Aug 27 10:27

ULA scrubs NROL-44 mission on Delta IV Heavy

United Launch Alliance’s Delta IV Heavy rocket scrubbed its first launch in over 19 months Thursday, involving a clandestine mission to deploy a surveillance satellite for the National Reconnaissance Office.

The mission, designated NRO Launch 44 (NROL-44), will mark the first Delta IV mission since the Medium+ variant of the rocket was retired in August 2019 and the first Delta IV Heavy since January 2019. Although ULA is phasing out the Delta IV in favor of its Vulcan rocket, the Heavy configuration has five contracted missions through 2024.

Aug 27 10:27

Marxist New York City Mayor DeBlasio Says Restaurants May Open Their Indoor Dining “Next Year Sometime”

New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio announced this week indoor dining will be opening — sometime next year.

This one clown is destroying New York City.
That’s what you get when you vote in a Marxist.

Of course, there is nothing scientific about his plan.
But it will ruin New York City forever.

Aug 27 10:10

Could injectable microrobots one day run in your veins?

Scientists have created an army of microscopic four-legged robots too small to see with the naked eye that walk when stimulated by a laser and could be injected into the body through hypodermic needles, a study said Wednesday.

Microscopic robotics are seen as having an array of potential uses, particularly in medicine, and US researchers said the new robots offer "the potential to explore biological environments".

One of the main challenges in the development of these cell-sized robots has been combining control circuitry and moving parts in such a small structure.

Aug 27 10:02

Germany to end mandatory tests for travelers, bans protests

Germany will end mandatory coronavirus tests for travelers returning from high-risk areas abroad and again focus its testing strategy on people with symptoms or possible exposure to COVID-19 patients, the country’s health minister said Wednesday.

Health Minister Jens Spahn said that over the summer vacation period the number of virus tests performed in Germany nearly doubled, to 900,000 per week, in part to identify people who caught the virus during trips abroad.

People coming home from coronavirus risk areas were offered free tests at airports, train stations and highway stops, allowing them to cut short the required two-week quarantine if their result came back negative.

Aug 27 10:01

5 COVID-19 Charts That Democrats Definitely Don't Want You To See

Amid his confirmation that he "shut the nation down" if scientists told him too, Joe Biden explained just what the Trump admin had got wrong (and how to 'fix' it)...

"In order to keep the country running and moving and the economy growing, and people employed, you have to fix the virus, you have to deal with the virus.”

Well the good news is... as the following five charts from John Merline's Issues & Insights blog show, the US is 'beating' the virus...

Aug 27 09:28

Photo: Hawaii's K?lauea Monitored for Possible Eruption as Volcano Has Hottest Lake on Earth

A lake the size of five football fields in Hawaii’s K?lauea volcano is one of the world’s hottest bodies of water, according to a volcano alert issued by the United States Geological Survey (USGS).

A thermal camera used to measure the lake’s water surface temperature reveals that it is between 176 and 185 degrees Fahrenheit. According to the USGS, very few volcanic lakes around the world have surface temperatures greater than 176 degrees Fahrenheit.

Aug 26 20:04

School District Mandates Bluetooth Equipped Temperature Armbands for Students and Staff

By B.N. Frank

Health warnings about exposure to wireless radiation – Bluetooth, cell phones, and WiFi – are NOT new. There is plenty of research that has determined exposure is harmful.

For the last several years, the American Academy of Pediatrics and other health experts have warned that children are more vulnerable to exposure. Risks include increased cancer, reduced immunity, “Microwave Sickness”, and much more. This is why schools worldwide have replaced WiFi with wired internet.

Unfortunately, because of coronavirus concerns, one New Jersey school district is requiring students and staff to increase their exposure by wearing Bluetooth-equipped temperature armbands. Sounds like a lawsuit in the making...

Aug 26 18:55

Deficiencies and scurvy: Study reveals vitamin C can help treat sepsis

Dr. Marik wrote an article with his colleague discussing the possible link between vitamin C-deficiency and sepsis. Vitamin-C deficiency is also known as scurvy. It manifests in various ways such as anemia, weakness, spontaneous bleeding, pain in the limbs and swelling in certain parts of the body.

In the article published in the journal Critical Care, the authors argued that 40 percent of septic shock patients have scurvy. They posited that these patients have serum levels of vitamin C that are at the medical threshold for the condition.

The other 60 percent likely have levels that are seriously low but are not sufficient to be clinically considered as scurvy. In addition, half of all ICU patients are found to have a shortfall in vitamin C regardless of whether they have sepsis.

Aug 26 11:29

Physicians: Why is FDA obstructing life-saving COVID drug?

The Food and Drug Administration has granted emergency use for a plasma treatment for COVID-19 before clinical trials, but the agency denied a request for the use of hydroxychloroquine after a clinical trial showed it to be effective.

The FDA "continues to obstruct the use of a long-established antimicrobial that can also be used in outpatients, to prevent the need for hospitalization," said Dr. Jane Orient, executive director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons.

Orient noted a research team with the Henry Ford Health System in Detroit filed a request with the FDA for emergency use authorization for preventive and early treatment of COVID-19 with hydroxychloroquine. The request came after the researchers found hospitalized patients showed a 51% reduction in mortality.

Aug 26 07:07

Lawsuit Claims Merck’s Gardasil Papilloma Virus Vaccine Caused Severe Injuries to Teen

Attorneys Bijan Esfandiari, Nicole K. H. Maldonado, Michael L. Baum, co-counsel Robert F. Kennedy, Jr and local counsel Christopher E. Hultquist of Hultquist Law in Providence, filed the lawsuit in U.S. District Court for the District of Rhode Island on behalf of Ms. Balasco, who alleges her vaccine injuries were so severe and debilitating, she was physically unable to attend most of high school. The case number is 1:20-cv 00364.

Aug 26 06:41

Hurricane Laura Begins Rapidly Intensifying; Expected to Strike Upper Texas, Louisiana Coasts as Category [4]

Hurricane Laura is rapidly intensifying over the Gulf of Mexico and expected to strike the upper Texas or southwest Louisiana coasts as a major hurricane late Wednesday or early Thursday. Life-threatening storm surge and destructive winds will batter the region and a threat of flooding rain and strong winds will extend well inland.

Laura has strengthened again, this time to 105 mph, a Category 2 hurricane, as of early Wednesday morning.

Aug 26 05:48

Only Sociopaths Reject the New Normal! - #PropagandaWatch - corbettreport


Do you have any questions or concerns about the COVID-19 containment measures? Do you hesitate to don your mask, practice proper social distancing, or (eventually) roll up your sleeve for the experimental mRNA vaccine? Then you're a sociopath who needs to be dealt with, according to a team of researchers from Brazil. Join James as he explores this latest attempt to pathologize political dissent, the horrific history of the weaponization of psychology for political purposes, and what this tells us about the coming biosecurity paradigm.

Aug 25 15:40

194,000,000,000 face masks spark fear of ‘global plastic crisis’

Environmentalists fear the world is edging towards a global plastic crisis due to an estimated 194,000,000,000 disposable masks and gloves being used each month.

Aug 25 08:04

CNN Proclaims National Panic Day as Rally of 500,000 (!) Bikers in South Dakota Linked to a Whooping 22 Additional Test Positives

Coronavirus cases linked to the Sturgis motorcycle rally in South Dakota last week have now reached across state lines to Nebraska, public health officials said.

At least seven Covid-19 cases in Nebraska’s Panhandle region have been tied to the rally, Kim Engel, director of the Panhandle Public Health District, confirmed in an email to CNN.

The department said that contact tracing had been completed, and it declined to comment further.

The cases that have appeared in Nebraska are the latest to be connected to the 80th annual Sturgis motorcycle rally, which took place August 7-16.

Aug 25 07:56

Hong Kong Confirms First Case Of COVID-19 Reinfection Anywhere In The World

Remember when the 'experts' warned that there was no credible evidence of coronavirus reinfection, claiming the notion that patients can be reinfected with the virus is categorically absurd? Well, since then, it looks like the New York Times has published stories arguing everything from 'reinfection is so rare as to make it a non-issue', to signs that 'lasting protection might be elusive for some'.

It's just one more sign of how little scientists know about the virus, and the latest reminder that projections for workable mass-produced vaccines that are also "safe" is an incredibly high bar to set before the end of the year.

Aug 25 07:43

Citizen Science Project Identifies 95 'Cool Worlds' Near to the Sun

Brown Dwarfs are objects in space situated in weight between the lightest stars and the largest gas giants, although they have failed to sustain nuclear fusion using the hydrogen in their cores, as normal stars do.

An ensemble of citizen scientists have discovered 95 "cool worlds" close to the sun - celestial objects, known as brown dwarfs, that are larger than planets and are of a lighter weight than stars, a new study reveals.

Published in the Astrophysical Journal and on an preprint server, the research reveals that "previously unrecognized substellar neighbors to the sun" have been identified by the citizen scientist project 'Backyard Worlds: Planet 9'.

Aug 25 07:42

'Artificial photosynthesis' device makes clean fuel by mimicking the ability of plants to convert sunlight, carbon dioxide and water into energy without electricity

University of Cambridge experts behind the device say it uses a form of 'artificial photosynthesis' - the process used by plants to convert sunlight into energy.

The device is based on an advanced 'photosheet' technology and converts sunlight, carbon dioxide and water into oxygen and formic acid - a storable fuel.

This type of fuel can be either used directly in specially developed generators or by converting it into hydrogen, according to the Cambridge team.

The wireless device could be scaled up and used on energy 'farms' similar to solar farms, producing clean fuel using nothing but sunlight and water as its inputs.

Aug 25 07:39

Series of rare whale strandings on European shores 'may be linked to a Nato sonar anti-submarine exercise off the coast of Iceland this summer'

The Nato sonar anti-submarine exercise off the coast of Iceland happened in July and within two weeks whales began to appear in unusual locations.

Sonar commonly used by America and Nato can cause decompression sickness or a form of narcosis in deep sea whale species and cause them to beach themselves.

It is incredibly rare to see a beaked whale and so to find so many stranded or in shallow water in a short period of time suggests a single cause, experts say.

Aug 25 07:32

Mysterious deep space bursts REPEATING with power of millions of suns every 157 days are RIGHT ON TIME AGAIN

Astronomers researching the mysterious Fast Radio Burst (FRB) 121102 have confirmed that the powerful phenomenon has a predictable cycle, which may allow us to find out what exactly is causing it once and for all.

First discovered in 2012, the FRB is located in a dwarf galaxy 3 billion light-years away making it very difficult to monitor, requiring some of Earth’s most powerful instruments.

FRBs are intense blasts of radio waves which can release as much power as hundreds of millions of suns in mere milliseconds, but the majority of them that we have observed have flared once only to disappear, never to be heard from again.

This makes it extremely difficult to discover their composition, monitor their behavior and determine their source. In other words, they are extraordinarily difficult to study let alone predict as scientists have just managed.

Aug 25 07:30

Let there be light… so long as it’s decolonised. Right-on academics condemn the science of illumination as ‘white male dominated’

According to a new Canadian university project, physics is “a mirror of colonial patterns and social inequality,” particularly “in the context of light.” This is all not just baffling, but dangerously bonkers.

In the light of Black Lives Matter and the decision by Oriel College at Oxford University to move its statue of Sir Cecil Rhodes, the idea of “decolonising” education has made serious headway, with many institutions now reworking curricula to better reflect diversity and black and ethnic minority concerns.

There are plenty of problems with that outlook. It suggests that ethnic minority writers and thinkers should be included in college courses because of the colour of their skin, rather than the brilliance of their ideas. It also suggests that students can only really learn if education is “relevant” to them. After decades of fighting for equality, it seems we are now re-racialising society. Worse, this re-racialisation is seen as progressive.

Aug 25 07:15

1100-year-old gold coins unearthed in occupied Palestine

A treasure trove, including hundreds of gold coins dating back to around 1,100 years ago, has been discovered during excavations in the occupied Palestinian territories.

The collection of 425 early Islamic, 24-carat gold coins was unearthed by teenage volunteers on August 18 during an excavation in the occupied territories.

The coins have been found in an area which once housed the Palestinian village of Yibna, which had a population of 5,420 in 1948. However, it was taken by Israeli forces on 4 June 1948, and was depopulated during the occupation and expulsion.

The gold coins date back to the late 9th century at the height of the once-powerful Abbasid Caliphate, which controlled a lion's share of the Near East and North Africa.

Aug 24 20:36

'No jab, no play' the wrong approach to COVID-19 vaccine, doctors warn

Doctors are urging governments not to compel Australians to get a COVID-19 vaccine, warning the fast-tracked approval process could create a risk of harmful side effects.

Australian Medical Association President Omar Khorshid said while the peak body was "very supportive of vaccination generally because of its extensive science behind the safety, it's not going to be the case for a COVID vaccine, at least initially."

Dr Khorshid said tying vaccination to access to services such as childcare, school or social security payments, as state and federal governments do with paediatric vaccines under 'no jab, no play' and 'no jab, no pay' laws, could not be justified with a brand new COVID-19 vaccine.

"We have to acknowledge it is a rushed approval process and even if the phase three trials on this Oxford vaccine go really well, it's still not absolutely proven that it is safe, not as proven as is normally the case," he said.

Aug 24 14:54

All 77 false-positive COVID-19 tests come back negative upon reruns

Testing irregularities at one of the labs used by the NFL led to 77 positives for COVID-19 among players and staff members from multiple teams Saturday.

NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport and NFL Network's Tom Pelissero reported that all 77 original tests were rerun Sunday night, and every single one came back negative, per sources informed of the situation.

All 77 individuals also underwent additional point-of-care tests. Each came back negative as well.

Aug 24 13:26

Tropical Storm Laura an Increasing Major Hurricane Danger For the Texas and Louisiana Coast

Tropical Storm Laura could strengthen quickly into a major hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico with a dangerous threat of storm surge along parts of the Louisiana and Texas coasts, and threats of flooding rain and strong winds extending well inland later in the week.

Current Conditions
Laura is currently centered near western Cuba. Flooding rainfall and gusty winds will continue in parts of Cuba, Jamaica and the Cayman Islands today. Some bands on the outer periphery of Laura's circulation have also rotated through the Florida Keys Monday.

Aug 24 08:50


WHO Coronavirus PCR test primer sequence found in all human DNA - an explanation.

Aug 24 08:47

BOMBSHELL: WHO Coronavirus PCR Test Primer Sequence is Found in All Human DNA

The sequence “CTCCCTTTGTTGTGTTGT” is an 18-character primer sequence found in the WHO coronavirus PCR testing protocol document. The primer sequences are what get amplified by the PCR process in order to be detected and designated a “positive” test result. It just so happens this exact same 18-character sequence, verbatim, is also found on Homo sapiens chromosome 8! As far as I can tell, this means that the WHO test kits should find a positive result in all humans. Can anyone explain this otherwise?


After some effort, I have finally discovered a way to display proof (beyond my screenshots) that human chromosome 8 has this exact same 18-character sequence. Please try the link below. The sequence is shown at the bottom of the page.$=nuclalign&from=63648346&to=63648363

Aug 24 07:51

Big Pharma EXPOSED: Study of 3 top medical journals reveals that many medications, medical products and services are completely INEFFECTIVE

For example, one study looked at the antidepressants mirtazapine and sertraline, which are recommended as first-line treatments for clinical depression regardless of age. The studies showed that the two drugs did not make any significant difference in depressive symptoms in older adults with Alzheimer’s disease.

In addition to medication, the study identified useless interventions like wearable step tracking technology for promoting weight loss. They also discussed dangerous medical recommendations like annual or bi-annual mammograms for women at a low risk of breast cancer under the age of 50. These recommendations prey on women’s very understandable fear of breast cancer when the truth is that the radiation from excessive mammograms is actually a breast cancer risk itself.

Aug 24 07:49

The rush to patent, control, profit from the coronavirus dates back to 1999, implicates the CDC, Dr. Fauci

The rush to patent, control and profit from coronaviruses dates back to 1999 and implicates the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and virus researchers such as Ralph Barrick and Dr. Anthony Fauci, the leader of the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID) who helped drive the U.S. into a spin cycle of shutdowns, behavioral controls, and restricted liberties that all lead to one controlling end: mandatory, experimental vaccinations for every person by 2021.

The United States blames China for the virus and China blames the U.S., but the truth is that both countries are engaged in a network of unethical coronavirus gain-of-function research that dates back twenty-one years.

Aug 24 07:46

If mask mandates are justified by people “testing positive” for coronavirus, they will NEVER end… because the tests will never stop reporting fake “cases”

We now have proof that the medical fascists intend to never end the mask mandates, lockdowns and forced quarantine camps that they claim are necessary due to covid-19. All those Orwellian measures are being justified by coronavirus “cases” stemming solely from people “testing positive” for the coronavirus. But these tests are largely flawed and produce disturbingly high numbers of false positives. Even when the tests are accurate in terms of a genetic match for the virus, if a person isn’t sick with symptoms, then it’s not a “case” to begin with.

Aug 24 07:32

Corona Cases Down 37% Since Over Last 30 Days

Official coronavirus cases in the U.S. have resumed falling fairly briskly, with the 7-day running average now down 37% since July 25.

Aug 24 07:30

Luongo Exposes Dems' Strategy: Use COVID To Destroy Everything, Blame Trump

I was asked for comments by Sputnik News the other day about Democratic Nominee Joe Biden’s assertion he would lock down the entire country if the scientists told him to.

As you can imagine I didn’t hold back.

The idea that the scientists who have been the most vocal in advising President Trump and the other world leaders, would give Biden the honest answer about how to deal with COVID-19 at this point is beyond laughable.

I’m sorry but the official arbiters of “Science!” have done nothing but lie, delay, obfuscate and oversell the threat of this virus. And their miscommunication, intentional, well-meaning, or just incompetent, has cost humanity hundreds of billions if not trillions in accumulated wealth and time.

Those things translate directly into lives lost, opportunities destroyed.

Has Biden not looked around and seen the multiplying protests worldwide against these idiotic and tyrannical lock downs?

Aug 24 06:50

Two Storms, One Gulf - Marco Upgraded To Hurricane As Tropical Storm Laura Looms

Readers may recall two tropical depressions (Tropical Depression 13 and 14) were upgraded to Tropical Storm Laura and Marco last week. We outlined how these two storms, traversing the Gulf of Mexico, had to be carefully observed over the weekend, for strengthening and trajectory.

Long-term tracking models for both storms haven't significantly changed over the last several days. Spaghetti models suggest the storms will make landfall early next week between Texas and Alabama.

As of Sunday afternoon, the National Hurricane Center (NHC) declared Tropical Storm Marco a Category 1 hurricane, with maximum sustained winds of 75 mph. The storm is 300 miles south-southeast of the Mississippi River, with expected landfall Monday afternoon.

Aug 24 06:48

Advisor To British Government Warns Coronavirus "Might Be With Us Forever"

A British academic and advisor to HMG warned Saturday during an interview that the coronavirus might be with us "forever" even if a vaccine is quickly developed.

"This is not going to be a disease like Smallpox, which could be eradicated by vaccination. This is a virus that is going to be with us forever in some form or another," said Professor Mark Walport.

Pressed on whether he agrees with projections from WHO Director General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, who said Friday that he hoped the pandemic would be over in under two years, but that the possibility of a more sustained outbreak is something that can't yet be readily dismissed, Walport claimed that tackling the virus will depend on a successful vaccine, but that mass production of a workable vaccine won't be the last step toward fighting the virus.

Aug 24 06:36


Did you know that an asteroid just flew by our planet at an extremely close distance? The good news is that it was only about the size of a car, but the bad news is that NASA had absolutely no idea that it was coming.

In fact, NASA only discovered it about six hours after it had passed us. If NASA could not see that asteroid coming straight at us, what else is heading toward us that they cannot see? It has been estimated that “about 17,000 big near-Earth asteroids remain undetected”, but the truth is that we don’t really know how many giant space rocks are floating around out there. Of course, scientists all around the world are doing their best to catalog new potential threats all the time, but what most people don’t realize is that this is an area where our technology is still very limited.

Aug 24 06:18

Astronomy Picture of the Day

The Helix Nebula from Blanco and Hubble

Aug 23 18:22

COVID-1984 From A Two-week Lockdown To Mandatory Vaccination & Life In Prison

By Spiro Skouras

Unfortunately, COVID-1984 continues to escalate. We were initially told that we would need to have a temporary two-week lockdown to ‘flatten the curve.’ Six months later, we are still in lockdown and now mandatory vaccination policies are being rolled out in addition to severe penalties for violating mandates which include life in prison!

We have seen cases where people have been forcibly removed from their home by the police, in front of their families, and have been forced into quarantine.

All of this in response to a virus with a 99+% survival rate, which multiple world-renowned experts believe originated in a laboratory funded by the US government.

Watch the full video report for free and decide for yourself.

Aug 23 13:55

Lockdowns Kill, Exhibit Z

Dr. Brian Stauffer is head of cardiology at Denver Health. He and his colleagues wanted to figure out why the number of people arriving at the hospital suffering from cardiac arrest had plummeted in recent months. -- Surely, dear reader, you know where this is going.

Aug 23 12:44

Nothing is Now Impossible - Vernon Coleman

International best-selling author, Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA, explains how we are being oppressed by people who want to turn us into slaves. And he explains how the Resistance Movement is the only chance we have to save our humanity.
For more unbiased information about other important issues, please visit The transcripts of the videos that YouTube banned are also on the website.
Thank you for all your encouragement and support.
Please feel free to share this video.

Aug 23 10:07


On August 2, lockdown measures were implemented in Melbourne, Australia, that were so draconian that Australian news commentator Alan Jones said on Sky News: “People are entitled to think there is an ‘agenda to destroy western society.’”

Aug 23 10:07


Over the last eight months we have seen many governments around the world enacting authoritarian practices in the name of preventing the spread of COVID-19. All the way back in January, the Chinese government began welding people in their homes to stop them from potentially contaminating others. As the panic spread around the world eager politicians now had the excuse they needed to push policies which restrict freedom of movement and speech.

Aug 22 19:12

BOMBSHELL: WHO Coronavirus PCR Test Primer Sequence is Found in All Human DNA

My research into the NCBI database for nucleotide sequences has lead to a stunning discovery. One of the WHO primer sequences in the PCR test for SARS-CoV-2 is found in all human DNA!

The sequence “CTCCCTTTGTTGTGTTGT” is an 18-character primer sequence found in the WHO coronavirus PCR testing protocol document. The primer sequences are what get amplified by the PCR process in order to be detected and designated a “positive” test result. It just so happens this exact same 18-character sequence, verbatim, is also found on Homo sapiens chromosome 8! As far as I can tell, this means that the WHO test kits should find a positive result in all humans. Can anyone explain this otherwise?

I really cannot overstate the significance of this finding. At minimum, it should have a notable impact on test results.

Aug 21 21:42

As COVID-1984 Accelerates, Bill Gates Blames “Freedom” For Spread of the Virus

By Spiro Skouras

Recently, Bill Gates gave an interview to the Rothschild partially owned Economist. In this interview, Gates was asked about how he views the U.S. response to the outbreak. His reply was…

"Aside from the high ‘risk money’ the US ponied up for vaccine research and development, he think the U.S. is doing a poor job overall."

Gates proceeded to directly blame the poor response on lack of preparation, but also freedom. Yes, Bill Gates blamed our freedoms for the spread of the virus.

Bill Gates then went on to praise China’s authoritarian response and said, despite the fact that people’s rights were violated, China’s response was really amazing!

Aug 21 12:30

NASA creates Mars sample-return independent review board

With the NASA Perseverance rover on its way to the Red Planet, NASA is getting ready for the next major step in Mars exploration — a sample return mission.

NASA recently established a Mars Sample Return Program Independent Review Board to evaluate how to safely bring Martian rocks and materials back to Earth, the agency said in a statement Friday (Aug. 14).

The statement comes in the wake of the Perseverance rover launch to Mars last month to pick up and cache rock samples that could show signs of past Martian life. The nuclear-powered rover will land on Feb. 18, 2021.

Aug 21 10:23

Fury over plan to release 750 MILLION genetically engineered mosquitoes in Florida Keys to kill insects carrying Zika and yellow fever - as locals brand it a 'Jurassic Park experiment' that could create superbugs

Some residents of the Florida Keys are furious over plans to release more than 750 million genetically modified mosquitoes in the region to combat disease.

The Florida Keys Mosquito Control District gave final approval Tuesday to the plan, which will be rolled out in 2021 and 2022.

The transgenic insects, classified as OX5034, have been modified to help cull the population of Aedes aegypti, a mosquito known to carry Zika, malaria, dengue, yellow fever and other illnesses.

However, residents and local wildlife groups worry the 'Jurrasic Park experiment' could just introduce a new breed of mosquito.

Aug 21 07:40

What is the WHO? - Questions For Corbett - corbettreport


John writes in to ask about the founding, the funding and the true intentions of the World Health Organization. Join James as he lays out some of the information connecting the WHO to big pharma, Bill Gates and the Covid World Order agenda.

Aug 21 07:05


Is “Sweden” a banned word now?

I’ll guess we’ll find out.

Why Sweden succeeded and the rest of the world failed – and how you are not being told about it.

Aug 21 06:18

The Vaccine From Hell

Take the dark-tech of DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), its civilian counterpart BARDA (Biomedical Advanced Research & Development), the stealth-ness of nanotechnology, the Gates Foundation funded “Quantum Dot Tattoo” aka “mark of the beast,” and combine it with micro-needling as an inoculation platform that is conceived from how snakes inject their venom into their prey, and nanogels that can connect with external technologies outside your body like smart phones, the cloud or other smart devices (5G from satellites), and what do you have? Answer: Moderna’s new RNA vaccine against COVID-19 coronavirus.

Aug 21 05:59

Utah Gov. Gary Herbert declares a new state of emergency

After the Utah Legislature refused to extend an expiring state of emergency for the COVID-19 pandemic, Gov. Gary Herbert on Thursday issued a new emergency declaration himself.

That is needed to allow dealing quickly with issues arising from COVID-19, he said, and to avoid the possibility of losing hundreds of millions of dollars of federal emergency relief.

Aug 21 05:29

Manhattan-sized island of floating volcanic rock completes 3,000-km journey to Australia

A vast ‘life raft’ made of floating rock has made landfall in Queensland Australia, having emerged from an underwater volcano in the Pacific last year. Scientists believe it could resurrect portions of the Great Barrier Reef.

Aug 20 15:05

4 facts about oleandrin, an unproven coronavirus treatment reportedly pitched to Trump

Ben Carson and MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell pushed the toxic floral extract as a COVID-19 ‘cure’ to the White House: report

Aug 20 11:52

Expert: Exponential increase in US COVID “cases” may actually be caused by errors in processing and reporting

Tim O’Shea, a naturopathic physician and chiropractor from San Jose, California, noted in his podcast The Doctor Within, that while the media freely interchanges the terms “cases” and “positive tests” when talking about the sudden spikes, they are actually different from each other.

According to O’Shea, while there is indeed a sudden uptick in positive tests, one must not assume that those are immediately going to be considered as cases, noting that in terms of medical definitions, a “case” is only identified if someone actually becomes ill due to the infection.

“A case is when someone gets sick from the disease. That’s completely different from a positive test. These two terms are not synonymous like media pretends,” O’Shea said.

Furthermore, the rise in positive cases should not be a cause for alarm, as it can be attributed easily to the increase in testing across the country.

Aug 20 11:49

SCAMDEMIC SCIENCE: Coronavirus “cases” are medically meaningless, yet being used to justify weaponized lockdowns to destroy humanity

Notice how the mainstream media has stopped talking about coronavirus “deaths” and shifted to coronavirus “cases?” That’s because the term “cases” is a misnomer. Any person who tests positive for the coronavirus is now considered a “case.” So as more testing is being conducted, more “cases” are emerging.

But I’ve got news for the corrupt medical establishment: Testing positive for a virus does not create a “case” of illness.

As every doctor and virologist knows, a “case” is only established when a person has:

1) A symptomatic expression of illness
2) The presence of an identified pathogen that is known to cause such symptoms

Merely carrying a virus is not a “case.” If that were true, then the vast majority of Americans would right now be diagnosed with “cases” of influenza, and we would be in a media-declared influenza pandemic panic.

Aug 20 10:59

RFK Jr Sues Facebook, Zuckerberg & Three 'Fact-Checkers' For 'Government-Sponsored Censorship'

Robert F Kennedy Jr's Children's Health Defense is suing Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg and three of Facebook's "so-called fact checkers" for allegedly working on behalf of the government to censor their posts on public health.

Aug 20 09:40

The Case for Masks, School Closings, & Social Isolation Just Collapsed!

The Annals of Internal Medicine just published a comprehensive new study on how contagious the COVID-19 virus is. And I’m sorry to report that the case for a number of popular new practices that seem to have filled some spiritual need a lot of Americans have for self-abasement just completely collapsed.

The list of practices no longer having any conceivable rationale includes:

Aug 20 09:19

Your Brain, With a USB Port in It: Elon Musk’s Neuralink Vision Divides Experts

Your brain, with a USB-C port in it. That’s Elon Musk’s vision for Brain Machine Interfaces (BMI). In a controversial July 2019 white paper he claimed that his company Neuralink had taken a huge step towards building a “scalable high-bandwidth BMI system” that would let the human brain “stream full broadband electrophysiology data” to a network, using a combination of ultra-fine polymer probes, a neurosurgical robot that sews them into the brain, and custom high-density electronics.

A “single USB-C cable provides full-bandwidth data streaming from the device” the paper noted: the device having been stitched, in theory, to your cerebral cortex. Neuroscientists were varying shades of intrigued, appalled and dismissive: the custom hardware would only pick up noise, they suggested: interpretation of brain waves simply wasn’t that advanced; the ethical issues were pronounced; the body would reject this level of intervention; where was the peer review of the paper?

Aug 20 08:20

Australia Prime Minister Puts Citizens On Notice: All Will Likely Undergo Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccinations

For those fearing that all the prior state-enforced social distancing and lockdown protocol which hit a peak in early summer — from arresting surfers on empty beaches, to telling people they can't even jog, to police detaining moms for merely letting their children play on taxpayer bought public playgrounds — would only too easily and hastily transition to a forced vaccination regimen the moment one is rushed out despite safety or the various potential long-term side effect 'unknowns'... well,it's happening:

Australians are likely to face mandatory coronavirus vaccinations if Prime Minister Scott Morrison gets his wish.

The nation is a step closer to gaining access to a vaccine, with the Federal Government securing an international deal to produce a vaccine frontrunner locally if trials succeed.

If that happens, Mr Morrison expects Australians will have to undergo mandatory vaccination.

Aug 20 06:26

Japan's Hayabusa2 asteroid sample-return capsule cleared for landing in Australia

Japan's asteroid-sampling mission is officially clear to return its precious cargo to Australia in December, according to statements from both countries' governments.

The Hayabusa2 spacecraft is trekking back to Earth with a sample capsule full of material snagged from a near-Earth asteroid called Ryugu. The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), which runs the mission, has long planned to deposit that capsule in the vast desert of Australia, but the new announcement marks that country's official approval of the plan.

Aug 20 05:58

The coronavirus scandal becomes criminal: Elderly hospital patients who tested positive WERE discharged BACK into UK care homes

Health authorities have finally admitted that they transferred patients back to nursing homes after they were found to have the virus. This almost certainly caused the deaths of others and manslaughter charges should follow.

We've known for some time now that the failure to protect residents in care homes for the elderly has been a major factor in coronavirus death tolls in many parts of the world. But a recent newspaper report has added a new dimension to the scandal.

Here in Scotland, as in other parts of the UK, there has been outrage that elderly people in hospital were discharged into care homes without being tested for Covid-19 in a desperate rush to clear hospital beds. That seems incredibly negligent. But now we have confirmation that patients were sent to care homes after testing positive for Covid-19. That seems downright criminal.

Aug 20 05:46

Top Russian scientist says Western criticism of world's first coronavirus vaccine prompted by fear of competition & loss of face

Criticism by Western scientists of Russia’s Sputnik V Covid-19 vaccine is motivated by competition. That’s according to the Vice President of Russia’s Academy of Sciences, who says they’re upset when they’re lagging behind Russia.

Vladimir Chekhonin said he did not think this situation would last too long. “A vaccine will soon be registered in China. I am sure it will be done within two or three weeks,” the academy’s vice president predicted, adding that such a vaccine would also be registered in the United States by the year’s end.

Aug 20 05:42

US States Challenge Trump Administration's 'Unlawful' Allowance of LNG 'Bomb Trains'

Several US states, as well as a California-based nonprofit, have taken legal action against a recent Trump administration decision authorizing the railway transportation of up to 30,000 gallons of liquefied natural gas (LNG) per tank car. Ships that carry the substance have been described by one state attorney general as “floating bombs.”

Environmental public interest organization Earthjustice announced on Tuesday that it had filed a petition for review against the US Department of Transportation and its Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) over the recent federal decision to allow the bulk transportation of LNG in rail tank cars, effective August 24.

Aug 20 04:51

COVID-19: Pentagon Secrecy on Virus at Guantanamo Another Reason to Shut Offshore Prison, Democratic Senators Say

Lawmakers raised the case for closure days after the international Red Cross canceled its visit to Guantanamo Bay, citing concerns over the pandemic.

Lawmakers including Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Ed Markey (D-MA), and Ron Wyden (D-OR) denounced the Department of Defense’s response to their earlier letter, in which they demanded to know specifics regarding the government’s plan to keep Covid-19 from spreading in the facility, where a number of medically vulnerable detainees are being held indefinitely.

In addition to the prison being “inconsistent with our values” and doing nothing to keep Americans safer, the senators said Monday, the Pentagon’s lack of transparency regarding containment and mitigation methods makes it clear that Guantanamo Bay must no longer be used to detain people captured over the last two decades as part of the “War on Terror,” the majority of whom have not been charged with a crime.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I would tend to suspect that the Pentagon is highly reluctant to actually document what is happening to those still not charged with a crime, but detained there; it is possible that waterboarding was only a minor part of what was done to many of them, in terms of torture, and the Pentagon does not want the US government to be "embarrassed" about what did happen to them.

The "detention without charge" is thoroughly against those values most Americans hold very dear, and should never have been allowed to happen in the first place. These people will probably rot, and die here, in order not to "besmirch" the US's "good name" by exhibiting the marks of horrific torture.

And were I a betting woman, I would almost bet that no autopsies will be performed on these detainees, when they do die.

Aug 20 04:06



The idea of science is now a badly corrupted idea. In a nation, today, (the USA) which in educational terms ranks 25th globally in science skills and reading, and well below that in math; all one hears is a clarion call to science. In reading skills the US placed below Malta, Portugal, and right about the same as Kazakhstan.

The US jobless rate just hit 2.1 million. Officially. Making the total something over forty million. Its much higher in reality. Nobody has work. There is no work and we are at the start of a period of massive evictions, foreclosures, and delinquencies — and the homeless population will soon reach Biblical proportions (in some cities, such as Los Angeles, its already Biblical). Will be simply of a magnitude never before seen.

Aug 20 03:34

Melbourne Authorities To Use Surveillance Drones To Catch People Not Wearing Masks

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News,

Authorities in Melbourne, Australia will use high-tech surveillance drones to catch people outside not wearing masks as well as to scan for vehicles that are in violation of curfew by being more than 5 km from home.

The drones will also be used to ensure skate parks and playgrounds remain empty.

The surveillance devices can be flown up to a distance of 7km and produce images so clear they can “read a vehicle’s number plate from 500 meters away.”

Privacy advocates are concerned that there is no sunset clause on the use of such technology and the drones could continue to be used to spy on citizens after the pandemic ends.

7 News Melbourne spoke to two residents who said they weren’t worried because they were behaving and had “nothing to hide.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Welcome to the dystopian and draconian "new normal" down under!!

But the question remains; after the pandemic is over, what happens then in Australia?!? Will these procedures go away when the pandemic has gone?!?

Right now, I wouldn't bet against that.

Aug 20 03:27

Over 100,000 Chinese Evacuated As Floods Continue Pressuring Three Gorges Dam

Since early summer, devastating floods have wreaked havoc in southern China due to torrential rains caused by the rainy season, with most of the flooding observed around the Yangtze basin and its tributaries.

China's largest river, the Yangtze, continues to rise to dangerous levels after another round of rainfall. More than 100,000 people on Tuesday, in the Sichuan province, were evacuated from their homes, reported Reuters.

Some 63 million people have been affected by the floods, with economic damage totaling $26 billion.

A red alert was issued late Tuesday by the water commission, who said some monitoring stations along the river were expected to rise above flood protection levels. The ministry also warned about the Three Gorges Dam, indicating water inflow levels continued to increase, with water inflows registering 74,000 cubic meters per second on Wednesday, the highest ever.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Judging from this imagery, it appears that many of these people affected by these floods are on course to lose everything, except possibly their lives.

Aug 19 15:20

Astronomers detect closest asteroid to fly by the Earth six hours too late

An SUV-sized asteroid made the closest known flyby by such an object to Earth on Saturday, August 15. It flew over the southern Indian Ocean during its nearest dip into the atmosphere. Astronomers, however, only detected it six hours after its closest approach to Earth.

Scientists at the Palomar Observatory in California were the first to spot the asteroid, called 2020 QG, at around 9:00 p.m. They said that the asteroid was already on its way further into space when they detected it.

“The asteroid approached undetected from the direction of the sun,” said Paul Chodas, director of the Center for Near Earth Object Studies at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), to Business Insider.

“We didn’t see it coming.”

Aug 19 12:26

60 Minutes: Swine Flu (1976)

Aug 19 09:42

Hydroxychloroquine is why Uganda, with a population of 43M, has only 15 COVID-19 deaths

Uganda, a country in east-central Africa, has a 2018 population of 42.729 million, which is 13% of the United States’ population of 328.239 million in 2019.

And yet Uganda has 1,603 COVID-19 cases and just 15 deaths, wherease the U.S. has 5,656,744 COVID-19 cases and 175,105 deaths. That means:

Uganda’s number of COVID-19 cases is only 0.028% of the number of U.S. COVID-19 cases; and Uganda’s number of COVID-19 deaths is only 0.008% of the number of U.S. COVID-19 deaths.

Aug 19 08:20

Why Americans Should Adopt the Sweden Model on Covid-19


The data suggest that lockdowns have not prevented any deaths from covid-19. At best, lockdowns have deferred death for a short time, but they cannot possibly be continued for the long term. It seems likely that one will not have to even compare economic deprivation with loss of life, as the final death toll following authoritarian lockdowns will most likely exceed the deaths from letting people choose how to manage their own risk. After taking the unprecedented economic depression into account, history will likely judge these lockdowns to be the greatest policy error of this generation. Covid-19 is not going to be defeated; we will have to learn how to coexist with it. The only way we can learn how best to cope with covid-19 is to let individuals manage their own risk, observe the outcomes, and learn from mistakes. The world owes a great debt to Sweden for setting an example that the rest of us can follow.

Aug 19 08:15

NASA is monitoring a weird dent in the Earth’s magnetic field over the South Atlantic

Researchers at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) are monitoring a slowly splitting dent in the South Atlantic Anomaly, or SAA, the region in Earth’s magnetic field that is weaker than the rest.

Recent observations and forecasts revealed that the anomaly’s valley – the portion within the region with the lowest field strength – is splitting into two lobes. This split is caused by the fluctuations in the flowing magma deep within Earth, in the boundary between the outer core and the mantle.

Scientists also said that the SAA, which is located over the southern Atlantic Ocean and South America, is drifting westward and continues to weaken.

These changes have major implications for the satellites roaming around Earth’s upper atmosphere. Earth’s magnetic field serves as a protective barrier against cosmic particles and the solar wind. But due to the SAA, these space particles dip closer to the surface and cause significant damage to nearby satellites.

Aug 19 08:01

Soros-backed “bioethicist” says people who refuse coronavirus vaccines should lose their jobs or be imprisoned

Dov Fox, a Soros fellow who currently works as director of the Center for Health Law Policy and Bioethics at the, has come out to claim that people who refuse vaccination for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) could lose their jobs or even be sent to jail.

According to Fox, who is said to be a bioethics “expert,” it is completely legal and constitutional for state governments to fine, imprison, or deny employment to people who say no to the jabs, no matter the reason.

Aug 19 06:52

Judicial Watch Obtains Records Showing FDA Paid for ‘Fresh and Never Frozen’ Human Fetal Parts for Use In ‘Humanized Mice’ Creation

Judicial Watch announced today it received 165 pages of records from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) showing the FDA between 2012 and 2018 entered into eight contracts worth $96,370 with Advanced Bioscience Resources (ABR) to acquire “fresh and never frozen” tissue from 1st and 2nd trimester aborted fetuses for use in creating “humanized mice” for ongoing research.

ABR is a non-profit firm which has been the subject of criminal referrals from House and Senate committees investigating whether Planned Parenthood or any other entity was illegally profiting from the handling of fetal tissue from aborted babies.

Federal law regulates the purchase and acceptance of human fetal tissue for research purposes. It is unlawful to knowingly transfer fetal tissue for profit.

Aug 19 06:20

Lockdown Evil

By now we’ve all gotten the message: you’re selfish if you’d like to do the kinds of things that once gave your life meaning.

For these people, life is about nothing but the avoidance of death.

Virtually everything you’ve looked forward to has been canceled, and nobody will tell you when you can have those things back. “When we have a vaccine,” comes the raving lunatic’s answer.

Nobody was giving you that answer when they were pushing “15 days to flatten the curve.” They didn’t dare.

Aug 19 06:18

Give Them Hugs and Let Them Play

I still can’t get over the creepy spectacle of Dr. Marc Siegel, a New York University professor of medicine, vehemently hawking “No Hugs Please” buttons for all schoolchildren last week.

“Let’s give our kids all of these pins, ‘No Hugs Please,'” Dr. Siegel urged Fox News host Tucker Carlson. “Let’s show our kids courage. They’re looking to parents for leadership,” he insisted. “Vaccines are gonna emerge, we’re gonna beat this thing, and then this” — Dr. Siegel waved his yellow badge — “goes in the garbage!”

Aug 19 02:50

Rolling Blackouts Return to California Amid Shift to 'Green' Energy

California is once again experiencing rolling blackouts and the media is acting like the cause is a giant mystery.

Aug 18 18:28

STUNNING PROOF That HCQ Could Have Saved Tens of Thousands of Lives in the US from Coronavirus — Jail Fauci

Stunning evidence proves effectiveness of HCQ in treating coronavirus.
Data should land Dr. Fauci in prison.

The liberal mainstream media can’t hide this truth from the public forever.

The latest international testing of hydroxychloroquine treatment of coronavirus shows countries that had early use of the drug had a 79% lower mortality rate than countries that banned the use of the safe malaria drug.

This means that Dr. Fauci, Dr. Birx, the CDC, the liberal fake news media and the tech giants have been pushing a lie that has had deadly consequences!

Aug 18 15:03

"Something's Not Right With Biden" According To Former White House Physician

The former White House physician to Presidents Obama and Trump says 'something is not right' with former VP Joe Biden.

"The best way I can describe every time I see him is that he's just lost," said Dr. Ronny Jackson - who recently won a GOP congressional primary in Texas.

"I won't make any particular diagnosis about dementia ... but what I will say is that something is not right" he continued, according to Just the News.

While Jackson admits he hasn't personally viewed Biden's medical file, he's witnessed the Democratic frontrunner's cognitive decline.

"I saw him frequently around the West Wing and other places like that. I know he's always been prone to gaffes, but these aren't gaffes anymore. He can't form sentences. Sometimes, he can't complete a thought," said Jackson, who is quoted in an upcoming book by Donald Trump Jr., "Liberal Privilege: Joe Biden and the Democrats' Defense of the Indefensible."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

... And THIS... was the best the DNC thought they could do?!?

Watch for Senator Harris to be doing a lot of the "heavy lifting" during this campaign season, because Biden just can't hack it.

Aug 18 06:25


Unsealed documents obtained by conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch reveal that the Trump administration recently stopped a series of Obama-era contracts between the Planned Parenthood-affiliated group Advanced Bioscience Resources, Inc. (ABR) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which were being used to supply aborted baby parts for experimentation into “humanized mice (HM)”.

The contracts specified ‘fresh and never frozen’ baby parts from the first and second trimesters, totaling almost $100,000. In an email from June 28, 2017, an FDA employee whose name has been redacted inquired into ABR’s pricing of aborted fetal parts.

“I am tasked with the purchase of tissues suitable for [humanized mice] research. I would like to request a quote. Please review the Statement of Work and quote your pricing as outlined.” – FDA Employee

Aug 18 06:23

Everything the Left Touches It Ruins. Now Add Science.

The COVID-19 pandemic has hastened the left's ruining of science. This had already begun with the left's attacks on "objectivity," the most essential value in science -- the very thing that makes science possible. The left declares objectivity, which it now puts in quotation marks, a characteristic of white supremacy.

Aug 18 06:13

Massive, Growing Weak Spot in Earth’s Magnetic Field About to Split in Two, NASA Says

Geologists began expressing concerns about the magnetic field that shields Earth from deadly solar radiation in 2019, when the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration was forced to update its World Magnetic Model a year early after finding that the magnetic north pole was rapidly moving out of the Canadian Arctic and toward Siberia.

The US National Aeronautics and Space Administration is tracking an immense, growing, and slowly splitting "dent" in the Earth's Magnetic field.

The area, known as the South Atlantic Anomaly, is situated in the southern hemisphere between South America and the southern Atlantic Ocean off the coast of southwestern Africa. According to recent NASA monitoring and modeling, the area is expanding westward and becoming weaker, and expected to completely split into two separate cells, each spanning thousands of kilometres across, soon.

Aug 18 06:12

Ancient Egyptian Temple Yields Baffling Discovery Amid the Hunt for Cleopatra's Tomb, Media Says

Dr Kathleen Martinez, an archaeologist who "dedicated her life" to discovering the elusive tomb of the legendary Cleopatra, ended up stumbling on a baffling find in her quest, the Daily Express reports.

Having surmised that the final resting place of the last ruler of the Ptolemaic Kingdom is likely located in an ancient temple site about 30 miles outside of Alexandria, the Taposiris Magna, Martinez made a number of finds in that area that appear to support her theory, such as "200 royal coins depicting the queen’s face and the remains of two high-status Egyptian mummies", the newspaper notes citing the Channel 5 documentary "The Hunt for Cleopatra’s Tomb".

Aug 18 06:10

Heartbeat in Space: Cosmic Gas Cloud That Blinks in Mysterious Sync Spotted by Scientists

Scientists had been sifting through years of observational data accumulated by NASA's Fermi gamma-ray space telescope, as they detected an unusual rhythm pattern, or “heartbeat”, in a system about 15,000 light years away from Earth.

Scientists have spotted a mysterious gamma-ray heartbeat emitted by a seemingly inconspicuous cosmic gas cloud.

Further studies by the team, led by DESY Humboldt Fellow Jian Li and ICREA Professor Diego F. Torres from Spain’s Institute of Space Sciences (IEEC-CSIC) showed that cloud in the constellation Aquila was pulsing in sync with the rhythm of a neighboring black hole, hinting to a connection between the two objects.

The team, which also involved scientists from DESY (Germany), ICE (Spain), Nanjing University (China), the US Naval Research Laboratory (USA) and Purple Mountain observatory (China) published their report “Gamma-ray heartbeat powered by the microquasar SS 433” on17 August in the journal Nature Astronomy.

Aug 18 06:09

California confirms 1st case of PLAGUE in 5 years, health officials urge residents to take precautions

California health officials have reported that a resident of South Lake Tahoe has tested positive for plague, marking the first such case in the state in half a decade. The individual is recovering at home.

It’s believed that the person was infected by a flea while walking their dog, El Dorado County’s Health and Human Services Agency said in a statement. The individual is being treated by medical professionals but did not require hospitalization. An investigation into the matter is still ongoing.

The uncommon but potentially lethal bacterial disease is usually transmitted by fleas found on infected squirrels and other rodents in the wild. Plague can be treated with antibiotics if detected at an early stage.

The state has gone for several years without a confirmed case of plague. The last instance, in 2015, involved two people who contracted the disease at Yosemite National Park. Both individuals made a full recovery.

Aug 18 04:58

Doctors Lay Out Plan to ‘Punish’ People Who Refuse Coronavirus Vaccine: ‘There Is No Alternative’

Simply put, getting vaccinated is going to be our patriotic duty,’ and America should consider making it difficult for the unvaccinated to participate in society, three doctors wrote.


A coronavirus vaccine should be mandatory, and tax penalties, higher insurance premiums, and denial of many government and private services ought to be considered for those refusing the shot, two doctors and an attorney argued in USA Today on Thursday.

“[W]hile the measures that will be necessary to defeat the coronavirus will seem draconian, even anti-American to some, we believe that there is no alternative. Simply put, getting vaccinated is going to be our patriotic duty,” wrote Dr. Michael Lederman, Dr. Stuart Youngner, and Maxwell J. Mehlman.

There is no “alternative to vaccine-induced herd immunity in a pandemic,” they argued. “Broad induction of immunity in the population by immunization will be necessary to end this pandemic.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

You had to see this coming, didn't you?!?

What I want to see happen, on live national TV, is for these doctors to have their kids, and grandkids vaccinated first, with no escape from the vaccine actually being the vaccine, and not sterile water.... and wait for 4 months.

IF, after 4 months those children or grandchildren are neither sickened nor killed by the vaccine, I may think about getting it; but not until.

And of course, the inevitable question which has to be asked; how much are these doctors financially invested in those companies vying to create the first successful vaccine?!? And are they betting their money... on something which will barely be tested, before being "deployed" on a hapless population?!?