Jun 06 13:16

Livingstone Vs Prescott: Political Titans Face Off

Tony Blair’s deputy prime minister will host RT’s News Thing comedy show on Saturday night, where he’ll interview old political foe and ex-London Mayor Ken Livingstone, who was recently suspended from the Labour Party over allegations of anti-Semitism.

Jun 06 11:00

Man attending Planned Parenthood rally assaulted by feminist, second feminist freaks out, claims man assaulted her

After a man filming a public Planned Parenthood rally was confronted and assaulted by a passerby who was angered that she was being filmed in a public place, a second woman, a feminist, then flipped the script and said ...

Jun 06 10:56

More Boston "Bombing" Hoax Exposed

Anyone at all familiar with videos and images of this event knows the young guy with red hair and blue cycle helmet who strolls right past the just exploded 2nd bomb site picking up evidence. His movements now discovered.

Jun 06 10:04

RAW: Monkey Robs Jewelry Shop In India

A monkey entered a jewelry shop in India and climbed behind the cash desk, while the shop’s employees seemed confused about what to do with the animal.

Jun 06 09:35

Dozens Of Dead Tiger Cubs Found At Buddhist Temple In Thailand

Glass jars containing 40 dead tiger cubs were discovered at the Wat Pha Luang Ta Bua Tiger Temple in Sai Yok, Thailand, prompting a large scale police investigation into the discovery. Footage shot on Saturday, shows the containers with the dead tiger cubs still inside.

Jun 06 09:32

World’s Oldest Gymnast From Germany Parachute Jumps At 90

Ninety-year-old Johanna Quaas, who in 2012 made her way into the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s oldest active gymnast, is carrying out a tandem parachute jump to honor Queen Elizabeth II's 90th birthday.

Jun 06 08:05

French Govt Reveals Plan To Teach Arabic In Primary Schools

France’s Education minister, Najat Vallaud Belkacem, has found herself on the firing line since revealing a plan to teach Arabic to primary school kids as young as six. Belkacem has suggested including Arabic among the language choices for French pupils.

Jun 06 07:34

Watch this 11-year-old boy shut down a cop’s speed trap like a boss

An 11 y.o. boy named Mikey has become quite the activist for his age and even recently shut down a local cop’s speed trap by holding up a sign for passersby, which read, “Cop Ahead Slow Down.”

Jun 05 14:44

Not The Time Or The Place: Grab-Happy Visitor Wrecks Museum’s Clock Display

A visitor to America’s National Watch & Clock Museum in Pennsylvania is no doubt wishing he could turn back time after curiosity got the better of him and he accidentally smashed an intricately designed timepiece.

The damaged clock was the work of artist James Borden who specializes in wooden, weight-driven clock sculptures.

Jun 05 13:59

Syria: Army enter Raqqa province in offensive to liberate IS-held Raqqa

Combat Footage

Published on Jun 4, 2016
Government troops made further gains into Raqqa province, Thursday, as a Russian backed military assault is underway to liberate the city of Raqqa, which under control of the so-called Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL).

Jun 05 13:56

‘Don’t F**King Shoot’: Parrot Singing Like A Canary Over Unsolved Michigan Murder (VIDEO)

The parents of a man shot in Michigan last year believe his pet parrot witnessed his murder and, in an extraordinary twist, might be mimicking a heated argument leading up to his death.

The African gray parrot belonged to 46-year-old Martin Duram, who was shot dead at his home near Newcosta Avenue, Ensley, on May 13 last year, report WZZM13.

Jun 05 13:54

Syrian army 'crosses into Raqqa province'

The Syrian army has crossed the boundary of Raqqa province after advancing in a major Russian-backed offensive against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) group, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR).

Heavy Russian air strikes hit ISIL-held territory in eastern areas of Hama province, near the boundary of Raqqa, on Friday to facilitate the Syrian army's advance, the UK-based SOHR said on Saturday.

Jun 05 11:43

Huge California Wildfire Threatens Homes, Evacuations Ordered

Mandatory evacuations have been ordered in Southern California, as three brush fires quickly spread on Saturday, one of which is moving dangerously close to homes in the Calabasas area, the Los Angeles County Fire Department said.

Witnesses reported that one fire began near 23062 Mulholland Highway at around 4:30 pm local time. It was originally said to affect two acres, but is now moving towards residential areas.

Jun 03 14:43

American Foreign Policy: Dumbed Down

It is a truism American voters are far more interested in domestic issues during a presidential election. And this suits the foreign policy establishment just fine.

Jun 03 14:28

Amazing Drone Flyby: Mount Athos, The ‘Holy Mountain’ Of Orthodox Christianity

Bird’s eye view of Mount Athos in Greece which is home to 20 monasteries and an important spiritual site for Orthodox Christians.

Jun 03 14:13

Critical Clinton: Candidate Bashes Trump's Policies, Forgets To Campaign For Herself (VIDEO)

For someone who supposedly loathes Donald Trump, Democratic Party establishment candidate Hillary Clinton sure does talk about him a lot. In fact, she seems to know more about her rival’s policies than her own, if a recent speech is anything to go by.

Jun 03 13:42

UCLA Campus On Lockdown After Shooting (Aerial Footage)

Recorded live from the University of California at Los Angeles, where a shooting has recently occurred.

Jun 03 11:52

China Aviation Drill Challenges Military Pilots In Heavy Tasks

Drill in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, northwest China, aims to conduct live fire exercise in special missions, including specific circumstances of mountains, night battle and long-distance shooting.

Jun 03 10:59

Questioning The Holocaust – Why We Believed

Why did we believe in gas chambers disguised as shower rooms?

Questioning The Holocaust : Why We Believed examines the unbelievable “gas shower” claims and how images of concentration camp prisoners directly killed by Allied air attacks are cynically exploited to promote “The Holocaust.”

Jun 03 10:39

Hawks Hand Hillary A Foreign Policy Blueprint: Will She Bite?

The neoconservative, Democrat-heavy Center for a New American Security (CNAS) has created a foreign policy blueprint for what they hope is a future Hillary Clinton presidency. Unsurprisingly, it is heavy on the “need” for the US military to much more aggressively dominate the globe. The Obama Administration was far too dovish, according to CNAS “experts.” No one should be shocked that yet another militaristic Beltway “think tank” is funded predominantly by the military-industrial complex. Will Americans continue to be fooled by those who line their pockets with cash while making the rest of less safe and more poor? We give it our two cents in today’s Liberty Report:

Jun 03 10:33

“If We Want To Combat The Violence, We Must Invest In Our Children”

Public school parents, students and advocates are demanding Republican Governor Larry Hogan restore funding to Baltimore City Public Schools.

Jun 03 10:33

Arizona Meteor: First Video Of Intense Flash Over US Night Skies

A meteor flared across the sky over Phoenix, Arizona Thursday morning, reportedly waking many residents from their slumber with the sound of a loud bang as it passed.

Jun 03 09:56

Keiser Report: Robots On The Rise

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy discuss whether ‘the system’ can survive robots and whether a man can stand on his own, as the military industrial complex provides much of the technology behind the biggest success stories in Silicon Valley.

Jun 03 09:28

Germany Acknowledges Armenian Killing As Genocide, Turkey Recalls Ambassador

The German parliament has withstood a barrage of pressure from the Turkish government, approving a symbolic resolution that declares the 1915 massacre of Armenians by Ottoman Turkish forces a ‘genocide’.

Jun 03 09:01

In Wake Of Coup, Should Brazil’s Olympics Be Moved Or Become A Site Of Protest?

In early August, more than 10,000 athletes across the world will convene in Rio de Janeiro’s Olympic City for one of the most widely watched sporting events of the year. This comes as Brazil is battling an economic recession, a massive Zika outbreak and its worst political crisis in over two decades.

Jun 03 08:58

RAW: Russian Su-34 Airstrikes Obliterate ISIS Oil Facilities

Russian Defense Ministry footage shows airstrikes carried out by Russian Su-34 fighter jets against ISIS illegal oil facilities.

Jun 03 08:54

Trump supporters “terrorized” in massive San Jose street brawl after police loose control

Shocking scenes are occurring on the streets of San Jose as Trump supporters are chased, punched, kicked, and, as ABC News’ Tom Llamas reports “terrorized” as the local police “appears to have lost control.”

Jun 03 08:38

Listen to this woman’s EPIC anti-Hillary rant

This woman got on camera and gave an epic anti-Hillary rant that is a must watch.

The woman said that Hillary “is one of the biggest traitors this country has ever” seen.

Jun 03 08:34

“The System Is Set Up To Protect Officers”: Activists React To Lack Of Charges In Jamar Clark Case

Federal prosecutors in Minnesota announced Wednesday that no charges will be filed against the two police officers involved in the shooting death last fall of Jamar Clark, an unarmed 24-year-old African American. Clark was shot in the head after a scuffle with officers who responded to a report of an assault.

Jun 02 18:05

Before you Vote for Hillary, If you have any morals or dignity...

Hillary laughs repeatedly while explaining how she got a 12 year old child rapist off the hook because the crime lab made a mistake in the chain of evidence.


or read

“The crime lab took the pair of underpants, neatly cut out the part that they were gonna test, tested it, came back with the result of what kind of blood it was what was mixed in with it – then sent the pants back with the hole in it to evidence,” said Clinton (LISTEN HERE). “Of course the crime lab had thrown away the piece they had cut out.”

Clinton said she got permission from the court to take the underwear to a renowned forensics expert in New York City to see if he could confirm that the evidence had been invalidated.

Jun 02 12:33

Meet The Ten-Year-Old Palestinian Journalist

Janna Jihad, 10 years old, has been reporting from Palestine for two to three years now, sharing with the world the message of “the Palestinian children”.

Jun 02 10:15


Check out the video. This is damn close. She was one false step from exiting the race...


Jun 01 17:12

Hillary Clinton Emails Fact or Fiction? In Her Own Words

Hillary - In Her Own Words - Fact or Fiction? - Email Statements. Contradictions? Hillary Email Scandal? Did she break the rules? Is She Trustworthy?

Jun 01 15:12

Hillary Clinton On Same Sex Marriage In Her Own Words

Hillary - In Her Own Words - Fact or Fiction? - Email Statements. Contradictions? Hillary Email Scandal? Did she break the rules? Is She Trustworthy?

Jun 01 10:15

Sanders Supports Universal Healthcare Amendment 69 In Colorado, Will Hillary? ROKU

We speak with T.R. Reid, Chair of the Colorado Foundation for Universal Healthcare.

May 31 15:34

Repairman Trapped By Escalator In China, Suffers Multiple Injures

A repairman suffered extensive injuries after being swallowed up by an escalator on Sunday in China. The accident took place outside a supermarket.

May 31 14:11

Junker To Be First Top EU Official To Visit Russia Since Breakdown In Relations In 2014

EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker plans to visit Russia on June 16, during the St.

May 31 09:43

‘Suicide Bombs & Chem Weapons Drones’ Euro 2016 Could Be Key Target For ISIS Attacks – Report

An Islamic State sleeper cell reportedly has plans to carry out attacks targeting English and Russian football fans at Euro 2016 during a match in Marseilles, data retrieved from the main Paris attacks suspect's laptop reveal.

May 31 09:08

Flooding Chaos Causes Death & Destruction In Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany

Violent weather killed three people in the southwestern German state of Baden-Wurttemberg, a spokesperson for the region’s interior ministry said. R

May 31 09:04

‘Not Fit For Animals’ Greece Moves Refugees To Warehouses With Extremely Poor Living Conditions

Volunteers are sounding the alarm over new migrant facilities in Greece, where asylum seekers have been transferred from Europe’s biggest makeshift camp.

May 31 08:34

Montana Parmigiano? Europeans Afraid TTIP Deal To Leave Them W/O Traditional Cherished Delicacies

A leaked e-mail shows growing disagreements between the EU and US as they remain locked in secretive negotiations over a free trade deal known as TTIP.

May 31 08:13

‘Quickest Way’ 62yo Lost Spanish Tourist Triggers Security Red Alert At Cologne Airport

The man who caused part of Cologne Bonn Airport to be shut down after entering a restricted area turned out to be a lost Spanish tourist, police confirmed.

May 31 08:05

Ron Paul - Bernie Sanders destroyed Audit the Fed Bill at the last minute

After working with Bernie Sanders for months on the Audit the Fed Bill, Bernie Sanders switched it at the last minute! Dr. Paul states he was so disappointed in Sanders and what he did could actually make things worse.

May 31 07:34

Hot Rocks: Incredible New Lava Flows Released From Hawaiian Volcano

Eruptions at one of the most volatile shield volcanoes on the island of Hawaii has lead to cascading new lava flows from a large opening in the earth’s crust.

The molten rock is spewing from a vent known as the Pu?u ???? cone – part of the Kilauea volcano which has been continuously active for more than 30 years.

May 28 05:52

Military equipment spotted on Kansas rail-train: Captured on tape

Typical summertime military movements in the CONUS captured on video in Kansas

May 27 22:14

Putin Crushes BBC Smartass INCLUDING BBC propagandist's question

(Note [ts]: This is Putin’s response that the U.S. is the aggressor, and not Russia. Not faithfully translated at about 3.34. What is missing is that Putin asserts that Russia was there [in Tajikistan & Afghanistan] so that there would be calm/peace [????????? = “spa-koi-nee-a”].)

May 27 18:25

German TV Show ‘Galileo’ Airs Special on AE911Truth to Audience of Two Million Viewers

On Monday, May 23, one of Germany’s most popular television shows, “Galileo,” aired a 15-minute segment about the ongoing efforts of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth and 9/11 family member Bob McIlvaine.

“Galileo” reaches an audience of some two million in Germany each day and is syndicated across Europe.

There is a link to the video with English subtitles posted on facebook. However you don't have to login to facebook to view the video, just close the popup window asking you to login and the video will still play.

May 27 11:56

#Crooked Hillary Caught Lying Again - Latest Trump Attack Ad

Trump nails Hillary for being caught in 4 lies following the release of the IG report on Hillary's illegal use of a private email server that broke several laws and compromised national security

May 26 15:11

Villain Or Hero? The Many Faces Of Nadezhda Savchenko

Ukrainian pilot Nadezhda Savchenko has been pardoned by the Russian president and has returned to Ukraine in a prisoner swap.

May 26 11:54

Our Lives Are On The Line: Protesters Blockade Planned Pipeline Site Near Nuclear Plant Outside NYC

In Peekskill, New York, just about an hour north of New York City, residents have launched a blockade in efforts to stop the construction of a gas pipeline slated to run only hundreds of feet from the aging Indian Point nuclear power plant.

May 26 11:09

Video: Unions And The Sanders/Clinton Split

Fred Mason, head of the Maryland/DC AFL-CIO, says unions struggle against anti-worker legislation in Annapolis despite its overwhelmingly Democratic Senate and House of Delegates.

May 26 10:42

39,000 Verizon Workers Enter Sixth Week On Strike In Biggest U.S. Labor Action In Years

Today marks six weeks since nearly 40,000 Verizon workers went on strike along the East Coast, from Massachusetts to Virginia, marking one of the biggest U.S. strikes in years.

May 26 09:55

This Confirms It Was A Coup: Brazil Crisis Deepens As Evidence Mounts Of Plot To Oust Dilma Rousseff

A key figure in Brazil’s interim government has resigned after explosive new transcripts revealed how he plotted to oust President Dilma Rousseff in order to end a corruption investigation that was targeting him.

May 25 15:27

Giant Sinkhole Swallows Four Cars In China

A shocking video has emerged from China, where a sinkhole swallowed four parked cars 3 meters into the ground.

May 25 14:08

Obama Urged To Stop Funding Honduran Military As Questions Grow Over US Role In Berta Caceres’ Death

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson has returned from a visit to Tegucigalpa, where he met with Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández to discuss migration and security.

May 25 13:33

Pastor: Acquittal In Freddie Gray Case Highlights Deep Distrust In Legal System In Black Community

A Baltimore police officer has been acquitted on all charges for his role in the arrest of Freddie Gray.

May 25 13:33

Urban Warfare: China City Combat Drills In Full Swing

China Armed Force Command Academy carried out a 12-day military drills for this year’s graduates to test students’ capacity in city combat.

May 25 13:23

“Free Wildin”: Teen Picked Up By ICE On His Way To High School Faces Deportation To Honduras

Students at Riverside High School in Durham, North Carolina, are gathering on Capitol Hill today to demand the release of their undocumented classmate, 19-year-old Wildin Acosta.

May 25 10:18

Dashcam: Milwaukee Woman Backs Car Into Police Officers, Speeds Off

A Milwaukee woman is facing felony charges for backing a car into two officers and her passenger while trying to run away, local tv network WDJT-TV reported.

May 25 09:16

Double Launch! Soyuz Rocket Carrying 2 Galileo Satellites Lifts Off

A Soyuz rocket launches Galileo navigation satellites into space from a launch complex in French Guinea.

May 25 09:09

Court Decision Grants Shocking New Government Powers

Harvard law professor and former Obama Administration official Cass Sunstein has written approvingly recently about a recent Supreme Court decision which affirms a 1997 case that determined that Executive Branch agencies have the authority to interpret the meaning of the regulations they write. What this means is that the Legislative Branch and the Judicial Branch of government will have no role in either writing or interpreting what are de facto laws (anyone who does not believe that should try breaking an IRS regulation and see what happens) written by the Executive Branch. It represents a huge agglomeration of power in the hands of the bureaucrats who in most cases answer to no elected authority. This is the real “deep state,” where the elites rule over us under the approving gazes of ideologues like Sunstein. What does this mean for liberty?

May 25 05:35

Trump now in dead heat with Hillary

Looks like Hillary is starting to sweat, dead heat between her and Trump now in most polls

May 24 21:58

#FuckTrump Protest Escalates Police Fire Tear Gas & Smoke as Protesters Throw Rocks

Police deploy smoke and tear gas at the protest following tonight's Donald Trump rally as protesters throw rocks in attempt to spook mounted police on horseback.

May 24 21:36

Msnbc to Trump rally #protester "Why are you here?" Protestor: "Because #FuckTrump" #NMProtest #ABQProtest

@Msnbc to #Trump #NMrally #protester "Why are you here?"

Protestor: "Because #F%ckTrump" #NMProtest #ABQProtest

May 24 15:48

Off-Duty Israeli Policemen Accused Of Beating Arab Teen, Say ‘Incident Could’ve Been Avoided’

In Tel Aviv, a number of off-duty Israeli police officers have been accused of beating up a 19-year-old Arab supermarket worker - after he refused to identify himself.

May 24 15:23

Dear #OccupyDNC This is #CrookedHillary's America #OWS #FeelTheBern

To the those planning to #OccupyDNC, here's a a brief history lesson of the #Occupy movement for and a message of hope for the future. #OWS #Occupy.

May 24 10:17

Source Reveals How Pentagon Ruined Whistleblower’s Life And Set Stage For Snowden’s Leaks

In a Democracy Now! broadcast exclusive, we speak with a former senior Pentagon official about how his superiors broke the law to punish a key National Security Agency whistleblower for leaking information about waste, mismanagement and surveillance.

May 23 17:57

‘Japanese Rapes By US Military Just Keep Happening’ – Abuse Survivor & Women’s Rights Activist

Protesters have rallied in Tokyo after an American military worker confessed to killing a young Japanese woman.

May 23 17:37

‘This Is So Wrong On So Many Levels’ NYC Reacts To Interfaith Muslim-Jewish Couples

Actor, writer and producer Karim Metway has conducted an experiment with actors posing as Jewish-Arab couples in various districts of New York City.

May 23 17:22

‘The Groups Of Death’ Report Links Online Communities To 130 Teen Suicides In Russia

Both open and closed-membership groups containing posts on suicide in VKontakte (VK), Europe’s largest social network, will reportedly be blocked following a Russian media report on teenage deaths allegedly provoked by such online communities.

May 23 16:43

DISTURBING: Body Of Taliban Chief Mansour Reportedly Killed In US Drone Strike

A US drone strike in Pakistan has killed Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Akhtar Mansour, Afghan intelligence said.

May 23 16:21

China’s Digital Detox: A Life Reboot For Internet Gaming Addicts

China was the first country to recognize internet addiction as a clinical disorder.

May 23 15:27

‘Free Abu Sakha!’ Israel Jails W/O Trial Palestinian Clown Who Worked With Disabled Kids

A clown from the West Bank’s Palestinian Circus School has been held without trial by Israel for over five months

May 23 15:06

World Sports Police? US Justice Dept Launches Own Investigation Into Russian Doping Scandal

Russian prosecutors have launched an inquiry into allegations of doping by Russian athletes at the Olympic Games.

May 23 13:45

Hypnotic Animation: 200 Years Of US Immigration In 1 Minute

A mesmerizing and very colorful animation of the migration flows into the US has been created, showing where in the world people arrived from over the past two centuries.

May 23 13:04

Hundreds Of Migrants With Metal Bars, Planks Of Wood Trash Historic Paris Train Station

Confronting video has captured a violent street brawl involving hundreds of migrants attacking each other with metal poles and planks of wood at a Paris metro station.

Two sets of migrant groups attacked each other and set upon police, parked vehicles and pedestrians in two massive fights outside the Stalingrad Metro train station, in northeast Paris on Thursday night.

May 23 08:02

The Occupation Of The American Mind – RAI With Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters

On Reality Asserts Itself with Paul Jay, legendary musician Roger Waters and Sut Jhally discuss how after its invasion of Lebanon in 1982, Israel intensified its propaganda machine in the U.S. - one that continues to shape American political thought.

May 22 17:11

How One Arrest Could Change The Culture Of Policing In Baltimore

As prosecutors make the case that Officer Edward Nero made an unlawful arrest of Freddie Gray, a former cop and legal experts say the case could have a lasting influence on policing in the city.

May 22 16:34

‘I Will Not Let You Down’: Trump Promises NRA He’ll End Gun-Free Zones, Attacks Clinton

After receiving the National Rifle Association’s endorsement, presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump told the gun advocacy group that bearing arms “is the most basic human right of all, and Hillary Clinton wants to strip it away.”

May 22 16:13

First Images Of EgyptAir Plane Wreckage Released By Egyptian Army

The Egyptian army has released pictures of the wreckage of flight MS804 and passengers’ belongings found in the southern Mediterranean.

May 22 15:43

70 YR Old with Walker and Pacemaker Walks Miles In Rain 4 #FeelTheBern

Meet Richard. Last night he walked miles in the pouring rain with a pacemaker and a walker to attend a Bernie event in South West New Jersey. The reason he came is because he has been watching politics a long time and remembers the Nixon years. He believes that Donald Trump will be another Nixon but worse, more like a dictator version of Nixon.

May 22 14:35

Keiser Report: The Return Of Bubba

In this episode of the Keiser Report Max and Stacy discuss 'the return of 'Bubba' - aka President Bill Clinton - as Hillary's 'coal gaffe' loses her votes in Appalachia.

May 22 12:46

Spectacular Mount Etna Volcano Eruption In Sicily

Europe’s largest volcano, Mount Etna, erupted, Saturday, spitting out luminous ash clouds from its Voragine crater, illuminating the sky over Sicily.

May 21 05:48

The entertainment industry exposed — Illuminati tentacles

It's no big secret anymore that Hollywood has been overran by evil

May 21 00:24

What Happened at the #NVDemConvention? Fraud Here's Proof.

Roberta Lange conspired with the state party to steal complete control of the convention and gave herself dictatorial control as hundreds of Bernie voters got stuck with red tape and couldn’t enter the convention.

May 20 23:04

Lawsuit Filed today #CrookedHillary Voter Suppression in CA

A lawsuit was filed today by in California detailing widespread violation of election laws across state which aim to suppress voter's from voting for Bernie Sanders in California. The lawsuit was filed jointly by two civil rights attorney's and an election watchdog which uncovered election fraud against Bernie Sanders in New York.

May 20 20:04

Busted! Salon Reporter Witnessed #CrookedHillary’s #NVDemConvention Fraud

#CrookedHillary Busted By Salon Reporter Gayle Brandeis:

I watched Hillary Clinton’s forces swipe Nevada: This is what the media’s not telling you. Bernie's forces were justifiably outraged over arbitrary rule changes and a chairwoman determined to ignore them.

May 20 16:44

Robert McChesney: Facebook’s Monopoly & Surveillance Antithetical To Free Press And A Free Society

On Wednesday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg met with top conservative media figures, including Glenn Beck.

May 20 10:11

Activists Wash Peruvian Flags In ‘Democracy’ Bucket To Protest Fujimori’s Presidential Campaign

Two groups of angry protesters voice their unhappiness with possible election of Keiko Fujimori as president of Peru.

May 20 08:06

Washington, D.C. Echoes A Growing Call To #KeepItInTheGround

1300 people marched in the nation’s capital this past weekend as part of a global push to divest from fossil fuels.

May 19 21:29

Clinton Delegate Turns Whistleblower and Reveals #NVDemConvention Fraud

Hillary Delegate: Party leaders were told they could scrub anyone they wanted. It came from the State level, meaning Roberta Lange. Me and my husband's name where removed. I complained and showed proof...we were added back. And text came in from the state level, meaning Roberta Lange, saying "we are setting up Nevada for Hillary" Party leaders were told they can scrub anyone they wanted. We we went to vote and mysteriously my husband's had been removed.

May 19 16:57

Unsafe Haven: Child Sexual Abuse Scandal Hits Turkish Refugee Camp Praised By Merkel

Harrowing accounts by pre-teen victims of a rapist at Turkey’s Nizip refugee camp paint a picture of systematic abuse at the site designed to be a sanctuary.

May 19 16:52

Two American Missionaries Found Slain In Jamaica

Authorities are searching for those responsible for the baffling slayings of two American missionaries in Jamaica over the weekend.

May 19 16:35

Eyewitness Evidence: Brutal Killings & Kidnappings By Militant Group Spared From UN Terror Blacklist

Eyewitnesses from Zara, an Alawite Syrian village, have revealed brutal killings and kidnappings at the hands of Ahrar al-Sham and Al-Nusra fighters to RT.


May 19 13:49

Pink Floyd - The Fletcher Memorial Home

The concept that Mike was talking about on today's show -- about creating a mental institution for psychotic leaders -- is exactly what Pink Floyd sings about in this video.

May 19 09:53

Keiser Report: Revolutions

In this episode of the Keiser Report Max and Stacy discuss fomenting bond revolutions in Russia and staving off Bernie Sanders’ revolution in America by offering ‘free’ healthcare for all. In the second half Max interviews author and blogger, James Howard Kunstler of about the economic catastrophe that brought us the clown show that is the US presidential elections.

May 19 09:21

French Cities Hit By Fresh Violent Protests Against Labor Reform, Tear Gas Used

Massive trade union protests hit several French cities, as the public vents its anger over the country’s controversial labor reforms.

May 19 08:48

Russian Opposition Figure Navalny Hit, Fellow Activist Injured In Mass Brawl With ‘Cossacks’

Anti-corruption activist Aleksey Navalny has been hit and at least one of his associates injured in a mass brawl at Anapa Airport on Russia’s Black Sea coast.

May 19 07:44

‘Coup Took Place In Brazil’: Film Crew Stages Red Carpet Pro-Rousseff Protest In Cannes

The cast and crew of the Brazilian film Aquarius have staged an improvised protest on the red carpet of the Cannes competition in the south of France to show support for unseated President Dilma Rousseff, denouncing her suspension as a ‘coup d’état.’.

May 18 15:44

Why So Serious: German Court Bans Most Of Erdogan-Mocking Poem

A court in Hamburg has issued a preliminary injunction banning 18 of the 24 verses in a German comedian’s satirical poem lampooning Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for being ‘abusive and defaming.’

May 18 13:29

Cracks In The Blue Wall Of Silence

As Officer Garret Miller testifies in the trial of fellow co-defendant Officer Edward Nero, NAACP-Baltimore head Tessa Hill Aston and Attorney's Warren Brown and Doug Colbert discuss the potential impact on the case.

May 18 12:40

Chomsky: Today’s Republican Party Is A Candidate For Most Dangerous Organization In Human History

We speak with world-renowned political dissident Noam Chomsky about the Republican party, the rightward shift in U.S. politics and the 2016 election.

May 18 10:52

Chomsky On The Late Michael Ratner & How U.S. Thawed Cuba Ties To Avoid Dwindling Regional Influence

At the opening of the Cuban Embassy in Washington, D.C., last year after almost half a century, Democracy Now! spoke to attorney Michael Ratner, who played a key role in fighting for the habeas corpus rights of Guantánamo prisoners and wrote several books about the U.S. role in Cuba and Latin America.

May 18 09:28

Feds Find Probable Cause Pocomoke Violated Law When It Fired 1st Black Police Chief

EEOC says the city violated the rights of Chief Kelvin Sewell and Detective Frank Savage when it fired both last year.

May 18 07:40

Bill's ex-lover proclaims Hillary is a terrorist

Here's another dirty, filthy story from election 2016: Dolly Koyle is a woman from Texas who claims to have had an affair with Bill Clinton from the mid-70s through to the early 90s. She has a new book coming out entitled, "Hillary: the Other Woman - a Political Memoir," in which she accuses Hillary of terrorizing her and Bill's other sexual 'victims.' The forward of her book is written by the chief investigative counsel for the US House Judicial Committee for the Clinton Impeachment, validating Koyle's involvement with the Clintons. The Resident breaks down the latest disgustingness from the US Presidential Election 2016.

May 18 07:39

Queen Hillary Offers to Give $30 Billion to Re-Educate Coal Miners She Wants to Fire

Hillary Clinton generously offered to give unemployed coal miners taxpayer funded education classes after she ruins their communities and puts them out of work. Maybe they can all work at the local restaurant?

May 18 06:43

The Senate Advances Measure To Let 9/11 Families Sue Saudi Arabia

Tuesday, the Senate passed legislation opposed by the White House that would let the families of 9/11 victims sue Saudi Arabia’s government for alleged complicity in the 2001 terror attacks.

May 18 06:42

U.S. Discloses Debt To Saudi Arabia Following Kingdom’s Threat To Sell Off Assets

Saudi Arabia tops all other oil-exporting countries in holding $116 billion of US debt, Treasury documents reveal. Meanwhile, the US Senate unanimously passed a bill that would allow Americans to sue nation-states for terrorist attacks on US soil. Prior to the bill’s passing, the kingdom threatened to sell off hundreds of billions in US assets and treasuries.

May 17 19:59

Nearly 5K Sanders KY Votes Scrubbed Live On CNN

As Bernie Sanders Caught up with Hillary Clinton in the Kentucky Primary Tonight, nearly 5 thousand of his votes was deleted losing a net of nearly 3 thousand votes.

May 17 15:16

Johnson-Cameron ‘Bromance’ Hits Brexit Rocks

Brexit debate has been intensifying with the vote set for next month. And it seems to have strained what had appeared to be a near unbreakable bond between both camps' leaders, Boris Johnson and David Cameron.

May 17 15:12

Saudi Embassy Branded ‘Daesh Bank’ In Berlin Projection Stunt

The embassy of Saudi Arabia in the German capital has been decorated with an ISIS flag and labeled the ‘Daesh Bank’ in a projection stunt.

May 17 14:48

Moment Weather Reporter ‘Made’ To Cover Her Dress With Cardigan Live On Air

Courtesy: KTLA Online viewers of a US weather report have demanded reporter Liberte Chan be given a public apology after she was made to cover up.