Jun 03 15:01

The TPP Gang That Can’t Shoot Straight

As Congress gets ready to vote on whether to “fast-track” the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), its proponents are making weaker and more far-fetched arguments for the deal. And they keep getting their facts wrong and their logic twisted.

Jun 03 14:41

He’s a Loser, Baby – Why Bernie Sanders is a Dead End

‘Tis the season once again. You should know it well by now: a “progressive” Democrat running in the primaries for president of the United States. We’ve seen it all before, from Jesse Jackson to Dennis Kucinich, left-leaning voters have time-and-again been asked to support candidates that are working to transform the corrupt and war-hungry Democratic Party from within. And each and every time this strategy has failed — not only to elect a progressive Democrat into the White House — but to alter the party that offer themselves up as a lighter shade of neo-con.

Jun 03 13:59

WikiLeaks releases secret TISA docs: The more evil sibling of TTIP and TPP

WikiLeaks has released 17 secret documents from the negotiations of the global Trade in Services Agreement (TISA), which have been taking place behind closed doors, largely unnoticed, since 2013. The main participants are the United States, the European Union, and 23 other countries including Turkey, Mexico, Canada, Australia, Pakistan, Taiwan and Israel, which together comprise two-thirds of global GDP.

Jun 03 13:15

G7 conference to take place behind wall of high security

The so-called leaders of the free world will meet for the annual G7 conference on June 7 and 8 in a hermetically sealed high-security zone. The event will be held at Elmau Castle, a luxury resort in the Bavarian Alps, roughly 100 km south of Munich.

Jun 03 13:09

Never Mind FIFA, How about a Crackdown on the Banksters?

The belated focus of American and British authorities on the alleged wrongdoings at FIFA can be readily seen as both ludicrous and laughable when we compare that with the absolute dearth of interest by these same authorities in applying law enforcement where it ought to be applied – on the Wall Street and City of London banksters.

Both the timing of the US-launched corruption probe – in the week of FIFA’s annual conference and leadership election – plus the way that senior American and British officials, not to mention the publicity of Western news media, have weighed-in to rebuke FIFA suggests that it is all part of a coordinated political campaign authored at the highest level of government. That, in turn, suggests that there is an ulterior political agenda behind the supposed criminal crackdown on FIFA, and that the ulterior agenda is the Western objective to undermine Russia.

Jun 03 13:05

Data Show Cops Growing More Aggressive Against Black People in Missouri

New statistics from Missouri show that the racial disparity in police stops, searches and arrests of drivers was higher, last year, than at any time since the year 2000, when Missouri started keeping records.

Jun 03 12:49

Washington Politicizes Football — Paul Craig Roberts

Washington’s attack on world soccer is following the script of Washington’s attack on the Russian-hosted Sochi Olympics. The difference is that Washington couldn’t stop the Olympics from being held in Sochi, and was limited to scaring off westerners with lies and propaganda. In the current scandal orchestrated by Washington, Washington intends to use its takeover of FIFA to renege on FIFA’s decision that Russia host the next World Cup.

Jun 03 12:04

Obamacare sticker shock: Big rate hikes proposed for 2016

Hold onto your wallets ... many insurers want to substantially hike rates on Obamacare policies for 2016.

Many are proposing double-digit premium increases for individual policies, with some companies looking to boost rates more than 60%, according to a list posted Monday by the federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"We got ya now, BWAH HAA HAA HAA HAA HAA!!!!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Jun 03 11:58

Bill Clinton’s foundation cashed in as Sweden lobbied Hillary on sanctions

Bill Clinton’s foundation set up a fundraising arm in Sweden that collected $26 million in donations at the same time that country was lobbying Hillary Rodham Clinton’s State Department to forgo sanctions that threatened its thriving business with Iran, according to interviews and documents obtained by The Washington Times.

Jun 03 11:56

Six Nigerian Central Bankers Arrested In Currency Rigging "Mega Scam"

According to Bloomberg, six Nigerian central bankers were charged with fraud in an 8 billion naira ($40.2 million with an m, not a b, not a tr) currency "scam." No chat rooms here, just a plain old "mega scam involving the theft and recirculation of defaced and mutilated currencies,” the Abuja-based Economic and Financial Crimes Commission said in a statement dated Sunday on its website. In addition to the central bankers, among those charged are also sixteen commercial bankers who conspired with Central Bank of Nigeria regional executives. The suspects will appear at the Federal High Court in the southwest city of Ibadan from Tuesday to June 4.

Jun 03 11:44

US neoconservatives want war against Iran: Grossman

International lawyer Barry Grossman says US neoconservatives are seeking a military attack against Iran over the country’s nuclear program because it is “profitable” for them.

Jun 03 11:40

Chemical Companies to Write Own Chemical Safety Standards

With bill S.697, the chemical industry is about to be given free reign to write their own safety standards. Unless, they are willing to drink their own glyphosate to prove it is “completely safe” as one Patrick Moore recently refused to do, then it hardly makes sense for them to decide if their own products meet safety requirements for the public.

Jun 03 11:36

Mike Huckabee, U.S. presidential candidate, would've pretended to be transgender to shower with girls

U.S. Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee is drawing heat on social media after he said in a speech that he would have pretended to be transgender in high school to shower with girls after gym class.

"Now I wish someone had told me when I was in high school that I could've felt like a woman when it came time to take showers in PE. I'm pretty sure I would've found my feminine side and said, 'Coach, I think I'd rather shower with the girls today.'"

In a speech at the National Religious Broadcasters' convention in Nashville last Sunday, the former Arkansas governor played to the crowd by taking aim at the transgender community.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Okay Mike, can we get back to the wars and the economy now?

Jun 03 11:11

Chicago Democrats prepare new attacks on public education

As the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) and the Democratic administration of Mayor Rahm Emanuel continue negotiations for a new contract covering 30,000 teachers and other school employees, Barbara Byrd-Bennett, CEO of Chicago Public Schools (CPS), has been forced to step down from her $250,000 per year position after being targeted by a federal corruption probe. The resignation takes place amid increasingly vocal demands in the media for financial takeover of the school district and as authorities continue to expand privately run, for-profit charter operations.

Jun 03 11:10

6.4 Million Could Lose Obamacare Subsidies Under Supreme Court Ruling

About 6.4 million people would lose their financial help under Obamacare if the Supreme Court rules against the Obama administration this month, according to new data from the Department of Health and Human Services.

Jun 03 11:06

Judge Assigned to Dennis Hastert’s Sex Payments Cover-Up Case Contributed to his Campaigns

Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-Illinois) will be arraigned Thursday in federal court and face a judge who previously supported his campaigns.

U.S. District Judge Thomas Durkin of Chicago contributed twice to Hastert’s reelection efforts, $500 in 2002 and $1,000 in 2004, according to the Federal Election Commission.

Durkin made the donations while he was a partner at the Chicago law firm of Mayer Brown. Hastert’s son Ethan also works for Mayer Brown.

Jun 03 10:47

Ron Paul and the Political Theatre

Students in the state’s official propaganda institutions learn about the wonders of the ­­democratic process, so called, throughout their years of formal study. But the truth is on full display during a presidential election season. These are not wise statesmen, discussing matters of importance from a disinterested, platonic summit, but narcissistic power-seekers shoveling ill-gotten gains to favored constituencies.

Jun 03 10:44

Middle East Turmoil Is Complete Theatre - War Is On The Horizon

By Brandon Turbeville

Considering the years of propaganda surrounding Iran and its nuclear program, it was clear to any informed observer that the recent US-Iran nuclear deal was nothing more than theatre. After all, the US/NATO imperialist machine has made its desire to wage war on the Persian nation explicit for some time. The only question is just how long this theatre will last before that goal is finally realized...

Jun 03 10:36

What does Obama hope to achieve from bullying China?

US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter is willing to risk a war with China in order to defend “freedom of navigation” in the South China Sea. Speaking in Honolulu, Hawaii on Wednesday, Carter issued his “most forceful” warning yet, demanding “an immediate and lasting halt to land reclamation” by China in the disputed Spratly Islands.

Jun 03 10:22

Asking the Wrong Questions

Ask better questions and we receive more relevant answers.

What did the politicians know about that scandal? The implication is that major politicians MIGHT be innocent and/or ignorant regarding the events in that scandal. We usually receive an implausible answer to such questions.

A better question is: Does the political opposition have enough clout, information, votes, and money to indict the politician on various criminal charges? Further, does the politician have enough damaging and incriminating evidence against the opposition participants to prevent that indictment?

Jun 03 10:08

Jeb Bush and Discrimination

For the third time in twenty-six years, there is the frightening possibility of a Bush being a viable presidential candidate. The United States voter has a short memory indeed, if he or she will even consider casting their ballot for former Florida governor Jeb Bush, son of one-term president George Bush, and brother of the self-proclaimed ‘War President’, the disastrous George W. Bush.

Jun 03 09:34

Feds Sanitize Vaccine Injury Reporting BIG Time

By Catherine J. Frompovich

What kind of cockamamie statistical reporting uses ‘older data’ if not for the prime purpose to skew information? That reminds me of the CDC’s statistical information games about vaccines causing autism, the skewing of autism-vaccine data for ten years or so as documented by the CDC’s William Thompson, PhD, and the apparent misinformation given under oath during congressional hearings by another CDC PhD, Coleen Boyle. When will Congress wake up and do what citizens send them to Capitol Hill to do, and that is, exercise OVERSIGHT that’s not influenced by vested interests—in this case, Big Pharma?...

Jun 03 09:16

Obama and Oil

President Obama must wonder whether someone is trying to tell him something. On March 31, 2010, he announced an expansion of offshore oil and gas exploration, putting his faith in “new technologies that reduce the impact of oil exploration.” Just 20 days later, the Deepwater Horizon blowout became the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history. Then, last month, with the ink scarcely dry on his administration’s initial approval of Shell’s plans to drill in the Arctic, more than 100,000 gallons of crude oil fouled the California coastline off Refugio State Beach, raising memories of the disastrous 1969 Santa Barbara spill that helped drive the first Earth Day a year later.

Jun 03 09:10

US has become a massive big brother police state: Journalist

The US Central Intelligence Agency and the National Security Agency are spying on all people around the world, particularly those in Islamic countries that Israel does not like, a broadcast journalist in New York City says.

Jun 03 09:00

FBI Misuse of Patriot Act Authority

America is a police state. The FBI is the nation’s Gestapo. It’s abuse of power and misconduct are longstanding.

It’s an instrument for systematically violating civil liberties. It’s a rogue agency operating unconstitutionally.

Jun 03 08:53

Reviving the Patriot Act

Even as talk about the expiry of various parts of the USA Patriot Act was taking place, the background was never going to move that much. Assumptions of security – or its other side, paralytic insecurity – are so entrenched in the complex of power that they tend to win out. Empires on the run tend to seek ways of affirming their demise.

Jun 03 08:52

Elected Officials Grudgingly Admit Snowden Forced This Debate On Surveillance... As White House Insists He Belongs In Jail

The more the White House sticks with this wholly unbelievable line about "very serious crimes" at the very same time that Congress is debating reforms to surveillance programs only because of Snowden's actions, the more and more ridiculous the administration looks. I get that there must be some sort of ridiculous "political calculation" being made here about "looking strong" and "not encouraging" more leaks or something -- but all it really does is make the administration look foolish and unwilling to be honest.

Jun 03 08:46

IPSA set to raise MPs' salaries by 10%

As most Britons reel from tough austerity measures, the watchdog that regulates MPs’ pay has decided to raise their salaries by 10%.

Jun 03 08:38

Never Waste a Good Scandal

A leading spokesperson for the lobbying reform community predicts the 2016 election will galvanize fresh anti-corruption initiatives.

Craig Holman, Ph.D., Government Affairs Lobbyist for the advocacy group Public Citizen was on the job when the Jack Abramoff lobbying scandal broke in 2005. He went on to play a major role in the legislation assembled in the scandal’s wake, 2007’s amendment to the 1995 Lobbying Disclosure Act, The Honest Leadership and Open Government Act or LOGA. Suffice to say Holman was feeling déjà vu all over again when I sat down with him recently.

Jun 03 08:37

Snowden Opened This Door for NSA Reform

On Tuesday, the Senate passed a version of the USA Freedom Act, a bill touted by its authors as surveillance reform that will end the NSA’s mass, suspicionless collection of Americans’ personal data. Given that parts of the Patriot Act expired on June 1st, and that the government is pretending the expiration is a “crisis” rather than an opportunity, President Obama [signed the bill into law soon after].

Jun 03 08:02

Israel losing credibility over Netanyahu’s opposition to Palestinian statehood

US President Barack Obama says Israel is losing “credibility” among the international community over Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s stance on the creation of a Palestinian state.

Jun 03 07:58

Is the FBI Spying on Your Neighborhood?

The FBI is operating a small air force with scores of low-flying planes across the US carrying video and, at times, cellphone surveillance technology – all hidden behind fictitious companies that are fronts for the government, the Associated Press has learned.

Jun 03 07:58

NYPD Charged With Fraud After Stealing Dead Man’s Credit Card And Buying Diamonds

New York City, New York – Ymmacula Pierre, A three year veteran of the NYPD is being charged by Manhatten district attorney Cyrus R. Vance Jr. with grand larceny, criminal possession of stolen property, identity theft and official misconduct for stealing the credit card number of a dead man she encountered on the job, and using it to purchase fancy jewels online from Zales in excess of $3000. In July of 2014 Pierre was called to make a wellness check of 65 year old architect, Ken Sanden because after concerned colleagues called after he did not show up for work.

Jun 03 07:48

You've Been Scammed! (On Going for Broke in Ponzi Scheme America)

It couldn’t be a sunnier, more beautiful day to exit your lives — or enter them — depending on how you care to look at it. After all, here you are four years later in your graduation togs with your parents looking on, waiting to celebrate. The question is: Celebrate what exactly?

Jun 03 06:57

Never Mind FIFA, How about a Crackdown on the Banksters?

FIFA boss Sepp Blatter’s sudden resignation this week only days after being re-elected shows that the US campaign to bust the football federation over alleged financial corruption is probably going to intensify during the weeks and months ahead. Blatter had been re-elected for the fifth time last Friday as the federation’s president. He had earlier brushed off calls for his resignation from the American and British governments, amid a storm of media allegations over corruption at the World Cup organising body. Now only four days after being re-elected, the FIFA chief executive is quitting, saying somewhat cryptically that he does not have a sufficient mandate in the world of football to continue at the helm of the organisation.

Jun 03 06:54

Systemic Corruption Has Destroyed America

The Cop Is On the Take, but the private sector is no better … for example, the big banks have literally turned into criminal syndicates engaged in systemic fraud.

Wall Street and giant corporations are literally manipulating every single market.

And the big corporations are cutting corners to make an extra penny … wreaking havoc with their carelessness.

Jun 03 06:52

Ron Paul Fears The CIA Is The Biggest Threat To Americans' Liberty

As the Senate scrambled to pass the USA Freedom Act this evening, reinstating the agency’s ability to spy on Americans, Ron Paul points out that US intelligence organizations have always – and will continue – to operate outside the law; with Daniel McAdams noting the CIA "is sort of the President’s own Praetorian Guard." As Sputnik News reports, before Americans applaud a minor step toward transparency, Paul warns that they should recognize the corrosive nature of the CIA, "They are a secret government," operating way above the law, and are "way out of control."


Jun 02 23:03

Freedom on the Line - Why Should We Care if the PATRIOT Act Expires?

We can answer that in one sentence: because our freedom is at stake, just like it was at the time of the original American Revolution.

Jun 02 16:06

FBI investigations must be pointed

Any “spying on Americans” needs a court order, says Bob McNeil, the founder of the American Citizen Party, calling for “pointed” investigations at the agency rather than data collection.