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  • well   z00mcopterdown   21 weeks 8 hours ago

    she wouldn't get shoite if she had been a goy

  • lol   z00mcopterdown   21 weeks 8 hours ago

    dropping the soap will be the least of his worries, after bubba and jose are done with him he'll need 2 toilets to take a shit !

  • lol   z00mcopterdown   21 weeks 8 hours ago

    there goes zion00land's dildo payments

  • Trump's Way Or The Highway Zuckface !   Old_Logan   21 weeks 10 hours ago

    (*and that goes for everybody else on god's green earth !)

  • KEEP BADGERING TRUMP   Old_Logan   21 weeks 11 hours ago

    (*Putin's All Talk !)

  • BANNED IN AMERICA after 9/11>>>   Old_Logan   21 weeks 11 hours ago

    (*Fascist Enemy Of The State John Melencamp who joined forces with C&W Terrorist Leader Willy Nelson in defying Ronald Reagan's Decision to Stop Subsidizing Family Farmers had this song in the charts prior to 9/11
    It and many other visious and unpatriotic pop songs , including the "Communist Manifesto" of popular music , Imagine by Britain's shame John Lennon were on a list of songs the Imperial US Government temporarily banned after the , I almost said attack , lol)

  • SJW - after grant monies   MaiziD   21 weeks 11 hours ago

    No surprise here - anything that SJW and just 'smart' educators can use to clam on to GRANT monies will be used to get that money. Current climate is such that vilification of all things WHITE and/or Western Civilization will result in grant monies. Many of the 'educators' simply make use of the trends, never mind they sell their culture and souls for mammon.

  • Zionists throwing Jews, Christians, Muslims under the bus   MaiziD   21 weeks 11 hours ago

    Zionists actually do want and encourage antisemitism. One of them said, that antisemitism ONLY works when in the hands of zionists.

    Jews Will Fall Victim Once Again to the Zionists

  • Zionists actually do want and   MaiziD   21 weeks 11 hours ago

    Zionists actually do want and encourage antisemitism. One of them said, that antisemitism ONLY works when in the hands of zionists.

    Jews Will Fall Victim Once Again to the Zionists

  • Re: We worked our fannys off to get Trump elected ,   Old_Logan   21 weeks 12 hours ago

    (*We really didn't. Trump's own Vote Fraud investigation proves he had the election lock , stock , and barrel , but his base believes they fought the establishment to squeak him in , and no matter what say you , or I , all the bad he does in China , N Korea , Iran , and now Libya is fake NEWS , trying to make Trump look bad .
    Even I can't say; That's not the most brilliant Getting Over On Us the establishment deep state ever concocted against us.
    There! I said it !
    and if one invested money in his campaign , that one is even more a loss cause)

  • I do understand, the rabbit   polyb1123   21 weeks 12 hours ago

    I do understand, the rabbit hole issue here is verifiability, imho. As for the microwave auditory effect, it has been demonstrated according to reports. Practicality? That would depend on who and what their intents are, as with all technology. Unlike the hologram conjecture for 911, this one does seem to have the hallmarks of practical implementations beyond a lab. For me demonstration of principle is of the more primary importance, technical limitions and implementaions are generally implied with such demonstrations, pending other innovations. As with the hologram example, you amply described the real limitations which came with the demonstration of pricinple. The irony of the microwave auditory effect is that a literal tin foil hat should provide sufficient sheilding from the microwaves, I suppose.

    The ridiculous nonsense online regarding these 'exotic' technologies, real or fantastic, drives me nuts especially considering it does fringe on 'State secrets', which is a rabbit hole filled with kooks, spooks, and real troopers in its' own right. So the speculation does run rampant and for me that is why I have to see if it is feasible, demonstrable, and then practical in its intended implementation. Understanding that often many technical proposals get hyped, especially those seeking grants from the DOD,DARPA, etc., the difference between propasal, feasibility, and demonstration can be wide indeed. It isn't unusual for these failures to open up different prospects of research, but then there is that element of corruption. That does come into play, which really does muddy the waters!

    Sometime back a friend and I were having a discussion regarding 'driving' the human nervous system using oscillating EM fields. He ended up finding a patent that was about 60 years old and described doing that with a small sheet of metal hooked up to a signal generator and power amplifier. The patent stated in one experiment using particular frequencies had unpleasant effects, which was somewhat nondescript. Since it was demonstrated and patented we began to speculate some pretty devious applications and that opened up the door to where else has the idea of this patent gone. Sixty years or so is a long time and if anything developed, would we be told? I doubt it, you know how the DOD crowd holds on to stuff.

    I think the speculation is fine as long as it is properly tempered, which your precautions do adress in many respects. There is a lot of BEX out there and sifting it is a task more fit for Hercules, we mear mortals are disadvantaged in more ways than one. Even with a background in science, engineering, etc., one can be misguided as to what is feasable and what isn't, which isn't unusual because of the limitations of current or widely understood models. We all have blind spots and with this we must caution ourselves even more. Like so many topics I think the only way to settle a lot of the nonsense is to open up all those secrets that too many people want to hide. There are too many secrets and more than anything, that is the heart of the corruption. Then there are those damn open sectrets! SMH!

  • We worked our fannys off to   Old_Logan   21 weeks 12 hours ago

    (*We worked our fannys off to get Trump elected , because we thought he'd be on an equal par with Vladamir Putin .
    Now we've got to bust our [EXPLICIT]es to present him as capable of being able to match witts with Kim Jung Un
    But that's what #NEVERTRUMP does best . 24 hours or less , big report Trump IQ higher than Un's)

  • talmud   z00mcopterdown   21 weeks 12 hours ago

    ban the talmud, that should suddenly convert all goys from roach to human status.

    that should be a good start

  • unflippimg believable   Old_Logan   21 weeks 13 hours ago

    (*The war on seniors has been declaired
    Those involved with the opium coming back from Afghanistan ? You just stand up straight when that National Anthem starts playing , and remeber The Flag Protectuth they
    Doctors that oversubscribe ?
    lawyers protectuth they
    Kids who get caught up?
    the penal system cracketh down on they
    Seniors whose only income is social security ?

  • correct   z00mcopterdown   21 weeks 13 hours ago

    wrh is unable to see the obvious, and to come to the conclusion that this has zero to do with the kurds, and all to do with israhell's expansion.

  • Ron Paul Warns of False Flag   Old_Logan   21 weeks 13 hours ago

    (*A Football Stadium in a market where The Fans aren't abiding by The POTUS call for an NFL Boycott , This Sunday could work .
    But The Statue Of Liberty with those unpatriotic words
    Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses, yearning to breathe free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore,
    Send these, the homeless, tempest to me,
    I lift my lamp beside the golden door.
    , is still my odds on favorite ,
    and right out there in Donald Trumps own Hudson Bay ? I wonder how many times he thought he'd like to see that S.O.B fired ?)

  • lol   z00mcopterdown   21 weeks 13 hours ago

    eretz israhell on its way, the east bank will be "settled"

  • It's not up to you, Chuckie.   Old_Logan   21 weeks 13 hours ago

    (*Remember that if Trump gives the go ahead on the plan . But it does read asthough Schumer is backing somebody elses proposal , but it sounds like the bus is already running , and getting warmed up to accomidate Shumer in it's undercarriage .)

  • Optimistic   MaiziD   21 weeks 13 hours ago

    At the moment, it looks like the 60 months is an optimistic prediction. When the SHTF, very possibly in short order, there will be no Social Security or any other funds, retirements or otherwise.

  • So wrh....   Ethan Allen and...   21 weeks 13 hours ago

    supports Israel and the neocons in their attempt to dismember Turkey,Syria and Iraq!BYE!

  • This... is the true legacy of   Old_Logan   21 weeks 13 hours ago

    This... is the true legacy of former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton; civil war, death, disease, and castastrophe of unmeasurable proportions in Libya.

    (*so the header should read BECAUSE HILLARY CLINTON WAS SECRETARY OF STATE FIVE YEARS AGO U.S. CONDUCTS FIRST AIRSTRIKE IN LIBYA UNDER TRUMP ADMINISTRATION because thats how thin the line is between Real And Fake NEWS . people could get the impression that Trump is the man in charge)

  • lingerie football is to NFL football   Old_Logan   21 weeks 14 hours ago

    (*What Methadone Is To A Heroin Junkie !
    we're saved fellas)

  • It’s unlikely anyone will deny   Old_Logan   21 weeks 18 hours ago

    It’s unlikely anyone will deny firing missiles at an airport is a crime

    (*Why do you suppose the airport originally reported in Trump's 60 patriot missile strike in syria was downgraded to an aircraft maintenance facility ?
    Thank You; Jim)

  • The real U.S. Constitution,   Old_Logan   21 weeks 1 day ago

    The real U.S. Constitution, which was scrapped long ago

    (*So I guess when Trump says stop watching football , that means Stop Watching Football !

  • it   z00mcopterdown   21 weeks 1 day ago

    it needs to hang