Nov 08 10:59

How the Presidential Election Was Stolen

The premise is simple: take down the economy and deflate a sitting president whose stated mission is to drive a booming economy. In tandem, convince public opinion that actually getting to the polls is a health hazard.

Nov 08 10:47

Biggest Loser: Establishment Media; Can It Ever Be Trusted Again?

The president has made a habit of complaining about “fake news.” It may not have been the prudent thing to do, but after this election cycle, a large segment of the public will always believe it was the right thing to do.

Nov 08 07:24

Saturday’s Media Declaration Is A Naked Attempt To Silence Republicans, And Nothing Has Changed

Nothing has changed since Friday night.

You might find that strange, given the media stampede to certify the election results for their man, but it’s crucial. The calls made Saturday morning are as arbitrary as they were last Tuesday, could just as easily have waited for Monday, and fly in the face of massive evidence of voter irregularities that, at minimum, should be heard in court before anyone considers calling the election.

Add pending lawsuits and official recounts in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, Michigan and Wisconsin, and the conclusion is an attempt by the American media to pick our president and decide our election. The danger comes now, when in concert with Silicon Valley censors they use their own decree to dismiss and silence anyone who says otherwise.

Nov 08 07:23

Wagon Rolling into Detroit Vote Counting Center in Early Morning

Nov 08 07:22

Two Statistical Curiosities That Allowed Biden To Pull Ahead In PA: Please Share. Update With Benford’s Law Criticism

A brief note. I’ve been asked to examine the Pennsylvania votes. That work is ongoing. Update See below for a serious critique of Benford’s law.

I’m showing here (with permission) the one analysis I found most curious.

This is official county-level timed voting data that started at 2020-11-04 11:00:00, a day after the election, to 2020-11-07 11:29:00 which is Saturday night. That is, these are all late vote counts. They start, county by county, where the vote left off on election night.

This is a picture of the running totals by the time the votes were added, summed across all counties, during those time periods. They do not start at 0, but at the totals given after election night.

Nov 08 07:21

Recounts and Canvasses are Unlikely to Reverse Contaminated Vote; Republicans Must Seek Relief in State Legislatures

Unfortunately for President Trump and the Republican Senate candidates who are currently getting robbed in the Democrat-controlled swing states, recounts are extremely unlikely to overturn the vote count. Once the illegally cast ballots have contaminated the larger pool of legally cast ballots, there is no way to sort them out. These ballots were opened up and counted in secret in the dead of night, so there is not going to be a way to go back and analyze signatures, find out which were missing signatures, find naked ballots, and find which were improperly postmarked.

The exception to this rule might be in Pennsylvania, where the courts ordered the state to segregate all ballots received after 8pm on November 3rd.

While a vote canvas might be able to determine that some ballots were illegally cast, a vote canvas faces many of the same problems as a recount.

Nov 08 07:20

The Vote Has Been Hopelessly Contaminated. Republican State Legislatures Must Now Move to Appoint Pro-Trump Electors.

The fraud at the heart of the 2020 election has left the American people with only one surefire remedy: They must demand that Republican state lawmakers send pro-Trump electors to Congress.

By now, every Republican in the country knows what happened on Tuesday night. Donald Trump was headed solidly toward reelection. His lead in Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, and Pennsylvania was massive and, based on the left’s own models, practically insurmountable.

Nov 08 07:11

Israeli PM Netanyahu Stabs 'The Most Pro-Israel President In History' In The Back

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stabbed President Donald Trump in the back on Saturday night by rushing to congratulate Joe Biden after he was prematurely declared president by the media amid a host of recount efforts and legal challenges.

Nov 08 07:09

Mexican President Says He Won't Congratulate Biden Until Election Legal Issues Are Resolved

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who was once robbed of an election himself, said Saturday he will not be congratulating either of the US' presidential "candidates" until all legal issues are revolved and vote tallies are officially certified.

Nov 08 07:03

JUST LIKE STALIN’S GREAT PURGE: AOC Leads Democrat Effort to Create ‘Trump Accountability Project’ Hit List to Pay Back Trump Supporters – Update: sitting judges added to the list

The Great Purge was a campaign of political repression in the Soviet Union that occurred from 1936 to 1938. It involved a large-scale repression of wealthy peasants (kulaks); genocidal acts against ethnic minorities; a purge of the Communist Party, government officials, and the Red Army leadership; widespread police surveillance; suspicion of saboteurs; counter-revolutionaries; imprisonment; and arbitrary executions.

Historians estimate the total number of deaths due to Stalinist repression in 1937–38 to be between 680,000 and 1,200,000.

Nov 08 07:02

'Astounding': Biden Scores Insane Advantage In Mail-In Ballots In Michigan And Pennsylvania

Joe Biden got a shocking 60-point advantage over Donald Trump in absentee mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania and 38-point advantage in Michigan according to data compiled on Thursday but received no similar massive advantage in other swing states like Ohio, North Carolina, Florida or Minnesota.

Yinon Weiss on Thursday shared the "astounding" results, which he sourced directly from the New York Times.

Nov 08 07:00

‘Hammer’ and ‘Scorecard’: Lt. Gen. McInerney explains the election hack by Democrats

What’s happening with the election? As one might normally say, “it’s anyone’s guess.” Except, it isn’t. We have a very good idea of exactly what’s happening. The Democrats are either cheating or powers above them are cheating on their behalf. Either way, the election is in the process of being stolen if we’re to believe Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney during his most recent interview with Two Mikes.

Nov 08 06:59

Did Media Spiking the Ukraine-Burisma Story Win Joe Biden the Election?

It was the classic October Surprise. Just weeks before the presidential election, conservative newspaper the New York Post released a bombshell report claiming that Joe Biden’s son Hunter had introduced his then vice-president father to top executives at Ukrainian energy firm Burisma, just months before the elder Biden pressured government officials in Ukraine into firing a prosecutor investigating the company.

The report was allegedly based on information from a laptop belonging to Hunter Biden, who, despite not having any relevant qualifications, sat on Burisma’s board, earning $50,000 per month for doing so.

Nov 08 06:58


The evidence of fraud is blatant They had to see who did not respond to the the mail solicitation and then vote for them. That is what they started doing at 3am on election night. There is no way Biden got more votes than any president in History. But Big Tech and Mass media has been completely on his side. They were selling ballots, there were many polling places that did not even require ID to vote which means people could vote over and over again. Nothing is to stop someone from mailing in a ballot and then voting in person too. And now we are close to having a President Biden/Harris. This is a man who supported every pointless war America has ever done. Under Obama/Biden the US invaded Libya and handed the country over to Al Qaeda. Afterwards even though there is still violence there the mass media just ignores it like nothing happened. That war spilled over into Mali as well.

Nov 08 06:58

Serbian Warning: What Happened When Their Elections Were Stolen in 2000

Nov 08 06:56

The Democratic Facade

On election day, countless progressive and liberal commentators throughout the entire mainstream media were foolish enough to admit that the battle at stake wasn’t really about ‘Trump or Biden’ but about the ‘American way,’ the future, so to say, of the public discourse and public life in the USA.

Progressives and liberals were confident enough to believe that with nearly 100 million ballots given in before election day, Americans had already cast an unprecedented spectacle of rejection of everything that may even mildly resemble ‘conservative values.’ They were convinced that America had made its choice already. For them, I must assume, the election was just an act of formality. The battle was basically won already.

Nov 08 06:55

FINALLY! Graham, McConnell BREAK THEIR SILENCE on Election & Just Gave Trump a HUGE Boost

Nov 08 06:55

Update in Arizona vote count shows Trump gaining on Biden, with 173k ballots left to be counted

An update to the vote tally in the key state of Arizona has President Donald Trump gaining on Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, but still behind with only 173,000 ballots left to count.

The updated count from Maricopa County on Friday evening included 71,932 votes, with 31,433 going to Biden, and 38,388 going to Trump. The difference means that the president added a net gain of 6,955 votes.

That brings the total tally thus far to 1,004,003 vote for Biden and 950,503 votes for the president. This leaves Biden with an advantage of 29,861 votes over the president.

With 173,000 Arizona ballots left to be counted, the margin gets harder and harder for the president to bridge.

That includes about 47,000 provisional ballots, according to Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs.

Nov 08 06:53

Watchdog Finds 21,000 Dead Registrants on PA Voter Rolls in Final Weeks of Election

An election watchdog has found 21,000 dead individuals still on Pennsylvania voter rolls in the final weeks of the 2020 election.

The Public Interest Legal Foundation, an election integrity group, says 92 percent of the registrants died more than a year ago. The group also says there is evidence of voting activity after death. The findings were mentioned in an amended lawsuit against the Pennsylvania Department of State over its failure to maintain accurate voter rolls.

The PILF says that as of October 7, 9,212 registrants have been dead for five years, 1,990 registrants for 10 years, and 197 registrants for 20 years. "Pennsylvania still left the names of more than 21,000 dead individuals on the voter rolls less than a month before one of the most consequential general elections for federal officeholders in many years," the group said.

Nov 08 06:52

Trump Campaign to Challenge Mail-In Ballots Counted in Absence of GOP Observers in Battleground States

President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign will launch a lawsuit in Pennsylvania to challenge the mail-in ballots that have been counted without Republican poll watchers onsite.

Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s attorney announced Saturday the lawsuit during a press conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with several Republican poll watchers who were prevented from entering the poll sites or the rights of poll-watching were blocked.

A federal lawsuit will be filed on Monday in Pennsylvania and more expected in other states.

“We’re going to file a federal lawsuit that will cover here [Philadelphia] and Pittsburgh, and we will have as many witnesses as the court needs. Right now, it could be as many as 90 witnesses,” Giuliani said.

Several witnesses joined Giuliani during the press conference, all are local Philadelphia residents.

Nov 08 06:52


Nov 08 06:51

“Count Every Vote” Becomes “Whatever AP Says”

When Trump says he won the vote Twitter points out it is yet to be officially called:

But when Trudeau congratulates Biden on winning the election no such warning is forthcoming, or indeed when Biden and Kamala congratulate themselves:

Nov 08 06:25

Pelosi Speaks Out To Say Biden Has ‘Tremendous Mandate’ To Push Democratic Agenda

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) spoke out on Friday to shrug off the losses that Democrats suffered in the House, saying that Democrats will have great leverage next year with Joe Biden in the White House, which is something she seems to see as a certainty.

Pelosi Says Biden Has A ‘Mandate’

“President-elect Biden has a strong mandate to lead, and he’ll have a strong Democratic House with him,” Pelosi said as she predicted a Biden win, according to The Hill.

Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) indicated on Friday that last month’s employment numbers suggest that Congress should pass a smaller COVID-19 relief package than Donald Trump’s administration had previously backed. Senator Roy Blunt (R-MO) said that the results of the election this week indicate that Pelosi will have to “give some ground” in those talks.

Nov 08 06:24

Bucks County, PA Board of Elections Director Tom Freitag CONFIRMS Spoiled Ballots Illegally Handled

Nov 08 06:23


“We all know why Joe Biden is rushing to falsely pose as the winner, and why his media allies are trying so hard to help him: they don’t want the truth to be exposed. The simple fact is this election is far from over. Joe Biden has not been certified as the winner of any states, let alone any of the highly contested states headed for mandatory recounts, or states where our campaign has valid and legitimate legal challenges that could determine the ultimate victor. In Pennsylvania, for example, our legal observers were not permitted meaningful access to watch the counting process. Legal votes decide who is president, not the news media.

Nov 08 06:23

Katy (Texas) woman receives uncounted ballots from Alabama

Nov 08 06:21

2020 Detroit Ballot Counting. "What kind of an election is this? The scene felt like a drug deal."

Nov 08 06:20

Trump Team: 'Widespread Voter Fraud' In Pennsylvania, Arizona, Nevada Coming To Light

“I've already won many critical states, including Florida, Iowa, Indiana, Ohio. We've won -- election interference. As everybody saw, we won by historic numbers. And they got it knowingly wrong. It's so ridiculous and everybody knew it at the time.”

“There is no blue wave that they predicted. They thought there was going to be a big blue wave. That was false. Instead, there was a big red wave and it's been properly acknowledged by the media.” He said, defending and strengthening his position.

Nov 08 06:18

The Media Whores Can’t Keep Their Lies Straight

Earlier today I demonstrated the laughable and ludicrous mistakes made by a BBC “Reality Check Team” tasked with covering up the Democrat vote fraud in Michigan. See here: https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2020/11/05/press-prostitutes-make-foo...

Now the presstitutes at USA Today have come up with a totally different coverup for the same fraud.

The earlier BBC coverup reported that election officials said they had made a “data entry error.” This error, said to have been corrected, was the way the BBC explained away a sudden 138,000 votes for Biden in the early hours of the morning when no one was watching.

I blew this lie out of the water.

So the presstitutes had to find another coverup.

Nov 08 06:16

WATCH: Crowd in Philadelphia Attacks Effigy of President Donald Trump

A crowd of some one thousand anti-Trump demonstrators kicked, punched, and threw an inflatable doll with President Donald Trump’s face on it in the streets of Philadelphia on Saturday as networks called the 2020 race for Joe Biden.

Nov 08 06:16

Mark Levin: ‘There Is More Evidence of Voter Fraud Than There Was Ever Evidence of Russian Collusion’

Friday on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” conservative talker Mark Levin argued there was voter fraud that occurred in the 2020 presidential election despite some Republicans demanding President Donald Trump back off the claims of fraud.

Levin pointed to last-minute rule changes by Democrat-controlled state governments and compared it to allegations of Russian collusion bolstered by Democrats from the 2016 presidential election.

Nov 08 06:14

Kristi Noem Criticizes Romney for Conceding to Biden: ‘DC Elites Are Eager to Return to Business as Usual’

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem is slamming Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) for his concession to Democrat Joe Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), saying the Washington, D.C., political establishment is “eager to return to ‘business as usual.'”

On Saturday, as the establishment media called the presidential election for Biden, Romney sent out congratulations, calling the former vice president and Harris “people of good will and admirable character.”

In response, Noem posted a statement slamming Romney for wanting to return to the political establishment norms of Washington, D.C., even as “serious election integrity concerns” have arisen:

Nov 08 05:56

Coronavirus ‘fear campaign’ will now just fade away

Nov 08 05:56

Nolte: Backlash Against Fox News Explodes

Once the hysteria over the presidential election recedes, it should be interesting to see what the Fox News Channel’s ratings look like. Online, there is definitely a backlash growing against the disgraced outlet.

What should worry Fox above all is that they appear to have forever lost their core viewers, the people who were once the most loyal.

You never want to lose your base. Once you lose your base, you’re in serious trouble.

The backlash had been brewing for a while but really took off after Chris Wallace’s dreadful and dreadfully biased and dishonest role as moderator in the first presidential debate between President Trump and Joe Biden.

The backlash then went nuclear after Fox News maliciously and erroneously called Arizona for Joe Biden on Tuesday night — a state that is still too close to call.

Nov 08 05:54

Planned Parenthood: ‘Let’s Revel’ in Media Election Call for Joe Biden

On Saturday Planned Parenthood and its allies celebrated that some media have called the presidential election for Democrats Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, though the race remains in dispute and the campaign for President Donald Trump prepares to contest the reported results.

Nov 08 05:53

Georgia launches probe over plot to ‘overthrow government,’ after parties call victory BEFORE votes counted in disputed election

Investigations have begun in Tbilisi, Georgia, after the State Security Service discovered a plan had been made to topple the country’s government ahead of October’s parliamentary elections.

In a report released on Friday, the agency pointed to evidence that “specific persons, in case of an undesirable result for them in the parliamentary elections, planned to overthrow the government by force.” No details of the plot, or why it failed, have been made public.

A criminal case has now been launched into the “conspiracy to violently change the constitutional order, overthrow, or seize Georgian state power.” The charges could carry up to eight years in prison, although no current suspects have yet been identified.

Georgia, much like the US state with which it shares a name, had a knife-edge election in October that threatened to spill into civil unrest, after a former president refused to concede defeat when he narrowly lost in the poll.

Nov 08 05:51

Schumer: ‘Now We Take Georgia, and Then We Change America’

While speaking at celebrations for 2020 Democratic presidential nominee former Vice President Joe Biden being declared the winner of the 2020 presidential race on Saturday, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) declared, “Now we take Georgia, and then we change America.”

Nov 08 05:51

Biden's America will accelerate forces 'determined to destroy freedoms'

Nov 08 05:49

'World knows Trump won!' Plane with MAGA banner seen flying over Everton Man Utd match

A GIANT banner bear the message "World knows Trump won #MAGA" has been flown over Goodison Park prior to Everton's match with Manchester United, as the US President's Democrat opponent Joe Biden closes in on the White House.

Nov 08 05:35

Newt Gingrich: Trump Must ‘Enforce the Law’ Against ‘Spineless’, ‘Corrupt’ Election Stealers

With many still reeling from the apparent vote fraud being brazenly orchestrated in plain sight to reverse GOP victories, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich came out swinging in support for President Donald Trump.

Nov 08 05:34

Top Dem Operative, Bernie Sanders Supporter: Teams of Cheaters Steam Envelopes, Replace Voter’s Ballots With Fraudulent Ballots…Nursing Homes are “Gold Mines”…Trump-Hating Postal Carriers Are Part Of Scam

The American public has been inundated with “experts” on voting who are working overtime to convince us that voter fraud is a myth and can’t be committed on the massive scale, as President Trump and his supporters are suggesting. More and more whistleblowers like an election worker in Detroit who was told to backdate ballots and former Democrat Governor Rod Blagojevich are stepping up and proving that the Democrat media’s narrative about voter fraud being a myth is a lie.

Nov 08 05:32

News outlet Quartz apologizes for tweeting story explaining what happens if president-elect DIES after Biden’s victory called

Business-focused US media outlet Quartz has gone into damage-control mode, apologizing for tweeting an explainer about what happens if Democratic candidate Joe Biden dies before inauguration just as the press called his victory.

“It may seem morbid, but given that Biden, at 77, will be the oldest president-elect in history and is running in the midst of a pandemic, it’s worth clarifying what would happen if he dies before taking office,” an article by Tim McDonnell, Quartz’s climate reporter, said just minutes after CNN and other media outlets declared Biden the victor.

Nov 08 05:31

Rod Blagojevich: Democrats have been stealing votes for years

Nov 08 05:31

Rupert Murdoch-owned US outlets turn on Donald Trump

Multiple Rupert Murdoch-owned conservative media outlets in the United States have shifted their messaging in a seeming effort to warn readers and viewers that Donald Trump may well have lost the presidential election.

The new messaging appears to be closely coordinated, and it includes an appeal to Mr Trump to preserve his “legacy” by showing grace in defeat. The message is being carried on Fox News and in the Wall Street Journal and the New York Post – all outlets avidly consumed by Mr Trump himself, especially Fox.

One Fox News host, Laura Ingraham, an intimate of the president ever since she spoke at the 2016 Republican national convention, made an astounding statement that seemed directed at Mr Trump personally, advising him to accept defeat “if and when that does happen” with “grace and composure” and appealing to his sense of his own legacy.

Nov 08 05:30

‘Inflammatory’ US election reporting by the ABC may breach editorial code

Nov 08 05:29

RNC Chair: Detroit Election Worker Blows Whistle On Cheating Operation…”All Election Workers” Were Reportedly Told To Backdate Ballots [VIDEO]

MI GOP Chair Laura Cox and RNC Chair Ronna Romney came out today to inform Americans of the actions the MI Republican Party and RNC intend to take to get to the bottom of multiple election irregularities.

Democrats and the media spent 4 years and millions of taxpayer dollars talking about a Russia hoax, on the grounds of election integrity. Now, with only 48 hours after the polls have closed, and an actual election for president, they want to ignore clear irregularities, rush to call states as “won,” and end this election. We will not stand for that.

Every candidate in every office from President down to the local level has the legal right to challenge irregularities that occur in the process of canvassing ballots.

Nov 08 05:28

"HAHAHA" Rudy Giuliani Reminds MEDIA: "Networks DON'T DECIDE ELECTIONS"

Nov 08 05:26

Judge gives Soros DA Kim Gardner choice: turn over records in Gov. Greitens case or face jail time

Nov 08 05:25

ELECTION THEFT Of The Century | Rudy Giuliani

Nov 08 05:24

Obama SLIPS Reveals The Plan For A Joe Biden Presidency | Huckabee's Breakdown

Nov 07 12:50

Cuba, Iran FMs discuss boosting bilateral coop. in all fields

"...Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, who has arrived in Havana on Friday in order to hold talks with Cuban officials, met with his Cuban counterpart, Bruno Rodriguez.

During the meeting, the two sides discussed and emphasized the development of bilateral cooperation in the political, economic, and international fields..."

Nov 07 12:32

AP, FOX Call Election For Joe Biden; President Trump Not Conceding, Pictured Playing Golf

The Associated Press projected Joe Biden as the winner of the presidential election on Saturday at 11:28 AM and Fox News and then the rest of the media followed shortly thereafter.

Nov 07 11:08

Google Trends: Searches For 'Election Fraud Punishment' Surged In MI, PA And AZ Before Election

Google Trends indicate that searches for "Election Fraud Punishment" surged specifically in the crucial swing-states of Michigan, Pennsylvania and Arizona in the weeks before the election.

Nov 07 10:12

Twitter Censors Pres. Trump's Tweets On Democrats' 'Illegal' Voting Shenanigans

Twitter on Saturday censored all of President Trump's tweets speaking out against Democrats' blocking GOP poll watchers and warning that "illegal" and "bad things" took place behind the scenes.

Nov 07 09:16

Rahm Emanuel: Biden White House Should Tell Laid-Off Retail Workers to Learn to Code

Former Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel said Friday on ABC that a Biden White House should tell folks laid off from retail stores like JC Penney to learn to code.

Nov 07 07:52

Sidney Powell: Likelihood that 3% of Vote Total Was Changed in Pre-Election Counting Connected to Hammer and Scorecard (VIDEO)

Sidney Powell and Tom Fitton joined Lou Dobbs on Friday night to discuss the latest developments in the 2020 election.

Sidney told Lou’s audience about the Hammer and Scorecard software that was used to steal Trump votes in Michigan.

Nov 07 07:36

Recount Contested States Or Prepare For War: Win Or Lose, Half Of America Will Not Trust Election Results Without Complete Transparency

There are legal challenges up the wazoo in regards to the 2020 general election, where Team Trump, along with other election integrity organizations and groups are challenge the legality of hundreds of thousands of votes between multiple states. All states that can and will effect the final outcome of the election.

While both candidates are declaring victory, with Biden using the vote tallies as they stand which puts him ahead but ignoring the voting irregularities in over half a dozen states, and Trump stating that when "legal" viotes only are counted, he wins.

President Trump is challenging "illegal" votes in Nevada, the suddenly appearing votes in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Arizona. Multiple news outlets are refusing to call AZ for Biden, while two, FOX News and AP have called that state for Biden, despite even liberal pollsters demanding they retract it.

Nov 07 07:35

Election 2020 High-Note: Nancy Pelosi Likely Voted Out As Speaker After Epic Fail

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is confronting difficult questions about her ability to win enough votes to maintain her leadership after Democrats shrunk their House majority and moderates in the party planned to back a challenger.

Democrats went into Tuesday night thinking they're about to pad their majority in the House by moving deeper into President Trump's 2016 win territory, but instead, Republicans made gains.

Nov 07 07:35

HUGE! Corrupted Software Used in Michigan County that Stole 6,000 Votes from Trump — Is Also Used in ALL SWING STATES — And Uses Chinese Computer Parts In Its Machines

A so-called computer ‘glitch’ fix in one of Michigan’s counties has led to 6,000 votes switching from Joe Biden to President Trump. The Head of the Republican Party has asked for an additional 47 counties be recounted after the fix since these 47 counties also use the same Dominion software.

Nov 07 07:34

Dominion Voting Systems tied to Clintons, widely used in battleground states

A reported glitch in the software of Dominion Voting Systems equipment saw 6,000 votes switched from Republican to Democrat in Antrim County, Michigan on Tuesday. The county clerk caught the issue and it has reportedly been corrected. Similar glitches with the software were reported in Georgia.

“The county clerk [Sheryl Guy] came forward and said tabulating software glitched and caused a miscalculation of the votes,” Michigan GOP chair Laura Cox said. “Antrim County had to hand-count all of the ballots. And all these counties that use this software need to closely examine their results for similar discrepancies.”

The Denver-based company’s Dominion Democracy Suite 5.5 software was used in 69 counties in Michigan on Tuesday.

Dominion Voting Systems Inc. is one of three voting equipment vendors which control 88 percent of the U.S. market.

Nov 07 07:33

Fixed computer glitch turns losing Republican into a winner in Oakland County

A computer error led election officials in Oakland County to hand an upset victory Wednesday to a Democrat, only to switch the win back to an incumbent Republican a day later.

In Oakland County’s 15th County Commission District — representing Rochester and Rochester Hills — the initial count gave a 104-vote margin to the Democrat, Melanie Hartman, amounting to a razor-thin majority of 50.08%.

That stunned the incumbent, Adam Kochenderfer, giving him a sure sense that he’d lost in a district long deemed a Republican stronghold.

“I thought that was that,” Kochenderfer said. “Those were the results, and I said I would not seek a recount.”

But what a difference a day makes — in weather, love, and the 15th District election for Oakland County commissioner. On Thursday, Kochenderfer was stunned again, this time by a call from Oakland County’s director of elections, flipping the outcome to him.

Nov 07 07:32

Report: Trump Campaign to Name David Bossie to Lead Legal Election Fight

President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign is expected to name seasoned conservative operative David Bossie to lead its post-2020 presidential election legal efforts, according to reports.

The New York Times, CBS News, and ABC News all reported the development Friday afternoon as the Trump campaign continues to wage legal battles in key battleground states over concerns of voter fraud and inadequate observation of ballot counting in the November 3rd election.

Nov 07 07:32

Nevada Republican Party sends criminal referral to DOJ alleging thousands of cases of voter fraud

The Nevada Republican Party announced Thursday evening that it has sent a criminal referral to U.S. Attorney General William Barr with allegations that the state had 3,602 cases of voter fraud.

The criminal complaint comes as news outlets have yet to announce a projected winner in the race between President Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden, with the Trump campaign and the GOP having already filed multiple unsuccessful legal challenges in the Southwestern state.

“Our lawyers just sent a criminal referral to AG Barr regarding at least 3,062 instances of voter fraud,” the Nevada Republican Party wrote in a tweet. “We expect that number to grow substantially. Thousands of individuals have been identified who appear to have violated the law by casting ballots after they moved from NV.”

Nov 07 07:31

Bidding farewell to America’s failed democracy

A gaming exercise of the perfect, indigenous color revolution, code-named Blue, was leaked from a major think tank established in the imperial lands that first designed the color revolution concept.

Not all the information disclosed here about the gaming of Blue has been declassified. That may well elicit a harsh response from the Deep State, even as a similar scenario was gamed by an outfit called Transition Integrity Project.

Both scenarios should qualify as predictive programming – with the Deep State preparing the general public, in advance, for exactly how things will play out.

The standard color revolution playbook rules they usually start in the capital city of nation-state X, during an election cycle, with freedom fighting “rebels” enjoying full national and international media support.

Nov 07 07:29

Democrats, Never-Trumpers compiling 'lists' of Trump supporters in case 'they try to deny complicity' in future

Democrats and conservative critics of President Donald Trump have begun creating ‘blacklists’ of his staff and supporters, apparently hoping to shun them from polite society as divisions grow wider amid a contentious election.

As ballots continue to be tallied across several battleground states three days after Americans hit the polls to select their next president, knives are coming out among some of Trump’s detractors. A new initiative dubbed the “Trump Accountability Project” is compiling names of administration officials and the president’s high-profile supporters and donors, insisting “we must never forget those who helped further the Trump agenda.”

Nov 07 07:28

Texas social worker hit with 134 counts of election fraud after requesting mail-in ballots for mentally disabled ‘without consent’

A Texas woman faces up to a decade behind bars after being charged with over 130 felony counts linked to election fraud, state officials said, alleging that she illegally submitted registration forms on behalf of scores of voters.

Social worker Kelly Reagan Brunner was hit with 134 election fraud counts on Friday, accused of sending in applications for 67 residents “without their signature or effective consent, while purporting to act as their agent,” Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said in a press release.

“Registering citizens to vote or to obtain mail ballots without their consent is illegal,” Paxton went on.

Nov 07 07:28

Trump flips Michigan county after ‘error’ initially had Biden in the lead

Donald Trump has won a recount in a Michigan county, after election officials questioned Joe Biden’s lead in the Republican stronghold. Another error elsewhere in the state also skewed down-ballot results in the Democrats' favor.

Preliminary results in Antrim County showed a decisive victory for the Democratic challenger, who was up more than 3,000 votes with 98 percent of precincts reporting. Trump won the county by 4,000 votes in 2016, raising questions in this deep-red area of Michigan. Local election officials decided to carry out a partial hand recount, which showed Trump ahead in the county by nearly 2,500 votes.

The strange tabulation error was mentioned during a press conference held by Michigan Republican Party Chairwoman Laura Cox in which she raised questions about an alleged “glitch” in the election software used in 47 Michigan counties.

Nov 07 06:55

Douglas Murray: "People underestimated Donald Trump"

Nov 07 06:55

The media are running a coup against President Trump. Is the GOP in on it?

The corporate news media are currently waging a coup against President Donald Trump. And it’s not just the mainstream press that’s in on it. It’s the Democratic and Republican establishments that want him out as well.

(Article republished from LifeSiteNews.com)

I was scrolling through likely 2024 presidential candidate Nikki Haley’s Twitter feed last night. Not once did she express support for President Trump as he endured round after round of social media censorship while fighting back the media’s attempt to declare him the loser in this year’s race.

Instead, Haley was busy posting dozens of smiling photos of herself with various Congressional candidates. Not a peep about how the media was scuttling the president’s re-election bid.

Nov 07 06:55

Sen. Cruz on Hannity: The Outcome I Want To See Is To Count Every Vote That Was Legally Cast

Nov 07 06:54

Tucker: Democrats ignore the people they claim to represent

Nov 07 06:54

Tucker: Democrats fell short in bid to impose new 'system' on America

Nov 07 06:53

Vegas at-odds | Richard Grenell

Nov 07 06:53

We have evidence "flooding in" of mail-in ballot tampering: former Trump strategist

Nov 07 06:52

Google Exec Blocked Conservative Party Advertising

Nov 07 06:49

"Everything is Fine"

Nov 07 06:48

Eric Is Optimistic About The Final Vote And Introduces A Poll Watcher From Michigan

Eric continues to be optimistic about the final vote tally for the election and explains why. A poll watcher from Michigan talks about his personal experience with voter fraud in that state.

Nov 07 06:46

Viganò: America is in midst of ‘colossal electoral fraud'

Nov 07 06:45

Election System Responsible for "Glitch" In Antrim County, MI Used in Every Swing State

Officials from the Michigan Republican Party and the Republican National Committee held a press conference Friday morning to confirm that a glitch tabulating software in Antrim County, Michigan, had “caused a 6,000 vote swing against our candidates” and had been rectified after ballots were recounted by hand. (Our Nick Arama covered the original story, in which officials announced that announced vote totals didn’t match the tabulators.)

When the discrepancy was first revealed Wednesday, it was believed that 32 other counties in Michigan used the same software that was used in Antrim County. According to the Michigan GOP chair, a total of 47 counties in Michigan use that same software.

Curious as to what this software was, I investigated and found that Dominion Systems was the provider for Antrim County. According to their website, they actually service 65 of 83 counties in Michigan.

Nov 07 01:58

IRGC General: Civil Unrest May Erupt in US

"...A deputy commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps raised the possibility of deepening crisis and eruption of civil unrest in the US following the controversial presidential election.

In an interview with Tasnim on Friday, IRGC deputy commander for political affairs said the recent crisis that has broken out in the US after the presidential election may deepen and result in civil unrest and chaos in that country..."