Aug 09 08:31

Trump Set To Seize Stake In China-Owned Building In Midtown Manhattan: Report

In what would mark an abrupt and serious escalation of the US-China trade and currency war - if true - is a report from the NY Post according to which the Trump administration, as part of a crackdown on certain US investments made by Chinese companies, is set to seize a majority stake in 850 Third Ave. The stake is owned by HNA, the reeling, quasi-insolvent Chinese conglomerate whose Chairman died in a freak accident in Italy one month ago, and its US partner in the building is desperate to save it.

Aug 09 08:28

DEFY TRUMP: EU orders firms to IGNORE America and carry on trading with Iran

RELATIONS between President Trump and the European Union collapsed to a new low after EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini urged business to ignore US sanctions and increase trade with Iran.

Aug 09 08:22

This is the Real, Americanized, Nazi-Dominated, Ukraine

In US corporate media, the overthrow and replacement of Ukraine’s democratically elected government was ‘the 2014 Ukrainian revolution’, not Obama’s coup in

Such important reality as is shown in this picture is virtually unpublishable in mainstream US ‘news’media, because US ‘news’media to deceive their public about the most important international realities — such as that the US imposed upon Ukraine a nazi regime against Russia, and the US now lies to accuse Russia for doing what Russia must do in order to protect itself from the US nazi regime next-door.>>>

(*Trump must have missed this section of Obama Legislation when he was trying to Shred Obama's Legacy Off The Face Of The Globe )

Aug 09 07:58

A Border Patrol Agent Violated the Fourth Amendment When He Shot Across the US-Mexico Border, Striking Boy 10 Times

“The court made clear that the Constitution does not stop at the border, and that agents should not have constitutional immunity to fatally shoot Mexican teenagers on the other side of the border fence.”


Aug 09 07:47

Crime Against Humanity: 99-Year-Old Nuremberg Prosecutor Calls Out Trump’s Detention of Children

Ferencz also denounced the ongoing “glorification of war-making.” He said, “The capacity to kill human beings has grown faster than our capacity to meet their vital and justified needs,” noting, “Nobody wins in war; the only winner is death.”

(*and a Well Defense Contractor Endowed Stock Portfolio , but after that , I'm not seeing anything in Trumps Entrepreneurship that's representing My Granddaughter's hopes for a future .)

Aug 09 07:36


(*THIS ARTICLE IS A CALL FOR THE WORLD TO BLACKLIST TRUMP , HIS ASSOCIATES AND HIS BUSINESSES . But the good news is it didn't resort to photoshopping anything that crosses the lines of unconditional freedom of speech .)

Aug 09 07:07

Foreign Power Meddling In American Democracy? Guess Which One?

(*I don't want to spoil the surprise , but Here's A Hint;
Donald Trump In 2014 Famously Called President Obama The Biggest Enemy Of , and For The Sake Of , The Meddling Nation .
Give Up ? >>>)

Aug 09 06:32

Trump’s Talk of Isolating Iran Speaks More to US Global Isolation

The Trump administration re-imposed tough sanctions on Iran this week, but the move risks further isolating Washington, not Tehran, in the eyes of the world.

President Donald Trump issued a statement to accompany the sweeping sanctions reinstated by Washington. “The Iranian regime faces a choice,” he said. “Either change its threatening, destabilizing behavior and reintegrate with the global economy, or continue down a path of economic isolation.”

Ironically, the same words uttered by Trump could apply more so to the United States.

This increasingly unhinged US regime needs to back off its “threatening, destabilizing behavior”>>>

(*it's probably just me , but indirectly it seems like we the people , being the enemies of the state , that Trump naively beli~eves we are , are #1 on his personal axis of evil . )

Aug 09 06:05

Bolton: North Korea not taking steps to denuclearise

Trump's national security adviser says Pyongyang has not lived up to the declaration signed in Singapore in June.

In an interview with US cable channel, Fox News, John Bolton said on Tuesday that US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is prepared to return to North Korea for another meeting with its leader, Kim Jong-un.

"What we really need is not more rhetoric," he said.>>>

(*What The _ _ _ _ ? Rhetoric is The Presidents Strong Suit !)

Aug 09 05:49

North Korea Rejects Repeated US Proposal to Slash Nuclear Arsenal

North Korea has reportedly rejected a formal timeline for its denuclearization proposed by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, according to a report.
Vox reported Wednesday that Pyongyang has rejected the timeline several times over the past two months amid continued negotiations over North Korea's nuclear program.

The timeline Pompeo proposed would mandate North Korea hand over 60 to 70 percent of its nuclear warheads to a third party within six to eight months, according to the report.

(*a report from VOXNEWS ? The Saddaming of N.Korea should be a big election season boon , once Trump starts booming out the insults and threats , which are what makes him appear great to many of the American electorate .)

Aug 08 10:55

No Peace In Strengthening Iran Sanctions

President Trump is out of options. So are his main vectors of information, the Israeli Firsters in his cabinet and family. Israel, the U.S. and Saudi Arabia have lost the Syrian War and the ramifications of that are immense.

Because by losing this war the U.S. has been revealed as a paper tiger incapable of imposing its will on a world which is rapidly recoiling from its dominance.

Syria was the first time someone stood up and said, “No more.” Putin’s dramatic intervention in Syria was supported by all the same people in Trump’s crosshairs today: China, Iran and Hezbollah. Eventually, Turkey realized the U.S. could not be trusted, so they are targeted for economic destruction as well.

So, today’s impositions of new sanctions on Iran, the same playbook that Trump used against North Korea, is the only logical step on the path to the U.S. leaving the region.

Yes, you heard me, leaving the region.

Aug 08 10:54

Trump To Slap $16 Billion In New Tariffs On Chinese Imports Starting August 23

Completing the latest round of tariffs pledged against China, the US Trade Representative announced on Tuesday (after the close of course) it will impose 25% tariffs on $16 billion-worth of Chinese imports starting August 23. The new round of tariffs completes Trump's previously disclosed threat to impose $50 billion of import taxes on Chinese goods. The first $34 billion-worth went into effect on July 6th.

According to the USTR statement, customs will collect duties on 279 product lines, down from 284 items on the initial list; as Bloomberg notes, this will be the second time the U.S. slaps duties on Chinese goods in about the past month, overruling complaints by American companies that such moves will raise business costs, tax US consumers and raise prices.

On July 6, the U.S. levied 25% duties on $34 billion in Chinese goods prompting swift in-kind retaliation from Beijing.

Aug 08 10:45

Trump's commerce secretary Wilbur Ross is accused of improperly siphoning $120 MILLION from his business partners - and even taking Sweet'n'Low packets from a restaurant to save cash

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross is alleged to have siphoned off $120 million from business partners over years in Wall Street, taking smaller amounts at a time and settling a lawsuit which accused him of graft, it emerged Tuesday.

He was accused by one former colleague of being a 'pathological liar' and by another of putting Sweet'N Low packets in his pockets at a restaurant to savehim buying his own.

The allegations - which led to lawsuits, reimbursements, and an SEC fine - were outlined in a Forbes magazine article that notes if even half of them are true, Ross could rank among the biggest grifters in American history.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Trump sure knows how to pick 'em!

Aug 08 08:15

State Dept Demands Russia Withdraw From Georgia’s Separatist Regions

In comments on Tuesday, State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert called on Russia to withdraw its military entirely from the two breakaway Republics of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. The US does not recognize the regions’ independence.

The comments come 10 years after the brief Russo-Georgian War, during which Georgia attempted to attack South Ossetia, ended up fighting Russian troops therein, and fairly quickly lost. In the aftermath, Russia recognized the independence of both regions.

Aug 08 08:10

A Russian-American Alliance vs China Is an Absurd Proposition. The US Is a Declining Power With Little to Offer

The hostile American market is of no importance to Russia next to the opportunities offered by the booming Middle Kingdom

Aug 08 05:23

How Good Is The Trump Economy?

Let's start with the obvious:

1.Trump's campaign promises were absurd. He said he'd pay off the national debt in 8 years. When asked how, he replied "trade". Just two days ago, he again claimed that tariffs were helping to pay off the national debt. The truth is that Trump is conducting the most irresponsible fiscal policy in all of American history. Because neither the Dems or the GOP are willing to cut spending, Trump's deficit spending will lead to much higher taxes and slower growth in the future. But that's not Trump's problem.
2.Trump's claim that he reduced the unemployment rate from somewhere around 20% or 40% to 4%, almost overnight, doesn't even pass the laugh test.
3.Trump is making the trade deficit "worse", the exact opposite of his promise.
4.Job growth is no better than under Obama.
5.He promised 4% RGDP growth, we have 2.7% so far.

So if the economy was as awful under Obama as he claimed during the campaign, then it's still very bad. However, if we look past Trump's silly promises, there is some evidence of economic improvement:


Aug 08 04:17


Yemeni militias backed by Saudi Arabia, the United States and the United Arab Emirates are actively paying off al-Qaeda-allied factions to abstain from the fighting, and are recruiting al-Qaeda members to fight against Shiite rebels, according to a new investigative report. Ever since 2015, when the civil war in Yemen broke out, the US, along with its Arab allies UAE and Saudi Arabia, has supported Sunni troops in their war against Shiite Houthi rebels. The latter are believed to be supported by Iran, and the US-backed coalition is engaged in an effort to curtail what it sees as Iranian expansionism in the Middle East.

Aug 08 04:09

Tehran Says 'Impossible' to Halt Iran's Oil Exports, Warns US of Consequences

(*and , just like us , I'll bet they can't wait for The Tweetstorm 'reply' !)

Aug 08 03:57

China’s Petro-Yuan Oil Contracts Surge As US Sanctions Hit Iran

Chinese oil futures contracts denominated in yuan hit their daily limit with a 5-percent spike on Tuesday as the US kicked off the first round of sanctions against Iran.

Washington’s decision to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal and target the country's oil sector with sanctions is expected to significantly boost China's leverage to demand crude imports be priced in yuan.



Aug 08 03:40

Mattis Calls Space A ‘Developing War Zone,

Mattis calls space a ‘developing war zone,’ mulls creating combatant command before Space Force

(*Gazing upon the universe becomes a Warshak Test for Jim .)

Aug 08 03:22

Europe ‘needs to get a backbone’ when it comes to Trump’s Iran sanctions — Ron Paul to RT

Washington is powerful, but Europe needs to “stick to its guns” against President Donald Trump’s threats that any countries doing business with Iran will not to do business with the US, according to former Congressman Ron Paul.
In an interview with RT, Paul said that while the US can “throw its weight around” the EU needs to “get some backbone” to resist Trump’s threats.

“If they stick to their guns I think the United States would have to adjust our policies a bit, because how are they going to enforce that? You know, if China and Russia and other countries and India, they do business with Iran — how are we going to punish them?” he said. Paul acknowledged that standing up to Washington might be difficult if major companies are faced with the threat of losing business in the US.

“In time people are going to realize we might have to adjust because countries are not going to tolerate what we have done,” he said.


(*but for now , let's just concentrate on winning the mid-terms !)

Aug 08 02:47

As Trump Takes His Sanctions Battle to Europe, Who Is More “Isolated”: Iran or US?

"Today, all speak about the isolation of Trump, [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu and [Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad] bin Salman. These three persons are the symbol of suppression, violence and mistrust in the world.” – Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif


Aug 08 02:30

China Ditches U.S Oil, Turns to Iran in Defiance of Sanctions

One of China’s largest oil companies, Sinopec, has suspended imports of 300,000 barrels per month by the end of the year, a company source has revealed to major international media.

At the same time, reports have confirmed that a number of other Chinese oil and gas companies have also joined in on refusing to purchase U.S. oil


Aug 08 02:10

Trump: We'll ban companies who do business with Iran after US sanctions

(*Notice: I still dont use the tag DICTATORSHIP when submitting articles about this President , because banning companies that do business with Iran , I understand , doesn't matter , as much as his reelection in 2020 does , to some , but that doesn't mean I don't think banning companies because he hates them for their freedom to do business with Iran is anything short of dictatorship .)

Aug 07 10:23

'I know that he listens to Tom': Meet Trump's anti-Mueller ally

Tom Fitton, the head of conservative group Judicial Watch, has made a career of suing the federal government over suspected bureaucratic corruption, irritating every president since Bill Clinton.

But in Donald Trump, Fitton has found an enthusiastic booster — a president who, rather than bristling at Judicial Watch’s frequent accusations of malfeasance throughout the government he oversees, welcomes the group’s efforts to hold the “deep state” accountable.

Aug 07 09:53

The Death Of US And UK Neo-Colonialism

The colossal project to re-colonialize the world started with United States President Ronald Reagan eagerly backed by United Kingdom Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in 1981 and over the next 20 years seemed to sweep all before it.

But we can now see that the creation of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and the 9/11 attacks in 2001 marked the turn of the tide.

Since then one super-ambitious project of nation destruction and rebuilding after another generated by Washington and eagerly embraced by its main Western European allies has collapsed spectacularly.

As if living out one of Aesop’s Fables, the hammer of US kinetic power so eagerly embraced at the urging of neo-conservatives and neoliberals alike following the collapse of communism exhausted the Western wielders of the weapon instead of their targets.

Aug 07 09:05

MAJOR: China Ditches U.S Oil, Turns To Iran In Defiance Of Sanctions

One of China’s largest oil companies, Sinopec, has suspended imports of 300,000 barrels per month by the end of the year, a company source has revealed to major international media.

At the same time, reports have confirmed that a number of other Chinese oil and gas companies have also joined in on refusing to purchase US oil.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The practice of sanctioning every which way is isolating the US from the rest of the world both politically and economically.

Aug 07 08:35

Rosie O’Donnell’s Plan to Stop President Trump – A Sing-Along

Rosie, you see, doesn’t believe Donald is a “legitimate President,” citing alleged interference by Russia in the 2016 presidential election.

“He should not be president,” she told MSNBC’s, Ari Melber. “I don’t believe he’s a legitimate president. I believe if it wasn’t for Russia he never would have won.”

How does she plan on combatting this ‘illegitimate’ President? Why … a sing-along, of course!

O’Donnell led a group of Broadway performers in a musical protest of the President on Monday night in front of the White House, a gathering that has been taking place for just over three weeks now.

The group sang “America the Beautiful” – seemingly unaware of the irony that it was America the beautiful that democratically voted President Trump into the White House – as well as a host of other show-tune favorites.

Aug 07 07:02

The Bonfire Of Humanity

What’s the difference between an alcoholic or a junkie... and the American Deep State War Machine?

Nothing. There isn’t any.

Both are deep in the grip of addictions. Neither can exist without its drug of choice. Alcohol or Heroin for the addict; money for the War Machine. Each will do anything for the fix it has to have, even risking system failure and death.

Addicts are autonomous, and those who know best will tell you nothing and no one can save them but themselves. The War Machine, too, is self-directed, free, untethered, answerable to no authority, no governance, but its own.


Aug 07 06:47

Saudi Group Apologizes for Tweet Interpreted as 9/11 Style Threat to Canada

On Monday morning, a verified Saudi infographics twitter account seemingly threatened Canada with a 9/11 style attack amid a diplomatic standoff between Riyadh and Ottawa.

The group deleted the tweet later in the day and posted a different version of the infographic, without the passenger plane flying towards the CN Tower in the Toronto skyline.


Aug 07 06:44

VERIFIED: Saudi Account Seemingly Threatens Canada with 9/11 Style Attack

Relations between Saudi Arabia and Canada deteriorated after Ottawa criticized Riyadh’s detention of two women’s and human rights activists, and called for their immediate release.
A verified Saudi Twitter account with over 350,000 followers posted a tweet on Monday morning seemingly threatening to launch a 9/11 style attack against Canada’s CN Tower, Sputnik reported.>>>

Aug 07 06:35

Gaza: Health Services May Stop Due to Fuel Crisis

The Palestinian ministry of health warned that the health facilities in the besieged Gaza Strip may stop to provide services for patients soon due to the current fuel crisis.
“There are no reassurances from the competent authorities that the fuel crisis, which threatens the health facilities, will be resolved, and this means that all the health services in the Gaza Strip are at imminent risk,” spokesman for the health ministry Ashraf al-Qudra stated on Monday, Palinfo reported.>>>

Aug 07 06:27

80% of Gaza Factories Stopped Operating

Head of the Popular Committee Against the Siege on Gaza Jamal al-Khudari stated on Monday that Israel still bans the entry of 100% of the raw materials needed by Gaza factories to operate.

Al-Khudari said in a press statement that the economic situation in the Gaza Strip has reached a dead end in view of the ongoing blockade and the closure of Karam Abu Salem crossing for the 27th day in a row, Palinfo reported.

He noted that thousands of trucks have been denied entry into the costal enclave, which means that the goods they are carrying are threatened with damage and loss.

He added that about 80% of Gaza factories stopped operating and that the rest might join them soon in light of the tightened Israeli sanctions.

The Palestinian official affirmed that Israel is pursuing a collective punishment policy against the Gaza Strip>>>

(*Is this is what A Trump goal REALIZED looks like ? )

Aug 07 06:16

Could Trump Jr. Go To Jail? Judge Nap Says Yes

Could Trump Jr. Go To Jail? Napolitano Says Yes
Fox News judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano on Monday asserted that Donald Trump Jr. could be charged for conspiracy even if Russians did not give him damaging information about then-Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.


During an appearance on Fox News’ Outnumbered program, Napolitano reacted to President Donald Trump’s admission over the weekend that his son had met with a Russian lawyer at Trump Tower to get dirt on Clinton.

“There is no such law and there is no such word in the law as collusion, that’s a Hollywood and media term,” Napolitano explained to co-hosts of the show. “The legal term is conspiracy. ...">>>

Aug 07 06:08

Government Study Says Trump's Wall is Total Bull**it

I know, I know, it’s a shocking twist—the border wall that President Trump campaigned on, promised Mexico would pay for, and has made no actual progress on since entering office is actually total bullshit that has no basis in reality, according to a new study from the Government Accountability Office.

Apparently, Customs and Border Protection did not research a few minor details when proposing costs for the wall, like what the terrain is like, what parts of the border need to be blocked to stop migrants from crossing, and who actually owns the land the wall would be built on. No big deal, right?

Well, according to the new report, these oversights could be a problem.


(*What difference would the hidden expenses make , if the plan is to extort the payment from Mexico ?)

Aug 06 12:45


White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders had called the attack “reckless, indiscriminate, and irresponsible,” but stopped short of blaming Russia, leading numerous media outlets to speculate that Tillerson was fired for criticizing Russia.

But in the months that followed his departure, press reports strongly suggested that the countries lobbying hardest for Tillerson’s removal were Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, both of which were frustrated by Tillerson’s attempts to mediate and end their blockade of Qatar. One report in the New York Times even suggested that the UAE ambassador to Washington knew that Tillerson would be forced out three months before he was fired in March.

Aug 06 10:46

Trump To Override Rosenstein, Declassify Remaining DOJ FISA Docs: Report

After months of dribbling out incomplete document requests made by frustrated GOP lawmakers, President Trump may be about to override Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and use his presidential authority to declassify several caches of information related to the DOJ/FBI's ongoing Trump-Russia counterintelligence operation, according to former IBD Bureau Chief Paul Sperry.

Sperry tweeted on Sunday that President Trump may declassify: 20 redacted pages of a June, 2017 FISA renewal, "and possibly" 63 pages of emails and notes between "Ohr & Steele," and FD-302 summaries of 12 interviews - In reference to twice-demoted DOJ official Bruce Ohr and/or his wife Nellie, both of whom were working with opposition research firm Fusion GPS to investigate Trump.

Aug 06 10:09

There Will Be No American-Russian Alliance Against China

Since 1991 and the formal end of the first Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union, the world has experienced an American “unipolar moment” as the bipartisan US policy establishment sought to consolidate and perpetuate its hegemonic control over the entire plant. Doomed to fail even before it received its fullest articulation in 1996 by neoconservative ideologists William Kristol and Robert Kagan (misleadingly billed as “Toward a Neo-Reaganite Foreign Policy”), that misbegotten moment thankfully is coming to an end.

Aug 06 09:56

New Poll Finds 91.6% of Orthodox Jewish Community in NYC Area Supports Donald Trump

A new poll in the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut found that 91.6% of the Orthodox Jewish community supports President Donald Trump.

Aug 06 07:54

President Trump Stopped Motorcade, Jumps Out to Thank Firefighters in Ohio

In a clip that will certainly be ignored by mainstream media outlets, a firefighter captured on a cell phone a priceless moment in Ohio on Saturday during President Donald J. Trump’s visit. Watch (below) as Trump spots a group of firemen and immediately halts the motorcade to shake their hands.

The few dozen firefighters are clearly surprised by President Trump taking time to meet them. As you can see, Trump’s highly secured touring car – known as “The Beast” – can be seen stopping and two Secret Service agents approach the window. No one seems to know if the agents were trying to discourage the president from getting out in an unsecured location of if they were simply coordinating a fast game plan for his unscheduled stop.

Aug 06 06:14

Trump tweets that 2016 Trump Tower meeting was “to get information on an opponent”

As the saga continues, President Donald Trump tweeted on Sunday that his son Don Jr’s 2016 Trump Tower meeting was done in an effort to get opposition research on an opponent which is perfectly legal and Special Counsel Robert Mueller, his team, and the mainstream media all know it.

Aug 06 04:33

The Number Of Americans Living In Their Vehicles “Explodes” As The Middle Class Continues To Disappear


Aug 06 04:18


Israeli Lawmaker Proclaims ‘Jewish Race’ Superior to All Others

(*The Form Of Racisim From Which All Other Forms Of Racism Come

Aug 06 04:09

Judge Orders To Restore DACA, Says Trump Admin Failed To Provide Reasons For Ending It

"The Court therefore reaffirms its conclusion that DACA's rescission was unlawful and must be set aside," he wrote in a 25-page opinion on Friday.


Aug 06 03:42

Negotiations With US Useless

Aug 06 03:36

World Must Fight Against US Economic Dictatorship

The United States has launched a global trade war against everything and everyone on the planet, largely against the European Union, Russia, China, Canada and Mexico.

The US is also gearing up for re-imposition of economic sanctions against Iran so that Tehran accepts to re-negotiate the 2015 nuclear deal it signed with the world powers. There is much tension between the two countries since President Donald Trump backed out of the 2015 nuclear deal in May, but the scenario changed when Trump called for talks without preconditions. Tehran has ruled out any talks with vindictive Trump, but sanctions are forthcoming either way.

To fight back, Iran filed a complaint with the International Court of Justice to hold the US accountable for its unlawful re-imposition of unilateral sanctions.


Aug 06 03:27


The usurping Zionist entity and the American ZOG just attempted to assassinate Chavista revolutionary and Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, along with his wife, Cilia Flores, and several high-ranking officers of SEBIN (Venezuelan intelligence) and the Bolivarian Armed Forces. Multiple C-4-armed “suicide” drones were floating over the heads of the Venezuelan head of state, the First Lady and numerous military officials as he delivered a speech celebrating 81 years since the Venezuelan National Guard was formed.


Aug 05 09:10

Trump Rescinds Obama-Era Rule for GMO Crop Use in Natural Wildlife Refuge

The Trump administration has revoked Obama-era regulations limiting the use of pesticides in the National Wildlife Refuge System (NRWS), Fish and Wildlife Service Deputy Director Greg Sheehan said in a memorandum.

"Realizing that farming practices will continue into the foreseeable future within the NWRS… we must ensure that we are appropriately making use of farm practice innovations as we actively manage farm areas," Sheehan wrote in the memorandum obtained by The Hill.

The Department of Interior determined that the rule enforced by the previous Obama administration made it harder for refuges to meet their goals. The Obama administration argued in the past that chemicals pose risk to butterflies and birds and disturb the balance in the environment.

Aug 05 08:48

The "Next" Financial Crisis and Public Banking as the Response

They say there’s been a recovery, but even with the fake lying with statistics – the so-called “recovery” is the slowest that there’s been at any time since World War II. Continue>>>

Aug 05 08:33


In recent years, relations between Russia and the US have deteriorated significantly reaching the level of the times of the Caribbean crisis. Washington openly declares that it considers Moscow to be the main threat, Russia also considers the United States a likely enemy. However, the chance to change the situation came after the meeting between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.

Aug 05 06:19

North Korea calls US actions on nuclear programme 'alarming'

(*pilfered training video proves U.S. is preparing to deliver on Trump's promise)

Aug 05 06:04


(*The big take away is how convincingly the U.S. senators can make themselves look busy , when it comes to screwing with other countries .
But when it comes to actually doing anything convincingly positive here in our own country , ...)

Aug 05 05:47

Trump throws Iran fake bait while sanctions loom:

US President Donald Trump’s Iran policy has veered from pulling out of multilateral deals and making bellicose tweets to a shock offer of talks with Tehran, none of which are particularly effective, as Iranians brace for the start of US sanctions..

Just days before Washington re-imposes a first lot of sanctions against Tehran Monday following the US pullout from the Iran nuclear deal, the sabre rattling is reaching boiling point -- in cyberspace and, more alarmingly, the real world.


Aug 05 05:34

Russia Slams Leak Of Secret Memo On US-Moscow Cooperation in Syria

On Friday Reuters published a bombshell report based on a leaked US government memo revealing a secret deal possibly in the works between top Russian and American generals initiated by the Russian side last month during the very week that President Donald Trump met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki .

Russia has since slammed the leak, but has confirmed it confidentially extended the hand of cooperation on Syria.

According to the Reuters report, Russia has used a closely guarded communications channel with America’s top general "to propose the two former Cold War foes cooperate to rebuild Syria and repatriate refugees to the war-torn country, according to a U.S. government memo."


Aug 05 05:19

Dozens Killed in Saudi airstrike on Fish Market, Hospital in Hodeida Yemen

The coalition launched its initial salvo of Thursday’s airstrikes on a fish market known as “fishing harbor,” killing tens of fishermen and wounding others who were later transferred to al-Thawrah hospital, which would be targeted by coalition bombs a short time later.


(*It's Official: It's Just Like Shooting Fish In A Barrel!
whitehorse souce)

Aug 05 05:14

US ‘Bears Full Responsibility’ For Deadly Airstrikes In Hodeida, Yemen Health Ministry says

The United States should be held accountable for Saudi-led airstrikes that hit a hospital and fish market, killing at least two dozen civilians in the Yemeni port, Health Ministry said as thousands protested the attack.
A spokesman for the Houthi-affiliated health ministry said on Friday that “the United States bears full responsibility” for the deadly attack, adding that “the United Nations, its organizations and the international community have remained silent in the face of the aggression” from the US-backed, Saudi-led coalition that invaded Yemen in 2015.

Aug 05 04:55

Giuliani: Protests in Iran Spearheaded by MKO Members

Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, admitted that protests in Iran are not held spontaneously, but are stirred and led by members of Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO, also known as the MEK, PMOI and NCRI) terrorist group

Giuliani addressed a rally held by the MKO in Paris late in June in which he underlined the MKO's direct role in leading the protests in Iran.

"Those protests are not happening spontaneously," Guardian quoted him as saying at the time. “They are happening because of many of our people in Albania (which hosts an MeK compound) and many of our people here and throughout out the world.”

According to Guardian, most observers of Iranian politics say the MEK has minimal support in Iran and is widely hated for its use of violence and close links to Israeli intelligence.


(*Giuliani; The Loosest Lips On The Ship !)

Aug 04 10:16

Case for yanking Brennan's and Clapper's security clearances intensifies

Something seems to be going on with President Trump's stated interest in pulling the security clearances of former Obama administration officials, who use their past position to calumniate Trump, politicize intelligence, and monetize their access.

According to this report from RealClearInvestigations' Lee Smith, intelligence officials are telling him that privately, they back President Trump on pulling the security clearances of connivers such as former CIA director John Brennan and former director of National Intelligence James Clapper, the pair of whom have used their clearances to undermine the Trump administration, and who are largely responsible for the corruption of intelligence.

Aug 04 07:45

Pompeo Urges Russia, ASEAN to Maintain Pressure on North Korea

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Saturday called for pressure to be kept up on North Korea to achieve its denuclearization and said he expected Russia to abide by UN resolutions.

"I emphasize the importance of maintaining diplomatic and economic pressure on North Korea to achieve the final, fully verified denuclearization of the DPRK," he said.

Pompeo was speaking to reporters on the margins of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) forum in Singapore.


READ MORE: Pompeo Pledges Nearly $300Mln in Security Aid to Southeast Asia

Aug 04 07:29

N Korean FM Slams US' Stance on Pyongyang's Denuclearization Drive

Speaking at the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) session on Saturday, North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong-ho berated the US for what he described as its attempts to move away from initial steps to maintain peace on the Korean Peninsula.

Ri underscored that all this comes as Pyongyang initiated a spate of "goodwill measures", including "a moratorium on nuclear tests and rocket launch tests as well as dismantling of a nuclear test ground

READ MORE: US Says North Korea Violated UN Sanctions at Least 89 Times in 2018 — Reports


Aug 04 07:13

US Military-Industrial Complex ‘Doesn't Want Peace' with North Korea

(*TRANSLATION: Pyongyang has not abandoned its pursuit of missile and nuclear programs

Aug 04 06:54

North Korea Likely Tries to Use Expansion of Nuclear Sites as Leverage Over US

Recently released satellite images showed clear signs of construction and significant improvement at major nuclear sites in North Korea, including a missile-manufacturing facility in the city of Hamhung and the Yongbyon Nuclear Scientific Research Center, US press reported this week.

At the same time, unnamed US intelligence officials have been quoted as alleging North Korea of not willing to fully surrender its nuclear arsenal and trying to conceal its nuclear weapons and secret production facilities, citing newly obtained evidence. The new evidence has been collected after the historic summit between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un on June 12, when both sides reiterated their commitment to complete denuclearization on the Korean peninsula, US press reported.


(*so let's follow the propaganda bouncing ball . Today its gone from Not Disassembling their nuclear arsenal to E X P A N D I N G it )

Aug 04 06:27

Leaked UN report claims North Korea's nuclear & missile programs still active

North Korea has not abandoned its nuclear and missile programs, despite this year's earlier diplomatic breakthroughs and destruction of test sites, Reuters reports, citing a confidential UN paper.
The leaked report is said to be a six-month review by independent experts monitoring the implementation of United Nations sanctions on North Korea, and was submitted to the relevant UN committee late on Friday.

The paper, as cited by Reuters, alleges that Pyongyang has not abandoned its pursuit of missile and nuclear programs. It is also violating UN sanctions>>>

(*The point iof this article seems to be to emphasize that Pyongyang has not abandoned its pursuit of missile and nuclear programs
Saddam Deux ?
Makes sense , seeing as Putin let Trump know how he felt about the Fire and Fury tongue lashing he delivered to Iran .)

Aug 03 12:10

U.S.-Iran Tensions Move Beyond Tweets Into Concrete Actions and Shows of Military Force

Whether the White House’s current roster of anti-Iranian hawks or their counterparts in Riyadh and Tel Aviv have any interest in maintaining stability in the Persian Gulf remains an open question. What is certain is that the status quo in the Middle East is bursting at the seams

(*Just what we voted for; Mystery & Intrigue !)

Aug 03 11:38

What Stress Test? US Military Aid to Israel Set to Exceed $3.8B, or $23,000 Per Year for Every Jewish Family Living in Israel

The massive funding for Israel’s military is the result of the 2016 U.S.-Israel Memorandum of Understanding on security assistance between the Israeli and U.S. governments, which called for annual funding of $3.8 billion — or $23,000 per year for every Jewish family living in Israel — for the next 10 years

(*2016 would indicate; One Piece Of Obama Legislation That we can be pretty sure Trump Didn't Run Through The Shredder !)

$3.8 billion — or $23,000 per year for every Jewish family living in Israel — for the next 10 years

(*Can you see it , the reason why everybody in the ghetto is a junkie , and that that justifies cutting welfare and foodstamps , here ?)

Aug 03 09:50

The United States Is The Only Remaining Colonial Power

The United States government has never allowed independent governments in Latin America. Every time people elect a government that represents them instead of US economic interests, Washington overthrows the elected government. Marine General Smedley Butler told us this as have many others. There is no doubt about it.

Currently Washington is trying to overthrow the governments of Venezuela and Nicaragua and has bought off the Ecuadorian government with oil purchases and the usual personal bribes. Evo Morales government in Bolivia is also targeted by Washington. The Obama regime succeeded in removing the reform governments in Honduras, Argentina, and Brazil.

Aug 03 09:49


On March 12, 1947, as the spectre of Soviet communism loomed over the horizon of newly liberated Europe, President Harry Truman vowed that it would be the policy of the United States to “support free people who are resisting subjugation by armed minorities or by outside pressure”. Three months after enunciating the Truman Doctrine, his secretary of state, George Marshall, launched a US$13.5 billion Economic Recovery Plan, better known as the Marshall Plan, to rebuild and revitalise war-torn Europe. The plan’s commitment totalled more than 5 per cent of the US’ 1948 GDP – about a trillion dollars in today’s value.

Seven decades on, President Donald Trump singled out China and Russia in his National Security Strategy as strategic threats to the US that are “determined to make economies less free and fair, grow their militaries, and control information and data to repress their societies and expand their influence.” Seven months later, on July 30, Trump’s Secretary of State, Michael Pompeo, unveiled a “new era in US economic commitment to the peace and prosperity in the Indo-Pacific region” and, without a trace of embarrassment, resourced it to the tune of US$113 million.

Forget the chatter, Asean-China relations are actually stable
The administration’s puny down payment towards its “Free and Open Indo-Pacific Strategy” is as short-sighted as it was predictable. >>>

Aug 03 09:32

Alan Dershowitz: ‘Manafort’s Crime Is Associating With Trump’

Because Mueller has been unable to find evidence that President Trump colluded with Russia to win the 2016 election or that he obstructed justice, he feels that throwing the book at a Trump associate is the best he can do. According to Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz, Manafort’s real crime is his association with Trump.

Aug 03 09:31

Bannon: Trump Should Fire Rosenstein Within 72 Hours 

Steve Bannon says that President Trump should fire Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein within the next 72 hours for "clearly obstructing justice if the DOJ doesn't coughg up all the documents sought by Congressional investigators.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I agree. Time for Trump to get tough.

Aug 03 09:30

Privately, Senior Intel Officials Support President Trump Revoking Security Clearances of Brennan and Clapper

Privately, senior Intel officials back President Trump revoking security clearances of former CIA Director John Brennan and former Intel Chief James Clapper.

Last month, the White House announced President Trump was considering pulling security clearances of several Obama-era Deep State operatives including Brennan, Clapper, Rice, McCabe and Comey.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What about Hillary's security clearance?

Aug 03 09:15

China rebuffs Trump by refusing to stop Iran oil imports

China rebuffs Donald Trump’s efforts to isolate Iran with refusal to stop oil imports

(*We are now capable of lobbing all the Patriot missiles we want into China , and then showing the Hague a bevy of Sales Receipts from countries all over the world that boosted a lot of Americans' stock portfolios , by loading up on Trump's Fire Sale bargains on US Made FirePower , and shrug our shoulders and say "That Schrapnell could have come from anywhere !")

Aug 03 08:40

Trump hits 50 per cent approval in national poll as he surges past Obama's 2010 numbers and earns MORE support than he won in 2016 election

Donald Trump has achieved a 50 per cent approval rating in a poll that proved better than most at predicting his stunning 2016 election victory.

Rasmussen Reports published the number Thursday from its daily tracking poll, marking the first time the president has reached that mark since May 22.

On August 2 of Barack Obama's second year as president, he was polling at 45 per cent in the same survey.

Aug 03 08:16

Trump weighs big tax cut for rich: report

The Trump administration is considering acting unilaterally to institute a $100 billion tax cut that will largely benefit the wealthy, according to a report in The New York Times.

The Times reported that Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin at a recent G-20 meeting in Argentina said if the tax cut can't be done through Congress, the administration will “look at what tools” are necessary to consider the move.

“If it can’t get done through a legislation process, we will look at what tools at Treasury we have to do it on our own and we’ll consider that,” Mnuchin said. “We are studying that internally, and we are also studying the economic costs and the impact on growth.”

Aug 03 06:20

Iran Condemns Continued Saudi Crimes in Yemen, Calls for Int'l Community Help

(*WARNING: "All's Fair In War!" does NOT Make Allowances For Constitutionally Allowed Photoshopped Images deemed by some to have Crossed The Line of Unconditionally Provided , by it's authors , Freedom of Speech)

Aug 03 06:04

No Chance for Iran-US Talks

Senior Cleric: No Chance for Iran-US Talks

(*Intimidated By The Genius Known As P.O.T.U.S. Trump !)

Aug 02 14:50

Chomsky: Israel not Russia, Meddling in US elections

Renowned American scholar and political activist Noam Chomsky has accused Israel of meddling in US elections, stressing that the Israeli intervention “vastly overwhelms” any efforts allegedly carried out by Russia in 2016.

(if invisible or censored by the usual suspects, be sure to click the link above!)

Aug 02 11:39

Lebanese Paper: US Preparing to Withdraw from Syria

The Arabic-language al-Akhbar newspaper reported that during the process to extradite 8 Lebanese members of the ISIL terrorist group to Beirut, the Americans have sent a letter to the Lebanese army's intelligence department that said they are preparing to take the necessary measures to retreat their forces from Syria.

The report comes as the US has transferred hundreds of ISIL members to Afghanistan. ISIL has claimed responsibility of a majority of the terrorist operations conducted across Afghanistan, including some against the Taliban. Security officials of Russia, Iran, Afghanistan and a number of Central Asian states have voiced deep concerns over the increasing number of ISIL militants transferred from Syria by the US to Afghanistan.>>>

Aug 02 10:28

World Has Left Yemen to Die

Aug 02 10:19

Adidas is No Longer Sponsoring the Israel Football Association

In March 130 Palestinian clubs urged Adidas to end its sponsorship of Israeli football over its inclusion of six teams based in illegal Israeli settlements.

Aug 02 09:36

Democrat Senator Made A Jaw Dropping Admission About Impeachment

Hirono dove right into attacking Trump Jr. and Giuliani as liars declaring “I know that during his sessions with us, not just with our Judiciary Committee but the entire Trump family as far as I’m concerned has not been forthcoming and so at this point everybody’s credibility in my view is questionable. Clearly Giuliani’s credibility is shot, even as he goes ahead and attacks Michael Cohen who he said was a great guy not too long ago.”

Guilaini’s TV appearance breathed new life into the media’s collusion narrative.

Even though there is no evidence to substantiate this conspiracy theory, Giuliani allowed the press to present speculation as fact with his comments.

And it’s clear that no matter what happens, Hirono and other Democrats will grasp at whatever flimsy evidence or half baked conspiracy theories as a basis to impeach the President if they win control of the House and Senate in November.

Aug 02 09:34

Trump and the Politics of Neoliberal Destruction

With the outrageous decision by the Trump White House to bar a CNN propagandist posing as a reporter, more people are now starting to make the connection between press freedom and the issue of the “right to know” and of unimpeded information. But we have to ask once again, where was this concern when democrats under Obama were using the espionage act to jail whistleblowers and prosecuting journalists? Why no outrage on the eve of the Ecuadorian government turning over Julian Assange to be prosecuted by Western intelligence for the crime of publishing accounts of their nefarious actions? Where were these objective defenders of the right to information when the state was collaborating with private corporations like Google, Twitter, and Facebook to alter and limit political speech and information?

Aug 02 09:30

Crowd Goes Wild for President Trump’s Robot ‘Presidential’ Act – Classic!

Trump opines: “Anyone can act presidential.” Then he uncomfortably walked away from the microphone, looking like a robot… or perhaps Mitt Romney.

In a monotone, quiet voice and with great comedic timing, Trump said, “Ladies and gentlemen of the state of Florida, thank you or being here. You are tremendous people. I will leave now because I’m boring you to death. Thank you.”

Then, with a Charlie Champlin shuffle, moved off the podium before waving his hands dismissively at the audience.

Trump added, “I used to tell them all the time, the fake news, I’d say, ‘I can be more presidential than any president in history except for possibly Abe Lincoln with the big hat.”

Aug 02 08:37


Ask President Trump to pardon persecuted journalist Julian Assange

Aug 02 08:33

Trump's Space Force is real, and here are the reported details

President Donald Trump's order to create a sixth branch of the US Armed Forces called the Space Force is becoming very real.

The US Defense Department will take steps to create the new military branch this week, according to Defense One, though Congress hasn't yet fully backed the order.

President Trump directed the department to create a Space Force on live TV last month, after floating the idea in March. Some people haven't taken the idea so seriously, spawning a host of memes mocking the order.

But the new military branch appears to be materializing quickly.

Aug 02 08:20

Kissinger's 'Secret Ploy': Why Russia Won't Become US' 'Hammer' Against China

The alleged Trump-Kissinger plan to "box in" China with Russia's assistance is unlikely to turn into a reality due to a number of reasons, observers say, citing the fact that the world has drastically changed since the Cold War.

Henry Kissinger, former US secretary of state, political scientist and geopolitical consultant has reportedly advised US President Donald Trump to work with Russia to contain China's rise. However, the alleged strategy might not work.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Kissinger is past his prime, I think.

Aug 01 11:45


Renowned American scholar and political activist Noam Chomsky has accused Israel of meddling in US elections, stressing that the Israeli intervention “vastly overwhelms” any efforts allegedly carried out by Russia in 201

Aug 01 11:13

How BRICS-Plus Clashes With The US Economic War On Iran

The key take away from the BRICS summit in Johannesburg is that Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa – important Global South players – strongly condemn unilateralism and protectionism.

The Johannesburg Declaration is unmistakable:

“We recognize that the multilateral trading system is facing unprecedented challenges. We underscore the importance of an open world economy.”

Closer examination of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s speech unlocks some poignant details.

Xi, crucially, emphasizes delving further into “our strategic partnership.” That implies increased BRICS and Beyond BRICS multilateral trade, investment and economic and financial connectivity.

Aug 01 10:51

Trump to Attorney General Jeff Sessions: Stop Mueller probe 'right now'

President Donald Trump on Wednesday called on Attorney General Jeff Sessions to end Robert Mueller's Russia probe immediately, escalating his attacks on the inquiry.

"Attorney General Jeff Sessions should stop this Rigged Witch Hunt right now," the president wrote in a post on Twitter. "Bob Mueller is totally conflicted, and his 17 Angry Democrats that are doing his dirty work are a disgrace to USA!"

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The Democrats are going to drag this out for another three months to campaign on the issue for the mid-terms. If I were Trump I would fire Sessions right now and replace him with someone like Larry Klayman.