Nov 07 23:05

ISIS Forces Routed Near the Christian City of Sadad in East Homs

Last week, the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS) captured the imperative town of Maheen inside the Palmyra Triangle; however, as they prepared for a large-scale assault on the predominately Syriac Christian town of Sadad, the terrorist group did not take in account the level of resistance they would face from the Syrian Armed Forces stationed along the Maheen-Sadad Road.
The National Defense Forces and the Syrian Social Nationalist Party quickly struck back against the terrorist group after they forestalled their advance; this led to the pro-government forces recapturing the Maheen-Sadad Checkpoint and several small hilltops that overlook the town of Sadad from the its eastern flank.

Nov 07 21:22

Look who’s in charge of UK government cybersecurity

Hansard 4 Nov 2015 : Column GC355

Lord Mendelsohn: We welcome the appointment of the former British ambassador to Israel, Matthew Gould, who will have a key role in cybersecurity inside the Cabinet Office — a very useful and important position.

Sure enough, the UK Government’s website confirms that Gould is now Director of Cyber Security and Information Assurance at the Cabinet Office. “He and his team are focused on keeping Britain safe from cyber attack, through delivering the UK’s Cyber Security Strategy.”

They must think we have very short memories. Gould was the first Jew ever to hold the post of Britain’s ambassador to Israel. He describes himself as a “passionate” Zionist and whilst in Tel Aviv was instrumental in setting up the UK-Israel Tech Hub. In the words of MATIMOP (the Israeli Industry Center for R&D), the Hub was established “to promote partnerships in technology and innovation between Israel and the UK, and is the first initiative of its kind for the British Government and for an embassy in Israel. The Hub’s creation followed an agreement between Prime Ministers David Cameron and Benjamin Netanyahu to build a UK-Israel partnership in technology.”

Nov 07 19:04

Rand Paul: "Hillary Clinton Is A Neocon, That's why I fear Her."

Good talking points, but Rand is the one who insists that "Any attack on Israel will be treated as an attack on the United States" & Israel is "one friend that never leaves our side, has never wavered." Rand has not exactly established paleo-conservative or non-interventionist credentials.

Nov 07 18:39

Freedom of expression in Canada needs resuscitation

If freedom of expression in Canada were a medical patient, it would be dangerously close to needing life support. With Canada’s new government assuming its place, now is the time to make good on the promise of an open, more transparent relationship between the government of Canada and its citizens.

To guide this work, the new government should focus on restoring freedom of expression to its formerly robust state – a right enshrined in Section 2(b) of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms – thereby bringing our moribund patient back to reasonably good health.

Nov 07 17:23

Carter says Russia, China potentially threaten global order

It's not nice to threaten the NWO!

SIMI VALLEY, Calif. (AP) -- Defense Secretary Ash Carter on Saturday accused Russia of endangering world order, citing its incursions in Ukraine and loose talk about nuclear weapons, and said the U.S. defense establishment is searching for creative ways to deter Russian aggressive and protect U.S. allies.

Nov 07 17:18

The TPP and GMOs: what’s so bad about death?

By Jon Rappoport

The text of the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) has now been published.

This Globalist treaty will put mega-corporations even further ahead in their efforts to dominate markets and populations...

Nov 07 16:38

Look who’s in charge of UK government cyber security

Stuart Littlewood examines implications for UK security of the appointment of Matthew Gould, a self-declared “passionate Zionist” who is suspected of plotting with Israel stooges Liam Fox and Adam Werritty to start a war against Iran.

Nov 07 16:22

A Letter to an Israeli: Kindness and Postage Stamps are not Enough

Dear on-the-fence-about-the-Occupation, two-state-solution Israeli,

Please do not laud Yitzhak Rabin as a good man who would have achieved peace had he not been assassinated. He was a murderer and signed the removal and dispossession of over 700,000 Palestinians and the death warrant of hundreds.

Nov 07 12:24

N.H. Republicans Respond to Ben Carson Revelation

Several New Hampshire Republicans surveyed Friday said they think the recent revelation that GOP presidential hopeful Ben Carson never applied to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point could hurt his candidacy. According to Politico, this contradicts details of the candidate's upbringing as outlined in two books he wrote.

The revelation comes as others have questioned Carson's accounts of his youth, including his story about almost stabbing a friend when he was a teenager. It also comes a day after Carson's statement that Egypt's great pyramids were built by the Biblical figure Joseph to store grain.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That the GOP is still pushing Carson over Trump tells you a very great deal about the GOP leadership!

Nov 07 12:19

Carson Should Quit

Carson's latest kerfuffle, which seem to be occurring with increasing frequency as people take a closer look at him, appeared Friday in Politico. The piece, which you can read for yourself, claims the candidate now admits the claim in his autobiography that he was offered but turned down an appointment to the United States Military Academy at West Point was a fabrication.

If that were true, that should be enough to put an end to his campaign. Republicans do not and should not let the lies and shifting explanations former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton tells about her email stand unchallenged; the GOP should not tolerate similar disassembling from within its own ranks of presidential hopefuls.

Nov 07 12:11

Trump, World War 3, and Desperate Attempt to Save the Dollar - Michael Rivero FULL Interview

Nov 07 12:07

Officials Secretly Added Cancer-Causing Chemicals to City’s Water Supply

Officials experimented on the water with a new added chemical to aid in removing sediment, silt, and other impurities in the water supply: aluminum chlorohydrate (ACH). It was due to replace the chemical known as ALUM that was regularly used to take the larger particles out of river water to treat it. Both chemicals weigh down the sediment to make it easily removable.

However, the addition of ACH to the city’s water supply wound up being ineffective as a treatment — so an excessive quantity of chlorine was added to the water, as well.

An astonishing failure, the combination of excess chlorine and aluminum chlorohydrate ended up yielding carcinogenic toxins known as “DBPs” — disinfection byproducts. Specifically, these are in the class of chemicals known as THMs, or Trihalomethanes.

Nov 07 11:32

FLASHBACK 2012 - Senate Candidate Calls Congressman a "Whore for AIPAC" During Live TV Debate

Nov 07 11:22

Blood Media: Many of CNN, FOX News ‘Experts’ Cashing In On Wars They’re Hyping

Back in late 2013, an independent investigation revealed that at least 22 defense industry stakeholders were used by the likes of CNN, FOX News and others – as ‘experts’ and ‘correspondents’ in order to help sell another war in Syria (or anywhere else for that matter).

Nov 07 11:21

The Bushes eat themselves alive: Daddy tosses W. to the wolverines — but Jeb! cannot be saved

The Bush name is the only reason that an uninspiring, petulant figure like Jeb! even has a chance at the presidency, but it’s also his greatest obstacle. The country is still smarting from the pointless wars and economic catastrophe that we brought on ourselves the last time we tossed some mediocrity into the White House just because he had that fancy Bush name. That puts Jeb Bush in a no-win situation. Denouncing your brother means turning your back on family. But endorsing W.’s infamously failed presidency isn’t a great idea, either.

Now Poppa Bush is going to step in and blame someone, anyone, not named “Bush” for the failures of the Bush presidency. In a handily timed biography of the senior Bush, written by Jon Meacham, George H.W. Bush lays out the case that his son was a hapless pawn of the true villains of his presidency: Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld.

Nov 07 11:05

CIA arms Syrian militants with antiaircraft weaponry

This is why these wars are endless people. We just keep selling and giving away more equipment which often falls into the wrong hands. Now we have antiaircraft missiles floating around out there. ?#?BrokenArrow?

Nov 07 10:40

Immigration Activists Tried To Destroy Trump With Sick Ad – He Just Made Them Regret It

A group known as Deport Racism recently scored some media attention with an offensive video aimed at exposing the ostensible racist elements of Donald Trump’s proposed immigration plan. Starring a number of young children, the ad features a profanity-laden script in which kids call Trump names including “racist d—k” and “motherf—er.”

One boy admonishes the candidate directly, saying: “If you don’t like our Constitution and what it stands for, get the f—k out of my country.”

An overwhelming majority of viewers joined several prominent voices who denounced the video as wholly inappropriate. “I think it is borderline child abuse,” Fox News contributor Geraldo Rivera said Friday. “It’s terrible, it’s counterproductive, it will rebound in a very negative way.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

As I said on my talk radio show, based on my long years working in advertising, the kids come across as so arrogant and obnoxious nobody is going to emotionally identify with them, let alone their message. Indeed the behavior of the children reinforces many of the negative stereotypes people have about the illegal immigrants' sense of immediate entitlement if they but sneak over the border successfully. As for the comment about the Constitution, the 14th Amendment makes it very clear that only legal citizens are protected by the Bill of Rights or eligible for government benefits. This commercial was put together by a real amateur.

Nov 07 10:29

Netanyahu’s having a better week in the Democratic Party than Hillary Clinton!

Benjamin Netanyahu is back in the saddle again! When he comes to Washington next month, the Israeli Prime Minister will get a prize from the neoconservative thinktank, the American Enterprise Institute, and also — shockingly– be welcomed by the Democratic Party think tank, the Center for American Progress, which has close connections to Hillary Clinton.

The Democratic Party invitation was engineered by the Israel lobby group AIPAC, the American Israel Political Affairs Committee, according to Huffington Post. This is clearly about Hillary Clinton and her presidential run, and her closeness to Haim Saban and his like. Should she win the presidency, there will be a widely-touted rapprochement with Netanyahu where we ostentatiously “clear the air” and “get off on the right foot.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Nov 07 10:12

2 officers arrested in shooting of 6yo autistic boy in Louisiana, accused of 2nd degree murder

Good! Put them in general population!

Two marshals are facing second-degree murder charges in Louisiana for allegedly killing a six year-old boy and seriously injuring his father during a shooting Tuesday. The state’s police chief called the incident “the most disturbing thing I’ve seen.”

Six year-old Jeremy Mardis, who was autistic, was killed and his father Chris Few was wounded when marshals opened fire on the vehicle they were traveling in Tuesday evening in the central Louisiana town of Marksville.

Nov 07 09:18

US Foreign Policy At Work: Making The World A More Dangerous Place

Without any doubt, the Middle East has been a very long-simmering region of violent religious and tribal enmity.

In that regard, perhaps today is no different than 1,000 years ago. But given the importance of the remaining oil in the Middle East to the next 20 years of global economic health, the violence and chaos seen there recently is hugely important to the entire world.

Nov 07 04:53

5 Reasons Why I’m A Christian Who Stopped Supporting Israel

But now that I have set aside my bias, and been willing to consider the facts as they are, I realize I can’t support Israel and still be faithful to Jesus.

Nov 07 00:25

Putin Tells Everyone Exactly Who Created ISIS

American people rarely listen to Putin’s speeches. Few opportunities to do so unless they go looking for it; They just assume their media is right and Putin‘s a “brutal dictator” who’s “trying to re-establish the Soviet empire”, end of story.

In western media Putin could soon find himself painted as the new combination Hitler/Stalin in a looming WWIII—another so-called “just war” which US will be “morally compelled to fight”, to “save the world from tyranny”. Christian dominionists will be calling it Armageddon—the final battle between Good and Evil before the return of the King!

Nov 07 00:21

Syria – Vienna-Geneva Peace Talks, an exploded Russian Airliner – and NATO-Trident Juncture

Why a foreign imposed transition? Transition seems to become a propaganda indoctrinated fait accompli.

Washington has been quite successful in its wicked embrace of Syria over the last few weeks. Just imagine, Kerry, in a propaganda-painted gesture of goodwill, forges the Vienna Peace Conference, this past Friday, 30 October. The results are inconclusive, but on to more talks in Geneva; no longer ‘Assad must go’, but rather the concession that “Assad is going to be part of any transitional governing body.” – Why a foreign imposed transition? Transition seems to become a propaganda indoctrinated fait accompli.

Nov 07 00:18

Why British Haste on Plane Bomb Theory?

Cameron and Obama are evidently being fed intelligence assessments of a bomb being stowed in the airplane's hold by terrorists.

British officials have made an unseemly leap to speculate on a terrorist plot in the Russian airliner crash over Sinai last weekend.

And Russia has understandably reacted furiously to the speculation, saying that it is too early to make such an assessment when crash investigators have not even compiled, let alone evaluated, evidence.

American officials, including President Barack Obama, are also now echoing the British claims of a bomb on the plane. The question is: why the haste?

Nov 06 21:56

NATO Invades Spain

The notion that the Pentagon would dare declare its own no-fly zone over northern Syria to protect a gaggle of “moderate rebels” from Russian and Syrian Arab Army (SAA) bombing is preposterous.

Fresh from its thunderous humiliation by the Taliban; its “liberation” of Libya for the benefit of militia hell; and while Russia was bombing the hell out of a Salafi-jihadi/”moderate rebel” constellation in Syria, NATO – in search for a “360-degree” response to Russia – resorted to invading… Spain.

Nov 06 20:40

Host Donald Trump Shops Around SNL For A Running Mate

Boycotting this will only get more people to watch!

Nov 06 17:52

TPP Ignores Global Warming & Allows Murder of Labor Union Organizers

U.S. President Barack Obama’s capstone to his Presidency, his proposed megalithic international ‘trade’ treaties, are finally coming into their home-stretch, with the Pacific deal finally being made public on Thursday November 5th.

Nov 06 17:13

The Elimination Has Begun: Ben Carson Caught Lying About His West Point Scholarship

Not that I'd vote for Ben Carson. Of course he's phony. And he's like watching paint dry. He's also been spotted sucking up to billionaire Sheldon Adelson just like almost all of them eventually do. But it's obvious the Bush/Clinton camps want him gone.

Still, is this the best dirt they've got? It's kinda lame. Like all politicans aren't liars.

The bottom line is that Carson is an enemy to the unofficial American dynasty candidates. And that's why he must be eliminated, Herman Cain-style. Are we going to find out Carson cheated on his wife next? If they've got pictures, you know what's about to make headlines next.

You know somewhere the Bushes and Clintons are sitting on files inches thick on every single candidate they have to run against. Looks like the time has come to start picking them off, one-by-one.

(read more)

Nov 06 16:46

Hillary Clinton’s Rabid Anti-Gun Obsession

Hillary Clinton has long been a rabid anti-gun fanatic. Stemming back from her years in her husband’s abysmal administration where she helped promote the passage of the infamous freedom-crushing Brady Bill to her 2016 presidential campaign, Clinton has made the elimination of self-defense, gun rights, buttress against unwarranted government encroachment, and the Second Amendment a hallmark of her stance.

Nov 06 16:40

MI5 Secretly Collected Phone Data for Decade

MI5 has secretly been collecting vast amounts of data about UK phone calls to search for terrorist connections. The programme has been running for 10 years under a law described as “vague” by the government’s terror watchdog. It emerged as Home Secretary Theresa May unveiled a draft bill governing spying on communications by the authorities.

Nov 06 16:33

The cats of Ariel and the deranged politics of Israel’s far-far right

Uri Avnery describes what happens when you mix religion with far-right fascist politics, as is the case in Israel now with its mix of surreal, religiously-inspired policies, supremacism and racism.

Nov 06 16:19

Ben Carson admits he made up story about getting a scholarship to West Point - and repeated it THREE TIMES this year - as key detail of his inspirational story crumbles

Dr. Ben Carson fabricated a key detail in his bootstrap-pulling personal narrative, his presidential campaign admitted on Friday, conceding that he was never offered a 'scholarship' commission to the United States Military Academy at West Point. Politico reported that West Point has no record that Carson ever sought admission or was granted a place in the Army's main officer training academy. But in his best-selling book 'Gifted Hands,' the Republican presidential candidate claimed - through a ghost-writer - that General William Westmoreland offered to open a door for him. 'I was offered a full scholarship to West Point' after meeting the general, he wrote. Carson repeated the claim at least three times this year, including mentions online, in a book aimed at teens, and in a TV interview.

Nov 06 16:17

ICC repeats prosecutor has to reconsider Gaza flotilla probe

Judges at the International Criminal Court reiterated Friday that the court's prosecutor has to reconsider her decision not to investigate the storming by Israel of an aid flotilla heading to Gaza.

The decision means Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda will now have to look at the politically charged case again and decide whether to open a full investigation, which could potentially lead to charges against Israelis involved in the storming.

Bensouda last year declined a request by the Indian Ocean island nation Comoros to investigate the May 31, 2010, storming of a vessel in the flotilla, which was sailing under a Comoros flag.

She said war crimes may have been committed on the Mavi Marmara ship, where eight Turks and one Turkish-American were killed and several other pro-Palestinian activists were wounded by Israeli commandos, but ruled the case wasn't serious enough to merit an ICC probe.

Nov 06 15:54

Canada’s New FM: Era of Special Relationship with Israel Is Over

Following Stéphane Dion’s first meeting of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s new government, Canada’s new foreign minister announced that significant changes would be made in Canada’s approach to the Middle East.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And the false-flag terror attack on Canada will happen in five, four, three, two ...

Nov 06 15:34

Arthur Topham, Update on Hate Speech Trial - 2015-11-06

The masters of hate are at it again, mass murdering women and children in Palestine and abroad, as their victims who expose these fatal hate crimes are threatened with jail... apparently to the Zionist lobbies in Canada, exposing the mass murder of women and children is a hate crime... but only when they are killed by Jews. - Ty "When Gilad took the stand to speak in defence of myself and RadicalPress.com my Defence counsel informed the court that Mr. Atzmon had flown half-way around the world to help defend Mr. Topham and he did it out of the goodness in his heart..." -- Arthur

Nov 06 15:24

Ben Carson: Names of Some Childhood Victims Are 'Fictitious'

Even Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids were based on real people!

Nov 06 14:59

National Policy Institute 2015 Live Podcast - Become Who We Are

Become Who We Are: The Identity and Spirit of Our People, a conference organized by the National Policy Institute and hosted by Richard Spencer, was held on Saturday, October 31, 2015 at The National Press Club in Washington, DC.

Nov 06 14:57

David Dees Interview - Art Against the New World Order Zionist Agenda

David Dees began his career as a commercial artist in the early 80s and has produced advertising illustration for Paramount Studios, Hanna Barbera, and Disney Home Video, along with cartooning and children’s book illustration for Sesame Street magazine, Family Home Entertainment, and TIME Magazine for Kids. In 2003, when Dees became fully awake to the New World Order Zionist agenda, he began fighting back with his own brand of activist political artwork and social commentary, with nearly 600 hard hitting and comical art pieces. David also designs and illustrates covers for authors of health, political, fiction and non-fiction books.

Nov 06 14:46

Where’s the COLA and It’s Not the Beverage

By Catherine J. Frompovich

Regrettably, Social Security Administration bigwigs decided not to give Social Security recipients a COLA – Cost of Living Adjustment – for 2016, which had senior citizens, veterans and others, who desperately count on Social Security benefits, panicking as to how they would meet the mounting increases in costs for food, Medicare health insurance premiums, plus a ‘boat load’ of other rising costs, e.g., the coming winter heating season, utilities, prescription drugs, etc.

How in the world anyone could postulate that a COLA was not warranted for 2016 defies logic...

Nov 06 14:42

Ben Carsons campaign admits he lied about West Point scholarship

Politico reported Friday that Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson did not — as he has claimed repeatedly — receive a full scholarship to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.

In fact, Carson’s campaign admitted that the former neurosurgeon not only fabricated the story of his acceptance into the prestigious military academy, but he never actually applied. This concession came after Politico obtained evidence from a West Point spokesperson that the academy has no record of Carson’s application or his admission — calling into question a key piece of the presidential hopeful’s personal history.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And this is the guy the GOP thought they would give us instead of Trump?!?

Nov 06 14:31

BEX ALERT - Investigate ExxonMobil for Fraud

Polar bears stranded and starving on melting ice floes. Family farms abandoned due to California’s mega-drought. Once-splendid coral reefs bleached and dead in our oceans.

We have all seen these images, and most scientists believe they are caused by climate change. It’s no surprise that fossil fuel companies, which profit from the very activities that cause climate change, have pushed back on the scientific consensus that climate change is a problem we must address. But a recent investigation by Columbia University, the LA Times, and InsideClimate News has uncovered just how far one of the largest of these companies was willing to go to sweep climate concerns under the rug, and it is shocking [1].

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Hillary Clinton didn't start calling for an investigation of Exxon until after Exxon stopped donating to the Clinton Foundation. And all the money being paid in the global warming hoax is going to those promoting the fraud, including generous grants to cooperative scientists and public relations companies selling the propaganda.

I dare anyone to document that I have received any payments of any kind from Exxon for my position on global warming!

Nov 06 14:09

Ben Carson admits fabricating West Point scholarship

Carson's campaign on Friday conceded that a central point in his inspirational personal story did not occur as he previously described.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And this is the guy the corporate media kept trying to tell us was beating Trump?

Nov 06 13:36

You're Selling Us War (But We're Not Buying) - Claire K. Rivero

Nov 06 13:27

Metro Detroit part of Obamacare sign-up challenge

The White House said on Friday that metro Detroit will be among 20 U.S. communities competing to see which can reduce the percentage of uninsured people the most during the current open enrollment period for coverage under the 2010 Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Nov 06 13:14

When Will America Jail Their Banksters Like Iceland is Doing?

Waking Times

The most dramatic contrast in the rule of law against the architects of financial theft can be seen in the way America protects their banksters and the accountability that Iceland imposed on their financial crooks. The fact that the orthodox financial press refuses to cover the incarceration of Iceland’s Bankers Face 74 Years in Prison While US Banks Profit After Your Bailout, is clear proof who really controls the political and economic institutions in the United States. As for the courts, America has long ago shredded the rule of law in this country.

Nov 06 12:25

TWO Sources are Saying The FBI Has Enough Information To File Charges On Hillary Clinton

Webmaster addition: The FBI had enough information to charge Lois Lerner, but they didn't. The FBI had enough information to report that Vince Foster was murdered, but they didn't.


"[Your information is] too precise, too complete to be believed. The questionnaire plus the other information you brought spell out in detail exactly where, when, how, and by whom we are to be attacked. If anything, it sounds like a trap."

FBI response to the top British spy, Dusko Popov (code named "Tricycle") on August 10, 1941, dismissing Popov's report of the complete Japanese plan for the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Pearl Harbor: The Verdict Of History by Gordon Prange, appendix 7 published in 1986.