Apr 02 09:08

Brazilian School Districts Make Historic Switch to 100% Plant-Based Meals

Four cities in Brazil have pledged to transition all of the meals served at its public school cafeterias to 100 percent plant-based by the end of 2019.

Apr 02 09:07

At the Very Least, Your Days of Eating Pacific Ocean Fish Are Over

TEPCO is finally admitting that radiation has been leaking to the Pacific Ocean all along. and it’s NOT over….

Apr 02 09:06

These 16 Restaurants Have The MOST Antibiotics In Their Meat! Avoid Them!

A collaborative new report recently ranked the 25 largest US fast food and causal restaurant chains based on their policies and practices when it comes to antibiotics in their food.

Apr 02 08:58

Lax Rules Let Flint’s Poisoned Water Drip Through the Cracks

In Flint, the utility did in fact collect tap water samples and conduct tests in a process reviewed and approved by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ). But the city’s water did not officially exceed the LCR’s action level, even though many residents were exposed to dangerous amounts of lead through their tap water. There are several reasons for this apparent contradiction. One is that the MDEQ appears to have thrown out samples for which tests revealed high lead levels that would have triggered the “lead action level.” This sort of data manipulation undercuts the public health goals of the LCR and puts people at risk.

Apr 02 07:53

Red meat linked to higher colon cancer risk

Having a diet free from red meat can help women reduce the risk of a type of colon cancer, suggests new research.

"The impact of different types of red meat and dietary patterns on cancer locations is one of the biggest challenges in the study of diet and colorectal cancer," said lead author of the study Diego Rada Fernandez de Jauregui from the University of Leeds in Britain.

Apr 02 07:31

How Our Country Was Stolen

Today is Easter, an important Christian holiday. But it is not marked on the calendar that is part of the Apple software that came with my Apple computer lap top. Today is also April Fools day, and that is marked on the Apple-supplied calendar. For Apple’s programmers, April Fools Day trumps Easter.

How can it be that an American company, Apple, can remember to mark on the calendar Cinco de Mayo (May 5), Mexico’s commemoration of a Mexican army victory of the French in the Battle of Puebla in 1862, but not Easter?

A country without a unifying moral culture is no longer a country. Yet, what pretends to be a country, the US, is being led into war against Russia, a real country. There is no chance whatsoever of the US prevailing in the oncoming war.

Webmaster addition: The date for Easter "floats" around and varies for different churches.

Apr 01 16:01

Earthquake hits San Andreas ‘Big One’ fault line three times in SAME place in California

CALIFORNIA has been rocked by three earthquakes which have hit almost the same spot in less than 24 hours along the notorious ‘Big One’ San Andreas fault line, according to the United States Geological Survey.

Mar 31 10:31

Tiangong-1 space station reentry

Only from one day before the actual reentry will it become possible to roughly predict which ground tracks, and hence which regions on Earth, might witness the reentry. However even then, an impact location prediction on the order kilometres is, for an uncontrolled reentry, beyond current technical capabilities due to complexities of modelling the atmosphere, the dynamics of the reentering object and limitations in observing the spacecraft.

In general, the uncertainty associated with an uncontrolled reentry prediction is on the order of 20% of the remaining orbital lifetime. Practically, this means that even 7 hours before the actual reentry, the uncertainty on the break-up location is a full orbital revolution – meaning plus or minus thousands of kilometers.

Mar 31 10:01

Gene Banks And Exiled Syrian Seeds – How One Scientist Plans To Save Humanity

An Aleppo-based research project known as the International Centre for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA) counts itself among the victims of the seven-year-long Syrian Civil War. Its precious cargo, a vast collection of crop seeds, is among the exiled refugees who have fled the conflict.

Ali Shehadeh is a Syrian scientist whose job at a seed bank in Terbol, Lebanon, is essentially to save humankind from a potential mass extinction event caused by global warming or war by storing the genetic material needed to reproduce vital crops such as wheat, barley and rice.

He is among the few who are prescient enough to prepare centuries in advance for the point where it becomes impossible to grow everyday produce.

Mar 31 09:23

Patriot Missiles Are Made in America and Fail Everywhere

I talked to a fellow who worked at White Sands years ago about the Patriot. He called it the best 1950's tech that money could buy!

The point is there is no evidence that Saudi Arabia has intercepted any Houthi missiles during the Yemen conflict. And that raises a disquieting thought: Is there any reason to think the Patriot system even works?

Mar 30 20:48

NASA astronauts successfully complete 209th spacewalk outside space station

Expedition 55 Flight Engineers Ricky Arnold and Drew Feustel of NASA successfully completed the fourth spacewalk of the year outside the International Space Station on Thursday, March 29.

The two astronauts began their spacewalk at 9:33 a.m. EDT, about an hour behind schedule, lasting 6 hours, 10 minutes.

Mar 30 16:12

NASA Invests in Shapeshifters, Biobots, Other Visionary Technology

NASA is investing in technology concepts that include meteoroid impact detection, space telescope swarms and small orbital debris mapping technologies that may one day be used for future space exploration missions. Five of the concepts are from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California.

The agency is investing in 25 early-stage technology proposals that have the potential to transform future human and robotic exploration missions, introduce new exploration capabilities, and significantly improve current approaches to building and operating aerospace systems.

Mar 30 12:00

Shocking images of VW cars dumped in Californian desert by German manufacturer after it was forced to buy back 350,000 cars for $7billion over diesel scandal

Shocking images have emerged showing lines of cars stretching out as far as the eye can see in the Californian desert after Volkswagen was forced to buy back 350,000 cars for $7.4billion over the diesel scandal.

The German automaker has been forced to get creative when it comes to responsibly storing the hundreds of thousands of vehicles they had to buy back.

Storage lots include a shuttered suburban Detroit football stadium, a former Minnesota paper mill and the desert site near Victorville, California.

Mar 30 11:47

Lockheed Martin Receives Patent For ‘World Changing’ Fusion Reactor

Lockheed Martin has reportedly been working on a revolutionary new type of reactor that can power anything from cities to aircraft carriers.

The Maryland-based defense contractor recently received a patent for the compact fusion reactor (CFR) after filing plans for the device in 2014. According to reports, one generator would be as small as a shipping container but produce the energy to power 80,000 homes or one of the U.S. Navy’s Nimitz-class carriers.

Lockheed’s advanced projects division, Skunk Works, has reportedly been working on the futuristic power source since 2014 and claimed at the time that a CFR could be ready for production by 2019.

Mar 30 11:39



According to the FDA’s online Biologics Blood Vaccines document, a vaccine manufacturer admits on its package insert that their vaccination can cause autism as one of many adverse reactions.

These adverse events reported during post-approval use of Tripedia vaccine include idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura, SIDS, anaphylactic reaction, cellulitis, autism, convulsion/grand mal convulsion, encephalopathy, hypotonia, neuropathy, somnolence and apnea. Events were included in this list because of the seriousness or frequency of reporting. Because these events are reported voluntarily from a population of uncertain size, it is not always possible to reliably estimate their frequencies or to establish a causal relationship to components of Tripedia vaccine.

Mar 30 10:52

Investor Statement on Gun Violence Signatories

A list of those who conspire to destroy America! The Pedophilic,child molesting,illegal alien loving Roman Catholic Church is extremely well represented on this list of Tyranny lovin traitors!

Contributors to the Statement:
The Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility
Catholic Health Initiatives
Domini Impact Investments
Everence Financial/Praxis Mutual Funds
Mercy Investment Services
Northwest Coalition for Responsible Investment
Trinity Health

Adrian Dominican Sisters
American Baptist Home Mission Society
American Friends Service Committee
Aquinas Associates
As You Sow
Benedictine Sisters of Mount St Scholastica

Mar 30 10:19

NASA receives response from Voyager 1 spacecraft 13 billion miles away after 37 years of inactivity

The thrusters aboard the Voyager 1 spacecraft just did what we thought was impossible. After 37 years of inactivity, NASA just received response from spacecraft 13 billion miles away, NASA said in a statement on its website. Voyager 1 is NASA’s farthest and fastest spacecraft. It was launched on September 5, 1977. Having operated for 40 years, 6 months and 14 days as of March 19, 2018, the spacecraft relies on small devices called thrusters to orient itself so it can communicate with Earth. These thrusters fire in tiny pulses, or “puffs,” lasting mere milliseconds, to subtly rotate the spacecraft so that its antenna points at our planet. Now, the Voyager team is able to use a set of four backup thrusters, dormant since 1980.

Mar 30 10:18

GM corn found in over 90% of tortillas in MX

A team of researchers has been surprised by the discovery that slightly over 90% of tortillas sold in Mexico contain traces of genetically modified corn.

Overall, the study by the National Autonomous University of México found that 82% of all corn products, such as tostadas, flour, cereals and snacks, contained some level of genetically modified sequences.

The researchers also found the herbicide glyphosate in approximately 27.7% of the samples that tested positive for transgenic corn.

Mar 30 10:13

Chinese Space Station Is Tumbling Toward an Easter Sunday Crash

The falling Chinese space station Tiangong-1 is tumbling in orbit and may crash back to Earth early Easter Sunday (April 1), experts say.

Estimates for the crash of Tiangong-1 range sometime between March 31 and April 1, with a focus of 10 a.m. EDT (1400 GMT) on April 1, according to Aerospace Corp., which is tracking the space lab's fall. That April 1 target comes with an error of 16 hours, so the spacecraft could potentially begin its fiery death dive anytime between Saturday and Sunday afternoon. An analysis by the European Space Agency also supports that re-entry estimate.

Mar 30 10:07

Mail-order cancer tests deliver false positives 40% of the time, new analysis claims

At-home genetic test for cancer risk are inaccurate 40 percent of the time, a new analysis claims.

The tests like the recently-approved version by DNA testing firm 23andMe are intended to detect mutations in the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes that are associated with higher risk of developing breast, ovarian and prostate cancer.

However, an analysis by Ambry Genetics, a company that interprets data from consumer DNA tests, found that nearly half of the results supplied in the last month from various other firms were false positives.

As a result at least seven people were given an unnecessary scare, adding yet another reason to question the reliability of such tests that the FDA has warned is 'seriously limited'.

Mar 30 10:01

Astro litter-picker launches to help clean up 7,600 tonnes of space junk

The world’s most advanced litter-picker will be launched into space next week to clean up floating debris which is threatening satellites and the International Space Station (ISS).

Surrey University has designed a spacecraft which can grab space junk then pull it into Earth’s atmosphere where it is burned up.

The little craft, named RemoveDebris, is due to launch from the Kennedy Space Centre on Monday, on board one of Elon Musk’s SpaceX Falcon 9 rockets.

The spaceship will dock at the ISS first and then deploy on its own on a test mission to snare a small satellite using a harpoon and net.

Mar 30 09:38

Huge 6.9 earthquake rocks Papua New Guinea triggering TSUNAMI warning

Papua New Guinea's New Britain island was hit by an earthquake at 10.25pm BST.

Downgraded from an initial magnitude of 7.2, the 6.9 earthquake struck 96 miles from the town of Kokopowhich is home to 20,000 people.

One resident of Rabaul in Papua New Guinea described the earthquake on tracker website CSEM-EMSC.

They said: “That was a massive jolt...I could feel it must be High intensity quake and ran out of the house. Thank God we are all safe.”

Mar 30 09:34

First Global Case of Super Gonorrhoea Found in Britain

A British man has contracted the world's first and worst 'super gonorrhoea' a sexually transmitted infection (STI) after returning from South East Asia.

Gonorrhoea, is the second most common bacterial STI in the UK, transmitted through unprotected vaginal, oral and anal sex. People are often unaware they are carrying the disease as doesn't present any symptoms, but left untreated can cause pelvic inflammatory disease, ectopic pregnancy and infertility.

Public Health England (PHE) say it's the first global report of a strand resilient to standard antibiotics, the man, who has a partner in the UK, picked up the superbug after having sex with a women in South East Asia.

Mar 29 16:31

Stop over-diagnosing and over-medicating our kids: Being moody is NOT the same as depression, mental health expert warns

Here's an example. In late 2017, the study 'Mental ill-health among children of the new century: Trends across childhood with the focus on age 14' was published by the National Children's Bureau in the United Kingdom.

This showed that self-reported negative emotions were present in about one quarter of this surveyed group, but this was interpreted as 25 per cent of 14-year-old girls in the UK suffer from depression!

The fact that parental reports identified about five per cent of this cohort as having significant mood problems was ignored by almost all commentators. This latter number is much more in keeping with known rates of depression in the population.

The presence of a mental disorder was not independently established and the discrepancy between parental and child reports was ignored.

Mar 29 16:05

After 150 whales in Australia now 50 dolphins dead in Argentina – Something unprecedented is killing our marine mammals!

Two shocking mass die-offs have made the headlines within the last 5 days. On March 22, 2018, 143 whales died after a mass-stranding at Hamelin Bay, 10km north of Augusta, Australia. Now, just 2 days after, 61 short-beaked dolphins were found washed ashore on a beach resort in Argentina. 49 died and 12 were saved. This mass die-off is unprecedented, as it represents the first case of marine mammals being stranded in this region of Argentina.

Mar 29 12:53

Artificial embryo created: no egg, no sperm, no problem

Over the past 35 years, I’ve been showing how elements of the Brave New World are coming together.

Mar 29 11:09

After Multiple States Resisted, Feds Propose Bill To Legalize Growing Hemp – NATIONALLY

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced that he will introduce the Hemp Farming Act of 2018, which seeks to remove hemp from the federal government’s controlled substances list and to legalize it as an agriculture commodity.

Mar 29 11:08

Asian Hotel Chain Bans Single Use Plastic Such as Plastic Water Bottles

It is refreshing to see a company that is making operational changes in its business practices to back up marketing claims of being Eco-friendly. Thailand’s Akaryn Hotel Group has announced it will become Asia’s first hotel chain to ban single use plastic on its properties.

Mar 29 11:06

Study Ties Yeast In Vaccines To Autoimmune Diseases

A study indicates that a significant factor in causing them may be the common bakers or brewers yeast, Sacccharomyces cerevisiae used in many vaccinations, including HepB, which is given to nearly all newborn babies in the United States before they’re a day old.

Mar 29 09:00

UK man has world-first case of super-strength gonorrhoea

A man in the UK has contracted a super-strength strand of gonorrhoea believed to be the first case globally to resist the main antibiotic treatment.

Public Health England (PHE) said the patient had a regular female partner in the UK, but contracted the infection from a sexual encounter with a woman in south-east Asia. He visited a health clinic for treatment in early 2018.

Attempts to get rid of the sexually transmitted infection with the recommended treatment – a combination of antibiotics azithromycin and ceftriaxone – have failed.

Mar 29 08:59

China’s failing satellite is just one example of a massive space debris problem

The European Space Agency estimates that there are now more than 170 million pieces of space debris in circulation, though only 29,000 of those are larger than about four inches. While the smaller space debris objects may not pose a threat to Earth because they would disintegrate before reaching the surface, “any of these objects can cause harm to an operational spacecraft. For example, a collision with a (four-inch) object would entail a catastrophic fragmentation of a typical satellite,” according to the European Space Agency. Smaller pieces could still destroy spacecraft systems or penetrate shields, possibly making bigger satellites such as Tiangong-1 unresponsive and turning them into massive pieces of debris themselves.

Mar 29 08:52

DARPA researching method to put injured soldiers into suspended animation to buy more time for help to arrive

Soldiers that are wounded in the battlefield often face terrifying ordeals that can quickly lead to their untimely deaths. For this reason, the military is constantly looking for ways to improve the way they respond to calls for help whenever

Mar 29 06:49

Here's How to See the Chinese Space Station's Final Orbits and Fiery Fall

First, if you'd like to see Tiangong-1 on Wednesday (March 28), you can watch this a free webcast from the Virtual Telescope Project led by astrophysicist Gianluca Masi at 8 a.m. EDT (1200 GMT). The webcast will feature live views of the space station in partnership with the Tenagra Observatories in Arizona.

If you want to see if Tiangong-1 will be visible to you, you'll need a sighting schedule for your location. For that, go to the Heavens Above website here.

When you go to this site you will be asked to log in. Once you register, all you need do is indicate your location. On the home page under satellites, you will find "10-day predictions for satellites of special interest." Tiangong-1 is second on that list below the ISS.

Tiangong-1 is predicted to make passes sometime around the break of dawn over much of the United States and southern Canada from March 26 to April 3.

Mar 29 06:18

Mainstream media blackout as Italian parliamentary commission find major problems with vaccines after an 18-year investigation, finds higher risks of death and illnesses such as cancer, autoimmune disorders and hypersensitivity associated

On Feb. 7th 2018, an Italian Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry has issued a report that finds higher risks of death and illnesses such as cancer, autoimmune disorders and hypersensitivity associated to the administration of combined vaccines.

After an 18-year investigation into causes of thousands of cases of serious illnesses and deaths amongst personnel affected to military missions abroad, this Parliamentary Commission has found a significant risk of cancer and autoimmune diseases associated with the use of combined and multiple vaccines in the prophylactic schedule. While the 4th ‘Uranium’ Commission initially investigated other factors such as exposure to uranium from bombshells and other war hazards, the causal association with vaccines was raised both by personnel accounts and by the fact that soldiers who did not leave the country had also been affected.

Vaccines in the military vaccine program are the same as those used for infants.

Mar 29 06:17

German Beer Industry in Shock Over Monsanto Glyphosate Contamination

The Munich Environmental Institute (Umweltinstitut München) has released shocking results (February) of laboratory testing it has completed on 14 of the most sold beers in Germany. The probable carcinogen and World’s most used herbicide – glyphosate – was found in all of the 14 beers tested.

Mar 28 17:21

Intersex shark, the first of its kind in the world, is discovered by stunned fisherman off the coast of Taiwan

The intersex shark was caught in a fishing trawl in the southern Taiwan Strait, and landed at Xiamen, China, in January 2017.

At first it appeared to be a fully grown male, with a developed pair of penis-like appendages called claspers that extend from the pelvic fin.

But a study of the animal's interns found it had a complete pair of ovotestes - gonads that contain both ovarian and testicular tissue.

This meant that the animal had both the male as well as the female reproductive organs.

Mar 28 12:44

Space Fence: connecting the surveillance and transhumanist agendas

The Space Fence is a massive, planetary-wide, space surveillance system currently being constructed that aims to monitor you all the way down to your DNA. Officially, the Space Fence is, according to Wikipedia, a 2nd generation space surveillance system being built (started in 2014) by the US Air Force and Lockheed Martin to track artificial satellites and space debris. Its budget is US$1.594 billion, it’s expected to be operational in 2019 and the Space Fence facility will be located in the Marshall Islands along with an option for another radar site in Western Australia. The Space Fence is a resurrection of a program started by Reagan in the 1980s called SDI (Strategic Defense Initiative),

Mar 28 11:16

TIANGONG-1 Reenter - Decay Predictions + ONLINE 3D REAL TIME TRACKING

The chinese space station Tiangong-1 (Heavenly Palace) has been declared out of control by chinese authorities and will re-enter the atmosphere in the coming days. Most parts of the orbiting lab are expected to burn up during falling, however some parts may reach the ground. The following figures report decay predictions and altitude (both perigee and apogee). According to the analysis of the orbital elements gathered during the last months, the re-enter is expected to occour between the end of March and the beginning of April. Predictions may change as new orbital measurements will be available. The following table and figures show up-to-date data.

Last update: 28 Mar 13:35 UTC

Mar 28 10:10

Five thousand inventions in limbo and under “secrecy orders” at the US Patent Office

How many of these patents, if granted, would be game changers for planet Earth? Who knows?

Mar 28 10:04

Father Effectively Treats Daughters’ Crohn’s Disease by Juicing Cannabis

ABC News Australia recently reported on a story about a desperate father. Stephen Taylor’s two daughters were fighting Crohn’s disease, which causes chronic inflammation of the digestive tract. When all else failed, Taylor turned to juicing cannabis and discovered that the plant may have the potential to cure his daughters’ illness.

Mar 28 10:03

New Insight into How ‘Gut Feelings’ Affect Mental Health, Depression and Anxiety

The findings by research and psychology professor Linda Rinaman point to a very important connection between the gut and the brain, identifying pathways that help to understand why so-called ‘gut feelings’ have a powerful influence on emotions, mood and decision-making.

Mar 28 10:01

Popular Beer and Wine Brands Contaminated With Monsanto’s Weedkiller, Tests Reveal

We tested further and released new findings last week of glyphosate in all of the most popular brands of wines in the world, the majority of which are from the U.S., and in batch test results in American beer.

Mar 28 09:56

E-cigarette flavors like 'chocolate fudge' and 'cinnamon muffin' are TOXIC to human cells, study finds

Chocolate Fudge, Berry Splash, and Blueberry Cinnamon-Streusel Muffin are just a few of the options, promoting the experience from harmless to (arguably) delicious.

However, a new study by the University of North Carolina warns those flavor combinations could, in fact, make e-cigarettes toxic.

Many of the liquids contain various dangerous chemicals to get their flavor, including vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol, which are both damaging to human cells.

Some flavors are much more toxic than others, the team found.

The findings come just a day after seven leading health agencies sued the FDA for delaying a review of e-cigarettes, warning there is plenty of evidence the as-yet unregulated devices could be wrecking havoc on users' health.

Mar 28 08:58

NASA delays launch of world's largest space telescope until 2020

The US space agency NASA has delayed the launch of world's largest space telescope 'James Webb Space Telescope' until May 2020.

The most powerful space telescope ever built, the Webb telescope is considered to be the successor to NASA's 26-year-old Hubble Space Telescope.

The announcement on Tuesday made after an independent assessment of remaining tasks for the highly complex space observatory further pushes the launch target of the next-generation space telescope by about a year.

Mar 28 08:38

Outrage as far-Right websites compare Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg to HITLER after sick videos emerge of his March for Our Lives speech dubbed with the Nazi leader's voice (5 Pics)

Can't stand the heat,get outa the kitchen little man. Wearing armbands and giving the raised fist salute will win you no friends.
The Hogg Salute is not the NAZI salute. It is the Communist raised fist salute.

Infowars, Breitbart and other far-right media sites have begun comparing David Hogg, the Parkland, Fla., high school shooting survivor who has gained nationwide attention for speaking out for gun restrictions, to Adolf Hitler.
Hogg spoke to a crowd of thousands in Washington, D.C., and welcomed protesters to the “revolution” for stricter gun laws.

At the end of his speech, Hogg triumphantly raised his hand in the air. Right-wing social media is now claiming the gesture resembles Hitler’s Nazi salute.

Mar 28 07:00


A judge in Massachusetts ruled it was necessary for activists to engage in civil disobedience to stop Spectra Energy’s natural gas pipeline in West Roxbury and acquitted the activists of civil infractions. Josh Raisler-Cohen, an attorney with the National Lawyers Guild, said the government reduced charges against the activists to a civil infraction, which is the equivalent of a traffic ticket.

Mar 28 06:42

More Lies from the Presstitutes

I have no doubt that gun control groups are organized by agents of the police state. The United States is falling apart.

The vast majority of Americans are being ground into the dirt by government at all levels. There is no democracy. There is only looting.

The One Percent fear that sooner or later even insouciant Americans might rise up. But they can’t if they are disarmed. That is all gun control is about.

Taking away guns gives control to governments. The founders of this
nation knew that regardless of the form of government, those in power
may become corrupt and seek to rule as the British did by trying to
disarm the populace of the colonies. It is not difficult to understand
that a disarmed populace is a controlled populace.

Mar 27 17:32

Ground under a West Texas oil patch is moving at an alarming rate

According to a new study from Southern Methodist University (SMU) scientists, published in the journal Nature Scientific Reports last week, years of fossil fuel production has destabilized a large swath of the Texas oil patch, causing the land to heave and sink at alarming rates.

Researchers found that satellite radar images obtained by the European Space Agency (ESA) between November 2014 and April 2017 revealed significant ground movement across a 4,000-square-mile area of West Texas that covers four counties. In one particular area, the ground had moved by as much as 40 inches in just two-and-a-half years.

In an SMU statement, research scientist Jin-Woo Kim said, “This region of Texas has been punctured like a pin cushion with oil wells and injection wells since the 1940s and our findings associate that activity with ground movement.”

Mar 27 15:21

NASA Delays James Webb Space Telescope By About a Year

NASA on Tuesday announced a roughly one-year launch delay for the James Webb Space Telescope, blaming some of the setbacks plaguing its premier space-science program on “avoidable errors” by prime contractor Northrop Grumman Corp.