in foreign military aid spent, and the availability of drugs is higher than ever before.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The War on Drugs was really the War On The Other Guys' Drugs. Remember that it was Reagan's Attorney General, William French Smith, who changed the rules so that CIA could involve themselves with drug traffickers without reporting it to the DEA.

Dec 16 16:01

Bob Herbert on GOP Debate: Democracy Is Being Dismantled Before Our Eyes

Tuesday’s debate was held in Las Vegas at the Venetian casino, owned by Republican billionaire backer Sheldon Adelson.


Dec 16 15:02

The city of Bethlehem prepares for a scaled-down Christmas celebration in the face of continuing Israeli violence [VIDEO]

A Silent Night this Christmas: The city of Bethlehem prepares for a scaled-down Christmas celebration in the face of continuing Israeli violence


Dec 16 14:34

Putin Throws Down the Gauntlet

Kerry is in for a big surprise on Tuesday. He’s about to learn that Putin takes war very seriously and is not going to let Washington sabotage his plans for success. If Kerry’s smart, he’ll pass along that message to Obama and tell him he needs to dial it down a notch if he wants to avoid a war with Russia.

Dec 16 14:11


In the past, there has been a variety of other small and private ayahuasca churches in the U.S., but these were very difficult to find and get involved with. Ayahuasca Healings, on the other hand, will be entirely open to the public — and advertised freely.? It was recently announced that the first public and legal ayahuasca church in America will be opening soon. A spiritual retreat in Peru called ayahuasca Healings applied for church status in the United States — and surprisingly, they were approved. The location the group has chosen is a 160-acre plot of land in Elbe, Washington.2015-12-16

Dec 16 13:50

Article Claims Elite Plan to Escape to Mars, Leave 99% of Us on “Dying, Warring Planet”

It’s a sad statement on society to note that people’s immediate reaction to the first commercial space flight available ever wasn’t to be bummed they can’t afford to go to Mars; it was to be excited about the fact that the wealthy elite might leave Earth en masse and go somewhere so far away, it takes roughly seven months to get there.



Dec 16 13:07

Senator Checking If Ted Cruz Released Classified Info During GOP Debate

The chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee said Wednesday he has asked his staff to look into whether Texas Sen. Ted Cruz released classified information during Tuesday night's GOP presidential debate.

Cruz made a claim during an exchange with Florida Sen. Marco Rubio about the new USA Freedom Act, which Cruz supported and Rubio opposed. Cruz said that "nearly 100 percent" of phone numbers can be checked for terror ties under the new program, compared with "20 percent to 30 percent" under earlier Patriot Act provisions.

Rubio responded that national television is not the place to discuss classified information, before going on to dispute Cruz's suggestions.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

But ... but ... but ... I thought the NSA had stopped spying on us law-abiding citizens! :)

Dec 16 13:07

B.C.’s Attorney – General office wants $7,500.00 for the transcript of Topham Trial By RadicalPress.com

Dear Mr. Topham: Further to your request for an estimate for the preparation of transcripts regarding the above noted matter and based solely upon information we’ve received from the Quesnel Court Registry, the estimate for the proceedings heard the dates listed below, is as follows: Normal delivery (within 20 business days): $7,500.00. Expedited delivery (within 3 business days): $9,000.00. If you wish to proceed with this order, we will require payment in advance. [Arthur Topham notes: "Thanks to a recent donation of $5,000.00 by Dr. James Sears of Ontario we’re around the $6,000.00 mark with another $1,500.00 left to raise."

Dec 16 11:53

Idaho State Police Crawling All Over Council, Hometown of Jack Yantis: Whitewash Expected Soon

As readers may recall, LibertyFight.com broke the story identifying the kilers of Jack Yantis on November 30th.Our source in Council who gave us the two officers names alerts us that something is afoot, and the discerning source predicts that whitewash of the two killers, Sheriffs Brian Wood and Cody Roland, is expected soon.

Dec 16 11:17

Before Debates, Trump Crowd Swarmed on Protester: “Light The [email protected]*ker On Fire!”

Video shows the man sitting on the ground to avoid removal by security, while members of the crowd called for his death.

But was it a set-up?

Dec 16 11:05

Vladimir Putin offers Donald Trump fans a glimpse of the possible

To Mr Putin’s admirers in the US, he offers a tantalising view of what it might be like to have a president stymied by neither Congress nor two-term limits — and one who treats the delicate art of diplomacy more like judo than chess. To many of these people, Mr Trump represents the quixotic tsar who will rid Washington of its gridlock, reverse failed foreign policies and end years of perceived economic decline. If he is Trump the Terrible, so much the better.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

FT is trying to make a negative link between Trump and Putin, but winds up emphasizing why both men are so admired.

Dec 16 10:47

Big News! Hawaii’s Big Island Moves Closer To Being GMO-Free!

Hot off the presses – Mayor Kenoi on the Big Island, in Hawaii, recently signed Bill 113 into law, prohibiting GMOs. The bill prohibits biotech companies from operating on the island, and stops farmers from growing new GM crops. This is a historical moment for Hawaii, a place which has been called ‘ground zero for GMOs.’

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Look for the GMO corporations to find a corruptible judge to block this law.

Dec 16 10:46

Sources: Review affirms Clinton server emails were 'top secret,' despite department challenge

An intelligence community review has re-affirmed that two classified emails were indeed “top secret” when they hit Hillary Clinton’s unsecured personal server despite a challenge to that designation by the State Department, according to two sources familiar with the review.

Dec 16 10:28

WATCH What Happened When Bernie Sanders Supporters Showed Up At A Trump Rally

As reported by Western Journalism, Black Lives Matter protesters interrupted a Trump rally in Georgia in October. The candidate responded by saying, “That’s alright. That’s why we have freedom of speech, folks!”

He then stated, “I’ll tell you how dishonest the press is. We have thousands of people in the room…and we have about 10 people over there. They’ll get the headline. You won’t. That’s pretty disgusting but that’s the way it goes.”

Dec 16 10:27


Ehsan Abdulaziz, a married, 46 year old, rich Saudi property developer, says he invited an 18 year old woman to sleep on his couch, and later tripped and fell on her as she lay asleep, accidentally penetrating her vagina with his penis. The jury in the Southwark Crown Court believed him.

Dec 16 10:17

Sen. Ted Cruz Booed Off Stage

Dec 16 10:05


Over the last few weeks I cranked up photoshop and started going through images of old classic movie posters, having fun modifying them for Hillary's coming campaign. For some reason my ideas were rejected by her campaign staff, so I am posting them here. These are a work in progress. More to come. Feel free to use and have fun with them!

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WRH Exclusive
Dec 16 09:31

Family cries foul over 'suicide' of anti-vaccination doctor Jeff Bradstreet and raise $20,000 to fund private investigation

The family of a controversial anti-vaccine doctor who was recently found dead in an apparent suicide have appealed to the public to help them raise money in order to launch 'an exhaustive investigation into the possibility of foul play'.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I agree with the family. This one stinks. Men who commit suicide by gun usually shoot themselves in the head rather than the chest because a shot to the head is instantaneous while a shot to the chest is painful and the victim can take minutes to lose consciousness and die. As a doctor, Jeff would be well aware of this.

The normal procedure when a dead body is found is to presume a homicide. Suicide must be proven simply because many murders are covered up by claims of suicide. In this case, the police do not have the gun, there is no report of a suicide note, friends and family are saying that Dr. Bradstreet was not upset or depressed.

This was a murder for profit!

Vaccines are a $30 billion a year business. Doctors who are pointing out the harm caused by vaccines are a threat to that industry. That kind of money is ample motive to murder someone, and indeed more than a few doctors speaking out about the dangers of modern pharmaceuticals have met suspicious deaths in recent years!

UPDATE: The Daily Mail has stopped comments on this article, which suggests I am not alone in my suspicions!

Dec 16 09:07


Webmaster's Commentary: 

Another poll that declares Trump the winner of last night's debate.

Dec 16 09:05

Millionaire cleared of rape after claiming he ‘accidentally penetrated’ teenager

A London court has cleared property developer Ehsan Abdulaziz, 46, of raping an 18-year-old girl after just 30 minutes of deliberation. The London-based Saudi millionaire claimed he may have accidentally penetrated the teenager after he fell on her.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And if you believe this one, I have some of Saddam's nuclear weapons to sell you!

Dec 16 08:40

57 Congress Reps Taken to Israel

In August, 2015, 57 brand new members of the U.S. House of Representatives bowed their heads and promised to obey their Israeli overlords. They allowed themselves to be taken to Israel, plied with good food and propaganda. They then returned home to do Israel’s bidding in the Congressional seats that Israel helped them win. Sixty were invited, but only three decided not to go, for unknown reasons.

Dec 16 08:37

"No-Fly Loophole" Will Be Used to Target Our 2nd Amendment Without Due Process

Calling this a “loophole” is so misleading. It’s a precrime suspicion list that completely circumvents due process.

Dec 16 08:30

Which Corporations Own The White House

The president and his top advisers have kept an open door for CEOs of Fortune 100 companies, keeping almost 1,000 appointments with them, a Reuters review of White House records shows. Of the hundreds of appointments listed, Obama himself was present at about half. As the corrupting hand of government intervention spreads, so CEOs and the White House have become allies in advocating for immigration reform, the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal and reauthorization for the Export-Import Bank. So who really owns The White House?

Dec 16 07:52

Trump Is No Aberration

The Plot Against America: Donald Trump's Rhetoric ... You can't effectively say that Donald Trump is vulgar, sensational, and buffoonish when it's exactly vulgar sensationalism and buffoonery that his audience is buying ... Donald Trump, when he really gets going, hardly speaks in sentences anymore. He doesn't need to .... Whether we call him a Fascist or a right-wing demagogue, Trump's acts and words remain the same. It makes sense that, in America, an insurgent movement would grow out of the media and entertainment, that it would issue from enormous prior celebrity, and not from an obscure rural corner, the world of militias and white nationalists. (Their approval of Trump, nevertheless, has now become evident. A white-supremacist and neo-Nazi group called Stormfront, hanging on to Trump's coattails, has, according to Politico, upgraded "its servers in part to cope with a Trump traffic spike." Politico goes on, "And former Louisiana Rep.

Dec 16 07:41

Erdogan Charges Sarin Gas Smuggling Whistle-blower MP with Treason

“Chemical weapons materials are being brought to Turkey and are being put together in Syria in ISIS camps, which was known as Iraqi Al-Qaeda at that time.” Erdem noted that the chemicals used for the production of weapons did not originate from Turkey. “All basic materials are purchased from Europe. Western institutions should question themselves about these relations. Western sources know very well who carried out the sarin gas attack in Syria,” Erdem told RT.

Dec 16 07:30

Incredible lies of the CDC revealed in shocking video

At this point, only the naive or willfully ignorant still place any stock whatsoever in what the federal government insists about the "safety and effectiveness" of vaccines. But it is these easily swayed, low-information non-thinkers all around us that are being actively preyed upon by the priests of the vaccine religion, which are right now engaged in a full-frontal crusade to remove medical freedom from the ever-shrinking list of liberties that our ancestors and forefathers shed their blood to protect.

Included among the ranks of these institutionalized government liars is Centers for Disease Control and Prevention National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases Director Dr. Anne Schuchat, who recently lied under oath before a Congressional committee about the supposedly untarnished legacy of modern vaccines. In response to every single question concerning vaccine safety and efficacy, Dr. Schuchat responded with glowing accolades about the wonders of vaccines.

Dec 16 07:10

TSA “ground force” called in to harass members of press before Republican Presidential Debate

In an interesting (and almost completely ignored) side note to last nights Republican Presidential Debate, the Transportation Security Administration was called in to conduct aggressive security screening for anyone entering the #CNNDebate, including members of the press.

Dec 16 07:06


Sometimes I wonder why anyone bothers to run for office in a long, costly, and exhausting contest which if won means four years of taking directions from the Pentagon and seventeen security agencies. America is not a democracy, and the last president who actually tried to exert some significant influence on affairs left much of the right side of his head in the streets of Dallas. But ego is a mighty powerful motivator, and the gang engaged in national American politics has plenty of it, even if few other redeeming qualities.

Dec 16 00:05

Who won tonight's GOP debate?

2% (22 votes)
1% (9 votes)
1% (10 votes)
3% (34 votes)
2% (29 votes)
1% (11 votes)
12% (168 votes)
1% (10 votes)
78% (1053 votes)
Total votes: 1346







Dec 15 16:51

Don't Ever Have The Cops Call A Tow Truck For You

If you ever break down and have a highway patrol officer ask if you'd like a tow truck, be sure to say NO! This is because in most states, the tow companies charge double or even triple if the police call for a tow, rather than if the motorist calls themselves. This is basically because when the police call, the tow is 'compulsory' and the person doesn't have a choice, for example in a drunk-driving case or an unlicensed driver. Motorists often don't realize this, and by the time it happens it's too late. I recently had this happen and you won't believe what the cop did when he found out that the tow driver was going to charge me triple for the tow, just because the cop had called. Finally, a good cop story!

Dec 15 16:44

Tonight's GOP Debate: Sheldon Adelson's Malignant Tentacles

What, one wonders, most worries his rivals about Marco Rubio in tonight's GOP debate. His rising poll numbers? His smooth memorization of talking points? His faux-Churchillian pronouncements on the "clash of civilizations"? Nope. What Rubio's fellows feel on the backs of their neck is the warm breath of their host, Las Vegas casino magnate Sheldon Adelson.