Oct 15 11:12


Swedish health chief Olivia Wigzell explained that her country didn’t impose the kind of draconian coronavirus lockdown seen in other European countries in order to prevent the public from developing “pandemic fatigue.”

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sweden chose to go for herd immunity by refusing to impose a hard lockdown, meaning bars, restaurants, gyms, workplaces and schools remained open and vulnerable people were told to shield while mandatory mask rules were avoided.

Despite the mainstream media predicting that this would lead to massive fatalities, Sweden has recorded under 6,000 coronavirus deaths and now has the lowest death rate in Europe.

The Scandinavian country’s GDP fared better than the rest of Europe and now large segments of the population have developed herd immunity, reducing the impact of any potential “second wave.”

Oct 15 11:00

As Of Right Now We Have A Mystery ‘Mini-Moon’ Orbiting Earth. Is It An Asteroid Or ‘Space Junk?’

Is 2020 SO ‘space junk?’

Possibly. It’s suspected of being the upper rocket stage of the Surveyor 2 Centaur mission launched from Cape Kennedy, Florida on September 20, 1966.

Surveyor 2 was supposed to be the second lunar lander in NASA’s robotic program, but control was lost and it crashed onto the Moon.

Oct 15 10:50

Used coronavirus tests handed out by mistake in Birmingham

Used coronavirus swab tests were accidentally given out to households in Birmingham, council officials said.

Birmingham City Council said about 25 kits had been given out by mistake in the student area of Selly Oak as part of its "drop-and-collect" service.

It said the error was quickly realised, the kits remained intact and there was no evidence of cross-contamination.

However, student David Lewes, 21, said he and four housemates used the tests without realising they were not new.

"We are really distressed, shocked, violated and one of my friends threw up after finding out they had been used before," he said.

Oct 15 06:37

How China and the Who Created Mass Ventilator Hysteria

Mechanical ventilators have long been considered a last resort solution for treating patients with respiratory illness. The exact percentage varies, but the studies are unanimous in concluding that the vast majority of people who are put on a mechanical ventilator never make it off of one.

In treating respiratory ailments, the highly invasive, high-risk maneuver that is mechanical ventilation is usually prefaced by less invasive measures, such as positive airway pressure machines like CPAP or BiPAP devices, or simple oxygen delivering nose prongs. But when COVID-19 hit, the long established scientific guidance on proper patient care was tossed out the window, along with other established norms, in the face of this much-hyped novel virus.

Oct 15 06:36

Crematorium Bans Lord’s Prayer Because ‘Chanting’ Is Forbidden Under Coronavirus Laws

A crematorium employee told a minister and mourners they could not say the Lord’s Prayer at a funeral because it is “chanting” which is banned under coronavirus laws.

The minister, 53-year-old Alison Davies, said that when mourners joined her in reciting the prayer during the funeral of a 94-year-old woman at Coychurch Crematorium, in Bridgend, Wales, that the chapel superintendent “wagged her finger” at her and told her that not more than one person could recite it as it would count as “chanting”.

“When I started reciting it, mourners stood up and joined in. The family were only mumbling it quietly and were all socially distanced and wearing masks.

Oct 15 06:03

France puts Paris and eight other major cities under 9pm-6am curfew with businesses closed as Macron battles European second wave

France will enforce a month-long night-time curfew in Paris and eight other major cities and towns aimed at fighting the Coronavirus second wave, it was announced last night.

The capital will now shut down for nine hours from 9pm until 6am, in a bid to stop the disease circulating, President Emmanuel Macron revealed.

This strict State of Emergency measure was also applied to Lille, Rouen, Saint-Etienne, Toulouse, Lyon, Grenoble, Aix-en-Provence and Montpellier.

Oct 15 06:01

Netherlands legalizes child euthanasia despite opposition from Christian parties

The Dutch government will allow doctors to euthanize terminally ill children as young as one year old, making the Netherlands the second country in the world to permit the practice.

Health Minister Hugo de Jonge announced the change in a letter to Parliament on Tuesday, calling the decision necessary to help “a small group of terminally ill children who are suffering hopelessly and unbearably.”

The decision does not amend any laws, but exempts doctors from prosecution for ending a child’s life in certain conditions and with parental consent. Children between the ages of one and 12 will now be eligible for assisted suicide, whereas previously only newborn infants and teenagers could be euthanized.

Oct 15 06:00

Head Of Oxford University Vaccine Team Says Face Masks, Social Distancing Will Continue Until Next Summer

The leader of the coronavirus vaccine team at Oxford University declared Tuesday that nothing is going to approach returning to normal until at least next Summer.

Professor Andrew Pollard said that face masks and social distancing rules are not going away any time soon, declaring that a vaccine is still months away and would only become available for key workers during the first phase of its rollout anyway.

“Life won’t be back to normal until summer at the earliest. We may need masks until July,” Pollard said during an online seminar with Oxford alumni.

Oct 15 06:00

Fears Of "Explosions In Orbit" As Space Junk Crisis Worsens 

Ever since the start of the space age in 1957, with the launch of the Soviet Union's Sputnik 1, the world's first artificial Earth satellite, thousands of new satellites and dangerous space debris have been jamming up Earth's orbit, warns the European Space Agency (ESA).

The ESA, which monitors space debris, recently published its annual report on the current state of space junk, describes how accumulating rocket boosters, defunct satellites, and spaceborne shrapnel poses a significant risk to spacecraft.

"The biggest contributor to the current space debris problem is explosions in orbit, caused by left-over energy—fuel and batteries—onboard spacecraft and rockets. Despite measures being in place for years to prevent this, we see no decline in the number of such events. Trends towards end-of-mission disposal are improving, but at a slow pace," Holger Krag, head of ESA's Space Debris Office at ESOC in Darmstadt, Germany, who was quoted by RT News.

Oct 15 05:59

China Had COVID-Like Patients Months Before Official Timeline

Internal CCP documents show patients in Wuhan had symptoms as early as September 2019, but authorities didn't disclose to the world...

A series of leaked documents shows that patients in China with symptoms similar to COVID-19 were hospitalized months before the regime’s official timeline, throwing into question when exactly the CCP virus began spreading in Wuhan, China’s epidemic ground zero.

At least one patient started experiencing COVID-19-like symptoms in September 2019, according to hospital data obtained by The Epoch Times from a trusted source who has access to government documents. Dozens more were hospitalized over the following month.

Oct 15 05:58

US Army Wants To Make COVID Social Distancing 'Permanent' Even After Pandemic Ends

For the majority of Americans wondering when this socially distanced dystopian nightmare of '6 feet apart' and 'wear a mask!' and 'mandatory hand sanitizer' will finally be over, the Pentagon has just given serious cause for concern. When will it all end?

Perhaps leading the way as an example of where we all might be headed as a country, the United States Army has strongly hinted that it's looking to make its coronavirus protective measures permanent.

Oct 15 05:43

Top Poisoner of Pacific Is US Military

“We’re number one!” The United States famously fails to actually lead the world in anything desirable, but it does lead the world in many things, and one of them turns out to be the poisoning of the Pacific and its islands. And by the United States, I mean the United States military.

A new book by Jon Mitchell, called Poisoning the Pacific: The US Military’s Secret Dumping of Plutonium, Chemical Weapons, and Agent Orange, tells this story. Like all such catastrophes, this one escalated dramatically at the time of World War II and has continued ever since.

Oct 15 05:31

Facebook Bans Ads Questioning Safety of COVID-19 Vaccines

Mark Zuckerberg has clearly had enough of being hauled in front of Congress and hectored by a gang of senior citizens and listening to the head of the ACLU slam his company as a vessel for violent hate speech. Because over the past few months, Facebook has done a complete 180 on its position about speech, particularly sensitive political speech. Zuckerberg has apparently been shaken from his non-interventionist approach by announcing that FB wouldn’t accept new political ads during the last week of the campaign, and just yesterday announcing that Facebook would crack down on holocaust deniers on its platform.

The company has also launched salvos against QAnon and election-related misinformation, while taking an aggressive approach toward political advertising, and political content in general.

Oct 15 05:26

COVID-19 Vaccine Partnership with AstraZeneca: A Threat to Public Health

A Reuters article republished by Bangkok Post titled, “Thailand to make, supply AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 vaccine” would claim that Thailand has agreed to make AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine.

This is despite the vaccine not only not having passed clinical trials or having been determined to be safe or effective yet – but despite AstraZeneca’s long history of corruption, bribery, and the overall danger of Western pharmaceutical giants who use lobbying to push dangerous, unnecessary products past regulators and onto the public.

AstraZeneca’s vaccine has already made news by possibily creating neurological disorders in patients involved in clinical trials.

Oct 15 05:26

New York remastered: YouTuber uses AI to restore footage from 1896 showing the busy intersection of Broadway and Exchange Alley in glorious color

A YouTuber has used artificial intelligence to restore old footage from New York in 1896 and show the city in glorious color.

Using publicly available neural networks, filmmaker Denis Shiryaev upgraded the short film's resolution and sharpness as well as adding color

Oct 15 04:40

NASA awards $370 million to private companies to aid moon exploration push

NASA has awarded $370 million in "Tipping Point" contracts designed to aid its push to get astronauts back to the moon and then on to Mars, agency officials announced today (Oct. 14).

The funding is spread across 15 contracts to 14 different companies, including SpaceX, Astrobotic, Lockheed Martin, United Launch Alliance and Intuitive Machines.

Oct 15 04:23

2 big pieces of space junk could collide Thursday night

Two big pieces of space junk are zooming toward a close approach that will occur Thursday at 8:56 p.m. EDT (0056 GMT on Oct. 16), according to California-based tracking company LeoLabs.

The encounter will take place 616 miles (991 kilometers) above the South Atlantic Ocean, just off the coast of Antarctica. LeoLabs' latest calculations peg the probability of a collision at more than 10% — a scarily high number, considering that the combined mass of the objects is about 6,170 lbs. (2,800 kilograms) and they'll be barreling toward each other at a relatively velocity of 32,900 mph (52,950 km/h).

Oct 14 15:30


A new study released by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has released the findings of a new study, in which the overwhelming number of new coronavirus cases came from people who religiously wear masks. The study, which was released in September and ignored by mainstream media and politicians found that masks are ineffective at the prevention of viral infections.

The study, which was conducted in the United States in July found that when the CDC compared 154 “case-patients,” who tested positive for COVID-19, to a control group of 160 participants from the same health care facility who were symptomatic but tested negative, over 70 percent of the case-patients were contaminated with the virus and fell ill despite “always” wearing a mask.

In the 14 days before illness onset, 71% of case-patients and 74% of control participants reported always using cloth face coverings or other mask types when in public,” the report stated.

Oct 14 12:09


Ever since the crash of 2008, a trend has developed in U.S. election debate: the near complete avoidance of serious discussion about the economy. Ron Paul was the last candidate to attack the subject with any energy, and that was quite a while ago now. The economic decline of our nation is being aggressively ignored, even though it is the most important issue of the past century.

Oct 14 06:12

White House physician update says President Trump has tested negative for coronavirus

The latest update from the White House physician said that President Donald Trump had tested negative for the coronavirus.

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany posted the statement from Dr. Sean Conley to her official social media account on Monday.

“In response to your inquiry regarding the President’s most recent COVID-19 tests, I can share with you that he has tested NEGATIVE, on conservative days, using the Abbott BinaxNOW antigen card,” read the statement.

Oct 14 05:48

Here’s How Much McConnell Got From Big Pharma After Nixing a Bill to Lower Drug Prices

The Senate Majority Leader said in September that he would not allow a vote on the Lower Drug Costs Now Act.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced in September that he would block any consideration of a bill to lower prescription drug costs. By the end of December, he had raked in more than $50,000 in contributions from political action committees and individuals tied to the pharmaceutical industry.

Oct 14 05:40

The Covid-19 Numbers Game: The “Second Wave” is Based on Fake Statistics

“Red zones”, travel bans, quarantines, “red lists”. A “Second Wave” has been announced.

The fear campaign has gone into overdrive. Millions of people are lining up for Covid-19 testing.

Drastic state measures are contemplated, including restrictions on social gatherings, marriages, funerals, the closing down of restaurants and bars, the outright paralysis of civil society.

Coming to the rescue of our citizens. What is the justification?

This article focusses on the “Numbers Game”. How statistics and “estimates” are used by politicians to justify the closure of the national economy and the derogation of fundamental civil rights.

From the onset of the Covid crisis in January 2020, far-reaching decisions taken by the WHO and national governments have been justified by citing “estimates” of the Covid-19 disease as well “statistics” pointing to a Worldwide spread of a new deadly coronavirus originating in Wuhan, China.

Oct 14 05:39

Chaos in UK Health Care. NHS Staff Are Being Silenced Over COVID-19. “Lose Their Jobs if They Speak Out”

Here lies an anonymous statement from an A&E consultant in a major hospital in Surrey, in relation to the criminal gagging of all levels of NHS staff, who have been threatened that they will lose their jobs if the speak out about the COVID-1984 scamdemic. (Bernician)

Oct 14 05:35

Public Humiliation: Hitachi Develops "Fish Bubble" To Enforce Social-Distancing

Tech company Hitachi has developed a ‘fish bubble’ that enforces social distancing by essentially humiliating anyone who gets too close to another person in public.

“Japanese tech firms step in to help prevent coronavirus infections,” reports NHK News, with a clip of the ‘fish bubble’ in action.

To “ensure people keep their distance,” the system uses sensors to detect people’s location and then projects a 2 meter circle around their body which depicts cartoon fish swimming around inside the bubble.

If a person violates the 2 meter rule, the fish “escape” the bubble and presumably the person is warned to change their behavior.

Oct 14 05:33

Swedish Health Chief Said Country Avoided Lockdown To Prevent "Pandemic Fatigue"

Swedish health chief Olivia Wigzell explained that her country didn’t impose the kind of draconian coronavirus lockdown seen in other European countries in order to prevent the public from developing “pandemic fatigue.”

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sweden chose to go for herd immunity by refusing to impose a hard lockdown, meaning bars, restaurants, gyms, workplaces and schools remained open and vulnerable people were told to shield while mandatory mask rules were avoided.

Oct 14 05:26

"Facts Do Not Matter" To The Covidian Cult

One of the hallmarks of totalitarianism is mass conformity to a psychotic official narrative. Not just a regular official narrative, like the “Cold War” or the “War on Terror,” or even a myth like the “American Dream.” A totally delusional official narrative that has little or no connection to reality and that is contradicted by a preponderance of facts.

Nazism and Stalinism are the classic examples, but the phenomenon is better observed in cults and other sub-cultural societal groups. Numerous examples will spring to mind: the Manson family, Jim Jones’ People’s Temple, the Church of Scientology, Heavens Gate, etc., each with its own psychotic official narrative, i.e., Helter Skelter, Christian Communism, Xenu and the Galactic Confederacy, and so on.

Oct 14 05:24

The Barbarians Are Threatening Us!

Now, as we enter the final month of the U.S. election, the expected climax to long-buried animosities is at hand. It is unlikely to be brief or decisive. The internal convulsions of the U.S. however, are one thing. But the implosion of social trust in the U.S. is radiating out, and its effects are radiating out across the globe. If the imprecarity of our times – compounded by the virus – is making us nervous and tense, it may be because we intuit that a way-of-life, a way-of-economics, too, is coming to its end.

The fear of social upheaval sows distrust. It can produce the spiritual state that Emile Durkheim called anomie, a feeling of being disconnected from society; a conviction that the world around one is illegitimate and corrupt; that you are invisible – a ‘number’; a helpless object of hostile repression, imposed by ‘the system’; a feeling that nobody is to be trusted.

Oct 14 05:14

Big Pharma Is Policing the Approval of Its Own Vaccines

The boards overseeing the COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials are supposed to be independent of pharmaceutical companies. ICAN’s intensive investigation into these boards has revealed conflicts of interest with pharmaceutical companies that are shocking to the conscience. ICAN, through its attorneys, has therefore filed a formal demand to remove these individuals from these boards.

The boards overseeing the COVID-19 vaccine trials are known as Data and Safety Monitoring Boards (DSMBs). As explained by pro-vaccine bioethicist, Art Caplan, regarding these DSMBs: “They’re very powerful. They’re key guardians of science and safety and are as important if not more important than the FDA.”

Oct 14 05:13

China on the BRINK of natural disaster as monster typhoon forces Hong Kong schools to shut

HONG KONG schools will close due to a tropical cyclone that is set to hit the region today.

All day schools will shut their doors following a weather warning issued by the Hong Kong Observatory. The weather organisation issued a tropical cyclone warning signal No.8. The storm is set to hit Hong Kong on Tuesday morning.

Oct 14 05:11

Report: Joe Biden’s Son-in-Law Invests in Coronavirus Startups as Campaign Adviser on Coronavirus

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden’s son-in-law is advising his campaign, specifically on the Chinese coronavirus crisis, while investing in companies presenting solutions to the coronavirus with his venture capital firm.

Biden’s daughter, Ashley, married Philadelphia head and neck doctor Howard Krein in 2012. Krein, while advising Biden on the coronavirus for his campaign, is investing in coronavirus-response companies as the chief medical officer at StartUp Health.

Oct 14 05:10

Donald Trump: Joe Biden’s Son-in-Law ‘Cashing in’ on Coronavirus Pandemic

President Donald Trump criticized former Vice President Joe Biden for allowing his investor son-in-law to advise him on the coronavirus.

“Just this week, we learned that another member of the Biden family is getting rich off connections to Joe,” Donald Trump said at a rally in Pennsylvania on Tuesday.

The president referred to a Politico story revealing that Biden’s son-in-law Howard Krein, an investor married to Ashley Biden, is advising the former vice president on the virus.

At the same time, Krein’s venture capital company, StartUp Health, is currently investing in healthcare startup companies specifically dealing with the coronavirus.

“His son-in-law — just came out, big story — is cashing in on the China virus pandemic,” Trump said.

Oct 14 05:09

Earth Begins It's Passage Thru Halley's Comet Debris Trail.

Oct 13 13:22

Brain Damage From Masks CANNOT BE REVERSED

The following is a transcript of the highlights (by Henna Maria) from Dr. Margarite Griesz-Brisson’s recent extremely pressing video message, that was translated on-air from German into English by Claudia Stauber. Video at the end of the transcript.

Dr. Margarite Griesz-Brisson MD, PhD is a Consultant Neurologist and Neurophysiologist with a PhD in Pharmacology, with special interest in neurotoxicology, environmental medicine, neuroregeneration and neuroplasticity. This is what she has to say about masks and their effects on our brains:

Oct 13 12:24

New CDC Study 70% Always 3% Never Wore Face Masks Contracted Covid

A new CDC study finds that 70% of those who ALWAYS wore a mask contracted Covid 14 days after exposure-- compared to 3.9% of those who NEVER wore a mask. - powered by

Oct 13 06:50

New COVID-19 cases in the U.S. spike by 11% over seven days with infections spreading 'rapidly' in the Midwest and New York sees 'alarming' surge in hospitalizations

The number of new COVID-19 cases rose 11 percent in the United States last week compared to the previous seven days, sparking fears that a second wave of the outbreak is beginning across the nation.

Infections are spreading rapidly in the Midwest, which reported some of the highest positive test rates, according to a Reuters analysis.

New York also experienced an 'alarming' spike in hospitalizations in the last few days, rising almost ten percent.

Oct 13 06:49

Dutch Woman Dies After Being Reinfected With COVID-19, Global Cases See Biggest Weekly Jump Yet: Live Updates

Speaking to a massive crowd in Florida last night, President Trump declared that he felt "powerful" and that he would "kiss" every person in the crowd if he could. Shortly before the start of Trump's performance, Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany posted a memo from President Trump's doctor, Dr. Sean Conley, telling the public that Trump had tested negative repeatedly over the course of several days.

Trump went ahead with his rally even as Dr. Anthony Fauci slammed the president for holding the rallies despite the chance of spreading COVID-19 (even after he repeatedly refused to weigh in on the potential impact of all those protests) and even accused the president and his campaign of "harassing me" by using clips that Dr. Fauci said were taken out of context.

Oct 13 06:38

Astronomers capture exact moment supermassive black hole DEVOURED entire star

Through constant vigilance and some good fortune, astronomers have managed to capture the moment a supermassive black hole in a galaxy 215 million light-years away tore a star apart.

The so-called ‘tidal disruption event’ (TDE) is the closest such death of a star humanity has ever witnessed.

Astronomers were alerted by the intense flash of light, visible hundreds of millions of light years away, just before parts of the star disappeared into the black hole’s event horizon after being ‘spaghettified’ by the immense gravity.

Oct 13 06:32

VIDEO: Africa’s Highest Peak, Kilimanjaro Is on Fire

Mount Kilimanjaro which Africa’s highest peak is on fire, the cause of the fire which is believed to be at hundreds of metres above sea level is yet to be established.

Eye witnesses said efforts by local communities around the affected to extinguish the wild fires were underway but this was hampered by the altitude at which the fire is.

The flames could easily be seen from as far as Moshi town which is some tens of kilometers away from the mountain.

Oct 13 06:29

Johnson & Johnson Latest To Halt COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Over Unspecified Illness

Yet another high-profile Phase 3 vaccine trial has been temporarily halted after one of the participants developed a suspicious illness.

According to a report published Monday night by STAT News, Johnson & Johnson has informed participants and researchers that its 60,000-person trial would be temporarily paused as the company and the Data and Safety Monitoring Board, the organization overseeing all the US COVID-19 trials.

JNJ confirmed the pause when contacted by STAT, though it offered no details about the illness or the patient.

Contacted by STAT, J&J confirmed the study pause, saying it was due to "an unexplained illness in a study participant."

The company declined to provide further details. “We must respect this participant’s privacy. We’re also learning more about this participant’s illness, and it’s important to have all the facts before we share additional information,” the company said in a statement.

Oct 13 05:45

DAMAGE CONTROL: WHO Develops Amnesia, Claims It Never Liked Lockdowns

The World Health Organisation has backflipped on its original COVID-19 stance after calling for world leaders to stop locking down their countries and economies.

Dr. David Nabarro from the WHO appealed to world leaders yesterday, telling them to stop “using lockdowns as your primary control method” of the coronavirus.

He also claimed that the only thing lockdowns achieved was poverty – with no mention of the potential lives saved.

“Lockdowns just have one consequence that you must never ever belittle, and that is making poor people an awful lot poorer,” he said.

“We in the World Health Organisation do not advocate lockdowns as the primary means of control of this virus,” Dr Nabarro told The Spectator.

Oct 13 05:43

The Great Reset’: World leaders to harness COVID and pursue 'sinister' climate agenda

Oct 13 05:43

Dr Mikovits: Vaccine Could Kill Tens of Millions in America

Why would you give a vaccine to someone who already has an antibody? They have already been exposed and have developed an immunoglobulin response to a past infection. Why not use the people who have developed immunity to help protect vulnerable populations? Why aren’t we using Hydroxychloroquine, zinc, vitamin D 3 and Type 1 Interferons. Lockdowns are criminal extortions. People are harmed because they cannot work and pay their bills. It will be very difficult to detox from a covid vaccine you were forced to take just to get back to work. You are only protecting 0.1 to 0.3% of the population who would be at risk from the coronavirus? Our herd immunity is almost already here.

Oct 13 05:35

How to kill a thriving metropolis in 7 months: NYC’s Covid-19 failure is a vicious spiral directed by a sadistic political regime

Seven months into the pandemic, as many US states inch back toward ‘normal’, New York is in the grips of a crime wave, reinvigorated lockdowns, and widespread fear of pretty much everything. Thank local government.

New York City has lost billions of dollars in tax revenues on tourism, music, art, theatre, restaurant dining, and everything else that once fueled its mammoth economy over the seven-month Covid-19 pandemic shutdown. It’s in worse shape than most US states, and unlike many others, its continued misfortunes are largely of its own making.

The shuttering of the city’s iconic Broadway theaters alone has sent hundreds of thousands out of work and signaled to both wealthy city inhabitants and out-of-town visitors that their cash is better spent elsewhere. Theaters announced just weeks ago that performances would be cancelled through March 2021, and the Metropolitan Opera House canceled its entire season through 2021.

Oct 13 04:59

Exploring Mars at Opposition using Starry Night

After a long anticipated wait, Mars will finally reach opposition on Tuesday, Oct. 13, 2020, its closest approach to Earth until 2035. The sky on opposition night will feature the bright planets Jupiter, and Saturn in early evening, and the moon and Venus before dawn. Look for very bright reddish Mars in the southeastern sky after dusk. It will climb to its maximum height at about 1 a.m. local time. The Starry Night app will help you locate it

Oct 12 09:54

Investigate CDC: Time to Convene a Federal Grand Jury

Two revelations were dropped last week that scream for two things: (1) A federal grand jury must be convened with the target being the CDC and, (2) State Attorney General’s do the same thing except the target is PCR manufacturers, promoters and specific individuals in the WHO.

First. My column last week, International Class Action Lawsuits Against Corona PCR Test Manufacturers, was/is an effort to make known proposed legal action against manufacturers of the PCR tests used around the world to detect COVID-19. If you missed that column it will be helpful to read it and watch the featured video.

The proposed action in the video above focuses on tort lawsuits and eventual classification as class-action lawsuits. A dear friend of mine who is a constitutional lawyer raised the issue of a grand jury. I believe that would be state Attorney General’s convening a grand jury to go after PCR manufacturers and other defendants for fraud. Or, individuals or groups of doctors, perhaps.

Oct 12 09:00

Trust in science wanes, another casualty of coronavirus pandemic

In another era, what happened Wednesday might have been viewed simply as good news. Two companies, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals and Eli Lilly, have independently developed therapeutic drugs, called monoclonal antibodies, that in preliminary testing appear to reduce symptoms for coronavirus patients. They applied for emergency use authorization from the Food and Drug Administration.

The positive development immediately became entangled in election-year politics, with President Donald Trump repeatedly making false and exaggerated claims about the new therapeutics. He called them a cure, which they're not. He said he was about to approve them - a premature promise given that the FDA's career scientists are charged with reviewing the applications.

Oct 12 08:20

Coronavirus fears for Pope Francis, 83, after four members of his Swiss Guard test positive for Covid-19

FOUR members of Pope Francis' Swiss Guard have tested positive for Covid-19, sparking fears for the pontiff.

The Holy See Press Office said four members of the Swiss Guard have Covid-19 symptoms and tested positive for the virus.

Oct 12 07:52

Coronavirus Survives On Banknotes For Up To 4 Weeks, Study Finds, As Cash Usage Plunges

We highlighted an interesting development on Saturday that appeared to go largely unnoticed by the general public, despite its potential profound implications for the global economy. The BoJ joined the Fed and the ECB in launching a pilot program to explore the use of a digital currency inspired by bitcoin and its many rivals.

Oct 12 07:15

Faster than a Moscow-London flight! Russian Soyuz prepares QUICKEST-EVER crewed trip to International Space Station (PHOTOS)

A Russian Soyuz spacecraft, which is set to deliver the crew of the next mission to the International Space Station (ISS) in record time, has been placed on its launch pad, at the iconic Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

Preparations for the lift-off, which is scheduled for next Wednesday, at the facility. The Soyuz-2.1a rocket and the Soyuz MS-17 crew ship were transported out of the assembly hall on Sunday morning, Russian space agency Roscosmos reported.

Oct 12 07:14

Extremely rare TIME BOMB star system discovered breaking all the rules 8,000 light years from Earth

A university student has precisely modelled one of the most extreme and rare types of stars known to science in unprecedented detail, all while stuck in Covid-19 lockdown.

University of Sydney student Yinuo Han and his colleagues applied high-resolution imaging techniques to surveys of the Apep star system snapped by the European Southern Observatory's Very Large Telescope in Chile.

Han compared the level of magnification required to “seeing a chickpea on a table 50 kilometers away.”

The Apep system – named after the Egyptian god of chaos – consists of not one but two Wolf-Rayet stars, extremely rare suns of which very few have ever been observed.

Oct 12 07:13

'Hidden Wealth of Saqqara': Discovery of 59 Mummies & God Statues Wows Egyptologists

Egypt’s Saqqara plateau, home to hundreds of tombs and nearly a dozen ancient pyramids, has recently entered the spotlight of an archaeological consortium after its well revealed some miraculous findings.

Archaeologists have uncovered 59 mummies in sealed sarcophagi and nearly 30 statues of ancient gods in the Egyptian necropolis of Saqquara in the last weeks. The find helped confirm “the hidden wealth” of the site and “its significance as one of Egypt’s most important and longest-lasting burial places for over 3,000 years”, according to the world’s leading Egyptologist, Salima Ikram.

“Saqqara is known as one of the richest necropolises of Egypt, with tombs here dating from c. 2,800 B.C. into the Roman era,” Ikram, a Distinguished University Professor and head of Egyptology at the American University in Cairo, told SYFY WIRE.

Oct 12 06:20

Super-Powerful Magnetic Field to Rival a Black Hole Can Be Created on Earth, Study Says

Although the magnetic field created during such an experiment would last only a matter of nanoseconds, this time span would reportedly be enough for modern physics experiments.

A bold new study claims that it would be possible to generate magnetic fields comparable with those that exist in neutron stars and black holes, on Earth, Live Science reports.

According to the media outlet, although no one has managed to surpass the results of a 2018 lab experiment where lasers were employed to create a magnetic field “just over” 1 kilotesla (1,000 tesla; to put it in perspective, magnetic resonance imaging machines used in hospitals usually produce a magnetic field of about 1 tesla), the new research suggests that generating a megatesla (1 million tesla) field “should be possible”.

Oct 12 06:19


SpaceX’s new Raptor engine is a methane fueled full flow staged combustion cycle engine and it’s so hard to develop, no engine like this has ever flown before!

Now this topic can be really intimidating so in order to bring the Raptor engine into context, we’re going to do an overview of a few common types of rocket engine cycles then compare the Raptor to a few other common rocket engines, like SpaceX’s current work horse, the Merlin, The Space Shuttle’s RS-25, the RD-180, Blue Origin’s BE-4 and the F-1 engine.

Oct 12 06:16

Russia to compete with SpaceX reusable rockets

Russia is to invest $800 million on a new rocket system to compete directly with SpaceX and its reusable Falcon 9 launchers according to Russian news agency TASS.

The Russian rocket system, called Amur, was signed with a contract between Russia’s Space Agency Roscosmos and the Progress Space Rocket Center on the conceptual design of the Amur-SPG space rocket centre for a new Amur reusable methane-fuelled rocket.

Roscosmos Executive Director for Long-Term Programs and Science, Alexander Bloshenko, confirmed the news to the news agency.

The Amur rocket with a reusable stage will be able to deliver up to 10.5 tonnes of payload to a low near-Earth orbit while its expendable version will have the capacity to orbit 12.5 tonnes.

Oct 12 06:15

SpaceX Is "Price Dumping," Complains Russia, Cutting Launch Prices 30% in Response

One of America's top space companies, and our most prolific launcher of rockets, Elon Musk's SpaceX is the talk of the town in the U.S. -- but it isn't particularly popular in Russia. In fact, Russian deputy prime minister Dmitry Rogozin, head of that country's space program, has been complaining about SpaceX and its ultra-low prices for years.

And now he's going to do something about it.

Oct 12 06:14

Drone footage captures devastation caused by back-to-back hurricanes Delta and Laura as 370,000 are left without power and the death toll rises to two

Hurricane Delta has claimed two lives and left around 370,000 without power after it battered the Gulf Coast just weeks after the area was devastated by Hurricane Laura.

Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards said Sunday that an 86-year-old man from St. Martin Parish had died while refueling his power generator which burst into flames. It appears that the man had now allowed the generator to fully cool before refueling.

Dakota Pierce, a 19-year-old Illinois tourist in Florida also died Sunday, officials said, after they got caught in a rip current in the powerful waves created by Delta.

Oct 12 06:11

China launches 9 satellites into space from ocean platform

China launched a Long March 11 rocket from an ocean platform in the Yellow Sea early Tuesday (Sept. 15), successfully sending nine satellites into orbit.

The launch took place at 09:23 local time (01:23 GMT/9:23 p.m. Eastern Monday) from a 524-feet-long (159.6 meters) launch platform named De Bo 3.

Oct 12 06:11

Police checkpoints to start Friday in Quebec to limit travel as COVID-19 cases surge

Quebec provincial police will begin manning checkpoints in Quebec to curb the spread of COVID-19, as new cases and hospitalizations surge in the province.

The Surete du Quebec (SQ) is calling the stops "awareness points" and won't be handing out tickets.

Rather, they are meant to educate the population and remind commuters that they should only be getting in their cars and driving between zones if absolutely necessary.

Oct 12 06:02

Which Is Worse: King George III’s Stamp Act Or Bill Gates III’s Digital Certificates?

The tyranny being imposed by the ultra-wealthy who are not even elected by the people by using those that are elected against the people to their own ends seems to know no bounds these days. The latest enemy of the people next to George Soros is Microsoft founder turned vaccine pimp, Bill Gates. In a recent video put out by Truthstream Media, comparisons are made between what our founding fathers faced from King George III in his Stamp Act and Bill Gates digital certificates of vaccination.

Perhaps the most significant part of the American Revolution was the shift in how people viewed themselves in relation to the world around them. But this isn’t how it is often portrayed.

Melissa Dykes looks at the early forms of surveillance and oppression upon daily life from King George III that led to this shift, and its relation to what we are witnessing today with modern “kings” like Bill Gates III.

Oct 12 05:57

Amazing journalistic malpractice

Oct 12 05:56

The Covid-19 Numbers Game: The “Second Wave” is Based on Fake Statistics

Red zones”, travel bans, quarantines, “red lists”. A “Second Wave” has been announced.

The fear campaign has gone into overdrive. Millions of people are lining up for Covid-19 testing.

Drastic state measures are contemplated, including restrictions on social gatherings, marriages, funerals, the closing down of restaurants and bars, the outright paralysis of civil society.

Coming to the rescue of our citizens. What is the justification?

This article focusses on the “Numbers Game”. How statistics and “estimates” are used by politicians to justify the closure of the national economy and the derogation of fundamental civil rights.

From the onset of the Covid crisis in January 2020, far-reaching decisions taken by the WHO and national governments have been justified by citing “estimates” of the Covid-19 disease as well “statistics” pointing to a Worldwide spread of a new deadly coronavirus originating in Wuhan, China.

Oct 12 05:43

Young Americans Moving Back Home Because of Covid-19: Nearly 40 Percent of Younger Millennials Say the Pandemic has them Moving Home Again.

The pandemic has made it harder for younger families to purchase homes in a few ways. Inventory has been severely depressed for a few years and that continues to be the case today. The pandemic has also disproportionately hit younger Americans hard while homeowners are doing well thanks to record low interest rates, tight inventory, and a sudden shift to home being the place for all things. All of this has combined to create a strong market in terms of price but Millennials are being pushed to live at home with older parents for economic reasons. Nearly 40 percent of younger Millennials said in a recent survey that the pandemic has them moving home again. What does this mean for these new households with older parents and adult kids who would like to own but simply cannot afford to do so?

Millennials are still being left out of the housing market

Oct 12 05:31

World Health Organisation has 'reversed its position on lockdowns'

Oct 11 10:01

WHO Now CONDEMNS Lockdowns ???? Make Your Mind Up! #World #Health #Organisation

Oct 11 06:43

‘Bibi, you are destroying my future’: Anti-Netanyahu protesters defy lockdown, clash with police in Tel Aviv (VIDEO)

Demonstrators opposing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu descended on the streets of Tel Aviv on Saturday night, despite only being allowed to rally outside their homes. Four people were detained following scuffles with police.

Clashes broke out when police tried to contain thousands of protesters who poured into Habima Square in central Tel Aviv to demand that the PM step down.

Officers were filmed dragging people along the ground and struggling to push the crowd away from the square.

Demonstrators held up signs reading “Go!” and “Bibi, you are destroying my future,” referring Netanyahu’s popular nickname.

Oct 11 06:43

Fresh artillery attacks & exchange of accusations overshadow ceasefire implementation in Nagorno-Karabakh

A Russia-brokered ceasefire in Nagorno-Karabakh came under intense pressure on Sunday, as both the Armenian and Azerbaijani sides traded accusations of violations ahead of a planned swap of prisoners and bodies.
Military action continues in the armed conflict over the disputed part of Azerbaijan, which escalated two weeks ago to a level unseen since the 1990s.

Azerbaijan and Armenia, which supports Nagorno-Karabakh, agreed on Friday to take a humanitarian pause after lengthy talks in Moscow. But there have been reports of violence from the region a day after the ceasefire was supposed to come into force.

Azerbaijan on Sunday accused Armenian forces of shelling Ganja, Azerbaijan’s second largest city. The attack killed nine civilians and injured 34 others, including children, the statement said.

Armenia said Baku’s accusation was “absolutely false”.

Oct 11 06:41


The head of President Donald Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” says the ultimate goal is to vaccinate the entire population of the United States by 2021. There is also going to be a push to propagandize this vaccine and “educate” the public into compliance.

Top health experts working to “educate the public” (use propaganda) about the complex vaccine approval and distribution process joined in a Tuesday webinar in which the head of Operation Warp Speed said its goal is to immunize the American population against COVID-19 by 2021.

Oct 11 06:41

Heavy shelling and civilian casualties dash hopes for Russian-backed ceasefire between Armenia and Azerbaijan with at least seven dead and 33 wounded amid escalating violence

Hopes that a Russian-brokered ceasefire between Armenia and Azerbaijan might hold were further dashed Sunday, with both sides accusing the other of intense shelling on civilian areas and escalating two weeks of fierce clashes.

Azerbaijan's foreign ministry said that overnight shelling by Armenian forces on the country's second largest city, Ganja, had left seven people dead and 33 wounded including children, less than 24 hours after the halt to fighting was supposed to take effect.

Rescuers in red helmets dug through piles of debris with their bare hands in search of signs of survivors, an AFP journalist in the city reported.

Oct 11 06:34

France Reports Record 27k COVID-19 Cases: Live Updates

For the third day in a row, France reported a record number of new cases - 26,896 new coronavirus cases, by far the biggest one-day increase on record, and well above the 20k cases reported on Friday.

In addition, France added 133 hospitalizations, bringing the total to 7,977, while another 17 ICU patients brought the total to 1,456.

Health officials counted 54 new deaths, bringing the total to 32,655.

Oct 11 06:27

2022: A Vaccination Passport. The EU Keeps Quiet Over Suspicious Documents

Surprise, surprise, the European Commission (EC) had a “Roadmap on Vaccination” ready months before the COVID-19 pandemic broke out.

The Roadmap should lead to a “commission proposal for a common vaccination card / passport for EU citizens by 2022”.

Last updated during the third quarter of 2019, the 10-page document was followed, on September 12th, by a “global vaccination summit” jointly hosted by the EC and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Oct 11 06:26

PETER HITCHENS: If anyone tries to force apart mourners at my funeral, I’ll be back to haunt them!

If anyone tries to keep the mourners ‘socially distanced’ at my funeral, I will come back from wherever I may be to haunt them. They won’t like it, I promise.

And I also expect any members of my family to respond with proper British vigour to any such attempt.

If there is one place where Pfeffel Johnson’s nasty new petty dictatorship ought to be afraid to tread, it is in this intensely private, raw occasion, when we stare through tears over the brink of life and say our final farewells before those we love are consigned to the flames or to the good English earth.

Oct 11 06:23

People Protest in Berlin Against Coronavirus Measures - Video

Germany saw a rise in the number of COVID-19 cases earlier this week, which prompted the authorities to announce new restrictions on Tuesday.

Watch a live broadcast from Berlin’s Alexanderplatz, where people have been rallying against the COVID-19 measures recently re-introduced by the government.

Originally, German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced a series of measures in March to curb the spread of the coronavirus infection, which she said were necessary in order "to win time in the fight against the virus." The measures have been gradually eased nation-wide.

Oct 11 06:09

Covid-19 will push as many as 150 MILLION people into extreme poverty by 2021 – World Bank

Extreme global poverty is expected to rise in 2020 for the first time in over 20 years due to the disruption caused by the “extraordinary” coronavirus crisis, the World Bank has warned.

According to a new report, the Covid-19 pandemic is expected to push an additional 88 million to 115 million people into extreme poverty this year, with the total rising to as many as 150 million by 2021, depending on the severity of the economic contraction.

Extreme poverty, defined as living on less than $1.90 a day, is likely to affect between 9.1 percent and 9.4 percent of the world’s population this year, it said. That would represent a regression to the rate of 9.2 percent in 2017. Had the pandemic not convulsed the globe, the poverty rate was expected to drop to 7.9 percent in 2020.

Oct 10 12:53

Assaulting Science in the Name of Science: Exploring the Coronavirus Crisis of 2020

"...Many powerful interests have combined to argue that science justifies the government-led initiatives to impose, for instance, economic lockdowns, social distancing, mandatory masking, and a future of compulsory vaccines. A growing international movement of people, however, is coming to see that the impositions being done in the name of fighting COVID-19 are not scientific at all. Instead we are in the midst of a propaganda war aimed at inciting fear and even panic..."

Oct 10 11:43

China Will "Pay A Big Price" For Coronavirus Pandemic, Says Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump has warned that China will have to "pay a big price" for the spread of coronavirus globally.

Less than 50 hours after he returned to the White House from a military hospital where he was treated for the deadly virus, Trump in a video posted on Twitter from the Rose Garden outside the Oval Office blamed China for the global spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The deadly coronavirus originated from the central Chinese city of Wuhan late last year and spread across the world, killing 1,054,674 and infecting 36,077,017. The US is the worst-hit nation with 211,793 deaths and 7,549,429 infections.

"It wasn't your fault that this happened. It was China's fault. And China's going to pay a big price for what they've done to this country. China is going to pay a big price for what they've done to the world. This was China's fault. Just remember that," Trump said in the video message.

Oct 10 08:09

Is a Cure for COVID-19 Already Sold at a Pharmacy Near You? Some Experts Believe So

Around the world, evidence mounts that vitamin D can protect against infection by COVID-19 and ease the virus' symptoms, but the medical establishment isn't convinced. Is it time to think outside the box?

Oct 10 08:00


FBI data reveals more people are arrested for cannabis possession than all violent crimes combined. In a nation where a mere interaction with police can be deadly, it is more crucial than ever to legalize — not decriminalize.

Oct 10 07:54

Trump credits Big Pharma for “miraculous” recovery, completely neglects to mention zinc and vitamin D he was taking

After just three short days at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, President Trump was back in the White House touting his “miraculous” recovery from the Wuhan coronavirus (covid-19), crediting Big Pharma while saying absolutely nothing about the vitamin D and zinc he also took as part of his recovery.

Pandering to senior citizens less than a month before Election Day like any politician would do, Trump called those in his age demographic his “favorite people in the world.” He went on to promise them that they will soon have access to the very same pharmaceutical drugs that he was given at Walter Reed, and at no out-of-pocket cost.

“We are making tremendous progress with this horrible disease that was sent over by China,” Trump announced in a video he shot while standing on the White House lawn. “China will pay a big price for what they did to the world and to us.”

Oct 10 07:35

Environmentalists sue the US Wildlife Services for killing more than 1.2 MILLION native wild animals in 2019 to make way for agriculture

Wildlife Services has come under fire after releasing the death toll of wildlife it killed in 2019.

The US Department of Agriculture program slaughtered more than 1.2 million native species including wolves, coyotes, cougars and birds – all of which was funded with taxpayer money.

The multi-million dollar federal program conducted the acts primarily to make way for the agriculture industry in states like Texas, Colorado and New Mexico.

Oct 10 07:34

Round up the ‘anti-vaxxers’? Enlist religious leaders? Bill Gates warns US needs to brainstorm ways to reduce ‘vaccine hesitancy’

Billionaire software tycoon Bill Gates has urged the US to prepare for a Covid-19 vaccine rollout by deputizing trusted community leaders to “reduce vaccine hesitancy,” bemoaning the rapid spread of “conspiracy theories” online.

The Microsoft founder-turned-vaccine-evangelist painted a mostly rosy picture of a vaccine rollout getting “rich countries” back to normal by the end of 2021 in an interview during the Wall Street Journal’s CEO Council on Tuesday.

However, with less than half of Americans saying they’d get a Covid jab – even if paid $100 for it – in a recent survey, Gates then focused his talk on enlisting the nation’s “trust network” to overcome the skeptics.

Oct 10 07:25

Space Helmet Muzzle Launched Just-In-Time For 'New Normal' Travel

If the constant onslaught of calls for more PPE weren’t enough, there’s now a burgeoning industry of ‘pandemic’ gear hitting the market with a mission to make all the ‘New Normals’ feel safer while traveling.

The new line of ‘Microclimate’ muzzles are being pushed out by Hall Labs, a Utah-based firm. They are retailing online for pre-order at $199 and will begin shipping in just a few weeks time.

Oct 10 07:22

Virgin Hyperloop To Test High-Speed Rail System In Abandoned West Virginia Coal Mine

According to Reuters, a former coal mine in West Virginia is the new location for Virgin Hyperloop's new Hyperloop Certification Center and test track for billionaire Richard Branson's high-speed rail system.

Hyperloop's new testing-ground will begin construction in 2022 on a former coal mine site in Tucker and Grant Counties, West Virginia, with safety certification by 2025 and commercial operations by 2030.

Oct 10 07:20

Spain declares state of emergency in Madrid as police ordered to take control of borders

The Spanish Government has approved new drastic measures which will involve police patrols around borders in Madrid. By declaring a state of emergency – a mechanism used during the first wave of coronavirus infections – it gives the government the powers to restrict movement. The new draconian measures are set to come into force immediately from 3pm on Friday.

Spain has the highest number of coronavirus infections in Europe and the latest restrictions come amid a power struggle between the Government and the Spanish court.

Just 24 hours ago, a Spanish court struck down a government order imposing a partial coronavirus lockdown on the Spanish capital.

Since the summer, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has allowed the 17 Spanish autonomous regions to respond independently to local outbreaks.

Oct 10 07:19

Pelosi Shows Ignorance of UK Drug Rules With Claim Boris Johnson Could Approve COVID Vaccine

The Democratic Party House leader claimed that UK PM Boris Johnson - and not the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency - has the power to approve new drugs, and that a US president could overrule the federal Food and Drug Administration.

US Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi claimed that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has the power to approve new drugs before they pass clinical trials.

Pelosi's gaffe came in response to a question from Sky News Scotland bureau chief James Matthews.

Matthews, noting that Pelosi has previously criticized Johnson over his implementation of the UK's vote to leave the European Union, asked if she thought that the PM is unfit to lead the UK government after his bout with the coronavirus six months earlier.

"I have no idea, nor do I have of President Trump," Pelosi admitted, before claiming: "Clearly he is on medication. Any of us who is under medication of that seriousness is in an altered state."

Oct 10 07:18

2020’s reign of terror continues as Iceland’s most active volcano on verge of erupting again, scientists warn

Scientists in Iceland have raised the threat level for the Grimsvotn volcano, warning there are now multiple indications that an eruption could soon take place.

This volcano experienced an unusually powerful eruption in 2011, firing a 20km pillar of ash into the air, but was overshadowed by the smaller eruption of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano the previous year, which forced the cancellation of some 100,000 flights in an unprecedented disruption.

Recently, the volcano has been observed “inflating” as new magma enters the chambers beneath it once again, and the resulting increased thermal activity has melted more ice. Localized earthquake activity has also increased, all combining to suggest that an eruption may soon take place.

Oct 10 07:12

NASA bans the word 'Jesus'

The name of Jesus is not welcome in the Johnson Space Center newsletter, according to a complaint filed on behalf of a group of Christians who work for NASA.

The JSC Praise & Worship Club was directed by NASA attorneys to refrain from using the name ‘Jesus’ in club announcements that appeared in a Space Center newsletter.

“It was shocking to all of us and very frustrating,” NASA engineer Sophia Smith told me. “NASA has a long history of respecting religious speech. Why wouldn’t they allow us to put the name Jesus in the announcement about our club?”
Liberty Institute, one of the nation’s largest religious liberty law firms, threatened to file a federal lawsuit unless NASA apologizes and stops censoring the name ‘Jesus’.

Oct 10 07:00

Cuomo Slams Trump For "Fomenting Violence And Division" With Borough Park Robocall

New York Gov Andrew Cuomo is accusing President Trump, still recovering from COVID-19, of deliberately stoking unrest in Brooklyn's Borough Park neighborhood, home to an ultraorthodox Jewish community that has vehemently resisted Mayor Bill de Blasio's latest tyrannical orders as COVID-19 cases surge in a 'second wave'.

Cuomo said the robocall, which mentioned Trump, fomented division and violence by directing Orthodox Jews to protest virus-fighting restrictions.

Just like we saw during last year's measles outbreak, the community has been the heart of the surge in COVID-19 infections in the outerboroughs, as they refuse to alter their religious traditions to accommodate for the risk of infection.

Oct 10 06:53

SPECIAL REPORT: Hotel quarantine ‘cover-up’ buries the truth: Credlin

Oct 10 06:21

Colombia Covid Lockdown: Collapse of Healthcare, Social Crisis, Poverty

As the confirmed Coronavirus cases in Colombia reach more than 880,000, the healthcare infrastructure in Bogota is crumbling and according to the president of the Bogota College of Medicine Herman Bayona, “We are close to collapse.” Bogota’s Intensive Care Units (ICUs) are operating at a 90% capacity, an indication of the city’s over-stretched and strained healthcare system. The Santa Clara Hospital, for example, is assisting 52 patients with only a 44-bed capacity. Ivan Duque Marquez, the president of Colombia, is adamant on re-opening Bogota and considers that “a lockdown is not the solution.”

Oct 10 06:01

‘FOMENTING the Orthodox’: Cuomo blames Trump for Jewish uprising in Brooklyn as religious groups sue over shutdown

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has attacked President Donald Trump for supposedly goading Orthodox Jews into fighting his targeted shutdown orders with theatrical protests - and lawsuits - based on a prank call.

Cuomo tore into the president during a call with reporters on Friday in which he defended the zoned economic shutdown orders imposed in several Covid-19 “hotspots” across the state earlier this week. Trump, Cuomo said, was a “divisive force” trying to “inflame divisions” among New Yorkers - especially Orthodox Jews.