Oct 23 10:40


Oct 23 10:34

#Podesta emails: Bill Clinton & Obama worked to influence EU’s Greece austerity deal

President Barack Obama and Bill Clinton sought to influence Greece to accept the EU’s harsh austerity terms in 2015, according to leaked emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair John Podesta.

WikiLeaks released the correspondence dated 10 July 2015, in which Podesta wrote to Bill Clinton’s chief of staff Tina Flournoy, asking if the former president could talk to Greece PM Alexis Tsipras.

Oct 23 10:23

Michael Moore: Anyone voting for Trump is 'legal terrorist'

American documentary filmmaker Michael Moore has described anyone planning to vote for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump as a “legal terrorist” alleging that Trump intends to “blow up the old way.”

Oct 23 10:21

Trump says AT&T purchase of media giant Time Warner will "destroy democracy"

US Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has vowed to block a proposed media mega-deal for AT&T to purchase Time Warner if he wins the presidency, insisting that such deals “destroy democracy.”

“As an example of the power structure I’m fighting, AT&T is buying Time Warner and thus CNN, a deal we will not approve in my administration because it’s too much concentration of power in the hands of too few,” said Trump during a campaign speech on Saturday in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, outlining his policy plans for the first 100 days of his presidency.

Oct 23 09:14

Tiny Region of Wallonia in Small Country of Belgium Trips up Global Corporatocracy

Visibly shaken, as Reuters put it, Canadian trade minister Chrystia Freeland walked out of EU trade negotiations in Belgium on Friday evening, lamenting that the EU is “incapable of reaching an agreement – even with a country with European values such as Canada.” A big trade deal that had taken years to negotiate, mostly in total secrecy, had just collapsed. So how in the world did such a mega screw-up happen?

Oct 23 08:58

Russian Diplomats Threatened Over Potential Presence at US Polling Stations

US media reported on Thursday that government officials in the states of Oklahoma, Louisiana and Texas had rejected Russian requests to observe the US presidential and local elections in November.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Forgive me, but if these states have absolutely nothing to hide, in terms of their elections processes, why is having Russian observers there such a big deal?!?

Because truth be told, political corruption in the voting process is as American as apple pie!!

Oct 23 08:46

Here's The 30 Seconds After The Last Debate That CNN Would Rather You Didn't See

So when the CNN focus group was asked "did this debate help anyone make up their mind or possibly change their vote", the results did not turn out how they expected...

  • 5 Clinton
  • 10 Trump
  • 0 3rd Party
  • 6 Undecided
  • Oct 23 08:34

    Clinton says she has 'no concerns' that Trump will try to jail her if he wins: 'We don't do that in America'

    "Only the 'little people' go to jail in America!" -- Hitlery

    Oct 23 08:31

    'Deals like this destroy democracy': Donald Trump says he would block the $85billion AT&T and Time Warner merger... if he were president

    The deal that could 'destroy democracy' between AT&T and Time Warner would undoubtedly be blocked if America elected Donald Trump as president, or so he says.

    'Deals like this destroy democracy,' proclaimed Trump during a rally in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, where he discussed what he would do in his first 100 days of presidency.

    AT&T reached a deal to buy media company Time Warner Inc for more than $85billion.

    Oct 23 08:14

    The Pillaging of Nicaragua's Bosawás Biosphere Reserve

    Pillaging of Nicaragua’s Bosawás Biosphere Reserve — the largest tropical rainforest in the western hemisphere after the Amazon — persists at rates around 200-280 acres per day, according to an estimate published in Time Magazine. With encroaching destruction driven by a sinister triad of corporate, colonial, and government interests, most progress that has been made — largely through indigenous stewardship of community forests — has been the result of indigenous resistance.

    Oct 23 02:58

    Just what DOES the Federal Trade Commission Antitrust Division DO Anymore?

    When are we, the American People, going to begin to hold our elected (and non-elected but appointed) government leaders’ collective feet to the fire?

    It appears that yet again, once more, Obama-appointee FTC Antitrust Chairwoman Edith Ramirez is asleep at her desk.

    The latest news broadcasts from up on high is that AT&T is about to buy Time-Warner Cable, for a cool 85 billion dollars.

    Could it be because she is somehow being told to “stand down,” or is otherwise benefiting from this pyramid scheme-like media conglomeration?

    Oct 23 02:27

    Uber Passenger Films Trump Argument with His Driver

    "Bill Clinton has a black kid?!"

    There are a lot of people commenting on the video itself, and they are all supporting the driver.

    Oct 22 23:34

    Debunking Hillary in 140 Characters PropagandaDebunker.ShameTheClintonShills() – WikiLeaks Podesta Emails

    ?This 140 character tweet has garnered some attention on Twitter, but despite the humor it is real code that will be used to debunk Hillary's shills. See below.

    MSM Journalists (cough hacks) already outed as colluding with Clinton in the Podesta Emails keep claiming WikiLeaks is conspiring with Russia.

    As proof they keep pointing out that RT keeps publishing the Podesta Emails before WikiLeaks tweets about them.
    Here's 45 lines of code I will use to Tweet Batch 16 before anyone else.

    Oct 22 18:40

    Trump says AT&T purchase of media giant Time Warner will "destroy democracy"

    US Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has vowed to block a proposed media mega-deal for AT&T to purchase Time Warner if he wins the presidency, insisting that such deals “destroy democracy.”

    “As an example of the power structure I’m fighting, AT&T is buying Time Warner and thus CNN, a deal we will not approve in my administration because it’s too much concentration of power in the hands of too few,” said Trump during a campaign speech on Saturday in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, outlining his policy plans for the first 100 days of his presidency.

    Oct 22 17:17

    Tory MP pockets £50,000 payout from Dubai oil firm, then becomes minister

    A Tory MP who suggested people who aren’t rich are “low achievers” pocketed a £50,000 golden goodbye from an Arab oil company after he quit his £8,000-a-month second job to become a government minister, it has emerged.

    Oct 22 16:13

    Clinton’s Brooklyn campaign HQ evacuated over suspicious white powder in mail

    Hillary Clinton’s campaign headquarters in Brooklyn, New York, were rapidly evacuated late on Friday after a suspicious white powdery substance was discovered in one of the letters addressed to the presidential runner-up.

    Oct 22 15:21

    BEX ALERT - Trump offered me $10k to spend the night with him, says porn star: Adult actress claims The Donald propositioned her after inviting her and two other women to his penthouse suite 

    A porn star has accused Donald Trump of offering her $10,000 to spend the night with him in his penthouse suite after a 2006 golf tournament.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3863174/Trump-offered-10k-spen...
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

    Webmaster's Commentary: 

    Okay, so a woman who gets paid money to have sex with strangers on camera was offered money to have sex ... off camera, and this is a scandal?

    Hillary's people are getting desperate to distract people from the leaks about her corruption and espionage!

    I mean, nobody is saying this woman was raped or assaulted. If this story is true (and frankly I doubt it) the story is this woman was offered money to do what she does for money!

    Oct 22 13:39

    The DDOS Attacks Are Most Likely A FALSE FLAG By The Clinton Camp To Blame RUSSIA And WIKILEAKS, But WIKILEAKS Is Strangely Blaming Supporters (WTF).

    Webmaster addition: It may be someone hacked Wikileaks' twitter feed to shift the blame onto supporters, but it doesn't make any sense for Wikileaks' supporters to hack the DNS for the very social media platforms Wikileaks uses to transmit their information, no more than it did when they claimed Russia did it!

    Oct 22 13:24

    Embarrassing America Before the World

    The current election campaign has done more to set back U.S. foreign relations, and the cause of good foreign policy, than has any other American presidential election within memory. One reason is the overall sordid image of American democracy in action that is being projected to people around the world, and to governments with an interest in exploiting that image.

    Oct 22 13:23

    World hates America, Obama, says Donald Trump

    Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has said the world hates the United States, citing countries such as the Philippines which are aligning themselves with US adversaries.

    “The world hates our president,” Trump told his supporters Friday in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. “The world hates us. You saw what happened with the Philippines after years and years and years; they’re now looking to Russia and China, because they don’t feel good about the weak America.”

    Oct 22 11:54

    Scott Foval Describing How DNC Incites Riots

    Oct 22 11:18

    28 Things Donald Trump Promises to Do as President

    Donald Trump is laying out delivered a long list of things he would do if elected president.

    During an appearance in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, he vows to act on them in the first 100 days in office.

    “On November Eighth, Americans will be voting for this 100-day plan to restore prosperity to our country, secure our communities, and honesty to our government,” Trump says. “This is my pledge to you and if we follow these steps we will once more have a government of, by and for the people and importantly we will make America great again. Believe me.”

    Oct 22 10:55

    Guarding Hillary’s Health

    Among all the recent WikiLeaks email dumps, perhaps the most important one of all has been overlooked by the mainstream media.

    In it, Neera Tanden, Hillary Clinton’s longtime political guru, warned campaign manager John Podesta not to raise the question of primary opponent Bernie Sanders’ health because it would draw unwanted attention to the hidden truth about Hillary’s health.

    Oct 22 10:17

    SOPA False Flag? Alleged ‘Hack’ on Netflix, Twitter, Amazon – US ready to blame Russia

    Yesterday, a wave of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks hit some of the top online companies websites including Amazon, Netflix, Twitter and Reddit. One cannot rule out the very real possibility that this a staged-managed event, especially when you consider The New York Times was listed among those affected. If recent US media and political themes are anything to go by, you can expect a cascading chorus of blame directed at Russia.

    In this age of America’s new and improved trial by media format, you can expect a litany of unfounded accusations, along with the usual anti-Russia hyperbole and waving fingers at Washington’s new go-to scapegoat – Russian president Vladimir Putin.

    Oct 22 10:16

    Clinton Foundation feared being sued by female and minority staff over paying them less than white men, leaked email reveals

    The Clinton Foundation worried that staffers in ‘protected’ classes would slap them with lawsuits if they found out they were making less than colleagues in comparable positions.
    An end-of-the-year email from Terry Sheridan, head of Human Resources, to John Podesta and Bruce Lindsey, Chairman of the Board, laying out proposed salary increases for the charity’s staffers included an attachment that listed seven exceptions to the agreed upon raises.

    A column explaining why those staffers should receive a higher rate of compensation than the agreed upon rate cited ‘protective class concern’ twice, once for a foundation employee who was a minority ‘(race)’ and again next to a female web designer ‘(gender).

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3861364/Clinton-Foundation-fea...
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

    Oct 22 10:16

    Why Brookings Institution & The Establishment Love Wars

    Washington’s public relations operations for the military contracting firms that surround the U.S. Capitol aren’t by for-profit PR firms, so much as they’re by ‘non-profit’ foundations and think tanks, which present that ‘non-profit’ cover for their sales-promotion campaigns on behalf of the real beneficiaries: owners and top executives of these gigantic ‘defense’ contracting corporations, such as Lockheed Martin, and Booz Allen Hamilton.

    Oct 22 09:09


    Trump was forced to cancel his rally in Chicago due to the extreme violence by operatives working for Hillary Clinton.

    We are being told that Donald Trump is going to press charges on these people, including Hillary Clinton, under the Felony Mob Act.

    In Illinois, Trump will be citing the Illinois criminal statute. The Mob action is a Class Four felony punishable by 3-6 years in prison and a $25,000 fine for each charge in Illinois. When Trump brings forward the paperwork, he very well could charge anyone associated with helping, planning, organizing, or paying anyone to commit acts of violence–which would include Hillary Clinton.

    Oct 22 09:04

    Dem Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Denounces 'Wikipedia' for Publishing Leaked Emails!

    Democratic Congresswoman Shiela Jackson Lee tore "Wikipedia" a new one for publishing hacked emails from Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta!

    Oct 22 09:01

    What Nixon Could Teach Trump About Losing

    But shortly after Nixon’s concession to Kennedy, which he offered in a gracious telegram to his opponent early on the morning of Nov. 9, reports of voting fraud in Illinois and Texas benefiting the Democratic ticket began to surface. In Chicago, in one instance, 121 votes were counted after only 43 people voted, and 6,138 ballots were cast in a Texas county with just 4,895 registered voters.

    Webmaster's Commentary: 

    Just when you think the New York Times cannot sink any lower ... they sink lower.

    Bypassing Al Gore's 2000 fight in an election in which it will never be known who actually won, the New York Times goes back to 1960, an election that by all accounts was stolen, and paints Richard Nixon as noble for not damaging the illusion of Democracy by making a fuss. Of course, it is not actually known what reasons Nixon had to not contest the election; maybe he was afraid of the Kennedy family's connections to organized crime dating back to prohibition.

    This article makes it clear what is going on at the New York Times. They support Hillary Clinton. The already-exposed and admitted fraud during the primaries makes it clear Hillary will try to steal this election. The American people know this. The corporate media knows we know it. It is pointless to try to deny it, so the New York Times is trying to sell the message that no matter how obvious Hillary is in stealing this election, We The People should just go along with it "for the good of the country", meaning the good of the entrenched oligarchical establishment. They are not protecting Democracy, but maintaining the illusion of Democracy and think we should all just go along with the fraud.

    I have a different point of view.

    If the government cannot prove the accuracy and honesty of the elections by which they claim authority over the people, then the people are neither legally nor morally obligated to obey that government's dictates, nor pay its bills, nor sacrifice the lives of their children in that government's wars, and may with full justification resist with lethal force that government's attempts to coerce obedience.

    Or, to put it another way, the original contract with America is that voters give their consent to be governed to leaders the voters choose. If we are not actually choosing our own leaders, that contract is broken and the government is illegal, unconstitutional, and wholly illegitimate.

    Like I said, just when you think the New York Times cannot sink any lower ... they sink lower. I would say they have hit rock bottom but they actually went past that months ago and are now headed for the core of the planet!

    Oct 22 08:45

    Trump regains lead over Clinton after last debate

    US Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has overtaken his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton following their last presidential debate, a new poll shows.

    According to the Rasmussen survey released on Friday, two days after the fiery debate in Las Vegas on Wednesday night, Trump led Clinton 43 percent to 41 percent.

    Oct 22 08:38

    Trump shoves back against MICHELLE Obama as he complains she's campaigning instead of caring for her kids – and dredges up her own 2007 zinger against Hillary Clinton to do it

    Trump was in mid-stride, blasting the Obama administration as ''a bunch of babies running our country, a bunch of losers.'

    'We have a president, all he wants to do is campaign. His wife, all she wants to do is campaign,' he said.

    'I see how much his wife likes Hillary, but wasn't she the one that started the statement, "If you can't take care of your home, you can't take care of the White House or the country"?'

    Mrs. Obama used that line repeatedly in 2007 and 2008 – as a slap at Hillary Clinton – while campaigning for her husband.

    Oct 22 08:28

    John Podesta Wasn't 'Hacked,' He Fell For An Email Phishing Scam

    John Podesta didn't have his email "hacked," he fell for a phishing scam.

    Podesta had a Gmail account. Gmail's servers were at no point hacked into or compromised. Podesta's password was not guessed in some sort of brute force attack. He clicked a shady bit.ly link sent to him in an email and then typed his password into a phishing site.

    Webmaster's Commentary: 

    "No! It was Russia. It was RUSSIA!
    RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA!!!!!" -- Shrillery

    Oct 22 08:26

    5 Big Fat Lies Hillary Told at the Final Presidential Debate

    Oct 22 08:16

    Trey Gowdy Destroys Hillary gets her to SNAP

    Oct 22 08:15

    Elite’s War on Free Speech, Free Press, Free Internet and the Truth

    By Joachim Hagopian
    October 22, 2016
    “A populace deprived of the ability to separate lies from truth, is no longer capable of sustaining a free society.”

    Journalist Chris Hedges

    As the ruling elite pushes its rigged election, forcibly cramming crime boss Hillary down our gullets against the people’s choice or will, so goes suppression of information rapidly shutting off the truth spigot, leaving Americans high and dry, starved of honesty by their oligarchic owned and controlled crime cabal government. Signs that the globalists are panicking are visible every day as they aggressively provoke World War III timed with the collapse of their morally and financially bankrupted global economy. And with two-thirds of Americans living from paycheck to paycheck, the future does not look bright.

    Oct 22 08:06

    Snopes Quotes FAIR on O’Keefe’s Dubiousness

    Factchecking website Snopes (10/18/16) cited FAIR’s work, among others, in warning readers not to take at face value videos by James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas alleging Democratic election skullduggery.

    After quoting critiques of O’Keefe’s work from Columbia Journalism Review, Snopes‘ Kim LaCapria wrote:

    Webmaster addition: SNOPES is a known establishment gatekeeper.

    Oct 22 08:05

    Anonymous Documentary - HILLARY CLINTON: THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL - Documentary 2016

    Oct 22 08:04

    Empire Files: Abby Martin Exposes What Hillary Clinton Really Represents

    Oct 22 07:57

    Clinton scandal you may not have heard of, “Arkansas Prison Blood Scandal” — Cummins State Prison was knowingly harvesting HIV and Hep C tainted blood from prisoners for international export by HMA, run by Clinton crony

    One of the worst messes involved the notorious Arkansas penal system, which had awarded a lucrative contract to Health Management Associates (HMA), a company run by Leonard Dunn, a Clinton crony.

    When Michael Galster, who held an orthopedic clinic in Cummins state prison once every two weeks, discovered that HMA was harvesting tainted blood from prison inmates by paying them $7 a pint, he threatened to blow the whistle. He was prepared to testify that the blood, some of which was infected with Hepatitis C and the HIV virus, was being sold with the knowledge of prison authorities and Governor Clinton to brokers, who in turn shipped it to several foreign countries, including Canada.[1]

    Webmaster's Commentary: 

    Actually, this is mentioned in The Epic of Clintons' Mess

    Oct 22 07:51

    BEX ALERT - Letter With Substance Triggers Clinton Campaign Brooklyn HQ Evacuation - Reports

    The Brooklyn headquarters of US Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's campaign has been evacuated due to a suspicious substance in a letter, local media reported.

    Webmaster's Commentary: 

    This is a pathetic play for sympathy to counter the Project Veritas videos which prove Hillary's campaign paid people to violently disrupt Donald Trump's rallies (a tactic copied from Adolf Hitler's "Brownshirts.") The suspicious substance turned out to be harmless white powder.

    Oct 22 07:26

    CDC’s Flagrant Refusal of a Court Subpoena: Nothing New Regarding Vaccine Cover Up Fraud

    By Catherine J. Frompovich

    “On Sept. 22, in a letter from CDC Director Thomas Freiden, [Frieden] CDC denied Smith’s request. Smith explained that ‘this denial was a disappointment but not a surprise, since the inescapable implication of Dr. Thompson’s testimony is that the agency fraudulently altered the science to undermine autism cases worth potentially $1 trillion in compensation ordered by Congress’.” [8]

    There must be something either in the water or the air in Washington, DC—the federal district and government agencies, in particular, or Atlanta, Georgia—that enables federal employees and bureaucrats to break the law and not be held accountable!...

    Oct 22 07:20

    Ronald McDonald or Lucretia Borgia?: In the Long Run, We Are all Dead

    Fred says we should give up on America. Fred gave up on America a long time ago. He lives in Mexico.

    It is over. Hillary may start wars in her six months before going into a sanatorium. Trump may build walls. But the rot will go on. Tell me why it won’t.

    American culture now drinks deeply from the ghetto, and there is no turning this around either. The country has achieved the dictatorship of the sub-proletariat. Someone said that when the lower orders found that they could vote themselves the treasury, they would. They can also vote themselves the culture, and have.

    There is no solution. Complaining about degraded music, semi-literacy, and barnyard taste accomplishes nothing. Soon there will be none left who remember what has been lost. Once broken, the chain cannot be repaired.

    It is over. Putrefaction is irreversible, either by Ronald or Lucretia.

    Oct 22 06:54

    WHY Is Someone Trying To Fool Us With This Video Of Julian Assange?

    The video is from 2012 but its pretending from Oct 21th.

    This is how I know something bad is going on with wikileaks / Assange right now..

    Oct 22 02:44

    My Uber Driver Loves Trump

    Q: "Bill Clinton's got a black kid, Danny Williams. How come he's not on CNN?"

    A: "He's got a black kid?"

    Viewer Comment (after asking where the video was recorded):

    Oct 21 18:04

    Historical embarrassment down to wire for main US parties: Analyst

    US Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton will thrash Republican candidate Donald Trump in the electoral college but if so many voters stay home or vote for a third party, the November 8 election will turn out to be an historical embarrassment for both main parties, from beginning to end, according to Myles Hoenig, an political analyst and activist.

    Oct 21 18:03

    WikiLeaks releases yet more #PodestaEmails from Clinton campaign chair

    WikiLeaks has released a new batch of emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair John Podesta.

    The latest tranche comprises of around 1,577 mails, bringing the total released so far to 25,000. WikiLeaks has said it will release around 50,000 mails in total in the lead up to the presidential election on November 8.

    Oct 21 17:16

    WW3 Has Begun, And It Is Digital: “New World Hackers” Claim Cyber Attack That Took Down Major Sites

    Get ready – it seems that this will be an October Surprise to remember.

    At least two successive waves of online attacks blocked multiple major websites Friday, blocking users on the East Coast from Twitter, Spotify, Netflix, Amazon, Tumblr and Reddit. [...] Members of a shadowy hacker collective that calls itself New World Hackers claimed responsibility

    [...] “Say, not to panic anybody, but what if the (attacks) today were practice for 11/8 ?” high-profile pundit Keith Olbermann tweeted.

    Read more at SHTF

    Oct 21 16:46

    'Rigged' Debates? Questions Arise Again Over Lighted Screen At Hillary's Podium

    Now, recall that debate 2 was structured as a town hall discussion so this type of cheating would not have been feasible. That said, oddly enough, debate 2 was the one that almost everyone universally thought she lost.

    Oct 21 15:44

    Hillary Clinton’s Strategic Ambition in a Nutshell

    It has become crystal clear.

    For the record, here it is.

    She has big ambitions, which she does not spell out for fear of frightening part of the electorate, but which are perfectly understood by her closest aides and biggest donors.

    She wants to achieve regime change in Russia.

    Oct 21 15:44

    Tory MP Andrew Mitchell blasts NatWest attempt to close RT’s accounts

    Former Conservative chief whip Andrew Mitchell MP has criticized the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) for the partly state-owned bank’s attempts to freeze RT’s UK accounts through its NatWest subsidiary.

    He told RT UK’s Going Underground: “It’s important that RT carries interviews, if you carry interviews like this, then you are promoting free speech, and I wouldn’t want to put RT out of business.”

    Oct 21 15:42

    Polling Places in Police Stations? Why Civil Rights Groups Are Still Fighting for Voting Rights

    When civil rights groups learned that a county elections board planned to relocate the polling station for a predominately Black precinct in Macon, Georgia, to a local sheriff’s office, they warned election officials that the move would unfairly discourage turnout. The officials didn’t budge at first.

    Oct 21 15:35

    Video: 5 Big Fat Lies Hillary Told at the Final Presidential Debate

    We know, we know, there were more than five… but who wants to sit and listen to Hillary for 90 minutes to find them all? And if she lies this much in just one 90-minute discussion, can you imagine how many lies the American people will be subjected to in four years under Madam Hillary’s rule?

    Oct 21 15:35

    Email From Lynne Forester de Rothschild to Hillary Clinton, Against Elizabeth Warren

    Message from Lynn Forester de Rothschild (who controls many corporations and whose husband Sir Evelyn de Rothschild allegedly owns $20 billion), to Hillary Clinton, via Cheryl Mills, on how “to craft the economic message for Hillary” and warning Hillary’s campaign-staff that Elizabeth Warren deceives voters.

    Oct 21 15:34

    Sh*t Just Got Real: Source Leaks Surprise Election Military Drill — DHS Prepping for “No Rule of Law” After Election Day

    By the looks of this, the system is gearing up for a fight with the people on election day. Could the system’s consolidation of power behind Hillary and her ascension to the US throne have something to do with it?

    Oct 21 15:33

    Hillary Clinton and the Brutal Murder of Qaddafi

    On October 20, 2011, Libya’s Muammar al-Gaddafi was brutally murdered by a mob of NATO-backed ‘rebels’, after first being beaten and violated in the most barbaric fashion. History leaves no doubt that not only was the Libyan leader murdered on this day but Libya itself.

    Oct 21 15:33

    Trump Brings Large-Scale Voter Fraud to Forefront

    Who won or lost last night’s debate doesn’t really matter. What matters is that Trump wasn’t able to score the knock-out blows required to impact his declining polling numbers in a meaningful way. Meanwhile, of all the points made in last night’s debate, the only one that seems to matter to the mainstream media this morning is that Trump is somehow plotting to overthrow our democracy by refusing to accept election results on November 8th.

    Oct 21 15:16

    Best of the worst: Here are the most shocking WikiLeaks Podesta emails so far

    A January 2016 email detailed how Clinton boasted of her “great” relations with bankers in an October 2013 speech. She spoke of how

    “more thought has to be given to the process and transactions and regulations so that we don’t kill or maim what works, but we concentrate on the most effective way of moving forward with the brainpower and the financial power that exists here [on Wall Street].”

    Oct 21 14:58

    BEXALERT: Wikileaks supporters 'are behind massive cyber attack on US': Website urges its supporters to stop 'taking down the US internet' because 'Mr Assange is still alive' amid massive ongoing cyber attacks

    Their plan is obvious now. They took down Wikileaks,put up a fake site and laid the blame on Assange and his supporters!We know Anonymous has been infiltrated for years.The next move,indict Assange and supporters and extradite him from the Embassy to the US where they can shut him up. That's my hunch.

    A massive co-ordinated series of cyber attacks has forced hundreds of major websites from Amazon to Twitter offline across the globe - and WikiLeaks believes its supporters are to blame.

    It urged its backers to 'stop taking down the US internet', saying 'Mr Assange is still alive and WikiLeaks is still publishing'.

    It then tweeted 'The Obama administration should not have attempted to misuse its instruments of state to stop criticism of its ruling party candidate.'

    Oct 21 14:54

    An Email From Lynne Forester de Rothschild to Hillary Clinton, Against Elizabeth Warren

    en. Elizabeth Warren professes that she is not running for president, but her Wednesday speech to a major labor conference is loaded with not-terribly-veiled references to Hillary Clinton and attacks on Bill Clinton’s record as president. The Massachusetts Democrat’s prepared remarks to the AFL-CIO’s National Summit on Wages in Washington are a lesson in progressive economic theory. In this retelling, landmark free trade deals and banking deregulation boost the fortunes of the wealthy at the expense of the poor and middle class [this being the WSJ’s characterization of what Warren’s message to voters is].

    Oct 21 13:58

    Scott Adams: How to Insult Me on Twitter

    I’ve noticed that a lot of people are struggling to come up with creative ways to insult me on Twitter. As a public service, I will organize the common approaches in this post so people can insult me by number.

    Oct 21 13:41

    Scott Adams: The Crook Versus the Monster

    Reality isn’t a factor in this election, as per usual. If the truth mattered, voters might care that the Democratic primaries were rigged against Sanders. They might care that the Clinton Foundation looks like a pay-to-play scheme. They might care that the FBI gave Clinton a free pass. They might care that we know Clinton cheated in at least one debate by getting a question in advance. They might care that Clinton’s dirty-tricks people incited the violence at Trump rallies. They might care that Clinton’s “speaking fees” were curiously high. They might care about all of that. But they don’t, because a crook is still a safer choice than a monster.

    Oct 21 13:29

    From Palestine to Black Lives Matter: Alicia Garza and Phyllis Bennis on Issues Ignored at the Debates

    In our special broadcast of the final 2016 U.S. presidential debate, we asked Black Lives Matter co-founder Alicia Garza what the major-party candidates should have addressed in their exchange: “I want to see more conversation about what it is going to take to preserve the quality of life of black people in this country, who are being systematically murdered, incarcerated, and otherwise marginalized and disenfranchised.”

    Oct 21 13:28

    NSA contractor accused of largest data theft in history

    US government prosecutors say they would prosecute a former contractor for the National Security Agency (NSA) who is accused of stealing a “breathtaking” amount of classified information, the largest data theft the United States has ever seen.

    Oct 21 13:20

    Julian assange exposes Hillary!... the hackers aren't russian, they are DNC party whistleblowers...

    Oct 21 12:28

    Electing Killary Means More War

    Contrary to popular belief on the impact of US Presidential election results, Marc Faber the author of the The Gloom, Boom & Doom Report, is of the view that Hillary Clinton’s victory may not be positive for the global markets. Calling Hillary Clinton a war monger, Faber says that if she is elected, international tensions will increase.

    Oct 21 12:26

    Raising More Questions Than Answers

    At the final presidential debate, Hillary Clinton was asked about her dream for “open borders” as disclosed in one of her paid speeches to financial special interests. Instead of giving a thorough answer, she pivoted into an attack on Russian “espionage” for allegedly giving the speech to Wikileaks to benefit Donald Trump’s campaign.

    Oct 21 12:17


    When Google bought the advertising network DoubleClick in 2007, Google founder Sergey Brin said that privacy would be the company’s “number one priority when we contemplate new kinds of advertising products.” And, for nearly a decade, Google did in fact keep DoubleClick’s massive database of web-browsing records separate by default from the names and other personally identifiable information Google has collected from Gmail and its other login accounts. But this summer, Google quietly erased that last privacy line in the sand – literallycrossing out the lines in its privacy policy that promised to keep the two pots of data separate by default. In its place, Google substituted new language that says browsing habits “may be” combined with what the company learns from the use Gmail and other tools.

    Oct 21 11:48

    Chris Hedges vs. Eddie Glaude: Should Progressives Vote for Hillary Clinton or Jill Stein?

    Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Chris Hedges and Eddie Glaude, chair of the Department of African American Studies at Princeton.

    Oct 21 11:33

    FLASHBACK - VIRTUAL 9-11: Will the US & Israel Hack US Computers and Falsely Blame It On Iran or Syria or Russia or China (or at least to stop us saying bad things about Hillary)?

    Such a cyber false-flag also gives the US Government the excuse to take total control of the internet so that those pesky truth-seeking bloggers don't give the slaves uppity ideas that this is just another war-starting hoax like the attack on the USS Liberty or 9-11 or the Boston bombing. At the very least, the government could return the dissemination of information back to the sole monopoly of the corporate media, so the independent media stops reminding the voters of Hillary Clinton's crimes and corruptions!

    Webmaster's Commentary: 

    I am reposting this because of the massive DDOS attack against a company that provides DNS services.

    DNS is the system that takes a dmain name like whatreallyhappened.com and maps it to the physical IP of the server, such as (save this IP in case my domain stops responding).

    There is nothing to be gained by attacking a DNS server other than maximizing confusion and generating headlines.

    This could very well be a move by the US Government to frame Russia for a cyber-attack. The Pentagon is already on record saying a cyber attack is an act of war!

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    WRH breaking
    Oct 21 11:17

    Obama seeks ‘big’ Clinton win to repudiate Trump’s rigging claims

    US President Barack Obama has called for a thumping victory of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton against Donald Trump to repudiate the Republican presidential nominee’s “dangerous” claims of a rigged vote.

    Speaking on Thursday evening at a rally in support of Clinton in Miami, Florida, Obama called on supporters of Clinton, “We’ve got to do it big; there has to be no doubt. Because the Donald is whining that the one is going to be rigged before the game is even over.”

    Oct 21 10:54

    Obama 2008 Ad "[Hillary Clinton] will say anything and change nothing" - plus Hillary is a liar

    Oct 21 10:46

    Ron Paul asks: Are The Russians Rigging Our Elections?

    Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton accused the Russians of manipulating the US electoral system to get Republican candidate Donald Trump elected president. She claimed:

    Oct 21 10:43

    Roast Battle: Al Smith Dinner Edition features Clinton, Trump – and a lot of jokes

    The Al Smith charity dinner benefits both Catholic charities as well as voters, who finally saw some levity by the presidential candidates. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump both spoke, reciting their writers’ best jokes about themselves and each other.

    Every election year, the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner at the Waldorf-Astoria hotel gives the presidential candidates a chance to present softer versions of their campaigns as they are encouraged to make light-hearted jabs and self-deprecating jokes.

    Oct 21 10:42

    Billionaire Hillary Clinton Backer Wants a New Tax That Funnels Middle Class Money to Wall Street

    “I find the whole thing astonishing and what’s remarkable is the amount of anger whether it’s on the Republican side or the Democratic side,” the Wall Street mogul said at the World Economic Forum in Davos. “Bernie Sanders, to me, is almost more stunning than some of what’s going on in the Republican side. How is that happening, why is that happening?”

    Oct 21 10:22

    ‘I Had Nothing to Do With That!’ Obama Dodges Blame For Skyrocketing Premiums

    President Barack Obama offers multiple excuses for why health insurance premiums continue to skyrocket, including blaming Republicans and insurance companies for the problems.

    Webmaster's Commentary: 

    Oct 21 10:19

    Hillary goes into KKK mode in Detroit. Black man assaulted by crowd

    Oct 21 10:15

    SHOCKING: DNC Contractor Caught in Voter Fraud Sting Visited White House 342 Times

    “A convicted felon caught up in a pair of stinging political exposés has visited the Obama White House 342 times, according to the administration’s records, including several visits to the Obama family’s residence and one, in October of last year, to the Oval Office.

    Robert Creamer was caught on one hidden-camera video discussing ways to commit large-scale voter fraud, and talking in another about paying liberal activists to start fights and otherwise disrupt Donald Trump rallies.

    Democracy Partners, the community organizing firm that until Tuesday employed Creamer, works hand-in-hand with Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.”

    Webmaster's Commentary: 

    For Obama to be working on Hillary's campaign in the White House is a violation of the Hatch Act of 1939!

    Oct 21 10:07

    Woman Backtracks on Assault Claim After O’Keefe Video

    A woman who accused a Donald Trump supporter of punching her outside a Trump rally in North Carolina is backtracking after James O’Keefe and Project Veritas released video showing Democrat operatives claiming she was a trained activist.

    69-year-old Shirley Teter of Asheville now says it is possible that 73-year-old Richard L. Campbell merely touched her accidentally, as his attorney had claimed all along.

    Oct 21 09:58

    CNN cuts feed of Congressman who mentions WikiLeaks!

    Webmaster's Commentary: 


    Oct 21 09:52

    Video Appears to Show Hillary Clinton Staffer Feeding Questions to Reporters During Post-Debate Presser

    Video of Democratic Party presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s post-debate press conference appears to show her campaign’s traveling press secretary Nick Merrill feeding questions to reporters.

    Oct 21 09:48

    COVER-UP: Both Obama and Clinton Lied About Trading Classified Emails

    The mainstream media have gone to great lengths to hide obfuscate the following story.
    During an interview with CBS News on March 7, 2015, President Barack Obama claimed he only learned about Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server, “the same time everybody else learned it through news reports.”

    Subsequent email leaks show, however, that Obama in fact lied when he said he ‘didn’t know’ Clinton used an unsecure private server. According to the Daily Caller, newly released FBI documents show that:

    “Obama used a pseudonym when communicating with then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton by email, and at least one of those emails ended up on Clinton’s private email server.”

    This proves two things: not only did Obama break White House security protocol by carelessly trading private emails “off grid” with Hillary Clinton on a unsecured and unauthorized mail server – but he also lied about it after the fact.

    Oct 21 09:47

    The Meaning of Trump

    The meaning of Trump is that, pretty much, half of the American people say enough is enough. Half of the American people are expressing a total fatigue of the system and their ruling elite.

    In the last few weeks we learned that Trump left behind a score of offended women. He was disrespectful and grossly misbehaved, allegedly. This may tell us something about who Trump is; yet the fact that all those embarrassing revelations had zero impact on Trump’s popularity suggests that we are dealing with a force of nature.

    Oct 21 09:45

    Mark Twain Perfectly Described the 2016 US Presidential Race 145 Years Ago

    "There was no possible way of getting out of it, and so, in deep humiliation, I set about preparing to "answer" a mass of baseless charges and mean and wicked falsehoods. But I never finished the task, for the very next morning a paper came out with a new horror, a fresh malignity, and seriously charged me with burning a lunatic asylum with all its inmates because it obstructed the view from my house."

    Oct 21 09:37

    Trey Gowdy On The Email Investigation The Night Before The Final Debate... Pure Gowdy

    Oct 21 09:36


    Oct 21 09:31

    Operation Stop Soros - #StopSoros

    "I made a startling discovery last week. When it came out that the Voting Machines were compromised by Soros in 16 different states, I decided to call my Governor's office to see if my state could invoke their conflict of interest clause in their voting machine contract and fall back to a manual voting process/paper ballots.

    When I informed them of this conflict of interest, they bounced me around a few times until someone at the Board of Elections said that I would have to contact each county's individual, local Board of Elections, as each county has its own fallback process in place.

    Repeat this for 16 different states..."

    Hmm..., I wonder if the denial of service in the UK and US are related to Mr Soros stealing the election with his electronic voting machines?

    Oct 21 09:31

    Secretary of State Held Secret Negotiations with Ecuador to Make WikiLeaks Stop Publishing Hillary Clinton’s Corruption!

    The folks at WikiLeaks are reporting that the US Secretary of State, John Kerry, held secret negotiations with Ecuador in an effort to get Ecuador to force WikiLeaks to stop publishing information on Hillary Clinton’s lawlessness. The conversations apparently took place during the height of Colombia’s negotiations with the communist rebels at FARC (who are friendly with Ecuador) in what must have been our government’s attempt to make it seem as if Kerry were simply contacting Ecuador to be kept abreast of the negotiations.

    Webmaster's Commentary: 

    What moron actually thought that cutting Assange's internet at the embassy was going to have any effect on the document dump?

    Oct 21 09:30

    Hillary Clinton Linked To Mysterious Front Associated with Julian Assange Pedophile Smear

    “An unknown entity posing as an internet dating agency prepared an elaborate plot to falsely claim that Julian Assange received US$1M from the Russian government and a second plot to frame him sexually molesting an eight year old girl,” WikiLeaks said in a press release Tuesday.