Dec 10 13:57

Record count reported for mysterious paralyzing illness

This year has seen a record number of cases of a mysterious paralyzing illness in children, U.S. health officials said Monday.

It's still not clear what's causing the kids to lose the ability to move their face, neck, back, arms or legs. The symptoms tend to occur about a week after the children had a fever and respiratory illness.

No one has died from the rare disease this year, but it was blamed for one death last year and it may have caused others in the past.

What's more, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention officials say many children have lasting paralysis. And close to half the kids diagnosed with it this year were admitted to hospital intensive care units and hooked up to machines to help them breathe.

Dec 10 11:38

Ex pharma exec gives explosive speech on vaccines before CDC advisory committee

Dec 10 11:35

Humanity's Largest Atom Smasher Takes a Pause, Will Wake Up Again in 2021

Particles: Breathe easy. Scientists at the world's largest particle collider have no plans to smash you together until spring 2021.

When you update your computer, you usually have to turn it off and back on again. The same thing is going on right now at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) — humanity's largest particle collider — which will remain off between Dec. 3 and spring 2021 as it undergoes upgrades.

The LHC is a circular, 17-mile-long (27 kilometers) tunnel under the French-Swiss border, ringed by magnets. Those magnets accelerate streams of particles (usually protons, sometimes other things) to enormous speeds, then crash them into one another. Scientists study the splattered remains of those collisions, where unusual particles sometimes emerge, to search for as-yet-unseen building blocks of the universe.

Dec 10 11:34

This patient's medical record said she'd given birth twice — in fact, she'd never been pregnant

Morgan Gleason is a college student with a rare autoimmune disease.
Two years ago, she found a mistake in her record. It said she had had two children, and that one of them died. Gleason had never been pregnant.
A Johns Hopkins study estimates that more than 250,000 people in the U.S. die every year from medical errors.

Dec 10 11:17

2018 Geminid Meteor Shower This Week May Be the Year's Best

What might well be the best meteor shower of 2018 heads our way Thursday night into the pre-dawn hours of Friday morning (Dec. 13-14): It's the annual performance of the Geminid meteor shower.

The Geminids get their name from the constellation of Gemini, the twins. During the overnight hours of Thursday to Friday, the night of this shower's maximum, the meteors will appear to emanate from a spot in the sky near the bright star Castor in Gemini.

Dec 10 11:16

It's Official! NASA's Famed Voyager 2 Spacecraft Reaches Interstellar Space

It's time to say goodbye to one of the most storied explorers of our age: Voyager 2 has entered interstellar space, NASA announced today (Dec. 10).

Voyager 2, which launched in 1977, has spent more four decades exploring our solar system, most famously becoming the only probe ever to study Neptune and Uranus during planetary flybys. Now, it has joined its predecessor Voyager 1 beyond the bounds of our sun's influence, a milestone scientists weren't able to precisely predict when would occur. And intriguingly, humanity's second crossing doesn't look precisely like data from the first journey out.

Dec 10 11:00

China launches first space probe to far side of the moon

Xinhua news agency reported that a Long March 3B rocket carrying the Chang'e-4 lunar probe took off from the country's southwestern Xichang launch center at 2:23 a.m. local time (1823 UTC).

The rover is scheduled to land on the moon and begin conducting experiments and survey work by the end of December. The experiments, six of which are Chinese, include analyzing minerals and measuring radiation.

Dec 10 10:37

$3.5 Trillion on Healthcare Each Year and We’re Still Uninsured, Underinsured, and Unhappy

It’s time for a reality check when it comes to universal healthcare. Usually, that means those with an idealistic vision of equity and justice must give it up in favor a more achievable program. But in this case, the reality of what’s achievable exceeds the low expectations and compromises that have for decades limited the healthcare reform debate.

Providing this reality check on how we turn from our wasteful healthcare industry to a system of guaranteed healthcare is a new study by the PERI at UMass-Amherst whose lead author is noted labor economist Robert Pollin. Through a comprehensive literature review and rigorous empirical work, the study show the average worker getting a 9% raise, and businesses saving 8% of payroll, as health outcomes improve, costs go lower and the economy benefits.

Dec 10 10:34

Breaking NEWS: Quaker Oats sued over glyphosate contamination

Quaker Oats and their parent company PepsiCo have recently been sued for not disclosing that 17 of their food products are contaminated.

What’s the problem? These products contain troubling levels of glyphosate, the world’s most widely used weed killing herbicide ingredient. The company says its products are ‘healthy,’ but would any rational person really believe their marketing hype?

Morgan Steckler of California filed suit at the end of October 2018 on behalf of himself as well as others who reside in his area. The complaint was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California and cites Unfair Competition Law and the Consumers Legal Remedies Act.

Dec 10 10:32

Now Hepatitis A Hits Indiana, Louisiana & Arkansas

As Hepatitis A breaks out and spreads, It is obvious these new States have been the recipients of Third World 'refugees' spreading HAV due to their lack of hygiene and cultural filth. I compared the flights of the CDC BSL planes to areas where HAV breaks out. What do we find? In many instances, we see that refugees, indeed, had been sent to many of these states before the appearance and outbreak of Hepatitis A.

When will our government learn or even care about Americans who are coming down with HAV and all the other well imported deadly diseases like AIDS, TB, Chagas...and now Polio. America's once high level of immunity is being destroyed and these often deadly Third World diseases are being spread...from 'sea to shining sea.'

Dec 10 10:18

Last second abort for Delta 4 Heavy spy satellite launch

An attempt to launch a classified National Reconnaissance Office spy satellite atop a heavy-lift Delta 4 rocket at Vandenberg Air Force Base northwest of Los Angeles was aborted at the T-minus 7.5-second mark Saturday evening when a problem was detected by computers orchestrating the terminal countdown.

Flares had already ignited at the base of the 23-story-tall rocket to burn away excess hydrogen gas, a routine safety precaution, when the abort was ordered. It came a half second before the first of the Delta 4 Heavy's three side-by-side Common Booster Core engines was scheduled to ignite and throttle up to full thrust, followed two seconds later by the center and left-side CBCs.

Dec 10 08:29

Flight to Mars to cut cosmonauts’ lifespan by 2.5 years, says report. Cosmonauts will use special water during long space missions

The space radiation effect during an inter-planetary flight to the Red Planet will reduce the cosmonauts’ lifespan by 2.5 years, according to the materials released at the 17th conference on space biology and medicine in Moscow on Monday. "For a two-year length of the expedition’s flight to Mars and back, the aggregate radiation risk during the cosmonauts’ lifespan irrespective of their age under the RR [radiation risk] protection of 20 g/sq. cm will measure 7.5%, while the average upcoming lifespan will decrease by 2.5 years," the report says.

Dec 09 15:30

Manufactured Crisis – HPV, Hype and Horror

This vaccine has wrought havoc on the lives of young girls across the world.

Dec 09 10:17

‘System is broken’: Medical researchers still routinely hiding funding from Big Pharma

A huge proportion of scientists and doctors publishing in major medical magazines continue to conceal ties to corporations relevant to their research, while punishment for not declaring interests remains weak, says a new report.

“The system is broken,” Mehraneh Dorna Jafari, assistant professor of surgery at the University of California, Irvine, told the New York Times and ProPublica, an investigative journalism non-profit.

Jafari was one of the authors of a landmark study published back in August that took the names of the 100 doctors receiving the most funding from medical equipment and drug manufacturers, and then studied whether they declared a potential conflict of interest in their published research. Only 37 did.

Dec 09 09:56

Dept. of Justice Admits Flu Shot Is Most Dangerous Vaccine In US

The flu shot is only the fifth most popular vaccine in the United States, however it is by far the most dangerous, according to a report released by the Department of Justice that confirm more than half of all claims settled by the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program involve the influenza vaccine.

As reported by Health Impact News, during the period covering 16 August to 15 November 2013, 139 claims were settled by the Vaccine Court, 70 of which received compensation. Of these settled claims, 42 – or 60 percent – were for injuries caused by the flu vaccine. The remaining 40 percent were for injuries caused by 11 other vaccines.

Dec 09 09:13

High-impact eruption at Manam volcano, heavy ashfall blocking sunlight, P.N.G.

A powerful eruption started at Manam volcano, Papua New Guinea around 03:00 UTC on December 8, 2018. Heavy ashfall is falling on the island, blocking out sunlight.

Volcanic ash rose up to 13.7 km (45 000 feet) above sea level, according to the Darwin VAAC, forcing authorities to raise the Aviation Color Code to Red.

Heavy ashfall is blocking out sunlight on the island, locals report.

Dec 09 08:46

The Agricultural Pesticide Damaging Kids’ Brains

By Catherine J. Frompovich

Scientifically, it’s been documented children continually are exhibiting lower IQs, aka the Flynn effect, decade after decade.

"Jun 14, 2018 – IQ scores have been steadily falling for the past few decades for those born after 1975."...

Dec 08 11:49

Prominent Doctors Aren’t Disclosing Their Industry Ties in Medical Journal Studies. And Journals Are Doing Little to Enforce Their Rules

By Charles Ornstein, ProPublica, and Katie Thomas, The New York Times

The dean of Yale’s medical school, the incoming president of a prominent cancer group and the head of a Texas cancer center are among leading medical figures who have not accurately disclosed their relationships with drug companies...

Dec 08 10:39

What is

The following is an interview we conducted with the administrator for the website The website tracks suicide attempts and suicides from the Skyway Bridge. The Skyway Bridge is in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. It joins the cities of St. Petersburg and Palmetto/Bradenton together.

CT: What is

SB: is a website focused on those that choose to jump off the Skyway Bridge of their own accord and less about the iconic structure that greets tourists as the gateway to Tampa Bay.....

Dec 08 10:15

Progress launch timelapse seen from space

Dec 08 09:09

Netflix Tells Kids To Learn About Sex By Watching The 'American Pie' Films

Gone are the days when children would learn about the birds and bees in a chat with mom and dad by the fireplace. In progressive 2018, the headmasters of Netflix are the great educators, and they have the perfect instructional materials to broaden the little tykes' horizons: the "American Pie" movies.

Dec 08 09:06

The West African nation where girls are forced to consume up to 16,000 calories a DAY by their mothers during 'feeding season' – to make them 'beautiful' for men

Girls of a West African nation are forced to consume up to 16,000 calories a day in a bid to make them gain weight so they appear more 'attractive' to men, a new documentary reveals.
Tonight's episode of Channel 4's Unreported World travels to Mauritania, where being fat is seen as a sign of wealth and beauty.
Presenter Sahar Zand learns about the so-called 'feeding season', when girls as young as 11 are made to spend two months eating kilos of porridge and couscous, and drinking litres of sweetened camel milk, in the hope they will pile on the pounds.

Dec 07 20:19

Nasa's InSight probe listens to Martian winds

A UK instrument has captured "the sound" of the wind on Mars.

The British seismometer package carried on Nasa's InSight lander detected the vibrations from Martian air as it rushed over the probe's solar panels.

"The solar panels on the lander's sides are perfect acoustic receivers," said Prof Tom Pike, who leads the seismometer experiment from Imperial College London.

"It's like InSight is cupping its ears."

Dec 07 11:10

China Preps for Launch of Historic Mission to Moon's Far Side on Friday

China is getting set to launch the first-ever surface mission to the moon's far side.

The robotic Chang'e 4 mission is scheduled to launch atop a Long March 3B rocket on Friday (Dec. 7) at around 1:30 p.m. EST (1830 GMT; 2:30 a.m. on Dec. 8 local China time).

If all goes according to plan, Chang'e 4's lander-rover duo will touch down within the moon's South Pole?Aitken (SPA) basin after a 27-day flight, then study both the surface and subsurface of this region. [China's Moon Missions Explained (Infographic)]

Both the lander and the rover were designed as backups for China's successful Chang'e 3 mission, which put a lander and a rover named Yutu down on the moon in December 2013.

Dec 07 11:06

New telescope in Chile will be world’s most powerful – even more so than Hubble in space – after scientists develop technology to cut through atmospheric distortion

The so-called MAVIS telescope will be completed by 2025 and will be based at the Very Large Telescope facility in Chile.


Currently, bubbles of hot and cold air mixing in the atmosphere distort light waves and blur images captured from telescopes, producing a phenomenon like looking at the horizon through a sandstorm.

The new technology will counteract this and produce images over a field of view 20 times larger than regular adaptive-optics systems.

They will also be three times more detailed than anything recorded by the Hubble Space Telescope.

Dec 07 10:57

Infant ibuprofen recalled from Walmart and CVS: Tests revealed it had such high concentrations it could cause permanent kidney damage

A New Jersey-based pharmaceutical company has issued a voluntary recall of its infant liquid ibuprofen.

Tris Pharma, Inc says the recalled lots may contain higher concentrations of ibuprofen that could result in permanent renal or kidney damage among babies.

A company statement read there is also a 'remote possibility' that infants may experience side effects including nausea, vomiting, stomach pain and diarrhea due to the increased potency.

Dec 07 10:56

Merck Created Hit List to "Destroy," "Neutralize" or "Discredit" Dissenting Doctors

Merck made a "hit list" of doctors who criticized Vioxx, according to testimony in a Vioxx class action case in Australia. The list, emailed between Merck employees, contained doctors' names with the labels "neutralise," "neutralised" or "discredit" next to them.

Dec 07 09:59

Yellowstone Steamboat Geyser Erupting At ‘Unprecedented Rates’

Park officials have stated that Yellowstone volcano’s Steamboat Geyser is erupting at unprecedented rates, matching decades-old records for the amount of scolding water spewed from the ground. The Steamboat Geyser continues to be an enigma, one in which sparks fears of a massive supervolcano eruption.

The iconic Yellowstone volcano landmark is the world’s tallest and most active geyser but recent activity has gone off the charts. Yellowstone Volcano Observatory (YVO) geologists monitoring the supervolcano complex have noted almost weekly water eruptions from the geyser this year. The Steamboat geyser has been erupting every 7-10 day for the past six weeks.

Dec 07 09:40

RFK Jr. wins case against U.S. government for vaccine safety violations

Del Bigtree, founder of Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN), teamed up with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to take on the U.S. government by filing suit against the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) for vaccine safety violations — and they won. This is big news for all concerned with the topic of vaccine safety. It turns out the federal agency has been neglecting their vaccine safety obligations for over 30 years. The lawsuit brought by RFK Jr. is evidence that “vaccine safety” as we know it is nothing more than a sham.

Government agencies charged with protecting the public are not doing their part to ensure and improve the safety of immunizations, but will they be held accountable?

Dec 07 09:35

Faking Medical Reality

“It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine.” —Marcia Angell, MD

“The secret of acting is sincerity. If you can fake that, you’ve got it made.” —George Burns

The faking of medical reality is, at bottom, an operation designed to bolster the power of the medical cartel, one of the most important forces on the planet.

What do doctors rely on? What do medical schools rely on? What do medical journals and mainstream medical reporters and drug companies and the FDA rely on?

Dec 07 08:34

Malibu is hit by huge MUDSLIDES that shut down parts of South California highways as it pours rain just weeks after deadly fire that destroyed neighborhoods

Malibu has been hit by massive mudslides that shut down parts of Southern California highways just one month after a deadly fire destroyed neighborhoods.

The second round of a fall storm dumped snow and rain that jammed traffic on Southern California highways and loosened hillsides in wildfire burn areas on Thursday.

Dec 07 05:08

Narnia Author Warned About Genetically Edited Babies 74 Years Ago

C.S. Lewis, beloved author of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe had an important warning about genetically edited babies…and he said it 74 years ago – in 1944.

The Internet is enraptured that science may have crossed yet another threshold: The first genetically edited babies have already have been born.

Dec 06 12:28

Suicide, at 50-year peak, pushes down US life expectancy

Suicides and drug overdoses pushed up U.S. deaths last year, and drove a continuing decline in how long Americans are expected to live.

Overall, there were more than 2.8 million U.S. deaths in 2017, or nearly 70,000 more than the previous year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Thursday. It was the most deaths in a single year since the government began counting more than a century ago.

The increase partly reflects the nation's growing and aging population. But it's deaths in younger age groups — particularly middle-aged people — that have had the largest impact on calculations of life expectancy, experts said.

Dec 06 11:48

Chemo-brain IS real: Scientists discover how cancer treatments damage white matter to cause mental fog

More than half of patients that receive chemotherapy report experiencing a cognitive fog for months and sometimes years after undergoing the intensive cancer treatment, but doctors haven't really understood what causes this.

A team of Stanford University scientists, however, have identified chemo's effects on three different types of brain cells.

They think that chemo causes a sort of arrested development for some brain cells and blocks the activity of cells that help ensure our brain cells are well-fed with nutrients because the drug triggers an overly-active immune response.

Dec 06 09:23

The chaos behind Donald Trump's policy of family separation at the border

Psychiatrist Dr. Pam McPherson and internist Dr. Scott Allen were also caught off guard. They too, work for Homeland Security, inspecting government detention facilities. They were already concerned about the poor quality healthcare for a limited number of children in custody before the new order. Dr. Scott Allen: There was an episode where children in a mass immunization program were immunized with the wrong dose, adult dose instead of child dose, because the providers at the facility weren't used to working with children and didn't recognize some very common color coding that would denote adult versus pediatric vaccines. They'd been writing reports of poor pediatric care in federal custody for four years when they heard that thousands more children were going to be cared for by the government, some of them in tent cities

Dec 06 03:57

Cosmonauts aboard orbital outpost start experiment to print living tissue on 3D-bioprinter

Russian cosmonaut Oleg Kononenko who arrived at the International Space Station (ISS) on December 3 has started an experiment to print living tissues on the 3D-bioprinter delivered to the orbital outpost by the new crew, Russia’s State Space Corporation Roscosmos reported on Thursday. "As of now, the first results of the experiment have already been obtained: the organic construct of the mouse’s thyroid gland has been created in the zero-gravity conditions," the Roscosmos press office said. Three ISS members - Russian cosmonaut Sergei Prokopyev, US astronaut Serena Aunon-Chancellor and German astronaut Alexander Gerst (the European Space Agency) are due to return to Earth after their long expedition on December 20. They will bring to Earth the tissues and samples obtained during the experiment for their subsequent study. In early 2019, the results of the data obtained will be made public, Roscosmos said.

Dec 05 17:24

Migrant caravan leaves behind stunning heaps of trash, feces and bottles of urine, which is exactly what they would do to America if we let them invade

The hordes of “innocent women and children” that have been bombarding America’s southern border in recent weeks as part of the infamous migrant caravan have reportedly been trashing the place to such a degree that the streets of Tijuana, near the San Ysidro Port of Entry, have become a biohazard wasteland.

Bottles of urine, mountains of trash and wet clothes, and human feces are among the wretched filth that’s been carelessly left behind following multiple waves of Central American invaders trying to get into the United States as “asylum seekers.”

Numerous reports contain video footage showing streets and sidewalks littered with every type of trash and bodily fluid imaginable – a foretaste of what these “refugees” would do the streets of the U.S., were they allowed entry into the country as they and mindless celebrities like Alyssa Milano are demanding.

Dec 05 17:22

Atrazine, a widely used herbicide in the U.S., has led to a shocking increase in birth defects

Traces of atrazine, a popular weedkiller, have been detected in 94 percent of water supplies studied by the USDA, making it a more common contaminate than any other pesticide. And for an estimated 7.6 million Americans, atrazine contaminates tap water supplies in amounts that potentially threaten human health. Now, new research has shown that atrazine is causing an uptick in birth defects.

Dec 05 15:27

Australia Cuts 80% of Plastic Bag Use in 3 Short Months

Three months after two of the largest supermarket chains banned plastic grocery bags, an estimated 1.5 billion bags have been prevented from use.

Dec 05 15:21

Largest Study of its Kind Finds Cannabis Helps Prevent Alcohol-Related Liver Damage

In a study published earlier this year by researchers at the National Institute of Scientific Research at the University of Quebec, cannabis can actually help counteract the harmful effects of alcohol to some degree.

Dec 05 12:02

Astronauts successfully blast off to International Space Station after catastrophic rocket failure

Astronauts have finally taken off to the International Space Station – in the same kind of rocket that forced their colleagues to plunge to the ground in a catastrophic failure just weeks ago.

The three astronauts had said they were ready for the journey, despite the spectacular problems and the unusual comments that followed as the investigations progressed.

But this time around the journey went entirely without event, with the astronauts arriving a few hours later at the floating lab.

Dec 05 11:03

Alcohol and Cigarette Industries Panicking As More Teens Choose Marijuana Above All Else

By Marco Torres

The patterns of adolescent substance use are changing, and marijuana is increasingly the first substance in the sequence of recreational drug use for adolescents, according researchers at Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health.

Traditionally, students experiment with cigarettes and alcohol before cannabis, but since 2006, less than 50 percent of adolescents try cigarettes and alcohol before they try cannabis for the first time. The findings are published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence...

Dec 05 10:28

More Than 1,700 Aftershocks Have Rocked Alaska Since Friday's Massive Quake

Since Friday's jarring magnitude 7 Earthquake, more than 1,700 aftershocks have rocked Anchorage Alaska and the surrounding area, according to the Alaska Earthquake Center - that's up from the 224 that had been recorded as of midday Sunday. Of these, a total of 153 measured greater than 3, while 18 were larger than 4 and five were greater than magnitude 5.

Dec 05 10:19

Police officer hit on interstate clings to hood of car doing 80 mph, survives wild ordeal

The public defender stated that Holly recently started to take medication for an undisclosed "psychiatric issue." It's unclear if that condition led to her alleged actions.

Dec 05 09:56

M 7.5 - 168km ESE of Tadine, New Caledonia

Dec 05 09:36

This Loophole Allows Chemicals to Hide In Your Food

By Micheal Sikora

We often see “artificial” or “natural” flavors listed among the ingredients on foods we buy, but do consumers know what these terms mean? Action Alert!

Recently, the FDA announced that a group of six artificial flavors would no longer be permitted to be used as food additives. However...

Dec 05 08:16

Disgraced CBS boss Les Moonves 'had employees on call for oral sex and destroyed evidence of his misconduct', according to an investigation that could cost him his $120million severance

Former CBS boss Les Moonves allegedly received oral sex from multiple employees and even had one of them 'on-call' to perform it when he demanded, according to a new bombshell report.
The findings means the disgraced media executive could lose his $120million severance.
Moonves stepped down as the Chairman and CEO of CBS in September after a total of 12 women accused him of either forcing himself on them or being sexually inappropriate.

Dec 05 08:09

Plus-size but not big ENOUGH: They're the curvy models sought after because they represent real women. Yet here they reveal the fashion world's new dirty secret, they're ordered to wear padding to make them look even larger

When Lauren Frederick first started modelling seven years ago, she wasn't given the warmest of welcomes.
Her hips were too ample, her stomach wasn't concave enough and her thighs needed to be trimmer. At 5ft 9in and, at the time, a size 12 she wouldn't — outside the fashion world — ever have been considered fat, but inside it, she was positively huge.
Then, after she had embraced her curves – and the 'plus size' side of the industry (niche, back then) — something odd happened.

Dec 04 16:50

Feminism Was Created by the US Communist Party

Communists pioneered the political and cultural analysis of woman's oppression. They originated "women's studies," and advocated public daycare, birth control, abortion and even children's rights. They forged key feminist concepts such as "the personal is the political" and techniques such as "consciousness raising."

Dec 04 16:48

Gloria Steinem - How The CIA Used Feminism To Destabilize Society

"In the 1960´s, the elite media invented second-wave feminism as part of the elite agenda to dismantle civilization and create a New World Order."

Since writing these words last week, I have discovered that before she became a feminist leader, Gloria Steinem worked for the CIA spying on Marxist students in Europe and disrupting their meetings. She became a media darling due to her CIA connections. MS Magazine, which she edited for many years was indirectly funded by the CIA.

Steinem has tried to suppress this information, unearthed in the 1970´s by a radical feminist group called "Red Stockings." In 1979, Steinem and her powerful CIA-connected friends, Katharine Graham of the Washington Post and Ford Foundation President Franklin Thomas prevented Random House from publishing it in "Feminist Revolution." Nevertheless the story appeared in the "Village Voice" on May 21, 1979.

Dec 04 16:46

Feminism Was Created To Destabilize Society, Tax Women and set up the NWO - Aaron Russo

Hollywood producer, filmmaker, activist and truth seeker Aaron Russo reveals some of the REAL reasons for feminism which was funded and pushed by the Rockefellers and the CIA for very nefarious reasons, which includes being part of their central banking worldwide takeover to help set up the New World Order

Dec 04 16:44

How Rockefeller Created Feminism And Enslaved Humanity

In 50 short years since Rockefeller lobbed the feminism grenade into every American household, many women have lost touch with their natural loving instincts. Consequently, the family is in disarray, sexual depravity is rampant and birth rates have plummeted.

A woman makes this supreme sacrifice to only one man who will cherish her and provide for his family. Men instinctively want to fulfill this responsibility. This is the essence of the heterosexual contract (i.e. marriage): female power in exchange for male power expressed as love. Sex is the symbol of this exclusive bond. Marriage and family may not be for everyone but it is the natural path for most.

Feminism has trained women to reject this model as “an old fashioned, oppressive stereotype” even though it reflects their natural instincts.

Dec 04 16:21

Are statins overprescribed? Study warns the risks of the controversial drugs outweigh the benefits for millions of heart patients

Less common but serious side effects known to be caused by statins include diabetes, hepatitis, pancreatitis, blurred vision, memory problems and fatigue.

Dec 04 16:18

How GARLIC could treat Lyme disease: Oils from the pungent bulb kill the bacteria behind the infection, tests show

Scientists tested 35 essential oils against the bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi, which causes Lyme disease.

Ten of them - including garlic, thyme, cinammon, allspice and cumin - killed off so-called 'persister cells'.

Persister cells are thought to make the bacteria more resistant to antibiotics and may be why up to 20 per cent of patients experience pain and fatigue even after they have been treated.

Dec 04 16:15

Chemicals found in perfume, hand creams and body lotion may make girls go through puberty MONTHS early

A chemical called diethyl phthalate, used in perfumes and cosmetics and only banned by the EU in significant concentrations this year, could lead girls to start puberty months earlier than the average, research found.

Youngsters also started their periods early after being exposed to methyl paraben – a chemical that is found in high street body lotions and hand creams.