Oct 13 18:20

TRUTH: Cannabis is in your DNA – watch at

What many people don’t realize is that cannabis doesn’t have to be smoked to partake of its many health benefits. Like other forms of natural produce, cannabis is loaded with vital nutrients that help it to thrive.

“Cannabis, when used properly, is as boring as any other vegetable, and just as necessary to your health,” the video explains. “Cannabis is packed with essential nutrients and healing properties when it is fresh and not heated, dried, or aged. When cannabis is fresh, from the plant, it is not a narcotic. It does not make you high.”

As also explained in the video, the presence of cannabis receptors in our cellular system means four things: “our body recognizes cannabis, uses it, needs it, and our health is better when we get it, otherwise those receptors would not be there.”

Oct 13 10:56

Paul Offit, MD, Vaccine Authority & Co-inventor, Finally Levels About Vaccinations Being Violent Acts

By Catherine J. Frompovich

If I didn’t have the authentic YouTube video of vaccine-pushing-authority, Dr. Paul Offit, MD, to share with my readers, you probably would think I’ve “gone off my rocker,” especially if I only quoted him and did not have the physical, visual and audio proof of his admitting numerous suppressed deprecating facts about vaccinations, thereby further empowering parents’ valid reasons for NOT vaccinating their beloved children.

Here are some acknowledgements Dr. Offit finally admits to about vaccinations...

Oct 13 10:25

Thousands of people reported missing after Hurricane Michael; death toll at 17

Days after powerful Hurricane Michael made landfall Wednesday just north of Mexico Beach, Florida, thousands of people have been informally reported missing to local authorities.

Emergency crews made it their mission Friday to search for people after the Category 4 storm barreled into the Florida Panhandle before making its way to southwest Georgia and South Carolina – while also lashing North Carolina and Virginia. At least 17 people have been killed.

Emergency officials said they received thousands of calls asking about missing people, but with cellphone service out across a wide area, they found it impossible to know who among those unaccounted for was safe but just unable to dial out to friends or family. The Miami Herald reported that thousands of people have been “informally reported missing” to the Red Cross, local authorities and the state.

Oct 13 10:23

Outside In: The Trump administration’s plan to remake the Middle East

The only promise that is new about the promised peace plan is the way it will be forced on the Palestinians: no one has promised that the plan itself will be new. With Saudi Arabia and Egypt—the outside—brought onside with the promise of continued military aid despite their crimes against humanity and violations of international law and the Palestinians weakened by being silenced, economically crushed and stripped of any friends to help them, the United States and Israel are now free to attempt to impose a peace plan on the Palestinians.

Oct 12 17:59

ANOTHER space telescope has switched itself into 'safe mode': NASA reveals Chandra X-ray Observatory has shut down just a week after Hubble suffered the same fate - but says the timing is 'coincidental'

Both orbiting observatories are old: Hubble is 28, while Chandra is 19. Flight controllers are working to resume operations with both.

NASA says it's coincidental both went 'asleep' within a week of one another.

An astronomer who works on Chandra, Jonathan McDowell of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, tweeted Friday that 'Chandra decided that if Hubble could have a little vacation, it wanted one, too.'

Oct 12 15:06

Chemical In Plastic Found In Water Bottles And Till Receipts ‘Raises The Risk Of Premature Birth Sixfold’, Scientists Claim

A chemical found in everyday plastic items could led to a sixfold increase in the risk of a premature baby.

Scientists said bisphenol A – used in containers, some water bottles (though not in single-use water bottles made with flexible plastic packaging), food cans and till receipts – can affect women who come into contact with it before they even conceive.

Oct 12 13:56

Plastic on Remote South Atlantic Beaches Up 10 Fold in 10 Years

Plastic on beaches of these islands and the ocean around them are sentinels of our planet’s health.

Oct 12 13:05

The creator of GMO potatoes reveals the dangerous truth

During my 26 years as a genetic engineer, I created hundreds of thousands of different GM potatoes at a direct cost of about $50 million. I started my work at universities in Amsterdam and Berkeley, continued at Monsanto, and then worked for many years at J. R. Simplot Company, which is one of the largest potato processors in the world. I had my potatoes tested in greenhouses or the field, but I rarely left the laboratory to visit the farms or experimental stations. Indeed, I believed that my theoretical knowledge about potatoes was sufficient to improve potatoes. This was one of my biggest mistakes.

Oct 12 12:59

CA astronomers witness birth of binary star system for 1st time

A group of astronomers observing the strange quiet death of a massive star, which exploded in a "peculiar" fashion some 920 million light years from Earth, also witnessed the birth of binary star system for the first time.

Oct 12 12:44

CBD and Gut Health, An Overview

By Elizabeth Millard

Robust gut health isn’t just about digestion—although it plays a major role. The way your digestion system functions has been linked to an array of physiological processes, including hormone regulation, toxin elimination, defense against bacteria and viruses, cell regeneration, and more.

There’s so much control happening throughout your GI tract, that it’s been called the “second brain,” and when disease, stress, pollutants, or poor nutrition negatively affects that brain, it can have a profound impact on how you operate...

Oct 12 11:44

America’s obesity is threatening national security, according to this study

It’s well known at this point that just under 30 percent of Americans ages 17 to 24 ? the prime age to join the Army ? aren’t eligible to join.

But beyond that, almost a third of those who sit down with a recruiter to take the first steps are immediately disqualified.

Why? Because of their weight.

“Out of all the reasons that we have future soldiers disqualify, the largest – 31 percent ? is obesity,” Maj. Gen. Frank Muth, head of Army Recruiting Command, said Wednesday at AUSA’s annual meeting in Washington, D.C.

A freshly published study, “Unhealthy and Unprepared” concludes that America’s rising numbers of overweight youth are going to have real impacts on the military’s ability to maintain effectiveness.

“We’ve got to make sure that message gets out, because our concern is what happens when that percentage that qualify … potentially goes down?” Muth said. “Or if the obesity, if that starts to go up.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Beyond the obesity statistics (and one way to get away from being overweight is sticking completely to a natural diet, free from additives like MSG, which turns on the body's appetite, so that you will eat more), another interesting fact here, is that war is still the only way this country sees as a method of getting what it wants geopolitically.

I used to think that there might have been a day, in times past, when the American government could actually negotiate in good faith, to get what it wanted from other countries; but now, I see that this is no longer the case.

Oct 12 11:06

A star is born: Astronomers witness birth of binary star system for 1st time (IMAGE)

A group of astronomers observing the strange quiet death of a massive star, which exploded in a “peculiar” fashion some 920 million light years from Earth, also witnessed the birth of binary star system for the first time.

Astronomers from the California Institute of Technology and Carnegie Science Institute published their findings in the journal Science on Thursday. In the study, they describe the strange event in which the huge star exploded in a surprisingly faint and rapidly fading supernova - in stark contrast to the dramatic bang which exploding stars usually produce.

Oct 12 10:46

Turmeric OUTPERFORMS conventional chemotherapy drugs in treating all forms of cancer

Earlier this year, Daily Mail revealed that a 67-year-old woman named Dieneke Ferguson had cured her terminal blood cancer with nothing but a turmeric supplement. Ferguson had all but given up after years of battling her stage-3 multiple myeloma with conventional treatments like chemotherapy. After three grueling rounds of chemo and four stem cell implants failed her, Ferguson turned to a more natural approach.

With just eight grams of curcumin (a compound in turmeric) a day, the pensioner was finally able to fight back. Ferguson completely eliminated the fatal cancer from her body, and is now in good health.

Oct 12 10:43

Many people who think they caught the “flu” actually have SALMONELLA or E. coli poisoning

Symptoms of food poisoning and the flu are virtually the same

We’ve all been there. You’re sick and miserable. First you get stomach cramps. Then you start experiencing chills, dehydration, fatigue, fever, sweating, dizziness, bloating, diarrhea, indigestion, nausea, and then comes the relentless vomiting and the intolerable headaches. You’re weak all over. The CDC calls that the flu. The news on TV says “get your flu shot” because the flu is spreading fast this year. Free flu shots are advertised almost everywhere – at schools, at work, at pharmacies, at WalMart. The problem is that not only does the flu shot rarely work and contain dangerous neurotoxins, but you probably don’t even have influenza, because the symptoms of food poisoning are nearly identical.

Oct 12 10:26

The Latest: NASA exploring flying space station without crew

NASA says it’s dusting off its plans for flying the International Space Station without a crew after the aborted launch of a Russian rocket taking two astronauts toward the station.

Kenny Todd, a space station manager, said from Houston several hours after Thursday’s aborted launch that the station’s three current residents can remain on board until January.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Abandoning the Space Station? Another sign of US decline.

Oct 12 10:15

Here's What the Failed Soyuz Rocket Launch Looked Like to an Astronaut in Space

Although the dramatic launch barely made it to space before the capsule tumbled back to Earth, it was certainly visible from space. Gerst was able to spot the rocket's climb from on board its hoped-for destination, capturing a majestic streak of white piercing Earth's atmosphere.

Oct 12 10:15


British billionaire Richard Branson said on Thursday that his Virgin Group would suspend its discussions with Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund over a planned $1 billion investment in the group’s space ventures, in light of the disappearance of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, Reuters reports.

“What has reportedly happened in Turkey around the disappearance of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, if proved true, would clearly change the ability of any of us in the West to do business with the Saudi government,” Branson said in a statement.

Branson also said he would suspend his directorship in two Saudi tourism projects around the Red Sea, citing Khashoggi’s disappearance. Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Branson did the right thing, and I applaud his decision.

But I sincerely wish he had done it for the right reason, and that would be to turn the world's attention to the slaughter of innocents in Yemen, in which the US military and government is aiding and abetting the Saudi military in their war crimes. Warning: very graphic images.

Images: Yemeni children dead and maimed for life, due to Saudi bombings.

Images: Yemeni children, dying of starvation, because of US-enabled Saudi port blockades

images: Yemeni children dying of cholera (potentially weaponised, as was used during World War II by the American troops against the Japanese), due to Saudi Arabia destroying water infrastructure

Oct 12 09:55

What Killed Thousands of Indonesians – The Quake or the Misery?

As I was reading, on board an Air Canada flight from Mexico City to Vancouver, The Globe and Mail coverage of the horrors that have been unraveling for several days on the island of Sulawesi, I felt two powerful and contradictory emotions: I wanted to be there, immediately, ‘on the ground’, in the city of Palu, filming, talking to people, doing everything possible to help… and at the same time, I sensed that I was ‘already there’, so many times before, whenever the nightmares like those in Sulawesi were taking place all over the Indonesian archipelago.

And I wrote about them, I documented them, I was sending warnings, but nothing was done. The government (or I’d rather call it the ‘Indonesian regime’), is expert in hearing nothing and doing nothing, ignoring all frontal criticism. The same goes for the Indonesian elites. They are blind as they are deaf, as long as they can grab, steal and then, do absolutely nothing for the welfare of the Indonesian people.

Oct 12 09:35

Eat dinner before 9 pm to lower risk of breast and prostate cancer

Having your last meal before 9 pm or at least two hours before going to bed could lower the risk of breast and prostate cancer, suggests a new study.
Compared to those who have supper after 10 pm or those who go to bed right after the meal, people who take their evening meal before 9 pm or wait at least two hours before going to sleep have approximately 20 per cent lower risk of those types of cancers, the findings showed.

Oct 12 08:25

Doctors In Scotland Are Now Prescribing ‘Nature’ To Their Patients

In an age of technology and constant immersion in the digital sphere, a new initiative in Shetland, Scotland is encouraging individuals suffering from chronic illness to spend more time in nature.

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) has teamed up with the National Health Service in Shetland to promote “Nature Prescriptions.” Doctors in the region can now officially prescribe “nature” to their patients.

According to a statement from the RSPB:

From reducing cardiovascular disease, hypertension, stress levels, rates of aggression, obesity. It can be used when treating Type II diabetes or depression or when recovering from operations, and it has been proven over and over again to provide relief from anxiety. Plus it’s free and easily accessible to all. It makes complete sense to work with the medical profession to connect people with nature.

Oct 12 08:06

Trump to push for federal marijuana reform, GOP congressman says

Go Mr. President!!!

President Trump plans to pursue federally legalizing medical marijuana following next month’s midterm races, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, California Republican, said Thursday.

The Trump administration has made a “solid commitment” to reform marijuana laws, and the president has spoken in support of federally legalizing the plant for medical purposes, Mr. Rohrabachertold Fox Business Channel.

Oct 12 07:54

Hurricane Michael killed nearly a dozen people in less than 48 hours

At least 11 people have died in the wake of Hurricane Michael, which tore through the southeastern United States at a devastating clip, destroying parts of the Florida Panhandle before ticking all the way up to Virginia in less than 48 hours.

Oct 12 07:52

Tourist calls 911 after spotting whales while boating in Washington: report

Can you say Snowflake!

Video footage of one family’s boating trip in Washington state has gone viral on social media, as it shows three humpback whales nearing their vessel and eventually prompting one scared family member to hysterically phone police.

On Sept. 29, the Lucianna family was cruising on Puget Sound when Darren began filming as the massive sea creatures approached their boat, Insider reports.

Oct 11 17:47

Japanese inventor wins $250,000 Ryman Prize for dementia-aiding seal robot

A Japanese inventor was presented with a $250,000 grant by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern today for his pioneering work improving the health of older people with a device programmed to mimic a seal.

Professor Takanori Shibata, chief senior research scientist at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) in Japan, was presented with the annual Ryman Prize at a Birkenhead retirement village for his work to ease the burden of older people suffering from dementia.

The prize is an international award for the best work carried out anywhere in the world which has enhanced quality of life for older people. It was introduced by former Prime Minister John Key in 2015 and was established as an equivalent of a Nobel Prize.

Oct 11 17:36

Watch live: Star Trek's William Shatner opens Rocket Lab's new Auckland factory

Star Trek actor William Shatner has opened Rocket Lab's new factory in the Auckland suburb of Mount Wellington.

The 87-year-old, who played the captain of the USS Enterprise James T. Kirk in the science fiction franchise, officially opened the facility with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

• Inside Rocket Lab's new Auckland mega factory

The factory is a huge space - 7500 square metres (80,700 sq/ft) or four times the size of Rocket Lab's old assembly plant next to Auckland Airport.

PR being an important part of the space industry, the cramped area for a handful of guests at Rocket Lab's old Mangere office has been replaced by a roomy area where 150 guests can watch a launch - of which there will be many, if all goes to plan.

Oct 11 14:27

Father's blindness leads to son's vision for eye disease cure

A University of Auckland bio engineer has received $1 million in funding to follow his dream of curing the disease that left his father blind for 60 years.

Dr Ehsan Vaghefi received the funding from the 2018 round of the Endeavour Fund, New Zealand's largest contestable research fund, for a laser-based imaging device called MyIScope that will be capable of screening for early signs of blindness.

MyIScope was designed to detect eye diseases such as cataracts, pathological myopia and glaucoma in children. Vaghefi believed a device like this would have saved his father from going blind when he was a child.

Oct 11 12:24

Scientists worried that new technology will enable smallpox to be weaponized

Scientists are worried that new technology may give people the ability to bring back smallpox - the virus that killed hundreds of millions of people before it was eradicated in 1980 - and use it as a weapon.

The deadly virus was eradicated nearly 40 years ago following an extensive vaccination campaign. However a recent study which managed to bring back the virus horsepox, by piecing together bits of DNA, has signalled the potential for the virus to become a bioweapon.

Oct 11 12:15

Judge: Groundskeeper Failed to Show Monsanto Acted with ‘Malice’ in Landmark Case

A California judge opened the door Wednesday to a do-over of the landmark trial that awarded California groundskeeper DeWayne Johnson $289 million in damages from agri-chemical giant Monsanto after he claimed constant use of the company's Roundup weed-killer caused his cancer.

San Francisco Superior Court Judge Suzanne Bolanos issued a tentative ruling ordering a new trial, arguing that Johnson did not present "clear and convincing evidence of malice or oppression" on the part of Monsanto, The Associated Press reported.

Oct 11 11:50

This Non-Extreme Diet Prevents Number One Cause of Blindness

Diets have become really extreme – even more than they were in the 1980s.

But what if you knew there was an enjoyable diet that was proven to hold benefits even later in life?...

Oct 11 11:15

The CDC’s Influenza Math Doesn’t Add Up: Exaggerating the Death Toll to Sell Flu Shots

Every year at about this time, public health officials and their media megaphones start up the drumbeat to encourage everyone (including half-year-old infants, pregnant women and the invalid elderly) to get a flu shot. Never mind that more often than not the vaccines don’t work, and sometimes even increase the risk of getting sick.

Oct 11 11:04

Another reason to stop vaping: E-cigarette flavors are just as bad for lung inflammation as smoking, study finds

In experiments on mice they found the additives, including flavorings, caused lung inflammation similar to or worse than that seen in traditional cigarette use.

Oct 11 11:03

2 Dead, 700,000 Without Power As Damages From "Nightmare" Michael Top $20 Billion

As it moved inland over Georgia on track to hammer some parts of South and North Carolina that haven't yet recovered from Hurricane Florence, Hurricane Michael was downgraded to a tropical storm Wednesday night. It's expected to exit the Continent on Friday, leaving a more than 200-mile long trail of devastation and what's expected to be roughly $20 billion in damages as it tears through the southeastern US. Already, 2 deaths have been confirmed, and it's believed that more will come. During the latest update, the storm was 30 miles west of Augusta, Georgia and is headed into South Carolina.

Oct 11 11:00

Five New York City doctors charged over illegal prescription drug mill dishing out MILLIONS of opioids without even examining patients

Five New York doctors have been charged for prescribing millions of highly-addictive oxycodone pills to patients without examining them.

Drs Carl Anderson, Dante Cubangbang, Nkanga Nkanga, Anthony Pietropinto and Nadem Sayegh have been accused of running an illegal prescription drug mill that resulted in multiple deaths and several overdoses.

According to Manhattan federal prosecutors, the physicians often dished out pills under other people's names and without physically examining them or seeing them.

In return, many of them received cash payments or luxury gifts such as alcohol, dinners and all-expenses paid vacations.

Oct 11 10:48

Hungary sets fire to GMO corn fields in act of defiance against Monsanto, GMO advocates

To protect its environment from the self-replicating pollution of GMO plants, Hungary has set fire to 500 hectares of GM corn, according to LaJos Bognar, Hungary’s Minister of Rural Development. The planting of genetically modified crops is currently illegal in Hungary, and in 26 other countries around the world. Moreover, in at least 50 countries, GMOs are required to be labeled.

Meanwhile in America, the USDA disallowed GMO labeling and is promoting the continued commercialization of genetically modified crops. Monsanto has entrenched itself within the American political and legal systems, influencing politicians to sell out the environment for profit.

Oct 11 09:05

Why roads paved with solar panels are not such a bright idea

Solar highways can be 20 times less efficient than solar power plants.

Oct 11 08:13

Rare Polio-Like Disease Hits Children In 16 States

Children's hospitals across the country are reporting the spread of a rare polio-like illness which has affected 38 people across 16 states this year.

The rare but serious disease known as Acute Flaccid Myelitis or AFM first made headlines in 2014. Since then, the CDC has tracked 362 cases almost entirely confined to children.

There is no vaccine for AFM - which is defined as an "inflammation of the spinal cord" which results in "limb, facial, oral or eye weakness" which can vary from subtle to severe.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What vaccinations did all these kids have?

Oct 11 08:07

Five Washington children hospitalized with mysterious illness

Five children in Western Washington are in the hospital with a mysterious polio-like illness that causes paralysis in arms and legs.

The Washington State Department of Health said Wednesday it was investigating the cases of possible acute flaccid myelitis.

All of the cases involve infants or children under the age of six.

Oct 11 08:00

Study Finds Magic Mushrooms Help Honey Bees Fight Off Dangerous Viruses That Are Killing Them Off

As the world population of honey bees continues to decline at a dangerous rate, a new study suggests that mushrooms could have a powerful effect on bees by helping them combat the viruses that have been killing their colonies.

According to the results of a recent study, which was titled “Extracts of Polypore Mushroom Mycelia Reduces Viruses in Honey Bees,” researchers were looking for a way to combat the highly infectious viruses that were wiping out global honey bee populations, and they started looking at mushrooms when they noticed bees were seeking out the fungus:

Oct 11 07:32

Hurricane Michael: Record-breaking storm moves onto Georgia having left trail of destruction in Florida

Hurricane Michael - one of the most powerful storms ever to strike the US mainland - has roared into the Florida coast bringing tree-snapping winds and towering waves.

The Category 4 storm made landfall at Mexico Beach at approximately 1:30pm local time, with wind speeds of 155mph - just shy of an extremely rare Category 5 storm.

The storm is the most powerful ever to hit north-west Florida. Earlier in the day, Florida Governor Rick Scott warned of "unimaginable devastation" calling it the worst storm to hit the area "in a century".

Oct 11 07:23

Soyuz Rocket Launch Failure Forces Emergency Landing for US-Russian Space Station Crew

A Russian Soyuz rocket carrying a new U.S.-Russian crew to the International Space Station failed during its ascent Thursday (Oct. 11), sending its crew capsule falling back toward Earth in a ballistic re-entry, NASA officials said.

A search-and-rescue team has reached the landing site, both crewmembers are in good condition and have left the Soyuz capsule as of 6:10 a.m. EDT, NASA spokesperson Brandi Dean said during live television commentary. Russian space agency Roscosmos has released photographs of both astronauts being checked over after their abrupt landing.

Oct 11 07:20

Telescopes pick up huge number of unexplained signals coming from alien galaxies

Telescopes have picked up a huge number of mysterious signals coming from deep in space, Australian researchers have announced.

The radio telescopes have nearly doubled the number of the known “fast radio bursts” – bright flashes of radio waves that make their way to Earth from deep space.

And the signals represent the closest and brightest of the bursts that have ever been found.

Fast radio bursts are one of the most mysterious phenomena in the universe. They are blasts of incredible energy – equivalent to the amount released by the Sun in 80 years – that last for just a moment, and come from a mysterious source.

Oct 11 07:17

Potent medicinal herbs that relieve pain

Pain is one of the first signs that the body exhibits whenever it’s experiencing problems. Although it is helpful for diagnosis, pain can be very uncomfortable, which is why many people depend on pain relievers. Aside from harmful synthetic drugs, pain relievers also come in the form of plants.

People can experience pain in many ways. It could either be localized or felt all over, fleeting or lasting, or it could also be sharp or dull. No matter how it’s experienced, pain relief is always wanted. Synthetic painkillers, such as acetaminophen and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), are widely used across the globe. However, these often come with adverse side effects, such as liver damage, ulcers, and kidney problems. Aside from these, people that regularly take synthetic painkillers tend to develop a resistance to the drug, which may leads to an addiction since the body requires a higher intake for the drug to be effective.

Oct 11 07:12

Supercharged overnight, Hurricane Michael menaces Florida

Hurricane Michael, one of the most powerful storms ever to hit the continental United States, slammed into the Florida Panhandle on Wednesday, unleashing a trail of destruction across 200 miles that splintered houses, peeled off roofs, and stirred up a terrifying surge of seawater that submerged entire neighborhoods and sent boats careening down city streets.

A storm that was initially forecast to arrive as a tropical storm instead amped up to furious intensity, hitting landfall just after midday near the small seaside community of Mexico Beach, 100 miles southwest of Tallahassee, with winds topping 155 miles per hour.

Images from there showed swaths of shattered debris where houses once stood and structures inundated up to their rooftops; the streets of Panama City, farther west, were blocked by downed tree limbs and impossible tangles of power lines. Recreational vehicles, trucks, and even trains were pushed over, surrounded by new lakes of water.

Oct 11 07:01

Almost like Columbia: Two crew members dodge death by an inch in botched Russian space launch

A botched launch of the Russian spaceship Soyuz narrowly avoided becoming the latest fatal space incident on Thursday. Rescue systems managed to save the lives of two crew members and conduct an emergency landing.

The Soyuz-MS-10 spacecraft was meant to deliver Roscosmos’ Aleksey Ovchinin and NASA astronaut Nick Hague, members of Expedition 57/58, to the International Space Station (ISS). But 119 seconds after take-off from the Baikonur launch site in Kazakhstan the Soyuz-FG launch vehicle experienced a malfunction and crew rescue protocols were engaged.

Oct 11 07:00

Soyuz MS-10 Lands in Kazakhstan, Crew Feels Well - Roscosmos Head

A Soyuz MS-10 spacecraft atop a Soyuz FG rocket manned by a team of two cosmonauts was set to deliver a team to the International Space Station (ISS).

Chief of Russian state space corporation Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin has commented on the Soyuz MS-10 emergency landing, saying that the Soyuz crew had landed safely and everyone was alive.

"The crew has landed. All are alive," Dmitry Rogozin wrote on Twitter.

Russian State Space Corporation Roscosmos chief Dmitry Rogozin has departed for the emergency landing site of the Soyuz crew, Roscosmos said in a statement.

Meanwhile, the crew has left Kazakhstan for Moscow.

Oct 11 06:33

First footage of ISS crew after emergency landing (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Russia's space agency, Roscosmos, has released footage of the ISS crew lounging on a couch with hot beverages and snacks after they were forced to make an emergency landing on Thursday.

Judging by the photographs, Russian cosmonaut Aleksey Ovchinin and American astronaut Nick Hague appear to be healthy and in good spirits. They are both hooked up to medical equipment monitoring their vitals.

Oct 10 18:14

“Smart” Playgrounds Emerge While Reports Indicate Kids Already Suffer From Too Much Tech

By B.N. Frank

So when communities install and promote “Smart” Playgrounds as a way to get kids to go outside and play, it sounds more like a skit on Saturday Night Live than something that’s actually happening. But it's no joke...

Oct 10 17:53

What’s Behind the CDC Claiming 80,000 Died From Flu Last Winter?

Research published earlier this year suggests repeated annual flu vaccinations could actually make you a greater health threat to your community.

Oct 10 16:32

Big Pharma FDA scam allows drug companies to turn a $10 supplement into a $40,000 prescription drug while banning the supplement

Big Pharma is at it again. Thanks to an outdated and much exploited U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) loophole, L-glutamine – a supplement that offers a host of incredible health benefits – could soon move from the supplement section to the prescription counter at your local pharmacy. And its price could skyrocket from $10 for 120 pills, to as much as $40,000 for a year’s supply.

As reported by The Alliance for Natural Health (ANH-USA), the FDA has approved a new L-glutamine based drug called Endari for the treatment of sickle cell anemia, and since no supplement company has registered a New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) application for this amino acid, the supplement could be permanently removed from distribution by any other company.

Oct 10 14:20

Americans Will Not Travel During The Holidays Because They Can’t Afford To Do So

We have repeatedly been told that the U.S. economy is “booming”, but meanwhile the middle class in the United States continues to be hollowed out.  The financial bubbles that the Federal Reserve has created have been a great blessing for those at the very top of the economic pyramid, but most of the country is still deeply struggling. 

Oct 10 14:20

M 7.3 - 124km E of Kimbe, Papua New Guinea

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Earth is rocking and rolling today!

Oct 10 14:19

Here’s A Look At The Destruction Caused By Hurricane Michael

Hurricane Michael hit Florida’s panhandle Wednesday afternoon and began pushing farther into the U.S., leaving buildings in shambles and homes under water.

Republican Florida Gov. Rick Scott requested that President Donald Trump issue a major disaster declaration following Michael’s impact to free up more federal resources for damaged Florida communities.

Oct 10 14:17


The transcript, according to The Intercept, was from a July 18 conversation involving Google’s search engine chief, Ben Gomes, regarding the development of a censored search engine for China that would “blacklist phrases” including:

• human rights,

• student protest, and

• Nobel Prize.

Oct 10 12:14

M 6.0 - 40km NNE of Sumberanyar, Indonesia

Oct 10 10:32

Drug Companies are Stealing from You


…with the help of the federal government and universities. Action Alert!

The high cost of prescription drugs has recently made headlines, evidenced by price-gouging schemes that cause drug prices to skyrocket 5,000% (as in the case with the infamous Martin Shkreli and the drug Daraprim) or Mylan’s more recent price hike on EpiPen’s to over $600 for a two-pack. What’s often left out of these stories, however, is how the federal government helped the pharmaceutical industry have this kind of power over drug pricing by allowing the industry to take advantage of publicly-funded research...

Oct 10 10:25

How GRAPEFRUIT can seriously affect your medicine: Expert reveals 53 drugs that are made dangerously strong or weak by eating the fruit

Have you ever seen the instruction on your medication 'do not take this medicine with grapefruit juice' and wondered why? You're not alone.

At least 53 medications can be made less effective by the citrus fruit and people taking certain drugs should take extra care when deciding whether to eat it.

Grapefruit contains a compound which interferes with an enzyme in the small intestine, which is responsible for breaking down nearly half of all medicines.

As a result, the fruit can make medicines too strong or not strong enough by affecting how well your body absorbs them.

Oct 10 08:51

Exploding heads & boiling blood: Vesuvius eruption deaths far grislier than previously believed

The latest archaeological research near Mount Vesuvius indicates that the victims of the 79AD eruption may have died from vaporized internal organs and bodily fluids which, in turn, caused their skulls to explode.

During the two-day eruption, Pompeii and other settlements within a 20km radius of Vesuvius were carpeted in volcanic ash before the 200- to 500-degree Celsius (392- to 932-degree Fahrenheit) pyroclastic flow smashed the settlements into the annals of history at a speed of between 100 and 300kph (62 to 186mph).

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I would expect that the victims were already dead before these effects happened.

Oct 10 08:39

Raising vitamin D levels can prevent up to 80% of all cases of Type 2 diabetes

Dr. Garland and his team at UC San Diego conducted a study featuring 900 participants, which was recently published in the journal PLOS ONE. The goal was to examine the influence of vitamin D levels on Type 2 diabetes risk. The 12-year cohort study ultimately showed that vitamin D could help prevent nearly 80 percent of Type 2 diabetes cases. Past research has also indicated that the “sunshine vitamin” can reduce the risk of diabetes.