Jul 03 16:22

GM Crops In India: Approval By Contamination?

The regulatory system for GMOs (genetically modified organisms) in India is in tatters. So said the Coalition for a GMFree India (CGMFI) in 2017 after media reports about the illegal cultivation of GM soybean in the country.

Jul 03 16:21

GMO Agriculture And The Narrative Of Choice

The pro-GMO lobby claim critics of the technology ‘deny farmers choice’. They say that farmers should have access to a range of tools and technologies. It is all about maximising choice and options. Taken at face value, who would want to deny choice?

Jul 03 11:58

Nevada Traffic Deaths Plunge 10% Following Marijuana Legalization

It is the one-year anniversary of recreational marijuana in Nevada - how has the state fared?

Newly published data from the Nevada Department of Public Safety reveals an unexpected finding: traffic deaths in the state have plunged by 10 percent in the first year since recreational marijuana was legalized.

Jul 03 11:35

Bali volcano eruption: Mount Agung rains ROCKS as it erupts for THIRD time

BALI'S Mount Agung volcano has erupted for a third time today ejecting a 2,000 metre-high column of thick ash and incandescent solid rocks into the atmosphere, forcing residents to flee.

Jul 03 11:34

Hawaii volcano forms cone about same height as Aloha Tower

The Hawaii volcano that's been erupting in a residential neighborhood for the past two months has built a cone that's now about the height of Aloha Tower, an iconic 10-story building in Honolulu.

U.S. Geological Survey scientists said Monday the cone is 180 feet (55 meters) high at its tallest point. Honolulu Harbor's Aloha Tower reaches 184 feet.

The cone developed from the most active of the two dozen vents Kilauea volcano opened in and around the Leilani Estates neighborhood on the Big Island.

Scientists call it Fissure 8 because it was the eighth vent to open during the eruption. It's feeding a river of lava that's flowing downhill to the ocean.

Jul 03 11:34

Private Japanese Rocket Crashes to Earth in Fiery Launch Failure

A private Japanese rocket crashed to Earth in a fiery explosion on Saturday (June 30) just moments after lifting off from a test site near the town of Taiki on Japan's northern island of Hokkaido.

This was the second failed launch attempt for the startup Interstellar Technologies, which became the first Japanese company to launch a privately funded space rocket 11 months ago, on July 30, 2017. Its first rocket, Momo-1, crashed into the ocean after losing contact with flight controllers about 70 seconds after liftoff, The Japan Times reported.

Its second mission, Momo-2, went out with more of a bang. After lifting off at 5:30 a.m. local time on June 30 (8:30 p.m. GMT on June 29), the uncrewed rocket had barely left the launchpad before it lost its upward thrust and succumbed to gravity, smashing back down onto the launchpad after less than 10 seconds of flight.

Jul 03 11:33

Weird Bright Spots on Ceres Get a Close-Up from Dawn As Mission Nears End

NASA's Dawn spacecraft has gotten its best-ever looks at the weird bright spots that speckle the dwarf planet Ceres.

Early last month, Dawn maneuvered its way to a new orbit around Ceres, an elliptical path that takes the probe within a mere 21 miles (34 kilometers) of the dwarf planet on nearest approach. That's more than 10 times closer than Dawn had gotten previously during its three-plus years at Ceres.

The views from this low altitude are amazing, as some newly released imagery of the 57-mile-wide (92 km) Occator Crater shows.

Jul 03 11:33

The Space Station Is Shifting to Commercial Crew Vehicles. Where Does That Leave Russia?

I spent several days in June traveling with a group of journalists to watch the Expedition 56 crew launch to the International Space Station (ISS). To do so, we had to make our way to Moscow, get picked up by a charter airline, and fly to the remote desert town of Baikonur, Kazakhstan.

We wrapped up our trip on June 8 in Moscow when the crew successfully docked with the ISS. At that time, a small group of officials representing NASA, Europe and the Russian space agency Roscosmos congregated in TsUP (Russian Mission Control) to talk about the mission.

But when asked about the future, the conversation suddenly turned vague. The consensus: Discussions are ongoing and the public will have to wait.

Jul 03 10:11

The Glyptodon Was A Prehistoric Armadillo So Big That Early Humans Used Its Shells For Shelters

The glyptodon may seem like just a big armadillo, but it was the size of a car and could crush early humans with its clubbed tail.

In prehistoric times, it seems as though every single animal was bigger than its modern counterpart. Mammoths were taller, hairier, and heavier than elephants. Ancient sloths grew to the size of modern-day elephants. Alligators and crocodiles routinely grew to the length of a city bus. And snakes were so big that they could eat alligators.

Jul 03 08:59

The Supreme Court ruled vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe” in 2016 – What has changed since? Nothing.

The Supreme Court recently ruled that vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe” and for good reason. Thousands of children are being compensated for injuries sustained from vaccine injections of known neurotoxins, and not enough research has been done to prove the safety of vaccines. Consider this: What if you were taking a medication that your doctor swore up and down was 100 percent safe and effective for everyone, all the time, and then you read some legal documents that declared there were billions of dollars paid out in settlements for injuries, including for some deaths, to the parents of children and babies who took that exact drug? Then, what if you found out that the manufacturers of that drug were totally exempt from responsibility, and that they did not even have to test the drug properly for safety or efficacy in the first place? Surely it would be time for you to “lawyer up.”

Jul 03 08:03

HIV is on the rise in Florida and young people don’t seem to care

Robert Marquez was 18 when he got the news that would change his life forever.

He was HIV positive.

"I knew nothing about it outside of it being a ‘gay disease’ like my conservative parents and pastor said about it," said Marquez, now 20. "But now, I know that’s not true. It can affect anyone. But it’s also possible to live a long, normal life."

His case is one example of a double-edged reality that has raised concern among advocates as HIV makes an unwelcome comeback in Florida. While the stigma has lifted somewhat and effective treatments have lessened much of the danger, the disease no longer presses on the public consciousness like it once did.

That and a lack of public information have contributed to a rise in cases among a new generation of young people who never knew the fear that HIV evoked in earlier times.

Jul 03 06:07

Torrential rainfall on early Mars eroded the network of deep valleys still visible on the surface of the planet today, new research claims

Experts found river networks on Mars have parallels with waterways on Earth
Heavy rainfall over a prolonged period may have run off quickly over the surface
This is how river valleys develop in arid regions on Earth, such as in Arizona
One hypothesis is the northern third of Mars was once covered by an ocean
Water evaporated, condensed around volcanoes and led to heavy rainfall

Jul 02 13:34


One of the world’s environmental crises could be solved with a bacteria that can eat plastic and break it down into harmless by-products. The bacteria was found by a biology student at Reed College in Oregon, Morgan Vague.

Jul 02 12:13

Sleep Paralysis is a terrifying and intriguing condition

Sleep Paralysis can be the Terrifying experience that is surprisingly common. It is feeling of conscious but unable to move.

Jul 02 11:35

SELLOUTS: The EPA’s pesticide approval office is funded by pesticide manufacturers and relies on their submitted data as “science”

The Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Pesticide Programs is supposed to be responsible for producing independent analyses of pesticides. But is that what they really do? Like other federal agencies (à la the FDA), the Office of Pesticides does no actual studies or research of their own; instead, they review data provided to them by pesticide manufacturers.

And to make matters worse, the Office received a staggering 30 percent of its funding from the pesticide industry in 2016. So not only is the Office relying on research hand-picked for them by pesticide-makers, the industry is literally paying them to conduct their “reviews.” Once again, it seems that the “independent science” from the government is nothing more than illusion.

Jul 02 11:34

No Special Session for Medicinal Marijuana Rules

Governor Fallin along with Legislative leadership have decided against calling a special session to implement State Question 788. Instead, the Health Department’s emergency rules for medicinal marijuana to will go into place as the initial framework.

Jul 02 11:14

It's a Beautiful Baby Exoplanet! Historic Photo Is 1st View of Alien World Being Born

A stunning, first-of-its-kind photo shows a huge, newfound alien world taking shape in the disk of gas and dust surrounding a young star.

The image is the first confirmed direct observation of such a young exoplanet, discovery team members said.

"These disks around young stars are the birthplaces of planets, but so far only a handful of observations have detected hints of baby planets in them," discovery leader Miriam Keppler, of the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy in Heidelberg, Germany, said in a statement. "The problem is that, until now, most of these planet candidates could just have been features in the disk." [Gallery: The Strangest Alien Planets]

Jul 02 11:13

Hawaii volcano eruption: SHOCK new video shows DEVASTATION as Kilauea continues to erupt

The Hawaii volcano, Mount Kilauea, continues to spew lava and molten rock across Big Island as it approaches its second month of continuous eruption.

Kilauea first started to erupt on May 3.

New video footage captured by Paradise Helicopters reveals the terrifying extent of the destruction the volcano has brought to the island, as streams of molten lava flow feet from homes.

More than 650 homes have been destroyed by lava, forcing the evacuation of more than 2,000 people - around 600 of whom are still living in temporary accommodation.

Jul 02 10:59

Opioid lawsuit targets rich family behind drug that fueled US crisis

The state of Massachusetts on Tuesday sued the maker of the prescription painkiller OxyContin, which has been blamed for spawning America’s , naming leading executives and members of the multibillionaire Sackler that owns the pharmaceutical company.

The lawsuit accuses the company, Purdue Pharma, of spinning a “web of illegal deceit” to fuel the deadly drug abuse crisis while boosting profits.

Purdue Pharma is already defending lawsuits from several states and local governments, but Massachusetts is the first state to take the unusual step of personally naming the company’s executives in a complaint, the state attorney general, Maura Healey, said. It names 16 current and former executives and board members, including the chief executive, Craig Landau, and eight members across three generations of the Sackler family that wholly owns Purdue.

Jul 02 08:52

Pfizer Hikes 100 Drug Prices Despite Trump's Promise Of "Massive Cuts"

Despite the fanfare with which the White House unveiled its "American Patients First" initiative earlier this year, it appears American pharmaceutical giants didn't get the memo, and are still going ahead with their annual "price modifications." As the Financial Times reports, Pfizer, the largest drug company in the US, has raised prices on 100 products.

The price hikes were announce just weeks after President Trump claimed that US drug companies would soon announce "massive" voluntary price cuts. Pfizer's decision "threatens to fuel the backlash over the soaring cost of medicines used in the US" as the price increases hit some of the company's most popular drugs, including erectile-dysfunction drug "Viagra" (the "little blue pill").

The increases are effective as of July 1. In most cases, the increases are just over 9%, which is in line with the annual 10% price hikes adopted by most drug companies. Putting that number in context, core inflation printed at 2% last week.

Jul 02 08:50

Is CBD a Safe and Effective Cure for Lyme and Cancer? | Dr Ernie Murakami

Jul 02 05:47


In the failing light of an unusually warm January day, Jerry Erstrom and I race along a dirt track behind Rod Frahm’s white pickup. Here, near Ontario, Oregon, a stone’s throw from the Idaho border, Frahm grows onions, squash and corn. But today, he wants to show us something he’s growing against his will: a genetically engineered turfgrass designed for golf courses.

Jul 01 20:01



Recently the Supreme Court ruled that to access to the vast amount of information, logged by your cellphone many times per minute on exactly where you have been and for how long, that the cellphone provider keeps for five years, a warrant is required. Fantastic. Obvious, right?

Well, no, and more importantly, as a privacy "win," understanding the new ruling is counter-intuitive. Reports on the ruling barely mention certain things as they rush to soothe an American public justifiably edgy after all the post Snowden lies. Such as:

    it does NOT apply to real-time location data - so patterns can be reassembled after new tracking
    it does NOT apply to data collected by the private sector - so data can be bought or traded
    it does NOT apply to investigations related to national security - and remember, most invocations of the Patriot Act involved drugs, not terrorism

Private entities regularly share their data with the government, without a warrant, and even if they didn't, a trivial amount of real-time location tracking will reestablish the behavioral patterns of most individuals with alarming accuracy. Enough to discover most if not all of their important social affiliations. Include the call metadata, and you have nearly all of it; track their friends for a week, and, without a warrant, but with the info already available, I am sure the degree to which their privacy has been infringed upon exceeds that with which the Founding fathers felt comfortable.

For more detailed analysis, information, and links to sources, please visit No Warrant, No Problem: New SCOTUS Ruling Does Not Apply To Real Time Location Tracking.

Jul 01 12:03

Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Continues to Disrupt Marine Life

Researchers at the University of Southern Mississippi have studied the microbes found on several shipwrecks in the vicinity of the Deepwater Horizon, the oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico that exploded in 2010, killing 11 workers and spewing an estimated 4 million barrels of crude oil into the Gulf. Their research, published June 28 in the journal Scientific Reports, claims the oil residue has caused fundamental changes in those microbes, which play an important role in carbon dioxide absorption by the oceans and are essential building blocks in the food chain for marine life.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The ultimate ecological and financial costs of this disaster continue to unfold apace.

Jul 01 10:23


Last week, The Free Thought Project reported that cops were caught involuntarily injecting unruly suspects with the powerful sedative ketamine, which police classify as a date rape drug.

Since the initial story was made public, more details have emerged in the case, revealing a twisted study that has been going on for many years, researching the effects of different sedatives on patients, many times without their knowledge or consent.

This research has been taking place at Hennepin Healthcare, under the supervision of doctors and full knowledge and encouragement from the local police.

The Star Tribune interviewed numerous victims who were involuntarily enrolled in the study, and not made aware of the fact that they were drugged until afterward.

Representatives of Hennepin Healthcare have defended the study, insisting that sedating agitated people can save lives.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Josef Mengele would be proud.

Apparently, the notion of "informed consent" has gone the way of the whoopie cushion and dribble glass, in both the medical and law enforcement communities.

And what state entitty, please, has approved these "experiments"?!? The article never quite makes that clear, although the incidents cited seem to come consistently from Minnesota.

Jul 01 04:06

Me, My Microbiome, And I: The Vital Cells Of Existence

Nearly every health website offering eternal youth and beauty will sooner or later focus in on gut health and improving your microbiome, as if the microbiome were something that needed fixing. In fact, much of you isn’t you, and that’s okay. For every cell in your body, there’s another tiny single-celled creature that also calls your body home. Far from being germs we should eradicate, these ancient friends allow us to digest food, breathe air, and fight off disease. They were here long before us and will undoubtedly remain long after we’re gone. They are our microbiome, and after eons of cohabitation, we are finally getting to know one another better. Of course, we aren’t always the best of neighbors. Autoimmune diseases, allergies, depression, and Alzheimer’s may be diseases of an unhappy microbiome. Come join world-renowned microbiologists Martin Blaser, Jo Handelsman, Rob Knight, and David Relman as they zoom in on the micro world and zoom out on its macro influence.

Jun 30 10:37

A Venus Aircraft Could Be in NASA's Plans

NASA is interested in potentially exploring Venus' skies.

The space agency has awarded Colorado-based company Black Swift Technologies (BST) a contract to develop an aerial vehicle for atmospheric observations of Venus.

"Black Swift Technologies has provided aerial solutions for wild land fires, volcanic observations, tornadoes, and hurricanes — some of the most extreme phenomena on Earth," BST CEO Jack Elston said in a statement. "This mission is a natural extension of our focus, only now we are concentrating on the extreme conditions of Venus."

Jun 30 10:37

Hawaii volcano eruption update: Why is Kilauea PLAGUED with earthquakes?

KILAUEA has now reached the eighth week of its eruption, causing devastation to Big Island’s landscape. Why is Kilauea plagued with earthquakes?

Jun 30 10:24

Hawaii Volcano Eruption Update - Friday Morning (June 29, 2018)

Jun 30 10:08

Top Doctor Loses License For Refusing To Force Parents To Vaccinate Sick Child

A leading Californian doctor has had his medical license suspended after recommending that a 2-year-old boy should be exempt from Gov. Jerry Brown’s strict vaccination laws due to health issues.

Dr. Bob Sears, who argued that the 2-year-old child had specific symptoms that could be worsened by the Californian vaccination schedule, has been struck-off by the California Medical Board after falling foul of Gov. Jerry Brown’s strict one-size-fits-all vaccine policy.

The Medical Board of California placed Dr. Sears, a leading pediatrician and vaccine skeptic on probation, accusing him of gross negligence, despite the child’s history of negative reactions to the drugs and Dr. Sears’ judgement that the vaccine schedule would harm his health.

The Orange County pediatrician, who wrote “The Vaccine Book,” has been placed on a 35-month probation, The Los Angeles Times reported Friday.

Jun 30 09:32

Flu-Vaccine Mandate for NYC Children Reinstated

The state’s highest court backed New York City health agencies on Thursday for mandating that children who attend city-regulated or school-based programs get a flu shot.

The requirement, which goes into effect immediately, covers all children between the ages of 6 months and 59 months who are enrolled in preschools and day care centers licensed by the city.

New York City’s Board of Health first passed the rule in December 2013, but a challenge by five parents led a Manhattan judge to issue an injunction against it. The board appealed to New York’s highest court after another panel of judges agreed in 2016 that the city did not have the authority to mandate vaccinations.

Thursday’s reversal by the New York Court of Appeals was unanimous.

Jun 30 08:54

What Will Happen if You Stop Sleeping??

How last the human beings will be able to awake and what are the things will happen if you don’t sleep for a long time.

Jun 30 02:51

The world lost an area of tropical forest the size of Bangladesh in 2017

Tropical tree cover loss in many countries has been ramping up in recent years, including in Brazil.

Jun 29 08:13

Right Stuff for Life Found on Small Saturn Moon

On Saturn’s small moon Enceladus, perpetual fountains of alien seawater launch all sorts of curious stuff into space: water, salt, silica, and even simple carbon-containing compounds fly into the void—many of which are ingredients for life as we know it.

Now, scientists working with data from a dead spacecraft have discovered something even more potentially intriguing: heavy organic compounds containing hundreds of atoms arranged in rings and chains. These are the most complex organic molecules uncovered so far at Enceladus, and—sorry, Europa—they may make the moon the most promising place in our solar system to search for life beyond Earth.

“What we know today is telling us that Enceladus is an outstanding target to go look for life, and there may be microbes living in that ocean today,” says Cornell University’s Jonathan Lunine.

Jun 29 07:40

The NWO Globalists are attempting to destroy the American Republic with civil war.

The New World Order globalist cabal has given marching orders to the American political class, top corporate officers and leadership throughout civil society to launch the next phase of CIVIL WAR 2.0.

It’s the Rothschild international banking cartel that appears to be instigating this ever-intensifying civil war via foreign agents such as George Soros.

Nevertheless, it is the likes of George Soros, Barack and Michelle Obama, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Joe Biden, Tim Kaine, John Podesta, John Brennan, James Clapper, Michael Hayden, James Comey, Rod Rosenstein, Robert Mueller, Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder, Andrew McCabe, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Tom Perez, Maxine Waters, Adam Schiff, Chuck Schumer, Kamala Harris and many other Democratic traitors who willingly carry water for the NWO cabal. Therefore, the single most effective initiative that President Trump can take to prevent civil war is to arrest George Soros.

Jun 28 19:34

Film Explores the Human Health Effects of Genetic Engineering and Chemical Agriculture

After being told by her doctor that genetically engineered (GE) food and pesticides could be responsible for her son’s food allergies, Ekaterina Yakovleva set out to investigate. Her quest for answers was captured by the Russian Times in the featured film, “The Peril on Your Plate: Genetic Engineering and Chemical Agriculture.”

Jun 28 19:33

Altering Human Genetics Through Vaccination

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) has launched efforts to create a vaccine that would protect people from most flu strains, all at once, with a single shot.

Jun 28 19:21

The Facts About Candida Overgrowth and How to Overcome It

When the production of candida in the body is out of control, it can manifest many frustrating health problems.

Jun 28 15:23


They even have a channel for Cannabis/CBD!

FREE to video owners. FREE to users.
Upload, share and embed your videos on an independent platform that protects freedom of expression. Pursue real comedy, independent journalism, independent science and much more. is the new home for free speech on the 'net.*

* There are some limits to free speech. No content is allowed that is blatantly illegal, promotes terrorism, threats of violence, animal abuse, etc. Full guidelines available soon.

Welcomed content channels include:

Jun 28 11:06

Flights disrupted as Bali volcano shoots ash into air

The Mount Agung volcano on Bali shot ash 6,600 feet into the atmosphere Thursday, disrupting the travel plans of thousands as several airlines canceled flights from the Indonesian tourist island.

The regional volcanic ash advisory center in Darwin, Australia, said winds could carry the ash southwest toward Bali’s international airport and Java, Indonesia’s most densely populated island.

A duty manager at Ngurah Rai International Airport, Darta Pande, said many flights were continuing to operate.

The airport’s online flight information board showed Australian airlines Jetstar, Virgin Australia and Qantas had canceled flights to and from the island. Korean Air and AirAsia also canceled some flights.

Its public relations department said 26 international inbound and outbound flights had been canceled, affecting nearly 5,000 travelers. Some 10 domestic flights were also canceled, affecting more than 1,700 passengers.

Jun 28 10:14

Watch the US Geological Survey's Drone Footage of Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano Crater

This aerial footage is not only visually stunning, it's providing the USGS with invaluable information about the volcano's ever-changing phases.

Jun 28 09:51

5 Ugly Truths of Hair products which will make you regret after buying them this 2018. – DOCTOR Advised.

Hair is really most of the most concerned and discussed problem present days. Years before, when there was no pollution and also when there were no
chemical treatments to our hair

Jun 28 09:50

Interesting facts Honey badger – Floyd Mayweather of wildlife can attack lion’s “ball” literally

Native to Africa, Southwest Asia, and the Indian subcontinent, the Floyd Mayweather of wildlife on humour note, Honeybadger, the infamous wild animal, unfriendly to big cats are known for some other interesting stories. This article revolves around the life of honey badger not so sweet animal.

Jun 28 09:15

Computational Model Analysis Reveals Serotonin Speeds Learning

Serotonin is thought to mediate communications between neural cells and play an essential role in functional, and dysfunctional, cognition. For a long time, serotonin has been recognized as a major target of antidepressants (selective-serotonin-reuptake-inhibitor (SSRIs) that are used to treat various psychiatric conditions, such as depression, obsessive-compulsive-disorder and forms of anxiety. However, serotonin in humans, and other animals, is associated with a bewildering variety of aspects of cognition and decision-making, including punishment, reward and patience.

Jun 28 09:05

Patients Without Borders: The Rise of Medical Tourism

There is simply no way of getting around it: American health care is exorbitantly expensive. But while many people look to government to solve our nation’s health care woes, the real solutions lie elsewhere. In fact, the more the government intervenes in health care, the higher the costs seem to rise. Just look at what happened when Obamacare was implemented: costs of care rose and many families suddenly found themselves unable to afford their insurance premiums.

Where government intervention has failed the health care sector, free market innovation has become its savior.

But where government intervention has failed the health care sector, free market innovation has become its savior. The rising costs of health care in both North America and Europe have actually created a void in the marketplace. And medical tourism is filling that void by offering a whole new avenue of choice for health care consumers.

Jun 28 09:02

Kilauea's continual eruption is creating a new fissure so big it could soon be classed as Hawaii's newest volcano

Kilauea, the most active volcano on Hawaii, has been in continual eruption since 1983.

It entered a new phase in early May when fractures along a rift on the eastern side of the volcano opened during a series of earthquakes – some of which became volcanic fissures from which lava was erupted.

These fissures allowed magma that had been ponded in a lava summit lake to drain onto the ground surface as lava flows lower down the mountain.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Volcanologists define a volcano as having its own distinct connection to the magma chamber. This new cone appears to be an offshoot of Kilauea's "drainage" system, and as such technically is not a new distinct volcano.

Jun 28 08:47

Money really DOES make you mean: Rich people are less likely than the poor to share their wealth with others, claim scientists

Based on a psychological experiment, those deemed to be of 'higher status' were found to be more selfish than those of 'lower status'.

Scientists at Queen Mary University also discovered that how a person amassed their fortune matters when it comes to determining how willing they are to share.

Those who earned their money themselves are far more reluctant to hand it out, compared to those who stumbled on wealth by chance.

Jun 28 08:46

Is Alaska's Cleveland volcano about to blow? Scientists fear it could explode in DAYS and cause air travel chaos

A remote but restless Alaskan volcano is showing signs it is about to explode in an eruption that could cause air travel chaos, scientists say.

Cleveland Volcano, a 5,676-foot (1,730-meter) peak on a remote island in the Bering Sea, has been squeezing lava from its crater since Monday.

The magma flow is a sign of something more serious to come in the next days or possibly weeks, according to the Alaska Volcano Observatory.

Jun 28 08:40

Enceladus: Alien geysers on Saturn’s moon contain all key ingredients for life

Scientists trawling through data from the dead Cassini spacecraft have discovered that icy jets on Saturn’s moon, Enceladus, contains all the basic ingredients required to support life.

The alien seawater which shoots from the moon’s geysers was known to contain a range of interesting ingredients including salt, silica and simple carbon compounds. However, the latest research has revealed that large, carbon-rich molecules are also blasted out from cracks in the moon’s icy surface, indicating that all the ingredients needed for life are present.

Jun 28 07:49


We've all heard the stories: someone in Japan invents a car that runs on water; news reports and articles are written and reported, then the inventor turns up missing or dead, and the invention is never heard from again. Someone invents an engine that can run on vegetable oil; he takes a trip by ship, ends up overboard and quite dead, and his breakthrough engine is converted to run on petroleum and not another word is heard about its original intended fuel(incidentally folks, that man's name was Rudolf Diesel). Someone else comes up with the neat idea that oil itself is the remains of gobs and gobs of dinosaurs that, under the pressure of Earth and millions of years, somehow converts the remains into the black substance; hence, said substance is limited and non-renewable, it's a "fossil fuel", and prices of the black goo and its refined products rise accordingly (incidentally folks, the guy's surname was Rockefailure).

Jun 28 07:31

Government document confirms vaccine link to microcephaly

The adverse event-deniers who insist that vaccines are 100 percent safe and never cause any problems in children clearly missed a little-known 1991 study published by the United States Government. This paper reveals a clear link between the popular Tdap vaccine for tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis (whooping cough), and microcephaly, a neurological birth defect that in recent years authorities have been erroneously blaming on the Zika virus.

The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) offered up clear evidence at the time showing that the combination jab can cause not only brain damage in young children, but also heart problems, meningitis, and epilepsy. Epidemiological evidence from human case studies showed that within weeks or even days of getting the Tdap shot, children developed infantile spasms and other common symptoms of microcephaly directly related to the vaccine.

Jun 28 07:28

Only 60 Years of Farming Left If Soil Degradation Continues

Generating three centimeters of top soil takes 1,000 years, and if current rates of degradation continue all of the world's top soil could be gone within 60 years, a senior UN official said on Friday.

About a third of the world's soil has already been degraded, Maria-Helena Semedo of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) told a forum marking World Soil Day.

The causes of soil destruction include chemical-heavy farming techniques, deforestation which increases erosion, and global warming. The earth under our feet is too often ignored by policymakers, experts said.

Jun 27 10:58

Japan's Hayabusa2 space probe arrives at strange 'Dragon Palace' asteroid 187 million miles away in search for origin of life

A Japanese probe has reached an asteroid around 187 million miles away to collect information about the birth of the solar system and the origin of life after a more than three-year voyage through deep space.

The Hayabusa2 probe successfully settled into an observation position 12 miles above the Ryugu asteroid, officials from the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) said Wednesday.

Jun 27 10:56

NASA reveals 'super Hubble' James Webb Telescope will finally fly in 2021 - eighteen months late and $1bn over budget

An Independent Review Board (IRB) established by NASA to assess progress on the project today unanimously recommended that the project should go ahead, prompting NASA to established a new launch date for Webb of March 30, 2021.

It comes as NASA revealed a catalogue of errors with the project made by primary contractor Northrop Grumman, including using the wrong type of glue to components being lost inside the telescope.

Jun 27 10:32

80% of Heart Attacks Can be Avoided with These 5 Things

Heart assaults are perilous and are truth be told, the main executioner in the Unified States. The World Wellbeing Association (WHO) assesses that no less than 17.5 million individuals passed on in light of cardiovascular infection in 2012. Three out of four of the passings happened in low pay nations and also those with centre wage.

Jun 27 08:28

Cannabis has no medical use? Countless studies say otherwise…

Below is a Massive List of Studies
Note: Many more studies exist and are in the works despite federal government policy making research very difficult and risky to conduct. It is safe to say mankind has only scratched the surface of what this unique plant is capable of.

Cannabis kills tumor cells

Jun 27 07:53

“Alarming trend” in Gaza infant mortality

Infant mortality – the death of a child within the first year of life – is decreasing in most of the world.

UNRWA, the United Nations agency for Palestine refugees, called the stalled decline in Gaza an “alarming trend.”

“Infant mortality is a barometer of the health of an entire population,” Dr. Akihiro Seita, director of UNRWA’s health department and a co-author of the study, stated.

Jun 27 07:41

‘Colossus waking up’: Volcano eruption triggers evacuations in Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands

At least 250 people have been evacuated from the vicinity of the largest volcano in the Galapagos Islands, Sierra Negra, after a series of earthquakes awakened the colossus, according to Ecuadorean authorities.
“The colossus is awakening,” Environment Minister Tarsicio Hail said, announcing that Ecuador’s authorities are closely watching the seismic and geological activity near one of the world’s largest calderas, craters left by previous eruptions.

At least 250 people have already been evacuated from communities in the immediate vicinity of the volcano, and all tourist activity has been temporarily halted in the area, reports El Universo.

Jun 27 07:12

The secret under Antarctica: Researchers find active volcanic heat source beneath Pine Island Glacier

Stunned researchers have discovered an active volcanic heat source beneath the Pine Island Glacier in Antarctica.

Researchers were studying the role the ocean takes in dwindling glaciers when they made the find.

They say the discovery could dramatically change how the melting ice was studied - but that climate change was still the main force behind the melting ice.

Jun 27 07:09

Six skeletons with signs of cancer found in an ancient Egyptian cemetery reveal how rates of the disease have skyrocketed over 3,000 years

Six ancient Egyptian skeletons peppered with telltale signs of cancer reveal that rates of the deadly disease have skyrocketed over the past 3,000 years.

The remains, found in a cemetery in central Egypt, include a mummified man in his 50s with rectal cancer and a toddler with leukaemia.

The skeletons show that lifetime cancer rates at the time were as low as five in every 1,000 people, a staggering 100 times lower than those of modern Western societies.

Jun 27 05:43

America's Manufactured Opioid Crisis

A documentary om the tragic opioid epidemic in America.

Jun 26 23:05

Oklahoma Voters Approve Medical Marijuana Legalization

Looks like they smoke Marijuana in Muskogee.The Original Redneck State legalizes medical pot.

Voters in Oklahoma appear to have passed one of the nation’s most permissive medical marijuana laws in the nation, becoming the 30th state to legalize cannabis for medical use.
The Associated Press called the race shortly after 9:20 p.m. local time Tuesday night. With 1,591 of 1,951 precincts reporting according to the state election board, State Question 788 led at the ballot box, 56.3%–43.7%.

Jun 26 15:49

The coldest place on Earth is even chillier than scientists thought: Temperatures plummet to -148F in 'supercold' areas of Antarctica's ice sheet

Scientists first announced in 2013 they had found the lowest temperatures on Earth's surface in the area.

Sensors on several Earth-observing satellites measured temperatures of minus 93 degrees Celsius (minus 135 degrees Fahrenheit) in several spots on the East Antarctic Plateau, a high snowy plateau in central Antarctica that encompasses the South Pole.

But the researchers revised that initial study with new data and found the temperatures actually reach minus 98 degrees Celsius (minus 144 degrees Fahrenheit) during the southern polar night, mostly during July and August.

Jun 26 12:01


The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) has launched efforts to create a vaccine that would protect people from most flu strains, all at once, with a single shot.

Over the years, I’ve written many articles refuting claims that vaccines are safe and effective, but we’ll put all that aside for the moment and follow the bouncing ball.

Massachusetts Senator and big spender, Ed Markey, has introduced a bill that would shovel no less than a billion dollars toward the universal flu-vaccine project.

Here is a sentence from an NIAID press release that mentions one of several research approaches:

“NIAID Vaccine Research Center scientists have initiated Phase 1/2 studies of a universal flu vaccine strategy that includes an investigational DNA-based vaccine (called a DNA ‘prime’)…”

This is quite troubling, if you know what the phrase “DNA vaccine” means. It refers to what the experts are touting as the next generation of immunizations.

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I have absolutely no intention of allowing my genetic structure to be changed with this IGT technology, period, end of discussion.

Jun 26 11:52


DETROIT — The first signs that something was amiss surfaced in the weeks before the 2016 election, when public-health officials began to notice one patient after another walking into a clinic, or hospital emergency room in the Detroit metropolitan area complaining of the same symptoms: nausea and vomiting, pains in their stomach and joints, fatigue, fever, loss of appetite, yellowing of the skin and eyes, dark urine, and pale-colored feces.

It didn’t take long for the medical community to hone in on the culprit: hepatitis A.

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These numbers.... are truly awful!!

Jun 26 11:34

NASA Reveals Striking Blue Photo of Sand Dune on The Red Planet

Last week, NASA released a photo of an unusual sand dune on Mars, silhouetted in blue against the fourth planet’s surface in an enhanced image.

The photo of the dune was snapped by NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter's camera. It depicts Mars' Lyot Crater region, a large crater in the Vastitas Borealis region of the Red Planet. Sand dunes typically form on the floors of craters.

According to a June 20 NASA press release, this particular dune appeared to have a much more complex structure than surrounding ones.

Jun 26 11:03

A Japanese Probe Is Closing in on an Asteroid 180 Million Miles from Earth

Japan's Hayabusa2 spacecraft is closing in on its asteroid target ahead of a planned rendezvous just a few days from now.

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) released several new images that Hayabusa2 snapped recently of the asteroid Ryugu, whose shape has now become clear.

"From a distance, Ryugu initially appeared round, then gradually turned into a square before becoming a beautiful shape similar to fluorite (known as the 'firefly stone' in Japanese)," Hayabusa2 project manager Yuichi Tsuda wrote today (June 25) in a description of the newest photos, which the probe took Saturday and Sunday (June 23 and 24), from as close as 25 miles (40 kilometers). [Photos: Japan's Hayabusa2 Asteroid Mission in Pictures]

"Now, craters are visible, rocks are visible and the geographical features are seen to vary from place to place," Tsuda added. "This form of Ryugu is scientifically surprising and also poses a few engineering challenges."

Jun 26 10:43

Has This Startup Cracked the Secret to Fusion Energy?

The new approach would use both electrical and magnetic fields to create a hybrid fusion device. This so-called "beam-target fusion" doesn't try to fuse the atoms from one source; rather, it hits a beam of atoms against a solid target — and the atoms from the beam fuse with the atoms from the target. The ion beam in this approach consists of deuterium, or heavy hydrogen ions with one neutron, and the target consists of tritium ions, a heavy hydrogen with two neutrons. The approach uses hydrogen, which is the lightest element, because in fusion, the lightest elements produce the most energy, according to Hopkins.

Jun 26 10:37

Hawaii volcano eruption UPDATE: USGS loses GPS station in massive Kilauea summit collapse

The Hawaii volcano GPS station dropped into the crumbling Kilauea crater after a month of gradual decline.

The USGS instrument began drifting downwards after the ongoing eruption began on May 3 but later picked up speed on June 8.

After recording more than 310 feet (95metres) of crater slumping, the USGS revealed today it has lost all radio contact with the outpost on June 18.

The US agency said: “The GPS instrument, called NPIT, first started moving downward in early May at the onset of subsidence at Kilauea’s summit.

Jun 26 10:04

Kilauea volcano now spewing Lava Balls latest USGS warning

AS HAWAII’S Kilauea volcano continues its unstoppable path of molten destruction, scientists have identified a new phenomenon

Jun 26 10:01

Use of Ritalin and other 'smart drugs' has DOUBLED in last decade as Ofsted chief warns parents are trying to 'medicate away' children's bad behaviour

The chief inspector of schools has accused parents of trying to 'medicate away' their children's hyperactive behaviour.

Head of Ofsted Amanda Spielman made the comments after it was revealed that the use of Ritalin and other 'smart drugs' has doubled in the past decade.

There were nearly 1.5 million prescriptions for the drugs last year by the NHS compared with less than 700,000 ten years prior.

Jun 26 08:53

The Wine Industry EXPOSED

The truth is: most commonly-sold wines come from unhealthy soil and farming practices. For example, low soil depth for vines to grow, water pipes and unsustainable farming practices put tremendous stress on conventional farmers. As a result: consumers get a poor quality product.

These conventional farms produce wines that are high in sulfites, preservatives and offer low polyphenol content. Remember, polyphenol content is the very reason why wine is supposed to be healthy for you.

Jun 26 08:51

Farmers in America are killing themselves in staggering numbers

"Think about trying to live today on the income you had 15 years ago." That's how agriculture expert Chris Hurt describes the plight facing U.S. farmers today.

The unequal economy that's emerged over the past decade, combined with patchy access to health care in rural areas, have had a severe impact on the people growing America's food. Recent data shows just how much. Farmers are dying by suicide at a higher rate than any other occupational group, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The suicide rate in the field of farming, fishing and forestry is 84.5 per 100,000 people—more than five times that of the population as a whole. That's even as the nation overall has seen an increase in suicide rates over the last 30 years.

Jun 26 08:39

A new supervolcano is brewing under Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire

Something unexpected has been gradually making itself known to geologists in the United States. A huge mass of molten rock is creeping upwards beneath the nation’s north eastern states.

“The upwelling we detected is like a hot-air balloon, and we infer that something is rising up through the deeper part of our planet under New England,” says Rutgers University geophysicist Professor Vadim Levin.

Traces of the brooding mass only became evident through a large-scale new seismic study.

The idea that there may be a super volcano brewing under Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire is something of a surprise.

Jun 26 08:37

Ancestry websites that claim to reveal whether our forebears were Viking, Saxon, or Roman are ‘complete bunkum’

Dr Tom Booth, who studied the DNA of Cheddar Man, said any results offered from before 300 years ago were likely to be ‘cloudy’.

He also criticised results that linked to populations pre-1,000AD – suggesting everyone would have been an ancestor at that stage.

Jun 26 08:11

Trump Threatens Taxes On Harley-Davidson 'Like Never Before' If It Moves Overseas

Harley-Davidson has been moving production overseas to places like India and Thailand for the last 10 years. They are going to use Trump's tariffs as their excuse. They were closing plants like in Kansas City months before the Tariffs. Their main market the Boomers,is tapped out. The Millenials don't have much money and when they do they buy Japanese crotch rockets. Harley didn't keep up with the times,so they will blame Trump!

It’s fair to say America’s most iconic motorcycle company has had enough damn problems lately well before it became President Donald Trump’s punching bag du jour. Harley-Davidson doubled-down on Baby Boomers to the point where it’s struggling with a declining and aging customer base, and now faces a plant closure and layoffs on top of sliding profits. Now the European Union has decided to target Harley for increased tariffs in response to Trump’s trade war, tariffs aimed right at the American heartland and the president’s base.