Sep 21 17:51

Scott Walker shocks Republican race with dropout call to gang up on Trump

Wisconsin governor, once a frontrunner, encourages 15 remaining candidates for presidential bid to ‘clear the field’ in search of Donald Trump alternative

Sep 21 17:28

Establishment Dems Work Hard to Push Clinton Over Sanders

Despite her unpopularity with the American people, who view her as dishonest and untrustworthy, and the taint of the email scandal, Hillary Clinton has increased her lead over other Democrat presidential contenders.

Sep 21 17:02

Netanyahu: Israel, Russia to Coordinate Military Action in Syria to Prevent Confrontation

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday that during his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the two sides agreed to establish a coordination mechanism to prevent misunderstandings and unintended confrontations between the Israeli military and Russian forces deployed in Syria.

"This is very important for Israel's security, and this is the first, clear outcome of this conversation," Netanyahu told reporters at the conclusion of his visit to Russia. "It's enough to imagine the alternative – a dangerous confrontation with Russia, and dealing with these misunderstandings after the fact – to understand the importance of this visit."

Sep 21 15:41

Ukraine’s ‘Democratic’ Dictatorship

The media narrative about Ukraine – that the “Maiden revolution” was a democratic European-values oriented revolt against a tyrannical Russian-controlled puppet – has always been a fairytale, largely perpetrated by the Western media in complicity with the US State Department and the European Union.

Sep 21 14:54


With the FBI, Congress and the courts all closing in on Hillary Clinton for mishandling classified material on her private email server, one of her longtime advisers has recommended that she hire an outside legal counsel and consider cutting a deal to avoid criminal charges.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Back in 1996, when Bill Clinton was running for re-election, he authorized the transfer of highly sensitive technology to China. This technology had military applications and allowed China to close the gap in missile performance with the United States. The transfers were opposed and severely criticized by the Defense Department.

At the same time Bill Clinton was transferring this technology to China, huge donations began to pour into his re-election campaign from the US companies allowed to sell the technology to China, and from American citizens of Chinese descent. The fact that they were US citizens allowed them to donate to political campaigns, but it later emerged that they were acting as conduits for cash coming in from Asian sources, including Chinese Intelligence Agencies! The scandal became known as China-gate!

This establishes a history of the Clintons treating US secrets as their own personal property, selling them to raise money for campaigns.

Now then, let us consider a private email server with weak security, at least one known totally open access point, no encryption, and outside the control and monitoring systems of the US government, on which are parked many of the nation's most closely guarded secrets! It is already established that Hillary's email was hacked. One hacker named Guccifer provided copies of emails to Russia Today, which published them. Another hacker is reported to be offering 32,000 of Hillary's emails for the sum of $500,000. Security experts agree that Hillary's server had worse security than the Ashley Madison website!

Now, consider a charitable foundation owned by the Clintons (which actually does very little charitable work). Being a charitable foundation, it is allowed to accept "donations" from foreign sources, and roughly 40% of the cash that has poured into the Clinton Foundation has come from foreign sources. Many of those foreign sources received preferential treatment from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, sufficient for attorney Larry Klayman to file a RICO lawsuit against the foundation (which as of last report was thrown out of court by a Clinton-appointed judge who refused to recuse himself over the obvious conflict of interest)!

Easy means of delivering secrets. Easy means of accepting payment!

This is a perfect setup to repeat the 1996 selling of secrets for cash. In other words, a perfect espionage operation, running out the US State Department, with the weak email server providing the secrets and a charitable foundation to accept and launder the payments! Hillary doesn't have to physically steal the files, the way Jonathan Pollard did. Hillary doesn't have to scratch an X on a mailbox, the way Aldrich Ames did. Hillary doesn't have to tape bundles of stolen documents underneath a park bridge, like Robert Hannsen did!

It is time to look past the small scandal of the private email server at what may be a far larger scandal hidden behind it!

Sep 21 14:36

Business As Usual Triumphs in Greek Election

It’s all over but the postmortems. Western bankers, large investors and other corporate interests triumphed on Sunday as expected - over fairness, equity and justice.

Greece remains Troika occupied territory, its sovereignty and soul lost, its people assured of greater suffering than already, its economy strip-mined for profit, its deplorable status the future of Europe and America, headed toward becoming thirdworldized ruler-serf societies unfit to live in.

Sep 21 14:33

Putin's Consistency on Syria Has Washington Fuming

It is increasingly difficult to watch the most recent coverage of the Syrian war and not be struck by how utterly illogical and convoluted it has become. But look through the media spin and it’s clear: the Russian leader's steady moves in Syria are perplexing the US.

Whether it's the latest neocon claim that the way to ‘help’ refugees is to drop more bombs and train more Al-Qaeda-linked rebels, or the conveniently-timed mass hysteria over Russia's (never secret) support for Bashar Assad — or even the strange (and completely false) notion floating around that the West has 'done nothing' in Syria, all of this nonsense is becoming very difficult to take seriously.

Sep 21 14:32

UN Condemns Ukrainian Government Cover-Ups

On September 18th, the UN’s Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights headlined “Statement of the Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions, Christof Heyns Ukraine: Lives lost in an accountability vacuum,” and condemned there the current Ukrainian Government in strong language, regarding not only the coup which had brought them to power in February 2014, but regarding also the massacre of the people who on 2 May 2014 had been peacefully demonstrating in Odessa against the coup. Specifically, the ongoing cover-ups by the Ukrainian Government concerning both of these matters were condemned by him.

Sep 21 14:29

Scott Walker ends 2016 presidential bid

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker will announce Monday evening that he is dropping out of the 2016 presidential race, CBS News' John Dickerson has confirmed.

Walker scheduled a press conference in Madison, Wisconsin, at 6 p.m. EST, just two hours in advance. The New York Times first reported that he would be dropping out.

Sep 21 14:23

No evidence Hillary Clinton’s email server was wiped

Andy Boian, the spokesman for the IT company, Platte River Networks, also confirmed that Clinton’s emails were transferred to a second server sometime previous year.

Just as she hoped to reboot her campaign to reveal her more humorous and frolicsome self, Hillary Clinton is poleaxed by the startling development that her server may not, after all, have been wiped clean.

Previously, a two-month email gap in 2012, during a time “when violence was erupting in Benghazi and when Clinton’s top aide – Huma Abedin – obtained a special exemption that let her work for the State Department and for the Clinton Foundation”.

Sep 21 14:08

Hillary’s latest excuse: ‘There is no evidence’

Months into her email scandal, Hillary Clinton is still trying to get away with lines like, “There’s no evidence of that.” Oh, and answering questions with laughter.

No wonder she keeps falling in the polls — behind a 74-year-old Brooklyn-born socialist in the first two primary states, where more folks are paying attention.

On CNN’s “The Situation Room” last week, she faced questions about the claim by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie that she should face criminal charges for using a private email account and server to conduct official State Department business, including emails with highly classified information.

Clinton burst into laughter.

She kept up the giggling when asked about the chance that hackers from Russia or China broke into her server to glean national-security secrets. And then gave the lawyerly answer, “There’s no evidence of that.”

Sep 21 14:07

FBI to State: Can't Help You With Hillary Clinton Emails

The FBI has declined to give the State Department any kind of progress report on its efforts to recover documents from Hillary Clinton's private email server.

In fact, the FBI declines even to tell the State Department what it has already admitted publicly — that it's doing an investigation.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The FBI has been protecting the Clintons going all the way back to the murder of White House Deputy Counsel Vincent Foster, and I did not expect any difference in their behavior today.

Sep 21 13:34

Jewish people beware!!! Ann Coulter is coming for you!!!

Neo- conservatives aren't allowed to be objective when it comes to, the 'holy than thou,' Israel. We must guide her, and defend her, sleep with her- call her back the next morning for breakfast and send her $3.5 billion in foreign aid alimony, right?

What Annie Dearest so eloquently tweeted, wasn't Anti- Semitic, it was correct. She correctly pointed out (Don't get used to it) what most of us, sitting in our living rooms, watching these rigged debates, have probably thought or said. Republicans pander to the Jewish lobby and it's getting old.

Truth hurts, and it hurt so much, that actor, Seth Rogen, took five minutes away from a righteous bong hit, to call Coulter, "a complete fucking idiot."

Some called her racist, some said she was "borderline Anti-Semitic," a "jackass," and Karol Markowicz even suggested in a nice play on words, that Coulter has made it "kosher to hate Jews."

Sep 21 13:28

UK government welcomes the world’s despots and war criminals to arms fair

A rogue’s gallery of the world’s despots and war criminals descended on London last week, at the invitation of the British government. They were attending the Defence and Security Equipment International Exhibition (DSEI).

Sep 21 13:08

Report: Russian Marines Battle ISIS In Syria, IS Possesses “Satellite Imagery” Of Base

By Brandon Turbeville

As the conflict in Syria continues to escalate, it has been reported by Russian media that Russian Marines stationed at an airbase in Latakia have now engaged ISIS fighters in direct combat...

Sep 21 12:39

Battered Greek banks to flout Brussels new 'bail-in' rules

Greece’s battered banks are set to provide the first major test for the eurozone’s new “bail-in” rules as authorities race to avoid depositors footing a €15bn bill to get the country back on its feet.

With Greeks heading to the polls on Sunday, private sector creditors face uncertainty over whether they will be forced to suffer losses to keep the banking system afloat after months of economic turmoil.

Sep 21 11:54

Threatening Jeremy Corbyn

An unnamed senior UK general threatened Corbyn with mutiny if as future prime minister he tried downgrading Britain’s military. More on what he said below.

Sep 21 11:47

Establishment Dems Work Hard to Push Clinton Over Sanders

Despite her unpopularity with the American people, who view her as dishonest and untrustworthy, and the taint of the email scandal, Hillary Clinton has increased her lead over other Democrat presidential contenders.

Sep 21 11:45

Common Law Has Been Replaced with Talmudic Law

A chance meeting in central London with Mr Patrick Cullinane Common Law advocate and fighter of injustice.

After the energy-sapping day spent awaiting the Judgement on the Hampstead Whistleblower Kids meeting Patrick was the best thing that could possibly happen. His energy and all-round decency was like a hurricane of fresh air blowing up and down the streets and avenues of central London.

With people like Patrick fighting for the decent folk of Britain and Ireland one almost feels sorry for his/our opponents!

Sep 21 10:50

There is no escape from the Republican warmongers

There is not a peaceful person among the Republican candidates. Even the female is heartless. Carly Fiorina positioned herself alongside the macho men as a warmonger. She let the military/security complex know that she, too, was for sale. Send in the campaign donations, and she will see that the money flows back to the military/security complex in the buildup of fleets and armaments that will send the Russians a message.

Sep 21 10:32

Report Reveals $8.5 Trillion Missing From Pentagon Budget

The Daily Ticker quoting a Reuters investigation that reveals that $8.5 trillion – that’s trillion with a “T” – in taxpayer money doled out by Congress to the Pentagon since 1996 that has never been accounted for.

You read that right. While Republican politicians rush to slash food stamps for the 47 million Americans living in poverty – the highest amount in nearly two decades – Republican U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel has the audacity to complain that $20 billion dollars in automatic sequester cuts to the massive and secretive $565.8 billion Defense Department budget are “ too steep, too deep, and too abrupt,” all while the Pentagon and the Defense Department are overseeing massive fraud, waste, and abuse.

Sep 21 10:32

The Reason JFK was Murdered Will Never Go Away: He Tried to Stop the Debt-based Money System. You Decide.

Don’t you think it’s sad that so many people suffer from poverty, homelessness, unemployment, addiction and socioeconomic disadvantage in general? What about the fact that the majority of us haven’t found real peace in life because we’re all fighting to survive in a world which actually has more than enough resources for everybody? We find it sad, especially because all of these issues are either created or amplified by the ‘economic’ and ‘social’ systems that we have designed for the people of earth.

Sep 21 10:31

Will the Obama Administration Hold VW Accountable for Corporate Crime?

The allegations being leveled against auto manufacturer Volkswagen (VW)—that it cheated to make nearly half a million diesel cars appear cleaner-burning than they are—offer a chance for the Obama administration to make good on its recent pledge to step up its fight against corporate crime, observers said this weekend.

Sep 21 10:24

Dennis Hastert Case, Clinton Scandals, FBI & the 1996 COINTELPRO Directive

For this episode I am going to take you back twenty years to when the FBI’s covert and illegal operations targeting high-profile US officials, elected and appointed, began. I will go on-record with the White House Covert Order during Bill Clinton’s Administration directing the FBI to begin conducting new COINTELPRO operations in response to two sexual scandals and the likely risk of impeachment.

I’ll talk about the FBI’s illegal surveillance of government officials and misuse of FISA, how the information was used by the US government, the cases of three FBI insiders who spoke up and reported these operations, how and why those cases were classified and gagged by the US government and censored by the US media, and finally, how all this will come into play in the coming trial of Dennis Hastert.

Sep 21 10:17

The Difference It Makes: 36 Reasons Hillary Clinton Should Never Be President

Activist Post writer, Brandon Turbeville, has just released his seventh book: "The Difference It Makes: 36 Reasons Hillary Clinton Should Never Be President." Brandon is known for his detailed research, principally in the area of Geopolitics, color revolutions, the Middle East and, specifically, Syria. In his new book, however, Turbeville lists at least 36 aspects of Clinton’s career in an attempt to demonstrate why Hillary Clinton should never be considered as a serious candidate for President...

Sep 21 10:12

Carly Fiorina poll surge has Hillary Clinton scrambling to shed ‘insider’ label

Carly Fiorina’s strong performance in last week’s Republican presidential primary debate has rocketed her up the polls, leaving the top of the GOP field dominated by Washington outsiders and forcing Democrats — especially Hillary Rodham Clinton — scrambling to shed the label of political insider.

Sep 21 10:05

Carson: Islam Incompatible With U.S. Law, We Shouldn't Have A Muslim President

CHUCK TODD: Let me wrap this up by finally dealing with what's been going on, Donald Trump, and a deal with a questioner that claimed that the president was Muslim. Let me ask you the question this way: Should a President's faith matter? Should your faith matter to voters?

DR. BEN CARSON: Well, I guess it depends on what that faith is. If it's inconsistent with the values and principles of America, then of course it should matter. But if it fits within the realm of America and consistent with the constitution, no problem.

CHUCK TODD: So do you believe that Islam is consistent with the constitution?

DR. BEN CARSON: No, I don't, I do not.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

According to Pope Leo XIII, Christianity is not compatible with the Constitution. Pope Leo XIII declared that the Bill of Rights should never have been written because god did NOT give to man freedom of thought, action, and speech. So according to Carson's thinking, no Christian should be allowed to be President!

Sep 21 09:49

Ann Coulter openly confronts Jewish supremacy in the West

Conservative pundit, author, and professional anti-illegal immigration activist Ann Coulter (follow her on Twitter) has done the unthinkable: she openly questioned why the vast majority of the GOP candidates for president shill so hard for Israel. Most of the GOP candidates openly put the interests of Israel ahead of the interests of their own country. How is this acceptable?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It is NOT acceptable, and We The People need to vote out all the "Friends of Israel" next election and put in "Friends of AMERICA!"

Sep 21 09:46

Can Pope Francis clean up God’s bank?

Untraceable cash transfers and a culture of secrecy made the Vatican bank one of the world’s most notorious financial institutions. But Pope Francis’s attempts at reform are meeting ferocious resistance

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Sep 21 09:42

Blame America? No, Blame Neocons!

Is the current refugee crisis gripping the European Union “all America’s
fault”? That is how my critique of US foreign policy was characterized
in a recent interview on the Fox Business Channel. I do not blame the host for
making this claim, but I think it is important to clarify the point.

Sep 21 09:24

Charlie Brooker denies knowledge of British Prime Minister 'pig sex'

Following revelations that British Prime Minster David Cameron had sexual relations with a pig, (yes you read that right), the creator of the superb sci-fi show, Black Mirror, which strangely included an episode where a British Minister had sex with a pig, has denied that he had any foreknowledge of the act.

Sep 21 09:16

Targeting Key Individuals, Stifling Free Speech, Arbitrary Detention, Withdrawing Rights

The Conservative party released its plan to scrap the Human Rights Act if it won the General Election. Secretary of State Chris Grayling said they’d also be prepared to withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights, unless they were allowed to veto judgements from the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).

Sep 21 09:06

The IAEA Debate - Call for Fairness (20.9.2015)

IAEA Chief Yukiya Amano is in Tehran, talking to officials about the nuclear agreement, the JCPOA signed in the summer and its implementation. Iran’s president is telling the IAEA to be fair in its assessment about the Islamic Republic and its nuclear program.

Can the IAEA be fair and can Iran trust this organization when it is this same entity that allegedly gave secret information about Iran’s nuclear program to Israelis? And many believe that this led to the assassinations of several of Iran’s top scientists. So how can the IAEA be trusted one more time?

Webmaster addition: Keep in mind that the IAEA just voted DOWN a proposal to inspect Israel's nuclear weapons!

Sep 21 08:07

Video of Trump Endorsing Netanyahu: "My name is Donald Trump and I'm a BIG FAN of Israel"

In this 2013 video with Hebrew subtitles, Trump says he adores Israel and he endorses Netanyahu. Trump was also the Grand Marshall of the NY Israel Day Parade in 2004; Took part in the Israeli 60th Birthday Party in 2008 in NY Times Square. Trump recently said "I've been loyal to Israel from the day I was born" and admitted in the past to saying "The only kind of people I want counting my money are little short guys that wear yarmulkes every day." Here is a comprehensive collection of videos, photos, and quotes.

Sep 21 07:54

What is an ex-NSA Employee Doing at Uber?

One has to give people the benefit of the doubt when they say they have left the employ of an outfit like the National Security Agency (NSA), which seeks to know, well, almost everything about us. Nonetheless, we note with interest this development: A former NSA employee has now joined the staff at Uber, the rapidly expanding — some might say exploding — provider of ride shares. Perhaps the word “exploding” should be used advisedly: This ex-NSA fellow, Charlie Miller, made a name for himself recently when he and another man — Chris Valasek who, like Miller, also just joined Uber — demonstrated that they could mount a remote hack on an automobile, essentially take it over and, potentially, kill the driver.

Sep 21 07:25

Muslim can't be elected US president, says GOP candidate Carson

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson has triggered a massive public backlash by openly declaring that he would not endorse a Muslim as President of the United States, as he claims that Islam is not compatible with the US constitution.
Speaking to NBC News’ ‘Meet the Press’ Carson said that he would “not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation. I absolutely would not agree with that.”
The reason for the retired brain surgeon’s views, he claims is the fact that some faiths are not aligned with the US constitution.

Sep 21 07:16

British army could ‘take direct action, stage mutiny’ under Corbyn – serving general to Sunday Times

A government headed by opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn could face "a mutiny" from the British Army if he tries to downgrade it or pull out of NATO, a senior serving general told The Sunday Times.

Sep 21 00:11

Zionist-Manufactured Arabian Displacement

Despite the hundreds of thousands of terrorist mercenaries and their use of the latest American made weapons, and chemical weapons, the Syrian Assad regime stood steadfast due to the army’s and people’s support to the regime, and also due to outside support from Lebanese Hezbollah, Iran, and Russia

Sep 20 23:20

The Implosion of US Military Morale

WE are being set up for a major defeat and destruction!

By Jack D. Douglas

September 21, 2015

Col.David “Hack” Hackworth said decades ago that the Perfumed Princes of the Pentagon got control of the Army and other U.S. forces during the long Vietnam catastrophe, destroyed morale, lost the war, and kept moving up to the top to be the staff generals and admirals in the Pentagon. The scuttlebutt was always that they managed their way up by being ass-kissers.

I wonder what Hack would say about all the news these days about the Perfumed Princes at the top of the US military?

Sep 20 19:54

Greece Votes: Syriza Wins But Neo-Nazis Top Among The Unemployed

Greece went to the polls on Sunday with a choice that really wasn't a choice and even as Alexis Tsipras looks set to prevail the most shocking electoral outcome is this: neo-Nazi Golden Dawn is set to come in third and garnered the most support of any party among Greece's unemployed.

Sep 20 18:07

Greece election: Alexis Tsipras hails 'victory of the people'

With 60% of votes counted, Syriza is projected to be just short of a majority but the Independent Greeks have agreed to join a coalition.

The latest figures give Syriza 35% of the vote, compared with New Democracy's 28%. The far-right Golden Dawn is set to be the third biggest party, with 7.1% of the vote.

The snap election was called after Syriza lost its majority in August. This followed the signing of an unpopular new financial bailout deal with international creditors.

Turnout in this poll was just over 55%, down from 63% in January and low by Greek standards.

Sep 20 16:53

Hundreds of officers in the Greater Toronto Area disciplined for ‘serious’ misconduct in past five years

In the last five years, nearly 350 officers from police services in the Greater Toronto Area — Toronto, Peel, York, Halton and Durham — and the OPP have been disciplined for what their own services call “serious” misconduct, a Star investigation has found.

Roughly one in five of those officers was disciplined because he or she had been found guilty of criminal offences, including assaulting his or her spouse, drunk driving, possessing drugs and theft.

Nearly 50 of the officers were disciplined more than once; some were nailed for new offences just months after being penalized for past misconduct. One officer was busted for being drunk behind the wheel twice in one week.

Someone with a criminal record would almost never be hired as a cop. But many cops who are convicted of criminal offences are allowed to keep working. Only seven police officers were successfully forced out of their jobs.





Sep 20 15:18

The UK Labour Party revolution

Jamal Kanj says Jeremy Corbyn has a unique chance to do what other progressive leaders failed to achieve by reaching out to marginalised British voters and working with the Scottish National Party.

Sep 20 14:44

US to accept 100,000 refugees by 2017: Kerry

US Secretary of State John Kerry has announced that the United States will increase the number of its refugee admissions from the current 70,000 to a total of 100,000 over the next two years.

"In consultation with Congress, we will continue to explore ways to increase those figures while maintaining robust security," Kerry said on Sunday, after meeting with German foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier in Berlin.

Sep 20 14:43

Greek conservative leader concedes election defeat

Greece's New Democracy party leader has conceded defeat in national elections to his leftist rival, Former Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras.

The leader of the conservative party, Vangelis Meimarakis, said on Sunday that the priority for the country was to form a government.

"The electoral result appears to be concluding with Syriza and Mr Tspiras in the lead," Meimarakis told journalists, adding, "I congratulate him and urge him to create the government which is needed and come to parliament."

The concession came as latest exit polls suggest that Tsipras’s Syriza party has won 33 percent to 35 percent of the vote compared to between 28.5 to 30 percent for New Democracy.

In the race for third place, the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn Party is expected to pick up between 6.5 and 8.0 percent of the vote.