Mar 19 07:48

Cruz Drops Hold on Biden’s CIA Pick as Blinken Threatens Nord Stream 2 With New Sanctions

Earlier this month, a group of GOP lawmakers led by Texas Senator Ted Cruz put a hold on Joe Biden CIA pick William Burns’ confirmation over the administration’s perceived lack of tough action against Nord Stream 2. On Thursday, the State Department issued new sanctions threats against the joint Russian-European energy infrastructure project.

Senator Ted Cruz dropped his hold on the Senate confirmation of Biden CIA chief pick William Burns on Thursday after welcoming Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s threats of new restrictions against Nord Stream 2.

“I welcome today’s statement by Secretary Blinken, which reinforces to the international community that there is a bicameral, bipartisan, and whole of government commitment in the United States to stopping Putin’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline,” Cruz said in a statement.

Mar 19 07:27

The Illegal Immigration Crisis: It’s All About New Covid Lockdowns

The only option the globalists have at this stage is to barrel forward with the pandemic narrative despite the fact that Covid has turned out to be a hollow issue with a death rate of 0.26% outside of nursing home patients. At least half the country is ready to revolt over the mandates, and almost half the country is refusing to take the vaccines or accept medical passports. That is millions of people that are laughing in the face of the Reset agenda.

Mar 19 07:23

The Incorrigible Andrew Cuomo

He has virtually no public support. One-third of respondents are “not sure” and are excluded from the above, but outright majorities of most groups and strong pluralities of even Democrats and of liberals say he should vacate.

The state assembly and state senate presumably have the numbers to impeach and convict him, but New York is effectively a one-party state. Because the legislature routinely balks on principle at anything requiring Republican opposition to pass, it’s not certain they will be able to marshal a sufficient number of defenestration votes. It would be a lot easier if he’d resign on his own.

But it doesn’t look like he will. Cuomo is digging in his heels. Virginia governor Ralph Northam held on, but he never lost the public support of his own party the way Cuomo has. That was during the Trump presidency, when there was a greater premium on the appearance of Democrat unity than there is now.

Mar 19 07:23

REPOST - Strong Support for Voter ID Across the Board

The survey doesn’t provide further cross-tabulated data, but it looks like white Democrats are close to split on the question. All other major subgroups, including non-white Democrats, are on board with the requirement. Hispanics, the putative victims of voter ID requirements, support it by a margin of nearly 3-to-1.

You wouldn’t know it listening to the pundit class talk about the issue. Requiring an ID is no more a poll tax than writing a check for groceries or picking up a pack of cigarettes is. Making a big fuss about the requirement is a good way to sow distrust in the process.

In contrast to the elites, regular leftists put a lot of moral emphasis on perceived fairness. This is an illustration of as much. Voter ID requirements do marginally benefit Republicans but a majority of Democrats still support them. Civics aren’t quite dead yet.

Mar 19 07:20

“I Fear For The Future”—Stupid Party Hacks Draw Wrong Lesson From Trump’s (Relative) Success With Minorities

Republicans seem to be drawing exactly the wrong lesson from the wreckage of November 3 and ensuing runoffs in Georgia: That the uptick in the black and Hispanic votes means their “messaging worked.” And so they’ll continue mouthing MLK-esque platitudes about race and immigration—the issues that elected Trump in 2016 and he fatally ignored in 2020—and eschew the National Question and defense of the Historic American Nation. As a Venezuelan immigrant, I can say that’s a losing plan.

The GOP’s spinelessness and divorce from reality is truly mind boggling. Having blown yet another election, the party’s Conservative Inc. pundits have been gushing about increasing the GOP Hispanic vote in Miami-Dade and border counties in South Texas [Latino Voters Drifted From Democrats in Florida and Texas, by Arian Campo-Flores and Elizabeth Findell, The Wall Street Journal, November 5, 2020].

Forget that we lost the White House and both houses of Congress—we got some black and Hispanic votes!

Mar 19 07:07

House Democrats Inch Closer to Overturning Iowa House Race and Unseating Republican Who Won

A handful of votes decided the race for Iowa’s second district, and Republican Mariannette Miller-Meeks won. Her Democrat opponent Rita Hart appealed directly to the Democrat-controlled House to ignore the results.

Pelosi seated Miller-Meeks provisionally, and Democrats are now actually considering unseating her.

Guy Benson writes at Townhall:

When Pelosi seated Miller-Meeks, and the new Congresswoman was sworn in, it seemed like the misadventure might finally be over. Not so. A Democrat-controlled House committee recently took an affirmative step in the direction of overturning the result in a partisan power grab, and Republicans are now on high alert. They’ve launched a petition at PelosiSteal.com, and major players within the party are sounding the alarm.

If Democrats are going to try to rob the GOP of a legitimately-won election in order to pad their razor-thin majority, they cannot go through the process without intense, painful scrutiny.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Republicans challenging elections BAAAAD! Democrats challenging elections GOOOOOD!!!

Mar 19 06:30

Who and What Killed George Floyd?

Most Americans who saw the nine-minute tape of Chauvin with his knee on the neck of George Floyd as he pleaded, “I can’t breathe,” will probably concur with the charge of criminal culpability of Chauvin. Yet, over the months, new facts and factors have emerged. George Floyd was not choked to death. He was not asphyxiated. He was not killed by Chauvin’s knee on the side of his neck. An autopsy showed Floyd’s neck muscles were not even bruised … In short, Chauvin’s defense attorneys will likely make a credible case, backed by evidence, that Floyd’s death was not caused by the knee on his neck but by the battered condition of his heart, the near-lethal dose of fentanyl in his system, and his anxiety and panic at being arrested and fearing, as he wailed, that he was going to be shot.

Mar 18 18:22

After Bashing 'Killer' Putin, Biden Defends Killer Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman

Joe Biden bashed Vladimir Putin as a "killer" who "doesn't have a soul" in an interview with ABC News released Wednesday only to turn around in the same interview and defend Saudi prince Mohammed bin Salman -- who ordered the savage murder of Jamal Khashoggi -- by insisting he not face any sanctions.

Mar 18 12:55

The Coming War on Privacy

The government loves to give the impression that it has caught bad guys before they struck, thereby keeping us safe. Don’t believe it. The government’s first task is to keep us free. But when it violates the Constitution, it keeps us neither safe nor free. Who will keep us safe from the government?

Mar 18 12:49

America’s Worst Drug Crisis Ever Is Causing The Streets Of Many U.S. Cities To Look Like A “Zombie Apocalypse” Has Arrived

This is one of the reasons why we need strong security on our southern border. -- Right now the Mexican cartels are flooding our streets with fentanyl, and the new administration does not seem too concerned about doing anything to stop this from happening.

Mar 18 12:41

Warmonger Joe Biden Seems Quite Eager To Start A War With Russia

Many Americans have assumed that since Biden has so much “foreign policy experience” that he must be well qualified to deal with the leaders of other nations. -- But the truth is that Biden has always been a hothead with a violent temper that can erupt at any moment.  This is something that we witnessed repeatedly on the campaign trail. -- He is definitely not the kind of man that we need in the White House, and his warmongering is going to push us closer to war with each passing day.

Mar 18 12:32

Conspiracies ‘R Us

I suppose most of us would prefer to know we’re being cheated on. But is it better to live a lie, if you’re happy not knowing an uncomfortable truth? We should all realize we’ve been cheated on, repeatedly, by this point. And people like me are messengers who often get killed delivering the message. As Tennyson wrote, it’s better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all. Our trust has been betrayed. And nothing will change until a majority know it.

Mar 18 11:57

Failing mainstream “journalists” demand censorship of their thriving competition

“They really do believe that the world should be organized so as to authorize them to attack whoever they want, while banning anyone who criticizes them when they do it.”

Mar 18 11:10

House Democrats weigh ejecting GOP winner of contested Iowa race, dismissing comparisons to Trump's efforts to overturn election

House Democrats are undeterred by the mounting GOP criticism over their review of a contested congressional race that could potentially overturn a state-certified Republican victory in southeast Iowa, brushing back attacks that they are seeking to subvert the will of voters just months after lambasting former President Donald Trump for trying to reverse his electoral defeat.

While Democrats say what's happening in Iowa's 2nd Congressional District is nothing like Trump's lies about widespread fraud and a stolen election that ultimately led to the January 6 attack on the US Capitol, they are aware of the optics of potentially booting out a member of Congress from the opposing party who was declared the winner by bipartisan state election officials.

Mar 18 10:33

Strong Support for Voter ID Across the Board

The survey doesn’t provide further cross-tabulated data, but it looks like white Democrats are close to split on the question. All other major subgroups, including non-white Democrats, are on board with the requirement. Hispanics, the putative victims of voter ID requirements, support it by a margin of nearly 3-to-1.

You wouldn’t know it listening to the pundit class talk about the issue. Requiring an ID is no more a poll tax than writing a check for groceries or picking up a pack of cigarettes is. Making a big fuss about the requirement is a good way to sow distrust in the process.

In contrast to the elites, regular leftists put a lot of moral emphasis on perceived fairness. This is an illustration of as much. Voter ID requirements do marginally benefit Republicans but a majority of Democrats still support them. Civics aren’t quite dead yet.

Mar 18 05:09

Biden says Putin has 'no soul' and will pay a price for election interference

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Biden has no brain! Claiming there was interference from anywhere in last November's election will increase demands for full audits, not to mention make the Supreme Court look like fools for refusing to hear any cases regarding fraud.

We all grew up hearing that absolutely anybody could become President. Biden proved that!

Mar 17 13:25

The Evolution of SWATing and Red Flag Laws ~ VIDEO

A portion of the anti-gun crowd has always enjoyed turning in their fellow gun-owning citizens. Joe Biden’s dream of gun control would put good people in danger by making them unarmed and defenseless while making gun owners targets of politically motivated attacks. It’s no surprise that something like this would be on the gun-grab list of the Biden Administration because chaos and turning people against each other seems to be a common goal of the political left. -- A divided citizenry is easier to control, and any chance to blame guns gives the gun-grabbers justification for ignoring their own failed policies.

Mar 17 13:01

Us Reached Financial Point of no Return in 2004? (But the system has always been rigged)

According to the US Debt Clock, the public is told the National Debt is ~$28 trillion when if GAAP accounting (Generally Accepted Accounting Practices) is employed that include long-term liabilities, the real public debt exceeds $100 trillion. -- Are these numbers making you feel queasy?  If every American paid the US government $84,938 (about $254,000 per household of 3- source US DEBT CLOCK) we would be out of this debt mess.  Your government racked up this debt on the aggregate credit card every citizen shares.  If the White House shared these numbers at a press conference, America would have a nervous breakdown.

Mar 17 10:51

Michigan Judge Rules State Secretary’s Ballot Signature-Matching Guidance Invalid

A Michigan judge ruled last week that Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson’s last October guidance relating to ballot signature verification was not in compliance with the law and thus it’s invalid.

Michigan Republican Party and Allegan County clerk Robert Genetski filed the lawsuit on Nov. 2, 2020, against Benson and Jonathan Brater, director of the Michigan Bureau of Elections.

The plaintiffs claimed that the guidance Benson issued last October violated the Administrative Procedures Act (APA) and should be nullified. They also asked the court to declare that they have the right to request an audit of their choosing, saying the state-wide audit in November did not review whether signatures were properly evaluated.

On Oct. 6, 2020, Benson issued guidance titled “Absent Voter Ballot Processing: Signature Verification and Voter Notification Standards.”

Mar 17 08:19

Judge Ruling Will Allow 30,000 Potential Fraudulent Ballots To Be Analyzed In Georgia

A Georgia judge’s ruling is about to unseal tens of thousands of suspected fraudulent absentee ballots in Fulton County so that a government watchdog can investigate allegations of voting fraud from the 2020 presidential election. An overwhelming majority of Atlanta lies within Fulton County.

Mar 17 07:44

[VIDEO] Trump Supporter Just Shamed AOC With Stunning Video of Her Filthy District

Gee, for a party that claims to love our planet, they sure do know to trash it like no one else.

Even the left’s precious face masks are becoming an environmental nightmare.

Oceanassia.org reports that an estimated our oceans will be flooded with an estimated 1.56 billion face masks in 2020.

The report was released by the Hong-Kong-based marine conservation organization “OceansAsia.”

The “mask crisis” will result in an additional 4,680 to 6,240 metric tonnes of marine plastic pollution. And I guess we can double that since they now want us to wear two at a time.

Mar 17 07:28

Trump Says He'd 'Have a Stronger Feeling Toward Running' for POTUS if Meghan Markle Joined 2024 Race

The former US president has sent mixed signals about his intention to return to the political arena. During a recent speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference, the 74-year-old joked that he may beat Democrats for a third time, a reference to his claim that he didn't lose the last election to Biden.

Former US President Donald Trump has suggested he may throw his hat into the ring if Meghan Markle decides to run for president of the United States in 2024. The Republican even hinted that he wants the Duchess of Sussex to join the presidential race.

"Well I hope that happens because if that happened I think I'd have an even stronger feeling toward running", Trump said when asked to comment on reports that Markle is considering a political career.

Mar 17 07:27

'Our Son of a B***': How US Uses 'Human Rights' Against Its Adversaries, Lets Allies off the Hook

Oligarchs, the military-industrial complex, the US, and other NATO governments are defining the American foreign policy debate with funding and using "human rights" as a stick against foreign states not aligned with US-led Western global hegemony, says security and foreign affairs analyst Mark Sleboda.

"On the surface, the Atlantic Council fracas and turf war appears as an ideological foreign policy fight between insurgent realists, generally powerless but newly vocal and platformed, and the dominant bipartisan US foreign policy elite, colloquially known as 'the Blob', which is often termed 'liberals' but actually comprises both neocons and liberal interventionists/imperialists", says Mark Sleboda, a US military veteran and international affairs and security analyst.

Mar 17 07:16

Mitch McConnell threatens a 'scorched earth Senate' that Republicans will turn into a 'hundred-car pile-up' if Dems nuke the filibuster to push through Biden's agenda

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell went on the floor Tuesday and threatened to turn the Senate into a 'hundred-car pile-up' if Democrats nuked the legislative filibuster.

'Let me say this very clearly for all 99 of my colleagues: Nobody serving in this chamber can even begin, can even begin, to imagine what a completely scorched-earth Senate would look like,' McConnell said.

A number of Democrats have been licking their lips at the prospect of killing the legislative filibuster, which would do away with them needing to meet a 60-vote threshold to get bills through.

Mar 17 06:36

California Governor Gavin Newsom Suggests 'Racism' is Behind Campaign to Recall Him

The Democrat previously accused "extremists", supporters of former US President Donald Trump, as well as anti-mask and anti-vaccine activists of attempting to remove him from office. His critics say laws and policies implemented by the governor have made life in the Golden State worse.

California's Governor Gavin Newsom has claimed that racism is behind a campaign in the state to remove him from office. Speaking to reporters in Alameda County, the politician said the authors of the petition fear California is becoming less white under his leadership.

"Look at the petition, look at the actual reasons they themselves listed. It has to do with immigration. The browning of California", Newsom said, using air quotes to emphasise the word "browning".

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Desperation on the cusp of madness!

Mar 17 06:24

Revealed: COVID bill gives $3.5 billion to AIDS fund tied to leftist Bill Gates

The $1.9 trillion COVID-19 “relief” plan that Congress approved this month contains massive giveaways to various left-wing agenda items, including $3.5 billion to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, which is associated with the left-wing Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

As LifeSiteNews has previously covered, the bill sends $1,400 “stimulus” checks to most Americans while spending $14 billion on distributing experimental mRNA COVID-19 vaccines, more than $500 million on foreign assistance for humanitarian emergencies, $204 million on State Department operations, and $41 million on USAID operating expenses, much of which falls outside of existing limits on money going to abortions. It also makes abortion groups eligibile to receive some of the $8.6 billion meant to assist global pandemic response.

Mar 17 06:06

Alaska Republican Party Censures Sen. Lisa Murkowski, Vows To Primary Her

The Alaska Republican Party voted to censure Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) and vowed to issue a primary challenge to her in 2022—coming after she voted to convict former President Donald Trump during February’s impeachment trial.

The state Republican Party said (pdf) it passed a resolution to censure—another term for a strong condemnation—Murkowski not only for her vote to convict Trump last month, but because she voted in favor of Democratic-led initiatives such as not placing limits on abortions, against the GOP-led repeal of Obamacare, and voted in favor of President Joe Biden’s pick for Interior Secretary Deb Haaland, among others.

The aforementioned votes, the state Republican Party said, were “in conflict with the Alaska Republican Party platform.”

The Alaska Republican Party said it will now “recruit a Republican primary challenger to oppose and prohibit Senator Murkowski from being a candidate in any Republican primary to the extent legally permissible.”

Mar 17 05:33

Heritage Foundation On All Out Assault To Prevent HR1 From Destroying Elections

A specialist at the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank, said that the Democrat-led election extension bill would disembowel ballot security measures, amounts to a federal takeover of elections, and is a “threat to American democracy.”

Hans von Spakovsky, senior fellow and director of the election law reform initiative at the Heritage Foundation, told The Epoch Times in an inquiry that H.R. 1, also known as the For the People Act of 2021, actually “voids all of the safety protocols and security measures and states have been put in place to protect the integrity of the election process.”

The bill passed the Democrat-controlled House on March 3 on a largely party-line vote of 220-210, with all Republicans voting against it as well as Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.).

Mar 17 05:32

Can't Take A Joke: Google Now Censoring Cartoonist For 'Election Misinformation'

Famed cartoonist and political commentator Scott Adams told his fans that YouTube took off two of his videos because they included comments about the November election. He said it feels like YouTube is locking him up for a penalty that could head to his channel being cleared from the Google-owned online video platform.

In his March 15 daily livestream, Adams announced that YouTube informed him that two of his January videos “promoted false election claims” and were removed. As far as he could tell, the videos did no such thing, though YouTube, per its common practice, didn’t reveal what specifically Adams said that irked its censors.

Mar 16 12:58

Is Biden Holding America Hostage Until ‘Independence’ Day?

As usual, the goalposts keep being moved because politicians cannot bear the possibility that they might have to give up some of that power over us they have grabbed for themselves. Fauci made the usual mainstream media rounds over the weekend and was asked by the fawning host when Americans might have permission to hold weddings again! -- So now Americans need Fauci’s permission to get married? What is happening to this country? The propaganda is so relentless that it seems most Americans don’t see how not normal this is! In saner times, Fauci would be laughed off the stage. Now, he’s treated as some sort of divine source of truth. --Biden promised he was “using every power…as the president of the United States to put us on a war footing.” Of that I have no doubt. But Biden’s war is not against the virus. It’s against the US Constitution and liberty itself.

Mar 16 12:44

10 Examples That Show How Nightmarish The Worst Border Crisis In Modern American History Has Become

But as a well-placed Border Patrol source told us under condition of anonymity: ‘The cartels don’t know or care what the actual policies or politics are. -- ‘They just tell the migrants that Biden will let them stay and the migrants believe it because that’s the rhetoric he used on the campaign trail. -- ‘The numbers have exploded since he took office. It went from a trickle to a torrent.’

Mar 16 12:23

Tell Weak Republican Legislators to Just Say NO to Biden’s Gun Control!

The simple fact is that votes have consequences, and GunVoters are much more effective at destroying backstabbing Republicans than they are at knocking off anti-rights Democrats. Since the Democratic Party has declared itself to be the party of infringement, GunVoters’ only hope is to limit their power by electing Republicans, but when Republicans join Democrats in attacking our rights, it hurts not only the politicians involved, it hurts the whole party. It is this trend of Republican politicians supporting gun control laws, which has effectively neutered the power of the Gun Lobby in recent elections.

Mar 16 12:19

HOT MIC! Democrat Senator Admits Party Will Pass Trillions in New Spending Without Any GOP Support

Democratic Senator Ben Cardin was caught on a hit microphone this week explaining to Pete Buttigieg that his party will likely use “reconciliation” and other procedural tricks to pass a massive infrastructure plan without any Republican support.

“We’re trying to figure out what piece goes with what,” said Buttigieg.

“Ultimately it’s going to be put together similar to how the Rescue Plan was put together… Most likely you’re going to have to use reconciliation,” admitted the Senator.

Watch the revealing exchange above.

Mar 16 12:10

My Democrat Friends are Getting Very Embarrassed

Now that the implications of the Harris/Biden administration are setting in, my Democrat friends (yes, I do have a few) are becoming very embarrassed. They bought into the propaganda that all the turmoil in Washington was created by the erratic and immoral behavior of Donald Trump. Their vote for Harris/Biden was a vote to return to normal. They didn’t realize that the Democrats weren’t offering a return to normal, they were offering the establishment of a “new normal.”

The “new normal” includes restricted energy exploration and cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline. This has caused a loss of well-paying union jobs, damaged relations with Canada, and triggered skyrocketing gasoline prices. It also threatens to return us to dependence on the most unstable region in the world. To those who would like us to leave the Middle East to resolve its own problems -- we can’t now.

Mar 16 07:48

Cash Bribe: Biden Using Stimulus Bill To Sway Obamacare Holdout States

The new $1.9 trillion spending bill includes funding of as much as $22.5 billion for states that have not yet expanded their Medicaid programs under Obamacare. Red states that have long resisted the expansion of the low-income government healthcare program will likely find it hard to turn down the money.

Medicaid is funded by both state and federal dollars. The federal government matches what states spend on the program under what is known as the Federal Medical Assistance Percentage. FMAP is determined by a state’s per capita income so that poorer states tend to receive larger FMAPs. For example, Mississippi, the poorest state in the country, receives an FMAP of 84%.

Mar 16 07:30

Menendez is defying Biden over Iran because he owes his political life to Israel lobby and Saban

Last week it came out that New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez was working to “sabotage” Joe Biden’s effort to return to the Iran deal even if he “risks setting the US on a course toward war with Iran.” And meantime, 70 Democrats in the House have signed a letter telling Biden that he shouldn’t reenter the Iran deal that the leading Israel lobby group “AIPAC was behind,” per J Street.

“Biden may already be taking a somewhat harder line on Iran in fear of Menendez’s wrath, Politico reported earlier this month.”

In that Politico article, two top Biden aides, national security adviser Jake Sullivan and Secretary of State Antony Blinken, gave over-the-top praise of Menendez as a “sounding board” and “principled” guide, respectively.

Mar 16 07:18

When Will AOC Do Her Photoshoot In Front Of Biden's Overflowing Migrant Camps?

A migrant facility in Texas finds itself at 729% pandemic-era capacity at the beginning of March as an influx of unaccompanied minors continues along the southern border.

A "staggering number" of migrant children detained at a Border Patrol facility in south Texas face overcrowded conditions, with some held for as long as seven days, lawyers who interviewed them on Thursday told CBS News.

"Some of the boys said that conditions were so overcrowded that they had to take turns sleeping on the floor," Neha Desai, a lawyer representing migrant youth in U.S. government custody, told the news outlet.

Mar 16 07:07

Intimidated Supreme Court fails America and the Constitution with refusal to hear 2020 election challenge cases

After President Donald Trump was elected and it became apparent he was going to keep his promise to put only constitutionalists on the federal bench, patriots were encouraged that, finally, the Judicial Branch would begin serving (again) as a bulwark against encroaching left-wing tyranny.

Patriots were even more enthused by the fact that Trump managed to get three Supreme Court nominees pushed through as well.

The jury is still out on the majority of his picks for federal and appeals courts, but it’s now crystal clear the men and woman he appointed to the nation’s highest court are statists beholden to the status quo, not constitutionalists in the mold of our founders.

Mar 16 06:50

185 Union Pensions Got Their $86 Billion Piece Of The COVID-19 Rescue "Pie"

Both private and public pensions have been having major funding issues and struggling to get a good ROI for a number of years.

So it’s no surprise that any sort of economic relief package presented to Congress would include funds for pensions. Especially since a “bailout” culture seems to have taken root in America.

The recent $1.9 trillion COVID-19 stimulus bill approved by the House is no exception to this “bailout culture.”

The New York Times reported that it contains $86 billion for struggling pensions:

The $86 billion is a taxpayer bailout for about 185 union pension plans that are so close to collapse that without the rescue, more than a million retired truck drivers, retail clerks, builders and others could be forced to forgo retirement income.

Mar 16 05:54

Meghan Markle confessed she wants to be US President one day

Meghan’s comments on the US presidential election earlier this year were perceived by some as a sign of her political ambitions. She and Prince Harry urged the US electorate to register to vote, to help implement “change” — which was seen as a slight towards incumbent President Donald Trump — and to reject “hate speech”. Although neither she nor Harry endorsed any particular candidates or parties, many assumed Meghan’s previous claims that Mr Trump was “divisive” and “misogynistic” were indicative that she would support his opposition, the Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

Mar 15 14:01

Massive $1.9T covid “relief” bill is nothing more than a massive money laundering operation to pay back Democrat donors and supporters

Got that? A massive spending bill that isn’t really needed (because the government still hasn’t spent hundreds of billions approved in the last COVID relief bill passed under Trump) and takes care of Democrat constituents and the Swamp in DC — par for the course, huh?

Mar 15 13:54

Democrat’s Secret Hidden Intent Behind Anti-Gun Bill H.R. 8 ~ VIDEO

Anti-gun Legislators seem to be less concerned with bad guys having guns because they know that the bad guys pay no attention to background checks in the first place, and more concerned with denying and delaying the good guys. It’s the good guys, the law-abiding citizens, and those who believe in freedom who are the real opposition to the radical, anti-American left-wing of our government. When we dig into the facts, we learn that H.R. 8 will ultimately result in the delay of gun-ownership by lawful Americans, inherently resulting in some potential gun owners just giving up and not pursuing their purchase any further. Should H.R. 8 become law, it would tip the scale even more in favor of violent criminals by giving them less opposition and putting good people at even more risk.

Mar 15 13:38

America in 2021 is a third world dump

If you protest as a Republican, in other words, then you are a “white supremacist” and a “terrorist” who deserves to lose your job and go to jail. If you are a BLM or Antifa comrade who burns down cities in the name of “black lives,” on the other hand, then you are a brave victim of “systemic racism,” the “patriarchy,” and other such words that trigger the Left.

Mar 15 13:24

House Bows to Biden, Passes Legislation to Cancel Right to Obtain a Gun

Giving the government total authority to document and oversee the movement of every legal gun in America is a recipe for a crackdown on law-abiding gun owners while leaving criminals operating outside the bounds of the law untouched.

Mar 15 13:13

Democrats get the Gun Control They Voted For

Some of my friends are democrats. Many are gun owners. They call themselves “pro-gun” Democrats. I’m struggling to figure out what that means. So far, Democrat politicians are keeping their promise to disarm honest gun owners. -- In 2020, the democrat party ran on a platform of gun control. They ran on a platform of gun confiscation. They were not subtle about it. It was front-and-center during their campaign.

Mar 15 11:12

‘It’s Only Six Votes’: Pelosi Excuses Democrats From Launching Probe to Possibly Unseat GOP Member

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Sunday excused Democrats who launched an investigation into possibly unseating an elected GOP House representative, explaining that the margin of victory was extremely slim.

“It was six votes,” Pelosi told ABC News on Sunday, noting the number of votes by which Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks (R-Iowa) defeated her Democratic opponent, Rita Hart.

Miller-Meeks was ultimately seated in Congress after votes were counted, recounted, and certified by the state. Several days ago, the House Administration Committee started a process that could lead to Miller-Meeks being unseated.

Mar 15 10:20

Georgia County Asks State Lawmaker to Resign Over His Support for Election Integrity Bill

A state lawmaker in Georgia has resigned from his role as county attorney after being pressured to quit over his support for an election integrity bill.

State Rep. Barry Fleming, a Republican, sponsored House Bill 531, which passed the House along party lines last week. The bill, which awaits Senate action, curbs the use of drop boxes, changes early voting hours, limits no-excuse absentee voting, and requires ID for absentee voting.

“House Bill 531 is designed to begin to bring back the confidence of our voters back into our election system. A main component of that effort is by enacting several revisions, which will make the administration of elections easier by our local elections officials,” Fleming said last week, according to WABE.

Some advocacy groups, claiming the bill amounts to voter suppression, called for protests against the measure.

Mar 15 10:13

Biden, Who Said We Should Believe Kavanaugh’s Accusers, Refuses to Call for Cuomo’s Resignation

Why is it so hard for politicians of any party or belief to remain consistent on anything, but especially sexual harassment, sexual assault, and rape?

President Joe Biden refused to call for New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s resignation despite seven accusations of sexual harassment when a reporter asked him about the situation.

“I think the investigation is underway and we should see what it brings us,” Biden replied.

Weird. That is not what Biden said about Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Mar 15 09:15

Stacey Abrams Calls On Democrats To End Filibuster And Cram Through Bill That Would Help Rig All Future Elections

On Sunday, Stacey Abrams said that Democrats need to eliminate the filibuster in the Senate to force through a US election reform bill. Abrams said that securing our democracy and voting was fundamental and deserved special treatment. Abrams comments are interesting given her own past involving elections.

Mar 15 07:43

GOP Senators Grill Biden DOJ Pick Vanita Gupta Over Attacks On GOP

Civil rights attorney Vanita Gupta is facing immense scrutiny from Republican senators over her apparent partisan career.

The Senate Judiciary Committee recently held a hearing to consider Gupta’s nomination for associate U.S. attorney general, the number three spot in the Department of Justice.

GOP committee members grilled Gupta over her progressive stances on several issues, including defunding police departments and trust-busting Big Tech companies.

They also wanted her to clarify her vitriolic rhetoric to Republican lawmakers and judges appointed by President Trump.

Mar 15 07:22

Effort to recall Newsom gathers over 2M signatures, enough for possible ballot measure

The effort to recall California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) has gathered over 2 million signatures — a number of signatures, if validated, that could force a measure on a ballot.

The leaders of RecallGavin2020 announced this week that their effort reached over 2,060,000 signatures as of Wednesday.

“The People of California are speaking loud and clear. We have cleared another milestone. Politics as usual in California are over as we know it to be,” Orrin Heatlie, Chairman of The California Patriot Coalition, RecallGavin2020 Committee, said in a statement.