Jan 24 14:48

18 U.S. Code § 2383 - Rebellion or insurrection

Historical and Revision Notes

Based on title 18, U.S.C., 1940 ed., §?4 (Mar. 4, 1909, ch. 321, §?4, 35 Stat. 1088).

Word “moreover” was deleted as surplusage and minor changes were made in phraseology.

1994—Pub. L. 103–322 substituted “fined under this title” for “fined not more than $10,000”.

Jan 24 14:44

18 U.S. Code § 2384 - Seditious conspiracy: AKA Coup d'etat

If two or more persons in any State or Territory, or in any place subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, conspire to overthrow, put down, or to destroy by force the Government of the United States, or to levy war against them, or to oppose by force the authority thereof, or by force to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law of the United States, or by force to seize, take, or possess any property of the United States contrary to the authority thereof, they shall each be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both.
(June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 808; July 24, 1956, ch. 678, §?1, 70 Stat. 623; Pub. L. 103–322, title XXXIII, §?330016(1)(N), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 2148.)

Jan 24 12:40

Indonesia quake shakes capital, causes some injuries, damage in Java

Office workers fled high-rise buildings in the Indonesian capital on Tuesday after a strong earthquake shook the city, causing some injuries and damage to at least 130 buildings elsewhere on the densely populated island of Java.

The relatively shallow quake of magnitude 6 struck off Java, the US Geological Survey said, and authorities ruled out the risk of a tsunami.

Many people ran along the streets of downtown Jakarta, pointing at the buildings above them, witnesses said. Metro TV showed patients being evacuated from a hospital.

Jan 24 12:26


Ironically, it’s been easier to get information about the dangers of nuclear waste that it’s been to penetrate the “iron curtain” of America’s food industry. Know the truth about what you’re eating and where your food comes from.

Jan 24 11:21

‘Day Zero’: Cape Town, South Africa, to Run Out of Water April 12

Cape Town, South Africa, a city of four million people, will run out of water on April 12, in what local officials are calling “Day Zero.”

At that point — where the dams that supply the city’s water are expected to fall to an average capacity of 13.5% — authorities will turn off almost all of the faucets in town, and residents will have to line up at 200 distribution points to collect a daily ration of 25 liters (about six and-a-half gallons) per person.

Unless a miracle occurs, Cape Town will then become the first major industrialized city to run out of water.

Jan 24 09:06

Nasa attempts to ease fears that a 'potentially hazardous' asteroid the size of the Burj Khalifa will hit Earth next week as it flies just 200,000 miles away from our planet

Nasa is attempting to ease fears about a gigantic asteroid hurtling just 200,000 miles (320,000km) away from our planet on 4th February.

The 2002 AJ129 asteroid, which is larger than the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, has been classed a 'potentially hazardous' by Nasa.

It will fly past at speeds of 67,000mph (107,826kmh) which makes it nearly 15 times faster than the world's quickest manned aircraft - the hypersonic North American X-15.

However, Nasa says it has been tracking the asteroid carefully and there is 'zero' chance it will collide with Earth.

Jan 23 18:56

Sugar tax on soft drinks may increase alcohol consumption, study reveals

A sugar tax on soft drinks may increase alcohol consumption, new research reveals.

Raising the price of sugary drinks causes people to purchase greater amounts of lager, a UK study found today.

Although unclear why, the researchers believe increasing soft drinks' prices alters people's spending habits across all beverages.

Jan 23 11:56

Alaskans let off fireworks to celebrate tsunami downgrade

Teressa Muller, a city clerk for Larsen Bay, experienced the entire evacuation as she explained in the video.

'"We are in Kodiak because my daughter has been in the hospital due to bronchiolitis. We were discharged and staying at a hotel for a couple of days until she gets better," she wrote.

From being alerted by her family, packing everything in the car and heading to Pilar Mountain to the time she went back home, the filmer explained the entire situation in the video.

We can also see the big queue of cars living Pilar Mountain to go home at the end of the video filmed during the tsunami alert that advised residents to evacuate.

Jan 23 11:50

RAW VIDEO | Tsunami Alert For Canada, California, Alaska After 8.1 MAG Earthquake Strikes Off Alaska Coast…

Raw video of people fleeing for higher ground. This is not how you want to wake up in the middle of the night.


Jan 23 09:02

‘Potentially hazardous’ asteroid the size of the Burj Khalifa is heading towards Earth at 67,000mph

A gigantic asteroid which is larger than the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, will hurtle past our planet in around two weeks time.

The 2002 AJ129 asteroid has been classed a 'potentially hazardous' by Nasa and will fly past at speeds of 67,000mph (107,826kmh).

This makes it nearly 15 times faster than the world's quickest manned aircraft - the hypersonic North American X-15, which travelled at 4,520mph (7,300kmh).

The asteroid is around 0.7 miles (1.1km) wide - making it longer than the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, which stands at 0.5 miles high (0.8km).

It is set to pass by our planet on the 4th February at a distance of around 2,615,128 miles (4,208,641km) away - which is relatively close in space terms.

For reference, the distance between the Earth and the moon is 238,855 miles (384,400 km).

Jan 23 08:33

What Tide Pods do to your body: We break down second-by-second how the detergent packs burn every tissue they touch

The detergent pods contain a number of chemicals that are relatively safe in low concentrations, but condensed as they are in the pods, the ingredients can erode fatty cell membranes, chemically burning the skin, eyes, mouth, throat and gastrointestinal system.

Jan 23 08:25

Only birds tweeted, and Amazon was a forest: PM Modi recalls massive changes in 20 years

As Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated that he is the first Indian PM in two decades to attend the World Economic Forum since H D Deve Gowda in 1997, he focussed on the changes that have taken place in the first during this time. "In 1997, India's GDP was a little more than USD 400 billion, but now it has increased more than six-times," he said.

Jan 23 08:23

7.9 magnitude earthquake hits Alaska

An earthquake measuring 7.9 on the Richter scale jolted the southern Alaskan coast in the US on Tuesday, prompting a tsunami warning along the coastline.

The quake hit 300 km southeast of Kodiak at a depth of 10 km at 12.21 a.m., the US Geological Survey said.

The US National Tsunami Warning Centre issued a tsunami alert for areas that included the coast of Alaska to British Columbia and the border with Washington State, and a tsunami watch all the way down to the border of Mexico and the coast of Hawaii, the New York Times reported.

Jan 23 08:10

Whose fault? Tesla crashes into fire truck, driver blames autopilot

A Tesla Model S has rear-ended a fire truck parked on a freeway in the US. The driver, however, says it wasn’t his fault, blaming the state-of-the-art technology instead.

On Monday morning, the Tesla car, going 65mph, hit a parked fire truck, the Culver City Fire Department tweeted. The firefighters were there attending to a “freeway accident,” when their truck was hit by the electric-powered vehicle, which was travelling on autopilot, according to the driver. The truck apparently sustained only minor damage, while the hood of the Tesla seems almost completely smashed.

Jan 23 08:05

Mayon eruption: Philippines' most active volcano explodes as authorities raise alert level

An explosion has taken place at the most active volcano in the Philippines, sending a huge plume of ash and steam into the sky. Authorities have raised the alert level to four out of five, meaning a potentially deadly major eruption is possible within days.

Mayon, which at 2,462m (8,077ft) is also one of the tallest mountains in the country, has been issuing lava and pyroclastic material since it started showing activity on 13 January.

Almost 40,000 nearby residents have been evacuated in the central province of Albay, and Philippine authorities have closed schools and urged people to stay indoors where possible.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The Earth is really getting her rocks off these days!

Jan 23 07:56

Tsunami warning ends for B.C. after large earthquake strikes off Alaska

A tsunami warning for coastal British Columbia and parts of Alaska has ended after a powerful earthquake struck about 250 kilometres southeast of Chiniak, Alaska, early today.

Jan 23 07:39

M 7.9 - 280km SE of Kodiak, Alaska

Webmaster's Commentary: 

We were under a tsunami watch here in Hawaii but it has now been canceled.

Jan 23 05:53

New smart windows darken in the sun—and generate electricity at the same time

Solar power has undergone a revolution in recent years, thanks to an upstart family of crystalline materials called perovskites. Now, perovskites are transforming windows, keeping them clear on cold days, but turning them dark in the hot summer sun. Two research groups report that they’ve created perovskite-tinted windows that not only transition based on the temperature, but also harvest power like solar cells. The new technology could one day help cool buildings by shading out sunlight and generating power to boot.

Jan 22 20:52

LAUSD Teacher Strips Naked On Elementary School Playground, Chases Nearby Students

Cali: Land of fruit and Nutzs!

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — A physical education teacher at Carthay Center Elementary School outraged parents and upset students when he stripped naked on campus Friday and proceeded to chase nearby second-graders and fifth-graders.

Watch what happens next!

Jan 22 14:51

3 Amazing Scientific Discoveries that Flew Under the Radar Last Year

For some people, the age of great scientific discovery has come and gone. There’s a hubris among many that what we know about the universe around us is as complete a picture as possible, and that current scientific ventures are little more than frivolous exercises splitting hairs rather than atoms. However, despite what many people might believe, we’re still only scratching the surface of a greater understanding of our planet, ourselves, and the wide void of space around us. Indeed, here are three mind-blowing scientific discoveries that you may have missed in 2017:

Jan 22 14:30

At Davos, 6 Feet of Snow Brings Limousines to a Crawl

There is A God!

DAVOS, Switzerland — It may be tempting fate to try to gather 60 heads of state and hundreds of global business leaders in the dead of winter in a Swiss mountain valley. This year, the World Economic Forum’s luck seems to have run out.

Fat, damp snowflakes have been tumbling down for the past six days, burying the town in six feet of snow, three feet of it in the last two days alone. Snow was still falling fast on Monday night, and the steep, pine-dotted slopes were so heavily laden that some neighborhoods here in Davos had to be evacuated for fear of avalanches.

Jan 22 13:30

11 Ways Turmeric Fixes Blood Pressure – Dosages

Does turmeric lower blood pressure? This question has been the focus of many research studies, as turmeric contains the antioxidant agent known as curcumin. Found in the roots of the turmeric plant, curcumin is a chemical compound and herbal remedy that...

Jan 22 11:59

RIP: Weather Channel founder John Coleman dies – Called ‘global warming’ a ‘hoax’

RIP John!

John Coleman, the dancing, prancing San Diego weatherman who tickled television viewers by the way he would sing out the letter U in KUSI-TV’s call letters, died on Saturday. He was 83. Coleman, who also angered many people by insisting that global warming is a hoax, died at his home in Las Vegas, according to KUSI, where he served as a forecaster from 1994 to 2014, when he retired. The station did not announce the cause of death, but it did say that Coleman was surrounded by family when he passed away. His 2014 retirement capped a 60-year career during which served Coleman as the first forecaster on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” then went on to found the Weather Channel during the early days of cable television.

Jan 22 11:17

Flu outbreak: 100 people a week dying in US as virus continues to spread

A deadly flu virus has been killing around 100 people per week in the US since mid-December, the Center for Disease Control has warned.

A report published by the CDC with the latest figures showed there were 759 flu deaths between 7 October and 23 December.

It also said since early December more than 100 people were dying every week from the flu and the death toll could increase as there has been a further rise in the number of hospital admissions.

This is more than double the number of flu deaths from the same period last year when there were only 322 reported fatalities, CBS News reported.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

As reported at, on 30 October, 2017:

Egg-based production causes virus to target bird cells, making vaccine less effective

And from, 7 November, 2017:
Hee's one reason flu vaccines are so lousy; they are grown in eggs.

The article goes on to state:

"Researchers have identified one more important reason flu shots don’t usually work very well — it’s because they are grown in chicken eggs.

Flu viruses mutate every year and it turns out the methods used to make flu vaccines cause them to mutate even more, the researchers found.

“How you prepare the vaccine can have profound effects on how humans respond to it,” said Scott Hensley of the University of Pennsylvania, who helped lead the study.

It’s one more reason the world needs to develop more modern methods of making flu vaccines, says Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID).

Jan 22 08:48

Pentagon made of microbes older than dinosaurs: Study

Some of the building blocks of the iconic Pentagon and Empire State Building in the US are made of mineralised microbes that lived up to 340 million years ago, predating the dinosaurs.

The material, known as oolitic limestone, is a popular building material around the world and is almost completely made of millimetre-sized spheres of carbonate called ooids.

Jan 22 08:32

An American Water Crisis Is Just Around The Corner And No One Is Talking About It

Anyone who pays attention to their local news has seen the signs of a coming apocalypse in the United States, although they are probably not aware of it. While many equate a water crisis to the sucking up of resources by big business interests or an offhanded moment of pollution from the local industry, there is another type water crisis looming over America. It’s not just Coca-Cola and property rights, it’s the failure of municipalities, states, and the federal government to ensure that drinking water is actually drinkable.

Jan 22 08:28

SpaceX's three-core Falcon Heavy rocket launch deferred due to US govt shutdown

The US government shutdown has affected SpaceX's test fire of its three-core Falcon Heavy rocket that was scheduled for Monday at the Kennedy Space Centre (KSC), Cape Canaveral.

The launch, unfortunately, had to be deferred indefinitely or till the shutdown is resolved. "Due to the shutdown removing key members of the civilian workforce, the 45th Space Wing will not be able to support commercial static fires taking place on KSC," Florida Today reported.

Jan 22 08:22

Fisherman's shocking discovery as he cuts open a fish's stomach and pulls out pieces of plastic – including bottle tops, a COMB and a cigarette LIGHTER

This dejecting footage shows a dolphinfish with a stomach full of plastic objects after a fishermen slit it open.

Jan 22 08:10

NHS OKs offshoring patient data to cloud providers stateside

The NHS has said that patient data can be stored in the cloud – and has given US data centres party to Privacy Shield the thumbs-up.

In a major policy shift, NHS Digital has given care providers the go-ahead to store patient information outside the UK in a bid to hurry them into the cloud to save cash.

Jan 22 08:05

Massive earthquake hits Chile shaking neighbouring Peru and Bolivia

CHILE has been hit with a massive 6.3 magnitude earthquake shaking the northern area of the country near the Peru border after it struck along the Ring of Fire, according to the US Geological Survey (USGS).

Jan 22 07:07

ALERT: Vaccine advocate threatens mass murder “suicide mission” shooting at public autism event… “I’m gonna kill every single one of you f##kers… see you in Hell”

Thanks to the extreme hatred being whipped up against autism truth advocates by vaccine propagandists such as Jimmy Kimmel, deranged science troll Dr. David Gorski and the “fake news” media that’s beholden to vaccine industry propaganda, vaccine pushers are now resorting to extreme threats of violence and mass shootings to try to silence vaccine truth researchers, authors and lecturers.

In the last 48 hours, Dr. Suzanne Humphries, creator of the Honesty vs. Policy presentation and author of Dissolving Illusions — which expertly dismantles the most persistent myths of the pseudoscience vaccine industry — received a shockingly detailed death threat that promises a “suicide mission” mass shooting at a public autism event. (Full email reprinted below, WARNING: GRAPHIC.)

Jan 22 05:50


An MP has said the harm caused to children after their mothers were given the epilepsy drug sodium valproate is an “extraordinary scandal”. It is thought about 20,000 children in the UK have been left with disabilities caused by valproate since the 1970s.

Jan 21 20:24

Microwaves emit as much carbon dioxide as nearly 7 million cars: Study

Many studies have shown how microwave radiation can be harmful while heating food as the appliance can significantly zap the nutritional value of your food and your health, leaving you susceptible to developing health complications due to continuous microwave use.

Now, another study has found that the radiations from microwaves can have serious environmental implications as well.

As per the findings of the study, microwave ovens across Europe alone emit as much carbon dioxide as nearly 7 million cars.

Jan 21 20:18

CDC Accused Of Inflating Flu Case Statistics

Are flu cases being exaggerated? According to some new documentation received by, the CDC is inflating cases of flu by essentially loosely tying family members who diagnose cases to diagnoses by relation.

If the document, which was received anonymously, is true, it would allow the CDC to severely inflate flu case statistics. And this, in turn, would allow more flu shots to be pushed.

Jan 21 18:05

'Benefits are exaggerated': Doctors urged to be 'inherently sceptical' about statins

THE benefits of statins are exaggerated and their side effects downplayed, claims a new report calling for all trial data on the drug to be released “as a matter of urgency”.

The article published in the British Journal Of Sports Medicine says doctors should be “inherently sceptical” when prescribing the controversial heart drug to people with a low risk of heart disease.

Written by the investigative reporter Dr Maryanne Demasi, it argues that statistics about the drug have been manipulated to play up its benefits.

Many trials have been carried out by drugs companies involved in their manufacture, she says, and are “tainted by industry sponsorship”.

And she claims the raw trial data is unavailable to public scrutiny, a practice Dr Demasi describes as a “contemptible breach in transparency”.

Jan 21 08:36

Common Foods Everyone With Breast Cancer Should Eat

A breast cancer diagnosis is always terrifying and can leave you feeling powerless and afraid. And, while there are some things that are out of your control, there are also things you can do to help your body heal. Just like with any other illness or disease, your diet matters–a lot.
While there is no single food that causes or prevents breast cancer, there are healthy foods you can add to your diet that may not only aid in your recovery, but prevent the cancer from returning. Consider these foods your breast cancer-fighters.

Jan 21 07:40

The 1 Common Food That Can Help Prevent Cancer and Heart Disease Will Surprise You

There are certain foods that are so versatile, you can pair them with virtually any dish. Whether it’s an Italian dinner, an Asian dish, or just some roasted veggies, you can almost always find a way to add a little garlic. This small root vegetable has amazing health benefits — and it’s not the only food of its kind. Read on for why you should be eating more garlic, plus learn what else you should be putting on your plate.

Jan 20 09:24

No Newborn Whales During Endangered Species’ Birthing Season, Scientists Worried

Scientists have not yet seen a single newborn right whale off the Southeast US coast, even though it is seven weeks into the endangered species’ calving season.

"We basically right now should be at the peak of the season and we haven't seen anything, so that's concerning," wildlife biologist Clay George said, reported.

"I'm going from being the optimist I normally am to being pretty pessimistic about it."

Jan 20 07:12

Mother of patient left in cold says her daughter was denied care

The mother of a mentally ill woman who was left outside a Baltimore hospital on a frigid night wearing only a flimsy gown and socks asserted she was denied care by medical professionals and left to face life-threatening conditions on the street. Cheryl Chandler said she was only made aware of her missing 22-year-old daughter's predicament on the night of Jan. 9 when she happened upon a viral video shot by a passer-by who was enraged at the way she was treated.

"I didn't even know that it was my daughter initially," Chandler told CBS News. "As he got close enough, I saw it was her and I got hysterical because in that moment, it was sheer fear that my daughter was going to die."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A society is only as good as its compassion for the most fragile among it; unfortunately, here in the US, we frequently see a massive propensity toward cruelty, and feigning ignorance, when one of its most vulnerable, like Rebecca, gets caught in the cracks of the system.

Dumping her at a bus stop, in her hospital garb, at sub-freezing temperatures?!?

This... is what "American compassion" looks like for far too many of its fragile members.