Mar 11 09:57

Devin Nunes Dropped The Shocking Scoop On Who Colluded With Russia

One campaign colluded with the Russians in the 2016 election.

And now Americans know who the guilty party is.

Devin Nunes just appeared on TV and dropped the scoop on who really conspired with the Russians.

In an interview on Fox News, Nunes revealed that it was really the Clinton campaign who colluded with the Russians to dig up dirt on Donald Trump.

The latest piece of evidence was the Steele dossier.

Mar 11 09:56

Congressmen Pressed Obama to Pardon Lawrence Franklin for Spying on Behalf of Israel

Republican Dana Rohrabacher and Democrat Juan Vargas, secretly pressed President Obama to pardon convicted spy Lawrence Franklin, claiming pardoning Franklin for spying on behalf of Israel was in the “best interest of U.S.”

Mar 11 09:49

Arizona State University Asks Palestinian Academic to Sign Contract Not to Criticize Israel

Arizona State University asked a Palestinian academic to sign a speaker agreement which included a clause that prohibits criticising Israel or engaging with the BDS movement.

Mar 11 09:46

Five Senators And A Big Pharma Trade Association Urge Tech Companies To Censor Drug And Pharmacy Websites

In a report by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), published today, it was revealed that five Senators – three Democrats and two Republicans – wrote letters to four big tech companies, calling for censorship of drug information. Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Pinterest were contacted and accused of facilitating trade in prescription drugs and illegal narcotics.

These letters, which according to the EFF are nearly identical, were separately written but sent around the same time last month. Interestingly, the letters were announced in a mailing list to members of the Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacies (ASOP).

Mar 11 09:40

Rigged? NYFed Slams Study Showing Alleged Collusion Between Fed, Banks Around FOMC Meetings

Back in 2015, we detailed a study by researchers at Duke University and the University of California at Berkeley pointing to quantitative evidence that The Fed consistently leaks non-public information about its meetings.

The study, first reported by The Daily Californian, considers historical patterns in stock prices relative to the distribution of non-public Fed information. “The Fed uses ‘informal communication channels’ on even-numbered weeks after FOMC meetings,” the report said, pointing to leaks making it into media stories such as the Wall Street Journal as well as showing up in private financial advice.

Mar 11 09:38

Obama Spying Cartel: FBI Scheme Team Exposed…

This is part 3 of the series from investigative journalist John Spiropoulos. Scheme Team members included Comey, McCabe, Loretta Lynch, Sally Yates, John Carlin, Lisa Page, Peter Strzok, Bruce Ohr, and Bill Priestap.

Yesterday Fox News reported Fusion GPS #2 Neil King is married to President Obama’s White House Policy Adviser, Shailagh Murray; who was also Joe Biden’s Deputy-Chief-of-Staff.

Mar 11 09:38

Pro-Israel Lobbying Movement Led by Steve Mnuchin and Caitlyn Jenner Hits the Plaza

The Champions of Jewish Values (“uniquely effective in promoting Jewish Values and defending Israel in mainstream and international media”) Awards Gala must have been the event of the year, from Davis Richardson’s description. Any shindig that features conversation praising Nikki Haley and Donald Trump, and includes photo ops with Sean Spicer – such a heady experience is only for those who have reached the pinnacle of the social ladder.

Mar 10 12:47

The CIA Democrats

Mar 10 11:09

Jeff Sessions: US prosecutors won’t take on small-time marijuana cases

Gangbangers, Mexican Cartels and legal producers who move excess production over state lines. Not bad for the Old Guy.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Federal prosecutors won’t take on small-time marijuana cases, despite the Justice Department’s decision to lift an Obama-era policy that discouraged U.S. authorities from cracking down on the pot trade in states where the drug is legal, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Saturday.

Mar 10 09:00

House Republicans expand dossier probe, seek info from Obama officials

House Republicans are expanding their investigation of the Trump dossier, seeking answers from Obama administration officials including a former staffer for Vice President Joe Biden whose husband works for the firm behind the controversial document, Fox News has learned.

A source familiar with the matter confirmed to Fox News that Shailagh Murray, who was Biden's former deputy chief of staff and communications director before serving as a senior adviser to President Obama, will be sent a questionnaire Friday.

Mar 10 08:42

The amended ‘Israel Anti-Boycott Act’ is still unconstitutional, and still must be stopped

In a nutshell, and in non-legalese, S.720 seeks to expand the scope of the 1979 “Export Administration Act,” which prohibits boycotts against Israel, Israeli businesses, and Israeli products, initially called for by Arab countries. The Export Administration Act specifies that it is illegal for Americans to heed a call for a boycott of Israel that is issued by a foreign government or governmental entity.

Mar 10 08:41

Leader in Jewish group banned from Labour Party office

Noted Jewish Palestine activist and secretary of left-wing group Jewish Voice for Labour has been banned from holding office in the UK’s main opposition party.

On Wednesday Glyn Secker received a letter from Labour Party officials saying he had been put on “administrative suspension,” citing unspecified “comments made on social media that may be anti-Semitic.”

The letter adds that Secker is now barred from attending any party meetings including Labour’s annual conference.

Speaking to The Electronic Intifada, Secker called it “a direct attack” on Jewish Voice for Labour by the party’s establishment.

Mar 10 08:41

Labour expels Jewish anti-Zionist Tony Greenstein

The Labour Party on Sunday expelled prominent Jewish anti-Zionist Tony Greenstein, citing his allegedly abusive language and his criticism of leading pro-Israel figures in the UK’s main opposition party.

A disciplinary panel expelled Greenstein for what it claimed was online abuse.

But Greenstein disputes this and says the real reason was that he has spoken out against the Israel lobby within the Labour Party.

“I expected it,” he told The Electronic Intifada after his expulsion.

Mar 10 08:28

‘Progressive’ Journalists Jump the Shark on Russiagate

Jane Mayer of The New Yorker and Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks are the latest progressives to jump on the anti-Trump, pro-Russiagate bandwagon. They have made it crystal clear that, in Mayer’s words, they are not going to let Republicans, or anyone else, “take down the whole intelligence community,” by God.

Odd? Nothing is too odd when it comes to spinning and dyeing the yarn of Russiagate; especially now that some strands are unraveling from the thin material of the “Steele dossier.”

Before the 2016 election, British ex-spy Christopher Steele was contracted (through a couple of cutouts) by the Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee to dig up dirt on candidate Donald Trump. They paid him $168,000. They should ask for their money back.

Mar 10 08:19

Trump Lawyers Seek Deal With Mueller to Speed End of Russia Probe

President Donald Trump’s lawyers are seeking to negotiate a deal with special counsel Robert Mueller that uses an interview with the president as leverage to spur a conclusion to the Russia investigation, according to a person familiar with the discussions.

Mar 10 08:07


Britain is set to sell 48 new Typhoon jets to Saudi Arabia, despite campaigners accusing the country of war crimes. A 'memorandum of intent', which aims to finalise the deal, was signed today between the government and the nation's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman as he completed a three-day visit to the UK.

Mar 10 08:03

"My Life Is Over": Ex-DOJ Lawyer Busted Trying To Sell Whistlelower Cases

A former corporate-fraud lawyer for the Department of Justice has been sentenced to 30 months in prison for stealing over 40 whistleblower fraud cases in 2016 and trying to sell the information to companies under federal investigation, according to prosecutors.

Mar 10 07:58

Congress Agrees to Give Jeff Sessions $0 to Wage War on Medical Marijuana

The war on drugs is such an abysmal failure that even the lawmakers who have funded it for decades are drawing a line in the sand. Multiple bills in Congress have cropped up in recent months aiming to protect medical marijuana and reschedule cannabis, if not legalize it altogether.

The most recent development comes in the form of Congress’ recently unveiled budget, which allots exactly zero dollars to the Department of Justice to wage medical marijuana crackdowns across the country.

The Rohrabacher-Farr amendment “allows states to carry on with crafting their own medical marijuana policies without fear of federal intervention,” the Huffington Post reported.

Mar 10 07:51

GOP Senator Long Critical Of Yemen War Now Helping Trump Block Debate On It

Sen. Todd Young (R-Ind.) and Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.) crafted an alternative bill they call pragmatic. Peace groups believe it threatens confrontation with Iran.

Mar 10 07:46

Gov. Jerry Brown Already Expanded Offshore Oil Drilling in State Waters

California Governor Jerry Brown today joined Oregon Governor Kate Brown and Washington Governor Jay Inslee in condemning Trump’s plan to expand oil and gas drilling in federal waters – at the same time that California regulators under Brown have expanded offshore oil drilling by 17 percent in state waters.

Mar 10 07:45

Swallowed by the swamp

American Founding Father Benjamin Franklin wrote, “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” Nowadays I would modify that to “those who trade liberty for safety wind up with neither, and very often wind up dead.”

Consider the plight of Monika Schaefer, a Canadian fiddle player snatched off the streets of Germany for disagreeing with the phony story that maintains the Jewish fiction of World War II — you know — the magical SIX MILLION number that has earned billions of dollars for greedy Jews despite the empirically proven number of all deaths (not just Jews) in the German labor camps being only 273,905 according to International Red Cross statistics published in 1980 (later raised to 296,081 by scholar Germar Rudolf).

Mar 10 07:40

Regime Change USA

Why do we do it?

It’s not hard to figure out why.

There’s big money in it.

Stephen Kinzer received criticism from Noam Chomsky in his book “Manufacturing Consent” as a journalistic “errand boy” for the Regan administration.

This book may be an attempt to get on the right side of history and rehabilitate his reputation.

Note: This interview was recorded in 2006. His comments on Puerto Rico (how well we’ve taken care of it) are obviously 100% wrong.

Mar 10 07:25

Election interference ALERT: Google / YouTube now blatantly trying to steal the 2018 elections

The realization is suddenly obvious: The Google / YouTube selective “censorship rampage” that has targeted conservative websites and content creators is a brazen, illegal scheme to interfere with U.S. elections and steal the 2018 mid-terms.

The systematic silencing of conservative views is necessary, of course, for Democrats to win enough seats to gain control of the U.S. House of Representatives after the mid-term elections. Once control is established, Democrats will immediately move to impeach President Trump. Although the Senate would not likely prosecute that impeachment, the mere achievement of the U.S. House declaring “impeachment” would be enough to convince most brainwashed news consumers that Trump is somehow a guilty criminal (nobody will remember that Bill Clinton was also impeached by the House). From there, the 2020 presidential election is also stolen, and Democrats land their selected tyrant in the White House just in time for Ginsberg’s retirement from SCOTUS.

Mar 10 07:22

‘Weapon of mass suppression’: Russiagate now used to target any dissent in US – Max Blumenthal

Hysteria about Russia’s alleged ability to manipulate social media, news cycles and even $2-billion presidential elections serves as a “general weapon of mass suppression” which “enables a war on alternative media and narratives outside of the establishment, particularly on social media,” Blumenthal said in an interview with the Real News Network.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Remember when the Washington Compost declared What Really Happened an "arm of Russian propaganda?"

Mar 10 07:07

Largest Slovak protests in decades ratchet up pressure on PM Fico

Tens of thousands of Slovaks rallied on Friday to demand the resignation of Prime Minister Robert Fico’s government following the murder of a journalist that has shocked the central European nation and stoked anger over sleaze in public life.

Mar 10 07:05

Scientists claim people will “love refugees” once they are dosed with oxytocin, the hormone produced by babies to make their mothers love them

The presence of refugees has been causing a lot of controversy among the locals in many areas, particularly in Europe, and now German scientists have found a simple way to take care of those who are less accepting of their plight: Research has found that people can simply be drugged into compliance with the help of some hormones.

According to a study carried out by the University of Bonn in Germany, giving people oxytocin and exposing them to some “positive social pressure” can make them be kinder toward refugees, even if they are afraid of them.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So now the plan is to drug people into accepting the New World Order. How very "Brave New World" of them! Meanwhile, see USE OF OXYTOCIN IN DAIRY ANIMALS AND ITS HARMFUL EFFECTS

Mar 10 07:01

The Deep State Wants Snowden, He Might Have The Evidence To Take Them Down

IBOR is being pushed forward, those who were profiting and controlling these social media sites have been and continue to sell their shares, the writing is on the wall. Russian billionaire says that Soros funded the Steel dossier.

Mar 09 18:55

Assange Warns: CIA Officers Flooding Into Democratic Party For 2018 Midterms

If Democrats capture a majority in the House of Representatives in the 2018 midterms, as many as half of their new reps will be former military intelligence personnel, according to a bombshell new report from the World Socialist Web Site.

Julian Assange tweeted out the bombshell report Friday on Twitter.

Mar 09 17:47

YouTube Purge: The End Of Freedom Of Expression Or The Great Awakening For Alternatives?

By Aaron Kesel

The censorship is ramping up as YouTube has begun deleting channels at a rapid rate including more recently a friend of Activist Post, Health Ranger Mike Adams of Natural News. I spoke to YouTube alternative BitChute for their opinion on the recent purge against independent thoughts and how we are literally walking into George Orwell’s 1984, where YouTube, Google, Twitter, Facebook and other companies are playing the purveyors of truth.

But first, here is a rundown of a list of accounts that have been suspended by YouTube in the past few weeks, many of whom this author is friends with...

Mar 09 14:59

Report: Obama May Be Set to Produce ‘Unfiltered’ Programming For Netflix

Just what the world needs: the Obama family gracing our television sets even more than they already have.

The New York Times is reporting that former President Barack Obama is in negotiations with Netflix to develop a series of programming that will provide him with a “global” and “unfiltered” platform to the public.

Mar 09 14:07

Rep Rohrabacher Served America For 3 Decades, Now Dems Are Smearing Him As A Russkie Agent

Representative Dana Rohrabacher of Orange Country, California has served his country honorably for nearly three decades while bucking the GOP establishment.

With his reelection coming up, shameless Democrats are smearing him as a Russian agent.

Mar 09 14:06

Loony Left: Trump's Meeting With Kim Jong Un Was 'Orchestrated by Putin to Distract From Russia'

Leftists all over Twitter are insisting President Trump's breakthrough meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un after months of tough negotiations must have been orchestrated by Vladimir Putin to distract from the Russian probe.

Mar 09 13:24

Jewish 'Russian Studies' Scholar Talks About Israeli Meddling In American Elections

Professor Stephen F. Cohen was on the John Batchelor show talking about Israeli meddling in American elections and American meddling in Russian elections.

Mar 09 10:42

America is Disneyland

By Chris Kanthan

Disneyland is the Happiest Place on Earth! Millions of families visit the theme park every year to enjoy the magical place of rides, spectacular shows and cheerful cartoon figures. Everything is clean, perfect and joyful. Unless … you realize that Cinderella might actually be homeless. That’s right, 10% of Disneyland’s employees are actually homeless, many more are on food stamps, and 75% struggle to make ends meet.

Does this ring familiar? Think of America. Behind the façade of being the greatest country on Earth with the largest GDP and the wealthiest billionaires, there are tens of millions of Americans who are left behind just like Disney’s employees...

Mar 09 09:54

What Entities are Behind the Reckless Endangerment of Northern Minnesota and its Water Resources

By Gary G. Kohls, MD, guest to Natural Blaze

Here is an incomplete list of some of the culprits:

A) Foreign Mining Corporations (PolyMet, Glencore, Twin Metals, Antofagasta, etc.);
B)Minnesota’s Elected Politicians/Accomplices (both Corporate-influenced “Liberal” Democrats, and “Conservative” Republicans);
Minnesota’s “Regulatory” Agencies that are Supposed to be “Natural Resource Protectors” (Including the DNR, the PCA, and the US Forest Service); and
C)Most Area Newspapers; Most Area Television Stations; All the Area’s Chambers of Commerce; Minnesota Power (Electric Utility); the Trump Administration; Regional Labor Unions: and Dozens of Suppliers/Businesses that will Temporarily Profit from Supplying the Mining Industry While Simultaneously Risking the Permanent Poisoning of the St Louis River Watershed, Including Lake Superior

Mar 09 09:53

DNC hack involved Russian agents “within the democratic party”: unreleased Steele memo

Shortly after WikiLeaks released emails from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) on July 26, 2016, former UK spy Christopher Steele filed a memo with his employer, Fusion GPS, claiming that the DNC “hack” during the 2016 election involved Russian agents “within the Democratic Party structure itself,” The New Yorker reports.