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  • Secret Service Opens   Old_Logan   13 weeks 6 days ago

    Secret Service Opens Investigation Into Kathy Griffin Photoshoot That Called For President Trump’s Beheading

    (*A pictute is worth a thousand words , and if all one got from looking at Griffin's photoshopped work was
    then that becomes one's prerogative , and that's one's right , but to try to say that that's all anyone else is permitted to'hear' , as the image does its 'yacking' , about a president of a country that sponcers beheadings by ISIS , proposes to send better then twice , what he allotted the Pentagon , to a country that commonly uses beheadings as it's chosen form of corporal punishment gets 'investigated' , and gets a scrutiny from the secret service , I predict the secret service discovers what I've been saying; "Yes , The Photoshop app was definitely applied , and no physical harm came to anyone . Emotional harm is.being reported by some neo cons , some of whom mistakingly took it for being 'authentic' , who have no problem with the actual beheadings in Saudi Arabia , and Syria , and this just looks like another attempt by conservatives to bring civil war to our great nation , and blame it on a doctored photo . It doesn't appear to be a bomb , and we thank you" .
    and of course that determination will have neo-cons screaming about the damned liberal , deep state , gloabalist system in this country , for another 6 to 12 months
    But as their arch bishop Donald Rumsfeld once quoted. from scripture , This Too Shall Pass , and it will , but they , as they always do , will be back with a bigger and.badder plan , next time )

  • Re:Of course they found a list   Old_Logan   13 weeks 6 days ago

    (*It took a few days for them to write it up

  • Of Course They Found A 'List'   Old_Logan   13 weeks 6 days ago

    (*After 9/11 , They Found Mohamed Atta's Passport , a van full of Korans , and a list of potential targets, and the sitting administration pushed the BEX that these findings , without a shadow of a doubt proved Muslims hate us for our freedom , and oddly enough , used the 'planted evidence' to trigger an invasion of Afghanistan .
    Also , for the benefit of those unfamiliar with the 9/11 Saga , A Republican of ill repute , occupied the white house , at the time
    Very Questionable Circumstances surrounded his election victory . Questionable circumstances , I might add , that to this day have never been held up for congressional investigation
    9/11 WAS Investigated, but the results were 'spotty' , at best
    That spotty evidence has resulted in perpetual euthanasia in several impoverished Middle East nations
    For the virginia shooting , it seems the republicans have gone back to the 9/11 play book , to demonize another group of individuals they can't seem to find a way to share space on the planet with , and unfortunately. this time there will be no scrutiny., just a push to start a civil war because , as 9/11 was a cheaper alternative to complying with the federally mandated regulation to remove asbestos from the world trade center , euthanizing populations in impovereshed areas of the nation is a cheaper alternative , and the easy way out , of Making America Great Again , through hard work , and colective unity
    Bear in mind , republicans demonstrate an accute lack of interest in giving unity a chance , and project it on Liberals , as a whole .
    It's rabidly on display , today)

  • Controlled op.....   Ethan Allen and...   13 weeks 6 days ago

    going off on each other for the cameras. The more blood the better. This is nothing more than street theatre getting us to go off on each other. Divide and Conquer kiddies!

  • time to get the   Old_Logan   13 weeks 6 days ago

    (*Time to get The Black Back Pack and photos of The Marathon Brothers wearing Beige , and Gray backpacks into a frickin' Court Room)

  • PS California   Old_Logan   13 weeks 6 days ago

  • greed   z00mcopterdown   13 weeks 6 days ago

    humanity won't survive GREED, the pinnacle of its evolution...

  • THATS CENSORSHIP   Old_Logan   13 weeks 6 days ago

    (*And By God Im 100% Against Censorship !
    OK ,I didn't like Kathie Griffen's provocative Photoshopped immage , two weeks ago , so OK , I'm 75% against cenorship , unless a play is performed that I feel I don't like the premise of. OK , Im 50% but a staunch fifty percent , Against Censorship , unless the Special Prosecuter is investigating The Presidents Son In Law I MEAN SENIOR ADVISOR
    25% Ok ? Are You Happy Now ?)

  • I almost pulled that previous comment back   Old_Logan   13 weeks 6 days ago

    (*out of fear a conservatwit would say 'see , Libral_Logan is complimenting the Portland Civil War Idea'
    Because it's coming anyway , Im still going to leave it there , and explain it here , in advance .
    Im Complimenting The Journalistic Integraty , when I say Nice Work
    For perpetuating the Republican call for civil war , while blaming the Libretards , who ask , what the hell are you talking about ? , when I say Keep Fanning It !

  • nice work   Old_Logan   13 weeks 6 days ago

    (*keep fanning it)

  • unless , of course   Old_Logan   13 weeks 6 days ago

    (*Soros sent the paint crew To Make Trump Supporters Look Bad , because when arrests were finally made at Trump rallies , the snowflakes turned out to not have partisan affiliation , they weren't registerd to vote , but still their brazen behavior served to make Democrats look bad . In fact for Civil War Anxious Conservatives , it is still insistant of them to blame Democrats for all that mayhem
    Kind of makes this observer of political chicanery wonder; 'which direction was George firing from in the first place , or does he go Both Ways ?')

  • Yep! Republitards Rush To Fill Gap Left By Snowflakes   Old_Logan   13 weeks 6 days ago

    (*Defacing Municiply Owned Public Property , bragging about it , and promoting Civil War by advocating it's effectiveness .
    The effect it had on the snowflakes was NEGATIVE , and with the popularity of our naive , sensative , dazed and confused POTUS , neutrals are going to view this blatant act of property distruction in much the same way .
    To the arteest , you have elevated your status to that of a snowflake
    comgratulations . heres some crayons , to keep you out of trouble)

  • SHAMELESS CUNT, THERE IS NO   jrohio2   13 weeks 6 days ago


  • but in this country   Old_Logan   13 weeks 6 days ago

    (*we've yet to coin a term for criticism of The Trump Administration , but we do react with a call for social persecution , for those who dare)

  • The Prison Industry.....   Ethan Allen and...   13 weeks 6 days ago

    pulls the Poison Elf's strings.He renewed the private prison contracts and must have an 90%+ incarceration rate to keep from violating the contracts.Sessions needs bodies to fill those contracts. That is what this is about. The private prison industry paid for Trump's inauguration.
    Stephen Lendman is right. They are going after Trump for the wrong things while he continues to follow the NWO lead in his policies.

    You missed the 3rd and main reasons why he is going after sick people. He needs the bodies to satisfy those contracts. And he needs them fast or the contracts are violated if they don't have a 90% occupancy rate. This is why nobody gets bail today.They need their body in a private prison facility.

  • Oh! Right!   Ethan Allen and...   13 weeks 6 days ago

    chlorinated hydrocarbons are good for you.The best way to eliminate mosquitoes and Malaria is to drain the swamps they are coming from.
    Insecticides mimic female hormones as do many weed killers. This article is trash!

  • The mixture isn't .....   Ethan Allen and...   14 weeks 14 min ago

    deadly.The Fentanyl is deadly!

  • Trump's a Casino Mogul   Old_Logan   14 weeks 20 min ago

    (*Woman was a liberal , and was caught trying to hack the machine to leak out $43mil . The absence of charges filed , and the steak dinner demonstrates the compassion , and sensitivity of The House
    He should make it policy at his places If You're Liberal And Want To Gamble , GO TO CEASARS PALACE!

    lol , that one sounds Mexican enough )

  • Thete goes a few more Cable Subscriptions   Old_Logan   14 weeks 54 min ago

    (*NEWS starved American , the Crown Jewels of American Greatness , thankfully know the difference between Punk @$$ Provocation , and Journalism)

  • Threatening a sitting   Old_Logan   14 weeks 19 hours ago

    Threatening a sitting President of the United States is Illegal.

    (*unless they were handing out programs that encouraged assassination , the play is NOT encouraging any assassination attempts . Being that you may be Republican , I can understand the sentiment . What I can never get behind is once a Republican is in office , it seems to become Knock Off The Bovine Excrament , The New President Is A No Nonsence Hard @$$ , Regan got the hostages released , or so it was played to appear , for the affect of you don't want to screw with this M_R F_R
    Bush2 had the Reich style flag waving pagentry , that worked , on me , anyway , to keep quiet about what I was thinking happened that day
    Trump has Fake NEWS , on one hand , and a desire to create a sterile , squeeky clean , nothing wrong here impression , on the other , and the chop shop for any dissidence towards him , and in a moment of clarity , and honesty , no matter how far one is willing to carry water for him , you'd agree that I'm. right , because as an American , I know , you know , it's still WE THE PEOPLE
    not HE THE DONALD !)

  • Re:   Old_Logan   14 weeks 20 hours ago

    (*Kathie Griffen's photoshopped image , that appeared as her beheading the president , is still available in the photos area in duck duck go , it wasn't censored , because this is still America . She got a good whollopping of social persecution , because of the outcry , of people who feel she crossed the line .
    Megan Kelly and Alex Jones got censored because some liberal pr_ _k decided , for us , that the interview crossed the line
    The Dixy Chix suffered an extreem amount of mob rules social persecution , whipped up by the So Called liberal media for expressing dissapointment in George W Bush coming from Texas
    Records by The Chix were encouraged to be burnt , at open air locations , because somebody felt her small female voiced comment , crossed the line
    Still , America didnt censor , CDs by The Dixy Chix were still available for retail purchase ,cand once more people realized that Bush wasca disapointment to The Lone Star State , the sales took a positive bump
    Hank Williams Jr Are You Ready For Football jingle got dropped from ESPNs opening sequence for Monday Night Football , for saying something to the effect of Obama playing a round of golf with John Boehner was equivelent to Netanyahu and Hitler golfing together , when asked to explain , Williams replied Obama and Biden were the enemy . Dropping the jingle was censorship , somebody felt it Crossed The Line , but they replaced the opening song , and to heck with the outcry from patrons of the program , and that's what I see as wrong with censorship .
    We should never favor it , because the times it happens to anger you , ie. Kelly/Jones , you find yourself recalling how just the week before , you favored it .
    I keep thinking Trump reminds me of a neandathol , and would like to post THIS IMAGE>>> , to illustrate my point , but I refrain , because , In The Trump Era of Political Correctness Being Bad For America ,and censoring anything political amounts to the censored item NOT being Politically Correct , I have to worry about the social persecution I might get , as we find , in addition to being naive , he's also kind of sensitive .)

  • George Bush assassination film wins top award   Old_Logan   14 weeks 21 hours ago

    (*no animals hurt in the making of this film . no potus' either . no body , unless someone took the words of a right winged pundent to mean It's Open Season On Liberals , and went postal ,
    nobody was hurt in the Julius Ceasar play either . Opinions differ , being able to express them is What Makes America Great , regardless of who's President and once we're talking about 'a line' that the crossing of which merits censorship , We're Talking Censorship !
    Same rule applies , you dont like it , don't watch it .
    For the record I don't endorse the use of assassination on Trump , and advised against wishing it on Bush , too , so I'd. appreciste , when authors use the term 'All Liberals' , around here , they start including the foot note disclaimer; "Except Old_Logan" !)

  • re These nominations are profoundly disapointing   Old_Logan   14 weeks 22 hours ago

    (*you're still in the frying pan . I'm engulfed by the flames of the fire , and think this whole Presidential era is a disapointing burn
    He might ssve us from Globalism , he's not a globalist , but I think that Bali Trump Tower complex says something diferent , like , did YOU vote for this ?
    Mad Dog sitting up and begging for raw meat , and looking like he's going to get it .
    Not locking Hillary up , and hearing more. From , and about her , then the man we voted for
    the 60-1=59 Patriot missiles in Syria and the MOAB in Afghanistan ,
    The tweet proclaiming The US Constitution bad for the nation
    Big Disapointment .
    Why some are willing to ignor these , off the top of my head examples , and escort the guy to whatever ends he's going to take us , baffles me the most , and I find that to be the biggest disapointment of all
    The disapointments are only starting to add up , too AWWwww !)

  • Make Russia Great Again   Old_Logan   14 weeks 23 hours ago

    (*Relax we're still in Capatalistic America , but I still would like to know if Putin checked with The Real Estate Mogul In Chief before offering that land to his Fellow Russians ?
    Russia could use a Casino/Hotel Complex Tower too , you know !)

  • Any so-called scientist....   Ethan Allen and...   14 weeks 23 hours ago

    flakking for global warming or whatever they call it today is a good person to be shed of!
    You can have them Froggies!