Aug 12 08:50

Joe Biden tells his supporters 'Let's go win this' after picking Kamala Harris as his running mate - which could make her the first black woman VP - and says 'together we can beat Donald Trump'

Joe Biden named Kamala Harris as his running mate on Tuesday to help him defeat President Donald Trump this November, a historic choice that acknowledges the role black voters will play in the election.

Aug 12 06:26

What to do if you’re at risk of eviction

Alaina Lattin was served an eviction notice last month at her home in Conroe, Texas.

“It was a very loud banging,” Lattin, 32, said. “They just kept screaming, ‘Leasing office! Leasing office!’” Now, the single mother is worried that she and her four children will become homeless.....

Aug 12 06:21

‘Slap in the face’: Democrats score a self-own after leaving Asian-Americans off DNC speaker list while pushing identity politics

The Democratic Party’s reliance on identity politics led to controversy on Tuesday as the lineup of speakers for next week's Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee seemingly failed to include any politicians of Asian descent.

“The gross underrepresentation of Asian American speakers in the four days of the DNC Convention is tone deaf and a slap in the face,” Representative Ted Lieu said on Twitter. Lieu, a California Democrat with Taiwanese ancestry, also noted that Asian-Americans are the fastest-growing ethnic group in multiple swing states.

Aug 12 06:19

Trump launches scathing ad on ‘phony’ Kamala Harris as Democrats are torn over Biden’s VP pick

President Donald Trump is having a field day with the choice of Kamala Harris as Joe Biden’s running mate. While Democrat elites are rallying behind the ticket, frustrated progressives point to her problematic prosecutorial past.

Democrats announced Harris as Biden’s running mate on Tuesday, proving right the July scoop from Politico based on a leaked campaign email. The California senator of Jamaican and Indian descent was quickly embraced by the party establishment as the perfect fit.

Failed 2016 candidate Hillary Clinton said she was “thrilled to welcome Kamala Harris to a historic Democratic ticket.”

Aug 12 06:16

Chicago is a warzone

Aug 12 06:10

Meet Kamala Harris, Biden's Vice Presidential Pick for 2020 Election

US Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) was tapped on Tuesday to be Joe Biden’s vice presidential running mate on the Democratic ticket in the November 2020 election. Harris’ political history extends back to 2003.

Born in Oakland, California, in 1964 to an Indian doctor mother and Jamaican economist father, Harris entered school during the lengthy process of racial desegregation, a process she told Biden last year had greatly affected her political perspective.

Harris studied political science and economics at Howard University in Washington, DC, during which time she participated in political demonstrations against the apartheid regime in South Africa and interned as a mailroom clerk for California’s then-senior senator, Alan Cranston, who was in the midst of his own failed bid for the presidency in 1984. She then returned to California to study law at the University of California, San Francisco, passing the bar in 1990 and going to work as a deputy district attorney.

Aug 12 05:52

Luongo: Trump Won Re-Election This Weekend

Trump Destroys Abusive Democrats In Stimulus Showdown
President Trump won re-election this weekend with his four executive orders.

We haven’t even reached the DNC convention in Milwaukee and it looks to me like this election season is over.

I know the polls keep trying to convince me that Joe Biden, most likely suffering from dementia, is leading President Trump but I just don’t buy it.

Aug 12 05:27

Far-Left Democrat Rep. Pramila Jayapal Brags About Manipulating Joe Biden

Far-left Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) told Comedy Central's Trevor Noah on Monday that Joe Biden is essentially a puppet who can be easily manipulated.

Aug 12 05:15

The Real Kamala Harris

Aug 12 04:37

George Soros’ Son Congratulates Harris, calls her “our future Vice President”

Alexander Soros, the son of activist billionaire George Soros tweeted congratulations to Senator Kamala Harris shortly after Joe Biden announced his pick.

Soros wrote “Congratulations to our future Vice President @KamalaHarris!”

The son of the billionaire magnate added “History in the making! #VPPick #BidenHarris2020”

Aug 12 04:36

Kamala Harris Isn’t African-American. She’s Ethnically Indian And Jamaican. That’s Not The Same Thing.


Aug 11 23:33

Homeless people in L.A. increasingly are taking their lives by hanging

He was a talented skateboarder on the verge of landing a company sponsorship. Dressed in loud Hawaiian shirts or tracksuits, his shock of hair untamed, skater style, Jacob Glory Russaw practiced ollies and kick flips for hours at the Venice and North Hollywood skate parks or in the streets of East Hollywood. Then he made up his own tricks.....

Aug 11 15:40

Joe Biden Picks Wall Street Shill Kamala Harris As VP

Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden announced on Tuesday that he's picking Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate.

Aug 11 14:42

Record-Setting Interest in Self-Defense in US

If the raw data was not enough evidence, anti-gun activists are already trying to negatively frame the surge in sales and have sought to preemptively blame law-abiding gun owners for criminal activity. Those intent on rewriting the Constitution will not rest until they have exhausted every dollar anti-gun billionaires have left. -- Anyone want to bet that the new VP pick will skyrocket these numbers even more?

Aug 11 13:46

The Twilight Zone

“Imagine if you will, a situation in which the economy of a nation is overdue to experience an economic collapse of epic proportions, but remains endlessly at the brink. Every day, a collapse is more likely, yet the economic house of cards remains in a state of suspended animation. Some people become increasingly edgy, while others become more complacent. Only a few choose to actually prepare for what’s coming. -- An impossible situation? Yes. But we’d be well-advised to recognize that it couldn’t only occur… in the Twilight Zone.”

Aug 11 12:57

Coronavirus is the New ‘Terrorism’ — Ron Paul

Politicians and bureaucrats cannot eliminate a virus any more than they can eliminate terrorism. What they can do is use terrorism, a virus, and other real, exaggerated, or manufactured crises to expand their power at the expense of our liberty. -- Politicians will never resist the temptation to use crises as excuses to gain more power. Therefore, it is up to those of us who know the truth to spread the message of liberty and grow the liberty movement, A strong liberty movement is the only thing that can force the politicians to stop stealing our liberty while promising phantom security from terrorists and viruses.

Aug 11 12:49

Debate This!

Biden’s image makers know the less the public sees and hears Biden, the better. Biden’s surrogates, a host of handlers, and a sympathetic, seditious Press have constructed a false image of Biden. It is a fragile image easily undercut through public appearances and shattered by a one-to-one match-up with Trump. This is precisely why the Press, along with Biden’s handlers, support early voting and why they seek to delay a Presidential debate. -- The forces driving Biden’s White-House bid must rely on deception. That raises the question whether the upcoming November 2020 Presidential election will be reasonable, fair, impartial, transparent, and honest.

Aug 11 12:32

FPC Brief: Background Checks for Ammo Violate Second Amendment

In 2016, California enacted a series of regulations on ammunition sales. Ammunition sales must now be conducted by a licensed ammunition vendor, occur face-to-face at the vendor’s California location, and be approved by the California Department of Justice. DOJ approval requires a background check on the purchaser, for every ammunition purchase. Making matters worse, the background check system denies 16% of lawful purchases due to deficiencies in the system. In the first few months of its enactment, over 100,000 lawful acquisitions were refused, and countless others were deterred by the system’s complexity.

Aug 11 12:25

Fusion Centers Have Secretly Created A National Citizen Spying Program Fusion Centers Have Secretly Created A National Citizen Spying Program

If you thought DHS's "If You See Something, Say Something" was a failure guess again. DHS has managed to justify creating 78 Fusion Centers whose sole purpose, it seems, is to spy on innocent Americans and track their daily movements.

Aug 11 11:28

Second Night of Belarus Protests Sees Riot Police, Barricades, Tear Gas, Molotov Cocktails

Protests in several cities across Belarus were triggered after the preliminary results from the nation's presidential elections showed Alexander Lukasheno winning 80% of the vote, which the opposition claims is due to vote rigging.

During the second day of mass protests in Belarus, where Minsk demonstrations were joined by people in other Belarusian cities, protesters flocked to the streets of the nation's capital, hurled Molotov cocktails at the police, and constructed trash can barricades.

Aug 11 11:25

Live Updates: Detentions Begin in Minsk on Day 3 of Protests

Protests erupted in Minsk and other cities across Belarus following the presidential election on 9 August that saw the country's incumbent president, Alexander Lukashenko, re-elected for a sixth consecutive term.

The Belarusian Interior Ministry said in a statement that over 2,000 people have been detained in the country over the past 24 hours.

Protests in Minsk continue to grow increasingly violent, with one confirmed fatality. Police have used water cannons, stun grenades, and rubber bullets to disperse the protesters.

Aug 11 11:21

Belarus election: Thousands protest as Lukashenko wins 6th term

The situation remains tense in Belarus which has been the scene of furious public protests in the past few days against President Alexander Lukashenko and a presidential election which they claim was “rigged.”

Fierce scuffles broke out between police and protesters when thousands of people poured out into the streets of the capital Minsk Monday night after official results showed that Lukashenko had won a sixth consecutive term, taking over 80 percent of the vote. A man lost his life the clashes.

The protesters have complained of election fraud in Lukashenko’s favor, claiming he has stolen the vote from his rival, political novice Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, who was said to ahve gained only 10 percent of the ballots.

"Too many people are against Lukashenko," Pavel, a 34-year-old protester, told AFP, adding “Our goal is to depose Lukashenko. He is not worthy of being president."

Aug 11 11:16

Seeing Events in Iran Through the Lens of Trump’s Polling Numbers

For nearly four years now, Donald Trump has been a blank check for Israel. That check may be about to expire.

From recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel to plans to annex the West Bank to freedom to bomb in Syria, the Donald Trump blank check keeps on being cashed. But Trump’s polling numbers for the November election have brought the check’s expiration date into focus. And Israel may be acting fast to fully cash that check.

Aug 11 07:08

Community Currencies Set To Make A Resurgence?

The ongoing economic fallout from the Covid-19 virus continues to destroy businesses and people around the world. This economic contraction is likely to continue, perhaps for the next few years, and beyond that is anyone’s guess what will happen next.....

Aug 09 08:44

‘Horny’ Bill Clinton Should Avoid Spotlight Over Epstein Links, Bill Maher Says

Bill Clinton has rubbed shoulders with Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, a well-connected couple who have both been accused of sexually trafficking and abusing girls and women. Clinton denies knowing about their alleged crimes.

The Democrats should consider keeping the Clintons on the sidelines during the election campaign, TV host Bill Maher said on his talk show “Real Time” on Friday.

“I know in your book you say you got 2016 wrong because you forgot Bill Clinton’s first rule of politics, which is make it about them,” Maher told Paul Begala, who was a close advisor to President Bill Clinton.
He went on to say that the question “what do we do with the Clintons now” always bubbles up during the elections.

Aug 09 06:00

Could Trump have jeopardized one of his biggest donors? President attacks GOP mega-donor Sheldon Adelson for not spending more - despite the Vegas mogul pledging $100M to his campaign

The president blasted one of his biggest benefactors in a heated phone call last week accusing him of not doing enough to support his campaign
Aldeson, 87, has shelled out millions to Trump's campaign and the Republican party over the years and had pledged a $100 million donation to his reelection
Three sources told Politico Trump's team went into damage control with the donor but Aldeson's sources warned it is unclear if the call will have cost Trump.

It comes at a critical time in Trump's campaign when he has faced a backlash from voters over his handling of the pandemic and the ongoing civil unrest
Trump's campaign still has a bigger war chest than Biden's, but donations from super PACs and TV advertising spend is lagging.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Mr. President, this is amazing tone-deafness writ large; did you not have someone do the due dilligence for you before you called Adelson?!? Even in today's economy, sir, one-hundred million dollars is NOT "chump change".

I would politely suggest that your criticism of Adelson, before you had a really accurate sense as to what this man has already done for you, was a screamingly horrific mistake, and may well cost you the election.

Aug 08 12:10

Beirut police fire teargas at protesters demanding justice over explosion

Police in Beirut fired teargas and rubber bullets at thousands of people who had turned out to demand accountability for one of the biggest non-nuclear explosions the world has seen. They also shot live ammunition in the air, in an attempt to disperse the furious crowds.

Driven by anger at the corruption and incompetence that appears to have fostered Tuesday’s tragedy, people gathered from early afternoon in the city’s central Martyrs Square, where activists have erected a mock gallows for Lebanon’s top politicians.

The protesters chanted: “The people want the fall of the regime,” and held posters saying: “Leave, you are all killers.” More than 150 people died in the blast, about 6,000 were injured and at least 60 are still missing, according to the health ministry.

As the dust from the explosion settles, its political fallout is just beginning to be felt, reviving a protest movement that last year toppled the prime minister but left the system he presided over almost intact.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The problem for Lebanon is that without fundamental changes in the system, things for the Lebanese people will never get better, and something like this inconceivable catastrophe could well happen again.

I understand the desperation these people are feeling; it comes with voting and voting and voting, and nothing fundamentally changes; nothing with which we here in the US could ever identify, right?!?

Aug 08 07:45

Elliott Abrams Failed Trump's Mission to Overthrow Venezuela—Now He Will Take On Iran

President Donald Trump's pick to compel Iran into changing its strategy has quit amid a failure to foster diplomacy with the longtime foe and may be replaced by the White House's point person for Venezuela, another country whose embattled government has resisted a "maximum pressure" campaign by the United States.

Elliott Abrams, a Washington veteran who rose to prominence in the 1980s with his staunch interventionist, anti-communist stances in Latin America and until now served as Trump's special representative to Venezuela will replace Brian Hook, who was appointed in the wake of the U.S. exit from the Iran nuclear deal in 2018, the State Department confirmed in a statement.

The selection signifies a hardline push for the administration against Iran in the final months of Trump's first term as the revolutionary Shiite Muslim power continues to defy U.S. attempts to force it to change what Washington calls Tehran's "malign behavior" across the Middle East.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

My take?!?

Hook knows what is coming, relative to Iran, and doesn't want to be any where near the situation, when the excrement hits the ventilation system.

Abrams, a staunch "Israeli-Firster" , was the prime architect of the the Fatah/Hamas war in 2007. How Abrams Orchestrated the 2007 Hamas/Fateh Palestinian Civil War, and I am almost ready to bet real money, that he will be advocating for direct US military action against Iran.

There is, however, one teeny, tiny factoid which the Swamp Dwellers in DC don't really want to look at; last summer, at a conference which included Iranian delegates, Russia promised to assist Iran, if the US invaded.

Iran ‘Won’t Be Alone’ If U.S. Attacks, Russian Official Says

Perhaps Abrams has a really bad case of SMD (selective memory disorder) on this issue, but I think that it may be time for someone to politely remind him that this was the promise given to Iran by Russia last summer at this convocation.

The guy who made this promise to the Iranian delegation, Zamir Kabulov, is a career diplomat who most probably doesn't even FART without Putin's express permission, so if he made that promise, you can rest assured that it came right from the top.

War with Russia over Iran?!? This would be one of the most ham-fistedly, pig-headedly stupid thing any US administration could do.

As we have seen in Russia's intervention in Syria, they have weapons systems which work as advertised; Lockheed-Martin's F-35 has had its problems "reclassified", but not fixed.

Unfortunately, just because something would be the most ham-fistedly, pig-headedly stupid thing the US government could possibly do, is utterly no guarantee in the 21st century, that they will not do it.

Aug 08 06:57



Joe Biden was caught in yet another embarrassing situation during an on camera appearance as he stumbled over his words while asserting that he didn’t need to take a cognitive test.

President Donald Trump has turned Biden’s mental faculties into a campaign issue, prompting condemnation from the media and yet Biden’s own verbal slip ups continue to provide material for such claims.

During an interview with the National Association of Black Journalists and National Association of Hispanic Journalists, Biden was asked if he would take a cognitive test to prove Trump wrong.

“No, I haven’t taken a test. Why the hell would I take a test?” responded Biden.

Biden then shot himself in the foot yet again by stumbling over the words “my physical and mental” fitness not once but twice.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I have to shake my head, at the incredibly disingenuous attitude coming from the National DNC, that .... Biden was the only viable candidate for President, while his dementia is furiously taking over his life, bit by bit, for every American, and world leadership, to see, in this remarkably sad exposition.

Senator Tammy Duckworth (a Vet who lost both of her legs in combat) and Representative Tulsi Gabbard (the Representative from Hawaii, who has seen combat) would ultimately have been much stronger candidates, but the American War Party, and military industrial complex, which effectively control both the Democratic and Republican parties, would have none of it.

Duckworth MIGHT get the VP spot, which would be terrific, because she is a first-hand survivor who understands, at a deeply personal level, the costs of war, but I doubt it.

The only way the Dementocrats can win this election, which will be contentious, and if certain states get their way, is for them to steal it via mail-in ballots.

In fact, a New York Federal judge has already begun the process.

The article goes on to state: "The ruling, by Judge Analisa Torres of Federal District Court in Manhattan, may not affect the outcome in the June 23 primary. Representative Carolyn B. Maloney is leading her Democratic challenger, Suraj Patel, by some 3,700 votes, and the judge’s decision was narrowly drawn to force the counting of only a portion of the 12,500 disputed absentee ballots.

Still, the judge’s decision is the latest twist in a race that has been used by the president to cast doubts on the efficacy of vote-by-mail systems nationwide, even as he trails in polls in his bid for re-election. The coronavirus outbreak has prompted states across the nation to consider expanding mail-in voting for the general election in November, as public health officials worry that convening at polling locations may spread the disease."

Aug 08 05:48


The Trump administration’s nominee for a top special operations post at the Pentagon is facing questions about whether a company he helps oversee trained members of the Saudi team who killed journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

In May, President Donald Trump nominated Louis Bremer — a former Navy SEAL turned investment banker — to serve as assistant secretary of defense for special operations and low-intensity conflict. In that role, Bremer would be the top civilian in the Defense Department overseeing the special operations community.

Bremer is currently a managing director at Cerberus Capital Management — a private equity company whose founder, Stephen Feinberg, has close ties to the Trump administration and was once considered for a high-up job in the intelligence community. Bremer also sits on the board of directors of Tier 1 Group, an Arkansas-based special operations training company that is owned by Cerberus.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

OUCH!!! Not good, appreciating the degree to which this government, and its intertwined, connected, deep-state assassins, may well have been complicit in Kashoggi's death.

Aug 08 01:47


Aug 07 13:42

Food prices rise to dangerous levels as “a second wave of layoffs” hits the U.S. economy

We already knew that millions upon millions of the jobs that were originally lost are never coming back, and now we are learning that millions of the jobs that were actually regained are being lost again. -- So what this means is that at the exact same time that food prices are skyrocketing, countless Americans find themselves out of work and no longer have paychecks coming in. -- What a nightmare.

Aug 07 13:33

Details of Political Pressure to Persecute McCloskeys in St. Louis, Gate Details

Prosecutors have enormous power and absolute immunity. It is a weak point in the system of ordered liberty in the United States. -- The far left is exploiting that vulnerability. The Supreme Court removed many checks and balances when they gave prosecutors absolute immunity. The left is using that power against the democratic system. They don’t have a further plan. -- Their plan has devolved into one goal: tear down the system.

Aug 07 09:18

VIDEO PROOF Of How Dinesh D'Souza Used To Pronounce "Thailand" Back In 2002 (Before Trump Pardoned Him)

After Trump mispronounced Thailand during a speech yesterday (a mistake he later acknowledged), Dinesh took to Twitter to defend him, saying repeatedly that "Thighland" was universally accepted as the proper pronunciation of 'Thailand' by English speakers the world over.

I wish I could see his face when he finds out about this clip...

"No man has a good enough memory to be a successful liar."
-- Abraham Lincoln

Aug 07 06:36

Why Antifa Is The 'Keyser Söze' Of Social Unrest

Authored by Jonathan Turley,

Below is my column in the Hill newspaper on yesterday’s hearing in the Senate, which ended abruptly with Sen. Hirono walking out after a confrontation with Sen. Cruz over his objection that the Democrats were avoiding direct criticism of Antifa.

In roughly 50 hearings as a witness in Congress, that was a first for me. I have been in a hearing with a lock down but I have never been in hearing with a walk out. I was not sure if I was expected to turn off the lights after both senators left.

The dramatic ending of the hearing however quickly supplanted the underlying issue. As I stated in my testimony, I am less concerned with Antifa’s role in the protests as its role in the growing anti-free speech movement in the United States.

Here is the column:

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Turley is absolutely correct here.

I am not about to ever confront a group of Antifa protestors; if they had any idea that I am Mike Rivero's wife, they would do their best to put me in a wheelchair permanently, and I frankly don't want to go there.

But that being said, this country was built around the value of peaceful protest.

I, with Mike at my side, peacefully protested the coming war against Iraq, when it was about to happen, as both immoral and illegal. But violent protest, where people actually get physically hurt?!? Thank you, no; that is not ANYTHING the Constitution or Bill of Rights supports, period, end of discussion.

Aug 07 06:21

'Kansas Should Go F*** Itself': Taibbi Opines On Liberal Arrogance In Lieu Of Introspection

America’s financial and political establishment has always been most terrified of an inclusive underclass movement. So it evangelizes a bizarre transgressive politics that tells white conservatives to fuck themselves and embraces a leftist sub-theology that preaches class as a racist canard." -Matt Taibbi

Matt Taibbi has written one hell of a book review in advance of a Friday podcast interview with author Thomas Frank, whose new book "The People, No: A Brief History of Anti-Populism" is currently Amazon's #1 new release in 'radical political thought.'

Frank, according to Taibbi, not only predicted the current culture war we currently find ourselves in - he's hit the nail on the head once again when it comes to the left's inability to learn from their mistakes - after the party abandoned blue-collar America for condescending, coastal intellectuals.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

When Matt Taibbi writes something, please pay attention; I will not say that he is necessarily 100% correct in his observations, but he's pretty damned close.