Feb 23 06:17

We Need to Talk About Sheldon

Adelson, who spent upwards of $100 million trying (and failing) to sway the 2012 presidential election, is essentially a single-issue candidate: His driving concern is not only maintaining but supplementing the diplomatic and military cover that the United States offers the state of Israel. The Palestinians, he has said, are an “invented people” whose sole purpose “is to destroy Israel.”

The casino magnate has not yet graced a Republican candidate with his largesse in this election, though he is thought to favor Marco Rubio.

Feb 22 14:31

Nevada GOP to report caucus results with smartphones

Nevada GOP presidential caucus officials will report the results of Tuesday night’s contests using pictures snapped on their smartphones — a marked contrast to the Microsoft-built app that was used to deliver results in Iowa.

Feb 22 14:28

flashback March 20, 2015; Senator Marco Rubio – Israel First, America Last

On March 19, 2015, Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla) gave a speech which promoted Israel. He spoke more like a paid Israeli lobbyist than a US Senator.

Who exactly is Senator Rubio working for, America or Israel? And where does his loyalty lie?

Not only was his speech filled with a stunning facade of inaccuracies, and outright lies, it approached sycophancy and boot-licking of Israel and Bibi Netanyahu.

Could it be that Senator Rubio clearly understands who is running America and that in order to advance his political career, he must suck up to them?

>Could it be that he understands that the City of London based Rothschild Khazarian Mafia Banksters established a beachhead in America in 1913, from which they proceeded to infiltrate and hijack our monetary production and distribution system in order to buy control of Congress, and now uses Israel as their main action-agent?

>Could it be that he understands >>>

Feb 22 13:01

Rubio Inherits Establishment Support

Rubio inherits establishment support but is on a narrow path to stop Trump

LAS VEGAS — A wave of mainstream Republican donors and elected officials is swiftly flocking to Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) amid a growing sense that is he is the last best chance to prevent Donald Trump from running away with the Republican nomination.

(*The Jeb!tanic sunk , but they're trying to steady the Rubio Life Boat , which could capsize from the pitch caused by the wake from The passing SS Trump )

Feb 22 11:21

The Nevada Caucus is a Complete Fiasco

According to the latest on-the-ground reports from Democratic caucus-goers in Nevada, the entire process is being described as a “fiasco” where confusion and deception is rampant.

The Reno Gazette-Journal (RGJ) reported that there were “long lines, too few ballots” at caucus locations. Gwen Ritchie, who was caucusing at Hug High School in Washoe County, told the RGJ that her caucus was supposed to start at 11:30 AM local time, yet she and others were still waiting by 12:45. Edwin Basl, who is caucusing at Peavine Elementary School, told RGJ that he was experiencing “Completely silly loooonnnnngggg waiting lines. This should be a primary vote, not a caucus process.”

Feb 22 09:31

FLASHBACK 2008 - Superdelegates Turned Down $1 Million Offer From Clinton Donor

One of Sen. Hillary Clinton's top financial supporters offered $1 million to the Young Democrats of America during a phone conversation in which he also pressed for the organization's two uncommitted superdelegates to endorse the New York Democrat, a high-ranking official with YDA told The Huffington Post.

Haim Saban, the billionaire entertainment magnate and longtime Clinton supporter, denied the allegation. But four independent sources said that just before the North Carolina and Indiana primaries, Saban called YDA President David Hardt and offered what was perceived as a lucrative proposal: $1 million would be made available for the group if Hardt and the organization's other uncommitted superdelegate backed Clinton.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

On that basis alone the superdelegate system should be shut down!

Feb 22 09:28

Clinton loses voters who value honesty by 70 points in Nevada

Hillary Clinton may have won Nevada, but entrance polls of the state carry a troubling sign for what is considered her chief weakness heading into a general election: trustworthiness.

Among the 25 percent of Nevada Democratic voters who cited "honest and trustworthy" as the top quality they were seeking in a president, they favored Sen. Bernie Sanders 82-12 percent, according to the CNN entrance poll.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Needless to say there are already multiple allegations of fraud on the part of Hillary's people.

Feb 22 08:45

Clinton Supporters Falsely Accuse Sanders Fans of Chanting ‘English Only’ During Caucus

Labor icon and Hillary Clinton supporter Dolores Huerta accused Bernie Sanders supporters in Nevada of chanting “English only,” a charge that was thrown into doubt when video of the event emerged.

Huerta tweeted Saturday about the incident and retweeted actress (and fellow Hillary supporter) America Ferrera. Both claimed that Sanders supporters chanted “English only” during the Clark County caucus.

Feb 22 04:56

Requiem for the Bush Dynasty

An unrivaled political pedigree and $100-million war chest were not enough to overcome an undeniable fact: voters didn’t buy what Jeb Bush was selling.

(*...all the king's horses and all the king's men...
from nursery rhyme 'Humpty Dumpty' )

Feb 21 06:09

Hillary's win in Nevada invalid! Her caucus goers were not registered when voting. This is not just a scandal...its criminal voter fraud. Email Nevada election commission immediately to freeze records.

Webmaster addition: Please share this post everywhere! Hillary is cheating and apparently doesn't care if people know it. The people who caucused for Hillary were not registered. There is no way to know if they went to more than on precinct, were from out of state, or were illegal immigrants who are not allowed to vote!

If Bernie Sanders does not act on this, then he is not serious about winning the nomination.

Feb 20 20:46

Clinton’s Campaign Just Got Busted Impersonating Union Nurses in Nevada

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is attempting to trick Bernie Sanders supporters in Nevada into voting for Clinton by disguising themselves as nurses affiliated with the National Nurses United union (NNU), which has thrown its support behind Sanders.

NNU executive director RoseAnn DeMoro caught Clinton staffers red-handed changing from blue Hillary Clinton campaign shirts into red shirts of the same shade as the red shirts NNU members are wearing, in an apparent attempt to confuse voters.

This is just the latest in a series of questionable tactics the Hillary Clinton campaign has engaged in during the week leading up to the Nevada caucus.

Feb 20 16:51

The Nevada Caucus is a Complete Fiasco

According to the latest on-the-ground reports from Democratic caucus-goers in Nevada, the entire process is being described as a “fiasco” where confusion and deception is rampant.

The Reno Gazette-Journal (RGJ) reported that there were “long lines, too few ballots” at caucus locations. Gwen Ritchie, who was caucusing at Hug High School in Washoe County, told the RGJ that her caucus was supposed to start at 11:30 AM local time, yet she and others were still waiting by 12:45. Edwin Basl, who is caucusing at Peavine Elementary School, told RGJ that he was experiencing “Completely silly loooonnnnngggg waiting lines. This should be a primary vote, not a caucus process.”


Feb 20 10:18

Clinton expands lead in delegates despite Sanders' win in NH

Despite Bernie Sanders' win in New Hampshire, Hillary Clinton is adding to her big lead among the delegates who will choose the Democratic nominee for president.

Since the New Hampshire primary, Clinton has picked up endorsements from 89 more superdelegates to the Democratic National Convention, and Sanders has added just 11, according to a new Associated Press survey.

These party leaders and elected officials can change their minds. But if they continue to back Clinton overwhelmingly, Sanders would have to win the remaining primaries by a landslide just to catch up. He would have to roll up big margins because every Democratic contest awards delegates in proportion to the vote, so even the loser can get some.

Feb 20 08:55

Supreme Court will not stay ruling calling for overhaul of gerrymandered N. Carolina districts

The U.S. Supreme Court on Friday rejected a request to stay a ruling that two congressional districts in North Carolina were racially gerrymandered in a 2011 redistricting and needed to be redrawn within two weeks.

A panel of federal judges this month barred elections in the majority black districts, the 1st and the 12th, until new maps are approved, calling the current maps unconstitutional. Congressional primaries in the state are set for March 15.

Feb 20 05:25

U.S. High Court Rejects Republicans on North Carolina Voting Map

The order was one of the high court’s first since the death of Justice Antonin Scalia. It came without published dissent.

A three-judge panel said Feb. 5 that the original map, drawn by the state’s Republican-controlled legislature, unconstitutionally packed too many black voters into two overwhelmingly Democratic districts. The panel gave the state until Feb. 19 to put a new map in place.

Feb 19 06:02

Ted Cruz ‘Birther’ Case Heads To Court

Ted Cruz ‘Birther’ Case To Be Heard In Chicago Court Friday: Reports

The Circuit Court of Cook County in Chicago has agreed to hear a lawsuit challenging Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz’s eligibility for presidency. According to media reports, Lawrence Joyce, an Illinois voter who objected to Cruz’s placement on the Illinois primary ballot next month, will have his case heard Friday.

Joyce has challenged Cruz’s right to be president because of his birth in Canada while similar objections have been previously raised by GOP rival Donald Trump.>>>

Feb 19 03:46

How the South Carolina ‘Firewall’ Fell Apart

For thirty years, the GOP relied on the Palmetto State to weed out insurgents. It was a brilliant strategy—until it collapsed.

The next major Republican primary will take place in South Carolina on February 20. “If you are not ready to play,” Sen. Lindsay Graham told an audience while introducing Jeb Bush at an event in the state this week, “don’t come to South Carolina.”

He was talking about the Republican candidates, of course, but he might as well have been talking about the Grand Old Party itself. Saturday’s South Carolina primary race will be not just a test to see who is the strongest candidate in the pack but also a test of how strong the party establishment still is—or perhaps more accurately, just how weak it has become.

Ever since 1980, and up until 2012, South Carolina had been a Republican “firewall” of sorts—>>>

Feb 18 16:04

The Walking Dead–Donald Trump as an enemy of ‘Greater Israel’ living every day of his candidacy in Netanyahu’s crosshairs

Feb 18 16:03

Key Ohio Democratic delegates remain behind Clinton

Some key Ohio Democrats who were committed to Hillary Clinton in the presidential race are unshaken by U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders’ early good showing against her, an Associated Press survey shows.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Once bought, they stay bought!

Feb 18 15:03

Revealed: Clinton is winning the 'secret election' with massive lead in Democratic 'superdelegates' - despite crumbling poll lead and New Hampshire disaster

Bernie Sanders won big in the state of New Hampshire, but Hillary Clinton is still adding to her wide lead in the delegates who will decide the Democratic Party's presidential nominee.

Over the past week, Clinton has picked up the endorsements of 87 more party insiders known as superdelegates, according to a new Associated Press survey. Sanders added just 11 superdelegates.

If these delegates to the party's national convention continue to back Clinton overwhelmingly — and they can change their minds — Sanders would have to win the remaining primaries by a landslide just to catch up. He would have to roll up big margins because every Democratic contest awards delegates in proportion to the vote, so even the loser can get some.

Feb 18 05:14

Bush struggles to mask mounting frustration

'I should stop campaigning maybe,' the candidate quips.

“The press is totally at the mercy of Donald Trump,” Bush said after Edward Scott, 58, a Bush supporter, stood up and expressed concern that the former governor’s pitch on preparedness and policy “doesn’t resonate” and that the bombastic businessman has been “knocking [him] off center.”

Moments later though, a second likely Bush supporter, David Villinger, 62, stood up and offered a similar lament that his campaign “has been co-opted by the P.T. Barnum of our time.”

Then a third questioner encouraged Bush to show more fire, asking Bush if he could be more of “an [S.O.B.]” like his brother.


Feb 17 11:06

Cheney Calls Trump a 'Liberal Democrat' After Bush 9/11 Claims

Former Vice President Dick Cheney wants Donald Trump to get his facts straight. Cheney, who served under President George W. Bush from 2001-2009, sounded off on Trump for claiming that Bush failed to keep Americans safe in the wake of the September 11 terror attacks at Saturday’s GOP debate in South Carolina. Trump then held two press conferences on the campaign trail this weekend in case the press didn’t hear him the first time.

(*When Jeb called the family into his campaign , I didn't realize he meant the WHOLE family .
Cheney's screwing with us . '
claiming that Bush failed to keep Americans safe in the wake of the September 11 terror attacks' I don't recall that coming from Trump . I just remeber him saying 9/11 happened on Bush' watch . And if memory is serving me well , I seem to recall George W Bush & Richard Dick Cheney sitting in the highest executive chairs in the nation , on that day .)


Feb 16 09:19

American Democracy? - Money, Super-Delegates, & Hacked Voting Machines

The next time the victor of a US presidential race system says that he or she will destabilize a foreign government or wage a war against a foreign country in order to 'fight for democracy', the entire world, led most of all by the voters of the United States, should greet the news with a hearty laugh.

Feb 16 05:27

FLASHBACK: Did George H.W. Bush Coordinate a JFK Hit Team?

This is not the first time and surely will not be the last that George H.W. Bush, former Director of the CIA and the 41st President of the United States, has been implicated in the death of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, our 35th president.

Feb 16 05:07

George W. Bush Returns To The Campaign Trail

George W. Bush Returns To The Campaign Trail And Blasts Trump Without Saying His Name
After months distancing himself from the others, Jeb Bush has draped himself in the Bush family name.


Feb 15 13:41

Was Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Murdered?

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has died under questionable circumstances. Always pay attention to the establishment’s reaction to a situation like this. It speaks volumes.

Feb 15 10:53

Sanders supporters revolt against superdelegates

Outraged by the delegate deficit Sanders faces even after his New Hampshire win, the senator's backers are taking action.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I am going long on tar and feathers!

Feb 15 09:20

Obama May Have Been Elected With Illegal Votes

A large number of non-citizens cast ballots in U.S. elections and it’s possible that the illegal votes were responsible for President Obama’s 2008 victory, according to an in-depth academic study that confirms Judicial Watch’s assessment that foreign nationals have helped Democrats steal elections.

Feb 14 16:59

RNC Under Fire Over Debate Audience Stacking–Local GOP Chairman Confirms Party Donors Get Debate Tickets

The chairman of the local Republican Party here confirmed to local television that 2016 frontrunner billionaire Donald Trump’s concerns—and those of his closest competitor Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)97%
—with the Republican National Committee (RNC) allocation of debate audience tickets are well-placed.

Chad Groover, the chairman of the Greenville County Republican Party here, told WYFF—the local NBC News station—that party donors get tickets to the debate.

“You’ll have a good mix of people who are donors, people who are donors and workers, and people who are just workers,” Groover said, noting that he got “a couple of dozen” of tickets to hand out to the party’s faithful donors.

“I didn’t have hundreds of tickets. I had a couple of dozen tickets,” Groover said.

That means a significant proportion of his stack of approximately 24 tickets went to monied interests backing the GOP—not to actual voters in the upcoming election.

Feb 14 09:17

The Democrats’ Likely Nominee Appears to Be a Felon — This Is Not Business as Usual

Competing Democrats debate each other one night. Republican rivals take their shots at each other a couple of nights later. An air of frenetic normalcy sets over primary season: The country is $20 trillion in the red and under heightened terrorist threat, yet pols bicker over the legacy of Henry Kissinger and the chameleon nature of Donald Trump – another liability the mogul is marketing as an asset. It is business as usual.

Except nothing about the 2016 campaign is business as usual.

For all the surreal projection of normalcy, the race is enveloped by an extremely serious criminal investigation.

Feb 14 08:27

Trump, Jeb Bush clash over George W. Bush

Trump began by saying that he gets "along with everybody" and noted he was a "self funder" amid boos from the crowd, which he'd cast as interest groups supporting Jeb Bush.

“Obviously the war in Iraq was a big fat mistake," Trump said.

He then criticized Jeb Bush's response earlier in the campaign on Iraq. “It took him five days before his people told him what to say," about whether it was the right decision to invade.

When asked again whether he still thought the 43rd president should have been impeached, he said: “You call it whatever you want," adding that officials in the Bush administration had "lied."
He[JEB] added that while Trump was focused on creating a reality television show, “my brother was building a security apparatus to keep us safe." That prompted Trump to interject that the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks had occurred while George W. Bush was in office.
Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, who hasn't exactly been a frequent ally of Jeb Bush in recent months, joined with the former Florida governor in arguing that President Bush had kept the nation safe, which again led to Trump saying "the World Trade center came down" during Bush's presidency.

Feb 14 04:39

RT: 'Undemocratic system used by Democratic Party'

FROM RUSSIA TODAY Super-duper-delegates: 'Undemocratic system used by Democratic Party'

(*The United States of America's Democratic Voting System . Known World-Wide for it's exceptionalism in defrauding it's citizens .)

Feb 13 08:22

Here Comes Another Superdelegate Crisis

Now set all of the primary process aside and focus on another source from which the candidates can add to their delegate totals: the superdelegates. Democratic Party superdelegates are basically elected officials, Democratic National Committee members and a posse of party swells that are now considered distinguished Democratic Party pooh-bahs, and they all get a vote in this process.

There are, right now, 712 of them. Many are, as of this moment, tentatively committed to a candidate. The Associated Press' reporting calculates that Clinton currently has 361 superdelegates committed to her as of Jan. 30, and Sanders has ... eight. So, Clinton has a massive advantage here.

But this advantage comes with problems. Many superdelegates prefer to fly under the radar, properly recognizing that it would be a really bad look if a bunch of affluent party elites became the means by which a primary was decided.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Simple message; If We The People don't choose the government, We The People don't obey, don't pay the bills, don't sacrifice our children in wars of conquest!

Feb 13 05:32

Jeb Bush On His Foreign Policy

Jeb Bush On His Foreign Policy Chops: Florida National Guard Ran Abu Ghraib Prison
“I was commander-in-chief of the National Guard. I visited Iraq and Afghanistan. The National Guard in Florida took the responsibility of running Abu Ghraib prison. I walked that prison. I saw the heroic effort of the citizen soldiers taking care of their job with great distinction. I supported our Guard in every possible way.”

Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush cited his experience as head of the Florida National Guard in a radio interview Friday to counter claims from Marco Rubio that he lacked foreign policy credentials. The former Florida governor singled out the Florida Guard that ran the scandal-plagued Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq as proof of his foreign policy chops.

Feb 12 15:16

FLASHBACK - Hillary Calls For End To Electoral College

Senator-elect Hillary Rodham Clinton began a victory tour of upstate New York Friday by calling for elimination of the Electoral College.

At an airport news conference, the first lady said she would support legislation seeking a constitutional amendment providing for the direct election of the president.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"... on Diebold machines, of course!" -- Hitlery

Feb 12 12:09

Hillary Clinton’s Very Bad Night – Robert Parry

Clinton’s razor-thin victory in Iowa and her slashing defeat in New Hampshire have left Democratic strategists uncertain as to whether they should rally behind her...

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"I don;t NEED your @#$%ing support. I'm gonna STEAL this @#$%ing election!" -- Hitlery

Feb 12 09:56

Clinton Gets Back In The Game After (*nudge ~ nudge)Blowout Loss To Sanders(*wink ~ wink) In N.H.

(*LIVE FREE OR DIE! So if you're in the 60% that voted for Bernie , you now know which side of that equation you come up under .)

Feb 12 09:24


Despite being the victim of a popular vote landslide in the New Hampshire Primary on Tuesday, Hillary Clinton is actually a winner when it comes to the number of delegates earned.

The former secretary of state is leaving the Granite State with at least two more delegates than Sen. Bernie Sanders, even though Sanders won by a margin of 60 to 38 percent of votes.

How is this possible?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If we didn't choose the government, then we don't have to pay the bills!

Feb 12 04:10

Jeb Bush on Trail Talking About Trump

(*WHAT ABOUT THE ISSUES , Mister WannaBe President ? )

Feb 12 04:02

Clinton Attacks Sanders as 'Single Issue Candidate'

Clinton has struggled to find a clear and inspiring message on the stump as Sanders makes uplifting promises. But during the PBS debate Thursday night in Milwaukee, Clinton adopted a new more measured tone to reflect her message, and honed her rhetoric.

(* What About The REAL Issues Mrs. "C" ? )
(*with a capital 'C')

Feb 11 19:56

Are 'superdelegates' Hillary Clinton's secret weapon? (+video)

Superdelegates don’t have to vote for the winner of their state’s caucus or primary. Under party rules, they can choose whom they please. For many of them, that’s already Mrs. Clinton. There are 712 superdelegates, and at least 394 have pledged to support her. Forty-four have announced they are for Senator Sanders. The rest remain up for grabs.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Trying to trivialize the superdelegate issue before Democrats start defecting to the GOP!

Feb 11 16:05

Hillary ‘Winning’ More Delegates Than Sanders Proves the Election Is Rigged

Ask anyone who has decided not to vote in the upcoming elections why they have chosen to disengage and the answer usually boils down to the belief that our votes don’t matter.

After the popular vote was won by Al Gore in the 2000 election, and George W. Bush was nonetheless appointed to the presidency, many came to see the democratic voting process as more symbolic than anything. The powerful, many have concluded, will determine the outcome of the election, based on two candidates that they find acceptable for us to select. If another should win instead, some strange technicalities will give things to whoever mostly closely reinforces the establishment.

Feb 11 10:11

How Hillary Clinton Might Actually Win In N.H., Even Though She Lost Big

There were 24 delegates to be allocated out of the New Hampshire Democratic primary, based on the vote statewide and by congressional district. Sanders, obviously, won more of those, 15 to her 9.

And yet ...

Add in the "superdelegates" who have already committed to a candidate, and Clinton moves into the delegate lead. Six of the state's eight superdelegates have publicly said they will vote for Clinton at the Democratic National Convention in July.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The NH super delegates committed to Hilalry are:

Joanne Dowdell: DNC Board of Directors

Maggie Hassan: Governor

Ann Kuster: Representative of the 2nd congressional district

Billy Shaheen: DNC Committeeman

Jeanne Shaheen: Senator

Kathy Sullivan: DNC Committeewoman

Let them know you are angry at being told your vote doesn't count!

Feb 11 09:16

Bernie Didn't Win New Hampshire. No Joke.

It's true. Bernie earned 15 delegates by winning 62.5% of the Democratic vote-- the bottom up democratic way. But Hillary also received 15 delegates. The difference is, she earned 9 delegates and the undemocratic, top down Democratic Party-- provides a system that prevents the people from electing people-- enabled her to have six superdelegates. That makes the New Hampshire delegate count a tie.

As it stands, Bernie Sanders could continue to win popular votes in more early primary states and lose or tie elections because the DNC gives Hillary superdelegates. This is comparable to intra-party gerrymandering.

This is bullshit, an outrageous obscenity against justice and Democracy. It should go no further.

Feb 10 18:32


Infowars reporter Lee Ann McAdoo hits the streets of Austin, Texas, to see if people know who really won the New Hampshire Primary. Even though Bernie Sanders received more votes than Clinton, Hillary took two more delegates in the state. The only way that adds up is if you’re using Common Core math.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Feb 10 13:47

TRNN in New Hampshire: Sanders Campaign Inspiring Movement Beyond the Election

Filmmaker Annabel Park says the people in support of Sanders are developing their own leadership and must start challenging superdelegates instead of waiting for the convention

Feb 10 13:24


Ask anyone who has decided not to vote in the upcoming elections why they have chosen to disengage and the answer usually boils down to the belief that our votes don’t matter. After the popular vote was won by Al Gore in the 2000 election, and George W. Bush was nonetheless appointed to the presidency, many came to see the democratic voting process as more symbolic than anything. The powerful, many have concluded, will determine the outcome of the election, based on two candidates that they find acceptable for us to select. If another should win instead, some strange technicalities will give things to whoever mostly closely reinforces the establishment.

Feb 10 12:27

Clinton likely to leave NH with same number of delegates as Sanders

Clinton won nine delegates in the primary but came into the contest with the support of six superdelegates, who are state party insiders given the freedom to support any candidate they choose.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I told you those Superdelegates were Hillary's ace in the hole!

Feb 10 04:45

Clinton’s Crushing New Hampshire Defeat

Clinton’s Crushing New Hampshire Defeat Leaves Supporters Struggling for Answers

Hooksett, N.H. — “I want you to know that I still love New Hampshire, and I always will!”


Feb 10 04:08

Trump, Sanders, and Kasich Do Well. Thanks a Lot, New Hampshire.

NATIONAL REVIEW: Could this night have gone worse for Donald Trump’s foes? Sure, he could have won with 90 percent or something. But this was about as bad a result as they could reasonably fear, and about as good a result as Trump and his fans could want.

Trump’s first-place finish was easy to predict, and in line with most of the polling. In fact, the traditional New Hampshire polling surprise this year was… that the actual results didn’t offer much of a surprise. It always looked like a tightly-packed crowd of candidates from second to sixth place, and the order of finish was pretty ideal for Trump. It’s him against the crowd, and his chunk of the base – even if it’s just a new generation of Pat Buchanan’s share of the vote – will always outpace his rivals, as long as there’s a bunch of them.




Feb 09 14:06

Without Paper Ballots, Fear of Vote Rigging Clouds 2016 Primaries

"Something smells in the Democratic Party," blasted The Des Moines Register in a scathing February 5 editorial, after the unverifiable Iowa caucuses on February 1 ended in an inconclusive photo finish between Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Feb 09 12:55

FOX News now reporting three-way tie in GOP primary

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The good news: Sanders ahead of Hillary almost 2 to 1!

Feb 09 12:01

See How Easy It Is To Commit Electronic Voting Fraud; Microsoft Counting Your Vote?

Feb 09 11:59

Careening to the Finish in New Hampshire

There’s a quirk in New Hampshire’s primary process that could prove important. Voters who aren’t registered with either party—about 40 percent of the state’s electorate—can choose which race they want to vote in. Twenty-three percent of voters in New Hampshire had not made up their mind on whether they’ll cast their votes in the Democratic or Republican primaries, according to a WBUR poll taken from February 2-4.

Feb 09 11:54


UPDATE: Fox News has reset its New Hampshire results page after we reported on them posting the ‘final’ results.

Fox News is reporting the final results of tonight’s Republican and Democratic primaries in advance, with a mock-up page showing establishment favorite Marco Rubio finishing in second place.

The page – which can be viewed here – displays the final tally of the Republican primary with 100% of votes counted. Donald Trump is in first place with 28%, with Rubio thirteen points behind with 15% and Ted Cruz just behind him in third.

Feb 09 11:09

Bush calls for race ‘reset’ in N.H. primary

Former Florida governor Jeb Bush, who has staked his flagging presidential bid on a strong performance in this first-in-the-nation primary state, called Monday for New Hampshire voters to “reset” the race.

“The reset has started as of tonight,” Bush said, adding, “Next Tuesday, we’re going to surprise the world.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Feb 09 10:56

New Hampshire Election Fraud Prediction

If the hypothetical fixers in the GOP establishment can fix New Hampshire, they have a big decision to make about how far to go. If they don’t fix the race, or they fix it only a little, Trump will win big and he might be unstoppable. You can’t have that if you are the establishment fixers.

But after Iowa, lots of folks are watching for irregularities. And after Rubio’s recent debate failure, there is no natural reason to expect Rubio (the establishment’s candidate) to have another “surprise” surge as he did in Iowa. That would be too obvious. So the fixers (if such people exist) can either lose the White House or risk getting caught by making too large a fix. Which way would they go?

Feb 09 10:28

Primaries and Caucuses Take a Backseat to Party Insiders

Now that the Iowa Caucus is in the record books, contrary to Trump’s demand for a redo, the respected party brokers are eager to weed out the hanger-on’s. Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum, Rand Paul and Martin O'Malley are gone. The GOP Party, started in 1854, is circling the wagons behind their establishment pick, Marco Rubio and the Democratic National Committee, founded in 1848, will do everything necessary to see that Hillary Clinton gets her chance to steal their selection. All of this chicanery is being practiced by two private political power hungry organizations. Proprietary rules and internal arbitration is the hallmark of party control and discipline, which ensures that the final outcome goes as the money interests deem.

Feb 09 10:26

Trump, Sanders look to emerge from New Hampshire with wins

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders hope to emerge from New Hampshire's primary Tuesday with their first wins of the 2016 presidential election, victories that would boost their standing in a highly competitive race.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Feb 09 10:02

Sanders Trump Victims of Voter Fraud ? Michael Rivero

Feb 08 18:16


With the New Hampshire primary happening tomorrow, a new Emerson College statewide survey shows Republican Donald Trump poised to win in the Granite State with 31% of likely GOP primary voters. The battle is on for second place, with the next four candidates separated by just 5 percentage points: Jeb Bush (16%), John Kasich (13%), Marco Rubio (12%) and Ted Cruz (11%). In the Democratic primary, Bernie Sanders maintains a lead over Hillary Clinton, 54% to 42%.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

All of a sudden, Bush is in 2nd place?!?

Feb 08 14:07

Nashua city clerk expects 65 percent voter turnout for primary

NASHUA — About 33,000 Gate City residents are expected to hit the polls Tuesday for New Hampshire’sd the first-in-the-nation presidential primary, with an estimated 2,000 people registering as new voters, the city clerk estimates.

“We are looking at a 65 percent turnout, but it is hard so say. Of course, it depends on the snow,” City Clerk Patricia Piecuch said.

Feb 08 08:18

Desperate for Hillary – Feminist Icon Gloria Steinem Claims Young Women Support Sanders to Attract Boys

When people get desperate, they do desperate things, and Hillary Clinton supporters are very, very desperate.

Indeed, it’s now become clear the Hillary support team understands it can’t win the argument with the American people on the issues, so it’s focusing all of its energy into guilting women to superficially supporting her simply based on gender.

Feb 08 04:13

George W. Bush Appears in Ad for Jeb

"I know Jeb. I know his good heart and his strong backbone"

Former President George W. Bush is making his first TV advertising appearance of the 2016 presidential campaign, in a spot for the super PAC backing his brother Jeb’s White House bid.

The 30-second spot for the Right to Rise super PAC, reported by Politico, touts Jeb Bush’s “experience and judgement” ahead of Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary, where Bush is under pressure to perform well.

(*maybe because Barbara threatened The Former 'President' with a good whooping if he didn't get out there and appear in an ad for his little brother !)

Feb 07 17:12

Clinton's thin lead over Sanders in Iowa shrinks to 0.25

Democratic Party officials in the US state of Iowa have found new errors in the original count in Monday’s Iowa caucus where Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton narrowly beat Bernie Sanders.

The audit by the Iowa Democratic Party discovered errors in five of 14 precincts across the state from last week’s caucuses that shrink Clinton’s overall advantage to a 0.25 percent lead over Sanders.

Sanders picked up small additional totals of state delegate equivalents because of precinct mistakes in Marion, Woodbury and Poweshiek counties. Reports of discrepancies in other precincts are still being reviewed.


Feb 07 10:08

Iowans claim instances when Sanders was shorted delegates

Keane Schwarz is certain he knows the outcome of the vote in his precinct: He was the lone caucusgoer in Woodbury County No. 43.

But the Iowa Democratic Party's final results state that Hillary Clinton won one county delegate and Bernie Sanders received zero....

Feb 07 09:50

Black Box Voting's Bev Harris on the IA Caucus Mess and NH Concerns

We go on to discuss worries about the even less transparent New Hampshire Primary, where most of the state still uses the same Diebold paper ballot optical-scan computer systems to tally votes that were seen flipping a mock election in HBO's Emmy-nominated 2006 documentary Hacking Democracy. (Watch how it was done right here, and feel free to be concerned when the 100% unverified results are reported next Tuesday night.)

Feb 06 11:21

Hillary to FBI: If I go down we all go down

Feb 06 11:06

Hacking Democracy - The Hack

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is from the end of the HBO documentary "Hacking Democracy" in which Bev Harris and her team visit where the electronic voting machines are kept between elections and demonstrate how easy it is to change the outcome of the election by rigging the memory card that stores the election results.

Feb 06 10:13

Iowa paper: Democrats should do caucus recount

The Iowa Democratic caucuses were so messy that the votes need to be recounted immediately, Iowa's largest newspaper declared on Thursday.

"What happened Monday night at the Democratic caucuses was a debacle, period," the Des Moines Register's editorial board wrote.

On Monday, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton edged out Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, 49.8% to 49.6%, according to the tallies announced by the Iowa Democratic Party.

Despite the incredibly close race, the party said it will not recount the results.

Feb 06 09:43

The Half Dozen Biggest Reasons Why the Iowa Caucus Turned into a Voter Fraud Circus

The second even more blatant evidence that the Iowa state caucus and entire Democratic Party presidential election process has been rigged is that mega-giant corporation Microsoft founder Bill Gates is now in charge of counting both the Democratic and Republican votes in this year’s state primary elections.

Tech savvy Betanews journalist Brian Fagioli recently had this to say about Microsoft counting votes:

Closed source technologies from companies like Microsoft could, in theory, contain backdoors or vulnerabilities that hackers and evildoers could exploit. Even worse, Microsoft or its employees could purposely alter voting software to influence outcomes.

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Feb 06 09:24

Breaking: Dem Officials Just Admitted Something HUGE About Iowa That Could Be Bad For Hillary

The Iowa Democratic Party confirmed on Friday that discrepancies have been found in Monday’s Iowa caucus results.

The party informed the Des Moines Register that the final tally will be altered to account for those discrepancies.

Based on reports of questionable practices in various voting precincts, Democrat candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders refused to concede the contest to Hillary Clinton.

Feb 06 08:20

Confirmed: Iowa Democratic Party Flipped Delegates to Clinton

In the Iowa Democratic party’s chaotic attempt to report caucus results on Monday night, the results in at least one precinct were unilaterally changed by the party as it attempted to deal with the culmination of a rushed and imperfect process overseeing the first-in-the-nation nominating contest.

Feb 05 18:06

Iowa Democratic party altered precinct's caucus results during chaotic night

In the Iowa Democratic party’s chaotic attempt to report caucus results on Monday night, the results in at least one precinct were unilaterally changed by the party as it attempted to deal with the culmination of a rushed and imperfect process overseeing the first-in-the-nation nominating contest.

In Grinnell Ward 1, the precinct where elite liberal arts college Grinnell College is located, 19 delegates were awarded to Bernie Sanders and seven were awarded to Hillary Clinton on caucus night. However, the Iowa Democratic party decided to shift one delegate from Sanders to Clinton on the night and did not notify precinct secretary J Pablo Silva that they had done so. Silva only discovered that this happened the next day, when checking the precinct results in other parts of the county.