Jun 15 09:16

Do FBI emails ruin official Clinton timeline?

Tom Fitton: Comey Decided ‘Long Ahead of Time to Let Hillary Off’

Jun 15 09:15

Inspector General’s Report: FBI May Have Covered up Weiner Laptop to Help Clinton

Democrats have long complained that then-FBI Director James Comey’s announcement in late October 2016 that he was re-opening the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails cost them the presidential election.
But the report of the Department of Justice Inspector General, released Thursday, shows that the FBI may actually have neglected an investigation into emails found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop in an effort to stop Donald Trump from winning.

The report notes the FBI, working together with federal prosecutors in the Southern District of New York (SDNY), had begun investigating Weiner in September 2016. They realized as early as Sep. 26 that his computer had hundreds of thousands of emails, many of which were from Clinton-related or State Department domains. They informed FBI headquarters in D.C., but no one did anything for four weeks until a prosecutor in SDNY complained.

Jun 15 09:14

IG Report: FBI Never Designated Hillary Clinton as ‘Subject’ of Classified Email Probe

The Justice Department’s internal watchdog division documented in its report released today that the FBI’s criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s misuse of her private email server never actually designated Clinton as a subject or target of the official probe.

This news comes even though former FBI Director James Comey described Clinton as the subject during his overview to the Justice Department’s Office of the Inspector General, which released its 500-page report today. The report also documented how Comey and former deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe were highly involved in overseeing the probe.

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The fix was in right from the start.

Jun 15 09:12

Court Sets Hearing on Motion to Compel Email Testimony from Hillary Clinton

Judicial Watch announced a federal court ordered a hearing for Thursday, October 11, 2018, on a motion to compel testimony about the email practices of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The order was issued by U.S. District Court Judge Emmet G. Sullivan.

The development comes in a Judicial Watch Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit about the controversial employment status of Huma Abedin, former Deputy Chief of Staff to Clinton. The lawsuit, which seeks records regarding the authorization for Abedin to engage in outside employment while employed by the Department of State, was reopened because of revelations about the clintonemail.com system (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of State (No. 1:13-cv-01363)).

Jun 15 09:11

'Foreign actors' accessed Hillary Clinton emails, documents show

“Foreign actors” obtained access to some of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails -- including at least one email classified as “secret” -- according to a new memo from two GOP-led House committees and an internal FBI email.

Fox News obtained the memo prepared by the House Judiciary and Oversight committees, which lays out key interim findings ahead of next week’s hearing with Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz. The IG, separately, is expected to release his highly anticipated report on the Clinton email case later Thursday.

The House committees, which conducted a joint probe into decisions made by the DOJ in 2016 and 2017, addressed a range of issues in their memo including Clinton's email security.

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Jun 15 09:00

Meet the Other Amorous FBI Staffers Who Texted About the Clinton Email Investigation

Perhaps the most shocking information in the IG’s report is the revelation that Lisa Page and Peter Strzok were not the only amorous agents with a habit of texting. There were also “Agent 1” and “Agent 5,” who were involved in the Clinton investigation and, according to the IG’s report “were in a relationship at the time and are now married.” Their communications make for a searing indictment of the culture of the FBI and paint a portrait of the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email practices as fiasco.

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So, these amorous agents were not only involved in the non-investigation of Hillary, they were themselves Hillary groupies!

Jun 15 08:58

Judge sends Paul Manafort to jail, pending trial

Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort will await his trial for foreign lobbying crimes from jail.

Two weeks after Robert Mueller’s prosecutors dropped new accusations of witness tampering on him, a federal judge Friday revoked Manafort’s current bail, which allowed him out on house arrest.

Judge Amy Berman Jackson’s order marks an end to months of attempts from Manafort to lighten his house arrest restrictions after he was charged and pleaded not guilty to foreign lobbying violations.

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This is being done to take the focus away from the IG report!

Jun 15 08:42

FBI employees received 'improper' gifts from reporters, routinely leaked to media without authorization: IG report

Numerous FBI employees accepted inappropriate gifts from reporters and routinely spoke to media outlets without authorization during the Hillary Clinton email probe, the Justice Department's watchdog revealed in Thursday's long-awaited accountability report.

The shocking revelation came just a week after the former security director for the Senate Intelligence Committee -- who was in charge of maintaining all classified information from the Executive Office to the panel -- was indicted for allegedly giving false statements to FBI agents looking into possible leaks to reporters.

"We identified instances where FBI employees improperly received benefits from reporters, including tickets to sporting events, golfing outings, drinks and meals, and admittance to nonpublic social events," reads the report by the inspector general, Michael Horowitz.

Jun 15 08:41

WHO DELETED IT? Peter Strzok’s ‘We’ll Stop Trump From Becoming President’ Text Message Was MISSING From Earlier Document Productions

Perhaps the most damaging new revelation in the report, according to multiple people familiar with it, is a previously unreported text message in which Peter Strzok, a key investigator on both the Clinton email case and the investigation of Russia and the Trump campaign, assured an FBI lawyer in August 2016 that “we’ll stop” Trump from making it to the White House.

“[Trump’s] not ever going to become president, right? Right?!” the lawyer, Lisa Page, wrote to Strzok.

“No. No he won’t. We’ll stop it,” Strzok responded.

But no ‘political bias’???

Jun 15 08:40

Rep. Meadows: Strzok’s ‘We’ll Stop Trump From Becoming President’ Text Message Was Also HIDDEN FROM CONGRESSIONAL INVESTIGATORS

Someone may have deleted this damning text message because it was ‘missing’ from a previous doc dump.

Rep. Meadows also revealed this damning text message was HIDDEN from Congressional investigators as well as the public.

Jun 15 08:39

IG Report Weighs in on Hatch Act Violations at FBI ‘Officials Using Their Authority to Interfere With an Election’

Last June, then-Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe was being investigated by the Office of U.S. Counsel for violating the Hatch Act according to a report by Circa News.

The Hatch Act prohibits FBI agents from campaigning in partisan races. Photos of McCabe campaigning for his wife raised questions about McCabe’s compliance with the law.

The full IG report will be released later Thursday. Stay tuned. Happy birthday, President Trump!

Jun 15 08:38

Rosenstein threatened to 'subpoena' GOP-led committee in 'chilling' clash over records, emails show

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein threatened to “subpoena” emails, phone records and other documents from lawmakers and staff on a Republican-led House committee during a tense meeting earlier this year, according to emails reviewed by Fox News documenting the encounter and reflecting what aides described as a "personal attack."

The emails memorialized a January 2018 closed-door meeting involving senior FBI and Justice Department officials as well as members of the House Intelligence Committee. The account claimed Rosenstein threatened to turn the tables on the committee's inquiries regarding the Russia probe.

Jun 15 08:17

Senate probes FBI's heavy-handed use of redactions to obstruct congressional investigators

Improper redactions are when federal reviewers — in consultation with their political masters — block out parts of documents that the public or Congress is entitled to see. Under policy and law, redactions are only permitted in limited, carefully defined circumstances, such as to protect national security. After all, government officials do not lord over us; they work for us, on our behalf. They own neither the documents they generate nor the information they collect; we do.

Yet, too often, the feds have redacted information in an apparent attempt to obstruct efforts to investigate their actions, or to prevent release of material that implicates them in embarrassing behavior or wrongdoing.

In a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray, Johnson accuses the FBI of providing a “slow-walked, inadequate response” to his queries. “Moving forward, I expect more complete and expeditious responses to my oversight requests,” writes Johnson.

Jun 15 08:05

Labour Party accused of covering-up a string of sex claims as 'MP's adviser drugged and raped intern aged 19'

A former Parliamentary intern has accused a 'high- profile' adviser to a Labour MP of drugging and raping her when she was 19.

She said she had woken up in the man's bed with no memory of what had happened to her.

The allegation came in an investigation by the Financial Times involving 30 former parliamentary members of staff.

Jun 15 04:42

Here's Why Massachusetts Retail Marijuana Shops May Not Open July 1 As Planned

With two and a half weeks to go before legal marijuana shops were expected to open in Massachusetts, the Cannabis Control Commission has not granted a single license.

"We're going to get it right," Cannabis Control Commission Chairman Steven Hoffman said Thursday. "If that means we have few or no stores on July 1 and it takes a few more weeks, I hope and expect that everyone in the state believes it's the right thing to do. We believe it's the right thing to do."


Jun 14 18:20


Elon Musk's Boring Company has been tapped to build a futuristic transportation system using high-powered electric “skates” to carry passengers between O’Hare International Airport and downtown Chicago.

Jun 14 16:57

Public Barred from NDAA Senate Committee Markup

By Renee Parsons

On May 24th, the Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC) met behind closed doors and approved the massive 1140 page National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA S 2987 ) of 2019 by a 25-2 vote which authorizes ‘funding and provides activities for the US military.’ At the same time, the Committee’s 10 page Executive Summary and its 654 page Committee report were released explaining ‘details’ of the $716 billion legislative package.

While the Committee dutifully heard public testimony on the NDAA including Department of Defense Secretary James Mattis and Gen. Joseph Dunford, Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on April 26th, once the SASC subcommittees began their markup on May 21 and May 22 and the Full SASC met to begin its two day markup on May 23 and May 24th, all SASC consideration of the NDAA was declared “SECRET” as committee doors were sealed shut preventing all public and press attendance...

Jun 14 16:01

Why Americans (And Koreans) Can Sleep Better After The Summit

Scads of analysts and pundits have weighed in on the Trump-Kim summit talks in Singapore, parsing the brief agreement and presidential tweets for signs of just how strongly it actually commits North Korea to total, verifiable “denuclearization.”

Jun 14 15:32

Trey Gowdy Finds Out Hillary Clinton REFUSED To Be Interviewed by Inspector General!

During a congressional hearing looking into the Hillary Clinton email investigation, Congressman Trey Gowdy finds out from the Inspector General of the State Department that Hillary Clinton declined to be interviewed by him. Missing email and records, resignations all because Hillary didn’t win, but truth is. Not all records and Trump is moving forward draining the swamp and exposing those who can remember the lies they told in the past. Follow the money and you’ll find how many were like Even in the garden with the snake…they all have taken a bite and are now ashamed to tell the people they have sinned. Only truth sets a soul free and Americans are waiting for more politicians like Trey Gowdy to come forward and make a difference.

Jun 14 15:23

Democrats ‘Don’t Give A F**K’ About Russia – 4 Ways We Know Americans Are Sick Of Russiagate

How much do regular Americans actually care about Russia’s alleged ‘meddling’ in the 2016 presidential election? If recent evidence is anything to go by, it’s not as much as the media would lead us to believe.

Jun 14 14:41

YouTube Won't Host Our Homemade Gun Video. So We Posted It on PornHub Instead.

Reason has a new video out today explaining how to put together a homemade handgun using some very simple tools and parts you can buy online. But

Jun 14 14:28

Child Sex Robots Ban Approved By US House Amid Nationwide Crackdown On Pedophiles

The US House of Representatives has approved a ban on importation and sale of child sex robots. The proposal says pedophiles can buy lifelike dolls which resemble children as young as three-years-old.

Jun 14 14:24

Trump’s Giving Diplomacy A Chance. His Critics Should, Too.

Some critics have knocked President Trump for making “too many concessions” to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un at the historic Singapore Summit – the first-ever meeting between a U.S. president and North Korean leader.

Jun 14 14:19

Google-Facebook and the War on Our 1st Amendment

Hillary Clinton apparently has given up her dream of becoming president of the United States.

Asked last Friday if she could choose to be chief executive officer of any company in America, she spontaneously blurted out what her new dream job would be – running Facebook.

Jun 14 11:48

Uruguay: First Nation To Legalize Marijuana Can’t Keep Up With Demand

By Aaron Kesel

The South American country was the first nation to legalize marijuana in 2013. However, the legal sales of cannabis began just last year and is still struggling to keep users within the law by purchasing from pharmacies...

Jun 14 11:41

'Crooked Hillary' and 'Slippery Comey': Horowitz About to Drop a Bomb – Analyst

The Horowitz report may explain the motivation behind Hillary Clinton and her associates relying so heavily on secret private servers, Wall Street analyst Charles Ortel told Sputnik, adding that the report is likely to trigger US voters' interest in the upcoming 2018 mid-term elections and 2020 presidential race.

"The biggest question likely to come out of the forthcoming Horowitz report is how many people at senior levels likely knew of mishandling of classified information by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her associates yet elected to give them a pass from serious investigation and prosecution?" asks Charles Ortel, Wall Street analyst and investigative journalist, who has been conducting a private inquiry into the alleged fraud of the Clinton Foundation.

Jun 14 11:17

Department of Justice releases report on Clinton email server investigation

The US Department of Justice has released a long-awaited report looking into the FBI’s handling of its investigation into the use of a private email server by former secretary of state Hillary Clinton.

Republicans had been impatiently awaiting the release of the report into the law enforcement agency’s probe, and recent reports had suggested that Inspector General Michael Horowitz's document would be critical of both the Justice Department itself and the FBI.

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This links to the actual 500 page document.

Jun 14 11:09


Jun 14 10:33

Dem Candidate Calls to "Address Toxic Masculinity," 'No Guns Or Ammo For Anyone On No Fly List'

Levi Tillerman, grandson of late 'holocaust survivor' Congressman Tom Lantos, also wants to impeach Trump for "aiding white supremacists & treason." Levi begins, "Most mass shooters are men. We must end the toxic culture of violence which ties masculinity to warfare & guns. We must nurture young boys, not indoctrinate them into violence and domination." He adds a proposal of "No Fly No Buy - NO guns or ammo for anyone on the no fly list," despite the fact that hundreds of thousands or more Americans are placed on these 'terrorist' lists secretly, with no crime committed, no due process and with no legitimate reason given.

Jun 14 10:22

FBI agent Strzok reportedly texted 'we'll stop' Trump from becoming president

FBI agent Peter Strzok texted a fellow bureau official in August 2016 that “we’ll stop” Donald Trump from becoming president, the Justice Department inspector general reportedly reveals in his highly anticipated report on the Hillary Clinton email case.

The Washington Post reported that Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report includes an August 2016 text message exchange between Strzok and then-FBI lawyer Lisa Page about Trump’s chance of being elected president.

“[Trump’s] not ever going to become president, right? Right?!” Page texted Strzok.

“No. No he won’t. We’ll stop it,” Strzok responded.

Jun 14 10:12

Rod Rosenstein’s Subpoena Threat: He’s Conflicted, and He’s Acting Like It

The House Intelligence Committee is investigating whether the government has used the Justice Department’s awesome investigative authorities as a weapon against political adversaries. We learned yesterday that, in response to this very investigation, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein . . . threatened to use the Justice Department’s awesome investigative authorities as a weapon against political adversaries.

Jun 14 10:11

Free Speech Victory: U.S. Supreme Court Strikes Down Minn. Law Banning Political Expression on Clothing Worn at Polling Places

In a decisive 7-2 ruling in favor of the First Amendment’s guarantee to freedom of speech, the United States Supreme Court has struck down as unconstitutionally vague a Minnesota law that bans political speech on any “badge, button, shirt, or hat” worn at election polling stations.