Sep 03 07:30

After Zakharchenko Assassination Signs Moscow Is Washing Its Hands Off Rebel Donbass


Vice Premier Dmitry Trapeznikov has been appointed Acting Head of the DNR. He has close ties with Alexander Khodakovsky, whose enthusiasm for the Novorossiya cause has never been particularly high, and both men are connected to the Donbass oligarch Rinat Akhmetov.

Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs reaction: “We call on Kiev to disavow terrorist methods of resolving domestic Ukrainian problems. We hope that the relevant Ukrainian politicians find the strength to stop the party of war and prevent an escalation of conflict in Donbass.”

My assessment is that they are quietly washing their hands off the affair (“domestic Ukrainian problems”). There will be no more significant actions to punish Kiev than after the assassinations of Motorola or Givi.

Sep 03 07:29

Ukraine To Launch Offensive Against Donbass With Zakharchenko’s Death

The Ukrainian military is preparing an offensive in Donbass after the death of the leader of the People’s Republic of Donetsk (RPD) Aleksandr Zakharchenko, said the official representative of the operational command of the self-proclaimed republic, Eduard Basurin, on Saturday.

According to Basurin, Kiev is positioning an attack group in the direction of the city of Mariupol.

“Our intelligence services have detected an attack group being positioned by the Ukrainian armed forces in the direction of Mariupol under cover of Shtorm 2018 exercises,” said the representative.

Sep 02 23:18

The Day U.S. Military Supremacy Publicly Ended

Military Budgets

The U.S. Military budget for FY 2019 will be $716 Billion. Add $70 Billion for Homeland Security, $70 Billion for the nation’s 16 intelligence agencies, $186 Billion for veterans’ benefits, and the U.S. spends more than a trillion dollars a year on “defense.” Two trillion dollars covers yearly mandatory expenses for social security, Medicare, Medicaid, and interest on the federal debt, leaving less than one trillion out of the country’s $4 Trillion budget left for everything else.

Russia’s military budget is $61 B a year, less than 10 percent of the U.S. military budget and less than that of Saudi Arabia.

Given the above facts, Russia would appear to be no match against the U.S. militarily.

Sep 02 10:26

How to stanch Syria’s bloody final showdown

“Right now, our job is to help create quagmires [for Russia and the Syrian regime] until we get what we want,” says one administration official, explaining the effort to resist an Idlib onslaught. This approach involves reassuring the three key U.S. allies on Syria’s border — Israel, Turkey and Jordan — of continued American involvement.

Sep 02 09:32

Rundown of Murder Attempts Against Heads of Lugansk, Donetsk People's Republics

Leader of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) in eastern Ukraine Alexander Zakharchenko was killed on Friday in an explosion in a Donetsk restaurant, a local security source told Sputnik.

Sputnik has compiled a list of major assassination attempts targeting the heads of the self-proclaimed republics of Donetsk and Lugansk, starting from the latest ones.

Sep 01 10:06


The Russian Navy will hold drills in the Mediterranean Sea, near Syria, in the period from September 1 to September 8, the Russian Defense Ministry announced on August 30. The drills will involve 25 warships led by the Marshal Ustinov missile cruiser and 30 aircraft, including the strategic Tu-160 missile-carrying bombers, the Tu-142MK and Il-38 anti-submarine warfare planes, Su-33 fighter jets and Su-30SM aircraft of naval aviation. The defense ministry said that “the grouping will practice a set of tasks of air defense, anti-submarine and anti-sabotage warfare and also mine counter-measures support”.

According to Syrian experts, these drills are a response to the growing threat of a new round of US missile strikes on government facilities in Syria.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sep 01 10:05

Iraq blocks Russian warplane from using its airspace

The Russian Aerospace Forces were redirected from Iraq’s airspace on Friday and forced to reroute over Iran, air traffic observers reported this afternoon.

According to the reports, a Russian Tu-154M was traveling from Moscow to the Syrian coastal province of Latakia, when the Iraqi government made the decision to block the warplane’s flight over their airspace.

No reason was cited by the Iraqi Ministry of Defense for blocking this Russian warplane.

Sep 01 09:16

US May Have Taken Part in Zakharchenko Assassination - DPR Official

According to Deputy Defense Minister and defense spokesman of Donetsk People's Republic Eduard Basurin, the US could have taken part in the assassination of the Donetsk People's Republic head Zakharchenko.

According to Eduard Basurin, Zakharchenko's murder took place "under the regulation by the United States."

"The US was directly involved in it," Basurin said.

Sep 01 09:15

Russia Increases Presence In The Mediterranean To Protect Syria, Says NATO

The Russian navy is increasing its presence in the Mediterranean Sea in the face of growing tensions related to the war in Syria, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) said on Wednesday.

The Russian Federation provided military support considered essential for Syrian government forces, who are expected to intensify the offensive in northern Idlib province, the country’s last major rebel stronghold.

“We will not speculate on the intention of the Russian fleet, but it is important that all actors in the region exercise restraint and refrain from worsening an already disastrous humanitarian situation in Syria,” NATO’s chief spokeswoman, Oana Lungescu, said Wednesday.

Sep 01 09:14


The president has long lost control of the parliament and on the eve of the elections his opponents will think three times before creating a precedent for the Rada’s consolidated vote for the president’s proposal. Moreover, Poroshenko’s opponents are building their election campaign on the basis of the theses on the need to end the civil war and normalize relations with Russia. It is clear that the denunciation of the Treaty of Friendship … will not contribute to the achievement of these goals. It is just in the mainstream of the Poroshenko’s radical nationalist electoral program. Denunciation of the treaty will show that the Verkhovna Rada has rallied around Poroshenko, as around the leader of the war party. It can untie his hands to attack the opposition.

Sep 01 09:11

Russia to stop ferrying US astronauts to ISS from April 2019

Russia’s contract with NASA to ferry astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS) will expire in April next year, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yury Borisov has said.

Under the current contract, American astronauts avail of seats on Russian Soyuz spacecraft in order to reach the ISS and return home. The US lost its capacity for manned space missions after the retirement of the Space Shuttle program, and is about to finalize a replacement in the form of a manned SpaceX Dragon capsule.

The cost of the ISS ferry service has varied over the years, with NASA paying about $81 million per seat in 2018, up from the cheapest price of $21.8 million in 2007 and 2008.

Sep 01 09:01

Erdogan: Turkey to get Russian S-400 missiles ‘soon’

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Turkey will soon receive S-400 anti-missile system in line with an agreement inked with Russia.

Speaking at a graduation ceremony of non-commissioned officers in northwestern Balikesir province, Erdogan said Turkey needed to acquire the Russian S-400 anti-missile system and “will get them soon”.

Erdogan said Turkey is pursuing its own interests and struggling to reach its own goals “in the face of the efforts of those who try to shape both our country and our region according to their own agenda”.

“We do not regret our decisions,” he added.

Aug 31 16:02

Leader of self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic killed in E. Ukraine blast

Aleksandr Zakharchenko was a mine electrician when the Fascists attacked. Yatsenuk said it was to drive the ethnic Russians from the Donbass.

He was a truly inspirational leader who protected his people and worked for peace. He was only 42. It's a loss for the world. RIP Zaks.

Aug 31 15:38

Alexander Zakharchenko: Cafe blast kills pro-Moscow rebel leader in east Ukraine

In a telegram of condolences released by the Kremlin, Mr Putin praised Mr Zakharchenko as a true popular leader and a patriot.

"The dastardly killing of Alexander Zakharchenko is further evidence: those who have chosen the path of terror, violence and spreading fear do not want to seek a peaceful political solution to the conflict," the telegram said.

"They are placing a dangerous bet on destabilising the situation," Mr Putin said, without specifying who those people were. He added: "It won't work."

Aug 31 09:35


Moscow condemned 42-year-old Zakharchenko’s murder, adding that it could be detrimental to the whole peace process in Ukraine. The death of the DNR leader could have a particularly negative impact on the implementation of the Minsk Agreements, Konstantin Kosachev, the head of the Russian Senate’s International Affairs Committee, said.

There is “every reason to believe” that Zakharchenko’s murder was orchestrated by Kiev, which “has repeatedly resorted to such methods to get rid of dissidents and undesirables,” Maria Zakharova, spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, said.

“Instead of abiding by the Minsk Agreements and seeking ways to resolve the internal [Ukrainian] conflict, the Kiev warmongers opted for a terrorist scenario, thus exacerbating an already tense situation in the region,” she added. The Ukrainian security service, the SBU, has denied involvement in the killing of the DNR head.

Aug 31 09:31

Russian ambassador warns Washington against another act of aggression in Syria

During a meeting with US diplomats earlier this week, Russia’s ambassador to the United States warned the US government against a yet another unjustified and illegal act of aggression against Syria, the Russian embassy has said.

"We warned the United States against a yet another unjustified and illegal act of aggression in Syria. Escalation of tensions in Syria is not in anyone’s national interests," the Russian embassy said in a statement, published on Wednesday. "We urged Washington to immediately provide facts that may support this attempt to once again propagate the issue of chemical weapons use by Damascus."

"We have expressed most serious concern about the US side’s signals indicating that new strikes on Syria are being prepared under the pretext of possible use of ‘chemical weapons’ by Syrians. We conveyed our serious concern about those developments," ambassador Anatoly Antonov was quoted as saying in the statement.

Aug 31 09:31

Russia to hold Mediterranean drills involving 25 warships and 30 aircraft

"In accordance with the training plan of the Russian Armed Forces, large-scale drills of the grouping of forces (troops) of the Russian Navy and the Aerospace Force will be conducted on September 1-8, 2018 in the Mediterranean Sea under the direction of Navy Commander-in-Chief Admiral Vladimir Korolyov," the ministry said.

Aug 31 09:01

Blast Rocks Defense Factory in Central Russia, at Least 3 Dead - Reports

An explosion at a plant in the Nizhny Novgorod region has triggered a huge fire engulfing a 100-square-meter area, according to a source speaking to Sputnik.

The explosion occurred at a defense factory in the city of Dzerzinsk, killing three people. Three more people are missing.

Initially, a source told Sputnik that two persons had been wounded as a result of the explosion.

"The incident occurred at a workshop specializing in the production of ammonal at the plant named after Ya.M. Sverdlov in the city of Dzerzhinsk. Two people were injured, " the source said to Sputnik.

The blast was followed by a fire that is now being extinguished by firefighters.

Aug 31 09:00

Donetsk People's Republic Head Zakharchenko Killed in Explosion

Leader of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) in eastern Ukraine Alexander Zakharchenko was killed on Friday in an explosion in downtown Donetsk, a local security source told Sputnik.

"According to preliminary data, one dead and three wounded," the source said.

Later a lawmaker of the People's Council of the DPR confirmed reports about the death of DPR leader Alexander Zakharchenko in a bomb explosion in downtown Donetsk on Friday.

"The DPR leader died in the explosion at the Separ cafe," Vladislav Berdichevky told reporters.

Aug 31 08:47

Russia-Ukraine relations ‘can hardly deteriorate further’ – Kremlin

Relations between Russia and Ukraine can hardly deteriorate further, but it is unreasonable to take steps in that direction, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Wednesday. He was commenting on Kiev’s statements about Ukraine’s possible withdrawal from the Treaty on Friendship between the two states. “Bilateral relations have reached a stage when the situation can hardly deteriorate further. They are in a deep crisis and there are no signs saying that the situation can improve,” Peskov said.

Aug 31 08:45

US files WTO lawsuit against Russia over import taxes on American goods

Washington has filed a complaint with the World Trade Organization (WTO) against tariffs imposed by Moscow on some US imports, the trade body confirmed on Wednesday.

According to Russia’s economy ministry, Washington has misinterpreted the measures taken by Moscow, explaining that Russia complies with the WTO regulations.

“The United States misinterprets the nature of the measures taken by the Russian side. We are acting within the framework of the WTO Agreement on Safeguards, which allows compensating for damage from special protective measures taken by another country,” the ministry said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"We have the right to put tariffs on you but you do not have the right to put tariffs on us!!!!!!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Aug 31 08:43

NATO: A criminal and a liar

Using a Goebbels-style mechanism to whitewash the truth, repeating lies and inventing non-existent threats to perpetuate itself, NATO uses the media to brainwash a gullible western public, employing a manipulation of fear to implement its trans-national policies, parading Russia as the eternal ogre.

Aug 30 19:05

Kremlin points to ‘terrorists in Idlib’ when asked about massive naval drill near Syria’s shores

On Saturday, the Russian military will start a week-long exercise in the Mediterranean, involving 25 ships and strategic bombers. The Kremlin agreed the drill may be connected with the situation in Syria’s Idlib governorate.

The exercise comes amid high tension in the region, with Moscow claiming that the US is deploying additional military assets towards Syria for a likely missile attack against Syrian government forces. The strike would be conducted under a pretext of a staged chemical weapons attack, the Russian military alleged.

Aug 30 09:42


On August 28, ISIS militants carried out several positions of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the al-Azraq oil field area in eastern Deir Ezzor. According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the SDF repelled the attack with help from the US-led coalition airpower.

This was the second major ISIS attack on SDF positions in Deir Ezzor province in August. The previous one took place on August 20 and also targeted the SDF-controlled oil field – the al-Omar oil fields in southeastern Deir Ezzor.

These attacks show that despite claims by the SDF and the coalition that ISIS was fully defeated in most of northwestern Syria, cells of the terrorist group are still operating there.

Over the last few days, the Syrian military has deployed a large number of former Free Syrian Army (FSA) members, whom reconciled with the government in eastern Damascus, to a frontline with Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra) in northern Hama.

Aug 30 07:25

Combat Footage: ISIS collapses in east Swaida as Army gains more ground

Any attack by the US and it's allies will be in support of terrorists.
The Syrian War has exposed the US and it's armed forces as the biggest supporters of terrorism on the Planet!

DAMASCUS, SYRIA (5:15 P.M.) – The Syrian Army continues to overrun the Islamic State in its last stronghold of the eastern countryside of Swiada; seizing more territories from the terror group.

Aug 29 11:28

US Rejects Russia's Data on Chemical Weapons Provocations in Syria - Lavrov

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Wednesday that it seemed the US had issued threats to Damascus in order to prevent the expulsion of terrorists from Idlib province.

According to Lavrov, Russia cited more and more facts that confirm the forthcoming staging of the use of chemical weapons as a false flag in order to blame the Syrian government.

US officials "say that this is not true, but they cannot bring any facts to the basis of their position," he added.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Ever the statesman, Lavrov has called this correctly.

It is not a question of IF, but when, such an attack will take place; I would imagine that the Trump administration will order it at a precise point in time to maximize the effect of such a false flag over the coming Holiday weekend, which means we could be looking at it happening from any time potentially from tomorrow, or Friday, forward.

The US response will be so draconian and so swift, that there will be no real time for discovery of who, and why, this was done, and no time for critical thinking, or conscious, questioning voices to be heard.

Aug 29 10:05

How the Department of Homeland Security Created a Deceptive Tale of Russia Hacking US Voter Sites

The narrative of Russian intelligence attacking state and local election boards and threatening the integrity of U.S. elections has achieved near-universal acceptance by media and political elites. And now it has been accepted by the Trump administration’s intelligence chief, Dan Coats, as well.

But the real story behind that narrative, recounted here for the first time, reveals that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) created and nurtured an account that was grossly and deliberately deceptive.

DHS compiled an intelligence report suggesting hackers linked to the Russian government could have targeted voter-related websites in many states and then leaked a sensational story of Russian attacks on those sites without the qualifications that would have revealed a different story. When state election officials began asking questions, they discovered that the DHS claims were false and, in at least one case, laughable.

Aug 29 09:11

Bogdasarov: A Russian Response To A New US Attack On Syria Should Include Sinking The Warships

Russia must respond to US strikes against Syria by destroying not only missiles, but also the ships that launch them. This was stated by political scientist Semyon Bagdasarov.

According to the expert, the Americans want to organize a provocation with chemical weapons in Syria in order to justify a missile attack on government forces, since this is the only way to stop the Syrian army, which has almost freed the country from US-funded militants. The connection between the impending provocation and Washington can easily be traced from the concentration of serious military forces (destroyers, bombers and missiles) in the immediate vicinity of Syria.

Aug 28 13:55

Russia sends largest naval fleet ever to Syrian waters

The Russian Navy has sent its largest fleet ever to the Mediterranean Sea in response to the alleged U.S. naval build-up around the Middle East.

According to the Twitter account @Capt_Navy, the Russian Navy has sent 15 warships to the Mediterranean Sea, which corroborates the report from Yoruk Isik of the Bosphorus Observer.

Aug 28 12:14

Russia Is Buying Gold: Will It Save Russia From Dollar Sanctions? End of Dollar Hegemony?

The German newspaper “Die Welt” announced that Russia actively seeks to get rid of dependency on the US dollar by purchasing gold and selling the bulk of the Moscow-owned US Treasury bonds.

According to political advisor and author James Rickards, cited by the newspaper, the Russian government pursues “a strategic plan” aimed at protecting the country from “dollar sanctions” by building up Russia’s gold reserves.

Aug 28 10:54

Ukrainian Consultant Reveals Steele Sought Bogus Stories for Trump Dossier

A Ukrainian political consultant has revealed to Sputnik that former MI6 agent Christopher Steele sought and paid for researchers in Ukraine to concoct fake stories about Donald Trump prior his election as US president to use in the now-infamous dossier that supposedly contained damning evidence of Russia-Trump collusion.

Radio Sputnik's Lee Stranahan spoke previously with Ukrainian political consultant and former diplomat Andrii Telizhenko about his connections to a Democratic National Committee (DNC) operative named Alexandra Chalupa who also worked for clients in Ukrainian politics. Chalupa told Politico in January 2017 that beginning in 2015, she pulled on a network of sources she'd established in Kiev and Washington to try and turn up dirt on Trump, once his star began to rise in the Republican primary campaign.

Aug 28 10:36

‘US didn’t expect Russia to grow so strong in Arctic’: Why Pentagon is rebuilding Cold War-era fleet

US moves to reform its 2nd American fleet will create a potential theater of conflict with Russia, but experts say Moscow won't be too worried about the Pentagon's lagging military capacity in the Atlantic and the Arctic.

While US officials declared that they weren't "looking for a fight" in relaunching a fleet that had numbered over 100 vessels when the USSR collapsed, but were merely building a deterrent to ward off "resurgent" foreign powers, Russian analysts interviewed by RT have predicted a further escalation of tensions.

"This a return to the Cold War, and its marine rivalry. There is nothing good that can come from this, and we can expect the US to start acting more aggressively, particularly around the North Atlantic," said Igor Korotchenko, editor-in-chief of National Defense magazine.

Aug 28 09:57

The ‘Left’ Gone Mad: Mainstream Liberals as Modern Day Warhawks

On paper, Rachel Maddow may be the brightest host on all of cable news. Educated first at Stanford and then earning a PhD as a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University, she’s an eloquent speaker and distinguished author. But these days Maddow and her fellow "mainstream" progressives at MSNBC and CNN sound like hysterical, bellicose neocons. It’s all Russia all the time.

To listen to the rhetoric, whether focused on the inconclusive case that the president colluded with Russia during the 2016 election, on the war in Syria, on the recent NATO summit, or the ongoing drama in Ukraine, the message from the center-left, establishment "adults in the room" is the same – President Trump is a stooge of Putin and the U.S. must brace itself for impending, inevitable conflict with the Russians. It makes for one heck of a story, and as a CBS executive admitted it’s no doubt "damn good” for media ratings – but is it sound policy? This author thinks not.

Aug 28 09:20

Pink Floyd Legend Roger Waters Slams Skripal Case as 'Nonsense'

In an interview with the Russian newspaper Izvestiya, former Pink Floyd member Roger Waters dismissed the infamous Skripal case as “nonsense.” “That the attack on the Skripals was nonsense is clear to a person with half a brain. But some don’t even have one half, that’s why they believe in this absurd,” he was quoted as saying by the newspaper.

The Skripal case unfolded in Salisbury, England in early March, when former Russian intelligence officer Sergei Skripal and his daughter were exposed to a nerve agent known as “Novichok.” The UK rushed to accuse Russia of involvement in the attack, which the Kremlin has repeatedly denied. Although no evidence has been provided that Russia was behind the Skripal poisoning, the UK expelled 23 Russian diplomats, prompting Russia take a similar retaliatory measure, shut down the British Council and close the British Consulate in St. Petersburg.

Aug 27 12:04

Watching America Collapse — Existence is running out for America, says Paul Craig Roberts.

The military/security complex wants to impeach Trump because he wants peace with Russia, thus taking away the essential enemy that justifies their budget and power

Aug 27 11:09

Russian Embassy Slams UK Jets Escorting Russian Aircraft in Black Sea

The UK Royal Air Forces escorting Russian military aircraft in the Black Sea is a provocative action, which undermines regional security, the Russian Embassy to the United Kingdom said late on Saturday.

On Thursday, RAF said that its fighter jets “interrupted” a Russian aircraft which was allegedly on its way towards NATO airspace in the Black Sea.

Aug 27 11:08

Moscow Lifts Sanctions Against Turkey as ‘Bargaining Chip’ Ahead of Idlib – Prof

Russia is poised to lift the visa regime for Turkish nationals holding official passports. This is what Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said on Wednesday. The minister also stated that a Russian-Turkish working group will discuss the issue of Russia easing the visa regime for Turkish citizens in late August.

Aug 27 10:42

Russia Sends Largest Naval Armada of Syrian War in Response to Reports of Imminent US Attack

Russia has built up its forces around the Mediterranean Sea in response to reports [yet to be confirmed G.R] of the U.S., France, and Great Britain preparing to attack Syria.

According to Yoruk Isik of the Bosphorus Observer, the Russian Navy has sent another armada of ships towards Syria’s territorial waters in order to increase the strength of their forces around the country.

Isik said that the powerful Russian warships, Admiral Grigorovich and Admiral Essen class frigate, were spotted transiting the Bosphorus Strait en route to the Port of Tartous:

Aug 27 10:37

It Begins: Russia Officially Announces ‘Time Has Come…To Get Rid of the Dollar’

In a retaliatory move to the growing list of sanctions placed on Russia by the U.S., the country has announced it will "get rid of the dollar."

Aug 27 10:28

Is the US and Its Allies Preparing to Bomb Syria? Towards a “No Fly Zone” in Northern Syria?

Are the U.S. France and Britain preparing to launch punitive airstrikes against Syria in reprisal for another (forthcoming) “false flag” Chemical Weapons attack allegedly ordered by president Bashar al Assad against his own people.

U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton is reported to have told his Russian counterpart, Nikolai Patrushev, that “Syrian President Bashar al-Assad may be preparing to use chemical weapons to recapture the northwestern province of Idlib from rebels.”

On August 22, at a press conference in Jerusalem, John Bolton, Trump’s (“Humanitarian”) National Security Adviser expressed his “concern” intimating that Assad is preparing to “kill his own people”:

“We are obviously concerned about the possibility that Assad may use chemical weapons again, …

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The tired old premise Bolton is "trotting out" to his Russian counterpart, Nikolai Patrushev, has one absolutely fatal flaw; there is absolutely no logical reason for Al Assad to do this, now that he, with Russian and Iranian help, have pretty much taken the country back under Damascus' control.

So here is the translation, and please note that it it is primarily for US domestic consumption, because the Iranians, Syrians, and Russians know better: we are being "set up" for a US/NATO false flag in Syria, as the justification for creating a "no fly zone" against the country, if not bombing the hell out of it outright.

The question here for me, is what will Russia do when this happens?!?

IS this the way the US is going to "justify" a war against Russia in Syria?!?

Were I a betting person, I would bet that this will be in place for executing next month, possibly right after the Labor Day holiday here in the US.

President Trump is desperate for something to distract the American people from the events of last week, in terms of the Manafort convictions and the Cohen plea deal, and my guess is, that it will either be military action against Syria, or against Iran, both "favorite enemies" of this administration.

Aug 27 10:14

Paul Craig Roberts: Watching America Collapse

In the 1950s and 1960s the United States was a vibrant society. Upward mobility was strong, and the middle class expanded. During the 1970s the internal contradiction in Keynesian demand management resulted in stagflation. Reagan’s supply-side economic policy cured that. With a sound economy under him, Reagan was able to pressure the Soviet government, which was unable to solve its economic problem, to negotiate the end of the cold war.

The collapse of the Soviet Union is usually attributed to Reagan and represented as one of his victories. This is a fabrication. I was in Reagan’s government, both as Assistant Secretary of the Treasury and afterward as a member of a secret Presidential Committee with subpeona power over the CIA. Reagan told us many times that his purpose was not to win the Cold War but to end it.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I am seeing the devolution of the Unhinged, Surveilled State of Amerika as coming about in two ways; either a complete economic collapse of this country, due to decades of bad planning, bad policies, and influence-peddling, or a major world war, which this country may well not win.

Aug 27 10:09

Britain Prepares For War Against Russia

The headline in the UK newspaper the Daily Mail on August 7 encapsulated much that is paranoid in sad modern Britain. It read “Russian warships pass through English Channel as Putin's armed forces ratchet up pressure on the Royal Navy.”

But this dreadful state of affairs means nothing to those who lack for nothing — which includes politicians of the governing Conservative Party who demand that more taxpayers’ money must be spent on military hardware. The previous defence minister, Michael Fallon (who had to resign because he was found out to have indulged in some sexual shenanigans), told the BBC last year that “we will be adding to defence, there will be new equipment and the budget will grow every year” and the present one, Gavin Williamson (the man who said that Russia should “go away and shut up”), demanded in June that Britain increase its annual military spending by £20 billion, or about 25 billion dollars.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And the British public .... on an horrific downhill economic slope, is buying this nonsense?!?

God help Great Britain, if these people cannot see this perverse, life-wrenching propaganda, for just what it is!!!

Aug 27 09:30


The passive exoskeleton is already part of the Russian Army’s Ratnik (warrior), or ‘future combat system’, which also includes a range of surveillance, communications, and defensive equipment. The active exoskeleton may become part of Ratnik by 2025, according to Military-Scientific Committee Chair of the Ground Forces Aleksandr Romanyuta.

An exoskeleton is an external skeleton-like structure that follows the shape of the wearer’s body and partially encases it. It has joints and other mechanisms allowing it to strengthen the body’s natural movements.

‘Wearable robots’ are being developed worldwide for both military and civilian use. Medical exoskeletons could assist the movement of disabled or injured patients. Robotic suits could also allow construction workers to lift heavier loads.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is obviously, the result of some brilliant engineering by the Russians; but I sincerely wish that the Russians, the Chinese, and the American engineers were using all their pooled brilliance, to make life better for all people of the world, rather than using it for ever more lethal, and more dangerous, WMDS.

Aug 27 09:15

The Russian Military in Place to Cover Syria's Final Offensive With Huge Naval Armada, Hypersonic Missiles

A powerful Russian naval armada led by a Slava-class cruiser has assembled in the Eastern Mediterranean, while hypersonic-armed MiGs are in the air over the Caspian. By all appearances it looks like a Syrian offensive against Idlib Jihadistan is a go and Russia is making sure there will be no interference

Aug 27 09:14

American, British and Canadian Troops Marched Through the Streets of Kiev on Ukraine's Independence Day

The military personnel of other states participated in the military parade on the occasion of the “Independence Day“ of Ukraine that took place in Kiev on August 24th. In particular, the military personnel of Canada, the US, Georgia, Moldova, Romania, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Great Britain, Denmark, etc marched along the Khreshchatyk. Also, the military personnel of joint Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian brigades participated in the procession. According to official figures, military personnel from 18 countries participated in the parade.

Aug 27 09:09

Latest batch of US sanctions against Russia comes into effect

The latest set of sanctions against Russia, introduced by the US in response to Moscow’s alleged involvement in the Skripal poisoning in the UK, has come into effect. Moscow has already promised a proportional response.
The State Department document, published by the Federal Register website on Monday, outlines the new restrictions that Washington hopes will make Moscow more cooperative. Ominously entitled ‘Determinations Regarding Use of Chemical Weapons by Russia’, the sanctions were imposed on the pretext of alleged Russian involvement in the poisoning of Sergei Skripal and his daughter in the UK back in March, which London promptly pinned on Moscow, though it has yet to produce any evidence to back up its claims.

Aug 27 09:08

German FM: Europe Should React to US Sanctions Targeting Russia, China, Turkey

Earlier, Wolfgang Buchele, head of the German Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations (OAOEV), warned that the prospects for German-Russian trade are still marred by new US anti-Russian sanctions, which are "dangerous because they can target European partners of Russian companies."

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas has urged Europe to react to the US sanctions-related policy on Russia, China, Turkey and other important economic partners.

"Washington prompts us to formulate European responses to its sanctions-related policy, something which pertains to Europe and Germany. We should react to the United States suddenly imposing uncoordinated and rather nonspecific sanctions against Russia, China, Turkey and in the future, perhaps, against other important trading partners," he underlined.

Aug 27 07:39


According to the intelligence of the DPR, foreign snipers appeared in the Ukrainian army, identified as Arabic speakers. Such information was relayed to international press today at a briefing was voiced by the official representative of the operational command of the DPR, Eduard Basurin.

FRN has come to learn that there are already a number of Salafist ‘Islamic’ brigades, operating on the side of the Ukrainian forces. However, these would not be Arab speakers, but are Chechens of the Dzhokhar Dudayev battalion, and the Shah Mansur battalion, and they have been reported defending the front line near Mariupol in 2015

Sources close to FRN have informed us that most of this latest group of 50 snipers are likely ‘PMC’, financed by the Saudis >>>

Aug 26 17:43

DO NOT PROVOKE US: Russia issues dire WARNING after RAF jets scrambled

The Russian embassy said in a statement: “What kind of threat to Britain or even its allies does a Russian patrol aircraft hypothetically pose while conducting flights near Russia’s own coastline, more than 2,000 km (1242.74 miles) from the British Isles?

“Instead of strengthening anyone’s security, the British authorities are using such a military presence (in the Black Sea area) for provocative actions.

“Not just by making verbal statements, regrettable as they are, but also in real military terms, which is simply dangerous.”

Aug 26 12:32

Russian warships heading to Syria in response to US threats

17 ships deployed in a week. We are on the cusp of a major war which the US can't win! The Russians are also hinting at the deployment of tactical nukes. You can be sure they are already there!

DAMASCUS, SYRIA (4:15 P.M.) – Russian warships have sailed through the Bosphorus into the Mediterranean in response to US President Trump’s threats to strike Syria.

Up to 17 Russian warships have crossed the Bosphorus into Syria so far this week.

Aug 26 10:05

From Baltic Sea to Black Sea, Russia Offers Powers Trump Slams a Win-Win Instead

As confirmed to Asia Times by diplomatic sources, a top summit featuring Germany, Russia, France and Turkey is on the way. Call it an expanded Eurovision – with Turkey included due to (wobbling) NATO membership.

Ostensibly, the summit would be on Syria – according to the Kremlin. That does not cut it – as Syria is already being discussed in detail in Astana by Russia, Iran and Turkey.

Aug 26 10:03


Russia, Russia, Russia, and then Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, but Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, so Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, and Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, but fake news, so Russia.

Aug 26 10:02

The New Cold War Flops, The American People Are Not Buying

The anti-Russian campaign that the media has been hyping ever since Trump took office isn’t anything new. Those of us born during the cold war years – the first cold war, that is – remember all too well the atmosphere of hysteria and unreason that prevailed in those days. The fear of Communist agents under every bed was exploited by the War Party to no end – no good end, that is – and one would’ve thought that the collapse of communism and the end of the cold war would put a stop to it.

No such luck. It started in 2003, when the neocons declared war on Russia for Putin’s refusal to sign on to the Iraq war. Richard Perle led the charge, demanding Russia’s expulsion from the G-8.

Aug 26 10:01


In a major escalation of tensions in the North Atlantic, the United States reactivated the Navy’s second fleet, which was designed to contain Russia in the North Atlantic. The information was released by the US Navy Commander of Naval Operations, Admiral John Richardson.

“We have to maintain our competitive advantage and dominance on the sea,” Commander Richardson said at a in Norfolk, Va., on Friday.

At the same time, he noted that the forces of the second fleet will have to operate under the conditions of a “resurgent Russia”, which is military planners say increasingly mirrors the situation with the Soviet Union.

Aug 26 10:00


Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov made waves today, dispelling numerous rumors and laying to waste much ‘speculation’ about Russia’s role in Syria, with regard to Iran and Israel.

After difficult talks today in a meeting between senior Russian and US delegations to discuss Syria, in Geneva, Switzerland, Ryabkov’s statements today mirror those of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, and Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova. Their previous statements reflect Russia’s actual, official policy on Iran and Syria. Today’s statements bring clarity to any number of vague remarks made in months past.

Aug 26 09:58

BBC lauds RAF for keeping nasty Russian planes at bay… 2,000km away from the UK

The BBC has struck again, plastering another alarming report across their website on Friday to warn the British people about big, bad, scary Russia. So what did those Russkies do this time? They flew a plane near their own border.

Called out on Twitter by Charles Shoebridge, a former army officer, Scotland Yard detective and counter terrorism intelligence officer, his post points out a few details the BBC missed: The Russian plane was in international airspace and the Black Sea –over 2,000km from the United Kingdom– is actually on Russia’s doorstep.

Aug 26 09:57

Russian Embassy Slams UK Jets Escorting Russian Aircraft in Black Sea

The UK Royal Air Forces escorting Russian military aircraft in the Black Sea is a provocative action, which undermines regional security, the Russian Embassy to the United Kingdom said late on Saturday.

On Thursday, RAF said that its fighter jets “interrupted” a Russian aircraft which was allegedly on its way towards NATO airspace in the Black Sea.

“This latest episode aptly demonstrates how harmful is the very idea of deploying RAF and other NATO forces in Romania, Poland or Baltic states. Instead of strengthening anyone's security, such military presence is being used by the British authorities for provocative actions of their own — not only through verbal statements, regrettable as they are, but also in real military terms, which is simply dangerous,” the embassy’s spokesperson said at a briefing, while answering question on the UK forces “intercepting” the Russian aircraft.

Aug 26 09:54

Cover up! Russian fine arts school covers up nude statues to spare the blushes of visiting Orthodox Church priests

A leading Russian university covered up nude statues to spare the blushes of Orthodox Church priests, sparking a dispute among clerics.

The classical sculptures depicting men and women have long adorned the foyer of Novosibirsk State Academy of Architecture and Fine Arts.

But they were deemed too risqué for senior churchmen attending a meeting who welcomed the censorship.

Aug 26 08:42

Russia’s 5th-gen Su-57 stealth fighter will have AI combat mode – report

Russia’s newest supersonic stealth fighter jet, the Su-57, will have a “fully automatic” mode during combat, according to reports. The multi-purpose fifth-generation warplane is scheduled to officially join the military next year.

The jet’s control and target acquisition systems will have a “fully automatic combat regime,” a source within the aviation industry told RIA Novosti news agency on Friday. The source also noted that the mode will allow the jet to “come closer” to prospective sixth-generation UAVs.

The Su-57 fighter plane is designed to strike aerial, ground and naval targets. It is also capable of neutralizing the enemy air-defense systems, and may be used for long-distance reconnaissance flights.

Aug 25 18:15

World War 3 fears: Russia threaten NUCLEAR WEAPONS to Syria in response to US sanctions

Vladimir Gutenev, first deputy head of the economic policy committee of the State Duma, the lower chamber of the Russian parliament, said it is time for Russia to draw its own red lines.

Among such measures, the official said the deployment of Russian tactical nukes in countries such as Syria, the use of gold-linked cryptocurrencies for Russian arms exports and the suspension of a number of treaties with the US – such as non-proliferation of missile technologies.

Mr Gutenev said: "I believe that now Russia has to draw its own ‘red lines.’

Aug 25 16:49

BBC lauds RAF for keeping nasty Russian planes at bay… 2,000km away from the UK

The BBC has struck again, plastering another alarming report across their website on Friday to warn the British people about big, bad, scary Russia. So what did those Russkies do this time? They flew a plane near their own border.

Called out on Twitter by Charles Shoebridge, a former army officer, Scotland Yard detective and counter terrorism intelligence officer, his post points out a few details the BBC missed: The Russian plane was in international airspace and the Black Sea –over 2,000km from the United Kingdom– is actually on Russia’s doorstep.

Aug 25 10:07

US Navy Re-establishes Atlantic Fleet to Confront Russia

The US Navy has announced on Friday that they are formally reactivating the 2nd Fleet, which is the Atlantic Ocean fleet for the US, and had been deactivated in 2011. The fleet will be based in Norfolk, Virginia.

Officials had spoken of plans to make such a move before, and Chief of Naval Operations Admiral John Richardson said that the move reflects the need for the US to maintain “a large-scale ocean maneuver warfare” unit in the Atlantic.

Other officials said that there are growing numbers of Russian submarines in the Atlantic, and that the US feels challenged by both Russia and China. The new fleet is intended primarily to confront Russia.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

We are still looking at a question of "when", rather than if, such a war against both Russia and China will be happening.

IF ever there was a country on this planet which desperately needed a Department of Peace, to examine ways of obtaining a country's geopolitical objectives without waging wars, is is the Unhinged, Surveilled State of Amerika, and right the hell now!!

Aug 25 09:54


Over the past half year the West has increasingly taken note of the significantly heightened pace of both Chinese and Russian military spending and surprising leaps forward in terms defense tech advances.

Even when Chinese or Russian systems fail, as with recent news of a nuclear-powered cruise missile touted by Putin as having "unlimited range" but now apparently lost at the bottom of the sea, Western press takes notice, and a number of Pentagon officials have also warned especially of rapidly advancing Chinese systems.

Increasingly, the two powers are cooperating more directly as with Russia's upcoming military games, said to be the largest such exercise since the Soviet Union, where China is set to participate my sending a mass contingency of elite troops.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

US officials need to take note of how the integration of Chinese and Russian troop strength and weaponry, makes a stronger fighting force than each nation could offer on its own.

Aug 25 09:19

Coal-rich Ukraine happy to transport coal from Pennsylvania on US locomotives - Poroshenko

In July 2017, shortly after Poroshenko met Trump in the White House, Ukrainian state-run energy company Centrenergo announced a deal with Pennsylvania-based Xcoal Energy & Resources for the supply of up to 700,000 tons of anthracite. Kiev reportedly rejected South African coal due to its high price, while Russian coal wasn’t suitable for the country for political reasons.

This year, Kiev purchased 1,017,469 tons of anthracite from January through March, compared to 865,732 tons bought in the same period a year ago, according to data compiled by the US Energy Information Administration.

Ukraine used to be one of the world’s major producers of anthracite – a coal used in power generation. However, the country faced shortages due to the ongoing conflict in eastern Ukraine, where almost all mines are located. Massive disruption was also evoked by the blockage of railways leading to the breakaway Donbass region by Kiev-backed militant groups.

Aug 25 07:12


After difficult talks today in a meeting between senior Russian and US delegations to discuss Syria, in Geneva, Switzerland, Ryabkov’s statements today mirror those of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, and Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova. Their previous statements reflect Russia’s actual, official policy on Iran and Syria. Today’s statements bring clarity to any number of vague remarks made in months past.
Indeed, Ryabkov’s statements today clarifies that Russia respects Iran’s presence in Syria which he described as lawful. What additionally gives credence to the view put forward by FRN, are numerous reports that the US was pressuring Moscow on Tehran’s role in the Arab country. Thus, any less-clear, previous statements made by Moscow that gave credence to the theory they may be involved in ‘balancing’ Israel’s interests against Iran, were an additional part of this generated simulacrum, in which actions on the ground were interpreted different ways, by various actors.


Aug 25 05:58

US Senators Ask Pompeo to Release Transcript of Trump-Putin Summit

TEHRAN (FNA)- US Senators Robert Menendez and Jeanne Shaheen wrote a letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Friday asking him to release relevant documents and interpreter notes from President Donald Trump's summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Finland.
"We respectfully request that you provide the Senate Foreign Relations Committee members relevant materials including all classified and unclassified cable traffic, memoranda of conversations, interpreter's notes and policy directive related to the meeting," the letter said, World News reported.
Menendez and Shaheen told Pompeo in the letter that they were particularly interested in commitments made by the two presidents regarding Syria and Ukraine.


Aug 25 05:47

Putin Says Russian Vessels With 'Kalibr' Cruise Missiles on Permanent Standby Due to Syria

Russia's Putin said Wednesday Russian military vessels with "Kalibr" cruise rockets will be on permanent standby because of ongoing terrorist threats in Syria.

Earlier on Tuesday Putin said that 14 missile regiments would receive the new Yars intercontinental missile complexes to replace their old Topol complexes this year as part of a build-up of the state's armed forces.

Putin, whose relations with the West have deteriorated, said previously he does not want an arms race, while warning potential enemies that his country has developed a new generation of invincible weapons to protect itself.


Aug 25 05:30

Terrorists readying chemical attack to frame Damascus & provide pretext for US strikes –

The US and its allies are preparing new airstrikes on Syria, the Russian Defense Ministry said, adding that militants are poised to stage a chemical weapons attack in order to frame Damascus and provide a pretext for the strikes.
The attack would be used as a pretext for US, UK and French airstrikes on Syrian targets, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman, Major General Igor Konashenkov said. USS ‘The Sullivans,’ an Arleigh Burke-class Aegis guided missile destroyer, was already deployed to the Persian Gulf a couple of days ago, he added.

The destroyer has 56 cruise missiles on board, according to data from the Russian Defence Ministry. A US Rockwell B-1 Lancer, a supersonic bomber equipped with 24 cruise missiles, has also been deployed at the Qatari Al Udeid Airbase.

(*It sounds like we're in for Another MARKET RALLY , to me !)

Aug 24 16:56

Time has come for Russia to finally ditch US dollar – Foreign Ministry

Russia will definitely respond to Washington’s latest sanctions and, in particular, it is accelerating efforts to abandon the American currency in trade transactions, said Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov.

“The time has come when we need to go from words to actions, and get rid of the dollar as a means of mutual settlements, and look for other alternatives,” he said in an interview with International Affairs magazine.

“Thank God, this is happening, and we will speed up this work,” Ryabkov said, explaining the move would come in addition to other “retaliatory measures” as a response to a growing list of US sanctions. Russian Energy Minister Aleksandr Novak recently noted that a growing number of countries are interested in replacing the dollar as a medium in global oil trades and other transactions.

Aug 24 11:17

Bolton calls on Al-Qaeda to stage more chemical attacks in Syria

In a move that was entirely predictable, the US administration is once again threatening to bomb Syria if there is a “chemical weapons attack”.
This was entirely predictable because that chemical attack script has been read out, with salty crocodile tears, fake concern, and mocked indignation by US talking heads over the years - since 2012, in fact, when former US President Obama himself drew his red line on Syria.

The latest script-reader to toe the chemical hoax line is President Trump's national security adviser, John Bolton, who on August 22, stated: “...if the Syrian regime uses chemical weapons we will respond very strongly and they really ought to think about this a long time.”

Beyond the tattered veil of moral superiority that is US war propaganda, Bolton's words were clearly a very public command to Al-Qaeda and co-extremists to stage yet another fake chemical attack.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Folks, we are being set up - yet again - by this administration for a further "justification" for an enhanced US military presence in Syria.

Please do not believe, for one millisecond, that Al Assad is profoundly stupid enough to poison his own people with chemicals.

Aug 24 10:25

New 'Cold War' Narrative Flops: Poll Shows Anti-Russia Campaign Had Little Effect

The anti-Russian campaign that the media has been hyping ever since Trump took office isn’t anything new. Those of us born during the cold war years – the first cold war, that is – remember all too well the atmosphere of hysteria and unreason that prevailed in those days. The fear of Communist agents under every bed was exploited by the War Party to no end – no good end, that is – and one would’ve thought that the collapse of communism and the end of the cold war would put a stop to it.

No such luck. It started in 2003, when the neocons declared war on Russia for Putin’s refusal to sign on to the Iraq war. Richard Perle led the charge, demanding Russia’s expulsion from the G-8.

Aug 24 09:58

Russia says 63,000 troops have seen combat in Syria

Russia has revealed the extent of its military involvement in Syria's war.

A defence ministry video said more than 63,000 Russian military personnel had "received combat experience" in the country since September 2015.

Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu said at the end of last year that 48,000 personnel had been deployed.

The video also said Russian air force had flown 39,000 sorties, destroying 121,466 "terrorist targets" and killing more than 86,000 "militants".

Aug 24 08:02

NATO training Latvian military to quell 'civilian unrest' during largest drills in decades

NATO has launched the biggest war games ever staged on the territory of Latvia since the Baltic state gained independence. The drills are scheduled to include the military tackling “spontaneous” unrest in Russian-populated towns.

“After four years of intensive preparations, this will be the largest military training exercise since the restoration of Latvia’s independence in which we will be test the armed forces’ readiness to defend Latvia from any threats,” said the Latvian Chief of Defense, Lieutenant General Leonids Kalnins. “This exercise is the opportunity to train not only the National Armed Forces but also Latvia’s overall defense capabilities as our partners are involved in the drills as well,” he added.

Aug 24 08:01

Prepare for the Sanctioned Russia-Iran-China-Turkey Supergroup to Blow Trump's Solo Act out of the Water

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends – and the post-truth geopolitical remix of the supergroup. Meet The Sanctioned; a multinational band starring multi-instrumentalists Vladimir Putin (Russia), Xi Jinping (China), Hassan Rouhani (Iran) and Recep Tayyip Erdogan (Turkey).

As the whole rock universe knows, The Sanctioned run the relentless risk of being outshined – in the form of multi-layered sanctions – by undisputed glitter solo act Donald Trump (US).

Aug 24 07:58

Goldman, JPMorgan object to Russian proposal to limit their ability to move money out of the country

A total of 15 foreign lenders are protesting against a new plan proposed by the Russian central bank to reduce the amount of cash they can move abroad from their units located in Russia.

Russian subsidiaries of banking majors, including Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Raiffeisen, JPMorgan, Deutsche Bank and HSBC Holdings, have voiced their objections to plans that would limit the Russian units to depositing just 20 percent of their capital abroad at their parent companies. Under the current regulations, there is no limit for banking operations of this kind.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Those who live by the sanction shall die by the sanction!

Aug 24 07:55

Russia allows Poland to examine wreckage of crashed president Kaczynski’s plane

Polish investigators will arrive in Russia in early September to inspect the debris of the Tu-154M plane, which crashed near Smolensk in 2010, killing Poland’s President Lech Kaczynski and other top officials.

Warsaw’s appeal to examine the wreckage of the presidential aircraft has been satisfied, Svetlana Petrenko, Russia’s Investigative Committee spokeswoman, has said.

The “accessories, subassemblies and structural elements of the Tu-154M, stored in Smolensk,” will be additionally inspected by the Russian criminalists in the presence of the Polish representatives between September 3 and 7, she added. The results of the inquiry will then be passed on to Warsaw in accordance with the legal procedures, Petrenko added.

Aug 24 06:00

No, the U.S. Can't Bring Russia to Its Knees

Russia's economy continues to grow, despite the fallback of sanctions.

The U.S.’s sanctions policy against Russia is evolving from trying to nudge the Kremlin in a desired direction to inflicting maximum pain. This is a slippery slope, and it’s time to consider the most extreme consequences for Russia, as well as the U.S. and its allies.

During a Senate Banking Committee hearing this week, a telling exchange took place between Republican Senator John Kennedy and the Trump administration’s senior sanctions officials.

Kennedy demanded to know what they would do if the president ordered them to bring the Russian economy "to its knees.”

They wouldn’t give a straight answer>>>

(*maybe they can't bring Russia , but apparently they think we're down to knees ready )

Aug 24 05:43


>>>Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov.
“The time has come when we need to go from words to actions, and get rid of the dollar as a means of mutual settlements, and look for other alternatives,” he said in an interview with International Affairs magazine.

“Thank God, this is happening, and we will speed up this work,” Ryabkov said, explaining the move would come in addition to other “retaliatory measures” as a response to a growing list of US sanctions. Russian Energy Minister Aleksandr Novak recently noted that a growing number of countries are interested in replacing the dollar as a medium in global oil trades and other transactions


Aug 23 14:23

State Dept Warns of Possible Sanctions on Any Country Purchasing Russia's S-400

US State Department's spokesperson Heather Nauert said during briefing that Washington was against a possible purchase of Russian S-400 air defense systems by its allies around the world.

Aug 23 12:05

Poll: Americans Overwhelmingly Favor Diplomacy Over Sanctions For Russia

Despite unprecedented levels of propaganda from the fake news media and the entire Washington establishment pushing for a new cold war with Russia, the overwhelming majority of Americans favor diplomacy with Russia over ratcheting up sanctions.

Aug 23 11:59

Russia Plans To Beat US Sanctions By Stockpiling Gold

The Russian government is not taking the United States’ sanctions lightly. Instead, they plan to beat all sanctions imposed by Washington, including any future sanctions, by stockpiling gold.

The Russian central bank’s First Deputy Governor Dmitry Tulin said that Moscow sees the acquisition of gold as a “100-percent guarantee from legal and political risks.” The increases in gold purchases by the Russian government come as the Trump administration plans to impose new sanctions on Moscow.

Aug 23 11:58

Shooter down after firing at police near embassy in central Moscow

A man has opened fire at two police officers outside the Cambodian Embassy in central Moscow, injuring one of them, the police said. The shooter was critically injured by return fire, with doctors now fighting for his life.

“A man, who was walking along the Sivtsev Vrazhek Lane in Moscow has opened fire at the police officers with no apparent reason as they were passing by,” Yulia Ivanova, Russia’s Investigative Committee spokeswoman, told Interfax.

Aug 23 10:39

Russia slams Bolton's Syria claim: We're not stuck

Russia has blasted claims by US National Security Adviser John Bolton that it's "stuck" in Syria, warning American officials against making such remarks while their own troops are also on the ground in the conflict-ridden Arab country.

"It is not correct for anyone, let alone our counterparts in Washington, to claim that Russia has stuck someplace," Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters Wednesday. "Let us not forget that US military personnel is present on Syrian soil, too. This should be born in mind."

Aug 23 10:20

Credit Suisse freezes $5bn in Russian money in compliance with US sanctions

One of Switzerland’s largest banks, Credit Suisse has suspended 5.1 billion francs ($5 billion) in assets linked to Russia as a result of Washington’s sanctions against the country.

There is reportedly growing fear among Western banks of reprisals from the US for working with targeted Russian individuals and entities.

The bank froze the funds in the second quarter of 2018, according to Reuters.

In an e-mailed statement to RT, Credit Suisse denied freezing Russian assets, explaining that it has reclassified assets of some Russian clients. The bank said that it works with international regulators wherever it does business to ensure compliance, including sanctions involving Russia.

Aug 23 10:19

‘Master of their house’? Bolton to ‘inspect’ Ukraine on its Independence Day

US national security advisor John Bolton’s upcoming visit to Ukraine on its Independence Day demonstrates the true limits of this ‘independence,’ experts told RT, noting that Kiev seems to be fully reliant on Washington’s support.
Bolton will attend a military parade in Kiev and meet with virtually all key figures of the Ukrainian government, including President Petro Poroshenko, Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman as well as foreign and defense ministers, according to the Ukrainian ambassador to the US, Valery Chaly, who praised this visit as a display of the US “support to Ukraine.”

Aug 23 09:33

Russia forced to respond to US missile defenses near its borders, Putin emphasizes

In reply to a question from a Finnish journalist Putin said that NATO’s military infrastructures were moving towards Russia’s borders and the amount of the alliance’s military equipment and personnel, as well as the number of military exercises near Russia’s borders were growing.

"Naturally, we have to keep an eye on what is going on there and to strengthen our infrastructures. We must respond to the emergence of components of the US missile defense systems near our borders," Putin said, adding that those missile defense systems could be used for launching intermediate range missiles.

Whatever the case, Putin said, "We welcome the Finnish president’s proposal for easing any tensions in the region. This concerns flights by combat aircraft (activation of their transponders - TASS)." Putin recalled that the International Civil Aviation Organization had formulated certain rules but they do not apply to military aircraft. "The rules have the status of recommendations," he recalled.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And NATO is refusing to discuss the "mission creep" of more fighter jets, troops, and components shadowing Russia's border?!?

I would like to hope that this changes, but doubt that it will; the US is on a tear about demonizing Russia, and this demonization, coupled with an increase of troops and equipment at a country's border, is always the first step toward a shooting war.

Aug 23 09:29


On August 22, the Russian Defense Ministry released a video providing some additional numbers on the current results of its military operation in Syria. According to the video, the Russian military has destroyed 121,466 terrorist objects and eliminated over 86,000 terrorists, including 830 commanders since the start of its anti-terrorist campaign in the country.

According to the report, 63,012 Russian servicemen, including 434 generals and 25,738 officers have gained combat experience during the conflict in Syria.

US National Security Advisor John Bolton claimed during his visit to Israel that the Russians are “stuck” in Syria and this is why the US has an upper hand in any negotiations in the conflict. Bolton claimed that Moscow is now “looking for others to fund post-war reconstruction” of the country describing this as “an opportunity for Washington to press for Iranian forces to quit”.

Aug 23 09:14


As China and Russia continue to build up their arsenal of “ship-killer” missiles, the United States Navy apparently has plans to counter the weapons. Officials have said that the Navy and numerous NATO partners are firing a new, high-tech ship defense weapon that can identify, track, and attack maneuvering anti-ship missiles.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Russia and China already have these weapons; the US and NATO.... "have plans" to develop such weapons.

What's wrong with this picture?!? Bloody everything!!

Aug 22 13:23

DPR: “Poroshenko is readying to attack Donbass, to impose Martial Law in Kiev & Cancel Ukraine Elections”

Poroshenko is readying to attack Donbass, to impose Martial Law in Kiev, & cancel Ukraine Elections.

Ukraine is preparing a major provocation in its military depots with the aim of introducing martial law and abolishing presidential elections in March next year.

This was announced today during the briefing by Eduard Basurin, the official representative of the operational command of the DPR

Basurin said that the intelligence of the DPR received information about the preparation of a major provocation by the military and political leadership of Ukraine. Eduard Basurin said;


Aug 22 12:44

Manafort Trial Has Ukraine Freshly Nervous About Trump

KIEV — Paul Manafort’s criminal trial in the United States has also incriminated his political allies in Ukraine, where Manafort made millions as an operative. But good-government advocates here think Ukrainian authorities will decline to prosecute any officials, fearful of angering Donald Trump — a man whose help they need to keep Russia in check.

“The Ukrainian government will try to ignore this,” Alyona Getmanchuk, director of the Kiev-base New Europe Center, a think tank that promotes European and Western standards in Ukraine, told POLITICO. “Manafort is a person who was close to President Trump, and for whom Trump still may hold some sympathy.”


Aug 22 12:21

'Oldest trick in the book': US blaming & sanctioning Russia to deflect from failings

The US government continues to use sanctions against Russia trying to cover up their own shortcomings domestically and blaming American division and economic crisis on an outside power, independent journalist Joe Lauria said.
The first batch of the most recent sanctions against Russia comes into force on Wednesday. They focus on exports of US-made electronics used in the aircraft and space industries. Moscow said these measures won't affect ordinary people.

However in November, Moscow could face a second wave of restrictions, described by a US State Department official as "more draconian."

Washington says the new sanctions are in response to the poisoning of a former double agent>>>