Mar 06 15:10

20 Year-Old Sues WalMart, DICKS For Age Discrimination…

Good for this kid in Oregon. Sue their asses.


Mar 06 13:44

US Senate Candidate Nick Freitas Dismantles the Left in Defense of the Second Amendment

Mar 06 13:16

LOL, David Hogg’s Worst Nightmare Comes True…

Great photo and story. I can't give away the punch line...


Mar 06 13:00

FANTASTIC VIDEO | Showstopping 2nd Amendment Speech Causes Democrat Snowflakes To Walk Out

A speech by Virginia GOP Senate Candidate Nick Freitas, the conservative former Green Beret who is challenging Tim Kaine, has now been viewed over 10 million times in the past 48 hours. Several Democrats actually walked out during the speech and then demanded a recess to calm down because the truth just hurt that badly.

This guy could be President someday. Best speech I've seen on guns in 2018.


Mar 06 10:15

HUGE BACKFIRE! Since being attacked 24/7 by leftist liars, NRA membership interest has skyrocketed

Liberals could tear up an anvil with a banana. Everything they attempt to do blows up in their faces like a gag cigar.

The liberal weenies figured they could attack the NRA, making it the villain in the Parkland, Florida school massacre, even though the NRA had nary a thing to do with it. It plays well with the mouthbreathers who are actually stupid enough to listen to them, so why not?

Guess who benefitted most from the left’s attacks on the NRA. The NRA! Membership interest has skyrocketed.

Mar 06 10:08

Oregon man, 20, sues Dick's and Walmart for discrimination because he was told he can't buy a gun after the stores restricted sales to those over 21

An Oregon man filed suits Monday claiming Dick's Sporting Goods and Walmart discriminated against the 20-year-old when they refused to sell him a rifle.

Dick's and Walmart restricted gun sales to adults 21 and older in the wake of the Florida high school massacre which has led to Tyler Watson launching a lawsuit against the two companies.

Watson's lawsuits filed against the retailers in two separate counties claim he faced age discrimination from Dick's and Walmart.

The lawsuit is believed to be the first filed over the new gun policies enacted on February 28.

Mar 06 09:33

I wanted to be a good mom, so I got a gun

| NYT Op-ed

Mar 06 09:29

Delegate Nick Freitas Speech on Floor of House of Delegates

Mar 06 09:03

Russia Blamed For Anti-GMO Campaign and Pushing American Gun Rights

By Aaron Kesel

After a myriad of talks blaming Russia for hacking the election without any proof that has since switched into influencing the election through social media, MSM has gone off the deep end blaming Russia for an anti-GMO campaign influencing Americans’ opinions according to Iowa State University research, Desmoines Register reported.

Russia is funding articles shared online which question the safety of GMOs in an effort to hurt U.S. agriculture interests and bolster its position as the “ecologically clean alternative” to genetically engineered food, Shawn Dorius, an ISU assistant sociology professor, claims...

Mar 06 08:37

Another unbelievable school story

The Secret Service provided the Ft. Lauderdale school with security training.

The FBI, not local police, were the first responders.

Students and teachers talked cleary about two or more shooters.

A school security expert talks about the total implausibility of the official story.

And let’s not forget Las Vegas

Las Vegas, when a middle aged, out of shape and partially disabled man with no combat shooting experience suddenly became an all-pro Special Ops shooter.

Mar 06 08:34

Here is the Broward Sheriff’s Captain Who Told Deputies to Wait Outside as Nikolas Cruz Slaughtered Students and Teachers

Fox News’ Laura Ingraham later revealed three deputies on scene were told not to run into the school because they weren’t wearing body cameras.

These deputies were instructed to essentially stand down while innocent children were being slaughtered. Beyond sickening.

Fox News identified Captain Jan Jordan as the Broward County law enforcement official who instructed the deputies to remain on the perimeter of the school rather than run into the building towards the gunfire to help save lives.

Mar 06 08:23

Switzerland has a stunningly high rate of gun ownership — here's why it doesn't have mass shootings

Business Insider took a look at the country's past with guns to see why it has lower rates of gun violence than the US.

Switzerland is obsessed with getting shooting right. Every year, it holds a shooting contest for kids aged 13 to 17.

Zurich's Knabenschiessen is a traditional annual festival that dates back to the 1600s.

Though the word roughly translates to "boys shooting" and the competition used to be only boys, teenage girls have been allowed in since 1991.

Kids in the country flock to the competition every September to compete in target shooting using Swiss army service rifles. They're proud to show off how well they can shoot.

Accuracy is prized above all else, and a Schutzenkonig — a king or queen of marksmen — is crowned.

Having an armed citizenry helped keep the Swiss neutral for more than 200 years.

Mar 05 19:02

A Teacher Pens an Open Letter to Students Planning on Walking Out Over Gun Violence

Dylan Charles – Something is missing from the conversation about gun violence.

Mar 05 15:31

Vilifying Gun Owners Doesn’t Lead to a Better Society

There's a lot of this going around, and while it's currently framed most commonly around gun policy, it looks a lot like part of a larger effort to delegitimize cultural and ideological enemies and force everybody to pick a side—preferably, the "right" side, from the point of view of the folks doing the pushing.

"Progressives could be on the verge of delegitimizing their foes, on guns, but also on much else, rendering them untouchable for anybody who wants to stay in polite society," cautions David Brooks of the New York Times. He adds that "progressives are getting better and better at silencing dissenting behavior."

Mar 05 13:40

Google Searches For 'NRA Membership' Up 4900 Percent, Pro-2A Groups See Spikes In Membership

The NRA has seen a massive surge in membership interest according to the latest charts from Google Trends.

Mar 05 10:04

DAVID HOGG Crisis Actor Audition Tape (Banned From YouTube)

Mar 05 10:02

Cops Were Possible Shooters in Parkland

Erick made a video compilation of evidence of Numerous Eye Witnesses to Multiple Shooters in Florida.

It has since been removed. Here is his transcript which contains evidence that Sheriff Israel's men may actually be the shooters.

Mar 05 09:58

Google Banned Parkland Shooting Video! Censored By All Fake News!

Never in history had Stoneman Douglas ever decided to conduct an active shooter drills in which they would be firing blanks and simulating a real shooter! But that is what students and teachers were told! So on the first time in history this school decided to simulate a real shooting by firing blanks, this is the day that the supposed shooter Nikolas Cruz decides to come and shoot up the school! Yeah Right! Totally impossible!

These are the clips that have all been banned on Youtube! Get this EVERYWHERE! Tell everybody Google is pure evil and are hiding all of this information!

Mar 05 09:41

EXCLUSIVE – Kobach: The Gun Confiscation Crusade Begins

The next chapter of the Parkland, Florida, school shooting saga has begun. Anti-gun interest groups and politicians have used the Parkland shooting to launch what, until recently, they regarded as a distant dream — a wave of state legislation authorizing the confiscation of firearms.

Quietly, but quickly, a raft of identical gun confiscation bills have been filed by liberal politicians in states across the country. They are all copies of a ballot measure that passed in Washington State in November 2016. And that ballot measure was loosely based on a California gun confiscation law enacted in 2014 and a much older Connecticut law from 1999.

Mar 05 09:39

Oscars: Celebrities Push Gun Control Surrounded by a Wall of 500 Armed Officers

The Los Angeles Police Department will deploy 500 officers to wrap the Dolby Theatre in multiple barriers of armed security for the 90th Academy Awards on Sunday night, an event at which several of Hollywood’s most celebrated stars will actively push for more gun control in America.

Mar 05 09:39


My opinion, which is supported by FBI Statistics, is that gun laws don’t work. It isn’t about the gun. It’s about the person behind it. There are Modern Sporting Rifles (MSR), such as AR-15’s in the hands of millions of Americans across the country, and yet a rifle (all types combined) is used in only 2% of all murders. The lack of knowledge of this firearm is extreme in both those that push for anti-gun laws and sadly, those that support the Second Amendment.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Mar 05 09:36

High School Teacher Suspended for Saying He Supports Teachers Being Armed

A New Jersey high school teacher has been suspended from his job for expressing support for arming teachers after the Parkland school shooting.

Cherry Hill High School history teacher Timothy Lock, 59, said he was placed on administrative leave last week because he spoke out in one of his classes about arming teachers and ramping up school security to try and prevent a school shooting.

Most of the students reportedly didn’t have a problem with Lock’s comments, but one decided to report him to the administration. His bag was searched and he was required to undergo a physical and psychological exam.

Mar 05 09:27

NRA, Gun Groups See Membership Soar After Florida Massacre

As left-wing advocacy groups and its mainstream media allies continue their daily bombardment of the National Rifle Association (NRA), desperately seeking to make gun enthusiast groups a scapegoat for the Parkland high school massacre, it now appears their efforts have embarrassingly backfired, having only succeeded in dramatically boosting memberships in the NRA and pro-gun groups, according to Time (magazine).

Mar 05 09:12

Florida Senate rejects ban on assault weapons, votes to arm teachers

The Florida Senate rejected a proposal to ban assault weapons, and voted for a measure to arm some teachers, weeks after 17 people were killed in the deadliest high school shooting in U.S. history.

An amendment that would have banned assault weapons attached to a wider bill failed on Saturday in a largely party-line vote, in response to the Feb. 14 killing of 14 students and three faculty at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in the Fort Lauderdale suburb of Parkland.

The vote was 20-17 against the assault weapon ban, with two Republicans joining all of the senate's 15 Democrats in support of the proposal, the Miami Herald reported.

The full bill, the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act, is expected to pass the state Senate on Monday, then go to the Florida House.

After the Senate rejected the ban, Stoneman Douglas student Jaclyn Corin tweeted, "This breaks my heart, but we will NOT let this ruin our movement. This is for the kids."

Mar 05 09:09

Federal Court Quietly Rules ‘Assault Rifles’ Not Protected by 2nd Amendment

True, Organic and Free

While Americans watched the 2018 Olympics and mainstream media put on scripted town hall meetings to demonize law-abiding citizens who own guns, the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, Virginia handed down a blow to the Second Amendment.

This flies in the face of the US vs Miller Supreme Court decision.

Mar 05 09:07

Wow! Four more HUGE red flags in the Parkland school massacre and they all point to Sheriff Israel!

Laura Ingraham revealed two more huge red flags that have popped up in the past 24 hours regarding the Parkland, Florida school massacre and I have another two of my own to add.

Red Flag #1. Bodycams. As we suspected and reported in prior articles, the deputies who did not enter the building while Nikolas Cruz was slaughtering high school kids did not enter on orders from above.

This is exactly what we believed would be revealed, as there is simply no way all four deputies on site at the time of the shooting were all cowards.

We don’t know who gave that order, just that the order came from higher, which means it should have been Sheriff Israel. If there was someone else who gave that order, then Israel should be fired, as he should have been in command of the operation. Actually, he should have been at the school, leading the operation, which brings up another question – where was Sheriff Israel during the attack?

Mar 05 08:39

If the Left is willing to lie, cheat & steal from us while we are armed to the teeth, can you imagine what they would do if we let them take our guns away?

Mar 05 01:00

Gun Control...The True Story of Innocents Betrayed

Governments have historically deprived people of firearms ... and then wiped them from the face of the earth.
This is the true story of Gun control from around the world, especially in the 20th century. It details how governments have ALWAYS BEEN the biggest threat to the safety, security and prosperity of the people. While Americans can see how this could happen in other countries, most can't EVER imaging it being able to happen here because there are so many rights guaranteed by the constitution. But that ONLY when the people STAND UP for those rights, because it's the nature of government to constantly try and TAKE them away from us.

Mar 04 09:42

Delta Airlines & Other Companies Crashing & Burning Due To NRA Boycott

As of now, the only companies who are feeling the fallout from the NRA boycott in their bank accounts are the businesses that bailed on the NRA and its members.

Mar 04 08:49

Never Forget, The US Gov’t Slaughtered Dozens in a Church Over an Illegal Gun Part

This week, President Donald Trump betrayed his base and Americans in general as he advocated for confiscating guns with no due process.

“Take the guns first, go through due process second,” Trump said.

This blatant attack on the very thing that makes America great, due process, has been in the making since before the Florida shooting, but Trump appears to be striking while the iron is hot.

The US government carried out the deadliest church massacre in history which led to the deaths of 82 men, women, and children. It all came to a violent end 25 years ago in Texas and it all began with allegations of illegal gun parts.

Mar 04 08:35

WATCH: Students Report Multiple Shooters & Mass Shooting Drill at Florida High School

Multiple students have come forward detailing rumors of an active shooter drill at the same time the real shooting occurred as well as reporting multiple shooters.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

UPDATE: YouTube has (of course) yanked the video.

Mar 04 08:24

Expert Asks Questions about Florida Shooting

Mar 04 07:56

Florida H S Active Shooter Drill Before ACTUAL Killings

Mar 04 07:51

Eric Holder "Brainwash People" about Guns

Mar 04 07:01


In an interview on Fox News with Tucker Carlson the day following the town hall, Colton described that Ms. Stevenson, in a series of emails, had advised Colton’s father Glenn Haab to ask Colton to ask more questions instead of a “speech” and instead “stick” to a singular question that according to Colton, would not have been the one question he wanted to ask. Also in the interview, Colton described the pre-written questions on small pieces of paper like the ones Emma Gonzalez stumbled to read from at the town hall as evidence the questions were rehearsed and planned ahead of time. Colton refused to participate in the town hall and immediately people wanted to know why.

Mar 04 06:56


Mar 03 14:40

CMU student shooter CAPTURED - used gun registered to FATHER

So how do Gun Control FANATICS fit this one into their #Agenda

Mar 03 10:32


Mar 02 14:26

Stand Down? Broward Deputies Ordered to Set Up 'Perimeter' Instead of Engage Shooter

The Broward Sheriff’s Office captain who initially took charge of the chaotic scene at a Parkland high school where 17 people were killed told deputies to form a perimeter around the deadly scene — which they did instead of going in to confront the shooter, according to a partial BSO dispatch log obtained by the Miami Herald.

Capt. Jan Jordan, commander of BSO’s Parkland district, gave the order, the log shows, identifying her by her police call sign.

Broward Sheriff Scott Israel has said BSO training and nationwide active-shooter procedure call for armed law enforcement officers to confront shooters immediately rather than secure a scene.

Mar 02 14:11

Junior Republican Senator Slams Trump On 2nd Amendment & Due Process Cave

I've never heard of this guy, but this is great:
"Strong leaders don't automatically agree with the last thing that was said to them. We have the Second Amendment and due process of law for a reason. We're not ditching any Constitutional protections simply because the last person the President talked to today doesn't like them." -U.S. Senator Ben Sasse, Nebraska

Mar 02 09:57

Video: Ron Paul Responds To Trump's Calls For Gun Control

"all of the sudden he's taking on the NRA, conservatives, the second amendment. It's pretty amazing, I cannot see how this is a strategically beneficial move for him..."

Mar 02 09:18

Every mass shooting over last 20 years has one thing in common... and it's not guns

Nearly every mass shooting incident in the last twenty years, and multiple other instances of suicide and isolated shootings all share one thing in common, and it's not the weapons used.

The overwhelming evidence points to the signal largest common factor in all of these incidents is the fact that all of the perpetrators were either actively taking powerful psychotropic drugs or had been at some point in the immediate past before they committed their crimes.

Mar 02 08:20

Mountain Equipment Co-op to stop selling Vista Outdoor products

Mountain Equipment Co-op says it will stop selling products from Vista Outdoor, bowing to pressure to distance itself from the sports and recreation company, which makes and distributes items including guns and ammunition, after last month's school shooting in Florida.

Vancouver-based MEC announced Thursday morning its stores will stop using the U.S. company as a supplier.

MEC has been selling Vista-owned brands including Bollé, Bushnell, CamelBak and Jimmy Styks for years, even before Vista acquired them.

Mar 02 07:57

What REALLY Happened on CNN's "Gun Owner" Debate

Mar 02 07:50

Shots fired at Central Michigan University

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"How many more kids are we gonna have to kill ... I mean, how many more kids will have to die before you give us all your guns!" -- Gun Grabbers

Mar 02 07:37

H.R.5087 - Assault Weapons Ban of 2018

Webmaster's Commentary: 

You better read this. Under the name "Assault Weapon" this bill bans all semi-automatic weapons along with detachable magazines.

Mar 02 06:56

Florida School shooting with Wolfgang Halbig

Wolfgang Halbig draws no comparisons to the Sandy Hook incident, but rather explores with John B. the inexplicable antics of the authorities in an effort to explain why people died in the Florida Parkland campus shooting of February 14. Was Cruz the lone gunman, or not?

Mar 01 21:09


In response to the latest shooting in Florida, Northeastern University released a preview of new research by James Alan Fox slated for publication this fall which shows, quite clearly, that there is no growing trend in school shootings. The university notes: Mass school shootings are incredibly rare events. In research publishing later this year, Fox and doctoral student Emma Fridel found that on average, mass murders occur between 20 and 30 times per year, and about one of those incidents on average takes place at a school. Fridel and Fox used data collected by USA Today, the FBI’s Supplementary Homicide Report, Congressional Research Service, Gun Violence Archive, Stanford Geospatial Center and Stanford Libraries, Mother Jones, Everytown for Gun Safety, and a NYPD report on active shooters.

Mar 01 17:15

Dem Senator Calls For 'Common Sense' Restrictions On Non-Existent 'Gas-Assisted Receiver Firearms'

Democratic Senator Martin Heinrich of New Mexico on Thursday called for "common sense" gun restrictions including raising the minimum age requirement on purchasing "gas-assisted receiver firearms."

Mar 01 16:04

Due Process Violation


The Due Process Clause is included in both the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution. The clause prohibits the government from depriving a person of their right to liberty or property without due process

The subject of Due Process dates back to 1215 when King John of England issued clause 39 of the Magna Carta. During his rule, King John promised his people that they would not be stripped of their basic human rights. This English rule set the standards for due process in the United States and other countries around the world.

Mar 01 15:43

Concealed-Carry Holder Shoots And Kills Alleged Armed Carjacker

A good guy with a gun stopped a bad guy with a gun Monday in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Mar 01 14:30

FLASHBACK - ROTC reforms weapons training after campus drills are mistaken for active shooters

The Army’s Reserve Officers’ Training Corps, a century-old military leadership program, has overhauled its weapons training procedures on the nation’s college campuses after cadet drills — including one at George Mason University — were mistaken for possible active-shooter attacks.

Maj. Gen. Christopher P. Hughes last week ordered all 275 Army ROTC units and 700 other affiliated programs to use extra precaution during training exercises that involve the use of realistic rifle replicas and furtive movements that could be mistaken for a threat to the community. Several reports that schools were under attack in recent years were later linked to cadet trainings involving the use of AK-47 and M-16 replicas as students maneuvered on or near campuses.

Mar 01 12:13

Ron Paul Responds To Trump's Threat to 'Take The Guns First' - Trump's War On The Second Amendment (Video)

"...all of the sudden he's taking on the NRA, conservatives, the second amendment. It's pretty amazing, I cannot see how this is a strategically beneficial move for him..."

Mar 01 11:39

Red lights for anti-gun solidarity

A new trend is sweeping the nation. It’s called “red lighting”. Activists are changing their normal white porch light bulbs with special red bulbs letting the world know This is a gun free home.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Okay, so you got that criminals? Go to the home with the red light on. They don't have guns so you can do whatever you want.

Or it's a whorehouse.

Either way, you're going to have a good time!

Mar 01 11:19

Florida School Massacre Proves Police Are Worthless In Protecting Us

“So when police in Florida had to deal with a 19-year-old embarking on a shooting rampage inside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., what did they do?


“There were four armed police officers, including one cop who was assigned to the school as a resource officer, on campus during that shooting. All four cops stayed outside the school with their weapons drawn (three of them hid behind their police cars).

“Not a single one of those cops, armed with deadly weapons and trained for exactly such a dangerous scenario, entered the school to confront the shooter.

“Seventeen people, most of them teenagers, died while the cops opted not to intervene.

“Let that sink in a moment.”

Mar 01 10:46

Report: Trump, Kushner foundations have donated thousands to Chabad

(JTA) — President-elect Donald Trump’s foundation has donated thousands of dollars to Chabad institutions.

The Israeli daily Haaretz also reported that the foundation of the parents of Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner gave some $342,500 to Chabad institutions and projects over a 10-year period.

The Donald J. Trump Foundation donated $11,550 to three Chabad institutions. In 2008, a year before Ivanka Trump and Kushner were married, the Trump foundation donated $6,750 to the Lubavitch Youth Organization in Brooklyn and $1,800 to the Chabad of Southampton Jewish Charity. In 2011, the foundation donated $3,000 to Chabad of East Boca Raton – an institution in Florida also supported by the Kushners.



Feb 28 17:01

Trump Shoots Down Scalise Concealed Carry Bill…

Trump likes the bill but fears it won't pass in the current environment.